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Lust in Space, Part10
by Nathan Warford


One morning, Tara was awoken by a beeping sound coming from her holograph. As she looked around the room, she saw that the holograph was projecting flashing text that read:

          Meet me at the spaceport where we landed at 8:00. I have a surprise for you. Be sure to bring the vibrator!

--All of my love,

"I thought I turned that thing off," Tara said to herself, picking up the remote and turning off the holograph. "I wonder what Rigel has in store for me." After a moment, Tara realized that she did not know what time it was. She pressed the "Time" button on the holograph. The holograph projected "7:04 am". "Why did she have to get me up so early?" said Tara. The redhead yawned and stretched the kinks out of her back. "7:04. That should give me enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast, and meet Rigel." Tara got out of bed and put on her pink bra and panties, and then slipped into her green T-shirt and earth-toned shorts. After sticking the vibrator into her back pocket, Tara went into the other room to have lunch.

Tara found her parents eating in the dining room. "Well, good morning," said Tara's father.

"Good morning, Dad," said Tara.

"You want some breakfast?" asked her mother.

"Yes, thank you." Tara's mother had made danna fruit pancakes. Tara took a bite of her pancake and smiled at the taste. She had loved the taste of the danna fruit ever since she had tried Rigel's sandwich on the beach. After Tara had eaten she said. "I got a message from Rigel this morning, telling me to meet her at 8:00. I think I should get going soon if I hope to meet her on time."

"Okay," said Tara's father. "I probably don't have to hope that you two have a fun time because you always do."

"Okay," said Tara. "Bye."

"Oh, by the way," said Tara's mother. "Happy Birthday."

"Thanks, Mum." With that, Tara left the Baha Resort and made her way to the spaceport.

Tara arrived at the spaceport at about 7:50. Rigel had not arrived and Tara became anxious to meet her. "Damn it, why did I have to get here so early?" she said. Then, Tara saw a red solar-powered car zoom into the parking lot and pull up right next to her. Tara became excited, knowing that Rigel's solar-powered car was red. Surely enough, Rigel stepped out of the driver's seat after she had turned off the ignition. She was wearing her pink T-shirt and faded jeans. "Hey, Rigel," Tara said.

"Greetings," the blonde said, kissing Tara. "Glad you could make it."

"So tell me, Rigel. What's going on? What's the surprise?"

Rigel looked up toward the sky and gestured toward it. Tara looked in the direction that Rigel was gesturing and saw a small shuttle coming in to land at the spaceport. "Come with me," Rigel said, dragging Tara toward the entrance to the spaceport.

When Tara and Rigel reached one of the gates, they heard two female voices from the gate say, "Welcome, friends!"

Tara looked to the gate and was taken aback when she saw who it was. "No way!" Tara cried.

"Yes way!" It was Megumi and Anzu! Tara and Rigel ran to the two Japanese girls and the four of them embraced each other.

After the embrace was broken, Tara said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well," Megumi said, "we wanted to see you and Rigel on Atlantis. And we thought today is the perfect day."

"Why today?"

Anzu said, "Because it's your..."

Megumi, Anzu, and Rigel all completed the sentence in unison, "...eighteenth birthday!"

Tara almost passed out when she learned that her friends knew that it was her birthday. "What?" the redhead stammered. "How did you? I didn't tell anybody that it was my birthday today."

"You forget about our computer skills," Anzu said, moving her fingers as if she was on a keyboard.

"Oh, that's right," said Tara. "You guys are--"

"Sh!" Rigel interrupted, covering Tara's mouth with one of her hands. The blonde whispered in Tara's ear, "There are people here. You don't want Megumi and Anzu to get arrested, do you?"

"Mm-mm," Tara said, shaking her head. Rigel took her hand away from Tara's mouth.

"Well," said Megumi. "Follow us and we can start the celebration!" Megumi and Anzu walked to the gate that they came from and Tara and Rigel followed. In front of the gate was a spaceport employee instead of a card reader. Tara knew that this was the system used for private flights instead of commercial flights. The employee knew that Tara and Rigel were part of Megumi and Anzu's party because they were with Megumi and Anzu when they approached the gate.

The shuttle was significantly smaller than a commercial shuttle. There were only ten passenger seats. "As you can see," said Anzu, "this is a private shuttle, not meant for very many people. That means that we can go wherever we want."

"Wow," Tara said. "I--I don't know what to say. I have no idea where we should go."

"Leave that to us," Megumi said. "We have it all worked out. Just strap yourself in and we'll take you where we want."

"You'll take us?" Tara said. "You mean you're pilots?"

"That's right," Anzu said.

"We have been taking piloting lessons for several years," Megumi said. "We were the ones that piloted the paleontology class to the Halcyon Resort."

Tara and Rigel strapped themselves into two of the passenger seats while Megumi and Anzu proceeded to the cock pit, where they strapped themselves in as well. "This is amazing," Tara said while Megumi and Anzu began the startup procedure. "Thank you for this, Rigel."

"Hey, it was no problem," said Rigel. "It didn't cost anybody anything. It was Megumi and Anzu's idea anyway."

"You ready back there?" asked Megumi.

"All ready," said Rigel.

Anzu said, "How do you say? Have your tray table up and the seat in its full upright position."

First, Megumi and Anzu drove the shuttle to the runway. Private shuttles were designed for horizontal take-off so that they did not need to be on special platforms in order to leave the ground. When the shuttle was in position, the engines started up and the shuttle started moving forward. The speed of the shuttle slowly increased until it reached the end of the runway and it lifted off of the ground. Now in the air, Megumi and Anzu flew the shuttle into a more northward heading. When the shuttle was at a sufficient altitude, the nose pointed more upward and thrusters fired, pushing the shuttle higher up into the atmosphere. At this time, the flight felt a lot more like that of a commercial flight.

When the shuttle had cleared the Atlantian atmosphere, the thrusters shut down, the gravitational forces decreased to zero, and the shuttle moved into a polar orbit. Anzu said, "Ladies and gentleman, we are now at our cruising altitude of 528,000 feet. You are now free to walk around the aircraft."

Rigel unbuckled her harness and started floating around the shuttle. Tara had never actually been out of her harness while a shuttle was still in orbit. However, seeing that she was allowed to do that now, she unbuckled her harness as well and jumped out of her seat to meet with Rigel. "Isn't this fun?" Rigel said as she took a hold of Tara when they met.

Tara said, "This is the first time I've been in zero-G without needed to grab onto anything. So this is the first time I've actually been able to float around. This is fun!"

"Mind if we join you?" Megumi said as she and Anzu exited the cockpit. They jumped up and met up with Tara and Rigel.
"We put the shuttle on autopilot so we could be with you," Anzu said.

Tara looked out of one of the windows at the watery moon of Atlantis. It was truly a beautiful sight. "I can't believe you did this all for me," Tara said.

"Now, it's not only for you," Rigel said. "Megumi, Anzu, and I are having fun also. We're doing this for all of us. But we put the emphasis on you because it's your birthday. And the eighteenth birthday is an important occasion in the United States."

"The age of consent," Tara said. "However, the Australian age of consent is sixteen. As far as I'm concerned, I've been an adult for two years now."

"Wait," Megumi said. "I have an idea." The Asian girl jumped from the ceiling and floated toward one of the carry-on storage compartments. She opened it up and took out a large backpack. She took out a portable holograph and her computer and set them up on the floor of the shuttle. After a few moments on the computer, the entire shuttle disappeared and all that was left was Pacifica, Cerulean, Atlantis, and and endless field of stars.

"Absolutely beautiful," Tara said. Although the girls could still feel the walls of the cabin, there was nothing to obstruct their vision of the entire sky around them.

"I think you're even more beautiful," a loving Rigel said to Tara. The two girls reached for each other and pulled themselves together, where they shared a deep, passionate kiss. The zero-G environment made the kiss feel even more exotic and exciting.

That was when Anzu posed a question she had been waiting to ask. "What else could we do in zero-G?"

"Yes," said Megumi. "What could we do in zero-G?"

Tara noticed that Rigel had been kissing her more and more deeply and knew where the three older girls were leading her. "Do you really have to ask?" she said. Although it was only about 8:15 am, Tara knew that Megumi and Anzu were still on Halcyon Time and that it was 10:15 pm from their point of view. Tara and Rigel made out aggressively and started undressing each other. First, they rid each other of their tops. Tara was pleasantly surprised to find that Rigel had decided not to wear a bra. Without hesitating for a second, Tara plunged her face into Rigel's bare chest and hungrily sucked on the blonde's nipples, causing them to harden instantly. Rigel arched her back and moaned in pleasure.

Rigel unclasped Tara's bra at it simply floated away. Rigel grabbed a hold of Tara's tits and squeezed them, causing Tara to sigh in pleasure. Rigel pinched the redhead's nipples, making her moan even louder. Then, Tara and Rigel felt someone moved up behind them and press themselves into their backs. Megumi was behind Tara and Anzu was behind Rigel. Both Asian girls were naked and Tara and Rigel could feel their hard nipples pressing against their backs. Megumi pulled Rigel's hands away from Tara tits and started fondling them herself. Knowing that Anzu wanted to pleasure Rigel's breasts as well, Tara took her mouth away from Rigel's nipples and kissed the American girl on the lips. Anzu's hands went directly to Rigel's boobs and squeezed and fondled the round mounds.

After a minute or so, Megumi and Anzu proceeded to rid Tara and Rigel of their pants. Rigel wore no panties either, and Tara's pink underwear was off in no time. Megumi and Anzu then managed to squeeze in between Tara and Rigel and create a four-way make-out session. Every girl grabbed for any piece of flesh they could, regardless of whose body it was they were kissing and fondling.

As if with a mind of its own, Tara's hand moved down between Rigel's legs and started rubbing her hard clit. "No, wait," Rigel said. "I need a dildo inside me."

"Coming right up," Anzu said. She pushed herself away from the other three girls and floated toward the backpack that Megumi had been keeping the holographic technology. She took out of the pack and strap-on dildo. She then jumped up toward Tara, Rigel, and Megumi and they met again. "Take this," Anzu said, handing the strap-on to Tara.

"While you're busy with the strap-on," said Megumi, "do you mind if Anzu and I use your toys?"

"Sure thing," Rigel said.

"Okay," said Tara.

While Megumi and Anzu were going to take out Tara and Rigel's toys, Tara slipped the straps around her waist and fitted the straps to her specifications. Tara and Rigel held each other and positioned themselves so that Rigel's pussy was hanging over the head of the fake cock. Rigel commanded, "Now but that cock inside me and make me cum, Bitch!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Tara said.

With that, the redhead grabbed Rigel's hips and pulled them onto the dildo. With the dildo inside Rigel's dripping pussy, Tara started moving Rigel's hips up and down and thrust the dildo into Rigel's cunt every time she pulled Rigel's hips downward onto it. Tara and needed to push and pull on Rigel's hips because there was no surface to push her up and no gravity to pull her down. Rigel moaned in pleasure as Tara fucked her. "Oh, yeah," moaned the blonde. "That's good, Tara. That's good."

"This is my first time using a strap-on," said Tara. "How am I doing?"

"I don't know," Rigel replied. "Something's wrong. It's not hitting my G-spot."

"Try doggy-style," said Megumi. Tara and Rigel looked to see that Megumi and Anzu were in a 69 position, ready to start fucking each other. Megumi had the double-headed dildo and Anzu had the vibrator.

"Missionary has not worked for us," Anzu said. "With doggy-style, we always hit the G-spot."

In the zero-G environment, it was easy for Rigel to spin herself around so that her back was to Tara. "Now," said Rigel. "Be a good girl and fuck me like the slut you are."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Tara took a hold of Rigel's hips and pulled them down onto the dildo again. Tara again developed a rhythm with her pulls and thrusts. Rigel was instantly moaning, this time much louder. "Yes, that's it," she cried. "Now it's hitting my G-spot. Oh, it feels so good. Yes, fuck my pussy. Oh yeah, fuck my pussy."

Meanwhile, Megumi and Anzu had started their session together as well. Megumi had started fucking Anzu's cunt with the dildo and Anzu was rubbing the humming vibrator against Megumi's swollen clit. Both Asians were moaning and sighing in pleasure, watching Tara fuck Rigel while they fucked each other. "Is it good?" asked Megumi.

"Yes, it's good," Rigel replied.

"I'm your slut," Tara said. "Yes, I'm your bitch. Tell me what you want, Master."

"Make me cum! I want you to make me cum all over that big cock!"

"Yes, Ma'am."

Tara shoved the dildo deep into Rigel's cunt, completely filling the slimy, wet canal. Rigel cried in bliss as Tara fucked her pussy as hard as she could. "Oh, fuck yeah!" Rigel cried. "Yes, that's it. Fuck my pussy hard just like that. Oh God, that feels so good. Make me cum all over you."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Megumi and Anzu, like Tara and Rigel, were now at full speed. Megumi was pounding the dildo in and out of Anzu's cunt while Anzu was rubbing Megumi's clit furiously with the vibrator, which was now at full RPM. The college girls were moaning and writhing in pleasure, on the verge of cumming. "Oh, hai. Hai." Anzu moaned.

"Iku," moaned Megumi.

"I wanna see you cum for me, Master," Tara said. "I want your cum."

"Oh, shit!" cried Rigel. "I'm cumming all over you! Yes! Yes!" Rigel's body was hit with an orgasm of tremendous power. She grunted and groaned in ecstasy as her body bucked violently. Girl-cum squirted from her pussy so powerfully that she and Tara started spinning in the zero-G environment.

Because everything was weightless, The juices that squirted from Rigel's spasming cunt did not just splatter against Tara, they flew all over the cabin. Most of it soaked Tara's legs and stomach, but some of it flew to where Megumi and Anzu were at their plateau and would start cumming with just one more stimulant. And that stimulant came when Rigel's cum-juices landed on them. They both cried out in bliss as they both cummed in unison. Both the dildo and the vibrator shot from their pussies across the shuttle while juices squirted powerfully from their pussies.

It was a minute or so before the three older girls stopped cumming and went limp. Because they were no longer holding onto each other for dear life like they were when they cummed, they simply floated away from one another, lost in a weightless world of post-orgasmic euphoria. Rigel came back to her senses when something hit her one the head. "Ow!" she cried. She looked but could see only stars. She moved her hand forward and felt the edge of the cabin, invisible from the effect of the holograph. Tara laughed, and Rigel turned her head toward the redhead. "Is something funny, you little bitch?"

"No, Ma'am."

"I think you need punishment for being such a bad girl." Rigel found the side of the cabin and pushed herself off toward Tara. They grabbed a hold of each other and kissed each other aggressively. Rigel grabbed Tara's hair and pulled her head away so that she could talk. "Take off that strap-on, Slave." Tara obediently slipped out of the strap-on dildo and gave it to Rigel. Rigel stuck the head of the dildo into her mouth, both sucking off her own cum-juices and lubing it up for re-entry. When it was sufficiently wet with her saliva, the American stepped into it and turned Tara around so that her back was facing her. "Are you ready for your punishment."

"Oh, yes," Tara moaned. "Punish me. Just do whatever you want."

"Ladies," Rigel said, "Let's teach this young girl a lesson." Megumi and Anzu had recovered from their mutual orgasm and jumped up to meat with Tara and Rigel. Anzu started kissing and sucking on Tara's titties while Megumi went behind Tara and tied her hands behind her back with a piece of rope that she had brought along. She then went to Tara's front side and kissed her on the lips. "Let the punishment begin!" said Rigel. With that, she started fucking Tara's cunt with the dildo. The combined forces of Rigel's dick and the two Asian girls' mouths made Tara moan loudly. Although her cries and whimpers of pleasure were muffled my Megumi's mouth, they were still very loud.

"You've been a bad girl," Anzu said between little sucks and bites at Tara's stiff nipples.

"Yes," Megumi added in between kisses. "You like getting punished, don't you, Slut?"

"Oh yes," a helpless Tara said. "I love it."

Rigel slapped Tara's ass hard, making the redhead cry in pain. "Shut up!" said Rigel. "No talking, Slut! You're our slave and you do what we say."

"Yes, Ma'am," Tara whimpered.

"Ready, Ladies?" Rigel said. "Let's give it to her now."

"Right!" Megumi and Anzu said in unison.

With that, all three girls started fucking Tara as hard as they could. Rigel's cock was pounding Tara's pussy, Anzu was rubbing the redhead's turgid clit while sucking hard on her rock-hard nipples, and Megumi was sucking her mouth dry. In seconds, Tara was cumming wildly, screaming in pleasure, entire body convulsing violently, girl-cum exploding from her pussy all over the shuttle, soaking not only Rigel and herself, but also Megumi and Anzu. The three older girls were turned on even more by watching Tara's pussy-juices squirting all over the place, and were pressured to keep on going. Tara was soon writhing and screaming in another mind-blowing orgasm.

Tara, completely spent from her massive double-orgasm, passed out from the sensory overload that her three lovers had inflicted upon her. Megumi and Anzu let go of Tara and drifted off together, kissing each other passionately, licking all of Tara's cum-juices off of each other's bodies. However, Rigel was worried that Tara might have been hurt by their assault. However, when she heard Tara's steady breathing, she knew that her lover was okay and sleeping peacefully.

Tara was woken up several minutes later by someone shaking her. "Tara," a voice said. "Tara. Wake up." Tara opened her eyes and saw the beautiful blue eyes of Rigel. The blonde was fully dressed now, Tara's hands were untied, and the holograph had been deactivated, making the inside of the shuttle visible again. "Oh good, you're awake."

"Hi, there," Tara said, smiling.

"I'm sorry to wake you, but we're coming up on our destination. You might wanna get dressed. There may be people where we're going."

"Oh. Okay." Tara started jumping around the shuttle, collecting her clothes.

Megumi said from the cock pit, "Ladies and gentleman, we our now making our approach to Avlossa Falls. Please strap yourselves into you restraining harnesses until we have landed."

When Tara was completely dressed, she pushed herself to a seat beside where Rigel was sitting. She strapped herself in and waited for the shuttle to descend. The nose of the shuttle pointed slightly downward, toward Atlantis. After a few moments, there was a small bit of turbulence. The turbulence steadily increased for several minutes as the shuttle shot through the upper atmosphere at 17,800 miles per hour. After several minutes, the turbulence all but disappeared when they exited the jet stream. The shuttle was now descending steadily, flying at a good speed of 550 miles per hour. Gravitational forces had returned to normal and the shuttle was now making its final descent to Avlossa Falls.

As Tara looked out the side window, she noticed that there was no runway. Instead, it was a giant body of water. "Uh, guys," Tara said, becoming very nervous. "I think the shuttle's going down!"

"Not when we're flying," Anzu said. The shuttle leveled off several feet from the water's surface. The shuttle started slowing down, but they still stayed at the same altitude above the water. Tara was becoming confused at this point. After about a minute, the shuttle came to a complete stop. They were still at the same altitude above the water!

Tara was very confused until she felt the shuttle started bobbing up and down like she was on a surfboard out in the ocean. "Oh, I get it now!" she announced. "The shuttle has water landing gear!"

Megumi and Anzu piloted the shuttle next to a rocky shore and brought it to a halt. Megumi announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have safely landed right outside Avlossa Falls. The local time is 8:42 am. We hope you enjoyed your flight and hope to see you again soon."

The four girls unstrapped themselves from their harnesses and exited the shuttle. The temperature was almost exactly the same as it was on the southern continent, informing Tara that they were at a mid-latitude. The only difference was that the blue planet of Cerulean was to the south instead of to the north. Anzu then said, "If you will follow us, Ladies, we can continue our tour of Atlantis." Megumi and Anzu started walking on a path up unto some nearby mountains.

"Avlossa Falls," Tara said. "It sounds kinda familiar. I think I read about in the brochure when my parents and I were planning our vacation here."

"You'll remember it when you see it," said Rigel.

At the base of one of the mountains, the four girls came to a cave. Anzu continued, "Everyone, this is the famous Avlossa Cave, carved thousands of years ago by lava from an ancient volcano, named for the Swedish word for 'fire'. Stay close to us as we explore Atlantis' interior." She went in first with Megumi following close behind. Next came Rigel and then Tara. They had formed a chain by holding hands so that they would not get separated even though they could not see anything without light.

"I can't see a thing," Tara said in the darkness.

"Just don't let go and everything will be all right," Rigel said reassuringly. Just then, Tara's hand slipped! "Tara?" Rigel asked, worried. "Tara, where are you?"

"What happened?" asked Megumi.

"My hand slipped! Tara's gone!"

"O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o," an eerie voice said from the darkness.

"Shit, Tara!" Rigel cried. Tara laughed out loud, her voice echoing through the cave. "Don't do that!"

"I couldn't help myself!" Tara laughed.

"Come here!"

Rigel reached for Tara and grabbed something soft and warm. "Ah!" Tara yelped. "That's my boob!" Tara brought her hand to Rigel's arm so that the blonde could feel her way to the Australian's hand.

"You're gonna pay for that later," Rigel said.

"Pay for that? That was payback for what you did to me in the shuttle!"

"I thought you liked that!"

"I did, but that doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun here also."

"There's the end," Anzu said. Megumi, Tara, and Rigel looked ahead of Anzu and saw a dim light up ahead. There was also the sound of running water.

"I hear rushing water," Tara said. "Where's it coming from?"

"Just wait and see," said Megumi.

Near the end of the tunnel, the four girls came to a large rock chamber, about twenty feet in diameter and fifty feet high. The light in the chamber was coming from an opening in the rock face above the chamber. From the opening of the rock face water poured into a chasm on the opposite side of the chamber. The light reflecting off of the water made for a serene and beautiful scene. "What do you think?" Asked Megumi.

"Beautiful," Tara said. "Everything about this star system is beautiful."

"A stair case has been carved into the rock to get up," Anzu said, walking to the left side of the chamber. The steps were man-made, spiraling around the chamber for people to walk up to the light. The stairs went behind the rushing water so that nobody would get wet while walking up. Megumi, Tara, and Rigel followed Anzu up the steps until they reached the light source, the opening in the rock face right below the ceiling of the chamber.

As the girls exited from the chamber, they found themselves in a small cave behind a waterfall. "Oh, my goodness!" said Tara. "We're actually here!" She remembered the place as the scene that was on the holograph disc that Megumi and Anzu had shown Tara and Rigel during their first time together on the Odyssey. Unlike the scene on the holograph disc, it was later in the morning, so Pacifica was a little higher in the sky and closer to Cerulean, but the blue gas giant was exactly where it was supposed to be, stationary and always visible from that side of Atlantis.

Behind the waterfall was a great view of the Avlossa Rift Valley, the place where the tectonic plate was splitting due to the dormant hot spot volcano that Tara and Rigel had learned about in the underwater biosphere that they had visited. The waterfall that the girls were behind fed the gigantic lake below them that had filled the rift valley. That was the lake that they had landed on.

Tara reached toward the waterfall and felt the mist spraying her hand. "I had to touch it to make sure it was real," she said.

The girls explored the region for about an hour, observing the rivers that flowed from the mountains in the west, creating the waterfalls that filled the Avlossa Rift Valley. Afterward, the four of them returned to the shuttle to continue their Atlantian tour. The shuttle had been absorbing solar energy since they had landed, and had used the electricity to absorb some of the water from the lake and split it into hydrogen and oxygen. The shuttle stored the hydrogen and oxygen for fuel when they were ready to use the thrusters. Now that the shuttle had replenished its fuel, the girls were ready to take off again. Tara and Rigel strapped themselves into two passenger seats and Megumi and Anzu went to the cockpit and piloted the shuttle off of the water and out of the atmosphere.

When the shuttle had reached an altitude of a hundred miles, Megumi and Anzu turned it into a westward orbit. Again, Megumi and Anzu but the shuttle on autopilot and went into the cabin to visit Tara and Rigel. They were both surprised to see that Tara and Rigel were again making out passionately and undressing each other. "You're horny already?" said Anzu.

Between kisses and licks, Tara said, "The memory of that day on the Odyssey when you showed us Avlossa Falls on the holograph made us horny. It made us wanna fuck each other right there in public, but we knew that we shouldn't."

"I see," said Megumi. The two older girls started talking quietly to one another in Japanese. After a moment, Megumi said, "See if you can stop yourselves from having sex for an hour."

"What?" cried Rigel. "Why?"

"Just don't do it," Anzu said. "Trust us."

"You think you can hold out, Tara?" Rigel asked.

The redhead thought for a moment. "I guess we could," she said, "if it's only for an hour."

"Choberigu," Megumi said.

"Let's just enjoy the view," Rigel said, turning on the holograph. Again, the walls of the shuttle disappeared, giving the girls a full view of Pacifica, Cerulean, Atlantis, and the rest of the stars in the galaxy. Tara and Rigel snuggled with each other while enjoying the view.

"So," Tara whispered, "what's going on?"

"I don't know," Rigel whispered. "Normally Megumi and Anzu would encourage hot sex. This is so unlike them. But I'm sure that it has something to do with where we're going."

"Where's that?"

"I'm not telling you. The birthday girl has to open her present to see what it is."

After several minutes, Tara noticed that as they were orbiting, Cerulean was starting to move behind Atlantis. What was more, Pacifica was starting to move behind Cerulean. It was strange to watch Pacifica setting in the east instead of the west. After a little less than an hour, Megumi and Anzu let go of each other and made their way back to the cock pit. "Ladies," said Megumi. "We are making our final approach to Halcyon Spaceport. Please strap yourselves into your seats until the shuttle has landed safely."

"Halcyon?" Tara cried. "We're going to the Halcyon Resort!"

Tara and Rigel strapped themselves into two of the seats and waited for the shuttle to land. The shuttle started shaking as it bounced off of the Atlantian atmosphere. The turbulence continued to increase as the atmosphere quickly thickened. As the shuttle exited the stratosphere, the speed of the shuttle had decreased to 550 miles per hour, ending the bumpy ride and returning the gravitational forces to normal. Now in Atlantis' troposphere, Tara and Rigel were slightly disoriented because after only an hour, the sky had changed from bright and sunny to dark and starry.

The shuttle landed safely at Halcyon Spaceport. Megumi said, "Ladies, we have landed safely at Halcyon Spaceport. The local time is 12:50 am. We hope you enjoyed your flight..." She was about to say, "and we hope to see you again soon," but she stopped herself and instead said, "...and hope you'll enjoy what we have for you next." That last statement made Tara anxious to find out what was going to happen.

Megumi and Anzu piloted the shuttle to one of the gates at the spaceport. When the shuttle had successfully docked at the gate, Tara, Rigel, Megumi and Anzu exited the shuttle and walked out of the gate into the main spaceport building. As they came out the front entrance to the spaceport, Tara and Rigel looked up at the starry sky. Having spent two weeks on Atlantis' southern continent, the absence of a blue gas giant was alien to them. Megumi and Anzu took them to their car and they drove off.

After several minutes on the road, the car drove by the Halcyon Resort. However, it did not pull into the resort, but instead continued going. "What?" said Tara. "We went past the Halcyon Resort."

"We're not going to the resort itself," Rigel said.

As the car rounded a bend, Tara saw another building in front of them. As they moved closer to the building, Tara noticed lasers and bright lights dancing around inside. Hundreds of people were in the building, dancing. "Is this a rave?" Tara asked.

"That's right," Anzu said.

"I've never been to a rave before."
"Well, you're about to," said Megumi.

The girls could hear the music from the car as they pulled into the parking lot. They turned off the ignition and made their way to the rave. The music and lasers made Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu start dancing involuntarily. Because it was before 11:00 am for Tara and Rigel, they had enough energy to dance the night away and be back to the southern continent in time for dinner. "This is so much fun," Tara yelled over the loud music.

"What?" Rigel yelled back.

"I said, 'This is so much fun,'" Tara yelled, this time slower.

"Yes, it is," Rigel yelled back.

"Hey," said a voice beside them. Tara and Rigel turned to see a Japanese boy, close to their age. He had a look of amazement on his face, as if he was meeting a childhood idol. "You are Tara and Rigel!" he said.

"You know about us?" asked Tara, surprised.

"I read about you in the news. You are first people to talk with capasaurs."

"That's right," said Rigel. "Jeez, I didn't know news traveled so fast here on Atlantis."

"Maybe I will talk to capasaurs some day," the boy said.

"I hope so," Rigel said.

"Not many people know how intelligent the capasaurs are," Tara said. "Hopefully we'll some day soon be able to live together."

"Yes, I hope," the boy said. "Arigatou!" He bowed his head and then continued dancing with some of his friends. Tara and Rigel continued dancing as well, unable to resist the loud techno music that was playing.

As the rave continued, Tara and Rigel were slowly dancing closer and closer together. It was not until about an hour later that the two girls noticed themselves getting aroused by the bumping and grinding against each others' bodies. "Wait a minute," Tara said, grabbing a hold of Rigel, causing the American girl to stop dancing. "It's getting too hot," said the redhead.

"What's wrong with being a little horny?" Rigel asked.

"I don't wanna be horny right now. We can't have sex in front of all these people, and I don't wanna be horny all day without being able to cum."

"Hey, sexy girls," a female voice said next to them. It was Anzu, with Megumi beside her. "You girls want to get a drink?"

"Okay," Rigel said.

Tara and Rigel followed the Japanese girls through a sliding glass door that lead to an adjacent balcony overlooking the ocean and the other volcanic islands leading to the southwest. There was a bar there that the girls sat down at. There was a punch bowl there. Megumi and Anzu poured some punch for Tara and Rigel and some for themselves. It was made from 100% Atlantian fruits, including the danna fruit, kalu berry, and several other fruits that Tara and Rigel did not know the names of. Atlantis had been open to tourists for only thirty-one years, and there were many things that had yet to be named. "How are you enjoying the rave, Tara?" Megumi asked.

"It's so much fun!" cried Tara. "I've never danced so hard at 12:00 noon."

The four of them laughed. Although it was 2:00 am there at the Halcyon Resort, it was 12:00 pm to Tara and Rigel. "We saw you talking with Yoshi for some time," said Megumi.

"Was that the boy that came up to us?" asked Rigel.

"Yes," Megumi said. "He is part of our paleontology class. He used to be Anzu's boyfriend, but then she came out to him and they broke up. But I was here for her." Megumi and Anzu put their arms around each other's shoulders.

"I was surprised that Yoshi knew about us," Tara said. "The news of our contact with Iya and Yana has all ready reached the Halcyon Resort."

"Hey," Rigel said. "I wonder if the other capasaurs feel about humans what other humans feel about them."

"How do you mean?" asked Anzu.

"Well, we saw how our parents reacted when we touched Iya and Yana at Mineral Lake. They were obviously confused and frightened of the capasaurs. I wonder if the capasaurs are also confused and frightened of humans."

"I suppose it is possible," said Tara. "But, Iya and Yana were not afraid of us. They made contact with us just as easily as we made contact with them."

Anzu said, "Maybe your contact with Iya and Yana was a first step in making happy relations with capasaurs."

"I certainly hope so," said the redhead.

Just then, the ground shook a bit. Tara and Rigel became uptight for a moment, but then relaxed. "Earthquake," Rigel said.

"Yes," said Anzu. "We get those a lot here. We are on a plate boundary. It's what causes these islands."

After the four girls ordered a meal of bonne grenouille et baies, they went back inside to continue dancing. The place was still jumping even after 2:00 in the morning. There were several other people that recognized Tara and Rigel from the news, and the girls actually enjoyed the fame. Most of the people were young and open-minded, so they idolized Tara and Rigel for making first contact with the capasaurs.

It was at around 2:10 that Tara started to notice something strange. Whenever she looked at Rigel, she had a strong urge to grab her and start making out. By the way that Rigel was looking at her, the redhead knew that her lover was feeling the same urge. Knowing that nobody would mind, they just let themselves go and they started making out passionately. Tara let her tongue slip into Rigel's mouth and the blonde sucked on it. Their hands roamed around each other's bodies, feeling each other's smooth curves. Then, one of Rigel's hands slipped under Tara's T-shirt, and the Australian girl yelped in surprise. "I'm sorry," Rigel said. "For some reason, I just couldn't help myself."

"You're having the same feelings too?" Tara said in between kisses.

"Yeah," the blonde replied. "I don't know what's happening."

"It's as if we're losing our self-control. I can't stop myself." This time, Tara's hands slipped under Rigel's T-shirt and started fondling her tits through the fabric of her bra. Rigel's nipples were rock-hard. Tara tried to resist the urge to start sucking on the hard nubbins that were poking out toward her. However, her desire took over, she threw the T-shirt off of Rigel's body and went straight for Rigel's left nipple and sucked on it through her bra. Rigel moaned and arched her back in pleasure.

"Why are we doing this?" Rigel wondered as she reached under Tara's T-shirt and unclasped the redhead's bra.

"I don't feel impaired in any way," said Tara. "We're not drunk." Tara reached behind Rigel and unclasped the blonde's blue bra, revealing her C-cup breasts. "We have no impaired judgement..." She took a bare nipple into her mouth and sucked on it hard, causing Rigel to gasp. "...only impaired self-control."

"Brazen," Rigel said, pulling off Tara's T-shirt, exposing the redhead's bare titties.

"What was that?"

"There's this new drug that I heard of. It's called Brazen. It doesn't impair sight, balance, or judgement like alcohol does. But it causes one to lose their self-control, just like you said." They started kissing each other's lips deeply and squeezed each other's bare boobies. "Supposedly, it allows to you do things that you always wanted to do but could never bring yourself to do."

"Like have sex in public."

"Those bitches!" cried Rigel. "They must've spiked our punch!"

"Megumi and Anzu?"

"Believe me when I say I had no part in this."

Tara noticed that many of the dancers had formed into a circle around them and were watching intently. "No!" she cried. "We have to stop this! We have to use all the self-control we can."

"Tara, we have no self-control! That's what Brazen is supposed to do. It takes away all our inhibitions. We're gonna have sex right here on this dance floor in front of all these people whether we like it or not. So, we might as well do our best to enjoy it."

"We will enjoy it. Otherwise we wouldn't be doing it."

Rigel fell on top of Tara and pinned her to the floor. She then straddled the redhead and took off the Australian's pants and panties. There were several gasps from the audience when they saw Tara's very wet pussy. Rigel was about to go down on Tara when a strap-on dildo and a piece of rope were thrown to them. The girls looked in the direction that the items were thrown from. They were not surprised when they saw that it was Megumi and Anzu. Before all of her self-control completely disappeared, Rigel spared several seconds to rid herself of her pants, tie Tara's hands behind her back, and slip into the harness of the strap-on. Without hesitation, Tara assumed the doggy-style position. Rigel quickly got on her knees behind Tara and entered her wet hole from behind. Tara moaned in pleasure as Rigel started humping the red-haired girl like there was no tomorrow.

"Yeah, that's it," said Rigel. "Take that cock in your cunt. Take it."

"Yes, Rigel," Tara cried. "Fuck me. Fuck me like the slut I am. I'm your bitch. Do what you want with me!"

The loud music had stopped playing so that nobody would miss the show that Tara and Rigel were putting on for them. Several soft moans and groans were coming from the audience as they jerked off to the sight of Rigel strap-on-fucking the submissive birthday girl. Rigel had brought one of her hands under Tara's body and had started massaging the Australian's erect clit hard. Tara screamed in bliss as Rigel fucked her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Rigel!" cried Tara. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes, that's it!" said Rigel "Cum for me. I want you to cum so hard all over my hard cock. Now cum!"

"Oh, fuck!" A single spank to Tara's right ass cheek sent her over the edge in an earth-shattering orgasm. She cried in ecstasy as her body convulsed violently. All of the ravers looked on in complete shock as juices squirted from Tara's cunt, splattering against Rigel's legs and completely socking the dance floor. The sight of Tara's violent climax was enough to make many of the male and female masturbators to cum in their pants. The scene was so hot that even some of the spectators that were not fucking themselves cummed anyway.

The Brazen in Rigel's bloodstream kept her pounding away at Tara's young cunt. "Come on, Bitch!" Rigel commanded. "Cum for me again, you slut. Soak me in your girl-juices again."

"Master, I'm cumming for you again! Ah!" Tara was brought to a second powerful orgasm, her body continuing to jerk and spasm in orgasmic bliss. Rigel was met with a second gush of girl-cum from Tara's spasming pussy.

After Rigel brought Tara to a third orgasm, the redhead was spent. She used what little strength she had to pull away from Rigel's cock and collapsed on the cum-soaked floor, trying desperately to catch her breath. Although her three powerful, consecutive orgasms had tired her out, she still wanted more than anything to fuck Rigel silly and make the bon blond-haired American cum again and again.

The inhibition-inhibiting drug that was coursing through her drove Tara to get up and start going down on Rigel. As soon as Rigel had untied her hands, Tara pinned Rigel to the ground and went straight for the blonde's dripping pussy. Her mouth went straight for the engorged clit and Tara's fingers invaded the slippery canal, pressing against her G-spot. "Oh, yes," Rigel moaned. "Yes, Tara. Fuck me! Make me cum all over you, Slut!"

"Yes, Master," Tara said in between licks and sucks on Rigel's clit. "I'll do whatever you say. Soak me in your pussy-juice."

Rigel was all ready extremely horny from the intense fucking that she had given Tara that she was cumming hard in a matter of seconds all over Tara. She groaned in pleasure as her hips humped Tara's face, juices filling Tara's mouth. There was too much cum-juice for Tara to swallow and most of it contributed to the large puddle of honey on the floor. Tara, too, was fully under the spell of Brazen, and kept working Rigel's genitals hard. "Yes!" Rigel groaned. "Come on. Keep going. Make me cum again, Bitch!"

"Yes, Master." Tara completely buried her face into Rigel's pulsating clit and sucked it into her mouth as hard as she could while her fingers kept working the blonde's G-spot. Rigel screamed as she started cumming again. She grabbed the back of Tara's head and pulled her farther into her body. Her body rocked against the redhead's face as cum-juices ejaculated from her pussy, soaking Tara's face, the floor, and her stomach. More loud grunts and moans came from spectators that were cumming hard to the highly erotic scene before them.

After her third orgasm, Rigel pushed Tara's head away from her burning cunt and brought herself up to kiss the redhead. She licked and sucked every square inch of Tara's mouth, tasting her zesty juices all over her lover's face. After making out for several moments, Rigel brought her hand to Tara's pussy and entered the redhead's soaking hole. Tara moaned and entered Rigel's slimy vagina as well. The two girls embraced and kissed while they fucked each other hard to two more violent, wet orgasms each. Finally, the girls were completely exhausted. They collapsed in each other's arms, soaked from head to toe in each other's wet, sticky girl-cum.

Tara and Rigel came to about and hour later. They found that they had been moved to one of the corners of the room, but they were still in each other's armed, completely naked, and completely soaked in their girl-cum. However, the Brazen had worn off and the crowd of ravers had started to thin. They looked at each other and kissed. "Thank you for that, Tara," Rigel said, smiling lovingly.

"Thank you," Tara replied. They kissed again for a few minutes, and then Tara said, "I can't believe we actually did that. We had sex in front of hundreds of people. Although it was very, very wrong, I enjoyed it immensely!"

"Me too."

"Hey, girls," Megumi said, walking up to them with Anzu beside her.

"Oh, hi guys," Tara said. Tara and Rigel managed to pry each other away from their sticky bodies and stood up. "Megumi, Anzu, I don't knew whether to kill you or kiss you!"

"The second we would enjoy more," Anzu said. The four girls met and embraced in a passionate, four-way kiss.

As they were kissing, Tara happened to look through the glass door at the closest island of Serenity Island. It was at that time that Tara saw something strange. I bright, red light started shining from the top of Mt. Serenity. Tara suddenly realized what was happening and her body froze with horror.

Before Tara could react, the ground started shaking furiously. Everybody was knocked to the ground by the massive earthquake. Tara looked out the door again and saw a huge pillar of smoke spewing from the summit of Mt. Serenity. The mountain was erupting! Pieces of the ceiling started falling, crashing down onto the dance floor. Then, the ground started collapsing in front of Tara. Tara was safe, but Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu were on the part of the ground that was collapsing and they fell into the gaping hole! Instinct taking over, Tara jumped in after them!

The cavern was not that deep, so Tara landed safely. However, because they were unprepared for the ground collapse, Rigel, Megumi and Anzu were not so fortunate. A large piece of rock had crushed Megumi's left leg and she was crying in agony. Anzu was next to her, trying her best to comfort her lover. Rigel was on the ground, groaning in pain. Tara ran to Rigel and said, "Are you okay?"

"Ow," Rigel said, holding her left arm. "I think my arm's broken."

"Megumi is much worse."

Rigel looked to see the rock that was on top of Megumi's leg. "Holy shit!" the blonde cried. The ground shook again and the ceiling of the cavern started caving in directly over Rigel! Tara pushed Rigel aside, but there was no time for her to avoid the pile of rock that fell on top of her! Rigel saw what had happened and she cried, "Oh, my God. Tara!" Rigel ran to Tara and did her best to remove the pile of rubble that had fallen. Rigel stared in horror at a motionless Tara. The redhead's right leg and left arm were broken, there was a large cut along her forehead, and it seemed as if her abdomen was crushed. "Tara?" Rigel said, holding her lover's right hand.

Tara's eyes opened slightly. She looked around the cavern for a moment and then noticed her blonde friend looking at her worried. However, Tara just smiled and said softly, "Rigel."

"Tara?" Rigel asked, tears in her eyes. "Are ... are you okay?"

The redhead sighed and said, "I'm okay ... now that you're here."

"What? Tara, what is it?"

"Rigel, I don't think I can make it."

Rigel shook her head and cried, "No."

"Rigel, I can't seem to move my legs. My vision is blurred, and it's hard to breathe. I won't make it."

"No. Tara, d--don't say that! W--we'll get you to a hospital, and--and you'll be all right."

"Rigel, it's okay. You don't need to lie to me. I'm not afraid to die. Not while you're with me." Although Tara's body was broken, Rigel could see that her lover felt no pain. "I might die, but this has been the best birthday I've ever had. As long as I know that you love me as much as I love you, I can die happy."

Rigel's lips trembled. "Tara," she sobbed. "I--I can't lose you."

"You have to be strong, Rigel. You've always been the strong one. Use that strength to move on."

A moment passed as Tara and Rigel looked into each other's eyes. Megumi had forgotten her pain, and she and Anzu were watching as their friends spoke. Then, Rigel made a stand. She said, "Tara, you're right. I do love you as much as you love me. And that is precisely why you can't die!" Tara stared at Rigel. "I love you too much for you to die. I won't let you die! I know you're not sued to this, but you have to be the strong one. You have to use your strength to survive! Please, Tara. Don't do this to me."

Although her vision was impaired, Tara could sense the urgency and love in Rigel's eyes. "I--" she paused for a moment, short of breath. "I--I'll try."

"Please. Stay with me, Tara. Stay with me."

Tara started to feel herself lose consciousness, but she tried to stay alive. The last thing that Tara experienced before she lost consciousness was the soothing songs of distant capasaurs.


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