Authors note: this story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced without permission. This story contains adult themes which should not be read if the audience is under the legal age. This is a work of absolute fiction and none of the characters are based on or represent any one. This story is first part of a series of stories which will be posted individually which contribute to a collection called "Simultaneously".

The Lover

By Gemmy

It's quiet. The woman is aware of the sound, the noisiness of her heels clicking as she hurries down the street. As each heel strikes the floor she becomes more aware of it breaking the ominous silence that looms in the surrounding streets. She is conscious of the black clouds gathering above her head, rolling across the dusk sky, the rising strength of the cool wind, the rapidly falling light. She smells thunder. Hurrying home, not wanting to be caught in the rain she dreads the prospect of being out in the approaching thunder storm. As she rounds the corner she is greeted by the first splash of rain, it drops down heavily and hits the floor with an almost ceremonious splash -- a signal of what is to come. The woman looks up she sees millions of rain drops hurtling towards her. She bows her head as she runs the clacking of the heels now drowned out by the cacophony of sound as the raindrops hits the floor.

By the time she reaches her door, her usually straight brown hair hangs limply around and clings to her pale oval face. She breathes a sight of relief as she steps into the hallway and shuts the door, blocking out the harsh outside. She is temporarily startled as she turns round to see a slim dark figure approach her before she remembers that her lover is home.

Thunder rolls in the dark sky and the woman shudders, glad to be home. The lover wipes the dampness from her face with a towel and kisses her gently on the lips. Fear slides away from the woman's heart as she is enveloped in her lover's warm embrace.

She is lead by her lover into the warmth of the living room, lit only by a small table lamp in the corner. In the dim light of the room she is kissed again by the soft lips. The lover unbuttons the wet coat, slides it over the woman's shoulders and it falls heavily to the floor with a thud. She kissed the red lipstick lips tenderly as she proceeds to undress the woman. The woman stands there enjoying the attention, the soft touch of her lover she closes her eyes, feels the gentleness of the fingers fumbling to undo the blouse buttons, and the smoothness of the silk material as it slides off her arms and falls silently to join the heap of clothes on the floor.

She steps out of her grey pencil skirt now heaped round her ankles as the lover caresses her lower legs, carefully removing the tights. The lover takes her hand encouragingly and leads her to the cream leather sofa, kissing her passionately as they sit slowly down. Thunder growls loudly and the rain hammers on the windows but it is lost in the passion of the room as the woman and her lover are locked in an erotic kiss, involved in each other, becoming one.

As she lies down and opens her slender legs her lover watches eagerly, noting details of the beautiful body. She runs her finger lightly down the woman's pussy, tracing the line of the lips with her gentle touch. Shiver of pleasure run through the woman's body. The lover opens the woman's pussy lips and runs her finger inside, up and down several times, teasing the small clit, she traces her finger over the wet hole as the woman gasps with pleasure. Easing her finger gently inside the woman she moves it in and out slowly and deeply. She withdraws it and returns her attention to the now swollen clit, stroking it lightly. She raises her finger to her mouth and licks it, tasting her lover for the first time tonight.

Then she runs her tongue between the line of the lips, protruding further, teasing the swollen clit, moving down and around the dripping hole. Enjoying the taste of her aroused lover. She alternates between flicking the clit and teasing her lover's hole before she focuses tongue attention on the clit and inserting 2 then 3 fingers into her lover, thrusting them deeply and rhythmically at first but the increasing both speed and depth as she feels the woman's vaginal muscles tighten around her fingers.

The woman comes silently as lightening flashes and the clap of thunder follows, her breathing heavy as waves of pleasure surge through her body, her lover retaining the climax. She relaxes and feels rested as her lover laps up the remaining fluid before climbing onto her. The woman can taste herself in the erotic and passionate kiss of her lover and she feels as if she is the luckiest woman in the world.

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