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Lust in Space, Part 11
by Nathan Warford


Slowly, Tara's eyes opened. Although her eyes were still fuzzy from a deep sleep, she could tell that she was in a white room. She was about to rub the haze from her eyes when a sharp pain shot through her left arm. After a moment of recovering from the pain, Tara rubbed her eyes with only her right hand.

As the redhead's senses returned to her, she noticed several things about her environment. The first thing that she noticed was that she was naked and in a warm bed. She also noticed that she had a bandage around her head and a cast on her left arm. There was also a bandage around her chest. The most surprising thing about Tara's situation was that she could not move or feel her legs. Tara said to herself, "I must be paralyzed from the waist down."

"Tara!" a female voice said cried across the room. Before Tara would look to see who it was, a body flung itself around her and embraced her tightly. Tara felt the person's naked form and started crying out of joy when she realized that it was Rigel. The two girls kissed and embraced, so happy to be alive.

After several minutes of just embracing, Rigel broke the kiss and looked into Tara's green eyes. "I was so worried about you!" the blonde said.

Tara noticed that Rigel like her, had a cast around her left arm and a bandage around her chest. "Rigel," Tara asked, "what's going on?"

"We were in an earthquake," said a voice from across the room. It was Anzu. She and Megumi were sitting on the floor with their backs against the wall. Like her and Rigel, they were both naked. Standing beside them were two capasaurs. "You tried to save Rigel and were hurt in the process."

Tara stared in surprise not only because she, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu were all alive, but also because the two capasaurs that were with them were Iya and Yana! After a moment, Yana asked, "Nara? Ni nga nemu?"

"Huh?" Tara asked, still in shock. "Oh, yes, Yana. I'm fine. But what the hell are you two doing here? Are we still on the northern continent?"

"Yes," said Megumi. "A band of yaranela found us in the cave and brought us down here to heal us."

"Holy shit!" Tara cried. Megumi's left leg was gone! "What happened to your leg?"

"When we fell into the cave, my left leg was crushed by a rock. When the yaranela found us, they couldn't lift the rock off of my leg. It had to be cut off so they could move me."

"Wait a minute," said the Australian. "Slow down a moment. What are the yaranela?"

"Sen yaranela," Iya said, meaning. "We are yaranela."

"Oh, that's what you call yourselves."


"What?" cried Anzu. "Oh, right. I keep forgetting that 'iei' means 'yes' in yaranela."

Tara said, "So, how bad were my injuries?"

Well," Rigel said, "first of all, you suffered a pretty bad concussion. If you had been awake until the concussion healed, your vision would have been blurred."

"The concussion went down when I was asleep? How long have I been recovering?"

"Three days," Yana said in yaranela.

"Three days! Wow. I'm sorry, Rigel. Continue."

Rigel continued listing the injuries that Tara had sustained, "Your left arm and right leg were broken, and several of your vertebrae were crushed. Both of your legs were paralyzed."

"It's kind of hard to breath."

"I was just getting to that. The most extensive injuries were to your lungs."

"My lungs?"

"Yes. Your lungs were almost completely crushed by the rock slide. You still had minimal ability to talk and breath, but your lungs no longer had sufficient capacity to bring oxygen to your blood."

"So, if that's the case, why am I alive?"

Rigel unwrapped the bandage around her chest and pointed to a large, oval-shaped scar below her right breast. It was as if a section of her chest had been amputated and then surgically reattached to her body. "This is why you're still alive."

Tara looked at the scar in amazement. "You--" the redhead stammered. "You gave your lung for me?"

Rigel smiled and said, "Aren't you glad I'm a blood-type-O?"

Tara grabbed Rigel with her right hand and pulled the blonde down onto her body, embracing her tightly, crying over and over again, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Tara, having O-type blood, was lucky to have Rigel with her because of the rarity of the blood type and the fact that she could only accept blood and organs from other people with O-type blood.

After several minutes of embracing and crying out of sheer joy of being alive, Tara and Rigel broke the embrace and looked deep into each other's eyes. Rigel said, "When the yaranela saw your condition, they estimated that if they didn't operate on us within four hours, you would be beyond their aid. You survived for eight."

Tara smiled and said, "I had a reason to live." She and Rigel kissed deeply and then embraced again.

After spending several hours talking, Tara learned that the yaranela had technology equivalent to that of late-20th-century earth. They were able to save Tara's life by transplanting Rigel's right lung into Tara's body. Although Tara had two paralyzed legs and Megumi had only one leg, once they got back to their fellow humans, they would undergo a process of micrografting. First of all, cultures of different human tissue would be grafted onto the girls' bodies. Nanites would aid in the grafting, and would also implant the girls' DNA into the grafted cells. Soon, all of their injuries would be healed, Tara and Megumi would be able to walk perfectly again, and Tara and Rigel would both have two fully functional lungs each.

However, the yaranela had an entire civilization underwater, right off the coasts of the continents of Atlantis. None of the four girls wanted to return to the surface before exploring the underwater world that the yaranela had built for themselves. The yaranela had made a pair of crutches for Megumi and an electric wheelchair for Tara. The fact that the girls did not have any clothes did not bother them. They were not self-conscious at all around the yaranela because the blue creatures did not wear clothes either. The yaranela did not have the highly conservative mindset that most humans did.

While walking through the yaranela city, Tara asked her Atlantian friends, "So you guys came all the way from the southern continent just to be with me while I recovered?"

Iya said in yaranela, "Yes, Nara."

"Well, thank you."

Rigel then asked, "Iya, Yana. How long have the yaranela lived underwater?"

"We do not know," Yana said. "We lived underwater since when we do not remember."

"That long, huh?" Tara asked. "So how did you get here all the way from the southern continent?"

"Oh , God," Megumi said. "You have to see the mass transit system the yaranela have."

"They have a mass transit system?" Tara asked. "Cool."

Their environment a city, there were many other yaranela that walked by them. Many of the older yaranela that walked by were surprised and even a little apprehensive when they saw humans in their city. "I guess that yaranela do feel scared by humans," said Megumi at seeing how the yaranela that walked by reacted to their presence.

"They are old," said Yana. "They do not understand humans. They do not want to."

"How old are you?" asked Rigel.

"Thirty-one," said Iya. In actuality, Iya and Yana were only twenty-two years old. The yaranela used an octal system with eight digits instead of the decimal system that humans used with ten digits. Thirty-one in octal translated into twenty-five in decimal. And because Cerulean orbited Pacifica once every 320 days instead of 365 days, twenty-five Atlantian years was only twenty-two earth years. Iya and Yana were still young, only two Earth years older than Megumi and Anzu and four years older than Tara and Rigel.

Yana said, "Humans came to Yaranalei fifty-five years ago..." thirty-nine earth years "...twenty-four years..." seventeen years "...before we were born."

"Is that what you call Atlantis? Yaranalei?" asked Tara.

"Yes," Yana continued. "We have lived with humans since we were born. We are not afraid of them."

"That is the same reason we were not afraid of you," said Anzu. "We are all young and open to new ideas."

"Hopefully our elders will soon become more open-minded," Rigel said.

They made it to the mass transit station. Right outside the station was a glass screen, much like a television screen of twenty-first century Earth. On the screen was a map of Yaranalei with the continents, oceans, and many red dots off the coasts of the continents representing underwater cities. Between the cities were many grey lines, representing the tunnels that were the mass transit system. The tunnels tended to stay on the continental shelves, except when they went between continents. Traveling on the grey lines were tiny green dots, representing the cars that transported people and objects from one underwater city to another. "Why is it that none of the humans have ever seen this mass-transit system?" asked Tara.

"Our elders hid the tunnels and the cities when humans came here," Iya explained. "They buried the tunnels and cities in sand and rock. Humans never saw the tunnels."

"They might have saved humans a lot of fear," said Rigel. "If humans only knew that the yaranela were intelligent, they might not be so fearful of them."

"Other yaranela are afraid of human technology," Iya said. "Humans come from another star system."

"There's still so little we know about the Seiyana System," said Rigel. "For example, the fact that Yaranalei fossils look older than the system itself."

"'Seiyana'?" asked Tara.

"Pacifica," said Anzu.

"Do you know why that is?" Rigel continued.

"No," Iya said. "We do not know why. The yaranela are attempting do discover why Yaranalei fossils are older than Seiyana looks."

"How much do you know about the mass extinction five million years ago?" Tara asked.

"What?" asked Yana.

"Many species died off at once. A mass extinction."

"Nenou," Yana said.

"Is that yaranela for 'mass extinction'?" Tara asked.

"I believe so."

"How much do you know about the mass extinction five million years ago?" Tara asked again.

"We must convert the number into our years," Iya said.

The six of them went to a room that looked like a stellar laboratory. There were several yaranela at what looked like computer screens of the 21st century. On the screens were pictures of Cerulean, Pacifica, and several other objects within several light years if the system. Yana went to a vacant computer. There were two holes in the ground that Yana put her two front legs into. Yana said, "Yaranela moved their hands inside these holes to press buttons with our fingers."

"Not the object in our right hand," Iya included.

"You mean that tentacle thing?" asked Megumi.

"Yes," said Iya. "It is 'niyan'."

At the computer, Yana opened a calculator program. "What is the number of years?" she asked.

"Five million," Tara said.

Yana input a number into the program. Although Megumi and Anzu could not read the yaranela numbers, Tara and Rigel interpreted the input number as 5,000,000. Yana then converted the number from Terran years into Atlantian years, resulting in 5,703,125. She then converted the decimal number into the yaranela octal number, which was 25,602,725.

"Yes," Yana said. "The Sol Ngelan. Twenty-five-point-six million years ago."

"Sol Ngelan," Megumi said. "That means 'Great Death', right?"

"I think so," Rigel said.

"Many species died in the Great Death," Yana said, exiting the program. "The yaranela were different. We ate other animals. We think we went underwater then."

"What would make the yaranela move underwater?" asked Anzu.

"We believe temperature change," Iya replied.

A pretty sudden change," said Tara. "We've seen yaranela fossils from five million years ago. We knew they were carnivores because of their small size and sharp teeth. We also know that they lived on land because of their small lungs and more developed feet. Their brains were also much smaller."

"What about the niyan?" Megumi asked. "Did the yaranela have that five million years ago?"

"The right leg is hollow," Yana said. "We believe so."

"Can we see it?" Megumi asked.

"Yes," Anzu agreed. "We have not seen it yet."

"Not here," Yana said.

"We will take you to where we are sleeping," Iya said. With that, Iya and Yana lead the girls to the room that they were staying in while visiting them. Outside the room, Yana pressed her left foot to a panel on the left side of the door. Slowly, the door opened, allowing the six of them passage into Iya and Yana's room. After all six of them were inside, Yana pressed a panel on the inside of the room. The door slowly closed. "This is where we sleep on the northern continent," said Iya.

The girls looked around the room for a moment. There were two large, rectangular objects, one on either side of the room, and both looking soft. "Are those beds?" asked Anzu.

"What?" Yana asked.

"Beds. The place where you sleep." Anzu lay down on one of the soft objects and pretended to snore."

"Yes," Yana said. "Yalo."

"And this?" Rigel asked, pointing to a hole on the ground in the corner of the room.

"For peeing," said Iya.

"Oh, a toilet," Tara said.

"So," Anzu said excitedly, "can we see it? The niyan?"

"Yes," Iya said. She lifted her right hand and the six-inch-long tentacle extended from her palm.

Anzu reached toward it and touched the niyan. The Asian laughed a little bit and said, "Slimy." She then started rubbing the shaft up and down. Just then, Iya started wailing in laughter. "What is it?" Anzu said.

"That is not how the niyan works!" cried Iya.

"It's not?" Megumi asked. "Then how do you ejaculate?"


"She was asking how you squirt semen out of it," Rigel said to Iya and Yana.

Tara then explained to Megumi and Anzu, "You see, the yaranela take love and sex much more seriously than humans do. Stroking the niyan does not give pleasure like stimulation of the vagina, but it gives the yaranela pleasure to know that she is giving sexual pleasure to her partner. A yaranela chooses when to ejaculate from the niyan."

"You know," Rigel said, "Megumi and Anzu haven't experienced the niyan before today. Maybe they would like to find out how it works?"

"Yes! Yes!" Megumi and Anzu cried. Without hesitation, the Asian girls went to the beds, lay down on their backs and spread their legs for the two yaranela.

Iya went to Megumi while Yana approached Anzu. They then extended their niyans and stuck them into Megumi's and Anzu's pussies. Megumi and Anzu started moaning as the yaranela organs started pulsating inside of them. "Oh, wow," moaned Megumi. "That feels so good, Iya. Shit, that's good!"

"Yes, Yana," moaned Anzu. "Fuck me with your niyan."

"It's completely filling me up," Megumi cried.

"Yes," Anzu moaned. "I can feel it squirming around inside me."

Meanwhile, Tara had gone up behind Iya and Rigel went behind Yana. Seeing how wet the two yaranela's cunts had become, they decided to give them the pleasure that Megumi and Anzu were receiving. They stuck several fingers each into Iya and Yana, causing them to start crying in sexual pleasure.

"Ah. Iei. Iei!" cried Iya while Tara stimulated her dripping hole.

"You like it, Iya?" the redhead asked.

"Iei," the striped yaranela cried.
"You like it, Yana?" asked Rigel.

"Iei," cried the darker-colored creature.

"What about you, Megumi and Anzu?" asked Tara.

"Great!" cried Megumi, who was starting to squirm around on the bed.

"Yes! The same," said Anzu.

"You like the niyan?" cried Iya.

"Oh God, yes!" Megumi cried. "I love the niyan in my cunt! You keep hitting my G-spot again and again!" The Asian girl reached for Iya's arm and started moving it forward and backward as if it were a dildo, moving it in and out of her slippery pussy. Iya took the hint and started moving her niyan in and out of Megumi's wet hole while continuing the pulsation of her phallic member. Megumi cried out in pleasure. Yana, noticing what Iya was doing, started moving her niyan in and out of Anzu's pussy as well, causing the shorter-haired Asian to moan and squirm around even more.

Tara and Rigel were working the yaranela's cunts harder and harder, faster and faster as their orgasms approached. Iya and Yana really sounded like they were cumming hard, even though they were not to the point of orgasm yet. However, Tara and Rigel knew from the way that their bodies were rocking that they were getting close. Rigel reached deeper into Yana's canal and started stimulating the lubrication gland, causing Yana to cry out even louder. Tara, having since learned of this special spot inside the yaranela pussy, reached for Iya's and started rubbing it as well.

Tara and Rigel were now at full speed and stimulation, and were driving Iya and Yana to go down faster and harder on Megumi and Anzu, who were also on the verge of cumming. "Oh! Hai! Hai!" Anzu cried. "I--Iku!"

"Iku!" cried Megumi. Both yaranela started using their fingers to stimulate the Asian girl's rock-hard clits. "Oh, hai!" Megumi cried.

Then, Iya's and Yana's bodies started shaking as their orgasms hit. "IEI!!!" they both cried. Tara and Rigel were pulled in toward Iya and Yana by their arms into their pussies, and their faces were completely covered in yaranela girl-cum. Both girls tried to lap up as much of the blue honey as they could, although they did not mind the fact that most of it splattered against their faces and ran down their sweaty bodies.

While cumming violently, Iya and Yana shot their loads into Megumi's and Anzu's soaking pussies. The feel of their tight twats getting filled with juices drove both girls over the edge and they started cumming powerfully as well. They bodies jerked around on the beds as they cried and grunted in orgasmic bliss, girl cum squirting from their pussies onto their yaranela lovers' hands.

A minute passed and so did the orgasms. Megumi's and Anzu's bodies bodies came to rest on the soft beds and Iya and Yana lay down beside the two Asians. With the others lost in their post-orgasmic bliss, Tara and Rigel went to each other and started making out passionately, licking the yaranela cum-juices off of each others' bodies, savoring the sweet flavor of the blue honey. Rigel went down onto her knees and started sucking the juices off of Tara's nipples, causing the redhead to arch her back in pleasure. "Oh, shit!" Tara cried.

"What?" Rigel asked, suddenly worried. "What is it?"

"I'm really horny right now and I can't get myself off!"

"What are you talking about? Why not?"

"Because I'm paralyzed from the waist down! I'm no longer able to function sexually!"

"You're not paralyzed from the waist down, Tara."

Tara looked at the blonde incredulously. "What?" she said.

"When I was listing your injuries, I never said that you were paralyzed from the waist down. What I said was that your legs were paralyzed. But everything above your legs works perfectly."

Tara stared at Rigel for a moment and then looked down at her now very wet pussy. She stuck in a finger and felt the familiar tingle of sexual pleasure. "I can feel it!" the redhead cried.

Rigel took Tara and they made out aggressively, licking and sucking on each other's tongues, probing the insides of the each other's mouths, still fresh with the taste of yaranela juices. Rigel pulled Tara out of her wheelchair and the redhead fell on top of the blonde. Rigel moved Tara onto her back and spread her legs wide, exposing the redhead's pink slit. "Unfortunately," said Rigel, "I can't be your mistress this time. You're in no condition to be SMed."

"That's okay," said Tara. "As long as I'm with you, it's okay."

Rigel kissed her lover's lips with more love and passion than ever before, so happy to be alive after the crisis on Halcyon Island and even happier that Tara was alive. Tara kissed Rigel back with the same intensity, tears of joy forming in her eyes. Rigel broke the kiss and dried Tara's tears. She then repositioned herself into a 69 position with Tara. "I'm so happy," she said.

"Me too," said Tara. The redhead pulled Rigel's hips into her body and started licking the blonde's wet pussy. Rigel moaned softly and started licking Tara's pussy as well. The two girls were going for sensuality this time instead of speed, wanting to enjoy their moment together for as long as possible. Tara slowly flicked at Rigel's erect clit, eliciting soft moans from the blonde's mouth. Rigel did the same to Tara, each girl reciprocating the other's movements.

Rigel slipped her tongue into Tara's wet canal and started licking the insides of the redhead's pussy. Tara moaned at the sensation of her lover's tongue inside her and did the same for Rigel. Both girls worked their tongues inside each other's dripping cunts, eager to make each other cum after a good build-up. Rigel moved her mouth to Tara's pulsing clit and slipped a finger into the redhead's cunt. Tara moaned as the blonde started working her finger slowly in and out of her wet vagina. Tara, in turn, started fucking Rigel's pussy slowly with a finger of her own, making Rigel sigh.

Both girls slowly increased their pace, making sure not to go too fast too soon. Tara inserted a second finger into Rigel's burning cunt and Rigel added a second finger as well. Both girls were starting to moan and squirm around on each other. Since Tara had no ability to move her legs, it was easier for Rigel to keep the Australian's body in place so that she could give Tara all of her love and attention. However, with her left arm in a cast, it was more difficult for Tara to keep Rigel's hips in place while she licked her clit and fucked her hole.

However, Tara no longer had to use all of the effort to hold Rigel's hips in place because a second hand had found its way to the blonde's cunt. Tara looked and saw that Megumi was there to take over. "Thank you," the redhead said, taking her fingers out of Rigel's dripping cunt. Rigel moaned in disappointment when Tara's fingers left her, but her second moan was that of pleasure when three of Megumi's fingers entered her pussy. Tara used her right hand to pull Rigel's hips deeper into her face so that she could give more attention to her throbbing clit. Anzu had also joined in and had replaced Rigel's fingers in Tara's tight twat.

Now that their attention was not divided between licking each other's clits and fingering each other's love holes, Tara and Rigel could now give more of their attention to their lover's hard clits knowing that their insides would not lose any attention. In fact, they knew that the insides of their pussies would get even more attention because the people that were fingering their canals did not have their attention anywhere else. Rigel let out a long, loud moan when Megumi started rubbing against her G-spot, and her hips started bucking against the Asian's fingers and the Australian's face. Anzu noticed what Megumi had done and started giving attention to Tara's G-spot as well, causing her to cry out and rock against her ministrations as well.

"Oh, yeah," Rigel moaned through Tara's hot muff. "Tara, Megumi, that feels so good. Keep going."

"You too," Tara moaned between licks on the American girl's erect clitoris.

Tara and Rigel were still going faster and faster, getting each other closer and closer to orgasm. Seeing that their lovers were almost at their top speed, Megumi and Anzu started increasing their pace on the girls' G-spots, causing them to cry out even louder. Soon, both of their bodies were writhing and spasming uncontrollably on the ground, love-juices gushing from their cunts all over Megumi's and Anzu's fingers and all over Tara's and Rigel's faces.

"Oh, yes!" cried Tara. "Keep going. I'm gonna cum real soon!"

"Oh. Me too!" cried Rigel. "Yes. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Now, all four girls were at their maximum speed, Tara and Rigel getting close to the edge. They both pulled each others' hips deep into their faces and started licking and sucking on each others' clits as hard as they could. It was at this time that Megumi and Anzu decided to give some attention to the lovers' asses and started fingering their assholes. Tara and Rigel cried out in bliss as they reached their plateaus. Their bodies tensed up as they tried to hold back their orgasms for as long as possible.

"Rigel!" Tara cried. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh, yes!" the blonde cried. "Me too!"

Just as Tara and Rigel were starting to cum, their rectal muscles pulsed, causing Megumi and Anzu's index fingers to sink into their tight rosebuds. Both girls started cumming violently, screaming in ecstasy, holding onto each other for dear life as they jerked and bucked against each others' bodies. Girl-cum erupted from their contracting cunts, completely soaking each other and their Asian lovers.

After about a minute of violent convulsions and orgasmic screams, Tara and Rigel were still going at it, wanting to show each other all of the pleasures of sex and love that they could. "Oh! I'm cumming again!" Tara cried out.

"I love you Tara!" cried the blonde.

"I love you too!" Their second orgasms took hold and they both screamed in bliss again, jerking uncontrollably, feeding each other their sweet cum-juices.

When their orgasms had finally ended after several minutes, both girls were completely winded, panting heavily, trying desperately to catch their breaths. However, with only one lung each, their attempts to catch their breath was futile, and they both passed out both from the sensory overload and a lack of oxygen.

When Tara awoke, she found herself wrapped in something soft and warm. She found that she and Rigel were in each others' arms and that they were on one of the beds that the yaranela used. As she looked around, the redhead found that Megumi and Anzu were snuggling next to them and that Iya and Yana were also snuggling on the other bed.

As Tara regained her senses, she realized what had awoken her. It was the quiet sobs of Rigel next to her. "Rigel?" she asked. "What is it?"

"Oh, Tara," Rigel said through teary eyes. "I'm so happy. I can't believe that we're here together, still alive and in love. Thank you for being alive."

"Thank you for keeping me alive," Tara said, here eyes also welling. "If it weren't for you, I would never have survived the earthquake. Even if there was another person with O-type blood, I still would not have survived if you weren't here beside me." Both girls broke down in each other's arms, crying out of pure happiness for each others' lives.

After a few minutes of sobbing into each other's shoulders, Tara and Rigel looked at each other, dried each others' tears, and gave each other a passionate, love-filled kiss. They just stayed locked in their loving embrace until a question entered Rigel's mind. She broke the kiss and said, "Something keeps bothering me."

"What is it, Rigel?" asked Tara.

"What was that cave doing there in the first place?"

"That is a good question," Anzu said. "If the people of the Halcyon Resort knew that there was a cavern down there, they would not have made the ground of the dance floor as weak as it was."

"It was very easy to break," Megumi realized, "as we found out."

Tara suggested, "Perhaps the cave existed hundreds of years ago and a volcanic eruption closed off the entrance with volcanic ash."

"Wait," said Anzu. The short-haired Asian stood up and went to Iya and Yana. "Do you have my camera?"

"Yes," Iya replied, standing up. Anzu followed Iya to a nearby shelf. Iya picked up Anzu's camera with her mouth and gave it to Anzu.

Anzu went back to Tara, Rigel, and Megumi and activated the camera. It projected a small, two-dimensional holographic image of what it was going to capture. Iya and Yana went to see what Anzu was doing with the camera. Anzu started scanning back through the pictures that she had previously taken with that camera. There were several pictures of her with her college class on archeological expeditions. Most of them were of her with Megumi.

"Very cute," Tara said, seeing a picture of Megumi and Anzu with their arms around each other's shoulders smiling at the camera.

As Anzu continued scanning, they saw several pictures of their adventure at Avlossa Falls. The four girls remembered the geological beauty of the area with the waterfalls and rivers. Scanning further forward, Anzu came to pictures that she had taken at the rave, almost all of them of Tara and Rigel fucking on the dance-floor. "Hey!" cried Rigel. "You caught us on camera?"

"What?" asked Megumi. "You didn't expect us to pass up the opportunity to catch two hot lesbians making love in public, did you?"

Anzu continued scanning forward. "There sure are a lot of pictures of me and Rigel on that dance-floor, aren't there?" asked Tara, seeing how long it took to scan through all of the pictures that Megumi and Anzu had taken of them making love.

Here it is," Anzu said. The six of them looked at the holographic image that the camera was projecting of the cavern that they had fallen into during the earthquake. There were a few pictures of their surroundings documenting the injuries that the four human girls had sustained, including Megumi's crushed leg, Rigel's broken arm, and Tara unconscious with Rigel looking after her. "That Rigel never left your side," Anzu said. "You're so lucky to have someone like her."

"Dokkoi," Megumi said. "I'm lucky too." She stood up on her one leg behind Anzu and wrapped her arms around her lover.

"Anai!" Yana cried.

"Anai," Anzu repeated. "Love." She then looked at her long-haired lover. "Megumi...?"

"Hai," Megumi said, looking into Anzu's eyes. After a moment of staring at each other, they both smiled and kissed passionately. Tara and Rigel applauded while Iya and Yana cried their congratulations.

"Wait a minute," Tara said. "How long have you two been together?"

"Almost three years," Megumi replied. "Yes, it took us much longer to fall in love than it took you two."
"Well, I think Tara and I fell in love much master than most couples do," Rigel explained. "It only took us a few weeks to realize that we loved each other."

"Here!" said Anzu.

The picture that the camera was projecting was of one of the walls of the cave. Much to the surprise of Tara, Iya, and Yana, there were strange markings carved into the rock face. "What are they?" Tara asked.

"They are pictures," said Yana.

"From when?" Iya asked.

"Look at this," Anzu said, scanning to the next picture. It was the picture of an ancient yaranela skeleton, almost completely preserved from being undisturbed for five million years.

"A yaranela skeleton," cried Iya.

Rigel explained, "Seeing how the yaranela skeleton is here, we estimate that these marking were drawn about five million years ago."

"Let's look at the markings," Tara said.

Anzu scanned to one of the pictures of the carvings on the wall and blew up the image. She set the camera on one of the shelves so that they could examine the picture as if it was actually the cave wall in front of them. With the image blown up, the markings were much easier to see. The markings consisted of three images. The first image was of two circles. The second image was of the same two circles intersecting. The third and final image was of a larger circle with many lines emanating from it. "What does it mean?" wondered Tara.

"We don't know," said Rigel.

Then, Yana spoke, "Yaranela from long ago had small brains, but they saw very well."

"If course," Rigel said. "Ancient yaranela were carnivores. They may not have been very intelligent, but they did have a very large visual cortex relative to the rest of their brain. So they could see their prey clearly."

"Maybe these images are of something that the yaranela saw five million years ago?" Megumi asked.

"They might not have been able to comprehend what the images meant, but it is quite possible," Rigel said.

"What do you suppose those lines mean?" asked Tara.

The six girls looked at the third image for several moments. "Could the circle be emitting something?" Anzu suggested.

"It is possibly Yana," said Iya.

"What was that?" Tara asked, suddenly very interested in what Iya was saying."

"It is possibly Yana," Iya repeated.

"Yana?" Anzu said, very confused. "What do you mean by 'Yana'? How could she have any part in this."

"No," Tara said. "Not Yana. Light! Yana is the yaranela word for light! That's how Yana got her name."

"An appropriate translation would be Lumiere," Rigel said. "That is if you were speaking in French."

Tara continued, "I suppose these lines could represent light. Human art from hundreds of years ago used rays such as this to represent light. Light emanating from a circle looks almost like--" Tara gasped.

"What?" Rigel asked. "What is it, Tara?"

"Are you all right?" asked Yana.

Tara finally said. "It looks like the sun!"

"What does that mean?" Megumi asked.

"We need to return to the surface. Get to some sort of space telescope and take every reading we know of on Seiyana."

"But why?" Rigel asked.

"Because it might hold the answer to the age of the Pacific System!"


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