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My Angel, Part 1
by Nathan Warford


Laura was in an ancient Egyptian chamber. She was unable to see anything in the darkness, but she knew that she was bound to the wall by chains tied around her hands and feet. She then realized that they were not chains, but snakes. The blonde screamed in fright. Laura had always hated snakes. She tried to break free but she could not escape the strength of the snakes that were holding her to the wall.

Laura noticed something moving in the darkness. "Who's there?" the frightened woman demanded an answer. "What do you want?"

"I want you," the figure said as it approached Laura. As the figure came within several meters of Laura, the woman could tell that it was a man, probably in his late twenties. He was dark skinned like an Egyptian and spoke in an ancient tongue that Laura should not have been able to understand.

"Me?" Laura asked as she continued to struggle with no avail. "What do you want with me?"

"I have chosen you to bare my son." When the man was several feet away from Laura, he started transforming. His arms and legs disappeared, his head grew long, his skin turned into scales, and his neck extended to form a hood. Laura cried in fright at the giant cobra that the man had transformed into. The gigantic snake coiled its head and then lunged toward Laura with its fangs bared.

The blonde woke up with a start. She looked around the dark room for a moment, making sure that what she had just experienced was just a dream. She was in her queen-sized bed in a hotel in Cairo, Egypt. The bedside clock read 6:54 AM. Laura looked out the sliding glass door to see the black sky turning a dark shade of blue. There was a figure standing on the balcony outside that Laura recognized as her partner, Denise. Laura got out of bed, went to the bathroom to relieve herself, put on her blue bathrobe and walked out to the balcony to join her friend. Denise was wearing her red bathrobe. "Good morning, Denise," Laura said, wrapping her arms around the brunette.

"Good morning, Laura," said the English woman. "You ready for a day of exploration?"

"You bet I am!" cried the American. "I've dreamed about this for years. Visiting Egypt, exploring the tombs, learning what life was like in ancient times."

"Yeah," Denise agreed. "It's truly amazing being here in Egypt." Laura and Denise watched as the first rays of sun started reflecting off of the pyramids of Giza and the Nile River. "Wow. That's beautiful."

"You're beautiful," said Laura. Denise turned to look at Laura and then smiled at her blue-eyed lover. Denise turned the rest of her body to face Laura and they kissed. Laura felt Denise sucking on her lips and her hands roaming her body. The American girl reciprocated her British lover's actions. She extended her tongue into Denise's mouth and the brunette sucked fervently on it, causing Laura to moan into her lover's mouth.

Without breaking her kiss with Laura, Denise opened the sliding glass door and pushed her blonde lover back into the room. Denise broke the kiss long enough to push Laura onto the bed. She then laid herself down on top of her lover and kissed her aggressively on the lips again. The brunette found the sash that kept Laura's bathrobe from falling open and undid it, exposing the blonde's B-cup breasts and trimmed pussy. Denise got up onto her knees and laughed as she took off her red bathrobe, revealing her own naked body. After giving her C-cup breasts a light squeeze to entice Laura, Denise brought her head down to the blonde's chest and started sucking on Laura's left nipple. The American woman moaned loudly and arched her back, pushing herself further into Denise's experienced mouth. Her nipple was very sensitive and became hard and erect almost instantly to Denise's touch. After several moments, Denise released Laura's nipple and started paying the same attention to her right nipple. Again, Laura moaned loudly and arched her back as her right nipple became erect.

After pleasuring Laura's nipples for several minutes, Denise brought her mouth back to Laura's and dove into her blonde lover's mouth. Both women drove their tongues as deep as they would go into each other's mouths while they started squeezing and fondling each other's soft breasts. They both moaned as they got each other more and more aroused. "God," Denise said between kisses. "Laura, you make me so hot." Another kiss. "I want you so bad."

"I want you too," Laura said after another kiss.

Denise broke the kiss and turned around so that she was on top of Laura in a sixty-nine position. "Wow," said the English woman. "Look at you, Laura. You're so wet!"

"You always do that to me," Laura said. Denise grabbed Laura's hips and dove into her American lover's hot muff. Laura cried in bliss as Denise started going down on her. Laura, too, grabbed a hold of Denise's hips and brought her face to her lover's shaved pussy. Both girls ate each other out like cats in heat. Denise was more aggressive than usual that morning. In the six months that she and Denise had been lovers, Laura had never seen the English woman so aroused. It was such a turn-on for the American.

Both women moaned and sighed in pleasure as they went down on each other zealously. Their hips had started rocking to each other's ministrations, grinding their pussies against each other's faces. Denise squeezed Laura's ass cheeks, making the blonde cry out in pleasure. Laura pulled Denise's pussy further into her face and lapped at her cunt even more vigorously. "Oh, yeah!" Denise cried as her lover increased the attention on her pussy.

Denise decided to take it up to full power and started sucking hard on Laura's erect clitoris. "Holy shit!" Laura screamed as Denise attacked her clit without mercy. Reciprocating her lover's actions, Laura brought her mouth straight to Denise's hard button as well and latched onto it with no intention of ever letting go. Denise cried in ecstasy and continued her assault on Laura's clit.

Laura and Denise were working themselves up into a frenzy, pushing each other to go further and bring each other closer to orgasm. They were both moaning and crying loudly and their hips were bucking forcefully into each other's faces. They both knew that the other was close to cumming. Denise's cries suddenly became very loud and frequent and she grabbed Laura's body tightly. "Oh, fuck!" she cried. Then, Denise's body started thrashing about and she cried out, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Laura kept up her stimulation of Denise's clit and the brunette kept cumming powerfully, girl-juices dripping from her pussy all over her American lover's face.

Denise came down from her orgasm a minute later and Laura released her lover's throbbing clit from her mouth. "Now cum for me!" Denise demanded and she continued her abuse on Laura's clitoris. Laura screamed in ecstasy and started cumming powerfully as well. She held on to Denise's hips for dear life as the rest of her body spasmed out of control, girl-cum flowing from her cunt. Denise lapped up as much of Laura's cum-juices as she could, sighing in pleasure at the sweet taste.

Laura came down from her pleasure high after a minute and she let go of Denise's body. She sighed happily as her body settled down. Denise reversed herself again and the two women started kissing again. Denise moaned, sucking all of her own honey from Laura's lips. After several moments of making out, the two girls broke for air and looked at each other lustfully. "Shit!" said Denise. "Laura, when you cum, you really cum!"

Laura smiled and said, "You know better than anyone how to give me the best orgasms."

Denise got up and stood at the side of the bed. "Come on," she said, "let's get cleaned up. We don't want to smell like sex when we go on our expedition today." Denise started walking into the adjacent bathroom with her Laura following closely behind. Denise turned on the shower and tested the temperature to make sure it was warm enough. After a few seconds, the water warmed up and both women stepped in. After Denise had spent several seconds under the spray of the shower, she picked up a bar of soap and handed it to her blonde lover, saying, "Here. Clean my back." Laura took the bar of soap from the brunette and started lathering up Denise's back. Denise closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure as Laura massaged her back with the bar of soap. Laura moved up to Denise's neck and started massaging her shoulders. "Oh, Laura," Denise moaned. "That feels so good."

"Hey," Laura said, "I may be only a theologist but I know what feels good as well."

"I think you should be a massage therapist instead of a theologist."

"Oh, come on. Anyone can be a massage therapist. But being a twenty-two-year-old, world-renowned theologist, that's something you can be proud of."

"I suppose you're right." Denise turned around in Laura's arms and took the bar of soap from her. "Let me wash you," she said.

Laura got under the water and started getting herself ready to be cleaned. Denise lathered up Laura's back and the American woman sighed in much the same way Denise had. "You're not so bad at massaging either," said Laura.

"I know," the Briton said. "But, just like theology being your bag, archaeology is mine. No matter how good I am at massages, I am also proud of being a twenty-two-year-old, world-renowned archaeologist."

"Well, at least one person can enjoy a good massage from you." Denise kissed the back of Laura's neck, eliciting small moans from the blonde woman. However, just as Laura was settling into a trance-like state, she was suddenly snapped back to reality by someone's hand between her legs. "That's not what people normally do when giving a massage," she said.

"But it does feel good, doesn't it?" asked Denise.

"Yes, it does." Denise continued rubbing Laura's pussy with her left hand while she lathered up the American's breasts with her right hand. "You're in a frisky mood today, aren't you?" Laura breathed.

"Well, we are on the eve of one of the greatest archaeological and theological discoveries of mankind," Denise said. "Doesn't that make you excited?"

"Yes, it does," Laura moaned. Denise turned Laura around and pushed her against the wall of the shower and mashed her lips into Laura's, kissing just as aggressively as she had minutes before in bed, causing Laura to moan loudly. The brunette pushed her left hand against Laura's cunt and started rubbing Laura's hard clit. Laura gasped and her legs grew weak, causing her to slump to the ground against the wall. Denise followed Laura and continued stimulating her lover's sensitive clitoris. Laura brought her left hand to Denise's pussy as well and started fingering her hard button just as hard, causing the brunette to moan in pleasure as well.

Both women wrapped their right arms around each other as they kept their left hands between each other's legs. Even though they had already gotten wet from the shower, they could feel the juices that their vaginas were producing. As they continued fingering each other, Denise started humping Laura's fingers, thrusting her hips forward every time Laura pushed against her clit. Although it was difficult for Laura to move with the wall to her back and Denise to her front, her hips were still able to move in time to meet Denise's thrusts. The two women were still kissing, moaning into each other's mouths as they fucked each other hard.

Laura then decided to insert two of her fingers into her British lover's sopping vagina. Denise moaned as Laura entered her and she did the same to her blonde lover, causing Laura to moan as well. They both kept their thumbs working on each other's clits while they moved their index and middle fingers in and out of each other's wet canals. It was only as they neared their orgasms that their mouths parted, allowing them both to cry out in bliss as they brought each other to the edge of orgasm.

"Oh, yes!" Denise cried. "I'm gonna cum!" For a moment, Denise's body tensed up and she held her breath. Then, she cried out even louder than before and her body rocked against Laura's. She was cumming and cumming hard. Watching her lover orgasm pushed Laura over the edge and she cried out as well, her body shaking just as powerfully as Denise's was. They held onto each other's bodies, keeping each other in place as they continued fucking each other's contracting cunts, prolonging their orgasms for as long as possible. Cum-juices gushed from their pussies, filling the bathroom with the intoxicating scent of two very aroused females.

After what seemed like hours of orgasmic bliss, Laura and Denise came down from their climaxes and their bodies went limp. Laura enjoyed the feel of her recently pleasured lover lying on top of her. After spending several seconds recovering, Laura wrapped her arms around Denise's body and started kissing her brown-haired lover's lips. Denise emitted a small moan and started kissing Laura's lips as well. After several moments of kissing, Denise broke the kiss and smiled at Laura. "That was amazing," she said. "Thank you for that."

"Thank you too," said Laura. Denise's hazel eyes always looked so beautiful just after a powerful orgasm. After recovering for another minute or so, both women stood up, stepped back under the spray from the shower, and cleaned the sweat and girl-juices off of each other.

After their shower, Laura and Denise quickly dried off and started dressing. Denise got into a black bra and panties and Laura got into a blue bra and panties. They both had brought along green T-shirts and earth-toned shorts, which were quite thin in order to stay comfortable during the hot Egyptian summer. After having some breakfast at a restaurant nearby the hotel, they started on their way south toward the place that they believed to be the remains of the Temple of Apophis. Denise drove the truck while Laura navigated the rocky terrain with a map in her hands.

"So, Laura," Denise said, "I know that Apophis was an ancient Egyptian god. But what was he a god of?"

Laura, being the theologist of the expedition, answered without any doubt, "Apophis was the god of chaos. He was depicted as having the head of a cobra."

"The god of chaos," Denise said, sounding very interested.

"He was supposedly the nemesis of the sun-god, Ra. Every night, Apophis would kill Ra and Ra would wander the underworld at night while Apophis spread darkness throughout the land. However, every morning, Ra would come back to life and defeat Apophis with the help of the cat-goddess, Bast. The legend of Apophis is what makes this expedition so important. It's the first discovery of a place where people worshipped what could be the Devil of ancient Egypt."

"Satan worshippers," said Denise. "How interesting."

Although Laura was afraid of live snakes, she was just fine seeing dead snakes or depictions of snakes. Therefore, seeing a picture of a snake-headed man would be easy for her. When they arrived at the excavation site, there were several people waiting for Denise, who was the head of the whole project. "Hello," Denise said as she and Laura got out of the car. "I am sorry to keep you all waiting, but I had a few things to take care of before we left." Laura smiled at that statement. "As you know, this site is believed to be where the Temple of Apophis used to stand. Here, we have Laura Kinscher, a theologist that should be able to determine whether this is the Temple of Apophis."

"Hello, everyone," Laura said to the rest of Denise's party.

Denise continued. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a great day in the history of mankind. It will be the first time that we have discovered a temple for worshipping an evil Egyptian god. It is very possible that this could shed light on the culture of ancient Egypt. Does anyone have any questions?"

"Yes," a Middle Eastern man said. "What do we make on this expedition?"

"What do you make? You mean how much are you payed?" The man nodded. "I can assure you that you all will be payed in full. Your efforts will not go unrewarded. Any other questions?"

"What can we expect to find down there?" asked an Australian woman with light brown hair.

"Probably nothing out of the ordinary. Possibly some offerings to the god Apophis, possibly the remains of several worshippers, probably nothing alive except for us. This temple has not been opened for thousands of years, so we shouldn't worry about any snakes or spiders. Is that all?" Nobody said anything. "Good. That means that we can start digging." With those words, the excavation began.

Several of the archaeologists ordered the diggers to where they should dig into the sand. Laura, being a theologist instead of an archaeologist, did not have anything to do until the temple was actually found. She simply watched intently as the site was being excavated. "This is so exciting!" Denise cried. "I'm going to be famous!"

"You?" Laura asked. "Don't you mean we?"

"What? Oh, yes. Of course. We will be famous. So, tell me Laura. Tell me more about this Bast character."

"Oh, Bast? Well, she was an ancient Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat. She was also the daughter of Ra, and was supposedly Ra's protector, as well as the protector of the Pharaoh. Some believed that she was also Ra's punisher, bringing sinners to justice."

"Ooh. I like her."

"She was wild and independent, much like you." Denise smiled proudly as if she was a deity. "Of course, she loved cats. She was also a goddess of women and of childbirth."

"A goddess of women. Was she a lesbian?"

Laura and Denise had a good laugh. "I don't know," Laura said as her laughter died out. "It's quite possible. Although, in many cultures that worship deities, all of the gods and goddesses are hetero. Although, I would be very interested to hear about a gay god. That would certainly give the theologists something to chew on for a while."

"Miss Cardinal!" the Middle Eastern archaeologist called. "Miss Cardinal!"

"What is it?" Denise asked, going to wear the archaeologist was standing.

"We found something, Miss Cardinal." Several of the diggers were in a hole that they had dug. At the bottom of the hole was the head of a statue of a cobra.

"Keep digging!" Denise demanded. "We're almost there!"

"What's going on?" Laura asked, running up to Denise.

"The diggers have found something."

"Oh, wow," said Laura. "It's a snake head. So our research is true. The Temple of Apophis actually exists!"

Several more hours of digging and a doorway was found leading underground with a statue of a cobra-headed man perched atop it, a statue of Apophis. "Ladies and gentlemen," Denise said proudly, "the Temple of Apophis has been opened. Shall we dare to take a peak inside?" Denise turned on an incandescent lamp and walked down to the door. After turning on several lamps of their own, Laura and and the other members of their party followed closely behind.

As the group walked down the steps behind the door, Laura said, "This is so exciting, Denise! We're actually exploring the Temple of Apophis!"

"Yes we are," said the Briton.

At the bottom of the steps was a large chamber. The walls were littered with hieroglyphics and in the center of the room was a large, circular altar. On the altar were several chests, pictures of snakes on sheets of papyrus, and several snake models made of stone. "This is where worshippers made their offerings to Apophis," said Laura. The blonde went to one of the inscriptions on the walls. She translated, "Here lives the great god, Apophis. May all who enter feel his power."

"Creepy," Denise said.

"Oh, my God!" Laura cried. "This actually happened?" Denise went to see what Laura was looking at. It was a picture showing the events that took place at several ceremonies. There was a fire at the altar. Worshippers were holding cats and casting them into the fire. "That's horrible!" cried Laura. "The poor cats."

"Why do you think worshippers of Apophis would burn cats?" Denise asked.

"Probably because of what cats represent. Remember what I told you about the cat-goddess Bast? How she defeated Apophis every morning so that Ra could brighten the day? Apophis worshippers would definitely dislike cats."

"That certainly does make sense." Denise looked at another inscription. "What does this say?"

Laura went to the inscription and translated, "May Apophis take the sky and rule what is his. May Ra wander the underworld for eternity."

"These people certainly didn't like Ra a lot, did they?" said Denise, amused by how the worshippers thought. "Laura," she said, looking at another picture, "look at this."

Laura went to the picture to examine it. It depicted a battle between a man with the head of a cobra and a woman with the head of a cat. Between the two figures were burning cats and the woman was being attacked and bitten by snakes. "It looks like a battle between Apophis and Bast," said the American woman. "Many Egyptians worshipped cats because they were so good at killing snakes, which they saw as spreading darkness. With the cats dead, Apophis has no trouble sending his minions to attack and kill Bast."

"Well, the sun still brightens the Egyptian sky. It seems that Apophis' plan failed."

Laura found an inscription below the picture. She said, "Apophis will soon rule all. This must be a depiction of what Apophis was planning to do, not what he had already done. As if his plan hadn't been put into motion yet."

Suddenly, there was a thump inside one of the chests on the altar. Everyone turned to the chest and illuminated it with their lamps. Laura slowly walked toward the chest. It thumped again. "What's going on?" she said. "Nothing has been down here for thousands of years." The chest thumped again. Slowly, Laura extended her hand and touched the chest. As her hand touched the chest, the thumping suddenly became continuous and violent. She pulled away quickly and the chest rolled over onto its side. The door to the chest flew open and snakes slithered out of it. "Snakes!" Laura cried in fright. "Get away! Get away!" she cried. She threw her lamp into the puddle of snakes that had formed, causing a shattering of glass and a small fire to start.

The other chests started thumping and more snakes came out of them as well! The archaeologists and diggers ran straight out of the chamber and back to the surface, frightened for their lives. Denise, too, ran up the steps. "Denise!" Laura cried. "Wait for me!" Laura looked for an open spot where she could get by the snakes. She found one and ran around the snakes, getting to the stairs.

Outside, Denise and the rest of the party were getting into their trucks and turning on the ignition. Laura got to the entrance. She was about to get to Denise's truck when she tripped on a rock. Loosing her footing, Laura landed on her foot at a bad angle, twisting her ankle. She cried out in pain as Denise looked on. "Denise!" Laura cried. "Help me! Shit. I twisted my ankle!"

"I have all I need to present to the agency," said the brunette smugly.

Laura looked at Denise with a surprised, frightened, and desperate look on her face. "Denise? What are you saying?"

"It was fun while it lasted. But now that I've learned everything I need to know about Apophis and Bast, I see no reason to go on with you."

"Denise," Laura said. "Don't leave me here. Please. I love you."

"If it means anything to you," said Denise, "you were a great lover. I enjoyed all of the sex we had immensely." Obviously, Denise knew that saying what she said would only made things worse for Laura. The blonde now knew that ever since they were assigned to the same project six months before, Denise had been pumping her for information and using her for sex. Denise drove off along with the rest of the party, leaving Laura behind.

Laura lay on the ground, alone and heart-broken with no easy way to get back to Cairo. She managed to stand up and start limping away. She thought that she had seen an oasis by the road on the way there. Laura started following the road back to Cairo, hoping that she had enough energy to make it to the oasis to get some water and fruit.

However, as she was walking, something bit her in the ankle that was not twisted. She fell to the ground and groaned in pain. She looked to see that it was a cobra that had bitten her. Suddenly, the pain from the bite multiplied a hundred times and Laura screamed in agony as her body was overcome with searing pain. Laura hit the cobra several times until it detached itself from her leg. Laura stood up and limped as fast as she could away from the snake.

However, Laura did not get very far as her legs stopped responding to the signals that her brain was sending. 'Oh, no!' Laura thought. 'The venom!' She remembered that cobra venom paralyzed the victim's nervous system, causing many of the bodily functions to shut down, usually killing a human within 30 minutes. Laura's body was in pain and it was hard to breath. She fell to the ground, her legs no longer able to move. She looked back to see the cobra coming at her again. The blonde stared in fear, certain that she was going to die.

Suddenly, a figure jumped out from behind Laura and started attacking the deadly cobra. It was a human, but its movements were not like that of anybody Laura knew. It moved almost like a cat. It yelled and growled at the snake in a voice that Laura identified as female. The human swiped at the snake with her hands and the snake dodged the girl's movements. After chasing the cobra around for another moment, the girl grabbed the snake by the neck, grabbed it my another section of its body several inches away and then bit into the part of the snake that was between her hands. The cobra's tail thrashed wildly, trying to escape from the girl's grip. As the girl's teeth dug into the serpent's flesh, its tail started moving more slowly and less violently. Another moment passed and the cobra stopped moving.

The girl dropped the dead snake and stood up. She then looked at Laura and rushed to her. She said something to Laura, but the blonde was no longer able to distinguish any words. The last thing that Laura saw before she lost consciousness was the girl's bright, green eyes looking upon her.


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