Coming Home to You

I come in, exhausted from a long days work, and a miserable one at that. As I put the key in the door to our three bedroom apartment, I hear our chocolate lab, Drake, running on the hardwood floor to meet me. No doubt he's been curled up on my side of the bed probably snuggled up to you under the covers. The house is dark and quiet except for him wiggling and whining begging for me to drop everything in my arms and pet and rub his big head. I shut the door behind me and shuffle to the couch with an armload of papers and my hefty briefcase slung across my shoulder full of more paperwork. Drake is right on my heels as I drop it all to the leather sofa we bought together last year. He's still wrapped around my legs begging for attention as I bend to turn on a lamp on the end table. It's then that I turn and not so gracefully fall to the couch with a thud. I'm so exhausted I can't even think. Drake, being the big cuddle bunny that he is, can sense how tired I am. He lays his head on my lap and patiently waits on me to muster the strength to pet him. As tired as I am, he does lighten my mood. My week has been hell, three sleepless nights and stressful days at the clinic, my new practice is wearing thin on my nerves. I need help but won't admit it. Being the only full time physical therapist supervising four PTA's and a handful of tech's, it was beginning to be a bit much after just over five months. I rest my forehead in my hands and rub my migraine aching temples. Drake looks up at me with his big brown eyes and I'm reminded once again of why I love you so much. It's why I picked him out in the first place. Those big brown eyes so full of energy and life reminded me so much of you. I had to have him. I named him Drake because you were the first person to take me duck hunting. My first was a drake from just 20 yards away. You were so excited. Those eyes sparkled and I got lost in them just like I always do.

I sat there on the end of the couch unwinding from a long week. I lost track of time; It was dark and peaceful for what seemed like the first time in days. Drake, bored with me, eventually stopped nudging me for another rub and padded off towards the bedroom. I must've drifted off to sleep because when I woke up, you were standing behind me leaned against the back of the couch gently massaging my shoulders. Nothing had ever hurt so much and felt so good at the same time. You started at my neck and would rub downwards pressing your thumbs into my trapezius and on down even over my deltoids. It was so tight but I could feel your skilled fingers loosening the days of built up tension. I leaned back slightly to acknowledge you and rested my cheek against your hand on my shoulder. You leaned over and looked me in the eyes with that same concerned look you always give me. With that furrowed brow and big sad puppy eyes.

"It's late. I was worried." You whispered. You always whisper in the dark. I immediately notice your sleep tousled hair, dark brown almost black and cropped at your shoulders. You've put on one of my long sleeve button up oxfords. You tend to sleep in my shirts when I'm gone a lot. I smile weakly. I feel so guilty that I've been working such long hours. I've been neglecting you but all the while I can't ever think of anything but you. It's killing me and wearing on your patience too I can tell. We just keep looking at each other until I feel my eyes closing against my will. You notice of course and help me to my feet. As you come around the couch I see that your naked under my shirt. Your tan legs smooth and soft, It's just one of the many things that drive me crazy about your amazing body. You smile your humble little grin when you notice me checking you out like a high school boy. I smile despite myself as you pull me to my feet and into your firm body. I wrap my arms around your neck and you casually hold me by the waist. I feel your hands un-tucking my shirt from my slacks before I feel the familiarity of your hands slide across my belly. It tickles me just like it always does. I press my forehead to yours and look into your eyes in the dim light. I can make out the seriousness and playfulness they harbor at once. You kiss me on the lips for the first time since this morning. For the first serious meaningful time since god knows when. I can't even remember the last time we made love. I can remember the last time we had sex; a good roll in the sheets one night last week when we both got off early one evening. But actually make love. It's been a while. I feel you pull away slightly and take my hand. You lead me towards our bedroom. You lean me against the edge of the bed and tell me you'll be right back before you head into the bathroom. I look around at the clothes all over the floor and realize we're both too damn busy to do laundry more than once a week. I reach down and pull my shoes off. I'm unbuttoning my shirt when you return from the bathroom. You move my hand and resume the task yourself. You slowly pull it off my shoulders and toss it to the floor. Your hands feel so good on my tired body. Next you unzip my pants. I lift my hips as you slide them down and let them drop to the floor. I step out of them and into your arms. You embrace me and kiss my forehead lightly. I stand there in my bra and panties, red; you bought them for me for our anniversary. Reaching behind me, you unclasp my bra and let it fall forward down my arms and onto the floor. My nipples immediately harden from both the cool air and your starving gaze. Kneeling, you kiss my belly, and hook your thumbs under the waistband of my panties. Your eyes lock with mine as you slide them down never breaking eye contact. You stand, take my hand again, and lead me to the bathroom.

The antique claw-foot tub is filled with hot sudsy water and a few candles are lit on the floor. I melt as soon as I step one foot in. You hold my hand as I step over inside and sit down. The hot water swells over my breasts and envelops me relaxing every inch of my aching body. I lean my head back and close my eyes. You sit on the stool beside the bathtub and wet my hair with your hands. You pour a bit of shampoo into your hand and begin massaging it into my scalp. Your experienced fingers work wonders for my now dissipating head ache. The aroma therapy bath oil begins to clear my head and I relax so much I'm putty in your hands. You carefully rinse my hair and rub conditioner through it. You begin to massage my neck and shoulders once again while the conditioner sets. You find my loofah and favorite soap. Getting a good lather worked up, you lean me forward and rub it lightly over my back. My breasts leave the warm confines of the water and turn to diamonds in the cool air. You reach around me and wash over my chest very lightly crossing my attention famished nipples. They grow even harder desiring your touch. I push my chest into your hands and I feel your lips at the base of my neck. You plant a light trail of kisses up my neck to my earlobe. You draw it into your mouth and drag it between your teeth. I gasp at the sudden dizzy spell it gives me. Your chest is now pressed against my back and I'm soaking your shirtfront. Your hands are rubbing circles over my chest and arms and I feel the loofah slide lower over my stomach. My abdomen reflexively tightens and your arm reaches lower still. Your sleeves are getting soaked now too. I instinctively spread my legs and my knees protrude from the bubbles. The loofah in your hand skips the part I want it on altogether, and rubs down my leg as far as it can reach. You switch hands and do the other leg. Back and forth until I can't take it anymore. Just when I think your going to stop, you reach right between my thighs very cautiously, you know how sensitive I am now, and rub lightly over my most sensitive of places cleaning me thoroughly. It only manages to make me hotter with your mouth on my neck that way. Once your satisfied, you rinse my hair again, open the drain, and reach for my big fluffy towel hanging on the back of the stool. You help me step out and are immediately there to wrap me up in that warm towel and hold me close. You dry me as much as you can without losing it yourself. I can tell your trying not to make this sexual, but I recognize the way you bite your lower lip trying to concentrate and not devour me.

Finding rejuvenated strength from my bath, I take the towel from your hand and toss it to the floor. I walk you back into our bedroom and stop you beside the king size oak bed my father built for us last Christmas. It takes up one whole wall but we'd never take anything for it. So much of our love is made there. I lean against the mattress and pull you into my arms. I begin slowly unbuttoning the wet shirt that now clings to your breasts and ripped abs. I can see your heavy breathing as your chest rises and falls. I pull it off your shoulders making sure to rub every inch of your arms on the way down. It falls to the hardwood floor with a sopping thud and you shiver at the sudden coolness on your moist skin. I look at your every curve in utter amazement before I pull you even closer in a crushing embrace completely overrun with passion. Your mouth finds mine and you kiss me so intently. Your strong hands cup my face and I moan into your mouth. You lean me back onto the bed very easily and effortlessly. The sheets are cool and crisp against my back and you are warm. Your curves meld into mine as you stretch your long frame out on top of me. Your eyes search mine before your possessive mouth claims mine once again. We lay there kissing, our hands eagerly touching every expansive inch of each other that we can reach. Your tongue dances in my mouth. I toy with you gently biting your bottom lip and drawing it into my mouth. You groan and I feel your pelvis tilt very slightly into mine. You open those beautiful eyes and look down at me. A hand brushes a loose strand of hair from my face.

"I love you, Jess." You whisper to me.

"I love you too, baby." I smile at you and the way you constantly reassure me of this fact. A twinge of guilt creeps in at the fact that I'm not sure whether your reassuring me or you need reassuring from me. I should be home more. I draw you in close to me and wrap my arms around your waist. Chest to chest, I can feel the raw power of a heart beating but I'm unsure as to whether it's yours or mine. Sometimes I'm convinced they're functioning on the same rhythm.

You tuck your face into my neck and begin to kiss my neck just below my ear. I roll my head to the side to give you more room. you pick your body weight up off me and onto your arms while you slide a thigh in between both of mine. The moment your muscular thigh reaches it's destination, I feel my own wetness slide over it instantly heating your skin. I groan at the pressure building inside me. You press harder and bite my neck. I gasp loudly and my hands fly to your hips. I try and push your thigh out to keep myself from coming. You realize I'm close and kiss your way to my mouth. You lean on your side and run a hand down my arms, across my chest and over my breasts lightly. You prop up on an elbow and watch my reactions to the places you touch. You take your time on my breasts carefully caressing and cupping each one. Toying with my nipples which are growing harder by the second. Finally, you lower your mouth watching me as you make your descent. My eyes are locked on your delicious mouth awaiting the moment it touches me. I can feel your breath, warm and moist, and then as your tongue slowly envelops my entire pert areola, I let out the breath I've been holding unintentionally. your hands work over my breasts while you alternately suck, lick, and bite each nipple until they're throbbing and I can feel myself getting so wet that it drips down into the crevice of my ass and onto the sheets. A combination of being so tired and wanting your touch so bad is making me delirious. I can't take it anymore so I take your hand in my own and guide it down between my legs. Both of our fingers reach the wetness and I hear your sigh when you discover what you've done to me.

"Your so wet, baby." you whisper in my ear. Your thigh rests on top of mine, your hand is between my legs, and your mouth is busy tonguing my earlobe and neck. I spread my legs a little further, and you very easily slide a finger inside me. your long fingers, strong from years of playing sports and hard work, can easily manipulate me in a matter of minutes. you readjust yourself so that you're straddling me, one hand planted on the bed beside my shoulder to steady yourself, and two fingers of the other buried inside me up to the third knuckle. Never having been with a man, two fingers is all I can take. Right now, it feels like you're so far inside me that you must be touching my stomach. You'd like to squeeze in a third and watch me scream but know I can't take it tonight. You settle for putting my legs on your shoulders and leaning forward to get even deeper. I gasp and clench my jaw. It feels so tight and full and you're steadily pumping in and out of me slowly but intently. I can feel myself slightly clamping down around your fingers. You're staring into my eyes but I can't really keep mine open so I close them and lean back onto the pillow. I feel you kiss the corner of my mouth and then latch back onto my neck. You stop pumping in and out of me long enough to finger my throbbing clit. The second your hand touches me, I can feel the waves start to build and groans start to leave my mouth uncontrollably. I try to pick my hips off the bed so you'll put your fingers back inside me but you continue to rub me in quick circles. My eyes are closed so I'm not prepared for the moment you slide two fingers of the other hand deep inside me with one quick thrust. You begin massaging my g-spot from the inside while still rubbing me hard on the outside. It's more than I can take. I raise my hips to match you thrust for thrust and I hear the moans in the room but can't feel them coming from me. My eyelids are too heavy to raise but I want to look at you. I hear you whispering to me; urging me to come. You start pumping me a bit faster and I feel you move. You take your finger off my clit and I feel the searing heat of your mouth close over it. You suck gently at first then harder. I feel your tongue dancing over it in erratic circles and I lose it. With both fists clenched in the sheets, I'm saying your name and moaning like crazy. You have one hand on my waist to steady me. I can feel the waves start at my feet and the tips of my hair and the tips of my fingernails. Like waves of warm water, they wash over me for what feels like forever radiating to the most remote ends of my extremities and back to where your mouth connects with me. Slowly I come back down and feel you gently licking me still while your hands roam all over me. I can feel you against me, the sheets under me, the air pressing down on me, and this sense of warmness all around me. You kiss your way back up my belly, slowly over my breasts running your hands all over them, up my neck straight to my ear where you whisper how much you love the way I taste. Your words send jolts of electricity through my body. With your hand on my jaw, you pull my face to yours and kiss my mouth. I can still taste myself on your lips which are swollen and red. You pull away and look me in the eyes. For the first time in weeks you have that look of a satisfied lover. You smile at me sweetly and whisper,

"Get some sleep, beautiful." as you tuck the hair on my forehead behind my ears and gently rub your thumb across my jaw line.

I feel the same sense of warmness and security wash over me, and I realize just how exhausted I really am. I want to argue with her and tell her how unfair it is that I haven't returned the favor, but I know the point is mute. She won't let me reciprocate just now. I take her hand and wrap it around my chest as I roll over and let her spoon me. She kisses my cheek once more and snuggles under the covers with my ass pressed tightly into her pelvis.

I wake to a cold nose pressed to mine. I slowly open my eyes and see two big brown ones staring back at me. I hear him whine very softly letting me know how bad he has to pee. His big head is laying on my pillow. Dani hears him too and raises up to look at him. She just laughs and flops back to the pillow. Her arm is still wrapped around me and we're still very much naked, only now very warm and cozy. I huff at Drake for making me get up so early. I slide from the warmth of the bed and into the chili morning air. He begins wagging his tail and licks my hand as I sleepily rub my eyes and find some shorts on the floor. I slide into them. I walk to the closet and get some old sweatpants from college and your old sweatshirt from the gym. I pull my hair up and grab my ipod. I can only find one tennis shoe. Drake nudges the other to me. I pat his head and scruff his big ears. I pull them on as I walk down the hallway toward the door. I turn the heat up a bit so the house will be warmer when you get up. Drake dances down the hallway and out the door. He sprints ahead of me in search of a bush while I'm still untangling my headphones. I turn around to find him still peeing and watching me. I pull my hair up in one sweep and slide a headband over my ears. I smile at how goofy he looks and take off at a slow jog. He runs to catch up with me and pads along easily at my side. Our neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful especially in the mornings. Each apartment duplex is nestled in the woods away from the curvy little two lane road that winds down out of the mountain. The road is wet so it must have rained a little last night. I can see my breath in the air, and the shade from the huge trees doesn't help let the warmth from the sun shine through. I hear journey in my ears. There isn't a car anywhere. Drake runs on ahead of me but I don't worry about him. We run this route every Saturday morning and he knows his way better than I do sometimes. I keep my pace and keep winding down the road. Just me and my thoughts with the rhythm of my own footsteps. I take a few turns and head back toward the apartment. Out of nowhere, Drake steps out of the woods and onto the road just ahead of me. He falls in pace with me and I reach down and pet his side.

Once we get back to the apartment, I ease the door open and Drake runs in. He runs to the back toward our bedroom. I know he's going to check on Dani. I take my shoes off at the door and set my ipod on the kitchen counter. I'm freezing with a red cheeks and a red nose. I walk to the back and hear the shower running once I get to the bedroom. I smile deviously and strip my clothes off just outside the door. I ease the door open and sneak around the corner to the shower door. The steam fills the room and covers the mirrors. I slide the shower door open quietly and see her long chiseled frame standing under the shower had with beads of steaming hot water running down her body. I realize she still hasn't heard me. I step inside and stand just behind her. Her face is under the spray and she has both palms splayed on the wall in front of her. I wrap my arms around her and press myself to her back. She jumps only slightly then turns and grins at me.

"Did I scare you?" I smile back as she turns in my arms and I hold her close.

"Just a little. How was your run?"

"It was great. I was by myself most of the time. I think Drakey is taking a bit of an interest in Lisa and Amy's new lab. He comes out of the woods just behind their house every time now."

"That's cute. We'll have to watch him or that could mean trouble." You run a hand through your dark wet hair and rub your face.

I smile at you and ask, " Did you sleep ok last night?"

You smile back and kiss my lips. "I slept amazingly well, considering it was only about six hours... What about you?" you turn me around so that the hot water is now streaming down my back and shoulders.

"Hmmm, well I guess it was ok." I tease

You slant your eyes and study me through narrowed slits. "Just ok, huh?"

I pretend to think some more, "Yea, it was ok..."

You nod your head and step the rest of me under the water. "I'll remember that, miss."

I forgot how hot you like your showers so I'm busy adjusting myself to the heat of the water. I close my eyes and not a second later your mouth is on mine. I feel you press the full length of your body into mine and pin me to the shower wall. Your abs are hard and rippled against mine and the rigid muscles of your thighs rub against my own. The water runs between our chests and over the rest of our bodies. My hands are on your thighs, your hips, your stomach, then on your breasts kneading them. I slide them up your neck to cup your face while I kiss you hard on the mouth. I feel your hips rhythmically pumping against mine. Your hands are on either side of my shoulders against the wall to support you as your knees get shaky. I run one hand back down between our stomachs and into the warm crevice between your thighs. I ca easily distinguish the moisture from the water and your own wetness. Its slick and searing hot as it coats my fingers. I roll two fingers over your clit and notice how swollen it is. I know how bad it must ache so I gently massage you there until you have to lay your forehead on my shoulder and lean against me for support. I rub a little harder and a little faster and hear you moaning in my ear. You raise one leg to the ledge of the shower to give me more room. I slide two fingers down your slit and slip them inside you. You groan at the sudden pressure and tilt your hips further toward me. I pull them out slowly and push them back in. When I pick up my pace your right there to match my rhythm. Your arms fall to my hips where you hold on to me tight. I turn you around so you can lean against the back of the shower. Kissing my way down your neck, I stop at your gorgeous, firm B cup breasts and suck your small dark nipples into my mouth until I can feel your heart beat on my tongue. Your head is back against the wall, the water is cascading down your neck and over your chest. It runs into my mouth as I lick around your nipples. Your moaning quite loudly and it echoes off the tiles. With both hands on your hips to steady you, I kiss further down your tight belly. Again, you raise your leg to the ledge on the wall and open yourself up for me. You are so beautiful this way. The pink folds slightly open and are begging for my attention. I run my finger over your clit once again and I feel you jump slightly beneath my touch. I run my finger lower until I can slide it back inside you. The groan that leaves your throat is guttural and completely animal-like. It gets me hotter in the two seconds of hearing it than I could have ever imagined. I feel myself dripping instantly. An unintentional moan escapes my own lips before I realize it. You open your eyes. Those big brown saucers that are now clouded with desire, and you look right into mine, almost through me, knowing exactly what I'm thinking. I never leave your gaze as I draw my mouth over you and run my tongue lazily over your slit. The moment I reach your clit, I see your eyes flutter closed. Your trying so hard to look at me, but your body defeats you and you lean your head against the cool shower wall once again, and thrust yourself harder into my mouth. I suck, lick, and nibble on every part of you I can get in my mouth, and tongue the rest. Your hands are on the back of my head, fingers in my hair, your moaning as the water runs down your body over my lips, and into my mouth. I grab your hips with both hands and hold you steady. I draw your swollen clit into my mouth and suck hard. I feel you rock your hips under my grasp. I reach down and slide two fingers inside you slowly. It's more than you can take. I can feel your muscles tighten around my fingers trying to pull me deeper inside of you. Your saying my name over and over urging me on. I hold onto you tightly and fuck you a little harder with my fingers. I add a third and you lose it. Every muscle from your abdomen to your thighs contracts inside and out. Your voice grows strained and I feel your legs quivering uncontrollably. I hold onto you as the last waves wash over you. I stand and press my body against yours steadying you. You slowly open your eyes and your breathing slows. I get lost in those big brown eyes as we stand there looking at one another, holding on so tightly. The water has lost most of the heat we've been in here so long. You reach down and turn it off. The last drops echo on the tile floor of the shower. Without a word, you cup my face with both hands and slowly bring your mouth to mine. I watch your wonderful mouth inch toward mine just like the first time we kissed. Those moments it took to reach your lips were agonizing. We were so young, but when I finally felt them on mine, I knew I felt forever in them. That kiss promised me forever. I still wake up and go to sleep to that promise every day.

"I love you, Jess." You say to me quietly as you smile that charming smile that won my heart the first time I saw it. You brush your thumb so softly across my lower lip.

" And I love you, Dani." I kiss your thumb and pull you tighter to me.

You reach to the shelf just outside the shower and grab a big towel. You wrap it around us both and step me out of the shower. Everything is covered with condensation. The mirrors are completely steamed over, and the newspaper on the corner table is wilted and moist. I laugh and point it out to you that we've been in the shower for entirely too long. You smile that devious grin that makes me melt. I kiss you all the way to the bed. You lean me against it. I'm wishing you'd lay me down right here and give it to me like I want it, but I know we have so much to do today. So I settle for you drying me off and kissing me all over as you go. I try to stifle a giggle as you kiss my waist just above my hip. You know I'm so ticklish there. Once you've dried me off, I take the towel from you and do the same to you. Your standing against me leaning on the edge of the bed with both hands palms down on the mattress. I know I can't touch your lower back or we'll never get anything accomplished today. I still linger there just a little longer than I should, rubbing a little softer over the spot just above your last vertebrate. You groan and clench the sheets on either side of you. I smile at your sudden loss of composure. You used to hate the fact that I could do that to you without even trying. You've finally come to terms with it now. I think you secretly like it when I get under your skin. I stop torturing you and kiss you one last time before I pull out of your grasp and walk to my closet. I find an old pair of worn out jeans and pull them on over a pair of your boxers. I'm not butch in any way and neither are you, but you do wear boxer shorts on occasion. I like to think we are both just very athletic looking since we both played sports our whole lives and all through college. You played softball, and I played basketball at the same university. I can't help but notice your slight butch tendencies every time you get ready for work though. You fit your career to the tee with your straight slacks, white button down, suspenders, and leather holster and pistol strapped across your back. I remember back in school when you told me criminal justice was your major, I knew you'd be great at it. I am sure of that fact now when you answer your phone with that one word that asserts your authority... "Chief".

I can't help but want to jump your bones when I see your lean frame and broad shoulders under that tight white shirt. I remind you often of the time I came to see you at your office after you and your team did that raid. I knocked on your office door, you had me come in, the lights were dimmed and you were leaning on the edge of your massive mahogany desk with Megan, our paramedic friend, digging a huge splinter from your hand. You were pretty surprised to see me, but my mouth wouldn't form the words to say anything. Your shirt was unbuttoned low on your chest, your dark hair was pulled up in a simple pony tail at the base of your neck, your sleeves were rolled up on your forearm. It was the guns. Your shoulder holster pulling your shirt tight across your chest and another holster around your thigh showing just how chiseled your legs are through your slacks. You smiled at me and my jaw hit the floor. Megan was wrapping your hand as I finally managed to say hello to her and return your smile. I guess you could tell by the look in my eyes but you quickly thanked Megan and locked the door behind her. We were on each other before the door latched. I had on a tight pair of chinos and low cut top. Your hands went straight to my ass as you lifted me and carried me to the desk. I will never forget how fast you got my pants off and had me pinned to the desk. I've not came so hard or so fast since. I've been meaning to come see you at work since, damn I'm too busy lately.

I smile still as I stand here in this closet with my hand on those same chinos I was wearing that day. I'm standing there in those jeans worn completely ragged, I pull an old college t-shirt on with no bra. I find a hooded sweatshirt and put it on too. I pull my auburn shoulder length hair into a pony tail and leave the bedroom to find you. Of course your on the couch with Drake wrestling. Your wearing an old college sweatshirt too. I grab the keys to the jeep and toss them to you. Drake's ears instantly perk and he dances around the living room in hopes of charming his way into getting to go. We're going out to my parents' farm and we always let him go.

" Wanna go see Grandma?" You bend down and ask him before you scruff his ears. He looks up at you like he completely understands.

He runs out the door between us nearly knocking the both of us down. He quickly pees on his usual bush and runs to the jeep. I open the back door for him and he jumps in.

"Drake, sit." I hear you tell him as I climb in. He obeys and doesn't move until we get there. It's a good thirty minute drive over the mountain to their place. It feels good as we ride in silence just listening to the radio, your hand on my leg, I lay my palm over the back of your hand and lace my fingers into yours. You smile behind your sunglasses and give me a quick wink. You think you're so cool. I laugh to myself and watch the trees pass by outside the window. I lean my head against the back of the seat. I feel you still watching me, so I look at you.

"I love you." you state casually

"I love you too, baby." I squeeze your hand gently in mine and look back outside the window. Drake whines and you reach back and pet him. I'm almost asleep by the time we get there.

"sleepy?" you grin and ask me as you brush a strand of hair out of my eyes.

"mhmm." I stretch lazily. " Someone kept me up past my bedtime last night."

You laugh as you pull into the long driveway. I see my horse, Maska, running in the field alongside the jeep following us to the house. You pull up to the house and let Drake out. Drake runs straight toward the porch chasing a cat, you yell at him and I head straight for the barn. I walk in and see Maska strutting into his stall waiting on me. I smile at him and pet his soft nose as he swishes his long tail and nudges me for a treat.

"I'm sorry big boy, I didn't bring you any treats today." I open the stall door and walk in to inspect him. I grab a brush and begin to rub him down. I'm talking to him softly and don't hear dad walk up.

"I almost think you like that horse more than me sometimes." he opens the door and enters the stall, too.

"Hi daddy. Sorry I didn't hear you walk up." Maska grunts and nudges him for a treat as well. I give him a big hug. We talk for a few more minutes about how things are going here at home.

"Alright kiddo, I'd better be getting back in there to your mama or she'll have my hide. She's got me hangin new cabinets in the kitchen."

"Let me guess, she's got you on a deadline, too."

"When does your mother not have me on a time frame?"

I laugh and tell him I'll be inside in just a minute. I turn my attention back to Maska, the beautiful Appaloosa I got for high school graduation. I'm filling his trough with a little extra sweet feed when your arms around my waist surprise me. I jump and scare both you and the horse. I realize its you and laugh hysterically.

"Baby, you scared the shit out of me!" I turn in your arms with a handful of straw in my fist. I wrap my arms around your neck as you back me to the stall door and kiss me. Maska decides to take the straw from my hand. You freeze as his muzzle gets too close to the back of your neck. I go weak laughing at you. You threaten to drop me as my knees buckle and I'm clutching to you just to stand. You start laughing too and pretty soon we're both in a fit of amusement. Maska's just staring at us blankly. I'm holding my side it hurts so bad to laugh anymore. Pretty soon we forget what's so funny and you realize your holding me so close our mouths are inches apart. You whisper to me,

"Honey, do you remember what all we've done in this barn?"

"Baby, there's nothing we haven't done in this barn."

You laugh and nod your head in agreement. We were crazy in love in college but could never get a free moment together alone long enough to get any release so when we came home for the holidays, we'd sneak out to the barn for hours on end and make love in the loft. You'd get some of the worst scratches from the straw. We laugh again at our crazy past before you kiss me again, take my hand, and lead me back to the house.

"I better get you to your mom before she sends a search party after us both."

"Did she send you out here after me?"

"Yep, she says your in trouble for going to the barn before you come and see her."

"Oh that's great." I step over our old hound dog, Tick, on the porch and open the screen door to the kitchen. You whistle at Drake and he comes running across the yard. He's so clumsy he trips running up the porch steps. We're laughing at him as we walk inside. Mom's cooking, of course, in her apron. Griping at dad for being in the way, she gives me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek never breaking stride In her long sentence of profanities toward dad. I smile at Dani and motion for her to follow me into the living room. Drake pads along behind us on the hardwood floor. I walk in and flop down on the couch.

"Jess, supper will be done in a few minutes, now you go wash up, I know you been out in that filthy barn. I'm not havin you at the dinner table smellin like that."

I laugh and grab Dani's hand pulling her with me. "Dani touched him too" I yell over my shoulder. You huff and slug me in the shoulder

"Did not you asshole!" You whisper.

We wash in the bathroom upstairs, I manage to get in your way and then splash some water on you. I smack your ass playfully as we jostle down the stairs like a pair of teenagers.

"My heavens, are you two ever gonna grow up?" Momma asks as she sets the last dish on the table. We laugh and reply "nope" simultaneously.

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