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Lust in Space, Part 2
by Nathan Warford


Tara woke up feeling herself wrapped in something soft and warm. As she came to her senses, she remembered what had happened the night before and realized that the soft warmth around her was her new lover, Rigel. Rigel's eyes were open and she was admiring Tara's sleeping form. "Good morning," Rigel said.

"Hi," said Tara.

"Good sleep?"

"Very good sleep. I can't remember the last time I slept so well."

"I know what you mean. Sometimes a good cum is just what I need to relax."

"Interesting," the redhead said. "The first night in this room and I don't even sleep in my own bed."

"I'm sure your bed will be put to good use tonight."

"I certainly hope so." The two girls kissed for a few seconds and then got out of bed. Rigel got some clothes out of her suitcase while Tara got some clothes out of hers. After the two girls had gotten themselves dressed, they left the room and went to their parents' rooms to tell them that they were off to explore more of the Odyssey. After they had told their parents that they were leaving, the two friends went off to find some breakfast.

Tara and Rigel found a pancake house. They picked up their menus on the way into the restaurant. After they had decided what they wanted, they went up to the counter and ordered. Tara ordered a short-stack with blueberry syrup, Rigel ordered a breakfast burrito. After they had taken their orders and paid, they were given a number to display on their table so that the waitress knew which order they had. "So," Rigel asked as they sat down at a table, "what should we do today?"

"I don't know," replied Tara. "There has to be something. There's probably a lot of things that we can do."

"Tara, do you ever go shopping?"

"Shopping? You mean 'shopping' shopping?"

"Yeah," the blonde said, nodding. "About a half of the bottom level of the Odyssey is just like a mall."

"Of course I go shopping. I don't think there's a girl on earth..." Tara trailed off a bit. and then finished, "...or in space who doesn't."

After Tara and Rigel had eaten their breakfast, they started exploring the mall-like region of the Odyssey. "So," said Tara, "what should we do first?"

"There's a music store," said Rigel pointing to a Millennium Music. "Why don't we see what they have there?"

"That sounds good." The girls walked in and looked to see what music there was. What they enjoyed the most was the techno that they listened to. There was also some music from a planet called Kiniff, 47 light-years from Earth. Kiniffan music was very unusual because it operated on a hexatonic scale with six notes per octave instead of eight. Tara and Rigel were not very fond of Kiniffan music; they were just not quite able to enjoy the hexatonic scale that the Kiniffans used.

When Tara and Rigel were done listening to the music and buying a couple of audio discs, they decided to move on to the clothing department. When they got to the clothes store, they went to the women's casual section. Tara picked out a pink T-shirt and held it up to her body for Rigel to look at her. "That's nice," said the blonde, "but something is not quite right about it."

"What?" asked Tara.

"The color is all wrong."

"I like pink."

"Try this," Rigel said, handing Tara a green T-shirt. Tara put the pink T-shirt back and held up the green one to her body. "Much better," said Rigel. The blonde then took up the pink T-shirt.

"Hey!" the redhead cried. "What's the deal?"

"It's the most basic rule of color," said Rigel. "I just think that blondes go best with pink, redheads go best with green, and brunettes go best with blue. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what you think."

Tara looked in the mirror beside her and held up the green T-shirt. "You know," said the redhead, "I think you're right. I do go better in green."

Rigel then picked out a pair of dark blue jeans. "What do you think of these?" she asked, holding the jeans up to her waist.

Tara examined the pants for a moment. "I think that those would look better on you if they were faded. I think that the dark color would go better with the green of my T-shirt."

"Maybe you're right." The blonde gave the jeans to Tara and picked out a pair of faded jeans. "What about these?" she asked holding the pants up to her waist.

"Very nice," said Tara.

Rigel and Tara then went to the dressing room to try out the clothes that they had picked out. They entered one of the stalls and closed the door. "I wanna see you first," said Rigel. Tara took off her shirt and pants, and then tried on the green T-shirt and jeans. "Perfect," said Rigel.

Tara turned and looked in the mirror. "Perfect," she agreed. "Rigel, try on your clothes." Rigel took off her shirt and pants and then stepped into the pink T-shirt and jeans. "Nice," Tara said.

"I would have to agree with you," the blonde said, looking at herself in the mirror.

After they had changed back into their original clothes, the girls went over to the lingerie section. "I think that we need some more color," said Tara. "I need another color besides white."

"Yeah. Black is becoming a bit dull for me also."

Tara took out a blue bra and panties. "I think this would look good on you," she said. "It matches your eyes perfectly."

Rigel took the blue lingerie from Tara. "Underwear is different than normal clothes. You can have your pink." With that Rigel handed Tara a pink bra and panties.

With that, Tara and Rigel retreated back into the dressing room. They both stripped until they were both naked. Tara felt a warmth start to grow in her pussy when she saw Rigel naked. Rigel felt the same thing at the sight of Tara's naked body. Tara put on her pink underwear while Rigel put on her blue underwear. They looked at themselves in the mirror, admiring their bodies in their new lingerie. "Blue is good on you," said the Australian, looking at Rigel in her blue underwear.

However, Rigel's mind was not on the lingerie. The brief sight of Tara's naked body had gotten her horny. "Tara," she said.

"What?" Tara replied.

"I can't stop myself. I need to have you now."

"I'm yours."

Rigel went in and started kissing Tara passionately on the lips. Their arms wrapped around each other's bodies and their tongues entwined. Rigel could tell that Tara was just as horny as she was. Tara pushed herself against one of the walls of the stall, letting Rigel work her magic on her.

Rigel took the elastic band of Tara's panties and pulled them down her smooth legs, revealing the redhead's already wet pussy. "What is someone hears us?" asked Tara.

"I can't wait," Rigel said. Tara pulled down Rigel's panties as they continued kissing. Unable to stop herself, Tara quickly moved her hand to Rigel's dripping cunt. "Wait," Rigel said.

"What is it?"

"Do everything that I do; don't do anything that I don't."


The blonde moved her hand to Tara's pussy. "Start off slowly." Rigel rubbed Tara's pussy slowly at first, and Tara did the same. "Don't rush yourself. Let it build as you go along."

"Okay," Tara moaned.

The girls continued making out as they finger-fucked each other's dripping cunts. Rigel used her single free hand to unclip Tara's bra, letting to fall to the floor. She sucked on Tara's nipples, causing the redhead to moan in pleasure. With some effort, Tara also managed to single-handedly unclip Rigel's bra, exposing the American's C-cup breasts. She fondled and tweaked Rigel's nipples as they kept finger-fucking each other's dripping cunts.

Rigel inserted a finger into Tara's wet canal, and Tara did the same to Rigel. "Start going a little faster," the blonde instructed. She started fucking Tara's pussy a little more forcefully, causing a loud moan to escape from the Australian's mouth. Tara fucked Rigel's cunt more forcefully also, causing the American girl to moan as well.

Tara and Rigel started working each other faster, pushing each other closer and closer to orgasm. They were both moaning and writhing in pleasure with their friends' fingers deep inside their sopping cunts. Rigel's thumb moved up to Tara's clit, making the redhead cry out in pleasure. Tara's legs started to grow weak, but Rigel pushed Tara even tighter up against the wall, keeping her upright. Tara's thumb also started rubbing Rigel's clit. They could both feel their orgasms building up deep inside of them. Rigel then said, "Fuck me your hardest when I'm about to cum. Not before." Tara nodded in acknowledgement.

Tara's back arched and her body tensed up as she reached the point of no return. Rigel's body went rigid, signaling that her orgasm was upon her as well. "Rigel!" Tara cried. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Now, Tara!" cried Rigel. "Do me hard!"

The blonde flicked Tara's clit one more time and Tara was thrown over the edge. She cried out in ecstasy as her body started convulsing. Having lost control of her motor functions, Tara's hand rammed deep into Rigel's clit, causing the blonde to start cumming also. Their knees gave out and they slumped to the floor, their bodies jerking wildly, their hands becoming drenched in girl-cum.

Tara and Rigel lay on the ground, basking in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm. Rigel managed to regain her senses and kissed Tara's lips. Tara slipped her tongue out to meet Rigel's. They broke the kiss after a few seconds and looked into each other's eyes. "I can't believe I just cummed in a dressing room stall," said Tara.

"Kinda naughty, huh?" Rigel grinned.

"Yeah. I liked it."

Tara pulled her cum-soaked hand out of Rigel's pussy and put it into her mouth, tasting Rigel's juices, moaning at the musky flavor. Rigel tasted Tara's honey as well. They then kissed and tasted their own juices.

"Well," Rigel said, "I believe I've taught you enough for today."

"Oh, yeah," said Tara, remembering that she was being trained in the art of lesbian sex. "How was I this time?"

"It was better than last night, that's for sure. Keep up the good work and you'll be an experienced lesbian lover in no time." Tara and Rigel stood up and changed back into their clothes.

They walked out of the stall, and scanned the area for anyone that might have been within earshot. "It seems clear," said Tara. Tara and Rigel took up the clothes that they had tried on and proceeded to buy them.

Both girls were considerably hungry after their sexcapade in the dressing room, so they decided to go and get some lunch. It was about 12:00 pm where they were going on Atlantis anyway. They found a hamburger restaurant and decided to eat there. Tara ordered a mushroom cheeseburger and Rigel ordered a chili dog.

The two friends sat down at a table to wait for their meal. Then, Rigel startled chuckling for seemingly no reason. "What's so funny?" Tara asked.

"I was remembering this stupid law that was on Earth two-hundred years ago: the statutory rape law."

"You mean the one that said that an adult cannot have sex with a minor?"

"That's right, even if the minor consented."

"That's a pretty fucked up law."

"I'm glad it was repealed. If both people consent to what they are doing, there shouldn't be any problem. The statutory rape law completely disregarded consenting minors. And if it was still around today, we couldn't be able to screw around with each other."

"I know. I feel sorry for all of those deprived people that lived before the twenty-second century." Tara then noticed something written on the table. "Look," she said, "more information about Atlantis."

"It talks about the history of life."

Tara started reading. "Not much is known about the fossil record because paleontologists have only been searching for fossils for about ten years now. However, the oldest fossils found are about 2,500 million years old."

"2,500 million? It took life on earth that long only to come up with primitive multicellular organisms. How can the life on Atlantis correspond to life of the late Paleozoic Era which was almost 300 million years later?"

"It says that many of the asteroids that come within close range of Atlantis are pulled in towards Cerulean due to its high gravity field. Because there are very few impacts on Atlantis, there are not as many mass extinctions, and life can diversify and evolve earlier than it could have on Earth."

Rigel started reading. "Atlantis also has fewer ice ages because it passes so close to Pacifica when Cerulean is at its perihelion."

"God, I can't wait until we get there. Cerulean is at its perihelion right now, and I wanna surf in those warm waters of Atlantis."

After Tara and Rigel had finished their lunch, they went back to their room to listen to some of the music that they had bought. The holograph was able to read audio discs, so Rigel inserted one of her audio discs into the holograph drive. One feature about holograph was that it projected images even when it read only sound. It could read the time signature and the key signature and could produce different colors that corresponded to the different emotions that the sounds conveyed. The first piece of music on Rigel's audio disc was an upbeat A-minor piece, so the holograph produced colors that were mostly red. The next piece was a slow C-minor, so the colors were mostly blue.

After Tar and Rigel had enjoyed their music for a few hours, they decided to watch The Matrix again. Like most remakes, this version of The Matrix was a bit different than the1999 version. There was a sex scene in this version that did not exist in the original. Rigel was pretty turned on by the scene, but Tara was indifferent. When the movie ended, the two friends discussed the movie a bit. "God, that guy who plays Neo is so hot."

"Rigel, I'm a full lesbian. I can't respond to that."

"Oh, that's right. "

"What about the girl who played Trinity?"

"Oh, she was hot too. That's something that we can agree upon."

"If I was bisexual like you, I would probably also think that the guy was hot."

"I wonder what time it is."

Tara took the remote and pressed the Time button. The holograph projected the time 18:11. "6:11 pm," Tara said.

"So, what to do now?"

"Well, I'm getting a little hungry. Maybe we should go get some dinner."

"Yeah. I'm also feeling kinda hungry."

Tara and Rigel went to get some dinner. As they were walking toward the food court, they ran into their parents. "Hi Mom, hi Dad," Rigel said to her parents.

"Where are you girls off to?" asked Rigel's father.

"To get some dinner," said Tara.

"So were we," said Tara's mother. "Why don't you join us? We were going to find a Japanese restaurant. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me," said Rigel.

"Me too," Tara said.

With that, the six of them went to the Japanese restaurant that was on the Odyssey. Tara's parents shared an order of Japanese noodles, Rigel's parents shared an order of shrimp and vegetable tempura, and Tara and Rigel shared an order of assorted sushi. "So," asked Rigel's mother, "what have you two been up to?"

Rigel replied, "Well, first of all, we got some breakfast. And then, we went shopping."

"I'll bet that was fun," said Tara's mother.

Tara said, "First of all, we checked out some music and bought a few music discs."

"Like what?" Rigel's mother asked."

"Mostly techno," said Tara.

"Did you listen to any of that Kiniffan music?" asked Tara's father.

"Yes, we did," Rigel said. "It was kinda weird."

"The hexatonic scale?" Tara's father asked.

"Yes. That was what we were unused to."

"How is your sushi?" asked Rigel's mother.

"It's good," Rigel replied. "What do you think, Tara?"

"It's good. I love Japanese food. I have no idea why we didn't eat here last night."

After everyone was done eating they went their separate ways. Tara and Rigel went back to their room to discuss what to do until they wanted to go to sleep. To check their options, Tara pressed Map on the remote and the holograph projected the map of the Odyssey. "There's always the low-G pool."

"Nah," said Rigel. "I'm not in the mood right now. We'll have plenty of time to go swimming on Atlantis. What else is there to do?"

Tara looked at the map for a little longer. "Rigel," she asked.


"What about a different kind of pool?"

Rigel gave her red-haired friend a confused look. "I don't quite follow you."

"They have a pool table in the recreation lounge."

"Oh," Rigel said, understanding. "Well, I'm not that good at pool."

"I can help you improve your skills."

"That sounds good." With that, Tara and Rigel left the room and went to the recreation lounge to play some pool.

There were quite a few people there, all kinds of ethnic groups: Negro, Caucasian, Latino, Asian. The Odyssey was a hodgepodge where people from all over the world could come together and have fun. There was something of a line for pool, but Tara and Rigel got their chance to play. When it was Tara's turn to play, she found herself against an Asian girl, probably in her early twenties. "Hello," the girl said to Tara in a Japanese accent.

"Konnichiha," Tara replied as she racked the balls. The Asian girl proceeded with the break.

Tara won the game. The girl was a pretty good sport and congratulated Tara on her victory. She then left to make room for the next player that was up. That next player was Rigel. As they played, Tara gave Rigel a few pointers on how to play, Rigel being an inexperienced pool player. Both Rigel and Tara were teaching each other new things, Tara taught Rigel how to play pool while Rigel taught Tara how to be a good lover.

Tara and Rigel continued playing until they got a little bored, which was at about 9:00 pm. They went back to their room. As they were almost at their door, Tara saw something in front of their room. "What's that?" she asked.

It was a gift-wrapped box. Rigel saw a card on it. She opened the card and read it. It read:

Dear Tara and Rigel,
I got you two a present. I think you will like it. It is a few things I got from Earth before I left. They give me fun when I am bored. I hope you enjoy the present.

Your secret admirer.

P.S. Do not worry. You will see me soon.

"'Your secret admirer'?" Tara said.

"It was addressed to both of us."

"This is creepy. How would this person know our names? We haven't introduced ourselves to anyone."

"And even if we did, how would they know which room we have?"

"Let's see what this person gave us." Tara swiped her key card through the card reader beside the door, and the door slid open. Tara and Rigel stepped into the room, the door closing behind them.

Rigel opened the box and found several things. First, she found a holograph disc. "I wonder what's on this," she said.

"Let's see," said Tara. The redhead took the holograph disc and inserted it into the slot. The room darkened, a few sparks flew around the room, and then Tara and Rigel were transported to a green, grassy field. The sun was shining brightly and there were flowers around them. "Whoa," said Tara."

"What's that I smell?" Rigel said.

Tara inhaled. "Wildflowers!" she said. "Somehow, this holograph program can alter the environmental controls of the room."

"Whoever created this must be a master programmer."

Tara took the remote and pressed the down button. The scene suddenly changed to a beach in the late afternoon. The sun was right above the horizon and the air smelled of seawater. "This is amazing." She pressed down again and they were transported to a lookout point with a city below them. It was night, stars were twinkling in the sky, and the city lights were twinkling as well. "Rigel, what do you think about these three environments?"

"All romantic," Rigel said.

"Who would create this scenes for us?"

"There's something more in the box," Rigel said, pulling another thing out of it. Tara went to see what it was.

"Holy mother of God!" Tara cried when she saw the object that Rigel held in her hand. "Is that what I think it is?"

"You bet your ass it is!" said Rigel. It was a vibrator!

"This is really starting to freak me out, Rigel."


"First of all, this person knows our names and our room number. And now, she also somehow knows our relationship!"

"How do you know it's a 'she'?"

"She would not have referred to herself as 'your secret admirer' if she was a boy. She gave us a vibrator, so she knows that we're having sex. It is a girl, either lesbian or bisexual."

"That makes sense. This is kind of exciting."

"Exciting? It's creepy!"

"I know. But personally, I'm looking forward to finding out who it is. She did say that we would meet her soon. And besides, she gave us these things for a reason."

"What reason is that?" A large grin came across Rigel's face. Tara knew what that grin meant, and the same grin appeared on her face as well. Rigel walked toward Tara and they wrapped their arms around each other. Their lips met and they shared a deep, wet kiss. Rigel's tongue entered Tara's mouth as her hands went for Tara's green T-shirt. She pulled the garment up and over Tara's head, revealing her new pink bra. Tara lifted Rigel's pink top over her head as well, revealing her blue bra.

Rigel brought her head down to Tara's chest and started sucking on her nipples through the fabric of her bra. Tara arched her back, pushing herself into Rigel's face. The American girl then undid Tara's bra, letting her tits fall out. She started sucking on Tara's nipples again, making the redhead moan even louder. Tara undid Rigel's bra, exposing her tits. Her hands went to Rigel's breasts and started fondling and squeezing them.

Rigel maneuvered Tara to her bed and lay her down on it. Tara took off her jeans and panties, her wet pussy now exposed. Rigel slipped out of her pants and panties, exposing her cunt. When both girls had undressed, Rigel straddled Tara's body and they shared another kiss. They buried themselves in each other's bodies, their mouths hungrily sucking at each other's tongues. Tara's hands grabbed Rigel's ass, making the blonde giggle.

Rigel started working down Tara's body, kissing and licking all the way down, leaving a trail of saliva as she went. She came to Tara's breasts and started licking and sucking the redhead's erect nipples. Tara moaned at the sensation. As Rigel pleasured one of the nubs with her mouth, she stimulated the other with one of her hands. She alternated between nipples, making them even harder. As the blonde continued her way down, she stopped at Tara's naval and teased her belly button. Tara made a sound which was half-giggle and half-moan. She was ticklish, but also very aroused.

Finally, Rigel got to Tara's honey pot, which was dripping with her juices. "Now," said Rigel, "let's see how this vibrator works out." She turned the knob on the end of the vibrator and it produced a low hum. As she continued turning the knob, the pitch of the hum went up. The vibrator seemed to have different RPM settings.

Rigel set the vibrator to its lowest level and put it against Tara's erect clitty. Tara jumped at the feeling, so Rigel took the vibrator away just for a moment to let her lover prepare. She reapplied the vibrator to Tara's clit, and the redhead started moaning in pleasure. She started playing with her breasts, tweaking her nipples, sending little shockwaves straight down to her clit, which was being stimulated by the vibrator in Rigel's hands. "Oh, my God," Tara moaned. "I can't believe how good this feels."

"You like the vibrator?" asked Rigel.

"Yes. I like it." Rigel turned up the RPM just a bit, making Tara moan louder. The Australian had started squirming on the bed. "I want it in me." Rigel took the vibrator and inserted it into Tara's wet hole. Tara started rubbing her clit as the small object vibrated her insides. Tara's head fell back onto her pillow and she looked at the stars that the holograph was projecting overhead.

As Tara got closer and closer to her orgasm, Rigel slowly let the RPMs build until the vibrator was at its highest setting. Tara was rubbing her clit frantically, her body spasming, juices flooding onto her sheets. "Rigel!" she cried. "Eat my clit!" Tara's hand removed from her clit and was replaced by Rigel's talented mouth. As the blonde started licking and sucking on the redhead's clit, Tara cried out in pleasure and her hands gripped the bedsheets. Rigel used her free hand to steady Tara's erratic hip movements. Rigel decided to push the vibrator even deeper into Tara's juicy canal. Tara was sent to the plateau, her orgasm ready to escape any second. Her back arched and her body went rigid. Tara then cried out, "Rigel! I'm cumming!" She took Rigel's head in her hands and pushed it even deeper into her sopping wet cunt. Tara cried out in bliss as she started cumming. Her hips bucked into Rigel, her pussy squirting a few shots of girl-cum onto Rigel's face.

Rigel turned off the vibrator and Tara came down from her powerful orgasm. Rigel lay on top of Tara and they kissed. Tara's tongue entered Rigel's mouth, tasting her own girl-juice. "You really enjoyed that, didn't you?" said Rigel.

"Oh, yes," Tara said, still breathing heavily. "That vibrator...really felt good."

"Let me try it." Rigel lay beside Tara and Tara got on top of Rigel. Tara kissed down Rigel's body, like she had done to Tara earlier. Rigel's larger C-cup tits were heavenly. Tara licked at the rock-hard nipples, and Rigel moaned at the feeling. She put the vibrator to the nipple that Tara was not sucking and stimulated the hard nib with its vibrations. Tara made her way to Rigel's pussy, and Rigel gave her the vibrator. "Hold on," Rigel said. She took up the remote and changed the scene to the beach at sunset. "Much better," she said. As Tara was about to go down on her, Rigel said, "Remember what I taught you today. Start off slow, and slowly pick up speed. It should be at maximum only when I'm about to cum. Okay?"


"It that case, show me what you got." Tara switched the vibrator to its lowest level and put it against Rigel's clit. Rigel's hips moved upward, bringing the vibrator deeper into her soft mound. She moaned at the sensation of the small object vibrating her clit. She pinched her nipples, causing her to arch her back in pleasure.

Tara felt that it was time to increase the speed a bit more, so she turned up the RPMs on the vibrator. Rigel started moaning even louder. "Tara," she moaned. "I need you to fill me with something." Tara kept the vibrator at Rigel's clit, and inserted several fingers into the blonde's dripping cunt. "Oh, yes," the American moaned. "That's it, Right there." Tara started pumping her fingers in and out of Rigel's pussy, making the blonde squirm on the bed.

Tara turned the vibrator up to full speed when she felt that Rigel was getting close. Her fingers were ramming into Rigel's cunt, making Rigel's hips buck into Tara. "Tara," Rigel moaned. "I'm getting close. Keep going." Tara positioned her face in front of Rigel's pussy, preparing to swallow the girl-cum that Rigel was about to expel. Rigel's moans suddenly increased in volume and frequency, and her body tensed up. "Tara! I'm cumming!" Rigel's body was hit with a powerful wave of pleasure. Then another wave hit, and another, and another. With every wave that hit, Rigel's body convulsed, she gave out a loud cry, and cum-juices squirted into Tara's waiting mouth.

Tara turned off the vibrator and started lapping up the girl-cum that was still flowing out of Rigel's cunt. Rigel's body stopped convulsing and she came down from her orgasm with a very contented sigh. Tara removed her cum-soaked fingers from Rigel's pussy and sucked all of Rigel's honey off of them. She then crawled on top of the recently pleasured American, and kissed her deeply on the lips, letting Rigel taste her own womanhood. The smell in the room had become an erotic mixture of salt-water and girl-sex. "Well," Rigel said after she had recovered. "That was extremely enjoyable."

"I was better than earlier today?"

"Yes, you were. You're a fast learner, Tara. Just now, you surpassed all of my previous lovers. It felt like you had been doing this for years!"

"I was acting mainly on instinct there. I wasn't really thinking that much at all."

"Tara, that's most of what the pleasure is, letting everything go. When you loose all thought and instinct completely takes over, that's when it feels the best." The two girls kissed for several more minutes until they were ready to sleep. "How would you fell about sleeping under the stars tonight?" Rigel asked.

"I think that sounds fabulous." Rigel took the remote and changed the scene to the nighttime seen overlooking the city. They both got under the covers of Tara's bed and embraced. "Rigel," Tara said.

"What is it?" the blonde asked.

"Who do you think this secret admirer is?"

"I have no idea. But the mystery is half the fun."

"I guess you're right. It is kinda fun having a secret admirer. You know, we could have seen her a hundred times on the Odyssey, and not even known it."

"Exciting, huh?"

"Yes." Tara and Rigel slept soundly under the stars, feeling the warmth from each other's soft bodies, looking forward to their first encounter with their secret admirer.


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