Keeping in Touch

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexuality between females.

My name is Melanie and I'm twenty one years old. It was a nice, hot Saturday morning when I awoke to the sound of the news blasting on the radio and the smell of fresh coffee from the kitchen. I wasn't much of an early riser, and mixed with what my girlfriend and I had done the night before, I felt more like staying in bed and giving my body a much needed rest. I was never one to back down from a challenge though, and apparently neither was my girlfriend, Keri. We had both been caught up in a back and forth game of dare for the last little while, a game which neither of us wanted to lose. It started out with little things like getting phone numbers from guys and buying sexy lingerie, but every one of our dares would gradually became more dangerous and exciting.

My last challenge for Keri had been the most daring of any we had attempted but, not willing to back down, she had pulled it off. I had made her wear an open blouse with her red silk bra underneath and actually walk four blocks to the post office to mail a letter of mine. When I found out that she did it, my jaw literally hit the floor knowing that my next turn was going to be even worse.

I sat up from the sheets and reached for my pajamas, which rested halfway across the room from the night before. They happened to be the result of another successful dare on my part as well. Keri had made me ask a hot male clerk at a department store where I could find some pink pajamas with little zoo animals on them. Consequently, I was beat red the entire time and every time I visited the store afterwards that same hot clerk would always smirk at me and even offer to help pick out more pajamas.

After slipping on my animal pajamas, I left the bedroom and made my way to the kitchen to find Keri sitting at the table with a newspaper in her hands. She let it fall away from her face as I stood next to the counter, giving her my usual 'half asleep' smile.

"And why, might I ask, are you up so early this morning?" I asked.

"Planning the move, Mel, planning the move," she replied. "Hard to think though, after last night."

I ran my hand through my disheveled hair, reminiscing about the very hot events of the night before and grinning.

"Oh, I know. I'm just that good," I answered.

"Maybe in bed, girl, but not when it comes to our little game."

"You have your dare ready then?" I asked.

"Still thinking," she stated. "The stakes are getting higher now, Mel, and I'm looking forward to seeing you choke."

"Hah, maybe all of that sex did get to your head, Keri."

She smiled, reaching for her coffee.

"We'll see, Mel. We'll see."

I poured myself a hot cup and sat down next to her. Keri had long black hair, tied back behind her head, and she wore only a long red t-shirt as she sat at the table. She kept her legs crossed as she rested the base of the newspaper on her thighs. I looked down at them, grinning to myself and watching her toe twitch every so often. It hadn't been a few hours and already I felt a little horny again. With that feeling mixed with my coffee, I was fully awake in a matter of minutes.

After our hot breakfast Keri and I each had a shower and sat together in the bedroom, picking out clothes for the day. Neither of us were the extreme skimpy type in terms of dressing, but we both had our fair share of showy garments. Keri dressed in a pair of black jeans and a halter top I had bought her as a birthday present and proceeded to watch me look through the drawers for something of my own to wear.

As I reached for a similar pair of jeans Keri peered down at my legs. "I want you to wear a skirt today, Mel."

I looked at her, puzzled.

"Any particular reason?"

"I think you'd look nice in one for today is all," she replied.

I gave her a dirty look for a second then reached for one of my skirts from the dresser drawer. I picked out a knee length black skirt, the kind I often wore to work, and showed it to Keri. She nodded in approval and I slipped it on over my underwear.

"Any other clothing recommendations for today?" I asked, standing in the black skirt and my bra.

She shook her head. "That should be enough for now I think," she answered slyly.

With that, I opened the closet and picked out a light blue blouse, nothing out of the ordinary for my tastes. Keri watched as I finished getting dressed and let her fingers twist through her hair, playfully, as if to aid her in hatching the master plan. When we finally left the bedroom and made our way to the door I finally spoke up.

"This skirt thing wouldn't have anything to do with our little risk game now, would it?"

Keri gave me a sly look and answered, "Maybe. But you're never one to back down from a challenge now, are you Melanie?"

"Of course not," I replied valiantly.

Keri then reached inside the closet and pulled out a small parcel about the size of a box of crackers.

"Good, then you won't mind taking this package with you today when you go to the shopping mall."

"I'm going to the shopping mall, am I. And I suppose you're not accompanying me, am I right?"

"No, I unfortunately have a few errands to run, but we'll still be keeping in touch, of course." She made another sly grin, retrieving my cell phone from a nearby charger. "You're going to call me from your cell on the way there."

"Am I," I answered, staring down at the parcel I had been handed. It didn't take me long to realize what was strange about it.

"Something wrong?"

"Wait a minute," I began. "This package is addressed to us."

Keri handed me my cell phone and smiled. "Of course it is, silly. That's part of our little game for today. I'll explain it when you get there."

"This is just getting better and better," I said, sarcastically.

"Oh this is only the beginning, sweetheart," Keri answered, pushing me out the door and locking it behind her. She then turned around and reached out her palm. "And now you can give me your key, Melanie."

"What for?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Just so that you won't be persuaded to come home early. And besides, I'll be home before you anyway."

I reluctantly handed over my key to our place and we made our way downstairs to our cars. From there, Keri gave me the extra attachments to my cell phone which included a headset with a mic right on the cord so that I wouldn't have to physically hold the phone up to my ear as I browsed the mall.

"Your lucky that I wanted to take a trip to the mall anyway, Keri," I said, still a little annoyed by her strange demands.

She gave me a silent wink and we got into our cars. I then put on the headset and Keri made a quick call from her own cell phone just to make sure it worked before we both got on our way.

As soon as her car was out of sight I peered down at the small parcel on the passenger seat, still wondering why it was addressed to our apartment in the first place. I picked it up and shook it with one hand; it felt empty. Then, tossing it back on the seat, I made my way to the shopping mall at a leisurely pace.


Not even five minutes after my arrival at the mall, I was startled by a soft ring in my ears as I walked past the first few stores by the door. I reached in my pocket and answered the phone quickly.


"Keri," I answered, walking into a store.

"Are you there yet?" she asked, attentively.


"And are you ready to take my little challenge?"

I smirked.

"Something tells me that it's not going to be little, but yes."

"Mmm, you have good intuition, Mel. Now... first we're going to take a little stroll into one of your favorite stores," she said, playfully.

"Does it matter which one?" I asked.

"As long as it has a changing room, sweetheart."

I already happened to be in one of my favorite stores so I easily picked out a pair of nice jeans as if I were going to try them on and made my way into the fitting room. The one farthest down the small corridor was empty. I walked inside and closed the door behind me.

"Okay," I answered quietly, smiling to myself as I sat down. I was shaking a bit from the excitement but was at the same time still puzzling over what I was about to do.

"Now," Keri began, "take the package I gave you and open it up."

"It's empty," I replied, after obeying her orders.

"Now, Melanie, I want you to slip out of your panties and put them inside the package."

"What?" I asked, loudly.

"You heard me, silly, off with the underwear," Keri giggled over the phone.

I made a few grumbling noises as I quietly reached under my skirt and slid my panties down to my ankles and brought them into my hand. I took a series of long, steady breaths to slow my heart rate before finally answering Keri again.

"Okay, they're off," I said, sounding annoyed.

Keri giggled even more in excitement.

"Feeling naughty yet, honey?" she asked slyly.

"Mmmm... a little," I mused, trying to sound uninterested though my heart was still racing. "What's the package for?"

"You're going to put it in the mailbox, and when it gets back to our place with your underwear inside I'll know you actually did this and weren't cheating. Just a little insurance, Mel."

"I'm crushed, Keri. You don't trust me?" I asked, playfully.

"Well if you are cheating you're sure fooling me right now."

I placed my discarded panties in the package and closed it up again, setting it down.

"Is this all I have to do?"

"Mmm... maybe you could start by just playing with yourself a bit, that'll help."

"You're pushing it, Keri."

"You can back out at any time, Mel, just say the word."

"Not a chance," I replied, looking down at myself.

Hesitantly, I brought one of my hands down under my skirt and set my fingers on top of my thigh, rubbing myself just slightly. My breaths came out in shaky waves of air as I let my fingers slide across my pussy lips for a moment. I was hoping not to become wet at all costs.

"Not backing out I see, or rather hear," Keri whispered, listening to my deep breaths. "Well then perhaps this will be a little fun."

I ran my free hand through my hair and peered at the closed door of the stall with narrowed eyes.

"I'm listening," I uttered, softly.

"Mmmm... that's my girl. Now, I want you to gently wet one of your fingers with your tongue, and I want to hear it, too."

As to her demands, I brought my hand from my hair and held it near the microphone as best I could as I slowly brought it into my mouth and sucked on it quietly. On the other end of the phone came the sound of more quiet laughing and heavy breathing as Keri savoured every moment of our conversation.

"Okay," she whispered in a seductive voice. "Now I want you to run that wet finger up your inner thigh until it reaches your lips."

I felt a rush of heat course through my body as Keri's whispers flowed through the headset. My legs spread further apart as I removed my other hand and brought my wet finger to my warm thigh, sighing loudly. From there I ran it up my trembling leg until it reached the now wet lips of my pussy. I cursed to myself under my breath but continued without further hesitation.

"Is this all you've got, Keri?" I asked, between breaths.

"Ohh, so you think this is easy, huh? Well let's step up the pace then," she pronounced. "Slowly slide your wet finger inside your pussy for me, Mel."

Gently I brought my finger against the lips of my cunt and finally slid it inside, restraining a moan at the same time. Already I felt warm and slick inside as the excitement began to grow more and more pleasurable. Outside my stall I could hear other people browsing about and finding empty change rooms to use. My face was almost completely red with anxiety and embarrassment as I watched my finger slide in and out of my wet pussy. Over the phone Keri listened to my quiet moans which were gradually becoming louder with each passing moment.

"Oh god, girl, now you're starting to make me wet," she giggled.

"Am I done?" I asked between moans.

"Don't you dare stop yet, I want you to fuck yourself nice and slow, Mel."

Her words made me smile to myself as I sunk further into the corner of the stall and let my legs spread farther apart. My juices began to flow almost immediately as I felt a small stream run from my pussy lips and onto the seat. I quickly covered myself with my entire hand, taking a deep breath of fright.

"What's wrong?" Keri asked.

"Keri, I'm so wet here that my juices are running onto the seat."

"That's the idea, Melanie. The danger, the anxiety, doesn't it make it all that much more fun?"

As much as I wanted to say no, I knew she was right. I slid my wet fingers along the lips of my cunt and stared at the door to the stall, hoping that no one would notice. My breathing became increasingly louder and after a few moments I began to feel the perspiration run down my forehead, though I was unsure if it was from excitement or anxiety.

"Ohhhhh fuck... you don't expect me to... climax here, do you?" I asked, between breaths.

Keri giggled devilishly on her end.

"You just keep at it until I think of what to do next, Mel. And if you cum, all the better."

"Thanks," I replied, rather sarcastically.

Finally, letting go of a few more inhibitions, I let my fingers slide across my clit for the first time, causing a jolt to run through my body from my first small orgasm. I clenched my teeth and my free hand, holding back the sound of my voice which wanted to make a small squeal as a gentle flow of my juices poured over my fingers. My knees came together for a moment, holding one hand between my legs tightly while the other covered my mouth. The orgasm rushed through my body quickly. My hand felt warm and drenched between my legs as I stifled the flow as best I could.

"Did you come yet, Mel? I'll bet you did," Keri giggled. She was loving every second of it from the safety of her end of the line. "Mmm... I wish I could be in there with you, with my tongue between your legs to lap up ever last drop of your girl cum."

After biting my hand for a few seconds the rush of ecstasy finally passed. My voice was full of anger when I answered her.

"You won't be giggling when I make you..."

Just as I spoke up, I was startled by a loud knock at the stall door. I turned completely white.

"Excuse me, are you finished yet?" the voice said.

I couldn't manage a reply as I jumped up from my seat and straightened my skirt back out. The door, which I had unknowingly forgotten to lock in my haste was now open and a woman holding a few garments of clothing was standing in front of me, impatiently.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just finishing up and..."

"How long does it take to try on a pair of jeans?" she asked, glaring at me.

While I was apologizing, Keri listened in and was almost head over heals laughing as I blubbered in front of the woman who nearly caught me masturbating. I began to get angry myself.

"Why don't you mind your own business?" I asked, glaring back.

I reached onto the bench and retrieved my belongings, noticing the wet fluids still dripping from the seat. I quickly placed the jeans over top and wiped it off as best I could before walking past the woman and tossing the jeans onto a pile of clothing next to the changing stalls. Then, without looking back I quickly rushed out of the store and started walking up an escalator just in case.

When my breath finally slowed Keri was able to control her giggling.

"Well, that was a close one now, wasn't it?"

"That's definitely an understatement," I answered, managing a smile.

"But did it feel good at least, Mel?"

"Mmm... pretty good. Not the kind of thing I'd like to do on a regular basis or anything."

"That's nice to hear because we're not finished yet, Melanie," Keri said, sounding sly as ever.

"Oh, and what did you have in mind now?"

"First, you can go put the package in the mail. Then I'll think of something."

"You know, I could be lying and take the opportunity to take my panties off now and send them to you," I replied.

"Maybe," Keri stated. "But you didn't, of course. I know you can't fake those kind of moans, even when you're quiet, Mel."

"I guess you've got me there."

We both had a quick laugh as I dropped the package holding my underwear into the mailbox. Her plan actually was quite smart when I thought about it; though it's whole premise centered on my honesty. I hadn't disappointed her though, and I definitely still felt wet from my little naughty adventure.

"So," Keri began. "What do we do with a young, very wet woman who has no underwear and is strolling around in a public place in a skirt?"

"Send her home?" I added, in a hopeful manner.

Keri giggled. "Nice try, Melanie, but I think we have to try at least one more big thing before we call it quits today. I'm already wet myself and I wouldn't want to disappoint either of us."

"You haven't been able to scare me away from anything yet, Keri, and you know what that means."

"Of course I do, now let's head from the washroom, shall we?"

"Already thought of what I'm doing next?" I asked.

"Sort of," she replied.

I made my way towards the food court, which had a sign for both men and women's restrooms.

"And what, may I ask, are you doing on your end of the line while I'm doing this?" I inquired, listening to her breath which was slightly louder than usual.

"Well," Keri whispered. "Right now I've got my hand between my legs, and I'm rubbing my fingers across my pussy real light and slow..."

"Are you in your car still?"

"Yes. It's nice and safe in here, though I can't say the same for your current location."

"How convenient," I muttered.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, you'll get your turn. Now, are you in the washroom yet?"

"Yes," I stated.

"Is anyone else in there with you?"

"Mmm hmm," I answered quietly, looking over at the mirrors where someone stood rummaging through her purse.

"Excellent, now go into one of the stalls, preferably a large one if possible."

Calmly, I walked past the woman at the mirror to the far end of the washroom and went into one of the only large stalls, locking the door behind me.

"Okay," I whispered.

"This time we're going to get really daring, Melanie. I hope you're still up to it," Keri stated, holding back giggles of excitement."

"I'm ready for anything, Keri," I whispered, prominently.

"Can I trust you to do exactly as I say, Mel?"

"Yes, I promise I'll do it, Keri."

She finally let out her giggle, as if what she was about to say was beyond sensible risk.

"Okay, Melanie, now I want you to quietly take your top off and set it aside."

"What?!" I whispered, almost in shock.

"Your top, Mel, it has to come off. And your bra, too."

"You have got to be kidding me, Keri. I won't do it."

"Ohhh, well that's a shame I guess. Backing out so easily..."

"Okay, wait a minute," I said, hesitantly. "Fine, I'm not backing out. I've already come this far I guess."

Keri giggled with more excitement.

"Then off with the top, honey."

After moments of more silent debate, I gave in. Slowly, I removed my ear piece and set it down for a moment as I pulled off my top and placed it on the hanger along with my purse. Then, disregarding all of my sense and reason, I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, letting it fall down my shoulders and into my hands. I set it with my top and placed the ear piece back in place, holding myself with both hands as the temperature in the restroom became apparent.

"Okay, it's done," I stated.

"Really? That was fast."

"I did it, now what?"

"Patience, sweetheart, we'll begin soon enough," she mused. "What bathroom are you in anyway, I want to picture this scene."

"The one near the food court."

"Mmm... and you're sitting there wearing only socks, shoes and a skirt. Oh my god, that is the naughtiest thing I've ever heard. Talk about how to make a girl wet."

"You may be wet but I'm freezing," I replied.

"Well let's get you warmed up then... I want you to run your hands from your neck down to your breasts, and then your stomach..."

As to her words, I placed my hands near my neck and ran my fingers downward until I reached my breasts and my nipples which were beginning to harden.

"Mmm hmm," I whispered, taking deep breaths.

"And now I want you to slowly spread your legs once more, and reach between them. Feel how wet your pussy is, Melanie. Tell me how wet it is."

Slowly, I lifted my skirt and ran my fingers across my cunt, cringing for a moment. I gradually began to feel warm as the sensations grew more pleasing with each touch. My fingers bathed in an already present wetness that had derived from my engagements in the changing room.

"My pussy is so wet," I whispered. "It's warm and soft against my fingers."

"Ohhhhh Melanie, yes. Now run your fingers across your clit nice and slow..."

With a deep breath slowly inhaled I let my fingers slide around my clit, brushing up against it from both sides with my ring and index finger for a few moments. And with my other hand I gently supported my breasts and kept my eyes firmly near the base of the stall door just in case. After a few seconds I finally heard the door open and close; I was all alone.

"She's gone," I uttered softly.

"Then you don't have to be so quiet anymore, Mel. Give it a try," she replied, with an overwhelming giddiness in her voice.

Hesitantly I listened silently for any sounds, hoping that I was indeed free to stop whispering my growing excitement.

"Hello?" I called out loudly.

No answer. I imagined a similar, wicked smile coming to both Keri's face and mine simultaneously.

"Okay, it's clear already, now let's pick up the volume a little," Keri stated.

I took in another deep breath then rested my shoulders, looking down at my exposed pussy and my fingers gently massaging in circles around my clit. Then, after enough waiting I let out my first prominent moan as I let my middle finger gently push against it. A quick rush of ecstasy coursed through my body as I lowered myself even more. I gradually slowed my movements as I attempted to calm my breathing.

"Ohhhh... fffuck. Okay, okay, I think we're done here," I said quickly.

"I want to hear you cum, Melanie, you don't want to stop. Just let go."

I let out a loud whimper as I slid my middle finger back and forth across my wet clit. The rest of my fingers gently caressed my lips and continued to soak in every last drop of my thick fluids as I rustled my feet against the floor in a haze of pleasure. On the other end of my cell phone Keri continued to voice her own quiet moans as if she were fingering herself at the same time, as I imagined she probably was.

"Unnhhhh... Oh fuck, I wish you were here to... help me with this," I giggled, looking up at the ceiling for a moment.

"Too bad, honey. You're doing fine by yourself anyway, now don't you dare stop. I can almost hear the sounds of that beautiful, creamy pussy from here."

releasing my breasts, I brought my other hand slowly up to my lips, letting my index finger slide inside my mouth. Then, after a few seconds I brought it from my mouth to the lips of my quivering pussy. I gently let it slip inside, biting my lip as I let out an inward heave of a breath. Slowly, I felt the pressure building inside me, just waiting to be released.

"Keri! Ohhh god, I'm close... Mmmmmm..." I yelled out loud, no longer minding my volume.

Over the phone Keri's quick breathing could be heard as she listened silently. I finally built up the courage to close my eyes and almost completely give in to the pleasure as I leaned further back. My entire body felt hot and cold at the same time as my back rested against the freezing wall of the restroom. I spread my legs further apart and began to slide my index finger in and out slowly, making faint sloshing sounds along with my rhythmic moaning. My juices freely flowed from my pulsating cunt onto the back of my skirt and the toilet seat as I held my head high and moaned ravenously. With a quick, hard pass across my clit with my finger I let out a prominent yelp of passion.

"I'm cumming, Keri! I'm cumming!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I locked my knees together as a hot stream of my cum burst forth and soaked my fingers and my inner thighs. My yells came out in two second intervals as my heart pounded against my chest, and my hands flattened against my pussy to force a stop to my gushing fluids. I began to feel light headed as the hot sensations of my body overcame any sense of cold I had left. The thick stream of my girl cum flowed continuously between my fingers as my head drooped forward. I let out increasingly faint moans in a futile attempt to overcome the effects of my climax. Completely lost in the sensations of absolute ecstasy I continued to caress my swollen clit with my fingers as my juices splashed onto the seat and began to gush onto the tiled floor at my feet. A final pass by my drenched cunt with my fingers was enough to send me to the stars a second time.

"Ohhh fuck... Keri, I'm... I'm... "

My second climax jolted my entire body as another small spurt of my juices flowed from my pussy. My sudden motions caused me to slip and fall to the floor with a small thump. I immediately felt the cool sensations travel up my back and all through my wet, nearly exhausted body. With a final contraction, the flow of my thick fluids finally slowed to a stop, though not without ruining what was left of my skirt and drenching part of the floor. I began to laugh, caught up in an almost drunken state of happiness and arousal just as I heard the sound of the door opening.

A shock of fear jolted my body and I completely froze, listening and trembling fanatically as the door opened and the sound of footsteps entered the restroom. I lifted my head and peered under the stall door as the pair of legs walked up to the mirror and began to make rummaging sounds through a purse.

"Just putting on makeup," I thought, in a frenzy of absolute fright. "She's not going to the bathroom, and not coming over here."

I wished that I could talk to Keri on the other end of the line, but still only her breathing could be heard. She knew someone was in the bathroom as well and was staying silent to help me, no doubt. Seconds passed by, I began to tremble from the cold floor as I felt my juices soaking into my skirt and ruining almost any chance I had of walking out of the mall without raising suspicion.

My breathing desperately remained silent, though I was nearly hyperventilating. I pulled my wet skirt back down over my bare pussy and stared back at the legs of the woman. Her rummaging seemingly stopped and I let out a silent breath of relief, hoping that she was about to leave. But, instead of turning to leave the washroom, she turned directly towards me and began walking towards my stall.

I turned completely white with fear. I tucked in my feet in the hopes that I had not been seen. The legs came closer, closer, and soon she was standing in the stall directly beside mine. I held my breath, not making any sound at all for as long as I could. She continued to stand there, as if staring at the toilet in front of her. I began to sweat profusely. It was too much to bear. I let out my breath in a violent series of coughs which immediately startled the pair of legs into turning directly towards me.

They left my sight as the woman stepped onto the toilet. I was inches away from passing out.

"Oh my god! What are you doing?!" the voice asked, shocked as she looked over the wall of the stall.

I was ready to pass out; It was all over. In a final gesture of my failing strength I peered up at the woman who was most likely about to have me exposed or arrested. I turned from completely white to completely red.


"Hiya, sport. Been busy I see."

The ear piece to her cell phone was still set in her ear as she gave me one of the biggest grins I'd ever seen and reached in her purse. Then, with a camera pointed right at my half naked body covered in sweat and girl cum, she took a quick snap shot and then winked at me.

"I'm going to kill you," I stated, angrily.

"Now, now, Mel. You should be happy. We finally have a winner for our little risk game."

"Me?" I asked, surprised.

"Yep," she answered, stepping down from the toilet. "Congratulations, I never thought you'd be up to any of this."

I managed to sit up and unlock the stall door to let her in.

"Neither did I," I whimpered, dropping my head back down to the floor with exhaust.

"Ohhh, we will definitely have to get this picture framed," she giggled.

"You had this planned all along?" I asked.

"Well, to be honest... yes."

"I am definitely going to kill you."

We both smiled as the first sense of total relief I had felt for the day hit me almost like another climax. Keri looked down at me, putting her hand on her hip.

"Mmm, I love the sweet smell of hot Melanie in the morning," she giggled. "Now that's what I call good phone sex."

"Definitely," I replied. "So what's my prize for winning our little risk game, Keri?"

"Oh, I don't know... A nice dinner for two at a fancy restaurant on me, then maybe a second helping later tonight in the bedroom, your rules of course."

A grin grew on my face as I thought of the idea. Keri returned my smile and reached out her hand, peering at the soaked floor and the stream of girl cum running from between my legs still.

"You must have really been going at it, girl. There should be a wet floor sign put here when we leave."

I finally was able to stand once more, and after I removed the cell phone attachment from my ear I began to sneering at Keri with a very familiar sly look.

"Who says we're leaving just yet?"

Before she could answer, I pulled Keri into the stall and locked the door once more as she stared at me with wide and bewildered eyes. I stifled her voice with a long and passionate kiss that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. And before either of us had a chance to take in another breath, I already had my hand inside her unbuttoned jeans...


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