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Lust in Space, Part 9
by Nathan Warford


Tara and Rigel met frequently at the beach to go surfing in the warm waters of Atlantis. They would usually meet at close to 11:30 am for a picnic lunch and to watch the eight-minute-long solar eclipse together before they hit the waves. They usually met in between the Baha and Seusui Resorts so that they could retreat to their special place behind the cliffs.

Now that Tara and Rigel knew that they were in love, they were willing to express their feelings openly. They frequently kissed each other in public, even if there were many people nearby to see them. The thought of people watching them kiss was very exciting for the girls.

One morning, Tara was about to take out her surf board, lunch, and the dildo and put them in her pack when the image of Rigel appeared on the holograph. "Tara? You there?" asked the blonde.

Since Tara was all ready in her bikini, it did not take much time to apply all of the sensory dots to her body. "Hi, Rigel," the redhead said after turning on the sensor.

"Oh, there you are," said Rigel.

"What's up, Love?" asked Tara.

"I just saw the weather forecast. It seems there's gonna be rain today."

"So? Rain's okay."

"For surfing maybe, but not for a picnic."

"Oh. Yeah. Our food would get mushy. So what should we do?"

"Well, I actually had an idea. What if we just meet up here at the Seusui Resort? I was thinking that we could eat lunch here and then..." she trailed off.

"What?" Tara asked, curious as to what Rigel was planning.

"I thought since it's raining, Mineral River would be there. My idea was that after lunch we could go to Mineral Lake and see how far we could surf down the river."

"Surf Mineral River?"

"Yeah. I bet I could get all the way down to the ocean in one try."

"I don't think so."


"How much you wanna bet?"

Rigel thought for a moment. "All right. If I win, you become my sex slave for the day. What are your stakes?"

"I don't think I can name mine now. Your winning sounds pretty good to me." They both laughed mischievously.

"So," Rigel said, "I guess that no matter who wins the bet, we both win." again, they laughed.

"I'll see you soon, my love."

"Kisses." Tara and Rigel kissed the air that would have been each other's lips before they shut off their holographs.

After Tara had packed away her surfboard, heat-insulated cold water, and double-headed dildo, she exited the Baha Resort into the rain and started walking north. As she was walking, she turned her head toward the ocean at almost the precise moment that Iya and Yana surfaced and started walking toward her. "Just on time," Tara said. Whenever Iya and Yana felt like coming to the surface, they would always surface at that exact place and time in case Tara was walking north to meet Rigel.

"Nani," the capasaurs said. Tara and Rigel had been meeting Iya and Yana frequently and had been teaching each other their languages. Tara and Rigel had since learned that "nani" meant "hello".

"Hi," Tara said.

Iya said, "Ni nga seiyo Hijel?" which meant, "You meet Rigel?"

"Yes," Tara replied. "Could you bring me?"

Yana said, "Iei," which meant "yes". Tara thought it was interesting that the capasaur word for "yes" was the Japanese word for "no".

"Thank you," Tara said. Iya lowered her body to the ground for Tara to jump onto. The girls considered Iya and Yana female just because it made it easier for them to communicate with the capasaurs, both emotionally and sexually. Once Tara was on Iya's back, the large creatures went back to the water and swam north.

When Tara and the capasaurs got to the Seusui Resort, they found Rigel waiting for Tara at the exit from her room to the beach. She was happy when she saw that Tara had brought Iya and Yana along with her. Tara jumped off of Iya's back and the three of them walked to Rigel's glass door. Rigel walked to the door, it sliding open automatically. She and Tara kissed for several seconds and then broke. "Hey Tara," she said. "And hello Iya and Yana."

"Nani," the capasaurs said.

"So you two came along for the ride, huh?"

Iya looked blankly and Yana said, "Ni?" Tara and Rigel had learned that if "ni" was the first word in a sentence, it identified the sentence as a question. However, if the word was used alone, it simply meant "what?"

Rigel said, "You two joined us."

"Iei," said Yana, understanding.

Tara had walked into Rigel's room and found a towel to dry herself off. She then reached into her pack and took out several fruits and berries that she had packed for lunch. "You want some food?" she asked the capasaurs, holding out the fruit.

"Iei," Iya said. "Sen iv nga." Tara and Rigel did not know what the last phrase meant, but they figured that it was some kind of thanks. "Sen" meant "we" and "nga" meant "you" but the girls did not understand the word "iv". Iya leaned in and ate a fruit out of Tara's hand, and then Yana did the same with another kind of fruit. Tara, Rigel, Iya, and Yana ate for a few minutes until they had had their fill, and then watched the sky go dark for about ten minutes during the eclipse.

After the eclipse had ended, Rigel said, "I'm gonna go tell my parents that we're going." The blonde went into the other room and told her parents that she and Tara were about to leave. Rigel then went back into her room and packed her surfboard and vibrator into her pack. She did not bring the holograph or sensory equipment because she knew that it was after 2:00 am at the Halcyon resort and that Megumi and Anzu were most likely asleep at the time.

Tara looked at Iya and Yana and said, "Rigel and I go to Mineral Lake. You want to join us?"

The capasaurs looked at one another and then back to Tara. "Iei," they said in unison. Tara hopped onto Iya's back and Rigel climbed onto Yana's back. The capasaurs started started walking toward the forest across the street from the Seusui Resort.

Just like the last time the four of them were in the forest together, Iya and Yana were planning to come to a sudden halt at Mineral Lake and launch Tara and Rigel off of their backs into the lake. Tara and Rigel were also planning on Iya and Yana to do that. "Get ready," Rigel said as they approached the lake. As Iya and Yana came to the lake, they stopped running. Tara and Rigel jumped off of the capasaurs, launching themselves into the water. They resurfaced and swam back to shore. "That never ceases to be fun," said the blonde.

"I know," Tara said in agreement.

Rigel looked at Mineral River, which was now flowing pretty quickly. "Ready for our little adventure?"

"You bet." Tara and Rigel took out their surfboards and showed them to Iya and Yana. "Surfboards," said Tara. "These are surfboards." The redhead then got on the surfboard and acted as if she was surfing. "You get on it and go on water." Iya and Yana understood enough of what Tara said to get the idea and they nodded. "Come with us." Tara and Rigel started walking toward the start point of Mineral River.

"Okay," Rigel said. "Let's surf!" Tara and Rigel set their surfboard down on the water and jumped onto them. Soon, they were surfing down the river at a decent running speed. Iya and Yana followed them down the river, intently watching the humans engaging in a watery part of their culture.

The first half-mile of Mineral River was pretty straight. However, after the first half-mile, there was a sharp turn to the right. "Whoa, shit!" Rigel cried. The girls turned sharply, trying to compensate for the change in direction of the river. They almost lost their balance, but managed to stay on the river and on the boards. "Damn," Rigel breathed. "That turn came outa nowhere!"

"I know," said Tara. "But we made it in one piece."

"Ni nga nemu?" said Iya.

"What?" Tara asked. "We don't understand."

"Yanali," Iya said. "Yanali" meant "apologies".

Rigel said, "We are good." Iya and Yana nodded.

"Did you understand her?" Tara asked.

"I think so," said Rigel. "Iya asked the question right after that sharp turn, I thought with concern. She was probably asking if we were okay."

"I guess that makes sense." Suddenly, Tara's surfboard drifted onto the river bank. She lost her balance and fell into the river. Rigel started laughing and the capasaurs wailed in amusement. Tara got back on her surfboard and continued down-stream.

"You should watch where you're going," Rigel said, smiling.

"Shut up, Bitch!" Tara cried, pushing Rigel over. Rigel toppled and fell into the water.

Rigel resurfaced and cried, "This means war!" She pulled Tara's board out from under her, the Australian girl falling into the water as well. When Tara surfaced, she and Rigel started laughing. Iya and Yana were wailing in capasaur laughter as well.

"I win the bet," said Tara. "You didn't make it all the way down to the ocean in one try."

"No, I won the bet. Since you caused me to fall over, you're automatically disqualified! I win the bet."

"When did we make that agreement?"

"It doesn't matter since you're still gonna get what's coming to you." Rigel leaned in and kissed Tara passionately, feeling the insides of the redhead's mouth with her tongue. Tara and Rigel continued floating down the river with their lips locked while Iya and Yana watched intently, no doubt getting turned on by the girls' display of affection.

After several minutes, Tara and Rigel broke the kiss and caught their breath. They got back on their boards and continued down the river. They soon reached the Mineral Delta where the river flowed into the ocean. There was a bridge over the delta for pedestrians to get across. There were several tourists on the bridge that were amused at watching people surf down the river. Now out in the ocean, Tara watched Rigel closely. Because Rigel had spent so much time at the beach on Earth, she had developed a sixth sense for when a big wave was coming. When Rigel took a wave, Tara followed her and they rode the wave back to shore where Iya and Yana were waiting for them.

"Woo hoo!" cried Tara. "That was sweet!"

"I think I know something a little sweeter," Rigel said with a large grin on her face. The long kiss that Tara and Rigel had shared in the river had fueled their desires. Their nipples were straining to escape from the fabric of their bikinis, and even though they were soaked from the water, they could tell that their pussies were wet with arousal. They wrapped their arms around each other and met in a very steamy kiss. However, when Tara felt Rigel's weight move forward, the redhead pulled away slightly. "Tara?" Rigel asked. "What is it?"

"We can't do this here. We can't actually have sex in the public."

"We've done it before. Remember, we had sex in the bathroom at that underwater aquarium."

"No, that was different. Bathrooms are secluded, kind of hidden. But out here? Everyone can see us."

Rigel looked around for a moment and noticed that there were people on the sand and in the water engaging in their own "normal" activities. "You're right," said the blonde, disappointed. "It's just that I wanna do something daring, fun, naughty."

"I know. I do too, but we just can't."

"Nara. Hijel," said Iya and Yana, nuzzling up to the humans.

Tara and Rigel smiled and petted the capasaurs' snouts affectionately. "Thanks guys," Rigel said.

Then, without warning, Iya and Yana lifted Tara and Rigel up onto their backs and started running south. Within minutes, Tara and Rigel found themselves at their secret place behind the cliffs. "Oh," said Tara, noticing where they were, "it's our little hiding place. Thanks, guys." Suddenly, Tara was pushed forcefully and fell over onto her back. She looked up and saw that it was Yana that had pushed her over. "Hey!" she cried. "What's the big--?" However, she was cut off by a pair of lips hungrily kissing hers. It was Rigel. All ready extremely horny from their long kiss in the water, Tara immediately wrapped her arms around Rigel and plunged her tongue into the blonde's mouth.

When Rigel broke the kiss, Tara found that Rigel was naked. She had stripped out of her bikini when Yana had pushed Tara over. Rigel then quickly undressed Tara. With Tara undressed, Rigel lay down on top of the Australian and kissed her deeply. Tara was pinned to the ground and could not move. Her arousal grew even more knowing that Rigel was exerting sexual authority over her. Tara tried to move herself into Rigel's body in an attempt to have her throbbing pussy touched, but Rigel was to fast and pinned Tara's legs to the ground as well, keeping her from moving her hips at all. "Please!" Tara moaned in frustration. "Please, let me cum! I need to cum so badly! Please, Rigel."

"Not yet," the blonde said. "I have more in store for you." Rigel stood up, went to her pack, and took out the vibrator. She then went back to Tara, gave her the vibrator, and straddled the redhead's face. "If you wanna cum, you have to make me cum first!" Tara turned on the vibrator and put it inside Rigel's slippery wet cunt. Rigel moaned and arched her back in pleasure. Tara then pulled Rigel's hips down to her and started sucking on her vulva, causing the blonde to moan again. Tara was using her lips to suck on Rigel's clit while at the same time tonguing Rigel's pussy, keeping the vibrator from falling out. "Oh, yeah," moaned Rigel. "Yeah, just like that, Tara."

Then, Tara cried out when she felt something entering her pussy. She looked and saw that Yana had extended her copulatory finger and had inserted it into her. Tara cried out again when she felt the throbbing member start squirming around inside her. The attention on her groin pushed Tara to go on and she started fucking Rigel's pussy even more vigorously. Rigel cried in pleasure and started rocking her hips against Tara's face.

Meanwhile, Iya had come up behind Yana and had inserted her copulatory organ into Yana's hole. Now, Yana was crying in pleasure as well. "Glad you decided to join the party," Tara managed to speak when she saw Iya fucking Yana. The redhead turned removed her tongue from Rigel's dripping pussy just long enough for the vibrator to come out slightly and for her to turn up the RPM. She then quickly stuck her tongue back into Rigel's hole, pushing the vibrator against her G-spot. Rigel screamed in ecstasy, almost cumming.

Watching Rigel's reaction turned on Iya even more and it drove her even further to fuck Yana even harder. This, in turn, drove Yana to go down harder on Tara. Tara screamed in bliss, almost cumming as well, but Yana intentionally kept her speed slow enough so that the redhead would not cum. "Please, Yana!" she cried. "Harder!"

"No!" commanded Rigel. "You're gonna have to make me cum first! You don't cum until we're satisfied."

"You arranged this with Yana?"

"Make me cum, Bitch!" Tara turned up the RPM on the vibrator to its highest setting and then pulled Rigel's cunt down into her face and sucked on it as hard as she could. "Oh shit, yes!" Rigel screamed. "I'm cumming! Oh, God!" Rigel's body started jerking violently as her orgasm ripped through her. With each spasmodic convulsion, Rigel's pussy ejaculated girl-cum into Tara's mouth, causing the redhead to gag.

Noticing that Rigel was now cumming, Yana turned up the pace and pushed her member deeper into Tara's pussy, completely filling her canal. Rigel, having come down from her orgasm, started sucking furiously on Tara's rock-hard nipples. Yana found Tara's G-spot and then ejaculated inside the Australian. The taste of Rigel's girl-cum, the squirting inside her pussy, and the feel of Rigel's mouth on her tits sent Tara over the edge and she screamed in ecstasy. Her body spasmed uncontrollably as juices squirted from her pussy all over Yana.

The feel and smell of human female ejaculate was enough to make Yana started cumming as well. She cried out in orgasmic bliss, which sounded twice as powerful because the capasaur voice all ready sounded like someone having an orgasm. Yana's orgasm pressured her to keep going on Tara's pussy. However, because Yana was so focused on her own pleasure, the attention that she was paying to Tara was not controlled enough to make the redhead cum again, but it was enough to prolong Tara's orgasm.

When Yana stopped cumming, she fell over onto her side next to Tara, breathing heavily. Tara collapsed on the sand, also breathing heavily. With Yana and Tara in a pleasant post-orgasmic daze, Rigel felt that it was time for Iya to receive her pleasure. Iya was making small vocalizations with every breath, as if asking Rigel to make her cum.

Rigel went to Tara's pack and searched through it for the dildo. When she found it, she went behind Iya and stuck the toy into the capasaur's slimy vagina. The blonde started working the dildo in and out of Iya's hole, causing Iya to cry in pleasure. After a few moments, Rigel removed the dildo, inserted her hand, and searched inside Iya's canal for anything like a G-spot or a clit. Rigel found the gland deep inside Iya's cunt that produced natural lubrication. Iya suddenly let out a loud cry. Realizing that this gland was a sensitive spot, Rigel put the dildo back inside and vigorously rubbed it against the gland. Almost immediately afterwards, Iya was cumming powerfully. The dildo was sucked into Iya's pussy, getting it completely drenched in Iya's juices.

After a minute or so, Iya stopped cumming and she collapsed onto her side, passing out from the force of her orgasm. Rigel looked and saw that Yana and Tara had come back to their senses. Yana went over to Iya and laid her head down on her body. Rigel went to Tara and they kissed passionately. As they were making out, Tara noticed that Rigel was holding the dildo and that it was completely soaked in Iya's pussy juices. She put one end of the dildo in her mouth and put the other end in Rigel's, both of them sucking off as much capasaur juice as they could.

"So," Rigel asked, "how did it feel to get fucked by a capasaur?"

"It felt great," Tara replied. "I didn't think that feeling someone squirt cum into me could feel so good."

Rigel laughed and said, "Still think you're a lesbian?"

"I just said it felt good, I didn't say I was attracted to guys! I don't think it really matters since I could never love another person as much as I love you."

"But you're still willing to have sex with other people," Rigel said, looking over at Iya and Yana.

"That's different. You're always involved." The girls laughed for a moment and then Rigel leaned in and kissed Tara passionately.

After a moment of kissing lovingly, Tara and Rigel stood up and walked over to Iya and Yana, who were snuggling at the time. Tara did her best to hug Yana and said, "Thank you for that. It felt good."

Rigel turned to Iya and Yana and said, "It seems you two are also in love, like me and Tara."

"Iei," said Iya softly. "Sen anai." Although they were not quite sure, Tara and Rigel believed that "sen" meant "we".

"Iya, Yana," Tara said. "Something I do not understand about Pacifica. How old is Pacifica?"

"Ni?" Yana asked.

"Hard to explain. Sorry. Another time maybe."

Then, Iya said, "Yanali. Sen nala." The word "nala" meant "leave".

"Okay," said Rigel.

"Bye," Tara said as Iya and Yana approached the water.

"Anari," said the capasaurs. With that, Iya and Yana got into the water and swam away.

"Amazing creatures," Tara said, watching the two capasaurs disappear into the waves.

"So, you tried to ask them about the age of the system," Rigel said

"Yeah. But we still need to learn each others' language."

After Tara and Rigel had packed their toys into their packs, they put their metallic bikinis back on. Both of them ready to go back into the water, Tara and Rigel took up their surfboards and hit the waves, looking forward to their next meeting with their Atlantian friends.


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