Date: February 19th, 2004


Subject: Victoria and Nikki Newman's illicit adventures hit a snag as a third party enters the ring.

Disclaimer: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!

The Young and the Restless: Part VI

"You did what!?" Victoria screeched.

Nikki's heart broke to hear the pain and outrage in her daughter's voice. They were in Victoria's room in the late afternoon in what had already been an eventful Monday for Nikki. Her daughter had just come home from work and Nikki had followed her up to her bedroom after greeting her in the living room with a quick kiss. They had had no chance for anything more intimate since Miguel was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

Once they had arrived to Victoria's room and Nikki had locked the door, a more appropriate kiss had ensued with Victoria pinning her mother against the closed door, rubbing her voluptuous body forcefully against her mother's. Nikki had allowed their tongues to intertwine for several long moments before eventually breaking away as feelings of deep guilt and shame overwhelmed her.

Having seen the serious expression on Nikki's face Victoria had reluctantly complied.

"What's wrong mother?" She had asked worriedly, sensing that something wasn`t quite right; Nikki seemed really distraught.

"I have something to tell you honey", was all Nikki had said before leading her daughter by the hand so that they could sit side by side on the end of Victoria's bed.

"First of all", Nikki had started after a pregnant pause during which Victoria had looked at her bewilderedly. "I want you to know that I love you more than anything in this world. There's nothing I wouldn't do you for you. You know that don't you?"

A look of relief had passed over Victoria's lovely face as she let out a sigh of relief.

"Geez really had me scared there for a second."

"I'm afraid I'm not finished yet sweetheart", Nikki said shakily before taking a deep breath. It was then that she had described in as few words as possible the events of that morning. At first she had been barely able to speak past a sudden constriction in her throat, but as she barrelled along it had become progressively steadier.

Once Victoria had come to understand the gist of what Nikki was trying so painfully hard to tell her, her face had lost all colour as her eyes opened wide in shock. The fact that they had been discovered despite their precautions shook her hard, but that the person who had had been Sharon scared her to the roots of her soul It couldn't be any worse than that she had though, beginning to panic. As the awful story continued though she realized just how wrong she had been as Nikki explained about the true nature of the evidence Sharon held over their heads. She had already been in damage control mode as she listened to Nikki telling her the horrible facts but before she could even think of a plan Nikki had dropped the bomb concerning the video.

Victoria had felt nauseous as Nikki continued on, realizing that she wasn't even nearly finished with her horror story. She had seen the tears beginning to form in the corners of Nikki's eyes while she had paused to swallow hard before plodding on. Her ears had wanted to shut it all out before it was too late. Through a haze of rage and stunned disbelief she heard her mother say what Sharon had not wanted in exchange for safeguarding their secret. Not money, as she had assumed, but something even more precious; sex, with Nikki, her mother.

Having been unable to even think at that point she had just stared vacantly at her mother with an awful fear beginning to form in her shattered mind.

"Victoria", Nikki had choked while tears streamed down her face. "I did it. I had to.....for us. I had sex with her."

That last admission had been said so softly and had been so garbled by Nikki's quavering vocal chords that Victoria had barely been able to make it out. But she had, though she wished fervently that she hadn't. Feeling very light headed she had slowly gotten up without even realizing it to begin walking across the room haphazardly. The deep rage which had been threatening to explode within her for the last few minutes suddenly flared into a burst of fury.

Clenching her hands so hard her knuckles turned white she had spun around swiftly to face Nikki. She had hardly been able to make her out through her own tear blurred eyes, screaming the first thing that came to mind under the circumstances.

In the now suddenly still room Nikki hung her head down in shame as tears streaked down her cheeks to roll off her chin. She was unable to meet the look in her daughter's eyes. The pain and suffering, not to mention the rage in them, were too much for her to take. She was aware enough to know that she couldn't take the easy way out and had to use all her love for Victoria to try and make it better somehow. She looked up just in time to see Victoria turn and start heading for the door with murder in her eyes.

"Victoria!" Nikki shouted as she jumped up from the bed to block her daughter's path. "Where are you going?"

Victoria barely even looked at her as she sought to fight her way past her mother. Nikki managed to grasp Victoria's shoulder with her hands and slow her to a stop but she had to push back with everything she had in order to do it.

"Get out of my way you bitch!" Victoria railed at her as she re-directed her anger towards Nikki. "I'll kill that whore!"

"Victoria! Shhhhh! Stop it!" Nikki hissed desperately. "Miguel will hear you for god's sake! We have enough problems now without adding to them."

Slowly the sense in what her mother had just said sunk into the depths of Victoria's mind. By slow degrees her rage dissipated reluctantly under the logic of what Nikki had just said. She knew she had to think, but was finding it very hard under the circumstances. Focusing on her mother finally, she saw the look of deep concern in her tear-streaked face and was somewhat mollified but then an uncalled for image of that same face buried between Sharon's tanned thighs flashed across her mind's eye.

Reaching up Victoria pushed Nikki hands off her shoulder and then broke the contact between them as she slowly backed away until her round bubble ass pushed against the ledge of her bedroom window. She stood there for several long moments just staring blankly at Nikki. Her mother just looked back at her beseechingly, tears still fresh on her face, looking absolutely miserable. Doubts began to assail Victoria as she contemplated how she felt about Nikki now in light of her recent actions. She felt cold, incapable of forming an appropriate response. Finally she asked the first thing that occurred to her to ask.

"How could you?"

Nikki looked a little relieved in seeing Victoria snap out of it and began to walk toward her daughter but she put up a hand to forestall her.

"I don't want you to touch me right now." She said dully.

Victoria saw the effect these words had on Nikki but she felt unable to feel any sympathy at the moment. Nikki paused her advance uncertainly.

"Could I just sit next to you while I answer your question?" Nikki asked pleadingly in a choked voice, her tears started to flow once more as she sniffed softly.

Victoria simply shrugged her shoulders noncommittally and taking this as acquiescence Nikki resumed her advance. Leaning against the sill in exact imitation of Victoria's stance but careful to not be too close, Nikki held her silence for a few moments as she collected her thoughts.

"I don't think I had any real choice Victoria", Nikki began once she had gathered herself. "You have no idea what it was like to sit there watching that video while Sharon droned on and on with her vile comments and threats."

"The only thing that I could think of", she continued, "once I could start to think again, was to try and find some way out. If you had seen her and heard her you would have known like I did that one wrong word or move would have been disaster. For you, for me, for the whole family. You know as well as me what's at stake here. I had to protect you at the very least."

Nikki looked over surreptitiously at Victoria from the corner of her eye as she tried to gauge her reaction to her words, but all she could see was her daughter's stoic profile as she stared dead ahead.

"When she made her demand for sex I couldn't even think I was so shocked. I wanted to run away but she held me down in that damn chair and made me watch that video. She kept touching me and I felt violated."

"What was I supposed to do Victoria?" Nikki asked her daughter abruptly. "What would you have done if it had been you?"

She wasn't sure if Victoria had been listening to her at all until she saw a faint flicker of awareness steal over her features, though she continued to stare off into space.

"So let me get this're saying you were forced against your will?" Victoria asked dully.

"Yes, I was. I didn't even touch first", Nikki qualified against her better judgement.

That statement did get an effect from her daughter. Victoria turned to look doubtfully at Nikki.

"I closed my eyes and pretended it was you actually. It was the only way I could think of to get through the situation and come out the other side....wherever that would have been."

"Would've been.....?" Victoria echoed as she read between the lines of her mother's inference. At her first words she had felt her heart leap a little with hope but at that last reference it faded as quickly as it had come. Now she scrutinized Nikki's profile closely as her mother appeared to be gathering herself once more. A deep fear continued to bloom inside her.

It was then that Nikki shared her revelations with Victoria concerning Sharon and her motivations; her behaviour over the years, her attitudes, not to mention her most recent actions. Listening despite her initial denials in considering Sharon as a fellow human being, Victoria was overwhelmed by the simplistic yet undeniable truth of what Nikki was telling her. It made a world of sense once she got passed her disbelief; it was flawless deduction and reasoning. Most of all she was amazed by her mother's apparent affinity for intuiting this truth under the circumstances she had been in. Victoria seriously doubted if she could have come up with such a gestaltian breakthrough under similar conditions. A small thread of hope began to weave itself to her heart as she continued to listen raptly to her mother's insights. Even when Nikki admitted to her, with a quick guilt-filled glance her way, that she had then willingly sought to give Sharon what she so obviously needed, Victoria found that her jealousy was nowhere near where it should have been. Of course she was still incredibly jealous of what had happened between Sharon and her mother. How couldn't she be? She loved her mother totally and completely from the top of her head to the bottom of her soul; still. She couldn't see any realistic alternative to how her mother could've dealt with the situation any better save one, and that was something she didn't want to contemplate any further. This was especially true when Nikki informed her proudly that Sharon had then given her the CD to destroy, which she had very quickly once her sister-in-law had left she was assured.

Understanding empathetically how hard this must have been for her mother to go through, having known that she would then have to face her and the possibility of losing her, Victoria reached out and took her mother's hand.

"I don't know if you could ever.....", Nikki was saying when she felt Victoria's soft hand envelope her own and give it a reassuring squeeze. She looked down to confirm what her senses were telling her before looking up at Victoria`s sweet visage. Nikki was grateful to see Victoria give her a comforting little smile as her heart leaped hopefully.

"So what does this all mean for us now?" Victoria asked her mother impulsively.

"Well, there is one more thing", Nikki began. She watched regretfully as the faint smile Victoria had been exhibiting left her face as she waited for what was to follow.

"I have to go over there after dinner and talk to Sharon some more." Nikki finished quickly.

"You have got to be kidding!" Said an unbelieving Victoria before adding adamantly. "I am not going to share you with that bitch, no matter what you just told me about her tortured soul!"

"I don't intend you to Victoria", Nikki responded quickly as she squeezed her daughter's hand possessively. "She'll never stand between us. Believe me. But she still has that copy in the safety deposit box and we have to get our hands on it."

Victoria frowned as she thought about it.

"You really think she's changed that much?"

"I didn't even have to ask her for that copy she brought over", Nikki offered. "That has to count for something. How long this new Sharon lasts though is going to depend on how I treat her from now on. I may have diffused the situation but not the's still out there. She's holding all the cards still."

Victoria remained silent as she realized what her mother was saying was completely true; they weren't out of the woods yet.

"I'll go with you then", she said finally after thinking about it for a minute, unaware of Nikki's avid gaze as she watched her devotedly.

"Oh Honey....." Nikki sighed as she maintained a firm grip on Victoria's hand while sliding over a little closer. "I wish you could but that wouldn't help. Like I said, she's jealous of you.....and us. She'd feel threatened if you showed up."

"You're not going to have sex with her again are you?" Victoria asked suspiciously as she acknowledged the dark thought that had suddenly popped into her mind.

"Not if I can help it." Nikki said seriously, meeting her daughter's eyes. It wasn't exactly the denial she had been hoping for Nikki knew, but she couldn't lie to her and tell her it was completely avoidable. "I'll do what I can to just have a nice long chat with her."

"Did you enjoy it?" Victoria asked suddenly, changing tact as she looked closely at Nikki's face.

Nikki met her eyes head on as she debated internally how best to answer the much-dreaded question she had been afraid to confront.

"At first no, of course not", Nikki explained softly. "I was pretending she was you otherwise it wouldn't have worked from the start."

"But...?" Victoria prodded as Nikki hesitated.

"But......once I came to understand her motivations and her problems I felt sorry for her. I used that to get through.....the rest....but....I mean....", Nikki continued uncomfortably, " be honest, she is very attractive."

"I know", Victoria admitted sullenly. "I've noticed. If it weren't for the fact that she's always been a sneaky bitch I might have been interested when she first showed up."

"Victoria Newman!", Nikki gaped with shock at her daughter`s words and what they revealed.

"Oh! So now you`re feeling jealous are you? Serves you right." Victoria responded passionately. "I`m not the one who actually had sex with her! I was just acknowledging her attractions."

"Good point." Nikki conceded reluctantly, though she was happy to see Victoria was able to joke with her about it.

"Mother....?", Victoria inquired, a note of mischievousness creeping into her tone, " did wash up after this morning didn't you?.....and brush your teeth?"

Nikki laughed loudly before answering.

"Of course! I had a long bath and then a long shower.......and I brushed my teeth before and after....if you have to know."

"I do", Victoria said with a dimpled smile. "It just occurred to me that I kissed you just a little while ago."

"Any regrets?" Nikki asked archly.

"Only if you don't kiss me now......" Victoria replied demurely as she leaned in towards her mother.

Their soft lush lips brushed gently as they came together, though Victoria could tell something wasn't quite right with her mother's responses. Nikki was holding back a little she realized, likely still riddled with latent guilt.

Victoria opened her eyes to look questioningly at Nikki as their lips separated.

"I still feel dirty Victoria", Nikki explained sadly, rubbing her nose against her daughter's. "I let you down."

"I think you did amazingly well", Victoria stated truthfully, letting a moment pass so that she could peck her mother's lips reassuringly. "Now that I've calmed down a bit and thought about it I doubt I could have done the same. I would have punched her out right there and then."

"Oh my!", Nikki said with a fleeting smile at the thought. "That wouldn`t have been good!"

"You got that right!"

Their lips met again seemingly of their own accord as the passion between them returned full force. Victoria tongue rolled around Nikki's as she reached over to cup her mother's closest breast through her t-shirt. The intimated touch electrified Nikki and she moaned softly into Victoria's hungry mouth.

"I've been thinking of this all day", Victoria admitted, breaking contact with Nikki's soft lips only barely before resuming their kiss. Her thumb began to stroke Nikki's nipple to life through the fabric of shirt and bra. Victoria was still dressed for work with her hair knotted in a bun. Nikki reached over blindly to undo it and in so doing let her daughter's hair cascade down around her shoulders before allowing her hand travel down to begin undoing the buttons of her blazer. Victoria was wearing a low cut white blouse underneath, which served to display her abundant cleavage alluringly. Nikki sighed as she broke away to lean her forehead against Victoria's while she looked down at the valley below.

"I love you so much", she told her daughter.

Victoria just smiled at her mother. Reaching up with a hand, she lifted her chin until their eyes could meet once more.

"I know." Victoria whispered as she stared intently into Nikki`s bright blue eyes. Even as she spoke she swung herself around so that she was standing between Nikki's legs as she leaned in to kiss her again. Nikki, who was wearing a pair of green kaki shorts, opened her tanned legs wide to wrap them around her daughter's waist while Victoria leaned on the window sill with her hands to either side of her mother's body.

Nikki reached up with both hands to play with her daughter's ample breasts through the blouse. She was surprised to find she wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" She asked innocently, breaking away momentarily.

"I'm working on it", Victoria quipped before turning seriously momentarily. "But I am going to do my best to make sure you forget all about her."

Wasting no further time with small talk Victoria stood back momentarily to take off her blazer before pulling her blouse up and over her head. Her heavy breasts jiggled with her movements as they were brought into view. Nikki looked on appreciatively as she divested herself of her own t-shirt and bra before reaching around her daughter's waist to unzip the back of her skirt and pull it down past her hips. Taking advantage of Nikki's aid Victoria let the skirt fall to the floor so that she was standing in front of her mother in only a pair of black thong panties. The sight of Victoria's voluptuous figure so displayed within easy reach brought Nikki's heart up into her throat as she reached for the proffered treats.

Victoria allowed Nikki's hands to roam over her breasts and nipples as she leaned forward once more to kiss her mother lustfully. Her pink nipples hardened to diamond hard points beneath Nikki's probing fingers while her legs wrapped themselves once more around her waist.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard", Victoria breathed against her mother's lips. Nikki moaned in response as she felt her pussy throb at the delicious thought.

Unwilling to wait any longer than necessary Victoria broke away from their kiss and, disengaging herself from her mother's grip on her breasts and waists, walked over to her closet and began rummaging through the top shelf. Her movements were partially obscured by the half open door but Nikki could make an educated guess as to what she was doing, especially when she noticed her daughter bend over so that her shapely ass stuck out enticingly as she divested herself of her panties and stepped out of them. Nikki watched from the window impatiently, though she took advantage of the opportunity to quickly remove her own shorts, then her panties, in anticipation of Victoria's return. Resuming her previous position Nikki made quite the picture with her loose blond hair framing her oval face, her pale breasts standing out proudly from her otherwise slim figure. Her round cello-like hips flared out from her narrow waist before tapering again to her smooth muscular thighs, with the distinctive V where they met on the inside punctuated by her small patch of blond curls, while just below her hooded clit peeked out from between the lips of her labia. Victoria took all these alluring virtues in as she glanced over from time to time as she made some final adjustments. Stepping away from the closet finally, Victoria turned to face her mother. Nikki gasped involuntarily as her eyes were automatically drawn to the long thick black shaft bobbing up and down wickedly from Victoria's pubis. Her daughter's green eyes were sparkling with lust as she smiled knowingly at her mother.

"Turn around", Victoria ordered huskily, "and present yourself."

Losing no time in complying Nikki turned around so that she was bent over with her elbows leaning on the window sill for support, looking back awkwardly to see what her daughter was doing. Her polished ass cheeks shone palely back at Victoria while the sun caught and highlighted to otherwise invisible short blond hairs covering them. As her daughter approached closer Nikki shuffled her feet a little further apart while lifting her ass more into the air, allowing Victoria a fine view of her puckered pink anus and corral pussy lips in the furrow between her cheeks. Victoria made special note too of the sheen of moisture that was already coating the slightly parted lips of her mother's waiting pussy as she stopped directly behind her. Leaning over her so that her breasts glided across Nikki's back Victoria reached around and under to palm her mother's tenderly as her hard nipples traced small circles against her mother's soft skin in describing her movements. At the same time, the shaft of the dildo slipped down between the valley of Nikki's ass to part her labia and rub against her engorged clit. Nikki moaned in response to the accidental stimulation this afforded her as she bit her lower lip in her eagerness for the action to begin. Victoria continued to tease her mother for several more minutes though, alternately running her right hand down along her stomach to finger her clit passionately before fondling her mother's breasts anew. Judging that she had made Nikki wait long enough, Victoria leaned back so that she could guide the tip of the shaft along the crack of her mother's ass. She ran the head up and down the furrow repeatedly so that it teased Nikki's twitching asshole before moving down to part her pussy lips wantonly with each lingering pass. Nikki wiggled her ass impertinently under the onslaught of her daughter's merciless teasing. Victoria revelled in the view she had of her mother's beautiful behind as she amused herself in making her mother wait for her pleasure.

Without warning Victoria stopped her teasing and began to feed the dildo into Nikki's dripping pussy. Her pouting lips clung to the shaft amorously as the head snaked its way into her depths under Victoria`s expert guidance, causing her to tremble with delight. Nikki moaned quietly as the thick intruder filled her quivering pussy remorselessly until she felt the touch her daughter's hips pressing snuggly against the flesh of her ass. Her honeypot had never felt so deliciously full. With her hands gripping the front of her mother's hips firmly Victoria slowly retracted the nine inch black cock from its newly made home so that only half the length remained buried within before sliding it home again. Assuming a lazy rhythm Victoria proceeded to work the shaft slowly in and out of Nikki's beautiful pussy, allowing more and more of the shiny shaft to come out before ploughing it all the way back in to the hilt. Grunting at each insertion Nikki fought to keep herself as quiet as possible, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that they weren't alone in the house, though she also knew that Miguel could safely be counted on to remain in the kitchen at this time of day. Reaching down with one hand she then began to play with her clit as she sought to accelerate the arrival of her first climax.

Seeing her mother reach the point she had been waiting for, Victoria wasted no time in withdrawing the steaming phallus from her mother's pussy and bringing it around to nestle against the ring of her sphincter. She had noticed Nikki's sweet puckered hole opening and closing invitingly as her excitement increased and had been unable to resist the impulse. The head entered smoothly while Nikki's body bucked hard at the unexpected change of venue, the tight ring of her anus stretching elastically around the thick circumference of the large intruder. She realized quickly that this priapus was much larger than the one she had received there the day before last. That recent deflowering made this insertion much easier to bear but Nikki's breath still hissed through her suddenly clenched teeth in feeling the breathtaking friction produced by the slick dildo as it buried itself relentlessly in her most intimate orifice. She did her best to relax her sphincter muscles and was gratified to feel the faint discomfort she had been experiencing fade into the background. It was replaced by a strangely encouraging fullness as the heat of her mounting passion amplified itself. Nikki resumed playing with her clit as Victoria began to fuck her ass earnestly, one moment moving but a few inches back and forth delectably and the next using the whole shaft to ram her with. She began to squeeze her mother's ass cheeks hard, her smooth muscular hips swinging back and forth with her movements. She was incredibly turned on herself as she felt the inside of the harness rub against her clit, her rigid nipples piercing the air as they swayed atop the jutting mounds of her breasts.

As the minutes slipped by one by one there came a point eventually where Victoria found that she no longer had to exert herself to bury the dildo all the way up her mother's ass. Ten minutes had passed quickly and Nikki had now started to shove her ass back to meet her daughter's thrusts as she sought to swallow as much of the shaft into her depths as she could, using her hands on the window sill for purchase. The slap of Victoria's flesh meeting her own resounded around the room but she couldn't have cared less at the moment as she felt her long awaited orgasm begin to peak. Biting hard on her lower lip to help stifle the impending explosion Nikki whimpered frantically. Pushing her body up to a more erect position Nikki reached around to grasp the sides of her daughter's hips to add to her impetus, forcing Victoria's to renew her thrusts now that she had changed tactics. Victoria took the opportunity to reach around and seize her mother's bouncing breasts so that her rock hard nipples sprouted between the spread fingers. Shuddering uncontrollably, Nikki bounced up and down on the balls of her feet in an attempt to retain as much of the dildo inside her as she could while she wiggled her ass against Victoria's hips. As the tumescent shaft rippled within her clutching depths Nikki's orgasm finally erupted within her. Her anal muscles clenched themselves hard around the invading phallus while her pussy throbbed sympathetically to its every movement. As she cried out silently Nikki's velvety smooth ass bulged delightfully against her daughter's taut tummy while the cum flowing from her pussy ran down the inside of her thighs in small rivulets. Victoria had stopped thrusting now and simply clutched Nikki's body to her own as her breasts crushed themselves against her back, the dildo perpetually embedded deep within her mother's ass. Her hands were still holding on firmly to Nikki's breasts as she had began to pull and stretch her nipples in an attempt to prolong her mother's shuddering orgasm.

Both women's bodies glistened with sweat as a stillness enveloped the room in the aftermath of the recent eruption. Being careful to keep the shaft of the dildo buried up Nikki's ass, Victoria bent her head forward and kissed the back of her mother's neck lovingly. Even in so doing she continued to knead Nikki's breasts passionately, aware of her mother's body trembling against hers in exhaustion. Nikki head lolled back languidly to rest against her daughter's shoulder as she sighed contentedly.

"That was wonderful baby", Nikki cooed against her cheek as she smiled hazily. Kissing her mother fondly on the cheek, Victoria smiled naughtily as she gently pushed her mother's body forward once more.

"What are you......?" Nikki began to ask when she felt Victoria grasp her hips aggressively once more, her intentions clear. Gripping the sill desperately Nikki began to protest as Victoria gently began to fuck her ass again, but much more slowly this time around. Nikki had never felt so open. Her anal muscles were completely spent now as she succumbed to the exquisite torture helplessly, her breasts swaying gracefully to the gently rhythm of a second round of lascivious lovemaking. Her awareness was once more forced to centre itself completely around the impaling shaft as her acquaintance with it was renewed inexorably over and over again. The intense orgasm that had by now almost completely abated surged within her once more, though pleasantly muted now to a delightful throbbing due to her already sated condition. The sucking noise produced by Victoria's renewed assault pervaded the room as the dildo slowly slewed again and again into and out of her mother's rectum, the sweat from her efforts running down her back to run along the crack of her own ass as she laboured away.

Reaching along her mother's back, Victoria gathered Nikki's her hair in her fist and used it to pull her head back firmly.

"Do you like it when I fuck you like this?" Victoria purred.

"Oh yes! I love it when you fuck me Victoria", Nikki husked ardently as pushed her ass back against her daughter's thrusts.

"I can tell", Victoria smiled as she ground the dildo hard into her mother's clutching hole and holding it there momentarily before resuming her leisurely rhythm once more.

"Besides, I need to make sure you have no reason to be wanting when you go to see Sharon tonight." She added coyly as her tempo increased incrementally.

"....go to see....?" Nikki responded dazedly as the fire in her pussy threatened to explode again. She felt positively feverish as the plodding slap of flesh against flesh permeated the room once more.

"That's right mother", Victoria grunted as her hips began to piston faster and faster. "You're going to forget all about that bitch before I'm done with you."

Nikki's sweat streaked ass glimmered in the sun beneath Victoria's steadying hand as she continued to keep her mother's head tilted back with the other. She continued to ride her mother harder and harder and as a result Nikki began to lose control of herself. Her legs began to wobble and buck as the energy to remain standing left her body so that Victoria had to guide Nikki down onto the ground before the window until she was resting with her head on the plush carpet.

Her ass remained upraised and at the mercy of her beloved daughter who lost no time in resuming her torrid pace. Forcing her mother's ass lower with her body weight, Victoria drove the dildo unerringly down so that Nikki was pinned flat on her stomach by the force of her bone jarring thrusts. Nikki squealed with rapture as her second orgasm came over her in cresting waves. Victoria pinioned her remorselessly, her hips swivelling up and down in a perverse form of push-ups as she supported herself with her hands to either side of Nikki's prone body. As her orgasm overwhelmed her Nikki buried her face in the crook of her elbow to stifle her blissful moans. Driving her hips down with one last lunge Victoria leaned her upper body back so that her breasts jutting defiantly up toward the ceiling while her pelvis rested on the cushiony flesh of her mother's supple ass. With her breasts crushed flat on the carpet beneath her heaving chest Nikki mumbled incoherently to herself as Victoria watched her delightedly, knowing that her mother had likely never had such a shattering multiple orgasm in her life; at least not since Saturday at any rate. Slowly withdrawing the steaming dildo from her mother's quivering ass, Victoria watched in fascination as the head cleared the now gaping aperture cleanly and with little trouble. Her mother's asshole was visibly palpitating to the beat of her pounding heart as it slowly but surely began to close in upon itself.

Unfastening the buckle of the harness so that she could slide it easily down her legs, Victoria kicked it aside absently before helping her mother turn over onto her back. Spreading her own legs wide, and by bending her knees to their limit, Victoria straddled Nikki's thighs so that she could rest her head between those glorious breasts. Her own were pillowed against her mother's warm sweaty stomach. She could feel the hot clamminess of Nikki's sweaty skin against her cheek but she didn't care; all she wanted was to feel her mother's body against her own as she listened to her heart beating softly as it returned slowly to its normal rhythm. Nikki reached up to fondly run her fingers through her daughter's disarrayed blond mane as she recuperated from the onslaught she had just been subjected to.

"Oh Honey!" She sighed contentedly. "You're are such a naughty little girl!"

Victoria smiled against the flesh of Nikki's right breast at the mock severity of her mother's tone. Bringing her right hand up along Nikki's ribs she began to play gently with the nipple standing stiffly before her eyes as though to silently confirm her mother's assessment.

"What am I going to do with you?" Nikki asked of no one in particular while looking up at the ceiling. She was very aware suddenly of being an extremely fortunate woman.

"Well", Victoria responded after several seconds had passed, "you can start by showing me some devotion." Even as she spoke Victoria let go of her mother's breast to push herself up to her knees. Walking forward on them, she carefully navigated her way forward as her breasts bounced adorably so that her thighs made a V over Nikki's captivated gaze.

With her daughter's seeping pussy now directly above her Nikki wasted no time in reaching up to grasp her daughter's apple round ass from behind. Pulling on them insistently she succeeded in lowering her treat down to her waiting mouth as Victoria helped by letting her knees slide out to either side. Nikki parted her daughter's pussy lips deftly with her tongue as she extended it ravenously inside in her eagerness to taste her juices for the first time that day. Victoria settled herself more comfortably on her mother's face so that Nikki's nose rubbed against her hooded clit, threatening to suffocated her. She moaned as her mother continued to french kiss her slick pussy enthusiastically. Lowering her hands down along the crack of Victoria's crescent half-moons Nikki allowed the fingers of one to toy around the rim of her ridged rosebud. Not being lubricated Nikki could only manage to insert the tip of her index finger within her daughter's tight asshole but it was enough to get Victoria to wiggle her behind in appreciation. Feeling a sudden need for more Victoria quickly raised herself off her mother's face as she swung herself around so that she was now facing the other way. Lowering her wet pussy once more to Nikki's sensuous mouth Victoria reached at the same time to retrieve the recently discarded strap-on.

"Bring your feet up mother", Victoria gasped to Nikki, who had just managed to snake her tongue inside her daughter's puckered ring.

Raising both legs up like the gates of a toll booth so that her toes were pointing toward the ceiling Nikki wondered what her daughter was up to until she felt her begin to slide the harness down her legs. Victoria then pushed Nikki's legs down gently as she lifted her hips off the ground momentarily so she could adjust the harness snugly around her waist. Once she the harness buckled securely in place Victoria looked down to admire her handiwork. The phallus projected from her mother's pelvis like some monstrous black tower. Victoria smiled slowly as she felt Nikki probing her rear once more with her lascivious tongue, considering her options as her heart began to beat loudly with mounting excitement.

Lifting herself once more she swung around again so that she was straddling Nikki's stomach, her wet pussy leaving a wet trail where it had grazed her smooth skin. Leaning forward so that she was resting the weight of her upper body on her hands, Victoria lowered her breasts down to Nikki's soft wet lips. Sucking one of her daughter's gorgeous tits into her mouth Nikki used all her talents to pleasure her daughter properly, swirling the tip of her tongue around her areola delicately while sucking the rest of the breast into her hot mouth. Lifting that breast out of her mother's mouth so that it made a loud popping sound in disengaging itself from her lips, Victoria lowered the other one so that it too could receive similar service.

Once she was satisfied that Nikki had paid proper homage to her swollen breasts, she backed herself up so the tip of the phallus bumped against the back of her thigh. Knowing without having to be told what her daughter needed, Nikki reached down to steady the dildo with one hand as the other reached up to play with Victoria's retreating breasts. Victoria didn't bother to look behind her but instead used her sense of touch to guide her rear into position so that in very little time the tip of the shaft brushed against the lips of her pussy. Leaning back now she allowed the head of the dildo to enter her portal as her pink lips wrapped themselves around its thick girth. Slowly, she lowered herself further and further so the length of the shaft disappeared inch by inch within her tight wet pussy. She moaned loudly as the tip buried itself deep within her womb as it reached its maximum depth, her fleshy cheeks having come to rest against her mother's smooth thighs. Nikki used both hands now to tease her daughter's nipple as she pushed her pelvis against the weight of Victoria's body, grinding her hips around in small circles so that the shaft stirred correspondingly within the confines of its prison. Victoria moaned even more loudly under the sumptuous stimulation this produced in her throbbing core. Then, pushing herself up with her hands so that only half the length of the dildo remained buried within her pussy, she lowered herself back down hard and stayed there for several seconds as an idyllic smile broke over her face. She repeated the movement several times and each time she felt her vaginal muscles loosen to accommodate the intruder more comfortably so that she soon felt she could safely increase the force and speed of her movements.

Taking her mother's hands into her own so that Nikki was forced to abandon their posts at her breasts, Victoria used their support to help shift her weight onto her feet as she slid them closer beneath her. Squatting now over her mother's midriff Victoria was now able to lift herself almost completely off the impaling shaft before dropping herself back down to swallow it within her bubbling cauldron once more. With the continued help of her mother's hands pushing back against hers Victoria was able to set up a steady pace as the dildo appeared and disappeared within her stretched pussy as her enthralled mother looked down at the unwinding action. The flesh of her daughter's buttocks slapped loudly against her thighs with every descent. Victoria's breasts bounced wildly on her chest as the tempo of her movements steadily increased as she sought to engulf and disgorge the shaft as quickly as possible. The copious amounts of fluid being milked from her pussy ran down the shaft and over the fake moulded balls to drip down the inside of Nikki's thighs as Victoria laboured tirelessly above her mother. The minutes passed by quickly, timed as they were by the rapid staccato rhythm kept by Victoria until Nikki lost count of the number of times her daughter's body bounced before her spellbound eyes. The sweat was even beginning to run down off her forehead to splatter across Nikki's heaving breasts as she herself worked hard to meet her daughter's movements head on.

"Oh my god!" Victoria gasped suddenly. "I'm going to cum!......Oh yes!"

Her pace slackened slightly even as she made the pronouncement. Having lost her concentration momentarily as the first of the mind-blanking tremors coursed their way through her body, Victoria was none the less able to quickly resumed her interrupted pace full force despite the intensity of the passions rocking her body. She shuddered uncontrollably with each new impalement until finally she couldn't find the will to push herself up anymore as the mounting ecstasy within sapped her strength utterly, but lowered herself instead one last time upon the enormous phallus as she cried out passionately. Her body fell forward onto her mother's with the dildo still buried to its hilt deep within her womb. She twitched in the last throes of her rapturous bliss while her hands pinned Nikki's to either side of her head while their breasts crushed themselves together. Nikki searched for and found Victoria lips and proceeded to kiss her swooning daughter as she let out one last satisfied grunt. Extricating her hands from Victoria's slackened grip Nikki ran her hands down along her daughter's back so that she could cup her slippery ass cheeks tightly. Hefting them while otherwise pulling them apart gently she rocked her hips up and down spasmodically, causing Victoria to murmur dazedly against her lips at the renewed movement within her.

"That feels so delicious", Victoria managed to blurt against Nikki's soft lush lips, feeling her pussy pulse feebly along the twitching shaft still embedded within her.

As their long languorous kiss continued both women moaned softly into each other's mouths, their breasts rubbing amorously together all the while. Pulling away reluctantly Victoria pushed herself back up onto her hands as she looked down adoringly at her lover. Getting up slowly, she grudgingly allowed the dildo to slide slowly out of the tight confines of her seeping pussy. Standing unsteadily on her feet over her prostrate mother, Victoria looked down to see the shiny black staff gleaming wetly as the sun hit its surface, so thickly was it coated with her juices.

Reaching down to her mother, Victoria took her proffered hands and pulled her up so that they stood nose to nose. They kissed tenderly for a few more moments as they leaned their bodies close together so that the dildo rubbed wetly against Victoria's stomach.

"Well, I think I'll sleep well tonight", Nikki said as she pulled away reluctantly.

"Me too", Victoria agreed wholeheartedly as she absently massaged the loose lips of her pussy while starting to look around the room for her discarded clothes.

Nikki unbuckled the harness from around her waist and let the block and tackle drop heavily to the floor before stepping out of the loops. Taking two short steps she bent down to pick up her panties and shorts piled on the floor by the window. As she did Victoria, who was nearby rummaging through her drawer for a pair of shorts, leaned over to give her mother a playful slap on her still tender ass. Nikki's perky cheeks jiggled nicely under the unexpected blow as she yelped in surprise. Turning her head around to glare threateningly at her daughter's impish grin, Nikki couldn't maintain her bluff and smiled ruefully before reaching down the pull her panties up her long legs. Meanwhile Victoria had returned to her search and upon selecting a pair of white cotton shorts with matching halter top, began to shimmy her way into them.

"Victoria Newman!" her mother said upon noticing her attire as she glance over from buttoning up her shorts. "Are you trying to drive me crazy? Do you have any idea what Miguel will think seeing you like that?"

"What?" Victoria replied innocently. Looking down at herself, she noticed that her nipples and darkened areolas were quite noticeable through the thin white cotton of the halter top; they did little to conceal anything at all. Even the form fitting shorts left little to the imagination as it hugged her still damp pussy.

"Put some clothes on before you cause a riot honey", Nikki added firmly before reaching down to reclaim her bra.

Before she could begin to pull it up her arms to her shoulders she felt Victoria presence close behind her. She felt her daughter's cool hands reach around to cup her swaying breasts possessively as she began to nibble on her ear.

"But mother", Victoria teased her as she pinched Nikki's hardening nipples, "I wouldn't want you to forget about me so soon. Don't you like the way I look?"

Nikki shuddered in delight at her daughter's warm breath blowing into her ear as she spoke.

"That's the problem", she managed to say while Victoria pulled insistently on her nipples. "Miguel, or anyone else for that matter, will think something's up if you're seen looking like that."

"Let them', Victoria said simply. "I don't care."

"Fine", Nikki conceded finally as she revelled in her daughter's continued attentions. "But at least put a shirt on over top so that you're not so obviously exposed will you? For me?"

"All right mother", Victoria capitulated. "I wouldn't dream of saying no to you."

Letting go of Nikki's pendant breasts, Victoria extended her arms so that she could help her mother with her bra. After fastening the clasp she left her mother and walked over to her closet. Pulling a white Polo button-down off a hanger, she quickly put it on and adjusted it over her breasts so that she was more modestly attired in compliance with her mother's request. Even the front tails of the shirt hung down far enough to conceal her to mid-thigh. Having concluded her own dressing Nikki smiled approvingly at Victoria after a quick inspection.

"That's much a way", she told her daughter affectionately as she walked over to her. "I'm going to take a quick shower before dinner so I'll see you downstairs shortly."

Leaning over to give her daughter a quick lingering kiss, she began to walk toward the door but Victoria caught one of her hands before she could get very far and pulled her back into her arms for a much longer and wetter kiss. Disengaging her lips eventually from Nikki's, Victoria smiled as she looked into her mother's eyes.

"That was much better", she said pointedly, echoing her mother's previous statement.

"You're right", Nikki sighed contentedly as she turned one last time to leave the room. She turned once as she opened the door to give her daughter one more lingering look before she disappeared into the hall. Victoria smiled sweetly to herself in reverie as she stood alone in her sun splashed room.


Several hours later Nikki sat quietly in the living room of the home Nicholas shared with Sharon and their children. Sharon had just gone upstairs to put the children to sleep so Nikki waited patiently for her inevitable return.

When she had arrived earlier after eating dinner with Victoria at the main house, Cassy and Noah had been in fine form as they ran around excitedly. Sharon had smiled shyly at her when she had come to the door to let her in before the children had stampeded past their mother and into her arms. For the next hour and a half she had basked in her grandchildren's attentions as Sharon puttered around the kitchen dealing with the aftermath of dinner. Every once in a while Nikki had caught her looking over at her from the corner of her eye and had quickly looked over to smile warmly in acknowledgment of her attention. Sharon had smiled back bashfully every time before turning away to resume her interrupted activity. Her daughter-in-law was dressed conservatively in a black turtleneck sweater and tight form fitting jeans, which did nothing to hide the contours of her heart-shaped ass, while her hair was tied back in a haphazard pony tail. Nikki had dressed similarly, except that her sweater was cream coloured and her jeans not quite so tight.

As she continued to wait quietly Nikki pondered the impending conversation she would have with Sharon. She had been feeling very relaxed since her afternoon session with Victoria and was anxious to get back home so that she could snuggle in bed with her beautiful daughter before drifting off to sleep.

Nikki could scarcely believe the day she had already had, beginning this morning with Sharon's visit and culminating in Victoria's return home from work. As the minutes flowed by she found herself becoming drowsy and she settled herself more comfortably between the surrounding cushions of the chesterfield. There was no doubt she was in a quandary about what she would allow to happen here when Sharon returned. Her recent feelings for Sharon didn't hold a flame to those she felt for Victoria, but they were still significant enough for her to feel guilty every time she thought about them. When she had surreptitiously studied Sharon earlier she had been surprised to find herself recalling the way her daughter-in-law had looked earlier in the day when they had been making love. Despite herself, Nikki found herself reminiscing on those events even while playing with her grandchildren. Looking over at Sharon from time to time Nikki was surprised to find herself undressing her with her eyes as she bustled around the kitchen, every once in a while coming over to sit and watch their activities before resuming them or starting a new chore. She knew enough to realize this didn't bode well for her at all; her life was already complicated enough as it was.

Even as these thoughts were running through her mind, she was suddenly aware of movement on the couch next to her. She startled briefly to see Sharon climbing over the back of the chesterfield to drop down close beside her.

"There", Sharon said, smiling gaily at Nikki. "Noah fell asleep almost right away and Cassy isn't too far behind. She was yawning up a storm when I left her."

"Guess I must have tuckered them out", Nikki commented as she looked over at Sharon curiously.

Sharon blushed a little under Nikki's scrutiny and studiously refused to return her mother-in-law's appraisal. Instead, she reached over to pick up a magazine from the coffee table and began to leaf through it, though it was obvious she really wasn't paying attention to what she was doing.

"Thanks for coming over," Sharon said finally as she looked over at Nikki. "The kids love it when you visit."

"What else are grandmother's good for", Nikki replied as she smiled.

Their eyes locked for a moment before Sharon moved hers away to resume perusing the magazine. Her cheeks were flushed and she was visibly trying hard to appear nonchalant and missing by a mile.

"Is everything all right Sharon?" Nikki asked her, concerned.

"Yes. I think so", Sharon replied after a slight pause. "It's just that I'm really embarrassed by what happened this morning."

Seeing Nikki's sardonic raising of brows, she quickly qualified her meaning.

"Not about the good part Nikki", she blurted hurriedly, "but about how it started. I've been thinking about it all afternoon and I can't seem to figure out what possessed me. I'm sorry I was mean to you."

"It's okay Sharon", said a startled though pleased Nikki. "I haven't exactly been nice to you over the years. Let's forget about all that. I'm more interested in knowing how you feel about what happened today."

Sharon hesitated while she mulled over her thoughts.

"I don't know what to think", Sharon admitted as she looked over at Nikki. "It was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced....and I can hardly believe even now that it really happened and that you're here now."

"I'm really afraid Nikki", she admitted before Nikki could begin to frame a response.

"What are you afraid of?" Nikki asked sincerely as she shifted a little closer to Sharon as she turned to face her while resting an arm across the top of the sofa.

"I guess I'm afraid you still hate me and that everything that happened was just a dream", Sharon blurted, looking thoroughly uncomfortable as she looked down at her clasped hands.

"That you only did it to trick me into giving you the CD....and to get the other one." She added sheepishly before raising her eyes to meet Nikki`s.

Nikki hesitated only momentarily before reaching over to take one of Sharon's hands into her own as she contemplated the best way to respond to Sharon's suspicions, which were perfectly reasonable given their previous relationship.

"That didn't have much to do with it if anything Sharon", Nikki assure her honestly as she gripped her hand affectionately, feeling the tension in her daughter-in-law's fade somewhat at the reassuring touch. "I think it happened because I started to feel like I understood where you were coming from and that what you were doing was just your way of reaching out to me."

"Really?" Sharon asked as she stared down at their joined hands, afraid suddenly of what else Nikki might say but needing her to go on.

"I think that maybe the problems between us that started way back when and has a lot to do with your feelings for your own mother....and on my side I've come to realize that they were due to my own jealousy of you."

Nikki watched Sharon closely as she spoke to see what the effect of her words would have on her. She watched as Sharon's brows furrowed in deep thought as she applied Nikki's statement to her own inner assessment, whatever it might have been previously.

"My mother?" Sharon asked as she looked up at Nikki, asking the first question that came to mind in having failed to make a connection.

"Do you think that maybe your feelings for you mother may have been transferred to me when you first moved in with Nicholas?" Nikki asked softly.

"My feelings for my mother?", Sharon echoed as she shifted uncomfortably on the cushions. "I don't know what you mean Nikki."

"I'm not surprised Sharon", Nikki said soothingly as she began to gently stroke Sharon's hand. "I've met your mother you know, and its occurred to me that she is very demanding of you.....and not very giving in her praise....or affection."

Nikki paused as she tried to gauge Sharon's responses to her words. She noted that Sharon was staring bemusedly down at their hands again, though she couldn't even guess what she was thinking.

"I love my mother Nikki', Sharon finally said softly as she squeezed Nikki's hand. "She raised me all by herself. That couldn't have been easy.....but you're right you know, she never really showed me any real affection. All she ever seemed to do was criticize me and push me to be better. All it did was make me feel small. I know she meant well though, I've come to realize over the years...but when I was little I hated her like nothing else I have to admit, though I`ve never said that to anyone before."

"And what did I do when you first showed up?" Nikki prodded her kindly, willing her to see the connection for herself.

Sharon didn't have to think long before responding.

"You criticized me for not being good enough for you son.....and made my life hell." She raised her head and looked at Nikki hard for a moment as her old feelings resurfaced before opening her eyes wide as she saw what Nikki had wanted her to see.

"Oh my god Nikki", Sharon blurted while bringing her free hand up to cover her mouth in shock. After a few moments she let her hand fall back down to cover the one holding her own.

"Do you really think that could be it?" she asked Nikki incredulously, though somewhere within herself she already knew it to be true.

"I think so Sharon", Nikki said as she smiled benignly at Sharon. "At least, I feel that it explains a lot."

"Wow!" was all Sharon could think to say.

They sat there in companionable silence for few moments while Nikki let all of it sink in, finding that her new affection for Sharon wasn't misplaced at all. Sharon's reactions confirmed everything.

"What about the jealousy?" Sharon asked suddenly as she remembered the other thing Nikki had mentioned. "You're jealous of Nick and me?"

Nikki had to think about that one for a moment before answering.

"I had meant I was subconsciously jealous of your beauty since you're so much like me in other ways too", Nikki explained. "Both of us came from disadvantaged backgrounds and maybe I felt threatened by you because of it and so, not understanding the why, I lashed out at you."

"As for being jealous of you and Nick", Nikki continued after a slight pause, "I hadn't really considered that angle but according to Freud its a big motivator in family dynamics. Maybe that's why most mothers have been treating their daughter-in-laws like shit forever."

Nikki gave a little laugh at that last statement and was relieved to see Sharon join her as she squeezed Nikki's hand between her own warmly.

"This is too funny", Sharon said between giggles as she looked over with shining eyes at Nikki. "I'm starting to think you missed you're calling Nikki. You should be a psychologist."

"No way!" Nikki protested as she laughed at the absurdity of the thought.

"Though god knows this town needs one badly", she added.

Sharon burst out with more loud laughter at the obvious observation.

"Oh Nikki", Sharon said with a sigh once she had regained a hold of her mirth. "Thank you for coming over here. I feel so much better now."

A different kind of silence ensued with Sharon's last words as her expression grew more thoughtful as she continued to look at Nikki contemplatively.

While Nikki's throat suddenly became dry in recognizing Sharon's emotion, she simply sat there as her daughter-in-law leaned in towards her. Their soft lips met in a sweet kiss before Nikki could do anything to forestall it, not even sure if she wanted to. She let the kiss continue for a few moments and even went so far as to let her tongue circle lazily around Sharon's before leaning away so that their lips separated, though Sharon followed her a little ways first.

"Sharon", Nikki said after taking a deep breath, "I think we need to talk a little bit more."

"Maybe you're right", Sharon acknowledged, though she remained in close contact with Nikki so that their knees touched and one of her hands rested lightly on Nikki's thigh. "I guess you want to know what I'm going to do with the other copy of the video aren't you?"

Nikki could only nod, not trusting herself to speak.

"You don't have to worry Nikki", Sharon said quickly as she saw the frown creasing her mother-in-law's brow. "I was going to suggest you come with me to the bank tomorrow once it opens and you can watch as I take it out of the box before I give it to you."

"I was hoping you'd say something like that", a relieved Nikki sighed as she let her breath out explosively. "I didn't want to bring it up."

"I'm sure", Sharon smiled knowingly as she leaned closer once more. "But I would like to know what going to happen between us after I do that."

"Don't worry Nikki", she added reassuringly before Nikki could answer her, "I'm not going to change my mind on that no matter what you say. I know now how wrong it was for me to do that. And you've given me a lot to think about before I go to bed tonight."

Nikki's amazement at this new Sharon grew by leaps and bounds as Sharon spoke. Looking into Sharon's luminous eyes Nikki felt torn between two imperative impulses. Part of her wanted to grab Sharon and kiss her passionately and the other could think only of what Victoria would feel if she did.

Seeing the look of confusion on Nikki's beautiful face Sharon hesitated in her advance as she belatedly realized the problem she hadn't wanted to consider.

"You're thinking about Victoria aren't you Nikki?" Sharon asked gently as she gazed at the object of her desire, feeling decidedly jealous suddenly.

"I am", Nikki admitted. "I had a long talk with her today when she got back from work."

"Did you two have sex again too?" Sharon couldn't help but ask though she afraid she already knew the answer.

Nikki felt uncomfortable under Sharon frank appraisal so instead of replying she simply nodded her head slowly.

"Oh Nikki!" Sharon sighed exasperatedly. "Don't you see that its wrong. How long can it possibly last? I found out. Someone else is bound to some day if you don't put a stop to it."

"Its not that easy Sharon", Nikki said, trying to rationalize it to someone else for the first time. "I love her. It just started this weekend hasn't been going on for long despite what you might have thought. Maybe we just drank a little too much that first night but it felt so right.......God! I never would have imagined this whole scenario in my wildest dreams."

"Its wild alright", Sharon commented, hurt by Nikki's obvious preference.

"Nikki", she said quickly before Nikki could go on, "you have to know that I'm falling for you too. Doesn't it make more sense to be with me instead of you own daughter?"

"You mean sleep with my son's wife instead?" Nikki asked doubtfully.

"I know it hardly sounds better", Sharon admitted, feeling a little guilty herself for talking this way with Nick's mother but finding herself unable to resist her feelings. "But you have to admit its better that than the other should it ever come out. Its different between two women anyway, I know that much already. What I can share with you has nothing to do with what a man shares with a woman. It doesn't have to interfere with my relationship with Nick."

Sharon's pleading wasn't completely wasted on Nikki as she sat there before her, that much Sharon could see by the anguished look on her face. Running her hand gently up and down the inside of Nikki's thigh, Sharon gazed into her mother-in-law's face as she waited to see how she would respond to her touch. Not seeing any adverse reaction as of yet, Sharon decided to lean in even further and plant her fuming lips on Nikki's before she lost her nerve.

Nikki startled as she felt Sharon's lips touch her own once more, becoming aware at the same time of the hand gently stroking the inside of her thigh. She moaned softly against Sharon's lips as she returned her kiss.

"No Sharon", Nikki breathed into Sharon's mouth as she tried to disengage herself. She reached down to stop Sharon's hand before continuing as Sharon leaned back to look at her sadly. "Please! I can't do this now. I just can`t."

Using her free hand to loosen Nikki's grip on her other, Sharon pushed it away and off to the side.

"Please Nikki", Sharon pleaded as she felt the desire inside her taking over. "Just let me see those beautiful breasts once more before you go."

Even as she spoke Sharon reached with both hands to lift Nikki's sweater up to expose those very same breasts before Nikki could stop her. She was delighted to see the cleavage of Nikki's breasts straining against the confines of her lacy white bra. Dropping her hands down so that they enveloped her meaty tits, Sharon wasted no time in squeezing them together as she attempted to kiss a struggling Nikki once more. Feeling her own heat rising dramatically, Nikki brought her hands up to Sharon's wrists and managed to stop their activity though she allowed their lips to cling wetly together for several more seconds; Sharon was a hard woman to refuse.

"Oh god Sharon!" Nikki expostulated against her lips as she strained to evade her hungry advances. "You have to stop. This isn't the way.....please don't do this to me......"

Finally hearing the pain in Nikki's voice Sharon pulled away abashedly while letting go of her heaving breasts.

"I'm sorry Nikki", Sharon said, meaning it, as she watched Nikki pull her sweater back down while sitting up straighter on the chesterfield. "I didn't mean to scare you. Its just that I want you so much. I don't know what I was thinking. Please don't be mad!"

Looking over at Sharon to study her coldly for a moment, Nikki saw the sincerity in her eyes, and having heard it in her voice also, softened her expression.

"Its okay Sharon", Nikki said gently as she reached over to cup one of Sharon's warm cheeks with her hand. "Its not that I wouldn't love to feel your body against mine again. Its just a little complicated right now."

"I know", Sharon said contritely as a look of relief passed over her face. "And thank you for not hating me."

That last was said with a slight interrogative catch and Nikki knew that Sharon was desperate for some sort of confirming gesture from her. Understanding her needs again, Nikki leaned over to give her a warm kiss before gathering the younger woman into her arms. Sharon leaned her head against her shoulder as she hugged Nikki back hard, tears of relief glimmering in her eyes.

"You're still coming with me to the bank tomorrow right?" She asked tentatively as Nikki pulled away.

"Of course honey", Nikki said compassionately as she stroked Sharon's cheek once more before getting up.

Sharon followed her mother-in-law to the door as she clasped her hands together tightly in nervousness.

"Goodnight sweetie", Nikki said softly as she leaned over to give Sharon another gently probing kiss. Sharon returned it tenderly and felt much better once it was finished.

"Goodnight Nikki", Sharon echoed as she watched Nikki push the door open and step through to start walking down the steps of the porch to the path leading back to the main house.

Sharon stood there watching Nikki's graceful figure walking away in the moonlight as she held the door open. Nikki turned once to wave at her before disappearing behind some bushes, not to be seen again except as a shadowy figure moving up the lane. Sharon sighed in frustration as she watched her go, though overall she was pleased with the way things had gone. She vowed to herself though that she would give everything of herself in trying to be a better person, not only for her own good but also with the hope that it would have a desired effect on Nikki. She could be patient for as long as was needed.

To be continued..........................................