Date: July 5th, 2004


Subject: Nikki comforts Sharon

Disclaimer: I hereby acknowledge that the characters in this story are the property of CBS but are herein being `borrowed' for the purpose of entertainment in the spirit of fun and eroticism. Enjoy!

*Author's note*

I would just like to thank all of those who have taken the time to send in their thoughts and comments, and those who have waited patiently for this instalment to come along (though at least this time it wasn`t a couple of years). The story had been mostly a joy to write, at times painful too, but that's all part of the fun too I suppose. Some have asked whether or not more characters from the show will be introduced eventually, and the answer to that is yes, though how and when is anybody's guess since I myself generally don't know what's going to happen until it does, but I do try to hint a little when I can. Anyway, keep sending in those comments since it does lend some motivational support that is sometimes, but not always, the only things that keeps a writer writing, even an amateur. Enjoy!



The Young and the Restless: Part VIII


Nikki returned home Tuesday afternoon much earlier than she had originally planned for from her appointment with Olivia. Happy with the way that had gone she had then stopped by the Chancellor residence only to be disappointed; Catherine had gone into town and wouldn't be back until dinner time. She hadn't phoned in advance unfortunately, having taken it for granted that Catherine, who rarely left the mansion, would be home, and so had wasted a trip. As she had driven away Nikki made a mental note to phone her this evening in order to arrange something for tomorrow. She had few close friends and it had been several weeks since her last visit.

Pulling up to the main house half an hour later Nikki was happy to see that Victoria's Jeep was parked out in front. Not having seen her daughter since she had left for work early this morning, Nikki had been longing to properly celebrate her fait accomplit with her. Having stifled her excitement for the last couple of hours she felt suddenly giddy knowing that she wouldn't have to wait much longer.

"Victoria!" Nikki called out as she entered the house. She waited a moment as she listened for a response and, not getting one, called out again. "Victoria!"

Hearing something in the kitchen she started to make her way there only to meet Miguel as he was coming out of the dining room.

"Oh, hello Nikki", he said with his usual equanimity. "If you're looking for Victoria she went for a ride about an hour ago."

"Oh! I guess she beat me to it", Nikki responded, trying to make her disappointment seem less than it was. "I was going to ask if she wanted to go for one....but I guess that will have to wait for another day."

Miguel nodded and smiled, then turned back to return to the kitchen.

"Listen Miguel", Nikki added before he got too far. "Can you buzz me when she gets back? I'm going upstairs to relax for awhile."

"Absolutely, Mrs. Newman."

"Thank you Miguel."

Nikki smiled happily to herself as she climbed the stairs, it had been too good a day to let a little delay faze her. She was home early after all.

Whistling a melody as she walked down the upstairs hall, Nikki was unable to resist the temptation and stopped in front of a nearby mirror to study her reflection. Not happy with the way it looked, she readjusted the white satin blouse she wore under her grey blazer, pulling it down more tightly over her breasts as she tucked it in more at the waist. Doing a little pirouette, she looked over her shoulder to check the fit of her black slacks, going so far as to run her hands over the smooth silk-cotton blend that clung so tightly to the shapely contours of her ass. At her age, and with her assets, she felt that a little vanity wasn't completely out of order. Facing the mirror once more she quickly fluffed the fine golden strands of the bangs framing her high cheekbones and curling down beneath her chin before continuing on her way. At least she'd be a little more presentable should Victoria come back soon.

With that thought in mind she had the sudden inspiration to see if she could spot Victoria from one of the west end guest rooms. These afforded several good views of the sprawling ranch grounds in the direction of the stables. Taking a left at the intersection where the north-south and east-west hallways met she made her way to the large guest room at the very end, which had the advantage of facing directly toward the stables and the gently rolling meadows beyond.

Entering the pristine room she quickly crossed over to the window. The sun was shining directly through it so it took her a second to see past her own reflection but once she adjusted to it she could easily make out the stable house and the immediate surroundings. Detecting a sudden movement out there she quickly focused on it and was surprised to see Victoria emerge from behind the stables riding off towards the west end of the property.

"Damn!" She exclaimed in vexation.

As she watched Victoria cantering gracefully away it occurred to her that Miguel had told her Victoria had left an hour ago. `Why then was she just leaving the stables?' she asked herself. Miguel was usually quite accurate in his estimations. If he said an hour he meant an hour.

A little puzzled now, Nikki was just about to turn around to head to her room when she caught another movement in the yard out of the corner of her eye. Squinting her eyes against the bright sun once more she was able to make out a figure walking slowly away from the stables towards the driveway. She was startled by the easy recognition; it was Sharon. Seeing her daughter-in-law again brought back some vivid, guilt-filled images from their earlier outing. A little troubled by the reminder she about to turn around once again to leave the room when it occurred to her wonder why Sharon and Victoria would be leaving the stables at the same time. They must have seen each other there, and knowing both women well it didn't take her long to smell trouble. Curious now, Nikki decided to keep watching the activities outside as she pondered the situation.

By now Victoria had disappeared from her field of view so Nikki turned her attention back to Sharon. It didn't take her long to notice the strange way Sharon was walking. It didn't seem quite right somehow. The last time she had seen her she had been walking with long graceful strides, but now her steps were short and awkward. Even as she was noticing this strange fact she saw Sharon suddenly bring her hands up to her face and start running towards her house. Nikki watched in consternation until Sharon disappeared completely from view.

"Oh my god!" Nikki blurted out loud as she put the pieces together. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had likely happened, given the hour long timetable and the fact that they had almost simultaneously left the stables; Sharon and Victoria had had it out, and judging by the way the former had run off it was easy to guess who had come out on top. Or was there perhaps something else going on here?

Nikki hesitated for only a moment as she considered her options, then turned around and quickly retraced her path.

When she got downstairs she made another quick decision and, composing herself, made for the kitchen doorway. Peeking inside she saw Miguel was busy shining the silverware.

`So much the better', she thought.

"Hey Miguel.....looks like I've changed my mind again. I'm going down to Nick and Sharon's so if anyone phones just take a message."

"I'll be sure to Mrs. Newman", Miguel said as he looked over briefly before returning his attention to his chore.

Hurrying as much as she could Nikki made her way down the driveway towards Sharon's and Nick's house. Arriving at the front door she hesitated a moment or so to compose herself before ringing the doorbell. As she waited she listened carefully but couldn't hear any movement from inside. Knocking this time, she waited impatiently for a few more seconds and then, still hearing nothing from within, reached for the doorknob and turned it slowly. It wasn't locked. Opening the door as silently as she could Nikki quietly stepped through the threshold. Closing the door just as quietly behind her she looked around the living room and kitchen carefully but saw no one.

"Sharon!" She called out into the silence. "Are you here?"

Still nothing. Perturbed, Nikki began to wonder if perhaps Sharon had slipped out before she got there when she thought she heard a sound coming from upstairs. A voice? A cry?

Crossing over to the stairway leading upstairs she began to climb them silently, her head cocked to the side as she listened for the sound to be repeated. As she neared the top she was rewarded. From the direction of the master bedroom came the distinctive sound of someone sobbing softly.

Not bothering with stealth anymore Nikki walked swiftly down the short hallway toward the bedroom, whose door was halfway open. Nikki could only make out the dresser against the wall as she approached but the sound of sobbing grew louder. Pushing the door open quietly Nikki immediately saw Sharon lying on her stomach on the bed with her head buried under a pillow.

"Sharon?" Nikki called softly as she entered the room.

Sharon jumped at the sudden sound of Nikki's voice and half-turned over to look toward the door.

"Nikki!" Sharon cried as she clutched a pillow in her arms, tears fresh on her face. "You shouldn't be here! Go away!"

Nikki chose to ignore the peremptory command. Instead, she advance a little further into the room.

"Don't be silly! Something's obviously bothering you or you wouldn't be in such a state. What happened?"

As she waited for a response of any kind Nikki couldn't help but notice that her daughter-in-law was a complete mess. Her eyes were red-rimmed and puffy, her cheeks pale and drawn and gleaming wetly with shed tears.

"Nikki! Please!" Sharon pleaded. "Just go away! I need to be alone right now!" Losing control of herself Sharon rolled back onto her stomach and hid her face against the pillow once more as fresh sobs racked her shoulders.

Distressed by what she was seeing Nikki walked over to the bed and sat on the edge close by Sharon. Reaching over tentatively she placed a comforting hand on Sharon's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Sharon, but I can't leave you like this! What happened?" Nikki asked for the second time.

Sharon ignored her as she continued to sob miserably.

"Its okay Sharon", Nikki said soothingly after an uncomfortable and lengthy silence punctuated solely by Sharon's sobs. "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. Is there anything I can do to help?" Seeing Sharon in her present state filled Nikki with despondency.

"No!" Came Sharon's muffled response. "Just go! I'll be alright. I just want to be alone for awhile."

Instead of arguing with her Nikki reached over with her right hand and began to gently rub her shoulder, trying her best to offer her support. After a couple of minutes she moved her hand over to rub between Sharon's shoulder blades instead, smoothing over the bunched up fabric of the white tank top she wore under her overalls. Eventually this began to have the desired effect as Sharon's sobs grew less and less heartrending and her breathing slowly began to return to something approaching normal.

"Care to talk about it now Sharon?" Nikki asked tentatively. She was wary of setting Sharon off again but found herself unable to curb her growing anxiety. Her intuition told her that whatever had happened must have been fairly awful, considering the state Sharon was in.

Finally, Sharon responded to Nikki's voice and raised her head from the pillow and shook her dishevelled head. Nikki took one look at her runny nose and tear-streaked face and reached over to the nightstand to grab several sheets of tissue. Before Sharon could protest she then began to wipe her eyes and nose clean in a thoroughly mother-like fashion. A little embarrassed to be treated like a child Sharon reached up to take over the task herself.

"Thanks Nikki," she whispered.

Once she had finished what Nikki had started Sharon balled up the tissue and threw it negligently in the direction of the nightstand. Then, as she rolled over from her stomach and onto her side, propping herself up on her right elbow in the process, she let out a sharp little gasp at the pain this afforded her swollen rump as it came into contact with the bed's surface.

"What's wrong?" Nikki asked suspiciously.

"Nothing's wrong", she replied, avoiding Nikki's eyes.

"I'm just a little stiff", she added quickly by way of explanation as she brought a hand up to pull a strand of hair from her face.

Casually following the movement with her eyes, Nikki noticed what looked like red marks around Sharon's wrist. Startled, she peered closer and confirmed the impression. More than a little puzzled now she looked down to where Sharon's other hand lay sticking out form under her side and saw similar marks on that wrist. Reaching over swiftly, Nikki grabbed Sharon's left hand with her right and pulled it over for a closer inspection. Caught by surprise, all Sharon could do was look closer herself to see what Nikki was looking at so intently. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw what Nikki had so plainly seen herself.

"Oh my god Sharon!" Nikki gasped. "What happened? Your wrists are horribly chafed!"
"What are you talking about?" Sharon said quickly as she pulled her hand out of Nikki's grip. Fumbling around in her mind for an appropriate response, very much aware of Victoria's earlier threats, Sharon blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.

"Oh, those! I think I had an allergic reaction to some cheap silver bracelets I bought in the market last week. I took them off when I noticed what they were doing to my skin. I suspect they had more pewter in them than silver come to think of it."

"Really?" Nikki asked dubiously, looking hard at Sharon. The red sores looked to be pretty fresh to her untutored eye.

Sharon looked away from Nikki's scrutiny and began to rub surreptitiously at one of the marks. It was tender to the touch but not extremely so, which was little comfort at the moment.

"Really Nikki. What else could it be?" Sharon said with as straight face as she could manage. Her gaze turned back to meet Nikki's.

"Come on Sharon....", Nikki replied dubiously as she arched one of her eyebrows for emphasis, "....I didn't just fall off the turnip truck you know. I've spent a lot of time with you in the last couple of days and I never noticed those marks before now. They're a little hard to miss too, and I don't recall having seen you wear bracelets in the last little while."

"I've been covering them with makeup Nikki. I must have forgotten to put some on after my shower earlier", Sharon replied readily, one jump ahead of Nikki for the moment.

Nikki's expression went flat as her eyes tried to pierced through Sharon's, letting that and the pressure of her continued silence do her work for her. Sharon bore it stoically though her thoughts flitted all over the place. She wanted so badly to tell Nikki everything but she had been too completely cowed by her recent encounter with Victoria. She really didn't want to risk having another one.

When it was clear that Sharon wasn't about to crack anytime soon Nikki let out a little sigh of frustration and decided to change tactics.

"Alright then Sharon, have it your way", she said exasperatedly. "I'll put aside the marks on your wrists for now, and I'll even put aside the fact that you were balling your eyes out when I came in here. Obviously I should just mind my own business since you don't seem to trust me. But one thing is for should put something on those marks. The skin is practically raw. Do you have any moisturizing cream around here?"

"Umm....yeah! I do. In the bathroom, on the counter." Sharon said meekly, ashamed that made Nikki feel mistrusted.

Without another word Nikki got up stiffly and left the room only to return a few seconds later with the tube of moisturizing cream. "This should help a little."

"Thanks again Nikki", Sharon said as she reached up with her free hand for the lotion.

"That's okay Sharon", Nikki said as she sat back down on the edge of the bed while keeping the tube away from Sharon's outstretched hand, "I'll do it. Now sit up so I can do both wrists, that's enough lying feeling sorry for yourself anyway.....whatever the reason."

Sharon's face blanched before she could cover it up.

"What? What's wrong now?" Nikki asked.

"Nothing", Sharon said quickly. The very thought of sitting was out of the question. She knew she wouldn't be able to mask the pain it would cause her. "Please Nikki, just go home. I'll be alright. I just want to be left alone for awhile before the children get home."

Suddenly, Sharon saw a way out of her current dilemma.

"If you really have to know Nikki", she continued with mock reluctance, "the reason I was crying.....well, it was about us....the fact that we can't be together....ever. That you'd rather be with Victoria. I know it sounds silly but I guess it finally just got to me. Now do you understand why I'd prefer it if you left?"

For just a split second Nikki almost believed her. She had been ready to throw in the towel and return to the main house secure in the knowledge that Victoria would fill her in on what had happened between she and Sharon as soon as she got back. But mentioning Victoria's name herself had been Sharon's mistake. The venom with which she said it had been almost palpable, serving to peak her curiosity even more than it had been before. Nikki settled herself more comfortably as she decided to call on Sharon's bet.

"That would be a nice thought Sharon", Nikki began softly. "Sad, but flattering too, though I certainly wouldn't want you to feel that way on my account if I could help it. The fact is though....I saw you and Victoria leaving the stables at virtually the same time not two minutes before I found you up here. So on second thought, maybe it is true what you just told me. You and Victoria got into it and you realized then, despite what I had already told you last night and earlier today, that that was really the case and it upset you. That could all be true....sad, but true. Perhaps you didn't want to tell me because you'd be embarrassed to reveal it to me and make me feel sorry for you. But honey....I know there's a lot more to it than that. It might have worked too....a little earlier, before I saw those marks....not to mention the way you've been acting since I mentioned it. You're hiding something much worse than what you just told me and I know it. So why don't you just tell me what really happened between you and Victoria."

Seeing that Sharon was too stunned to respond right away, and likely feeling cornered, Nikki added gently: "But first....please.....sit up so I can take care of those wrists of yours and you can tell me all about it."

"I can't Nikki", Sharon finally said meekly as she looked away toward the foot of the bed miserably. "If you care at all about me you'll just go and forget about what you saw.....okay?"

"Did I stutter Sharon?" Nikki said with a little more force, starting to get a little angry now at Sharon's evasiveness. "I said I'm not leaving until you tell me about it. Besides, I don't think you're in any state to be around the children right now so I'm going to stick around until they get back and take them up to house with me for dinner....if you don't mind that is." Knowing she was probably right Sharon simply nodded her acquiescence. Nikki patted Sharon's hand sympathetically as she glanced at the bedside clock. "That's leaves us with just under two hours to get it all out in the open then."

Sharon stared to fidget nervously as she contemplated her options.

"Why don't you just ask Victoria?"

"Don't worry......I will be, but later. First though, I want to hear it from you. Victoria didn't seem too upset when I saw her riding away while you're the very definition."

"Fine Nikki", Sharon capitulated at last, "but you're really not going to like it."

In reaching her decision to tell Nikki, Sharon had quickly considered the possible ramifications. In the end she supposed it wouldn't hurt to have Nikki privy to her daughter's violent and sadistic nature. True, she'd be doing what Victoria had explicitly told her not to do, but considering recent events she didn't see as how it could matter now; Nikki knew something was up. All in all, it'd be in her best interests the tell her mother-in-law the truth before Victoria got a chance to blow it off as pure fantasy on her part or even make up another story. She had contemplated making something up herself but she knew that when that story didn't match up with Victoria's she would be the one at disadvantage, leaving Victoria holding all the cards. Besides, she had promised herself revenge someday and now here it was not even an hour later.

While Nikki waited patiently for Sharon to gather her thoughts and begin her explanation she placed the tube of moisturizer on the nightstand before getting up to divest herself of her blazer. After throwing it over the back of a nearby chair she sat back down next to Sharon as she folded her right leg under her left knee so that she could face Sharon more squarely. In the midst of settling herself more comfortably she happened to glance down the length of Sharon's denim covered legs all the way to her bare feet. It took her only a moment to fully register what she was seeing with that brief look as she stared incredulously at the red chafe marks standing out so blatantly on the outside of Sharon's ankle.

"Sharon?! What's going on here? You're not going to tell me that's from an ankle bracelet you bought in the market are you?"

Sharon, following the direction of Nikki's gaze, pushed herself up a little and craned her neck to look down at her ankle. She sighed despondently when she saw the raw red mark.

"That's a rope burn Nikki", she informed Nikki plainly, committing herself now. "Like the ones on top of my wrists. I probably have another one on the other ankle to match."

"Rope marks?" Nikki was flabbergasted.

It took awhile, but eventually Sharon managed to go through the whole ordeal from start to finish. She didn't leave out very much in the end: she began with her chance encounter with Victoria on her way to the stables, the heated argument that had followed, Victoria pushing her and making her fall, then hitting her on her shin with the crop....and all the rest that had followed. It wasn't easy for Sharon to go through it again, reliving it so soon after it had happened, and at many points she had felt herself on the verge of tears once more, but she managed to keep them under control until she was finished. She hadn't even been able to look at Nikki once she got to the part about being so easily bound and then whipped with a riding crop. She felt humiliated by how weak and stupid she'd been, not to mention the fact that a part of her had apparently been turned on by the whole thing. She did leave that particular detail out of the telling, as well as the fondling that had ensued. It was one thing to be horsewhipped and quite another to be violated and seemingly having enjoyed it on some level. Before she had looked away from Nikki however, she had noticed the look of utter despair stealing over Nikki's eyes. The disbelief, the doubts and denials that her own daughter could be so wantonly cruel were plainly written there and she couldn't bear to see it, knowing that the whole situation was just as difficult for Nikki as it was for her.

As Nikki listened to the harrowing tale a part of her wanted to run from the house, didn't want to acknowledge what Sharon was telling her. Hearing what her own daughter, her lover, had done to this poor woman was almost more than she could take. At first she wanted to believe that Sharon was lying, hoping with all her heart that that was the case....until she remembered the rope burns. As if she needed the reminder Nikki found herself looking at them again and again, as though seeking confirmation of Sharon's veracity while she finished her story.

`How could Victoria do this?' She kept asking herself over and over as she stared listlessly down at her hands once Sharon had stopped talking.

"Nikki?" Sharon asked tremulously after a long silence. "Are you okay?"

"Oh Sharon!" Nikki said weakly as she looked up at her with brimming eyes. "I'm so sorry you had to go through all this!"

Leaning over quickly she then wrapped her arms around Sharon head, pulling it in so that it nestled snugly between her breasts and hung on tightly as she started to cry softly. Stunned, but only for a moment, Sharon swung her left arm around Nikki's ribcage and squeezed back hard. Finally receiving the human comfort she had needed so badly, she too began to cry quietly once more.

Both women clung to each other in their mutual need to give and receive solace. Their was nothing erotic about it at first, but as the minutes passed and Sharon finally felt she had done enough grieving to last her a long while, she slowly became aware of the fact that her face was all but buried between Nikki's soft gelatinous breasts. It also registered on her that her hand, which had originally been gripping Nikki's side, had crept upwards and was now firmly pressing against the fullness of Nikki's left breast.

"It's okay Nikki", Sharon whispered against Nikki's cleavage as she rubbed the side of her breast reassuringly.

As Nikki's emotional well also began to run dry she too seemingly became aware of the intimacy of their embrace. For a brief moment she was conscious of Sharon's stillness, sensing that her thoughts were likely running along the same lines as her own. Disentangling herself gently from their mutual embrace, Nikki leaned over to grab some tissues before resuming her former position, whereupon she wiped the tears from around her eyes.

"Don't we make a pair?" Nikki joked as she looked over at Sharon sheepishly, letting out a little laugh as she dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.

Sharon looked back at Nikki tenderly before she too giggled sardonically at the pathetic picture they must have made; two grown women crying like little schoolgirls. She did, however, feel a hell of a lot better than she had earlier.

"Thanks for being here Nikki", she said to Nikki as she reached over with her left hand to clasp Nikki's free hand affectionately. "I really don't know what I would have done if you hadn't shown up."

"I'm glad I could be here honey", Nikki told her as she squeezed her hand back supportively. "It's a lucky thing that I happened to see you leaving the stables. Otherwise I might not have found out at Victoria was no doubt intendeding."

Her expression turned dark as her thoughts once again returned to her errant daughter. She was very confused at the moment where her feelings for Victoria were concerned. Anger, disillusionment, disgust and utter disappointment being the dominant ones.

"I still can't believe she went that far", she continued, almost to herself. "I should have suspected earlier when I talked to her on the phone. She asked me where you were, but I thought she was just making sure you still weren't with me. Guess I should have known better. She's always had a terrible temper. Not to mention self-righteousness when she feels she's been wronged....judge, jury and executioner as they say. Actually", she said after a brief pause, "she's quite a bit like her father."

Finished with tears for the time being, she cast the used tissue aside and placed her hand affectionately overtop of the one holding hers, then looked resignedly into Sharon's eyes. "I'm sorry for all of this Sharon......I never would have wanted something like this to happen to you. You certainly didn't deserve it."

Sharon smiled wanly at the comment.

"Well, can't say I disagree from my point of view", she said sincerely, "but you know......when I think about it for a second I realize that I couldn't have said the same yesterday morning....", she pausing momentarily as she reflected, ".....considering what I said and did to you....or tried to do. I would have deserved it then."

"That's water under the bridge now Sharon", Nikki reassured her. "You've shown your true colours since then, everything else is best forgotten. We've turned a new page together since least I hope we have, especially now."

Sharon looked at Nikki closely then, wondering if she were really hearing what she hoped she was hearing. Growing suddenly uncomfortable from maintaining the same position so long, she realized that the arm she had been propping herself up was in the midst of falling asleep.

"I have to lie down Nikki", she said, pulling her hand away from between Nikki's regretfully. "My arm's going to fall off."

Rolling over on to her stomach she couldn't help but wince a little at the pain the movement caused her sore ass as she buried her head into her pillow wearily.

"Oh Sharon....I'm so sorry", Nikki said in seeing the wince. "Here we are blabbing away and I've totally forgotten about your poor bum! Here, let me see how bad it is. We're probably going to have to put something on it."

Not waiting for a reply, Nikki leaned over and reached under Sharon's left shoulder to begin undoing the first buckle. Succeeding with that one Nikki reached further over to undo the other one, ignoring Sharon's half-hearted protests all the while.

"Nikki.....I don't think that's necessary", she said from the side of her mouth as she lay recumbent, having arranged herself so that she faced the nightstand, one arm hanging over the edge of the bed and the other laid out flat along her right side. "But if you really think its a good idea......"

"Shhh!" Nikki shushed her. Standing with one knee resting on the bed next to Sharon's hip she began to pull her overalls down to her midriff. Once she got that far she slowed down a bit as Sharon began to squirm nervously.

"Be careful Nikki", she mumbled lazily. "Its really sore."

"Well, if its really that bad I could always find a pair of scissors and cut them off if you prefer." Nikki teased while carefully edging the overalls lower.

Sharon giggled at the thought. "Please don't. They're my favourite pair."

By now Nikki could see Sharon's light brown skin where her tank top ended just above the small of her back. She found herself wondering, not for the first time, how Sharon managed to be so slim without actually being skinny.

"Okay Sharon", Nikki intoned. "Here comes the hard part. You're going to have help me a bit here. Lift your tummy and hips off the bed when I tell you so I can get these overalls past your hips and the rest of the way down. Alright?"

"Hold on Nikki", Sharon said quickly as she propped herself up on her elbows. "Maybe this would be easier if I just stood up. There's be less chance of friction that way I think."

"Whatever you think is best dear", Nikki replied, concerned now at the potential severity of her wounds. She'd never seen anyone after they'd been whipped by a crop so she had no idea what to expect, and a big part of her didn't want to believe that Victoria could have hurt her that badly. She had hoped for several reasons that Sharon had been making it seem worse than it actually was, hoped that Victoria couldn't be that vicious.

"Let's do it that way then." Sharon said determinedly.

Nikki stood up and took a step back as Sharon began to slide herself over so that she could lower her left leg over the edge over the edge of the bed carefully. She hissed a couple of times as the rough material of the denim rubbed against her sensitive ass but gritted her teeth regardless of the pain and finally succeeded in making contact with the ground with her foot. As she pushed herself up to a standing position Sharon quickly brought her hands up to stop her overalls from sliding down further.

"Here.....let me help", Nikki said.

Stepping in close behind Sharon she placed her hands over Sharon's and took over the job of holding the overalls in place. As Sharon let go and held her arms out slightly, Nikki slid her hands in toward each other until the met in the middle, her fingers on the inside of the border and her thumbs on the outside, pulling the denim away from Sharon's ass.

"Thanks Nikki."

"Are you ready for the last part?" Nikki asked.

Sharon turned her head slightly and gave her a single nod.

"Okay then......hang on to your pants."

"Ha ha!"

Hesitation only a moment as she considered the best way to go about it, Nikki lowered herself to her knees behind Sharon before carefully pulling Sharon's overalls down past her hips, paying particular care as she did to make sure the denim didn't make any unnecessary contact with Sharon's battered bum in the process. As more and more of Sharon's rump became exposed before her eyes she let out an involuntary gasp at what was revealed, shocked despite her preparedness for what she might see.

The beautiful ass she had admired so often during the past twenty-four hours was now beet-red, its once smooth supple surface crisscrossed by a network of bumps and ridges, a silent yet unavoidable testament to the severity of the punishment Sharon had taken at Victoria's hands. The angry red flesh stood out distinctly in relief from the unblemished skin surrounding the immediate area where the crop had landed in delivering its blows. She could clearly see the imprint of the crop here and there reflected in the swollen flesh.

"Oh my god Sharon!" Nikki exclaimed as she brought a hand up to her mouth.

"Is it really bad?" Sharon asked gloomily.

Nikki hesitated a moment before answering. "Yes....and no. It could be worse I suppose, but it'll probably be a couple of days before you're able to sit comfortably again."

Sharon sighed in resignation, having suspected much the same herself.

"Here! Lift your legs up one at a time so I can get these all the way off", Nikki said. Sharon complied quickly under Nikki's authoritarian tone and in next to no time Nikki was standing up as she threw the overalls off to the side. "Listen you have any ice packs in the house? It might be too late do any good but we should try to do something about the swelling. At the very least it'll numb your bum for awhile."

"Numb my bum?" Sharon asked archly, laughing.

"That's right silly", Nikki said as she too giggled at the unintended rhyme, "then I can try and put some cream on it. How does that sound?"

"Painful." Sharon said with a grimace.

"But as long as its your hands I think I'll be alright." She added with a mischievous smile, looking over her shoulder at Nikki. Her smile became more tentative as she turned around to face Nikki, suddenly not wanting her to leave for any amount of time.

Nikki smiled back at Sharon benevolently and, on a whim, stepped in closer and wrapped her arms around the desirous young woman. Sharon melted into Nikki's warm embrace as she in turn wrapped her arms tightly around Nikki's waist, letting her chin rest lightly on her shoulder. For the second time that day their breast rubbed against each other in a moment of unfeigned affection. Both were very conscious of the fact that Sharon was naked from the waist down.

In that moment, as she revelled in the feel of Sharon's soft flesh pressing against her own, Nikki discovered that all her former concerns about avoiding intimacy with Sharon had suddenly evaporated under the burning anger she felt toward Victoria. She gave her former loyalty to Victoria only a cursory acknowledgment before she cast it aside, having just realized now that denying her attraction for Sharon for her sake was no longer worth the effort, not in light of recent events. She had tried so hard to stay true to her daughter and had been repaid with deception behind her back. It may not have been her daughter's aim but it certainly effected the way Nikki felt now.

Leaning back slightly, Sharon brought her face up to Nikki's so that she could look into her eyes from up close, searchingly. Instead of the avoidance she had been afraid of, she was surprised when Nikki didn't look away or pull back. In fact, Nikki's eyes were crinkled in a knowing smile. Taking a chance, for at this point she had nothing to lose and everything to gain, she loomed in even closer and tentatively brushed her lips against Nikki's, chastely. Nikki hesitated only briefly before parting her lips to return the kiss eagerly. Moaning softly with the unexpected release of pent-up passion, Sharon opened her mouth more as Nikki deepened the kiss. Her tongue pushed its way between Sharon's soft lips and probed within to find hers. As their tongue tips touched and twirled around each other Sharon slid her hands down Nikki's back and squeezed her voluptuous ass passionately. Nikki squirmed a little and broke away from the kiss despite Sharon's pursuing lips.

"Slow down sweetie", Nikki said in a rush, gasping for breath. "That can wait till later....perhaps....", she smiled coyly, "but your poor little bum can't. Tell me where to find some ice....or a bag of frozen peas if nothing else."

"Tease," Sharon pouted adorably as she held Nikki's eyes with her own. She gave Nikki's ass another passionate squeeze, moving her thinly covered breasts seductively against Nikki's at the same time. "I think there's either a bag of frozen peas or a bag of corn in the freezer downstairs. Or maybe both. In the pantry."

"One for each beautiful cheek then......perfect", Nikki said as she reached behind her back to grab Sharon's hands and peel them off her pliant bottom. Holding on to those hands firmly she kissed Sharon tenderly before slowly backing away toward the doorway.

"Okay then, I'll be back in a minute. Don't go anywhere!"

"Don't worry Nikki....I wouldn't dream of it." Sharon said, giving Nikki's hands a quick squeeze. "Just don't take too long."

"I won't." Nikki returned the squeeze affectionately before letting them go.

Nikki turned swiftly and started out of the room but slowed to a sudden stop as she reached the doorway. Pausing there for a moment with one hand on the doorframe, seeming unsure of what she was doing, she then turned her head slowly to take one last look at her daughter-in-law. Sharon, who had followed Nikki with her eyes, remained where she had left her, standing next to the bed, naked but for her tank top, her hair completely dishevelled but still gorgeous for all that. Nikki noticed right away that Sharon's areolas were faintly visible through the thin white cotton of the tank top, her nipples hard and stiffly distended against the material, alluring. The tank top itself seemed snow white in contrast to the nut-brown smoothness of her dark tan. Her eyes travelled lower and centred on the junction of Sharon's sumptuous thighs, attracted by the magnetic sight of her narrow little slit nestled there between the pouting lips of her vulva, her hooded clit barely discernable, a faint bud of flesh peeking out at her. Sharon noticed the direction of Nikki's gaze immediately and, smiling naughtily, slowly brought her right hand down across her belly. Completely mesmerized by the picture Sharon made, Nikki could only watch in fascination as her hand continued its deliberately slow descent toward her centre. Reaching her target, Sharon cupped her fingers over her pussy, deliberately hiding it from Nikki's view briefly before she brought them back up slightly. Spreading her fingers apart she revealed the rosy pink inner flesh of her delectable pussy. Her middle finger remained poised over her clit for a moment before she began to gently massage it, watching Nikki as she in turn watched the movement of her fingers. Nikki bit her lower lip then as she kept her eyes glued to Sharon's erotic display.

"I thought you were going to hurry Nikki?" Sharon said huskily as she slowly buried her finger inside her tight depths.

"You're bad Sharon", Nikki admonished her distractedly as she continued to linger by the doorway.

"This is what you don't get for teasing me", Sharon replied as she withdrew her glistening finger from her pussy and held it out tauntingly so that Nikki could have a good long look. Smiling wickedly she brought it up to her mouth, clearly intending on sucking it clean but before she could Nikki lurched into motion and hurried over to intercept it. Standing close, she gazed deeply into Sharon's eyes as she held her hand gently but firmly between her own. Sharon's finger gleamed wetly between them for a moment before Nikki slowly sucked it into her mouth. She moaned in delight as she savoured the sweet taste of Sharon's juices, swirling her tongue languidly around the slim digit to make sure she got it all. When there was nothing left to taste she withdrew Sharon's cleansed finger from between her clinging lips before letting go of her hand. As Nikki began to back away for the second time Sharon's smouldering eyes looked back at her pleadingly, silently begging her to stay and finish what they had started. Nikki's heart beat loudly in her chest in response to that hungry look and she couldn't help but lean over to plant her fuming lips on Sharon's once more, wanting her just as badly and letting the heat of the moment dictate her actions. Their lips clung to each other lovingly for several long moments, their tongues circling each other wetly as they shared the taste of Sharon's sweetness between them before Nikki broke away for the second time. Smiling impishly, she turned and left the room while she still could.

`What am I doing?' Nikki kept asking herself as she made her way downstairs. `This isn't going to help things.'

She recognized it when her conscience spoke to her, and though she hadn't reached her age and position in life by ignoring it, she did just that now. Well aware that it might be a mistake to let her anger lead her into doing something she wouldn't have done otherwise, Nikki simply found the temptation to let her repressed inclinations have their lead too strong. She had denied her growing attraction for Sharon several times already in the past twenty-four hours, and if she were to be completely honest with herself she would have to admit to having felt that way for a long time now, albeit subconsciously.

She recalled now too how she had felt after leaving Sharon's last night, remembered how she had gone back home to Victoria, finding in her arms a ready outlet for the sexual tension Sharon's advances had engendered. Though she hadn't wanted to admit its source to herself at the time, she now realized that a significant portion of her voraciousness with Victoria last night had come from being denied her innermost predilections. She had wanted to succumb and had come close to doing it then as well as earlier today, but that wasn't going to happen a third time, not after what Victoria had done. To make matters worse, the echo of Sharon's predictions about the difficulties she and Victoria would inevitably encounter in the future had been floating around in her head all day, planting a seed of doubt in what otherwise would have been infertile soil. Now, however, she was coming to a point where she found herself agreeing with the assessment more and more. She had ignored that summation every time her inner voice had echoed it but now her disillusionment with Victoria had pushed her over the edge to a place where she honestly didn't know if she could feel passionate about someone who used violence to solve their problems. If Victoria could live with what she'd done then she could live with this as far as she were concerned, or she would simply have to learn how.

By the time she reached the freezer in the pantry behind the kitchen her conscience wasn't bothering her anymore. Rummaging around in the freezer, she quickly found two bags of frozen vegetable, peas and corn, from among the various items. She closed the lid and raced back the way she had come. She glanced at her watch along the way and noticed that there was only a little over an hour and a half left before Cassie and Noah came home from school.

The first thing she noticed when she walked back into the bedroom was that Sharon was ready and waiting for her. She was a little hard to miss without any clothes. Lying there sedately on her stomach with her head resting comfortably on a pillow and her arms crossed beneath that, and with the way the light touched her body, she looked as though she'd been replaced by a bronze statue. Nikki approached the side of the bed silently as her eyes travelled along Sharon's lithe form, pausing to study her poor battered bum briefly before admiring the way her breast lay cushioned beneath her chest. Only then did she turn her attention to Sharon's peaceful face. Even as she looked Sharon's eyes opened. She smiled sweetly in seeing Nikki had returned.

"That was quick", she murmured.

"Speed is of the essence.....sometimes", Nikki said with a wink. "Well, it looks like some of the redness is starting to fade....and they don`t seem to be quite as puffy either", she stated astutely, offering Sharon some small measure of comfort at least.

"I hope you're not just saying that to make me feel better", Sharon said archly.

"If you don't believe me I suppose you could always get up and check for yourself", Nikki replied coolly, feigning injury, "but since my hands are really starting to get cold here....ready or not here they come!" So saying, she wasted no time in leaning over Sharon's back to carefully place a bag on each of her puffy ass cheeks.

"They're cold!" Sharon cried as her body gave a slight involuntary jerk at the first cold contact of the bags on her super-heated flesh.

"Frozen things usually are sweetie", Nikki quipped sarcastically as she arranged them carefully to cover the worst of the swelling. "Now stop wiggling around or they'll fall off. We'll have to keep those on for a good ten minutes in order for them do any good......though, like I said, its probably to late for that, but at least....."

"....they'll numb my bum", Sharon finished for her.

"That's the idea", Nikki said as she laughed infectiously.

"But Nikki", Sharon said seriously after a moment, "that's leaves us with a problem."

"What's that Sharon?" Nikki asked sweetly as she knelt down on the bed next to her. She leaned down a little, bringing her face alongside Sharon's while placing her right hand gently on her shoulder.

"What are we going to do for the next ten minutes?" Sharon asked with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"I don't know", Nikki said slowly as a smile crept across her face. "What would you like to do?"

"Well", Sharon said roguishly as she looked deeply into Nikki's clear bleu eyes , "to start with.....I don't think its fair that I should be the only one lying here naked. Do you?"

Nikki smiled wickedly.

"It does seem a little unfair now that I think about it", Nikki said judiciously with a twinkle in her eyes, quickly recapturing the previous mood of their flirting.

Nikki inched her face closer to Sharon's.

"What do you think I should start with?" she breathed huskily into her ear. "My shirt? Or my pants?"

As she waited for the verdict Nikki extending her tongue and began to gently trace the shell-like folds of Sharon's ear.

"Oh Nikki!" Sharon sighed with delight as she closed her eyes. "That feels really nice."

"Really?" Nikki responded acerbically as she breathed into Sharon's ear, then teased her even more by starting to nibble on her earlobe.

"And I should....start with your pants", Sharon purred, shuddering as goose bumps broke out all over her body.

After one last playful nibble on Sharon's ear Nikki got up and stood next to bed close by the nightstand, thereby remaining within her field of view. Sharon opened her and followed Nikki's movements closely, revelling silently in the sweet anticipation of success. Facing her daughter-in-law squarely, Nikki swiftly unfastened the button on her slacks before sliding the zipper all the way down. Reaching up to her waist, she began to slide them down past her voluptuous hips before leaning over slightly to push them the rest of the way down her smooth thighs to her knees. She stepped out of them gracefully as they fell the rest of the way down and kicked them off to the side next to Sharon's discarded overalls. Sharon had watched the progress raptly while admiring every new inch of newly exposed thigh. She caught a brief glimpse of Nikki's white brocaded panties when she lifted her legs to step out of her slacks, but they and her mound were effectively hidden again now that she resumed her stance and her blouse had settled around her thighs once more. Sharon pursed her lips thoughtfully as she studied the fetching sight of Nikki's smooth alabaster thighs while Nikki stood there quietly with one hand on her hip, waiting patiently.

"You're so beautiful Nikki", she said simply at last, meaning it.

Nikki's heart seemed to stop for a moment before thudding so loudly she felt a vein pulse in her neck. She looked down gratefully at Sharon, blushing, suddenly overcome by her escalating emotions.

`How does she keep doing that?' Nikki asked herself.

Any lingering doubts she might have been entertaining up to that point vanished completely under the power of Sharon's praise. Smiling provocatively, Nikki reached up with both hands to begin unbuttoning her blouse. As each newly unfastened button came undone her blouse fell open to expose more and more flesh to Sharon's enchanted gaze. The inside swell of her breasts emerged first, giving Sharon the fleeting impression that they were fairly bursting to be allowed escape from the confines of her lacy white bra, followed by the smooth suppleness of her flat stomach, marked only by the tiny knot of her bellybutton. Unhindered, Nikki's blouse billowed open to reveal her panty covered mound, the plump lips of her pussy bulging against the material invitingly. Sharon stared longingly at the beautiful sight as flashes of yesterday's encounter ran through her mind, superimposing themselves on the present and allowing her imagination to fill in the missing pieces of what lay so tantalizingly within reach. She could already feel herself getting wet as she anticipated another close encounter with Nikki's voluptuous assets. It almost felt surreal to her to be this close to it, under these circumstances, so much sooner than she ever could have hoped for.

Her reveries were interrupted by the real thing. Nikki had hooked her thumbs under her panties and was in the midst of sliding them down over her hips one inch at a time. As she came nearer and nearer to baring her mound to Sharon's entranced gaze she slowed little by little to stop at a point where her thin patch of trimmed golden curls lay half-revealed. Looking at Sharon closely to make sure she had her complete attention, she then swiftly lowered the panties down far enough to afford her a fleeting glimpse of her bare sex before she pulled them back up again just as quickly, teasing her. Nikki repeated the movement several times as she played hide and seek with her pussy, exposing it for increasingly longer periods each time before she finally stopped to cover it up once more.

Sharon smiled at Nikki's wickedness and, looking up at her face, gave her an approving wink before pointedly returning her eyes back to Nikki's half-covered pussy. Nikki lowered the panties once more but this time she kept going, bending over as she slid them completely off, having reminded herself that they really didn't have that much time to play. Assuming a more provocative pose as she straightened herself back up, Nikki spread her feet further apart while placing her hands on her hips, daring Sharon to look more closely between her legs. Sharon did exactly that, her eyes studying every mesmerizing detail as though to etch them firmly in her mind in case it turned to be for the last time, not taking anything for granted. Just hours ago she had resigned herself to the fact that she might never get another opportunity to see Nikki's beautiful pussy ever again, and now here it was in all its glory, but who knew when the next opportunity would come, if ever. Sliding her left arm out from under her pillow she reached over to tentatively run her fingers through Nikki's small tuft of curls, enjoying the sensation of as they tickled her fingertips.

"Why don't you come closer Nikki?" Sharon said lustfully as her fingertips began to lightly run along the contours of Nikki's pronounced outer lips. "Time's wasting you know."

Nikki shuddered delightfully at the touch as she edged herself as close as she could to the side of the bed.

"Hang on Sharon", she said as a sudden thought occurred to her. "I think I have a way of keeping you busy without having to move an inch."

Gently brushing Sharon's hand away from between her thighs Nikki threw her left leg over Sharon's head as she pivoted on the ball of her right foot for leverage, then jumped up in one lithe movement to land gracefully on Sharon's pillow, just above where her head lay. She leaned back casually until she was resting comfortably against the headboard, enjoying Sharon's incredulous expression.

Her movements and the speed with which she performed them had taken Sharon completely by surprise. She had had barely enough time to see Nikki's leg looming up and over her head before she felt the bed rock beneath her under the suddenly added weight of another body. In shock she slid her forearms out from under her pillow (and Nikki's bum), and, propping herself up on her elbows, stared in amazement at the miraculously sight that had so suddenly appeared before her eyes. In the continued silence Nikki carefully arranged herself more comfortably with her knees to either side of Sharon's head, wedging her feet snugly against the sides of Sharon's breasts.

"How's that?" Nikki asked mischievously as she looked down at the top of Sharon's head. "Better?"

Sharon could only nod her head dumbly as she stared intently at Nikki's pussy, displayed as it was so magnificently on the pedestal of her pillow. The inner lips of Nikki's vulva peeked out at her from where they nestled snugly between her outer lips like the petals of a flower, the little bud of her hooded clit blooming just above.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Sharon inched her head deeper and deeper between Nikki's smooth thighs. Her mouth began to water as she smelled the sweet pungent scent of Nikki's arousal. She closed her eyes at the last second, allowing her lips to brush gently against Nikki's pussy lips before she started to kiss them tenderly, repeatedly. With slow deliberation she then parted the folds of Nikki's pussy with her tongue, savouring the pungent sweetness of her nectar as she did, and then ran it up along the groove leading up to her hooded clit. Still a little inexperienced, Sharon took the time to properly explore the nooks and crannies of Nikki's pussy with her probing tongue, and was immensely relieved to hear Nikki sigh loudly in response, squirming under her lips and tongue, pushing her pussy against her mouth impatiently.

"Oh Sharon! You're tongue feels so good on my pussy!" Nikki moaned. Reaching inside her blouse with her left hand, she pulled her bra cups down over her breasts and then began to squeeze and pinch her stiffly distended nipples. In the meantime her other hand slid down her stomach and through her short blond curls to either side of where Sharon's nose lay buried to part the fleshy lips of her labia, exposing her clit to Sharon's probing tongue.

Sharon took the hint and lasciviously retracted her tongue from where she had buried it between the clinging lips of Nikki's throbbing pussy. She guided her tongue back along the groove of Nikki's outer lips, letting it glide along its slippery path until at last she felt the little bud of flesh winking out from its hood where they met. She swirled her tongue around its contours lovingly for a few moments, then hungrily sucked it between her hot lips. Her tongue flicked feverishly within her mouth as her hands massaged the inside of Nikki's thighs. She guided them smoothly inward until her fingertips brushed against those of Nikki's.

"Its okay Nikki.....I can do that", Sharon said as she paused momentarily.

Nikki smiled approvingly as Sharon resumed her oral ministrations. With both hands now free Nikki began to roll and pinch her nipples aggressively with her fingers as she watched Sharon's mouth ravish her wet pussy. She looked down at Sharon's angelic face as she sucked hungrily on her pussy, driving her steadily closer to the edge as part of her mind registered the fact that this woman had until very recently been her sworn enemy, was in fact her son's wife, and was now devoting herself completely to her pleasure. She felt like a queen, her pussy tingling more and more in response to the wickedness of what they were doing. She moaned loudly when she felt Sharon penetrate her slowly with two fingers, twisting and rotating them deeper and deeper within her wet pussy.

`She's definitely a quick study', Nikki thought to herself as she closed her eyes rapturously, becoming more and more flushed with passion with each passing moment.

Sucking ever more enthusiastically on Nikki's engorged clit, Sharon slowly started to finger fuck Nikki's pussy, letting the momentum build spontaneously, her actions taking on an urgency of their own as she got into the spirit of what she was doing.

"Oh Sharon!" Nikki breathed as her body seemed to melt under Sharon's finger and tongue, a fluttering spasm jolting through her body.

Sensing the movement through her contact with Nikki's thighs against her cheeks, Sharon increased the tempo of her lovemaking, sucking as much of Nikki's clit into her mouth as she could and circling it with her tongue as she added another finger to the mix below.

"That's it! Fuck me harder! Oh God!" Nikki hissed loudly as she squeezed Sharon's head with her thighs.

For Sharon, the feel of those smooth thighs pressing against her cheeks was one of the most intensely erotic sensations she had ever known. She too began to squirm a little as her own pussy began to quiver more insistently between her legs, growing wetter and wetter with each passing moment in response to the flood of stimuli; the feel, the taste, the smells and sounds of sex enveloping her senses in a cocoon of eroticism. She rubbed her legs together in a vain effort to quell the tingling itch consuming her sex and when that didn`t work she started humping her mound against the bed's surface but it seemed only to make it worse...or better.

The frozen bags slid off their perch at that point, coming to rest against the mattress to either side of her hips but she couldn't have cared less at the moment and instead redoubled her efforts to satisfy Nikki. Her ever increasing moans and groans inspired Sharon all the more as she further increased the tempo and force of her fingers thrusting in and out of her seeping pussy. Another finger joined in on the fun and Sharon luxuriated in the feel of all four of her fingers slipping fluidly within Nikki's churning depths. Nikki began to moan even louder in response, her hips bucking uncontrollably as she pushed back against Sharon's fingers. She brought her hands down from around her heaving breasts and slipped them between her thighs and Sharon's cheeks, gripping her head firmly and pulling her face more intimately into contact with her throbbing sex. She could feel her slick pussy lips grinding wetly against Sharon's chin as she did, her pelvis rocking forward of its own accord to meet Sharon's fingers as they plunged and twisted to the hilt within her womb ever more emphatically.

"Come on you beautiful bitch!" Sharon exhorted Nikki, egging her on as she briefly disengaged her lips from Nikki's quim. "Cum for me!"

Seemingly triggered by those words, Nikki felt the onset of an intense orgasm crashing over her in waves and she let herself go completely as it consumed her senses, reducing everything else to the faintest of echoes so that the touch of Sharon's lips, fingers and tongue blazed like fire. Her body froze rigidly, thighs clamped hard against the back of her hands as they clutched Sharon's face between them, her toes curling reflexively in on themselves, while she arched her back and rested her head against the headboard. Her breath hissed loudly between her clenched teeth in a staccato rhythm as she whimpered and whined in the throes of her sexual release, her stomach muscles rippling spasmodically.

When it was finally over Nikki's body slowly began to relax languorously in the delicious aftermath of her orgasm. Sharon's hand sputtered to a complete as she leisurely withdrew her cum coated fingers from between Nikki's slippery pussy lips. Swirling her tongue one last time around Nikki's clit, she then kissed it lovingly several more times before raising her head to look up at her paramour. Nikki seemed to sense her attention and opened her eyes. Spreading her thighs open widely, she looked down dreamily at her beautiful daughter-in-law, stroking her cheeks gently between her hands.

"Oh my....that was wonderful Sharon!" Nikki managed to whisper once she found the energy to speak.

"It was my pleasure Nikki.....believe me", Sharon responded enthusiastically. "You taste wonderful. Would you like to try some?"

Instead of waiting for a reply she simply raised her cum coated fingers and offered them to Nikki, then watched avidly as Nikki eagerly enveloped them within the warm confines of her mouth. As Nikki sucked her fingers clean Sharon leaned down to lap affectionately at dripping pussy.

"Mmmm!" Nikki moaned contentedly as she finished cleaning Sharon's fingers.

Sharon tongued Nikki's pussy one last time and patted her inner thighs before raising her head again to look up at her.

"Do you think you could put some of that cream on my bum now?" Sharon said as she wiggled her ass gingerly for Nikki's benefit. "Its been very patient don't you think?"

"Absolutely", Nikki said with a laugh. "And I'm sorry I kept you waiting.....I just had to catch my breath here for a minute."

"Oh look! The bags fell off!" Nikki exclaimed when she looked down Sharon's body. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was too busy at the time", Sharon replied with a smug twinkle in her eye as she took in the sight of Nikki's mountainous breasts jutting out above her disarrayed bra. She pushed herself up to her hands and knees, bringing her head up to their level , and leaned in closer to engulf one of Nikki's nipples gently between her lips. She began to suckle on it ardently as Nikki cooed with pleasure.

"I appreciate the attention sweetie", she breathed, bringing her hands up to run them through Sharon's hair, pushing the strands out of the way so she could see Sharon's mouth as it worked on her stiff nipple, " but its your turn now."

By way of reply Sharon released her nipple and leaned over to treat the other one similarly. Nikki sighed in resignation as she gloried in the sensations caused by Sharon's lips and tongue. Reaching between Sharon's arms she returned the favour and gently began to knead and play with her perfect breasts.

"Ouch!" Sharon gasped as Nikki touched her sensitive nipples, taking her wet lips off Nikki's breast.

"What's wrong honey?" Nikki asked in surprise as she looked concernedly at Sharon's wincing face.

"Nothing Nikki", Sharon said quickly, "they're just a little sore."

"Why?" Nikki asked suspiciously.

"I don't know....", Sharon replied lamely, too embarrassed to tell Nikki the truth.

"Please Sharon", Nikki pleaded. "Don't hide things from me. Tell me.....did Victoria do something else that you forgot to mention?"

"Not really", Sharon replied sheepishly, avoiding Nikki's eyes, "she just tugged on them a bit....hard I suppose. I didn't realize just how sore they were till you touched them."

"A bit?" Nikki said incredulously, her anger with Victoria peaking again. "It had to be more than a bit for you to be that sensitive.....I barely touched them."

"Its okay Nikki", Sharon pleaded, smiling wanly. "Don't make a big deal about it....they're not that just caught me by surprise."

With difficulty Nikki managed to suppress her burgeoning anger and filed it away as yet another issue to add to the already long list of her daughter's transgressions for the day. Instead of pursuing the matter she brought her hands up and cradle Sharon's face between them once more. Leaning forward she then kissed the younger woman tenderly on the lips as Sharon pushed herself up to her knees and leaned in, making it easier for both of them. Their lips melted together as the lingering kiss continued. Their tongues circled hungrily around each other, the spark between them flaring back into life. Nikki wrapped her arms gently around Sharon's ribs and pulled her closer. Sharon took the hint and inched herself forward on her knees between Nikki's thighs until her sensitive breasts came to rest against the top of hers. She flinched slightly at the initial contact before settling herself more comfortably into Nikki's embrace.

The kiss continued for a considerable length of time, neither women in any rush to end it, both enjoying the thrill of their newfound relationship. Eventually, their lips parted, seemingly of their own accord.

"At this rate we're never going to get to it" Nikki said softly as she looked deeply into Sharon's blue eyes. "I seem to remember something about applying some lotion to that poor bum of yours."

"It still sounds painful", Sharon pouted playfully, "which is why I've been trying to put it I said before....I think I can handle it as long as you're the one doing it."

"Let's get started then", Nikki said as she glance at her watch quickly. "We have a little over an hour left....and counting!"

With that little reminder goading them it didn't take long to get ready. The sexually charged mood between them was almost palpable in the air. They disentangled themselves quickly, albeit reluctantly, as they took every opportunity to rub their bodies together accidentally in the process. Even as she backed away Sharon leaned down to brush both of Nikki's nipples with her lips while Nikki brushed her fingers against her stiff nipples. Eventually though, Nikki managed to slide her legs out from under Sharon as she lifted her knees in turn to allow their passage. Sliding her feet over the side of the bed Nikki sat up while Sharon laid down on her stomach. She gazed affectionately at Nikki's back as she nestled into the pillow. Even as she watched she saw Nikki slide her blouse off her shoulders, exposing more and more of her back as it fell all the way down.

Casting it aside casually Nikki then turned her head slightly to the side. "Sharon dear.....would you mind undoing the clasp on my bra?" She asked with mock innocence.

"I thought you'd never ask", Sharon said as she reached languorously up to undo the clasp with one deft twist of her fingers.

"Thank you" Nikki breathed as she smiled over her shoulder.

She stood up then and turned to face the bed as she slowly eased the straps of her bra from her shoulders. Her pink nipples stood out proudly, invitingly, seeming to stare back at Sharon as she unconsciously wet her lips. Smiling knowingly, Nikki cupped her pendulous breasts, squeezing them gently as she teased Sharon shamelessly. She looked absolutely angelic to her erstwhile nemesis, her willowy figure displayed in all its glory, a testament to her youthful spirit; age was after all a state of mind. Sharon's eyes roved over her body, seeking any tell tales signs of age and finding little if any of those. She hadn't had the opportunity the other day to do so in the heat of the moment resulting from the unexpected turn of events and so now she took her time perusing Nikki's statuesque beauty. Although she was already aware of how well Nikki took care of herself she was still surprised to note once more how her thighs and waist were as yet unblemished by the passage of time, with nary a trace of the cellulite deposits which were the bane of women her age and even younger. Her eyes were drawn like a magnet to the sight of Nikki's pussy lips hanging down slightly betweens her slightly parted thighs, still moist from their earlier activities. She could scarcely believe that she had so recently been sucking on them. Unable to help herself, and getting a little impatient at this point, Sharon slid her right hand under her stomach and then further down so she could insinuate a finger between her wet pussy lips as she raised her hips slightly of the bed.

"Oh no you don't!" Nikki said as she let go of her breasts and climbed onto the bed to crawl over next to Sharon. "You need to control yourself for a little while longer young lady."

Playfully, she grabbed Sharon's arm and dragged it out from under her body with only a little resistance from the recalcitrant twenty-five year old. Looking at the hand she noticed the gleam of wetness clinging to her middle finger and couldn't help but lean down to lick it clean. Then, leaning back on her knees, Nikki picked up the tube of moisturizer from the nightstand and read the list of ingredients, happy to see that they were all natural herb extracts.

"I don't know how much good this will do but it certainly couldn't hurt."

"Hah!" Sharon blurted out. "You keep saying that! You wouldn't be if you were me!"

"Chicken!" Nikki teased as she squeezed a generous amount of the gooey substance first onto Sharon's left buttock and then another on the right one.

"Oooh! That feels cold!" Sharon exclaimed as her sore buttocks twitched involuntarily.

Nikki smiled as she shifted her position and straddled the back of Sharon's legs. Settling her weight down slowly so that her buttocks rested comfortably against the back of Sharon's calves, Nikki reached down tentatively to make first contact with her bruised and welt-ridden ass. Gently, with the barest of pressure, she began to spread the cream over the battered flesh. Sharon flinched a little for the first few moments but soon she began to relax as the initial discomfort ebbed and faded into the background.

Soon, the palms of Nikki's hands began to glide more freely across the surface of Sharon's slightly swollen flesh. Though she was careful to minimize the pressure she applied she was hungry to dig her fingers into the warm pliant flesh and take command.

"How does that feel so far?" She asked as she continued to move her hand in small circles over the rubbery flesh of Sharon's ass.

"Its starting to feel a whole lot better already Nikki", Sharon answered languidly out of the side of her mouth. By now she had closed her eyes, feeling completely at ease under Nikki's hypnotic ministrations.

"Good", Nikki said. "How about when I do this?"

As she spoke Nikki applied a bit more pressure and spread the cheeks of Sharon's ass apart momentarily to reveal the narrow valley between them, gaining at the same time a quick peek at her tiny pink anus before letting them ease back together.

Sharon flinched slightly before relaxing again, not so much from the faint stab of pain but from the unexpectedness of Nikki's action.

"Not too bad actually", she answered with a smile as she opened her eyes. During the initial moments of Nikki's application she had crossed her arms under the pillow to prop her head up but now she slid them out from under and reaching back searched for and found the top of Nikki's hands.

"No, don't stop Nikki", Sharon said quickly to her mother-in-law who had indeed stilled her circular motions. "I just want to help you find the particularly sore spots."

So saying, she guided Nikki's hands back into motion over the globular flesh of her ass, a little more forcefully than before. Receiving the hint gladly, Nikki pushed her hands a little harder against Sharon's cheeks as she allowed Sharon to choose the route and speed of their movements.

By now the cream had saturated its way into Sharon's pliant flesh, making it gleam dimly in the diffuse light streaming through the window to their right. One inescapable result of that saturation was that it made the network of welts caused by the crop more pronounced, but Nikki knew that this was simply a sign that her skin was accepting the restorative properties of the oils, and was a good sign even if it looked a little worse than it had, if only for a short while. The other effect was that by now Sharon's sore flesh had become used to being manipulated and no longer caused her much in the way of discomfort. All in all these were promising sign that the effects of the whipping she had taken wouldn't encumber her for too long.

Nikki allowed Sharon to continue guiding her hands over the surface of her ass since she seemed to be directing them more and more toward the tight cleft separating them, and just happened to be where she herself had wanted so badly to explore. Then, quietly taking over the initiative now as Sharon let her hands drop listlessly off to her sides, Nikki rotated her hands inward so that her fingertips began to run delicately along that tight cleft. With each new pass her fingers probed more insistently within the crevice, starting at the top where it was shallow and continuing down ever deeper to plunge toward Sharon's pink little rosebud. Images from Nikki's first sexual encounter with her daughter-in-law flooded her mind now, recalling how she had finger-fucked her ass and pussy simultaneously. Looking at it anew she wondered how she had managed to so easily slip two fingers within Sharon's tight little sphincter, so small did it seem to her now.

In the first sweep Nikki teasingly avoided making direct contact with it but on the second she allowed the merest hint of a touch along the rim to either side as her fingers swept by that small opening to similarly tease the wet lips of Sharon's seeping pussy. She stopped there briefly, allowing the delicate folds of her pussy to cling snugly to her probing finger before moving on for another circuit. With each subsequent pass Nikki became a little more aggressive, increasing the pressure she used against Sharon's soft flesh as she pushed and pulled her cheeks together and apart while closely monitoring Sharon's reactions in case she were to inadvertently cause her pain. She needn't have worried. Sharon's only response, other than a sensuous moan, was to spread her thighs as far apart as she could until the outside of her thighs came to push against the inside of Nikki's knees. The wafting aroma of her arousal drifted up to Nikki's nose then, arousing her, and she quickly shifted her position so that her knees were now between Sharon's outstretched legs, allowing her to spread them even further apart instead of hemming them in.

Resuming her butt massage, Nikki allowed her slippery fingers to stop around Sharon's puckering ring on the next pass. After spreading the ridged muscle gently apart she allowed the tip of her index finger to wiggle its way within its tight embrace. Her right hand moved further down, her fingers skipping and dancing between the slick wet lips of her labia. Sharon let out a mew of intense gratification as Nikki's digit pushed its way determinedly deeper.

"Please don't stop Nikki!" Sharon pleaded as she pushed back against Nikki, lifting her hips off the bed with her knees. "Stick you fingers in me like you did before!"

Nikki was only too happy to comply as she pushed her index finger deeper within Sharon's springy back passage while at the same time worming the middle and index fingers of her other hand past the tight clutching confines of her pussy. As she began to slide them slowly in and out, Nikki removed her finger from Sharon's ass and, before she could even form a half-hearted protest, swiftly replaced it with her tongue. Having so recently discovered this newfound pleasure for herself, Nikki was only too happy to introduce Sharon to what she was sure would be a new experience for her. As she swirled her tongue lasciviously within the musky depths of Sharon's ass she wasn't surprised to hear a startled yelp escape from Sharon's mouth, such was her shock at the unexpected substitution. This was quickly followed by a guttural moan of approval as she relaxed her sphincter muscles completely, surrendering helplessly to the incredible sensation of having something small, hot, and wet slithering within her most sensitive orifice.

In itself the extreme lewdness of the act, coupled with the incredible sensations it produced, was nearly enough to push Sharon over the edge right there and then as Nikki continued to fuck her pussy expertly with her fingers but she managed to stave it off by melting into it gradually instead of succumbing to it all at once. The ripple effect of drawing out the ecstasy reduced her to little more than a quivering mass of flesh for several long moments until she finally levelled out on the new plateau of pleasure Nikki was showing her, enough to allow her to reach under herself to begin playing with her clit.

"Oh Nikki", she breathed hoarsely at one point. "Whatever you do please don't stop eating my ass!"

Nikki responded by extending as much of her tongue as she could within Sharon's gyrating ass before she began moving her head back and forth, tongue-fucking her daughter-in-law rhythmically. Her cheeks slid smoothly between Sharon's oily cleft, soft skin gliding against even softer skin. Reaching down with her free hand, she felt for and found her own clit and began playing roughly with it.

"God!'re the best Nikki", Sharon whimpered as the combination of stimuli began to overwhelm her system again. The orgasm she had stifled earlier began to come back with a vengeance as she increased the speed and pressure of the fingers working on her blood-engorged clit.

Nikki sensed the moment had finally come for the final push and increased the tempo of her own movements. She slid another finger into Sharon's pussy as she pushed her face harder and faster against her slippery ass. She could tell precisely when Sharon's orgasm hit as her sphincter began to open and close forcefully around her tongue and she responded by plunging it in deep one last time and keeping it there, pushing back hard against the throbbing tube as she swirled it around. At that point Sharon finally cried out incoherently, hoarsely, curling her toes as she bit hard into her pillow. The strength with which Sharon's sphincter closed around the base of her tongue stunned Nikki momentarily as it seemed to trap her tongue in a vice-like grip, and the thought crossed her mind that she might not be able to get it out after. Sharon stayed that way for a good minute as her orgasm slowly ebbed and receded. When Nikki finally felt the pressure against her tongue fade away completely she retracted her tongue from Sharon's depths and rested her flushed face against the glistening flesh of her ass, every once in awhile dipping her head down to kiss and lap along the length and breadth of the valley surrounding the still palpitating knot of muscle. Her gooey fingers slid wetly from Sharon's drenched pussy, which she then gently applied to the surface of Sharon's quivering ass cheeks. She watched her fingers as they worked before her eyes while Sharon continued to recover her breath.

As fatigue set in, making her leg muscles quiver, Sharon realized belatedly that she was still propped up by her knees with her ass hanging in the air. She had almost been lulled to sleep by the soothing touch of Nikki's continued though subdued fondling. Sharon let out a long shuddering sigh of pure contentment as she eased herself back down.

Nikki gave her oily buttocks one last gentle pat before she crawled over to lie down next to Sharon on her side, propping herself up on her elbow to study Sharon's placid features. Sensing the movement, Sharon opened her eyes and smiled shyly to see Nikki looking down at her.

"How do you feel now?" Nikki asked sweetly as she reached over to softly stroke Sharon's cheek with her fingertips.

"Absolutely wonderful", Sharon replied sluggishly. "That was amazing. I'm hardly sore at all now." She paused momentarily to look directly into Nikki's eyes and held them with her own. "Thank you."

Nikki simply smiled back affectionately, appreciating the sentiment but slightly uncomfortable with the praise. Sharon reached up with her left hand to clasp the hand stroking her cheek, stilling its motion.

"What are you going to do now Nikki?" Sharon asked suddenly, despite her misgivings, even as the it occurred to her to wonder. "Not that its any of my business", she quickly added before Nikki could respond, "I just know how hard this whole situation is going to be for you and I want you to know I don't want to cause you any more problems. Really."

Nikki's initial thoughtful frown quickly turned into a warm smile as she continued to study Sharon. "You know", she said deliberately after a few moments, "I'm not really sure at all. That's the truth. All I know is that on the one hand I'm intensely disappointed in Victoria - I thought I raised her better than that - and on the other hand I've become extremely fond of you over the last couple of days."

"So", she went on after a pause as Sharon continued to look at her expectantly, "I guess the answer is I really don't know what I'm going to do."

"Fair enough", Sharon said quietly, not sure herself what she had expected to hear though knowing full well what she had wanted to hear.

"I know that not what you wanted to hear Sharon", Nikki continued as her thoughts became clearer. "I'll have to have a little talk with Victoria later on....that's for sure....and I have no idea how I'm going to handle that."

"Does that mean you're not going to be here for dinner? I know the kids would love to spend time with you."

"Oh, I'll come back here for dinner dear, don't worry about that," Nikki said comfortingly. "I'm still going to bring them up to the main house with me for awhile when they get home. I'll tell them you're not feeling well and that you need to have a little nap.....which you probably do. Then I`ll bring them back....with some dinner....and stay for awhile after that." She paused for a moment before continuing. "Then I'll probably go up to talk with Victoria. After that.....I'll probably come back here....maybe I'll stay over for the night....if you don't mind. I think I`ll need a little distance from Victoria for a little while after we talk."

"That wouldn`t be a problem," Sharon said enthusiastically, trying to sound casual and missing by a mile. Nikki couldn't help but laugh at the relief she heard behind her words.

"But", Nikki added gently as she grew serious once more, "I did tell you before, and I meant it, that I'm not interested in ending one clandestine affair just to start another one with you....after all, you are still married to my son, and I've been trying not to think about that too much, but I will have to one of these days. He'll back in town in a few days won't he?"

"Yes he will," a subdued Sharon replied, not having wanted to face that eventuality yet but forced to now. "I don't know what that will be like Nikki", she confessed. "He cheated on me with my best friend and for all I know she went with him on his trip. He didn't exactly say it was over with Grace....only that he had made a mistake. We didn`t exactly part on the best of terms."

"We do have our problems don't we?" Nikki asked rhetorically as she squeezed the hand holding hers, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"And then some", Sharon responded in a deep falsetto voice.

Both women giggled, both experienced enough to know that if you don't bend every once in awhile you'll break. Sharon's eyes were unwittingly drawn to Nikki's breasts as they jiggled before her.

"And so then", Sharon said as she began to push herself up onto her hands and knees, "we're both agreed that we have problems."

Looming over toward Nikki, she forced the older woman to roll over onto her back.

"Why don't we further agree then", Sharon continued as she positioned herself on all fours over Nikki's prone body, "not to worry about any of that for the next few days?"

Nikki smiled wickedly, nodding her head in slow agreement as Sharon lowered herself slowly until her breasts cushioned themselves gently against the older woman's. Their lips met hungrily in another passionate kiss, both moaning softly into each other's mouths as their tongues circled each other wetly.

"God! I wish I had a strap-on to fuck you with right now!" Nikki said feverishly against Sharon's pressing lips.

"So do I!" Sharon breathed back as she began to push her hips against the inside of Nikki's thighs, spreading them further and further apart.

Nikki carefully hooked her calves around the back of Sharon's thighs as she squirmed under her, bringing her pussy directly underneath her lover's. Guided by her own fledging instincts, Sharon pulled Nikki's left leg from around her right thigh and repositioned herself so that she was now straddling Nikki's left thigh. By turning herself slightly to the left she was able to bring her pussy lips into direct contact with Nikki's. The incredibly erotic sensation of having Nikki's wet pussy rubbing against her own brought a guttural moan from her throat as she settled the weight of her body on top on Nikki's. As their pussies slithered against each other both women reached across to grab the other's nearest breast and began to knead and pinch the pliant flesh. The slick wet sound of pussy rubbing against pussy pervading the room with its rhythm.

"Wow!" Sharon panted excitedly as she felt another orgasm coming on. "This is incredible!"

"Oh yes!" Nikki breathed just as excitedly. "I've never tried this one yet."

"Good!" Sharon said distractedly as she began to bounce up and down more vigorously against Nikki's pussy. "They we're agreed."

Both women began to grunt then as they worked their pussies against each other, both single-mindedly seeking their own pleasure yet giving it back at the same time. Their orgasms arrived almost simultaneously, slow, muted, but still powerful enough to leave them utterly exhausted when it was finally over. Their pussies remained glued together for several moments afterwards as they both recovered, Sharon with her head hanging down, face almost completely hidden by her hair, and Nikki's calm face lying placidly against the headboard in what otherwise would have been an uncomfortable position.

Sharon was the first to gather herself enough to lift her pussy slowly off of Nikki's and curl up on her side next to her. Nikki slid herself down on the bed so that her head was lying on a pillow as Sharon settle her head atop of her breast. A sweaty hand reached up to cup and hold the other one affectionately.

"How long now?" Nikki asked finally in the quietude of the moment.

"About twenty minutes", Sharon replied after a quick glance at the bedside clock.

"Good....then we can lie here for a few more minutes before we have to get dressed."

"As long as we don't fall asleep.....", Sharon whispered listlessly as she closed her eyes.

"I don't even want to imagine that", Nikki said, shocked at the very thought of the confusion and upheaval that would ensue

"Then don't fall asleep", Sharon replied wistfully, "because I think I'm about to."

"Go ahead dear", Nikki whispered sweetly as she turned her head to kiss Sharon's sweaty brow. "I'll get up in a minute and get dressed. Then I'll leave you here to have a nap while I go downstairs to wait for Noah and Cassy. I'll set the alarm for around 6:00 so you don't oversleep. I'll come back with the kids a little after 6:30. Sound like a plan?"

"Uh huh", Sharon muttered sleepily as she settled herself more comfortably against Nikki.

Nikki smiled to herself as she stared up at the ceiling, waiting for Sharon to nod off completely. As she waited, her thoughts tumbled around the images of her recent life. This had undoubtedly been the strangest week of her life, the thought kept recurring, and yet it had hardly been that yet. If someone had told hers last week that by this time she would have had sex with both her daughter and daughter-in-law during the course of the next, she would have laughed at the absurdity and depravity of the thought. Yet here she was now with Sharon's beautiful warm body snuggling against hers, loving every moment of it.....and aware at the same time of another body not so far away that she had so recently fallen in love with belonging to someone she was no longer sure she knew. Part of her enjoyed the position she was in....being sought after by young, incredibly sexy women was the ultimate of compliments to a woman past her prime. Yet she knew that there would be a price to pay, there always was in any relationship, but the price was always higher in a love triangle, for everyone. Someone would be left out in cold, it was inevitable, and it didn't ease Nikki's worries at all to know that she wasn't likely to the one....she would feel the cold no matter, one way or another.

To be continued................................