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My Angel, Part 2
by Nathan Warford


When Laura awoke, she found herself face-down on a mattress. She could feel the heat from a fire about a meter to her right. At first, she just wanted to go back to sleep in the soothing warmth of the fire, but she also wanted to find out where she was. "Where am I?" she asked herself as she tried to push herself onto her back.

"Don't move," a small voice said from behind her. "I'm not done yet."

Laura was not able to turn her head far enough to look behind her while on her stomach, but she knew that the person who had spoken was a young woman. She felt someone dabbing her left ankle with a damp cloth. As Laura recalled what had happened, she remembered that her left ankle was where the cobra had bitten her. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Making sure your wound is healed. You should be happy I found you when I did. The venom had entered your body and you would have died if I was any later."

"You found me? You're the girl that saved me."


It was at that time that Laura realized that she was naked. However, she knew that whoever had saved her had to have stripped her in order to make sure that she had not been bitten anywhere else. The blonde was not self-conscious in front of this young stranger. "I've never seen anyone move as fast as you did. And I've never known anyone to kill a snake using their bare teeth."

"That's just how I am." Laura then felt the girl tie something around her ankle. "That should do it," the girl said. "You can move now."

Laura turned herself onto her back and sat up to look at the girl who was at her feet. Now that Laura could look at the girl with a mind not clouded by snake venom, she saw that she was a girl in her late teens. Her dark skin suggested that she was Egyptian, but her green eyes suggested that she also had at least some European blood in her. She was wearing a turban and a long robe. There was a bucket of water, which the girl had probably used to dab her wound. "Well," Laura said, "thank you for tending to my wound. And thank you for saving me." As Laura looked around, she found that the walls of the room that she was in were made of stone. "So," Laura asked, "what's your name?" Laura saw the girl's eyes darting back and forth between her bare chest and trimmed snatch. "Hey!" Laura cried, covering herself with her arms and hands. This time, Laura was self-conscious.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" said the girl, looking away shamefully.

"Where are my clothes?" asked the blonde.

"Right beside the bed." The girl was still looking away with her eyes closed.

Laura looked to her left and found her clothes lying in a pile next to her. As Laura started putting on her blue bra and panties, she asked the girl, "So. What's your name?"

"Sanura," the girl replied. "My name is Sanura."

"I'm Laura. Laura Kinscher."

"Nice to meet you, Laura."

After buttoning up her green T-shirt, Laura said, "Okay. You can look now."

Sanura opened her eyes and looked back at Laura. She made a smile so beautiful that Laura could not help but smile as well. "Well, Sanura. Thank you for saving my life and making sure I was okay."

"You're welcome."

Laura got into her shorts and, with some effort, stood up. Her left ankle was still sore from the bite and her right ankle was even worse from when she tripped and twisted it. Laura walked into the next room, also made of stone. Each of the rooms were illuminated by torches in each of the four corners. In the second room was another mattress. On the mattress was a black cat. "Oh, cute!" Laura said.

"That is Bast," said Sanura.

"You named your cat Bast?"

"My father named her. Bast is one of the litter of my father's first cat, Sekhet."

"Both names of Egyptian goddesses. Can I pet her?"

"Yes. She is very friendly."

Laura lay down on the mattress next to Bast and petted the cat. Bast woke up and looked at Laura with her green eyes. "Hello, Bast," said the blonde. The cat closed her eyes and started purring to Laura's touch. "How old is Bast?"

"She is ten years old."

"She's been around for a while."

"Yes. She was born when I was eight years old. And she has been my best friend ever since." Then, Laura had a flashback to her last morning with Denise. She remembered kissing Denise and rubbing her hands along the brunette's back. Laura noticed that she was stroking Bast's back in exactly the same way. She suddenly removed her hands from the black cat and stood up. "What is it?" asked Sanura.

Laura sighed and said, "Nothing. It's nothing. Anyway, who's in charge around here?"

"In charge?"

"Who is the leader around here?"

"My father. He is outside."

"I would like to see him."

Sanura nodded and said, "Follow me."

Sanura walked through another door which led outside. Laura found that Sanura's house was a cave in a rock-face. There was a small bit of sunlight scattering in the atmosphere just above the horizon. However, Laura did not know if it was twilight or morning. "How long was I unconscious?"

"About five hours," answered the Egyptian girl.

"Night's beginning to fall."

There was a fire with several people gathered around it. "My father is over there. His name is Ubaid."

"I assume since you know English he does also. I'm not very good with Arabic. My partner was the linguist of our group."

'Damn it, Denise!' Laura thought at realizing her double-entendre.

"Yes, he does speak English."

"Thank you, Sanura." The girl nodded. Laura walked to the group that was gathered by the fire. She had a small limp due to her twisted ankle, but she was able to get to the fire without too much effort. All of the men and women at the fire were dressed in robes, many of them with turbans like the one Sanura wore. "Excuse me," she said. "Sorry to disturb you, but I am looking for Ubaid."

A man in his early forties stood up. His robe and turban were noticeably more colorful than those of the others. "I am Ubaid. I am glad to see you are awake."

"Thank you for tending to my needs. My name is Laura Kinscher, I was staying at Cairo on my trip from the United States. If there any way of getting back there?"

"Cairo is a long ways away. Several days by foot."

"I understand that. That is why I need to know if you have any form of transportation."

"We ride camels whenever we have to travel long distances."

"Oh, good. I would very much like to return."

"But you have only just arrived. Would you not like to see our village?"

"Well, now that you mention it, I have never seen this village before. Where exactly is this village?"

"I am sorry, but I do not understand. I am not so good with English."

"Sorry. I'll try to explain better. Your daughter found me in the desert, right?"

"That is right."

"In what direction and how far was it from where she found me?"

Ubaid looked at the sky to look at the stars for guidance. His eyes locked on what seemed to be Poralis and then measured an angle to the left. "Sanura found you in that direction. A two-hour walk."

"Two hours. I'm not that far from the Temple."


"Yes, the Temple of Apophis." Ubaid suddenly gasped and went rigid. "Are you okay?"

"I am fine. It is just, we here at this village fear Apophis."

"So you believe in the ancient Egyptian myths."

"Yes. Our whole culture is based upon the ancient myths. Most of Egypt has been dominated my Islam. We have lived in this village for centuries to preserve our heritage."

"Well, now I understand why you named your cats as you did. Sekhet and Bast are very well-known cat-goddesses in my field."

"How have a field? And Sekhet and Bast are there?"

"Sorry. It's an English expression. Many theologists that I work with know about the ancient Egyptian myths of Sekhet, Bast, Ra, Apophis, and most of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. 'The field' means line of work."

"Ah, ha," Ubaid said, understanding. "Sorry. I am especially bad with English metaphors."

"Understandable. I can tell that your first language is Arabic."

Ubaid saw something over Laura's shoulder. Laura looked and saw Sanura watching them speak. "Sanura," Ubaid called to his daughter. "Come here, talk with us." Sanura quickly made her way to where Ubaid and Laura were standing. Ubaid turned to Laura said said, "My daughter is very good with medicine."

"I can tell. She's also very good with hunting."

"Oh, yes. She especially likes to hunt snakes."

"She did a very good job of killing the snake that bit me."

Sanura held out a bowl of some kind of meat to Laura. "Would you like to try some?"

Laura picked up a piece and asked, "What is it?"

"This is the snake that bit you."

"Really? I've never tried snake before. However, I have heard that some people eat snakes. Also, this snake bit me, so I might as well bite it." Laura put the piece of meat in her mouth and started chewing. "It's very tough," she said through a mouthful of snake. Eventually, Laura managed to chew the piece into small enough pieces to swallow.

"How is it, Laura?" asked Sanura.

"Ya know," said the blonde, "it's not bad."

"Please," Ubaid said, "have as much as you like." Laura took the bowl and put another piece of meat into her mouth. "Both of you. Join us by the fire." Ubaid walked back to the fire and the two women followed. "We come here at night to pray to the Gods." At that time, everyone in the group started chanting in ancient Egyptian.

Laura was very surprised when she heard the people chanting. Although she had never heard that language before, she somehow knew what the words meant! "Ra, god of the sun, father of creation. Guide us through life and brighten our days. Wander the underworld as you sleep. Be reborn again as god of the sun, father of creation."

Her understanding of the ancient tongue was too creepy for Laura and she retreated back into Sanura and Ubaid's home. Sanura noticed Laura leave and went after her. "Laura, wait." Laura sat down on her mattress and stared blankly into space. "Laura?" Sanura asked as she entered the room. "What is it?"

"I have no idea how," the blonde said, "but I can understand what you were chanting."

"You know the ancient Egyptian language?"

"Yes. But I never heard that language in my entire life. The only things I was ever taught about Egypt was its ancient mythology. But I somehow know that language as clearly as if you were chanting in English. What does that mean, Sanura?"

"I am sorry. I don't know what it means."

"I'm scared, Sanura. First, I'm in this ancient temple that hasn't been opened for thousands of years, but there are live snakes in there. A cobra, one of the rarest snakes in Egypt, bites me and I almost die. And now, I understand perfectly this ancient language that I never even heard."

Sanura got down on her knees and wrapped her arms around Laura. Laura was a little surprised at first, but then wrapped her arms around the girl in front of her, knowing that Sanura was only trying to comfort her. Suddenly, Laura felt a small tingling between her legs. Her breathing became deeper and she felt her pulse race. For some reason, just holding the small girl in her arms was making her aroused!

Laura quickly broke the embrace. "What is it, Laura?" asked Sanura.

"Sanura, do you know about..." Laura trailed off, worried that Sanura might think badly of what she was about to say. Laura then finished her sentence, "...lesbians?"

Sanura thought for a moment and then said, "Yes. Women who like women, right?"

"You see, I am one."

Sanura looked at Laura for a moment, seemingly in shock. Laura was worried that she had upset Sanura. Finally, Sanura spoke. "Oh," she said simply. "I did not know that."

The longer that Sanura did not move away, the more confident Laura became that Sanura was not upset by what she had said. "Anyway," Laura continued her story, "my former lover, Denise, left me to die in the desert right before I was bitten by the cobra. I had known Denise for six months and I loved her. But she left me in the desert all alone and my heart was broken. Now, I'm here with you, and I'm starting to feel for you what I used to for Denise. But the memory of what happened is still very painful for me and I don't know if I wanna get involved with anyone yet."

"I see," said Sanura. For a moment, both women just sat silently in front of each other. "I can tell you're in heat."

Laura gave Sanura a surprised look. "What?"

"You are in heat, yes?"

"I've never heard that term applied to a human before, but yes. I just started ovulating. How did you know?"

"I have a very good sense of smell and I can smell your pheromones. They are higher than normal when a woman is in heat. Because of how much pheromones I smell from you, I can tell you are in heat."

"Very impressive."

"I, too, am in heat. You might not be able to smell my pheromones, but I am sure that they are having an effect on you."

"Yes. When we were holding each other, I had a sudden feeling of arousal."

"It is very difficult for me. When I am in heat, it is hard to resist sexual urges." Sanura suddenly wrapped her arms around Laura and pulled her close, her breasts pressing hard against Laura's. The blonde could feel the younger woman's hard nipples pressing against her body and knew that Sanura could feel that her nipples were very hard as well. "I am sorry if you feel badly for me doing this, Laura." Sanura grabbed the back of Laura's head and pulled her face to her own, pressing their lips together.

At first, Laura was in a state of shock. Never before had anybody kissed her so forcefully so soon after meeting. It felt like a dream. It took several seconds for Laura to realize that this beautiful girl was actually kissing her. When she did realize that it was not a dream, the blonde started kissing Sanura back just as forcefully.

The Egyptian girl's hands moved to Laura's front and started fondling her pert breasts through her T-shirt. Laura moaned loudly into Sanura's mouth and arched her back in bliss. Sanura started unbuttoning Laura's T-shirt as she kissed the American woman's neck. As soon as Laura's T-shirt was open, Sanura went straight for the blonde's blue bra and undid the clasp in the front. The small garment fell from Laura's body revealing her B-cup breasts to Sanura, who brought her mouth to Laura's now-exposed left nipple. Laura again moaned loudly and arched her back further. She grabbed the back of Sanura's head and pulled the younger woman into her chest.

At the back of Sanura's head, Laura found the hem of the Egyptian woman's turban. She pulled at the end of the strand of material that made up the turban and started unraveling it from Sanura's head. Sanura suddenly let go of Laura's nipples and cried, "Wait!" However, it was too late. Her turban had already been unraveled to the state at which it was impossible to keep it from falling apart and off of the girl's head.

What Laura saw was astounding. Sanura's ears were at the top of her head instead of on the sides, were very large, and pointed at the ends. "Oh, my God!" Laura cried, pulling away. They looked like the ears of a cat!

Sanura's lower lip started trembling and the large ears on her head turned downward. The girl's eyes started welling with tears and then she buried her face in her hands and broke down, crying uncontrollably. It was then that Laura knew that her reaction had greatly upset Sanura. "Oh God, I'm sorry." She went to Sanura and took the younger woman's face in her hands, tilting Sanura's head up to look at her. Sanura looked at Laura through teary eyes and Laura looked back at her. After looking at each other for several moments, Laura put her hands to Sanura's eyes and started drying the girl's tears. "They're beautiful," Laura said.

"What?" Sanura sniffled.

"Your ears, they're beautiful. You are not a monster, Sanura. I don't know why you have ears like that, but they're beautiful. You're not a monster, you must believe that."

"I'm not a monster?"

"Absolutely not!" Laura brought her left hand to Sanura's right side and put the back of her right hand on Sanura's left cheek. "You're beautiful."

Sanura lept toward Laura and embraced her tightly. "I'm not a monster!" she cried. "I'm not!"

"No, you're not." Laura used her left hand to position Sanura's head so that their lips touched. Sanura's hands started moving to the front side of Laura's body and caressed the blonde's breasts, causing Laura to moan into the Egyptian girl's mouth. As they kissed, Laura brought her right hand behind Sanura's head and moved up the left side of Sanura's face. The blonde felt Sanura's cat-like ear and caressed it a bit. She felt the ear slowly rise to an erect position and she knew that Sanura's mood was improving.

As the kiss continued, Laura extended her tongue and pressed it against Sanura's lips. Sanura's lips parted and Laura's tongue slipped into the girl's mouth. It was at that time that Laura felt small vibrations coming from Sanura's chest every time she exhaled. Sanura was purring! Laura did not know how it was possible, but she then knew that Sanura was part-human and part-cat.

Laura's hands moved down to the front of Sanura's body. She found the buttons on the girl's robe and started undoing them. When all of the buttons were undone, the front of Sanura's robe fell open, exposing a petite, curvaceous body with a pair of breasts that would fill an A-cup. Sanura's body was so perfect that Laura could not help but put her hands under the back of Sanura's robe and move her face right to the Egyptian's chest. As Laura sucked on the girl's right nipple, Sanura emitted a loud moan, which sounded to Laura almost like a meow. The sound was so magical that Laura could only suck harder on Sanura's erect nubbin. After several seconds of wetting Sanura's nipple with her tongue, Laura switched to the other nipple, getting it just as moist and erect.

As Laura's hands roamed the young woman's back, her hands wandered down to Sanura's ass. The blonde grabbed Sanura's cheeks, causing the Egyptian to moan loudly. As the American woman's hands continued caressing Sanura's ass, she felt some kind of extrusion on the girl's tailbone. "What's that?" she wondered out loud.

Sanura stood up. Hesitantly, she grabbed either side of her open robe and pulled it even further open. As the robe opened, it started slipping off of Sanura's shoulders until it finally fell off of her body completely. It was then that Laura saw what it was that she had felt. It was not only an extrusion on her tailbone, it was an extension of the tailbone. Sanura had a two-foot-long tail, which only added to her feline air. "Wow," said Laura at seeing the black tail that Sanura had. "You look just like Bast," she said jokingly.

Sanura responded with a sultry, "Meow." The girl then pounced on Laura, pinning her to the mattress. She pressed her body against Laura's and kissed her lustfully, extending her tongue into the American woman's mouth. Laura sucked on the wet member fervently as Sanura's hands went into Laura's T-shirt and behind her back. As their excitement grew, both girls started involuntarily grinding their bodies together, causing friction between their breasts, causing them both to moan in pleasure.

Sanura gave Laura's lower lip a playful bite as the kiss ended. "Ouch!" said Laura, touching her lip.

Sanura had apparently been too eager, causing her to bite too hard. There was a small bit of blood on Laura's fingers when she removed them from her mouth. "I'm sorry," said the cat-like girl.

Laura simply smiled at Sanura and put her hands on her feline lover's face. She guided Sanura down to her breasts, where she started sucking on Laura's rock-hard nipples. The blonde moaned and sighed in pleasure as Sanura stimulated her hard buttons. "Yeah, Sanura," she moaned.

"Mm-hm," said Sanura. She suckled Laura's nipple like a kitten at her mother's teat.

As she continued her way down Laura's body, Sanura found that the older woman was still wearing her pants. Sanura unbuttoned and unzipped Laura's shorts and then pulled them off of the blonde's shapely legs. Laura's blue panties were soaked in her own lubrication, which had saturated her pants to the point that juices were dripping down her leg. Sanura quickly peeled the wet panties off of Laura's legs, exposing the blonde's trimmed, extremely wet pussy. "Here, kitty kitty," said Laura.

Sanura brought her face inches from Laura's dripping cunt and inhaled the scent of her American lover's arousal. She then extended her tongue and started licking Laura's pink slit. Laura emitted small sighs as Sanura lapped at her cunt like a cat with a saucer of milk. Laura squeezed and fondled her breasts while Sanura went down on her, pinching and tweaking her erect nipples as she did so.

Sanura apparently enjoyed the taste of Laura's juices as she started going deeper into the blonde's crotch, pushing her tongue into Laura's opening. Laura moaned loudly and pushed her hips toward Sanura. The Egyptian grabbed Laura's hips and pulled them into her mouth, giving her easier access to the American's slippery canal. "Oh, yes," moaned Laura. "Sanura, that feels so good." Sanura was moaning in pleasure as well at the taste of Laura's honey. She really sounded like a cat when she moaned and sighed in pleasure.

Sanura had started centering her attention on Laura's erect clitoris, lashing at it furiously with her tongue. Laura cried and writhed in bliss as Sanura pleasured her throbbing love-button. The American girl was getting close to orgasm and she started thrusting her hips even more powerfully into her lover's mouth. "Oh, yeah," she moaned. "You're gonna make me cum. Oh!" The blonde could feel her orgasm building rapidly and she wanted desperately to get off. Her desire was fueled by the elevated hormones that she was producing while in heat and also by the elevated pheromones that Sanura was producing while in heat. Laura reached her peak, her back arching and her body tensing. Laura held her breath until she could hold off no longer. Her orgasm hit hard and she cried out in ecstasy. She gripped the mattress tightly as her hips bucked wildly into Sanura's face. Her pussy was producing so much juices that they were dripping down Sanura's face and into the valley between her budding breasts.

Laura's powerful orgasm subsided after a minute and her body came to rest on the now-soaked mattress. Sanura lapped up the rest of Laura's girl-cum and then lay down on top of her, kissing the blond-haired lover's lips. Laura moaned slightly as she came back to her senses. She wrapped her arms around Sanura and returned the kiss. Laura's right hand slid up and down Sanura's back while her left hand stroked the furry tail that was gracefully swaying back and forth. Sanura purred as Laura petted her.

After several moments of caressing each other, Sanura started kissing Laura more aggressively. Laura knew that Sanura was also in heat, and had not received her orgasm yet. Laura rolled Sanura onto her back and got on top of her. She was about to start kissing down Sanura's body when the cat-girl said, "Wait." Sanura sat up and turned around, getting on her hands and knees.

It was then that Laura wondered, 'Why is it called the doggy-style position? I mean cats have sex in this position, mice have sex in this position, bears have sex in this position, deer have sex in this position. What's so special about dogs?'

Sanura moved her tail to one side, signaling to Laura that she was ready to be entered. Right below Sanura's tight ass was a pink, hairy pussy, which was glistening with Sanura's natural lubrication. Laura sat down behind Sanura and extended her right hand to the Egyptian girl's opening. Slowly, Laura pushed her middle finger into Sanura's pussy, eliciting a small sigh from Sanura's mouth. As Laura started moving the finger in and out of Sanura's wet vagina, the girl started moaning and meowing a bit louder. "Oh, Laura," Sanura moaned. "Oh. It feels good. Yes." As Laura continued fucking Sanura's cunt, she inserted her index finger along with her middle finger and fucked her Egyptian lover with two fingers and Sanura meowed even louder. Sanura's vagina was very tight and Laura was sure that her two fingers were giving Sanura a feeling of fullness. Sanura was moving her hips forward and back in time to Laura's moving fingers, signaling that she enjoyed having her pussy filled.

As Laura continued fingering Sanura's pussy, she started fingering the girl's clit with her thumb while she continued moving her fingers in and out of her tight hole. The Egyptian arched her back and cried out in bliss and started meowing even louder as Laura fingered her relentlessly. Laura noticed Sanura's ass swaying as the smaller woman's hips rocked with the rhythm of her fingers. Laura grabbed Sanura's hips with her free left hand and brought her mouth to Sanura's asshole. As Laura licked the puckered rosebud, Sanura gasped in bliss and her arms gave way to the weight of her body, causing her to bend over farther, giving Laura better access. The blonde continued fucking and fingering Sanura's pussy and tonguing her asshole, causing the cat-girl to scream in pleasure.

Although Sanura was clearly part-cat, her responses to sexual stimulation were very human, and Laura was able to tell when the Egyptian girl was close to orgasm. Sanura was moaning and meowing non-stop and her hips were moving back and forth more and more forcefully. Laura decided to go a bit faster and Sanura kept moaning louder and louder. Laura felt Sanura inhale sharply as her climax was eminent. Then, the sharp inhale escaped Sanura's lungs in a loud, screaming meow as her body was hit with a powerful orgasm. She shook spasmodically as her pussy walls contracted around Laura's fingers, spewing lubrication and girl-cum all over the blonde's hand.

When Sanura stopped cumming, her legs caved in and she collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. Laura looked at her hand covered in girl-juices and knew that she had to taste it. She put one of her fingers in her mouth and sucked the honey off of it. Every woman that Laura had sampled tasted different, but Sanura's juices were by far the sweetest Laura had tried. She sucked the rest of Sanura's love-juice off of her fingers and lay down beside her lover. Sanura looked angelic in her post-orgasmic state with her eyes closed and her chest moving in and out with every breath. Laura put her right hand on Sanura's left cheek and kissed the Egyptian girl. Without opening her eyes, Sanura moved her body so that she was curled up in a fetal position with her tail tucked between her legs. Laura smiled and said to herself, "She even sleeps like a cat." The blonde snuggled up to Sanura and said to the sleeping girl, "Sanura, you are definitely not a monster. You're beautiful in every way. Your ears and your tail, they're not ugly, they're divine." Laura and Sanura both slept soundly through the night.

Laura was awoken early the next morning by an agitated hissing sound next to her. She jumped to a sitting position and looked to see that it was Sanura that was hissing at her! "Sanura?" she asked. "What's going on?" She moved toward Sanura but the girl moved away. She tried moving in again and Sanura swiped at her, drawing blood from Laura's arm! "Ow!" Laura cried. "What the hell is going on?" Sanura pounced toward Laura with her teeth bared. Without thinking, Laura threw her body down on the mattress and lifted her legs, catching Sanura on her feet and throwing her behind her. Sanura flew across the room and slammed into the wall.

Laura was surprised by what she had done. She never had that kind of strength before. She had thrown Sanura across with room with her feet alone! When she noticed that Sanura was motionless, she ran to the girl's side, frightened that she had seriously injured her. "Sanura?" she asked. "Are you all right."

Sanura opened her eyes and looked at Laura. "Huh?" she said in a daze. "What happened?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

Sanura's eyes widened when the events of the previous minute came back to her. "I don't know what came over me. It is like..." she trailed off, trying to find the words to describe what she felt. "It felt like there was an evil inside of you, and I had this uncontrollable urge to destroy it."

"An evil inside of me?"

"I can't explain it." Sanura then looked at Laura with a surprised look and asked, "How were you able to throw me so far?" Laura suddenly groaned in pain. "What is it, Laura?"

"It's my ankle," said the American woman.

Sanura looked at Laura's left ankle to find that the bandage that she had tied was bloody. After untying the bandage, she found two puncture wounds on Laura's leg. "The wound has opened again."

"The snake bite?"

"Yes. Let me clean that up." Laura lay face-down on the mattress while Sanura started dabbing the wound with the wet cloth that was in the bucket of water. "This is an evil bite," Sanura said.


"I can just sense it." After Sanura had dabbed the wound with the wet cloth for several more minutes, she tied it with another bandage. "Hopefully that wound will not open again until it is fully healed."

"Yeah," said Laura, rolling over onto her back.

Sanura lay down beside her and put an arm over Laura's body. "Thank you for last night," said the smaller woman. "It was amazing."

"Yes, it was," responded the blond-haired woman. "You were great."

"Thank you." The two women embraced and Sanura started purring.

Sanura rested her hand on Laura's smooth stomach. Suddenly, her purring stopped. "Sanura?" asked Laura. "What is it?"

"Quiet." Sanura felt Laura's stomach carefully. She then put her head to her stomach and listened carefully.

Sanura sat up with a look of disbelief of her face. "What is it, Sanura?" Laura asked.

Sanura turned to Laura and said, "There is life inside of you."

Laura stared at Sanura with equal disbelief. "What?" she cried.

"You are pregnant."


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