Maison du Velours

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexuality between females.

"Sexual pleasure is a passion to which all others are subordinate but in which they all unite."
-The Marquis de Sade


Lacoste; the consequence of an ill-fated serein, as well as the only dwelling within the horizon's reach. I approached the small village, determined to further my distance from the shackles of a repugnant convent only days at my back. My destination adopted the precise allure of nature and equivocal libertinage in its display that I had been warned against in my previous life. However, far removed from any such villages one would call accommodating, it would suffice a night's rest.

My cloak bore the perforations of a week's travel, covering my only attire and a pocket of daubed currency. I advanced onto the main road, at last able to spare my clothing of the full torrent of rainfall with the nearby households and cabarets. Candlelight spilled from the windows of each dwelling onto the darkened streets where small masses perused each pub and filled every interior. The night air was made thick with mist and ardor, and the inhabitants seemed wary but uncouth to my presence among them.

I was approached near the first tavern by one such vaurien.

"Qu'est-ce que c'est? I know you from somewhere. Where have you been this night? Come, let's to my chambers out of this storm and relieve you of those wet clothes."

His breath and beard smelled of spirits, but the mug in his hand was less subtle. I wrapped my cloak around my chest tightly.

"Pardonnez-moi, monsieur, but you are mistaken. I do not know you, and likewise."

His intrusive step forward forced me against a wall with my subsequently large step backwards. I clutched my pocket, though it was clear my assets weren't of interest to the vaurien. My subtle objection seemed to further his encroachment.

"What is your name?" asked he. "Once I know more of you then I can be sure to find some very enjoyable ways of getting to know me."

I dared not speak an answer, trembling at the thought of having my name known to any of the town. I stepped forward, declaring my stance and denying further intrusion into me.

"Please, monsieur, let me be."

The vaurien's gaudy behavior transcended to a contentious rage in an instant. His free hand raised, I drove my arms forward, taking his already hindered balance to my advantage. A splash of wet silt covered my cloak, to say nothing of what came of his clothing. I made haste to leave the scene, already lamenting my choice of dwelling for the evening. In my wake a roar of laughter filled the opaque street.


Away from the small discord, I then came to another street more removed of onlookers. The laughs and banter of the recent scene still echoed nearby, where no doubt an angry recreant was also commencing his prowl. I made the decision, thereupon, to lodge somewhere other than outdoors for the night if at all possible.

In a nearby alleyway I stopped before a relatively dry settee and foolishly began cleansing my cloak of the matted silk. Soon following my attempts, I was approached yet again, this time by a being of less intimidating posture and manner.

"Bon soir, mademoiselle," came the voice. "Has the gallantry of the townspeople become apparent yet?"

"Oui, I think I am familiar now," said I.

She had a conciliating manner about her, marked by a smile of amenity. Her dress was near similar to mine, also hidden beneath a cloak for the loathsome weather. Her features seemed to blend with the shadows, leaving only her crimson lips and bright blue eyes in clear sight. The light scent of her perfume became a temporary reprieve from the serein.

"May I ask you your name?" inquired she. "Or will I find my face in the mud as well if I should?"

I felt the life in my cheeks.

"Adele. My name is Adele."

"Adele," she repeated, "c'est beau."

"Et vous?" asked I.

There was a short pause, and a smile came to her face as she seemed to contemplate her intended response.

"Je suis Charlotte."

"Bon soir, Charlotte," I pronounced, smiling for the first time since my arrival.

"May I assume that this is Adele's first visit to Lacoste?"

"Oui, I am traveling."

"To where, mademoiselle?" asked she.

"I am as much in question of that as you are."

"Oh, un aventurier. How exciting."

"Understand, I am not in search of the sort of excitement I just witnessed," answered I.

"Nor are many of this town, but few would have been so brave under similar circumstances."

"I have been acting out of the ordinary in many matters as of late, I confess."

Charlotte nodded obligingly, offering her hand with a smile.

"Are you in need of a lodging, Adele?"

I was reluctant to accept, fearing motive behind her atticism.

"I... am somewhat hesitant when it comes to accepting courtesy, perhaps derived from the lack of it I am supplied. Forgive my caution, Charlotte."

She continued to smile, withdrawing her hand and instead reaching into a pocket.

"Perhaps Adele would be more obliged to a more direct form of courtesy," said she. I puzzled for a moment as Charlotte produced a small amount of currency in her right hand and set it before me. "Pour vous."

Caution bred confusion, then concordance. I accepted her gift, feeling at fault for denying her previous offer.


"It is the least I can offer to such a lovely aventurier," replied she.

Her flattery brought even greater blushes to my face as I looked towards the street.

"Where do you reside, Charlotte?"

"Mmm... two accordances in return for none hardly seems just," said she, shaking her finger jovially. "But perhaps we shall meet again for your opportunity to thank me. Au revoir, Adele."

Charlotte rested her arm back under her cloak and turned away. I felt slighted to follow, instead taking rest upon a nearby settee, underneath a strengthened overhang which kept the rain at bay. My newest complice had already disappeared around a corner by the time I gazed back in her direction. I fell asleep clutching myself and my newly acquired assets.


An hour hadn't passed and I was awoken by the sound of a passing carriage and two clattering horses. The serein had nearly subsided and only a tranquil drizzle of rain fell from the corners of the overhang under which I rested. The scent of damp birch splinters and burning torches now filled the air along with the still remaining clamor of unseemly rounders. Stagnancy and sobriety seemed as two unheard of virtues in Lacoste, I thought. If I was to get a decent night's rest it was not to be found in an alleyway in the very heart of a lively habitation. I rose from the settee, assuring myself of my small sum before removing from the alleyway and beginning my search for the nearest hostel.

Inns lined most every street, but cost seemed equally as abundant for each. If I was to stay at an inn it would have meant the reduction of half my assets in a single night, even with Charlotte's generous offering added to it. Determination, however, was a quality I held with vigor.

Among a row of lively dwellings I came upon a structure in the guise of a hostel, only lacking any visible sign or identification. It's exterior was set in damp concrete and dotted with small windows at points. It seemed a hostel at first glance; perhaps one of affordable but limited vacancy. I determined that investigating posed no apparent threat and approached the entrance.

An excitement mixed with trepidation embraced my muscles as I parted the dampened doors and entered the hostel. The warmth of an indoor environment was nearly enough to drown my consciousness into a restful sleep as I peered ahead. The lush hallways were draped with velvet curtains, as well as each divan and arm chair. Candles were set on nearly every wall, illuminating the interior with a dull but bright shade of amber. It seemed a temperate dwelling, with nearly every occupant traipsing scantily clad in warm colours and vibrant dresses. A deep fragrance of elegant perfume embraced my senses, gripping my emotion and calming my nerves. I hadn't stayed but for a moment and I was met by a sylphlike lady in what looked to be the most formal of all female attire in the chamber.

"May I help you, mademoiselle?" asked she.

"Is this not a hostel, ma dame?"

"Non, mademoiselle," said she, in poised amusement. "But the innocence of your observation is genuinely refreshing."

"Oh, I apologize, perhaps I should leave."

She took my hand, smiling amiably.

"You look frozen, mademoiselle, what is your name?"


"Well, Adele, it isn't very often that such elegant femmes turn up here by themselves. Do you require accommodations for the night?"

I merely thought of the outdoors and began to tremble once more. The warmth of the chamber seemed zealously inviting, far too agreeable to deny. I would not make the same mistake twice.

"I do," said I.

"You are welcome then in our establishment, Adele. Je suis Emilienne."

I politely curtseyed for my hostess.

"Bon soir, Emilienne," said I.

"Please, let me take that wet cloak. I will prepare a chamber upstairs, rest here until then."

Emilienne lifted my cloak from my back and folded it, turning towards the staircase with a delicate stride. Her hair was a deep shade of umber, curled near the front but straight otherwise. A gentle smile seemed embedded on her face, along with her felicitous grey eyes. An airy, light blue petticoat adorned her figure, extending nearly to the floor and complete with an elegant bodice and emerald necklace. Her attire was not exceedingly quiet, though it was clearly the most formal in the chamber as I had previously inferred.

I made rest on the arm chair near the door, tracing my eyes across the chamber and its inhabitants. Adjacent the staircase there sat a couple upon the same chair, lost in intemperate conversation and subtle actions of concupiscence, heedless to the presence of a host of others. Their actions, however, seemed somber in comparison to the display ay another corner of the chamber, this one involving two femmes. Pleasures of the flesh seemed as the subject matter of la Maison du Velours. I couldn't help but poke jest at my naivete moments earlier.

My presence roused the attention of a nearby courtisane who approached me with a winsome look in her countenance.

"Are you comfortable, mademoiselle? You look quite chilled from the evening wind."

"Chilled, but light of heart, ma dame," answered I.

"Oh, so polite... merci," said she, extending her hand. "Fleurisse, and you?"

"Oh, je suis Adele. Pleased to meet you."

Fleurisse had a bright shade of chestnut coloured hair, similar to mine only set behind her head. Her dress was more lively than that of most others, including my previous acquaintance. The length of her back could be seen and her arms were made bare. She held a feathered fan, just as many of the other courtisanes, and seemed to relish in the small puffs of air it provided. Her smile was thick with avidity.

"Will you be staying perchance, Adele? I doubt our maitresse would pass on such an agreeable addition to our establishment, nor would I given the sight of such a radiant jeune femme before me."

She seemed a courtisane of considerable flattery and compliments. Her speech easily melted my emotions and brought life to my smile and cheeks. Skill was apparent in her every subtle gesture. Before I could reply, Emilienne returned from the staircase. A cheery but grave look could be interpreted from her expression.

"I apologize, Adele, but I could not find a room for a single occupant. It would seem that every chamber is set for at least one of us for the night. You would have to join with one of them and I'm sure that you would not be interes..."

Fleurisse seemed to hold in a spell of zest.

"Merveilleux! I have the very solution, maitresse. Adele may stay with me tonight."

Emilienne looked in my direction.

"Is this acceptable? I see no trouble in it if Fleurisse is interested, but it is your decision, mademoiselle."

Difficult as it may have been to decide if other options were available, I felt the unseen limbs of the chamber at my heels, beckoning me further somehow. One thought of what possible wretches awaited me beyond the exit was more than enough to confirm my decision.

"It is acceptable, ma dame, more than acceptable."

"You do understand the undertakings of our establishment, Adele." Emilienne prompted.

"Oui," said I, somewhat unnerved.

"Not that they concern you, of course," Emilienne stated, smiling. "I shall prepare the chamber shortly then. You are free to converse with the others until such time."

Emilienne then turned towards the stairs, leaving me beside the ever-eloquent Fleurisse.

"Do not worry, my dear Adele," said she. "We are all of us quite accommodating to guests. I will be with you shortly as well."

Upon her words she made her return to her previous engagements, dalliance with a number of the other 'guests' as she put them. I was left alone in a sea of velvet and perfume, mixed with the mild fervor of candlelight and inspired breathing.

I began to trace my way along the wall, avoiding most inhabitants as I continued deeper into the main chamber. The interior was decidedly luxurious for such a small town, taking on the near appearance of an equitable establishment. Each room was marked by partial walls at places, serving as large door frames almost and hung with elegantly coloured but undrawn curtains. With each step I was eyed by the various courtisanes set throughout the chambers, some in more errant attire than others. Those who were not sitting seemed to enjoy crossing my path at the exact moment I approached, daintily examining the stranger who walked among them with sly inquisitiveness.

At length I came upon a door frame in the far corner of the establishment which was nearly drowned in darkness, with only a single candle's light set in the center of the room. I looked around, wondering if I would be at fault if I were to investigate the strange chamber. The majority of the others seemed unaware of the room, instead remaining nearby but still distant to the entryway as if its ominousness eluded them.

I approached the entrance, stunned by a mellifluous voice from within the shadows.

"Searching for an enjoyable night's rest, mademoiselle?" came the voice. "Many would say you have come to the right place."

I remained standing in the door frame, narrowing my eyes to catch a glimpse of the suppressed figure. Her features were partially shrouded as she sat near the single light source. Decorated vases of flowers rested at various points throughout the room, all staged around the small table at which the mystic courtisane sat. Her docile movements and redolent perfume nearly served to entrance my senses.

"What is this place?" asked I, curiously.

"A place mademoiselle, where the very threads of ecstasy are sewn into each bed and its occupants," said she. "There have been innumerable titles, but many have come to call this place la Maison du Velours."

The courtisane produced a single rose in her hand which she began to examine, calmly. Locks of ebony hair rested on her shoulders and her attire bore a similar resemblance to Emilienne's, though perhaps more ravishing in its display. Her lips remained the only major portion of her features set in the dim candlelight.

"So this is indeed not an ordinary inn," said I.

A smile could be made out in her expression.

"Perception does not seem to be one of your greatest gifts, Adele," replied she.

"You know my name?"

"Word travels quickly when one such as yourself calls upon this establishment."

"And where do you place in this establishment?" asked I.

The courtisane began to caress the rose with her fingertips, as gently as if it were another's limb.

"My services are expensive, jeune femme," quoth she, with a calm serenity in her words.

I could not fathom an answer to her words. Instead, I stood clumsily in place, waiting for the courtisane to speak again. Her every word seemed as a verse of poetry, spoken in a tongue of absolute skill and seduction.


"'I' believe that Adele is looking for someone else in la maison; Fleurisse perhaps."

"Ma dame, I apologize for intruding but I must ask..."

"Are questions all that the aventurier has accumulated on her journey?" she interrupted, peacefully. "Perhaps you should return when some of your queries have been answered. And with luck we may become more familiar with each other soon. Bon soir, mademoiselle."

As if timed exactly to her words, I was quickly interrupted again by a voice at my back. I turned to see Emilienne standing nearby, motioning for my approach with a candle.

"Adele," said she, "I have prepared your chambers for the night. Shall we?"

With a final gaze into the darkened room before me, the mysterious courtisane brought her face partially into the light, smiling benignly as the rose became lifted to her nostrils. I turned back to Emilienne and followed her lead towards the staircase near the entrance of the maison.

"Who was she, ma dame?" I inquired, shortening the distance between us both.

"She has as many names as she does customers, Adele," said she. "Though she is quite different from the far majority of the others here."

"You do not know her well?"

Emilienne smiled.

"I believe she values her secrecy, mademoiselle. But, oui, I know her well enough."

I continued to puzzle over her words until we came upon the staircase once more. Emilienne began her ascent, grasping her single candle as I followed close behind. My mind and heart seemed to race with greater haste than ever before. Thus began my first eve dans la Maison du Velours.


Atop the staircase I came upon a dim hallway, absent of any candles or windows. The sheer size of the establishment itself seemed astonishingly larger now that I had become better acquainted with the structure. A total of six doors could be seen along the hallway, with surely a small number more around the corner at the other end. Emilienne held her candle before us both as she led me to the fifth door, opening it and offering me her candle politely.

"You may light the others if you wish, Adele, but be sure to snuff them all before you fall asleep."

"Merci, ma dame," said I.

"Bonne nuit, Adele."

Emilienne smiled as she closed the door behind her, leaving me alone in the chamber. The single light of my candle was not yet enough to illuminate the chamber adequately so I wandered forward in search of more candles. Near the bed a stand was set with two such candles. I lit them and set the remaining light on the opposite side of the sheets near a mirror.

Finally out of harm's way it seemed, I slumped down onto the large bed, sighing heavily. An immediate difference in comfort could be felt compared to the settee I had previously rested on. The sheets were of a silken texture, smooth and enchanting against my fingertips. I felt as if upon a cloud, gently floating in the night sky with only three dim stars nearby to light my path. It became rather difficult to keep my eyes open... very difficult.


I was awoken from a light sleep the second time by the quiet opening of the chamber door. I hastily sat up from the sheets, fearing the possible sight of a couple due to the absence of the velvet drape signal on the door. To my relief, or rather partial relief, it was Fleurisse. She flashed her avid smile upon closing the door behind her.

"Did I wake you, Adele?" asked she.

"Oui, but I do not mind as I'm very accustomed to short sleeps," said I.

"Indeed. And another one of many mysteries about you I cannot help but adore."

Fleurisse approached the bed and removed her footwear, proceeding to disrobe at the same time.

"Oh, shall I not watch?"

"Mmm... I am quite comfortable with undressing in front of others, Adele, and you are no stranger to beauty I'm sure," said she. "For one who need only look in the nearest mirror for it."

Again I could not stop from blushing.


"It would be silly for me to sleep in such a lovely dress, I believe," said she.

"Should I disrobe as well?"

Upon speaking I felt incredibly silly, wishing that I had not uttered anything at all. Fleurisse was nearly bare before me when she looked back in my eyes. It seemed neither of us could withhold a sense of unbridled excitement in our expressions, though for Fleurisse it appeared a far more natural state of emotion.

"I can only imagine the extent of your beauty beneath those garments, Adele. It must surely exceed my own."

"You have a great gift for flattery, Fleurisse," said I, slowly reaching behind my back.

"Flattery is a gift very easily given when the recipient far surpasses any words spoken of her."

She showed herself bare to me, and I could not deny the beauty of her figure any more than I could mask my excitement. Her skin was fair, her green eyes radiant in the dim candlelight. My actions seemed a great deal more clumsy as I attempted the removal of my dress before her. Fleurisse covered her mouth, amused at the scene before her and seemingly caught in a fast approaching splendour. She stepped forward and grasped my trembling shoulders.

"You seem in a flutter, Adele. You needn't remove your garment if it bothers you."

"It does not bother me, Fleurisse," answered I. "Though it would mark the first time I have disrobed before anyone outside of my former convent."

"Mmm... perhaps I can aid you then, to ease your apprehension. May I?"

Her earlier description seemed far more accurate than I thought. My heart was well aflutter, perhaps more so. I struggled to maintain a decent composure, only further incriminating my dignity.

"Oui," I sounded, barely more audible than a faint whisper.

Complaisant in her expression, Fleurisse maintained her grip upon my shoulders, rotating until she stood at my back. There, her very breath could be felt at my neck, steady and lenitive. With her soft hands she proceeded to remove my dress, pausing every so often as new regions of my figure were made bare before her. At length, we both stood naked; my back to her front.

"I did not... come here with the intention of receiving... services, Fleurisse, but..."

"But you would not deny yourself the experience if you were given the chance," Fleurisse stated, her lips near my ear.

I felt my body trembling with fear, anxiety, but also excitement.

"Am I being given that chance?" asked I.

"If that is your wish, Adele."

My mind raced, hoping to arrive at a simple decision. I had never imagined myself in such a position; I felt more threatened than I had been at the hands of the vaurien hours earlier. At the same time I ached with a curiosity borne from a past life of rules and obedience. Where once duty and morality ruled my actions, I now believed in independent thought, the strength of free will. My innermost desires where mine and mine alone to command. At that moment I spoke words that I knew would forever change my life somehow.

"What must I do?" asked I, softly.

"Only what your heart tells you," replied she.

Indeed the fires of passion worked in mysterious ways, as the very thought of what stood beyond my shoulders seemed to ignite a flush of enthusiasm deep within my body. Soft breaths parted the hair at my back, gently caressing my skin with an invisible touch.

I could barely speak, but was able to voice a soft response.

"I have nothing to... give you for this, Fleurisse."

"As exorbitant as my services may be, I would never demand anything in return from one so perfect," Fleurisse pronounced. "However, you are still mistaken. There are things much more valuable we can give each other, Adele..."

Before I could comment, Fleurisse slowly set her hands upon my hips. I felt the weight of my legs attacking my balance. My breath disturbed the candles with a heavy sigh. Briefly, Fleurisse's breath again moved against my neck, this time accompanied by her first true touch. Her lips rested against my skin for a moment before removing and returning with a second gentle kiss, then a third, each at points around my neck. I angled my head, trembling and vocalizing the sheer ecstasy of her simple, yet passionate movements upon my body. With her hands, Fleurisse cradled my breasts, faintly rubbing her warm fingers in a circular motion consistent to that of her continued kissing.

With a deep breath I inhaled the scent of her wondrous perfume, narrowing my eyes towards the two candles ahead. The fragrance was that of wild fruit, similar to the very smells I had experienced on my day's travel through a vast wilderness. The scent served to calm my nerves and enhance my excitement. With each kiss the sensations grew more apparent, more staggering. Between my legs the very signs of sexual arousal trickled from my inner thigh towards the floor where our discarded clothing still remained.


With every kiss, every caress, the very sound sent a chill of bliss through my being. Fleurisse inhaled my scent with a lustful vigor, pressing her nose gently against my skin to relish the fragrance. At length, she finally brought her chin to my shoulder, allowing me to turn and see the marvel in her eyes. After only minutes in her arms I felt my demeanor forever altered. Skill was not the appropriate word for the power which she commanded so naturally. Our first kiss served to confirm this fact.

We became locked in an endless embrace, our lips fastened together, our bodies trembling with an undeniable vigor. Fleurisse removed her hand from my breast, guiding my own to my stomach where we both caressed my belly in large circles. The climax of our kiss was marked by a surge of pleasure between my legs, where my vagina was made slick with excitement, anticipation.

"Pleasure is our gift to give, Adele," Fleurisse whispered. "And you supply it with your mere presence."

With her fingers she halted our rhythmic caress of my belly and slid lower, towards the very core of my passion.


"Do you feel it?" asked she, ever so softly in my ear.

Upon my breath, Fleurisse reached my trembling vagina with her fingers at last. An unimaginable bliss coursed through my body, driving my senses wild with excitement. Her fingers bathed in my thick fluids, pressing softly against my labia as I fell victim to the passions of seduction. My heart raced, as did my breath, while my mind spun with desire and my body wavered in place.

"I... I have never felt this way with..."

"Avec une femme?" she whispered.


"You have missed much in your life, Adele; far too much."

With her words spoken, she removed her fingers from my labia, gently sliding up my belly until her hands both rested upon my breasts. A fervent trail of my excitement traced its way from my vagina across my stomach, ending at the very tip of my nipple where her palm rested. The allure of sapphism seemed far greater than I had once imagined. My body pulsed with desire, with sexual effeminacy never before realized in my life. I slowly turned, finally set before Fleurisse so that our eyes met.

"You will show me what I have missed, Fleurisse?"

"Certainement, mademoiselle," said she, smiling her wondrous smile.

The candlelight threw shadows across each of our figures, illuminating our bodies in a deep amber hue. Fleurisse took my hand into hers, gently motioning for me to take my place upon the silken sheets. With a deep breath, I sat, inhaling her perfume a second time and sighing heavily.

As her eyes engulfed my body with their gaze, Fleurisse brought her fingers to my hair, caressing my ebony locks which now flowed freely along with hers. A deep sigh came with my exhalation, signaling the pleasure she seemed to command of my senses. With featherlike strokes her hand danced through my hair, weaving in-between each strand and nearing my lively cheeks with each pass. I tilted my head affectionately, calming every nerve, every muscle which sat tense from the moment. My mind and body became released, eager to delve further into the ecstasies the courtisane masterfully unbound from deep within my soul.

"Fleurisse, your touch... I cannot begin to describe..."

"Then do not attempt to, Adele. Allow yourself to embrace what you feel, without words."

Indeed her art was beyond any words able to justify the actual experience. I sat entranced by the power of Fleurisse, unable to dwell upon anything other than my desire for her to continue, to caress my body further, to make love to me.

With narrowed eyes, Fleurisse retrieved her fingers from my hair and fell to her knees, kneeling before my legs and the edge of the bed. At her back, two of the candles appeared in view over each of her shoulders, casting light upon the back of her head angelically as she flashed a benevolent smile.

"Part your legs, Adele... s'il vous plait," said she, softly.

As to her wishes, I slowly parted my legs, revealing the physical excitement I was no longer able to conceal. From between my legs my glistening fluids engulfed both my inner thighs and the very lips of my vagina entirely. Its flow was gentle, paced, and enticing to her eyes. Fleurisse was then struck with my scent at the very second I took in the first breath of my own sweet fragrance. It drove my senses wild, beyond imagination, stimulating every nerve of my body with excitement. After a brief falter, Fleurisse came to her senses, lowering her lips to the tip of my knee with a kiss not unlike the one I had felt on my lips. My limbs trembled, sensing the overwhelming passion which grew more fervent at the origin of my desire. A second kiss, this one closer, drew my thoughts towards purging the unbearable anticipation with my own fingers. I held myself at bay, gazing down at Fleurisse's lips and the wistful flesh of my vagina, so close to her paced approach. I began to caress my breasts manually, unable to silence the urges of gratification which beat upon me restlessly.

"Ohhh Fleurisse... Ohhh, oui..."

My cries filled the room, echoing in my own ears with the subtle tone of Fleurisse's soft kisses. Her lips drew nearer, and soon her very breath could be felt upon my moistened vagina. I sounded a whimper of ecstasy, trembling with every passing second, unable to calm the raging emotions within. A final series of kisses bordered the very edge of ultimate bliss. Fleurisse paused, as if to warn me of the celestial bliss which I was to experience for the first time.

"The first touch is the most memorable, the most seraphic. It is my gift to you, Adele..." quoth she.

My mind was thrown into a deep vertigo as Fleurisse's lips embraced my eager vagina at long last. My eyes became sealed shut as a burst of heaven coursed through my veins, my skin, my entire body in the span of a mere second. I threw my head back, moaning more heavily than ever before as the rapture of her first kiss drew me beyond the stars in a single instant. My labia pulsed with excitement, drawing forth a vigorous flow of thick secretions which became swallowed by Fleurisse, joyously. My imagination could not have fathomed such incredible sensations.

Slowly, my legs parted further, accommodating Fleurisse's head more readily as her mouth caressed my vaginal lips with a gentleness I had not thought possible. I lowered my back at last, lying upon the sheets of silk which served to soothe my bare skin. With my hands I continued to excite my breasts, drawing pleasure from my nipples nearly as readily as Fleurisse was able to. My nostrils inhaled the strong scent of my womanhood mixed with that of the warm candles which flickered about us. Conscious thought seemed hopeless as my mind was set with the fulfillment of my desires, attaining the peak of sexual arousal at the hands of the courtisane before me.

At the very moment I began to think my pleasures approaching their steady peak, I was struck with volley of sensations borne from beneath the small hood which sheltered the very epicenter of true ecstasy; my clitoris. A single touch drew my hands to the bed sheets where I gripped tightly, holding in a cry of pleasure. Fleurisse seemed well aware of the sensations which she had awoken, letting out a calm sigh of felicity in my stead.

"Oui, Fleurisse... there, right there, more..." pronounced I, moaning with each exhalation.

Her lips gently nuzzled my small bud, kissing it with a pace I would never have managed in my haste had I been in command. I felt my very skin begin to moisten from perspiration, and the warmth of the chamber and the candlelight seemed greatly apparent at that instant. My eyes became teared with emotion, joy, as I struggled to hush my cries. The ceiling seemed to pulsate with my body, as if the chamber were a part of me. My vision became blurred, and my nose became engulfed with my own fragrance more than ever. I felt my body become tense, then relaxed, as Fleurisse's caress of my clitoris became more apparent in its enthusiasm. Beneath my flowing vagina the very sheets of the bed became moist with my fluids. My jaw remained ever open, allowing my moans to easily fill the room amidst the subtle sound of Fleurisse's slurring.

"Something... I feel something... inside, uhhhh,"

Unable to answer, Fleurisse continued to make love to me, opening her mouth to allow her tongue the very taste of my pleasures and the feel of my swollen labia and clitoris. Within my body a slow expanse of pressure drew near somehow. I rested my hands upon my thighs, pulling them as far apart as possible as the surge approached, coursing through me slowly as Fleurisse's tongue pressed against my moistened bud, waiting for the moment of climax which I finally believed to be approaching. With a final tender embrace of my clitoris, all my vision was lost to an explosion of light and the feeling of absolute gratification I had so desperately wished and hoped for.

Fleurisse drew her head away from my vagina as a burst of thick nectar splattered onto the sheets before her and my echoing voice filled the room with a booming cry of ecstasy. My body pulsed with sexual energy, releasing it in waves with each passing second of my first climax by another woman. A flood of my viscous release was cupped by an astounded Fleurisse as she watched, amazed and nearly bewildered. After a short time had passed I had still not softened my screams, which brought Fleurisse to her feet. Gently, she reached out a single, dripping hand and covered my mouth, dousing my voice with the lavish fluids my climax had produced. My eyes widened, unprepared for such an action as I was forced to experience the taste of my passion first hand. Fleurisse then rested herself upon the sheets next to me, gently running her damp hand from her chest down across her stomach, leaving a trace of liquid behind.

My eyes soon weakened, blurring once more as a haze of astonishment crept over my body. I was unable to move as the courtisane sat up and leaned overtop me, her lips dripping with my fluids.

"Did you enjoy it as much as I did, my dear Adele?" asked she.

I attempted to focus my eyes, failing. The haze of images before me was still mixed with the blinding light of my climax. My words in reply were nearly silent.


Fleurisse lowered herself towards me, kissing my lips a final time, now with the added use of her tongue. It was the perfect completion to the divine bliss I had just experienced, crowned with the dulcet taste of my own lust.

I fainted in a perfect state of mind and body as the courtisane rose to snuff the candles. It was the first time I slept peacefully and uninterrupted since my departure from the convent.


A soft creak awakened me from my dreams early the next morning. I peered up through narrowed eyes to find Fleurisse putting the final touches on her appearance before the mirror. Her smile was calm and cheery in the early light. My small movements brought her attention towards me.

"Ah, Adele, awake so soon?"

"Not entirely," I managed to answer.

Fleurisse rose from her small seat in front of the mirror and came to my side, parting the hair blocking my vision.

"I hope this will not be the last time I will see you in my chambers this way in the morning. It would pain me to see you leave us so soon."

"I have not decided whether I wish to leave yet, Fleurisse, do not worry."

"I shall not then," said she. "I am needed in the main chamber, but I will return shortly. You are welcome to rest here until then."

"Merci, Fleurisse."

Her smile reflected the same merriment I had grown to adore on her since my arrival. Fleurisse gently brushed her hand through my hair before turning towards the chamber door. Following her exit, I rose from the sheets, quickly becoming reminded of my bare body. I quickly began a search of the chamber for my discarded clothing. No sooner did I rise from the bed and the door was opened yet again, this time by someone other than Fleurisse. I raced for the bed sheets, pulling them from the mattress entirely to drape myself. At the door stood Emilienne, holding my garments which appeared freshly cleaned and folded.

"Bonjour, Adele, I... Oh, I didn't expect you to be out of bed so early."

"Everyone else seems to be quite active," said I, still clutching the sheets high.

"Oui, but we are accustomed to providing our services nearly all hours of the day, including the early morning."

"Oh, I understand."

Emilienne wore a similar dress to the one I had seen the night before, only more of a crimson colour now. Her emerald necklace remained from her previous attire as well. She stood smiling at my attempts to conceal my body from her.

"I see that you and Fleurisse were engaged in... activities last night. Was it enjoyable for you, mademoiselle."

I felt my cheeks glow with a similar colour to her dress.

"Oui, but I did not mean to..."

"There is no need for justification," Emilienne mused. "Fleurisse has yet to find a client who has refused her services, although you are our first female client I believe,"


She took a small step forward.

"I washed your garments for you, Adele. I must say that it was difficult to remove much of the mud though."

"I have been travelling a great deal lately, and clean paths are somewhat of a luxury."

"Ah, of course," said she, grinning. "You needn't cover yourself, Adele, I have been witness to the unclothed figures of everyone in the maison. Fleurisse has already enlightened us with her tale of last night's transgressions for that matter, including a vivid description of your elegant body."

"Indeed!" stated I, feeling somewhat betrayed.

"Oui, but do not worry. Our communications never leave these walls," said she.

Realizing the futility of draping myself, I allowed the sheets to fall to my feet. Emilienne seemed tranquil towards my figure, as if she had seen it numerous times before. She approached, handing me my clothing gently.

"Merci," said I.

"You are just as lovely as Fleurisse described, Adele. Perhaps more so."

As Emilienne turned towards the door I rose my voice to halt her.

"Wait, ma dame... I..."

"Hmm?" she sounded, turning slowly.

"Emilienne, I... was wondering about your feelings on me staying another night if possible, but only until..."

"Certainement, Adele. You may stay as long as you wish. It may be difficult to remain in Fleurisse's chambers tonight however, as she was already being asked for last evening by our clients. I may perhaps be able to find another one of us for you to stay with though, if it is acceptable for you."

I paused, apprehensive at first, but certain that my travels could wait.

"It is more than acceptable, ma dame. My only hope is that my imposition does not hinder you or your... clientele any further."

"Of course not, Adele. Now I must return downstairs, but you are welcome to stay in these chambers for now. I would suggest that you dress, lest someone else should intrude and discover you as I have. And, if you're interested, I will be serving a small meal in the kitchen shortly. You're welcome to join us."

"Will your clients be there?" asked I, timidly.

Emilienne smiled amiably.

"Non, jeune femme. Only permanent residents of our establishment dine here. We do not open our doors until we have prepared for the day, though overnight clients often remain in these chambers or leave during that time. I suggest you do not go calling upon any of the other chambers up here just yet."

"I shall not then, merci," said I, beginning to dress.

Emilienne turned again for the door, closing it behind her. Upon her exit, I inhaled the fragrance of my clean garments, sighing happily. My environment seemed the complete opposite to that of my former residence; a quality that drew my interest even deeper. Freedom was encouraged, nature was glorified, pleasure was abounding. I began to wonder if leaving was even a possibility as of yet.


Shortly after dressing, I made a final gaze at myself in the mirror before leaving Fleurisse's chambers in search of the others. Down the stairs, the redolent aroma of edibles forced its way into my nostrils with a mesmerizing allure. I trudged downwards, staring at the interior of the maison which seemed strangely different in the daytime. The velvet curtains all each wall were bright and full of life, and the very structure of the maison seemed comforting around me. It had been the first time in days I had slept in complete shelter from the elements and, as such, I felt an outlandish connection to la Maison du Velours.

At the base of the stairs I turned towards the direction of the enticing aroma of provisions which quickly led me to a partially opened door and the sound of merry banter within. As with my entrance into anything of the unknown, I felt aflutter as I set my hand against the door and pushed it open.

Immediately, I was engulfed by the eyes of a host of courtisanes, all seated at various locations around the kitchen as they ate. All at once their conversation halted as they peered at me. There were about nine in total, all in elegant dresses as they sat with plates of fresh bread, fruit and even meat, most likely leftover from the night before. I felt a flush of anxiety, thinking that it was a mistake to encroach upon them for food when I had nothing to give in return yet again.

A familiar face approached, setting her hand upon my shoulder and smiling. Emilienne turned to the other courtisanes and proceeded to introduce me.

"Je vous presente Adele, a new resident to our establishment for the time being."

Small whispering commenced as soon as my name was spoken.

"Ah, the one who Fleurisse told us about..."

"Mmm... how lucky she was, and how beautiful she is..."

My eyes remained set on the floor as Emilienne waded through a group of four to find me a spot at one table. The casual banter of the others soon regained life, and I felt slightly more at ease.

Emilienne soon presented me with a plate consisting of the same meal as the others, along with proper utensils. My reluctance to look up at any of the courtisanes before me was soon shattered when one raised her voice with a gesture able to seize my attention.

"So, how was Adele's evening with Fleurisse?" came the voice. It sounded vaguely familiar, and yet I did not glance up at the one who had uttered the words. "Was it as worldly as you imagined?"

"Oui, and were your cries loud as she brought you to your summit?" cried another.

The kitchen became filled with light laughter and titters which turned my cheeks even more red as I kept my head lowered. The voice which had uttered first spoke again.

"Does our aventurier yet have a destination in mind, or is she content with 'indoor aventures' at this time?"

Again a light laughter rose. Emilienne, now conscious of the courtisanes' prodding, stepped in with her voice.

"Let her be, all of you. Adele is our guest, not the object of our amusement."

"She was for Fleurisse," came another, lively.

Again the laughter rose, this time louder than ever. I felt a great flush upon my body, an uneasiness that nearly drove away my appetite completely. It was clear my presence in the kitchen was not unfolding pleasantly.

Emilienne calmed the amusement once more, this time more firm with her words. My eyes remained upon my food, which I had barely touched. I was first to leave the table upon quickly consuming my plate's contents. Overtaken by apprehension, I left the kitchen and made my way towards the door, concealing my heightened emotion. Before my exit, I retrieved my newly washed cloak and draped it over my shoulders, not looking back as I left the maison. My attempts to restrain tears were somewhat a failure.


After applying my cloak I turned the nearest corner from the maison in search of a place to rest, to gather my thoughts which I now believed to be misguided. The quips of each courtisane still struck my emotions, tearing at my cheer with great swipes for such simple attacks. My pain came not so much from the actual words, but through the memories they sparked from my past. It was reminiscent of similar meals I had borne witness to; and no less painful even from a group so different.

The morning weather was fair, but damp. My footwear hardly protected my feet from the mud, which nearly engulfed my ankles with each stride. The street smelled of wet stone and marshy wood, not different from the night before. The sun hid behind a thick layer of cloud and a small mist rested among the streets. After a brief pause to clear my eyes, I made my way towards a nearby tavern.

The interior was quaint and sparse with life thanks to the early hour. A tall bartender stood serving a customer as a small group of others sat in conversation at a table. The familiar musk of spirits brought a certain drunkard of my previous acquaintance to mind. I could not help but smile, drying some of my tears for a moment as I took my place upon a chair in the far corner of the establishment.

For a great time I waited, glancing often at any sudden movements nearby like a frightened animal. The bartender let me be, not even approaching to ask if I wanted a drink of some kind. My paranoia quickly led me to believe that I was surrounded by the very audience who had witnessed my 'scene' the night before. I cringed at the thought that one of the customers was the vaurien's associates or even worse, the vaurien himself.

After nearly half of an hour had passed, and when the sun's light had just begun to spill into the windows, another customer entered the pub. As with the kitchen, I kept my head down, still wary of the chance it could be a familiar, disgruntled scoundrel. My apprehension peaked as the footsteps seemed locked in my very direction.

My gaze drew upwards, discovering the true identity of the customer who approached me.

"Charlotte," said I, abruptly.

"Bonjour Adele," replied she, drawing back her hood. "How strange that I should find you alone in here this morning. I would have thought you to be far on your way by this time."

"I have been... occupied."

Charlotte wore her same cloak, this time with different attire beneath. Her hair was dark as night, set behind her head perfectly; unlike my own which I knew was unsightly without having to peer into a mirror. She soon finished her approach, taking a seat before me with a graceful stride. The bartender took notice and began to make his way toward us both.

"Need I guess what you mean by your occupation, or is the answer accurately depicted in your hair?" said she, settled comfortably in her seat.

"Forgive me, I look ghastly to be sure," said I, attempting to fix my appearance.

"Not at all, Adele. Rather you look as if you have experienced quite an aventure. I would love to hear your tale."

Upon her words, the bartender finally finished his approach, standing before Charlotte with an empty glass and a cloth.

"Can I get you something, ma dame?"

Charlotte raised her eyes towards the figure, still keeping her head focused in my direction.

"Wine, please. And you, Adele?"

"Oh, non, I cannot afford anything I'm afraid."

The bartender seemed vexed by my presence knowing that I had nothing to give him, but his silence continued as he returned to the counter for Charlotte's order. I found it difficult to look her in the eye as she smiled calmly at me, as if somehow privy to the knowledge of last night's transgressions following her departure.

"Did Adele spend my offering so quickly?" asked she. "If so, on what, may I ask?"

I began to blush, remembering her kindness and my impolite acceptance of her donation.

"If I must pay for a beverage I prefer it to be water, which I'm sure they do not serve."

Charlotte continued to smile as the bartender returned with her drink and turned back to his duties.

"Where did you find lodging last night Adele? A quiet hostel, or did you remain on your settee in the alleyway?"

My reluctance to answer was overtaken by a responsibility I felt to speak honestly to one who treated me with such respect. My tongue held the words for a long moment before I spoke.

"Do you know of... la Maison du Velours, Charlotte?" asked I, hesitantly.

As if unaffected, Charlotte answered, "Oui, I have heard the name before. Is that where you spent your night?"

I nodded slowly. Charlotte's grin widened.

"And you were able to find a chamber all to yourself?"

"That... is not exactly how things happened."

Charlotte took a sip of her beverage, narrowing her eyes.

"Surely Adele did not acquire the 'services' of the residents there, being so careful with her funds," said she, cheerfully.

"I didn't have to pay... I mean it wasn't my intention to, but..."

"But you could not resist the temptation of aventure."

I paused.


Charlotte seemed acquiescent in her expression.

"Was it an enjoyable experience, Adele?" asked she, tilting her head.

"It was... I cannot deny it wasn't, though it is not a subject I feel at ease in discussing with one who would surely never consider..."

As I spoke she soon finished her beverage, setting it down and running circles along the lip of the cup with her finger.

"Mmm... Adele, your skills of deduction sound quite irrefutable. I daresay you trust them without question."

I puzzled on her words.


She shook her hand, smiling.

"Pay my words no mind, Adele."


"If you prefer the subject to be distant from last night," began Charlotte, "how about yourself then, Adele, if I may inquire."

"Myself?" I repeated, holding back a gulp.

"Oui. How is it that you've come to Lacoste, so far from wherever your home is or was. What made you abandon your former residence, Adele?"

I took in a deep breath, pining over whether to divulge such knowledge to one I had only known for minutes at a time. Her smile seemed felicitous as ever, genuinely interested in the tale I was to tell. Before speaking I sat up straight and brushed a single lock of hair from my vision.

"I... I have come from a convent; a religious establishment run by a church in my town of origin."

"And why did you depart this sanctum, Adele? Were the clericals too harsh with their 'habits' so to speak?"

"It was far more than rules which led to my exodus," said I. "I felt... chained. Chained to a set path to which the end was already known; a life already lived out for me. I was the only member who did not fit in with the others. Laughed at for the slightest of errors, and made to work the hardest of all. I felt... drowning."

Charlotte's expression turned to that of empathy almost. She reached out her hand as if to comfort me.

"Some creatures are not meant to be caged I suppose. Is this why Adele now welcomes the unknown so readily?"

"Oui," said I, softly.

"Why did I see tears in your eyes when I entered if this is the life you have chosen?" asked she.

"Because... I quit the maison after being mocked by its courtisanes. It brought back memories from the very place I now lament."

Charlotte gestured for my hand. I placed it in hers.

"Words can be bitter, yes. But courage can overcome a weakened heart," said she, delicately.

"Merci, Charlotte."

She retrieved her hand, placing it back at her side as she continued to smile encouragingly. Her perfume brought my senses to ease as I looked directly upon her, not retreating to the table or floor with my gaze this time.

"Do you plan on leaving Lacoste this morning, Adele?" asked she.

"I have not yet decided," stated I.

"Some of life's grandest aventures can be found in the smallest of towns, Adele. If you search hard enough."

Charlotte rose from her seat, pulling her hood back over her head.

"Wait," I pronounced, reaching out my hand. "I never had the chance to thank you for your kindness."

"Is there some special way you wish to do that, Adele?" asked she, cheerfully.

"Where can I find you should I do so?"

Charlotte's amiable smile shone through her cloak as she placed her payment for the beverage on the table before her.

"Propinquity should not be a problem, mademoiselle, if you are perhaps slightly more perceptive this evening as opposed to the last."

Upon her words she gave a parting smile before turning and leaving the pub with her ever-graceful stride. Again I found myself wavering in her tracks, oblivious as to intention or motive. Charlotte's mystery was an aventure all its own; an aventure that I soon felt determined to pursue somehow.

The remainder of my morning was spent resolving the conundrum of whether to follow Charlotte's words and seek her out or to continue on my journey, which as of yet had no clear destination. My decision came much later in the day than I had expected...


Night had nearly fallen by the time I found myself standing before la Maison du Velours once more. The life of the structure could be seen from the bright windows and internal laughs and banters. My attempts at locating Charlotte's home were fruitless, and I knew my only option was to stay another night with Emilienne and her cache of courtisanes. Needless to say, my mind was racing with excitement and intrigue at the thought of an evening even close to the night before. I decided that I would apologize for my hasty departure before requesting a chamber from the maitresse.

On my approach, a light mist began to fade in through the town, signifying the eve's beginning and my entrance once again into the unknown. The trembling of my limbs became evident as the doors came within an arm's reach and the familiar fragrance of perfume that so many of the courtisanes dawned invaded my senses once more. I parted the doors slowly, gazing upon the crowd of figures who both sat and stood throughout the main chamber. The maison was considerably busier than the night before.

Closing the doors behind me I was greeted by the pleasant sight of Emilienne, who apparently remained close to the entrance during the evening to assess any clients who came calling upon the maison. Raising her brow in delight, she wrapped her arms around me gently and flashed her poised smile.

"Ah, Adele, so wonderful to see you again. I had thought that after this morning you would never have returned to us. I apologize for your oppression at our hands."

"There is no need to," replied I, happily. "I was at fault for leaving so suddenly. I have come to ask for forgiveness and a place to stay for the night if possible, ma dame."

"Naturellement, Adele, I have not forgotten my offer. You are always welcome to our establishment. I will see if Fleurisse can spare her chamber for the night once more, but if not it will have to be with another."

"I have no preference, ma dame. Whatever is available."

"Very well, Adele, I shall see what I can do. You are free to converse with the others if you wish, though I suggest you minimize your involvement with any 'clients', lest they mistake you for one of us."

Emilienne released me and turned away, winking with her lovely gray eyes. Her emerald necklace shone in the bright candlelight which filled the room, making the air thick with a fervent energy. I felt a great weight lifted from my chest, standing once more in the maison. Its environment seemed to eradicate my worries, my pains, and fill my soul with life and energy. I began to wish that Charlotte was around to share in my happiness.

Rather than taking a seat near the doorway this time I made my way into the crowd of people, searching for a decent place to sit which was not hidden in the shadows. Charlotte's words had remained with me and became repeated in my mind as I felt flushes of both anxiety and fascination at once. The torrent of spectators seemed to fix their eyes on me for moments at a time as I made my way through the main chamber in search of a vacant arm chair.

Before I could make leave into the next room my path became blocked by a supple chest and familiar perfume.

"Adele, where have you been? I have missed you ever so much today."

"Fleurisse," I began, "I'm glad to see you again. And I wanted to thank you for last night. It was glorious."

For the first time I managed to make her blush.

"Your pleasure could not compare to that which I felt, merely being in your presence, Adele," said she, cheerfully.

Her skills of flattery certainly hadn't dwindled since our last encounter, and her dress was no less revealing as well. Fleurisse leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"I would love to reciprocate your pleasure once more sometime, perhaps even tonight if I am free."

"As would I," I pronounced.

Fleurisse drew herself back up to full height.

"We shall see, my dear Adele. Until then I'm sure you'll have no trouble making yourself comfortable."

With a spirited smile Fleurisse returned to her conversation with others, glancing in my direction often until I finally made my way towards the ominous chamber of the night before. It remained a great deal darker than the main hall, still set with flowers and a single candle. The floor creaked with my steps as I entered, peering around the room for a nearby seat. Opposite the door frame there sat a familiar figure, this time at a mirror with her back turned to me and her head focused on the single candle mounted on a table once more. She appeared to be reading a letter of sorts.

Quickly the banters of the main hall seemed to calm as my feet roused the attention of the adumbrate courtisane.

"Bon soir, mon jeune voyageur," said she, calmly. "Returned for another eve of unbridled lechery perchance?"

I halted in my tracks, attempting to distinguish the strange courtisane's face for a second time. Her back remained to me, the light partially reflecting her features in the mirror.

"I... I am not quite certain yet."

"An indecisive aventurier; odd combination of qualities," replied she, tamely.


Before I could answer I was interrupted again.

"Is our special guest looking for something in particular this time or is she merely browsing?"

"Actually, I was looking for a place to sit," said I, narrowing my eyes for a moment as a glimpse of the courtisane's face showed in the mirror.

"Is that all, mademoiselle?" asked she.

"And a possible chamber to stay in for the night as well."

There was a pause, no doubt as the courtisane stopped to smile.

"Are you asking for the use of my bed, mademoiselle?" inquired she.

"Are you offering it?" I returned.

The courtisane took a deep breath. I could nearly see her invisible smile, hidden beneath her long locks of hair and elegant attire. My feet began to inch forward, closing in on the shadows surrounding her figure. The courtisane remained in place, her breath calm and peaceful as she peered at her letter. A vaguely familiar scent filled my nostrils as I continued my approach; a perfume I had smelled before, though not ever from within the maison. My mind raced as I came within reach of the tranquil courtisane.

"The real question, mademoiselle, is are you willing?" came she, now aware of my proximity.

"I was with Fleurisse," said I, with minor confidence.

The courtisane's smile could be seen plainly.

"Am I Fleurisse?" inquired she, not expecting an answer. "I suppose there would be only way to instill the answer to such a question."

I was directly upon her now, able to make out her features more clearly though still not enough to recognize what might have been the obvious. A small jolt of courage was enough to drive my words from my heart to my lips.

"May I... ask you your name?" said I, remembering another quote from my past.

"I gather you already know the answer to your question, mademoiselle."

Slowly, the courtisane turned to face me, revealing her delicate features and radiant blue eyes at last. I gasped with shock upon realizing her identity.

"Charlotte!" I exclaimed, lost in amazement. "You reside here at the maison?"

She smiled calmly.

"At this time, oui, Adele, though my sojourn will most likely be a temporary one as well."

"It was you who spoke to me in the kitchen this morning?"

"Oui," she pronounced, "and I am glad to see that you have learned to be a little more perceptive. Had you but gazed upwards you would have known this hours earlier."

I began to blush as Charlotte raised her hand and took mine into hers.

"I... knew I was going to see you again, Charlotte. I even wished it to be so."

"Why, Adele?"

"Because, I wish to thank you for your kindness, your affection."

Charlotte smiled softly.

"Thanking me is unnecessary, Adele. I have always been accustomed to fulfilling others' dreams. But you are the first who has truly touched my heart with your courage and beauty."

"Charlotte... I..."

Before I could finish once more, Charlotte rose from her seat and set her finger by her lips in a gentle hush.

"I believe that the lovely Adele has found a vacant chamber for the night," said she, soothingly. "The question is whether or not she will find a moment's rest for the night."

I sighed calmly as Charlotte brought me into her embrace, a soft and tender embrace of genuine affection. My breath remained calm as I trembled gently in her arms, just as Emilienne entered the darkened chamber with the news I was already privy to.

"Adele, it would seem that every chamber is full tonight exc... oh, I see you have already discovered the occupant of that chamber."

"Oui," said I, still locked in my embrace.

"Adele, may I introduce Charlotte," Emilienne stated.

Charlotte and I exchanged an inward amusement.

"Bon soir, Charlotte," said I. "Pleased to meet you."

"Et tu, Adele," replied she.

Emilienne stepped forward as Charlotte and I parted from our embrace.

"It is getting rather late. Perhaps you two lovely young femmes should retire for the night. The main bed chamber is prepared?"

"Oui, ma dame, as always," replied Charlotte.

"I will ensure your privacy in that case," said Emilienne, happily. "Bonne nuit."

With that, she turned and made her way back into the main chamber, leaving us still standing together.

"Shall we?" I pronounced, mimicking Emilienne's voice from the night before.

"After you, Adele," replied she.


Atop the staircase, Charlotte and I walked towards the far doorway at the end of the hall, our steps reaching the floor almost in unison. As with the previous night the hallway was dim, even more so with the absence of a candle to assist our journey. Charlotte seemed more accustomed to the dark than I, and led me with a temperate confidence. Neither of us spoke until we reached the doorway of the main bed chamber, which seemed to be reserved for Charlotte and her 'clientele'.

"Charlotte," I began, "what was that letter you were reading earlier? A message from family?"

She smiled calmly as always.

"I have no true family, Adele, but I consider those closest to me family I suppose," said she. "Rather the letter was from an occasional client of mine, a writer of sorts."

"Is he wealthy?" asked I.

Charlotte opened the door, narrowing her eyes tranquilly.

"Most with which I am familiar are, oui. This particular client addressed himself as Donatien Alphonse Francois to those of us here. His tastes... well, that is another tale in itself. He has rarely been in this establishment at all however, though his name seems to grow with each season."

Charlotte entered the room, her back turned as I took in a final breath before crossing the threshold into anticipation, into the very depths of intrigue. The door soon became closed, leaving us alone in the luxury of the main bed chamber.

The room itself was the most impressive of all chambers in the maison. Set in the center of the room, the bed was set with four poles in each corner, hung with the very same velvet drapes as each doorway. The bed sheets were a deep crimson, pressed perfectly without wrinkles and set with a number of pillows in each of the four corners. Adjacent the bed a full length mirror could be found on either side, next to more vases of flowers as with the chamber Charlotte had sat in. Two candles rested on tables near each mirror, maximizing the amount of light and making the room appear to swell with warmth and comfort. It was the most exquisite bed chamber I had ever laid eyes upon.

"Will this chamber be adequate for a night's rest?" asked she, chastely.

"I suppose it will be adequate enough," replied I, less able to maintain a moderate countenance.

Charlotte approached the bed, standing before the mirror as she retrieved a single rose from a nearby vase. My heart began to pound madly as I stared at her every movement, still standing at the entrance.

"Does Adele plan on gazing upon the chamber from the doorway the entire evening?" she mused, closing her eyes.

Attempting to mask my apparent trembling, I walked forward, halting directly behind Charlotte and taking a place upon the sheets. My limbs shook with apprehension while my emotions raced with suscitation. I felt the temperature of the room slowly rise as Charlotte's divine perfume penetrated my senses and served to soothe my nerves slightly.

"I could never imagine that this was to be a part of my journey, being with another this way," I pronounced softly.

"I promise to make this the most memorable part of that journey, Adele," said she, slowly turning to face me once more.

As we faced each other we exchanged a look of endearment, almost of love if that were possible. My body felt alive with passion, anticipation. Sensuality seemed an emotion very pleasant to both the mind and body, and it seemed to radiate invisibly from us both. My breath quickly transcended to quick heaves as I struggled to calm myself.

"Charlotte," I whispered, staring longingly into her eyes.

With the ease of an angel, Charlotte brought herself towards me, resting her arms on my shoulders and drawing them gently towards the sheets. I shut my eyes tightly, trembling with every moment of her warm touch and beginning to feel the first sparks of physical excitement between my legs.

"My methods are very specific, Adele. You need only relax and allow your body the attentions it so deserves."

Lightly, Charlotte's fingers traced their way down my garments, removing from my body near my stomach. For a long moment I waited, listening to her calm breaths and subtle movements as she took a seat upon the bed next to me. A small jolt of excitement traipsed through my body and I could not help but smile for a moment.

Soon her breath came upon my skin, starting at the base of my neck and causing each hair to stand on end, then at my chin and cheeks, and finally into my locks of hair. With each inhalation I took in the deep scent of perfume, drawing my body further into a state of ecstasy and relaxation. Then, without fair warning, I felt the mild touch of a flower against my chin. I jerked for but a moment, returning my head to a still position as Charlotte slowly began to trace my features with the soothing pedals of the small rose in her fingers. First came my lips, which she circled with the flower for a few moments before reaching the base of my nose and then my cheek. I felt myself begin to blush, still unable to end my trembling which now seemed increased thanks to the faint touch of the rose. With each of Charlotte's breaths I began to slow my own inhalations, gradually mimicking her rhythm until we both seemed to breath as one. Perspiration began to form near my forehead as the heat of the chamber became even more apparent.

"To limit ourselves in life means the very denial of our dreams," whispered she, angelically. "Open yourself to the gifts you have been given, Adele."

As if lost in a dream I obeyed, finally calming my trembling with a great breath of air, still in unison with Charlotte as if she shared my emotions. The rose continued its soft journey until it came to my eyes and then my forehead. From here it paused, resting against my warm skin as if to contemplate its next destination on my body. My chest rose high into the air with each breath, now also apparent to my arousal. My urges could no longer be denied, nor suppressed. Charlotte and I spoke without words.

Raising my shoulders from the soft sheets I began to disrobe, allowing my eyes to remain closed and in tune with the sounds of our breathing as Charlotte waited with a serene patience. Soon standing, I shed the final pieces of my attire to the floor, feeling the warm brush of fervent air against my bare skin for a second time. With the loss of my clothing seemed to come a loss of my once present fears and inhibitions. The memory of my once painful life seemed to fade into the darkness, replaced by the enchanting light of passion and affection. I felt myself standing before the gate of paradise as Charlotte spoke once more, this time infinitely peaceful with her words.

"Adele, you are the most radiant of all beings I have gazed upon," quoth she.

Unable to answer, I felt a single tear form near my eye; the beginning of a revelation I felt approaching for a great time.

Resting my shoulders on the sheets once more, I felt the kiss of the rose upon my skin a second time. Beginning near my forehead once more, the gentle flower travelled down my nose, stopping just at my nostrils where I inhaled my first scent of true paradise. My entire body swelled with a glowing warmth, kindled by Charlotte's mere touch upon my body. Soon the rose came to my chin and then my neck once more, this time free to travel further along my body which lied bare before the angelic courtisane.

Passing lower, I felt the rose trace a path towards still untouched areas of my skin. I held my breath, breaking from our rhythm for the first time as Charlotte passed across my breast and over my bare nipple with the faint pedals. A shock of opulent bliss coursed through my being at the touch, continuing its surge to each of my limbs and finally my bare vagina which now pulsed with a similar excitement. My hands remained locked at my sides, holding back from the urge to further satisfy the depths of my ecstasy.

"Oh, Charlotte... oui."

My mind raced with extreme thoughts; thoughts of love, of lust, of paradise. I began to wonder what I would have left to desire if heaven itself were laid bare, as it seemed close to such an event. Charlotte, as if able to sense my advertency, began to further the rose's journey towards the source of my enravishment. With a gentle pass across my stomach I gripped the sheets of the bed, unable to suppress my voice as I moaned for the peerless courtisane of my dreams, the one which I felt myself falling deeper and deeper in love with as each incredible sensation drove me further into a blissful stupor.

With a dulcet gesture, Charlotte leaned her head over my neck, allowing her flowing locks to brush across my skin as the rose began to pass over the small patch of my pubic hair. I let out a deep sigh as her warm lips embraced first my neck, then my cheek, all while her hand continued to guide the flower deeper between my parted legs. Then, with a final pause and a single deep breath by us both, Charlotte brought her lips to mine with our first kiss at the exact moment the rose came to the focal point of its journey. My mind soared as we remained locking in an embrace of absolute passion, my entire body quivering with life and lust as the flower's pedals caressed the moist flesh of my labia.

When we parted, it seemed as if the two of us had become as one, complete in each other's arms. Charlotte narrowed her eyes with a smile of true affection.

"A true lover's touch can never be matched," said she, in the most quiet of tones. "Neither can their first kiss if they both mean it."

I opened my eyes partially, feeling a warm tear course down my flushed cheek.

"We can, Charlotte," answered I, softly. "With our second kiss."

Following my words, Charlotte raised the now dampened rose from my vagina, resting it on the very cheek which my tear had just crossed. Then, with a silent inhalation, we kissed for a second time, able to relish in the scent of our arousal and the fragrance of the enchanting blossom as our lips pressed together tenderly. having once believed a kiss to be a useless gesture of affection, my mind came to welcome such an embrace as the most beautiful and heavenly ways to focus two people's love for each other. With Charlotte, it seemed almost as if I were locked in a kiss with the most delicate of all flowers. The sensation of her lips was nearly lighter than that of the rose itself upon my cheek. With our second parting, I felt my body caught on the edge of fainting. Charlotte inhaled for me, rousing my senses and returning me from the stars with her gentle voice.

"I believe you were right, Adele," stated she.

Slowly raising her head and coming to full height next to the bed, Charlotte gazed upon my body as I allowed my fingers to grasp the dabbled rose and run it down the length of my chest and stomach, leaving a sultry path of my fluids in its wake. The scent of my arousal soon overcame the fragrance of perfume which had been previously set in the air.

With a divine smile the courtisane finally began to disrobe before me, her elegant frame blocking the candlelight and casting a deep silhouette across the chamber as she shed her dress. Her eyes remained narrowed cunningly as more of her fair skin became illuminated in the dim amber glint, looking as if her body were cast in a layer of gold ore. Then, with a subtle turn, enough to allow my eyes a precipitous glimpse of her bare breasts, Charlotte snuffed the candles with a quick breath of air. The chamber's light was cut in half as the amber glow retreated towards the only remaining source of illumination on the opposite side of the bed. Her graceful figure became shrouded in near complete darkness once again, leaving only a faint outline of her features as shed the final piece of her attire.


"Am I acceptable for Adele?" asked she, presenting herself from amidst the shadows.

The warm amber hue rested at Charlotte's hip as she stood, stretching up her side and outlining her full breasts as well as her locks of dark ebony hair which hung over her shoulders. I marveled over the sight of her angelic body as she stood calmly with her arms out, as if to welcome me into her being.

"More than acceptable, ma dame," said I, repeating another phrase I had spoken once before.

I felt my own hands begin to caress my body as she gazed down for a few moments, waiting for the moment that we would embrace each other with more than a tender kiss. My wait finally came to an end when Charlotte took her place upon the crimson sheets at my side, still calm with her breath as it parted the hair near my cheeks. Our eyes glowed in the candlelight as we stared, not speaking, not thinking, just... feeling.

Gently, Charlotte took the rose from my fingers and brought it to her nose, inhaling my scent and sighing as if to say it was more beautiful than the flower itself. Then, setting it aside she began to run her fingers through my chestnut coloured hair. My arms trembled, so close to the bare skin of the delicate courtisane as she reached out her other hand, setting it upon my stomach.

"Oh Adele," she whispered, "si beau."

Sensing the heat which swelled between my legs, Charlotte slowly began to caress my warm skin, inching towards the lips of my vagina as they quivered with an incredible excitement. It felt as if the rose had been placed upon my body once more, though this time infinitely more soft with its touch. I felt myself drifting away, amongst the clouds of the twilight sky and then beyond the moon itself as Charlotte's touch finally reached the greatest source of my arousal.


Charlotte's fingers became soaked in a thick discharge of my fluids as I moaned heavily, unprepared for the momentary bliss awakened within my body. My skin became flushed with light perspiration as her other hand continued to brush through my hair. With a tranquil smile she dipped a single finger into my vagina, bathing in the calm flow of my fluids for a moment before removing to slide back across my stomach towards my breast in a similar path to that of the rose's earlier.

Her finger mounted my breast, circling my nipple and covering it in my thick nectar. I closed my eyes as a small wave of pleasure washed over me, nearly as powerful as the one I had felt the night before. My chest rose and fell with each heavy breath, partially chilled but more than warm from our bodies so close together. I listened silently as Charlotte brought her head over my breast and ever so gently began to consume the warm fluid from my nipple, slowly allowing her fingers to return to my vagina with a tender caress.

My body soared as Charlotte made love to me, more beautifully and affectionately than I could have possibly imagined. Our bodies moved closer together, then closer, as she continued to embrace my nipple with her lips, drawing in my arousal as if it were an exotic mead quenching a libidinous thirst deep within her. Without further thought, Charlotte brought her leg to the opposite side of my body and took her place upon me just below my stomach.

Bringing her upper body to its full height, Charlotte narrowed her eyes as she gazed down at me. A small amount of my fluids remained at her lip.

"Do you feel it, Adele? My body against yours?"

"Oui," said I, barely voicing the words.

Indeed I felt her upon me. Within an instant the evidence of her passion, her arousal came seeping from between her legs onto my skin, trickling down my hips and soaking into the crimson sheets below. My hands, which had been resting near my breasts, instinctively began to find their way towards Charlotte and her waiting vagina.

"Mmmm... c'est gentil, Adele," pronounced she, slowly.

The faint sound of Charlotte's body pressed against mine, coated in a layer of her fluids, quietly echoed through the chamber along with our breathing. At the very moment my fingers made it to the moist patch of hair between her legs, Charlotte let out a sigh of pleasure, resting her hands slightly above my hips and allowing her neck to tilt backwards. Then, with a small gesture, Charlotte motioned for me to slide my fingers under her body, towards my own vagina where the arousal had become even more intense from our proximity.

Resting my hand against my now moistened stomach, I gently slid my palm down my skin until I reached the slick area which Charlotte rested upon. With her knees as support, she lifted herself from my body and allowed my hand to pass underneath her and reach the lips of my vagina which had become swollen with excitement. Then, before either of us had a chance to speak or even take another breath, she gently rested herself down upon my wrist, careful to still allow its movement as I began to caress myself. Charlotte and I both moaned as the small hood of her vagina brushed against my arm, stimulating for the first time her clitoris with the small friction created by our subtle movements.

"Ohhhh Charlotte," said I, feeling her fluids course onto my hand and then between my legs to mix with my own.

Charlotte reached up and cupped her breast with one hand, supporting her weight with the other as she mounted my wrist and gently drew her hips forward and backward in a delicate motion, allowing her thick nectar to sink onto my arm and stomach. Our breathing quickened, and our bodies flushed with heat, perspiring greatly as our moans grew louder, our passion grew greater.

My fingers began to caress my own clitoris, no longer holding back with their desire to ignite the greater depths of my pleasure. At the same time, Charlotte drew her hips back and forth, towards and away from my chest and driving her vagina deep into my slick wrist and arm, stopping finally as she took in a great breath.

The air of the chamber became overpowered with the aroma of our bodies, our arousal combined. Charlotte released her breast and dismounted my body, lying next to me as she drew her hair out of her face.

"Ohhh, Adele."

Lifting my hand from my stomach, I mimicked Charlotte's movements by slicking back my hair, nearly unable to see clearly through my teary eyes.

"Charlotte," I pronounced, "make love to me."

Reaching across my body, Charlotte motioned for me to take my place upon her. I did, and once again our eyes sat parallel as I rested on top of her, our bodies intertwined, and our vaginas pressed together. My eyes remained opened as I lowered myself for our third kiss at the very moment Charlotte wrapped her arms around my back and drew me tightly against her. My clitoris began to pulsate as our fluids mixed and our bodies moved against each other. Our moans became stifled amidst our embrace, as our damp hair entangled. It was by far the greatest moment of my existence, and I felt as if my mind had become overwhelmed with emotion, with love even.

"Oui, ohhhhhhh, oui," I sounded, following our kiss. Charlotte expressed her arousal in sensuous moans and sighs, still in an ever-graceful voice.

My whimpers became far louder than any noise she made as I felt our very bodies becoming slick and wet from perspiration and our fluids. The crimson sheets of the bed became darker with moisture, damp and warm from our combined discharge as our vaginas pulsed together. My toes pointed downwards as I held in more and more jolts of ecstasy which nearly forced me to cry out. Ere long I was hit with a small surge of bliss which I knew to be my first climax.

"Uunnnhhhh... Charlotte..."

A hot splash of my nectar burst forth, further covering Charlotte's clitoris in my fluids and exciting a smile of gratification upon her lips. My body drew weaker for an instant as my muscles tensed, already near a second peak of ecstasy. Our breasts meshed together, sliding against one another easily from our perspiration as Charlotte peered down as if to look upon our vaginas and her own clitoris which drew more swollen, more wet with arousal as each second passed.

With the hope that I would excite Charlotte's first climax at my hands, I was hit with an enormous pressure, greater than the first and nearly as fast. I cringed and let out a cry of celestial bliss as the very muscles of my vagina contracted with a second climax of my own.

Charlotte's moans remained in check as a second spurt of my discharge soaked the sheets below and caused my full weight to fall upon her. My eyes became weak as I struggled to decipher her expression. My body nearly fell limp as I strained to voice my words amidst my endless cries of passion.

"Charlotte... are you... close?"

After a short pause she answered, "Oui, Adele, I am close."

My strength seemed to flow from my vagina as my nectar peacefully continued its course. Nearly unconscious, I mustered my final ounces of energy to remain awake, hoping to witness the single moment I had been waiting to achieve for Charlotte; her climax.

One by one my senses seemed to fade, just as the amber light dimmed in my vision. The heat of our bodies became too much to bear. My body had become saturated with a pleasure I could not imagine. My nostrils inhaled the great aroma of Charlotte's vagina, as well as my own, and became the last sense I maintained until the inner strength of the courtisane's skill gave way to the threshold of paradise. With an immense cry, Charlotte drew her back away from the sheets in an arch as my thanks for her love and kindness washed over her at long last.

"Adele! Ohhhhhhhhhh..."

At that very moment, I slipped out of consciousness, only just able to feel the thick gush of her sweet honey as it burst forth onto the lips of my tired vagina, pouring from in-between our bodies down her inner thighs and onto the sheets which seemed no longer able to soak in our fluids. Her cries echoed for the greatest time, carrying forward into my thoughts as I fainted. In my very dreams I came to imagine the glorious end of her summit, warm beneath my tender body as she and I fell into a mutual sleep in each other's arms. It was the most intensely erotic moment of my life, and the true beginning of my new existence.


Hours passed as if they were days. Neither of us rose, neither of us moved other than to breath in the ever-present aroma of our love which hung in the chamber's air the entire night. Our bodies remained locked together as one, slick with the product of our ecstasy as our chests rose and fell in a rhythm worthy of two lovers. I had never felt more alive, more at peace than with my Charlotte.

When we both rose, the sun had not yet taken its place upon the horizon. The chamber was dark, and the candles which had remained lit through the night had melted entirely. Awake but still weakened, I remained atop my love, waiting for the moment her eyes would open and meet mine once more, as if to signify our rebirth. I waited, and waited, and finally it happened.

Charlotte awoke, narrowly opening her beautiful blue eyes to greet me with her felicitous smile. Neither of us could move, and our hair had become tangled together, even painfully when I attempted to shift my head slightly. We both stared. We stared at each other longingly, knowing that words could not adequately express any emotions we felt. My attempts were close enough.

"Charlotte, I love you."

With a gentle smile, we kissed each other for a final time, parting only to let my one love speak her last words before we fell asleep once more.

"I love you, Adele."


Charlotte and I remained together from then on, still unaware whether our sojourn would eventually take us away from the setting of our first night together, though neither of us could ever fully resist the allure of the wondrous structure which rested amidst the ravenous streets of Lacoste. It was indeed true that the grandest of aventures could be found in the smallest of towns. This was how my Charlotte and I came to love each other for always; dans la Maison du Velours...


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