CHAPTER 6: "A Surprise Visit..."

Michelle kept to herself that weekend, for the most part. Except for her morning run around the park and a brief trip to the store for a bottle of wine, she did little but watch video tapes of The Young At Heart (Kelly was preparing to leave her second husband to go back to her first, while Darla was still pretending to be pregnant so she could hold on to Jack, who was still in love with Cecille -- meanwhile, millionaire industrialist Victor K. Moudorakis was plotting revenge against the business rival who had married his third ex-wife then abandonded her).

Mostly, however, she thought about Tammy -- and this strange new relationship she was getting into. Is this just a physical thing? she kept asking herself. After, she still knew almost nothing about Tammy (although in a different sense, Michelle knew her quite well). She tried that weekend to focus an her "soap," or any one of several books she might have been reading -- but her thoughts kept returning to that incredible night. No-one had ever made her feel like that before. In fact, the feelings were so new, Michelle had trouble even putting a name to them. She almost wished there was someone she could talk to about her new situation -- but she seriously doubted that anyone she knew would understand.

Monday morning, she rose feeling more refreshed than she had in a long time -- having solitude for a couple of days had done her good. In fact, she looked forward to getting to the library today, and occupying her mind with something other than soaps. For the first time in over forty-eight hours, the subject of Tammy did not enter her mind. Nonetheless, her happy mood was noticed by her co-workers almost immediately.

"Well, check you out, Michelle A. Devereaux," commented Angie, another assistant librarian. Angie was a striking young black woman whose eyes were a startling shade of green. She seemed to always have a jaded, stern manner about her that Michelle didn't care for -- besides that, she had felt, when she first started at the library, that Angie was "keeping and eye" on her in an almost supervisory way -- something she didn't appreciate. For the sake of harmony, though, she made an effort to at least tolerate Angie.

At the moment, Angie was standing over Cherie, a blonde, nineteen-old secretary whom Michelle considered totally devoid of any higher brain-function (her two main areas of knowledge were men and clothes -- not necessarily in that order).

"What's up, Angie?" asked Michelle, with a big grin on her face.

"Oh, nothing much," replied Angie. "Just seems like you're in too good a mood this mornin'."

Michelle shrugged. "Just glad to be back -- it was a nice weekend, but I like to keep busy, you know."

Angie nodded, then Cherie piped up. "Miss Devereaux, can you help us...?"

"What's up?"

Angie sighed. "Our star secretary has managed to crash her computer again."

Michelle sighed and rolled her eyes. "Look, Cherie, I think I told you to give that program more memory, didn't I?" She began to walk over to Cherie's station, then hit the "restart" switch. "Now look, let's go back to the beginning..."

It was good to be back.

* * * * * *

Toward noon, Michelle looked over her list of projects for the week. Nothing seemed too patron had requested some rather obscure records from the fourth-floor archive room (one of Michelle's favorites -- it was incredibly quiet, had a large, over-stuffed green leather sofa that was "to die for," and best of all, virtually nobody ever went up there except Michelle, whose duties took her up there regularly). The records weren't needed until the end of the week, so Michelle thought it might be nice to take a leisurely lunch hour...maybe go over to the park.

"Angie," she said, "I'm going to be at lunch until 1:30 or so. Will you be alright?"

Angie shrugged. "As long as Cherie doesn't erase her hard-drive." Then she added "What about those records from the archives Mr. Halliburton wanted?"

"Well, he doesn't need them until Friday...but I might go up there before I leave and make sure they're all there."

Michelle turned back to her own computer to find out exactly where the requested materials were located, when she heard a familiar voice say "Hey, girl."

She looked up. "Tammy!" she exclaimed, her heart skipping a beat. "My god, I didn't expect to hear from you for another week!"

"Yeah, well, my trip didn't take as long as I thought." Then, she winked and added in a conspiratorial whisper, "Besides -- I missed you."

Michelle smiled in spite of herself. "Look, I was just about to go for lunch -- wanna join me?"


"Great," Michelle said, getting up from her chair. "I just need to run up to the fourth-floor archive and locate a few things -- "

"Mind if I tag along? I've never seen all of this place."

"Uh -- sure, why not?" Michelle grinned. "I can start you on the 'Grand Tour.'" She turned and called "Angie?"

Angie popped out from behind a bookcase. When she saw Tammy, her eyes grew wide. Tammy herself seemed taken aback.

"Well, well, well...Tamara Luisa Carvallo!" Angie said. "So, what brings you down to our little neck o' the city?"

Tammy seemed almost embarrased, but responded politely, "Hi, Angie. Didn't know you worked here."

Michelle looked up at Tammy quizzically. Tammy tilted her head in a way that said I'll explain later. Noticing, Angie commented, " and Michelle know each other?"

Tammy replied, "We're friends...Michelle, are you ready?"

Michelle nodded. To Angie she said "See you about 1:30."

Angie nodded. "I'll be here." She added "See you around, Tammy."

"See you," replied Tammy. She seems a bit nervous, Michelle noticed.

As they walked toward the door, Michelle asked, "Where do you know Angie from?"

"She used to come into the 'Lizzie' quite a bit," explained Tammy.

"Is it my imagination, or do you two have a bit of 'bad blood' between you -- oh, forget that, it's none of my business."

"Oh, mija, it's alright -- I'll tell you about it's kind of a long story."

Michelle nodded, then added "I understand...she's not exactly one of my favorite people." At that, she let the matter drop.

They reached the archive room a few minutes later. As Michelle unlocked the door, she mentioned "This is actually one of my favorite places in the library."

Tammy had to agree as she looked appreciatively at the hardwood floors and book cases. "It's nice...reminds me of your place, in a way."

"I just have to make sure we have a couple of documents a patron requested," said Michelle as she pulled a portable stair unit over to one of the bookshelves.

As she climbed, she looked back at Tammy, saying "If you want to know any obscure historical tidbits about Port Landers in the old days, this is the place to come."

Tammy nodded. "I see," she said, with a frankly affectionate -- and appreciative look. Michelle suddenly got the feeling that Tammy was "checking her out." i.e. looking up her skirt -- and for some strange reason, didn't seem to mind. In fact, she gave a sutble tug on it (for Tammy's benefit? C'mon, Mishi -- you hate it when guys do that! ).

After a minute, Michelle located what she was looking for. "Here it is," she said triumphantly, pulling out the document. Suddenly, she felt a minor ache where her neck met her shoulder and gave a short moan.

"What's wrong, mija?" asked Tammy, with a concerned look.

"Nothing, really," said Michelle, rubbing her shoulder with a free hand as she climbed down off the stair unit. "I'm just uptight. Damn Angie has that effect on me."

"Well, you just come over here," said Tammy, gently, taking Michelle's arm and guiding her over to the green leather sofa.

Michelle didn't protest as Tammy sat her down, then sat down behind her. She took Michelle's thin pullover sweater, saying "Let's take this off..."

"What are you doing?" asked Michelle as Tammy worked the sweater off.

"You'll see," Tammy replied. Slowly, she placed her hands on Michelle's shoulders, and began to massage and knead her upper back muscles gently. "Caramba, sweetie -- you're all in knots!"

Michelle closed her eyes and sighed. "Mmmm...that feels good..."

Tammy continued massaging Michelle's shoulders for several minutes, gradually slowing. Without even realizing she was doing it, Michelle began to lie back against Tammy, as Tammy put her arms around her.

"Feel better?" Tammy asked.

"Oh, yes..." murmured Michelle contentedly. "You really know how to turn me into jello..." She looked up at Tammy, and their eyes locked. She smiled, reaching upbehind Tammy's head. "Thank you so much," she said.

"My pleasure," replied Tammy. Slowly, Michelle pulled Tammy's face down and kissed her.

Tammy returned the kiss lovingly, then kissed her again. "I missed you so much, mija," she whispered.

"I missed you, too," replied Michelle, as they shared yet another kiss. My god, what are you DOING? said a small voice from a corner of Michelle's mind. Shut up, Michelle told the voice. She caressed Tammy's sensuous lips with her tongue, whispering "I thought about you all weekend."

"Mmmm," murmured Tammy as she ran her tongue over Michelle's. "I couldn't take my mind off of you."

Michelle began to realize she was hungry -- but not for food. Tammy's mouth was intoxicating, and addicting -- the more Michelle and she kissed, the more of Tammy she wanted.

Michelle, you crazy bitch, screamed the small voice from the corner of her mind. My god, this is the PUBLIC LIBRARY!! What the HELL do you think you're doing!?!?

I said shut up, Michelle said to herself. She sat up and put her arms around Tammy wordlessly. She was starting to lose control.

Tammy leaned forward and they began tongue kissing in that caressing way of hers that drove Michelle wild. Something snapped inside her, and before either one knew what was happening, they were all over each other, unbuttoning each other's clothing.

Within minutes, Tammy and Michelle were completely naked, mouths glued together, their bodies lovingly entwined on the sofa.

For the next hour, Michelle and Tammy made love with a quiet intensity that was different from -- but every bit as exciting -- their lovemaking a few nights previously. Michelle lay on her back, with Tammy stretched out full length on top of her their arms wrapped around each other, and their legs intertwined. They moved very little -- just the slight movement of their hips together, as they kissed over and over again, licking and sucking each other's tongues, caressing each other's lips, exploring each other's mouths...

Suddenly, Michelle heard the door rattle. Oh my god, she thought, suddenly freezing in mid-kiss. Their mouths still joined, they looked toward the door, not saying a word, frozen in place. Ye gods, if someone sees us like this, getting canned will be the LEAST of my problems...then she remembered.

"It's okay, honey," she whispered, her mouth still against Tammy's. "I'm the only one with a key to this place." With that, the two women closed their eyes and turned back to each other. Gently, Tammy drew Michelle's tongue deep into her mouth, and the two continued making love.

Michelle focused on the feeling of their completely naked bodies together, Tammy's warm, soft skin against her own -- and her beautiful mouth. It was as if she and Tammy were kissing from memory...almost like they had made love before, in another time, another place...

When her climax came, it was powerful, yet quiet -- like a silent wave crashing on a beach. Michelle gasped and knew, as Tammy stiffened and thrust her hips downward against her own, that it was happening to both of them. They clutched at each other tightly, tongues thrusting deep -- and then it was over.

* * * * * *

Later, Tammy and Michelle stood in front of the window that looked out over the city, still naked. Michelle's arms encircled Tammy from behind, her hands caressing the other woman's body.

"Ye gods, I wish it didn't have to end," purred Michelle.

"I know," Tammy replied.

The two of them were quiet for several minutes, just looking out at the city. Finally, Michelle spoke. "What's happening to us?" she murmured. "I feel like I'm almost out of control with you."

Tammy smiled and sighed contentedly. "I don't know, mija," she replied, softly. "I've never felt this way about anyone before." They kissed again. Suddenly, Michelle noticed the wall clock.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed. "I have to be back downstairs in ten minutes!"

Hurriedly the two of them began dressing -- watching (and frankly admiring) each other as they did so. Suddenly, Michelle began giggling almost uncontrollably.

"What is it?" asked Tammy.

"I cannot believe we did this!" exclaimed Michelle.

"What -- make love?"

"In the damn Public Library!! " Michelle said. "My god, when I thought someone was going to walk in an us, I almost died! "

Tammy laughed, then said, "Oh, I know, that freaked me out too -- but didn't you feel alive?"

Michelle had to admit -- that had been a major adrenaline rush.

A few minutes later found them alone in the elevator, heading down.

"Would you like to get together later on?" asked Tammy.

"Oh, sweetie -- I can't. I'm here until 8:30 tonight, then I usually go home and go to bed."

"Such long hours."

"Yes," agreed Michelle. "I do that so I can take long weekends."

Tammy nodded. "Well -- I don't want to spoil your rest."

"Why don't you come over Thursday night?" said Michelle.

"It's have to be late -- I'm over at the 'Lizzie' until closing."

"Well, then," said Michelle with a mischievious look in her eye, "I'll just have to leave my door unlocked and have you come wake me."

Tammy turned to Michelle, slipping her arms around her. "Count on it, mija," she said, as their mouths met in one last loving (but hurried) kiss.

Finally, the elevator stopped, and the door slid open. The two of them emerged casually, as Tammy tossed her head back in Michelle's direction, saying simply "See ya!"

"Bye," replied Michelle, non-chalantly, as she walked in the other direction.

As Michelle arrived back at her desk, Angie asked, "So how was lunch?"

"Great," replied Michelle.

"Looks like you let your hair down," commented Angie.

Michelle reached up to her hair, and realized she'd forgotten to pin it back up after getting dressed again. Thinking back at the passionate hour she'd passed with Tammy, she smiled, thinking that Angie was correct in more ways than one.

"So I did," she grinned, "so I did."