I am sorry that I took so long with the third part. I had two problems. The first problem is probably the most common: writer's block. The second, however, was much harder to overcome: learning of foreign language. I should probably take a course before I use a foreign language again. I probably used a whole hell of a lot of incorrect grammar. However, you should be able to get by. As always, I hope you enjoy.

Lust in Space, Part 3
by Nathan Warford


It was the fifth day out. Tara and Rigel had just woken up after another night of hot lovemaking, and were taking their daily morning shower together. As they were washing each other, they talked about their secret admirer. "Who do you think she could be?" wondered Rigel.

"I have absolutely no idea," Tara replied. "The Odyssey is a big ship, and there are a lot of possibilities."

"I just hope it's not some old woman looking to get some with two teens."

That made Tara laugh. "That's disgusting!"

"Well, it could be that girl that you played pool with the other night."

"You mean the Asian chick?"

"You may have been so involved in playing that you didn't notice, but I could have sworn that she was checking you out."

"You really think so? I would think that she would have stayed there longer if she was really attracted to us."

"That does make sense. I guess we'll just have to wait 'til she shows herself."

When they were done with their shower, the two girls got into some clothes and went out to spend another day on the Odyssey. Since they had met, Tara and Rigel had never been apart. When they were not making love, they were shopping, playing pool, eating, watching a movie, swimming, or just talking.

They decided to have breakfast at a coffee house. Their waitress seemed to be a Scandinavian woman in her late twenties. "It could be her," said Rigel.

"Will you shut up?" Tara said, playfully pushing Rigel's shoulder.

"What?" said the blonde. "I'm just considering the possibilities."

"She doesn't seem lez or bi to me."

"You can tell?"

"Rigel, I'm a lesbian. I have a sixth sense about these things."

"Well, I'm half-lesbian. Doesn't that count for something?"

Tara and Rigel teased each other as they ate their breakfast. After they had finished eating, they went shopping. They checked out some music and clothes, but decided not to buy anything. Afterward, they played some pool with the other passengers on the Odyssey. After they had played for a few hours, Tara and Rigel had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. After lunch, they decided to go to the second deck. There was a low-G laser tag arena that they found on the Odyssey map. After several games of laser tag, Tara and Rigel decided to return The Matrix and rent another movie. They rented a sci-fi horror movie, with the same flavor of Alien or Species in the 20th century.

After the movie ended, Tara and Rigel were about to go for some dinner. However, as they walked out the door, they found a box sitting outside their room. "Another box!" Rigel exclaimed.

Tara picked it up and brought it back into the room, Rigel following. The card read:

Dear Tara and Rigel,
          It is not long before we get to Atlantis. In three days, the last day of the flight, there is a party at the low-G pool celebrating our arriving at Atlantis. The party is at 12:00 pm for your room. I will meet you there. Be sure to wear sexy clothes. I also gave you another toy to play with and new environments.

Your secret admirer.

"A party at the low-G pool," said Tara.

"Sounds interesting," Rigel said.

"It's not long now," the redhead said, getting excited.

"What new environments has she made for us?"

Tara opened the box and took out a holograph disc. She inserted the disc into the holograph, the lights dimmed, sparks flew around the room, and the two girls found themselves in some kind of underwater biosphere. The temperate then rose about ten degrees Celsius. "Whoa!" Tara cried. "What the hell happened to the temperature?"

"It just rose. These holograph discs can alter the atmosphere of the room, that must've been what happened."

"Rigel, do you think this could be Atlantis?"

Then, an aquatic creature swam past them. It was reptilian, about 1'10" in length, and was colored green and brown. "That was an Atlantian lizard, "Rigel said.

"So this is Atlantis. That explains why the temperature is so high."

Tara took the remote and pressed the down button and the scene changed to a mountaintop. It was twilight. Waves were crashing upon a beach several hundred feet below. "What's this place?" Rigel wondered.

"Rigel!" Tara said, looking up at the sky.

Rigel looked up as well and saw a giant, blue orb above them. "Cerulean."

"So this is also Atlantis."

"Is there a third environment for us?" Tara pressed the down button on the remote again and the girls were transported to a forest, about midday. Cerulean was visible through an opening in the canopy of the forest. "Another Atlantian environment." There was a strange sound from one of the trees. Rigel and Tara looked to see an Atlantian lizard clinging to the tree, seemingly exploring its environment.

"I wonder what toy our secret admirer gave us." Tara took out the toy that their secret admirer had given them. "A double-sided dildo," said the Australian girl. It was flesh-colored, had about a two-inch diameter, and was about twelve inches long, six inches for each partner.

"I see," Rigel said, looking at the toy in Tara's hands.

"You think we should try this out?" Tara asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Do I really need to answer that question?" Tara and Rigel went to each other and started making out. Their lips met and their tongues entwined. Their hands reached under each other's shirts, both of them feeling the other's warm flesh. Tara pulled Rigel's shirt off as Rigel did the same for Tara. The redhead unclasped Rigel's bra and bent down to suck on her nipples. The American girl moaned in pleasure as Tara stimulated her nipples with her mouth. She wrapped her arms around Tara's body and unclasped her bra as well. She fondled the Australian girls small but firm breasts, making Tara moan with delight.

They broke their kiss and then stepped out of their pants and panties, revealing their pussies, which were wet with arousal. Tara lay down on the ground and spread her legs. She took the double-headed dildo and inserted one end into her wet cunt. Rigel lay down in front of Tara and positioned herself so that her crotch was next to Tara's. The blonde inserted the other end of the flesh-colored toy into her pussy. Tara and Rigel started moving their hips so that the dildo would move in and out of their pussies. They developed a rhythm, both of them pushing at the same time, and then pulling at the same time.

The girls were moaning in pleasure as the dildo moved in and out of their dripping vaginas while they pinched and tweaked their rock-hard nipples to heighten the sensation. "You good?" Tara asked.

"Uh-huh," Rigel replied. "You?"

"Yeah," Tara said. "This feels good."

"Yeah. Keep going."

The girls kept fucking the two-sided dildo, moaning and writhing in pleasure on the ground. Rigel started humping the dildo a little harder and a little faster, making the intensity build. Remembering what Rigel had taught her about slowly building, Tara went a little faster and harder as well, increasing the pleasure that she was receiving. They could feel their pussy juices dripping down their butt cracks and onto the ground. The stimulation building, Tara brought one of her hands to Tara's pussy and started rubbing her clit. Rigel cried in pleasure and started rubbing Tara's clitty as well, making the redhead cry out in pleasure as well. "Oh, God yes!" Tara cried. "Rub my clit while you fuck me with that dildo."

"Keep fucking me, Tara. Keep going. Make me cum. Please, make me cum."

Their orgasms starting to build, Tara and Rigel brought themselves up to full power. They fucked the dildo hard and rubbed each other's clitties hard. Their free hands were still tweaking their nipples, driving themselves insane. The pressure in their loins was growing and both girls were crying louder and louder as they approached their climax. Their bodies tensed and their backs arched. "Tara," Rigel cried. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes, Rigel," said Tara. "Cum all over me."

Rigel started convulsing as her orgasm hit. She cried out as girl-cum squirted from her pussy onto the dildo and Tara's stomach. The sight of Rigel cumming and the feel of her girl-cum on her threw Tara over the edge as well, her body jerking and expelling her cum-juices on Rigel's body as well.

After they had stopped cumming, Tara and Rigel embraced and kissed deeply. They sucked on each other's fingers, tasting their own girl-juices. "Fabulous," Tara said after a moment.

"Yes," Rigel agreed.

"The one thing that would have made this better was if the ground actually felt like soil."

"That certainly would add to the feeling of the environment. But still, it was good."


After Tara and Rigel had regained the rest of their strength, they got dressed and left the room to go eat.

Eighth day out, the day of their arrival in the Pacific system, the day of the party at the low-G pool. "This is it," Rigel said, very excited. "Tara, we're finally gonna meet our secret admirer."

"I can't wait," the Australian girl said, also very excited. "So, what should we wear?"

"She told us to dress sexy."

"What about those clothes that we bought at the store?"

"Good idea. Let's impress her with the color code."

First of all, Tara got into her metallic red bikini and Rigel got into her metallic green bikini. Tara then wore her green T-shirt and blue jeans over her bikini, and Rigel wore her pink T-shirt and faded jeans over her bikini. They looked at themselves and each other in the mirror to make one final evaluation of their clothes. "Perfect," Tara said.

"This will definitely be sexy enough for whoever she is," Rigel said triumphantly. At 11:00 am, Tara and Rigel left to get some lunch before the party at the low-G pool. After a bite to eat at the Japanese restaurant, the two friends made their way to the low-G pool.

They climbed up the ladder toward the middle-section of the Odyssey. When they got there, their weight had decreased to half of normal. When they got to the pool, they found that it had changed considerably since the last time they were there. There were many more people, loud techno music was playing, and a portable holograph projected a night sky with a bright blue Cerulean above them. "I think this is our cue to get undressed," said Rigel.

Tara nodded in agreement. They stepped out of their casual clothes, exposing their bikini-clad bodies. After setting their clothes aside, Tara and Rigel jumped into the pool, enjoying the heights that they were able to reach in the half-normal gravity. After a bit of fun in the pool, the two friends started looking around, trying to find the person who they were waiting to meet. "She should have found us by now," said Tara.

"I know," said Rigel. "I wonder if she--"

Suddenly, Tara and Rigel felt hands on their shoulders, and they were pulled into a corner by somebody. Before they could see who it was that was holding them, they were pulled into a hot three-way kiss. When the kiss broke, Tara and Rigel looked to see their secret admirer. Their surprise was indescribable when they saw an orange face on an egg-shaped head with small slits for pupils. "A Kiniffan?" Rigel cried.

"What the fuck have we gotten ourselves into," Tara groaned.

The creature burst out laughing. However, the voice was clear and beautiful like a human's voice, not raspy and guttural like a Kiniffan's voice. The creature pressed a button on a device on its wrist and it transformed into a beautiful human girl in a metallic yellow bikini. "It's you," Tara said, remembering the face. It was the Asian girl that she had played pool with the other night.

"Hello," she said in her Japanese accent.

"How did you do that?" Rigel asked.

The Asian girl showed the device to Tara and Rigel. "A portable holograph," she said. She then pointed to little objects that she had placed on her joints and face. "These things, the holograph reads their position, and creates an image over me."

"That's a nice trick," Tara said.

"I am Megumi," said the Asian girl.

"Nice to meet you, Megumi," said Rigel, shaking her hand.

"Yes," Tara said, shaking Megumi's hand after Rigel hand. Megumi stood 5'4" and had full, D-cup breasts.

"How did you enjoy my gifts?" Megumi asked.

"They were very enjoyable," Tara replied. "Thank you for them."

"We use them almost every night," Rigel added.

"So, Megumi," asked Tara. "How did you know about us? Me and Rigel?"

"When you were in the dressing room, I was next to you. You didn't see me. You thought nobody heard you."

"So that's why!"

Rigel said, "But how did you know who we were? How did you know our names and where we were staying on the Odyssey?"

"I am a good programmer. I--how do you say--break into computers."

"You're a computer hacker!" Tara realized.

Rigel said, "So you hacked the Odyssey's computer, found our faces on file, and found out our names and room number. Right?"

"Yes," Megumi replied.

"So," Tara asked, "what are you doing on the Odyssey?"

"I am here with college. What do you call the class? We study the history of life."

"'Evolution'?" Tara volunteered.

"No, that's not it. We study bones."

Rigel asked, "'Paleontology'?"

"That's it! Paleontology."

"That makes sense," said Tara. "The life on Atlantis is like that of Earth's late Paleozoic era. Going there is like looking into our own past."

"You're smart," Megumi said.

"Well, thank you," the redhead said, blushing slightly.

"You know, I think my roommate would like to meet you. You want to go back to my room?"

Tara and Rigel looked at each other and smiled. They then turned back to Megumi. "You bet!" they both exclaimed.

After the three of them had gathered their clothes, they all headed back to Megumi's room. Megumi took out her key card and swiped it through the card reader next to the door. The door slid open and the three of them walked in. "Anzu?" Megumi said as she walked in.

"Hai?" a female voice said from within the room. Tara and Rigel saw another Japanese girl on her bed, completely naked. She was about Megumi's age, but had shorter hair. She stood 5'3" with C-cup tits.

"Kochira desu Tara to Rigel."

"Ah." The girl got up off if the bed and walked over to Tara and Rigel. "Hello," she said. "I am Anzu."

Tara and Rigel were surprised at how Anzu did not seem to care that she was naked in front of them. "Uh, hi," Rigel said, slightly embarrassed.

"Anzu is my classmate and my best friend," Megumi said.

"Rigel," said Tara.

"What?" said the blonde.

"Look at Anzu's tattoo."

Rigel looked at Anzu's left breast, right above the nipple. She saw a pink triangle with two female symbols linked within it. "Well, you're clearly a lesbian!" Rigel exclaimed to Anzu.

"Megumi made me get this last year when we first met. What do you think?"

"I like it," Tara said.

"Megumi," said Anzu, "Tara to Rigel desu seiteki!"

"What was that?" Rigel asked.

Megumi said, "Anzu thinks you two are sexy."

"You do?" said Tara.

"Yes," said Anzu.

"I think you know what Anzu wants," said Megumi.

Anzu took Tara by the shoulders and pulled her in towards her. When Tara showed no resistance, Anzu kissed the Australian full on the lips. Tara's hands squeezed Anzu's ass cheeks while Anzu undid Tara's bikini top and bottom.

Meanwhile, Rigel and Megumi were making out as well. After they had stripped each other of their bikinis, they stood back to look at one another. "No tan-lines," Megumi said. "Nice."

All four girls joined together in a steamy four-way kiss. Nobody cared who they were touching or who was touching them, just as long as they touched and got touched.

When the kiss broke, Megumi went to one of the drawers in the room and took out a holograph disc. "How about a change of setting?" she said. The Asian girl inserted the disc into the holograph slot.

After the lights dimmed and the "start-up sparks", the room transformed into a cave behind a waterfall. Through the wall of water, the four of them could see the rising sun of Pacifica and the gas giant planet of Cerulean about ninety degrees to the upper-right of the star. "This must be a place on the northern continent," Tara said.

"Yes," said Anzu, "we are staying at the Halcyon Resort."

"An island resort," Rigel said. "My parents and I looked into it when we planned our trip."

Tara put her hand into the cascade, but the water simply passed through the hand without interacting. "Too bad the waterfall is only a hologram," Tara said.

"But the view is nice," Anzu said in a provocative manner.

Tara turned to see Anzu on her bed with her legs crossed. "Yes, it is," said the redhead, understanding Anzu's double entendre. Tara went to the bed and got on top of Anzu, kissing her passionately on the lips.

Rigel and Megumi had also started making out on the other. "I'm so wet," Megumi said.

"Me too," said the blonde.

"Wait," Megumi said. Megumi reached into a drawer and took out two strap-on dildos.

Rigel's eyes widened in amazement. "Strap-ons?" she said.

"Oh, my," Tara said looking at the two toys the Megumi had.

"Take one of these," Megumi said to Tara, throwing one to her. Like the double-headed dildo that Tara and Rigel had received the other day, these dildos were flesh-colored, two inches in diameter, and six inches in length. "You tried one of these?" Megumi asked Rigel. The American girl shook her head. "Then I'll show you." Megumi strapped the harness around her waist with the dildo sticking straight out from her crotch.

"I'll show you also," Anzu said to Tara as she strapped herself into the harness.

Rigel took Megumi's fake dick and started sucking on it, lubing it up with her saliva. Megumi then lied down on her bed and Rigel straddled her. The blonde slid the dildo into her pussy and started bouncing up and down on it. She moaned as she fucked the strap-on like it was a guy's cock. "You like that?" Megumi asked.

"Uh-huh," Rigel moaned.

Meanwhile, Anzu had positioned Tara so that the Australian was on her hands and knees. She inserted the dildo into Tara's mouth, and fucked her as if Tara was giving her a blowjob. Tara was actually finding it enjoyable to be dominated by this highly experienced lesbian.

Anzu then took the dildo out of Tara's mouth and went behind the redhead girl. Rigel looked over at what was going on with Tara and Anzu. "Assuming the position I see," she teased Tara.

"It's strange," Tara said, "I like being dominated." Then, she felt Anzu's fake dick enter her pussy from behind. Anzu started fucking Tara doggy-style. The short-haired Asian reached around Tara and started fondling the redhead's tits, making her moan. She pinched Tara's nipples, making her gasp.

Megumi grabbed Rigel's ass cheeks, making the blonde moan with delight. Rigel grabbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, sending little shock waves through her body. "Oh, yes," the blonde moaned. "It actually feels like a guy's dick inside me." Megumi started moving Rigel's hips for her, moving them up and down on the dildo faster and faster, making Rigel moan louder.

Meanwhile, Tara was in complete stun while Anzu fucked her faster and faster. There was something going on inside Tara's pussy that she had not felt before. It was extremely pleasurable, and the redhead could do nothing but moan in pleasure and let Anzu continue to fuck her with the strap-on. Anzu's hands on Tara's tits made the feeling all the more wondrous.

The speed of Rigel's hips movements had reached their maximum. The blonde's moans were very loud and very frequent. Her knees started to go weak and she started to fall forward. Her hands left her breasts and landed on Megumi's chest for support. Megumi's hands left Rigel's ass and started squeezing Rigel's breasts, causing the blonde to cry out in pleasure. Rigel was on the verge of orgasm.

Anzu's ministrations on Tara's cunt had also reached its highest point. Tara was screaming in pleasure as her Asian lover continued pinching her nipples. Tara's hands gripped the bedposts, trying to steady herself. She was also on the verge of orgasm. The pressure inside her was building quickly, and she felt that her body was about to explode.

Rigel's body went rigid as her orgasm came upon. "Oh God!" she cried. "I'm cumming!"

"That's it, Baby," Megumi said. "Cum on my dick."

Rigel's hips started jerking as she climaxed harder than she ever had. She gave out several loud, guttural cries as she felt her pussy walls contracting around Megumi's dildo. Cum-juices flowed from her pussy all over Megumi's crotch.

Tara's orgasm, however, was much more powerful. "Oh my GOD!!!" she cried out. Her vision blurred and she started screaming in sheer ecstasy as her body convulsed violently. Wave after wave after orgasmic wave shook Tara's young body as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. Her pussy erupted like a volcano, wildly ejaculating girl-cum everywhere.

Rigel collapsed on top of Megumi, passing out. Tara had passed out as well, panting and shivering in the aftermath of her intense orgasm. Rigel regained consciousness several minutes later. She found herself under come bed covers with an exhausted Tara in her arms. "Tara," she said quietly. The Australian girl did not stir. "Tara," she said again, this time a bit louder. Tara opened her eyes to see Rigel looking at her.

"Rigel?" she managed to say. "Is that you?"


"Oh, my God," the redhead uttered.

"I know," said Rigel.

"Motto, motto," they heard someone moan on the other side of the room. They turned to see Megumi and Anzu on the other bed. Anzu was on top of Megumi in a 69 position, both of them eating each other out. It was Anzu that they had heard.

"Iku, iku!" Megumi cried out.

"Watashimomata!" Anzu cried. Both Asian girls started spasming as their orgasms hit. Girl-juices flowed from their pussies as they climaxed. After they had come down from their pleasure high, Anzu turned around so that she was facing Megumi. They kissed and slipped their tongues into each other's mouths, tasting their own cum-juice on the other girl's lips.

"Was it good?" Rigel asked.

Megumi and Anzu turned to see the two girls looking at them intently. "Yes," said Megumi.

"What about you?" Anzu asked.

"Yes, it was," Tara replied. "I'm curious," the redhead continued, "did I ejaculate when I cummed?"

Megumi and Anzu started giggling. "Yes," Anzu answered.

"I thought so. Tell me, how the fuckin' hell did you do that?"

"I just found your G-spot."

"The G-spot!" Rigel cried. "I totally forgot about that!"

"Rigel," said Tara, "what's the G-spot?"

"The G-spot is a bundle of nerves in the vagina that, when stimulated, feels almost as good as stimulation of the clit. It can cause very intense orgasms, and can cause a girl to ejaculate."

"I got very wet," Anzu said.

Megumi took the remote and turned off the holograph. The environment changed back to Megumi and Anzu's room on the Odyssey. "Hey, look!" Tara cried. Everyone saw that Tara was looking at the window, so they turned to the window as well.

"Stars," Rigel said, seeing little white dots of light outside the window.

"Does that mean...?" Tara said, trailing off.

"We've arrived at the Pacific System," Megumi said.

"We're there!" Tara cried in joy. "We're finally there!"

"Atlantis should be up soon. We'd better get dressed."

The four of them got back into their clothes. Tara and Rigel stepped in front of the door, and the pressure sensors opened the door for them. They were about to walk out when Tara turned back to Megumi and Anzu. "Thank you," she said. "We really enjoyed what we just shared together."

"And thank you for the toys and holograph discs," Rigel said. "We're sure to use them very often on Atlantis."

"Wait," said Megumi. She went to the closet and took out a box and gave it to Tara. "Take this with you."

"More toys and holograph discs?" Tara asked.

"No," Megumi answered. "It is sensory devices. Put the dots on the joints of your body and the muscles of your face, and set up the sensor correctly. If you send the image to our holograph, it will show us you. Anzu and I will do the same and can send our images to you so we can communicate through the holograph."

"That's pretty cool," said Rigel. "Thanks."

Megumi continued, "Along with the sensors is a computer with a holograph creation program. Use it to get your body proportions right. It may take time, but it's not hard."

"Thank you again," Tara said.

"We'll use the program," said Rigel.

"Sayonara," Anzu said.

"Good bye," Tara said. Tara and Rigel left the room and went back to their room. After they had checked in with their parents and gathered their belongings, they proceded to the ladders leading toward the center of the Odyssey. They were weightless when they arrived at the very center. They used the handles on the walls to get to the shuttle headed for their area of the southern continent of Atlantis.

As the shuttle disengaged from the Odyssey, Tara looked out of the window. Suddenly, the redhead was struck with complete astonishment. Rigel saw Tara's expression of stun and asked, "Tara? What is it?"

"It's Cerulean," Tara said as she stared, mesmerized by the beauty of the sapphire jewel that sat in front of her.

"You've seen Cerulean hundreds of times," Rigel said. "Why should this be any...?" the blonde trailed off as she saw the gas giant planet out of the window. "Wow," she said slowly in awe of the giant, blue orb that was Cerulean.

"See?" Tara said. "It looks so much more beautiful when it's real."

"Yes. It is."


I hope that you enjoyed reading the third installment of Lust in Space. I really enjoyed writing it. Please send me your feedback and ideas for future installments. Next stop: the moon of Atlantis!