Bloodline -- Part I


This is my first submission and I would appreciate any and all constructive comments. I love reading erotic stories but I rarely ever come across any that feature a Black Vampiress.  This story bears no reference to anyone save my girlfriend and she is very pleased to be the subject of my story. If I get enough positive feedback I will be more than happy to submit the second installation.  This is an original work and the product of my wicked little mind and the things that happen in my bedroom soooo Enjoy!!!




I had the strangest dream about you the other night.  I'm trying to remember if perhaps I watched a vampire movie just before falling asleep or something similarly suggestive, but that wasn't the case.  Well, anyway, deep within the recesses of Dreamland I was standing at the steps of my pool, enjoying a humid, cloudy Texas evening all alone, pondering strange things like heredity and genealogy as I admired my reflection in the pool.  I stand 5'7" with an interesting blend of African American and Navaho Indian features, deep dark brown eyes, my hair in lengthy black and bronze braids and a body descendant of my enslaved ancestors, athletic without appearing masculine.  I was feeling particularly youthful for my nearly 29 years as I slipped into the cool, but comfy water.  You know, it's strange the thoughts that run through your mind when you're floating weightlessly in beautiful blue water.  I found it mildly amusing the way my 38DDD breasts kept me afloat and how my bottom resembled a peach dipped in the creamiest of chocolates, escaping from my bikini bottoms on both sides.  I figured since no one was watching it would be fun to do a dead man's float without someone panicking and jumping in to save me, but as I was allowing my body to fall limp I felt a noticeable disturbance...someone was in the water with me.


My feet touched the bottom of the pool and I whirled around to see who would dare join me without so much as a spoken word.  There was no one there, to my relief, so I turned around to swim to the deep end, when you appeared before me.  Odd considering you weren't there before.  I mean beautiful women don't just pop out of thin air, but being beautiful damn sure doesn't give someone the right to just slip into my pool either.  "Hello" I said, "Who might you be?" but you only looked at me as though I had said nothing at all.


You were rather breathtaking. You seemed to be at 5'9" or at the very least significantly taller than myself and bore an eerie resemblance to myself, brown skin, high cheekbones, full lips with a perfect bow, long, jet black hair...but your eyes, your eyes were an unnatural violet and seemed to glow.  I had to chuckle to myself because for a moment there I thought you might have been a witch, but everyone knows there is no such thing as a witch and contacts come in every color under the sun. 


Suddenly, the clouds which had been looming overhead cleared and the moon shown with a brightness that was all too surreal. I looked at you again with more curiosity than anger this time, but you still did not speak, instead you smiled oh so sweetly at which time I realized your teeth seemed, well, a bit longer and sharper than the norm, but even that isn't unheard of, they looked like the fangs I used to wear for Halloween.


Finally you spoke, but the voice did not come from you, it came from all sides as though carried by the wind; "Monicaaaaaahhhh", is what it whispered and then it hit me all at once.  What if the teeth aren't fake and and and how you can communicate by means of the wind???!!  Run damnit!!  I backed away as quickly as I could and attempted to swim for all I was worth.  I looked back to see you were as calm as ever, moving slowly, almost gliding in a most non-threatening manner.  I felt like I was in a Friday the 13th movie.  I was hauling ass, but going absolutely nowhere.  All I had to do was make it to the steps and I was home free.


I blinked and you were in front of me again and I wanted to yell, tried to yell, but no sound would come.  You extended your hand, nails were at least an inch in length and deep purple in color, wrapped your hand around my neck and the other around my waist, pulled me to you without effort.  My bathing suit melted away as though it were made of dust and shadow.  I wanted and needed to panic, but your eyes were so mesmerizing.  I could only hold on to you as you continued to slide through the water.  The wind still whispering "Monicaaaahhh" in my ears.


The gentle bump of my back against the side of the pool broke me from my reverie. The gravity of the situation came rushing back and I began struggling, pushing and yet you held me as though I were a child throwing a tantrum and smiled gently.  I'm unsure what got my attention first, your fangs, which seemed to gleam menacingly and appeared longer than before or what felt like a male appendage between your legs.


Curiosity and panic became the order of the night as I squirmed furiously and in doing so realized the thing between your legs was indeed some sort of attachment resembling a very large penis.  Your grip tightened around my neck and those beautifully captivating violet eyes caught my attention again.  Leaning in you whispered, "This may hurt a little".  I was so entranced by your voice; I failed to notice you wrapping my legs around your waist.  The pressure on my back became increasingly uncomfortable as you pushed against me, but that was the least of my worries...



To be continued...




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