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Lust in Space
by Nathan Warford


There are billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Less than 200 of those stars have confirmed planets orbiting them. One planetary system outside of the Sol System is the Pacific System. There is one gas giant planet, orbiting the star of Pacifica, named Cerulean. And orbiting Cerulean is an Earth-sized moon called Atlantis. Atlantis has life on it.

Humans that went to Atlantis for temporary or permanent residence were allowed to set up resorts on beaches, take hikes through the forests, even take some of the small, reptilian life-forms of Atlantis as pets. They were allowed to do these things as long as it did not interfere with the ecosystem or in any other way significantly disrupt the natural flow of life on Atlantis.

The year was 2334. There was a cruise ship called the Odyssey in orbit around the Earth. The orbit was lower than geosynchronous, allowing the Odyssey to traverse the surface of the Earth so that shuttles from all over the world could dock with it when it went over a certain longitude. The Odyssey was bound to leave for the Pacific system after all of its passengers had boarded. Three of the passengers were an Australian family: a husband, his wife, and their daughter, Tara.

Tara was seventeen years old and had recently graduated from high school. Tara was short considering her age. She stood 5'0" with A-cup breasts. She had wavy, red, chest-length hair and light green eyes. She and her parents were going to take a vacation on Atlantis for several weeks. Cerulean was reaching its perihelion, making it summer for the gas giant and its Earth-like moon, the perfect time for surfing.

"Hurry up," Tara cried to her parents. "The shuttle for the Odyssey leaves in an hour."

"We're coming," Tara's mother said, carrying her suitcases out of the house.

"You're very excited, aren't you, Tara," said her father.

"Oh, yes," the redhead replied. "It's my first time out of the Sol System, and I want to experience all that there is to experience on Atlantis."

Tara and her parents loaded up their solar-powered car with their luggage and got in. Her father turned on the ignition, and set the autopilot to bring them to Sydney Spaceport. The car drove off. Every car was connected to every other car on the road through a radio navigation network, which prevented many problems of the past, including wrong turns, sudden stops, blockage, and collisions. Tara and her parents enjoyed a safe, and fast, trip to the spaceport.

They walked into the spaceport and found the gate bound for the Odyssey. They reached the gate, took out their transport cards, and swiped them through the card reader. The reader identified the three people as enrolled passengers for the space shuttle to the Odyssey. When each person was identified as an enrolled passenger, the gate opened, allowing each passenger access to the transport.

After Tara and her parents had boarded the shuttle, they found seats where they strapped themselves in with harnesses. Since the shuttles of the 24th century functioned pretty much the same way that 20th century space shuttles did, the harnesses were designed the same way with straps across the chest and shoulders. A female voice over the P.A. started talking, "Hello everyone, this is your captain speaking. This is a shuttle bound for the cruise ship, Odyssey, located in orbit around the Earth. Please make sure that you are all strapped in securely from take-off until docking with the Odyssey. We will be taking off shortly. First, the launch plate will be raised to forty-five degrees. When the rockets fire, your bodies will feel the force of three times that of normal Earth gravity. Once we reach earth orbit, the rockets will stop firing, bringing the gravitational force down to zero. The gravitational forces on most of the Odyssey are zero. The middle section of the Odyssey is rotating, and will exert a force equivalent to normal Earth gravity. We thank you for flying with us and hope you enjoy your flight."

A minute passed, and then the launch plate started rotating, aiming the nose of the shuttle upward. Tara's excitement grew as the shuttle aimed upward. The young Australian had been to Mars several times in her life, and the just loved the thrill of rapid changes in G-forces. Then, the launch plate stopped moving. "Here we go!" Tara said. The rockets fired and the force of three gravities was exerted on the passengers' bodies. "Yeehah!" Tara cried. The shuttle flew up into the sky at high speeds. The clouds encompassing the Earth disappeared within minutes. Tara could see the light blue sky become darker and darker. As the shuttle left the atmosphere, the blue disappeared completely and all that was left was the blackness of space and the stars in the background. One of those stars was the well-known Pacifica.

Then, the rockets turned off and the shuttle rotated into a low Earth orbit. The gravitational forces decreased, and then disappeared. If the passengers were not strapped down by the harnesses, they would have started floating around the shuttle. Tara's hair floated in front of her face and she laughed as she experienced the feel of weightlessness. There was a screen at the front of the cabin that showed a live image recorded by a camera on the nose of the shuttle. Tara looked at the screen, seeing a black sky, filled with stars, with a blue orb that was the Earth at the bottom of the screen. The curvature of the watery world was clearly visible at that altitude.

After some time in orbit, Tara could see a small speck in the distance on the screen. She originally mistook it for a star, but it was getting larger and larger as the shuttle approached. The redhead saw that it was a spherical object. As the shuttle got closer, Tara could see that the object was a ship, rounded to keep the pressure inside, and with a rotating middle section to simulate gravity.

The captain came onto the P.A. again, "This is your captain speaking. We are now making our final approach to the Odyssey. Please remain seated until the shuttle has successfully docked. Once docked, use the handles on the floor to climb onto the Odyssey. Once boarded, make your way to the middle section of the ship, which is rotating to simulate normal Earth gravity. When all of the passengers are accounted for, the Odyssey will aim toward the Pacific star system and fly forward at 3000 times the speed of light. Because the very space around you is warped, you will not be able to feel the transition into FTL at all." For those of you that do not know, FTL means faster-that-light. "There are signs posted around the Odyssey, including maps of the ship and information about the Pacific System. You may help yourself to the luxuries that the Odyssey has to offer during your one week journey to the moon of Atlantis. Thank you for flying, and enjoy your flight on the Odyssey."

The shuttle flew alongside the Odyssey as the docking clamps extended toward the spherical ship. The docking clamps of the shuttle connected with the air lock of the Odyssey, and the shuttle docked. The passengers unbuckled their harnesses, and used the handles on the floor to climb onto the Odyssey. They needed the handles so that they could travel in zero-G. Once on the Odyssey, the passengers made their way to the center. There were four ladders at the center, all aiming outward from the center. As Tara climbed down one of the ladders, she slowly began to feel gravitational forces acting upon her. When she reached the bottom of the ladder, she felt normal Earth gravity. The floor curved around the Odyssey. On the rear wall were large windows that the passengers could look out of and see space surrounding the Odyssey .

"This is so cool!" Tara exclaimed. "A real starship!" The interior of the Odyssey looked a lot like a normal mall on Earth with restaurants, a movie rental store, and even a place to buy clothes.

"We should go find our rooms," her father said. The rooms only had two beds each, so one of the three had to use another room. Tara had volunteered to be the loner of the family, so she got a separate room. She would have a bunk mate, but Tara did not know anything about her.

The family found Tara's parents' room, and then the room right beside it, which was Tara's room. The parents entered their room and Tara entered her room so that they could unpack some of their luggage. Tara took out her key card and swiped it through the card reader beside the door. The door slid open horizontally, allowing Tara access to the room. As Tara walked into the room, the pressure sensors on the floor on either side of the door signaled that Tara was inside, and the door slid back into place, closing. The rooms were on the side of the ship closest to the rear, so they all had window views.

Tara saw that one side of the room already had someone else's belongings on it, and knew that her roommate had already arrived. "Hello?" Tara called out, trying to find out whether her roommate was in the adjacent bathroom or somewhere else on the Odyssey. Tara then realized that people from all over the world were on the ship, and she tried French, "Bonjour?" Spanish, "Hola?" Japanese, "Konnichiha?" But there was no answer. "She must be at another part of the ship," Tara said to herself.

Tara started unpacking her luggage. Suddenly, the bathroom door slid aside and a girl exited, wearing only a towel around her otherwise naked body. She had straight, blond, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. Her skin was tanned and her hair was bleached, indicating that the girl had been in the sun a lot. She stood 5'6" with C-cup breasts. "Oh," the blonde said. "Hello."

"I'm sorry!" Tara said, pivoting around to look the other way.

"It's okay," said the blonde, "you can turn around." The had an American accent. Tara turned to look at the girl again. "Who are you?" the blonde asked.

"My name is Tara. I didn't know--" Tara stopped speaking when the girl dropped her towel. Her body was stunning, curving perfectly, wide hips, and round breasts.

"You didn't know what?" the blonde asked, getting into some casual clothes from her suitcase.

"I'm sorry," Tara said, snapping back to reality. "I just didn't know that you were here. I called out to see if anyone was here, but there were no answer."

"I must have not heard you. The water from the shower must have been too loud." When the blonde was fully clothed, she turned back to Tara. "Anyway, my name is Rigel." The two girls shook hands. "So, Tara. I guess you're my roommate."

"I guess so. Hm, 'Rigel'. Named after the star in Orion?"

"That's right."

"So, you chose the separate room, too?"

"Yeah. My parents are staying next door."

"Mine too."

Rigel looked out one of the windows and saw the rotating stars. "I never thought the stars could be so beautiful from up here."

"Is this your first space flight?"

"Yeah. I was kind of scared when we took off in San Francisco, but I found that it was actually fun, a lot like a roller coaster."

"I know what you mean. Every time I go to Mars, I like the thrill that I get from the gravitational forces."

Tara had joined Rigel by the window. As the girls looked out the window, they noticed the stars rotating somewhat differently. "The ship is turning," Rigel said.

"We're aiming toward Pacifica. I guess that Sydney was the last shuttle flight to the Odyssey."

The stars returned to their normal rotation when the back side of the Odyssey, was facing about fifty degrees north of the Earth. Suddenly, the stars and the Earth started changing color. First they turned red, and then they disappeared. "Oh my!" Rigel said.

"Cool, huh?"

"Yeah. This is my first time in a starship, and I've never seen red-shift like that."

With the stars gone, Tara went over to her bed, kicked off her shoes and sat on the bed, cross-legged. "I wonder what's on the holograph," she said.

"I've already tried it, they're showing nothing but reruns. We're going faster than the speed of light, so the signals from Earth can't reach us. That's why we can't see any shows besides what's already been recorded."

"Yeah. Well, what is there to do?"

"Well, It's 8:30 American Pacific time and I haven't had dinner yet. Wanna go get a pizza?"

"That sounds good to me. It's about 2:30 for me and I haven't had lunch yet."

Tara put her shoes back on, and she and Rigel walked to the door. The sensors on the ground sensed the pressure of their feet and the door slid open. As the two new friends walked out, the door closed behind them. They found a pizzeria and ordered a half-pepperoni, half-Hawaiian pizza. They sat down with their pizza and started eating. As Rigel was taking her first bite of Hawaiian pizza, she happened to look down at the table to find something written on the underside of the glass table protector. "Hey Tara, look at this."

"What is it?" The redhead asked, taking a bite of pepperoni.

"It's some information about the Pacific System."

"What does it say about it?"

"It says that Pacifica is located 56 light-years away in the constellation of Horologium, the pendulum clock."

Tara looked at the table to find the same information of her side of the table. There was a picture of Horologium accompanying the information. "Doesn't look much like a pendulum clock to me."

"Me neither." She continued reading. "It says that it was originally called Iota Horologii, 'Iota' being the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet, 'Horologii' designating its position in Horologium. Cerulean was originally called Iota Horologii b when it was discovered in 1999."

"Cerulean is a 2.26 Jupiter-mass planet consisting of 76% hydrogen, 20% helium, and 4% trace gases, similar to the composition of Neptune. It travels in an elliptical orbit around Pacifica, bringing it from 0.78 AUs to 1.08 AUs from its parent star. The changes is distance cause dramatic changes is temperature, but it never gets too hot to vaporize liquid water."

"Atlantis was originally called Iota Horologii b Prime when it was discovered in 2046. It has about the same mass as Earth, with an atmosphere of 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 1% trace gases. Because of its atmosphere and distance from Pacifica, Atlantis supports life. The life on Atlantis at a stage of evolution similar to Earth's late Paleozoic Era."

"Look," Tara said, looking at another picture accompanying the information. "It's an Atlantian Lizard."

"Adult Atlantian Lizards are 50 to 60 centimeters in length and weigh 7 to 8 kilograms. The average Atlantian Lizard is colored green and brown, allowing it to blend in with its environment."

"Hey. It says they live on the southern continent."

"You think were gonna see one?"

"Do I think so? I know so! I'm not leaving Atlantis without seeing one!"

When Tara and Rigel got back to their room, they found their parents at the door. "Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad," Rigel said.

The four parents turned to find their daughters there. "Hello, Rigel," said the blonde's mother.

"Hello, Tara," said Tara's father.

"So this is Rigel," Tara's mother said looking at the blonde girl. "She's very pretty."

"That would be my genes," Rigel's mother said smugly.

"Hey," Rigel's father teased, "I helped too." Rigel's parents laughed a bit.

"Are you two getting along okay?" asked Tara's mother.

"Just fine, Mum," the redhead replied. "We just came back from lunch."

"Dinner for me," Rigel said.

"So what were you two thinking of doing now that you've had some food?" Rigel's father asked.

"We haven't decided yet," Rigel replied.

"Hey," said Tara, having an idea, "this ship has a movie rental store. We could go and get a movie disc."

"Good idea, Tara," said Rigel.

"Well, the four of us were about to get something to eat ourselves," said Tara's father. "We were just checking to see how you two were before we left."

"Okay," the redhead said.

"I guess we'll see you tomorrow," Rigel said to her parents.

After exchanging good byes, the parents went off to get some food and the girls went off to get a movie disc.

Tara and Rigel made their way to the movie rental store and started browsing for a movie disc. The movie that they decided on was The Matrix, a remake of the ground-breaking 1999 movie. With the invention of the holograph a hundred years before, media had been brought to a whole new level, allowing viewers to watch movies in three dimensions.

After renting The Matrix, Tara and Rigel went back to their room to watch it. Rigel lay down on her bed and kicked off her sandals as Tara inserted the four-inch long, ten-gigabyte movie disc into the slot beside the holograph projector. Tara proceded to lay down on her bed. She kicked off her shoes as well as the lights in the room dimmed. A few sparks flew around the room. Then, as the movie started, green lines of code moved around in three dimensions.

It was about 12:00 AM for Rigel and 6:00 PM for Tara when the movie ended. With nothing else to do, the girls just sat on their respective beds and talked. "So, your first space flight, huh?" Tara said.

"That's right."

"Why haven't you been on one before?"

"My parents have always been working. They never had any time to take me on a space flight."

"So, how did they find time for you this time?"

"They started working on vacation days. By doing that, they managed to save up enough vacation days for a month's vacation."

"That's pretty clever. My parents work for RPA, so I've been to Mars a few times, but that's about it." RPA meant Red Planet Architechture. Tara's parents helped design space-aged buildings on Mars. "This is my first time out of the Sol System."

"They wanted to save up at least a month by the time I graduated from high school several months ago."

"You just graduated from high school? Me too."

"Really? How old are you?"

The redhead gave a short chuckle. "I'm actually seventeen. Most people mistake me for much younger."

"Yeah. I thought that you were like fourteen."

"My mum's family has a history of late developers."

"So, are you looking forward to Atlantis?"

"Oh, yes. It's going to be nothing like Earth, I'm sure of that. It has alien life, there is a big, blue gas giant in the sky, and its warm this time of year. If there's one thing I love more than anything else, it's warm waters."

"Where are you staying on Atlantis?"

"The Baha Resort, southern continent. What about you?"

"Baha? I'm staying at the Seusui Resort, only about five miles along the beach."

"You can walk down and visit me."

"Wait, what makes you think I'm walking?"

"You look like a better walker than I am! In case you haven't noticed, I'm kinda small. I'm only 5'0". Your legs are much longer than mine!"

The two friends laughed as they teased each other. "Say," Rigel said, "I wonder what time it is on our side of the southern continent?"

"Well," said Tara, "from what I read in the Odyssey's brochure, we were paired together because we're staying in the same time zone on Atlantis. Each room is put on its own time, depending on which time zones the passengers are going to be in."

Rigel took the remote for the holograph and pressed Time on the remote. The holograph projected big numbers reading, 20:21. "20:21," said Rigel. "That means it's 9:21 PM." Rigel pressed Time again and the numbers disappeared.

"Well, that's perfect," Tara said. "It's not all that much of a time change."

"Only three hours difference for both of us."

"Well, I'm not tired yet. Even if it is 9:21 in this room, I don't normally go to sleep until close to 1:00 in the morning."

"Neither do I. And I think that seeing the 20:21 on the holograph just reset me internal clock."

"So now you feel that it's actually 9:21 instead of 12:21?"

"What do you wanna do for the next four hours?"

Tara took up the remote and pressed the Map button. The holograph projected a 3-D map of the Odyssey, each area of the ship labeled. "Now that's interesting," said Tara.

"What do you see?" the American girl asked.

"Low-G swimming."

"Oh, yeah. I read in the brochure that they have a pool one level up that's at only one-half normal Earth gravity."

"This is the first luxury starship that I've been on, and I've never tried it. I think it might be fun."

"You have your swimming suit?"

"You know it! I'll need it for surfing when we reach Atlantis."

Both Tara and Rigel went to their bags to get their swimming suits. Tara took out her red bikini and Rigel took out her green bikini. Both girls' bikinis had a metallic luster to them. Metallic-looking clothing was stylish in the 24th century. After the girls had gathered their swimming suits and towels, they made their way to the swimming pool. They found one of the four ladders that led from the bottom level to the center level. At the level directly above them, they could feel the slight weightlessness of their bodies. "This feels really weird," said Tara. "It's not Earth gravity, it's not zero gravity, but it's in between."

"I wonder how high someone could jump off a diving board at this gravity," Rigel said.

"One way to find out."

There were quite a few people at the swimming pool. "It's strange," said the blonde. "Sometimes I forget that there are twenty-four times zones on Earth and that when someone sleeps, someone else is awake."

"Surprised to find people at the pool at 12:30 AM?" The two friends laughed.

"Let's go get changed." Tara and Rigel entered the locker room and started undressing. Again, Tara was stunned by Rigel's naked body. Ever since her second year of high school, Tara had known that she was a lesbian. Some of her friends had tried to set her up with a few guys, but she had no attraction to them at all. She sometimes caught herself staring at beautiful women. Although homophobia was all but extinct on Earth, Tara still would not openly admit her attractions to other girls; not readily at least. Although she had known that she was a lesbian, Tara had not yet experienced the joys of lesbian sex.

When both girls had changed into their metallic bikinis, they exited the locker room and went back to the pool. Tara went to the diving board and stepped onto it. "Let's see how high I can jump in this low gravity," said the redhead. She jumped and Rigel stared in awe as Tara soared through the air. She jumped a whole ten feet into the air. "Oh, my God!" Tara cried. "This is great!" She landed in the pool five seconds after jumping.

Tara surfaced and walked next to Rigel, who was getting ready for the diving board. "That looked like so much fun!" said the American girl.

"It is. Try it."

Rigel stepped up to the diving board. She walked to the end and jumped. For a little more fun, Rigel decided to do somersaults in the air. "Yeehah!" she cried as she flipped several times before landing in the water. The blonde surfaced just in time to see Tara jumping again. The Australian did both somersaults and spins, playfully trying to show up Rigel. "Thought you could beat me, huh?" Rigel playfully teased as Tara resurfaced. Rigel jumped off the diving board, doing diagonal flips, sometimes holding one of her feet while in the air. She resurfaced and said to Tara. "Beat that!"

Tara grabbed a hold of Rigel, jumped into the water and took Rigel with her. They resurfaced laughing. As they looked at each other, their laughing died down and their expressions suddenly became very serious. They stared into each other's eyes, each one locked in the other girl's gaze. Tara's nipples were pressing against the fabric of her bra, and she knew that Rigel could see her arousal. "Rigel, I--"

"Shhh," Rigel said softly, putting a finger over Tara's mouth. They looked into each other's eyes again. "Let's go back to the room, okay?"

Tara smiled at the blonde. "Okay," she replied. The two friends stepped out of the pool and went back to the locker room. They started undressing again, scanning each other's bodies as they did so. They dried themselves off and then got back into their casual clothes. Their hearts raced as they made their way back to their room, anticipating what was to come.

Tara and Rigel suddenly felt weighed down as they reached the bottom level, experiencing normal Earth gravity again. They walked around the curving floor toward their room, trying not to seem like they were in a hurry to get back. After what seemed like hours of walking, Tara and Rigel finally made it back to their room. Tara fumbled with her key card, trying to swipe it through the card reader. After several failed attempted, Rigel held Tara's hand to steady it. They managed to swipe the card through, and the door slid open allowing them access. They entered the room.

As soon as the door slid shut, Tara and Rigel were all over each other. Their mouths met in a soft, warm kiss and their arms wrapped around each other. Rigel's tongue slipped out of her mouth, pushing the Australian's lips apart. The tongue was too intense for Tara and she pulled away slightly. "I'm sorry," Rigel said. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm just fine," Tara replied. "It's just, do you think we're rushing things a bit?"

"What do you think? If you don't think we're ready..." Rigel trailed off as Tara's lips met hers again. This time, it was Tara who parted Rigel's lips with her tongue. Their tongues met and they felt the warmth from each other's mouths. After a few minutes locked in their kiss, they broke for air. "Have you ever been with another girl?" Rigel asked.

"No," said the redhead. "But I've thought about it for a long time now."

"I've been with a few girls. A lot of the guys I've been with didn't understand me. I need someone who knows what a girl feels. I just connect better with girls than I do with boys."

"I'm just not attracted to guys. The only thing I've really found attractive is the body of a female." The two girls' mouths locked again. Rigel pulled Tara deeper into the kiss and Tara pulled Rigel in deeper as well. "How thick are the walls?" Tara asked between kisses.

"Thick enough," said Rigel. "Nobody will hear us."

As they kissed, Rigel's hands started migrating under Tara's shirt. They cupped Tara's breasts through her bra, touching the rock-hard nipples that were pushing against the fabric. "Take it off," Tara moaned. Rigel unclipped Tara's white bra under her shirt, exposing her A-cup breasts to the blonde's hands.

Rigel fondled Tara's breasts, emitting soft sighs from the Australian girl's mouth. Rigel broke the kiss and looked into Tara eyes. "I've always liked small breasts," she smiled.

"My breasts are not small!" Tara said with mock insult.

Rigel lifted Tara's shirt over her head, revealing her breasts. Rigel brought her head down to Tara's chest and started sucking and licking Tara's nipples. The redhead moaned in pleasure as Rigel pleasured the erect nubs on her breasts. Tara brought her hands to the backside of Rigel's head and pushed her into her chest. "Please, keep going," Tara moaned blissfully.

As the blonde kept stimulating Tara's nipples with her mouth, her hands went down to Tara's pants and slowly slid them down her legs, revealing her white panties. Rigel's right hand went to Tara's crotch. "Wow," Rigel said, "you're really wet down there."

"You make we wetter than any other girl has."

Rigel stopped licking Tara's breasts. "Lie down," she said. Tara did as she was told and lied down on Rigel's bed. The blonde took off her top and pants. Now standing only in her black bra and panties, the American went over to Tara and positioned herself between her legs. Slowly, she slipped the panties down Tara's legs.

Tara was now completely naked in front of Rigel. The redhead was very wet by then. Tiny beads of moisture had formed on Tara's red pubic hairs. "Tara," Rigel said, "if you don't wanna do this, you can--"

"No," Tara interrupted. "I want this."

Rigel brought her head down between Tara's legs. The scent of the Australian's arousal was intoxicating. Slowly, Rigel traced the outline of Tara's pussy lips with her tongue, working closer and closer toward Tara's slit. When the blonde got there, she wrapped her lips fully around the soft organ and inserted her tongue into her friend's wet canal. Tara gasped as she felt Rigel's experienced tongue dart in and out of her pussy. The redhead squeezed her breasts as she moaned in pleasure. "Oh, Rigel," she moaned. "This feels so good."

"Tara likes?" Rigel said through Tara's muff.

"Oh yes, Tara likes," the redhead replied. "God, this feels so good. Keep going, Rigel. Keep going."

Rigel stopped working Tara's pussy with her mouth and replaced it with her fingers. She inserted her right index finger into Tara's dripping cunt and started flicking Tara's clit with her tongue. There was a sharp intake of air as Tara's body momentarily tensed up. The redhead then started writhing on the bed and she cried out in pleasure. Rigel inserted another finger into Tara's pussy, and then a third. Juices were flowing very freely now, dripping from Tara's cunt onto the bed sheets. The Australian was completely lost in her own world of pleasure, not caring about anything else besides the wonders that her lover was performing on her.

Tara could start to feel the pressure start to build up inside her. Her cries of pleasure were becoming louder and louder, and her hips bucked into Rigel more forcefully. Seeing that Tara was on the verge of orgasm, Rigel started finger-fucking Tara even more forcefully, flicking her clit even faster. Tara cried out again as she was pushed to the plateau. Her back arched and her body tensed up, signaling that her orgasm was eminent. "Rigel!" she cried, "I'm gonna cum!" Rigel went in for the kill and took the very aroused clit into her mouth, sucking on it hard. Tara cried out in bliss as she was sent over the edge. Her hands gripped the bed sheets as the rest of her body spasmed out of control. Her pussy walls contracted around Rigel's fingers, girl-cum flooding into Rigel's awaiting mouth.

After about a minute, Tara's body came to rest on the bed. She breathed heavily, her eyes were closed, and she had a blissful smile on her face. Rigel grinned at her accomplishment. Tara's mind returned to reality as she felt someone's lips on her own. She opened her eyes to see that it was Rigel. She slipped her tongue into Rigel's mouth and tasted her own juices. "How was that?" the blonde asked.

"Rigel," Tara said softly, "that was amazing. That has to be the best orgasm I've ever had. Thank you for that."

"The pleasure was all mine," said Rigel. "Your pussy tastes so good."

"How does yours taste?" Tara said seductively.

"Why don't you be the judge of that?" Rigel took off her bra and panties, exposing her C-cup breasts and perfectly shaved pussy. She then got up an the bed and straddled Tara, her pussy in front of the redhead's face. Tara could see the moisture and could smell the scent of Rigel's arousal. "Go ahead," said the blond-haired American. Tara was nervous. "I know it's your first time. Don't worry. I know you'll do fine." Tara took a hold of Rigel's hips, and Rigel lowered her pussy into Tara's mouth. Tara started licking Rigel's slit, tasting her lover's juices. "That's good," Rigel said, moaning slightly. "Keep going." Tara then put her mouth around Rigel's wet cunt, still licking the length of her opening. The redhead then pushed her tongue into Rigel's canal, just like Rigel had done to her. A loud moan escaped Rigel's lips. "That's it," she moaned. "That's it. Keep going. That feels so good."

"I don't even know what I'm doing," said Tara between licks and sucks. "I'm just going by instinct."

"That's all there is to it. Just let everything go. Let your mouth do the thinking for you. Oh, yeah. That feels so good."

Rigel's hips and Tara's mouth had started up a rhythm, Rigel thrusting her hips into Tara's mouth as Tara pushed her tongue into Rigel's pussy. Rigel was fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples, heightening her feelings of pleasure and arousal. Rigel's pussy juices were starting to drip down Tara's cheek and onto the bed. Tara did not care that they were making a mess. She was just so happy that her lesbian fantasies were finally coming true.

Rigel soon felt her orgasm start building inside her. She was writhing on the bed, eyes closed, the Australian girl still eating her sopping cunt. "Please Tara," she moaned, almost a cry, "eat my clit." Tara continued sucking on Rigel's pussy, but she moved her tongue out of the hole and started flicking Rigel's throbbing clit with it. "Oh God, yes!" Rigel cried as Tara stimulated the swollen nubbin. "Yes, Tara. Keep going. Oh, God!" Rigel's body tensed up as her orgasm came upon her. "Tara!" she cried. "I'm cumming!" Rigel gripped the bed posts and her body started jerking uncontrollably. She let our several loud grunts as her body jerked, and girl-cum flooded Tara's mouth. Tara loved the taste of Rigel's cum juices and tried her best to lap up every drop of it.

Rigel came down from her orgasm and lay down on top of Tara, kissing her new lover. Their lips locked and their tongues mingled. Rigel moaned as she tasted her own juices on Tara's lips. She then moved her mouth to Tara's cheek and licked up the girl-cum that was there.

The two girls just lay on the bed, making out. At that moment, nothing else mattered to them besides the other girl in their arms. After a while, Rigel broke the kiss. "So," Tara asked, "how was I?"

"You were good," said Rigel. "Your a little inexperienced, but it was really good considering it was your first time. I can help you improve."

"I look forward to taking lessons from you."

Both girls were tired from their orgasms, so they got under the covers and embraced. They fell asleep in each other's arms, knowing that it was going to be one hell of a vacation.


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