CHAPTER 4: "Tender Passion..."

They entered Michelle's bedroom slowly -- tentatively, even shyly. Tammy's eyes grew wide as she looked around. "Oh, mija...I love this room!" Her eyes turned to the fireplace at the end across from the bed. "This must cost you plenty! Those French doors..."

Michelle nodded. "They go out onto a little deck." She sighed.

"Anyway, welcome to my boudoir." She giggled. "You're the first..."

Tammy turned, placing a hand on Michelle's breast. "I'm honored," she replied, smiling.

"I'm glad you're here," said Michelle softly.

Tammy just continued fondling Michelle's breasts tenderly through her dress. Slowly, she and Michelle sat down on the bed together. This time, Michelle initiated the kiss, caressing Tammy's lips with her own, teasing with her tongue. Tammy reached up and behind Michelle's neck, undoing her choker and removing it gently. She began kissing and running her tongue softly over Michelle's neck. Michelle closed her eyes in bliss and tilted her head back in response. Tammy began to slide an arm around her, but Michelle took her by the wrist and guided her hand back to her breast.

"You like that, mija?" she murmured.

Michelle licked her lips and nodded. She put one leg over Tammy's and began rubbing the inside of her thigh with her knee.

"Mmmm...yes...that's nice," whispered Tammy. Slowly, they moved up onto the bed. Tammy began to move her hands over Michelle's bosom, caressingly. "I like how soft you are," she said.

"I -- l-love the way you touch me," replied Michelle. Tammy looked into her eyes. At that moment, Michelle knew, if they kissed again, she would lose turning back.

Tammy reached up and placed a hand on Michelle's shoulder as Michelle slowly pushed Tammy's dress up over her hip. They closed their eyes and their mouths met once more in a long, passionate kiss. Suddenly, Michelle felt as if she were on fire. Eagerly, she explored Tammy's mouth with her tongue, wanting more of her...

Tammy began gnawing on Michelle's tongue gently and playfully. She began wrapping her legs around Michelle, as Michelle ran her hand up her thigh. Slowly, Michelle began to lay back, pulling Tammy on top of her.

"You want to feel something completely erotic?" asked Tammy.

"Oh yes," replied Michelle.

"Give me your tongue."

Slowly, Michelle slid her tongue into Tammy's mouth. Tammy began gently sucking and licking Michelle's tongue as if she were eating a popsicle.

"" gasped Michelle.

Tammy smiled and said, "Now you do me..."

Michelle drew Tammy's tongue in and began doing what had been done to her. They kissed like that back and forth for several minutes, as their arousal level began reaching a fever level. Suddenly, Tammy drew back...

"What's wrong?" asked Michelle.

Tammy rose up on her knees. "Oh, nothing...except..."

"Except what?"

"I -- I want all of you," Tammy said. "I want to feel your soft skin against mine."

"Oh, I want that too," whispered Michelle as she got up.

"So let's get naked, girl..." replied Tammy.

Michelle found the experience of undressing each other as wonderfully erotic and arousing as the kissing and caressing. Sex with her former boyfriends had never been like this...being with Tammy was...different. It was soft, slow and gentle...tender and caring...and yet Michelle found herself more aroused than she had ever been in her life.

As they slid each other's dresses off, Michelle and Tammy, they began fondling each other's breasts, rubbing their nipples together as they french kissed, playfully duelling with their tongues. Michelle had lost all track of time...had it been twenty minutes since they started(what? What are we doing here...?) kissing in the living room? An hour? Two? Michelle didn't know...or care. All she knew was how good it felt...

Michelle kissed Tammy again, gently, cooly on the lips, and began stroking her inner thigh, reaching inside her panties. Tammy hooked an arm around Michelle, drawing her closer...

Michelle rolled onto her back, pulling Tammy closer to her. Tammy moved one leg over Michelle, while Michelle caressed Tammy's other leg with her foot. They began a long, searching kiss.

"You're so beautiful," whispered Michelle through their kisses.

"We're so beautiful, mija," replied Tammy, caressing Michelle's lips with her own lips and tongue. "We're beautiful together."

They touched tongues again. "I could do this all night," said Michelle. She rolled over slightly. Tammy slid one leg between Michelle's thighs, pressing against her loins slightly. Their kisses became more and more intense. Slowly, Michelle climbed on top of Tammy. "I love your mouth," she whispered. "I love the way we kiss." They began licking each other's tongues without touching lips. All the time, Michelle's passion grew more and more intense...she was experiencing new sensations from deep within her body...

Tammy began to moan softly, arching her back and rubbing against Michelle. "Oh, mija..." she gasped.

Michelle responded...their kisses became even more passionate and deep. She felt as if she couldn't get enough of Tammy...she sucked Tammy's tongue even deeper into her mouth, drinking her saliva as if it were the sweetest wine she had ever tasted...

Had Michelle been able to think, she would have thought that Tammy's mouth did have a sweet taste. But right now, all she could do was feel...feel Tammy's warm, soft body against her own...she began running her tongue all over Tammy's body, kissing her neck, shoulders, chest, breasts..."I love you tits," she whispered breathlessly.

Meanwhile, Tammy reached between Michelle's thighs and began stroking and caressing. She began to moan again..."Oh mija...yes...yes...

The new sensations began intensifying within Michelle's own body as well. It started as a soft...pulsing...that grew in intensity...more...stronger...(Oh god, what's happening to me...?)

Suddenly, Michelle let out a cry of pleasure as the new throbbing sensation shuddered through her hips and up her abdomen. For what seemed like hours, Michelle was in the throes of an ecstacy she'd never known existed. She stiffened against Tammy as Tammy cried out. "Mija! "...then all at once, the two women went limp as a pair of rag dolls.

* * * * * *

They lay very still for a long time. Tammy had one arm around Michelle. slowly and gently running her fingertips over the soft, smooth skin of her inner thigh. Michelle closed her eyes and sighed contentedly, stroking Tammy's arm. They stayed like that, half-dozing, for a long time. Finally, Michelle slowly turned toward Tammy and smiled. "The most incredible things were happening to my body," she said softly.

"Oh, mine too, mija."

Silence again as they caressed each other. Then: "What was it?"

"What was what?"

Michelle giggled softly. "I felt like I was -- exploding inside."

Now it was Tammy's turn to giggle. "Mija -- my god -- you mean you've never had an orgasm before?"

So that was an orgasm. Michelle giggled again, feeling somewhat foolish. She started to say, ...'oh yeah -- I knew...' but then looked into Tammy's eyes again...she realized she could tell this girl anything, and not be afraid. Finally, she confessed, "No...believe it or not...I've never had that happen before."

Tammy smiled. "You could have fooled me, girl."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how could someone make love like you do and not know what an orgasm is?"

Michelle sighed again. "I don't know -- I -- I've never done anything like this before."

Tammy put her arms around Michelle again, pulling her close. Putting her mouth against Michelle's, she whispered, "You could have fooled me." She began searching Michelle's mouth with her tongue again. "Make love with me again, mija," she begged.

Michelle hooked one leg behind Tammy's, and pushed a knee between her thighs as she wrapped her arms around the other girl. As her body began responding to Tammy's, she thrust her tongue deep into the other woman's mouth, pulling Tammy on top of her. Slowly, they began grinding their hips together as their legs entwined...their kisses got more and more intense...

Once again, the Michelle felt the blissful throbbing sensation pass through her as Tammy cried out in her own ecstacy.

"Ye gods, you're incredible," whispered Michelle. "I adore you for this."

Tammy and Michelle shared one last lingering kiss. Slowly, naked bodies still entwined, the two women began dozing off. Just before she fell asleep, Michelle noticed the first faint light of morning outside the window.