Model Behavior

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexuality between females.

-Saturday 5:20 pm-

Rounding the second floor staircase of her quiet apartment building, Annette peered down at the contents of her paper grocery bag, ensuring that she hadn't forgotten anything for her small celebration. An album of gentle love songs just perfect for a quiet dinner and intimate evening, a large lavender scented candle, a pack of soda, and finally a bottle of expensive champagne; all were firmly in place and ready to be showcased to her one and only who sat waiting beyond the door to their apartment. A cheery smile rested on Annette's face as she fumbled for her keys and unlocked the door just in time to find the one she loved caught between two half naked girls on the carpet, each yelling and screaming in a haze of excitement. It wasn't exactly the best moment to be walking in on the three.

"Chelsie?!" Annette cried. "What are you... doing?!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Chelsie coughed loudly, still out of breath from the seemingly lustful frenzy.

"Annette?! This isn't what it looks like, honest!"

Tears came to Annette's eyes as she stared at the three girls clumped together on the floor, quickly dropping her grocery bag and nearly shattering the bottle of champagne.

"No," she began, "this is worse. I've just walked into my own home to find my girlfriend in some kind of sick threesome with two other women... and it stinks in here, too! I... I just..."

Annette collapsed onto the floor along with the grocery bag, covering her face with her hands as the two on top of Chelsie finally stopped groping her and stood up with their discarded clothes in hand.

"Don't worry, girls," one of them said, tightening her fingers with a grin. "We got what we came for, so I guess we'll be out of your way. And I would apologize for the carpet, but..."

Annette sobbed into her palms as the two intruders casually trudged by her and closed the door behind them, leaving a fresh trail of muddy footprints in their wake. She then looked up with teary eyes at a sweaty and exhausted Chelsie as she sat on the carpet in the center of the room with a confused and bewildered look on her face.

"I can explain..."


-Saturday 1:30 pm-
'earlier that day'

A calm, feal Chelsie rested her head in the small sink of water at the base of her neck, humming to herself while listening to her delicate girlfriend as she dictated articles from the latest issue of 'Trendy' magazine; the hottest new reading material for all things fashion. The salon worker quickly returned with Chelsie's chosen hair dye just in time to catch the beginning of the conversation.

"This month 'Trendy' will be holding auditions for their new model search right here in the city," Annette began, taking a sip from her soda. "One lucky pair of girls will have the chance to be featured on the cover shot for an upcoming issue as well have the opportunity to model the latest fashions in our 'In and Out' section for the next fall season. It's the chance of a lifetime for every up and coming model out there looking to strut their stuff for our readers."

All eyebrows in the room raised with excitement.

"Wow! how do we enter?" Chelsie asked, closing her eyes as her head was dipped into the sink.

"All entrees must appear before a judging committee of three people. After the pair have been approved, those two winning applicants will be supplied contact information for Trendy's fashion expert concerning the dates and times for the shoot."

"You definitely have what it takes to be a model, Annette, but I don't know about me."

Annette smiled, taking another sip from her soda.

"Oh, stop it. You're twice as beautiful as I am, Chelsie. And with your new hair added to that..."

"Maybe you're right," she replied, cheerfully. "I'll bet we could win."

Annette returned her eyes to the page, noticing the fine print.

"It says here that the deadline for entry isn't for another month, but it is subject to change depending on how early the applicants are chosen. So basically it's first come, first served."

Chelsie and the salon worker both made a simultaneous gulp.

"And didn't you get this one in the mail just this morning?" Chelsie asked.

"Mmm hmm," Annette nodded.

"So that means this issue won't be out until tomorrow, right?"

"Mmm hmm, thanks to my special subscription," she stated, smiling.

Well we'd better hurry then," Chelsie replied, lifting her head from the sink. "I'll bet the first ones who impress the judges will win, so we have to be quick."

"Ya, I suppose so."

Chelsie sat back up and put on her glasses, rushing to look into the nearest mirror. A dark shade of lovely blonde hair shone in the morning light.

"Wow, maybe I could pass for a model."

Annette looked up, closing the magazine.

"You definitely look lovely with blonde hair," she smiled, running a finger through her own black locks.


The salon worker made her way back to the counter, facing the two as they ogled the new do.

"I hope you enjoy your new look," she said. "Thanks for coming."

Chelsie and Annette smiled, returning to the counter.

"Thanks, umm..."

"Oh, I'm Lia."

"Thanks Lia."

Annette smiled politely and folded the magazine under her arm, turning to face Chelsie.

"How about lunch?"

"Sounds great, Annette," the new blonde stated, grinning.

The second the two left the salon, Lia dashed for her cell phone under the counter and speed dialed her own girlfriend, setting up the 'closed' sign on the front door at the same time. Outside, the faint sound of her last two customers rang in the early morning air as they walked happily towards the diner, hand in hand.

"Trendy magazine, here we come!"


-Saturday 1:45 pm-

Sitting impatiently at the counter of the salon, Lia raced with her every word as usual into the phone as she twisted her long brunette locks between her fingers. Renowned by her former classmates as the only college student ever to dictate Tolstoy's "War and Peace" in under half an hour, she was a virtual hummingbird when it came to talking.

"...And this search is only open until they find the two their looking for, and those two girls are the only ones who have a day early subscription, and I made her look so pretty with the blonde dye, and her friend already looks pretty too, and even if they don't win there'll probably be tons of applicants wanting to audition besides us, and..."

On the other end of the line, Lia's girlfriend, Julianne, sat sipping a cafe latte in a quiet diner as she stared down a certain someone who she thought looked exceedingly attractive. The one she gazed at flashed a radiant smile back with her dark red hair and sleek sunglasses, staring at Julianne as if to reciprocate her affection. The coffee pot was apparently just reflective enough.

"Okay, slow down for a second, girl, you're talking way too fast. Now what's this all about again."

Lia took a deep breath, ready to spit out another thousand words in an instant.

"Trendy is setting up a model search and only the first two selected get a chance to be on the cover, and model for next season, and..."

The only two words Julianne made out were 'model' and 'front cover'; they were more than enough to catch her attention.

"And what are you doing on the phone telling me this when you should be holding that magazine and looking up where we're supposed to go for this model search?" she asked, leaning forward and pulling off her sunglasses.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she replied quickly, "but I've still got to lock up the store and everything, and I don't even know where I can find this magazine because I don't think it's even on shelves yet, and..."

Julianne's eye was caught by a nearby table.

"What does this magazine look like?" she interrupted.

Lia was already rushing around the store, struggling to lock up quickly when she answered, "Umm, I didn't really get a really good look but I think it has a light pink cover with a blue logo."

Julianne grinned cunningly, placing her sunglasses back on.

"Cancel picking up the magazine, I've already got one," she said, softly. "I'll meet you at our place in ten minutes."

Lia stopped in her tracks, knocking over a stack of shampoo upon hearing the words.

"You've got..."

"Mmm hmm, see you in ten minutes, Lia. Ciao."

Hanging up, Julianne stood from her chair, peering across the diner patio at the very issue she was looking for as it rested vulnerably on a nearby table. With a quick stride she picked up an empty glass tray which a waitress had set down and walked over to the table where the magazine and a cheerful pair of girls sat.

She set down the tray directly on top of the magazine.

"Can I get you ladies some free refills?" she asked, smiling.

One of the girls looked up, returning the smile and breaking from the conversation.

"There's free refills today?"

"Oh, for sure. The manager just got married and she's feeling generous. All drinks are on her today."

"Wow, I'll have an iced tea then," the first one said.

"And I'll have a soda, please," the other stated politely.

"Enter the soda junkie," the first girl stated, pushing her glass towards the tray. Her words were met with an annoyed pinch on the arm by the other.

"Coming right up," Julianne grinned.

With that, she placed the girls' empty glasses on the tray and slipped both hands under it, lifting up the magazine at the same time and making her way towards the exit calmly. The two girls went back to their conversation, oblivious.

Before leaving, Julianne set the tray down on a counter and folded the magazine under her arm, smiling triumphantly as she ran her free hand through her hair. It was shaping up to be a wonderful day for at least one couple.


-Saturday 1:50 pm-

Lia closed the door to the salon and sighed, finally finished locking up. She quickly turned and began to jog down the sidewalk, barely avoiding the various pedestrians along the way as she peered at her watch every few seconds.

She crossed the first street, ignoring the traffic signals and the 'don't walk' sign, barely missing someone as she looked up from her watch.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" the bystander yelled, already too far away from the sprinting salon worker as she raced into the distance.

At the same time, Julianne sat in their apartment reading her borrowed magazine and waiting impatiently for Lia to return. The article stated: all entrees are encouraged to meet at the Walnut street office building, third floor between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday.

"Mmm, this search is as good as over once those judges get a load of us," she mused, impatiently moving her leg up and down as it rested on her knee.

Julianne's hair was freshly tied back behind her head, and she wore a new pair of tight blue jeans and a black tank top. Two long bangs hung down from each side of her forehead, normally overlapping her stylish black sunglasses which she seemed to enjoy wearing even at night. She was a goddess... or at least someone in the apartment believed she was, and Lia hadn't arrived yet.


-Saturday 1:55 pm-

Chelsie and Annette sat locked in a conversation, still waiting rather impatiently for their refills which they had been promised minutes earlier by a strangely sly waitress. As the two began to look around for the nearest employee, they were approached by the manager who wore a cheery but regular smile.

"Is everything okay, ladies?" she asked.

"Oh, definitely, yes, but we've been waiting for refills for almost ten minutes now," Chelsie said.

"I'll get right on that," the manager replied.

Annette looked up at her.

"Oh, and congratulations."

The manager seemed puzzled.


"On getting married," Annette stated. "You are married, aren't you? And that's why our drinks are free."

"Don't we both wish," the manager smiled. "That's a good one though."

Annette furrowed her brow, looking back at Chelsie.

"Then why did that waitress..."

Before finishing her sentence the two of them both looked down at their table, finally noticing their missing reading material.

"Our magazine!" they both yelled simultaneously.

Jumping up from her seat, Chelsie pulled some cash from her purse and threw it on the table as Annette pursed her lips, hungrily.

"I'm sorry, we have to go."

The two quickly stepped out onto the sidewalk, beginning to scan in both directions with the hope of spotting the woman in sunglasses who had just stolen their ticket to becoming models.

"I knew that none of the waitresses here wore sunglasses," Chelsie said angrily. "I should have saw it coming."

"It's not your fault, Chelsie, it just looks as if more than one party is looking to win this model search."

The two turned to each other, finally calming down and looking into each other's eyes.

"Maybe, but we're still going to win this, Annette, I promise."

There was a pause. Chelsie reached out her hand and took Annette's. She smiled back, opening her mouth to speak.

"Oh Chelsie, I love..."

There was a large thump and Annette was sprawled out on the pavement along with a heavily breathing jogger just as a small alarm went off on someone's wristwatch. Chelsie covered her mouth in shock, still a little startled as she knelt to help the two up.

"Are you all right?" she asked, taking the jogger's hand and lifting her off of the now flattened Annette.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I am really, but I'm late for lunch, I mean a date with my girlfriend, I mean..."

Chelsie smiled.

"Hey I know you, you just did my hair a few minutes ago. Lia, right? Did you close early or something?"

Lia looked around, trying to think of an excuse to keep on running.

"I've got an important appointment with my... spiritual advisor, can't miss it."

"Didn't you just say you were late for a date with your girlfriend?" Chelsie asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Ummm my... my spiritual advisor is my girlfriend. We're lovers, I love her and... I'm so sorry for hitting you."

Annette sat up, rubbing her shoulder.

"It's okay, the sidewalk broke my fall," she answered, in pain.

Chelsie helped Annette up, straightening her glasses as she turned to Lia.

"Did you see someone in sunglasses walking back there by any chance?"

Lia gulped. She was a terrible liar.

"Sunglasses? No, no I did not, that I am sure of because I did not see anyone like that... why?"

"Someone just stole our magazine, you know that one with the model search information. We think it was someone wearing sunglasses."

Lia looked down, brushing herself off and looking at her watch. Her entire arm was shaking.

"No, sorry, haven't seen a girl in sunglasses around. Gotta go, hope you find what you're looking for and such."

Without giving either of them a chance to answer, Lia took off down the sidewalk, running slightly slower and with a small limp from the hit.

Chelsie turned back to Annette.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Mmm hmm."

"Well that's one way to make pancakes," Chelsie smiled.

Annette scowled for a moment, quickly softening her expression as a shot of pain ran through her side.

"Now what do we do?" she asked. "Wait until tomorrow?"

"We can't afford to wait that long, Annette. There has to be something we can..."

Annette shook her head.

"My arm, it hurts," she said, as if explaining symptoms to a nurse.

Chelsie snapped her fingers.

"Hey, wait a minute."

Annette looked surprised.


"How did she know that it was a girl who took our magazine?"

"What do you mean? Annette asked, still rubbing her bruised arm. Chelsie quickly grabbed her wrist, beginning a sprint in the same direction Lia had just gone.

"Come on, I think I know where we might find our magazine."


-Saturday 2:00 pm-

Back in their apartment, Julianne sat quietly, flipping through the other pages of the magazine and imagining her face on all of the models. Without having to look up, she knew the exact moment Lia walked into the room. She was a little sore herself from tackling a certain someone.

"You're late," Julianne stated, rather impolitely

"I'm sorry, but I had to lock up everything at the salon and then run here on foot, and I ran into those two girls along the way who I told you about, and I think they might have been asking for you and..."

Julianne set the magazine down, uncrossing her legs.

"And what did you tell them?"

"Nothing, why? You weren't the one who stole their magazine were you, Julianne?"

She stood from the sofa, smiling.

"Stole is such a harsh word, let's call it borrowing. I'll give it back once we win the model search. Besides, if they really want this magazine they can just go over to any news stand and buy one tomorrow."

"But by that time a whole bunch of other possible entries will have the magazine too," Lia added.

"That's the idea, girl. And it doesn't even matter anyway, because we'll be the first two to show up, and the two who win for that matter.

Lia reached for her forehead, cupping a small scratch.

"I think I hit her hard, my head hurts. Do you think it could be a concussion?"

Julianne smirked.

"Yes, it must be. Just like the time you thought you had whiplash from our romp at the New years party... and just like the time you thought you had tennis elbow after playing soccer. And just like the time..."

"Hey, it could have happened," Lia interjected in her own defense.

Julianne walked up to her and peered at her forehead, bringing a hand to her cheek.

"You do look like you banged it pretty good though."

"It hurts, Julianne..." Lia pouted softly.

Julianne smiled gently as she brushed Lia's brunette locks out of her face and blew softly on her forehead.

"Well, maybe I can make it feel better, let's see."

With a gentle caress, Julianne kissed the small bruise on Lia's forehead, holding her lips against her skin for a few moments with her eyes closed. Lia's knees buckled and just before she lost her balance Julianne stepped back, supporting her.


Lia nodded. "A little."

"Mmm... now, as I was saying, if we want to be the first ones showing up we've got to look like models. The first thing we're going to have to do is clean you up, it looks like you brought a bit of the pavement home with you."

Julianne grabbed Lia's arm and pulled her towards the bathroom, licking her lips. She flicked the light on and turned back to Lia, reaching for the button of her jeans.

"Oh god, this early in the morning?" Lia stated, still a little dazed.

"No, silly, we're taking a shower," she grinned. "But hold that thought."

Lia rested her hand on the sink for support, noticing an empty bottle of old perfume she had purchased an eternity ago.

"You know, I've been looking around for that new fragrance the last little while. It would be perfect for us to wear at the model search. I think there's even a sample page for it in that magazine we stole, I mean borrowed."

"Really?" Julianne replied, already lifting off Lia's blouse.

"It's called Elysian Escape. Beautiful, huh?"

"Almost as beautiful as you are," she whispered.

Lia smiled, faintly hearing a small rustle nearby. Racquel closed the door behind her and moved casually toward the bath tub, turning on the water.

"Seriously, Julianne, I would really love a bottle of that... as a present, maybe."

"Well, if we should see it on sale any time today, I'll be sure to snatch it up just for you," she replied, with a wink.

Lia peered at the mirror on the door with a reluctant gaze.

"Don't you think we should keep the door open, just in case? I mean, with both of us in here, no one will be able to hear anything."

Julianne turned back to Lia, removing her jewelry.

"I don't want steam filling our apartment, unless it's from us in bed," she grinned. "And besides, what could possibly happen? Oh, wait, maybe someone is going to break in and give you tendonitis if we're not careful."

Lia gave her a dirty look.

"Fine then."

Julianne pulled off her tank and set it on the towel rack, flicking on the radio which sat near the sink. Then, finally unclothed herself, Lia stepped into the shower, trembling as Julianne came in behind her and pulled the curtain. Her sexy smile was firmly in place.


-Saturday 2:02 pm-

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Annette asked, following closely behind Chelsie as they skulked across a certain hallway that Lia had just passed through moments earlier.

"Of course it is, Annette," she replied quietly. "Besides, I'll bet little miss Lia was in on this whole magazine conspiracy."

Annette stopped in her tracks, touching Chelsie on the shoulder.

"What are we going to do, knock on the door and ask for it back?"

Chelsie adjusted her glasses.

"I haven't planned that far ahead yet."

Annette scowled again as Chelsie turned back towards the door ahead of them.

"Is this the one?" she asked, in a whisper.

Chelsie nodded. "Mmm hmm, shhhh."

Slowly, she placed her ear up to the door, careful not to be in the eye hole's sight. She then held her breath, listening in as if she could actually hear inside.

"Is this legal?" Annette asked, feeling a little worried.

"If we're going to get our magazine back we have to fight fire with fire, Annette. I think I hear a shower running."


"So, that means at least one of them is occupied, assuming there's two people in on this."

Annette folded her arms.

"Why don't you just knock then, Sherlock?"

Chelsie returned with a dirty look.

"Fine then."

She knocked on the door softly, just loud enough for any nearby occupants to hear. Annette cringed, ready to take off in the opposite direction if someone were to answer. The two waited, and waited some more. Nothing happened. Chelsie knocked again; this time a little more bravely. Still, no one answered.

"Maybe no one's home," Annette whispered.

Chelsie smiled.

"Apparently I'm not the one who needs glasses. We just saw Lia walk inside... she must be alone, which means she's the one taking that shower, which means we have a chance to get our magazine back."

"How?" Annette asked.

Chelsie reached into her purse, pulling out her trusty bank card.

"I saw this in a movie once," she grinned.

"Was the movie called 'Breaking and Entering' by any chance?" Annette replied, frowning.

Chelsie stuck out her tongue, slowly fixing her bank card in the door. After a few seconds of loud jimmying, Annette started to perspire nervously. Reaching in her pocket for a tissue, she looked down to see a pair of shoes standing next to her, and connected to those shoes was a tall, gruff looking man with a stern expression.

Annette turned white as Chelsie glimpsed in her direction, widening her eyes with surprise.

"What are you two ladies doing?" the man asked, eyeing them both.

Chelsie returned to full height, fixing her glasses as she attempted to compose herself.

"Ummm... wouldn't you know it, we locked ourselves out again. Third time this month, too. I'm just trying to jimmy it open with my credit card as always."

The man put his hand on his hip, as if not convinced.

"That's funny, I've never seen you in here before."

"We just moved in two months ago," Chelsie replied, feeling a bead of sweat run down her forehead.

"Oh. Why don't you just call the manager then?"

Annette was ready to start running as Chelsie scratched her head nervously.

"Well, you see, the thing is... my girlfriend here, she's always locking herself out and the manager isn't too happy when he has to come all the way up here to let her in every week. In fact I think he said that if it happens again we lose our security deposit so..."

The man nodded, finally smiling.

"Well, don't let me catch you trying to credit card my door," he grinned. "All you have to do is knock and I'll be glad to answer."

Embarrassed, Annette smothered her face with her hand.

"Yes sir," Chelsie stated, saluting him.

The gruff man continued on, shaking his head with an amused look on his face and leaving the two girls standing clumsily before the door; one ready for the gun shot to start the hundred meter dash and the other seemingly acknowledging an invisible superior officer.

"When this is over," Annette whispered, "I'm going to kill you."


-Saturday 2:04 pm-

A hot drizzle of water coursed down Lia's chest as she stood facing the shower stream with Julianne at her back, her hands gently wrapped around her waist. With a calm sigh, Lia lowered her head as her lover placed a soft kiss on the side of her neck, breathing lightly upon her moistened skin.

"When was the last time we made love in the shower?" Julianne asked softly.

Lia smiled, letting her hair slowly come under the stream of water.

"Which shower?" she asked, closing her eyes happily. "There was the one in the hotel, the one in the spa... even the one at the swimming pool, when no one was around."

Julianne inhaled deeply, remembering the experiences for herself. She planted another kiss on Lia's neck.

"You know, I have been meaning to give this a little try at the salon," she whispered, slyly.

"And what if we were caught?" Lia asked, feeling her lover's hands caress her hips.

"What, would we fire ourselves?" Julianne replied, grinning.

Slowly, she then reached for a bar of soap from the side of the tub, returning to Lia's waist and soaking it under the water. Lia brought her hand to Julianne's wrist, guiding her movements as she ran the soap across her stomach gently. The white suds slid down her skin, settling in her small patch of hair as the two continued to breathe deeply.

"What about the model search?" Lia whispered. "Do you think we can win?"

"Honey, if we had our picture taken like this right now we'd be first on the speed dial of every major modelling agency in the country."

Julianne brought the soap higher, letting both of her hands soak in the suds before dropping it near the drain. Then, with a soothing caress, she began to rub the palms of her hands up and down her lover's skin rhythmically. Lia let out a quiet moan, tracing Julianne's movements with her own hands slowly.

"Did you hear that?" Lia asked, turning her head towards the door for a moment.

"I sure did," Julianne stated, beginning to caress her breasts lightly. "It sounds like someone is breaking into our apartment right this minute, while we stand here naked, unaware, vulnerable, and in heat..."

Lia smirked, gazing back down at their feet.

"Aren't you ever concerned, Julianne?" she asked.

"Of course I am, honey. I'm concerned with what's important, you."

Julianne slid her hands off her lover's breasts, moving with the hot stream of water towards her waiting pussy. Before Lia could reply, she felt her partner's delicate touch upon her mound.

"Mmmmmmm... sounds like you're telling the truth," she moaned.

"Don't I always?" Julianne replied, slowly running her tongue from Lia's shoulder to her neck.

"Okay, what are you going to do next?" Lia asked, shivering with delight.

"Next," she began, "I'm going to turn you around, get down on my knees, and then gently part your pussy lips with my tongue, savouring every drop of your arousal as I lick up and down, up and down, up and down..."

"I always love it when people tell the truth," Lia mused, giggling.

With a faint gesture, Julianne turned Lia towards her, slowly kneeling and bringing her head closer to the trembling salon worker's glistening pussy. Warm beads of water ran down Lia's stomach, passing her navel, through her patch of hair, and calmly dripping from the hood of her exposed clit. She let out an especially loud moan the moment Julianne's tongue met her moist flesh.

"Ohhhhhhh god..."

Lia began to tremble uncontrollably, nearly collapsing onto Julianne as she felt her tongue penetrate her wet folds and press deeply inside. A warm flow of her juices poured into Julianne's mouth as she licked her lips with a lustful grin.

"Mmmm, you taste so good, honey. And I can tell you're wet too, even with this water."

"Maybe we should... move this to the bed... Julianne," Lia moaned, barely supporting herself.

Another slow pass across her swollen clit nearly brought her over the edge as Julianne giggled slyly.

"As soon as you cum, Lia, then we'll see," she whispered, her lips dripping with her lover's fluids.

"That's not too far... off, Juli... Ohhhhh..."

Lia closed her eyes tightly as Julianne brought her lips to her moist clit once more, this time lightly sucking as droplets of water fell from the brunette locks above her. Gripping Julianne's hair, she let out a cry of passion, embracing her lover's induced bliss as it brought her closer to a powerful climax.

"Unnnhhhhhhh... yes, Juli..."

There was a small creak near the door, not nearly loud enough for the two to hear it over their moans. Instead, Lia grew louder with each moment, quivering as her clit pulsated between Julianne's wet lips. At the same time, her tongue pressed against Lia's warm bud, drawing forth waves of ecstasy from her partner as she gripped the soap stand with one hand and her lover's long red locks with the other. Julianne inhaled deeply through her nose, taking in Lia's enchanting scent as her pussy pulsed with a nearly peaked excitement.

"Mmm... cum for me, honey, yesss..." Julianne whispered, removing her lips from Lia's trembling clit for a moment.

With a final gaze down upon Julianne, Lia raised her head towards the shower stream and let her face soak in the full torrent of the falling water, partially drowning her screams as her partner made a last caress of her soaked clit before sending her over the edge she had approached moments earlier.


Arching her back and tightening her grip upon her lover's head, Lia cried out loud as her pussy convulsed with a rapturous orgasm, echoing throughout the bathroom and beyond their apartment walls. A flood of thick girl cum mixed with the shower's water as it splashed onto Julianne's chin and neck, coursing down her body as she continued to lick Lia's glistening lips.

Collapsing into her arms, Lia dropped to her knees, still unable to silence her screams as her body flushed with ecstasy. Julianne brought her hand to her lips, wiping the hot nectar from her lips before wrapping her other hand around Lia with a gentle hug.

"Mmm... there's nothing like a nice hot orgasm to go with a nice hot shower is there, Lia."

Lia nodded silently, exhausted from her screams. The shower's stream finally stopped raining on her as Julianne brought a finger under her chin and lifted it, planting a long, sensuous, and wet kiss upon her lover's lips, dripping with her own honey.

"Wow..." Lia managed to let out, barely above a whisper.


-Saturday 2:03 pm-
'moments earlier'

A small click sounded in Chelsie's ears as the bank card successfully unlocked the apartment door after a few more seconds of clumsy jiggling. Swallowing loudly, she gently pushed the door open, half expecting to see a terrified Lia with a bat in one hand and a freshly dialed 911 phone call in the other. The short hallway was empty, with only the faint sound of rushing water coming from behind a closed door to the right.

Chelsie stepped inside, motioning for Annette to follow with her waving bank card.

"Come on, before someone sees us," she whispered.

Annette closed her eyes as she took Chelsie's hand and was pulled inside quickly. Once beyond the door, Chelsie turned and slowly began to close it, letting go of the momentarily blinded Annette. With a loud thump, she lost her balance and stumbled backwards into the door, slamming it shut.

Chelsie covered her mouth in fright, almost sure that they were caught. From beyond the closed bathroom door two quiet voices could be made out.

"Did you hear that?" the first voice stated, causing the two intruders to stare frantically at each other.

The second voice was nearly too faint to make out, but it sounded less urgent than the two had expected. Chelsie sighed, blowing a lock of blonde hair out of her face.

"I don't think they heard us," she whispered, taking a deep breath. "But there's definitely two of them."

"I don't think we should be here, Chelsie," Annette replied, speaking in lip movements.

Chelsie reached out her hand, grasping a trembling arm.

"We'll be okay, just keep quiet. Now come on."

Annette shook her head, crouching in the corner anxiously. Chelsie's further prodding soon caused her to cover her ears.

"I'm not moving," she stated, nervously.

Frowning, Chelsie turning back towards the hallway. With a deep breath she took a step forward, able to silence her steps with the carpeting but failing to notice the mark her shoes left behind. Another step brought her within reach of the bathroom door knob, where the sounds of the two occupants became more clear amidst the hiss of the shower.

"Next, I'm going to turn you around, get down on my knees, and then gently part your pussy lips with my..."

Chelsie stopped in her tracks, raising her eye brows upon hearing the words uttered by the second occupant of the bathroom. Slowly, she approached the door, resting her ear next to the knob as a frantic Annette waved her arms furiously, staring at the fresh trail of muddy footprints leading from the front door to the bathroom. The heat rising from the small crack below began to fog up Chelsie's glasses as she pressed her head harder against the door, listening in on what was apparently a very steamy conversation.

At her back, Annette pursed her lips, unable to speak as she watched between the cracks in her fingers which covered her terrified expression. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out an empty gum wrapper and tossed it at Chelsie, striking her on the back. Scowling angrily, Chelsie turned to see her footprints embedded in the carpet behind her. The color drained from her face instantly.

"Oh shi..."

A second wrapper hit Chelsie right between the eyes before she could finish her sentence. Annette was back on her feet and ready to open the front door. With a quick shake of her head, she turned towards the hallway and quickly began to sneak further into the apartment, knowing that their presence was about to be discovered either way.

Turning into the living room, Chelsie spotted the magazine at last, resting on the coffee table near the love seat. A quick dash and a skipped heartbeat later, their ticket to the model search was back in the right hands.

"Phew," Chelsie sounded, rubbing her forehead.

Annette stood anxiously, trying to peer around the corner as her hands became nearly unable to grasp the door knob which was now slick with her perspiration. After a deep breath and a loud yell from the interior of the bathroom, Chelsie appeared at the end of the hallway, brandishing their prize.

"That's it," Annette stated in lip movements, jumping on the spot. "Let's go, let's go!"

Beginning her second journey across the already dirtied hallway, Chelsie bit her lip as she shuffled over her previous steps in a somewhat useless attempt to mask her path into the living room but also out of pity for the decidedly nice carpet before she had ruined it.

As she made her final few steps towards the exit, Chelsie turned towards the closed bathroom door just in time to hear an earth-shattering cry from within, causing the two intruders to halt in their tracks momentarily.


Quickly deciding to abandon their silence for speed, Annette threw open the front door and was already outside by the time Chelsie rushed out, closing it firmly behind them.

Annette hunched over, trembling violently as Chelsie stood exhausted and dripping with nervous sweat along with her. After a few moments of heavy breathing and even a few coughs, the two looked up; first at the door and then at each other, attempting to catch their breath.

"Wow..." Annette stated, right about the same time a certain someone was uttering the same words.


-Saturday 2:10 pm-

Lia sat smiling serenely on the toilet seat as a proud and confident Julianne stood drying herself off next to her, staring happily into her lover's eyes. A calm sigh marked the end of their very steamy shower and the beginning of the main event, or so they thought.

"Now we're ready to win that model search, honey," Julianne said, slipping into a bath robe.

"Most definitely," Lia replied, wrapping herself in a towel at the same time.

The two turned towards the door, opening it to find a fresh set of muddy footprints leading from the front door to the bathroom and into the living room. Lia gasped, nearly tripping over the side of the tub and falling back in.

"What in the name of..."

Julianne's words were cut off as she poked her head out the door and looked down the hallway. With a quick dash she jumped into the kitchen opposite the bathroom and grabbed the nearest knife, which happened to be a butter knife with strawberry jam still running off the tip.

"I... I think we've been robbed," Lia stated, her eyes wide with fright.

Upon hearing the words, Julianne ran into the living room, quickly seeing what the intruder had taken, or rather not seeing it.

"They stole the magazine!" Julianne yelled.

Lia rounded the corner, folding her arms.

"Don't you mean 'borrowed'?" she replied, scowling.

Julianne threw off her bath robe and raced for the bedroom.

"Get dressed, Lia, we're not licked yet."

"Huh?" she asked.

"Well, you are," Julianne grinned, stopping in her tracks for a moment, "but we don't need the magazine anyway. I've memorized what it said... all entrees are encouraged to meet at the Walnut street office building, third floor between 1:00 and 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday. We've got less than three hours to get there and win before those two do first. Come on!"


-Saturday 2:15 pm-

Annette blew a lock of her black hair out of her face with a sigh as she hugged her precious Trendy magazine, now safely back with its rightful owners. Chelsie listened attentively as she then finished her read of the small article and where it was being held.

"Walnut street, I know where that is," Chelsie said, perking up. "We'd better hurry though, if we only have until two."

Annette slowed to a still pace, looking down at the magazine and then back up at her girlfriend.

"Do you really think we can win, Chelsie?" she asked quietly.

Chelsie reached up and took off her glasses, staring at Annette with courageous eyes.

"Annette," she began, softly, "Even if we don't win... I still love you."

The two smiled, gently embracing each other in a hug and squishing the magazine between them. The loving kiss which followed was more than enough to bring Annette's spirits back to their original height.

"I love you too, Chelsie," she said, happily. "But before we go, I think I need a drink."

"I'll bet there's a vending machine inside the building," Chelsie added, looking down for a split second. Annette was already halfway down the block by the time she looked back up.


-Saturday 2:25 pm-

Julianne and Lia pulled up to Walnut street with a loud screech of their tires, both dressed and made up to impress as they stepped out of the car. Lia slammed her door shut and raced for the door, fully charged to speak her usual mile per minute.

"I thought you said we had to hurry, because those other two girls are probably here, and they might win before we do, and...

Julianne adjusted her stylish black sunglasses, calmly closing the car door as her long red locks caught a small gust of wind.

"After seeing how good we look, girl, I already know we're going to win."

The two calmly stepped inside, waiting for the elevator before making their way up to the third floor. Inside, the halls were nearly empty, except for a single young woman hunched over a nearby vending machine. Lia approached her first, followed by Julianne as she strutted confidently behind.

"Damn, no more soda," the woman remarked.

"Hello there," Lia said, leaning forward.

The woman turned away from the machine, staring at the nicely dressed couple and smiling. She wore a pony tail in her long black hair, along with an equally stylish jacket and pants compared to a certain someone in sunglasses. Julianne didn't seem impressed.

"Yes?" she asked.

"We're entrees for Trendy magazine's model search," Lia stated. "Where are we supposed to go, miss..."

The woman stepped back, flashing a calm smile as she appeared to check out the two aspiring models.

"Word does get around fast," she mused. "I'm Naomi. You want the third door down on the left; that's the waiting room. Good luck."

Julianne scowled from beneath her sunglasses, stepping forward.

"I don't suppose you're in the model search as well, Naomi," she said, coldly.

"Well, actually I am. I'll be..."

"Really," Julianne interrupted. "In that case I think it's you who'll be needing the luck, honey, trust me. I feel sorry for whoever your partner is for this."

Lia gazed up with a shock, striking her on the shoulder.


Naomi stood smiling, visibly insulted but still placid. The confidence radiating from the two seemed to fuel their conflict. The egotist versus the unabashed, round one.

"And 'I' feel sorry that the judges have a look at such a lopsided pair," she said. "It's clear where the beauty is in this couple."

Julianne stepped forward, coming to full height.

"Isn't it funny how gabby halfwits tend to exercise their mouths when it's their thighs that could really use the work," she barked, looking down upon her.

Naomi stood silent, turning to Lia and speaking as if Julianne wasn't present.

"Better keep a leash on her, sister," she said, piously, "or you might get bitten sooner or later."

With that, Naomi turned back towards the vending machine as her opponent glared at her from beneath her sunglasses. Lia had to grab Julianne's arm to pull her away from the impending war.


-Saturday 2:20 pm-

Annette looked up from the vending machine on the third floor of the Walnut street office building, popping open a fresh soda can as Chelsie stood tapping her foot behind her.

"Could you have picked a better time to be guzzling junk food?" she asked.

Annette stuck out her tongue, mimicking Chelsie's action from outside Lia's apartment.

"Oh, quit it," she said, frowning. "Now let's find these judges."

The two started down the hallway, trying each door knob on both sides. The first two on the left were locked, and the doors on the right led into empty office rooms and an executive washroom. They finally struck gold with the third door on the left. Chelsie entered first, noticing a group of three people sitting around the room, obviously on their coffee break.

"Hello?" Chelsie asked, nervously.

The three stopped talking and turned towards the door.

"Yes, can we help you two?" one asked.

Annette stood partially behind Chelsie as she spoke up.

"Isn't this were the judging takes place for the model search?" she asked.

The three looked at each other, a little surprised.

"Doesn't that start tomorrow?" one asked.

"The magazine isn't even out until tomorrow," another pointed out.

Chelsie pulled out their issue of the magazine and showed it to them.

"We have a special subscription," she said, flipping to the exact page. "It does say Saturday through Sunday, see? Right here."

The only female judge smiled, standing up.

"Well, if you two are that dedicated, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to start the model search today. In that case, let's move this to the office."

Annette quickly remembered the soda can in her hand and hid it behind her back, following the three judges into the next room as Chelsie calmly set the magazine down on a nearby coffee table. Once inside, the judges each took their seats behind a table, only one sitting with writing material, and watched as the two girls stood clumsily in the center of the room.

"So... do we have lines to read or something?" Chelsie asked, looking around with a confused expression.

"This isn't a movie audition," one of male judges replied, yawning.

"Well, girls," the female judge began, "do you have any experience with modelling?"

Annette and Chelsie looked back and forth at each other for a moment, one scratching her head and the other running her finger along the top of the soda can. Their answers came at the same time.



The one judge smiled, but the other two didn't seem as impressed.

"Well, which is it?" she asked again.

"No, we don't have any experience," Annette repeated.

"But that doesn't mean we're not good at it," Chelsie quickly added, subtly elbowing Annette's injured side. "We really think we have what it takes."

"I think you do too," the judge stated. "I could see you two being on the cover of our next issue, perhaps."

Chelsie and Annette both raised their eyebrows.


"Mmm hmm," she nodded. "But first, it would be nice if we knew a little more about you."

"Anything," Chelsie said, enthusiastically.

"Well, for starters, are those your natural hair colors?"

Annette rubbed her side, hoping not to make the same mistake twice.

"Yes," she said.

"No," Chelsie quickly interrupted, noticing Annette had stepped out of her elbow's reach.

The two other judges groaned.

"You don't have to be nervous, girls, but it would be nice if you told us the truth," the nice one mused.

"I just got my hair done today," Chelsie said. "Is that a problem?"

"Of course not. It looks flawless in fact, though it doesn't quite match your eyebrows, miss..."

"Oh, I'm Chelsie, and this is Annette."

"Evelyn," the nice judge replied, smiling. "Pleased to meet you two."

"Likewise," Chelsie said, nodding.

"So," Evelyn stated, "why do Chelsie and Annette want to be Trendy's new models?"

"Well..." Chelsie began.

Annette jumped in front of her, interrupting for herself this time.

"Well," she began, "I'm Annette, of course, and I want to be a Trendy model because I love absolutely every piece of clothing I see in your magazine. I have every single issue since your first edition, and I even have a special subscription as you've heard. And, as I'm sure Chelsie wouldn't mind me speaking for her..."


"...We have always dreamed of becoming models since we first met. In fact, it was a big factor in how we got together in the first place, right, Chelsie?"

Annette jabbed Chelsie with her elbow, harder than the hit she was dealt moments earlier.

"Right," Chelsie grunted, out of breath.

"What about hours?" Evelyn asked, leaning forward. "How early would you be willing to start modelling, and what kind of hours are you expecting?"

"I'd be willing to start right now if we had to," Annette smiled. "And if it's for modelling, we're available 24/7, right, Chelsie?"

Her second elbow missed as Chelsie stepped back in front of the two.

"Right, Annette," she grunted, driving a successful elbow into her side, and causing her to nearly fell to her knees in pain.

"Well, our hours at Trendy are quite flexible either way, but if it's that important for you two I don't see why we couldn't start the shoot tomorrow," Evelyn said, scribbling in a few subtle marks in a notebook.

"So... does that mean we've won?" Chelsie asked, giving Evelyn her best puppy dog look.

The other two judges weren't even paying attention anymore; it was clear it was a one woman committee. Evelyn quickly filled out some papers and calmly folded her hands together.

"Well, as much as my editors are going to hate me for it, I think we have our winners," she grinned.

The two new models jumped on the spot, nearly screaming with happiness as their dream was willed into reality with Evelyn's words.

"Oh my god, thank you so much, miss judge... I mean Evelyn," Annette spouted, feeling the caffeine from her soda kick in.

The two male judges collectively cupped their foreheads, shaking their heads as Evelyn rose to congratulate Trendy's newest cover girls. Chelsie and Annette both fought for her hand, both ending up shaking her single outstretched palm with jittery appreciation.

"Thank you, Evelyn," Chelsie added, trying to remain a little more composed than her partner. "You won't regret this. I promise."

"Well, I'm not sure about that," she replied, "as soon as we get all of the other hundreds of couples down here only to find out that the model search was over before it began. That's how much confidence I... 'we' have in our decision though, right guys?"

Evelyn turned to her fellow judges, both of which were getting an early start on work they would actually have a voice in, hopefully.

"Oh, yes... sure," one of them managed to let out, not even bothering to look up.

"So, what do we have to now?" Annette asked, standing on her tiptoes.

"Hold on a minute, girls," Evelyn said, reaching in her pocket for a pen. "All we have to do now is get your measurements for the clothing and the contact info for our fashion expert. She's in charge of the shoot and happens to be a 'very' good friend of mine."


-Saturday 2:28 pm-

"I think I hear them inside," Lia whispered, pressing her head up against the closed door beyond the waiting room. "I can't make out what they're saying, but from the sound of their voices, they very well might have won by now."

"They might have, yes," replied a placid Julianne.

"We can't let them get away with this," Lia sounded, angrily. "They stole our magazine, listened in on our shower sex, and messed up my nice, clean carpet. We've got to do something."

Julianne pulled off her sunglasses, sitting down in a nearby chair.

"Oh, and what exactly are you going to do, Lia? Make them apologize?"

"I don't even care if they've won the model search," Lia scowled, standing from the floor. "The first two people who walk through that door are about to suckle on some knuckle."

"Of course they are, girl," Julianne smirked.

As she spoke, Julianne looked down to see a familiar magazine sitting on the chair beside her. She quickly snatched up the magazine and opened it, looking for something to pass the time as Lia stood pacing back and forth in front of the closed office doors.

"These fists are going to exact revenge for out carpet," Lia said, looking down at her ready hands. "And, if they have won, a couple of rearranged faces sure won't help their modelling careers, don't you think..."

"Five bucks says you wouldn't even hit them with those prized fists of yours, let alone phase them," Julianne grinned, her face behind the magazine. "And that's not even considering the complaining I'll probably get tomorrow about how you've suddenly developed tendonitis in your hands or something."

Lia cracked her knuckles loudly, taking a rather clumsy fighting stance before the closed office doors.

"Hmmph... You just wait and see, Julianne."


-Saturday 2:28 pm-
'at the same time'

On the other side of the door, Evelyn, Annette, and Chelsie stood near the table, finishing up with the instructions for contacting the Trendy's fashion expert. The two male judges noticed the time, and rose to get an early start on their lunch.

"...And that's all there is to it," Evelyn explained, jotting down a note on a small piece of paper. "This is her number. Give her a call tomorrow around ten or so, as she won't turn her cell phone on until about then. You might want to mention that you're the winners of the model search, just to bring her up to speed to. If she doesn't know you've won, just tell her that Evelyn says hi; she'll get the picture."

"Thanks again, Evelyn, really," Chelsie exclaimed, shaking her hand a second time. "We promise that our cover will be the best Trendy magazine has ever had."

"Definitely," Annette added.

The two turned towards the closed doors, walking ahead of the two judges who trailed behind. At the exact moment Chelsie reached the knob, Evelyn spoke up once again.

"Oh, girls, wait. I forgot, I need you two to sign these forms before you go."

Chelsie's arm halted and the two turned away from the door, walking back over to the desk. Two quick signatures later, Annette turned towards the doors just in time to see the two neglected judges turn the knob and pull them open.

Before either could blink, the two were struck by a hard right hook, dealt by a clumsy and screaming brunette with her eyes shut tight.

"Eat fist, you carpet ruiners!!!" came a shrill, quick voice.

Caught off balance, the two stunned judges tumbled backwards and fell on the floor directly behind a bewildered Annette and Chelsie who stood staring at the strange attacker as she nearly fell to the floor herself from following through with her fist.

Noticing the small mistake, Julianne jumped up from her seat, slapping her forehead with her palm.

"Oh, for the love of..."

Without hesitating, Evelyn was already behind the desk and dialing security as Chelsie fixed her eyes upon the familiar face at the door.


Slowly opening her eyes, Lia looked down to see two nearly unconscious judges at her feet and her two intended targets standing in front of her. There was a long pause before she found the strength to speak.


Clutching Chelsie, Annette motioned for the door.

"I think it's time we left," she stated, nervously.

Shaking her head and coming to her senses, Chelsie grabbed her girlfriend and darted past Lia towards the hallway, just missing a rabid Julianne who made an unsuccessful lunge for them as they passed.

"Hey, stop!"

Before Julianne could finish yelling, the two newly signed models were already heading towards the staircase. With a start, she turned back to Lia who was on her knees and apologizing to the dazed judges.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I really am. I hope this doesn't mean we won't have a chance to audition."

Julianne grabbed Lia's shoulder and dragged her back up, noticing the third judge still in the room and hunched over the phone.

"Too late, we've gotta get out of here!" she sounded, starting for the exit.

"But the model search," Lia cried, looking back.

Julianne snatched her wrist and pulled her towards the elevator, holding a certain magazine under her other arm tightly.

"We'll think of something, now come on!"


-Saturday 2:56 pm-

After a rather long journey home, Chelsie and Annette stepped wearily into their apartment, closing the door behind them and letting out a collective sigh.

"We did it," Annette whispered, out of breath.

"We sure did," Chelsie replied, managing a smile.

The two made their way into the living room, dropping onto the sofa sluggishly. After a few minutes of silent breathing, Annette turned to Chelsie and hugged her.

"What was all that about back there?" she asked.

"Apparently, Lia wasn't too happy about our little visit," Chelsie replied. "Either that or she really didn't like those two judges."

"I think she meant to hit us instead."

"Of course she did," Chelsie added, "but she didn't, which is definitely a good thing. And we won for that matter."

Chelsie rested her feet on a nearby coffee table as Annette cuddled up to her further.

"Aren't you going to call the fashion expert then, what's her name..."

Annette felt a hand run through her hair.

"The judge said we should call her tomorrow," Chelsie began softly. "I was thinking though, that maybe we could celebrate tonight."

"Celebrate?" Annette asked, looking up with a smile.

"Sure," she replied. "Maybe something like a romantic evening together. Champagne, candles, the works."

Annette's eyes brightened.

"And then?"

"Well," Chelsie smiled, "that's up to us now, isn't it."

Annette nodded subtly as the two brought their lips together with a soft kiss. Chelsie's glasses slowly fell to her nose as they finally parted.

"Do we have all we need for our romantic evening?" Annette asked.

Chelsie set her glasses down on the coffee table, squinting slightly as she scratched her head.

"Umm... well, not exactly, but I could..."

"I'll do it," Annette interrupted.

"Hmm?" Chelsie asked.

"I'll pick up everything for the evening; as a thank you for all you've given me, Chelsie."

"What have I given you, Annette?"

"Your love," she replied, softly. "Your companionship. I can't think of anyone who could put up with me as much as you do, and that's why I love you so much."

Chelsie smiled, running a hand through Annette's hair.

"I don't have to put up with as much as you might think," she said. "Except for maybe a little excessive collection of empty soda cans every month; but that's its own reward for that matter."

"Mmm hmm," Annette nodded, resting her head on Chelsie's shoulder for a moment.

"As a matter of fact," Chelsie added, "I made quite a nice purchase with all those soda can refunds a few days ago."


"I bought us some perfume. The hottest new fragrance to go with our new modelling careers, Elysian Escape. Like to try some before you go?"

Annette slowly rose from the sofa.

"Maybe when I get back," she smiled. "Just don't use it all while I'm gone."

"Oh, that won't be a problem," Chelsie answered. "If you got a look at the size of the bottle you'd see what I mean."

Chelsie reached for her glasses, placing them back on and walking towards the door with Annette.

"So, candles, champagne..."

"And anything else you might find suitable for the occasion," Chelsie said, opening the door. "I'll have the place all ready by the time you get back."

"I might be a while," Annette replied, "because I saw this wonderful candle store just across town that had this one really perfect... well, you'll see it. I'll make sure to get a good bottle of champagne too, not like the last one we tried."

The two made a collective cringe. Afterwards, Chelsie narrowed her eyes with a naughty smile.

"We might not have to drink it all anyway, or at least not from the bottle."

Annette smiled, imagining just what Chelsie had in mind.

"We'll see," she said, softly. "I'll be back later then."

With a quick kiss, Annette was out the door and down the stairs, leaving Chelsie alone and free to prepare the apartment for a very special romantic evening.


-Saturday 4:30 pm-

Falling miserably on the couch, Lia continued to sulk as an angered Julianne paced around their living room on an already partially ruined carpet. Each muddy footprint seemed to multiply her rage, as she scowled and grunted to herself.

"This sucks," Lia cried, holding her head up with her hands. "We didn't win the model search, those two got away, and I'm now officially a criminal."

Julianne shook her head, noticing that her partner's wining wasn't helping.

"Oh, and what exactly did you do that's going to get you arrested?"

"I assaulted two men, that's gotta be worth a few years in prison."

Julianne tossed the re-borrowed Trendy magazine onto the coffee table, still pacing.

"Firstly, I don't think any judge or cop for that matter would consider your punch assault; second, I doubt that two men are going to file a report that they were assaulted by a clumsy, 5'6 brunette."

"You don't know that, Julianne," Lia interjected. "I'm actually quite intimidating to some people."

"Right..." Julianne replied slowly.

Lia sat up straight, looking down at the coffee table.

"There's got to be something we can do. Why can't we go looking for them?"

"And how exactly are we going to find them? We do live in a city remember, not on some country road with neighbors a few miles away in each direction."

"Well, their names are Annette and Chelsie I think. That's a start."

"Oh, a perfect start," Julianne answered sarcastically, pacing faster. "We'll just open up the phonebook and dial up every Annette and Chelsie we find until we get the pair we're looking for."

As she spoke, Lia noticed a small sticker on the back of the magazine as it sat on the coffee table. She leaned forward, narrowing her eyes.

"What if we knew their address?" she asked.

"I suppose you happen to magically have it written down somewhere, huh Lia?"

"No, but this magazine does," she replied, holding it up.

With a quick snatch, Julianne peered at the back of the magazine, finally allowing her sly smile to return.

"Well, well, well. Miss Annette's subscription sticker... 1673 Sugar Cane Lane, apartment 4B. I'm a genius."


"Okay, we're geniuses," Julianne corrected herself. "Come on then."

Lia stood from the sofa as Julianne pulled her towards the door.

"What are we going to do?" she asked.

"Exact that revenge you mentioned earlier," Julianne grinned. "And maybe get our chance to win that model search at the same time."

"How?" Lia asked.

Julianne pulled her out their apartment door and locked it, quickly moving down the empty hallway.

"You'll see," she replied. "But first, keep an eye out for a nice big mud puddle on the way there."


-Saturday 5:10 pm-

Sighing calmly, Chelsie stared down at the beautifully decorated table top which adorned the somewhat cramped kitchen of her apartment; complete with the good cutlery, the special wine glasses, and a vase of fake but still fragrant roses. Everything was perfectly set for Annette's return, right down to the dim lighting and warm meal sitting in the oven.

"I can't wait for the look on her face when she sees this," Chelsie grinned, proud of her decorations.

With a slow pace, she made her way to the bedroom, removing her glasses and setting them on her dresser. Chelsie turned towards the nearest mirror and peered at herself from a distance, trying to make out her appearance in the blurred mass of the reflection.

"Hmphh... Remind me to get some contacts," Chelsie stated to the flesh colored blob staring back at her.

Just before she reached for her glasses once more, there was a quiet knock nearby. Without putting them back on, Chelsie raced for the door, giggling with excitement. She quickly unlocked the door and opened it, holding out her arms with squinted eyes.

"What took you so long, I was starting to get worried, Annette."

Not waiting for an answer, Chelsie wrapped her hands around her lover, noticing that her shoulders were a little higher than usual.

"Did you buy some new heels or something; you seem taller..."

"Well, I do have naturally long legs," came the reply.

With a sudden yelp, Chelsie leapt back and opened her eyes fully, gulping at the sight of a certain someone who definitely was not Annette.

"I... I know you. You're girl in the sunglasses; the one who stole our magazine."

"Glad to see you're not completely blind, girl; or should I call you Ms. Magoo?" Julianne replied.

Before she could answer, Lia jumped from her hiding place on the wall of the hallway and pushed Chelsie back into the apartment with a clumsy football tackle. Tumbling backwards, the two fell to the carpet just beyond the door as Julianne casually entered and closed it behind them.

"What do you think you're doing?" Chelsie yelled, trying to lift herself up from under Lia.

"You have a little something I want," Julianne stated, grinning.

Lia pinned Chelsie's wrists to the carpet momentarily, her eyes closed tightly.

"The model search is over; we won fair and square!"

"Fair!" Lia interrupted, opening her eyes. "You broke into our apartment and ruined my carpet to get the magazine, right after I did your hair, too!"

"And 'you' stole it from us in the first place!" Chelsie sounded, spitting with 'place'.

"Well, regardless, we're here for a certain fashion expert's phone number," Julianne added, walking past the two on the floor. "I know you have it, so tell us what it is and we'll be out of your hair, so to speak."

With a swift jerk, Chelsie threw Lia off her body, jumping to her feet and nearly stumbling backwards once more.

"Never!" she yelled in her best heroic voice.


-Saturday 5:15 pm-
'at the same time'

Annette smiled to the cashier of the candle shop as she scanned her last item and placed it into her paper grocery bag. A calm hum escaped her lips as the cashier handed her the receipt and let out a deep breath.

"Looks like you're in for one special night..."

"Oh," Annette blushed, "I suppose so."

"What's he like?" the cashier asked, flashing a similar smile.

"She, actually."

The cashier turned red for a brief moment.

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay," Annette replied. "Chelsie is one of a kind though."

"Really?" the cashier asked, regaining interest.

"Mmm hmm, so quiet and gentle; I've never seen her angry once."

"Sounds wonderful."

"But then again, she gets along with others so well, it's no wonder she's always so polite and humble..."


-Back at the apartment-

"You'll never take me alive!" Chelsie yelled, putting up her fists to defend herself from the two blurred images before her. "That front cover is mine!"

Pulling herself up from the floor, Lia slowly wiped her lip with her wrist as if she were bleeding.

"Oh my god, my teeth, I think they're bleeding, and my lip, I think it's swollen..."

"Quit whining and grab her!" Julianne yelled.


"...She sounds like an angel," the cashier replied, smiling.

"Well, she is something," Annette blushed. "She's probably finishing up decorating our place right now; right down to the good dishes and cutlery, and even flowers on the table..."


Dashing into the kitchen, Chelsie ripped the tablecloth from under the perfectly set table and draped it over a pursuing Lia as Julianne ran her muddy shoes across the clean carpet, leaving huge stains with each step. Half the cutlery fell to the floor as Lia bumped into the table, causing a loud crash as the vase of flowers shattered with a few of the dishes.

Chelsie stumbled into Julianne's reach, locking arms as the two proceeded to pull each other's hair.

"Give me the number!" Julianne screamed into her face.


Chelsie pulled away, making a run across the kitchen and into the bathroom, hoping to close the door behind her.


"Well, I'd better get going, I guess," Annette said, closing her grocery bag as the cashier proceeded to help the next customer.

"I hope you two enjoy the candle, it's perfect for a nice romantic evening."

"Thank you, I'm sure we will."

"That's one of our best scents, too," the cashier added.

"I know, I love scented candles," Annette replied. "As a matter of fact, Chelsie just bought us both a big bottle of that new perfume they have out now... what's it called?"

"Oh, you mean Elysian Escape?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"I hear the scent is quite strong, but in the right amounts I'll bet it could make you both smell like goddesses."

"I hope so," Annette smiled. "Thanks for everything..."


Catching her foot in the door, Julianne reached inside, grasping Chelsie's wrists as she attempted to lock herself in. Lia, now free of the table cloth, made a quick check of her body for injuries before darting towards the bathroom to help Julianne. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the large bottle of Elysian Escape sitting on the counter.

"Just give us what we want!" Julianne yelled.

"Ya, and give me that bottle of perfume, too," Lia added.

Looking towards the sink, Chelsie grasped the nearest object in her reach, which happened to be her new expensive perfume. Just as Julianne and Lia burst inside, she stepped back, opened the bottle fully and took aim.

"You want this perfume?" Chelsie stated, glaring. "Have it!"

With a quick jerk, Chelsie splashed the thick perfume across both of the intruders' outfits. Startled, Lia jumped back and covered her face with her hands as Julianne stood stunned for a moment.

"My eyes, it's in my eyes!"

Within an instant, the overwhelming smell of the perfume engulfed all of their senses, nearly choking them to their knees as if it were tear gas.

The three stumbled out of the bathroom, coughing and choking as Lia and Julianne proceeded to remove their tops, both of which were saturated in pure liquid Elysian Escape. Chelsie fell to the floor, trying to catch her breath as the two intruders tossed their soaked clothes aside and piled onto her.

All three began to breathe heavily, feeling the perspiration of their struggle on each other's hands and limbs.

"Give us the number already!" Lia yelled.

Gasping for air, Chelsie raised her hand from between the two, still heaving.

"Okay! I'll tell you," Chelsie gasped, raising her hand up from between the two. "The number is 555-4246, now get off me!"

"How do we know you're telling the truth?" Lia asked, plugging her nose with one hand.

"I am! look in the magazine cover..."

Leaning forward, Julianne opened up the re-stolen issue of Trendy magazine to find a small sheet of paper with the number Chelsie had just stated written on it. In that instant, Chelsie made a sudden jerk, toppling Lia once more and freeing her arms. All three began to wrestle once more as their screams and coughs filled the now filthy living room.

Just as it seemed things couldn't get any worse, the front door to the apartment opened and a bewildered Annette entered, her mouth wide open.

"Chelsie?! What are you... doing?!"

Chelsie let out a loud cough, trying to catch her breath amidst the overwhelming smell of the perfume.

"Annette?! This isn't what it looks like, honest!"

Annette's eyes filled with tears as she dropped her grocery bag to the dirtied floor.

"No, this is worse. I've just walked into my own home to find my girlfriend in some kind of sick threesome with two other women... and it stinks in here, too! I... I just..."

Falling to the floor, Annette covered her face with her hands as Lia and Julianne stood from the carpet and casually retrieved their discarded clothes.

"Don't worry, girls," Julianne grinned. "We got what we came for, so I guess we'll be out of your way. And I would apologize for the carpet but..."

Slowly, the two intruders made their exit, making sure to leave behind a few more muddy footprints before closing the door. With her sobbing finally subsiding, Annette looked up at Chelsie, glaring at her as she finished her coughing.

"I can explain..."


-Saturday 5:25 pm-

"Now that's what I call revenge," Julianne laughed as she and Lia made their way out of the apartment building.

Lia, remembering the perfume splash, quickly covered her eye once more.

"I think she really did get me; maybe we should go see a doctor, or maybe..."

Julianne unlocked the car and they both got in.

"Oh, it's nothing, honey. Trust me."

"So does this mean we're going to be on the front cover of Trendy?" Lia asked, smiling.

"Lia," Julianne smiled, "I see nothing but good things for us from now on."


-Saturday 5:30 pm-

Still sitting clumsily on the carpet, Chelsie rose to her feet and began explaining the situation to Annette, who stood with her back turned and an angry look on her face.

"What's there to explain? You cheated on me, with those two girls who tried to beat us up, no less."

"No, they broke in and attacked me," Chelsie replied. "I tried to stop them."

"It looked to me like you were half naked and all over each other."

"I had to throw our perfume at them, that's why it smells so bad in here."

"So you wasted our perfume too?"

"I'm so sorry, Annette; I shouldn't even have opened the door. I know you have a key, and..."

"No," Annette interrupted, finally turning towards her. "You didn't have your glasses on. I can see how you wouldn't have known."

Chelsie turned towards the kitchen.

"I did try to decorate the place for our romantic evening, see..."

Annette peered at the good plates, the cutlery, and the pieces of the ruined flower vase spread out across the kitchen floor. Tears returned to her eyes.

"I... I see."

Chelsie wrapped her arms around Annette, holding back tears herself as she felt herself trembling.

"It's okay, it's okay," she whispered.

"I'm sorry, Chelsie, that I doubted you. I know you would never..."

"No, I wouldn't," Chelsie replied. "But we're not finished yet."

Annette looked up, confused.

"But, don't they have the number?"

"Yes, but so do we. And remember how the judge said to call at around ten, since the fashion expert doesn't turn on her phone until then?"


"Well, those two don't know that. We still have the advantage."

Chelsie let a calm smile come to her lips as she kissed Annette on the forehead.

"I suppose so."

"So, let's try and clean this up as best we can and be ready for tomorrow morning. I'll bet that Lia and Julianne aren't exactly early risers."

With that, the two each got a broom from the closet and began to sweep the kitchen floor.

"I've been wanting to get new carpets anyway," Annette stated, managing a smile.


-Sunday 11:35 am-

A tired and strung out Julianne rested her head against her couch as a snoring Lia sat nearby. The two had been up all night calling the number they had gotten, without success. Julianne was reduced to making a call every few hours between her naps.

A slight nudge awoke Lia, who sat up with her head resting on her knees. She let out a large yawn.

"I knew she tricked us. It was a fake number."

"We'll just have to go back there and do some real damage," Julianne uttered, scowling. "I'll try one more time before we go."

"I think I might have contracted depression," Lia grumbled, slumping over the arm rest. "What if I've become depressed, Julianne? I can't afford a shrink, I'd have to have a model's income to afford a shrink, or maybe if I got some of those pills they have now, those might work, do you think they'd work, Juli..."

Turning away from the ever-complaining Lia, Julianne slowly dialed the number a final time with her tired fingers, not expecting an answer. After a few seconds it began to ring.

Instantly the two perked up, hearing the phone ring for the first time since returning home. Within moments there was an answer on the other end.

"Yes..." came the voice.

"Hhh... hello?" Julianne replied, shaking her head to wake up.

"Yes, who is this?" the voice asked again.

"Oh... Hiya, this is Chelsie again, remember?"

Julianne felt a bead of perspiration run down her forehead. There was a long pause before the voice answered.

"Yes, what is it, Chelsie? You and Annette are still set for 12:30 aren't you?"

"Umm... yes, of course," Julianne replied. "I just wanted to doublecheck the address again."

"Again?" the voice asked, confused.

"Well, I'm just so excited, my memory isn't working properly today."

"Okay, we're shooting at the Walnut street office building, on the fifth floor. Remember, I might be just a little late, but make sure you two are there on time."

"Right," Julianne replied, grinning. "Thanks so much, uhhh... ya."

"Oh, and Chelsie..."


"Try to calm down a little, your voice sounds terrible. Seeya."

Just before Julianne could reply, the phone went dead. She scowled at the phone, as if she were still on the other line.

"Why, that degenerate bit..."

"Ahem," Lia interrupted. "We don't have time for a tantrum, Julianne. We've got less than an hour to get ready and get down to the shoot."

Julianne brightened up.

"And if the real Chelsie and Annette are coming at 12:30, we'll be there early. I'll bet the crew will start shooting with us as the models."

Lia was already diving towards the bedroom by the time Julianne finished her sentence.


-Sunday 12:27 pm-

"See, right on time," Chelsie smiled, opening the door for Annette as the two stepped inside the office building.

"I still think we should have come a little bit earlier," Annette replied. "I mean, what if there's some kind of unwritten etiquette for model call times?"

"Trust me, Annette. Have I ever been wrong before?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Annette asked, noticing Chelsie scowl for a moment in response.

Within a few minutes, the two were upstairs and outside of the main studio doors. Before walking inside, a gruff security guard stepped in front of the door. His sunglasses hid his rather intimidating glare.

"May I help you two ladies?"

"Yes, indeed, my good man," Chelsie grinned. "We're Trendy's newest models and we're here for our first shoot, so if you'll just..."

Attempting to slip by, Chelsie was stopped by the guard, who stepped in her path.

"I'm sorry, miss, I can't do that."

Annette stepped forward.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

"I'm afraid that our real models are already here, and they specifically warned me about a certain other couple that might try to impersonate them and take their place."

"Are you kidding me?" Chelsie answered, angrily. "We're the real models! We won the contest! Get Evelyn over here; she'll prove it."

"I'm afraid Miss Forester isn't here at the moment, but if I see her around maybe then I'll give you a second chance."

Annette took another step forward, seemingly unfazed by the fact that she was half the security guard's size.

"The shoot might be over by then, and the two girls in there will have stolen our chance at becoming models again."

"It's not my problem, lady, I'm sorry."

Annette raised her hand, immediately feeling Chelsie's grip upon her wrist as she stopped her from striking the guard.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Annette."

"Okay, I want you two out of here, now," the guard stated, placing a hand on his radio.

"Fine," Chelsie grumbled, starting to pull Annette.

"But, but, Chelsie..."

"Come on, Annette, we'll figure this out."


-Sunday 12:35 pm-

Julianne sat impatiently in her make up chair, sighing as Lia barked orders to her make up people about how to do her hair correctly.

"Who hired you guys anyway, you're terrible with hair," Lia objected, pulling her face away from a blow dryer. "I want it curled first, and then the highlights..."

"Oh, shut up, Li... I mean Annette," Julianne replied, quickly correcting herself. She then turned to one of the photographers. "So, are we going to do this today, guys?"

"We're just waiting for our fashion expert, miss Chelsie, then we'll get started."

"Expert? What do we need an expert for? I'm an expert, and I say we do this now!"

The crew let out a collective sigh as Julianne continued to fuss and her partner continued to push away anyone who got near her already matted hair.


-Sunday 12:36 pm-

Sitting across from the elevator, a somber Chelsie and Annette each let out a sigh, right about the same time the crew beyond the doors of the studio were as well. With their hands holding up their chins, the two real models turned their heads and stared at each other.

"Well... we tried, I guess," Chelsie pronounced, sniffling.

Annette managed a soft smile, holding back tears.

"I'm... I'm glad we did, Chelsie," she whispered. "Even if we didn't make it in the end, I'm glad we made it this far."

Chelsie returned Annette's smile, this time unable to stop a single tear from running down her cheek.

"I would have loved to see you as a model, Annette. You would have been so beautiful..."

Before she could finish her sentence Annette answered, "I already think you're beautiful, Chelsie, even if you aren't a model."

For a few moments, the halls were silent as the two stared at each other. Neither seemed to blink for over a minute; instead letting the tears engulf their eyes.

"I love you, Annette," Chelsie whispered, finally blinking and letting the tears course down her cheeks.

"I know, Chelsie. I love you too. You don't have to make me a model for me to realize that."

"You're right," Chelsie replied. "We don't need to be models."

"All we need is each other," Annette smiled softly, a second time.

Leaning forward, Chelsie brought her lips to Annette's with a gentle kiss, and for the next few moments the two were locked together in a gentle embrace.

When they finally parted, Chelsie's arms were wrapped around Annette as she seemed to shiver softly, as if it were cold.

"Is something wrong?"

"It's just... I'm nervous," Annette whispered, smiling.

"About what?" Chelsie asked, just as softly.

"About what I'm about to ask you."

Chelsie pulled away from Annette, holding her hand tightly.

"What is it, Annette?"

"Could we... make love, Chelsie?"

There was a pause, before Chelsie replied, "Here?"

Annette nodded, nervously.

"Annette, I... okay, let's do it," Chelsie pronounced, sounding almost as nervous.


"But not here?" Chelsie asked, finishing the sentence.

Annette nodded again.

"Where though?"

Just as Annette spoke, Chelsie peered down the hallway and noticed a name tag on one of the doors.

"In that office, there," she stated, pointing at the door.

Annette grimaced nervously.

"But Chelsie, isn't that office..."

"Mmm hmm," Chelsie nodded. "We'll go in there out of spite."

"Make love out of spite?"

"That's right," Chelsie grinned. "Come on."

The two then rose from the bench they were seated on and proceeded towards the office door, credit card in hand and ready to start jimmying.


-Sunday 12:38 pm-

Growing more and more impatient, Julianne and Lia began pacing around the studio openly criticizing the incompetence of the crew. Finally, after one of the photographers had taken enough, she raised her hands and yelled at them both.

"All right, all right! We'll start without her!"

"Finally," Lia declared, still unhappy with her hair.

The two took the stage in their new outfits and tried their best to hide their impatience as the photographer took her place behind one of the cameras and began shooting. After a few minutes and over a hundred shots that the crew all seemed to agree would be better off burned, their was a sound from the studio entrance.

Turning away from the camera, the photographer looked to see Trendy's fashion expert standing at the door, holding a can of soda in one hand and her cell phone in the other. Julianne and Lia paid no attention, instead looking at each other and commenting on how beautiful they looked in their outfits.

"Finally, you're here," the photographer sighed. "If I had to put up with these two for another second without you I would have gone crazy."

The fashion expert nodded, and made her way over to the two fake models as they stood with their backs turned. Julianne's words were quickly overheard by the familiar figure.

"...And talk about a terrible staff," she continued. "I almost don't even want to be a model here, especially after meeting that one tramp in the hallway the other day..."


Startled, the two girls spun around to see an all too familiar face as she stood with her soda can, grinning.

"Well, well, well... if it isn't Chelsie and Annette, or should I say miss 'holy thighs' and her clumsy sidekick."

"Naomi!" Lia yelped.

"Weren't you saying something about me being a 'gabby halfwit' the other day? Hmm?"

Julianne turned completely white, unable to voice any recognizable words.

"I... I... but, you see, I..."

"You're the fashion expert?" Lia pronounced, bewildered.

"Ten points, sister; and you're about to be escorted off the premises," Naomi stated, turning towards the studio exit. "Just wait here while I go and call security."

The two fake models began pleading with the calm fashion expert as she made her way towards the hallway in search of security, soda can in hand.

"Wait, I mean... you can't do this to me..."


-Sunday 12:40 pm-

Locking the door behind her, Chelsie turned towards the desk upon which a nervous but excited Annette sat. A faded light shone in from the window, masked by the partially drawn blinds as it cast a faint aura around Annette's small figure.

"I've never made love on a desk before, let alone in public," Annette pronounced, nervously. Chelsie smiled, taking a seat next to her on the desk top. "I guess there's a first time for everything."

"I guess... so."

Slowly, Chelsie removed her glasses and set them down on the desk before bringing her face towards Annette with a gentle kiss on the cheek. Annette tilted her head, breathing steadily as she felt Chelsie's lips reach lower and lower down her neck.


Trembling, Annette reached for her lover's hand, gently taking hold and holding her breath as Chelsie's lips met with her own.

Slowly, Chelsie reached for Annette's waist, sliding her free hand beneath her top and allowing their embrace to end as Annette let it slide over her head. Now only in her bra, Annette began to shiver nervously, sliding closer to Chelsie as she reached for the button on her own jeans.

"Okay, now I'm starting to feel nervous," Chelsie whispered, quivering as she slid her jeans down to her knees and then ankles.

Without answering, Annette leaned towards Chelsie, gently wrapping her arms around her and allowing them to rest back on the desk. Annette felt her heart pounding inside her chest as Chelsie kicked off her jeans and rested one leg on the desk, letting the other dangle off the side.

"I love you..." Annette whispered, holding herself close to Chelsie as she struggled to position herself on the desk.

"I love you, Annette."

With a gentle caress, Chelsie let her fingers trace their way up Annette's back, stopping at her bra strap. After a deep breath, Annette opened her eyes as she felt her bra unfasten and Chelsie's warm touch against her bare back. She let out a quiet moan, gently lifting herself and letting her bra fall to the office floor. Annette quickly returned to her embrace, allowing her breasts to press against Chelsie as the two began to caress each other.


-Sunday 12:41 pm-
'at the same time'

"I can do whatever I damn well please," Naomi declared, opening the door to the studio. "You two are out of here."

Following closely behind, Lia and Julianne both replied, "But, but..."

Turning to the security guard outside the door, Naomi scowled as motioned for him to stand up.

"And you, who let these two girls in here in the first place, you're fired."

Instantly, widening his eyes, the security guard jumped from his seat and took his place with Lia and Julianne behind the madly pacing fashion expert as she made her way down the hallway. All three were now stumbling behind her, spouting in unison.

"But, but..."


-Back in the office-

almly, Chelsie watched as her panties were slowly moved down her thighs by a silent, trembling Annette. With a deep moan, Chelsie felt the cool air of the office rush against her bare vagina as Annette dropped her underwear off the desk top and positioned herself in somewhat of a straddle position on top of Chelsie.


Annette smiled softly as she watched her lover unbutton her jeans and slowly slide a single finger inside her panties. Chelsie narrowed her eyes, waiting for Annette's first sound as she gently let her finger slip between her lover's wet lips.

"Ohhhh... Chelsie."

Straightening her back, Annette let out a deep sigh, letting her body writhe to the touch of Chelsie's fingers upon her vagina. With each caress, Annette felt a tiny jolt of ecstasy course through her body as she reached behind her back and rested her palm upon her lover's mound.

All at once, everything beyond the office seemed to fade away for both Chelsie and Annette. The sound of the creaking desk, the approaching footsteps... they were oblivious to all but the heights of their euphoria.


"...And, before I call security up here, I'm going to call the real models and apologize to them for nearly being ousted by you two frauds," Naomi said, reaching for her cell phone.

After a quick shake, she shoved it back into her pocket angrily. The battery was dead.

"You don't understand," Lia pleaded, walking beside Naomi for a moment. "Those two broke into my apartment, and they ruined my carpet, and might have given me manic depression, and I can't afford a shrink, and..."

"Save it, sister!" Naomi interrupted. "I haven't known those two for very long, but I'll bet they're both incredibly nice young ladies who would never do anything like that, Especially that Annette girl. I don't even know what I'm going to say to her innocent little face when I tell her this has all been a mistake, but I sure know what her reply will be. She'll say..."


"I want you inside me," Annette moaned, feeling the caress of her lover's finger as it slid across her moist labia. Her moans now filled the room, mixed with the heavy breathing of Chelsie as she pulled Annette's chest down to her own.

Chelsie let out a deep breath as her body moved rhythmically below Annette's, whose jeans had slid down to her knees along with her underwear. The heat seemed to double as both felt their glistening bodies mesh together in a blissful frenzy. From deep within, Annette felt the first signs of a climax approaching as waves of pleasure continued to wash over her with her lover's every touch.

"Annette, ohhhhh..."

At the same time, Chelsie braced herself as a similar jolt of ecstasy sped through her limbs. Slowly, the two began to press their vaginas together, both approaching their first orgasm out of spite. Chelsie quickly felt her warm fluids pour between her legs, mixing with Annette's and soaking the desk top as the two seemed to move as one.

Moments later, Annette felt a sudden jolt, followed by an incredible wave of ecstasy. Between her legs, Annette felt the muscles of her vagina contract as she was hit with the first climax of the two.



Reaching for her keys, Naomi pushed back the ravenous Lia as she continued to plead desperately. Julianne watched silently along with the security guard as Lia dropped to her knees and began to beg for her chance to be a model.

"Please, I'll do anything!" Lia cried, tearing up in the eyes. "Anything! I'll have sex with you even!"

The remark put a scowl on Julianne's face for a moment, but wasn't enough to stop the firm fashion expert. Turning the key in the lock, Naomi turned back with an similar scowl just as the door began to open.

"Let me tell you one thing about the modelling business, sister. If there's one thing we don't tolerate, it's offering sex to staff or having sex in our off..."

"Annette!! I'm cumming!!"

A hot splash of Chelsie's girl cum burst forth from her vagina just as Annette collapsed to her side from her own climax, falling off the desk and onto the floor. She closed her eyes tightly, leaving an exhausted Chelsie lying nearly naked on top of Naomi Forester's desk as the door swung open and four wide eyed visitors gazed inside.

"What in the name of...?"



Dazed, Chelsie looked up through blurred eyes, quickly struggling to put her glasses back on as a single echoing gasp filled the room. Before her stood Julianne, the security guard, and Lia, who was on her knees before a mortified Naomi. All jaws hit the floor as Chelsie threw both hands between her legs to cover up, still unable to stop the flow of her juices, and Annette backed herself against the desk, beat red and ready to faint. A great silence filled the room as the four onlookers continued to gaze down upon Chelsie and Annette as they both sat motionless in the center of the room; exhausted, bewildered, and gazing back with equally surprised expressions. It wasn't exactly the best moment to be walking in on the two.

They both answered at the same time.

"We can explain..."


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