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Lust in Space, Part 5
by Nathan Warford


It was 8:00 am at the Baha resort when Tara woke up. Because she had slept naked that night, all that Tara had to do was put on her metallic red bikini and she would be ready for the day. After she had put on her bikini, she went to the computer and started creating a body for Rigel in the holograph creation program. Tara finished the "first draft" at about 9:00 am. When she was done, she packed the stuff that she would use that day into her pack. In her pack she carried her surf board, a heat-insulated bottle of cold water, and some leftovers from dinner the previous night for lunch. She also carried the computer and the vibrator, hiding them beneath the other stuff so that nobody would see them. She told her parents that she was leaving, and then she started walking north along the beach.

On the way south to the resort the day before, Tara had spotted a store that sold everything holographic. As she was walking north, she went into the store and bought a portable holograph to set up for when she met Rigel. Anzu and Megumi were staying up until 2:00 am at the Halcyon Resort to meet Tara and Rigel over the holograph.

It was close to 11:00 am when Tara saw a figure in the distance. As she got closer, she saw that it had blond hair and a green bikini. It was Rigel. "Hey, Tara," said the blonde as they met.

"Hi, Rigel," Tara replied.

"Damn it's hot!"

"I know. I brought some water."

"Oh, good." Tara and Rigel set up a blanket on the sand and Tara took out the water. After taking a drink from it, she gave the bottle to Rigel to drink. "I wonder something," Rigel said.

"What's that?"

"Why is Cerulean always there? Shouldn't the rotation of Atlantis cause the position of Cerulean to change in the sky?"

"It's because Atlantis is tidally locked with Cerulean with only one side of the moon facing the planet at all times. It's the same reason that on Earth, we only see one side of Luna at all times. All close planetary systems are like that."

"So that's why."

"It also means that the tides on Atlantis don't change. Did you bring lunch?"

"Yeah." Rigel reached into her pack and took out a sandwich. "Peanut butter and jelly." Tara tried to hold back a snicker, but could not help herself. "What's so funny?"

"Peanut butter and jelly? What's wrong with you? We're in an alien biosphere with so many kinds of exotic foods!" Tara reached into her pack and took out her lunch. "I have this stuff. I think they call it 'bonne grenouille et baies'."

"Sounds French."

"It is. A french guy first came up with it in 2311. I think it translates literally into 'good frog and berries'. It's some kind of Atlantian meat with a sauce from Atlantian berries. Try some."

Tara took out a fork, picked up a piece of meat and put it into Rigel's mouth. "It's good. Tastes kinda like fish." Tara took a bite of her sandwich also. "This is good also."

"Peanut better and jelly. Ha!"

"No. Try some."

"Okay." Tara took a bite of the sandwich and was surprised at the flavor. "What? This isn't peanut butter and jelly."

"Yes it is. It's just not grape jelly. It's jelly made from danna fruit."

"Danna fruit? That's one of the berries used in bonne grenouille et baies."

"As you can see, I am trying out the exotic foods that Atlantis has to offer."

Tara looked up at the sky and noticed that Cerulean was no more than a small crescent and waning fast. "Rigel," she said, "close your eyes."


"Just do it. This'll be cool."

Rigel closed her eyes as she was told. After about a minute, Rigel started getting impatient. "How long do I have to wait here?" she said, sounding frustrated.

"Not much longer." Rigel waited a few more seconds. "Okay," Tara said, "you can open your eyes now."

Rigel opened her eyes and cried out in surprise. "What the hell is this?" The sky was dark and filled with stars. "Did you get a portable holograph on the way here?"

"No. Well, yes I did, but that's not the cause of this. The sky that you're seeing is actually real."

"But how?"

"Think back to geometry class. You have a moon that orbits a planet that's tilted a mere eight degrees. What happens to the moon every time it orbits the planet?"

"It has an eclipse."

"Exactly! That's what's going on here. It's 12:00 noon and Atlantis is now in Cerulean's shadow!"

"I've never seen a real solar eclipse before."

"Me neither."

"Wait. You said that Atlantis was tidally locked with Cerulean, right?"


"That means that this side of Atlantis gets a solar eclipse each day at 12:00!"

"Well, at 11:56, but that's about right. Unfortunately, Megumi and Anzu are on the other side of the moon and don't get solar eclipses. Speaking of which, I saw Megumi and Anzu last night."

"You did?"

"Yeah. I programmed my body into the computer they gave us and we talked over the holograph. I also worked a little bit on your body so that we could see Megumi and Anzu today."

"You did?"

"Yes. I have the computer and a portable holograph in my pack right now. Let's go find a place to set them up."


Tara and Rigel made a quick look around the beach for any place that they could set up the holograph, but just about every place on the beach was in plain sight of anyone that might be passing by. It was then that Tara looked down the beach and saw a small patch of sand. "I think I see something," she said.

"Where?" Rigel asked.

"Right behind that cliff. It's hard to see, but that's good because no one is gonna see us."

"Over there?" Rigel said, looking in the direction that Tara was. "But how are we gonna get over there? The cliff is blocking our way."

"We use our surfboards to float ourselves over there."

"Good idea."

Tara and Rigel took out their surfboards and got into the water. Tara's pack was waterproof so the sensitive equipment was not damaged by the water. They reached their new hiding place when the solar eclipse had ended. Because the solar eclipses lasted for about eight minutes on Atlantis, they knew that it was about 12:04 pm. After Tara and Rigel had worked out a few of the flaws in Rigel's muscle proportions, Tara gave her body a metallic red bikini and gave Rigel's body a metallic green bikini.

They then placed the sensor at the floor at the foot of the cliff, put the portable holograph on top of the sensor, and applied the small dots to their faces and joints. They hooked up the computer to the holograph and the sensor and transmitted their image to Megumi and Anzu's holograph. A few seconds passed and Megumi and Anzu appeared inside the cave with Tara and Rigel. Megumi was wearing her blue lingerie and Anzu was wearing her black lingerie. "Hello, Tara," Megumi said.

"Hi, Rigel," Anzu said.

"Hi, guys," Rigel said. "Can you see us all right?"

"Just fine," said Megumi.

"Is the sensor set up correctly?" asked Tara. "Is it offset any?"

"No," Megumi replied. "You set it up perfectly."

"What is that sound I hear?" Anzu asked. "Like waves crashing."

"Oh we're in a secluded area on the beach," Tara said.

"How romantic," said Megumi. "I wish we could see it."

"I'll program it!" Tara went to the computer and started working up a setting. She created a replica of the cliffs and the ocean. She then transmitted the image to Megumi and Anzu. "How's that?" Tara asked.

"We can see it," said Anzu.

"It's probably not exactly what the beach is like, but it should be pretty close."

"Very romantic," said Megumi.

"I'm sure that you two have been expecting us. After all, I did tell you that I was seeing Rigel."

"Yes, we have been."

"Did you bring any toys?" Anzu asked.

Tara took the vibrator out of her pack and Rigel took out the dildo. "We have to program these into the computer," Tara said.

"That should be easy," said Rigel.

Tara set up the adhesive dots on the vibrator and on the dildo. "How's it coming, Rigel?" Tara asked.

"Almost there," replied the blonde. "That should do it."

"Yes, we can see them," said Anzu.

"Do you have a toy also?" asked Tara. Megumi picked up something from the ground and put it on her right hand like a glove. After a few moments at their computer, a glove appeared on Megumi's hand. At the fingertips were small vibrators and on the wrist was a control pad for controlling the RPM of each vibrator. "Well that's a cool toy."

"I did not know there was a sex shop on Atlantis until I saw it," said Megumi. "We have not tried it out yet."

"I think that now is a good time," said Rigel.

"I think you know what Rigel wants," Tara said.

Megumi and Anzu looked at each other and started kissing each other. Megumi undid Anzu's bra and Anzu did the same for Megumi. Tara and Rigel also stripped off their bikini tops. Their nipples had become stiff while watching the two Japanese girls making out in front of them. Tara had started massaging her tits when Rigel came up behind her and pried Tara's hands away from her breasts. "Let me help you with that," the blonde said. She started fondling the Australian girl's tits and started kissing the back of Tara's neck, making the redhead sigh in delight.

Megumi and Anzu had stripped out of their panties and were now completely naked as they made out passionately. "Oh good," Tara said, "you remembered the tattoo this time."

Megumi lay Anzu down on the ground and Rigel lay Tara down. Rigel pulled the bikini bottom off of Tara's legs, revealing Tara's aroused pussy. "Wait," Tara said. Tara rolled onto her stomach and got on all fours.

"Assuming the position?" said Megumi.

"I like being submissive for some reason."

Rigel took up the vibrator and the dildo. She inserted the dildo into Tara's welcoming hole and started moving it in and out slowly. Tara moaned in pleasure as Rigel fucked her with the rubber cock. Rigel then turned the vibrator on to a low setting and put it to Tara's anus, making the redhead moan even louder. Megumi switched on the toy on her hand and started fingering Anzu's cunt with her index and middle fingers. Anzu tilted her head back and moaned as the fingers vibrated inside of her and the thumb vibrated on her clit.

"Oh, hai," Anzu said. "Motto, motto."

"God, this feels good," moaned Tara.

"Am I hitting your G-spot?" Rigel asked.

"Uh-huh," the redhead moaned.

"Like the vibrator on your ass?"

"Oh, fuck yeah." Rigel turned up the RPM on the vibrator and started pumping the dildo in and out of Tara's pussy faster. Tara cried out and her hips started rocking, moving with the rhythm of Rigel's thrusts. Megumi had also turned up the RPM on her toy. She had replaced her thumb with her tongue and had moved her thumb down to Anzu's puckered ass hole, making Anzu scream.

With Tara getting close to her orgasm, Rigel's ministrations had reached their peak. The vibrator on her ass hole and the dildo fucking her cunt were driving her crazy. Her hips were gyrating fiercely and her hands were clutching tufts of sand. Anzu was also nearing the edge with Megumi not relenting her three-pronged attack on her lover's nether regions. "Tara," Megumi asked, "are you close?"

Tara was too far lost to speak, so Rigel spoke for her, "Yes, she's close."

"Anzu," Megumi said. "Miru Tara." Anzu, almost unable to keep any part of her body still, managed to look over at a writhing Tara.

Rigel knew what Megumi was doing. She said to Tara, "That's it, Tara. Take that cock in your pussy and that vibrator in your ass."

"Oh fuck!" Tara cried as she reached her peak.

"Cum for me, Baby. Squirt all over that dildo." The vibrator entered Tara's puckered hole and she was thrown over the edge. Tara's body jerked as girl-juice squirted from her spasming pussy, soaking the dildo and the sand beneath her with her honey.

"Megumi!" Anzu cried. "Iku!" The sight of Tara's climax sent her over the edge as well. Her body writhed as her orgasm washed through her. From the way that Megumi was eating Anzu's vulva, Rigel knew that Megumi's face was probably getting drenched in Anzu's girl-cum.

Rigel removed the toys from Tara's tight holes and the Australian collapsed on the wet sand, covered with sweat, panting heavily. The blonde sucked the honey off of the dildo and sighed at the heavenly taste of Tara's womanhood. Anzu had also stopped cumming and was also panting heavily. Megumi removed her hand from Anzu's cunt and turned off her five vibrating fingers. She then got on top of Anzu and kissed her deeply. Anzu licked the insides of Megumi's mouth, obviously enjoying the taste of her own love-juice.

Tara and Anzu recovered after a minute or so. "Was it good?" Tara asked Anzu.

"It was good," the Asian girl said.

Megumi said, "I had Anzu watch you cum. It made her cum all over me."

"I'll bet Anzu got you really wet," said Rigel.

"Yes, she did. My face was wet with her juice, and it made me very wet down there also."

"Tame koufun ka?" Anzu asked with a smile on her face.

"Hai," Megumi replied.

"Stop that!" said Rigel. "I don't know Japanese and I wanna know what you're saying."

"Sorry," Megumi said.

Anzu spoke, "I asked if Megumi was wet from arousal and she said, 'Yes.'"

"What about you, Rigel," asked Tara. "Did watching my squirting orgasm make you wet also?"

"Maybe you should taste my pussy and find out for yourself."

Rigel lay down on her back and Tara started licking her cunt. Surely enough, Rigel's pussy was very wet. A sigh came from the blonde's mouth at Tara licked her pussy clean. Tara then took up the vibrator and the dildo. She placed the vibrator on Rigel's very erect clit and turned it on. She inserted the dildo into the American girl's sopping wet cunt and started fucking her with it. Rigel moaned in delight as Tara pleased her with the toys. Now very experienced, Tara easily found Rigel's G-spot with the dildo.

Meanwhile, Anzu and Megumi were sitting on the ground, Megumi in Anzu's lap. Megumi was moaning in pleasure while Anzu fingered the long-haired girl's pussy with a vibrator-clad hand while fondling her breasts with her other hand and kissing and sucking the back of her neck. Megumi had one of her hands guiding Anzu's hand around her tits and her other hand plunging into her cunt right below the vibrating fingers on her clit.

"Shit, this is good," Rigel moaned as the Australian pleasured her. "Are you hitting my G-spot in there?"

"I think so," Tara replied. "Don't you know what it feels like?"

"No. I've never been able to find my G-spot."

"Good. Then I'll get to watch your first G-spot orgasm."

Anzu turned up the RPM on the toy and Megumi started fucking herself faster. Tara also increased the pace, turning up the RPM on the vibrator and pumping the dildo harder. Both Rigel and Megumi started moaning louder at the heightening sensations. Tara removed the vibrator from Rigel's throbbing clit and replaced it with her mouth, using the vibrator to stimulate Rigel's ass hole as she had done to Tara earlier.

"Oh, aremaa," Megumi moaned as her body squirmed in Anzu's arms.

"Anata wa iku desu ka?" Anzu asked.

"Hai," Megumi replied.

Knowing that her lover was getting close, Anzu turned up the five small vibrators to top speed. Megumi cried out in pleasure and started ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy hard.

"I think Megumi's close," Tara said. She went up to full speed on Rigel's pussy, clit, and anus, causing Rigel to cry out in bliss. "Watch Megumi cum." Rigel looked to see Megumi writhing against Anzu's body, clearly on the verge of cumming.

With a lick in her ear and a pinch to her nipple, Megumi's body was jerking in orgasm. Knowing that watching Megumi cum would bring about Rigel's orgasm, Tara removed the dildo from Rigel's sopping cunt and shoved in the vibrator, pressing it firmly against her G-spot. The sight of Megumi cumming and the intense vibration on her G-spot caused a massive orgasm to surge through Rigel's body. Rigel started screaming in ecstasy and her body convulsed violently. The vibrator shot straight out of her cunt and a torrent of girl-cum splattered all over Tara's face and tits.

When she finally stopped cumming, Rigel's body went limp and she collapsed on the wet sand, passing out. With her friend satisfied for the moment, Tara picked up the vibrator, turned it off, and put it in her mouth, sucking all of Rigel's honey off of it. Tara sighed at the flavor that she loved so much. "I can't move," Tara heard Anzu say. The redhead saw that Megumi's orgasm had knocked both Japanese girls off balance with Megumi pinning Anzu to the ground with her body. Tara and Anzu laughed a bit.

Then, something that sounded like another girl having an orgasm came from over the ocean. Tara looked to see what it was and was amazed at the sight. It was a pod of Atlantian creatures swimming towards her. The creatures were of a dark blue color and were at least fifteen feet in length. Tara went to Rigel and started kissing her deeply. The blonde was in such a post-orgasmic daze that it took her a moment to realize who it was that was kissing and whose girl-cum she was tasting on her lips. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Tara. "Hey there," Rigel said.

"Rigel, look," said Tara. Tara looked to see that the creatures had walked onto the beach. Now that they were out of the water, they could tell that they were about five feet tall.

"Holy shit!" Rigel cried at the surprise of the two large animals. The creatures jumped at Rigel's yell and started making their female orgasm sounds again.

"What is going on?" Megumi said, having recovered.

"There are two creatures here with us," said Rigel. "Very large, fifteen feet long, five feet high, dark blue in color. They came out of the ocean."

"I wish we could see it," said Anzu.

"I can make you an image tonight," Tara said.

"It sounds more like girls having big orgasms."

"Wait," said Rigel. She looked at the creatures and then started crying out as if having a really powerful orgasm. The creatures made the same sounds back to her. "I'm communicating with them!" the blonde said.

"They seem to be the Atlantian equivalent of therapsids," said Tara.

Seemingly curious, the creatures walked closer to Tara and Rigel. Tara started to reach out her hand. "Tara," Rigel cried, "what are you doing?"

"I don't think they'll hurt me," the Australian said. "Their teeth are not all that sharp, I think they're herbivores." Tara reached a little further, slowly enough so that she would not scare the animals. Finally, Tara's hand touched the snout of one of the creatures. The creatures skin was thick, but very smooth. "Wow," Tara said.

Rigel tried to stand up, but was too weak to do so. She tried again, this time slower, and she managed to stand up. She went to the other creature and touched it as well. "Are you all right?" Megumi asked.

"Just fine," Rigel said. "We're just here with the animals. I wish you could be here. This is amazing!"

"Well," Anzu said, yawning, "it's almost 3:00 am here at the Halcyon Resort. We should get some sleep."

"Okay," said Tara.

"Sweet dreams," Rigel said.

"Good bye," Megumi said. The two Asian girls turned off the holograph and they disappeared. Tara and Rigel turned off their holograph as well and went back to playing with the creatures, communicating with their orgasmic cries.


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