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Sandra On Her Own
by Winter

Sandra sighed deeply as she closed the door behind her, leaning against it. The weekend had finally arrived, and not a second too soon. She put her briefcase down, forgetting for the moment the case files inside it that she needed to look over before Monday. All that could wait; what she needed right away was a kiss, a touch and more. During the bus ride home, her mind had kept returning to the same thought, the same mental image, and it had made her so aroused that her panties were soaked. Whenever she had closed her eyes, even to blink, she had pictured Alex's gentle, blue eyes and warm smile looking up at her before a warm, wet tongue parted her pussy lips, tasting her juices before slowly homing in on her throbbing clit. Yes, Sandra needed sex, and she needed it right away.

"Alex?" she called out, wondering why she hadn't been greeted yet. There was no answer. Alex's car had been in the driveway, so why did the house seem empty. "Honey, are you home?"

A note lying on the phone table caught her eyes, and she picked it up, then grunted with frustration. Alex's father had stopped by, and the two of them had gone down to the creek with their fishing rods to catch tonight's dinner. 'We'll be back by six,' the note said, and a swift glance at her wrist-watch told Sandra that it was just shortly after five. Which didn't matter, anyway, since they weren't very likely to have sex with John visiting. Any other day, this would have been great news to Sandra. She adored her father-in-law, and loved to have him over, but why today? Why did he have to come just when Sandra wanted, no, needed Alex to fuck her silly? Muttering curses, she went into the master bedroom and slipped out of her work clothes, but instead of putting on something casual, she kept going until she was naked.

"Damn it all," she said out loud. "I've GOT to cum!"

She stopped in front of her dressing mirror, pausing to look herself over. She stroked a tousle of nut-brown hair out of her eyes, then let her gaze travel slowly down the length of her mirror image. A face that did have some fine lines, but still looked youthful with its up-turned little nose and peevish green eyes. Shoulders and arms showed some definition, a result of just the right amount of exercising. Breasts that were round and firm, although maybe not as large as Alex would have liked them, but with nice, perky nipples. Sandra cupped them with her hands, kneading them gently before she started pinching her nipples. She loved to have her tits played, and had never ceased being thankful of the fact that Alex did love playing with them. The feelings she got from touching herself went right down to her pussy, and she could feel her juices beginning to flow down her thighs. But all in due time. Letting go of her tits, she let her hands caress their way down her flat stomach, taking their time to play with her 'innie' navel. Another hot spot that she really enjoyed letting Alex play with. Next were her hips, nicely curved and totally free of the fat that she, secretly, enjoyed seeing in her workmates and friends. And between them, a thick patch or jet black pubic hair; a lightly trimmed triangle whose bottom angle was now glistening with pussy juices. Sandra spread her legs slightly, showing herself some pink. Slowly, she let her feet slide apart until her pussy lips kissed the floor. Lithely, she let herself fall on her back, re-aligning the mirror with her feet so that she got a nice view of her wide-open pussy. She reached up and touched her toes with her hands, then rolled back until her feet touched the floor. Once upon a time, she had been able to put her knees on her shoulders, thus able to lick herself. She got close enough to smell herself, though.

"Not bad for a forty-year-old," she told the mirror, in which she could now only see her own butt. Letting go of her feet, she sat back up, legs still widely split. She ran a finger up and down her slit, shivering as it brushed against her clit. "Mmm, not bad at all. You've still got the looks, girl."

Feeling like something softer underneath her buttocks, she got up and walked over to the bed, where she lay down and returned her finger to her pussy. Sighing with pleasure, she slipped it in between her labia, pushing until she felt the knuckle against her clit. For a moment, she pondered getting her favourite dildo, but decided against it. Just her fingers would do nicely. While her other hand played with her tits, Sandra slipped another finger into her pussy, then a third. She rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger, while she started fucking herself. Faster and faster, she thrust into her pussy, while she rubbed her clit with her thumb. She marvelled at the warm wetness inside of her, feeling her pussy juices run down her butt crack to form a puddle on the sheets. Forgetting her tits, she rolled over to lie halfway on her side, then lifted her leg so that she could reach her butt from behind. Without missing a beat with the fingers inside her pussy, she began rubbing her anus, which was already slick from her leaking juices. Moaning with pleasure, she slipped a finger inside, feeling the warm tightness of her rear hole for a moment before she started moving it, making sure to tickle the sensitive muscle ring good. By now, she was getting close to her peak, and her breathing was getting heavy. Her heart was beating faster, and the tingles inside her were turning into little bolts of pleasure spreading out through her body. She cried out when the orgasm hit her, making every muscle in her body spasm. She could feel her anus tighten, almost stopping the blood to her finger, and her pussy was squeezing the three fingers inside while her juices made the entire hand wet. After a little moment of bliss, the orgasm began to abate, and she pulled her fingers out of her hole, bringing them to her face. Feeling deliciously wicked, she licked the finger that had been inside her butt, thinking of the times she had rimmed Alex. The other hand took quite some time, since she had drenched it completely, but Sandra didn't mind. She enjoyed the flavour of her own pussy, and made sure she got every drop. Once she was clean, she started playing with her tits again, still not feeling satisfied.

"Oh Alex," she whispered. "I wish you were here."

Making sure her nipples were as hard as they got, Sandra rolled over to lie on her stomach, then raised her butt into the air. She reached down and started rubbing herself, focusing this time on her clitoris. At the same time, she squirmed around on the bed, grinding her tits into the sheets. In no time at all, she reached a second climax, but this time it wasn't as strong as the first one. Moaning and panting, she kept on, using only the tip of her middle finger, now, to send wave after wave of pleasure from her clit throughout her body. Pussy juices were running down her hand and arm, really making a mess of the sheets, but Sandra was too far gone to care. In her fantasy, it was Alex's tongue that was licking her, torturing her with pleasure so strong she thought she'd fall apart. Before long, she felt another orgasm building up, and she knew this would be the big one. The one that would make her last until John was sleeping soundly in the guest room, and Alex would be all hers. She felt her cheeks burn, knowing that her face, her entire upper body in fact, was brightly red with excitement and arousal. The smell of sex was heavy in the air, and the sensations coming from her pussy and from her tits being rubbed against the sheets made Sandra growl; a low, guttural sound almost like a she-wolf in heat. Then it was upon her.

"Oh, Alex!!" she cried as the first spasm shook her. "Alex!!!"

After that, she was lost in a haze of pleasure. She groaned loudly, her entire body quivering as her muscles tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed in a steady rhythm. Minutes ticked by while Sandra slowly found her way down from the heights of her peak. She rolled over to lie on her back, once more cleaning herself up in the easiest way possible. By the time she was finished, she glanced at the clock, then gasped. It was ten to six.

"Oh, fuck!" she exclaimed. "I've been at it for three-quarters!"

Leaping to her feet, she hurried to change the sheets, then dashed for the bathroom. It wouldn't do to greet her father-in-law smelling like a ton of sex. After a quick clean-up, she put on a mild scent, then slipped into her casual clothes. She had just finished brushing her hair when she heard the door open.

"Honey, we're back," she heard Alex call. "They were really biting today!"

Almost running down the hall, Sandra was just in time to greet John as he made his way to the kitchen with their catch. She kissed his cheek, then turned to Alex. As always, Sandra was stunned by her lover's beauty. She took a couple of seconds to look her over; that long, blond hair, those bright blue eyes. Big, soft breasts beneath a tight shirt. No matter that they had been married for ten years, now, she never tired of Alex's looks. As the two of them kissed, Sandra briefly rubbed her hand down the front of Alex's trousers, making her gasp.

"What's with you today?" Alex whispered. "Not that I'm complaining..."

"I'll tell you later," Sandra whispered back, ushering her wife towards the kitchen. "Hell, I'll even show you."