Anal Nurse 6

FF/Domination-Submission/Anal Sex/Strap on/


Authors: britisha_luvs_anl & nastilatinabitch


Harriet Burnside

Jaz Lewis

Danica Sellers

Lila Jergens

Here's JAZ!!

Jaz Lewis is the head nurse in Emergency. She is African American, 5'-8",

with medium-sized breasts, a "v"-shaped waist, and a round, shapely rear end

(think VIVICA FOX)... she has shoulder-length brown hair, a bright, pretty face,

and is very well-liked by everyone on staff, both men and women. Part of the reason

is her competence and skill as a nurse, partly because she's fucked a few of

the men and a dozen or so of the women, at which is VERY well-skilled.

Since her last escapade with a man (two years ago), Jaz has dedicated

herself to females only. She gives a friendly blow-job or two every so often,

or when necessary to advance her career or fatten her bank account, but those

instances are few and far between...for the most part she is an "all woman" woman...

she steps into the Nurse's locker room, and is greeted by the sight of Harriett Burnside's

mammoth tits, barely-contained in a black lace bra, bouncing and swaying in their flimsy bra

cups as the lushly-built brunette struggles to push her tight her nurse's uniform, which is

bunched at her waist, down over her womanly hips.

Jaz is stopped-short by the beauty and utter voluptuousness of the sexy brunette; she's heard

From her friend Irinia Kalenko what a sweet piece of ass Harriett is, and now she will get the

chance to judge for herself...

Harriet has managed to get away from the nurse's station without being noticed and if all

goes well, she will be able to make her way home a bit earlier than usual, for once.

One reason is so that she can visit with her children for a bit; another is to avoid any more

"back-door shenanigans" any of the randy female hospital staff may be in the mood for.

She slips into the nurses' locker room and quickly spins the dial on her locker combination

lock. She draws down the zipper tab at the rear of her uniform and is wriggling free of it,

breathing a sigh of relief, when the locker-room door opens and Jaz Lewis, the supervisor

of the Emergency Room nurses, strides in.

Harriett has heard all bout her counterpart in Emergency; she over-heard a conversation one

of her subordinates, Sally Beyers, was having with one of her co-workers a few days ago.

The crux of the discussion was that Jaz had banged Sally in the rear so hard the night before

that the brassy blonde was unable to sit down without discomfort ever since.

Harriet is also aware that Jaz and Irinia are very chummy and that knowing the black woman's

predilections, it is very likely that Jaz is now on the prowl for HER. All hopes of sneaking-away

early to see her children (or to avoid another rough-house ass-fucking) desert the beautiful nurse

as Jaz approaches her.

"Gawd; what a pair!" the sexy nursing supervisor exclaims, her eyes full of admiration as they

rove over the shapely figure of her half-nude counterpart. Once she is close enough, she helps

herself to double-handfuls, rather PALM-fuls, of Harriet's bountiful, bra-clad bosoms.

As one hand continues to squeeze and fondle the squirming brunette's milk-heavy jug,

the other slithers down and around to roam the lush, well-padded flesh of her left buttock.

"Damn; no wonder Irinia was tryin' to keep you a secret" Jaz chortles.

"I hope you don't have plans for tonight, sweetie; I gotta have some'a this"

"W-W-well, I-I haven't seen my daughters in a week, and I was hoping to spend some time

with them this evening" Harriet manages to gasp.

Jaz thinks it over briefly; she is a mother herself and understands Harriett's position. Not so

much that she will deny her lust for the out-landishly stacked RN's body, though...

"Be at my house by 10 tonight"

The black woman stuffs a slip of paper into Harriet's bra, and with a final squeeze of the

sumptuous flesh she caresses so boldly, she heads-out the door, humming a rap tune.

Harriet Pays the PIPER

She kneels on all-fours, her head resting on Jaz' luxurious leather sofa; as soon as she had arrived,

ten minutes earlier, Jaz led into her living room and after pawing her for a few minutes, stripped her down

to the bra and garter-belt ensemble she is still clad in and went to work on Harriett's sore, over-worked asshole.

She licked and tongued it for as long as she could stand it, then strapped-on a long, fat ebony dong, slathered it with

vaseline, and got behind the hapless beauty...

Harriet groans as the thick truncheon presses hard against her sore, battered ass-pucker: it stretches and

stretches and stretches, then, finally, blessedly, the tapered crown pops past her besieged anal sphincter, just

inside the ring of muscle; Harriet knows that the worst of the penetration is over, and breathes a sigh of relief.

Her respite is very brief indeed; Jaz is so hot that she barely gives her partner a chance to get used to the

massive intrusion before she is thrusting into her hard and deep. Harriet cries-out thinly, her body rocking and

jerking violently in response to Jaz' deep, ramming thrusts. Jaz' hips crash repeatedly against Harriet's big,

firm buttocks; they ripple and wobble with each contact. Little choking sobs escape Harriet's parched throat

as the rawness and nastiness of the butt-sex overwhelm her.

Harriet's bowels cramp painfully; the need to defecate is now very strong but the relentlessly-burrowing

anal invader is cutting a wicked path through her shitty depths. Jaz' hips don't pause a whit in their endless,

machine-like pistoning; the little friction she encounters is easily defeated by the mighty rubber baseball bat

she wields.

Harriett mewls and groans as she is deeply, relentlessly impaled; the initial discomfort of the penetration is now

mostly diminished, replaced by a lewd type of pleasure as the wide rubber shaft fills the innermost recesses of

the submissive brunette's most private place.

Harriett's passage is well lubricated now, and as the head of her lover's cock burrows smoothly inside her she roll

her hips from side to side to establish a good sheath for it. Harriett squeals joyfully; Jaz has taken complete control

of her and the dominance is, in itself, a powerful aphrodisiac.

Her orgasm looms, getting closer and closer until she explodes, her back bows and arches, sweat splintering

off their rocking bodies, her breasts thrust up, her mouth torn open in a loud cry. Jaz' face contorts in a savage

rictus of lust, her hips never cease their steady, deep, savage pumping, pumping, pumping... Poor Harriett's

wide-open asshole convulses frantically around the thick latex spear. Each thrust makes her choke and gasp and cry out,

makes her jerk and lurch spasmodically. Jaz keeps going, ramming wildly into her, her own orgasm recedes.

Gradually, he slows, her strokes much slower; long, smooth thrusts that drew small, broken moans of pure pleasure

from her beautiful female lover.

Introducing Danica Sellers...

Danica Sellers strides into the spacious office formerly occupied by Lew Waltrip, who has retired suddenly after two

mild strokes. A nationwide search has netted the hospital one of the best and most well-thought-of administrators in the

industry, the beautiful and blonde Danica. She has a Master's Degree in Business, and is known as a tight-fisted fiscal

tyrant who had turned three previous hospitals around that had been headed for serious financial issues. She is a whiz

with personnel as well, especially the FEMALE staff...twice divorced, she is "bi" but hadn't had sex with a man in years.

At 5'7", 130 well-proportioned pounds (36-25-36), Danica does not lack for female admirers, and is in the habit of bedding

a few of the female staff wherever she happens to be working at the time; discreetly, of course. She is confident that the same

will happen here.

As she flips through a few documents on the desk, the inter-com buzzes...


"Mrs. Lila Jergens to see you, Ms Sellers"

Mmmm...Lila Jergens...she's heard all bout Mrs. Jergens from her new best friend, Had Nurse Kalenko...

"Send her in"...

Chapter 7

The Return of Lila Jergens