Subject: Nikki confronts Victoria and makes a decision regarding the immediate future

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The Young and the Restless: Part IX

Nikki slid her arm gently out from under Sharon's head, moving slowly so as not to wake her. She hadn't had to wait long for the younger woman to fall asleep, and wished that she herself could have a little nap herself, but that wasn't to be today. Cassy and Noah would be back from science camp soon and she had to be ready to meet them downstairs and take them back with her to the main house until suppertime.

Having managed to climb out of bed without waking her daughter-in-law, Nikki took a moment to look down at her peaceful angelic features. Sharon's slender body lay curled on its side on top of the bedcovers, her firm perky breasts peeking out from under her arm, and Nikki took a moment to find a blanket with which to cover her before she got dressed. As she did Nikki continually glanced over to the bed to make sure Sharon was still sleeping peacefully, almost wishing that she would wake up so that they could share another soulful kiss before she left. Nikki instead had to settle for leaning over the sleeping maiden and plant a tender kiss on her cheek before leaving the room. She was halfway down the stairs before she remembered to go back for the bags of frozen vegetables she had brought up earlier to soothe the swelling of Sharon's battered ass. Nikki still didn't want to believe that Victoria had done as she had, but it was only wishful thinking on her part. She knew Sharon couldn't have done that to herself, just as another part of her had to admit that Victoria was apparently quite capable of doing so.

After returning the bags to the freezer, Nikki decided to wait out on the porch for Miguel to arrive with the children. Settling herself comfortably on a patio chair, she waited quietly for the imminent arrival. Her mind kept revolving back to the prospect of confronting Victoria with what she had done, much as it had been doing for the past twenty minutes, and still she had no idea how she would approach it. She knew Victoria wouldn't divulge the information on her own and would be desperate to keep it hidden from her, so it would be up to her to bring it up; somehow.

Nikki knew that the real problem was that she loved her daughter with all her heart, just as she always had, but with the added dimension of having her as a lover the firmament of their relationship had been changed forever. They could never really go back to the way it had been, they were more equals now than ever before, were peers...were lovers. She would never again look at her daughter the same way ever again...she had not so much lost a daughter as gained a lover, one that would never leave her, or at least...not really. They would always have relationship of some sort. Maybe if things worked out that way, they could feel like mother and daughter again in a way that counted.

None of these speculations, however, did much to make her forget how much she loved her daughter's lips and the way they looked when she smiled at her. Loved the way they felt when they engulfed her breasts before they kissed there way down to her dripping pussy. She loved her daughter's voluptuous body, the body that so closely resembled her own, loving they way it felt when it rubbed against hers during their lovemaking. She couldn't bring herself to be sorry for that, thought she accepted the fact that one moment of impulsive passion may have ended up ruining their relationship forever. She knew that somehow, if it came to it, no matter how long it took, they could eventually return to what they had been before last week. It depended on the measure of what she saw in her daughter the next time she saw her. Nikki would gladly accept either scenario if she could regardless of her growing passion for Sharon.

Forcing her thoughts away from Victoria for the time being, Nikki focused them on Sharon instead as she sought to come to grips with the dynamics of that relationship as well. She couldn't deny being attracted to Sharon's incredible body, nor emotionally touched by her recent transformation. Could no longer deny, like she had for years, that her daughter-in-law was one of the sexiest women she had ever known. That had been a contributing source of her irrational dislike for Sharon when she had first appeared in her son's life several years ago. Latent and barely hidden jealousy of her youth, beauty, and grace had reminded her so much of herself at that age, with all the promises of youth still untested. And so Nikki had tested her and found her wanting simply for being what she herself no longer was, young, making her life miserable from that day forward. It had come back to haunt her yesterday, the delayed effect following the initial cause. She had set the wheel in motion with pettiness, and learning that lesson well, Sharon had visited it back upon her the first chance she had. Now she knew that Sharon's resistance to her dominionship over the household had come from Sharon's defunct relationship with her own mother. Having desperately needed to find love and acceptance with the Newmans, and finding neither from yet another mother-like figure, it was little wonder Sharon had turned into a conniving little bitch. With all that aside, water under the bridge as it were, Nikki had been amazed to get a real glimpse of the woman under that belligerent facade during the course of the past two days. How she had missed the basic sweetness beneath confounded her, and magnified the difficulty of the present situation. Somehow Sharon had managed to carve a place in her heart overnight.

If Nikki had seen, if only for a moment, the old Sharon rearing her ugly head she could then have turned away to begin working things out with Victoria. It wouldn't have been easy, considering the enormity of her anger, but she was sure it would have happened eventually. Now all bets were off, and she didn't know what she would do. She felt like a pawn trapped between two opposing queens, unsure of which one she should bow to.

Just then the sound of whistling intruded upon Nikki's thoughts, bringing her attention back to her surroundings. The whistling was now being punctuated by the steady sound of footsteps scuffing along gravel, and it was coming from the direction of the stables; approaching. She turned her head automatically to see who it was, and even as she did the pieces clicked together in her mind. Who else would be coming around the bend, walking nonchalantly towards the main house? Under the demands of the past hour Nikki had completely forgotten to check whether Victoria had returned from her ride. All she could do was stare in shock as her daughter appeared suddenly from around the side of the house, strolling carelessly along not forty feet away. Thankfully she hadn't noticed her mother sitting on the porch, but it was just a matter of time Nikki knew. Victoria's gaze was presently directed toward the main house and Nikki realized that she was likely looking to see if her car was parked in the driveway. Even as she watched Victoria for her reaction to seeing her car there, her daughter's body gave a shiver, as though she'd been goosed, and suddenly looked over her shoulder to find her mother's eyes. Nikki felt a pang of sadness that she should feel anything but unutterable joy in encountering her daughter, seeing Victoria's look of absolute shock turn into one of fear, which was masked quickly with a brittle, uncertain smile.

"Mother!" Victoria said quickly. "You're home!"

It sounded almost like a remonstration.

"Yes I am", Nikki said as she formed a smile she didn't feel, " you can see, I'm not at exactly home at the moment."

Victoria was shocked at what was happening and not covering very well at the moment, though she was struggling ferociously to do so. She visibly gathered herself and took a couple of steps toward the porch, then stopped.

"But....what are you doing here? When did you get back?"

Nikki paused for a moment before responding, quietly coming to terms with what she had so easily read in Victoria's reaction at finding her here; she was deathly afraid of having been found out. This in itself was proof enough of her guilt in Nikki's eyes.

"I got back a couple of hours ago....honey", Nikki said casually, almost stumbling over the last word. "Catherine wasn't home....and now I'm just waiting for Cassy and Noah to get back so I can take them up to the main house."

"Oh", Victoria replied enigmatically as some of the tension eased out of the stiff set of her shoulders, clearly hoping that her mother hadn't had the chance or opportunity to talk to Sharon. She knew her mother sometimes sat here alone without going in to the house when she wanted to see her grandchildren coming home from school. Victoria continued to approach the porch, but at a subdued pace, as though she were approaching the edge of a precipice. Something was wrong and both women knew it, though Victoria didn't as yet know just what her mother knew, if anything, or if she was just reacting to Victoria's rattled state. If everything had been alright Nikki might not be here at all, or if so then she wouldn't be sitting so coolly in her chair, not unless something had changed since their earlier phone conversation.

"Isn't Sharon home?" she asked innocently enough, having halved the distance between them.

"She's not feeling well for some reason", Nikki explained, watching her daughter's eyes closely as she approached, "so she's having a nap before dinner."

Victoria's eyes almost flitted away from her scrutiny at the name but she caught herself in time, knowing from her mother's statement that she really was under the gun now, and any word or gesture might betray what she hoped was a secret, given the threats she had made to Sharon. She managed to brazen it out and kept her eyes centered on Nikki's.

"How was your ride?" Nikki asked after a moment, wanting to change the subject, stalling for time as she thought of a way to deal with the situation that was unfolding.

" was great!" Victoria answered after a confused pause, clearly having expected a different question. "A little too hot though. I had to stop for half and hour or so at our spot and sit in the shade. I almost went for a swim, but without you there it wasn't quite as appealing."

It was an artful comment, designed to remind Nikki of their happier moments together, and was probably even the truth. Nikki's demeanor softened somewhat as the images of their swim together the other day pervaded her mind, though not because she was fooled. She welcomed the reminder that her daughter, while misguided at times when her emotions got the better of her, was capable of so much better.

By now Victoria had climbed the two small steps leading up to the porch, hardly five feet away from Nikki, and had come to a stop. She stood there forlornly looking at her mother, quite like she had as a little girl when she had done something bad. "Victoria--" , Nikki began, taking a deep breath for what was going to come.

"--You know, don't you?" Victoria asked suddenly, her brows furrowing with worry, cutting Nikki off before she could continue with what she had been about to say.

"Yes!" Nikki practically bit the word off.

"Oh my god!" Victoria voice quavered as she brought a balled up fists to her mouth, her self-control ostensibly breaking down. "I'm so sorry!" She blurted pitifully.

Nikki wanted so much to go over and comfort her but she knew that the time hadn't come for that. Perhaps later, when she was convinced it wasn't a show, it would be, but certainly not so soon after what she had seen upstairs earlier, not to mention what she was seeing now.

"Really?" Nikki asked dryly, a hint of ice in her tone. "Funny how you didn't seem too sorry a minute ago when you were walking back to the house....isn't it Victoria?"

"No!" Victoria cried plaintively, her eyes beginning to brim with tears.

"Whistling away without a care in the world", Nikki continued evenly, "when not two hours ago you beat your sister-in-law with a crop!"

"After you tied her up!" Nikki added vehemently as she dug in her point.

Victoria approached a couple of steps closer to Nikki before she stooped to her knees. Gripping her hands tightly together in front of her, she looked imploringly at her mother.

"I didn't mean for it to happen that way. I just wanted to tell her to stay away from you and mind her own business in the future....but she..."

"She what Victoria?" Nikki said calmly, feeling anything but calm as she kept a tight reign of her emotions. "Forced you to tie her up and beat her?"

"No!" Victoria sobbed again as she wrung her hands together, fighting to maintain control of herself in the face of this unexpected confrontation. A large tear ran down her cheek and rolled off to mark a dark circle on the dusty floor. This seemed to stiffen her resolve as she took a deep breath before continuing, "She said that I was afraid I'd lose to her in the end....that given a choice you would choose her...that our relationship was wrong. That's when I lost it!"

Nikki leaned closer to her daughter and reached over to take her hands between her own.

"And that's when you tied her up? And all the rest?" She asked intently. So far everything Victoria had said confirmed what Sharon had already told her earlier, but she wanted a full confession. The bigger the lesson the harder the road.

"Not quite", Victoria admitted as she looked down at the floor, beginning to calm down a little at Nikki's softening. "I pushed her and she fell over....then she tried to kick me, so I hit her leg with my crop."

"I see", Nikki said vacantly as she pictured the event in her mind. Everything was understandable up to that point, but the rest was her main concern. What had possessed Victoria to take it to the next level?

"And then I saw the rope hanging there and just happened! I was so pissed at her!"

She looked at her mother defiantly at that point, her earlier anger resurfacing, only to encounter her mother's stony features as she looked down at her in a disturbing, thoughtful way, as though she were seeing right into her heart and measuring what was there. She earnestly squeezed Nikki's hands. "You don't hate me do you? She hasn't poisoned you against me has she?"

Nikki looked down at her beautiful daughter and could still see the compassionate, sexy woman she had fallen in love, but there was something else in there that she had never seen, or had even suspected was there, and it made her wonder a little.

"Of course I don't hate you....never think that", Nikki said gently, softening her demeanor somewhat as she looked deep into Victoria's beseeching eyes. "I'll always love you honey....but you can't expect me to condone what you did...can you?"

"I guess not", Victoria said listlessly as she stared absently at Nikki's feet.

"I can understand everything up to the point you hit her in the leg....but not what followed. Why would you do that?"

"I guess I just wanted to teach her a lesson, scare her a little", Victoria admitted reluctantly, keeping her eyes fixed on the floor. "I just don't trust her at all. I still think she's got another copy floating around somewhere."

Nikki wanted this to end soon, not knowing how much more she could take, and wondered briefly when Miguel would arrive. Something about what Victoria had just said bothered her though.

"And that's why you whipped her then? You think she has another copy hidden somewhere? How would beating her have helped?" Nikki asked softly, almost contemptuously. "If she confessed you would have told me by I can only assume she didn't. The question remains as to what exactly you accomplished with that little stunt."

Nikki stopped when she saw Victoria' face drain of color. There followed a long pause.

"You did ask her about another copy...didn't you?" Nikki asked resignedly, knowing the answer, written as it was so plainly on her daughter's face.

"Maybe", Victoria muttered as she hung her head dejectedly. "I might have..."

A stoic silence ensued as Victoria adding nothing further in her defense and Nikki she mulled over everything she had heard, studying her daughter's downcast features.

"Don't you know you can't take out your anger on someone with violence?" Nikki paused deliberately. "Or....was it pleasure too Victoria?" She let it hang there for a moment before continuing, hammering the lesson home. "...and if it was for pleasure instead, you do understand that it can only be between consenting adults, don't you?"

When Victoria refused to look up or acknowledge her words with any perceptible sign, she took it one step further.

"I thought I raised you better than that Victoria. Whatever happened today, you crossed a line you never should have crossed with anyone, no matter how angry you might be. I hope you see that now."

Victoria wanted so badly then to tell her mother that a good part of Sharon seemed to like what she had been doing to her but thought better of it. That wouldn't condone anything she had done. She looked up just in time to see Nikki looking over her head towards the main house and looked over her shoulder. She saw with tremendous relief that Miguel's minivan was coming down the lane.

"Get up dear!" Nikki commanded her daughter succinctly as she stood up herself. "Noah and Cassy are home. Hurry up!"

Victoria came out of her stupor quickly, the fear of having Cassy see her that way overpowering her need to wallow in self-pity. Her niece looked up to her and the last thing she wanted was to arouse her sympathy or make her ask any questions. She pushed herself up to her feet quickly with one hand while she wiped the tracks of her tears from her cheeks with the other.

Not far away Nikki stood waving to Noah as he got out of the van, and then she looked over quite casually at her daughter and said piercingly, "You could have come to me if you really like that sort of thing and needed to let it out.....I would have tried it for you had you asked."

"Would have.....?" Victoria started but trailed off as the implications of her mother's words seeped in, realizing for the first time the real extent of where things stood between them.

Nikki looked away from her and walked over to meet her grandchildren at the top of the steps leading up to the patio. Victoria watched numbly as Cassy and Noah ran up the steps to give their grandmother a hug. Cassy only stayed there for a moment after the hug ended before rushing quickly over to her aunt to give her a close hug, pressing her lithe body tightly against her side. Victoria jumped a little at the unexpected fierceness of the attention, had eyes only for her mother as she picked Noah up and into her arms, but she returned the 12 year-old' s hug with a tight squeeze of her arm.

"And how was your day little man?" Nikki asked her grandson as she tickled his ribs.

"G-o-o-o-o-o-d." It was more a giggle than a real word.

"And how about my favorite little niece?" Victoria chimed in, forcefully snapped herself out of her funk.

"It was alright", Cassy said matter-of-factly as she tore her attention away forn Nikki and Noah and looked up at Victoria, "kind of boring..."

Cassy continued to look up at Victoria as though expecting her to say something.

Finally, Victoria asked "What?"

"...I couldn't wait to get home. I was hoping we could do something if you were home...after all, you did promise to take me out riding when you got better."

Victoria laughed despite her mood, unable to help it. "That's true. I did promise," she softened her features as she looked down at Cassy, "but I'm afraid there isn't quite enough time before dinner...and I just came back from one too. I don't know if I could go twice today. Maybe we could go tomorrow after dinner instead?"

"Okay", Cassy acquiesced with easy grace, even though she was obviously disappointed. A newfound maturity had been blossoming in her lately as she left childhood more and more behind her everyday, though she was still a little flighty and impulsive. "That sounds great Aunt Vic!"

Victoria smiled at her niece, appreciating how much Cassy seemed to have grown lately, noticing with surprise how she seemed to have come up past her to the height of her chin, virtually overnight. Looking down surreptitiously while her mother continued to tickle Noah and ask him about his day, Victoria took especial notice of her niece's body. She couldn't help but notice, more than she had ever noticed before, how her niece's budding breasts seemed to press themselves against her white uniform shirt, nor how her little nipples were pushing against her bra just enough to be discernable. Further down, her smooth slender thighs, where her navy plaid skirt didn't cover them, also seemed to have become decidedly rounder and fuller, less girlish. All of these things, Victoria summed thoughtfully, added up to the fact that a startlingly beautiful young girl with straight strawberry blond hair was pressing herself against her side. The realization shocked her.

Returning her attention back to the others, she was in time to hear her mother telling the kids that they would go up to the main house while their mother had a nap.

"Is mommy sick?" Noah asked Nikki seriously.

"No honey, don't worry about it", Nikki told him. "She's just had a long day and needs a rest. And it works out for us because I've missed you the last couple of days and wanted to spend time with you anyway. Does that sound so bad now?"

"No." Noah replied with a smile, the anticipation of having ice cream before dinner, a rare event, clearly overshadowing his concern for his mother.

"Then let's get going", Nikki said as she started down the stairs with Noah still clutched in her arms. She glanced over her shoulder briefly to give Victoria a significant glance, though she was clearly speaking to the kids. "We'll come back later and have dinner with her. She should be up by then anyway."

Cassy unlatched herself from Victoria's side, making her aunt feel a vague twinge of disappointment despite her focus on what Nikki had just explicitly told her. It was anything but good news for her that mother was spending time with Sharon at all, especially at this point. She so badly wanted to continue talking things over with her mother. It hurt her to realize fully that it wasn't likely going to happen for awhile yet.

Having no choice but to follow along behind the others as they made there way up the path leading to the lane and the main house, Victoria's despondency deepened. She quickly fell behind and by the time the other reached the lane she was several yards behind. Reeling anew from everything that was happening, Victoria desperately searched for a way to stop what she saw as `the inevitable' from happening.

After quick deliberation it was clear there was nothing she could do but wait. She became angry as a result with what she now saw was a conspiracy. Maybe she had been right to suspect something was going on between Sharon and her mother. Instead of seriously considering her own role in how things were turning out, she saw duplicity in her mother, though she knew she shouldn't have done what she did to Sharon. However, this was only from the standpoint of hindsight, because of the consequences, not really because she felt she had done anything inherently wrong. She never considered how much she took after her father, though at times she was aware of it on a superficial level. How she had learned to control and manipulate people and situations at his feet, but never really suspecting just how far it went in her own nature. It had never really occurred, or mattered to her if it had, that Sharon was Cassy and Noah's mother, and that if she really loved them she wouldn't have hurt their mother. To her, Sharon being their mother, unfortunate as it was to be sure, didn't give her any cause to treat her any differently than anyone who crossed her.

The only thing that made sense to her, despite everything her mother had said, was that Sharon had deserved it in spades for trying to blackmail them, sob story about a distant mother notwithstanding. Perhaps she should have done something different, she could concede that much. Her mother simply couldn't see it because she was falling under Sharon's spell, who was no doubt using the situation to her full advantage as part of her plan to steal her mother away from her. Well, she wasn't going to lie back and let her.

Taking her attention from the gravel in front of her feet, Victoria looked ahead to where Cassy, Nikki, and Noah were walking as they talked. Nikki had put Noah down at some point and so he had to walk with quick short steps to keep up with them. Victoria picked her pace up to as her resolve to somehow rectify the situation grew. Mulling over the situation, her eyes subconsciously centered on Cassy. It didn't take long for her attention to shift from her thoughts to what was going on in front of her. She dropped everything in order to fully appreciate the sight before her. Cassy looked absolutely adorable in her school uniform, similar to the one Victoria had once worn herself from the same school when she had been her age. As she studied her niece's form from behind, it startled her to note that although Cassy's slender legs were small, they were very well developed. She found the way the shape of her pert little ass was being hinted at by the rise and fall of the skirt as she walked most mesmerizing. It made her think back to her own school days, to a time when she had been Cassy's age, noticing the other girls for the first time, curious to see them naked. It suddenly occurred to Victoria that her niece had all of those features that had first drawn her to women in general, long before she went to away to France. She had never allowed herself to see Cassy this way in the past, due in part that she had only recently begun to fill out, but after recent events in her life it seemed that the way she looked at the women in the family had changed. She couldn't help but try and picture how Cassy would look naked. It made for a tantalizing distraction.

A wicked idea began to form in her mind just then even as she noticed that Cassy was looking back at her. When she saw that she had her aunt's attention she smiled and waved before returning her attention back to what her grandmother was saying. Victoria smiled as she explored the thought that had come unbidden, but couldn't now ignore. If she were right, Cassy's recent attitude toward her might be more than just simple affection. Victoria remembered how she had felt about attractive older women at Cassy's age and now suspected that her niece could very well be infatuated with her. It could prove to be very useful if true. Should Sharon succeed in seducing her mother away from her, Victoria might have a way to reciprocate in kind and do the same to her daughter. How fair would that be? Victoria asked herself and smiled as she thought of what Sharon's face would look like should it ever come to such an impasse. If she really thought that Victoria's hands were tied she would soon find out otherwise.

"Come on Victoria!" She looked up from her brooding and saw that Cassy had stopped and was waiting for her to catch up as Nikki and Noah continued on.

"Are you going to have some ice cream too?" Cassy asked as she fell into step with her aunt.

"Sorry Cass....but I don't think so, not right now", Victoria said as she smiled wanly down at her. "I just got back from a long ride and all I want to do is have an even longer bath."

Victoria watched as a small smile flickered at the corners of Cassy's mouth as she seemed to be trying to come up with something else to say and clearly having trouble doing so. It further encouraged Victoria's earlier surmises as to what might be preoccupying her niece's thoughts.

"What? Are you jealous?" Victoria asked as Cassy could think of nothing to say.

"A little I suppose", Cassy admitted before adding, "I love taking baths."

"Well, if you like that I bet you like taking saunas too...just before a bath, or climbing into the hot tub before a shower." Victoria knew full well that Sharon's and Nick's house was fully equipped with all the creature comforts of the main ranch, but for the pool.

"Sure", Cassy beamed. "But I haven't done it in a long time for some reason. I used to do it a lot with my mom but she's been too busy lately."

"Well, if you'd like you can always come up to the main use and use know that right?"

"Yeah...of course."

"Good." Victoria grinned innocently. "Maybe I'll bump into you there sometime."

"That would be fun." Cassy said softly as she looked away from her aunt shyly.

Victoria felt she had done almost enough to lay a steady foundation for further exploration in the very near future. Ahead of them, she could see Nikki and Noah disappearing into the main house and sighed with relief to finally find herself out of the range of her mother's direct line of sight. She certainly didn't want to be on the receiving end of any more looks if she could help it. She was desperate now for some space, badly needing to regroup.

They entered the house just in time to see the other two disappear into the dinning room on their way to the kitchen.

"You better catch up with them before its too late princess", Victoria chided her niece as she came to a stop, calling her by the nickname she had given her years ago.

"Noah's fast.....but he's not that fast Auntie Vic", Cassy informed her, coming to a stop next to her. She looked like she wanted to say something but was having trouble finding the right words.

Finally she blurted, "Maybe tomorrow?"

"Maybe tomorrow what?" Victoria asked uncertainly.

"Well," Cassy explained as she looked to the floor, "maybe tomorrow we could have a sauna together after our ride? And the hot tub too maybe?"

Pleasantly surprised at what she had just heard, Victoria reached up to gently rub her palm against the side of Cassy's arm as she replied.

"That's a date...count on it."

"Great!" Cassy crowed as she smiled happily to her aunt.

"Okay, we'll see you tomorrow then," Victoria said as she turned to go. Artfully she stopped before she got very far as though a thought had just occurred to her. "Oh," she began absently, "make sure you don't tell your mother."

"O-k-a-y," Cassy said hesitantly.

"Its just that if you tell her she might want to come along," Victoria explained simply, "and I want you all to myself tomorrow. Of course, only if that's okay with you."

"Oh...I see what you mean, you've got it", Cassy agreed excitedly, elated with the prospect of having something of her own to do that her mother wouldn't be privy to. There were other reasons too but she didn't want to start thinking about those things right now. "And don't worry, it'll be just us girls!"

"Good. Then come up here when you're ready after school and we'll go from there."

"But what should I tell her instead if she asks?"

"Just tell her you're coming up to the main house so that Miguel can teach you to bake, or something along those lines. That'll work fine I'm sure. See you tomorrow."

With that said, Victoria turned and made her way upstairs, confidant that she had accomplished what she set out to do, which had been to plant a seed of secret desires in her all too apparently willing niece. Without warning she turned just before she disappeared from Cassy's view and saw, without much surprise, that her niece had remained in place and had been staring up after her. She blushed and little and promptly left the scene when she noticed that Victoria had seen her.

For a moment Victoria considered stopping what she likely had set into motion here, but Cassy's own interest in the subject seemed clear enough already. Victoria rationalized that she was only catering to what had presented itself. Whatever happened, she promised herself solemnly that she would let her niece be in control of just how far things went, if they went anywhere at all. Besides, what she did or didn't end up doing depended on what happened between Sharon and her mother. In the end Sharon would have only herself to blame for setting it all in motion.

Immensely relieved to have a plan to fall back on Victoria wasted no time in getting to her room so that she could go over everything just to be sure. Despite having started out so well, things had fallen apart badly today, but she was far from ready to throw in the towel. Time often had a way of making things better and she knew this wouldn't be any different in the end. Eventually she and her mother would pick up where they left off, once she had been forgiven and the incident safely a part of the past. Her only real worry was the way her mother seemed to be leaning toward Sharon, having taken her part without even giving her a chance to defend herself.

Pacing her room, Victoria couldn't help but wonder just exactly how her mother had found out. That question burned across her mind, demanding an answer. Had Sharon run to Nikki despite her threats? That was the most logical reason she could think of. How else would her mother have found out if Sharon hadn't gone running to her as soon as she got back from town? She had deliberately defied her despite her warning and knowing what would happen. But then again she also had to consider the possibility that perhaps Nikki had sought Sharon out instead. On second thought she quickly discarded that idea as being silly. Nikki wouldn't have had any reason to....unless..... Victoria paused in her pacing as she pondered the possibilities. Had there been something still been going on between them behind her back? She had had that suspicion ever since Sharon had intruded herself into their affair, and she also knew they had spent a lot of time together lately, so it was within the realm of possibility....but maybe....

Victoria tried to snap her mind out of that line of thought, quite sure that her mother wouldn't have done such a thing, not after yesterday's events at any rate, but another part of her had learned to never completely trust anyone, and that included family. She had always excluded her mother from that category, the one exception to the rule, but suddenly she wasn't quite so sure.

Whatever the case, she knew it wouldn't be long before she'd be able to confirm the truth of the matter, so she'd be patient and wait for it to all come out in the wash. The one thing she wanted to do, but couldn't, was to ask her mother directly. That would only serve to rouse Nikki's suspicions as to her motives for wanting to know. The only thing Victoria could do, as she saw it, was to wait for a chance to get back in her mother's good graces; that was all that really mattered to her. Everything else would fall into place after that. For now there was nothing she could do but be vigilant and see what happened tonight before she could take a proper course of action. Come morning the lay of the land would reveal itself and the path she should take would be made clear.

Tears of frustration and anger coursed down her cheeks as she sat down on the edge of her bed. It galled her to think of how close she stood to losing everything she had ever wanted so soon after having attained it. It had all been much too sweet to have been this short lived, and she would whatever it took to have it again.


"Are they asleep yet?" Nikki asked Sharon as she descended the stairs.

"Noah was out almost as soon as his head hit the pillow," Sharon replied, "and Cassy's still reading, but she never pokes her head out of her room once she's settled in. She'll be asleep soon. I'll go up and check in about twenty minutes or so just to make sure though. We wouldn't want any interruptions, now would we?"

Nikki closed the magazine she had been reading and placed it smoothly on the coffee table as Sharon crossed over from the bottom of the stairs to where she sitting on the sofa. Having showered and changed after her nap, Sharon looked much better now than she had earlier that afternoon when Nikki had first seen her. Wearing a tight white t-shirt, and very noticeably wearing nothing else beneath, along with a simple pair of black soccer shorts, she was a vision of casual beauty, showing little sign of the earlier abuse she had suffered at the hands of Victoria. Though the silky black shorts fitted loosely they still managed to flatter the way her ass bounced suggestively beneath them. Nikki had been having a hard time deciding where to focus her attention all evening as a result. She had found herself alternating between staring at the way her tight t-shirt clung to her perky breasts and checking out her smooth supple thighs.

Nikki doubted that the children had noticed anything at all, since she had been very careful to be surreptitious about it, but if they had they certainly hadn't shown any obvious signs of it. Actually, in Cassy's case Nikki had glanced at her after having just finished checking out her mother's body, just to be sure she hadn't been seen doing so, only to find that her granddaughter appeared to be doing just that. She hadn't been too surprised by that revelation though, after the initial shock had passed. After all, her granddaughter was likely just considering the pleasant prospect of inheriting her mother's physique, as girls her age often did while in the initial throes of puberty. In fact, Cassy had already filled out significantly over the course of the last few months. Her breast had definite definition now while her legs and ass no longer had that coltish look typical of pre-adolescents.

Thankfully, Sharon herself had shown little in the way of her earlier morass and instead had seemed rather perky and upbeat. It had probably helped when Nikki had been able to lock gazes with Sharon on several occasions throughout the evening to give her a warm reassuring smile. On each occasion Sharon had smiled back, more and more animatedly, so that she quickly seemed to recover fully from her initial funk. Now that they were together alone Nikki hoped she would have a chance to boost her self-esteem even more.

"By the way, I'd like to thank you for helping me out today Nikki", Sharon said softly in the face of Nikki's continued silence.

Nikki realized her thoughts had strayed and looked up at Sharon's exquisitely sculpted features as she stood before her uncertainly, then nodded her head slowly as she smiled, not knowing quite what to say in response. She didn't need to as she let the newfound fondness she felt for her daughter-in-law show clearly in her eyes. Sharon smiled back as she shook her head in disbelief, clearly finding it hard to believe Nikki was still here, wanted to be here with her. Her nipples stood out proudly against the material of shirt as she stretched her back, arching her spine as she linked her hands behind her back, all the while continuing to look down at Nikki expectantly.

Without warning she eased herself down onto the couch so that she was straddling her mother-in-law's thighs with her own. She then slowly reached down with both hands and lifted her shirt up to expose her flawless breasts, offering them to Nikki's startled gaze as she leaned in closer. Her covered mound came to hover over Nikki's.

"Sharon!" Nikki whispered a little desperately with a look over Sharon's shoulder toward the stairway. "Shouldn't we wait until the kids are asleep? Besides, I want to run up to the house and get something I couldn't bring with me earlier."

"That's fine", Sharon said naughtily, dangling one of her perfectly round breast in front of Nikki's face. "You can do that in a minute....I just thought you might want a little treat first."

"Well... ", Nikki breathed heavily as she wet her lips with her tongue and stared at the delectable sight, "...maybe just a little nibble."

Nikki placed her hands on Sharon's willowy hips and pulled her daughter-in-law in closer so that her soft lips could brush against the even softer skin on the underside of Sharon's breast. She ran her tongue gently upward over the flesh until she encountered the corrugated little bumps of her areola. With her eyes closed she let her lips engulf the fat nipple that waited at the crest and used her tongue to encircle its tip lightly. Sharon's nipple swelled against her tongue in response and her breathing grew more pronounced as she watched Nikki suckle from her breast. Nikki leaned back from Sharon's breast until it popped from between her lips, jiggling momentarily. Nikki admired the shiny little bud of flesh before enfolding it with her tongue once more.

"You have such nice nipples Sharon!" Nikki couldn't help but comment as she leaned over to begin similarly treating Sharon's other breast. Her nipples were small and very pink, compared to the dark tan of the surrounding flesh and so readily capable of becoming painfully rock hard.

"Thank you Nikki", Sharon whispered down sweetly from above as she smiled with delight.

She looked down at Nikki from under the tent of her loose hair and watched as her mother-in-law devoured her nipples hungrliy as though nothing else existed in the world for the older woman. Sighing contentedly, Sharon closed her eyes and let her head hang back slackly while she gently ran her fingers through Nikki's hair, very much enjoying the attention she was receiving. She began to grind her mound peremptorily against Nikki's stomach, suddenly feeling very hot and very wet down there. She wished wholeheartedly that they weren't separated by her soccer short or Nikki's beautiful summer dress, but she was still very much aware that they couldn`t afford to get too excited yet, not until they were sure her children were asleep. She knew her own limits enough to know that if this continued for much longer she would control completely, which was something she just couldn't afford to do. It was bad enough for the kids that their parents' relationship was all but over without having to add this scene to the mix should either one, or both, inadvertently stumble across it.

On that thought Sharon pushed herself back so that her nipple made a wet plopping sound as it popped out from between Nikki's fervent lips for the second time in as many minutes. Caught off guard, Nikki looked up at Sharon inquisitively.

"We should wait", Sharon said as she fanned herself off with one hand while readjusting her shirt over her stiff nipples with the other.

"Really?" Nikki said, a little stunned by the turn of events as she watched Sharon stand up. The navy blue and white sarong she had opted to wear tonight parted briefly to reveal her creamy inner thighs as she casually swung one long leg over the other and leaned back against the sofa casually. She began to mischievously run the inside of her foot gently up between Sharon's thighs.

Unable to keep a straight face, Sharon blushed furiously down at Nikki.

"I wasn't trying to be a tease you know...or, at least," she added on second thought, "not that much of one, but you make it hard for me to keep control of myself whenever you're around lately. I've never quite felt like this before. I want you so much...but I have to be absolutely sure they're asleep first. Let's give it another fifteen minutes okay?"

"Whatever you say Sharon", Nikki agreed pleasantly enough, though she continued to inch her foot ever closer to Sharon's box.

Sharon's breath caught in her throat when Nikki's foot finally reached its target and she began to mercilessly rub the arch back and forth against her scarcely covered pussy lips. Trying to be practical under the circumstance, Sharon distractedly reached down to push Nikki's foot away from but in doing so she couldn't help but follow the length of her mother-in-law's leg up to where her it disappeared beneath the shadow formed by the cloth draped loosely across her upper thighs. It was hard not to marvel at the way Nikki's sarong parted to reveal her soft creamy thighs while at the same time tantalizingly hiding the rest. She had been admiring the simple yet elegant African dress ever since she had first seen it earlier. The expertly hand-dyed cloth was defined by bands of ivory criss-crossing diagonally against a deep navy bleu background, with a small print of varied African wildlife appearing in sequence at the centre of each diamond formed by those converging bands. The hem of the dress had three three ivory bands circling it, each with a line of little bleu trees running along the center of each band. The whole effect of the dress served to enhance Nikki's alabaster coloring, artfully accentuating the creaminess of her inner thighs to such a degree that Sharon couldn't seem to resist the sudden impulse to kiss them. After a quick glance at the stairway to make sure all was clear Sharon abandoned her recent reticence and, instead of pushing Nikki's foot away like she had originally intended, she instead used it to swing Nikki's legs apart as she swiftly lowered herself to her knees between them. Nikki smiled in triumph at her little victory and as Sharon placed her palms on the inside of her thighs she helped by spreading them even further apart. With one last smoldering look at Nikki's rapt face Sharon leaned down to softly kiss the inside of her left thigh, midway between the inside of her knee and the silky white panties she could now just now being revealed to her eyes.

"Keep your ears open for the stairs", Sharon informed Nikki before she turned her head to kiss Nikki's other thigh on the same spot as she had the other.

Hardly believing how quickly things could get out of control between them, Sharon let go of her inhibitions and kissed her way languidly up Nikki's pearly thighs. She allowed her lips to linger on the warm flesh a little longer with each subsequent kiss, prolonging Nikki's anticipation. A palpable sexual atmosphere pervaded the room as both women's hearts began to beat harder and louder. When she finally reached Nikki's panty-clad pussy Sharon paused slightly before brushing her soft lips against the warm, wet, smooth material that separated her from the object of her passion. She pushed her tongue against the thin garment where she knew Nikki's pussy lips waited, feeling their outline beneath her tongue as she breathed in the sweet heady aroma of the older woman's arousal. Nikki moaned throatily in anticipation of what was to come, then glanced guiltily over her shoulder toward the stairway to make sure there were still completely alone. Oblivious, Sharon continued to push tongue against the now sodden silk panties, absorbing Nikki's intoxicating flavor through the thin material and savored it, wanting more. Unable to wait any longer she hooked a finger under Nikki's panties and pulled them aside to bury her long tongue deep inside Nikki's steaming pussy for the second time that day. Nikki moaned even more loudly and slid further down on her seat, pushing her hungry pussy lips slickly against Sharon's face. With her nose buried luxuriously among Nikki's neatly trimmed curls Sharon worked her tongue deep inside Nikki's pussy for several seconds before she sought for and found her hooded clit with her lips. Nikki began to pant as she threw caution to the wind. Lifting her legs, she wrapped them around Sharon's waist while she grabbed the back her head passionately.

Just as things were about to come to quickly to a head for Nikki, who was enthusiastically thrusting her pussy against Sharon's questing tongue while she in turn did her best to meet it head on, an unequivocal thump from upstairs reminded them both that they weren't the only ones still awake in the house.

Rising from between Nikki's thighs in a flash, like she had just been goosed, Sharon quickly stood up and wiped her lips clean with the back of her hand as she gave Nikki an apologetic shrug. Nikki smiled back with complete understanding as she silently draped the sarong back into place around her thighs before pushing herself back up into a more proper sitting position.

"Maybe this would be a good time for you to go get that thing you were talking about while I go up to check on things", Sharon suggested, proffering Nikki a hand to help her off the sofa.

"I might as well", Nikki said with mock resignation as she took the offered hand, "and maybe I'll get lucky when I get back." She then half pulled and half pushed herself up so that both women stood facing each other by inches. In mutual yeaning they leaned toward each other until their lips met in a soft clinging kiss. Sharon's hands reached up and gently clasped Nikki's upper arms near her shoulders as she leaned closer. Neither wanted it to end but a certain point they pulled away from each other, both realizing that the sooner they parted now the sooner their unfinished business could resume later.

"I won't be long," Nikki said after a moment of silence. "I promise."

Sharon caught Nikki's hands with her own as she was turning away and pulled her back until they were standing face to face again and their breasts were pressing against each other once more. Nikki didn't protest. They looked deeply into each other's eyes for several more moments, each promising the other the pleasures soon to come. Their lips met in another soft kiss before they stepped away from each other simultaneously. Sharon began to head toward the stairs and as Nikki turned in the opposite direction.

"Goodnight Sharon!" Nikki called from the door, a little more loudly than would be normal for the benefit of anyone still awake upstairs. She looked over at a smiling Sharon, who had stopped at the bottom of the stairs and was looking over her shoulder at her and winked, knowing she had just deprived Cassy of any excuse to come downstairs.

"Goodnight Nikki!" Sharon called back from the bottom of the stairs. She gave Nikki a knowing smile and blew her a kiss before she disappeared upstairs. Nikki shut the unlocked door firmly behind her as she left.


Walking leisurely back to the main house, Nikki couldn't help but smile wistfully to herself as she imagined the imminent continuation of her encounter with Sharon. She could hardly wait to fully make love to her daughter-in-law for the first time, and could easily picture what it would feel like to have Sharon's tanned legs wrapped around her waist as she drove her hips forward remorselessly to bury her dildo repeatedly into her waiting depths. Nikki shivered uncontrollably in the cool night air and her nipples stiffened painfully at the thoughts spinning through her mind. Having lived all her life on one side of the fence, she could barely believe now just how fulfilling sex really could be now that she was on the other. As she neared the house Nikki's sexual reverie was broken by the realization that Victoria's jeep wasn't anywhere to be seen. She allowed herself a long sigh of relief that her daughter had apparently gone out for the evening, but a part of her felt a sharp pang of guilt that her erstwhile lover was so soon gone from the forefront of her thoughts.

After seeing her earlier that afternoon she had had to work hard to push her out of thoughts, but at some point she had completely forgotten to worry about it at all. It likely had a lot to do with the distraction of being in Sharon's presence all evening, but now that that was gone, for the moment, she once again found herself dwelling on the path that was taking her further and further away from her love. It wasn't that she was intentionally trying to hurt her daughter's feelings by going behind her back with Sharon. She was simply just incapable of turning her daughter-in-law down, while the very thought of what Victoria had done evoked nothing but disgust in her. Added to the mix was the fact that Sharon represented far fewer complications as a lover than her daughter did. The nagging thought that she and Victoria's first night together had been the sole product of a little too much brandy, lowered inhibitions, and frank sexual curiosity seemed inescapable, now that Sharon had pointed out the inherent problems of such a liaison. Besides, it already seemed that she had made her choice for the present. After allowing herself to succumb to her lust for her daughter-in-law yet again, she wasn't willing, or daring enough, to tease Sharon to a degree that would alienate her again by refusing her at this point. Hopefully Victoria would be able to see everything in perspective before too long and they would be able to talk about like mother and daughter again, if not lovers.

The only real drawback was that Victoria was an incredible, not to mention versatile, lover. No one had ever been able to give her multiple orgasms on the scale that Victoria had. She never would have imagined herself craving anal sex like she did now. There were times when her ass actually seemed to itch with the need to be filled, and far from feeling depraved for feeling that way, she felt empowered by it. She felt like a newly awakened sexual libertine, ready for anything, and she had her own daughter to thank for it. It was like a floodgate had been opened inside her and she didn't know, nor did she want to know, how to turn it off. The fact that she genuinely loved and desired her daughter was something that she would have to learn to live without, at least for awhile. In the meantime she had a burning desire to plumb the depth of Sharon's sweet body that eclipsed her need for Victoria, and while it made her feel guilty she couldn't quite seem to help herself where that delectable woman was concerned.

Nikki entered the house only to find it deserted. She wasn't particularly surprised, it had been this way in the evenings for a long time now. She had forgotten what it was like to eat as a family until she had been reminded tonight at Sharon's, and for that she was grateful. If only she had been wise enough to bury the hatchet with Sharon years ago she could have enjoyed many such evening over the past few years, but life was always so yielding in its joys. At least it wasn't when one turned a blind eye to it, which was something the new Nikki wouldn't let happen again. She saw everything differently now. Life was too short for pettiness.

Nikki quickly made her way upstairs and soon found herself at the door to her room. She flooded the darkened room beyond with light as she pushed the door open, her shadow jumping ahead of her almost eagerly, and wasted little time in walking over to her dresser to slide the second drawer open and rummage inside. She located the box she was looking for at pulled it out, uncovering the lid. Inside was the strap-on dildo she had bought a few days ago, before her discovery that Victoria already had an impressive collection of her own. She was happy to have it now, though, the first of what would she was sure would become a fine collection. Up to now it had only been used a couple of times, but that was something she fully intended on changing, starting with tonight. A vision of Sharon as she had last seen her entered her mind then, and holding on to it like the promise it was, she followed it back to its source.


Victoria peered from around the corner of the house when she heard the faint but distinct sound of the front door slamming shut. She had only been waiting long enough to allow her mother to settle in before going back in herself but it didn't seem now that that would be happening now. What was Nikki doing now? It was just past ten and she rarely went out this late. Whatever the reason, it had only taken a couple of minutes for Nikki to come back out. Instead of walking to her car as she fully expected her to do, Victoria watched as her mother walked away from where it was parked and head back the way she had come, back down the lane to Sharon's house. She fought against the tears that suddenly began to fill her eyes as the hurt in her grew, but she didn't succeed in stemming their flow as she watched the blurred shadowy form of her mother fade into the darkness of the night, and so she missed the fact that Nikki was carrying a purse this time.

She straightened herself up and abruptly starting walking around the back of the house toward the patio, angrily knuckling the tears from her eyes. She passed her Jeep where she had parked it outside the side entrance earlier in order to fool her mother into thinking she had left for the evening. It occurred to her briefly that perhaps if she hadn't Nikki wouldn't have gone back down to see Sharon, but she knew better. If she had wanted to, her mother could have waited for her to come back instead of running straight back down the lane. Her presence wouldn't have made that much of a difference. This was planned. In the scenario she had envisioned she was supposed to have waited for Victoria to come back, or simply gone up to bed, only to have her daughter apparently return home. She hadn't envisioned her mother coming out so soon, not after having just returned. She hadn't known how long how long her mother was going to end up staying over at Sharon's, had only known for sure, with some satisfaction, that it wouldn't be overnight. Now she wasn't so sure, of anything. Her opportunity to make up with her mother had just evaporated before her very eyes.

To make matters worse, her fear that Sharon and Nikki were embarking on a real affair was virtually confirmed now. Nikki's departure was almost enough to prove her guilt to Victoria, almost enough Victoria thought as she reached the patio, but she had to be absolutely sure before she could choose an appropriate course of action. There could be another explanation and, if not, she still had to see it for herself. It was the only way she'd be able to sleep at all, if that were even remotely possible now, but at least she'd know what was happening.

Victoria did her best to suppress her roiling emotions and continued on her course around the back of house. This route was undoubtedly the best unseen approach to Sharon and Nick's house that she could think of. She would be behind a low hill that began not far from the other side of the main house, then behind the stables as she walked around the outer rim formed by the buildings to approach Sharon's house from behind. There was only a small yard and garden back there, the rest was shrub and woodland. No one would be able to see her coming or going. She hadn't gone back there since she had been a small child exploring, but she knew it would be perfect.

Victoria slowed her pace a bit. She was in no particular rush at this point and wanting to give enough time for the formalities of Nikki's return to be over with before she got there. There was plenty of time.

It was humid outside, the drone of crickets everywhere in the night. They would fall silent at her approach only to pick up again behind her as she walked along. It was as though she was surrounded by a bubble of silence that moved as she moved. Wearing only sandals, she promptly decided to pick her feet up a little as they were already a little wet from brushing against the moist grass as she walked. She was thankful that she hadn't decided to dress more warmly and was still wearing the pale yellow tank top and red cotton shorts she had changed into earlier; it was still very muggy out. The air felt wet against her face and every once in awhile she felt a string of web clinging to her as she passed. She wondered, as she had many times when brushing them off, how there could possibly be any where there were no trees or bushes in the immediate vicinity. It was something often encountered but not easily explained.

It got worse when she finally did manage to walk all the way around the stable and entered the trees for the first time that night. Here there was a myriad of web strands making their presence felt as she traveled just inside the tree line toward Sharon's house. It made her regret even more having to be out here at all and her temper flared higher and higher the further she went.

By the time Victoria got within view of the house she was literally fuming with pent up frustration, her brow set in a permanent scowl. She slowed her pace considerably then and automatically hunkered herself down as she approached closer. She soon saw a slight knoll, vaguely illuminated by the light cast from the house, hidden just inside the tree line that was adjacent to the kitchen and dining room windows. A massive tree grew just as its lower end and would provide her with an excellent screen she thought since it couldn't be any more than twenty feet from the house.

Staying as low to the ground as she could, Victoria negotiated the obstacles in her way and crept up ever closer until she was finally behind that tree. Beads of sweat dotted her forehead as she peered around the trunk slowly. Lights were on in both the kitchen and dining room, but so far she couldn't see any movement, though she couldn't see very much of the dining room itself, just a thin sliver of the far wall. It was as she studying the dining room a second time that she thought she saw something moving, a shadow perhaps, being cast by something she couldn't see because of her position. She quickly realized that she would have to move to her right in order to see what was causing it.

Looking over in that direction, Victoria saw a fair sized bush that would give her a reasonably good vantage point. She crept toward it, being careful to keep low just in case someone happened to look out, though she had to acknowledge the fact that with the lights on inside it would be virtually impossible to see anything outside, let alone someone low to the ground. Better to err on the side of caution however.

She took her eyes off the window for the final few feet as she positioned herself behind the thickest part of the bush. Settled now, Victoria slowly straightened herself up, thereby bringing her head more on a level with the room and kept her eyes ready for anything. Then she immediately wished that she hadn't come at all.

All her hopes evaporated in the second it took her to see how little she mattered to her mother at the moment. She and Sharon had barely waited, apparently, for they were already going at it. They hadn't even bothered to remove their clothes Victoria noted caustically, knowing full well that it was no accident, that it would make it much easier for them to cover up quickly should they be in danger of being discovered.

It came to Victoria in pieces as she looked from item to item in the tableau made up of her mother and her new lover. In profile to her point of view Sharon was folded over the top of the dining room table, supporting her upper body with her hands as her head lolled back against the back of her neck lazily. Even at this distance Victoria could see that Sharon's eyes were closed, could see clearly how she was grinning from ear to ear as Nikki stood hunched over her from behind, fondling her daughter-in-law's perfect melon shaped breasts and pinching her rock hard nipples even as she watched. Her shirt had been pushed up out of the way so that they were completely exposed.

With her heart thudding loudly in her ears Victoria's eyes roamed further down, afraid of what she would see but couldn't deny her curiosity to know every intimate detail being played out before her. She saw the manner in which Sharon was giving Nikki full access to her pert derriere, made all the more captivating by the way her back dipped artfully to offer it up all the more. Her long tanned legs were spread slightly apart with one knee resting on the seat of a conveniently placed chair for further leverage as she pushed her bare ass back against Nikki's hips. A pair of black shorts, or perhaps a skirt, Victoria couldn't be sure at this distance, was stretched tight around her knees and below that the window sill cut everything off. It was more than enough of a view for Victoria to complete the scene in all its painful details as she saw at last how the skirt of Nikki's dress had been tied behind her back so that nothing could come between her flesh and Sharon's, which, in the final analysis, was the real beauty of wearing a sarong.

The coup de grace for Victoria came when she finally noticed what she had missed at first glance, but which now explained everything while delivering her what amounted to a mortal blow. Up to then, in those few seconds it had taken her to take it all in, she had missed the obvious thing, the one thing she of all people should have understood immediately. She barely had time to take in the presence of the straps wrapped around her mother's hips, their presence having been almost completely concealed by her sarong, when she saw the purple dildo emerging from between Sharon's rubbery butt cheeks as Nikki pulled her hips back. Already coated with Sharon's juices, the shaft glinted wetly in the light briefly before Nikki pushed it slowly back in. Where that was exactly Victoria couldn't tell for sure, but from the angle, and the fact that Sharon seemed to be taking things smoothly and quietly enough, it was quite obvious to her that Nikki was filling her pussy and not her ass.

Victoria bit her lip in bitter consternation, and despite her consuming desire to leave she couldn't seem to summon the will to turn around and leave. So she continued to watch despite her emotional turmoil, her mind taking snapshots as though for future consideration. Somehow it was still functioning enough to notice the way her mother seemed to be taking extraordinary care not to come into full contact with Sharon's glowing ass cheeks. Even from here Victoria could see that the skin there was a little darker than the surrounding flesh. She smiled grimly with satisfaction at the sight, her earlier regret of her actions fading completely in light of this new evidence of Sharon's perfidy. She really had to wonder now if anything she had or hadn't done could have made a difference to what was going on here, so inevitable did it seem to her now as she watched her mother's hips quicken their pace as she slewed her purple dildo in and out from between Sharon's eager pussy lips more vigorously. Her movements began to take on more urgency as she submitted to the older woman's will. She had even stopped smiling at some point so that her mouth now hung open vacuously as she lost herself to her rapture and actually appeared to be panting, which, to Victoria, was a sure sign that it wasn't going to be much longer before she exploded.

Sharon must have been making noise too because Nikki suddenly transferred her near hand form Sharon's right breast and up to her mouth in an obvious attempt to stifle her moans. Sharon turned her head to the side, her lips moving briefly, and must have been egging Nikki on for her pace picked up even more and she stopped being quite so careful about not smacking against Sharon's ass on her inward strokes. Sharon's face began to work as she pushed back even more against the impaling shaft and Nikki moved her hands to Sharon's hips for better leverage as she drove it home more and more forcefully into her clutching pussy.

Still Victoria watched, as much as it pained her to do so, unable to tear herself away and return home. There was nothing left here for her to find out but the sight of two women passionately fucking, even if one were her mother and the other her sister-in-law, was undeniably erotic. She had seen similar scenes many times at boarding school, in the dorm rooms, and most especially in the bath and sauna, and it had never failed to ignite her passions. Not even now. She liked watching her mother's breasts swaying against her chest as she thrust her hips hard against Sharon's jiggling ass, the thin material of the sarong barely concealing the pendulous sway of their movement. And Sharon looked just as hot in her submissive pose as she offered up her pussy shamelessly to her mother-in-law's shaft. She must have been getting close to the edge too, for her head fell back to hang slackly between her shoulders as she started bouncing herself back hard against Nikki's thrusts, the flesh of her hindquarters quivering in time to their beat, her breasts swaying violently to and fro each time she made contact with her impaler's flesh.

It wasn't hard to tell when Sharon's orgasm hit, less than a minute later as it happened, because her head suddenly came back so that she faced the ceiling once more and her body stiffened rigidly. Nikki didn't stop at all but deepened her thrusts instead, allowing the dildo to stay just a little longer inside Sharon's quivering hole each time, until eventually she stopped altogether with the entire the length of the dildo buried deeply inside the younger woman's trembling pussy. Entranced, Victoria watched as Sharon's entire body shivered from head to toe for the space of a couple of heartbeats before her arms folded and she let herself drop to the tabletop in sheer exhaustion. Just about now, Victoria's knew, Sharon's swollen pussy lips would be clinging lovingly to the base of the deeply buried purple shaft, while Nikki trailed her fingertips gently across her rump.

They stayed like that for a little while longer before Nikki finally backed away from her daughter-in-law's sweaty rump. The long glistening dildo emerged slowly from between Sharon's pouting lips until it slipped completely free of its tight confines. It bobbed heavily up and down a couple of times before becoming still. Victoria saw Nikki's lips move as she said something to Sharon. Her mother's daughter-in-law turned and smiled wickedly in response as she eased herself up from the table and quickly turned around to face Nikki unsteadily. Obviously still weak from their workout she had to lean against the table for support with her hands behind her clammy buttocks. Now that the tension holding them up had eased her shorts, Victoria could now tell that they were, slipped down past her knees and out of Victoria's field of view. Gravity had a similar effect on her shirt as it too began to slip down over her distended nipples, which had up to then formed a valiant barrier to its effects. None of this seemed to matter to either women on the other side of the glass as Sharon lowered herself to her knees in front of the older woman.

Having just begun to feel some sort of relief that it was almost over, Victoria now had to swallow uneasily once more as the scene continued remorselessly, having only just begun she was now beginning to realize. Knowing both women like she did she shouldn't have been surprised. Witnessing what she just had was the hardest thing she had ever undergone in her adult life, and despite the sour taste it had left in her mouth she noticed for the first time that her pussy felt wet against the thin cotton of her shorts. Disgusted and ashamed at her self for being turned on by her mother and Sharon's lascivious acitivities, she finally found it within her self to turn away from the light streaming through the dining room and stepped back into the shadows that had hidden her approach. Even though a part of her wanted to know everything that transpired here, so that for every kiss, every erotic act, every intimacy taken away from her could be extracted from Sharon herself as payment at some point in the near future, she had seen enough to feel that it would never be enough for her.

On that thought, even as she turned to retrace her steps back to the main house, she glanced up at the darkened second floor window that belonged to Cassy's room, reminding herself of the avenue by which she could achieve that revenge is she wanted to. If she couldn't exact payment from Sharon directly, then it would have to be through someone equally as close to her as Nikki was to Victoria. She knew about the economics of life, had learned them from watching her father over the years; if someone hits you where it hurts, you hit them back where it hurts even more. Victoria smile wickedly to herself as she came to a final decision regarding her earlier resolution where Cassy was concerned. She could never hurt, use, or abuse her niece in any way of course, of that she would be extremely careful, but from the signs she had seen in Cassy earlier she knew that it wouldn't be hard at all to instruct her in the ways of saphic love. No doubt she would an eager and apt pupil, just like her mother she thought bitterly, and if it happened that Sharon were to find out about it after, and Victoria would make sure she definitely would, well...then she would be well compensated for the loss of her mother. Two could play at this game, fair was fair after all.


Back in the dining room the glistening purple shaft hung suspended in the air between the two women before Sharon bridged the gap by guiding its slippery tip past her parted lips and into her waiting mouth. She looked up at Nikki as she engulfed half the length of the phallus and cleaned every last vestige of her essence from its slick surface. Nikki watched fixedly at the surreal sight of her daughter-in-law deepthroating her purple shaft. Too big for Sharon to handle easily she had to resort to taking it out of her mouth and turning it this way and that as she methodically finished her appointed task.

Now that they were free to roam Sharon slid her hands smoothly under Nikki's skirt and up the outside of her thighs. At first Nikki didn't quite know what Sharon had in mind until she felt her slim fingers working at the buckles keeping the dildo in place around her waist. Once loosened the strap-on harness started to slide down Nikki's rounded hips to her thighs, where for a moment its momentum was slowed by the pressure Sharon's lips were exerting on the shaft as she closed them one last time around its tip in a final farewell. Its momentum was too much for her lips alone to prevent though, so the tip finally popped out from between her lips as the assembly continued its descent down the alabaster pillars of Nikki's thighs. Sharon assisted the rest of the process by tugging on the straps gently and easing down past her knees and calves until they rested against the top of Nikki's feet, who then promptly stepped out of the loops one at a time as she leaned over her daughter-in-law's head to place a hand on the table for support.

Sharon looked up at her fully clothed mother-in-law and marveled at how modestly elegant she could still look after what they had just done and yet still be so easily accessible. With lust filled eyes the younger woman reached up to clasp the older woman's hips and guided her around so that Nikki's buttocks were now resting against the edge of the dining room table as she swiveled herself around on her knees. She parted the flaps of Nikki's sarong like one would a beaded curtain and exposed her luscious thighs to view. Her slit lay nestled there in the junction of her thighs and Sharon wasted little time in leaning forward to bury her face between them, loving the feel of their cool silky smoothness against her cheeks. She planted kisses all across the top of her thighs and lower abdomen then, circling her target, drawing ever closer to that tantalizing slit, until finally she allowed her lips to make their first contact with Nikki's hooded clit that evening, something she had been thinking of incessantly since dinner. She didn't even have to part her folds in order to find it, so engorged was it that it protruded easily out from between the outer lips of her vulva.

Nikki helped the best she could by lifting a leg and resting her foot on the chair Sharon had so recently used, further exposing her pussy to Sharon's lips and tongue, who in turned delved deeper within to find her inner lips and slip her tongue past them and into her very wet vagina. For several minutes she continually swirled her tongue within, making Nikki's thighs shudder against her cheeks.

"Oh Sharon", Nikki moaned softly, "you're so good."

You haven't seen anything yet, Sharon thought to herself smugly as she sucked Nikki's inner lips into her mouth and then just as quickly let them go. She repeated this over and over again for what seemed a long time, losing herself to the glory of the older woman's wonderful pussy, making loud wet slurping noises as she did and not caring. Then she diligently worked her way up to Nikki's clit once more where she used her tongue to tease and prod the fat little bud of flesh until she had the older woman on the brink of a complete meltdown. That is, if Nikki suddenly reaching out to grab the back of Sharon's head to force the issue was any indication at all. With one last effort the younger woman began to bob her head back and forth and from side to side as she pushed her tongue remorselessly against Nikki's clit against where she had it pinned against her pubic bone. After everything else that had led up to that moment, it was more than enough to push Nikki over the edge as she finally found her release and exploded from within, squirting a thin dribble of girl cum onto Sharon's chin just as the younger woman was about to give in to her aching neck and tongue muscles and stop. After one last lingering swirl of her tongue around Nikki's slick outer lips Sharon pulled away and looked up to see a very satisfied woman looking down at her with lust hooded eyes.

"Does your tongue need a break?" Nikki asked sympathetically.

"I think so", Sharon replied with some difficulty around her tender tongue. She gingerly moved it around inside her mouth in an effort to relieve the aching numbness that had resulted from her oral exercise. "Guess I'll need to workout it out more often in the future if I don't want it to happen again."

"I'm sure we can come up with some sort of workout arrangement, if we put our minds to it." Nikki agreed as smiled down sweetly at the younger woman.

She reached up then behind her neck and untied the knot holding her sarong in place. Sharon looked on approvingly from below as Nikki lowered her arms and, still firmly gripping the strings in either hand, pulled on them gently so that her pale breasts were revealed inch by robust inch as the material of the dress was slowly pealed away. When they were completely free from any encumbrance she reached around behind her back retied the strings in a knot. Needless to say, she made an incredibly sexy picture from Sharon's perspective. Her breast loomed down pendulously on her chest, dominating her field of view to the exclusion of all else.

Nikki didn't let her ogle her breasts for too long however; she had other things in mind. Pushing herself away from the table, she turned around so that she was now facing across the table and leaned over its surface on her elbows. As a result, Sharon's new focus of attention was on her mother-in-law's voluptuous ass.

"Now", Nikki said in a commanding tone as she wiggled her ass invitingly beneath her dress, "if you've had enough of a break, I want you to use that tongue somewhere a little more naughty."

Having looked over her shoulder at Sharon so that she could see her reaction Nikki was relieved to see that her daughter-in-law looked intrigued by the prospect of eating out her asshole instead of disgusted, as she had been afraid she would be. She smiled encouragingly when she felt Sharon's hands gathering and bunching the hem of her dress against the back of her thighs.

When she felt she had enough material in her hands Sharon flipped it up and over Nikki's rump to expose the cool pale orbs of her delectable nether cheeks to her hungry gaze. Nikki helped keep her dress from falling back down by stuffing the excess material under her stomach, effectively pinning it down with her body weight as she stretched herself out across the tabletop more comfortably.

Hardly knowing where to begin, or how to go about this sort of thing, Sharon let her instincts guide her hands as she simply laid them flat against the cool skin of Nikki's ass. She squeezed the cheeks lightly, testing their resilience, and found that they were far from loose and flabby, as she had been somewhat expecting them to be. Sharon had known from seeing them a few times in the last couple of days, not to mention in the past at pool parties up at the main house, that Nikki's body had always seemed to defy the passing of time, but it was one thing to see from afar and another thing completely to touch and feel from this close. They were, for a fact, soft and bouncy, but they were also surprisingly firm and tight at the same time. To test this further she pushed the cheeks up from below and then let go to see how quickly they regained their form and was a little surprised at how nicely they sprung back into place, jiggling only briefly. There was only the slightest hint of cellulite under the skin, and for that one really had to look close. That was quite an amazing feat for a lady in her mid-forties who wasn't a regular at the gym as far as she knew. She also had the cutest little mole of the lower part of her right cheek, just above the crease of her buttock. Sharon decided that that was as good a place as any to start and leaned over to brush her warm lips directly over it before giving it a soft wet kiss. The skin felt cool against her lips and smelt fresh and clean, which was Nikki through and through.

Feeling bolder and bolder by the second Sharon became a little more aggressive as she let her hands roam all over the surface of Nikki's luscious orbs. She closed her eyes and let her lips slide slowly across the soft skin, first on one cheek, then the other, planting kisses here and there as she went. Leaning back finally, she grabbed a cheek firmly in each hand and moved them apart slowly to reveal the valley running through her new playground. The first thing she noticed, it was a little hard not to since she was looking for it, was Nikki's crinkled little bumhole. While she had known what it would look like beforehand, as any parent who had changed diapers did, she hadn't been quite prepared for how alluring Nikki's would be. The crinkly ridged lines defining the entrance to her nether hole were perfectly spaced, radiating out from the delicate pink center like the spokes of a wheel. The feature that most intrigued Sharon though was the fact that it was slightly open already; the pink center of her anal ring disappearing into the tiny dark hole of her bowels. She hadn't expected that. With babies it looked like a scrunched up little fist, just as a tightly clenched muscle should look, but with Nikki it was...different, and incredibly sexy for some reason, dark and mysterious, inviting exploration. Also, a thin ridge of skin seemed to emerge out of nothing from the lower rim of Nikki's hole, growing in height and thickness the closer it got to her pussy, where it seemed to merge with and become her inner lips. She wondered briefly if she had that too.

Sensing Nikki's growing impatience intuitively, Sharon got back to the business at hand and stuck her index finger in her mouth to in order to wet it. Taking it out she then let it slowly approach Nikki's waiting nether hole. She was thankful, as she was sure Nikki would be, that she kept her fingernails short and well trimmed. As her finger made first contact with the puckered skin of Nikki's anus, she felt a little tremor as Nikki's rump twitched a little under her other hand. She supposed that no matter how prepared one was the feeling of something going in where normally something only came out was always a surprise. Her finger met only a little resistance as she pushed it slowly within, enough for her to marvel at the feel of the ring of muscle grabbing her finger, but not enough to impede its progress. Sharon buried her index finger up to the second joint and experienced an exhilarating surge of adrenaline course through her veins at the naughtiness of what she was doing. She heard Nikki moan softly in her throat at the much anticipated intrusion.

Unable to help herself, Sharon withdrew her finger slowly and brought it up to her nose. Prepared for the worst, she was instead pleasantly surprised by the lack of anything really distinguishable as a gross smell emanating from it. If she had she likely would have been unable to proceed, but in fact it smelled more of her saliva than anything else, with only the slightest hint of acridity, and certainly not enough to deter her from continuing.

With that issue resolved Sharon entered fully into the act of exploring Nikki's back orifice. This time however, she wetted her finger in Nikki's pussy first before bringing it back up to her rear entrance once more. It went in even more smoothly this time than it had before, though Sharon didn't realize that Nikki was helping a bit by pushing her sphincter muscles out so that she could draw the entire length of her finger inside herself. All Sharon knew was that her finger had easily buried itself up to her knuckle in Nikki's beautiful ass. It was a thrilling sight to see it disappearing inside.

"Keep going honey", Nikki implored her, looking over her shoulder at Sharon beseechingly.

Sharon looked into Nikki's eyes and locked gazes with her as she slowly withdrew her finger before sliding it back in all the way. With increasing speed she began to vigorously fingerfuck Nikki's ass, watching her eyes intently to make sure she wasn't hurting her. Instead she saw how the older woman's eyes became glossy with desire as she moaned softly in time to her thrusts. After a couple of minutes though Sharon could tell that this wouldn't quite be enough to push Nikki over the edge, no matter how fast and hard she used her finger. Reminded suddenly of her earlier instructions, and realizing that Nikki still wanted her to but wasn't about to force her any further to do something she might not be prepared to do, Sharon went even deeper into a world that she had scarcely even known existed and removed her finger from Nikki's ass and quickly replace it with her tongue. It slipped in past the ring of muscle and was quickly enveloped by the clinging walls of Nikki's fundament.

"Oh...that's it Sharon! YES!" Nikki husked from somewhere above. "That's it you naughty little bitch. Stick it all the way in just like you've always wanted to. You have, haven't you?"

"Uh huh!" Sharon garbled back animatedly, having quickly overcome any lingering trepidation once she realized the taste wasn't bad at all, being only faintly tart and that only briefly.

Now that she was doing it she had to agree that this was exactly what she had always wanted to do, though she had never quite imagined this, but deep down inside she had always worshipped Nikki and this intensely erotic act was the ultimate expression of that desire. It was hard to imagine a more debasing act one could perform on another, but not if it was voluntary. If anything, Sharon felt privileged to be able to express her devotion to the older woman and her incredible body in this manner.

Casting the last vestiges of her inhibitions aside Sharon wiggled her tongue around inside Nikki's bowels, reaming her out for all she was worth as she pressed her face ever more intimately between the increasingly sweaty cheeks of her ass. She even stopped using her hands to spread Nikki's cheeks apart but relied instead solely on the presence of her face to keep them that way. Her hands shifted to the front of Nikki's thighs so that she could pull her ass as close as she could as her tongue snaked its way as far as it could inside, all the while breathing in the invigorating air that surrounded Nikki's moist nether hole. Realizing that she couldn't go any deeper than she already had, Sharon decided to change tactics and backed off a little so that she could flick her tongue continuously over and around the crinkled ridges of Nikki's sphincter muscles.

Nikki loosened her muscles completely then, surrendering herself completely to Sharon's tongue as it lapped around her quivering hole. She had already had several mini-orgasms under the attention Sharon was providing her but she still wanted more.

"Fuck me Sharon", she said quickly.

Sharon paused momentarily and withdrew her tongue from the grip of Nikki's anal ring.

"What did you say", she managed.

"I said I want you to fuck me...," Nikki repeated as clearly as her passions allowed, "in the ass...right now. I want you to put that dick on and fuck me."

Sharon had been thinking of little else ever since Nikki had used the tool on her earlier, and had fully been intending on returning the favor shortly, but she hadn't even dreamed in her wildest fantasies of the past two days of fucking her in the ass. It was almost too much too soon for her. She'd never even put one of those things on before, let alone fucked a woman with one, and now here she was in a position to bugger her own mother-in-law. Life really was stranger than fiction.

In a haze of lust Sharon disengaged her face from between Nikki's globular cheeks and located the purple dildo and its harness nearby on the floor where it had been discarded not too long ago. She stood up quickly and fumbled momentarily with the apparatus after picking it up off the floor, but it was simple enough to step into the loops and pull them up her legs. The problem lay in the buckles and adjusting them to a proper and equal fit on both sides. It didn't take her long to figure it out though as she cinched the harness assembly tightly around her hips. She ran her fingers over where her flesh bulged out dramatically from around the leather straps, especially where they looped across her still tender buttocks, but she didn't think it would pose much of a problem. It had hurt a bit at first but it was quickly fading away now. Her main concern was making absolutely sure that she had as much control as possible over the thing for this first time. If it was too loose she knew she'd have trouble handling it properly and that was the last thing she wanted. Besides, it felt strangely comfortable the way it was.

Now that she was finally ready for the main event she looked over at where Nikki was patiently waiting for her to finish. She had pushed herself up to a more vertical posture and was now using her hands to support her weight instead of her elbows. Her legs were spread a little wider apart than they had been as well, exposing the dark wet center of her asshole to Sharon's avid gaze. She approached the wanton woman from behind while she watched, smiling wickedly in encouragement.

"Umm...Nikki," Sharon asked uncertainly, "don't you think I should get some lube for this thing?"

"That won't be entirely necessary", Nikki replied. "Just put in my pussy to lube it up. That should be more than enough after the tongue job you just gave me."

Sharon blushed a little at the reminder, though she thought that it was an excellent suggestion. She was almost embarrassed for having had to ask, and for not thinking of the solution on her own; had likely sounded a little too much like the novice she was. There was little space separating them now, and as the distance between them lessened Sharon's inner trepidation, born of nervousness, grew in proportion.

"I can't believe I'm about to this Nikki", Sharon confided as she closed the remaining distance. All she had to do now was reach out to touch Nikki's smooth supple flesh.

Nikki giggled at Sharon's obvious stage fright.

"I promise I won't look", she told the younger woman even as she turned around to face across the table. "But you know what they say, seeing is believing, so make sure you keep your eyes open."

Despite her nervousness Sharon couldn't help but laugh at the advice. The moment passed quickly though and she knew the moment had come. She reached out with one hand and rested it on the small of Nikki's back while she pointed and steadied the shaft of the dildo toward its target. The tip wobbled menacingly scant inches from the crack of Nikki's ass as Sharon shuffled her feet just a tad closer. However, from such close proximity she found herself unable to see the opening to Nikki's pussy, so she had to lean back a little and to the side to get her bearings. Once she did though it was a simple matter for her to push her hips forward and guide the tip of the dildo into Nikki's very wet pussy. Though she knew that this wasn't quite the way a man felt when entering a woman, Sharon could feel the shaft as it slid in through the skin of her lower abdomen due to the resistance it was meeting. She could feel the pressure working against her and so she had to push a little harder as it went in deeper and deeper. She smiled to hear Nikki moan and continued to push until the majority of the nine inch behemoth, less an inch or so, lay buried in Nikki's sweet pussy. The emersion of the last remaining inch produced a grunt from Nikki, while Sharon herself let out a low moan when she felt the skin of Nikki's ass come into contact with her lower abdomen. She had never felt so powerful before, so in control of something, except for when she was driving fast on the highway perhaps, but this was something else altogether.

As per her instructions she didn't waste much time once she had completed her objective. She slewed the dildo back and forth gently, just enough to get the feel of the thing, as she made sure to get as much pussy juice on it that she could before pulling it all the way out. Once more she steadied the shaft, glistening now with Nikki's juices, and guided its tip up a little higher as she aligned it with the entrance to Nikki's twitching asshole. She watched with fascination as the tip came into first contact with the tight circle of flesh. At first she was a little afraid to push too hard, especially when she met with some resistance from Nikki's tiny orifice, but when she saw that Nikki was actually pushing back against her she threw caution to the wind and pushed harder, making the semi-rigid shaft bend upwards slightly in the middle until the tip finally slipped past the tiny hoop, stretching and pushing the muscular flesh out of the way as it made its entrance. She wasn't prepared, after that initial bit of resistance, for the ease with which the rest seemed to follow as the shaft slid in so smoothly that she almost stumbled forward. Nikki moaned loudly and dipped her back slightly in response to the welcome invasion. If Sharon had had a real penis she would have been able to feel Nikki using her sphincter muscles to draw in the remaining length with practiced ease.

Inch after inch disappeared into the grasping ring of Nikki's tight sphincter as Sharon readjusted her position and pushed steadily with her hips until fully half of the dildo had been engulfed by the older woman's bowels. Looking down, Sharon continued to marvel at this new experience, admiring the sight of the shaft as it emerged from the clinging lips of Nikki's back orifice. She pushed a little more and watched as another inch slid smoothly in further, making Nikki moan thickly once more. Satisfied with the depth she had achieved so far Sharon eased up a little and retracted her hips so the shaft all but evacuated Nikki's nether hole, leaving only the tip in her mother-in-law's firm anal grip.

"Do you like having my cock in your ass Nikki?" Sharon asked the older woman coyly as she ran the fingers of one hand over her quivering rump.

"I love it Sharon", Nikki responded huskily as she wiggled her ass impatiently.

The younger woman smiled wickedly even as she lunged forward suddenly and buried the entire length on the dildo deep within Nikki's fundament. Not having quite expected such an aggressive maneuver from her inexperienced daughter-in-law, Nikki gasped in surprise as she felt the hardness of the shaft penetrate her, pushing its way through her depths and making its delicious presence felt from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes. Like an exclamation point Sharon's hips slapped against Nikki's cool buttocks and she could go no further. She allowed Nikki to enjoy the moment, studying the older woman for any signs of distress or discomfort, only to have Nikki look over her shoulder at her and smile with pure undiluted gratification.

"Are you still having a hard time believing?" She asked the younger woman.

"Only every other second", Sharon replied, pushing a strand of hair away from of her face with one hand and hooking it behind her ear, "but I think I can handle it."

"That's a good girl", Nikki said as she wiggled her butt cheeks, rubbing them against Sharon's lower abdomen. "Now get on with it and fuck me!"

Sharon was only too happy to comply as she grabbed hold of her mother-in-law's hips under her folded over skirt and began to ream her enthusiastically. It felt very awkward at first, but with each subsequent thrust it became much easier to coordinate her movements as she got used to the feel of being in the director's chair, so to speak. She watched with fascination as the dildo emerged and submerged itself incessantly in and out of Nikki's ass under her direction, watched as the tight ring of her anus tried to maintain its grip on the invading shaft, sliding back and forth across the smooth surface in a loving embrace. The feel of the harness' base rubbing and pushing against her clit began to have a subtle and electrifying effect on Sharon, much to her surprise and growing pleasure.

The only sound in the otherwise silent house now was the constant slap of Nikki's buttocks against Sharon's hips and the ever increasing volume of lust filled moans emanating from both women as minute after minute passed. The dildo was gliding so easily in and out of Nikki's ass that Sharon felt she could go on doing this forever, but eventually the constant flexing of hitherto unused muscles began to take its toll and those muscles began to ache with fatigue. Her hips also began to protest the constant demands, losing something of their coordination so that she had to concentrate harder and harder to keep the rhythm of her thrusts. Sweat beaded her forehead and chest now as she worked her hips feverishly, watching the dildo as it buried itself systematically into Nikki's rectum just below the sight of her own breasts bouncing back and forth as she moved.

Meanwhile Nikki managed to push herself up to a much straighter posture, bracing herself against Sharon's thrusts with one hand on the table top so that she could free the other one and slide it down between the table and her stomach and from there down to her swollen clit. She had just felt the first signs of her approaching orgasm as her sphincter began to tighten itself automatically, and wanted to do everything she could to help it along, knowing from Sharon's continually vocal grunts that she was getting tired. Playing with her clit was like adding oil to a fire and only served to increase the wonderful friction the invading shaft was affording her as her ass tightened its grip, and thus intensifying the scope of her impending climax in a ceaseless cycle of debauchery.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" Nikki sputtered when she felt Sharon's hands leave her hips and then clamp themselves possessively around her heaving breasts. Her daughter-in-law then unabashedly began to roll and pinch her nipples between her fingertips as she rammed the phallus deep inside her ass one last time and kept it there, spasmodically jerking her hips in a last ditch effort to push Nikki over the edge. The ripple effect of this final tactic worked beautifully as the vibratory movements of the phallus within Nikki's anal cavity rumbled through the thin membranous wall separating it from her vagina and triggered her final eruption. Her vaginal opening fluttered open and closed, emitting a thick stream of liquidity that flowed out past her gaping pussy lips and branched down her thighs to either side as she lost all muscular volition and leaned forward exhaustedly to rest her weight on the dining room table.

Equally exhausted, Sharon couldn't help but fall forward too, flattening her breasts against Nikki's back where it was still covered by her sarong while she rested her left cheek on Nikki's bare right shoulder blade. Oddly enough, almost a minute passed before she realized why her hands were beginning to bother her so much, pinned as they were against the table surface under Nikki's weight where they still clung possessively to her breasts. Nikki giggled when Sharon tried to extricate her hands from under her and, immediately seizing hold of her advantage, refused to let them go by grabbing the younger woman's wrists with her hands and holding them in place.

"Nikki", Sharon inquired softly, not bothering to lift her face from the older woman's sweaty flesh, "what are you doing? My hands are starting to fall asleep."

"I'm just not quite ready to let you go yet", Nikki explained smugly.

It took Sharon a moment to get the double entendre, realizing belatedly, but with some satisfaction, that she was still deeply buried within Nikki's ass.

"You like it that much do you?" Sharon asked, somewhat incredulous, though not to any great degree.

"Yes", Nikki sighed contentedly. She remained silent for a moment as she thought it over seriously, all the while savoring the continued presence of the dildo in her tight rectum, before elaborating. "It's hard to fathom why, and I don't think I care to, but ever since the first time a few days ago I can't seem to get enough of it. I even went out and got an enema kit to keep myself clean at all times."

"Really? Do you mean to say you like it better than the...usual way?" Sharon pressed as she raised her head up to better hear the forthcoming response, her curiosity piqued now. While waiting for that response she managed to pull her hands out from under Nikki, who had quickly gotten the hint and let go of her wrists, and propped herself up with her hands to either side of Nikki's waist on the edge of the table.

It took the older woman a few moments to respond as she herself had to readjust her position to better accommodate the dildo as it too had shifted around inside her.

"I wouldn't say I like it better", she replied once she was once more settled comfortably, propping her chin on top of her linked fingers, "it's just different. Easily as good if not better now...but that's probably because it's so new for me...not to mention naughty. That always adds another dimension to sexual fulfillment, which I've had the fortune to discover before it's too late."

There was a pregnant pause between them then as Sharon thought about the older woman's words.

"Would you like to try it someday Sharon? I'd be more than happy to show you."

Sharon blushed at having Nikki so easily read her mind, but she wasn't surprised by the question, had known it was coming.

"Yes...I think so", she said with a prolonged sigh. "But I'll let you know when I'm ready though. For now I think I'd like to stick to the conventional method...if you can call what we do conventional that is."

"Whatever you want sweetie...I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, and for the record, we can' it conventional that is...and that's what makes it so incredible. Naughty is the way to go you see?"

Sharon laughed easily at Nikki's witticism, but their short talk and its subject matter had done more than give her a much needed respite. Suddenly hungry for another view of Nikki's beautiful ass, where she remained deeply rooted, she straightened herself up while running her fingertips lightly across the curves and contours of her mother-in-law's bare shoulders. Then from there she continued down to where her sarong was folded over and tied around her middle back and then quickly to where she could touch bare skin again where her tail bone began. Nikki's ticklishness caused her to twitch and jerk a little, and even as she laughed and squealed when Sharon hit a particularly sensitive spot it occurred to her that she couldn't even remember the last time someone had done this to her. A sudden flash of unutterable joy and plenitude made her throat constrict a little as she realized just how much she was enjoying the attention she was getting from the younger woman.

Sharon was oblivious to most of this, knowing only that Nikki was extremely ticklish and therefore at her mercy. Her eyes had roamed ahead of her fingertips down to the cleft of Nikki's bulbous butt cheeks to where she could see the base of the dildo emerging out from between the firm grip of those luscious orbs. Nikki's spasmodic movements had in the meantime gone some way in reviving her recently sated lust, as they had forced the phallus to wriggle around inside her bowels and, even in the midst of her euphoria, had helped set off little after tremors of orgasmic bliss.

"Do you want me to take it out now Nikki?" Sharon asked worriedly, having mistaken Nikki's intermittent moans, punctuated though by giggles, as a sign of growing discomfort, which was something she had been half-expecting for some time now.

"Not unless you stick it back it right away sweetie", Nikki husked as she began to gyrate her hips back against Sharon.

It was then, even as she smiled with wonder at the older woman's insatiability that Sharon came to realize just how long a night this might turn out to be. No longer fearful for Nikki's endurance or ability to handle the girth and length of the dildo rooted in her rear, she decided to do things a little differently this time.

"Okay Nikki", she whispered softly to her lover, "anything you say."

Retracting her hips slowly and methodically, Sharon watched the long purple shaft as it emerged completely from Nikki's asshole, which much to her surprise reverted back almost immediately to its former shape. It was a testament to its resiliency that it could do so after having been spread open so wide for so long. Just as surprising to Sharon was the fact that the shaft and tip were completely clean. In noticing that she realized that she had forgotten how worried she had been earlier, in the back of her mind, of what might conceivably happen when she did finally take it out.

With nothing more to hold her back or consider Sharon renewed the dildo's acquaintance with Nikki's ready pussy and sank it smoothly home. Rotating her hips as widely as she could she stirred the thick phallus within the tight confines of her mother-in-law's pussy, hoping that this would allow for a thicker coating of her juices than before. For what she had in mind she wanted to be sure of this one thing. Satisfied at last, she withdrew the purple priapus from Nikki's depths and smiled to see it come out very shiny, and very wet.

Grabbing a firm hold of the inside curve of Nikki's hips, just below where she was bent over at the waist, Sharon rammed the entire length of the dildo through the elastic hoop of her well-used nether hole and all the way in with one swift thrust. Then, just as quickly, she took it all the way out. Nikki had grunted at the initial insertion, and moaned now at the withdrawal. Sharon let the wet dildo hover there, at Nikki's anal entrance, for a moment before repeating the procedure exactly and elicited the same responses from the older woman, though they were perhaps a little more definite this time around. Once more Sharon let the tip hover between Nikki's cleft, though this time, instead of invading her ass, she chose to fill her pussy with it instead.

"Oh, you naughty little bitch!" Nikki hissed emphatically through suddenly clenched teeth. "Yes!"

Sharon took it as high praise and continued with her work, taking her time with each thrust, not knowing herself till a split second before where exactly it was going to go, letting herself go from moment to moment, arbitrarily fucking Nikki in either of her holes as her mood dictated. Nikki was on another planet after the first few switches, not knowing and past caring which of her holes got filled as long it didn't stop. At a certain point she had enough presence of mind to slide her hands out from under her chin and then down across the surface of the table on either side of her body to grip the edge of the table and keep herself in place. It also allowed her to push back against Sharon's thrusts whenever she wanted, which she often did, happy that it was Sharon who was giving her one of the best fucks of her life. She had wanted something new with which to cement their relationship and set it apart from the one she had had with Victoria, and now she had it thanks to her daughter-in-law's wicked imagination.

For Sharon it soon came to a point when she didn't even have to look anymore at what she doing to make sure she hit her marks. All she had to do was slide it up or down across Nikki's perineum between insertions. It seemed like a magnet was attached to the tip of the dildo, drawing it unerringly to either target, so in tune with the task at hand was her body. She did watch though, loving the sight of the dildo as it disappeared within either one of Nikki's holes repeatedly. Whether it was her pussy lips being parted or the spongy ring of her anus, both offered only the barest of resistance to her thrusts at this point, both being equally wet and ready to accept her offers of subjugation. She had never been on this side of the equation before and now felt she understood it all much better, now that she felt her juices and Nikki's running down the inside of her thighs, that thing that drove men to be men and women to be women, or vice versa. It didn't really matter so long as you gave and received pleasure as equals she realized. Though she found she could easily mimic being a man with a woman, she couldn't act as a man would with a woman, at least not entirely, she being who she was. While a woman could make a man a conquest, she couldn't very well subjugate him to her will, at least not in a healthy relationship, not without turning a man into something else. Here with Nikki she had had her taste of something she otherwise never would have been able to explore with a man, and she reveled in the moment but without unalterably changing her nature, as she now suspected Victoria had done.

Seeing that Nikki was near the end of her reserves she pulled out of her pussy and let the dildo rest against Nikki's perineum.

"Where do want it to finish", she asked the older woman softly.

It took Nikki a few seconds to register the stoppage in play, let alone that she had just been asked a question, so Sharon had to repeat it.

"I honestly don't think it matters now", Nikki said hoarsely from between dry lips, "but I think I want you to just fuck my pussy now, I can't even feel my ass anymore."

Thumbing the older woman's cheeks apart with both hands, though she didn't really need to with her legs being spread so far apart, Sharon fed inch after slow inch of rubber cock into Nikki's raw pussy until she could go no further. She began a slow and lazy rhythm then as she conserved what little remained of her strength and endurance. The back of her thighs had been burning more and more fiercely over the last few minutes and she was afraid of not being able to finish Nikki off before she succumbed to a muscle spasm.

She needn't have worried about it though because Nikki's third explosive orgasm of the evening had been fast building for awhile now and she didn't need much more to go over the edge once more. The steady slap of Sharon's hips against her the sweaty cheeks of her ass dominated the room and seemed to reverberate off the walls now that the younger woman could concentrate solely on one target and didn't have to hold back anymore. Once again, as earlier, she could devote herself to simply thrusting deep and hard, pulling back only a little instead of all the way out before slamming it back in to the hilt. It made a difference to the intensity of the fuck. That, and the fact that Nikki had just discovered she could rub her clit across the ledge of the table by contracting her stomach muscles helped to settle matters in short order.

Sharon placed her hands on top of Nikki's shoulders at the precise moment she was on the verge of cumming yet again, as judged by her high pitched moans, and pounded the dildo as hard and fast as she could in and out of her pussy. Nikki let out a series of guttural moans while her pussy twitched around the invading shaft and then promptly squirted a fine rain of its juices down its already well lubricated length. When she felt the gush of the renewed torrent streaming down her inner thighs Sharon knew it was finally time to stop, and so she did, slowly and definitely, as all good things must in the end.

Wanting nothing more than to sit down and rest, Sharon pulled out of Nikki's sopping pussy and stumbled back and away from her sweaty hindquarters. She barely managed to find a dining room chair in time and eased herself down on it gratefully as she bemusedly watched while Nikki's upper body started to slide listlessly over the edge of the table as she let her legs fold in beneath her. He skirt, unimpeded now, dropped down to cover most of her rump as she settled onto the floor on her back, knees bent and pointing up at the ceiling and chest heaving as she sought to regain her equanimity. Sharon watched her breasts as they rose and fell in time with her breathing, both of which diminished gradually over the next couple of minutes.

Unable to resist the sight any longer, Sharon lost little time in joining her on the floor and slowly pushed herself off the chair and down on the floor on her knees. She deftly snuggled up to the unsuspecting woman and nestled her face against her right breast as she draped an arm across her waist. Nikki smiled peacefully, utterly contented, and reached down to gently stroke the younger woman's hair as she savored the warm wet glow emanating from her pussy and ass. She had never felt so open before and so she just lay there enjoying the close proximity of Sharon's body as she reveled in the aftermath of yet another eventful and glorious day.

********************************************************To be continued*****************************************************