This is just a little something I whipped up last night when I couldn't sleep, based on an idea I've had for a little while now. Basically, just two furry characters having some fun. WORD OF WARNING: this story contains naked furry females doing naughty stuff, as well as implied lesbianism. If that offends you, then why are you here? :) Also, underage people, don't get caught reading this. If there's anybody left after that, the enjoy yourselves!
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Movie Night
by Winter

Sarah turned the white package over, but couldn't find a sender. Her address had been machine typed, and the number of colourful stamps told her that it had been posted out of state. She held it up to her propped ears and shook it carefully, hearing only a faint rattle from inside. For a minute or two, she was on the verge of paranoia, wondering whether or not to take it down to the police station. Then her naturally curious fox-side won over, and she used a sharp claw to tear open the packing tape. Inside was a DVD in a crystal plastic case, with two words written on it, in a generic, indiscernible handwriting: Watch Me. Her mind immediately wandered to a movie she had seen once, where anybody who watched a certain video tape ended up dead. But surely that was just fiction? Anything like that couldn't happen in real life, could it? Again, curiosity won her over, and she opened the case, fingering the disc as she pondered what to do. She thought about calling her girlfriend, but Karen was two time zones away, and by now it was two o'clock there. Waiting until the morning was out of the question; when something intrigued Sarah, it had to be dealt with immediately. She thought for a moment; she wasn't very tired even though it was past midnight, since she had just got off a late night shift, and wouldn't be going to bed for a while, anyway. The rest of the mail lay forgotten on the kitchen table, only this mysterious disc captivated her mind enough to stay in it for the time being. Postponing the decision for a little while, she put the kettle on, then went for her regular after-work shower. Slipping out of her work clothes and in underneath the hot spray of the shower, she managed for a while to let the DVD out of her mind. The water soaked her fur right down to the skin, soothing her weary muscles. With the aid of some fur shampoo, she got rid of the grit and sweat that had accumulated during a particularly strenuous work day. The life of a nurse was really too hard or her, and she longed for the day when she would have completed her trial period, and could join Karen back at med school. The thought of Karen made her body start to remind her brain that she hadn't had sex for five months, and without a conscious effort, her hands started roaming her body. She sighed as her fingers touched her pussy, parting the outer lips so she could rub her slit. But just as she was starting to get really hot, she pulled away. No, she told herself, this'll have to wait until bedtime. First, she was going to watch the DVD. After rinsing off, she turned off the water and turned on the blow-drier. This was her favourite part of getting clean, when every strand of her fluffy red-and-white fur stood on end from the powerful gusts of air. Once dry, she hurriedly brushed herself down, then slipped into her terry bath robe and went back to the kitchen. Pouring herself a nice cup of hot lemon tea, she picked up the DVD and went into the living room. She put the disc into the player, but hesitated to turn it on. Instead, she surfed the channels for a while, but as there was nothing she wanted to watched, she grabbed the DVD remote and pressed play, trying in vain to quench her fears. There were no credits, no title, just a view of a room Sarah had never seen before; a bed, a desk with a computer on top of it and a chair. Really quite Spartan. The camera focused and re-focused on the bed, then there was a flurry of white just in front of the lens, and a figure leapt onto the bed. Sarah couldn't withhold a giggle.

"Took your bloody time turning this on," Karen said, grinning wryly. "What, were you scared or something? You've been home for, what, an hour? Really, Sarah, did you seriously consider showing this to the cops? I would never have forgiven you."

"Oh, you bitch," Sarah said, snarling at the grinning bunny girl on the screen. "You fucking bitch!"

"Now, there's no need for such language," Karen said, grinning even wider, but then her face took on a more serious look. "I've missed you, love."

"I've missed you, too."

"I know you have. Look, I don't have much time before I have to be in class, so let's get right down to it."

"To what?" Sarah asked, forgetting for a second that she was watching a recording. "What are you talking about?"

"Sex, that's what I'm talking about." Karen grinned. "I knew you'd ask that. Sarah, I know you, maybe better than you do yourself. Right now, it's about midnight where you are, you're wearing your bath robe, the blue terry one with cute little oh-so-gay pink heart all over it, not the green plain cotton one. You've got a mug of lemon tea sitting next to you, and you're feeling horny after your shower. Why didn't you masturbate, honey?"

"I wanted to wait until I went to bed. So I could think about you while I did it."

"Aww, that's so sweet of you." They both giggled. Then Karen took off the white blouse she had been wearing, her long skirt following, leaving her in only panties and a bra. She blushed slightly, her large bunny ears drooping. "Well, aren't you gonna open your robe?"

"Oh, sorry," Sarah said, then stood up and took it off. She was already getting wet, knowing what was about to come. "Aren't you getting naked, Karen, love?"

"In a minute." The bunny fondled her ample breasts through the thin lace brassiere, then let one hand reach down to the front of her white cotton panties. "I want to make sure you're completely hot first. Do like me, babe, play with your tits and rub your cunt. Imagine that it's me you're touching, and that I'm the one touching you."

Sarah complied, squeezing her small breasts while she pinched the nipples. The touch sent a surge of pleasure through her, and when she reached down to touch her pussy, she felt her fingers getting soaked. She brushed against her clitoris, moaning with pleasure. Meanwhile, Karen had slipped her hand inside her panties, and was rubbing herself while she smiled into the camera.

"That's better, honey, you sound so cute when you moan like that. Mmm, keep playing with yourself, babe, keep rubbing that sweet pussy. Open your lips for me." Sarah complied. "Oh yeah, that's sexy. You're getting pretty wet, aren't you?"

"Y-yes," Sarah panted, feeling her climax beginning to build. "Please, Karen, show me yours, I wanna see it before I come."

"You ready for this? Bet you're almost there already, huh? You're always so quick to come."

Ever so slowly, the rabbit girl too off her bra, scooting forward until she all but rubbed her large, stiff nipples against the lens, then she lay back and removed her panties, spreading her legs as wide as they'd go. Sarah's mouth watered as she stared at that pink slit, the only colour in her lover's snow white fur. Karen parted her outer labia, showing off herself while she must have used a remote control for the camera, because it zoomed in on what she was doing. Sarah watched transfixed as Karen slipped first one, then two and finally three fingers inside herself, then withdrew to reveal her open pussy. A deep sigh could be heard, and Sarah joined in on it as she, too, slipped her fingers inside of her. They both began slowly finger-fucking themselves, Sarah watching the TV screen so intently it almost seemed as if she would die if she looked away. After a couple of minutes, she could hear Karen's moans turn louder, while her pussy started spasming, squeezing her juice-wet fingers. The sight and sound of her girlfriend's orgasm set off Sarah as well, and she called out her bliss as she came. The camera zoomed back out to reveal Karen's flushed face, her mouth slightly open and her pink tongue sticking out slightly in a way that always turned Sarah on. Both of them licked their fingers clean, smacking their lips as if they had been eating spare ribs. The taste of her own pussy juices almost convinced Sarah that the two of them had been in a sixty-nine together, and she sighed happily, her eyelids beginning to droop.

"Hey," Karen said, still with a finger in her mouth, while her other hand was fondling her breasts. "Don't fall asleep yet, baby, this isn't over by far."

Again, Karen moved closer to the camera to show off her large breasts. Sarah sat up and started playing with her own as she watched her lover pinch her nipples, moaning loudly.

"If you were here, Sarah, I know you'd be sucking on these by now. You always loved my tits, didn't you? Oh, I wish I could feel your tongue right now, licking my nipples, making them hard. You could lie down on top of me, letting me suck yours in return, wouldn't that be hot? Two horny girls, suckling each other like hungry babies, nursing each other like loving mothers. You know I love you, right?"

"Yeah, I do," Sarah panted, so caught up in the fantasy that she could almost believe she was really talking to her girlfriend. "And I love you too, you mean the world to me."

"Thanks, babe, I really needed to hear that. I love your tits, too, you know. I know you wish they'd be bigger, but I love them anyway. They're the cutest, and when I see you again I'm gonna latch on to them and never let go."

"Me too, baby, me too."

"And then I'd go down on you, you know, maybe in a sixty-nine so you could lick me as well." Karen lay back again, and the camera zoomed in on her pussy once more. "I'd stick my tongue way up inside you, while you'd suck my clit, wouldn't you? Look at it, remember how you used to lick it, how you used to make me feel like a million bucks? I want that, babe, I want it soon."

"Oh yeah, I want it too, I can't wait to taste you again."

While she was listening to Karen's voice, Sarah rubbed herself, trying to make believe that her fingers were a tongue, running up and down her pussy, sometimes deep inside, sometimes focusing on the clitoris. It wasn't long before both girls came again, this time harder and louder than before, both calling out the other's name as they reached their peaks. Clearly, the second orgasm had robbed Karen of some of her wind, because after she had come, she just lay there, panting heavily as Sarah did the same, watching with a smile as Karen's hand left her pussy, giving her a good view of her girlfriend's soaking wet sex. As Sarah watched, a drop of pussy juice ran out of Karen's hole, slowly finding its way to her anus, where it stopped, glistening for a little while before the camera zoomed out again, and it escaped from view. Karen sat up, then leaned forward and kissed the camera lens.

"I'd love to stay and fuck you again, honey, but I have to hurry and take a shower." She grinned. "I couldn't go into class smelling like a bitch in heat."

"Even if that's what you are?"

"Now, baby, that was rude of you!" They both laughed. "Hope you had fun, Sarah, I know I did. And if you wanna do it again, just imagining me taking a long, hot shower, okay? I'm quite sure I'll come at least once more before I'm done. Ciao!"

"Bye bye, love."

The screen went black, and Sarah could feel a tear running down her cheek. She really missed Karen, even more so now that they had been so close, albeit through a video. Then the thought of Karen's white fur flattened to her body by the shower water entered her mind, and she pictured herself standing behind her lover, groping those lovely, big tits of hers. Yes, Sarah would definitely need to masturbate at least one more time before she could go to bed. Leaving the disc in the DVD player for a rerun tomorrow, her terry robe discarded on the floor and her tea cold in its mug, she dashed for the bedroom. Once there, she rummaged through her closet until she found what she was looking for. Making sure that her video camera had film in it, she set it up on its tripod, then aimed it towards her bed and turned it on. Hurrying to lie down in front of it, she pulled up her knees and spread them so that her pussy was on full display. She smiled seductively at the camera.

"Hi there, babe, ready for some naked vixen action?"