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Dreams of Siyenna, Volume 4


Chapter 10: Reunion

"She did what?!" Sentra cried.

"It is true," said Eledrel to Sentra. "Endralin told me this night. She mated with Siyenna fifty years ago."

"I cannot believe this!"

"It was hard for me to believe as well, my friend, but I sensed no deception from her."

"Siyenna never told me anything about their mating."

"Endralin never told me either."

"Endralin has disgraced my family! I must speak with her immediately."

"But there was another thing that Endralin said. She said that it was originally Siyenna's idea. I sensed no deception from her when she said that either."

The Lothorn ruler was astounded. 'My daughter could not have wanted to mate with the princess of the Selleon Region,' Sentra tried to tell himself. Although he trusted Eledrel, his friend for nearly two-hundred years, he refused to believe that Siyenna would have wanted to mate with Endralin.

"Still, I must speak to your daughter," the dark-haired king said.

"She is in the infirmary looking after the human that saved Fendir."


"Endralin has mated with her, too."

"My lord!" Sentra cried. "It is one thing for Endralin to mate with Siyenna, but it is another thing for her to mate with a human! Come to the infirmary with me. I fear that Endralin must be disciplined by the both of us!"

Eledrel accompanied Sentra to the infirmary. The Selleon ruler opened the door to the intensive care room and stared in horror at what he saw. "Endralin!" he cried, seeing his daughter unconscious, naked, with her pubic area in front of Tessa's face. He ran to Endralin, enraged. "I cannot believe that you would do this, Endralin! You have disgraced Siyenna, you have disgraced me, and you have disgraced every elf in this world!"

Eledrel gathered up a great deal of energy, about to strike Endralin down with a deadly blow of elfin magic. "Wait!" Sentra cried out. Eledrel was snapped back to reality, out of his trance-like fury. Eledrel looked at Sentra, and saw him staring at Tessa's face, completely stunned.

Endralin woke up feeling very rested. As the elfin princess looked around, she found herself in a familiar setting. She had not seen the room in fifty years. 'I am in Siyenna's room,' she thought. 'How did I get here?'

Endralin then looked to see Tessa sleeping beside her. "Siyenna?" she said softly. The dark-haired girl did not move. Endralin then became very worried that her attempt to save Tessa had not worked. "Siyenna!" Endralin cried.

Tessa stirred. "What?" she said groggily.

"Siyenna!" Endralin cried, very relieved. "You're alive!" Endralin jumped onto the young brunette and embraced her.

"Endralin!" Tessa realized. She hugged her lover back.

"I was so worried that I had lost you!" Endralin said.

"You did," Tessa said, sounding calmer than she should. "For fifty years you lost me."

Endralin was surprised by that statement. "Siyenna, what are you talking about?"

"I now understand all that has happened. I lost my memory three times. I lost my memory five years ago, I lost my memory several weeks ago, and I lost my memory again last week. And now I know the causes of my amnesia."

"What are they?"

"When you found me in the river several weeks ago, I had lost my memory the day before from a man that I thought was my father shooting me with an arrow, followed by a fall down the Talura Mountains and into the Selleon Valley. The next time that I lost my memory, the same made sedated me and put my head to some kind of electrical machine, wiping my memory of the time I spent in the Selleon Region. However, I now remember that he did the same thing to me five years ago, wiping my memory the same way that he did last week. And what is even more, I remember not only the past five years, but I also remember the rest of my past."

"That's wonderful!" Endralin cried.

"You did that for me," Tessa said. "I now realize that elfin ejaculate has mystical energies that give life. The time that we mated in the stable, your vaginal fluids made the flowers grow. Last night, they healed my wounds. However, they healed not only my wounds, but my mind as well."

"So," Endralin said. "Tell me everything about you. Now that you have remembered your life, I want to know everything!"

"One more thing," said the dark-haired girl. "It also healed my ears."

"Year ears?" Tessa brushed her hair away from the sides of her head, revealing long, pointed ears. "You're an elf!" Endralin cried, extremely surprised at seeing this human transform into an elf.

"The same man that wiped my memory also surgically manipulated my ears. He cut them down and made them rounded, giving me the appearance of a human. I am an elf, with all of the mystical energies that an elf could have."

"The rain, the lightning. That was how you were able to summon them! At it also explains why your vaginal fluids tasted so sweet."

"Yes. It also explains the Shared Heart."

"The Shared Heart? But you are female."

"I always knew that two females could mate, but bonding was a completely different thing that I did not think was possible between two females. But it is. All that an elf has to do is ingest the bodily fluids of another elf, and then is bonded to that elf. When we mated that night, we bonded."

"But that was only that one night in the stable. I felt the same Shared Heart five years ago at the Battle of Fendir. The only person who I had mated with before then was--" Endralin suddenly stopped talking. The gasped as her jaw dropped and her eyes shot wide open. Suddenly, all of the pieces simply fell into place, and Endralin understood.

Endralin looked at Tessa, or at least the person who had called herself Tessa for the past five years. "Yes, Endralin," the dark-haired elf said. "It's me."

"Siyenna?" Endralin said. "Is it really you?"


"Siyenna!" Endralin cried. The two elfin princesses embraced and shared a deep, passionate kiss. They both cried tears of joy, finally reunited after fifty long years years. The moment was especially joyful for Endralin, having thought that Siyenna had been killed five years before at the Battle of Fendir.

As the two elves kissed, their hands started wandering. Involuntarily, their hands moved to the other's breasts. They both moaned as their lover fondled the other. Both of their nipples became hard and their crotches became damp. Endralin pinched Siyenna's nipples a bit, making her lover moan even louder, arching her back. Siyenna did the same to the blond-haired elf as well.

Endralin broke the kiss and turned around, putting her vagina in Siyenna's face and her face next to Siyenna's vagina. The blonde inhaled the scent of Siyenna's now wet crotch and moaned at the sweet smell. "The smell of a true elfin female," she said.

"If I have not lost my memory again, I recall that you taste better than I do." Both of the young elves went down into each other's pubic mounds and started sucking and licking them. They both moaned as they pleasured each other while tasting each other's sweet vaginal fluids.

"Yes, Siyenna," Endralin moaned through Siyenna's soft mound.

"Keep going," moaned Siyenna as she continued mouthing Endralin's vagina.

Endralin's hips started gyrating and Siyenna held them in place in order to keep pleasuring her friend. Endralin did the same, pulling Siyenna's vagina even deeper into her mouth. Both elves moaned even louder as they pleasured each other even more with their ravenous lips and tongues.

Soon, they could both feel their orgasms approaching. Their bodies were squirming, their moans were becoming louder, and the pressure deep inside their loins was building. "Oh, Lord!" Endralin cried. She let go of Siyenna's sopping wet crotch with her lips and started rubbing her clitoris. Siyenna cried out and did the same to Endralin. The sudden burst of attention to the sensitive organs brought both elfin girls to their plateau, their muscles tensing up at the onset of their orgasms. "Siyenna!" Endralin cried out. "I'm gonna come!"

"Endralin!" Siyenna cried out. "I'm coming also!"

Both elves started climaxing. They both cried out as their orgasms hit with more force than ever before. Fluids gushed from their vaginas completely soaking themselves, each other, and the bed. They continued lapping up the sweet honey that they were ejaculating, the taste amplifying their feelings of ecstasy from their powerful orgasms, making them orgasm even harder.

After several minutes of absolute bliss, Endralin and Siyenna came down from their orgasms and collapsed on top of each other, completely out of breath, panting and shivering in the aftermath of their powerful orgasms. "Wow," Siyenna panted, Endralin barely able to hear her. "That...was amazing. You're...even better...than the first time...fifty years ago."

"Yes," Endralin replied. "You... have improved...also. That felt so good."

Endralin summoned up all of the strength that she could and used it to reposition herself so that her face met Siyenna's. The two elfin princesses passionately kissed, licking up all of their ejaculate as they could, tasting the sweetness that they had produced. They both sighed at the heavenly taste. "Siyenna," Endralin said, "I love you."

Siyenna smiled. "I love you too, Endralin." They both embraced and kissed again.

Later, Endralin and Siyenna found out that it was Eledrel and Sentra that had brought them up to Siyenna's room. The two elfin rulers no longer had any anger toward their daughters for what had happened when they mated fifty years before. Eledrel, himself, had sensed that Tessa had something to do with Endralin's future, and knew that it was fate that Endralin and Siyenna would be mates.

Also, because of Endralin and Siyenna, new facts about elfin anatomy were revealed. It had been discovered that two elves of the same gender could, indeed, bond if they mated in the correct way. The elves also began using their own bodily fluids to heal wounds and give new life to elves that originally would have been thought to be terminally ill.

However, as it turned out, not all of the puzzle pieces fit perfectly. Endralin and Siyenna were from different elfin regions. Now that the two elfin princesses were mates, where would they live?


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