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Lust in Space, Part 4
by Nathan Warford


Tara and Rigel got off the shuttle after they had landed on Atlantis. It was a mid-latitude area on the southern continent of the earth-like moon, bringing the temperature to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit at 0.78 AUs from Pacifica. "I guess this is where we part," Rigel said as they stepped onto Atlantian soil for the first time.

"I guess so," Tara said.

"We should meet sometime soon. We are staying only about five miles away from each other."

"What about tomorrow at about noon? I'll walk a few miles up the beach and you can walk a few miles down the beach. We'll meet about half-way between the Baha and Seusui Resorts."

"Good idea. Tomorrow at noon?"

"That's right."

"Okay. Bye, Tara."

"Bye, Rigel."

The two friends had a short embrace and then a short kiss on the lips, only long enough such that anybody watching would dismiss it as a kiss that good friends, instead of lovers, would make. With that, Tara went with her family south to the Baha Resort and Rigel went with her parents north to the Seusui Resort.

It was about 3:00 pm when Tara and her parents checked into their room at the Baha Resort. Their room was on the top floor of the resort, which was the fifth floor. When Tara got to the room, she noticed that there was a balcony that was right above the beach. She went onto the balcony and looked to see what she could see. In front of her was an endless blue ocean, and in the sky was the blue planet of Cerulean, several degrees away from the star of Pacifica. 'This is so beautiful,' the redhead thought to herself.

Aside from the balcony, there were four separate areas of their room. There was a kitchen and breakfast area, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. Tara chose to be the odd one out and take the bedroom with the single bed. The holograph was in that room anyway.

After she had unpacked her belongings, Tara found the box that Megumi and Anzu had given her. She opened it up and found the computer along with the small, adhesive dots. She took the computer and hooked it up to the holograph in the room with an adaptor that could be inserted into the holograph slot. Using the holograph as a monitor, Tara opened up the holograph creation program that Megumi had told her about. With the program open, the redhead got to work on her own body.

The sensors that Tara was to put on her joints would work out the different lengths of all of the individual bones in her body. The sensors for her face would also give her projected face the correct shape as well as expression. The hair was not that hard either. All Tara had to do was designate a length and program the hair to react to physics. If there was a sensory dot on her hand, if she brushed her hair with that hand, the holograph would make the hair move as if it was being affected by the hand. The only real hard part about constructing her own body as a hologram was the muscularity of her body, getting the size and shape of the muscles just right.

It was about 6:00 pm when Tara was finished with her body. Afterward, she and her parents went out to get some food. The food at the grocery store nearby was very exotic. Most of what they had at the grocery store was Atlantian fruits and berries. There was not much meat there because too much animal consumption would upset the food chain of the undeveloped biosphere of Atlantis. There was some meat there though, which Tara's parents bought for dinner. Tara and her parents got back to the resort and ate dinner, which they made using the berries as a sauce for the meat. Tara thought that it tasted similar to fish with mangos and strawberries.

After Tara had finished her dinner, she went back to her room to see what more she could do with the holograph. On the computer, she found a document with something like a telephone number on it. Beside the number was writing that read, Megumi and Anzu.

"That must be Megumi and Anzu's holograph," Tara said to herself. She set up the dots correctly on her body under her clothes and on her face and set up the sensor on the floor by one of the walls. She then applied some clothing to the holographic image of herself, putting herself in pink panties and a pink bra, and then covered those with a white T-shirt and earth-toned shorts, which Tara was wearing at the time. After Tara had applied physics to the movement of the clothes, she "called" Megumi and Anzu on the holograph.

After a moment Tara heard someone's voice say, "Hello, Tara." The Australian recognized the voice as that of Anzu. "Hold on a moment," Anzu said.

"What's going on?" Tara asked.

"We are setting up our holograph," Megumi's voice said. Another moment passed and an image of Megumi and Anzu appeared in front of Tara. Megumi was wearing a yellow T-shirt and blue shorts while Anzu was wearing a blue tank top and a short, black skirt. "How's that?" asked Megumi.

"I can see you perfectly," Tara said. "Wow. Your body movements, your clothes, even the way your mouth moves when you talk looks real."

"It's a good thing about holographs," said Megumi.

"Too bad it can't show tongue movement."

"I think the sensor is a little off," said Anzu.

"Why is that?" asked Tara.

"Are you looking directly at us?"


"Move the sensor about two feet to the left," said Megumi. Tara did so. "Much better," said the long-haired college student. "Our holograph was projecting the image of you about two feet displaced."

"We can see that you gave physics to the hair and clothes," said Anzu.

"You mean the clothes I'm wearing?" Anzu nodded. "Yes, I did."

"Not hard, right?" said Megumi.

"No, not really. It was the body proportions that were hard for me."

"May we see how good you did?"

Tara smiled. She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs. After that, she pulled off her T-shirt. "Can you see me correctly?" Tara asked.

"Yes," said Anzu, "the physics works perfectly."

"So to you I'm only in pink lingerie?"

"Yes," replied Megumi. Tara struck a few poses for Megumi and Anzu. "You did a good job with body proportions except for one thing," Megumi said.

"What's that?" asked Tara.

"Your breasts are too large."

"Okay, so I embellished a bit." All three of them laughed a bit. Tara went back to her computer and altered her bust size, bringing it to its appropriate cup-size. "But what about you?" Tara said. "When can I see how good the holograph works at projecting your body proportions?"

"Is now good for you?" Anzu asked.

"Stop teasing me!"

Megumi and Anzu looked at each other and started undressing. Instead of undressing themselves, they undressed each other. It made Tara horny to watch these two Japanese girls undress each other. Soon, Tara could see that Megumi was wearing blue underwear while Anzu's lingerie was black. "Good, yes?" Anzu said when she and Megumi were in their bras and panties.

"Yes, very nice," Tara replied.

"You are staring," Anzu said.

"Well it's your fault, you're the ones that are hot!"

Megumi asked, "Tara, do have any toys that we gave you?"

"I took the vibrator, Rigel took the dildo."

"Get the vibrator."

Tara went to her luggage bags and took out the vibrator. "How do I program it into the computer?" she asked.

"Use the dots," said Anzu. Tara took out two of the dots and put one on either end of the vibrator. She then programmed the image of the vibrator into the computer. "We can see it now," said Anzu.

"Why do you want to see me with the vibrator?" asked Tara.

"Because we want you to put on a show for us."

"Oh, I see." Tara then unclasped her pink bra and pulled down her panties. When the redhead was naked, she lay down on the floor in front of Megumi and Anzu. She was about to put the vibrator to her clit when she stopped. "Wait. If I'm going to put on a show for you two, you're gonna have to put on a show for me as well."

"All right," Megumi said. She and Anzu looked at each other and started making out. Their lips locked and they started taking off each other's underwear.

"Hey," said Tara.

"What is it?" asked Anzu.

"You forgot the tattoo."

"I did?"

"Sorry," Megumi said. "I was the one programming the bodies. I forgot the tattoo."

"That's okay. Maybe next time."

"So. what do we have to do for you to give us a show?"

"Just do what you do best."

Megumi went over to one side of the room and started looking through something that the holograph was not projecting. By the way that Megumi was searching, Tara figured that it was a drawer. Megumi then held up something in her hand, also invisible to the holographic sensor in Megumi and Anzu's room. Anzu's fingers were moving as if she was at a computer. Megumi stepped into the thing that she was holding in her hand as if it was a pair of pants or panties. She then went to the floor and picked up something. Suddenly, a strap-on appeared on Megumi. Tara realized that Anzu had programmed the strap-on into the holograph and Megumi had used one of the dots so that the sensor could tell where the end of the strap-on was compared to her body. "Can you see the strap-on?" Megumi asked.

The redhead replied, "Perfectly."

Megumi then lay down on the floor so that Tara was looking at her profile. Anzu then straddled Megumi, her back facing Megumi. "See if you can find your G-spot," said Anzu. Anzu then slid the shaft into her pussy and started moving her hips up and down on it. Megumi and Anzu were giving Tara what she wanted, so she decided to give them what they wanted. She switched the vibrator on to its lowest level and put it to her aroused clit. She moaned as the little toy buzzed, sending its vibrations throughout her body. She rubbed the vibrator in little circles around the erect nub while her other hand entered her wet canal.

Anzu and Megumi had developed a rhythm. Megumi was reaching around Anzu's body, fondling her tits while Anzu was fingering Megumi's cunt through a little cutout in the fabric right over the vulva. The two Asians moaned in delight as they pleased each other while watching Tara please herself. "That's it, Baby," said Megumi to Tara. "Masturbate while you watch us."

"Keep doing what you're doing and I'll continue," Tara said. She turned up the RPM on the vibrator a bit, which caused her to moan even louder. Seeing that Tara was picking up the pace, Megumi and Anzu also picked up the pace of their ministrations on each other.

Suddenly, Tara jumped with one of her thrusts into her wet canal. "I think you found it," Anzu said, seeing Tara's reaction.

"The G-spot?" said Tara. Anzu nodded. Tara started rubbing the tiny extrusion inside her vagina, causing her to cry out in pleasure. "Yes, that's it!" The stimulation of Tara's G-spot almost pushed Tara to the edge. Knowing that she was close, she turned up the vibrator to maximum power and shoved her fingers into herself frantically. Megumi and Anzu were also at full power.

Everybody was squirming and crying as their orgasms approached. Tara reached the edge and her back arched. She bit her lower lip, holding back as long as she could. "Let's see you cum," Anzu said.

Anzu got her wish when Tara started cumming. Her hips started rocking as she cried in bliss. The stimulation of her G-spot caused her to expel her girl-cum in squirts. The sight of Tara's powerful orgasm sent Anzu over the edge as well, in turn bringing on Megumi's orgasm. It took about a minute for the three of them to stop cumming.

Anzu got off of the dildo and lay down beside Megumi. They kissed for a moment and then made their way to either side of Tara, who had her eyes closed and a contented smile on her face. "Tara," said Megumi, "wake up."

Tara opened her eyes and saw the two college girls laying beside her. "Hi," she said. Tara saw the vibrator between her legs and turned it off.

"Was it good?' Anzu asked.

"Yes, it was," Tara nodded. "That G-spot feels really good."

"Did you squirt?"

"Yes, I did. If the sensor could see liquid, you would see juices all over my hand, and even a bit on my stomach." Tara put her hand to her mouth and sucked the juices off of it.

"Taste good?" Megumi asked.

"Mm-hm," said Tara. "If only you were actually beside me to taste some for yourself."

"I apologize, but Anzu and I have a class in half-an-hour."

"Half-an-hour? But it's 10:00 at night."

Anzu said, "Maybe at the Baha Resort, but it's noon at the Halcyon Resort."

"Oh, the time zone thing."

"Well," Megumi said, putting her bra and panties back on, "We wish you a good night. Anzu and I will stay up late to see you and Rigel tomorrow."

"I would like that," Tara said.

"Good night," said Anzu.

"Bye." Megumi and Anzu turned off their holograph and they disappeared. Tara switched off her holograph as well. After putting the vibrator away, she turned off the lights in the room.

With the lights off, Tara could see the room still bathed in a soft blue light. Tara got into bed and looked out the window to a waxing gibbous Cerulean from which the light was coming. "Beautiful," Tara said to herself.


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