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Angel's Descent
by Nathan Warford


Davita was one of the first angels ever created. She had been in existence long before God had created the race known as humans. Ever since her creation, Davita had known that she had several characteristics different than other angels. It seemed as if God had endowed her with a wider range of emotion than other angels. At first, Davita did not understand why her creator had given her the capacity for more powerful emotions. However, when God created humans, Davita understood her purpose.

With the ability to experience more emotions than most other angels, Davita was meant to help in the creation of humans. She aided God in defining human nature in an attempt to make existence ideal for humans. However, as a divine being, Davita was unable to experience feelings to the extent that humans could. The result was a design flaw in human nature. The fledgling race developed characteristics such as curiosity and want much more quickly than anticipated. Humans were unprepared for the ramifications of their existence, resulting in their expulsion from paradise. With the emotions that Davita could experience, she took pity on the humans and asked God to help them survive in the harsh world. God agreed and gave the humans resources that they could use to survive and prosper.

And prosper they did. Thousands of years passed and humans had colonized the world. Humans were even ready to begin colonizing other worlds such as the moon that circled their planet. However, despite the level of advancement that humanity had achieved, the design flaw in their nature still existed. Even after such events as the Crusades and the Nazi Regime, humans still could not control their feeling well enough to prevent all acts of violence such as rape and murder. Although humans could still feel love to the same extent that God and the angels did, that love sometimes worked to their disadvantage, causing some criminals to go free.

Little did God or the angels realize the consequences that humanity would have on the divine world. God had decided that whenever a human died, that human's soul would be sent to either heaven or hell, depending on how good or bad they were in life. To test a human's moral fiber, a court system was created so that God could tell if a human deserved paradise or damnation. One such case involved a man accused of raping and murdering a young woman. Because the human court did not have enough evidence to convict the man, he was set free. And, like any human, when he died, his soul was sent to the divine court. The observational skills of the angels confirmed decisively that the man was, indeed, guilty and that he had not atoned for his sins. God ruled that the man be sent to hell as punishment.

Although Davita could not experience emotions like humans did, she did have the capacity to experience more emotions than other angels and she understood human nature more than any other divine being. Davita pleaded with God to give the man a chance to redeem himself. God refused. It was in that moment that God's plan for humanity, the plan that he had maintained for thousands of years, backfired. Even though Davita had a larger capacity for emotions, God did not expect that a divine being such as Davita could experience anger. Davita became angry with God and told him that she should do what Lucifer did.

Davita did not intend to take up arms against God. All she wanted to do was make God feel the emotions that she did and know human nature as she did. However, Davita'a plan backfired as well. Without as good an understanding of human nature as Davita had, God took Davita's words seriously and decided that Davita would be punished for her intent. However, God had been slowly learning about human nature for thousands of years, and so decided to be lenient on Davita. Instead of being sent to hell, Davita was stripped of her angelic powers and was to exist on earth as a mortal human.

As suddenly as God had passed judgement, Davita found herself flying through a world that she did not know. She felt new sensations filling her body, extremely unpleasant sensations. Although the sensations were too overwhelming for Davita to know exactly what was happening to her, she could feel that the sensations were originating from five places on her body, two on her chest, one in her abdomen, and one on each shoulder. As the unpleasant sensations passed, Davita felt another unpleasant sensation against her body and face as she collided against something hard.

Although the collision was not as unpleasant, she still disliked the feel of it. "What happened?" Davita wondered. "What were those sensations?" After thinking for a moment, Davita realized, "That must have been pain that I felt. Yes, that was pain." Davita knew that humans had a greater sensitivity to stimuli than angels did and knew what pain was, but it was the first time that she had experienced the sensation known as pain.

As Davita became more aware of her condition, she felt the ground beneath her. It was solid, but soft. She took a piece of ground in her hand and examined it. It was a golden, yellow color and it seemed to flow between her fingers in a similar fashion that a liquid did. "Sand," Davita said. "This is sand." She stood up and looked around. She was lying on a vast plane of sand. Nearby, the sand changed and became an equally vast plane of water. "This must be a beach," Davita said. As she noticed the horizon over the water, she noticed the sky. It was a different color than Davita was used to. In heaven, Davita had always known the sky to be pitch black except for the sprinkle of stars. The sky that Davita noticed on earth was a bright blue, very close to her own eye color. "That's right," she said, "earth has an atmosphere. The sky is blue during the day and black during the night."

After seeing both the beach and the sky, Davita knew that there were many new things that she would experience as a human, so she decided to learn as quickly as possible what the earth had in store for her. She decided to fly off and explore the human world. However, when she tried, she failed to rise off of the ground. "Why can't I fly?" she wondered. Then, Davita remembered the pain that she had felt in her shoulders. She reached around to her back and felt her shoulders where the pain was. "My wings are gone!" she cried, realizing that the pain was coming from where her wings were attached to her body. She then remembered that part of her punishment was to be stripped of her angelic powers, which included the ability to fly. The pain that she had felt in her shoulders came from the stripping of her wings from her body.

"I didn't mean what I said," Davita said to herself. "Why did God punish me like this?" Davita kicked the sand. throwing tufts of it several feet away. Davita was then surprised at what she had done. "Was that frustration that I felt when I kicked the sand?" she wondered. Davita sighed and knew that she had to walk in order to get around. Davita knew that angels did not need food like humans did and therefore did not overeat like humans did. She knew that because she had only been human for a few moments, her physical condition was perfect by human standards and that she would be able to walk long distances without too much fatigue.

"I should try to find other humans," Davita said. "I will need their help to know how to get by on earth." As Davita started walking along the beach, she saw two figures in the distance walking along the beach as well. Davita approached the figures to ask for help. However, as she got closer, she noticed that the figures were clothed. The fallen angel realized that most humans lived in a very conservative society and that clothes were necessary to be accepted by that society. Davita wondered why humans required clothes and angels did not. The beach was quite warm and no human needed clothes to be insulated from harsh conditions.

However, Davita decided that it would be in her best interest to talk to the humans, even if she was naked. She started approaching the humans again. Along the beach, the humans walked behind a large pile of boulders. Most of the area behind the boulders was obstructed from view, but Davita could still tell the general area that the humans had gone to. Before the humans disappeared behind the boulders, Davita had gotten close enough to see that both humans had blond hair as opposed to her own brown hair. One of the humans had long hair and another had short hair. "Those must be a man and a woman coming to the beach for a romantic setting," Davita said. "Women do usually have long hair and men short hair."

Because she was naked, Davita thought that she should approach the humans with caution. She went to the edge of the pile of boulders and peeked around to look at the cove that the humans had gone to. As Davita looked, she found the two humans touching their lips together. 'They're kissing,' Davita thought to herself, this time not speaking her thoughts. 'Humans do that when they're in love, don't they? These two must love each other.' Davita then noticed the kiss becoming deeper. She saw the humans wrap their arms around each other and start caressing each other's bodies. Davita was unsure as to what was going on.

As Davita watched the humans, she experienced more unfamiliar sensations in her body, this time in her abdomen where she had felt the pain before. However, the sensation this time was not pain. It almost felt like pressure inside herself. 'What is this new feeling?' Davita wondered. Although the feeling was uncomfortable, it was tolerable. Davita wanted to find out why the humans were acting as they did, so she decided to let them go about their business and kept herself concealed behind the rock since the humans were going by their business as if they were alone.

As the humans' hands moved about each other's bodies, Davita noticed the man put his hands under the woman's shirt. The man's hands moved up the woman's body, pulling the shirt along with them. As the man pulled the shirt up and over the woman's head, Davita noticed something strange about the woman. On her chest were two large, round pieces of flesh, held up by a smaller garment that did not conceal much of the woman's body. Thinking back to human creation, Davita realized that the round objects were breasts, organs that females used for producing milk and feeding it to their young. 'Wait,' the fallen angel thought, 'I'm a human now. Do I have breasts too?' Davita brought her left hand to her chest and sure enough, she had two large, round breasts of her own!

Soon after the woman's shirt was gone, the man also removed the woman's smaller garment that held up her breasts. It seemed like there was a kind of a hook in the front that if unclasped opened up and let the breasts fall out. Davita was amazed to see the woman's bare breasts. At the center of each breast was a bright pink object, which Davita realized was a nipple. It was the part of the breast that human young suckled milk from. Davita found the nipple of her left breast and touched it a bit. Davita was surprised by a very strong sensation that she could not explain. Whatever it was, it made her gasp, but she managed to keep it quiet enough so that the humans would not hear her. A mere second passed and the pressure inside her abdomen seemed to increase.

"This is so naughty!" said the woman, smiling.

"I know," said the other human.

Davita was shocked. The voice of the short-haired one was not deep like a man's voice. It sounded like a woman! 'That can't be a woman!' thought Davita. 'Can women fall in love with other women? Is that possible?' Davita watched carefully to make sure that she knew which gender the short-haired human was.

The short-haired one slowly pushed the long-haired one down onto the sand, turning while doing so so that Davita saw the humans at a profile. Now that Davita could actually see she short-haired human's face, she was shocked to see that it indeed was a woman! The pressure inside her body seemed to increase even more when Davita realized that it was two women instead of one woman and one man. She also felt something damp between her legs. 'What's this wetness?' she wondered. She brought her left hand from her breasts to between her legs and felt that there was hair between her legs. 'How is there hair down there?' she wondered. 'I thought hair was only on my head.' She felt further down to find the wetness and felt something strange. There was a small opening in the shape of a slit! Davita then remembered that this opening was called the vagina. In order for humans to reproduce, a man had to put his penis into a woman's vagina and inseminate her in order to procreate. Angel's were not meant to procreate or feed young, so they had no breasts or reproductive organs.

With the long-haired woman lying on the ground, the short-haired woman pulled her shirt up over her head, showing that she had a full pair of breasts as well. However, she was not wearing a small garment like the long-haired woman had. "Oh," said the long-haired one, "no bra."

"You like?" the short-haired woman said, giving her breasts a squeeze.

"Very much so." The long-haired woman reached toward the short-haired woman's breasts and squeezed them herself. The short-haired woman arched her back and moaned.

Davita did not know why the short-haired woman had done that, but she realized that she had an urge to do that when she touched her nipple. 'It must be enjoyable to be touched like that,' she thought. Davita decided to do the same thing to herself. She took her breast in her left hand and gave it a squeeze. Davita felt a rush of good feeling and she involuntarily arched her back. She also emitted a small moan, but still was able to keep it quiet. 'That does feel good!' she thought.

The short-haired woman moved her body down on top of the short-haired woman's body and brought her mouth to the long-haired woman's right nipple. She sucked it into her mouth and the long-haired woman arched her back. 'Why is she suckling that woman's nipple? I thought only their young did that.' Even though it was an unusual sight, Davita could see from the way that the long-haired woman was moaning and arching her back that she was enjoying having her nipples suckled. The pressure inside Davita's body continued to grow and her left hand involuntarily went between her legs where her vagina was. Davita shuddered when her fingers touched the very top of her vagina. 'What was that?' she wondered. She touched the top part of her vagina again, causing another shudder from her. For reasons that Davita could not understand, it felt really good to touch the small object that was protruding from the tip of her vagina.

While the short-haired woman sucked on the long-haired woman's nipples, her right hand slipped down to the waist of the long-haired woman's pants. Her hand slipped into the front of the pants and went between the long-haired woman's legs. The long-haired woman gave out a loud moan of pleasure as Davita saw the short-haired woman's fingers moving about inside the long-haired woman's pants. 'Is that short haired woman doing what I'm doing?' Davita wondered.

"Oh, Carol," the long-haired woman moaned. "That feels so good."

'Carol must be that short-haired woman's name,' thought the fallen angel. The two blond-haired woman continued as they were for a few minutes while Davita kept touching the small object at the top end of her vagina, probably giving herself the same kind of pleasure that Carol was giving to the woman below her.

The long-haired woman continued moaning in pleasure for several minutes and then called, "Oh, Carol. I can't take it any more! I need your tongue inside me!" Carol got off of the long-haired woman's body and the long-haired woman quickly unzipped her pants and pulled them off of her legs, exposing her vagina, which Davita could tell was pink and very wet. Carol grabbed the long-haired woman's hips and put her mouth to her vagina. "Oh!" moaned the long-haired woman. She arched her back, pushing her vagina into Carol's face. "I can't believe we're actually having sex here," said the long-haired woman.

'Having sex?' Davita wondered, baffled. 'They're not having sex. I thought having sex meant a man putting his penis in a woman's vagina. All that Carol is doing is putting her tongue in that woman's vagina.' Despite Davita's confusion, the sight seemed to increase the pressure in her body and she continued rubbing her vagina even faster. Davita moaned loudly, unable to control her voice. She hoped that the two women did not hear her.

"Jenny," said Carol through the long-haired woman's vagina. "Your pussy tastes so sweet."

'Pussy?' wondered Davita. 'What's that.' Since Carol said that it tasted sweet, Davita decided to taste the wet substance that was seeming from her vagina. She put her fingers to her mouth and sucked the juices off of it. Davita felt a sigh come from her mouth as she tasted the liquid that was on her fingers. It was a pleasant taste. She felt the urge to bring her fingers back down to her vagina again so she did so and continued rubbing. Davita continued moaning in pleasure, hoping that Jenny's moans would drown out hers.

Davita saw Jenny's hips start to rock back and forth. Her hands went to her breasts and squeezed them, causing the blonde to moan even louder. "Oh, God," Jenny moaned. "That feels so good, Carol. Oh, keep going." Davita's hips were also beginning to sway as she rubbed her vagina. They were swaying not of Davita's will, almost as if someone else was controlling her movements. She felt her legs begin to feel weak. She tried to stay standing but she could not. She leaned against the boulders to keep from losing her view of the two woman on the sand. Jenny grabbed the back of Carol's head, seemingly pulling Carol's face deeper into her vagina. Jenny threw her head back and moaned loudly.

"Are you gonna come?" Carol asked through Jenny's vagina.

"Uh-huh," Jenny moaned.

'Come?' Davita wondered. 'What does she mean by that? Come where?'

Jenny's moans became steadily louder and louder as Carol continued sucking on her vagina. Jenny's moans became frequent cries of bliss and then Jenny cried out, "Oh, shit! I'm coming, Carol! I'm coming!" Jenny then gave out a long, loud cry and her body started jerking about on the sand. Davita heard something squirt from Jenny's vagina against Carol's face. Something about the sight made the pressure inside Davita's body jump several levels.

'Is that an orgasm?' Davita thought. 'That must be what an orgasm looks like.' Davita knew that when men and women had sex, they usually had something called an orgasm, which was supposed to feel really good. When the man had an orgasm, he ejaculated semen into the woman's body, which would sometimes cause the woman to become pregnant. Davita started rubbing her vagina faster and harder, causing even more good feelings to course through her body.

"That felt so good," Jenny said as her orgasm stopped.

"Then I think it's my turn to come, don't you think?" said Carol.

Davita watched as Carol lied down on her back, facing Jenny. Jenny got up on her knees and unzipped Carol's pants, pulling them off her legs. "Your pussy is really wet," Jenny said. "You must be really horny."

"That's only 'cause you're so hot." Jenny grabbed Carol's hips and brought her face to her vagina as well. It had the same effect on Carol as it did on Jenny, causing the short-haired woman to arch her back and moan in pleasure. Carol also grabbed her breasts as Jenny sucked on her vagina.

Davita felt the pressure begin to build very quickly. She could not understand why it was suddenly growing so quickly. She felt as if she was about to explode. Afraid that her body would burst, Davita stopped rubbing her vagina and the pressure stopped building.

'Does rubbing my vagina cause the pressure to build?' she wondered.

Davita continued watching as Jenny sucked on Carol's vagina. Carol pulled her nipples between her index fingers and thumbs, making herself gasp. When she let go of her nipples, they would spring back to a ground state, causing Carol's body to jump. Again, Davita's left hand involuntarily went back down to her vagina and started rubbing. Davita felt the pressure inside herself begin to build again. Just on the verge of exploding, Davita built up enough willpower to stop rubbing herself. She pressure stopped building and went down a bit, just like the last time she stopped just on the verge of exploding.

Carol's body was squirming about on the sand as Jenny continued sucking on Carol's vagina. "Oh, fuck!" Carol yelled. "Yes! Yeah, lick my pussy just like that. Don't stop. Oh, fuck yeah!" Davita started rubbing herself again, but managed to stop just before exploding. "Oh, you're gonna make me come so hard," moaned Carol.

"Mm-hm?" said Jenny between Carol's legs.

"Yeah, make me come!" Carol commanded. "Make me come all over you."

Davita tried her best to stop her hand from moving between her legs, but the urge to do so was overwhelming. She started rubbing her vagina again and the pressure again began to build. 'Why won't my fingers stop?' she wondered, again feeling ready to explode.

"Oh, yeah!" Carol cried. "I'm coming, Jenny! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Carol's hips started thrusting into Jenny's mouth spasmodically and Carol gave out a loud grunt with every thrust. Davita could hear liquid squirting against Jenny's mouth just like when Jenny had her orgasm.

Davita tried to stop rubbing her vagina but she could not. The pressure reached the peak and Davita's vision blurred. "Oh, no!" she cried. Her body started convulsing uncontrollably and she fell backward onto the sand. She gave off several loud, cut of cries as her hips thrusted high into the air. She felt her insides contracting, pushing juices out through her vagina all over her hand, releasing all of the pressure that had been building. It was like nothing Davita had ever felt before.

It seemed like eternity before Davita's body stopped jerking about on the sand. Her body finally came to rest and she lied motionless, breathing heavily. Everything had gone black and the fallen angel felt a great sense of satisfaction. She was happy that the pressure had been released through her vagina and that her body did not burst.

As Davita's senses returned to her, she realized that everything was black because her eyes were closed. She opened them and looked up to the sky. However, the look of satisfaction on her face quickly changed to a look of horror when Davita saw the two woman staring down at her! "Did you like it?" Carol asked.

Davita just stared at the women through wide eyes. She wanted to run away, but her body would not move. 'I can't move,' she thought. 'Why can't I move.'

"Stop lying there doing nothing," said Jenny. "Don't worry. We're not gonna hurt you."

Davita felt her fear diminish. She managed to speak. "You're...You're not?" Davita stammered.

Carol laughed. "What's your name, Girl?"

"Davita," said the brunette timidly.

"I'm Carol, and this is Jenny. But, you probably knew that already, didn't you?"

"Yes," Davita replied. "I heard you say each other's names."

"Did you enjoy watching us?" Jenny asked. "Be honest, Davita. Did you like what you saw?"

Davita was surprised that these women did not seem angry at her for spying on them. "Uh...yes," Davita replied. "I did like it."

"Did you come hard?" asked Carol.

'There's that word again,' Davita thought. 'Does "come" mean to orgasm?'

"Yes. I...I did."

"You look so cute when you're scared," said Carol. "Don't you think she's cute, Jenny?"

"Very," the long-haired woman replied. "Davita, you want us to do to you what we just did to each other?"

"Uh, well..." Davita stammered, not knowing what to make of Jenny's question.

"I'll take that as a yes," Carol said. The short-haired woman got down on her knees and pulled Davita up to her, kissing her on the lips. Davita was shocked by Carol's action. She still could not understand why a woman would kiss another woman. She also could not understand why it felt so good. Carol wrapped her arms around Davita's body and gave the brunette's buttocks a light squeeze. Davita let out a loud moan when Carol squeezed her buttocks. Davita again felt the pressure inside her body begin to build.

"I can see you've never had sex with a woman before," Jenny said.

Davita was slowly beginning to realize that having sex did not necessarily mean a man putting his penis into a woman's vagina. Davita began thinking that having sex simply meant stimulation of the genitals, whether it be between a man and a woman, two men, or two women. "No, this is my first time," Davita said.

"Well then," Carol said. "We'll have to teach you how to do it with another woman." Carol stood up and walked to a bag that she had seemingly brought with her to the beach. While Carol looked through the bag, Jenny went to Davita and kissed her, wrapping her arms around her. Davita involuntarily kissed Jenny back and wrapped her arms around the blonde as well. Jenny pushed her tongue against Davita's lips and Davita opened her mouth by no will of her own. When Jenny's tongue entered Davita's mouth, the brunette closed her lips and sucked on Jenny's tongue. The feeling was amazing and the pressure inside Davita's body grew even more.

"Here we are," said Carol. Jenny broke the kiss and looked at Carol. Davita looked at Carol as well and found that the short-haired woman was holding a strange object in her hand. It looked like a pair of pants but without any legs, only meant to cover the hips. Attached to the pants was an object that Davita noticed looked exactly like a man's penis! "Let's see if Davita knows how to use one of these," said Carol.

Jenny took the object from Carol and said, "Try getting into this, Davita." Davita examined the object for a moment and then realized that she was supposed to wear the thing with the penis in front so that she could have sex with a woman as if she were a man. She slipped into the pants with the penis sticking out from her crotch.

"Wow," Carol said. "That's really hot!" Carol quickly lied down on her back and spread her legs. Now that Davita was directly in front of Carol, she had a much better view of the short-haired woman's vagina. She could see that it was very wet and very pink. At the top of her vagina, she saw a small object that looked like a nipple but was in the same place that her penis would be if she were a man. The sight made the pressure in Davita's abdomen grow even more.

"Okay, Davita," Jenny said getting behind the brunette. "Just put the dildo into Carol's pussy just like this." Jenny reached around Davita's body and grabbed the shaft that was extending from her hips and guided it into Carol's vagina. "Now just move with me, okay?"

"Okay," Davita said, her voice shaking. She knew that she was feeling nervous. Jenny moved her hips forward, pressing them against Davita. Davita, following Jenny's movements, moved her hips forward as well, pushing the artificial penis into Carol's vagina. Carol let out a soft moan as the phallus disappeared into her wet folds. Jenny pulled her hips away and Davita pulled away also, the phallus coming out partially. Jenny moved her hips forward and back and Davita followed Jenny's movements, pushing the phallus in and out of Carol's vagina, eliciting more moans from Carol's mouth.

"You think you've got the hang of this?" asked Jenny.

"I think so," Davita replied. Davita kept moving her hips forward and back, pushing the penis-shaped object in and out of Carol's folds.

"Wow," moaned Carol. "That's really good, Davita. Shit. This girl really knows how to use her hips!"

"She's a real good kisser too," said Jenny. Jenny wrapped her arms around Davita's body and grabbed her breasts. Davita moaned as Jenny squeezed her breasts. Jenny pinched Davita's nipples and the brunette moaned even louder.

Jenny continued moving against Davita's body, pressing her breasts into the fallen angel's back. Davita could feel Jenny's hard nipples pressing against her flesh and it felt fantastic. The amazing sensations that Davita was feeling were enhanced by someone squeezing her buttocks. Davita moaned and looked to see that it was Carol. She seemed to be pulling Davita's hips forward with every thrust into her vagina. Davita took the hint and began thrusting the rod into Carol more forcefully, holding the blonde's hips in place as she did so. Carol moaned loudly and pinched her nipples. Judging by the wonderful sensations that Jenny was giving Davita by pinching her nipples, the brunette knew that Carol was experiencing the same sensations by stimulating her own nipples.

Davita could tell that Carol was getting close to orgasm by the volume of her vocalizations and by the way her hips were rocking against the phallus connected to Davita's hips. "Oh, yes!" Carol moaned. "Keep going, Davita. I'm so close." The short-haired woman was throwing her head from side to side and squeezing her breasts tightly. Suddenly, Carol's right hand flew from her right breast to between her legs and started rubbing the hard button at the top frantically. The woman screamed and her back arched, her body becoming rigid. "Oh, fuck!" she cried out. After several seconds of Carol's rigidity, the tension was suddenly released and her body began thrashing about violently, loud guttural cries escaping from Carol's throat. The pressure in Davita's abdomen grew at seeing Carol's orgasm.

When Carol's orgasm ended, Davita knew that she did not have to keep thrusting the artificial penis in and out of her vagina, so she simply pulled her hips back, the phallus popping out of Carol's hole. The brunette saw the rod shimmering with wetness. "You seemed to do a good job," Jenny said. "You really made Carol come hard!"

"Glad I could help," said Davita, somewhat timidly.

"Wow," carol said, sitting up. "That felt so good, Davita. How can that be your first time fucking a girl?"

"I don't know," Davita replied. "I was just acting on instinct."

'Instinct!' Davita thought. 'That's another trait that humans have that angels don't.' Davita had spoken without really thinking.

"I wonder how good she is with her tongue," said Jenny.

"I wonder how deep she can take it in her pussy," said Carol.

Davita felt that Carol wanted to try the artificial penis on her, so she took off the harness and gave it to Carol. Carol put the rod into her mouth for a moment and sucked her own juices off of it.

"Ya wanna suck my pussy while Carol fucks you with the strap-on?" asked Jenny.

"Believe me," said Carol, stepping into the harness, "you'll love it."

"Okay," Davita said. The fallen angel did enjoy the taste of her own vaginal fluids, so she thought that Jenny's would taste the same. Jenny jumped onto her back and spread her legs.

Davita, having never given oral sex before, let alone to another woman, was hesitant in putting her head between Jenny's legs. "I can tell you're nervous," said Jenny. "Don't worry. You'll do fine."

"It's like riding a bike," Carol said. "Once you learn how to eat pussy, you'll never forget."

Jenny's and Carol's words made Davita a little more confident and she brought her face right in front of Jenny's vagina, which was dripping with natural lubrication. Davita grabbed Jenny's hips like she had seen Carol do when she gave oral to Jenny. Slowly, Davita stuck out her tongue and licked the length of Jenny's slit. Jenny gave off a soft moan, letting Davita know that she liked it. Davita licked Jenny's vagina again and again, releasing more pleasurable vocalizations from Jenny.

While Davita licked away at Jenny's vagina, she felt something press against the entrance to her vagina. Davita stopped just for a moment to see what it was. She looked and saw that Carol had the end of the phallus at the entrance to her hole. Since Carol had told her that she would enjoy it, Davita simply smiled and went back to licking Jenny's vagina. Carol pushed the phallus into Davita's vagina about an inch before Davita felt a slight pain where Carol's penis was intruding. "Ouch," she said.

"Are you okay?" Jenny asked.

"Carol's artificial penis hurts a bit," Davita explained.

"It shouldn't hurt," said Carol, "unless you're still a virgin." Carol's jaw dropped and pulled the rod out of Davita's vagina. She put a finger inside and felt around. "Holy shit!" she cried. "You're hymen is still there!"

"No way!" cried Jenny.

'My hymen,' thought Davita. 'I forgot that human females have hymens. That's right, it was something that God didn't anticipate when creating the human female.'

"Davita," Carol said, "when I enter you, it's gonna hurt. You just have to bear with us. Soon, the pleasure you feel will be well worth the pain."

Davita looked at Carol, who gave her an assuring smile. Davita looked back at Jenny, who gave her an assuring smile as well. Knowing how good an orgasm felt, Davita decided to risk the pain of having her hymen broken. Again, she brought her head between Jenny's legs and licked up the long-haired woman's vaginal fluid. Again, Carol put the head of the penis into Davita's vagina. A little further and Davita felt a sharp, stabbing pain inside her vagina. She cried in pain, but tried to concentrate on licking Jenny's vagina. Carol moved the phallus in and out of Davita's hole, the brunette groaning in pain as her vagina was entered for the first time.

"You're doing just fine, Davita," said Carol. "Just try not to think about it."

"Okay," Davita said, her voice shaking. She went back to licking Jenny's slit, trying to focus on the taste of Jenny's juices. They were different than her own, but the taste was just as pleasant.

As Carol continued thrusting the phallus in and out of Davita's vagina, the pain began to subside a bit, and the pleasure that she was feeling inside her body became more noticeable. Davita moaned this time in pleasure instead of in pain. "That's it, Davita," said Jenny. "It's beginning to feel good, isn't it?"

"Mm-hm," Davita moaned into Jenny's vagina.

The brunette then decided to stop licking Jenny's vagina and start sucking on it instead. She wrapped her lips around the pink slit between Jenny's legs and sucked the labia into her mouth. Jenny moaned in pleasure and threw her head back. "Oh, yeah," Jenny moaned. "That feels so good, Davita."

Davita felt Carol's hands grab her hips and felt the artificial penis pound harder into her. Davita moaned and cried in pleasure and pain, feeling the pressure inside her body start growing again. The feeling made her want to go down harder on Jenny's vagina so she sucked and licked her slit more fervently. Jenny moaned more and started squeezing her breasts. Jenny's vagina spewed forth more juices for Davita to lap up and she did the best she could to capture every drop. Davita enjoyed the taste of Jenny's natural lubrication, causing the pressure to grow even more.

Davita felt her hips rocking in time to Carol's thrusts, not of her own free will. They were rocking completely on their own.

'This must be another effect of human instinct,' the brunette thought.

"Shit," said Jenny. "Lick my clit, Davita. Lick my clit."

Davita had never heard the term "clit" before, but she was familiar with the clitoris. The two terms sounded similar, so she thought that Jenny must have meant her clitoris. Davita removed her mouth from the blond-haired woman's hole and started licking the nubbin at the top of her vagina. Jenny moaned loudly and pulled Davita's head deeper into her clitoris. Jenny was thrusting her hips into Davita's face, and the brunette knew that Jenny was getting close to orgasm, just like she was. Keeping her left hand on Jenny's right hip, Davita brought her right hand to Jenny's entrance and slipped her index and middle fingers into Jenny's vagina. Jenny moaned in pleasure as Davita entered her. Davita moved her fingers in and out of Jenny's slippery hole, doing to Jenny what Carol was doing to her with the phallus that she was wearing.

"God, that feels good," said Jenny. "Fuck me! Keep going! Oh, yes."

By that time, most of the pain had left Davita's vagina and all she felt was the intense pleasure that she was receiving. She was moaning and writhing in pleasure as she fucked Jenny and was fucked by Carol. The pressure inside her body was beginning to reach its peak and she knew that she was getting close. "You like getting your pussy fucked like that?" Carol said.

"Mm-hm," Davita cried.

The brunette wrapped her lips around Jenny's clit and sucked on it hard. "Holy shit!" Jenny cried. "Fuck! I can't believe how good you are! Oh!" Davita heard Jenny's cries become very loud and frequent and could tell that she was on the edge of orgasm. Jenny gripped Davita's hair and cried out, "Oh, yes! I'm coming!" Jenny gave out a long, loud cry and her body began spasming as her orgasm hit. Davita could feel Jenny's vaginal walls clamping down on her fingers and she came, a flood of juices spewing from her opening, filling Davita's mouth with her sweet fluid.

The taste and sheer amount of juices that Jenny's pussy squirted into her mouth was too much for Davita to handle and her left hand flew straight down to her clitoris, rubbing it as hard as she could. Davita was overcome with an orgasm even more powerful than her first. She screamed in ecstasy as her entire body was racked with violent convulsions. She felt liquid pounding down onto her hand from her own vagina and it felt as if every organ in her body was contracting along with her vaginal muscles. Davita kept screaming and her body kept shaking until she was completely spent and she collapsed onto the ground, panting and shivering after her powerful orgasm.

Then Davita felt another strange sensation. It felt as if her mind was leaving her body. Time and space lost all meaning and everything went black. The next thing that Davita knew, she was sitting in something soft but firm. She felt something around her body, keeping her from bouncing around from the vibrations of the object she was sitting in. She opened her eyes and found that she was in an enclosed space made of plastic and metal, except for the front, back, and sides, which were made of glass. She was closer to the back and in front of her were two other seats similar to the one she was in. In the right front seat was Jenny and in the left front seat was Carol. Carol had her hands on a circular object that was extending from the front of the enclosed object that they were in.

"Oh good," Jenny said at seeing Davita. "You're awake."

'I must have fallen asleep,' thought Davita.

"That was one powerful orgasm," Carol said. "You passed out cold. I remember I passed out too after my first G-spot orgasm."

"G-spot orgasm?" Davita asked in a weak, barely audible voice.

"Women have this spot in the front wall of their vagina called the G-spot," Jenny explained. "Carol hit that spot with the strap-on while she fucked you, and it caused you to come more powerfully than just rubbing your clit."

'The G-spot,' thought the brunette. Davita remembered in the creation of humans that God decided to give male and female humans basically the same organs, which simply developed differently during growth in their mothers' wombs. She remembered that both men and women have nipples and that the male penis is equivalent to the female clitoris. She also remembered that there was a gland near the urethra which was called the prostate gland in men.

'The G-spot must be the female equivalent of the prostate gland,' she thought.

As Davita came back to her senses, she looked out the glass window closest to her and realized that the object that they were in was moving at an incredible speed. "We're in a car," she realized.

"That's right," Carol said. "We're on our way to a city called San Francisco. Have you heard of it?"

"Yes, I think so," Davita replied. "I don't remember where though."

"Well, you're gonna like it there," said Jenny. "Most of the people don't care about gays and lesbians. They're pretty accepting."

Davita wanted to ask what gays and lesbians were, but she was still tired after her orgasms. She also figured that she would find out sooner or later. She simply looked out the window toward the setting sun and said, "Thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful gift."


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