Date: March 3rd, 2004


Subject: Victoria and Sharon have a showdown while Nikki is away.

Disclaimer: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!

The Young and the Restless: Part VII

Nikki Newman disrobed completely before slipping under the sheets to slide over next to her daughter's warm body.
Having recently returned home after her meeting with Sharon, Nikki had first prowled the main floor of the house only to find it deserted. She wasn't too surprised since it was approaching 10:30 in the evening, though she was also slightly disappointed. Miguel would have retired to the poolhouse at least an hour ago she knew, but she had been expecting to find Victoria anxiously awaiting her return. Nikki had perked up in realising that her daughter was probably waiting for her in bed. She was feeling a little troubled at what had almost transpired with Sharon just moments before and felt a burning need to seek comfort in the arms of her lover.

It hadn't taken her long to locate her daughter once she got upstairs. A quick peek into Victoria's darkened room had shown her bed to be empty. Hastening her steps, Nikki had glided down the hall towards her own room to find the door almost completely shut. The darkness of the room beyond had beckoned her with the promise of what she would find within but even so she had quietly pushed the door open. The silvery bleu brightness of a full moon descended through the parted curtains, allowing her to scan the room for any signs of her daughter. Sure enough, Nikki had been able to make out the lovely shape of her daughter's body under the pink silk sheets of her bed and her unbound hair pilled haphazardly around her head. She had entered the room completely then after closing to door shut behind her to come and stand next to the bed, looking down adoringly at her seemingly sleeping daughter. Reaching behind her head, Nikki had quickly gathered and tied her hair into a tight bun before beginning to undress.

Presently, Nikki snuggled herself against Victoria's pliant bare flesh, spooning her body around her daughter's so that her comparatively cool breasts pressed against her warm back. Victoria stirred slightly at this and then moaned softly as her mother's thigh insinuated itself between the springy cheeks of her ass and nestled against the lips of her stirring pussy. Propped up on one elbow so that she could look down adoringly on Victoria's moonlit profile as it rested snugly against the pillow beneath, Nikki slowly reached over beneath the sheet with her free hand to gently stroke the rising curve of her daughter's hip with her fingertips.

"Are you awake honey?" Nikki whispered tentatively.

For several seconds there was no response and Nikki's expression of longing turned to disappointment until Victoria suddenly rolled back slightly toward her to reach up with arm and pull her face down to her own and kiss her longingly. Her daughter's nimble tongue danced skillfully along her lips before it forced it was past to probe wetly within. Nikki groaned at the erotic feel of Victoria's warm body and lips pressed tightly against her own, very much aware of her daughter's sex resting cozily against her thigh.

Satisfied for the moment, Victoria released her hold on her mother's head as she opened her eyes to look at her searchingly.

"So how did it go?" She asked softly when Nikki's lips reluctantly left hers.

"As good as it could have gone I suppose", Nikki said after letting her breath out explosively.

"I'm going with her in the morning to get the other copy of the video." She added triumphantly as she looked down expectantly at her daughter.

"Well that's the best news I've heard all day, that's for sure", Victoria said flatly, smiling faintly for a brief moment before becoming serious once more. "What did you have to do to get that out of her?"

"Nothing at all", Nikki said quickly in recognizing the anguished look in Victoria's eyes as she waited with baited breath for her response. "Really honey! We just talked about the things I mentioned to you earlier."

Nikki looked at her daughter reassuringly a moment before continuing, seeing that Victoria wanted to hear everything. It hurt her to see the suspicious look lurking behind her daughter's normally trusting eyes.

"We just talked about her feelings for her mother, how it had effected her over the years, and how it had effected the way she looked at me. It went better than I expected." She finished hurriedly.

"And that was it?" Victoria asked curiously as she continued to study her mother's face frankly. Despite the fact that their bodies were still in intimate contact Nikki could intuitively feel a gulf spreading between them.

"Not quite darling", Nikki admitted finally as she leaned over to lightly kiss her daughter's supple shoulder.

Upset, Victoria twisted herself around awkwardly so that Nikki's thigh became separated from its intimate contact with the junction of her ass. She rearranged herself so that she was lying on her back propped up by her elbows. The silk sheet which had covered her torso slipped down to expose her large creamy breasts to Nikki's avid gaze. Looking up at her mother quizzically, Victoria willed her silently to go on.

"She tried to start something but I wouldn't let it happen", Nikki offered, trying to brazen it out despite being hurt by Victoria's attitude though she understood it completely. She could well imagine how she'd feel if their roles were reversed.

"Tried?" Victoria asked, a whole conversation implied in her rebuking tone.

"What do you want to know Victoria?" Nikki flared, suddenly annoyed at her daughter's unforgiving stance. "Do you really want a play by play?"

"That's exactly what I need", Victoria said vehemently. "Do you have any idea what's its been like for me the last few hours knowing you were over there alone with her?"

Nikki didn't bother to qualify that with the fact that the children had been there for the better part of her visit, it was a moot point and she knew it; she had been alone with Sharon and this was what bothered Victoria so much, and rightly so.

"I know it couldn't have been easy for you honey", Nikki replied softly, her sympathy for her daughter overwhelming her passing indignation. "You're right, something did happen.....briefly though....very briefly!" Nikki emphasized that last with a rising note. "I still didn't know for sure how she'd react if I were to refuse her outright. I let a couple of moments pass before I pushed her away. I think she understood. She wasn't happy about it......but she didn't try to back out of going to the bank tomorrow so maybe its just as well I did."

"Maybe", Victoria said noncommittally, plainly not convinced and not bothering to hide the fact.

"Honey!" Nikki sighed exasperatedly. "Please don't be like this. Please! I love you, not her!"

Victoria's hard expression softened slightly at this but she continued to look back at her mother crossly. Nikki took Victoria's lack of response as an opportunity and leaned over quickly to brush her wet lips against Victoria's seductively. Reaching over at the same time she gently ran her fingernails lightly over her daughter's pendant breasts determinedly as she slid her right leg over Victoria's smooth thighs. Her movements caused the silk sheet to drop down even further, exposing their twin bodies to the top of their hips. At first Victoria tried to resist her mother's insistent kisses but before long she succumbed wholeheartedly as her nipple sprang to life under Nikki's gifted fingers.

"Not fair...not fair....", she moaned against Nikki's soft lips as the moments flowed slowly by in the quiet of Nikki's room. Her nipple ached deliciously when Nikki's fingers left it to begin toying similarly with its twin. Nikki's knee began to grind down more forcefully against her moistening love lips as she inched her body closer over Victoria's, who responded instinctually by spreading her thighs further apart to allow her mother unfettered access to her bare pussy.

Abandoning her daughter's lips reluctantly but purposefully, Nikki released Victoria's firm right breast to cup one of her own pendulous breast from underneath. Leaning her upper body over slightly she then guided her stiffening nipple to Victoria's hungry mouth, moaning appreciatively as her daughter's hot wet lips enveloped the entire tip of her breast.

Lost for a moment in the reveries these sensations evoked, Nikki let her mind wander back to the time when she had first breastfed her beautiful new baby girl. She remembered the almost erotic contentedness she had experienced during every one of those feeding sessions, save the first, and the inherent guilt this had always produced in her. Nikki felt nothing but contentment now though as she opened her eyes to look down wistfully at Victoria, regretting only the fact that she had no mother's milk to nourish her full grown baby with now.

`Wouldn't that be something', she ruminated to herself. `If only it were possible for me to lactate again.'

She suddenly regained her focus as Victoria playfully squeezed her nipple between her pearly white teeth. Having reclaimed her mother's attention Victoria resumed to suck fervently on her breast, taking as much of it as she could into her mouth while swirling her tongue around the nipple. Nikki began to rub the bottom of her thigh where it met her knee more insistently up and down her daughter's slit, noting that it was getting slicker and slicker with each pass. Her own pussy was beginning to throb earnestly in response to Victoria's torrid suckling when she felt her daughter's warm fingers sliding up along her inner thigh toward her source. Despite the closeness of their bodies and the difficult angle Nikki's thigh presented to her, Victoria managed to reach her target by twisting her wrist slightly and pulling her elbow in.

Parting her mother's labia with skilled fingers Victoria wasted little time in dipping her middle finger deep within Nikki's roiling pussy while she used her thumb to find and massage her mother's clit gently. Nikki moaned excitedly as her daughter's mouth and fingers worked their magic on her electrified body. Opening her eyes once more, she looked down to watch her daughter's mouth clinging tenaciously to her swollen breast, her lips wrapped snugly around its creamy ampleness as her tongue bathed Nikki's sensitive nipple luxuriously within its warm dark confines.

"I love you Victoria", Nikki whispered sweetly as she smiled blissfully down at her daughter, overwhelmed with passion for her.

The skin around Victoria's bright eyes crinkled slightly as she glanced up adoringly at her mother. Her lips pulled and tugged at her mother's breast as she sucked them in tightly around her nipple before letting it plop out wetly. She kissed the dangling nipple tenderly several times, sometimes using her tongue to bat at it while at other times letting her wet lips cling to it gently. Eventually she took the rubbery nipple back into her yearning mouth while continuing to thumb her mother's throbbing clit. Nikki suddenly let out a sharp little gasp as Victoria finally found her hidden spot. Knowing the tell tale sign well by now, Victoria zeroed in on that magical spot and pinned it down firmly as she nibbled intently on Nikki's swollen nipple.

Without warning Victoria took advantage of Nikki's distracted state and suddenly rolled her body on top of her mother's, forcing her onto her back in one lithe movement. Her movements were so well coordinated in exchanging positions with Nikki that she not only managed to keep her lips gently clamped to her mother's nipple the whole time but she also kept her middle finger halfway buried within Nikki's slippery pussy as well. Nikki's lower thigh shone wetly in the moonlight with Victoria's juices as she spread her legs apart widely to give her daughter unhindered access to her sex. Nikki's hands stroked Victoria's loose dishevelled hair as she finally abandoned her mother's aching nipple to rearrange her position slightly.

Letting her finger slide out from Nikki's gaping sex, Victoria planted her hands to either side of her mother's chest while straightening out her legs. Nikki looked up lovingly at her daughter's face, partially obscured as it was by her loosed hair, before her eyes roved further down to take note of Victoria's dangling breasts as she supported herself on all fours above her. Victoria was doing much the same as she avidly studied Nikki's hourglass figure below. When her mother reached up to playfully tweak her nipples she took the cue to begin slowly lowering herself atop her voluptuous body. She moaned softly in time to Nikki's passionate sigh as her smooth pubis coming to rest against the soft curls of her mother's sparsely covered mound. The erotically charged atmosphere of the room grew apace as Victoria's large pale breasts descended inexorably towards Nikki's, forcing her to abandon her hold on her daughter's stiff nipples to allow a more intimate contact to ensue.

Nikki shivered delightedly then as her daughter's heavy breast brushed against her own before they inevitably began to mould themselves snugly together. She shifted her fingernails to the sides of Victoria's pillowing breasts, gently describing small circles with them while her daughter continued her descent. Victoria's taut belly finally came to rest against Nikki's and she could go no further in joining their twin-like bodies together. Nikki took the last step and hungrily sought her daughter's open mouth with her own as it came within reach. Their lips clung together wetly as they took the time for a long probing kiss. Nikki's smooth thighs rose up on either side of Victoria's narrow waist before languorously closing in so that her calves came to rest against the delightfully cool flesh of her daughter's sumptuous ass. Victoria's loose dishevelled fell down like a curtain around their heads so that nothing existed for either women except for the brightness of each other's eyes and the feel of their bodies squirming together below.

They inhaled each other's hot breaths as they kissed passionately in the darkness, moaning in unison from time to time as they continued to grind their bodies together passionately. Victoria became aware of her mother's heart beating hard against the sensitive skin of her right breast and it turned her on even more. She could feel the short curls of her mother's well groomed pussy hair starting to rub enthusiastically against her sensitive clit and so began to push down harder in an effort to enhance the rousing friction. As a result a small but extremely pleasant buzz began to vibrate through her clit, stimulating it into emerging even further from beneath its hood and thereby intensifying the magnitude of her mounting passion with every newly exposed millimeter of erogenous flesh. Victoria continued to push her pussy down harder and harder against Nikki's increasingly cum-sodden pubes until she could actually feel her mother's swollen clit slide and poke against the hypersensitive inner flesh of her labia like a small cock. Victoria did what she could to maintain her own pleasure while keeping her mother's clit pinned under her slick pussy lips and was gratified to hear Nikki moan in response to the stimulation. Nikki's hands left the sides of her daughter's breast to roam along the soft skin of Victoria's ribs before she reached up and around to press firmly on the small of her back, seeking to keep Victoria in place as she urged her pussy against hers. Their hot breaths puffed like little bellows into each other's mouths, their tongues intertwining lewdly as their breasts and pussies rubbed amorously.

"Oh God Mother! You're so hot!" Victoria blurted against Nikki's mouth, feeling her climax begin as she tilted her head back.

Seeing her daughter's throat suddenly exposed before her eyes spurred Nikki into attacking the smooth vulnerable flesh with her ardent lips and teeth. She licked and nibbled the soft skin of her daughter's neck, her breath hissing from between her teeth as she felt her own climax begin to rumble its way up from her centre. Victoria's body shivered as a result her mother's hot breath, lips and teeth attacking her vulnerably exposed flesh. Both women held on to each other desperately, their breasts clinging together gelatinously as their slick pussies kissed wetly below. Their bodies shook uncontrollably as both were simultaneously overcome with passion, each new movement by the other further enhancing the friction between them as instinct took over their responses, making them attempt to prolong their own pleasure greedily. Nikki's hands clutched desperately at Victoria's bulbous ass cheeks, her body trembling against her daughter's uncontrollably while below their slick pussies spurted their fine spendings into each other.

When it was finally over with and their bodies had almost completely stopped their mutual convulsions, Victoria let her head fall forward once more. Leaning down, she tenderly licked around her mother's shell like ear in the aftermath ofas her climax petered out slowly in conjunction with Nikki's, the movement of their hips lessening steadily as they shuddered spasmodically.

"Oh Honey!" Nikki sighed heavily. "I love the way you feel against me. I can't get over how you make me feel."

"And what's that?" Victoria asked tartly as she nibbled away on her mother's soft little earlobe.

"Incredible!" Nikki exclaimed vibrantly, and a little loudly, as she ran her hands down a little lower to cradle Victoria fleshy ass cheeks just above her own calves.

"Wait Baby!" Said a spirited Nikki. "Just move a little so I can get out from under you."

Even as she spoke Nikki slid her calves off of Victoria rump as her hands reach up along Victoria's sides to push her body up from her own.

"Get back on her knees a little", she ordered peremptorily as she managed to bend her right leg enough to slide it under and through the space between Victoria's knees and hands to join the rest of her body as she repositioned herself awkwardly. Scooting down the length of the bed on her back and at an angle Nikki managed to extricate herself from under Victoria so that she was now standing on her knees next to her daughter. Victoria had by now come to rest comfortably on all fours, her beautiful breasts swaying gently below her as she looked over her shoulder towards her mother patiently from barely two feet away. Nikki leaned over to whisper into her daughter's ear as her breasts brushed teasingly against the sensitive skin of her ribs.

"Do you have any idea how I feel when I look at you Victoria?" Nikki breathed seductively in Victoria's ear. "I want to worship your entire body....every beautiful inch of your magnificent body!"

"Suck on these incredible tits", she continued, gently fondling the closest of her daughter's pendant breasts before moving on to treat its twin similarly. "Or on you're heavenly ass", Nikki added naughtily as she leaned back to run her other hand along her daughter's flank until she found the fleshy cheeks of her glorious ass. Her fingertips glided down along the warm furrow and grazed the soft inviting lips of Victoria's twitching asshole lightly.

Leaving that tender spot for a moment, Nikki's hand quested further down briefly to run along the moist wet slit of her bubbling pussy. "And this glorious pussy of course.......", Nikki added huskily, "....but on second thought...", her fingers traced a gently line back up to her daughter's puckered sphincter. ".....maybe especially your tight little ass!"

So saying, Nikki slowly moved around Victoria's body, giving her daughter's melon sized breasts one more lingering squeeze in passing before gliding her hand down along her back. Victoria smiled smugly to herself in anticipation when she felt her mother's large breasts brush fleetingly against the fleshy cheeks of her shamelessly exposed ass.

Nothing more occurred for several moments after that all too brief contact as Nikki stopped to admire the divine sight before her. Her daughter's pert apple round ass stared back at her invitingly from barely a foot away. The valley dividing her daughter's flawless ass seemed to encourage further exploration beseechingly as it shook invitingly under Victoria's impatient fidgeting, her pink little rosebud pulsing faintly to the beat of her heart.

Without warning Victoria felt Nikki's warm breath fluttering against the top of her cleft, followed almost immediately by her hot wet tongue as it made its first sweet contact with her warm silky skin. Her cool hands thumbed Victoria's rubbery spheres widely apart as she buried her face between the bulbous cheeks, letting the concave groove of her daughter's furrow guide her tongue unerringly toward its goal.

Nikki was basking in this opportunity to show her daughter just how truly devoted to her she was. She wasn't doing this against her will or better inclinations by any means. While it was true that a week ago she would have been disgusted with the idea of licking someone's ass, for any reason, Nikki had to admit that since she had become Victoria's lover it wasn't even an issue at all. Her daughter kept herself so diligently clean at all times, just as she did herself, that the faintly bitter taste and smell of her ass was anything but gross. In fact, Nikki had even come to develop an erotic need to service her daughter this way over the past few days.

Kneeling there behind Victoria's perfect orbs with her face buried between her cool cheeks, Nikki felt like a worshipful supplicant making her way piously towards her altar. She knew she was having the desired effect in feeling Victoria's soft skin shivering around the soft smooth skin of her face as her cheeks rubbed between her daughter's nether ones.

Victoria shuddered and relaxed her well trained sphincter muscles invitingly as Nikki's tongue finally reached her quivering hole. She moaned rapturously when she felt her mother's hot tongue slip past the portals of her gate, her plush hips bucking hard as her mother's tongue invaded her burning depths. At first Nikki's tongue traced its path lovingly around the loosely knotted muscle of her daughter's sphincter patiently, wetting it down to loosen it even further before pushing past the ring to plunge within to find its hidden nadir. She reached up between Victoria's wet thighs and quickly found her re-energized pussy, aggressively rubbing the wet lips of her daughter's labia as she continued to tongue her ass mercilessly. It didn't take long for Victoria to begin to buck her hips hard in earnest under Nikki's oral assault. Spreading her ass open as much as she could she pushed back against her mother's tongue. The sensation of Nikki's wet tongue continually snaking its way in and out of her throbbing chute was proving to be too much for her. She felt another powerful orgasm beginning to build within her flaming core. Nikki's middle and index fingers were now slipping past the coral lips of her peach fuzzed pussy as she proceeded to finger fuck her slowly.

"Oh god have mercy! Yes! Oh god....harder mom! Faster!" Victoria begged with her head hanging down between her quivering shoulders.

Nikki smiled to herself as she increased the tempo on both fronts, adding a third finger to her daughter's pussy while pistonning her tongue rapidly in and out of her quivering ass. Her tongue couldn't handle the physical strain for long so Nikki simply stuck it out as she began to bob her head back and forth instead. Victoria responded by swaying her body back and forth to meet her mother's tongue and fingers in perfectly timed execution, setting off the first crashing waves of her orgasm. She moaned loudly as she reached up distractedly to cup and squeeze her swollen right breast.

Becoming aware of her daughter's actions through her intimate contact with her pert derriere, Nikki felt Victoria's body weight shift to her left as she supported her upper body solely with her firmly planted left arm. Keeping her lips glued to Victoria's gaping asshole Nikki continued to relentlessly fingerfuck her spurting pussy as she carefully shifted her right knee over Victoria's left calf and repositioned herself so that she was now attacking her daughter's ass from the side. Her other hand was able then to reach below and capture her daughter's swaying left breast. Pinching her nipple gently but firmly Nikki milked her daughter's breast expertly as she added a fourth finger to her twitching pussy. Her tongue flared repeatedly around the rim of Victoria's pulsing anus from the side as she teased its tender nerves bundles mercilessly.

This final combination of stimuli broke through Victoria's fading defences and she couldn't help but allow her orgasm to take over her body completely as the fire within took over. Nikki felt her daughter's pussy clench itself around her fingers spasmodically while her tongue became trapped by the contracting ring of her sphincter muscle. Victoria's whole body seemed to vibrate as her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of ecstasy jolted her. Her turgid nipple spiked between her fingers as she squeezed her right breast hard as Nikki continued to milk the other. Nikki left Victoria's gaping wet asshole to lap at the succulent juices bubbling from her around her cum coated fingers. With a last few deep massaging thrusts Nikki slowly withdrew her hand form Victoria's seeping slit, burrowing her face immediately between to suck the remaining nectar from her daughter's frothing fount. She worked the overflow of her daughter's cum into the soft sweaty flesh of her ass while she finished cleaning her trembling pussy.

Succumbing to a sudden fatigue Victoria slowly lowered herself down until she was resting comfortably on her stomach, propped up by her elbows. With her mother's face still firmly embedded between her trembling nether cheeks, Victoria mewed contentedly. Mimicking her daughter's position exactly, Nikki propped herself with her elbows spread wide so that she could maintain easy access to Victoria's charms. In doing so a momentarily confused Victoria was forced to spread her sweaty thighs wide in accommodation. Grabbing her daughter's cheeks firmly in the palms of her hands yet again, Nikki parted Victoria's sticky cheeks and dipped her head down to recommence lapping her daughter's still throbbing pussy, stopping here and there to tongue her fluttering asshole teasingly.

"You are one naughty woman", Victoria purred luxuriously. "Don't you ever get enough?"

Nikki simply continued to rim her daughter's asshole lewdly in response before licking down along her corral nether lips once more. Victoria sighed in resignation as she buried her face exhaustedly into the pillow. It was going to be a long night.




The next day found Nikki and Sharon Newman driving back to the ranch in Nikki's silver Mercedes convertible sports-coupe. Nikki had been in a great mood ever since she and Sharon had left the bank just over an hour ago. It had been then, once the attendant had left them to their privacy, that Sharon had opened up the safety deposit box under Nikki's careful scrutiny. She had leaned over Sharon's shoulder to look within and quickly spotted the only contents of the box; an unlabelled CD within a clear case. Reaching in deftly to pick it up with one hand, Sharon had then simply handed her the case unceremoniously as she closed the box with her other. With trembling hands Nikki had cradled the case for a few unbelieving moments before tucking it safely away in her purse. It was at that moment that Nikki had realized the nightmare threat was over, that she and Victoria were free. She had felt strangely euphoric in feeling the weight of her worries evaporate like so much smoke, giddy with relief. After having live the better part of a day under the nightmare worries created by her daughter-in-law's threats she could hardly believe that that same person could so completely do an about-face and give it up so easily.

Looking up, Nikki had smiled appreciatively at Sharon. Seeing her boldly dressed daughter-in-law gazing back at her benignly from under her wide-brimmed hat, Nikki had allowed her immediate compulsion to give her a hug have its lead and complied wholeheartedly. Sharon had returned the hug affectionately, surreptitiously ecstatic to feel Nikki's soft breasts cushioning themselves against her own.

She had taken care to dress fashionably today for Nikki's benefit, and so had decided to wear a silk cream coloured flowery summer dress decorated with light blue and lavender flowers. It was high cut enough so as to not overly offend her mother-in-law's sensibilities, which she knew were important to her where propriety was concerned, but at the same time it managed to tastefully show off an abundance of flesh. The singles elastic strap made a loop around the back of her neck where it was cinched in a bowknot. Angling in from either side the two ends met and crisscrossed just below her collarbone and entered within the hem of the dress proper where its tight elasticity served to define the boundary between the smoothness of cool pliant flesh and the creamy smoothness of silk. It was an age old game, covering yet accentuating as much as it possibly could within the limits of good taste. Following the snug path of the string, the hem swept conservatively across the top of her breasts before angling dramatically down along the sides of her breasts to then plunge down vertically along the sides of her ribcage before finally sweeping in across her exposed back in a V to meet just above the cleft of her ass. The cut was such as to expose as much of her back as possible and succeeded admirably, precluding even the possibility of a bra. Sharon had tied her hair back into a ponytail with a genuine shell beret, sheathing her feet in a pair of light blue summer pumps that matched tastefully with her purse and the flowers on her dress. To top it all off she wore a fashionable cream-coloured hat that had a wide flared brim which shaded her face effectively. All in all she knew she made a fetching sight.

She had noticed the startled look of interest on Nikki's face when she had waltzed up to her car this morning. Nikki had called mere moments before, asking her to meet her there when she was ready. Leaving the house, Sharon had grinned happily at the prospect of seeing Nikki again. Her perky breasts had jiggled invitingly with every step she took in climbing the slight slope of the driveway towards the main house. She had been well aware of her hardened nipples poking out visibly against the silk of her dress and hadn't cared one whit at the display, seeing as how Nikki's eyes already seemed to be glued to them. As she approached the car Sharon had also noticed Nikki's eyes taking in her long tanned legs as her dress billowed enticingly around her lower thighs in time to her long casual strides. Nikki had continued to stare at her unabashedly until she opened the passenger door and dropped down into the passenger seat. Finally coming to her senses, she paused to don her sunglasses before turning the key in the ignition.

Sitting there next to Nikki, Sharon had in turn taken note of her mother-in-law's attire in much the same way as she had with her. Nikki's dress was snow white and more like a tube top in fit, with thin elastic straps running over her shoulders. The stiffer material of the heavily woven silk-cotton blend covered Nikki's breasts snugly before tapering in narrowly beneath them to add support while at the same time accentuating the line of her ample cleavage above. Form-fitted, the skin-tight dress clung to her mother-in-laws hourglass figure, enhancing the curve of her narrow waist and flaring hips. Sharon hadn't been able but notice too how much shorter it was than her own. While her own dress ended just above her knees, Nikki's was cut to end at mid-thigh, though it rode considerably higher now. Sharon had gazed long and hard at Nikki's all but uncovered legs stretched out beside her as they got underway. Nikki's hair was arranged in a loose ponytail as well, but was tied back with a simple black hair as though she didn't intend to keep it that way for long. Wearing a heavy pair of gold-framed sunglasses to shade her eyes from the strong and already bright and hot summer sun, Nikki's profile made a stunningly beautiful site Sharon had concluded.

One surprising and unplanned for event happened just after they had gotten underway. As the wind of their accelerating passage increased Sharon had wisely decided to take off her hat but unfortunately, in doing so, her shell beret had come off with it. With her suddenly unbound hair blowing around her face Sharon had panicked, realising quickly what must have just happened. Nikki had managed to witness the whole thing, having just turned to look at Sharon as she drove down the lane. Therefore she had been able to put Sharon's mind at ease as she twisted around frantically in her seat searching for the fallen beret.

"Its alright Sharon! It flew into the back seat", Nikki had said to the frenetic younger woman. "You could probably reach around and get it from there, unless you`d rather I stopped the car so you could get it."

"Oh thank god! Thank you Nikki", Sharon had replied gratefully. "You don't have to stop though....I can get it."

By twisting herself around in her seat Sharon had been able to spot her beret resting placidly against the backrest of the seat behind her. She couldn't, however, seem to reach back quite far enough to grab it. With a self-deprecating grin Sharon unbuckled her seat belt and quickly spun herself around on the seat so that she was on her knees facing the back of the car as they drove along. Stretching her arm out to its fullest Sharon was just barely able to grasp the fugitive beret between two fingers as she clawed at it clumsily. The car bounced a couple of times during her endeavour and as a result she had had to start all over again as the beret bounced out of her tentative grip both times.

"Dammit!" Sharon sputtered after the second failed attempt.

Nikki had giggled good naturedly in glancing over sidelong at Sharon's antics.

It was then that the wind decided to play Sharon a nasty trick. They had just crested the lee of a small hill when a sudden gust of wind hit them. Nikki's ponytail fluttered behind her head momentarily as the sudden blast whipped by but it had an entirely different effect on Sharon. In her case the gust of wind had picked up the hem of her skirt as though it were a puff of pollen and pasted it against her back, suddenly exposing her velvety smooth ass. Sharon had let out a surprised squawk as the wind buffeted her hair willy-nilly around her head. She had just managed to finally recapture her fugitive beret when the wind had hit, so with her right hand holding on to it securely her other hand clutched at the headrest for support as she leaned precariously over the back of the seat, in no position to at all the rearrange her dress. Immodestly wearing nothing underneath, Sharon had been acutely aware of the passage of cool air flowing over her exposed privates, and it wasn't for several more seconds that she was able to push herself back onto her knees with beret in hand. Even then the wind had still been strong enough to paste her skirt up against her lower back. Reaching behind her back with as much dignity as she could muster Sharon found the hem of her skirt and dragged it back down forcefully into place before plopping herself back down in her seat, blushing furiously in embarrassment.

When she felt she had regained some measure of control over herself Sharon had looked over at Nikki. For her part Nikki was visibly fighting back laughter as she tried to pretend she hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, refusing to look over at her daughter-in-laws sheepish grin.

"Glad you thought that was funny Nikki!" Sharon had said, pouting half-heartedly and trying not to laugh herself.

Nikki had looked over at her then with a straight face and had been able to hold it stoically for several seconds before she lost control altogether and exploded into wild gales of laughter. Sharon had joined in then too, unable to help herself under the circumstances.

"I'm sorry Sharon", Nikki had said once she had gotten over her amusement. "I was thinking it's just as well that happened now instead of on the parkway. Imagine the havoc the sight of that beautiful ass of yours would have on oncoming traffic!"

"Really?" Sharon had asked slyly. "You think my ass is beautiful?"

"I'm not touching that one dear", Nikki had replied amusedly. "You little know you have a body to die for!"

Sharon smiled to herself now at the memory as she and Nikki drove back to the ranch in companionable silence. It occurred to her now that Nikki hadn't even commented on the fact that she wasn't wearing anything at all under her dress. She had wondered at the lack of comment since then, implied or otherwise, and had come to the realization that Nikki had seemed flustered ever since. It didn't quite show outwardly, other than in how she refused to meet Sharon's eyes for more than a split-second when their eyes happened to make contact.

Sharon had noticed this especially when they had stopped for a quick bite to eat at an outdoor patio after leaving the bank. On a few occasion she had observed Nikki studying her profile surreptitiously from the corner of her eye as they sat in companionable silence while gazing out into the downtown traffic of this busy side-street. Sharon had been feeling somewhat self-conscious since entering the popular establishment due to the curious looks they had received from staff and clientele alike. The expressions ranged from mild curiosity to shock, which in hindsight wasn't too surprising given that it was common knowledge that she and Nikki hated each other. It shouldn't have bothered her overly but it did somehow, making her self-conscious of how she must have come off in the past. The looks their way stopped politely shortly thereafter as good breeding overcame curiosity and Sharon began to feel more comfortable. The only face of note she had been able to put a name to was that of Olivia Barber, who was sitting alone and enjoying a plate of honeydew melon slices at the far end of the patio. Nikki had noticed her too upon their arrival and had quickly excused herself before sitting down to go over and talk with her doctor briefly. After a short conversation and a few smiles Nikki had come back to sit down gracefully in the chair next to Sharon's, much to her delight.

Three quarters of an hour later they made the turn from the parkway onto the lane leading to the ranch. Sharon glanced over at Nikki quickly once more to take in the sight of her beautifully tanned legs. The hem of her dress had ridden up a little further during the drive and Sharon took the opportunity to ogle her mother-in-law's stately thighs. They hadn't spoken much since leaving the restaurant and Sharon felt unusually comfortable around Nikki despite this. Nikki was obviously preoccupied with something as she drove and Sharon didn't want to intrude on her privacy too much.

"Thank you again Sharon", she heard her say and quickly looked up guiltily to meet her eyes but Nikki had already returned her attention to the road. If she had noticed the direction of Sharon's gaze she didn't let on.

Mentally kicking herself for being so obvious Sharon made an effort to curb her seemingly constant fascination while her heart raced inside her chest. She watched the vast acreage of the ranch slip by as she let her thoughts wander. She wondered, not for the first time in the past forty-eight hours, if Nikki knew the effect she had on her. It had totally eclipsed her persona, this newfound self she had discovered within herself. She could feel her old moods and preoccupations with intrigues slipping thankfully into the background of her personality and she was sure in herself as a person for the first time in a very long while as a direct result. For all this she had Nikki to thank, and more than thank if she could manage to get her away from Victoria. The depth of her budding feelings for Nikki were such that if she felt for even a second that Nikki could somehow find true happiness with her daughter she would gladly go on her way and leave them alone. But she was utterly convinced that it would never work out that way. In the end, someday, somehow, something would happen down to road and their lives would be destroyed. Sharon wanted to save Nikki from that if she possibly could; for her, for herself. She knew her motives weren't purely selfless, but the conclusion she had reached was undeniable no matter her presence in the equation. Somewhere in herself Sharon also felt a slight pang of guilt when she considered where her loyalties should lie. Did she still have any feelings left for Nick? Were her feelings for Nikki simply an infatuation based on a subconscious need to recapture the affections of a mother figure on an adult level, as Nikki had suggested last night? She couldn't quite find an answer to that within herself. All she knew was that she felt what she felt and would follow those feelings wherever they led her. After all, her allegiance to Nicholas was shattered at the moment and had been ever since he had decided to sleep with Grace Turner, her former friend and confidant. He had forgotten her and in response she would forget about him too, throwing his considerations aside in the process, not out of spite necessarily, but out of apathy for a relationship gone decidedly south.

Nikki was woolgathering herself as she guided the car leisurely up the long lane leading to the ranch. She had seen and felt Sharon's desire for her clearly reflected in her eyes ever since Sharon had bounced up the car earlier in the morning. She was aware of an internal conflict stirring within herself every time she confronted the emotions reflected in the depths of Sharon's eyes. Were those eyes merely a gateway to Sharon's feelings for her or were they rather a mirror reflecting her own unwitting desires where her daughter-in-law were concerned? Both perhaps? Try though she might she couldn't quite ignore Sharon's ultra-feminine allure. She wondered now whether her relationship with Victoria was no more than a convenient outlet for her latent lesbian tendencies finally made manifest after being suppressed for so long. She loved Victoria deeply and didn't regret a thing that had happened between them, hoping beyond hope that it would remain that way forever, but her practical side warned her that nothing in this world lasted forever.

`Was it right to persist in this thing knowing the dangers inherent in its continuance?' she had been asking herself ever since they had been discovered by Sharon. For the first time since it had begun Nikki was beginning to have real doubts about their ability to overcome the obstacles of the future. She couldn't see it getting any better unless they ran away together to a deserted island. However, she was in love with her daughter and that was the bottom line. She would do anything for her and would it see it through no matter the outcome. Besides, she couldn't see herself substituting her secretive relationship with Victoria for a similar one involving her own son's wife, no matter how estranged they might be at the moment. Variations of these thoughts and concerns had been running through her mind ever since she and Sharon had left the bank earlier, therefore it had been something of a relief to bump into Dr. Barber on the patio. A welcome distraction that had served to remind her of something she had wanted to explore since late last night, and reminding her too of someone else at the same time. Despite that reminder, her sense of giddiness at having the only copy of the video in her possession was getting the better of her. She felt an enormous sense of gratitude towards Sharon, who continued to impress her more and more as she came to know the real her, as she had come to regard her new and improved personality. So much so in fact that she was continually shocked when encountering it because of their long and sordid history. It moved her to see her daughter-in-law as a good mother, and as a real person, for the first time in their acquaintance.

It was just as she was ruminating about her improved feelings for Sharon once again that she felt a hand come to rest firmly against her thigh. Not totally surprised by her daughter-in-laws boldness, especially not after last night, Nikki looked down to see Sharon's small slim fingered hand gently clasping her thigh halfway between her knee and hip. Her gaze travelled back along the arm slowly until her eyes made contact with those of Sharon, who was looking back at her questioningly. Nikki hesitated momentarily, unsure how to react. Should she tell Sharon to take her hand away, or should she use her own hand to remove it herself? In the time it took Nikki to ponder the issue, which was not long at all, Sharon had already begun to move her hand a little further up and in toward her centre, stroking her soft skin seductively. The sensation was distracting enough to stifle the beginning of Nikki's half-hearted protest. She saw the look in Sharon's eyes become more intense as she recognized what had just happened before returning her attention back to her driving. Interpreting Nikki's silence as tacit approval Sharon continued to slide her hand ever higher along Nikki's inner thigh. Sharon's nipples stood out proudly from the wind plastered dress clinging to her breasts. In wordless protest Nikki managed to close her thighs tightly against Sharon's searching fingers, slowing if not stopping their movement.

"Please Nikki?" Sharon asked pleadingly.

Nikki continued to look straight ahead as she drove, deliberating what to do. She was well aware of what she should do but couldn't seem to bring herself to do it. The image of Sharon's supple ass as it had looked earlier this morning during the beret incident kept flashing through her mind, effectively stifling her protest every time she was on the verge of saying something. Instead, she let her body make her decision for her and slowly spread her thighs apart once more, releasing Sharon's hand from their fleshy grip. Whether this was to let it go in order to allow its escape or continue its progress Sharon would never know, but she lost no time in resuming her progress up Nikki's warm thigh. Nikki spread her thighs even more, sighing as Sharon reached her silk covered pussy nestled between the junction of her thighs.

"Wait Sharon!" Nikki managed to spit out then.

"For what?" Sharon replied innocently as she searched for and found Nikki's clit through the material of her panties.

Shivers ran up and down Nikki's legs and she involuntarily jumped in her seat at the contact. The cool air swirling around her newly exposed inner thighs was giving her goose bumps. She shivered uncontrollably again as Sharon's cool fingers deftly slipped under her panties. Sharon fondled her clit under the tent formed by her active fingers.

"Oh my!" Nikki moaned as she slowed the car down. "Sharon! I'm trying to drive! Stop it!"

Instead of complying Sharon naughtily allowed her middle finger to part Nikki's inner lips. Slowly, she slid her finger within the warm wet confines of Nikki's throbbing pussy. Taking full advantage of the situation Sharon unbuckled her seatbelt and twisted her body around to face Nikki. Removing her left hand from under Nikki's skirt, she then quickly replaced it with her right as she leaned into the crook of Nikki's neck to begin gently nibbling on the lobe of her ear. Her left hand reached up to aggressively fondle Nikki's right breast.

Beginning to lose control of herself, Nikki had no choice then but to pull off to the side of the lane. Once she had the car in park she turned to her daughter-in-law to tell her to stop but met with her passionate lips instead. Sharon's fingers were once more playing wetly with her clit, her middle finger dipping within her wet pussy as she slipped her tongue past Nikki's soft lips. Nikki haplessly allowed it all to continue and met Sharon's probing tongue with her own.

"Okay Sharon" Nikki gasped, pulling away abruptly to look at Sharon pleadingly.

"We can't do this! Please.....not here! Someone is going to come along and see us."

Sharon looked back at Nikki in perplexity. Was Nikki really saying what she hoped she was saying?

"We shouldn't be doing this anyway", Nikki added more softly as her mental lapse dawned on her. She reached down to grab Sharon's wrist firmly, though this did little to stop Sharon from rotating her finger deep within her pussy.

"Please Sharon!" Nikki implored as she melted around Sharon's finger.

Swirling her finger one last time within Nikki's roiling pussy, Sharon removed her liquid coated finger and brought it up slowly to Nikki's mouth. Nikki didn't hesitate at all as she opened her mouth to suck longingly on Sharon's gooey finger. Still holding on to Sharon's wrist Nikki savoured her own taste as her daughter-in-law looked on with smouldering eyes, her hand still cupping her breast possessively.

"I wish you'd let me thank you fully one of these days you know." Sharon said as she removed her finger from the hot confines of Nikki's mouth. "I'd do anything to be with you Nikki."

As she looked into Sharon's eyes a part of Nikki felt only shame for letting Victoria down while another part of her agreed wholeheartedly with Sharon's sentiments and wished she could return them. She knew in the end, however, that she could never let that happen, not so long as Victoria still wanted her. It bothered her enormously that despite this conviction she had almost succumbed yet again to Sharon's advances.

"I know Sharon", Nikki said to Sharon as she looked kindly into her eyes. "And I thank you for that. I'm flattered.....obviously..... but its never going to happen. We're just going to have to live with that. I'm sorry."

Sharon looked back at Nikki for several long moments, and seemed about to say something twice but stopped herself both times, obviously considering her words carefully. Belatedly she removed her hand from Nikki's breast.

"All right Nikki", she said eventually, trying hard to sound casual, "if that's the way it has to be I won't argue with you anymore."

Sharon paused for a moment to see if Nikki had anything to add either in confirmation or denial. "What would be the point right?" She added rhetorically when she saw that neither would be forthcoming.

An uncomfortable silence settled between them for a moment more as both women searched for something positive to say.

"Dammit! I knew it was a big mistake to give you that CD." Sharon said with a pout.

Nikki's brows furrowed in consternation until she saw Sharon's impish grin breaking out on her face, then she laughed gaily in relief.

"I never knew you could be so funny! Scary yes, but funny no!" Nikki laughed. "And sweet of course!"

"All right then young lady!" Nikki exclaimed after a moment's hesitation, realizing that she had just embarrassed her daughter-in-law by complimenting her so soon after her emphatic rejection.

"I'd better drop you off. I have to go back into town after lunch", she informed Sharon, "and....", she added grandly as she looked over at Sharon accusingly, "thanks to you I have to change my panties."

Sharon cackled and stuck her tongue out at Nikki playfully as she settled herself back into her seat. Nikki returned the gesture in kind, then, business-like, paused to rearrange her dishevelled outfit before shifting the car into drive and pulling back onto the road.

Both women were in a carefree mood as they pulled up to main house a couple of minutes later, content with the mutual understanding they had reached. Miguel could be seen watering the plants on the front porch as they approached. If he were at all surprised by their showing up together with no apparent signs of friction between them he didn't let it show. Nikki had always sworn to herself that his picture could probably be found in the dictionary under the definition for discretion.

"Good morning Miguel!" Sharon called out as she climbed out of the car.

"Good morning Sharon! Mrs. Newman!" Miguel called back with a wave before he resumed his watering.

Walking around the back of the car, Sharon slowly approached Nikki with her stately stride. Nikki stood a little awkwardly next to the driver door waiting for her, overly conscious of Miguel's presence. She was surprised at the thrill she felt in not knowing what Sharon was about to do, exhilarated by it.

Nikki almost backed up a step as Sharon came to a stop directly before her but instead she held her ground. Arching an eyebrow sardonically she gave her daughter-in-law her most challenging gaze, one that Sharon knew very well from past experience. This one was a little different though; she couldn't quite stop her lips from forming the beginnings of a smile. Sharon smiled back mischievously as she glanced quickly in Miguel's direction to make sure he wasn't watching before leaning in to innocently kiss Nikki chastely on both cheeks.

"Thank you......I`ll see you around soon I hope", she breathed into Nikki's ear before she broke away. Without further ado she turned around and began to walk away down the driveway.

Nikki tried not to be too obvious in staring after her, not wanting to arouse Miguel's curiosity more than necessary but she noticed thankfully after a quick glance that he had already disappeared within the house. Leaning into the car she picked up her purse as she continued to watch Sharon's shapely ass bounce merrily on its way, seemingly inviting her to follow. Sharon turned around briefly just then as though sensing Nikki's thoughts and gave her a quick wink before continuing on her way. On that cue Nikki finally turned around ruefully to head indoors herself. Along the way one single question kept repeating itself over and over in head, summarizing perfectly her wishful thoughts: wouldn't it be nice if she could have her cake and eat it too?



"That's awesome Mom!" Victoria exclaimed in elation. "So everything went well then?"

"As good as could be dear!" Nikki gloated on the other end of the phone. "Not even the slightest hint of a hitch."

"And you're sure we can trust her when she says that was the final copy?" Victoria asked with trepidation, not wanting to spoil the mood but unable to escape completely from her suspicious nature.

"Let's not borrow any trouble Victoria", Nikki answered. "We don't have any reason to think that and what good would it do to worry about it now? Have a little faith in your mother's powers of persuasion."

"Good enough for me then.....though I hope you're not going to tell me you had to do any more persuading this morning."

"Not at all", Nikki assured her succinctly.

"Where is she now?"

"At home", Nikki answered. "Why?" She asked suspiciously.

"Just making sure you're not hanging around with her anymore", Victoria explained.

"Jealous monster!" Nikki teased.

"Listen honey! I have to go now okay", Nikki continued. "I have an appointment with Olivia in less than an hour so I'd better get changed and take off. I`m going to visit Catherine after that so I probably won't see you till suppertime."

"Okay then. I'll see you when you get back. I have some things to wrap up anyway before I come home anyway."

"All right. Have a good afternoon beautiful!" Nikki signed off. "I love you!"

"Love you too", Victoria echoed before hanging up the receiver.

Her euphoria didn't last long however as her thoughts turned irrevocably to her sister-in-law. Despite her mother's assurances that Sharon was a changed person, Victoria couldn't quite bring herself to trust her judgement fully. Now that Sharon's hold over them had evaporated Victoria promised herself that she would take personal stock of this new Sharon as soon as possible, just to be sure she was being completely upfront.

Today was as good a day as any she decided abruptly after rolling the idea around in her mind for awhile. Taking the next twenty minutes to tie up her loose ends she left the office hurriedly and rushed home.

Pulling up to the main house twenty minutes later, Victoria felt suddenly hesitant in considering how she would approach Sharon. She felt it would be better to surprise her sister-in-law, to catch her unprepared and unsuspecting, that way she wouldn't have time to prepare herself or to put on any masks. The more she thought about it the more she liked the idea. However, her running into Sharon had to seem accidental if she could manage to arrange it. After all, she didn't want to give off the appearance of being that effected by what Sharon had done. One thing was for sure though; it was she, Victoria, who would have the upper hand from now on.

As she sat there in front of the house with the Jeep still idling Victoria looked over to her left in the direction of the stables and Nick and Sharon's house. It struck her then that the most convenient thing would be to somehow run into Sharon away from the main house, where it would be less likely they would be interrupted. If worse came to worse she could always drop by her house unannounced and pretend she had just been passing by on her way to the stables. That could work. And there was always the chance too that she would catch her outside working in the garden or in the stables feeding sweets to the horses.

Resolved at last Victoria slid out of her Jeep and walked up to the main house. Once inside, she made directly for her room so that she could get changed into her riding clothes. Swiftly discarding her work outfit and leaving the items piled haphazardly on her bed, Victoria walked over to her closet nude. Selecting one item and then another she quickly threw them on and in a matter of minutes she was ready to go. The attire was similar to that she had worn on Saturday except that today earth colours were the theme: tight light-beige riding pants, tan sleeveless cotton v-neck t-shirt under a fawn-brown suede riding jacket, and dark brown leather riding boots completed the ensemble. Tying her hair back with a scarf, Victoria took one last look in the full length mirror on the back of her closet door before donning her dark brown riding hat. She considered her reflection for a few moments before deciding to button the jacket most of the way up, hiding the fullness of her breasts under the thick material. As was her habit lately, she had opted not to wear any undergarments. If one were to look closely it wouldn't be hard to make out the lips of her pussy under the thin cotton of her pants. A slow smile crept across her face as she noticed and reached for her riding crop hanging on a peg next to the mirror. She rarely if ever had felt a need to use it since she had always chosen her horses for their docility, but it made her feel more threatening to hold the prop casually in her right hand and tap it gently against the outside of her leg. Besides, if worse came to worse she'd horsewhip the bitch.

As she descended the stairs on her way out of the house Victoria ran into Miguel at the bottom of the stairs as he was coming out of the study.

"Hi Miguel!" she beamed at him as she made her way towards the door.

"Good afternoon Victoria." Miguel answered from behind her. "Have a nice ride!"

"I will.....thank you", she called back as she opened the front door and stepped out into the early afternoon sunshine. The sturdy heels of her riding boots clicked solidly on the asphalt as she made her way down the driveway. The lane sloped down gently about eighty yards before it split in two. The left hand turn off led to Nick's nearby house while the one on the right opened up onto a loose dirt yard in front of the stable house.

As she approached nearer to the fork in the road Victoria scanned the area surrounding the house and stables for any signs of life. There was no movement anywhere except for the quick darting flights of birds as they flew from tree to tree, and the occasional drone of a bumble bee whizzing by. There were no vehicles anywhere in sight except for Sharon's BMW so Victoria knew none of the hired hands would be around for the rest of the day, except for Mr. Peebles who came in to feed and groom the horses in the evenings.

`So far so good', she thought to herself, happy to know that the odds were with her. It wasn't likely they'd be interrupted by anyone.

As luck, or fortune, would have it, Victoria saw the side door of Nick and Sharon's house open as the bitch herself stepped through carrying a basket in one hand. She had closed the door behind her and was making her way nonchalantly toward the stables before she happened to look over and see Victoria approaching. Her face blanched visibly and her steps faltered momentarily at the unwelcome sight before she blithely continued on her way.

"Aren't you going to say hello Sharon", Victoria called to Sharon from twenty feet away as their paths began to merge.

Sharon just looked over and smiled wanly at Victoria as she raised a hand in a perfunctory wave, forsaking a reply. Victoria took the time to look her sister-in-law over as she got closer. She was wearing light denim overalls over a white tank-top over her obviously bare breasts and sandals on her feet. Her hair hung loosely around her fine features, though they were now set in a sort of rectal grin as she obviously felt uncomfortable under the unwelcome circumstances of meeting up with Victoria.

"Going to feed the horses are we?" Victoria asked innocently as she fell into step with Sharon, having notice the basket was full of apples.

"Yes", Sharon replied demurely, avoiding Victoria's frank appraisal.

"That's good. Actually, I feel bad for forgetting to bringing something for Buttercup." Victoria said as she name her favourite. "Would you mind if I stole one or two?"

Sharon just shrugged her shoulders in acquiescence.

"I don't want to get in a fight with you Victoria", Sharon said plainly after a short silence had ensued.

They were walking step for step across the yard heading for the open stable house doors at the time and Victoria looked over to smirk knowingly at Sharon.

"What makes you think I came over here to do that Sharon?" Victoria said tersely, looking down at her riding outfit pointedly. "I just came out to go for a ride."

Sharon looked slightly relieved at this but the tension in her tight shoulders didn't lessen one whit as they continued to walk together. She was deathly afraid of what Victoria might say or do when the two of them were alone but she refused to run away and let her sister-in-law win this round uncontested. From her point of view Victoria owed her big time for her good deed of the morning and this took away some of her nervousness. She was sure that by now Victoria knew about what had transpired at the bank by now and therefore was unlikely to cause her too much trouble.

"I can see that Victoria", Sharon said as politely as she could. "I'm not blind."

"No, you're not", Victoria agreed as they entered the relative darkness of the stables. "Just stupid."

Sharon turned on her heel to face Victoria vehemently at the insult as both women stopped dead in their tracks. She saw the flinty look in Victoria's eyes as she looked into them and knew then that she might be in trouble.

"What?" Victoria finally said as Sharon continued to glare at her. "Don't you have anything to say?"

"Why should I bother", Sharon said simply, relaxing her tense body as she turned to walk toward one of the occupied stalls before continuing. "If you don't feel gratitude towards me for giving up my hold over you there's not much to say."

"You really expect me to thank you for not blackmailing me and my mother?" Victoria retorted incredulously as she followed closely behind Sharon. "You've got to be kidding."

Sharon turned to face Victoria again, angry now and not bothering to hide it.

"Leave me alone!"

"Not a chance dear", Victoria replied smoothly, unruffled by Sharon's apparent anger. "I just want to warn you to stay the hell away from my mother from now on."

"Or else what Victoria?" Sharon shot back snidely. "You'll beat me up? That wouldn't change the fact that your relationship with Nikki is wrong."

Sharon knew it was her best weapon and watched it hit home to its target; Victoria's latent feelings of guilt and shame. She knew they had to be in there somewhere and it would place Victoria on the defensive.

A brief expression of consternation stole over Victoria's face at the unfriendly reminder before an angry scowl of determination replaced it. "I know what you're after Sharon", Victoria threatened quietly, "and I want to make sure it stops here and now one way or another."

"What am I after Victoria?" Sharon asked before she could stop herself, knowing that Victoria had just effectively turned the tables on her.

"I know you want her", Victoria stated as she looked contemptuously at her sister-in-law while tightening her grip on her riding crop. "Just say you'll give it up and I'll leave you alone."

"What? Are you afraid you'll lose then if I tried to win her over?" Sharon teased spitefully.

"Hardly....but you're playing with fire if you think I'll sit still for it you fucking bitch!"

Before Sharon could stop her Victoria used both hands to stiff-arm Sharon hard. Her sister-in-law literally flew off her feet to land with a bone-jarring thud flat on her behind on the straw covered dirt floor. The basket flew out of her hand, scattering apples everywhere in the process.

Still in shock, Sharon pushed herself up to a sitting position with her hands as she looked up incredulously at Victoria. Somewhere in the background along the far wall a horse whinnied in its stall at the sudden noise.

"Screw you!" Sharon said through clenched teeth as she brought a sandaled foot up to aim a kick at her attacker.

Victoria saw her intent and lost no time in bringing her crop down in a sweeping arc to strike Sharon smartly on her shin.

Sharon gave a startled yelp and reached reflexively with both hands for her stung flesh. Smiling cruelly Victoria, suddenly inspired by a wicked plan, walked over to retrieve one of the medium-sized apples as Sharon started to curse her vociferously. Ignoring her for the moment, Victoria walked to a nearby hitching post to pick the coil of rope hanging there before returning to an unsuspecting Sharon. Standing just behind her for a moment, holding the coil of rope and riding crop in one hand and the apple in the other, Victoria studied Sharon contemptuously for a moment as she debated whether or not to go through with her impulsive plan. Sharon, who was still cradling her abused flesh, was completely unaware of the impending danger as she muttered and cursed Victoria under her breath.

This seemed to tip the scales against her. Victoria dropped her riding crop on the ground negligently and lost no time in bending down to loop one end of the rope around Sharon's calf-hugging wrists and pulling them tightly together before securing them tightly with a knot. Before the stunned Sharon could do much more that squawk in shock Victoria let go of the rope. Reaching over swiftly she grabbed Sharon's lower jaw and pried it open roughly down as she stuffed the apple forcefully into Sharon's sputtering mouth with the other. Garbled invectives emanated hoarsely from Sharon's throat as Victoria wedged the apple past her teeth and deeper into Sharon's gaping maw. Since the whole of the apple was now past the line of her teeth Sharon could do little to eject the impromptu gag. She tried vainly to spit it out but Victoria had already pushed her jaw back up as she cradled it from underneath so that the apple was snugly held in place by her pallet and tongue. Already her jaw ached from its forced distension. Moving swiftly Victoria kept a firm hold of Sharon's chin with her left hand as she stepped around behind her, hugging her head forcefully against her abdomen so that she couldn't easily get away. Swiftly undoing the scarf tying her hair with her right hand, Victoria let go of Sharon's chin and lost no time in looping it around her head, effectively securing the apple in place. She hadn't exactly been planning any of this but the turn of events had led from one thing to another.

Coming out of the stupor of her shock Sharon tried to push herself up from her knees to her feet to face Victoria but she in turn simply pushed her over onto her side with her knee.

"Not yet sis", Victoria said softly. "Let me think a minute."

Leaning down, Victoria nimbly avoided Sharon's kicking feet and pushed the struggling woman over on to her stomach so that she was forced to fold her tied arms up against her breasts. Sitting on her sister-in-law's back, Victoria took a moment to make sure the scarf was securely knotted and positioned. It was now virtually impossible for Sharon to even try and spit the apple out, and she lacked the strength to crush the apple between her pallet and tongue, nor could she use her teeth to bite through it. All she could do was make strangely mangled moans at the back of her throat, which she did as loudly as she could. While it was certainly loud, it was not a necessarily unusual sound to hear coming from a stable, so if she were using it as a means to attract the attention of a possible rescuer she'd probably have to wait awhile.

Sharon began to panic inside as she began to realize fully the severity of her plight when no one came running to her rescue. She turned her head to look out through the open stable doors but could see no sign of hope. She was truly afraid now, knowing that there was no telling what Victoria would do to her under the circumstances. She didn't have to wonder long.

"Aha!" Victoria exclaimed as she spied her saddle mounted nearby on its trestle. It was waist high and offered the perfect apparatus for her method of teaching Sharon a long overdue lesson.

Grabbing the rope and her victim Victoria got to her feet, pulling Sharon up with her by the back of her overalls. Yanking Sharon along Victoria made for the saddle. Twisting around helplessly under Victoria's pushing and pulling, Sharon didn't see the saddle until it was too late. Before she could do anything Victoria pushed her forward until her thighs came to rest against the side of the saddle, then kept pushing her until she couldn't help but fall forward across its back as she held her tied hands out in front of her desperately. Her nostrils flared as she breathed heavily in fear, her hands unable to reach the ground just below as she hung there bent over double, her denim covered behind pointing straight up. Sharon's feet kicked ineffectually in the air as they too failed to make contact with the ground.

Walking around the trestle casually while coiling the rope to shorten its length Victoria crowed to herself in delight at the sight before her. Sharon, gagged and stuffed as she was with an apple in her mouth, reminded Victoria of a pig fit to be roasted. It was an appropriate analogy as far as she was concerned. A part of her was worried about the trouble she might get in for this but at the same time her aim was to punish Sharon is such a way as to prevent her from telling anyone. With this thought in mind Victoria squatted down so that she could throw the rope under the saddle and Sharon's bound hands toward her kicking feet on the other side. Her face was close to Sharon's and she winked at her maliciously when she caught her sidelong glance. Fear and loathing vied for dominance on her face as she looked up at her tormentor, tears beginning to stream down her stretched cheeks.

Ignoring the look she quickly stood up and walked back around to the other side of the trestle where Sharon's feet hung precariously in the air scissoring uselessly in an attempt to find purchase somewhere but the u-shape made it a futile endeavour. Retrieving the loose end of the rope, Victoria took up the slack and then proceeded to tie her struggling sister-in-law's ankles together with another loop. Shortening the distance between Sharon's bound ankles and wrists as much as she could Victoria succeeded in securing her snugly around the girth of the saddle so that she was no longer able to move freely at all. The muffled moans of attempted communication emanating from her captive's throat increased in volume but Victoria wasn't overly worried at this. Calmly, she walked over the stable house doors and closed them both, enveloping them both in the relative darkness of the cool shade. Having barred the door, Victoria then took the time to go to every exit leading into the stable and locking the doors. Sure now that they wouldn't be interrupted, Victoria returned to the main stable area to study her helpless victim.

"Well Sharon", Victoria said sweetly as she came to stand in front of Sharon's hanging head. "Still think its a good idea to play games with my mother...not to mention me?"

Sharon craned her neck up as far as she could to look pleadingly at Victoria but could only manage to see her up to her waist. Perversely, she noticed almost right away that she could clearly make out the contours of Victoria's plump pussy lips bulging against her tight riding pants.

"That's okay Sharon", Victoria said with a smirk as she squatted down to look into Sharon's terrified eyes, well aware of where Sharon's attention had been. "I know you can't answer but I'll ask you again after I've given you a good old fashioned spanking."

Victoria took great pleasure from seeing the look of despair her words evoked in Sharon's eyes. Reaching over, Victoria unbuckled the shoulder straps of Sharon's overalls where they were fastened in front. Once they were loose she walked back around to the other side of the saddle so that she was facing Sharon's wiggling behind. Approaching as closely as she could Victoria straddled Sharon's legs pressing her mons pubis against her luscious ass. Sharon stopped her squirming at the contact while Victoria leaned over her back to grab the loose straps of her overalls. Pushing her pelvis against Sharon's ass for leverage Victoria leaned back, pulling the straps with her. She smiles excitedly as more and more of Sharon's tank-top came into view, then frowned slightly as the denim began to bunch itself under Sharon's waist where it was pinned against the saddle's surface. By pulling and prodding Victoria managed to wrestle the overalls all the way down past Sharon's lissom waist as she squirmed and groaned valiantly beneath her. It was easy work after that for Victoria as she stepped back to smoothly lower the bunched overalls all the way down Sharon's slender legs to her bound ankles.

Now that Sharon was completely naked from the waist down Victoria smiled wickedly to herself.

"Thanks for being so good as to not wear panties sweetie-pie," she teased.

"'uck u," was the garbled rejoinder, surprisingly clear.

"Tut tut now," Victoria chuckled as she backed away a few steps to admire her handiwork. Her sister-in-law's beautifully tanned posterior lay dutifully, if not willingly, exposed before her eyes. Her long slender legs were truly beautiful Victoria had to admit grudgingly.

Walking back around to the front once more, Victoria completed her work by pulling Sharon's top down over her head and all the way down her arms to her wrists. Squatting down once more, she brought her face close to Sharon's and patted her gently on the cheek with her right hand as she whispered delicately into her right ear.

"Was it worth it bitch?"

A despondent Sharon turned her head askance so that she could look into her tormentor's face pleadingly.

"'orry!" Came the mangled apology.

"I'm sure you are Sharon," Victoria replied smugly. "But you're about to be a whole lot sorrier."

Leaning forward purposefully so that her sister-in-law's head came to rest against her shoulder, Victoria reached under Sharon's heaving chest to tug viciously on Sharon's nipples. They weren't easy to find since she couldn't see them, pressed as they were against the saddle, but by feeling around she was in short order able to do so. Pinching the soft nipples between her fingers sadistically, Victoria wasn't particularly surprised to find them growing more and more turgid in spite of, or perhaps because of, the abuse. For several long moments Victoria continued to torment her captive, sometimes using her nails to pinch Sharon's nipples painfully, at other times pulling and stretching them down as far as she could. Muffles moans and garbled invectives met her ear continuously as she worked Sharon over.

Finally having had enough of this particular play Victoria let go of Sharon's breast abruptly as she pushed herself back up to stand over Sharon's hanging head. Looking down in surprise, she noticed a long wet spot darkening the material of her riding jacket. Curious, she reached down to grab a hold of Sharon's hair and pulled her head up for inspection as she leaned over to look closely. Tears were streaming down Sharon's sad face, of which she had already been aware, but now there was a sheen of saliva glistening on her chin.

"Get a hold of yourself Sharon," Victoria told Sharon calmly. "You're enjoying this far too much. Disgusting really."

Letting go of her hair, Victoria then walked slowly around the saddle until she stood directly behind her victim, as before. Running her cool hands along the warm flesh of Sharon's buttocks, she stopped every once in awhile to part her cheeks and inspect the furrow between casually. Sharon's ass cheeks were surprisingly petite but very shapely and supple Victoria noted. Her tiny pink puckered ring peeped back at her invitingly and she couldn't help but admire its beauty too, as well as that of her hairless slit where she could just make it out as it angled down and away from her avid gaze. Gently, Victoria ran the tip of her index finger lightly over Sharon's tiny rosebud. Leaning over slightly, she let a thin dribble of spit fall from her mouth and fall onto her sister-in-law's unsuspecting anus. Victoria was now able to dip the tip of her finger past the constricting ring of Sharon's tight asshole, much to Sharon's dismay. Sharon, who had been struggling futilely all the while, had stilled at the first touch of Victoria's hands on her ass. Whether in fear or submission Victoria couldn't be sure, but it had pleased her all the same. Now however, in feeling Victoria's digit probing in and around her rear opening, she let out a muffled yelp of surprise and outrage. Victoria seriously doubted then that Sharon had ever had anal sex, judging by the extreme tightness of her ass and the difficulty she was having in getting very far into its depths with her thin finger she felt confident in that assessment despite the fact that most of the difficulty lay in the fact that she was clenching her hole tightly in defiance. Deciding it was time to move on Victoria withdrew her finger from Sharon's rubbery sphincter; her purpose here wasn't pleasure, but pain.

Bringing up her right hand to poise above Sharon's pert right cheek, Victoria watched it spring back into place before she brought it back down to smack resoundingly against the soft pliant flesh. Sharon's body jerked against the saddle violently even though she had been half-expecting the blow for some time and she began to renew her muffled protests, but to no avail. Raising her other hand this time Victoria in turn brought it down hard against Sharon's left buttock. She noted the resilience of Victoria's taut ass cheeks yet again, which had barely jiggled at all under her blows.

`We'll see what we can do about that,' she thought to herself as she took a step back. Looking around Victoria spied her riding crop lying on the ground where she had dropped it earlier when subduing Sharon. Walking over, she casually leaned down to pick it up. Pivoting on her feet, Victoria spun around so that she keep an eye on her target as she swished the riding crop from side to swing in wide arcs.

Hearing the tell tale sound and knowing what it was that made it Sharon began to cry in earnest as she heard Victoria footsteps approaching her defenceless ass. The footsteps stopped directly behind her. Nothing happened for a moment, then she felt the hard flat plastic tip of the crop come down to rest against her right buttock. She twitched involuntarily at the first tentative touch, having expected a hard swift blow instead. Trying to get control of herself Sharon swallowed her sobs, not wanting to give Victoria the continued satisfaction of seeing her cry and steeled herself for whatever might come.

Victoria began to trace the outline of Sharon's pert derriere, first on one side, then the other. Rotating the tip edgewise she then slid it down the crevice of Sharon's spongy cheeks. She paused briefly when she reached Sharon's twitching asshole, and twisting the crop ninety degrees parted her plush buttocks apart so that she could inspect its loveliness once more before continuing further down. Reaching Sharon's pussy at last she then plied and prodded the corral lips of her labia forcefully so that the crop could insinuate itself between them ever so slightly. Sharon moaned helplessly in response. Done now with the preliminaries Victoria retracted the crop from where it was so snugly nestled and brought the tip up to her nose. She could clearly identify Sharon's clean pungent scent emanating from it and was a little surprised to notice the slight sheen of moisture clinging to its surface.

"Are you actually enjoying this Sharon?" Victoria asked her incredulously as she repositioned herself behind and to the left of her victim. Raising the crop high into the air she remained poised for a moment, waiting to see whether or not Sharon would respond.

"Well, I guess it doesn't really matter now anyway", she said as Sharon maintained her stoic silence. "That's about to come to an end."

On the last syllable Victoria swung her arm down in a swift arc, bringing the crop down fast and hard to strike Sharon's vulnerable buttocks.


A guttural grunt emanated from Sharon's throat as her body stiffened reflexively.

Before the mark of her blow had time to fade away Victoria repeated the movement.


Stifled sob.

Warming to her task, Victoria took the time to hold the crop between her thighs as she divested herself of her riding jacket as it seemed to be hindering her movements. Casting it aside she once more took up the crop and raised high above her head before bringing it down once more.


Another grunt followed by a sob this time.

On that third blow the thinnest trace of a red welt could be seen forming on Sharon's no longer pristine fleshy cheeks. Wanting to spread the wealth a little more judiciously Victoria adjusted her aim for the next blow to the region just below her original mark.


Silence this time.

"So how many should I do by the way?" Victoria asked Sharon rhetorically as she applied another blow.


"How about an even hundred? Its a nice round number.....don't you think?"


"I think I lost count. Is that five now....or six?"


"Let's just say five then."

Never having done something like this before Victoria was a little surprised at the pleasure she was deriving from the experience. She had only wanted to teach Sharon a good hard lesson so she was startled to feel herself starting to become turned on by the sight of the light weals beginning to manifest themselves on Sharon's quivering rump.

By the time she had counted twenty blows her nipples were hard and sweat was starting to bead on her forehead. Sharon barely grunted now at the continued abuse but she was sniffling quite a bit as her nose became more and more congested from the emotional and physical strain. Her once beautiful ass was now crisscrossed with red lines and blotches; the lines defining where the shaft of crop had repeatedly struck and the blotches where the flat flared tip had struck. Victoria took a couple of minutes to rest her arm and leaned over and inspect her handiwork. Running a hand over the abused flesh she could feel the faint outline of the protuberances caused by swelling. Parting Sharon's springy buttocks apart for another kind of inspection Victoria could clearly make out the signs of her sister-in-laws un-mitigating excitement. Her pussy was practically drooling fluid onto the saddle's surface where it ran down in a thin rivulet to disappear out of sight.

"My god Sharon! You're not supposed to be enjoying it this much you know." She exclaimed in wonder.

Walking around to the front she squatted down in front of Sharon. Her head hung down abjectly as she continued to sniffle loudly, clearly having problems breathing through her runny nose. Victoria lifted her chin and lifted it up to look closely into her face. Sharon's face was wet and puffy from the continuous stream of tears and her chin was coated with her saliva, but it was her eyes that held Victoria's attention the longest. It was there that she would find the answer to when she should stop. If she saw defiance she would know then that it would be too soon to do so, but if she instead saw hopelessness her self-appointed mission would be complete. As she first looked into Sharon's crystal blue eyes she almost recoiled at the violence of emotion she saw in them before she narrowed her eyes stubbornly and held her ground.

"Looks to me like you need the full measure," she said finally.

Sharon started to protest with mangled entreaties as Victoria stood up but they fell on deaf ears. Returning to her post, Victoria took a moment to self-consciously adjust the crotch of her pants around the damp wet spot that had accumulated there. Sharon wasn't the only one who was finding the experience enjoyable it seemed.

Looking once again at Sharon's abused flesh Victoria noticed that the redness had increase during the brief respite and contrasted even more plainly than it had before against her tanned ass. It looked to be incredibly sore already. Notwithstanding a momentary pang of regret, Victoria raised the crop once more and commenced with another round of vicious blows to her sister-in-law's upturned ass, though not quite so hard as they had been before. Her arm was still stiff from the previous round.





As Victoria counted out another twenty strikes she watched in fascination as the whiteness imposed on Sharon's buttocks by the blows took longer and longer to fade as the burst corpuscles under her skin took longer and longer to recover and return the blood back to the surface. Never having done this before Victoria didn't know exactly what this meant but she suspected it had something to do with bruising, and suspected further that it would be awhile before Sharon would be able to sit comfortably again.

By the time she had counted twenty again Sharon's posterior was truly a sight to behold. The red weals had now turned crimson and covered the majority of its surface. Victoria had tried to spread the wealth liberally, afraid that in concentrating on any one spot for too long would result in her breaking the skin, something she would have considered as being a little too over the top even for her. It was one thing to bruise, and quite another to cut.

Sharon's sobs had become truly pathetic by the end and Victoria had finally begun to feel some measure of shame in herself and pity for her victim. Having stopped, Victoria reached down to gently pat Sharon's swollen rump. She knew without even having to look that Sharon had had enough this time. In fact, she wondered now if she had even gone a little too far. For the first time a fear of the possible repercussions entered into her awareness as she stared down at her handiwork. It was too late now to go back but she could at least make sure that Sharon was sufficiently cowed so as to not blow the whistle on today's events.

Walking back for the final time to talk to Sharon, she squatted down slowly. Sharon's head hung limply, exhaustedly, her breathing hard and pronounced as she tried to recuperate.

"Listen Sharon", Victoria said softly.

Sharon raised her head weakly to look at her with red-rimmed eyes, the glimmer of defeat evident at last.

"I could have gone a lot further here today", Victoria continued, "but I didn't. I meant everything I said earlier. Stay away from my mother or I won't be so nice next time."

She paused for a moment to gauge Sharon's reaction to her words as she looked into her eyes. Sharon simply nodded her head listlessly.

"Next time I'll do much worse, except I won't leave a mark. You've seen my toys so maybe that'll give you an idea of what I mean when I say that."

At this Sharon looked away, but not before Victoria saw a look of stark fear enter her eyes.

"That's right. You wouldn't want me to deflower that tight little ass of yours with one of my monsters would you?"

Reaching around behind Sharon's head Victoria undid the knot in the scarf holding the apple in place. With a considerable amount of difficulty she was able to pry the organic gag from Sharon's gaping maw, breaking the skin of the apple in several places in the process as Sharon's teeth barely allowed the passage out.

"Would you?" Victoria repeated once Sharon had worked the stiffness from her jaw by moving it around tenderly.

"No!" Sharon answered with some difficulty.

"Good enough then", Victoria said with some satisfaction. "But before I let you go on your way I just want to make sure you understand me completely. You're not going to tell anyone about what happened here today.....ever! Especially not Nikki. Right?"

"Right", Sharon mimicked dejectedly.

"Okay then. I think that just about covers it. The next time we run into each other we'll both try really hard to pretend this never happened. Won't we Sharon?"

"I'd have nothing to gain now would I?" Sharon replied, an edge of tartness in her tone as her mind and dignity started to come around again.

"I suppose not", Victoria replied thoughtfully. "Anyway, I think its time I went out for that ride now. See you around."

Standing up quickly Victoria walked over to the far end of the stables where her mare Buttercup was stalled so that she could lead her out and saddle her. Once she had done so she led her over toward the closed stable house doors.

"Aren't you going to untie me now?" Sharon called out exasperatedly. She had been more than patient so far but had kept her silence for fear of Victoria, but enough was enough.

"In a sec", Victoria answered.

In short order she came over to Sharon's bound form and loosened the knots binding her wrists. "You should be able to take it from there.....eventually."

Leaving her sister-in-law to struggle to her feet on her own Victoria walked back to the stable doors. She knew it would be awhile before Sharon regained the use of her stiff limbs so she took her time. After unbolting the doors she opened them wide, flooding the cool dark interior with light, chasing away the shadows of the recent activities along with the darkness. Not looking back even once to see what Sharon was doing she mounted her horse and walked her out into the afternoon sunshine. Soon, the fading sounds of an easy canter disappeared altogether.

Alone now, Sharon managed to extricate her wrists from the loosened rope by forcing them apart gingerly. The first order of business was to regain some sense of dignity. Taking the first step along that path she pulled her tank-top back over head as far as her shoulders with her stiff arms, then, placing her palms firmly on the saddle on either side of her shoulders, she managed to push her body back enough so that her feet could make tentative contact with the ground. Keeping a firm grip on the saddle she tested her weight on her feet in stages until she was sure she wouldn't fall and stood up for the first time in what felt like a very long time. Pulling her tank-top the rest of the way down she looked down at her overalls bunched around her bound ankles. Letting out a long shuddering breath she wiped her nose and mouth off with her forearm as her ass continued to throb painfully. Reaching behind herself with both hands she tenderly brushed her fingers over her tormented flesh and winced at what she felt. It was covered with bumps and ridges and she knew then that it must look pretty bad indeed. A fit of anger possessed her then and she started cursing Victoria like she had never cursed anybody in her life. Feeling somewhat better after that she bent over and, after undoing the knots and casting the rope aside, gently pulled her overalls back up her legs and over her hips, cringing and wincing at every slight contact the denim made with her violated flesh. Pulling the straps into place over her shoulders and buckling them into place she finally turned around. The stables were quiet and nothing moved in the front yard. Walking delicately over to the open doors, she made sure the coast was clear in the yard before she emerged into the sunlight, not wanting to run into anybody just now.

"I don't know how yet Victoria, but you'll be dam sorry for this one of these days", she swore under her breath. Holding back tears she walked as quickly as her stinging buttocks would allow. Not able to hold them back anymore, tears of rage and shame started coursing their way down her cheeks once more. Covering her face with her hands she ran the rest of the way home, ignoring the sharp pains this caused her bruised and battered buttocks.

Had she taken the time to look closely she might have noticed Nikki's parked car out in front of the main house.

To be continued.................