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Lust in Space, Part 12
by Nathan Warford


Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu followed Iya and Yana through the underwater city to an exit to the Atlantian surface. "Nara," asked Iya, "what do you believe about Seiyana's age?"

Tara answered, "I believe that the age of the system is much older than it appears. You see, the rate at which a star burns its material is dependant on its mass. The more massive a star is, the faster its material is burned. Seiyana is believed to be only one billion years old because of its mass and percentage of heavy elements."

"That's right," said Rigel. "In the initial stage of any star, hydrogen in the star's core fuses into helium."

Tara continued, "Because the percentage of heavy elements is pretty small and the mass of Seiyana is comparable to our own sun, it looks relatively young. However, I believe that the star itself is only five million years old, formed by the collision of two smaller stars."

The others looked at Tara in amazement. "Do you really think that's true?" Anzu asked.

"Judging by the age of Yaranalei fossils and the images you took in the cave, it is very possible."

The six of them arrived at at a large door. Yana pressed a button on a panel on the right side of the door and the door opened. The girls found that it was an elevator. After the six of them had entered, Yana pressed a button on the wall. The doors closed and they started their ascent. "This is cool," said Tara.

Yana said to Tara, "The yaranela that saw you took you to the city with this."

"This is how the yaranela go from the surface to their underwater cities," said Megumi.

"But where does the elevator come out?" asked Tara.

"Just watch," said Rigel. "You'll like this."

"So you think that two smaller stars collided and made the larger star of Seiyana?" said Megumi.

"It does make sense," Rigel said. "Because stars of lower mass burn their material more slowly, their percentage of heavy elements would be quite small over the same period of time. Seiyana could appear to be only one billion years old when it could actually be four billion years old, or five even."

Tara continued, "And if it fused together with another star, the extra mass would be accounted for. The star would have a low percentage of heavy elements and a relatively large mass even though the entire system could be much older than a billion years."

"It is possible," Iya said.

"And you think it happened five million years ago?" asked Anzu.

"That is the time of the Great Death," Megumi said. "When the two stars collided, the energy that the star gave off increased, causing a much higher temperature on Yaranalei. The animals that did not adapt died off."

"And the yaranela adapted quite a bit," Rigel said. "They moved underwater, probably to escape the intense heat."

"Also," Tara added, "probably a lot of the animals that the yaranela preyed on died off due to the heat. That's why the yaranela resorted to eating plants."

"We are at the surface," Yana said as the elevator came to a stop.

The door opened. Behind the door was a large slab of rock. "Rock?" Tara asked, puzzled. Then, the rock slab started moving. It was on a pivot to its left side and it was rotating open! When the rock slab had opened to a ninety-degree angle, the party moved out and onto the Atlantian surface. "It's still dark," Tara said, seeing a dark, starry sky above them.

"What time is it?" asked Megumi.

"I've completely lost the time," Anzu said.

"It is almost three-and-four," said Yana. That meant that it was the third hour of the day plus four eighths of an hour. The yaranela operated in a sixteen-hour day, translating "three-and-four" into 5:15 am.

"It feels like ten-and-zero," Tara said. Because of the octal system that the yaranela used, Tara meant that it felt like the eighth hour of the yaranela day, which was 12:00 pm. "Three days can really screw things up, huh?"

"We might all have to readjust," said Rigel.

The rock slab started closing. When it had closed all the way, it fit perfectly into a rectangular cutout of Mt. Halcyon. "Very clever way of hiding yourselves!" said Tara.

After the door had closed, the six friends made their way back to the Halcyon Resort. It took a few minutes for Megumi and Anzu to remember how to get back to the resort, but after about half-an-hour, they managed to get back. Although there were few humans up at that hour, the ones that were up turned their heads at seeing four injured, naked girls alongside two capasaurs. "Merde!" cried the French receptionist. He stared in shock for a moment, and then asked, "What is happening?"

"There's nothing to worry about," said Rigel. "These capasaurs are our friends. They will not harm you."

"We need to find a hospital," said Anzu. "We have injuries."

"Oui. I can see," the receptionist said. He promptly went to the videophone and called the Halcyon medical facility.

"I think people are finally starting to listen to us," said Tara.

"I know," Megumi said. "They seem to believe us when they say the yaranela are friendly."

"I am happy," Iya said. Several of the bystanders looked in shock as the girls and the large creatures talked with one another.

About a minutes later, the medical team arrived. They jumped back when they saw Iya and Yana standing in front of them. "It's okay," Tara said. "They're friendly."

Slowly, the medical team walked past the blue aliens and toward the four humans girls. "Are you all right?" one of the female medical staff asked.

"Yes, we're fine," replied Tara. "But, we have injuries that the yaranela--" she stopped talking. "Sorry. --that the capasaurs couldn't repair."

"We're alive and well," Rigel added. "But we need micrografting if we are to continue living full lives."

"Right," the medical woman said. "Okay," she said to the rest of her staff, "let's get these girls the the micrografting facility." The medical staff helped Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu into their vehicle waiting outside the resort.

"You two should get back to the southern continent," Tara said to Iya and Yana. "We'll be all right. Don't worry."

"Yes," Yana said, agreeing with Tara. The girls were driven to the Halcyon micrografting facility while Iya and Yana made their way back to Mt. Halcyon to use their mass transit system to get back to the southern continent. On the way to the micrografting facility, Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu were given clothes to cover their naked bodies. Although the girls had become much less self-conscious over the past few weeks that they had known each other, they knew that they should show some decency among other humans.

The first of the girls that went into surgery was Megumi. Anzu went in with her to look after her lover. While the micrografting procedure was being performed on Megumi, Tara and Rigel decided to call their parents and let them know that they were all right. Tara was the first one to call her parents. She found a holo-phone and called. After a ring or two, a holographic image of Tara's father appeared in front of her. At seeing his daughter, Tara's father jumped in surprise. "Tara?" he asked. "Is that you?"

"Yes, Dad," replied the redhead. "It's me."

"Tara!" her mother cried, walking into view. "Where have you been? We've been worried sick about you!"

"Sorry, Mum. We're on the northern continent."

"Oh, my goodness!" her mother cried. "You were in that horrible earthquake on Halcyon Island, weren't you?"

Tara was surprised. "Yes," she replied. "How did you know?"

"So it's true," said Tara's father. "You and Rigel were the ones that had sex on that dance floor." Tara was scared and stunned that her parents knew about what she and Rigel had done. "We saw the news and the investigators found your clothes lying on the ground along with that...that sex toy. Reports from witnesses also explained that two girls, a blonde and a redhead, had sex in front of the entire crowd."

"Why did you do it?" her mother cried.

"We couldn't control ourselves!" said Tara. "Two of our friends gave us some punch with Brazen in it. Totally uninhibited, we did what we always wanted, have sex in public."

"Friends?" asked Tara's mother. "Anyone who would spike your punch is not your friend!"

"Mum, they did it to help us. Without them, we would not have done what we always wanted. It was an exhilarating experience."

"Don't think such things!"

"Sorry, Mum. Rigel has to call her parents too, and let them know she's all right. Bye."

Her father cried, "But, Tara--!" Tara hung up and the two-dimensional image of her parents disappeared. Tara and Rigel started laughing hysterically at Tara's abrupt ending of the conversation.

It was at about that time that Megumi came out of surgery. Although her left leg had been completely reconstructed, she still had to use her crutches because it would take several days for the nanites in her body to reconnect all of the nerves in her new leg to the rest of her body. Tara went into surgery next to let Rigel call her parents. The procedure was relatively painless. The doctors had to open up Tara's chest again so that they could graft a new lung into the Australian girl's body. When that was done, they closed her chest up again and injected the nanites into her bloodstream. Her broken arm, broken leg, and crushed spinal chord needed no more than the aid of the nanites because there was no missing tissue from those parts of Tara's body. The nanites would simply repair the damaged tissue.

When Tara's surgery was over, the doctor said to her, "Your arm and leg should feel good as new in a couple of hours. However, it will take a day or two to regain full motion and feeling in your legs."

"Okay," Tara said.

"You will start to feel a slight tingling in your legs after a few hours. That's the nerves in your legs firing as they become reconnected to your body. The tingling should last for about a day until your spinal chord has been completely repaired. Afterwards, it should take a few hours for you to teach your legs to walk again."

"Thank you, Doctor." Tara was helped back into her wheelchair and went out of the surgery room.

"How was it?" Rigel asked as Tara exited.

"Not bad," Tara said. She then took a deep breath in and a deep breath out.

"Ah, the new lung."

"Yes!" Tara cried. "I have full lung capacity again!"

"That's good."

"I guess I could ask you the same thing about your call. How did it go?"

"My parents were a little shocked to see me. Fortunately, they didn't hear about the public sex scene on Halcyon Island. They heard about the earthquake, but didn't know that you and I were caught in it." Rigel looked at the door to the surgery room and said, "I'm next, aren't I?"

"That's right," Tara said. "Your surgery should be the easiest because all that the doctors have to graft is your lung. Your arm should be good in a few hours."

"Okay." Rigel went into surgery and came out several minutes later.

"How was it?" Tara asked.

"Pretty well," the blonde replied. They simply opened up my chest and grafted the new lung.

"Let us see."

Rigel lifted up her shirt and showed Tara, Megumi, and Anzu the scar that was left below her right breast. "Wow," said Megumi.

Rigel let her shirt down and said, "Now let's see yours, Tara."

Tara lifted up her shirt to show the larger scar across her chest. "Whoa!" cried Anzu. "It's disappearing!"

Tara looked at the scar on her chest, and sure enough, the visibility of the scar had diminished noticeably since she came out of surgery. "It must be the nanites," she said, lowering her shirt.

"Those things are really efficient," said Rigel.

"Yes, they are."

Now that the girls were on the mend, they felt that it was time for Tara and Rigel to go back to the southern continent. They had already missed their flight back to Earth and they wanted to see their parents again. The four of them were driven back to where the rave had been held so that they could pick up Megumi and Anzu's car. Because Anzu was the only one with full use of both her arms and legs, she was the one that drove them all to the Halcyon Spaceport. Megumi and Anzu led Tara and Rigel to their private shuttle, which had been parked at the spaceport for the past three days. Anzu and Rigel helped Tara get her wheelchair into the cargo hold and then helped her to one of the passenger seats. Tara and Rigel strapped themselves in while Megumi and Anzu went to the cockpit. "Is everyone okay back there?" asked Megumi.

"Just fine," Tara answered. The two Asians powered up the shuttle and started moving into position for take-off. When they got to the beginning of the runway, they started powering up the engines, and the shuttle moved forward. At the end of the runway, the shuttle lifted off of the ground, and they were flying. Megumi and Anzu turned the shuttle into a south-eastern direction, toward the Seusui Spaceport.

As soon as the shuttle was in orbit around Atlantis, Megumi and Anzu made their way to the cabin, where Tara and Rigel were just unstrapping themselves from their seats. Anzu said, "We should get to Seusui Spaceport in about forty-five minutes." The Asian girls had brought the shuttle into an orbit that was higher than usual so that they could spend more time in zero-G before they had to land.

"Tara," Rigel said, "I wonder something. You told me that your mom came from a family of late developers. Exactly how late of a developer is your mom?"

Tara replied, "My mum really started developing at about my age. Why?"

"It's just that you haven't grown much since the first time I met you last month."

"Random mutations," Tara said. "Just like the yaranela."

"Well, I like that particular mutation. Remember what I told you on our first night together? I like small breasts."

"You bitch," Tara said, mocking insult.

"I thought you were the bitch. Isn't that right?"

"Yeah, that's right," Tara said with desire in her voice. Tara and Rigel unclipped themselves from their harnesses and started making out passionately. Rigel went directly for Tara's shirt and pulled it off of the redhead's body, revealing her A-cup breasts. The blonde took one of the erect nipples in her mouth and sucked on it, causing Tara to moan in pleasure.

Seeing their friends making out, Megumi and Anzu quickly undressed and went over to join the party. Anzu went behind Tara and started fondling the breast that Rigel was not working on. Megumi went behind Rigel and reached under the blonde's shirt, playing with the American girl's firm titties. Slowly, Megumi's hands went down Rigel's body until they got to her pants. Within seconds, Rigel was naked from the waist down.

Megumi and Anzu then got more into the action by going in between Tara and Rigel, pushing the four of them into a hot, four-way kiss. They remained kissing and fondling each other until Rigel said, "That's it! I can't take it any more!" She jumped out of the ring and practically threw her shirt off. "Who's gonna make me cum?"

"Anzu and me," said Megumi. "Tara, go to the other side of the cabin?"

"Why?" the Australian asked.

"Who's up for a little target practice?" Megumi asked.

"You want me to aim and see if I can squirt into Tara's mouth," Rigel realized.

Tara tried to take off her pants, but it was difficult with only one good arm and no ability to move her legs. "Uh, I need some help here," she said. Anzu went to Tara and helped her rid herself of her pants and panties.
"I think we're ready," Anzu said.

Tara and Megumi pushed themselves away from one another so that Tara could float over to the other side of the cabin. Rigel spun herself so that her hips were aiming toward Tara. Megumi got into a 69 position with Rigel and Anzu got below the blonde with her face in front of Rigel's ass. "Here we go," said Megumi. Megumi brought her mouth to Rigel's erect clit and started licking at it. A soft moan escaped Rigel's lips and she returned the favor. Megumi stuck a finger into Rigel's wet pussy and the blonde did the same to her. Anzu started fingering Rigel's ass hole, making the American girl gasp and sigh.

Meanwhile, Tara was fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples, anticipating Rigel's cum-juice. "Come on, Rigel," she said. "I want your cum."

"Don't worry," Rigel moaned. "You're gonna get it."

"I want it all over me."

Megumi slipped a second finger into Rigel's hole and worked them both a little harder, flicking the hard clitoris faster. Rigel moaned even louder and started working Megumi's cunt even harder, causing the Asian to moan louder as well. Anzu was still fingering Rigel's rosebud, causing the blonde's rectal muscles to spasm. After several moments of working her anus, Anzu finally managed to push a finger into Rigel's ass. Rigel cried in bliss and started squirming around.

"Are you close?" Tara asked.
"Oh yeah!" cried Rigel. "I'm close! Come on, fuck me! Fuck my pussy and my ass!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Anzu said. Megumi had started rubbing against Rigel's G-spot and was now sucking on her engorged clit even harder than before. Rigel was doing all she could to do to Megumi what she was doing to her. Both girls were crying and spasming, trying to keep Rigel's pussy aimed towards Tara.

"Oh, Megumi, Anzu," cried Rigel. "Make me cum. Make me cum all over Tara."

"No!" cried Megumi. "Make me cum first!"

"What?" Tara asked. "Rigel's the bitch now?"

"She deserves it after all she's done to you," Anzu said, driving her finger deeper into Rigel's puckered ass hole. Rigel screamed in ecstasy, almost going over the edge. However, her two Asian lovers kept their ministrations just low enough to keep Rigel from cumming.

"Make Megumi cum," Tara said. "I want your cum on me!"

"You'll get it soon," Anzu reassured.

"Fine," Rigel was barely able to say. "I'll make you cum Megumi."

With that, Rigel dove deep into Megumi's muff, sucking and biting on her clit with her finger pounding hard into Megumi's G-spot. "Oh! Hai! Hai!" Megumi cried. "Iku! Iku!" Rigel bit down on Megumi's hard clit, sending the Asian over the edge. Megumi screamed in ecstasy as she started cumming all over Rigel, squirting her sweet-girl cum everywhere.

The taste of Megumi's cum-juices sent Rigel to her plateau. Her body tensed up as her orgasm hit. "Oh shit!" she cried. "Now! Now!" Megumi used what little control that her cumming body had to pull her fingers out of Rigel's cunt just before Rigel cummed. Rigel's body started jerking as her orgasm washed through her, cum juices ejaculating from her pussy in long, powerful streams across the shuttle.

Tara opened her mouth wide, trying to catch as much of Rigel's tangy honey as she could. The first several jets hit Tara's stomach, but she quickly moved herself downward, putting her face where her stomach was, allowing herself to swallow the rest of Rigel's girl-cum that did not splatter against her stomach and chest.

As Megumi came down from her orgasm, she regained more control of her body and started concentrating more on Rigel. She went back to sucking on the blonde's clit, prolonging Rigel's orgasm, bringing forth more squirts of her cum-juices. It was not long before Tara's mouth overflowed and Rigel's girl-cum squirted back towards her. By the time Rigel stopped cumming, both Megumi's and Anzu's faces were wet with Rigel's honey.

Rigel and Megumi let their muscles relax and they floated away from one another. When Anzu pulled her finger out of Rigel's anus, Rigel yelped and her body seized once more, one final jet of cum squirting across the room. This time, Tara let the squirt splatter against her chest, enjoying the feel of Rigel's wetness on her tits.

Tara pushed herself away from the wall toward the other three girls. Again, they joined in a steamy four-way kiss, tasting Rigel's and Megumi's cum-juices on each others' lips. Eventually, Tara broke the kiss and said, "All of that girl-cum squirting everywhere made me really horny. I think it's about time I tried out my aim."

Without hesitation, Rigel jumped to the other side of the room. Megumi went below to Tara's anus and Anzu got into a 69 position with Tara. This time, the two Asian girls were going down on Tara, doing to her what they had just done to Rigel. Soon, Megumi was working Tara's asshole, Anzu was fucking and sucking on Tara's cunt, and Tara was fingering and licking Anzu's pussy.

"Yeah, that's good, Tara," Rigel said, playing with her tits. "Make Anzu cum so that I can have your juices."

"Yes, Ma'am," Tara said right before diving straight into Anzu's soft muff. Anzu moaned loudly and started sucking on Tara's wet cunt as well, making the redhead moan and sigh in pleasure. Both girl's were working their fingers in and out of each other's pussies, heightening each other's pleasure even more.

Meanwhile, Megumi was working on Tara's rear, trying to ease her index finger into the tight hole, making Tara cry out in bliss. "Yeah, that's it, Tara," said Megumi. "You like getting your ass fingered, don't you?"

"Oh yes," Tara moaned through Anzu's pussy. "I love it. Put it in me!" Megumi managed to fit her index finger into Tara's tight rosebud and the Australian arched her back and cried out in ecstasy. The two Asians working both of Tara's holes was making the redhead squirming around under their ministrations, and drove her to go even harder on Anzu's dripping wet snatch. She was sucking hard on Anzu's clit and pounding three of her fingers against the short-haired girl's G-spot, making Anzu scream in delight.

"Oh please, Tara," Anzu cried. "Make me cum. Yes! Make me cum all over you!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Tara said obediently. Knowing that her Asian lover was close to cumming, Tara sucked on the engorged clit as hard as she could and worked her fingers hard into her wet canal, pounding hard against Anzu's G-spot, making Anzu cry out loudly with every thrust.

"That's it, Tara," Rigel said. "Fuck Anzu's pussy! They won't make you cum until you make her cum. And I want your sweet pussy juices all over me!"

"Oh. Oh," cried Anzu. "Hai. Hai!" Anzu's body tensed up, signaling the onset of her orgasm. "Shimatta!" At the very last second, Tara pulled Anzu's clit with her teeth, and the Asian was sent into a wild orgasm. Her body thrashed around in ecstasy as she screamed in ecstasy, her pussy spewing her sweet juices all over Tara, who tried desperately to lap up every drop.

"Now make me cum, please!" Tara cried.

"You've earned it," Megumi said. Anzu, regaining some control of her spasming body, wrapped her lips around Tara's hard clit and sucked on it hard.

"Oh, God!" Tara cried as she was brought to the edge of orgasm. With one hard pound to her G-spot, the redhead was cumming wildly as well. Her body convulsed just as violently as Anzu's was, she grunted and moaned, and girl-cum sprayed from her spasming cunt straight across the weightless cabin and straight into Rigel's awaiting mouth.

Tara and Anzu soon came down from their pleasure highs and went limp. "Let's see one more squirt," Anzu said, removing her finger from Tara's ass. The release gave the redhead a pleasurable aftershock, sending one more gush of fluid from her cunt to Rigel, who moved herself to let the girl-cum soak her chest. The blonde rubbed her tits, as if lathering herself with Tara's honey, sighing in pleasure at the feeling of her wet boobs being fondled.

"Come here, sexy girl," Megumi said, gesturing for Rigel to go to them. Rigel did so and the four of them locked in a four-way kiss, yet again, the girls tasting Tara and Anzu's cum-juices on the other girls' lips.

They broke the kiss several minutes later for air, but they stayed in their loving embrace. Rigel smiled at Tara and said, "I never get tired of that sweet taste."

"Aside from Megumi," Anzu said, "you have the best tasting pussy juice I have ever tasted."

"Well," said Megumi, "Tara and Rigel have tested their aim. I think it's time for me now."

"Agreed," Rigel said, quickly getting into a 69 position with the long-haired college girl. Anzu jumped to the other side of the room and Tara got under Megumi's body, ready to start working on her anus just as Megumi had just done to her.

"Time for some payback," the redhead said mischievously.

"Yes," Megumi said, ravenously. "Do me." Without another word, Megumi dove into Rigel's cunt and started sucking on her clitoris. The blonde gasped in delight and started sucking on Megumi's hard nubbin. Tara started rubbing the entrance to Megumi's rear and the Asian girl started moaning and sighing in bliss as her Caucasian lovers worked both of her holes.

"This time," Tara said in a playful mood, "you'll have to make Rigel cum before we let you cum."

"What?" Rigel asked between sucks and licks on Megumi's pussy. "You're being authoritative now?"

"I'm dabbling," the redhead replied.

"Okay," said Megumi. "Ready to cum, Rigel?"

"Mm-hm," Rigel said while sucking on Megumi's pussy. Megumi inserted a finger into Rigel's love-hole and started moving it in and out of her. The blonde sighed in pleasure and did the same to Megumi. Tara kept applying pressure to Megumi's back entrance, but not enough to make it slide in. She just wanted to stimulate Megumi's ass enough to keep her aroused and drive her to keep fucking Rigel. Megumi and Rigel were fucking each other's cunts with their fingers while sucking and licking each other's clits, driving each other to go down even harder.

Megumi, wanting to cum badly, inserted two more fingers into Rigel's cunt started working the blonde's pussy harder, sucking harder on her clit and applying pressure to her G-spot. Rigel gasped and started sucking harder on her Asian lover's clitoris and started rubbing her G-spot too. Tara also started applying more pressure to Megumi's asshole, sliding it in just enough to make Megumi gasp, but took it out again, not wanting to push her too far before Rigel cummed. "Keep going, Megumi," said Tara. "Make Rigel cum all over you."

"Mm-hm," Megumi moaned. She sucked the blonde's clit into her mouth hard and applied and started rubbing her G-spot at maximum pressure. Rigel cried out in bliss and her body started rocking back and forth, trying to get the most out of Megumi's ministrations. Megumi stopped sucking Rigel's clitoris just long enough to say, "Cum for me, Rigel."

"Oh, yeah!" Rigel cried, getting closer and closer to her orgasm. "I'm so close, Megumi. "Keep going!" Rigel reached her plateau and her body tensed up. Seeing that Rigel had reached the point of no return, Megumi pounded her fingers as hard as she could into Rigel's hole one more time. That was enough to push Rigel over the edge and she started cumming powerfully. Her body jerked uncontrollably and several loud cries of orgasmic delight escaped Rigel's lips. Girl-cum gushed from her spasming pussy, filling and overflowing Megumi's mouth.

The sweet taste of the American girl's cum-juices was enough to push Megumi over the edge as well. Because Rigel had so little control over her convulsing body, the first powerful gush of Megumi's girl-cum shot Rigel's hand out of her pussy. With Rigel's hand out of the way, there was nothing to block Megumi's sweet honey from flying across the room toward Anzu, who lapped up as much as she could. When her mouth was completely full of Megumi's cum-juices, she let the rest squirt against her body. When Megumi had stopped cumming after a minute, Anzu took her breasts in her hands and sucked Megumi's love-juice off of her own nipples.

Finally, it was Anzu's turn. After Megumi and Rigel had recovered enough to move, She and Megumi switched places and so did Tara and Rigel. Now, Anzu and Tara were in a 69 position and Rigel was about to fuck Anzu's asshole. Judging by how her three friends had acted thus far, Anzu knew that she would have to make Tara cum before she could. Without hesitation, Anzu went down on Tara's aroused pussy with her tongue and two of her fingers. Tara's pussy was so wet that there was absolutely no trouble inserting her fingers. Tara moaned and sighed in pleasure as Anzu fucked her cunt. Tara started going down on Anzu's vulva as well.

Rigel had started fingering Anzu's rosebud as well, adding to the short-haired Asian's pleasure. "That's it, Anzu," she said. "Take that finger in your asshole. Take it."

"Oh yes," Anzu moaned. "Fuck me. I wanna make you cum, Tara."

"Oh, yes," Tara moaned, fucking Anzu's pussy as well. "I want you to make me cum. Make me cum all over you." Tara started licking Anzu's clit and inserted two fingers into her slippery cunt as well. Anzu started fingering Tara's G-spot and the redhead gasped and arched her back in pleasure, pushing her pussy deeper into Anzu's talented fingers.

Rigel slowly increased the speed and pressure of her fingers against Anzu's ass hole, in turn causing Anzu to go down harder on Tara's cunt. Tara also started going down harder on Anzu's pussy, but was sure to keep her ministrations at a low level to keep Anzu from cumming. "Come on, Tara," Anzu said. "I want you to cum for me. I want to taste your juices."

"Yes," moaned the Australian girl. "Fuck me!" She started fingering Anzu's G-spot, causing her to moan in bliss and to go harder on Tara's young twat. Tara moaned and squirmed under Anzu's touch, getting closer and closer to her climax.

Tara was so lost in her pleasure that she had started losing control of how fast she was going on Anzu's pussy. When Anzu felt her orgasm approaching, she said, "Tara, stop! I want to make you cum first."

Tara regained her senses and said. "Sorry. I got a little carried away." Anzu continued working Tara's pussy hard, Sucking on her clit and driving her fingers hard into the redhead's G-spot. Tara could feel her orgasm building up inside of her, ready to escape any moment. "Yes. Yes. Yes!" she cried. She reached the plateau and her body tensed up.

"Yes," Anzu cooed, "cum for me, Tara." The Asian nibbled on Tara's hard clit and Tara was thrown into a fit of powerful spasms. Even her legs, which she had been unable to move just hours ago, shook slightly. Tara cried out in ecstasy as her pussy started spewing its cum-juices all over Anzu's face. The Asian girl sucked hungrily at Tara's ejaculating cunt, gulping down as much girl-cum as it could. She got most of it, but some of it escaped and coated the rest of her face.

With Tara lost in orgasmic bliss, Rigel started going down on Anzu's rear harder, her finger sliding into her anus. Anzu cried out and started humping Rigel's finger. "Hai! Hai!" she cried. "Fuck me!"

After Tara had regained control of her body, she started going down on Anzu's vagina as hard as she could, sucking and biting at her clit and pumping four fingers into the college girl's G-spot. Anzu screamed and her back arched. Her back stayed arched and she held her breath for several seconds. Then, Anzu's body started spasming as her orgasm hit. Tara removed her fingers from Anzu's spasming cunt and her honey squirted all over the place. Megumi hungrily lapped up the love-juices that flew towards her. Whatever juices she could not catch with her mouth she let splash against her body. She had always enjoyed the feeling of warm bodily fluids all over her.

After Anzu had stopped cumming, Megumi jumped to where the three girls were still clinging to each other. Rigel waited to remove her finger from Anzu's anus until Megumi had planted her face firmly against her lover's pussy. Rigel pulled her finger away and it popped out of Anzu's rosebud, making the short-haired girl squirt one more glob of honey to fill Megumi's mouth. Afterwards, the four girl met in one final four-way make-out session.

Unfortunately, their session was cut short by the proximity alarm going off. They were approaching the coordinated of Seusui Spaceport. "I've got to land the shuttle," Megumi said. "Sorry." She jumped into the cockpit, disengaged the autopilot, and started their descent.

Anzu was still in a fog of post-orgasm and did not want to be the copilot for the ride down. Tara, Rigel, and Anzu strapped themselves into their seats as she shuttle entered the Atlantian atmosphere. "Wow," Tara said, "my legs are tingling. And not just from the nanites."

"How was your first try at being authoritative during sex?" Rigel asked.

"It wasn't as fun as I would have liked it. I really enjoy it more when I'm submissive."

"Well I like being in control," said Anzu. "That works for both of us."

After they had landed at the Seusui Spaceport, the four girls redressed themselves and exited the shuttle. It was about 6:30 pm on that side of the southern continent and was started to get dark. However, Tara and Rigel felt more at home with Cerulean in the sky. Because Anzu was the only one that had full motion of both her arms and legs, she was the one that drove Rigel's solar-powered car back to the Seusui Resort. The red car had been parked at the Seusui Spaceport parking lot for four days!

When they got back to the Seusui Resort, Rigel introduced her parents to Megumi and Anzu for the first time. It was finally revealed how Tara and Rigel had met them. Of course, it was not revealed that the two Asians were computer hackers. Tara called her parents on the holo-phone and told them where she was. Tara's parents came by in their own solar-powered car several minutes later to pick up Tara. Although they were disappointed with their daughter for her inappropriate conduct at the Halcyon Resort, they were just happy that she had survived and decided to forgo Tara's punishment. That made it easier for them as well as Tara because they did not have to decide how to punish her. Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu all shared one last embrace before Tara and her parents left to go back to the Baha resort.

Because Tara's internal clock was offset by only about three hours, she had little trouble getting back into her daily routine. Rigel never actually got out of her routine so she had no trouble sleeping at the Seusui Resort either. However, Megumi and Anzu, without a car of their own, had no way of getting back to the spaceport and flying back to the Halcyon Resort, so after a little bit of computer hacking, they managed to cancel their reservations at the Halcyon Resort and open reservations and the Seusui Resort. Besides, after the eruption of Mt. Serenity, they were afraid to go back to any of those islands. Spending three days without actual day or night altered their internal clocks slightly so they were about six hours offset from that particular time zone and required about a day to adjust.

When Tara awoke the next morning, she was surprised to find that the tingling in her legs had disappeared. "Have my nerves healed already?" she wondered. She tried moving her legs. Her neurons had atrophied a bit due to five days of inactivity, so it was difficult to move her legs exactly where she wanted. However, she was able to move about by leaning against the walls for support.

The redhead managed to get to her dresser, take out some clothes and dress herself. She exited her room and found her parents eating at the dining table. "You're awake!" Her mother cried, running to her. Tara and her mother embraced, happy that they were a whole family again. Tara's father also joined them. When Tara's mother started to let go, Tara almost fell over, but her mother caught her and helped her back up. "Come sit down. Have some breakfast." Tara's parents helped her to the table.

"Do you want some fruit?" her father asked. "Or maybe some danna fruit pancakes?"

"Mum, Dad," Tara said. "I'm fine. You don't have to pamper me. However, danna fruit pancakes do sound nice. But don't serve them to me as if I was an invalid, because I'm not. I'll be fine by tomorrow."

As Tara ate, her mother said, "So, Tara. What happened at the Halcyon Resort?"

"Well, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu planned a surprise birthday party for me. They took me on something of a tour of Atlantis. First of all, we went to Avlossa Falls, you know that area on the tip of the northern continent? Where the tectonic plate is splitting apart?"

"Yes, we've heard of it," said her mother.

"What happened next?" her father asked.

Tara continued, "Afterwards, we went all the way to the Halcyon Resort, where there was this rave."

"We heard about that," said Tara's father. "Mt. Serenity erupted and several of the surrounding islands here damaged."

"I never learned how bad it was," Tara said.

"I think the statistics were twenty-eight fatalities, nineteen on which were from tsunamis."

"I expected about thirty deaths," said Tara.

"For the first time in a long time, there were people reported missing," said Tara's mother. "People haven't gone missing simply because of earthquakes for a hundred years. Where were you?"

"I was with the yaranela." Tara then realized that her parents had absolutely no idea what the word "yaranela" meant. "Sorry," Tara said. "I was with the capasaurs. They have an entire civilization under the water, and I was there. They healed me. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be alive right now."

Tara's parents just stared at her for a moment. Tara's father broke the silence by saying, "They--The capasaurs...saved you?"

"Their technology is equivalent to that of late twentieth-century Earth. They simply transplanted one of Rigel's lungs into my chest--" Tara stopped herself again. "My apologies. I'm going too fast. As you know, my spine was crushed so I was temporarily paralyzed until this morning. However, my chest was also crushed and my lungs were badly damaged. The capasaurs managed to get me and Rigel unto surgery before I would be beyond their aid. So, the capasaurs transplanted Rigel's lung into me and I'm fine now."

"This is all too incredible to believe!" Tara's mother said.

"I know it's hard to believe," Tara said, "but it's true. I was there. I saw it! And so did Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu."

Then, a voice emanated from Tara's room. It was Rigel's voice saying, "Tara? Are you there?"

"It's Rigel," Tara said. "Uh, would you mind helping me back into my room?" Tara's parents helped Tara back onto her room, where a figure of Rigel was standing. Tara turned on her sensory equipment and said, "Hi, Rigel."

"Oh, good," Rigel said. "You're there. How are you this morning?"

"Well, Tara said, "the scars on my head and chest are gone. The tingling in my legs is also gone, but I still have to relearn how to walk. I still have to get my cast off. I see your cast is off."

"Yeah, said the blonde. "They took it off this morning at the Seusui medical facility." She then moved her left arm around without any considerable trouble. "It's a little stiff, but it should be fine soon."

"Sorry I can't set up the sensors on my body. It's a little hard to move about. How's Megumi?"

"I'm fine," Megumi said, appearing next to Rigel. Anzu also appeared. "I still can't feel my leg, but I think it should be fine soon. Several days."

"Anyway," said Anzu, "we have been wanting to test your theory about Seiyana."
"Oh, yeah," said Tara. "But first of all, we need to find a space telescope."

"We have already found one," said Anzu.


"It is currently in a polar orbit around Cerulean," said Megumi. "There's a station on the polar continent that the space telescope sends information to. We can go there at take the readings on Seiyana that we want to."

"Good," Tara said. "I'm glad you found this out. Of course, I'll have to clear this with my parents. Let them know where I'm going."

"We'll meet at Seusui Spaceport in five minutes then?" Rigel asked.

"Sounds good with us," Anzu said.

"It's a date," Tara said. Rigel shut off the sensor and she, Megumi, and Anzu disappeared. Tara turned off the holograph and slowly made her way out of her room.

Tara convinced her parents to take her to meet Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu at the Seusui Spaceport. Her parents were worried that something would happen to their daughter, but Tara assured them that they were going nowhere near a volcanic region. After Tara had packed some warm clothes for the moon's polar region, she visited the Baha medical facility to have her casts taken off. Tara also received a pair of crutches to balance herself. Her parents then drove her to the Seusui Spaceport where Rigel, her father, Megumi, and Anzu were waiting. "You ready, Tara?" Rigel asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be," the redhead replied.

"When should you girls be back?" asked Rigel's father.

"We are just going to look at Pacifica for a few hours at the most," said Megumi. "We should be back by 5:00 pm."

"Bye, Tara," said the redhead's mother. "Don't do anything stupid, you hear?"

"I hear you, Mum," said Tara.

"You have enough warm clothes for the cold weather up north?" her father asked.

"Right here in my pack," Tara said. The four girls entered the spaceport while their parents drove back to their respective resorts.

They went to Megumi and Anzu's private shuttle and took off, moving into an eastward orbit. After Megumi and Anzu set the shuttle on autopilot, they went back into the cabin to join Tara and Rigel. "So Tara," said Rigel. "I understand what you said about the mass and metalicity of Seiyana. But don't spin and flare activity of the star also add to the age of the star?"

"Oh, that's true," said Tara. "I don't know about that."

"I have an idea," Megumi said.

"What's that?" asked Rigel.

"If Seiyana did used to be two stars, then the stars would have picked up spin when they collided. Because of rotational...rotational...What is it called when objects in motion stay in motion?"

"'Inertia'?" Tara suggested. "'Momentum'?"

"I think that's right," said Anzu.

"Thank you," said Megumi. "As I was saying because of rotational momentum, as the two stars got closer to each other, they revolved around each other faster. When they collided and formed Seiyana, that spin of the system stayed with the star, giving it its high spin."

"That's a good point," Tara said.

"But what about the flare activity?" asked Rigel.

"I can explain that," said Anzu. "The flare activity of a star comes from its magnetic field and from its spin. As a star spins, its magnetic field becomes warped, and goes through the star's surface. That is how sunspots are formed; they form where the star's magnetic field goes through the surface. Now, material passes between the sunspots because there is always one north sunspot and one south sunspot; they always come in pairs. And, because they have opposite poles, they attract one another."

"Just like magnets," said Rigel.

"And when two sunspots meet," Anzu continued, "they destroy each other and blow off material by a solar flare."

"Oh, I get it," Tara said. "Because sunspots form through the magnetic field and the rotation of the star, the faster the star spins, the more sunspots form, and the more flare activity there is!"

"Good," said Rigel. "We have a working theory. Now, we just have to get to that station and see if its true. How long until we get there?"

"About thirty minutes," Megumi said.

"I can't wait!" cried an excited Tara.

"I can't believe how much we've learned all by ourselves," Rigel said. "First, we discover that the capasaurs are intelligent. Then, we learn their language, then we learn about their civilization, and now, we might learn the biggest secret of the entire system, its age."

"Four girls not long out of high school also," said Anzu.

"How long will it be before the whole galaxy knows about us?" Rigel said.

"Using our FTL nonstop," Megumi said, "I'd say..." she though for a moment. "...maybe a hundred years?"

"Well, maybe not the whole galaxy," Rigel said. "But I think that within the next year, most of the people on Earth, Yaranalei, and Kiniff will know the names Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu."

The shuttle soon landed at the observatory on the polar continent. Although latitudes near the equator were very hot due to Cerulean's distance from Pacifica, the polar regions of Atlantis were still quite cold. The observatory was about 100 meters from the landing area. After the girls had changed into their warm clothes, they exited the shuttle and headed for the observatory. Tara's ability to walk returned to her quickly. The solar eclipse had just ended, but Pacifica was very low in the sky due to the angle of the star at the polar regions.

As the girls approached the observatory, they were greeted by the head of the facility. "Welcome, girls," he said in a Russian accent. "We got your message as you approached our observatory here."

"Thank you, Mister...?" Tara asked.

"Just call me Sergei. I prefer being informal."

"Thank you for having us here, Sergei," Tara said.

"Why don't you girls come in? It's freezing out here." The girls followed Sergei inside the observatory. "We usually do not have guests here," said the Russian. "But when we heard you talking about the age of the Pacific System, we got interested. What can we do to help?"

"We think that the star of Pacifica is actually two stars," said Anzu. "The two stars collided and fused five million years ago, forming the larger Pacifica."

"That would account for the low metalicity of a star of its size," said Sergei.

"And the spin that the two stars picked up added to the spin of the larger star," added Rigel.

"Well, it is an interesting theory. What evidence do you have to support it?"

"Well," said Tara, "the most obvious thing is the fact that Pacifica appears to be only one billion years old when the fossils of Atlantis are two-point-five billion years old."

"We also have pictures of a cave on Halcyon Island," Megumi said. She gave her camera to Sergei to look at.

Sergei turned on the camera and it projected a holographic image of the cave wall. "What are these markings?" he asked.

"If you go ahead, you will find a picture of an ancient capasaur skeleton. Five million years old.

The Russian astronomer moved forward in the list of pictures and found the picture of the skeleton. "What does this mean?"

Rigel said, "It means that this capasaur was in this cave at the same time these markings were made. Although the capasaurs of that era were not very intelligent, they had to be able to see well in order to hunt their prey. We think that the markings represent an image that this capasaur saw."

"Wait," said Sergei, "the capasaurs of that era were not intelligent? What makes you think they ever were intelligent?"

"We've talked with them," Tara said. "They have a language and a civilization under the water. Don't tell us that it was a dream because all four of us saw it."

"Wait, I've heard about you. Yes! You are those girls I heard on the news! The first humans to communicate with capasaurs! Well, what a day this has been for me."

"We just want to take some reading of Pacifica and see if our theory is true," said Megumi.

"Well," Sergei said. "If it will help us uncover the mystery of the Pacific System, be my guest! Right this way, girls." Sergei walked through a door into the computer laboratory. There were astronomers working at several computers, observing the information that the space telescope was sending back to them.

"Okay," Tara said. "Where to begin?"

"I would think," Sergei suggested, "that the first place to look is the dimensions of Pacifica. If it was once two stars, it would be elongated."

"Where would we find that?" asked Rigel.

Sergei brought them to one of the computer stations. "This station takes measurements of Pacifica in three-dimensional space. If your theory is correct, then you should find bulges on either side of the star. However, it could also mean that you have to wait for a day or two. The star does not rotate every three hours, you know."

"Oh, no," Rigel groaned. "We told our parents we would be back by 5:00."

"Where are you staying on Atlantis?" asked Sergei.

"The Baha and Seusui Resorts on the southern continent," Tara replied. It's 12:11 at the time."

"Well, maybe you'll be lucky. Maybe Pacifica is at just the right time in its rotational cycle."

The four girls settled down in front of the computer station. A two-dimensional holograph image appeared, showing exactly what the space telescope observed of Pacifica. It even showed the dimensions of the star at several angles. "Look at this," said Megumi. The up-down diameter is 1,945,000 kilometers, but its right-left diameter is 1,947,000 kilometers!"

"That's not enough to prove our theory," said Anzu. "That could just be elongation from the rotation of the star."

"Wait," Rigel said, "I have an idea. Sergei? Does your space telescope have a system for detecting neutrinos?"

"In fact, it does," said the Russian. "But neutrinos are so hard to detect that it would be difficult to get a reading from Pacifica."

"Where can we get a neutrino count?"

"Right this way." The girls were brought to another computer station. As the girls settled in front of the station, a small, white blob appeared in front of a black background. "The white areas are where neutrinos are detected. The brighter the white is, the more neutrinos are there. But, as you can see, the white here is very small."

"Rigel," Tara asked, "what are neutrinos?"

"A bi-product of nuclear fusion," Rigel replied. "The funny thing about neutrinos is that they pass right through matter. By neutrino detecting, we should be able to get an exact picture of the star's core because neutrinos just pass through the star's outer layers. However, because they pass right through matter, they are very hard to detect."

"So far," said Anzu, "I just see this white blob with sparkles here are there."

"Let's see if we can find two cores," Rigel said. "If it has two stellar nuclei, then our theory has to be true."

Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu were very patient with their computer station. However, they started to get bored after a few hours passed. "What time is it?" Tara asked.

Rigel looked at her watch. "It's almost 4:30," she said.

"We told our parents we would be back by 5:00. We'd better call 'em and tell 'em we'll be staying longer."

Rigel turned to Sergei and asked, "Sergei, do you have a holo-phone around here?"

"Yes, we do. Follow me."

Tara turned to Megumi and Anzu and asked, "Could you two keep an eye on Seiyana while we're talking to our parents?"

"Sure thing," Megumi said. "We'll let you know if we find something."

Tara and Rigel followed Sergei to the holo-phones. First of all, Tara called her parents. "Oh, hi Tara," said the redhead's father when he picked up.

"Hi, Dad," said Tara. "Listen, it's gonna take a little longer than we expected. We haven't found anything yet."

"And what if you don't find anything?"

"Then, we'll know that our theory is false. Scientists will just have to keep hypothesizing about Seiyana's age."


"Oh. Sorry. That's what the capasaurs call Pacifica."

"But how long are you willing to wait? The Andreas is en route to Atlantis as we speak. We would have taken the Kuiper back to Earth if you weren't underwater for three days. As soon as the Andreas unloads its passengers and takes on new ones, it leaves back for Earth and we don't want to spend the extra money of staying for another extra week."

"How about we stay here for another few hours. If we don't get results by 9:00, we'll go back home. We'll have one of the scientists here contact us if anything comes up."

Tara's father thought for a moment. "All right," he said. "But no later than 10:00."

"Understood. I'll see you tonight."

"All right. I love you Tara."

"I love you too, Dad. Bye." They hung up and the image of Tara's father disappeared. "I guess you should call your parents now," Tara said to Rigel.

"I guess so," replied the blonde. Rigel went to the holo-phone and called her parents. "Hi, Mom," she said after her mother picked up.

"Hi, Sweety," said Rigel's mother. "Are you okay?"

"I'm just fine, Mom."

"Are you warm enough up there?"

"Mom, we're inside and away from the cold. We'll be all right. Anyway, I was just calling to say that we'll be staying here a little longer. We haven't gotten any results yet and we're planning to stay here until 9:00. If we haven't gotten results by then, we'll go back and tell the people at the observatory to contact us if anything comes up."

"Tara, Rigel," Anzu called to them. "I think we have something."

Tara and Rigel suddenly became very anxious, hoping that they had found their answer. "Listen, Mom," Rigel said. "We've gotta go now. We think Megumi and Anzu have found something."

"Okay. I'll see you at 9:00 if not sooner."

"No, Mom. We're staying here until 9:00 if not sooner. If we leave at 9:00, we should be back home no later than 9:45."

"Okay, Sweety. Take care."

"Bye." They hung up and Rigel's mother's image disappeared.

Tara and Rigel went back to the computer station. By now, Tara had gotten used to her ability to move her legs to the point that she did not need the crutches any more. Her legs were still a bit shaky, but she could walk almost perfectly again. "What've you found?" Tara asked.

"What does the gray mean?" Megumi asked.

Sergei spoke. "Gray means areas of lower neutrino emissions. Possibly areas where nuclear fusion is taking place, but at a slower pace than the rest of the core."

"Then look at this." Megumi pointed to the right side of the stellar core. "It is hard to see, but if you look closely, there is a small bulge."

Tara and Rigel looked closely at the picture. "Blow the picture up a bit," said Rigel. Anzu enlarged the two-dimensional holographic image to twice its size. Tara and Rigel looked again. Sure enough, there was a noticeable bulge on the right side of the stellar core.

"What do you think?" Tara asked.

"I don't think it's enough to prove our theory," the blonde replied. "It could just be a perturbation of the core caused by who knows what. But maybe...How is this diagram scaled?"

"Scaled?" Sergei asked.

"Is it linear?"

"Oh. I believe so."

"Is there a way to make it a logarithmic scale? We just need to alter the scale in a way that makes the white stand out from the black more."

"Oh, yes. Allow me." Megumi and Anzu left the computer station to let Sergei take over. The Russian director changed the linear scale into a logarithmic scale.

The picture changed considerably as the areas of light gray turned brighter and the areas of dark gray grew darker. By changing the picture to a logarithmic scale, the bulge became much more visible against the blackness of space. "Now," Rigel said, "If we can alter the steepness of the scale just a little bit..." He started altering the steepness very, very slowly, causing the outsides of the figure to become darker.

After about ten minutes of slowly altering the steepness, the bulge started getting darker except for the very center of it! "Look at that!" cried Tara.

"A neutrino source outside the central core!" Sergei cried.

Rigel rushed to the other computer station to check on the dimensions of Pacifica. The space telescope sent information telling them that the up-down diameter of the star was 1,945,000 kilometers, but the left-right diameter had changed from 1,947,000 kilometers to 1,964,000 kilometers! "The left-right diameter has increased!" she cried. "By almost twenty-thousand kilometers!"

The others went to see the dimensions of Pacifica. "Wow," Anzu said.

"So, it's true," said Megumi.

"Pacifica was once two stars," Tara said in awe.

"This is the greatest discovery in the history of humankind," a very intrigued Sergei said.

Tara started jumping up and down, crying joyfully, "We did it! We solved the mystery!" Tara and Rigel embraced each other, as did Megumi and Anzu.

Sergei went to the neutrino detection computer station and compiled the information from how far away the two stellar cores were and how bright they were. After adding in the spin and mass of Pacifica, the computer calculated the approximate masses of the two former stars, how long ago they collided, and how old the Pacific System indeed was. The masses of the two stars were about 70% and 30% as massive as the larger star of Pacifica, they collided approximately five million years before, and the age of the system was about four billion years old.

"Thank you so much, Sergei," said Tara. "Thank you for having us here."

"No," the Russian said, "I should be thanking you girls. You have shed light on the greatest mystery humans have ever faced. Ever since I came to Atlantis, I have grappled with that mystery. Now, I know what it is. I know the reason."

"But if it weren't for you," Rigel said, "we couldn't have landed here and found that answer."

"I suppose we just made a good team," Sergei said smiling.

"That'll do," said Megumi. "That'll do just fine."

"Tell the world, Sergei!" said Anzu.

"I will!" Sergei exclaimed. "I will tell Atlantis, Earth, And Kiniff! And I will tell them all about you girls!"

When the girls exited the observatory to go back to the shuttle, Pacifica was still at its same height in the sky; it had only moved around the sky by about sixety-five degrees. The shuttle had absorbed enough water from the surrounding ice that it was ready to blast off by then. The girls entered the shuttle and took off. When they were in orbit, Megumi and Anzu piloted the shuttle toward the Seusui Spaceport. After setting the shuttle on autopilot, the girls had a chance to celebrate their great discovery. Tara and Rigel jumped around the cabin, yelling and cheering for themselves. Anzu also jumped around. Megumi would have jumped around the cabin as well if her left leg was not still recovering. But she joined in the celebration by yelling and cheering along with her three friends.

"I can't believe it!" cried Tara. "We actually solved the mystery of Pacifica's age!"

"It was your idea," Rigel said, grabbing a hold of Tara. "Congratulations." The two of them embraced and kissed.

"God," Tara said after a minute. "These clothes are meant for cold weather. It's getting kind of hot in here." Without wasting a second, all four girls started stripping. When all girls were naked, they went together and shared one hot, passionate four-way kiss.

After about a minute of tasting each other's mouths and pinching and fondling each other's hard nipples, Anzu started fingering Rigel's pussy. Rigel started fingering Megumi, Megumi fingered Tara, and Tara fingered Anzu. It was a perfect quadrilateral. As the girls fingered each other, they continued kissing each other forcefully, feeling the mouths and tongues of all of the other girls. They all moaned and sighed in pleasure as they kissed and fucked each other in zero-G.

Because all of the girls were so happy about their discovery and so bent on making each other cum, none of them said a word to each other, not even to express how good it felt getting fucked. All that they could do to express the sexual feelings that were rushing through them was to emit loud moans and cries, which was, in most ways, even more effective than words. Anzu cried out in sexual bliss as Tara started fucking her pussy even harder, pushing her fingers against her G-spot and rubbing her clit with her thumb. This drove Anzu to do the same to Rigel, in turn causing the blonde to go down harder on Megumi, until it came full circle back to Tara.

The girls were moaning and writhing under each others' touch and held on to each other so that they could continue kissing and fucking each other. They could feel their orgasms starting to build up inside them, driving them to go down hard on each other's dripping cunts. They had reached theirtop speed and power, and all of their bodies went rigid as they reached their plateaus. After several seconds on the edge of orgasm, the girls could not hold back any longer. They all cried out in ecstasy as their orgasms hit. Their bodies rocked to the waves of orgasmic rapture, their pussies ejaculating girl-cum all over each other. They all absolutely loved the feel of warm, wet cum-juices on their bodies and it made their orgasms all the more hot and wet.

After the girls had come down from their powerful orgasms, they used what strength they had left to pull each other close together and kiss each other. They brought their fingers to each others' mouths and tasted their honey, mingled with the cum of the other girls. They just stayed together, locked in each others' embrace until the proximity alarm went off and Megumi and Anzu had to return to the cockpit to pilot the shuttle down to Seusui Spaceport.

After they had landed, the girls got back into theior clothes and exited the shuttle. The clock at the spaceport read, "5:04 pm". By now, Tara had gotten used to being able to move her legs and her ability to walk was perfect again. Megumi's left leg had started to tingle a bit, showing that the nanites in her body were beginning to attach all of the nerves in her leg to the rest of her body.

Over the next few days, the tingling in Megumi's leg became more intense, until it started to die down when the nanites had completed their work. Megumi still needed her crutches so that she could train her left leg to walk again, but that ability returned just as swiftly as Tara's ability to walk was. The discovery of the second stellar core of Pacifica was all over the news. Although all of the news stories about the discovery involved interviews with Sergei, the Russian insisted on giving the credit to four girls, Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu.

Those few days also brought about the first contacts between other humans and yaranela. Because Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu were the only humans that understood yaranela speach, they usually had to help translating for the other humans. Iya and Yana were also the only yaranela that knew English, so they had to translate for the other yaranela. However, the rest of the humans on Atlantis learned that the capasaurs were called "yaranela", Atlantis was called "Yaranalei", Cerulean was called "Ngeso", and Pacifica was called "Seiyana".

However, the Kuiper arrived in the Seiyana System after those few days had passed. Tara, Rigel, and their families were to take a shuttle to the Kuiper and then fly back to Earth on the starship. Megumi and Anzu accompanied them to Seusui Spaceport to say they final goodbyes. "We're going to miss you," Megumi said as the four girls embraced.

"We'll miss you too," Tara said.

"You'll come back here and visit us, right?" asked Anzu.

"Of course," said Rigel.

"I just wish we could stay longer," said Tara. "I mean, we were planning on being here for only two weeks. And even though we stayed an extra week because we missed our flight on the Andreas, I really don't wanna leave."

"But where would you girls stay?" asked Tara's father. "Where would you find room?"

"Nara, Hijel, Mengumi, Anu," two loud voices said outside the entrance to the spaceport. Everyone looked and saw two yaranela standing there.

"It's Iya and Yana," said Anzu.

"They've come to say, 'goobye' to you," Megumi said to Tara and Rigel.

The eight of them walked outside to meet with the capasaurs. "Iya, Yana," said Rigel. "We are supposed to go back to Earth."

"Ni nga nala?" said Iya. "Sen mena sa."

"Why do you leave?" Anzu translated. "We are not happy."

"Ni nga aleiya sa?" Yana asked.

"Why do you not stay?" Anzu translated.

Tara and Rigel looked at Iya and Yana, they looked at each other, and then back to the capasaurs that were begging them to stay. They then turned to their parents. "Mum, Dad," Tara said. "I don't think we can go back."

Tara's and Rigel's parents looked at them with looks of surprise on their faces. "What?" asked Tara's mother.

"Now that it comes to it," Rigel said, "Tara and I realize that we can't leave. We belong on Yaranalei with our friends."

"But what will you do here?" asked Rigel's father. "Where will you go? Where will you live?"

Tara turned to Iya and Yana and asked, "Is there room in your underwater city for two humans girls?"

"Iei," Yana said.

"Yes," said Anzu.

"We can stay with the yaranela," Rigel said.

Tara's mother cried, "You're staying with those creatures?"

"Mengora!" cried Iya and Yana.

Tara, Rigel, Megumi, and Anzu looked at Iya and Yana for a moment, shocked. "What did they say?" asked Tara's mother.

Anzu slowly turned back to Tara's mother and translated, "Fuck you."

"What was that?" cried the redheaded woman.

"I don't think they liked it when you called them 'creatures'," Megumi said. "Call them, 'yaranela'. Or at least 'capasaurs'."

Tara's mother looked at Iya and Yana. After a moment, she finally said, "I am sorry." She then went to them and asked, "Friends?"

Iya and Yana looked at the woman for a moment, trying to figure out whether she was a decent human or not. Finally, Iya said, "Iei."

"Yes," said Anzu.

Tara's mother slowly reached a hand toward Iya. For the first time, another human besides the four teenagers touched the smooth skin of a yaranela.

"Well," said Rigel's father, "we must be on our way. You girls be sure to take care of yourselves here on Yaranalei."

Tara and Rigel smiled and embraced their parents. "Thank you, Dad!" Rigel cried.

"We're gonna miss you, Tara," said the redhead's father.

"Don't worry about me," Tara said softly.

"It will be like them going to college," Megumi said.

"Yes," Anzu said. "Our parents are on Earth still."

"Attention. Attention," a male voice said over the P.A. "Shuttle flight to the Kuiper now boarding."

"Take care, girls," Rigel's mother said to them.

"We will," Rigel said. With that, Tara's and Rigel's parents entered the spaceport and boarded the shuttle to the Kuiper. The girls exited the spaceport and went to a bench outside the spaceport. Just as the sky was growing dark with the eclipse, a light shined in the darkness as the shuttle blasted off through the atmosphere and into space.

Iya and Yana took Tara and Rigel to the underwater city off the coast of the southern continent. There, the two yaranela talked with the other residents of the city to tell them that there would be two humans living with them. Although very surprised at the prospect of having aliens living in their city, they accepted it. A second rectangular matress was moved into Iya and Yana's residence, where Tara and Rigel could sleep. Because humans were so much smaller than yaranela, the bed needed only to be big enough to fit one yaranela.

Three months passed and Iya and Yana layed one egg each. It turned out that Iya's baby was concieved at Mineral Lake and Yana's baby was concieved at the beach behind the cliff. Iya and Yana named their children "Nara" and "Hijel" in honor of the humans that had help concieve their children.

It was about that time that Rigel proposed to Tara and Anzu proposed to Megumi. The four girl returned to Earth to tell their parents of the engagements. As soon as the girls and their parents got back to Yaranalei, a double-marriage took place. It was a surprise to Tara's and Rigel's parents that the temperature of Ngeso and Yaranalei had decreased considerably as the planet moved away from its perihelion and toward its aphelion. The parents decided to find permanent residence on Yaranalei so that they would not have to spend a week en route to the Seiyana System and then a wekk back to the Sol System. Tara and Rigel also got into a college on Yaranalei. Nara and Hijel hatched from their eggs six months after their parents had layed them.


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