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Lust in Space, Part 6
by Nathan Warford


After a few minutes with the large Atlantian creatures, Tara and Rigel got back into their metallic bikinis and went surfing. It was at about 5:00 pm when they decided that it was time that they went back to their hotels. "Rigel," Tara asked, "did you see any holographic stores on your walk?"

"No, I didn't," the blonde replied. "Maybe you could give me the sensor that Megumi and Anzu gave us."

"But then I would have to buy a sensor and more sensory dots on my way back home as well as a computer for storing my physical data."

Just then, Rigel had an idea. "Wait, what's the Atlantian exchange rate?"

Because Atlantis did not belong to any Terran country, it was considered its own country with its own currency and exchange rate. Tara got on the computer and set up the portable holograph. Networking the computer to the holograph at her hotel, she was able to access the Atlantian internet. The portable holograph projected what Tara was looking for. "It looks like one Atlantian hydra is about the same as one Australian dollar," Tara said. "Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to know how much it would cost to get sensory equipment and a computer on Atlantis," the blonde replied. "It doesn't look like either of us has enough money to buy both of those."

"Wait. The portable holograph I just got didn't cost all that much. And because most of Atlantis' income comes from tourism, the market price for computers might not be very high." Tara got back onto the computer and checked for the price of an Atlantian computer. Both girls' eyes widened when they saw how cheap computers were on Atlantis. "Sweet!" Tara cried. "A computer on Atlantis costs only seventy-five Australian dollars!"

"If we can buy another sensory set and another computer, we can talk to each other over the holograph. Since the holographic store in on the way back to the Baha Resort, you should be the one to buy another sensory system. I'll see if I can get a computer tonight."

"That means I should take the computer back with me and you should take the sensory equipment. So tonight, we'll both have one computer and one sensory set. Do you know the serial number for your holograph at the Seusui Resort?"

"No, I don't."

"In that case, you should set up the portable holograph because we can only send images through the holograph if we know the serial number of the holograph we are sending the images to."

"Okay. I will."

Tara put the computer into her pack and Rigel put the holographic equipment into hers. They also exchanged their toys so that Tara had the dildo and Rigel had the vibrator. After an embrace and a passionate kiss, the two friends went on their ways toward their respective hotels. On the way back to the Baha resort, Tara bought another sensory set, complete with a sensor and small, adhesive dots.

Tara got back to the Baha resort at about 6:30. After she had changed into some casual clothes, she and her parents had dinner. When Tara had finished her dinner, she went into her room and went onto her holograph to see what the creatures that she and Rigel had seen earlier that day were called. After hooking up her computer to the holograph, she went online and found information about the creatures. An image of one of the creatures appeared. Beside the image, text read: The capasaur (Capasaurus herbivorus) is the largest animal discovered on Atlantis. They range from 10 feet to 15 feet (3 meters to 4.5 meters) in length and weigh from 2200 pounds to 3300 pounds (1000 kilograms to 1500 kilograms).

"So the ones Rigel and I saw today are the largest that the capasaurs get," Tara said to herself.

The text continued: The bulk of their diets is plankton and seaweed from the oceans. They are the only animal on Atlantis discovered that use their voices for communication much like whales on Earth do. The Terran animal that the capasaur resembles the most is the dinocephalian from the Permian epoch of the Paleozoic era.

"I thought so," said Tara, referring to the time period of the dinocephalian.

Tara sent the image of the capasaur to Megumi and Anzu's holograph before she attempted to contact Rigel. "Rigel?" she asked. "Are you there?"

"Yes, Tara," Rigel's voice said.

"Have you found a computer?"

"Yes, I did. It was only fifty U.S. dollars!" both girls laughed.

"I'm sending you your image. Upload it onto your computer and apply it to yourself." Tara sent an image of Rigel to the portable holograph. "Do you have it?" Tara asked.

"Yes," Rigel replied. "Hold on a moment while I set up the sensor."

"I found out the name of the creatures we saw today."


"Yeah. They're called capasaurs." An image of Rigel appeared in front of Tara. "Ah. You've worked out the computer."

"Yes," the blonde replied. "I'm sorry, did you say capasoa or capasaur?"

"Oh. My accent." Tara then said in as best an American accent as she could, "Capasaur."

"'Capasaur'," Rigel repeated.

"That's right." Tara made a small chuckle. "It's hard not speaking with an Australian accent." Tara then noticed that Rigel not not applied any clothes to the image of her body. "See if you can apply any clothes to yourself. Your image right now is kinda naked." Rigel was about to go back to her computer when Tara said, "Wait. Actually, don't apply clothes yet."

Rigel smiled. "Like what you see?" she asked, striking a pose for Tara.

"Always do," said the Australian girl, starting to take off her clothes. By the movements of Rigel's body, Tara could tell that the real Rigel had clothes on and was stripping out of them.

"Sexy as always," Rigel said, looking over Tara's body when the redhead was naked.

"God, I'm so wet," Tara said, unable to keep her eyes off of Rigel's hot body.

"Me too," Rigel said. "Got the dildo?"

"Hold on." Tara got out the dildo, applied the dots to it and programmed it into her computer. Rigel did the same with the vibrator. "Ready," Tara said.

"Me too," said Rigel. The blonde lay down on her back in front of Tara and Tara lay down in front of Rigel. "Tara, have you ever tried masturbating on your hands and knees? I know that's how you like it when getting fucked."

Even when she was miles away from Rigel, Tara was still able to be submissive. Tara got on her hands and knees and got the dildo ready.

"Now fuck yourself with that cock," Rigel said in an authoritative tone. Hearing Rigel talking down to her got the redhead extremely turned on. Without hesitation, Tara slid the fake dick into her now very slippery hole and started moving it in and out. "Yeah, Tara. Take it. Take that cock in your pussy." Rigel had switched on the vibrator and was massaging her pussy with it.

"Oh, yeah," Tara moaned.

"Does it feel good?"

"Uh-huh." Tara was immensely enjoying the way that Rigel was talking to her. Even though Rigel was not really right there with her, Tara got the sense that she was still completely under Rigel's control. Rigel was slowly increasing the RPM on the vibrator as a subservient Tara masturbated for the blonde's viewing. The mere knowledge that her lover was watching her every move made Tara even hornier and she started drilling the dildo even harder into her dripping cunt. "Oh, God," the redhead cried as she felt the artificial phallus striking her G-spot. The free arm that Tara was using to hold up her body gave out, and her torso fell to the ground.

With Tara's ass right in front of her face, Rigel could clearly see the dildo sliding in and out of Tara's cunt, and the blonde almost cummed right then. However, she was able to hold back. Knowing that she was on the edge, Rigel turned the vibrator up to full power. "Oh, shit!" Rigel cried out. "Come on, Tara!" she commanded. "I wanna see you cum!"

"Oh, my God!" cried Tara as her climax approached.

"Cum for me, Baby!"

"Rigel, I'm gonna cum for you!" Tara reached the edge and her body tensed up.

"Cum hard for me, you little slut!"

The last command from Rigel was enough to send Tara into an orgasmic frenzy. She cried out in bliss as her body convulsed and cum shot from her pussy, soaking the dildo and her hand in her womanhood. the sight of Tara's orgasm brought Rigel to the edge as well, and she shoved her free hand deep into her pussy, pounding against her G-spot. Rigel also exploded into orgasm, screaming and convulsing in euphoric rapture.

Both girls came down from their orgasms, panting heavily, lost in blissful oblivion. "Well, it seems you two had a good time," a voice said from somewhere in the room. The voice brought Tara and Rigel back to their senses. They looked around the room, looking for the person who had spoken, but nobody was there.

"Show yourself," Tara said.

Tara and Rigel heard two girls giggling and then the image of Megumi and Anzu appeared. They were on the ground, side by side, completely naked. "Megumi! Anzu!" Rigel cried.

"How long have you been there watching us?" Tara asked, playfully mocking offense.

Megumi spoke. "We got back from class and saw the picture of the capasaur that Tara sent us."

"We were setting up our holograph when we saw you two undressing," said Anzu.

"You mean you were watching us the whole time?" Rigel said.

"That's right," said Megumi. "You two were so hot that we had to get naked and masturbate."

"The sight of your orgasms made us cum," said Anzu. "And because your orgasms were so good, ours were also good."

"I can see it all," Tara said. "I can just imagine a gigantic stain on the floor right in front of you two."

"Yes, we are all wet," Megumi said, she and Anzu giggling.

Tara yawned. "Well, I think I should get some sleep," she said. "I'm really tired."

"That's understandable after that big orgasm," Anzu said.

"Yeah," said Tara, staggering to her feet. "We'll see you later."

"Good night," Megumi and Anzu said in unison. They went to their holograph and shut it off, their image disappearing.

"Well," Tara said, "that felt really good."

"Like being submissive, huh?" Rigel said.


"I never thought that I would ever speak that way to anybody. But it sure made you cum hard. And that made it all the more pleasurable for me."

"Well thank you."

"Thank you, Tara."

"See you again soon, I hope."

"My parents and I are going safariing in the jungle tomorrow. Maybe you and your parents can come along too."

"I would like that. Where and when?"

"The Seusui Resort at 12:00 pm."

"I'll ask my parents tomorrow. Here's my holograph's serial number." Tara went to her computer and sent the serial number to Rigel. "Call me tomorrow at 10:00. I'll tell you if we'll be coming."

Rigel yawned. "I hope you can make it. Good night, Tara."

"Good night, Rigel." The girls shut off their holographs. Tara turned off the lights and got into bed, falling asleep under the glow of the blue Cerulean."


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