For this story, I drew upon many elements from Lord of the Rings. This story is, however, not based upon Lord of the Rings. It is in my own universe, not J.R.R. Tolkien's universe.

Dreams of Siyenna, Volume 1


Introduction: Humans and Elves

For the most part, humans and elves are exactly the same. However, there are minor differences. Probably the most obvious difference is the ears. Humans have small, round ears where elves have long, pointed ears. A less noticeable, but clearly visible difference is that elves tend to be healthier than humans. Most elves are tall, well-figured, and rarely overweight.

The hairstyles and clothing of humans and elves are also different. Humans, especially males, like to wear their hair short. Human clothing is also small, used for individual garments like shirts and pants, woven from cotton, wool, or synthetic fabric. Elves, on the other hand, like to wear their hair very long, sometimes down to their waists, even the males. Elves also like to wear long, flowing robes, woven mainly from silk or lace.

The life span of an elf is also much longer than that of a human. The average elfin life span is about ten times that of the average human life span. This means that a 100-year-old elf would appear to be only ten. However, there are drawbacks to this extremely long life span. One is that the average elfin pregnancy lasts seven-and-a-half years instead of the human nine months. The second negative result is that elves tend not to form close relationships with humans to protect themselves from being hurt when their humans friends die long before they do. If the humans and elves had become friends, generations of war over land may have been prevented.

Also, humans and elves have very different ways of reaching their goals. Where humans use technology, elves use magic. Elves can use their magic to heal the wounded, and it gives them limited control over the elements.

Elves also tend to be more compassionate than humans. The relationships that elves form with each other and their environment is usually extremely strong. Throughout their lives, humans may have multiple sexual partners. Elves, however, despite their long life span, rarely have more than one partner.

One final difference between humans and elves is sexual physiology. When aroused, humans release an odor that most would consider musky. Elves, on the other hand, release an odor that most would consider sweet, like strawberries or honey. Also, the humans orgasm is a spasmodic reaction consisting of several muscle contractions, whereas the elfin orgasm is more streaming and much less spasmodic. Finally, where it is rare for a human female to ejaculate during orgasm, it is just as rare for an elfin female not to ejaculate during orgasm.

That about wraps up the differences between humans and elves. Please enjoy the story.


Chapter 1: Post-War Celebration

It was the end of one of the many territorial wars between the humans and elves. The elves had successfully defeated the humans and had kept the land that they had. A post-war celebration was to be hosted by King Sentra at the mountain city of Fendir, capital of the Lothorn Region.

Two of the guests at the celebration were Eledrel, king of the Selleon Region, and his daughter, Endralin. Endralin was 128 at the time, giving her the appearance of a thirteen-year-old. Many of the residents of the Selleon Region had blond hair and blue eyes. It was Endralin's first time at a victory celebration, and she was happy to see so much jollity around her.

"Endralin," a male voice called out from the crowd.

"Father?" Endralin called back. "Where are you?"

Eledrel walked out from the crowd, along with King Sentra. The people of the Lothorn Region usually had dark hair and brown eyes. "Endralin," said the 324-year-old Eledrel, "I would like you to meet someone very important. This is Sentra, king of the Lothorn Region." Sentra nodded to Endralin.

"It is an honor to meet you, Sir," Endralin said with a curtsy.

"Your father has told me so much about you," Sentra said. "When he told me that he had a daughter of 128, I thought that I should tell him that I have a daughter of my own who is close to your age."

"Really?" Endralin said.

"I thought that you might like to meet her." Sentra then turned to the crowd. "Siyenna?" he called out.

A young elfin girl, about the age 120, found her way through the crowd to her father. "Yes, Father?" she asked.

"I would like you to meet two of my friends. This is Eledrel, King of the Selleon Region."

"Pleasure to meet you, Sir," Siyenna said to Eledrel with a curtsy.

Sentra continued, "And this is his daughter, Endralin." The two elfin princesses curtsied to each other. "Maybe you two would like to get to know each other?"

"That would be nice," said Endralin. "What about you, Siyenna?"

"Yes, that would be nice."

The elfin rulers went off talking while the princesses talked as well. Endralin and Siyenna became friends quickly. Within the five-day period that the celebration lasted, the two young elves were inseparable.


Chapter 2: The Battle of Fendir

Endralin woke up in her bed at her father's palace. The princess was now 173, appearing about seventeen years old. The young elf got out of bed and walked to her window, overlooking the Selleon Valley. The valley was darkened by overcast and vision was diminished due to a layer of fog. A cold wind blew into the room, causing Endralin's nipples to harden. The princess shivered. She went to her dresser and draped herself in a light blue silk robe.

The elfin princess walked down the stairs and into the main hall. As she walked out the door, she saw the 369-year-old Eledrel in the courtyard, looking up at the dark sky. "Hello, Father," Endralin said.

"Good morning, Endralin," said the elfin king.

"What's wrong?" Endralin asked.

"The sky is darkened. The valley is obscured. Unclear and doubtful times are ahead."

"What can you sense?"

"I've seen these skies before. The weather is always like this when war is about to start."

"Do you believe that the humans are going to strike again soon?"

"Eledrel," a voice said in the elfin king's mind.

"Sentra," Eledrel said. "What is it?"

"The humans have invaded the Lothorn Region. They are scaling the Talura Mountains toward Fendir."

"I will relay the message and then gather the Selleon Army. Don't worry, my friend. I won't let you down." Eledrel turned to his daughter. "I was right. War has started."

"What are we going to do?" a worried Endralin asked her father.

"I must relay the message to King Linos." Eledrel searched for the mind of the ruler of the Trenta Region. "Linos," he said.

"Eledrel," the elfin leader said in Eledrel's mind.

"The Lothorn Region is under attack. You must gather your army and aid us at the city of Fendir."

"Yes, Eledrel. I will do so."

"What can I do to help?" Endralin asked her father.

"You can stay at the palace and wait for my return."

"Father, I want to fight."

"Endralin, you must stay in Viendra where it is safe."

"I've been taking lessons from the village elder for seventy-two years. I can help."

"Endralin, as your father and as your king, I order you to stay at the palace until my return!"

Eledrel's loud orders always made Endralin quiet. "Yes, Father," she said timidly.

"I'm sorry, Endralin," the elfin king said, holding his daughter in his arms. "I just want you to be safe. I would never forgive myself if I were to let you die in battle. I love you and I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I love you too, Father."

Eledrel smiled. "I will come back alive, Endralin. I promise you that."

Eledrel made his way to the stable and hopped onto his fastest horse. Endralin watched as her father rode off to get the Selleon Army. "Be careful, Father," Endralin said. "Be careful."

Ristell, the 625-year-old nurse and maid of Eledrel's palace exited and stood beside the elfin princess. "So war has started," she said.

"Yes," Endralin replied. "Do you think that Father will return?"

"What does your heart tell you?"

"He promised he would return. That has to count for something."

"Your father is a strong fighter, and a powerful leader. For as long as I've known him, your father has been taking lessons from the village elder, and he has developed a keen intuition. If he says he will return, the chances of it being so double."

"I hope you're right, Ristell. I hope you're right."

"Come inside, Endralin. It's cold out here." Endralin followed the aged elf back into the palace.

The elfin princess could hardly sleep that night. Her thoughts dwelt on her father and the people of Lothorn. She also thought about Siyenna, her childhood friend. Endralin hoped that the dark-haired princess would not be hurt in the war.

When Endralin awoke in the morning, she looked out the window and saw the sun rising over the distant Talura Mountains. It rose as a red orb, bathing the Selleon Valley in a crimson color. A battle had been fought and blood was spilled. Endralin had the feeling that something terrible was about to happen. She felt that if she did not ride for Fendir and protect Lothorn, the humans would take control of the region and slaughter the elves there, including her father. After having a short breakfast of fruits and berries, Endralin hastily made her way to the stable. She got on the second fastest-horse and rode off toward the Lothorn Region.

Meanwhile, the humans were slowly making their way toward the capital city of Fendir. They had created something called the Hell's Breath, a catapult that could throw burning boulders that could not be put out by water. The elves had to use their limited power over the elements to put out the flames, causing their attention to be divided. This is what caused the humans to draw closer to victory.

Endralin reached the base of the Talura Mountains at nightfall. The elfin princess was frightened of the steep path that led up the mountains and into Lothorn. She got off of the horse and told it to go back home. The horse galloped off back to Viendra as Endralin slowly made her way up the mountain, careful not to loose her balance and fall off the rock-face. A body fell down the mountain and landed at Endralin's feet. It was the body of an elfin soldier, who had apparently been knocked off by the human soldiers. Endralin took the armor off of the elfin soldier and put herself in it for protection against any humans that would try to attack her with a sword or bow-and-arrow.

An hour later, Endralin was half-way up the mountain. Suddenly. A sharp, stabbing pain threw itself into Endralin's heart. She clutched her chest and fell to the ground, almost falling off the mountainside. As the pain resolved, the elfin princess stood up and continued making her way toward Fendir. She knew that something terrible had just happened.

Meanwhile, a fierce battle raged. The humans had reached the walls of Fendir and were attacking the city with their Hell's Breath catapults. They had soon broken through the first wall and were moving on to the second. The elves slowed the humans down a great deal, but the enemy continued inching toward the city.

Another hour and Endralin finally got to the top of the mountain. As the elfin princess looked up the ridge, she could see the city of Fendir under attack by the humans. Now with a straight path in front of her, Endralin charged toward Fendir at top speed. Behind the attacking humans, Endralin had the element of surprise. She jumped one of the humans, ripped the sword from his hands, and started attacking the humans with it. When it was necessary, Endralin used her elfin powers to blow the humans away with wind and rain. However, the humans soon surrounded her. Desperate, Endralin went to her last resort and started summoning up all of the strength that she could.

The humans broke through the second wall of Fendir. One more wall broken down and they would have full access to the city. When the elfin soldiers had almost lost all hope, the rain suddenly picked up and started pouring down on the humans. The humans were distracted by the sudden downpour, allowing the elves to retaliate. "What is happening?" Eledrel said to Sentra, who was fighting beside him.

"I don't know," Sentra replied. "But I think I know how to use this rain to our advantage."


"We gather together, summon enough energy to cause lightning, and use it to strike the humans."

"Using the rain as a conductor."

The two elfin rulers started gathering their energy. When they could summon no more, they released it down upon the humans in a bolt of lightning. The humans soaked with polished metal armor, they were defenseless against the electric bolt sent from the sky. The shock spread through the human soldiers, killing and wounding hundreds in seconds. Dismayed and confused, the humans ordered a retreat.

As the humans made their way down the ridge, the elfin soldiers and the residents of Fendir all went up in cheers. Eledrel and Sentra were, however, still confused. "What could have caused the rain to suddenly pick up like that?" Endralin said.

"There is only one solution that I can think of," said Sentra. "An elf must have used his powers to rain down upon the humans."

"But all of the elves were using their powers to put out the flames from the Hell's Breath. Who could have enough power to use all of that rain?"

"Father," a weak voice said in Eledrel's mind.

"Endralin!" Eledrel suddenly realized. He looked in the direction that the humans had retreated toward and saw a body lying motionless on the ridge. Eledrel and Sentra ran to the body to find an unconscious Endralin under the armor.

Endralin woke up in the infirmary at Fendir. As her eyes opened, she saw Eledrel looking upon her. "Endralin!" Her father cried in relief.

"Father," Endralin said. "Where am I?"

"You are in the infirmary and Fendir," a voice said next to the bed that Endralin was resting upon. The princess looked to the side to see the village elder of Fendir. "You overused your powers and were drained of your mystical energies. However, I used my powers to heal you."

"Endralin, what were you thinking?" Eledrel scolded his daughter.

"I had to do something," Endralin said. "I could not just sit around and do nothing while you were killed protecting Lothorn. I knew in my heart that Fendir would fall if I did nothing to help. And now, if I am indeed at the infirmary of Fendir, that means that the battle was won and Lothorn is safe."

Her father stared at Endralin for a moment. "You disobeyed me, Endralin. But, you are right. You did save Fendir from the humans. Apparently, your lessons from the village elder of Viendra were going along faster than I knew. I am proud of you, Endralin."

Endralin smiled. "Father," she asked, "where is King Sentra?"

Sentra sat in his chair in the main hall of his palace, lost in his own thoughts. The king was snapped back to reality by the sound of the door to the main hall opening. He looked to see Eledrel and Endralin enter. "Sentra," Eledrel said to his friend, "the battle is won. Fendir is saved."

"Yes, my friend." The two elfin rulers embraced each other, thankful that the capital of the Lothorn Region was not taken by the humans. Sentra then saw the elfin princess beside him. He stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out who she was. "Endralin, is that you?"

"Yes, Sir," Endralin said with a curtsy.

"My lord!" Sentra said. "You have really grown! How long has it been?"

"Forty-five years, King Sentra."

"Forty-five years! Far too long. How old are you now?"

"173, Sir."

"My lord. Look at you, you look so beautiful."

"Sentra, I was wondering if I was able to see Siyenna. It has been forty-five years since we've met, and I would very much like to see her again." Sentra sat back in his chair again, looking suddenly depressed. "What's wrong?" Endralin asked, sensing the elfin king's distress.

"Endralin," Sentra said slowly, "you father told you to stay behind so that you would not be hurt. I should have told Siyenna to do the same thing, but I thought her lessons from the village elder would help us in the fight for Fendir. She went into battle and--and--" Sentra trailed off.

Endralin was struck with a horrible realization. "Oh, no," she said. "Siyenna was killed in the battle." Sentra started sobbing. Endralin wrapped her arms around Sentra. They both sat and mourned for Siyenna.


Chapter 3: Flashback

Siyenna let Endralin into her room. They needed a private place, away from the loud celebrations of the elfin soldiers in the main hall of Sentra's palace. "So, you're 121," Endralin said.

"Yes," Siyenna replied.

"That means I am only seven years older than you are. How long have you been taking lessons from the village elder?"

"Since I was fifty."

"Fifty? That means that you've been studying for seventy years!"

"Did you not start studying with your village elder at that age?"

"No. I started studying when I was 100, only for about thirty years."

"What have you learned so far?"

"Not much. I've only learned about their mystical energies that bind us together."

"Of course. All elves learn about that within the first fifty years of their training. My village elder has taught me how to create a small wind."

"Show me."

"All right." Siyenna started concentrating. Endralin felt a breeze start to pick up inside the room. The wind blew her robe up above her waist revealing her 128-year-old sex. Endralin cried as she tried to keep her robe down.

Siyenna collapsed as the wind stopped. "Siyenna!" Endralin cried, rushing to her friend. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, Endralin," Siyenna said, regaining her strength. "I'm just fine."

"You blew my robe above my waist." Siyenna tried to hold back a snicker. She then burst out laughing. "You did that on purpose!" Endralin cried.

"I couldn't help myself," Siyenna laughed. "But it did take quite some effort to localize the wind in that one place. That's why I was drained afterward. But--" Siyenna paused.

"But what?"

Siyenna again held back a snicker. "--it was worth it."

Endralin picked up one of Siyenna's pillows and hit her with it. Siyenna picked up another pillow and hit Endralin back. They fought each other with pillows until Endralin tackled Siyenna onto the bed. They rolled around, laughing. They stopped rolling around with Siyenna on top of Endralin, both of them out of breath from their small duel. "I wish you didn't have to leave tomorrow," Siyenna said to Endralin.

"I do too. These past five days have been so wonderful. I wish that I could stay here in Fendir forever with you. But, I do not belong here. My place is in the Selleon Region."


"Yes, Siyenna?"

"There is something that I want to do before you leave with your father back to Viendra."

"What is it?"

Siyenna leaned in close to Endralin until their faces were centimeters apart. Endralin felt Siyenna's sweet breath on her face. Then, Siyenna kissed Endralin. The blonde elf was surprised at first, but then sank into the kiss, closing her eyes. The two elfin princesses embraced and kissed each other passionately. Siyenna pressed her tongue against her friend's lips, forcing them apart.

Endralin then put her hands under Siyenna and pushed her away. "Wait," she said. "I don't know if we should do this."

"What do you mean?" Siyenna said disappointed.

"If we bond now, we will not be able to chose another mate until one of us is killed?"

"Endralin, we are both female. Bonding is impossible between two elves of the same gender."

"What if our parents find out?"

"There is no law against the mating of two females. If they did find out, why would they care?"

Endralin smiled and pulled Siyenna back into her, kissing her friend even more deeply. Their mouths opened and their tongues met. Siyenna brought her hand down to Endralin's leg and moved up, pushing Endralin's light blue robe up above her waist. Endralin did the same with Siyenna's robe. When Endralin's robe was above her chest, Siyenna brought her head down to Endralin's left breast and started sucking on her nipple. The blonde elf moaned in pleasure as the dark-haired maiden sucked on her rock-hard nub. Endralin brought her left hand to Siyenna's right breast and started caressing the small mound on her friend's chest.

Siyenna then started moving her hand down Endralin's body, getting closer and closer to the region between her legs. Siyenna touched Endralin's vagina, and the blonde elf gasped at the feeling of Siyenna's fingers at her opening. Endralin brought her left arm around Siyenna's back and brought her right hand to Siyenna's pubic region as well. They looked deeply into each other's eyes for a moment, making sure that the other was willing to go through with what they were about to do. They both entered the other's wet vagina at the same time.

The two young elf maidens started moaning in pleasure as they developed a rhythm with each other, sliding their fingers in and out of each other's wet vagina. "Oh, Siyenna," Endralin sighed. "This is like nothing I've ever felt before. I never thought this could feel so good."

"Endralin," Siyenna moaned, "this is the best thing I've ever felt. Keep going. Keep going. Oh."

As they continued, the elves' fingers moved faster and faster, rubbing against each other's clitoris as if their lives depended on it. Their moans became louder and louder as the pressure in their loins built up. They could feel their orgasms approaching, wanting nothing more than to climax in each other's arms. Endralin held Siyenna into her as she cried out, "Siyenna! I'm coming!"

"Endralin! I'm coming also!" Siyenna cried out. They both cried out in pleasure as their orgasms hit. Their bodies tensed up as fluids gushed from their vaginas, drenching each other in their sweet honey.

Endralin awoke with her hands between her legs. Her bed was completely soaked with female ejaculate, and the room at her father's palace was filled with the sweet aroma of elfin arousal. It was five years after the Battle of Fendir, and Endralin was still coping with Siyenna's death. The elfin princess had frequently been having dreams about the night that they had mated. She could remember the taste of Siyenna's vaginal fluids mingled with her own on the dark-haired elf's stomach. The two of them had shared something special.

It had been fifty years since that night in Fendir, and Endralin had never told anyone about the fact that she had mated with Siyenna. She did not know what people would think if they knew that the daughters of two regional kings had mated. Endralin blamed herself for Siyenna's death. She felt that if she had gotten to the Lothorn Region sooner, she might have been able to save her childhood friend.