CHAPTER 3: "New Friends..."

The night had turned chilly, but got them (somewhat) sober by the time they arrived at Michelle's apartment building.

"I'm sorry," Michelle said to Tammy, who by this time was hugging herself and shivering. "I bet you don't get this cold in Puerto Rico."

"It's okay," replied Tammy. "I may ask to borrow a sweatshirt before I leave, though."

"No problem," answered Michelle. They entered the building, climbing the stairs up to the second floor. The hallway was empty, except for a potted palm. "My place is down there at the end," Michelle said.

Tammy looked around. "I like the colors in here. They're -- warm." The two girls giggled at that as Michelle pulled the key out of her purse and unlocked the door. "Anyway, I'm ready for that coffee."

Tammy nodded. "I love this place," she said admiringly. "You really have taste, girl."

Michelle chuckled. "I like to think so." As they entered the living room, Michelle continued: "I'll give you the grand tour in a bit. right now I think we could both use that coffee."

Tammy sat down on the blue flower-print sofa. "How long have you lived here?" she asked.

"Only about a year, " Michelle answered. "I started working over at the downtown library about then...this place was close by."

"Well," said Tammy, "I really like it. And this sofa -- caramba, but it's almost -- oh, how should I say -- almost decadent."

Michelle had a good laugh at that. "'Decadent,' huh? I can't say I've ever thought of that particular adjective." She turned, then said, "So -- how do you like your coffee?"

Tammy rose (still a bit unsteady from the alcohol in her system), saying "oh, mija -- let me help you with that."

"You don't have to -- "

"It's okay -- I'll just keep you company, then."

As Michelle puttered around the kitchen, Tammy said "So -- you never told me why you were down there tonight."

Michelle looked at her quizzically. "What do you mean?"

Tammy smiled. "I mean, you obviously weren't there to meet men -- at least not for going home with."

Michelle giggled, then sighed. "You got that right." Pouring some beans inter her coffee grinder, she said "What about you?"

Tammy smirked. "You mean, what was I doing down there tonight?"

"Yeah," saind Michelle. "You said you'd been 'stood up -- '"

"Oh yes, that..." replied Tammy. "Yes, stupid boyfriend... Antonio...actually, I should say, ex-boyfriend, now -- "

"You don't seem too broken up about it."

Tammy laughed lightly. "Oh, mija...I've done enough crying over that boy for three lifetimes." She sighed again. "No more."

"How long were you together?"

"Oh, Tony and I have been together for years...I knew him when I was at Saint Monica's -- "

"The Catholic high school?" asked Michelle.

"Yes, that's it."

"I'm sorry," said Michelle sincerely.

Tammy laughed again. "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

"I actually applied for a job there when I first got to Port Landers."

Tammy nodded. "It's really a nice school -- "

"But they don't pay very well."

"So I hear."

"Anyway, what about you and -- Antonio, is it?" Michelle reminded her.

"Oh yes...him," said Tammy. "Well, he and I just seem to be on-and-off all the time. We were supposed to be engaged -- then he chickened out."

Michelle nodded as she flipped on the coffee maker. "Didn't want to commit, eh?"

Tammy replied, "Sounds like you've been there."

Michelle nodded. "A few times."

"Well, we were supposed to meet tonight to see if we could ' work it out,' you know?"

Michelle rolled her eyes. "How many times have I heard that one?"

* * * *

Later, as they sat on the living room sofa, Michelle shared her experiences. Tammy listened, nodding sympathetically from time to time. Despite the coffee (which Tammy swore was the best she'd ever tasted), they were still pretty tipsy. Slowly, the two of them had moved closer and closer together.

"Gee, mija," Tammy said, "seems like those guys never really appreciate ladies like us."

Michelle nodded. "Seems like it." Suddenly, Tammy giggled. "What's so funny?" Michelle asked.

Tammy shook her head. "I gotta tell you, mija -- the way you were talking -- I almost thought you were a virgin!" At this, she broke out laughing.

Michelle raised an eyebrow, almost annoyed. "Oh, trust me," she said. "I know about sex." She sighed. "At least I know what goes where, and why." She turned away. "I guess what's disappointed me is, I don't know much about making love."

Suddenly, Tammy became subdued. "I think I understand." She placed an affectionate hand on Michelle's shoulder.

Michelle turned and looked into Tammy's eyes. "I think you do."

"I get the feeling that, in spite of the way you were acting toward those guys tonight -- you're really a very passionate woman," Tammy said earnestly.

Michelle smiled sadly and shrugged. "I don't know if I am or not -- I feel like I never really got a chance to find out."

The two of them were quiet for a minute or two. All at once, Michelle felt Tammy's hand stroking her thigh gently, then moving it up to rest lightly on her own hand. She closed her eyes and drew in a quick breath. Once again, she felt a surge of desire come over her. My god, what are you doing, she thought. Her heart started racing. Slowly, she said "C-can I tell you something?"

"You... can tell me anything, mija," replied Tammy, softly.

"B-back -- at Ashley's place..."

Tammy began stroking the back of Michelle's hand. "Yes?"

"I - I was a l-little...freaked...when you just kissed me like you did."

"Oh, mija...I hope I didn't embarrass you -- "

"No..." said Michelle. "It's just that -- w-well, n-nobody..ever kissed me like t-that before."


Michelle closed her eyes again and licked her lips. My god, what's happening? she thought. "Well...once...a l-long...time ago..." She turned towards Tammy as she slid an arm around her. She noticed Tammy's bosom rising and falling faster than normal...

"I should tell you something..." Tammy started.

"What's that?" asked Michelle.

"There really wasn't a guy hitting on me tonight."

For some reason, this didn't surprise Michelle.

"Sometimes," Tammy continued, " you just see someone...someone you'd like to know...even be close to..."

Michelle nodded. Her eyes met Tammy's again. Wordlessly, they moved closer and closer...until their lips came together. Gently, their lips slid against each other in a long, caressing kiss...for Michelle, it seemed to last for hours...

...and it was over all too soon.

"Wow," said Michelle quietly.

"Wow yourself," replied Tammy. They gazed into each other's eyes for moment, then, slowly, Tammy slipped her arm around Michelle's neck and drew her close again. "Give me your tongue, mija," she whispered

Without hesitation, Michelle opened her mouth and began caressing Tammy's tongue with her own. For several minutes, she knew nothing but the feeling of Tammy's sweet lips and tongue combining with her own as they kissed like lovers...

* * * *

Michelle didn't think it strange to be kissing Tammy -- another woman -- like this. In fact, Michelle had stopped thinking altogether. Instead, she just let herself feel -- and respond.

Tammy's kisses were soft ...gentle...the way Michelle always fantasized about. They kissed each other for several minutes before Tammy pulled back, Gazing into Michelle's eyes, she casually draped one leg over Michelle's. Tammy's bare, smooth thigh felt good against her own -- slowly, she moved her face toward Tammy's.

Tammy caressing Michelle's breast tenderly. Michelle gasped slightly in response. "You like that, mija?" she asked quietly. Michelle swallowed and nodded. She had done this sort of thing with her boyfriends before -- but they had never affected her like this.

"Oh, Tammy..." Michelle whispered. She leaned closer to Tammy. She began stroking the inside of Tammy's thigh, and began reaching up under her dress.

Now it was Tammy's turn to gasp. "Oh yes...yes..." she began to lean back. She pulled Michelle to her, and their tongues met again in a long, loving kiss. Tammy continued stroking Michelle's breast as she caressed her thigh. Michelle traced Tammy's lips with her tongue teasingly, as Tammy responded playfully with her own tongue. Michelle, without even realizing it, began climbing on top of Tammy. Their kisses became deeper, more insistent -- yet still as soft and gentle as always. It was Tammy's gentleness that began driving Michelle wild inside. Suddenly she realized what was happening, and climbed off of Tammy, wind up on the other side. Tammy giggled breathlessly.

"Oh mija, you don't have to stop..." she said.

Michelle found herself out of breath herself. In spite of herself, she laughed. "What are we doing?" she giggled.

Now Tammy turned to face her. "What people do -- when they like each other."

"I do like you, Tammy."

"I like you too, mija -- ever since I first saw you tonight." Again, she put her hand on Michelle's breast and moved her face closer. She added, "And I wanted to share this with you." At this, she and Michelle began kissing once again, caressing and massaging each other's tongues.

"Oh god," whispered Michelle between kisses. "I am so hot."

"Yes," gasped Tammy quietly, "me too." They kissed again. Tammy murmured, "I love what you do with your tongue, girl."

At this, Michelle gently thrust her tongue deep into Tammy's mouth. Tammy responded in kind, as they softly sucked each other's tongues.

"I want to get naked with you," Tammy whispered. "I want to feel all of you."

"Yes," Michelle replied breathlessly. "Oh, yes..."

Slowly, they got to their feet, still kissing and carressing each other. Gradually, they moved toward Michelle's bedroom.

* * * *

Before they entered the bedroom, Tammy suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" asked Michelle.

Tammy looked down. "I -- I'm sorry -- I -- I --"

"You're not sure about this, are you?"

Tammy looked up. "Are you?"

Michelle just looked into Tammy's eyes for a moment.

"I -- I don't know..." Suddenly, she felt awkward. It had felt so good a few minutes ago...and now it seemed...well, wierd.

"I'll call that cab and go, if you want," replied Tammy quietly. She started to turn.

"Wait." Michelle put her hands on Tammy's arms. Again, they gazed into one another's eyes. Michelle saw something in the other girl's eyes she hadn't seen since --

(Since that time at the lake with Kathie)

-- the last time she had felt this way -- nine years before...

She pulled Tammy close. Slowly, tentatively, Michelle and Tammy kissed each other's lips. Their kiss became deep and passionate, as they stood their several minutes exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Finally, they parted, slowly and giggled.

"I guess that's our answer, huh?" said Michelle quietly.

Tammy licked her lips and nodded. With her lips against Michelle's, she whispered "Let's go get naked, girl..."