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Lust in Space, Part 7
by Nathan Warford


The next morning, Tara told her parents about the safari that Rigel was going on. Her parents thought that it was a fantastic idea and decided to go along. After having breakfast, Tara went into her room and checked the Atlantian internet to see what kinds of things they would possibly see on the safari. While online, she found brief information about the plants and animals that lived in the Atlantian forests. Tara was happy when she found that they were bound to see an Atlantian Lizard on their trek.

While Tara was browsing, she heard a disembodied voice say to her, "Tara? Are you there."

The redhead recognized the voice as that of Rigel. She turned on the sensor that he had hooked up and said. "Hi, Rigel."

"Oh, hi," Rigel's voice said. "So, have you told your parents about the safari today?"

"Yes, I have. We'll be there."


"I was doing some research on life in the Atlantian jungles when you called."

"And?" Rigel's voice sounded intent.

"Well, it was interesting to find out that the Atlantian forests are like tropical jungles on Earth."

"Why is that so interesting? It's a-hundred-and-five degrees here."

"But that's only at the perihelion."

"That's right! I hadn't thought of that. What about animal life?"

"Hopefully, we'll see Atlantian Lizards."

"Oh, cool. I've wanted to see one of those ever since that night on the Odyssey."

Tara and Rigel talked for about an hour before Tara and her parents got ready for the safari. They changed into shorts, light T-shirts, and hiking boots and packed some water and food. When they were packed and ready to go, the Australian family got in their solar-powered car and drove five miles north to the Seusui Resort.

It was at the entrance to the hotel that the tourists were waiting. Tara and her parents walked from the car to the hotel. The front desk was selling tickets for the safari. After buying their tickets, Tara and her parents walked out to join the crowd. Surely enough, Rigel and her parents were there. "Hi, Rigel," Tara said as they approached.

"Oh, hi," said Rigel, seeing Tara. "You made it."

"Are you kidding?" said the redhead. "I wouldn't miss this for any world."

It was at 12:00 pm sharp that the safari leader stepped to the front of the crowd. After a short briefing on everything that the tourists needed for the jungle trek and after making sure that the tourists actually had everything that they needed, he collected everyone's tickets. When the eight-minute long solar eclipse ended, he started leading the way into the forest that was just across the street from the resort.

While on the hike, the safari leader talked about the biosphere of the Atlantian forests. "As many of you know," the leader explained, "unlike earth, Atlantis is a moon instead of a planet. This side of the moon always faces the planet Cerulean, as you can see overhead if you find any spaces in the sky that are not obstructed by the trees. That was the reason for the solar eclipse several minutes ago."

"Come on," Rigel said, "tell us something we don't know."

"I know," Tara replied.

The safari leader continued, "One of the most destructive forces that Earth has seen is the collision of a large asteroid. However, because of Cerulean's gravity, most of the asteroids that come near Atlantis are pulled into Cerulean instead. Also, because Atlantis comes so close to the sun during its perihelion, like it is right now, there are fewer ice ages on Atlantis."

"Yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah," said Tara, feeling very bored.

"Collisions and ice ages are the major causes of mass extinctions on planetary bodies that hold life. Because neither of those occur on Atlantis as often as they do on Earth, the evolution of life on Atlantis progresses much more smoothly and quickly."

"Yes and the life on Atlantis is like that of the Permian period on Earth," Rigel said in a monotonous voice.

"Although the fossil record of Atlantis only dates back to 2500 million years ago, the life of Atlantis is at a stage of evolution similar to that of Earth's Permian period of the Paleozoic era."

Tara and Rigel were surprised. "Did I call that or what?" Rigel said.

"However," the safari leader continued, "some of the life on Atlantis is even more advanced than the Permian period."

"Okay, now we're getting somewhere," Tara said.

"Who here has eaten any Atlantian fruit or berries?" Several of the tourists, including Tara, Rigel, and their parents, raised their hands. "I see quite a few of you have. Now, fruits and berries are actually part of a plant's reproductive system. The most primitive form of plants with seeds is the gymnosperm, that means plants without anything covering the seeds. A good example is a pine tree that we see on Earth. The seeds are completely out in the open. The more advanced form of a plant is called the angiosperm, which has its seeds covered in an ovary that we call a fruit."

"Yeah, so?" Tara wondered, close to falling asleep.

"The interesting thing is that angiosperms have only been on Earth for about 130 million years. That is during Earth's Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, 118 million years after the Permian period ended."

Tara was suddenly fully alert. "Did I hear him correctly? Did I just hear him say that fruits evolved in the Cretaceous period?"

"Yes, you heard him correctly," Rigel said, equally surprised. "I don't understand. How is that possible?"

"There is no universal rule stating that all life on a planetary body evolves uniformly. The plants on Atlantis simply just evolved more quickly than the rest of the life on Atlantis."

The safari leader continued walking through the jungle. "Shhh, quiet," he whispered looking up in a tree. The rest of the tourists gathered close to see what the leader was looking at. "Look at that. That, my friends, is an Atlantian Lizard."

"Wow," Tara and Rigel whispered in unison looking at the reptilian creature in the tree eating some berries that were growing from the tree.

"Finally I get to see one in real life," said Tara.

"Yeah," Rigel said.

The safari leader whispered, "These little guys like to live in the trees. As you can see, they eat the fruits. I believe this Atlantian Lizard is eating a Kalu Berry. However, they sometimes like to make little runs down to the ocean and feed off of algae that grow on the rocks. I personally prefer the fruit, don't you?" Several of the tourists laughed quietly as they snapped a few pictures. Although the holograph could project objects in three dimensions, the only way to get an accurate holograph image was to program it into a computer. Two-dimensional pictures were much more effective when capturing live images.

After a minute or so more of observing the Atlantian Lizard, the creature finished its fruity meal and jumped off to another tree. The safari continued. After several minutes, they arrived at a lake in the middle forest. "This," said the leader, "is Mineral Lake." The lake smaller than most lakes, only one or two square miles in area. "This lake is not fed by a river, but is fed by a spring at the very bottom of it. Several Atlantian animals have been spotted here to drink the mineral water here."

"Mineral water," Tara said. "Can we drink it?" she asked the safari leader.

"Oh, yes," the leader replied. "All of the natural water on Atlantis is quite hot this time of year, but you may drink it." Several of the tourists bent down to the lake and cupped some of the water in their hands to drink. The water was slightly carbonated from the spring. "When it rains here, the lake sometimes overflows and creates Mineral River, which flows down that path over there." He pointed to a path of dry dirt running from the lake into the forest. "The Mineral Delta is about a mile south of the Seusui Resort."

"'The Mineral Delta'," Rigel repeated. "I passed by that yesterday when I walked down to meet you."

"On the beach?" Tara asked.


"Oh, wow," said the safari leader looking about a hundred feet down the lake shore. "This is a rare sight."

"Capasaurs!" Tara exclaimed when she looked in the direction that the safari leader was looking.

The other tourists looked and saw two dark blue giants grazing by the lake shore. "These are capasaurs," said the leader, "the largest animals discovered on Atlantis. It's not very often that humans see them. For some reason, capasaurs have been very clever in hiding themselves."

"Tara," Rigel asked, squinting at the capasaurs, "are those the same capasaurs that we saw at the beach yesterday?"

"They do look very similar."

One of the capasaurs looked at the girls. The capasaur turned to its companion and they "talked" to each other. They turned back toward Tara and Rigel and started walking towards them. The tourists looked in awe as the two large creatures approached. "What's this?" said the safari leader, surprised that the capasaurs were walking towards them.

"They're coming for us," one of the tourists said, obviously very scared.

"No," said the safari leader. "Although very few capasaur fossils have been found, the few that have been found show that capasaurs today are herbivores."

"Then why are they coming toward us?" another tourist asked, also scared.

"Because they're our friends," said Rigel, now seeing that the capasaurs were, indeed, the ones that they had encountered at the beach.

Tara and Rigel started walking toward the capasaurs. Their parents called, "Tara, Rigel, what are you doing?"

"It's all right," Tara said, "they won't hurt us." The girls and the capasaurs met. Tara and Rigel touched the smooth skin of the capasaurs and the creatures responded with their cries that Tara and Rigel thought sounded like a human women having orgasms.

All of the tourists gasped when they saw the girls interacting with the capasaurs with absolutely no hostility from the creatures. Even the safari leader, who was supposed to be an expert on Atlantis was also at a loss for words. "How do they recognize us?" Rigel wondered.

"I don't know," replied Tara. "Maybe these capasaurs are more intelligent than we anticipated."

"Girls," Rigel's mother called, "maybe you should come away from the animals."

"Mom!" Rigel called. "Can't you see that they're friendly?"

Not being able to understand this friendly relationship between humans and capasaurs, the safari leader became afraid of his lack of understanding and simply said, "I think it's about time we head back to the Seusui Resort." Also very confused, most of the tourists followed the leader back through the forest.

"Maybe we should go," Rigel said.

"Yeah," replied Tara, disappointed. "Bye," she said to the capasaurs as if they could understand English. "Hope to see you again soon."

Tara and Rigel turned around to follow the tourists when they heard the capasaurs cry to them. They looked back at the capasaurs and saw that they had followed their bodies and heads down to the ground. Tara and Rigel were not sure exactly what it was that the capasaurs were doing and just stood there, trying to figure out what they were doing. After a moment, one of the capasaurs lifted its head and used it to gesture to its friend's back. The girls then realized what the gentle giants wanted. "They want us to climb on their backs," said Tara.

"Should we?" asked Rigel.

"They've given us no reason to distrust them."

Tara's mother called, "Girls, come on!"

"Hold on," Tara called back. Tara and Rigel walked toward the capasaurs and jumped up on their heads.

"Girls, get down from there!" Called Tara's mother.

"It's okay," called Rigel. The girls crawled up the creatures' bodies, making their way to their backs, where they turned around so that they were facing forward. The capasaurs stood up and followed the tourists back through the forest.

The only words spoken on the way back were by Tara and Rigel. "This is amazing," Rigel said as she rode the capasaur.

"Have you ever ridden an elephant back on Earth?" Tara asked.

"Yes," replied Rigel. "It's a lot like that, isn't it?"

Tara patted her capasaur on the head.

When the group arrived back at the Seusui Resort, the capasaurs bent down again so that Tara and Rigel could dismount. "Thanks for the ride back," Rigel said. The capasaurs then started walking around the hotel and into the ocean where they started swimming south.

As Tara watched the creatures swim away she was suddenly jerked by someone pulling at her arm. She looked to see her dismayed and angry mother. "Come on," her mother said sharply, "let's go back."

"But wait," Tara cried. The redhead's protest was not heard by her parents. Rigel just stared in dismay as her friend was taken away by her parents. Tara and Rigel managed to wave each other goodbye before Tara's parents ordered her into the car. They drove off.

"Tara!" her mother lashed out. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"We met them at the beach yesterday, Mum."

"You had us worried sick! Interacting with those animals was unprecedented and risky!"

"Don't refer to them like that! They are animals, but they are not hostile. They were kind enough to carry me and Rigel back to the Seusui Resort."

"Just don't go near them again."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm your mother and I'm telling you not to."

When Tara got back to her room at the Baha Resort, she set up the holograph and tried to contact Rigel. "Rigel?" she asked. "Are you there?" There was no response. "Rigel?" she asked again. Another minute passed and Rigel's image did not appear. Tara turned off the holograph and threw herself down on her bed, crying.

Tara did not have dinner that night. She just lay in bed wishing that she could have spent more time with Rigel and with the capasaurs. Tara just thought for many hours about what more fun she could have had that day if her parents had not dragged her away from Rigel. "Rigel and I could have gone out to dinner," Tara thought. "I could have spent the night with her at the Seusui Resort. We could have talked about the capasaurs and how much fun we had with them. We could have made love."

It was at about 10:00 that night that Tara's eyelids grew heavy. She was almost asleep when she heard someone crying outside her window. Worried that someone might have been hurt, Tara opened her window and stepped onto the balcony. She looked down at the beach five stories below. Tara smiled at what she saw. It was not a hurt person, but the capasaurs! "You found me!" Tara cried.

The capasaurs cried something to Tara. Tara thought that what the capasaurs were saying sounded familiar. She listened closely and was able to make out, "Nara."

"Nara?" the redhead thought for a moment. She repeated the word to herself several times, trying to figure out if anything was meant by it. Suddenly, it came to her. "Nara. Tara. You're trying to say 'Tara'!"

"Nara!" the capasaurs cried to her again.

"Hold on!" Tara cried, going back inside. She picked up her key card and quietly made her way out of her room. As soon as the hotel room door slid shut behind her, Tara rushed down to the first floor and to the beach to meet the capasaurs. "You guys are trying to say, 'Tara'."

"Nara," they said.

"Yes, 'Tara'."

The capasaurs then said, "Hijel."

"What was that?" Tara asked.

"Hijel," the creatures said again.

"You're trying to say, 'Rigel,' aren't you? You understand names? My god." One of the capasaurs lowered itself to the ground for Tara to ride. Without hesitation, Tara leaped onto the capasaur's back. The capasaurs walked to the water and started swimming north. During their ride, it had started to rain. Tara was getting wet, but she did not care. She had made two new friends that were not even from Earth and the feeling was amazing.

Meanwhile, Rigel was in her room, sleeping. She had not fallen asleep in a very good mood. She was sad, angry, and disappointed from what had happened earlier that day with Tara and the capasaurs. Then, she was awoken by something. She did not know what it was that had awoken her so she decided to go back to sleep. However, now that she was awake, she was able to hear someone crying outside her window. She looked out the window to see the two capasaurs on the beach. Tara was with them, waving to her. Rigel smiled and stood up. Because Rigel's room was on the first floor, the window was a door directly to the beach. The blonde picked up her key card and walked to the window, which slid open when the pressure sensors sensed that she was walking toward the beach. Rigel ran outside at the window closed behind her. Tara and Rigel ran to each other and embraced. They looked at each other and kissed in the rain.

One of the capasaurs said what Tara thought was, "Anai."

Rigel, hearing the capasaurs, broke the kiss and said, "I see you brought some friends with you," Rigel said, seeing the capasaurs with Tara.

"Rigel!" Tara said. "The capasaurs can talk!"


"Nara," said one of the capasaurs.

"Hijel," said the other.

Tara said, "They're saying, 'Tara,' and 'Rigel'."

Rigel stepped closer to the capasaurs. "Can you understand English?" she asked.

The capasaurs looked blankly at the blonde. They simply said, "Hijel."

"Maybe they can't understand our speech," Tara said, "but they do understand names."

"So capasaurs are intelligent. Life does not evolve uniformly, does it?"

"Definitely not," Tara said.

"Tara," said Rigel, having an idea, "do you know who would love to see this?"

"Megumi and Anzu!" Tara said.

"Be right back." Rigel went back to the window to her room. She swiped the key card through the slot and the glass door slid aside. Rigel walked into her room, put a few things into her pack, and walked back outside. "I brought the holographic stuff and a waterproof bag," Rigel said.

The capasaurs lowered themselves to the ground for Tara and Rigel to climb onto them. "You want us to ride you again?" Tara thought.

"How would you like a little ride through the rain?" asked Rigel, getting up on one of the capasaurs. Tara got up on the other capasaur and the capasaurs started walking toward the forest.

As they walked, the capasaurs picked up the pace until they were running through the trees. "Oh, my God!" Tara cried with the wind and rain in her face. "This is intense."

"I can't believe how much fun I'm having!" Rigel cried, spreading her arms as if she was flying.

Suddenly, the capasaurs stopped dead in their tracks. Tara and Rigel were launched through the air and they landed in a large body of water. They resurfaced and looked at the capasaurs. They were wailing, but it was not of pain or sorrow. Tara and Rigel sensed that the wails were humorous in nature and that that was the way that capasaurs laughed. Tara and Rigel simply laughed along with them.

"The water of this lake is carbonated," Rigel said.

"It's Mineral Lake," said Tara.

"And look at that!" Tara looked in the direction that Rigel was looking she saw a small creek starting to run from the river through the trees. "The rain in causing Mineral River to form."

Tara and Rigel swam back to shore by the capasaurs. "Yes, very funny," Tara said sarcastically to the wailing creatures.

"I'm gonna try to set up the holographic equipment," said Rigel. The blonde set up the computer, the portable holograph, and the holographic sensor inside the transparent bag so that the equipment would not get wet in the rain. Because the adhesive dots that they used were technically magnets, there was no electrical equipment to be damaged by water. Tara and Rigel set up the dots on their bodies and faces. They then managed to get the dots on all of the right places of the capasaurs' bodies. After programming the proportions of the capasaurs into the computer, they were ready to broadcast.

Tara got on the computer and tried to contact Megumi and Anzu. A few seconds passed and they heard Anzu's voice say, "Tara. Rigel. Hi."

"Whoa," they heard Megumi say. "Those are real capasaurs?"

"Yes, they are," said Tara.

Another moment passed and the figures of Megumi and Anzu appeared. They were both in black and blue Japanese school uniforms. The capasaurs looked at the two Asian girls that had appeared and cried to them. "Where are you?" asked Megumi.

"We're at a place called Mineral Lake," Tara replied. "Unfortunately, I don't think we can program this place into the holograph easily."

"That's okay," said Megumi. "We have a file that has been already programmed."

"How?" asked Rigel.

"Easy," said Anzu. "Internet."

"You can download environments from the internet?"

"It was how we got the file for the waterfall."

"It's raining there, isn't it?" said Megumi.

"Yes," Tara replied.

"We can hear the rain."

Anzu looked at the capasaurs. "How did you get real capasaurs here?" she asked

"These are the same capasaurs that we met at the beach yesterday," Rigel said. "They were able to recognize us. Everyone is afraid of them, but they're our friends." Rigel and Tara petted the capasaurs to show affection.

"I wish we could touch them," said Anzu.

"Come down to the southern continent and you can," said Tara.

"Do they have names?" Megumi wondered.

"Uh," Tara said, "I don't know."

"They have to," Rigel exclaimed. "If they can identify us by name, they must have names of their own."

"They can identify you by name?" said Anzu.

"Yes," said Tara. She turned to the capasaurs and said, "Say my name." However, the capasaurs just looked at her blankly. Tara said to Megumi and Anzu, "Maybe they don't know the meaning of the word, 'name'." The redhead turned back to the capasaurs. Gesturing to herself, she said, "Tara." She then gestured to Rigel and said, "Rigel."

Tara then gestured to herself again and waited to see if the capasaurs understood. "Nara," the capasaurs said. Tara gestured to Rigel and the capasaurs said, "Hijel."

"Aremaa!" cried Anzu.

"They spoke!" said Megumi.

"I'll see if we can get them to introduce themselves," Tara said. She again gestured to herself and said, "Tara." Then she gestured to one of the capasaurs.

The capasaur that Tara was gesturing to was of a slightly lighter color than the other one with several stripes of indigo. "Iya," the capasaur said.

"Iya," Tara repeated. "Tara," she said gesturing to herself. "Iya," she said gesturing to the capasaur.

Then, Rigel said, "Rigel," gesturing to herself. She gestured to the darker colored capasaur.

"Yana," the capasaur said.

Megumi then gestured to herself and said, "Megumi."

"Mengumi," the capasaurs said.

Anzu gestured to herself and said, "Anzu."

The capasaurs looked at Anzu and said, "Anu."

"I have no words," Anzu said.

"Is Mineral River there?" asked Megumi.

"Uh huh," Rigel replied.


"Over there," said Rigel, pointing toward the rapidly growing river.

Megumi started working on the invisible computer. After a moment, she said. "Good. We have the setting here."

"You programmed Mineral Lake and Mineral River into your holograph?" Tara said.

"Yes," Anzu said. She then looked at Tara and Rigel and said, "You two are soaked."

"I guess you could only know that after programming in the rain," said Tara.

Rigel said, "The rain is not hot like it would be during the day, but our clothes are getting uncomfortably heavy." Tara and Rigel smiled at one another and started getting undressed.

"You are crazy about sex," Megumi said.

"You of all people should know," Tara said, "that no one can have too much sex."

"Not to mention that sex with another girl is much better," Rigel concluded.

"And it seems that Anzu agrees." Megumi looked at her roommate to see that Anzu was already down to her black panties and pink tattoo. The two Asians started kissing and undressing each other.

By then, Tara and Rigel were naked and passionately making out, the pleasantly warm rain cascading down their bodies. Despite the warmth, the girls' nipples were proudly standing out from their firm breasts, and despite the wetness, they could tell that their pussies were producing considerable amounts of natural lubrication.

Suddenly, the girls were interrupted by a loud cry of, "Anai." Iya had spoken the word.

"What does that mean?" Tara wondered.

"They said the same thing when they saw us kiss at the Seusui Resort earlier tonight," Rigel noted.

"Maybe it means 'kiss'," said Megumi.

"No," Tara said, "I don't think so."

"Why not?" asked Anzu.

"Because of their facial structure," replied the redhead.

"She's right," Rigel realized. "The capasaurs' jaws aren't constructed properly for kissing. If they tried, they would just bump their noses together."

"Besides," Tara continued, "I don't think they have the necessary muscles for kissing. They can try to say our names, but they can't quite get them exactly right. If they can't kiss, then they wouldn't have a word for it."

"Then what does 'anai' mean?" Megumi said.

Iya came close to Rigel and looked her over, as if scanning her body. Iya then inhaled and started sniffing Rigel. It found its way between Rigel's legs. "It smells your arousal," Tara said.

Rigel laughed nervously. Suddenly, Iya nudged Rigel's torso, pushing her onto her back. The giant capasaur stood over a somewhat frightened and muddy Rigel. It moved one of its front feet directly over Rigel's groin. The blonde looked in amazement when she saw a six-inch-long tentacle extend from the palm of Iya's hand. The tentacle entered Rigel's damp hole and started squirming around inside her. The blonde jumped at first, but then started moaning in pleasure as the tentacle pushed against every side of her canal.

Tara, Megumi, and Anzu looked on in astonishment. Tara stammered, "It''s...finger-fucking...Rigel."

Rigel, all of her fear now gone, started laughing. "Hey guys," she said, "I'm having sex with an alien."

Yana then walked up to Tara. The redhead turned to Megumi and Anzu. They were smiling at her. They said, "Go on, Tara." Tara looked at Yana and then lay down and spread her legs. However, instead of fingering Tara's pussy like Iya was doing to Rigel, Yana turned its back to Tara and aimed its rear end at her. Tara looked between Yana's legs and found what looked like a vagina. Hesitantly, Tara held out an arm and touched the hole between Yana's legs. Getting bolder, Tara inserted a finger into the opening. A cry came from Yana's mouth. Tara went in as deep as Yana's passage would allow, which was about six inches. Again, Yana cried.

Tara started moving her fingers in and out of Yana's alien love-hole and Yana cried in pleasure. "So, Yana," Tara said, "I guess that means you're a girl."

Megumi and Anzu were watching Tara and Rigel having sex with the capasaurs and found the scene surprisingly erotic. Megumi had sat down and had layed Anzu on her lap. Megumi started fondling the short-haired Asian's tits with her left hand while her right hand had inserted several fingers into Anzu's pussy. Soon, Anzu was moaning and sighing in pleasure.

Iya's tentacle was still working around inside Rigel's cunt, making Rigel squirm around on the ground. Her body was splashing around in the mud, getting herself dirty, but that hardly mattered as she was completely lost in her own world as Iya fucked her with its tentacle. Iya then lowered its hand down to Rigel's pussy and started rubbing her clit with one of its normal looking fingers. The new attention on her clit caused Rigel to cry out in pleasure and squirm around on the muddy ground even more.

Tara saw the tentacle moving about inside Rigel, and the sight made her even more horny. She fucked Yana's hole even more vigorously, causing the Atlantian creature to cry out louder. Yana's vocalizations now sounded even more like a human female having an orgasm than before. "Yana," said the redhead, "you're so wet in there."

"How is it, Tara?" Anzu asked between gasps of pleasure.

"Strange," Tara replied. "The sexual anatomy is surprisingly human. But the smell is a bit different. I can't quite describe it."

"What about you, Rigel?" Megumi asked.

"Shit!" Rigel cried. "This is really fucking good!"

Suddenly, Yana let out a loud, long cry. Yana's insides gripped Tara's hand and pulled on it so hard that most of her lower arm was pulled into the depths of the capasaur's vagina. Juices flowed from Yana's hole, allowing the redhead her first taste of a capasaur. This time, the Atlantian creatures vocalizations actually were those of orgasm.

Although they were unable to see the juices from Yana's cunt, Megumi and Anzu could clearly see that Yana was cumming. Anzu cried out and started cumming all over Megumi's hand.

Meanwhile, Rigel was screaming in bliss as Iya fucked her clit and filled her insides. The tentacle was rubbing against her G-spot and she was on the verge of cumming hard. When Rigel was on the edge, she suddenly felt something strange inside her cunt. Iya's tentacle was ejaculating! The feeling was amazing and Rigel was hit with a powerful orgasm. She screamed in ecstasy and her body shook violently. "Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!" she cried over and over again as girl-cum squirted from her cunt, mingling with Iya's.

After a minute or two, Anzu settled down to the floor. Rigel's body came to rest in the mud below her. Yana had fallen onto her side. Tara noticed her arm covered in capasaur juice and sucked off as much of it as she could before it was washed away by the rain. She sighed at the taste. It reminded her of her first night with Rigel, when she had tasted pussy for the first time. Her session with Yana was a similar experience.

At that time, Anzu was in a blissful mist of post-orgasm. Megumi was kissing the back of the Anzu's neck and was caressing her friend's body. Rigel's state was similar to Anzu's, a limp form breathing heavily. "How did that feel?" Tara asked.

Rigel opened her eyes and smiled at Tara. "Very, very good," she replied. "It felt like..." she trailed off. "It felt like..." she trailed off again, trying to find the words. "Have you ever watched any hentai?"

"A little bit," replied the redhead. "Why?"

"I felt like one of those girls getting fucked by that tentacle thing."

"Oh," said Megumi, "the tentacle monster."

Anzu, having regained her senses, said, "I used to think that there was too much of the tentacle monster in hentai. But now that I see it, it is very sexy."

"Well," Rigel said, "I suppose that Iya's a guy. That tentacle thing that came out of his hand was some kind of copulatory organ. It squirted stuff into me!"

"Then I'm glad that Iya chose you and Yana chose me," said Tara.

"Because you don't do guys."

Iya had walked over to Yana and they talked in their Atlantian tongue. Then, Iya turned around with his back to Yana. Much to the girls' surprise, Yana extended her hand and a tentacle came out of her palm! And they saw that Iya had a pussy as well! "Now that's interesting," said Anzu.

"Maybe we were wrong," said Rigel. "Maybe Iya is not a guy and Yana is not a girl."

"What are you saying?" Tara asked.

"Capasaurs don't have gender," Megumi realized. "They have both male and female genitals." Yana had inserted the phallus into Iya's vagina and started fucking Iya with it. Iya was soon moaning in what was obviously sexual pleasure.

"You know," said Tara, "if I just remember that capasaurs have no gender, the sight is quite arousing."

"Yes," Megumi said, "it is."

Anzu turned around in Megumi's arms and started kissing her deeply. Slowly, Anzu lay her friend down on the ground and started licking her nipples. Megumi sighed in pleasure and arched her back, pushing her chest into her short-haired roommate's mouth.

Rigel, seeing the two Asian girls making out, made her way over to Tara and started making out with her as well. However, Rigel had more in store for Tara than a simple session of love making! After several seconds of licking the insides of Tara's mouth, Rigel broke the kiss and pushed Tara to the muddy ground. With Rigel exhibiting authority over her, the Australian's desire kicked into overdrive and she actually had a small orgasm right on the spot! Rigel went to her pack and took out several feet of rope. Knowing what Rigel was planning, Tara was suddenly horny again. Rigel grabbed Tara's wrist and dragged her toward some trees.

"Where are you going?" Megumi asked with Anzu's head already inches away from her sex.

"We're gonna have some fun with a little rope," Rigel replied with a devilish smile on her face. She took Tara's hands and tied them behind her back. She then flipped Tara onto her stomach and tied her ankles to two trees, spreading her legs wide. Rigel then went to the computer and programmed the rope into the scene so that Megumi and Anzu could see. Rigel then took out the vibrator that she had brought along, applied the sensory dots on either side of it, and programmed the toy into the scene as well.

Tara, completely helpless, could only watch as Rigel approached, ready to do what she wanted to her submissive lover. Megumi, Anzu, Iya, and Yana were watching Tara and Rigel intently. Rigel turned on the vibrator to a low setting and applied pressure to Tara's very wet slit. Tara was instantly sighing in pleasure. Anzu then went to work, diving into Megumi's pussy. Megumi, too, was moaning. Iya obviously found the scene arousing as well because "she" started crying even louder as Yana, fucked "her" pussy with "his" worm-like dick.

"You like that, huh?" said Rigel. "You like that, you little slut?"

"Uh-huh," moaned the redhead.

"You want more?"


Rigel stopped massaging Tara's slit with the toy and shoved it into her pussy and increased the RPMs. She tried her best to mimic what Iya had done to her earlier, moving the vibrator around Tara's insides, pushing against every wall. Tara made a sound between a moan and a cry and her body trembled as Rigel fucked her pussy. Every now and then, the vibrator pushed against Tara's G-spot and she jumped at the feeling.

Meanwhile, Anzu was busy between Megumi's legs, flicking her clit with her tongue while fucking her cunt with a dildo that she had taken out. Megumi was moaning and writhing while her friend worked wonders on her nether regions. The long-haired Asian kept switching her gaze between Rigel abusing Tara and Yana having sex with Iya. Both sights were equally arousing, and it caused the building sexual tension to build even faster.

Rigel again switched her position. He slipped her head under Tara's hips and wrapped her lips around Tara's engorged clit. She turned up the RPMs on the vibrator to full power and sucked hard on the erect nubbin, causing Tara to cry out in ecstasy. the redhead's body spasmed as her orgasm approached. Using her free hand, Rigel fingered Tara's ass hole, causing her rectal muscles to spasm. Rigel fingered Tara's rosebud for several seconds and then slapped Tara's right ass cheek, making the Australian scream. Rigel went back to Tara's anus for a few seconds and then slapped Tara's left cheek, making her scream again. Rigel removed her mouth from Tara's throbbing clit just long enough to say, "You like getting your ass spanked, Bitch?" and then went back to sucking hard on her clit.

"Oh...yes!" Tara cried as she reached the plateau. "I...ugh...I like it...oh...a lot! Oh, shit! I'm...gonna...cum!" All of Tara's muscles tensed as she teetered on the edge. At the last second, Rigel pressed the vibrator against Tara's G-spot and Tara's climax hit. She creamed so loud that Rigel was afraid the tourists back to the Seusui Resort would hear. Tara's body convulsed as girl-cum gushed from her cunt, splashing against her legs and stomachand a;l over Rigel's face and chestt.

Iya, watching Tara's orgasm, then started cumming too, crying in orgasmic bliss and spewing "her" juices all over Yana. The sight of Tara and Iya cumming pushed Megumi over the edge as well and she, too was crying and spasming in orgasm.

Tara, Megumi, and Iya were completely spent when they stopped cumming. Iya lay on "her" side and Yana lay "his" head on Iya's body. Anzu had climbed up Megumi's body and was kissing her deeply on the lips, Megumi obviously tasting her sweet honey. Tara, having been tied and sexually assaulted by Tara, had passed out from the sensory overload. Rigel found that a red mark had appeared on her chest between her tits. She touched it and it was sore. She realized that the vibrator had shot from Tara's pussy and hit her hard enough to leave a mark. She found the vibrator humming between her legs and turned it off. She untied Tara's motionless form and lay down beside her, wrapping her arms around her sleeping friend.

Tara was awoken by the wailing of Iya and Yana. She opened her eyes, looked at the laughing capasaurs, and smiled. "What are they doing?" Anzu wondered.

"I think they're laughing," said Rigel.

"No doubt by seeing me passed out," Tara said softly.
"Did you like it?" asked Megumi. "Getting tied up?"

Tara simply nodded. She turned to Rigel and quietly, "Rigel, that was great. Thank you."

Rigel simply responded with a deep and passionate kiss. "Anai," said Yana.

"What does that mean?" Megumi said in frustration.

"I wonder if it means, 'sex'," said Anzu.

"Maybe," said Rigel.

"Maybe not," Tara said.

"Why do you say that?" Rigel asked.

"Because they only say, 'Anai,' when we kiss. If 'anai' meant 'sex', then they would say it when we have sex, not only when we're kissing."

"So what do you think it means?" asked Megumi.

Tara looked into Yana's eyes, trying to read "his" mind. "'Love'," Tara said after a moment. "I think 'anai' means 'love'."

There was a moment of silence. Then, Megumi and Anzu started laughing. Rigel and Tara turned to the two Asian girls with puzzled looks on their faces. "What's so funny?" Rigel asked.

"The capasaurs say you're in love!" Megumi laughed.

"So what?" the blonde said.

"You two are sex friends, but you're not in love!" Anzu laughed. However, when Megumi and Anzu noticed no change in Rigel's expression they stopped laughing.

Tara's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She turned to Rigel and asked slowly, "Rigel? Do you love me?"

Tara and Rigel looked deeply into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours. Megumi and Anzu stared intently, waiting for Tara or Rigel to speak. Finally, Rigel smiled and said, "Yes, Tara. I love you."

Tara smiled, tears welling in her eyes. "I love you too, Rigel!" The two girls embraced and shared a passionate, love-filled kiss. Megumi and Anzu cheered and whistled. Iya and Yana cried in their Atlantian tongue, also happy for Tara and Rigel.

"Dokkoi," said Megumi, "taimu wa nan desu ka?"

Anzu went to the computer and suddenly cried in horror, "Oh, shimatta!"

"What is it?" asked Rigel.

"We're late for class!" Anzu cried. Hastily, Megumi and Anzu got back into their underwear and school uniforms.

"We're sorry we have to go," said Megumi while pulling up her blue panties. "Sayonara. We wish you happiness." After Megumi had pulled up her panties, she went to the computer and turned off the holograph. The images of Anzu and Megumi disappeared. Tara turned off the portable holograph as well.

"Anari," said Iya.

"Wow," Rigel said. "What a day this has been!"

"I know," Tara said. The two girls started packing up everything Rigel had brought. They then put their clothes back on, not caring that they were soaked with rain and mud. When Iya and Yana saw that Tara and Rigel were done packing, they lowered their heads so that the girls could climb on. Tara climbed on to Iya's back and Rigel climbed on to Yana's. When Tara and Rigel were facing forward, Iya and Yana started running back through the forest.

When they got back to the back by the Seusui Resort, Tara and Rigel jumped off of the capasaurs and went to each other. They kissed each other passionately and then just hugged each other. "Thank you, Tara," said Rigel.

"Thank you," Tara said. "I love you Rigel."

"I love you too."

"I wish that we could just stay here like this until the sun rises."

"Why not?"

"Because my parents'll wake up and find me missing."

Rigel sighed in disappointment. "That's true," she said. "But I'll call you tomorrow. Okay?"

They looked at each other and they smiled. "Okay," Tara said. They shared one last loving kiss and then Rigel walked toward the glass passageway that was the door to her room.

"Anari, Hijel," Iya and Yana said as Rigel reached the window.

"Good bye," Rigel said, swiping her key card through the card reader. The sliding glass door opened and Rigel stepped into her room, the door sliding shut behind her. Rigel waved good bye to Tara as she climbed back onto Iya's back. Tara waved back to Rigel as Iya and Yana started walking south.

Tara got off of Iya's back when they reached the Baha Resort. "Well, thank you, Iya, Yana. This has been a great night." Tara took Iya's head in her hands and kissed its nose. She then kissed Yana the same way. "Good bye," she said.

"Anari, Nara," said the capasaurs as Tara entered the hotel. When Tara got back to her room, she went onto the balcony and looked down at the beach, seeing Iya and Yana walk back to the ocean and swim away. The redhead took off her clothes and then dried off her body with a towel she found. She got in bed and pulled the covers over her body. She was asleep within seconds.