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Lust in Space, Part 8
by Nathan Warford


"Tara? Tara, are you there?"

The redhead awoke to a heavenly female voice. Tara recognized the voice as that of Rigel. She switched on the holograph sensor in her room and said, "Hey, Rigel."

"Hi," Rigel said. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Yes, you did, but it was a wonderful way to wake up. Your voice is like music to me. How are you this morning?"

"Fabulous!" Rigel said, the blonde's figure appearing. She was wearing the pink T-shirt that she had gotten on the Odyssey and a pair of earth-toned shorts. "I got nine hours of sleep, the most sleep I've gotten in one night for a long time. And I'm in a great mood knowing that you love me and that you're in my life."

Tara had set up the sensory dots on her body and had imported her image into the holograph so that Rigel could see her. "I know how you feel. I feel the exact same way about you." The two went to each other and put their lips together as if they were kissing, even though they could not interact with holographic images.

"Are you really naked, or are you just trying to get me aroused too early in the day?"

"Oh, sorry," Tara said noticing that she was naked. Although she was not wearing anything, she programmed clothes into the holograph anyway. "So Rigel," said Tara, getting into some clothes, "do you have any plans for today?"

"No, I don't," replied the blonde. "Did you have anything in mind?"

"No. I was hoping you would have a suggestion."

Rigel thought for a moment. Then, she had an idea. "Do you remember that holographic setting that Megumi and Anzu gave to us on the Odyssey? The underwater biosphere?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Do they actually have those on Atlantis."

"I don't know," said Tara, catching Rigel's drift. "Let me check." After Tara had changed into some underwear, green T-shirt and denim shorts, she went on the Atlantian internet and checked under "underwater biosphere". After browsing for a moment, she found that Atlantis did, indeed, have underwater biospheres like the scene that they had received. "They do have underwater aquariums," Tara said.

"I wonder if we could visit one."

"Well, there is one about thirty miles north, twenty-five miles from the Seusui Resort."

"I think it'd be cool to see one of those."

"I know. I'll go see if my parents would want to bring me. You go talk to your parents. I'll call you back." Tara and Rigel turned off their holographs and went to talk to their parents. After Tara had removed the dots from her face, she exited her room and went to find her parents, who were having lunch. "Good morning, Mum," said the redhead as she entered the kitchen. "Good morning, Dad."

"Good morning, Tara," her father said.

"Tara," said her mother, "I wanted to apologize for yesterday."

"Oh, that's okay, Mum," Tara said. "I got over it pretty easily."

"Really?" said her father. "You went to bed without dinner last night."

"I'm fine."

Tara's mother was surprised. "You seem in a cheerful mood this morning. Especially after what happened yesterday."

"I had a good night. I slept well. Anyway, I was thinking about what to do today."

"Do you have a suggestion?" asked Tara's father.

"Well, I was thinking about visiting one of those underwater aquariums that I've heard about. We could probably learn a lot about the ocean life of Atlantis."

"Does it cost a lot?"

"I checked the Atlantian internet. It costs about as much as the Sydney Aquarium."

"Do you know of the location of one?" her mother asked.

"About thirty miles north of here. I was talking with Rigel about it and she was thinking of joining us."

"You do seem to talk with Rigel a lot."

"She's a good friend," Tara said.

There was a moment of silence. Tara had a feeling that her parents were scanning her, trying to find out what she was thinking. She kept her expression as neutral as possible. Tara's mother said, "Well, this underwater aquarium sounds interesting. And this is a vacation, and we brought enough money to experience a large spectrum of things to see on Atlantis."

Tara's father said, "You're probably hungry, not having dinner the night before or breakfast this morning. Perhaps you'd like something to eat?"

"Sure, Dad. I'll just tell Rigel my plans and then I'll see what we can eat." Tara returned to her room and called Rigel on the holograph. After reapplying the adhesive dots to her face, Tara contacted Rigel. "Rigel?" she asked. "You there?"

Moments later, the image of Rigel appeared. "My parents find the idea interesting. They thought it was a good idea."

"Cool. My parents and I were just about to have lunch. As soon as we're done, we'll come swing by the Seusui Resort and meet up with you."

"That sounds good, Tara. I guess I'll see you then. I love you."

"Love you too. Bye." Tara turned off the holograph, took the dots off of her body and went into the kitchen to eat lunch with her parents.

Tara and her parents got to the Seusui Resort at about the time that the solar eclipse started. They entered the hotel and went to the door to Rigel's room. Tara pressed the buzzer next to the door. Moments later, the door slid open and Rigel and her parents exited. "Hi, Tara," said the blonde as she met her friend. They shared a brief embrace. After a few minutes of small talk, everyone got their cars and continued their journey north.

The entrance to the aquarium was a doorway about a hundred feet from the beach. The hallway extended for several meters until it slanted downward and sank into the ground. Tara, Rigel, and their parents entered the doorway and walked onto an escalator that brought them downward under Atlantian soil. Soon, the escalator leveled off a bit, but not to the point that it was completely horizontal. When the escalator came out from the ground, it was in a glass tunnel under the water. Everyone looked upward and saw the surface of the water. The escalator followed the ocean bed, falling in depth at the same rate as the continental shelf of the southern continent. The girls and their parents saw brightly colored algae growing on the rocks along with fish-like animals swimming by to feed off of it. The sight was so awesome that nobody could speak.

When the escalator ended, Tara, Rigel, and their parents were inside the biosphere. The whole of the biosphere was a large dome with several levels, all of which had windows to the underwater world. Tara said to the adults, "Rigel and I want to go off on our own if you don't mind."

"Okay," her mother said. "Why don't we meet up at the entrance at 2:15?"

"2:15 sounds good," said Rigel's father.

"Okay, cool," Rigel said. "Come on." Rigel grabbed Tara's wrist and they walked off together to see what was there at the aquarium.

The first exhibit that they came to was a history of Pacifica, Cerulean, and Atlantis. There were several languages for the exhibit so that people from all around Earth could read. Tara read the English text. "Why does this show up everywhere we go on this world?"

"What is it?" Rigel asked. Tara gestured to the writing. Rigel read and groaned. "It talks about how old the life on Atlantis is and its fast rate of evolution."

"How often do these people have to explain what we already know?"

"Maybe they just want to make sure that people who want to know the history know the history. There are probably people on starships like the Odyssey that didn't read anything on the Pacific system."

"What the hell?" Tara cried reading more on the history of the Pacific system. "It says that according to measurements taken on the mass, metalicity, spin, and flare activity of Pacifica the system is calculated to be only 1000 million years old!"

"1000 million?" Rigel said, stunned. "But how is that possible? That's barely enough time for single-celled bacteria to evolve. But life on Atlantis has existed for 2500 million years."

"Scientists have been trying to account for this discrepancy for decades and still haven't found a reason."

"Well that is something interesting. The capasaurs are intelligent and are native to Atlantis. Maybe they know something about why the life on Atlantis is older than Atlantis itself."

"Speaking of capasaurs, look at that." Tara was pointing to a capasaur skeleton set up on a pedestal. Tara and Rigel went to it to examine it.

"It's a carnivore," Rigel said. "The teeth are much sharper and it's only about seven feet long. The sharp teeth and small size are indicative of a meat eater."

"It also has a small chest cavity proportionate to its size and flatter feet and toes. This capasaur lived on land. How old is this skeleton?"

Rigel read the English text on the pedestal: "'Capasaurus carnivorous. Approx. 5 million years old.' This is what capasaurs were like five million years ago."

"Look at the brain cavity," said Tara

"It's so small," Rigel said. "It looks about the size of a chimpanzee's brain."

"Something must have happened five million years ago to pressure capasaurs to evolve. Their brain capacity increased, they moved underwater, and they became herbivores."

"A climatic change, maybe? That is what causes the most evolution on land."

"But why start eating plants? Is there a list of mass extinctions anywhere here?"

Tara and Rigel started searching for anything that might shed some light on the capasaurs' evolution. "Here," Rigel said, finding an evolution branch diagram. Pointing, she said, "Here, at twenty million years ago, two branches of reptiles split." Her hand moved along one of the branches. "One branch led to the capasaurs..." she then moved along the other branch. "...and the other branch led to larger herbivores and omnivores. The capasaurs seemed not to speciate, but the herbivores did." Her hand was at a point at which the herbivores and omnivores split into many different species. Then, her hand moved up to 5 million years ago. "But here, at five million years ago, the herbivore lineage ends." Her hand moved back to the capasaur branch and moved along the path toward more recent times. "The capasaurs continued to evolve until they reached..." Her hand found 0 million years ago. "...modern capasaurs."

"So there was some kind of mass extinction five million years ago that caused many of the herbivores to die off. The carnivorous capasaurs must have found an alternate food source, plants."

"I wonder what kinds of plants they started eating."

Tara and Rigel moved on to the exhibits revolving around plant evolution. Again, they found an evolution branch diagram. "Let's see," said Tara, looking for the 5 million year point. "Here it is," she said, pointing. "It seems that there were several groups of plants at this time. There were, of course, kelp in the oceans and moss on land. Gymnosperms were abundant at the time. But look at this." Her hand moved along the gymnosperm line. "At five million years, the gymnosperm line splits."

Rigel looked on. "Angiosperms split off from the gymnosperm line. I'll bet that's what happened."

"What happened?"

"When the herbivores died off, the capasaurs started eating plants. They must have started eating the seeds. The seeds started evolving into fruits, giving the capasaurs more tasty meals. The capasaurs ate the fruits and spread the seeds, causing the angiosperms to thrive."

"Nice thinking, Rigel."

As the girls continued searching the underwater dome, they found some information about the geology of Atlantis. The first geological exhibit was about the tectonic plates. There were four continents on the Earth-like moon. One continent was on Atlantis' north pole. Not much life existed there because it became so cold at Cerulean's aphelion. A second continent was on the southern hemisphere, facing Cerulean, the southern continent where the Baha and Seusui Resorts were. Another continent was situated in the northern hemisphere, the eastern tip of the continent at approximately the same longitude as the Baha and Seusui Resorts on the southern continent. The continent had a dormant hot spot volcano in that region, which had caused the continent to pull apart. The pulling apart of the continent had formed a rift, which had been filled in by large lakes, analogous to the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa on Earth.

At the western end of the northern continent was an island chain, which linked the northern continent to the fourth continent on Atlantis, which the equator ran through. One of those islands supported the Halcyon Resort. The Halcyon Island Chain was created by the collision of two oceanic plates on either side of the two continents that the islands joined. The islands were volcanoes caused by the collision of the two plates, similar to the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska.

Sea-floor spreading was taking place in the ocean west of the central continent and east of the southern continent. The spreading of the sea-floor had a caused a volcanic ridge in the middle of the ocean not unlike the mid-Atlantis ridge. Volcanism was much more frequent than with the Halcyon Volcanoes, but less violent than the island arc.

Tara and Rigel found their way to the very top of the aquarium. At the top was an exhibit about how oceanographers scanned the Atlantis ocean for colonies of ocean life. They used a variety of sensors including infrared for scanning for heat that radiated off of life forms. Radar, sound, and ultrasound were also used for picking up moving objects. Visible light was not used as it might disturb the creatures living there. At was at that exhibit that Tara and Rigel heard what sounded almost like whales singing. However, unlike whales, the calls were short and frequent, almost orgasmic. "Capasaurs," Tara said, recognizing the type of voice being used. The instruments that scanned for sound were picking up the songs of nearby capasaurs. Tara then noticed that Rigel had drifted into a trance-like state. "Rigel?" she asked. "You okay?"

"Oh, yeah," Rigel replied. "These capasaur songs just remind me of last night. I wonder how many people could claim that they've had sex with an alien."

Tara and Rigel laughed a little bit. "I doubt many people could," Tara said. "Last night was amazing. We discovered the capasaurs' intelligence, we discovered their mating process..." Tara paused for a moment and she and Rigel looked at each other. "...we discovered our love for each other." Tara and Rigel smiled at each other, embraced, and shared a passionate kiss. Now that they knew that they were in love and not simply having sex, Tara and Rigel were now willing to publicly express their affection.

The excitement of kissing in public added to the excitement of the kiss itself, and the girls felt themselves become aroused. When their kiss broke, Rigel spotted a restroom several meters away. Tara looked and saw the restroom as well. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked the blonde.

"I am if you're thinking about having sex in that bathroom over there," the redhead replied. Tara and Rigel walked to the restroom and found an empty stall. Once there, they started passionately making out, tonguing each other's mouths and squeezing each other's breasts and ass cheeks. Rigel, taking her dominant role, forced Tara down onto the toilet seat and pulled down the Australians pants and panties. Rigel then slid out of her pants and panties and straddled Tara's lap. After another brief, but passionate, kiss, Rigel pushed Tara's T-shirt over her breasts and unclasped the redhead's bra, her tits falling out. Rigel fondled Tara's firm titties with her left hand while she went for Tara's pussy with her right hand. Tara was already extremely wet, and Rigel had absolutely no trouble inserting her index and middle fingers into the slippery cunt. Tara let out a sigh as Rigel's fingers worked inside her. Tara pushed Rigel's T-shirt over her breasts, unclasped her bra, and returned the favor, fondling Rigel's titties with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other.

After a few moments of light fingering, Rigel decided to pick up the pace and started fingering Tara's clit with her thumb. Tara gasped and did the same for Rigel, a gasp escaping the American girl's mouth as well. "Yes," Rigel moaned. "Take it. Take those fingers in your cunt."

"Yes, I'm your bitch," Tara moaned. "I love your fingers in my cunt."

"Yeah, Baby. Oh, suck on my tits." Tara took her hand away from Rigel's breasts and wrapped her arm around the blonde's back, pulling Rigel closer to her. She found Rigel's erect nipples sticking right out at her and she took one into her mouth. "Yes," Rigel moaned, arhcing her back in pleasure, "suck it, Bitch. Suck my nipples while you fuck my pussy."

Rigel stuck her fingers deeper into Tara's canal and found the redhead's G-spot. Tara was barely able to stifle a scream when Rigel's fingers hit her G-spot. "Oh yes, give it to me!" Tara cried.

Tara reciprocated Rigel movements and started rubbing the blonde's G-spot as well, causing a loud moan to escape her lips. "Oh, yeah!" cried Rigel. "Take it. Ugh. You like that?"

"Uh-huh. I like it. Oh. Fuck me like the slut I am."

"Yeah. You want me to make you cum?"


"Do ya?"

"Oh yes, make me cum."

"Well I'm not letting you cum. You're gonna have to make me cum first, ya little bitch. Make me cum, Baby."

"Rigel, I want your cum all over me."

"Yeah, Bitch. I'm gonna cum. Ugh!" Rigel groaned as she started cumming powerfully. Juices squirted from her pussy, getting Tara completely soaked in her girl-cum. Hoping that Rigel would grant her with an orgasm equivalent to the one she was experiencing at that time, Tara held Rigel's body closer to her and mashed her face into Rigel's tits, sucking hard on the throbbing nipples and pushing her fingers deeper into her spasming cunt.

"Now make me cum, please!" Tara begged. Having recieved her orgasm, Rigel felt that Tara had earned hers. She went down on Tara's clit and G-spot as hard as she could, sending the redhead into a mind-blowing orgasm as well. Tara cried out in bliss as her body convulsed wildly. Girl-cum jetted from her cunt, getting Rigel soaked in her honey. Witnessing Tara's powerful orgasm added to Rigel's excitement and Tara's continued attention to her genitals sent Rigel over the edge again, getting Tara and herself even more soaked. "Oh, shit!" Tara cried as she also recieved an equally powerful second orgasm.

Rigel came down from her pleasure high and sprawled herself out on Tara's body, panting heavily and gasping for air. Tara came down a moment later, also panting heavily. When Rigel had come back to her senses, she took Tara's face in her hands and kissed her. Tara opened her eyes and saw Rigel looking lovingly at her. "I love you, Tara."

"I love you too, Rigel." After kissing for another minute, Rigel went down Tara's body and started sucking up the juices from her stomach and chest. Tara sighed at the touch of Rigel's tongue on her skin. When Rigel had lapped up all of the hgoney that she could, Tara went down on her knees and started lapping up all of the girl-cum on Rigel's body. They redressed themselves, cleaned the cum-juices off of the toilet and the floor, and exited the stall. After washing themselves off a bit, they walked out of the restroom to continue exploring the underwater biosphere.

At 2:15, Tara and Rigel met up with their parents at the entrance to the aquarium. "How was your day?" Tara's father asked.

"It was fun," Tara replied. "We learned a lot of new stuff about the life and geology of Atlantis."

"Tell us," her mother asked.

"Well, we learned about the evolution of capasaurs and how they were carnivores five million years ago."

"There was some kind of mass extinction that caused many of the herbivores to die off," Rigel piped in. "It seems that the capasaurs moved away from eating meat and turned to fruits that had begun to evolve."

"They also spent more time underwater and developed more developed lungs and swimming feet."

"Their brains also grew in size."

"Very interesting," said Rigel's mother. "It sounds like you two enjoyed yourselves."

"Yes we did," said Rigel, smiling widely. Tara also smiled.

"Now what's this?" Rigel's father asked.

"I know what that is," said Tara's father. "I know that look. My wife had the same expression on her face when I told her that I loved her for the first time."

"Our girls are in love," Rigel's mother realized.

"It's true," said Tara, embracing Rigel.

"We're in love," Rigel said. For the first time, Tara and Rigel kissed in front of their parents.

Tara's and Rigel's parents congratulated their daughters on their newfound love, and then they all headed back up the escalator to the beach. "I'll call you tonight," Tara said to Rigel as they got into their respective cars.

"Okay," the blonde said. "Bye, Tara."

"Bye." The girls and their parents drove off toward their respective hotels, happy about the girls' love for each other and their parents' happiness for them.


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