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My Angel, Part 3
by Nathan Warford


As soon as the village had awoken, Sanura and Laura got dressed and went outside to find Ubaid. "Father!" Sanura said.

Ubaid saw Sanura and Laura walking to him. Wanting to make Laura feel at home, he and Sanura spoke in English. "What is it, Sanura?" he asked.

"Father," Sanura said hurriedly, "Laura is pregnant!"

"I still say that's impossible," Laura said.

"Are you sure?" Ubaid asked his daughter.

"Yes, I am sure," the girl responded.

"Have you had sex with anyone recently?" Ubaid asked Laura.

"I have never known a man's touch," Laura answered. Although Laura had answered truthfully, she had intentionally led Ubaid to believe that she had not had sex ever before, afraid that Ubaid would punish Sanura if he knew that his daughter was a lesbian.

"It is okay, Laura," Sanura said. "He knows about me."

"I would not punish my daughter," said the village leader. "Especially not because of how she feels about women."

"Oh, okay," said Laura, relieved that Ubaid was not a homophobe. "Well, I have never had sex with a man," the blonde continued. "So, I can't see how I can be pregnant. Why does Sanura think that I am?"

Ubaid's expression turned solemn. "Sanura," he said, "will you leave us for a moment?" Sanura nodded and walked back into her home. "Laura," Ubaid said softly, "you must not tell Sanura what I am about to tell you."

"My lips are sealed," replied Laura.

"Eighteen years ago, I had a dream, a dream that still remains strongly in my memory. I dreamed that a woman came to me. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She came to me and she said to me, 'I want to bear your child.' Then, her body transformed. She took on the form of a black cat, but was the size of a human. The cat walked to me and I took her in my arms. And as I held the cat, I felt her life force enter me and become one with my own. And when I woke up that morning, I found an infant at my side. It was a newborn girl, just as beautiful as the woman that had appeared in my dream. This child had several intriguing features. She had a tail and the ears of a cat. And her eyes were green, like a cat."

"Sanura," Laura realized.

"Over the eighteen years that she has lived with me, I have seen amazing abilities arise in Sanura. You saw first-hand yesterday how fast she was when she killed the snake. She also has a keen sense about the menstruation and pregnancy of women around her."

"Wait," Laura said, "this is sounding so familiar. Sanura especially likes hunting snakes, right?" Ubaid nodded. "Does Sanura usually wake up at first light?"

"Yes. How did you know that?"

"She sounds almost exactly like the cat-goddess Bast. Goddess of women and childbirth, protector of mankind, goddess of sunrise."

"The woman that came to me in my dream. I believe that she was Bast, who had taken human form. Although it was the same morning that Sanura came to me, I have known in my heart since then that Sanura is my daughter. As the goddess of childbirth, Bast must have been able to give birth on the same day that Sanura was conceived. I still believe to this day that Bast is Sanura's mother."

"An angel," Laura said in astonishment. "The result of a union between a man and a goddess. So that's why she's so sure that I'm pregnant. She's the daughter of a goddess with that ability! But what I don't understand is how I could possibly be pregnant."

"I had a similar experience eighteen years ago. I was suddenly a father without a mate."

"Wait," Laura said with a crazy and frightening thought in her mind. "I just remembered. That dream you described to me, it sounds almost exactly the same as a dream that I had yesterday morning. A man came to me in my dream and told me that he wanted me to bear his child. He then transformed, just like the woman in your dream did, but into a snake. A cobra. He struck at me with his fangs, and that's when I woke up."

Ubaid had an expression on his face that showed more fear than Laura had ever seen in her life. "It cannot be!" he said.

"What is it, Ubaid?"

"If the cat-woman that came to me in my dream was Bast, then the snake-man in your dream must have been..."

"...Apophis," Laura realized, finishing Ubaid's thought. "Are you saying that I'm carrying the son of Apophis?"

"It seems that way. Why Apophis chose you, I do not know."

"Do you think it has to do with Apophis' Temple?"

"Yes. That is very possible. Apophis has the power to summon snakes to a place that has not been opened for thousands of years."

"You think that Apophis summoned the snake that bit me? That doesn't make any sense. If I had died from that snake's venom, his child would die with me."

"I do not believe Apophis was trying to kill you. He was trying to claim you. If you had died a victim of Apophis' servant, you would belong to Apophis for eternity."

"If Sanura has the powers of her mother, Bast, would that mean that my child would have the powers of Apophis?"

"That must have been Apophis' plan, to allow somebody with his powers to walk the earth in a way no god or goddess ever could."

"Someone with the power of destruction and chaos! No wonder Sanura attacked me this morning."

"She must have sensed the evil that you are carrying. She was compelled to destroy it."

"It does have to be destroyed. If it isn't destroyed before it's born, the whole world could be in jeopardy. I have to get to Cairo. I have to get this thing out of me."

"I will go with you. It is dangerous to wander the desert alone. If you get lost you will certainly die of thirst."

"No. You belong here with your people. Besides, if I die..." Laura held her abdomen. "...this dies along with me. If you insist that someone accompany me, I would like it to be Sanura. If anyone can help me get through this, it's her."

As soon as they had a good meal, Laura and Sanura set off toward Cairo on camels. On their journey, Sanura said, "I am sorry for attacking you this morning, Laura."

"Don't be sorry, Sanura," the blonde said. "You were only doing what you thought was necessary. It may be possible that it would have been better if you killed me."

"Don't say that. I could not bare to see you killed."

The sun was setting when the two young women found an oasis on their path. 'So, there was an oasis,' thought Laura, remembering the drive to the Temple of Apophis the day before.

"We should sleep here for the night," said Sanura. She and Laura hopped off of their camels and used the reigns to tie them to a tree.

Sanura had with her several containers that looked like they were made from the hide of some kind of animal. "What are those?" Laura asked.

"Camel hide," replied the Egyptian. "Whenever one of our camels die, we cut off its skin and use it for carrying water."

"I'm sure the camels die of natural causes."

"We wouldn't kill one of our friends."

"No, of course not." Sanura went to the water and filled the containers with water. She took a gulp from one and then handed it to Laura, who took a big gulp as well. "That's good," Laura sighed as she felt the liquid flow down her throat. "Let's see if we can get any fruit from these trees," she said. After closing of the container of water, she went to a coconut tree and started shaking it. After Laura had shaken the tree for several seconds without a coconut falling, Sanura went to the tree and started climbing it. Within no time, the girl was in the canopy and was dropping coconuts down to Laura. "Thanks," Laura called to Sanura.

Laura sat down next to the tree with a coconut and tried to crack it open. Sanura climbed safely down the tree and sat down next to Laura. "Can you open it?" asked the Egyptian girl.

"I've never opened a coconut without a hammer," said Laura, knocking the sturdy fruit against the tree. "Can you see any rocks around here?"

"No. Only sand. I am sorry for forgetting to bring one with us from home."

Laura knocked the coconut against the tree harder. The blonde was becoming more and more frustrated. "Why won't you fucking open?" she cried. She slammed the coconut against the tree as hard as she could and the fruit not only cracked open, it shattered into a hundred pieces. Just like that morning, Laura was surprised by her own strength.

As Laura was about to pick up a piece of the coconut to eat, Sanura started hissing at her and lunged at her. Laura could not react fast enough and Sanura pinned her to the ground. Sanura tried to swipe at Laura, but the American girl grabbed Sanura's arms before they could get to her torso, which was only covered by her thin T-shirt. Laura pushed Sanura away, causing the Egyptian girl to stumble backwards and fall into the water of the oasis.

Laura again was about to pick up a piece of coconut, but her hand went to her ankle instead as she felt a sharp pain where the cobra had bitten her. She looked at her ankle to find that the bite had opened up again. "What the hell?" she wondered. "I didn't even use my legs that time."

"The would has opened again," said Sanura, walking from the water. Rational thought had apparently returned to her. "Let me help you to the water." Sanura held out her hand and Laura took it. The blonde woman put one arm around Sanura's back and limped to the water's edge. Sanura took a cloth and soaked it in the water. With the wet cloth, the started her routine of softly dabbing the wound with the wet cloth.

"Maybe you should just let it be," Laura said.

"No!" Sanura cried. "I am not going to consciously let you get hurt if there's anything I can do to stop it."

Laura looked back at the tree to see the small pieces of coconut lying around. "That's the third time I've shown unusual strength. First, I throw you across the room with my legs, then I completely shatter that coconut, then I push you all the way to the water from that tree with one shove."

"I sensed the evil inside of you even stronger when you shattered the coconut. I think you have been given the powers of the person in your womb."

"The bite opens up every time I feel that enormous strength. I have a feeling it's not from stress on my legs. I didn't even use my legs that time and it still opened up."

"As I said, this bite is evil." Sanura dabbed the wound until it had stopped bleeding and she wrapped it up again with the cloth.

Laura and Sanura made their way back to the tree. "I still can't believe you're tending to my wounds," Laura said, sitting down against the tree. "You may be putting the world at stake by keeping me alive."

Sanura sat down next to the blonde and said, "You mean the world to me, Laura."

"How can you say that? We've only known each other a day." Laura put a piece of coconut in her mouth.

"I don't know why I feel for you like I do. I have never felt so strong of a connection to anyone." The Egyptian girl lay her head down on Laura's shoulder and said, "Not even my previous lovers."

Laura picked up another piece of coconut and put it to Sanura's lips. The young woman ate the piece. "I've never believed in love at first sight," said Laura, "but I feel a strong connection to you as well. It's almost spiritual. I can't explain it either."

"It has to be fate," said the younger woman, wrapping her arms around the American.

"I've never believed in fate either," said the blonde, "but I think I'm starting to." She wrapped her arms around Sanura as well and held her close. Laura felt the girl in her arms purr as she stroked Sanura's back. Laura relaxed as she felt the heat from Sanura's body sink into her. Sanura's pheromones were definitely having an effect on Laura. The older woman's breathing became deeper as she felt her pussy getting damp. "While we're here," Laura said, "I'm gonna take a bath in the oasis. Would you like to join me?" Sanura looked at Laura and saw a suggestive smile on the blonde's face. Sanura smiled as well.

Both women stood up and started stripping. Laura pulled down her pants and panties in one quick movement, revealing her trimmed, wet cunt. She quickly unbuttoned her T-shirt and took it off, her blue bra following shortly. Sanura unraveled her turban and unbuttoned her robe, revealing her cat-like body, tail and feline ears. Both girls made their way to the pool and embraced each other, kissing passionately. Sanura was the first to extend her tongue into Laura's mouth, and the blonde sucked on it, causing Sanura to sigh.

Sanura brought her left hand to Laura's right breast and started fondling it, making Laura throw her head back and gasp in pleasure. Sanura then started licking the blonde's left nipple and Laura moaned loudly, pulling Sanura's head further into her chest with her left hand. Her right hand went to Sanura's small breasts and started squeezing them as well, making the Egyptian girl moan and meow into Laura's breast.

The anticipation became too much for Laura to bare and she lay down on her back, bringing Sanura down on top of her. "Turn around," said Laura.

"Huh?" said Sanura, unsure as to what Laura meant.

"Turn around so that your pussy is in my face and your face is in my pussy."

Sanura smiled, showing that she understood what Laura wanted. She turned around and got into a sixty-nine position with Laura. With Laura at Sanura's underside, there was no tail to obstruct her access to the younger woman's wet vagina. She took a hold of Sanura's hips and pulled her pussy down into her face. Sanura meowed loudly as Laura sucked her hard clit into her mouth and she started licking at Laura's clitoris as well. Although Laura was situated below Sanura instead of behind her, the cat-girl was still on her hands and knees, still in the sexual position of a female cat.

Sanura's tongue on her pussy felt better than anything Laura had felt before, even better than when Denise went down on her. Laura did not know if it was because Sanura had had practice, if it was because the young woman was in heat, or if it was simply an innate skill that Sanura had. Whatever it was, it drove the blonde wild with lust and she went down on Sanura hard. She centered her tongue on the Egyptian girl's clitoris and brought her right hand to the girl's pussy, driving two fingers into Sanura's hole. Sanura cried out in bliss and drove two of her own fingers into Laura's wet canal.

Laura gasped as she experienced a sudden burst of sexual pleasure inside of her. "Holy shit!" she cried. Laura continued groaning in bliss as her hips rocked in time to Sanura's talented fingers. "What the fuck is this?"

"A technique I know of," Sanura said. "Do you like it?"

"Fuck, yes!" Laura moaned. "I love it!" The blonde started fucking Sanura's pussy more forcefully, shoving her fingers in harder and licking her turgid clit faster. Sanura started meowing very loudly as Laura fucked her for all she was worth. Then, Sanura inhaled sharply, signaling to Laura that the girl's orgasm was upon her. Laura sucked Sanura's clit into her mouth as hard as she could and Sanura exploded into orgasm. She screamed and meowed uncontrollably as she held onto the blonde's hips for dear life, the rest of her body convulsing out of control. Juices gushed from Sanura's spasming cunt, soaking Laura's hand and face with sweet honey.

The intoxicating taste of Sanura's cum-juices was the final stimulant needed to throw Laura over the edge. She was hit with an earth-shattering orgasm, her entire body going into violent convulsions. She screamed over and over again as fluids jetted from her pussy all over Sanura and herself. The feeling of her own warm wetness coating her stomach was the most erotic feeling that Laura had ever felt and it added to the intense, orgasmic waves of pleasure that were coursing through her shaking body.

Laura was barely conscious when her orgasm subsided. She was not sure when, but Sanura had turned back around and was kissing her passionately. Laura's body was so drained of energy that she was barely able to wrap her arms around Sanura and return the kiss. The blonde could taste her own juices on Sanura's mouth, along with a new taste that she could not identify.

When Sanura broke the kiss, Laura said weakly, "Sanura, that was amazing. That was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life." The blonde realized that both she and Sanura were covered in her juices. "I think I came so hard that I peed."

"It's not pee," said Sanura. "I am not sure what it is, but it happens every time I rub my fingers against a girl's front wall of the vagina. It gives girls very powerful orgasms and makes liquid squirt from their pee-holes. But it is not pee."

"I've never felt anything like it. Thank you so much for doing...whatever that was you did."

The two girls spent several minutes washing the girl-juices and sweat off of their bodies in the oasis before they went back to the coconut tree to continue eating the shards of coconut that were lying around. Sanura found several branches lying around the area and got a fire going as the sky started to fill with stars. "Again, Apophis defeats Ra and rules the sky."

"But Ra will once again rule the sky as morning comes."

Sanura smiled and said, "Yes. That is true."

Laura and Sanura sat by the fire, eating mangos that Sanura had picked so that Laura would not try to crack open another coconut. Laura held the girl in her arms and stroked her back, relaxing to the soothing sounds of Sanura's purring. When Laura was sure that Sanura was asleep, she said, "I knew that your cat-like features were divine. You're the daughter of Bast. That's why you have these powers. You're an angel, Sanura. My angel." With a warm, sleeping Sanura acting as a blanket, Laura quickly drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Laura was awoken by someone shaking her. "Laura!" a voice said. "Laura! Wake up!" Laura sleepily opened her eyes and saw the face of a woman in her mid-twenties looking over her. The first rays of sun illuminated the woman's face and Laura recognized her.

"Cassidy?" Laura said. It was the Australian archaeologist that had been on the dig with Laura and Denise. "What are you doing here?"

"Denise told us that you were attacked by all of those snakes and you never made it out of the Temple. Some of us decided to go back and take your body back with us so that we might perform a proper funeral. We saw smoke coming from the oasis, so we went to see what was up. We were certainly surprised to see you here alive and well...not to mention naked."

Remembering that she was still naked made Laura self-conscious and she covered herself up. She saw her clothes in a pile next to her and she started dressing. As the fog of sleep continued to lift, Laura found something strange about what Cassidy had said. "Wait," said Laura. "Did you say that Denise said that I never made it out of the Temple?"

"She said that a hundred snakes jumped up and bit you. You collapsed and Denise ran out before she would meet the same fate."

"That bitch!" Laura cried.

"What happened?" Laura heard Sanura's voice from several meters away. Sanura was in her robes and turban and was talking with one of the members of Denise's team.

Laura replied, "That bitch, Denise, has been spreading lies about what happened!"

Cassidy said, "Well, obviously you weren't killed by a hundred snakes. But I can't understand why Denise would lie to all of us."

"Probably because she wanted to claim all of the credit for herself. I was her main source of information about the Temple of Apophis and I guess she didn't want to share the credit with me."

Cassidy was speechless. "Denise would do this?" she said to herself.

"Miss Devin," said the team member that was talking with Sanura.

"What is it?" asked Cassidy.

"This young girl says that we have to get Laura to a medical facility. She says that Laura is pregnant."

The Australian woman looked at Laura, dumbfounded. "Is this true?"

"Sanura has keen instincts," the blonde replied. "I trust what she says."

Sanura wrote a letter to Ubaid, telling him that she and Laura had gone to Cairo with Laura's friends. She put the note into the reigns of one of the camels and sent the camels back to the village. Laura and Sanura got into the Jeep that Cassidy drove and they started on the road back to Cairo. "I still can't believe that Denise would lie to me like this," Cassidy said.

"Don't worry," Laura said. "I'll make sure she gets what's coming to her."


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