By Erik Maskot

Devil's Mountain. Just the name should scare me off from getting up there. Why it got its name should make me stay home too. But it made me just curious. Nobody has ever returned from the mountain. There's always a cloud around the top, and people said nobody has ever seen the top. The steep walls are always wet and too slippery to climb. They also said the mountain's magnetic. Airplanes avoid flying over it, and an attempt going up there by helicopter ended in disaster. Remains of the helicopter are still stuck to the mountain wall.

There were many myths about Devil's Mountain. One said that there's a big valley up there, and there were still dinosaurs living there. The religious people avoided looking up at it, or talking about it, because they believed the devil himself was living there. All the stories were fantastic and would be perfect for new episodes of X-Files. Anyway, they were without foundation in anything that I believed in. So, in spite of all the warnings, I decided to make an attempt to go up there.

I was still young of age, only 23. I was athletic. I'd been mountain climbing since I was 15. This probably made me sound like I was a guy. Well, I'm not, but my childhood I'd been playing with boys all the time, so most likely I acted like one. Some of my friends called me Lara Croft, probably not without a reason.

I believed there had to be a way up somewhere, even if I had to search around the entire mountain. That would take weeks. I was prepared. In my Jeep Cherokee I had rented, I had food to last me at least a couple of weeks, and I had a gun, so I could hunt for more.

I headed towards the mountain one Saturday morning in April. It was a great day. The only cloud in the sky was the one hanging over Devil's Mountain. I took the only road that was leading up to the mountain, and followed it till it abruptly ended. I noticed that the instruments on the dash board acted weird. Even when I stopped, the speedometer told me I was driving 50. A weird sound and the engine quit. It wouldn't start again. So the people in town were right about the magnetism. I got out, picked up my stuff, and started heading for the mountain. Extra supplies were still in the car, so I didn't need to worry about starving. When I started walking I noticed several other car wrecks, some of them must have been there for decades.

Walking the mile up to the foot of the mountain, I noticed there weren't any animals around any longer. Driving through the woods I had seen several deer, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep and pronghorns. I even had to stop for a bear. Now I didn't even see birds anymore, no eagles flying high up in the sky. I looked at my watch to see what time it was, but I should have known. It didn't work. I took it off and tossed it towards the mountain to see what happened. It looked weird. The closer to the mountain it flew, the higher the speed, and suddenly it stuck to the wall. I was gonna walk over to it, and see if I could pull it off, but when I felt my gun and backpack pulling me towards the mountain I changed my mind. I had to get rid of everything on me that was magnetic, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get close to the mountain.

I was lucky, at least my tent poles and pegs were aluminum, so they wouldn't cause me any trouble. I had to leave my canned foods at least a hundred yards from the mountain, otherwise they started rolling up the hill. My gun was the biggest problem. I either had to hold it tight, or tie it to a tree. I realized I had to go without my climbing equipment as well, except for the ropes. Some of the rope I needed right away, because my big belt buckle was causing me trouble when I got too close to the mountain.

I started walking along the mountain, trying to find somewhere to start. I couldn't see the top, as it was enveloped with clouds. I kept walking till it was too dark to see, so I put up my tent. I started thinking there was one good thing about the magnetic mountain. Not only did the dangerous animals stay away, the bugs did too.

Not until the forth day did I find a place that was not too steep to climb, at least not down where I was standing. I was in a dilemma. I had food enough for a couple more days with me. Should I make an attempt and climb, or should I go back for more food. I decided I wanted to check out the mountain first. The sun was still high up in the sky, so I started climbing right after I had taken a rest and had some food.

The first hundred yards or so were hard to climb when you had no equipment, and without my climbing experience I don't think I would have made it. But I finally made it onto a shelf, big enough for me to sleep on, because it had taken me so long to get up there that the sun was setting. This was no problem for me, as I'd done this before.

As soon as the sun rose again I was ready to move on. I noticed there was a narrow path along the mountainside that I stared following. For the first time in my life I was really scared. With no equipment to help me with, and I had to leave my backpack on the shelf as well, I was moving slowly along the mountainside, a hundred yards above the ground. For once I was happy there were no big birds to chase me. After a couple of hundred feet I could breath more easily again, as I got into a narrow ravine.

As I continued, the ravine got more narrow. At one point I could hardly squeeze through, but I could see it was wider on the other side, so I figured it was worth the attempt. Soon I was on another path, just as narrow as the other one. Pretty soon the path got wet, and was slippery. I had to stop, make myself calm down, because I was shaking. I had never been this scared before.

The reason for the wetness was a waterfall a few feet away from me. I had two choices: Either give up and go back, or continue through the waterfall. I was not a quitter, and it had taken me too much effort to get up this far, so it made my choice easy. I had to step carefully, so I didn't slip. Water hit me like a shower. I was soaked within seconds. I noticed that I had more room under the waterfall. Actually I found out there was a cave there. As it turned out there was no path on the other side of the waterfall, I had to walk into the cave. Maybe it was leading to an easier way to the top.

The cave was long, and looked like more like a tunnel. I luckily still had my flashlight. I had chosen one that was made of plastic, because it was lighter. I must have been walking for hours. The tunnel never seemed to end. I started getting hungry, but my food was too far behind. I had to continue. The words from the people in town sounded in my head: "Nobody has ever returned." No, I couldn't go back. For the first time in my life I had doubts about what I was doing. What if the tunnel continued for hundreds of miles, like the caves in the Black Hills? What if there was nothing ahead of me? What if all I found was the bones from the others who had never returned? Would I be able to go back the same way? I was all shaky now. I was hungry. Sweat was running down my forehead, and it was not the heat. I was scared. Most likely it was dark outside now. The flashlight soon died, and I hadn't brought any extra batteries. They were in my backpack.

As I felt like a nervous wreck, waiting to step into a hole and being crushed against rocks at the bottom hundreds of feet below me, I suddenly felt fresh air blowing in my face. I looked up and saw stars. I was outside! I was about to make a step forward, but suddenly remembered that there could have been a precipice in front of me. It was completely dark, and I couldn't see a thing. I was starving, but could do nothing but wait for the sunrise.

Lying on the cave floor, the first thing I noticed was hat there were nothing but clouds above me. So how could I have seen stars just a few hours before? Everything around me looked so weird. This was not the same side of the mountain that I'd been climbing the day before. Have I come to the other side? I still couldn't see the top of the mountain, but when I stood up, a big valley revealed itself in front of me. I had seen nothing like it before. It seemed so green, so full of trees. There was a big river at the bottom of the valley. I was thirsty and needed to get down somehow.

Right next to the cave there was another path. It looked almost like it was manmade, but couldn't tell for sure. It was easy to walk the two miles or so to get to the bottom. Reaching the river I went down on my knees, and took a sip of the water. It was so clear and fresh. The best water I had ever tasted. As soon as I'd finished I started looking around. It seemed like corn was growing wild here, and there were fruit trees of all kinds. The air was warm and humid. Warm rain started pouring down. I didn't care. I was hungry, and picked some of the tropical fruits. I thought this was weird. The climate was nothing like on the other side. Everything in the valley seemed tropical. I even noticed palm trees with coconuts along the river. I hoped the myths about this place weren't true, especially not the one with dinosaurs still living here. But how would they've gotten here in the first place anyway? The outside walls were 2000 feet high and steep. No human being had been able to climb them, so how could a dinosaur has done it.

When I had eaten and gotten my strength back, I decided to follow the river a few miles. I felt like I was in paradise. Then I stopped. I had come to a lake. On the other side I saw something that reminded me of a Mayan city. Temples and pyramids. What was this? A lost civilization? Were there still people there? I had to be careful. I had never seen anything this beautiful before. They were not ruins. Could it be possible? An ancient civilization that was still alive? Was this the Eldorado from the legends? There seemed to be so much gold. Looking into the river, there was no doubt. I put my hand in the water and grabbed a handful of sand, and sure enough, this place was full of gold. For a moment I thought I was rich. I could bring as much with me back as I could carry, and keep coming back for more. Then I thought, there had to be people here. Were they friendly? They surely couldn't be cannibals at least, because where would they get their victims from? I didn't see any animals here either, so with some luck they were vegetarians. And vegetarians had to be friendly, or...? So many thoughts were going through my head. So far I haven't seen any guards, but would a society this sheltered need guards anyway? I came to the conclusion, if there were people here they had to be friendly, because there were nobody to war against.

I hid in the bushes, and started slowly moving around the lake and towards the city. All of a sudden I heard voices, female voices. I slowly stepped forward in the direction I had heard the voices. I was so amazed I couldn't describe it with words. The two most beautiful women appeared in front of me. They were both naked, standing in the water, and they were kissing each other. They turned me on, but I stayed hidden in the bushes.

They both had tanned skin and dark, almost black, curly long hair. Their hands were caressing each other. They had no tan lines, so I figured they never wore anything to cover themselves. Why should they, they probably all knew each other in such a small society, and they never had any visitors from the outside. Their figures were nice. They had to live healthy lives. Made sense, as they seemed to live on vegetables and fruit, and maybe there was fish in the lake or the river. They both had firm, perky breasts that were big enough to make most boys drool, their cunts were neatly shaven, smooth and bare. They giggled. One of them seeing the glistening juices on the cunt of the other one, she stuck a finger into that dripping hole, pumping it in and out a few times with a soft moan, before she pulled it out, licking it off.

I felt my pink nipples getting harder, making small tents in the fabric of my tight military green t-shirt. This made me realize, if I was going to make contact with these people, I probably would need to take my clothes off as well, otherwise they would look at me suspiciously and run away. Very slowly, without making a noise, I removed my t-shirt. I also had a tan, but my tits were white as snow. I was about to laugh, but remembered I was not alone, so I had to be quiet.

The two girls in the water were massaging each others' tits in the palms of their hands.

I slowly opened my pants, pulled my boots and socks off, and then the pants. At last my thong followed. Again there was that cream white triangle around my shaved cunt, and white ass. I had never suntanned without my bikini before. Now I regretted that.

The two tongued each other rapidly, their hands wandering over each others' bodies, their bodies rubbing against each other, their nipples pressing against each other. One of them pulled away slowly, moving till her cunt was over the other girl's face, her voice coming out as a soft growl. She pushed her hips against the other one's face more firmly. The other one let a tongue snake out slowly and timidly look at the tight, wet hole in front of her.

A shiver went through my body, and I tried to kill a moan, as I was moving my fingers down, spread my lips, and let my index finger rub over my clit. My other hand was caressing my nipples. I thought I wouldn't be able to last long watching the two.

The one girl started drilling in and out with a more firm and confident action. Words were coming out of the other one as she whimpered and moaned. She whimpered loudly, feeling her body tremble as she got ever closer to her needed orgasm.

I was shoving three fingers deep inside my own cunt, like I could feel the other girl's orgasm coming. My walls were closing around my fingers tightly. The orgasm rocked my body at the same time as the girl just fifty feet in front of me. I had a hard time trying to keep my sounds low, but the two were so noisy themselves, that they very unlikely would have heard me.

The roles were now switched in front of me, and pretty soon the girl who had just had an orgasm, was darting her tongue deeply into the other one. She was moaning loudly. Her orgasm was nearing. Her legs were spread wide, muscles tensed. She grabbed the other one's head, and bucked her hips wildly as her orgasm ripped through her body. She screamed inward as the waves of pleasure coursed through her pussy. The waves pleasure finally subsided. The two of them shared a passionate kiss, before they walked back in the direction of the city.

I wondered what I should do to make contact. Should I follow and catch up with the two .No, I would probably scare them off. Somehow I should walk into the city, naked and unarmed, let them all see me. Make them feel I was no threat. So I followed them at a distance. Still I was hiding. Maybe that was a bad idea. Maybe I should let them see me coming instead of sneaking in on them, so I didn't surprise them.

But before I reached the city it was getting dark. I decided to get some sleep, and wait till the next morning before I made my entrance.

It took a long time before I fell asleep. I could see lights from bonfires in the city. I could hear music, beautiful music, relaxing music that finally made me fall asleep.

The rain woke me up. It suddenly started pouring down, like a waterfall. I was soaking wet, but it felt good, because it was hot in the valley. The rain was pretty warm. Slowly I started walked towards the city. I didn't see anybody out yet. It was pretty early in the morning, and the inhabitants were probably sleeping still. I wouldn't blame them. They were up pretty late last night.

Then, all of a sudden, I almost walked right into a young woman who were picking corn in a corn field. I didn't see her, and suddenly I was standing just two feet away from her. She seemed to be shocked, too. Didn't know what to do. We were both just staring.

There was something about her that made me unable to move, unable to keep my eyes off her. Her breasts heaved, rose with every movement of her arms. Everything she did was so incredibly sensual.

Being naked probably made me seem less dangerous. She spoke to me in a language I didn't understand, but her voice was so soft. My nipples hardened when she spoke. My thighs moistened from the dripping fluids when she came close to me. I wanted her so badly.

Her hand touched my shoulder and I shivered. Her breath blowing against my neck and I sighed. She took my ear between her teeth and I almost fell to the ground. Her hands moved to my thighs, and I was feeling a wave of arousal running through my body. Her nipples were incredibly hard. I wanted her so bad.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to her lips. I moaned as she French kissed me. At the same time she was caressing my breasts. She was moving like in an erotic lesbian dance, and she started rubbing her pussy against mine.

Then she started kissing her way down my body. Her tongue flicked out here and there, forming wet circles and lines, causing me to shiver. She hovered over my already moist pussy and I whispered, "Please."

She probably didn't understand the word, but she looked up at me and smiled. This was just as seductive as anything else she did. "Please," I whispered once more and she lowered her head. Her long black hair covered my belly, and I couldn't see, but I certainly could feel.

Her tongue moved slowly at first, along my lips, my thighs, before she slid it inside, licking up and down my wetness. She teased my clit ever so slowly and I thought I was going to explode right there. She slid her tongue down a little more and suddenly I screamed. "My gods! Yes! Yes!" Her tongue dived inside me and I wanted to see, but her hair was in the way. Her tongue was going in and out of my throbbing pussy, in and out, in and out. I lay back on the ground, grabbing at my hair, my breasts, my body reeling. Magic, pure raw power washed over me and my orgasm hit. It was so good. I was breathing hard. I wish it could last forever.

Instantly she's on top of me, her pussy in my face. I dived into her shaved pussy. She tasted so amazing, I couldn't believe it. I came out of her for a second, licking along her lips, turning my head to lick her thighs. Every inch of her tasted ambrosia. I nibbled slightly on her thighs, then dived back in, thrusting my tongue in and out of her. Her moans and shivers made me sure she was enjoying it as much as I did. My tongue delved farther into her cunt until it was as far as it could go. I felt her orgasm coming. Her muscles clenched around my tongue, her body tightened, and seconds later she exploded into my mouth.

That's when I noticed all the other girls around us. They must have heard our screaming. They all smiled, and I knew I would be staying in the valley for the rest of my life. There was no way they would let me escape through the only way out of the valley, and tell the world about my discoveries. But on the other hand, I'm not even sure if I wanted to. I had found paradise. Another mountain climber would be reported missing in the outside world. Another one did not return from the Devil's Mountain.