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Dreams of Siyenna
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Dreams of Siyenna, Volume 3


Chapter 7: Identity Crisis

Endralin stood in the labyrinth of halls and corridors. 'I am in Siyenna's mind again,' she thought. 'How do I keep ending up here?'

Endralin then saw Siyenna walking through the corridors of her own mind, opening doors, looking for something. "Siyenna," Endralin said.

The human girl turned to Endralin. "Hello," she said.

"What are you looking for?"

"I can open more doors."

Endralin walked to Siyenna. "Show me."

Siyenna brought Endralin to one of the doors. As they walked, Endralin noticed that the halls were less like a labyrinth. Since the first time she had found herself inside the brunette's mind, the corridors of her mind had become more orderly and easier to navigate. "Here is one," said Siyenna, bringing Endralin to one of the doors.

Endralin opened the door and was suddenly transported to a room. There were humans standing around her. She had a sword in her hands. She was swinging the sword at a large pillow, dressed in elfin clothing. Tufts of feathers flew from the pillow as the blade pierced it. "That's it," one of the humans said. "Kill the elf. Kill it!"

"Die you long-eared devil!" Endralin cried. "Damn you all to hell!"

Endralin was so scared at what she had said that she slammed the door shut and pushed herself against it, not allowing it to be opened by anyone. "My lord," she said to herself.

"Here's another one," Siyenna said, pointing toward another door. "This door was not here before. It just appeared."

Endralin looked at the door and walked toward it. She opened it and found herself in the stable by her father's palace. She was naked, lying down on the hay. There was a person with her. It was a female. It was herself! Her other self was between her legs, licking and sucking at her vagina. Endralin was writhing as her other self pleasured her. Endralin was on the verge of an orgasm, feeling her muscles tense up. "Endralin!" she cried out. "I'm gonna come!" Endralin started crying out in ecstasy as an orgasm of great intensity washed over her. She could feel her elfin juices ejaculating all over her other self.

Endralin suddenly woke up. She was in her bed, next to Siyenna. The blonde elf found her hands between her legs, and the bed was very wet. The scent of elfin sex filled the air. She looked over at Siyenna, whose hands were also between her legs! 'Were we sharing a dream?' Endralin wondered.

As Endralin was about to go back to sleep, she heard sniffles coming from Siyenna's direction. "Siyenna?" she asked. Siyenna spun around to look at Endralin, her eyes full of tears. "What's wrong, Siyenna?" The elf princess asked. Siyenna suddenly started sobbing uncontrollably. Endralin was surprised by the human girl's sudden bout of crying. She wrapped her arms around her friend, comforting her. "It's all right, Siyenna," said Endralin. "Everything is all right. I'm here. I will protect you. I will protect you."

Siyenna felt the warmth from Endralin's body flow through her. In her lover's embrace, the brunette suddenly felt safe. She felt loved. Her crying started to die down. "That's it," Endralin said. "That's better." Endralin then let go of Siyenna and held her shoulders. "Now," said the elf. "Tell me what's wrong."

"Endralin," Siyenna said quietly. "I'm remembering more by the minute."

"What do you remember?"

"I've remembered the past five years. And I hated what I saw!"

"What was it you saw?"

"I was an elf-killer. I wanted more than anything to kill all elves. I wanted revenge."

"Revenge? Revenge for what?"

"For the death of my brother, Harold. He was killed at the Battle of Fendir."

Endralin was shocked. The battle of Fendir was the same battle in which her other Siyenna was killed. "Oh, my," the blonde said. "I had no idea. You lost a loved one at Fendir as well."

"I made the same vow against elves that you made against humans. However, I remember nothing of Harold. All that I know is that he was my brother and that he was killed at the Battle of Fendir."

"What do you want to do to the elves?"

Siyenna shook her head. "Nothing. I don't know. I just don't know anymore."

"You are very confused," Endralin sensed. "What about?"

"About what is true. Which of my lives is real."

"Your lives?"

"There was the life before I lost my memory, and the life after. Before I lost my memory, I was told that elves had used their powers to plague humans with disease and famine, taking all of the natural resources or themselves. After I lost my memory, you told me that the humans had been invading elfin territory to take it for themselves. Now that I remember both of my lives, I don't know which one to believe!" The brunette started sobbing again.

"I am so sorry," Endralin said sympathetically, moving in to embrace Siyenna.

"Don't touch me!" Siyenna cried.

Endralin moved away. Endralin tried to say something, but nothing came out. There were no words to describe Siyenna's confused and disoriented behavior. "I will let you think about it. Do not rush yourself. Let yourself come to grips with your feelings at your own pace."


Chapter 8: Life Without Her

Endralin awoke in the morning to find Siyenna still awake, discussing with herself her own identity. Seeing that the dark-haired girl was still in a fragile state, Endralin got out of bed and put on her light blue robe, acting as if Siyenna was not there. It was hard to resist the urge to talk to Siyenna. The blonde could tell that her friend was in pain, and she wanted to help her.

As Endralin exited the room, she looked back at the teenaged human, still considering whether to help her or leave her be. Then, Endralin took a closer look at Siyenna. She was uncertain, but for a moment, she thought that Siyenna's ears were slightly more pointed than that of the normal human. 'It must be the light,' she thought to herself. Siyenna was facing away from the window, away from the sun-light, causing her characteristics to be obscured.

Endralin made her way to the main hall, where Eledrel was eating fruits and berries. Endralin sat beside him. "Good morning, Father," Endralin said.

"Good morning, Endralin," said the elfin king.

Endralin could tell that Eledrel had something on his mind. "What is it, Father?" the princess asked.

"I sensed something unusual last night."

Endralin suddenly became frightened. 'Does he know that I mated with Siyenna last night?' the elf maiden wondered.

"What was it you sensed?" Endralin asked, trying to stay as indifferent as possible.

"I am not completely sure what I sensed. It was many different emotions in one. I sensed both pleasure and pain, both love and hate."

"What do you make of these feelings?"

"They are very confusing. However, behind all of it, I sensed something else. Fulfilment. I do not know if it was physical fulfilment, mental fulfilment, or mystical fulfilment. If it was mystical fulfilment, something that was meant to happen did happen last night."

Siyenna walked down into the main hall, dressed in her human clothes. She seemed to be in a daze. "Siyenna?" Endralin asked. "What is it? Why are you in your human clothes?"

"Endralin," said the human girl, "I can't stay here."

"What?" the young elf said, confused.

"After many hours, I have decided what I must do."


Siyenna paused for a moment, summoning up the courage to say what she had to say. "I have to go back."

"Go back?"

"Back to my people. Back to the human world."

Endralin and Eledrel were dismayed. "What are you talking about?" Endralin cried. "After all that we've been through? After becoming friends? After becoming family?"

"I am sorry, Endralin. But I feel that this is what I must do."


"Because I feel that it may help human-elf relations. I have experienced so many wonderful things about your culture this past week, and I do not want to see it destroyed. If I go back to my people, I might be able to convince them that there is a peaceful way to resolve their problems with the elves. And hopefully--" she paused, "--hopefully I will be able to forgive you for Harold's death, and you will be able to forgive me for Siyenna's death."

Endralin's head sank down toward the floor. "Go," she said quietly. "Go back to your people. Do what you must do."

The brunette smiled slightly and then walked toward the door. "Could I have a horse?"

Endralin looked at her father. "Yes, Siyenna," said Eledrel. "You may have a horse. The fastest is named Borrelin. Call his name and he will come to you."

"Thank you." Siyenna opened the door, but did not walk out. "Endralin," she said. "I am going to miss you dearly."

Endralin looked at the girl. "I will miss you too, Siyenna."

"By the way. My name is Tessa. I've remembered my name. My name is Tessa."

"Goodbye, Tessa. I wish you a safe and successful journey."

Tessa went back to Endralin and they embraced. After several seconds, Tessa went back to the door and walked out. Endralin ran up to her room and looked out the window to see her friend riding off on the horse toward the Talura Mountains. When the speck that was Tessa disappeared from view, Endralin threw herself down on her bed and started sobbing into her pillow.

Several weeks passed. Endralin was fighting heart-ache, dealing with Tessa's departure. It was the second time that Endralin had to deal with the loss of a loved one. Over the one week that Tessa had stayed at her home under the name of Siyenna, the elfin princess had formed a profound attachment to her. Eledrel was right, Endralin did feel that helping this dark-haired girl would redeem her for allowing Siyenna to die. Now that Tessa was gone, it reaffirmed the fact that Siyenna was, indeed, dead.

Endralin had started going on her daily walks again. She left the palace and just walked, attempting to find of peace of mind. Endralin had tried to put together the pieces of the puzzle that was her life, and tried to make sense of all of it. In her life, she had done four things that no normal elf would do. First, she mated with the princess of another region. Second, she fought in a battle when her father ordered her to stay at home. Third, she saved a human from death. Fourth, she mated with the human.

The elfin princess felt almost as if she did not belong. She was an alien in her own land. For the past fifty years, Endralin had committed what several elves could possibly consider blasphemy. Maybe the Earth was punishing her by taking her loved ones from her. First, Siyenna was taken from her. Now, Tessa was taken from her. And in Endralin's eyes, Tessa would always be Siyenna.

Endralin came back from one of her walks shortly after midday. However, this day was not like any ordinary day. The skies were gray and a forboding fog lay over the Selleon Valley. 'I have seen this weather before,' Endralin thought to herself.

Suddenly, Endralin's eyes widened as she remembered what this weather meant. "War!" she cried. She started running toward Eledrel's palace at top speed. "Father!" she called out to the palace. "War is about to start! Gather the Selleon Army and contact King Linos! The humans have invaded elfin land! War is going to start!"


Chapter 9: The Fate of the World

"Take care, Father," Endralin said, watching her father make his way toward the stable. "Please, come back alive."

"Endralin," said the elfin king, "I feel that there is only one way that I will come back alive."

"What is that, Father?"

"If you save me."

"What?" Endralin was confused.

"Five years ago, you proved yourself as a warrior. Because of you, I am alive and the Battle of Fendir was won. The Selleon Army, and all elves can benefit from your powers. Join us in battle, and there will be no doubt in my mind that we will prevail."

For the first time in many weeks, Endralin had a genuine smile on her face. "You mean--I can come with you?"

"Yes, Endralin. Follow me to the stable."

"Yes, Sir!" The elfin princess followed Eledrel to the stable. As they got on their horses, Endralin looked at the indentation on the hay where she and Tessa had mated the night before. She was surprised to see flowers growing from it.

After Endralin and Eledrel had gotten on their horses, they went around the valley, gathering the Selleon Army. Eledrel used his powers to contact King Linos of the Trenta Region and called for reinforcements, and then set off with the Selleon Army, including Endralin, toward the Lothorn Region.

On the other side of the Talura Mountains, the humans were making their way toward the Lothorn Region. The Lothorn Army had confronted the humans and the war began. The humans attacked with their weapons and the Hell's Breath while the elves attacked with their weapons and their powers over the elements. Some of them followed Endralin's example by creating rain and using the rain to conduct lightning. It worked to a degree, but it was not enough. They either needed more elves to summon the storm, or they needed to overuse their powers. Endralin was badly hurt by overusing her powers five years before, and the elfin army could not afford to do that.

Driven by their confidence in themselves, the Selleon Army made very good time making its way up the Talura Mountains. Almost every elfin soldier knew that an exceptionally powerful elf was with them. If every elf aided Endralin with her fighting technique, they would surely defeat the humans and keep their land.

The Lothorn Army suffered their first defeat of the war, and were driven back closer to Fendir. The humans had always tried to take Fendir first because it was in the Lothorn Region, the closest elfin region to human land. King Sentra tried to kill as many humans as possible in the war, filled with rage toward humans for the death of his daughter. "This is for Siyenna!" he cried as he swung his sword at one of the humans. The sword went straight through the human's neck, the head flying off of the body. Although Sentra hated blood all over him, it was worth it to avenge Siyenna's death.

The Selleon Army reached the top of the Talura Mountains and saw the storm clouds gathered down the ridge. "Good," Eledrel said, "the humans are still far away from Fendir." Fendir was on the opposite end of the ridge. "Ride!" he called out. The elfin soldiers of the Selleon Army went up in cheers and rode toward the battle.

"We cannot hold out much longer," one of the Lothorn soldiers said to King Sentra.

"You are right," he said. "But we must fight for as long as possible. These humans will pay for invading our land. And we will carry out that retribution!"

"Not if we do it first!" a voice said from behind Sentra. The elfin king turned to see a tall, blond-haired elf on a horse standing behind him.

"Eledrel!" he cried in happiness at seeing that the Selleon Army had arrived.

"Let me help you, Friend," Eledrel said. "Full ahead!" he called to the rest of the Selleon Army. All of the blond-haired soldiers rode on their horses toward the human army.

"For Siyenna!" Endralin cried as she started attacking the humans. She started swinging her sword about, wounding and killing all of the humans she could. Suddenly, Endralin's horse was shot by a human arrow, falling to the ground, throwing Endralin to the ground. The blonde elf looked up to see a human soldier standing over her with a bow in his hand. The face was shielded by a helmet and Endralin could not see the face.

Endralin stood up. "Put down your bow," she said. "Pick up one of your comrades' swords. Duel me!"

The humans put down his bow and picked up a sword that was lying on the ground. He assumed a fighter stance. Endralin did the same. The human made the first move, charging toward Endralin. The elfin princess blocked and dodged the human soldier's swings, as the human blocked and dodged her attacks as well.

Eledrel was firing his arrows at several humans when he sensed something unusual. "Endralin!" he said to himself. He looked around and saw his daughter sparring with the human.

'What in the world is she doing?' the elfin king wondered.

Endralin swung her sword at the human. The human blocked the sword with his and pushed Endralin away. While Endralin was still recovering from the shove, the human swung his sword, hitting Endralin's right arm. It was not a bad blow, but enough to cause much pain. Endralin cried out as she clutched her arm. The blonde elf would have expected the human to slay her in her weakened state, but he did not. Instead, he staggered a bit, clutching his heart as if he had been shot with an arrow. However, he was not injured.

With the human weakened, Endralin swung her sword, hitting the human's right arm. Again, it was not a bad blow, but it did cause the human pain. She cried out in pain and clutched her wounded arm. She? The soldier's voice was that of a female. Endralin was about to kill the human, but felt a stabbing pain in her heart as well. The same pain that she had felt five years before, and when she felt the pain of the human in the river. "This is not right," Endralin said. "This is not right at all!" Something was out of alignment. The balance of the universe was offset, and Endralin sensed this. "Take off your helmet," she said to the human. "Show me your face."

"You will kill me," the human female replied.

"I will take off my helmet as well." Both warriors dropped their swords and put their hands to their helmets. They took off their helmets at the same time and looked into each other's faces. Endralin's face turned to absolute dismay as she looked into the face of the human she had grown to love. "Siyenna!" she cried.

"The name is Tessa!" the human girl shouted.

"Don't you remember me?" Endralin said. "It's me, Endralin."

"I don't care what your name is. I will avenge my brother's death!"

"You mean Harold?"

Tessa was taken aback. "How do you know my brother's name?"

"Because you told me. Your brother was killed at the Battle of Fendir five years ago. Just like my friend Siyenna was killed five years ago."


"Yes. Siyenna."

"Why does that name sound so familiar?"

"Because it is what we called you. You were injured, I took you into my home, I helped you back to health."

"You are trying to confuse me."

"No, Siyenna. It is true. I even mated with you!"

"What was that?!" Eledrel cried out at hearing his daughter's words.

"Yes, Father," Endralin said. "I mated with this human."

"You're lying!" the elfin king cried.

"No, Father. It is the truth. The night before Siyenna left, I mated with her in the stable. And do you know something Father? It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had in my life!" The memory of the fabulous sex that Endralin had with Tessa was Endralin aroused. Her nipples started pressing against the armor that she was wearing, and a wetness formed between her legs.

Eledrel was in a daze. He could not believe that his daughter had mated with a human. More than a human, a female human! Tessa was also frozen, but for a different reason. The dark-haired girl was starting to remember Endralin's face. She smelled the strawberry sweet scent of Endralin's arousal, and it stirred something inside her. "It's true!" Tessa cried. "I did have sex with Endralin!"

"Yes!" Endralin cried. "You've remembered!"

"That is the third time that I've lost my memory. The first time, I do not know. The second time, my father shot me in the chest with an arrow. The third time, my father electrocuted my head with some sort of machine."

"But why would your father do that?"

"Only if he wasn't my father!"

"What are you talking about?"

Tessa turned back to the humans and elves that were battling. "Stop!" she cried out. "Everyone, stop! Don't kill the elves!"

"Tessa, what are you doing?" a man cried, coming up to her. Endralin remembered the man as the elderly man in Tessa's lost memories "Why are you protecting these elves?"

"Because I was part of their world once. I had lost my memory of the past five years, and they saved me. I observed them, and I know them to be peaceful. They would never hurt anyone unless their lives depended on it."

"What in God's name are you talking about? These elves have been stealing our natural resources and plaguing us with disease!"

"That's really hard to believe coming from the very person who wiped my memory!"

The man was completely stunned. "What in the hell do mean by that?"

"I know that you are not really my father. No father would wipe his child's memory and use her to fight a people that only want to protect their land."

Endralin was very surprised. "That's your father?" she cried.

Tessa," the old man yelled, "step aside! Let me kill these elves."

"NO!!" Tessa cried out. She threw her hand toward the man and an electric spark flew from her fingers toward the old man. Endralin felt that pain in her heart again and staggered. The man cried out in pain as the lightning shot through his body. Then, he fell to the ground, his limbs twitching. He was dead.

"I WON'T LET YOU KILL THESE PEOPLE!!!!" Tessa cried out to the rest of the humans. She then threw her arms up into the sky and the rain poured down onto the humans. Endralin felt the stabbing pain in her heart again. But this time, it was much, much worse.

Eledrel watched in amazement and horror as ten lightning bolts a second shot from the sky down upon the humans. Endralin screamed in unbelievable agony as a thousand swords pierced her heart. The pain that she felt felt five years before almost rendered her unconscious. The pain that she was feeling now was twenty times worse.

Each lightning strike caused a huge electric surge that spread radially over five meters. Ten humans were killed with each lightning strike, killing a hundred each second. The pain that Endralin felt ravaging her heart, rendered her completely unconscious.

Endralin awoke in a bed with Eledrel standing over her. The elfin princess looked around the room for a bit, recognizing it as the Fendir infirmary. "I'm here," she said.

"Yes," Eledrel said. "The infirmary at Fendir."

Endralin had a pounding headache. "What happened to me?"

"The village elder diagnosed you with the Shared Heart."

"Which is?"

"It has only been known to happen between bonded elves."

"What?" Endralin was very confused by what her father had said. "But I've never bonded with any other elves."

"The symptom of the Shared Heart is that if one elf feels any physical pain, that elve's mate feels the same pain."

"But I have only mated with two people. Siyenna and--" Endralin stopped talking, as she realized what she was about to say.

"Siyenna and whom?" Eledrel asked.

"Siyenna and Siyenna," Endralin replied.

Eledrel gave his daughter a confused look. "I don't understand."

"The human that I named Siyenna," Endralin could not longer hide the fact that she had kept from everyone she knew for the past fifty years, "and Sentra's daughter Siyenna."

"You did what?!" Eledrel cried.

"Fifty years ago, when Sentra held that celebration at his palace, I mated with his daughter."

"You dishonored Sentra, me, and both regions?"

"I dishonored no one! We both knew what we were doing. And it was even Siyenna's idea to begin with!"

"I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!" Eledrel was furious.

"But what about the human Siyenna. Where is she?" Endralin felt the pain in her heart again. She sensed it coming from the intensive care room. "Oh, no," she said.

Endralin used what strength she had to stand up. "Endralin," said her father, "what are you doing? You'll wear yourself out." Eledrel's words fell on deaf ears. Endralin's determination to see Tessa drove her further. The strength started flooding back into her. She started running toward the intensive care room. "Endralin!" her father cried.

Endralin made it to the intensive care unit and saw Tessa on the table, the village elder with his hand on her chest, feeding her energy. The blonde elf watched in fear, hoping that her only human friend would be all right. The village elder took his hand away, stopping the flow of mystical energies from him into Tessa. "Well?" Endralin asked. "How is she? What happened."

"I don't understand," the village elder said. "Although she is human, I cannot diagnose her with any other ailment except overuse of mystical energies."

"How is she?"

"I am sorry Endralin, but there is nothing more that I can do for her. I have given her as much energy as I could, but it will not sustain her for long. I estimate death in one day, two days at the most."

"No," Endralin said quietly. She ran to the dark-haired girl on the table. "Siyenna!" the elf maiden cried. "Siyenna, please! You can't die!" Tessa stayed perfectly still, totally unconscious. Endralin held Tessa's arm, feeding her own energy into her. Nothing seemed to work. Endralin cried out in desperation and sorrow, tears gushing from her eyes.

"Endralin," said Eledrel from the door. "I have already talked with the village elder. If there is nothing that he can do, there is nothing that you can do either."

"I know," Endralin sniffled. "But I want her to see me again. If she ever does regain consciousness, I want her to see my face before she dies."


"Father, no!" Endralin interrupted. "Please. Let me stay with her until she dies."

Endralin just stared at Endralin for a moment, and then nodded. He left, leaving Endralin with Tessa. "What did you do back there?" Endralin asked the unconscious Tessa. "How were you able to summon that rain and lightning? How do we have the Shared Heart when you are human and a female. Siyenna, please don't die. Please. I need you."

Endralin stayed with Tessa. Her eyes started to close. The princess shook her head, trying to stay awake, wanting Tessa to be awake if Tessa ever saw her again. However, she could not stay awake forever, and drifted into a deep sleep. Again, Endralin found herself in the corridors of Tessa's mind. "Why am I here again?" she wondered.

"Endralin!" A voice called to the blonde from down one of the halls.

"Siyenna?" Endralin called out. "Where are you?" Endralin followed the voice until she found the dark-haired human standing in front of her. "Siyenna, what is it?"

"I must show you."

"Show me what?"

Tessa took Endralin's arm and took her to one of the doors that contained a memory. Endralin opened the door and was transported to the stable in Viendra. She was lying on the hay with another person sitting on her face. It was herself. Endralin was grabbing her other self's hips, pushing her other self's wet vagina into her mouth. She was sucking and licking her other self's sticky, sweet elf juice. Judging by the movements of her other self, Endralin could tell that her other self was on the verge of orgasm. "Siyenna!" her other self cried out. "I'm coming!" Endralin's other self cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. Endralin felt her other self's fluids erupting from her vagina, completely soaking her body.

Endralin closed the door, confused as to why Tessa showed her that memory. "Why did you bring me here?" she asked the teenaged human. "Why did you want me to see this memory?"

"I must show you," Tessa said again.

She took Endralin several doors down and stopped at another door. "Do you want me to open this door?" Endralin asked. Tessa nodded. The blonde elf opened the door and then found herself at her father's palace. She was walking out the door and to the stable. "Borrelin," Endralin called out. "Here, Boy." Borrelin walked up to her, positioning himself in front of Endralin as if telling her to get on top of him. "So, you are Borrelin," the elfin princess said as if it was the first time she had soon the horse.

Before getting on Borrelin's back, Endralin took one last look at the indentation on the hay where the two friends had made love. There were flowers growing from that area. Endralin then got on Borrelin's back and rode off out of the stable and toward the Talura Mountains.

Endralin closed the door, still very confused. "What does it all mean, Siyenna?" she asked the girl beside her. "What do these memories mean to you?"

"The flowers," said Tessa.

"What about the flowers?"

"The flowers grow."

"Yes, I know! What what does that have to do with--?" Endralin stopped speaking.

Endralin woke up beside Tessa in the intensive care room at the Fendir Infirmary. It was night. She looked at her unconscious friend on the table. "The flowers grow," she said to herself, realizing what the memories meant. "I know what it means. My vaginal fluids! Siyenna, I'm going to save you!"

Endralin ran to the door and closed it. She quickly undressed herself and got on top of the motionless Tessa. She started kissing the dark-haired girl's lips frantically, probing her friend's body, squeezing Tessa's breasts, feeling the soft folds of her genitals. The feel of Tessa's perfect body got Endralin very aroused. Her nipples started to stand out and she started to feel a warm, wet feeling between her legs.

When Endralin was at the necessary point of arousal, she sat up on the table and positioned her hips directly over Tessa's face. "I really hope this works," Endralin said to herself. With that, Endralin brought her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her vaginal opening. Endralin moaned at the feeling of her hand between her legs. She inserted her middle finger into her dripping vagina and started moving it in and out. Her middle finger was soon joined by her index finger, and then her ring finger. The highly aroused elf was now humping three of her fingers, pleasuring herself to save Tessa's life.

Endralin was moaning loudly, her hips gyrating into her fingers, juices dripping from her vagina, flowing down her legs and onto Tessa's face. "Yes, Siyenna," Endralin moaned. "Lick it up. Swallow it. Oh, Lord." The blonde brought her left hand to her chest and started fondling her breasts. She squeezed them, feeling the roundness and firmness, pinching the nipples in between her thumb and index finger, making them even harder and more erect than they were before.

Endralin kept ramming her fingers in and out of her now extremely wet canal, fondling and tweaking her breasts, driving herself crazy. The atmosphere was nearly precipitating with the heavenly aroma of elfin arousal. Endralin's movements became increasingly sporadic as her orgasm approached quickly. Her moans became louder and louder, more and more frequent. The extremely aroused blonde was on the verge of orgasm, all of the muscles in her body tensing up.

Wanting to release as much of her ejaculate as possible, Endralin tried to hold back as long as she could, causing the pressure inside herself to build as high as it would go. She but her lip, holding back the onslaught of what was going to be a very massive orgasm. The pressure in her loins was almost too much for her to hold back, but she continued holding it back. Finally, the pressure became so great that she could not hold back any longer. "Siyenna!" She cried out in bliss. "I'm gonna come!" She brought her left hand down to her vagina and started rubbing her throbbing clitoris as hard as she could. Endralin let out a scream of ecstasy as she experienced an intense orgasm. Electricity shot throughout her body as the floodgates of her vagina let loose a torrent of fluids, her sweet, sticky honey exploding all over Tessa.

Endralin's orgasm died down, but she wanted to expel more, so she kept stimulating her vaginal nerves. She let loose another loud cry of ecstasy as she gave herself a second orgasm, her vagina exploding all over Tessa again, juices gushing everywhere. Finally, Endralin's orgasm stopped. Endralin's vision was almost gone and she could barely keep her hips above Tessa's face. "Please work," she said very softly as her body fell over under her own weight. The naked and soaked elf fell over and landed on top of Tessa. From the shear force of two massive orgasms, Endralin passed out, falling completely unconscious.


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