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My Angel, Part 4
by Nathan Warford


"Tell me, Laura," asked Cassidy as they drove through the morning sunlight. "Who is this girl, Sanura?"

Laura replied, "She's just a girl I met in the desert. She belongs to a tribe of people that still believe in the ancient Egyptian myths. After Denise dumped me in the desert to die, Sanura came along and saved me from a cobra that bit me. After spending a night at her village recovering from the bite, she decided to guide me back to Cairo."

"One interesting thing I notice about Sanura is her green eyes."

"It must be my mother," Sanura said. "My father is pure Egyptian. I never knew my mother."

"That's sad," Cassidy said. "But how can you be pregnant, Laura? You haven't been fooling around with any guys have you?"

"No," replied the blonde. "I have not been fooling around with any guys."

"Did you leave a boyfriend back in the US?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me."

"Okay. Sanura's father thinks that I was impregnated by Apophis."

Cassidy was silent for a moment. Then, she burst into laughter. "Apophis?" she laughed. "That's great! Really, Laura. Tell me, who's the father?"

"It's true," said Sanura. "I really do think that Laura is carrying Apophis' son. There is an evil inside Laura's body that cannot be explained by anything else."

"You're really serious?"

"Yes," said Laura. "Remember all of those snakes that came out of the Temple that hadn't been opened for thousands of years? The only way they could have gotten there is if they were summoned by some divine force."

"Well," said Cassidy, "now that you mention it, it does seem strange that hundreds of snakes could appear out of nowhere."

"This is why we're so afraid of the person inside Laura's body," Sanura said.

"Apophis is the God of destruction and chaos," Laura said. "If the child is not aborted quickly, it could mean big trouble for the world."

"These are some pretty crazy thoughts," said Cassidy. "I don't know if I'm ready to believe all of this."

"An examination should tell if I really am pregnant, but Sanura's instincts are too keen for me not to believe her."

"How keen are your instincts, Sanura?"

"Well," the Egyptian girl replied, "I have been able to tell when women in my village are with child or where they are in their menstrual cycle."

The Australian thought for a moment. "Okay," she said. "Where am I in the menstrual cycle?"

Sanura jumped into the front of the truck and felt Cassidy's abdomen. After a moment of concentration, the girl said, "You will begin ovulating in five days.

Cassidy looked at Sanura with a surprised look on her face. "Shit!" she cried. "That's good. You really do know where women are in their menstrual cycle. How do you do it?"

"I was just born with these instincts."

It was hard for Laura to hold back the information that Sanura's father had given her the previous morning. She knew it might be too much for Sanura to handle if she found out that she was the daughter of a goddess. But Laura still thought that this young woman had a right to know who her mother was.

The group arrived in Cairo at midday. Sanura was in awe of her surroundings, having not been to a large city before. Everything looked overly elaborate to her. All she could say about her new environment was, "This is big."

Cassidy said, "I think our little kitten has culture shock."

"Kitten?" Laura asked.

"Sanura is the Egyptian word for kitten," said the brunette.

"I'm surprised you know that, Cassidy," Sanura said.

"When I was assigned to Denise's expedition, I thought I might as well learn a bit of Egyptian while I was at it. I was certainly surprised when everyone spoke Arabic. Shows how much I know about history of northern Africa." The three women shared a laugh.

'Sanura is an appropriate name,' Laura smiled to herself, relieved that there was nothing to worry about.

Laura, Cassidy, and Sanura stopped at a cafe before going to confront Denise. Since Laura had been found, the rest of the team decided to go back to their homes and hotels. Looking at the menu, Cassidy and Laura quickly decided what they wanted. Sanura, on the other hand, was amazed at how many choices there were on the menu. She had almost no idea of what most of them were. "I don't know," she said. "We don't have much at my village. Just some chickens and fruit. What's good?"

"Why don't you try the Spinach Chickpea Omelet?" Laura suggested. "I've had that few times and it's pretty good."

"Okay. Thank you."

After they had ordered, Cassidy said, "Laura. You were friends with Denise, right?"

Laura sighed. "I guess you could say that," replied the blonde.

"How could she put her career in front of her friends?"

"Well, we weren't actually friends."

"You weren't? But you spent all of the time together. I never saw you two apart. Not ever."

Laura was hesitant to tell the truth out of fear that Cassidy was a homophobe. She looked at Sanura, who seemed to be examining Cassidy. The girl then looked at Laura and then smiled in assurance. Laura looked back at Cassidy and said, "Denise and I were lovers."

Cassidy looked at Laura in shock. "Lovers?" she asked in disbelief.

"That's right."

"Oh, I cannot believe her!" Cassidy cried.

"Cass?" asked Laura, not sure as to why the Australian was so upset. "What is it?"

"Do you know what Denise did when we got back to Cairo after the dig?" Cassidy asked. Laura shook her head. "She told me that she was saddened by your death and that she needed comfort. So, I gave her comfort by holding her in my arms. She kept making more and more suggestive actions until eventually we found ourselves in bed, having sex!"

This time, it was Laura that was staring in disbelief. "She propositioned you and got you into bed with her?" the blonde cried. "Right after she left me in the desert?"

"That bitch!" Cassidy raged.

"Maybe you two should calm down," said Sanura. "There are people here. We do not want to upset them."

"You're right, Sanura," Laura said.

"We're sorry," said Cassidy.

Sanura was surprised when their food arrived. "That was fast," she said.

"Go ahead, Sanura," Cassidy said. "Try it."

After watching Laura and Cassidy use their knives and forks, Sanura picked up her knife and fork and attempted to use them as her western friends did. After a moment, Sanura managed to pick up a piece of omelet with her fork. She put the piece in her mouth and ate it. After swallowing the piece, her body froze. "Well?" Laura asked. "How is it?"

Sanura stared at the omelet in front of her. "How can something taste so good?" was her response. She cut and ate the omelet faster than Cassidy or Laura had known someone to eat.

"I think she likes it," said Cassidy.

"She's never had an omelet before," Laura explained. "She's lived in a simple village for eighteen years."

"So," said Cassidy softly, "are you two...ya know."

"Are we what?" Cassidy raised an eyebrow suggestively. "What?" Laura cried, realizing what Cassidy was suggesting at. "Don't ask me that!"

"I wouldn't blame you if you were. A cute, petite, eighteen-year-old, Egyptian girl? I'm jealous!"

"You'd better back off, Cass. This one's mine."

"Ah ha!" Cassidy cried, pointing a finger at Laura. "You are! I knew it!"

"Damn it!" said Laura, knowing that she had just told Cassidy that she was sleeping with Sanura. "Okay, Cass. You got me."

"She really is cute. How do you get so lucky, Laura?"

"I don't think it was luck." Cassidy gave the blonde a quizzical look. "I'm beginning to think that it was fate that brought us together."

Cassidy laughed. "You believe in fate, Laura?"

"Well, not before meeting Sanura."

"Mm-hm," Cassidy nodded. "There is something magical about her, isn't there?"

"Yes," sighed Laura. "There is."

"This is so good!" cried Sanura through a mouthful of eggs and vegetables. "I had been told of how elaborate life of a city is, but I had to experience it to know it."

"Would you like some raspberry limeade?" Cassidy asked, holding out her glass of reddish liquid to Sanura. Sanura took the glass and drank from it. The Egyptian girl sighed and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She almost fell over but Laura caught her. "I never expected that kind of reaction," said the brunette.

"Sugar is not exactly a necessity of life or living," Laura said, "so nobody from her village really knows about it. The sweetness of the limeade must have been too much for her to handle."

Sanura started purring in Laura's arms and Laura sighed as the small vibrations from Sanura's body relaxed her. "Is...Is she purring?" Cassidy asked in stun.

Laura was immediately snapped back to reality. "What?" she cried. "No. She's...uh..." the blonde tried to cover for Sanura, "...she's snoring. Yes. She must have passed out. Sanura?"

"Hm?" the girl asked, coming back to her senses. The purring stopped. "Wow," she said. "That was something. I don't think I've ever tasted anything that sweet." Sanura sat back up in her chair. "It was a little too much for me at first, that's all." She took another sip of the raspberry limeade and sighed in pleasure. "That's so good."

After the women had finished their meals and Sanura had her fill of raspberry limeade, they payed the bill and went on their way to the hotel that Cassidy and Denise were staying at. "Let's see," Cassidy said as they stood outside the door to Denise's hotel room. "How should we go about doing this?"

"Give me your key," Laura said. Cassidy handed Laura the room key and the blonde quietly entered the room. Cassidy and Sanura followed quietly. Laura figured that it was not a large task for Sanura to keep quiet because of her cat-like stealthiness. Laura heard water running in the adjacent bathroom. "She's taking a shower," she said. "You two, wait here. We'll be out in a few seconds."

Laura slowly opened the bathroom door and walked in. Denise had the shower curtain drawn, but Laura could see her former partner's naked silhouette. Denise turned in Laura's direction and said, "Oh. Hi, Cassidy. Come on in, the water's nice."

Laura heard a hint of sexuality in Denise's voice and decided to play a trick on the British woman. She giggled in such a way that Denise could not know that it was Laura instead of Cassidy. Laura then started stripping, making sure that Denise could clearly see through the shower curtain that she was getting undressed.

When the blonde was naked, she walked to the shower curtain and pulled it back at the far end so that she could sneak up behind Denise. She entered the stall and walked up behind Denise. She put her hands on Denise's breasts and started rubbing the round globes, making the brunette moan loudly. "Oh, Cass," she sighed. "That feels so good." Then, Denise yelped in slight pain when Laura pinched her nipples hard. "Ow! Since when are you so assertive?"

"Since you left me in the desert to die!" said Laura.

Denise gasped and swung around to find Laura's eyes boring into her. "Holy shit!" she cried. She slipped on the floor of the shower and landed hard on her ass. However, the fear that she was feeling probably drowned out most of the pain from the impact. "Laura?"

"You never expected to see me, did you, Bitch!"

Denise dashed out of the shower and through the door. However, Cassidy was waiting for her on the other side with the same icy stare that Laura had given her. Denise swung around again, only to see Laura advancing on her. She breathed heavily, obviously looking for a way out of the situation. "Quite a predicament, isn't it?" said Cassidy. Denise's legs grew weak and she collapsed to the floor.

Laura and Cassidy burst into hysterical laughter. Sanura, who had been observing the confrontation, also laughed a little bit. "Oh, poor Denise," Laura said. "Did you fall down? Let me help you up." The blonde picked Denise up by the arm pits.

Laura looked at Cassidy and then gestured to the door to the room with her eyes. Laura and Cassidy helped Denise to the door and threw her into the hall in her birthday suit. "What are you doing?" Denise cried. "Give me some fuckin' clothes!"

"Why should I?" asked Laura. "We wouldn't want you to die of thirst in the Egyptian sun, would we?" With that, she slammed the door in Denise's face. Again, the women inside the room burst out laughing.

"I didn't think I would have so much fun watching someone thrown out of her room naked," said Sanura.

"It's always fun when someone gets what's coming to 'em," Cassidy said.

"You got that right, Babe," Laura commented while pulling her panties back up her legs. Laura and Cassidy gave each other a high five.

As Laura was re-clipping her bra, a slamming came on the front door. "Let me back in you fuckers!" Denise screamed.

"We're the fuckers?" Laura said. "We're not the ones goin' around seducing all the pretty girls we come across!"

"Tell me," asked Cassidy, "was it fun while it lasted?"

Denise said, "I'm calling my lawyer and I'm gonna sue your asses into the ground!"

"What good will that do you?" Laura asked. "If you go to the courts, you won't just get fined, you'd go to jail for attempted murder. Maybe some nice ladies there would be willing to let you be their bitch."

Sanura looked through the view hole in the door and said, "She's gone."

Cassidy sighed and threw herself down on the bed. "That felt good," said the Australian.

Laura threw herself down next to Cassidy. "Come join us, Sanura," she said. Sanura went to the bed and lied down beside Laura. "Well, we have the room to ourselves," said Laura. "Whaddaya wanna do now?"

"We should get you to a hospital," Sanura said. "Get the baby out of your womb."

"Oh, that's right," Laura said, sitting up. "I had forgotten all about that." As soon as Laura finished redressing, Cassidy drove her and Sanura to the closest hospital.

First of all, Laura took a pregnancy test, which turned out positive. Just to be sure, once the first results were in, she took a second pregnancy test. The second test turned out positive as well. It was clear that Laura was, indeed, pregnant. Still unsure how to proceed, the doctors decided to take a DNA test of the embryo, not out of curiosity but out of confusion. They still were confused about how Laura could be pregnant without having sex with a man. However, the DNA test raised more questions than it answered. Half of the baby's DNA seemed to be missing! The only DNA that registered on the instruments was the DNA that the child inherited from Laura. Both Laura and Sanura knew that divine DNA could not be detected by human devices. It was clear to them that the embryo had to be aborted.

Laura was told by the doctors of the risks of abortion, but Laura went along with it just as readily. Laura was taken into surgery. However, just as the procedure was about to begin, Laura had an uncontrollable urge to protect the child! She wanted to get it out of her, but she could not let the embryo be aborted! As the doctors approached she threw them clear across the room, knocking them unconscious.

The same pain in her left ankle flared up again and Laura fell to her knees in pain. "Damn it!" Laura cried. A moment later, Cassidy and Sanura went in to see Laura. "Cass, Sanura," Laura said as they entered.

"Holy shit," Cassidy cried, "you're bleeding." The doctors were regaining consciousness and saw the blood coming from Laura's ankle. Although frightened by Laura's unusual strength, they went to help stop the bleeding anyway.

"The abortion was unsuccessful," Sanura said.

"Yes," Laura answered, "it was. The embryo is trying to defend itself."

"Apophis really thought this through," Sanura said.

"Okay," said Cassidy. "I'm a believer now. The enormous strength you used against those doctors to stop the abortion that you wanted desperately to have."

The doctors decided to give Laura stitches to her ankle as they had not been used yet. Laura's ankle was put in a restraining device so that her ankle would not move and break the stitches. As Laura exited surgery with a pair of crutches, Sanura asked, "What are we going to do now? I think we're out of options now that we know you are going to have this baby. We can't kill you because we know you will protect yourself from attack."

"No," said Laura. "There's only one option left." Cassidy and Sanura looked at Laura questioningly. "I have to go back to the Temple of Apophis."

"But why?" Cassidy asked.

"The inscription on the wall said, 'Here lives Apophis.' I believe that the Temple of Apophis might be where Apophis intends to be when he conquers the world. If that's true, that may be where I can confront him."

"You're going to confront Apophis?" Sanura asked with fear. "That's suicide! If you're killed by Apophis you will become his servant! And then there will be no stopping him!"

"If you can think of a better idea, I'd like to here it."

For a moment, everyone was silent. Cassidy broke the silence by saying, "How does tomorrow morning sound?"

"That's the best time that I can think of," said Laura. "A nice shower and a good night's rest would do me good."

"That works for me," Sanura said.

Cassidy drove Laura and Sanura back to the hotel. After they entered the room, Cassidy said, "Well, you two probably wanna...do stuff. Laura, this was originally your room, I originally had a different room. You should be here with your girlfriend. I don't wanna be a third wheel."

"Third wheel?" asked Sanura.

"She doesn't want to invade our privacy," Laura explained.

"We would not mind having you here," said Sanura.

Cassidy looked quizzically at Sanura. She then looked at Laura for confirmation. Laura only shrugged, showing that she was not opposed to Cassidy staying with her and Sanura. "Is there enough room on the bed?" asked the brunette.

"I think so," said Laura.

"Well, thank you," said Cassidy. "It would certainly be nice not to pay full price for a room."

For most of the afternoon, the three women sat on the bed, watching movies on a VCR that Laura had brought with her from the United States. When deciding what movies to bring with her, Laura had decided to choose The Mummy and The Mummy Returns since they involved ancient Egyptian mythology. Although they were mild by Laura and Cassidy's standards, Sanura was frightened by the images of the mummies coming to life and attacking the heroes. However, if it were not for the fast cuts and special effects, Sanura probably would not have been so scared. Although the movies were scary, the girl was able to sit through them and enjoy them as well.

As The Mummy ended, Sanura said, "Laura, I need to pee."

"Oh, okay," said Laura. "Follow me." Laura walked into the bathroom and gestured to the toilet. "This is a toilet. What you do is sit down on the toilet, like so." Laura pulled down her pants and sat down on the toilet seat. "Then you just pee into the bowl." Laura let loose a stream of urine that Sanura heard falling into the bowl of water. As soon as Laura was done , she wiped herself off with toilet paper, stood up and pulled up her pants. "What your done, flush the toilet." Laura pulled the handle on the side of the toilet and the water in the bowl rushed down the drain.

Sanura did everything that Laura did. She pulled her robes above her waist and sat down on the toilet seat. Laura heard Sanura peeing into the bowl. As the last of Sanura's urine trickled out, the girl took a piece of toilet paper and wiped her opening clean. She stood up and flushed the toilet just as she had seen Laura do. "Amazing," she said as she watched the yellow water disappear and then return as clear. "It cleans the water."

"Actually, the contaminated water goes into a series of pipes. Those pipes go underground to a treatment facility where the impurities are taken out. The clean water is then returned to every water source in the city by way of more pipes."

"Such amazing technology."

Laura put her hand on Sanura's shoulder and said, "Come on. Let's watch the next movie." Laura and Sanura walked back into the bedroom and set up the next movie.

The movie ended and night fell. Sanura had been holding Laura's body throughout the movie and the two of them were snuggling when The Mummy Returns ended. Cassidy saw them and said, "I can see you two are comfy right there. I'll go take a shower."

Cassidy stood up and walked to her drawer, where she took out a towel. However, Sanura saw Cassidy take something else. "What's that?" she asked.

Cassidy quickly hid the object behind her back. "What?" she stammered. "Uh, nothing. I have nothing."

Laura looked at Cassidy and saw the Australian woman's hands behind her back. "Cass, are you hiding something?" she said.

"No, of course not."

Laura stood up and walked toward Cassidy. "What is it?" she inquired. As she approached the brunette, Cassidy spun around Laura to try to evade her.

"It looks like a penis!" Sanura said.

"Oh, shit!" Cassidy said. She had let Sanura see the object while trying to hide it from Laura.

"Ah. I see," said Laura. "You have a dildo behind your back, don't you, Cass?"

"Dildo?" asked Sanura.

"It's a little thing that girls use to get themselves, and sometimes each other, off," Laura said. Sanura's eyes grew wide when she realized what Laura was saying.

"You're going to masturbate in the shower!" Sanura said to Cassidy.

"Yes, I am," Cassidy admitted. "What are you gonna do about it?" She stuck her tongue out at Sanura.

While Cassidy was distracted talking to Sanura, Laura went to Cassidy's dresser to see if she could find anything else. "Wow!" said the American. "I found buried treasure! You have quite a stash, Cassidy."

"Get away from there!" the Australian cried.

"You've got vibrators and dildos up the Ying Yang! What is it like one vibrator and one dildo for each day of the week?"

"I only share my sex toys with people I'm intimate with."

"Throw one here," Sanura said. Laura found a Pocket Rocket and passed it to Sanura.

"Give that back!" cried Cassidy, tackling Sanura to the bed. Laura grabbed a rainbow-colored dildo and jumped on top of Cassidy. The girls wrestled around on the bed, playing keep-away with Cassidy's sex toys. In the commotion, Cassidy tumbled off of the bed with Sanura on top of her. "Ow!" Cassidy said when she hit the ground. Everyone broke into wild bouts of laughter as they tried to catch their breath.

During their tumbling around on the bed, Sanura's robes had crept up her legs and past her hips. Because Cassidy was wearing short shorts and because Sanura was not wearing anything under her robes, Sanura's pussy came in direct contact with Cassidy's leg. "Well now," said the brown-haired woman. "Now I know why you want that vibrator so bad." It was then that Sanura realized that juices were dripping profusely onto Cassidy's leg and she jumped away. "Hot and bothered, are you?"

"A little," the Egyptian said timidly.

"Well let me look at you." Cassidy got on top of Sanura and hiked up the girl's robes to find a wet, obviously aroused vagina. However, Cassidy also saw Sanura's real secret, the two-foot long tail that the young woman had. "What the hell?" Cassidy cried. She touched the end of the tail and it twitched, showing that it was, indeed, part of Sanura's body. "So it was purring I heard earlier today!"

"So, now you know," Sanura said. "I'm a cat."

"Actually, I kinda suspected that," said Cassidy. "The purring, the green eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if you have the ears of a cat as well." Sanura unraveled her turban and revealed her cat-like ears. Cassidy jumped at the sight. After a moment of silence, the brunette said, "Okay, I lied. I am surprised."

"Kinda like those cat-girls you see in anime, huh?" Laura said.

"Especially erotic anime," Cassidy added. "I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck one of those cat-girls." An idea then popped into Cassidy's mind. "I know. How about a trade? I share my toys with you and you let me in on your action."

"Cass, you can't seriously be thinking about a threesome, are you?" Laura asked.

"I think it might be kinda fun," said the Australian woman.

"Now that you mention it," said the blonde, "Denise did ask me once if I wanted a threesome. I said no, but I did think a lot about it. Sanura, it's all up to you."

The cat-girl looked at Cassidy, who was also awaiting a response. Sanura responded by pouncing on Cassidy and kissing the brunette. Cassidy was stunned for a moment, but quickly got over it and wrapped her arms around the girl on top of her. Laura quickly got undressed and added herself to the pile of horny women on the ground. Sanura moved to the right to make room for Laura and they shared a three-way kiss. Cassidy started unbuttoning Sanura's robe while Laura unbuttoned Cassidy's T-shirt.

Because Sanura's robe had more buttons than the T-shirt did, Laura had more time to unclasp Cassidy's white bra before Sanura's full front was revealed. The Australian had a full pair of breasts, almost as big as Denise's, with a pair of equally beautiful, pink nipples. When Cassidy's chest was bare, Sanura started licking at Cassidy's left nipple and Laura sucked on the right. Cassidy gasped in bliss and arched her back. "Oh, wow," the brunette moaned. "That feels really good. I've never had two mouths on my tits before." Cassidy put her right arm around Laura and her left arm around Sanura, stroking their backs as they stimulated the erect nubbins protruding from her breasts. Laura moaned and Sanura purred.

As the three women continued making out on the ground, Sanura left Cassidy's chest and made her way towards the crevice between the Australian woman's legs. Taking over for Sanura's mouth, Laura started squeezing and caressing Cassidy's left breast while keeping her mouth firmly planted on her right. As Sanura reached Cassidy's hips, she unbuttoned and unzipped the brunette's shorts and pulled them down along with her panties, revealing the older woman's pink, wet snatch. Cassidy's bush was not as full as Sanura's, but it was considerable. Cassidy spread her legs for Sanura and the girl brought her face to the Australian's crotch. She licked the length of Cassidy's slit and the brunette sighed in pleasure. "Oh, yeah," moaned Cassidy. "Lick my pussy. That feels so good, Sanura. Oh, yeah."

"Interesting, isn't it?" Laura said. "A cat eating pussy." Cassidy laughed at Laura's remark and then continued moaning as her lovers went down on her.

As Cassidy's hips started rocking to Sanura's touch, the Egyptian centered her tongue's attention on Cassidy's large clitoris. Cassidy gasped and arched her back in bliss, thrusting her hips into Sanura' face. Sanura held Cassidy's hips in place and wrapped her mouth around the hard button above the Australian woman's opening. Cassidy moaned and grunted in sexual excitement. "Oh. Shit. Yeah," she groaned as Sanura ate her clit like a pro. "How can anyone this young be so good?"

Sanura let go of Cassidy's throbbing button just long enough to answer, "Another talent of mine." She locked her lips around Cassidy's clit again and the brunette again started groaning and thrusting her hips into Sanura's face. Sanura let go of Cassidy's hips with one hand and inserted two of her fingers into the older woman's cunt. Cassidy moaned even louder as she met Sanura's fingers with every thrust. The younger woman hooked her fingers up into the brunette's front wall and Cassidy emitted a loud, raspy cry of pleasure. Although Cassidy's hips bucked powerfully, her left hand went to the back of Sanura's head and pulled the girl's face deeper into her muff, allowing Sanura to keep her lips wrapped around the Australian's highly aroused clit.

Laura could tell that Cassidy was getting close to orgasm and she sucked the brunette's nipple into her mouth hard, making Cassidy scream. She let the nipple go with a smacking sound, and Cassidy screamed again. Cassidy was obviously a very vocal person. "Are ya gonna cum?" the blonde asked.

"Fuck yeah!" cried Cassidy. "You guys are great! Oh, yeah! I'm so close! Oh!" Cassidy's cries suddenly became very loud and very frequent as she reached her peak. "Shit!" she cried. "I'm cumming!" Cassidy emitted a loud, guttural scream and her hips thrusted high into the air, knocking Sanura onto her back. A stream of girl-cum erupted from her pee-hole, soaking the floor in front of her, her thighs, and her stomach. Cassidy's right hand landed right her throbbing clit and rubbed it hard. Her hips seized up again a second later, accompanied by another loud grunt and another powerful jet of fluid from her pussy. Sanura quickly got back to Cassidy's spasming cunt just as her third orgasmic wave hit, spewing sweet, orgasmic honey into the girl's mouth. Cassidy's hips bucked powerfully several more times, each one with a loud bark and a gush of cum-juice.

Cassidy came down from her pleasure high and Laura kissed her. Cassidy sucked hungrily on Laura's lips, driven by the sexual rush that her orgasm had brought on. Sanura climbed back up Cassidy's body and the brunette pulled the Egyptian into the kiss. All three women tasted Cassidy's girl-cum and moaned at the sweet flavor. Cassidy broke the kiss and commanded, "Get on the bed!" Laura and Sanura did as Cassidy said. "Sanura, I wanna watch you fuck Laura."

Laura got onto her back and spread her legs. Sanura got on her hands and knees and brought her face to Laura's wet pussy. Sanura extended her tongue and licked Laura's cunt. The blonde sighed in pleasure as her lover tongued her pink slit. "Mm. Yeah," moaned the American girl. "I love it when you lick my pussy like that."

As Sanura went down on Laura, Cassidy went to her dresser and took out a strap-on dildo. She slipped into it and tightened the straps, making sure that the harness fit her snugly. She got onto the bed behind Sanura and held the girl's hips. Sanura turned to look at the long, thick, flesh-colored shaft sticking out proudly from the Australian's crotch. "I wanna fuck you," said the brunette is a sultry voice.

Sanura moved her tail to one side and said, "I want it in my pussy." Cassidy grabbed the cat-girl's hip with her left hand, putting the head of the dildo to Sanura's pussy with her right. She slowly eased the length of the dildo into Sanura's tight twat, causing the young woman to gasp in pleasure. As soon as the dildo went in as far as it would go, Cassidy brought her right hand to Sanura's hip and started thrusting the long member in and out of her wet hole. Sanura cried and meowed in pleasure as Cassidy's cock filled her up. She went back to stimulating Laura's cunt as her own pussy got pounded by Cassidy.

Sanura moaned into Laura's pussy as Cassidy fucked her with the dildo. Laura moaned as well at the vibrations that Sanura's voice was making on her clit. "Yeah, Sanura," Laura moaned. "That feels so good. Suck on my pussy."

"Does it feel good to have Sanura moan onto your pussy?" asked Cassidy.

"Mm-hm," moaned Laura.

"Yeah," said Cassidy. "Take that cock in your pussy, Sanura. Yeah. You like that, don't you?"

"Mm-hm," Sanura mewed through Laura's muff.

"Yeah. Take it. Take it." While she pumped the shaft in and out of Sanura's tight cunt, Cassidy's right thumb found its way into the crack between Sanura's ass cheeks. Sanura gasped as Cassidy rubbed against her puckered anus. "You want me to fuck you there?" asked Cassidy at seeing the girl's reaction.

"Mm-hm," Sanura answered, her mouth still latched onto Laura's slit.

"Okay, then," said Cassidy, licking her lips. She pushed her thumb against Sanura's rosebud and Sanura gave out a loud meow of pleasure as Cassidy's thumb slipped in up to the first knuckle. The brunette moved her thumb inside Sanura's ass while continuing to pump the Egyptian's pussy with the strap-on and Sanura kept crying and meowing in pleasure and pain. Sanura brought her mouth straight to Laura's clitoris and sucked on it hard, making the blonde cry out as well. She extended two of her fingers into Laura's cunt and rubbed the front wall of her pussy. Laura groaned in pleasure and started humping Sanura, meeting every thrust of her fingers.

Although Sanura's cat-like ears were turned down in discomfort, by the way she was mewing and crying out in pleasure, Laura could tell that Sanura was really enjoying getting penetrated in both holes. "Come on, Sanura," the blonde moaned. "I'm almost there. Yeah. Cum all over Cassidy while you fuck my cunt. Oh!"

"That's right," said Cassidy. "Cum all over my dick."

"Mm. Mm. Mm! Mm!" Sanura moaned through Laura's mound as her orgasm approached. The vibrations from Sanura's moans on her erect clit almost caused Laura to cum. Laura groaned in frustration when the moans stopped and Sanura held her breath. Suddenly, the vibrations came back with a vengeance when the cat-girl gave out a loud, meowing scream as her body was rocked by a violent orgasm.

"Hell, yes!" cried Cassidy as Sanura's rectal muscles contracted against her thumb. "That's it, Girl! Cum all over that big cock!"

Sanura's screaming sent intense vibrations through Laura's turgid clitoris and she, too, started screaming in orgasm. She gripped the bed sheets as her entire lower body convulsed wildly, girl-cum squirting from her pee-hole all over Sanura's face. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed over and over as her orgasm ripped through her.

When they finally stopped cumming, Laura and Sanura collapsed on the bed, both of them nearly passing out from the sheer force of their orgasms. Cassidy removed her thumb from Sanura's ass-hole with a pop and one last orgasmic spasm shook through the girl's young body. "Wow!" the brunette laughed. "Ah ha ha! You girls came like a couple o' fuckin' hurricanes!" The dildo slipped out of Sanura's sopping cunt, dripping with the Egyptian girl's vaginal fluids. Cassidy stroked Sanura's back and the cat-girl started purring.

"You really like being dominant, don't you, Cass?" Laura panted.

"Am I being too dominant?" Cassidy asked.

"No," replied Laura. "I don't mind being dominated."

Cassidy looked at Sanura and asked, "Am I being too dominant for you my little kitten?"

"Mm-mm," Sanura replied in the negative. "I loved it."

"I don't think I've ever had sex with a girl on the same day I met her. It probably happens all the time for you. I can't see how anyone can resist that pretty face." Sanura smiled at Cassidy. The Egyptian managed to sit up and kiss Cassidy. They both moaned as their lips locked and they wrapped their arms around each other. Laura started stroking her wet pussy while she watched the other two women make out vehemently. "Wow, Sanura," Cassidy said between kisses. "You came so hard..." another kiss. "...and you still want more?"

"What do you expect from a cat in heat?" Laura said.

Cassidy broke the kiss and turned to Laura. "She's in heat?" She then looked back at Sanura and said, "So that's why I've been so horny all day! It's Sanura's pheromones!"

"You'd better get it while it's still here," said Sanura. "I start bleeding tomorrow. Then you'll have to wait another month before I'm so sexual again."

"Don't worry. I intend to take all I can get!" Cassidy loosened the harness and slipped out of it. Her pussy was extremely aroused, her clitoris was erect and protruding proudly from its hood, her inner labia were parted, and juices were dripping down her legs. "Sanura, lie down on your back. I wanna try something."

Sanura did as she was told and lied down in front of Cassidy. The brunette lied down in front of Sanura as well and then took the cat-girl's tail in her hands. "You're not doing what I think you're doing, are you?" Laura asked.

"You bet I am!" Cassidy said. With that, she inserted the tail into her soaked cunt and started moving it in and out. Sanura was intrigued by the idea and started wiggling the tail around inside of Cassidy's cunt. The Australian woman moaned and let go of the tail, letting Sanura do what she wanted with it. "Mixing my two favorite forms of erotic anime, the cat-girl and the tentacle."

Laura laughed out loud at what Cassidy had said. "Hey, Sanura," said the blonde. "You wanna try out the vibrator?"

"You mean this?" Sanura asked, picking up the Pocket Rocket that was sitting next to her.

"Yeah. That's it," said Laura, taking the small toy from Sanura. "I'll try this out on you and you can use the dildo on me." Sanura picked up the rainbow colored dildo and Laura got into a sixty-nine with the girl.

"Yeah," Cassidy said, rubbing her tits. "Let me see you two fuck each other." Laura turned on the Pocket Rocket and very carefully touched it to Sanura's erect clit. Sanura gasped and jumped at the feeling, causing her tail to push into Cassidy's pussy. Cassidy also gasped at the sudden jolt and then laughed lustfully.

"Is it too much for you?" Laura asked Sanura.

"I'm all right," said the Egyptian girl. "I think I can handle it now." Laura touched the vibrator to the Egyptian's clitoris again. Sanura again gasped and twitched at the feeling, but as she got used to the intense vibrations, she started moaning and meowing in pleasure. She took the dildo and pushed it into Laura's wet cunt, causing the blonde to moan in pleasure as well.

It was a new experience for all three women. Laura had never been penetrated with a dildo before, Sanura had never experienced a vibrator before, and Cassidy definitely had never been fucked by a cat's tail before! All three of them were moaning and sighing in pleasure as they made love to each other. Sanura pushed the dildo up into Laura's canal so that it pushed against that special place on her front wall. Laura groaned in bliss and started fucking Sanura's hole with two of her fingers, also pushing them against the front wall. Sanura cried out and arched her back in pleasure as Laura did to her what she was doing to Laura. Again, Sanura's tail tensed up and pushed against the walls of Cassidy's pussy, making the brunette groan and grunt in pleasure as well.

"Oh," meowed Sanura. "Laura. That feels so good. Fuck me just like that."

"That front wall feels good, doesn't it?" Laura asked.

"Mm-hm," Sanura replied as she continued to fuck Laura's pussy with the dildo and Cassidy's pussy with her tail.

"Yes! Yes!" cried Cassidy as Sanura pushed against the front wall of her tunnel with her now-soaked tail. "That feels so good, Sanura. I can't believe how good you are!"

"She's really a goddess when it comes to sex," Laura said, almost unable to speak through her labored breathing.

'Although "angel" would be more appropriate,' thought the blonde to herself.

"Ah!" cried Sanura. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yeah," Laura said. "Let me see you squirt."

Sanura's body tensed up and her breath caught. For several seconds, Cassidy groaned in sexual frustration as Sanura's tail stopped squirming inside her cunt. "Sanura!" she cried. "Cum all over me!" That one sexually dominant command from Cassidy was all it took to push Sanura over the edge. She emitted a loud, crying meow as her entire body, including her tail, shook uncontrollably. Sanura gripped Laura's hips for balance as her hips jerked about, girl-cum spewing all over Cassidy's body. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" cried the brunette as she was pushed past the point of no return by the spasming tail pressing against her front wall and by Sanura's warm juices coating her body. Cassidy quickly brought her right hand from her breasts to her throbbing clit and rubbed it as hard and fast as she could. She grunted and groaned in orgasmic bliss as she started cumming powerfully. Her hips thrusted high into the air and her own girl-cum gushed from her cunt, splattering against Laura's face.

Cassidy's cum-juices were not as sweet as Sanura's, but they were no less erotic and stimulating to the blonde. Laura, too, was overcome by a powerful orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy as her body convulsed violently, her pussy squirting her orgasmic honey all over Sanura's body. She feeling of Laura's warm nectar coating her face seemed to heighten Sanura's feelings of sexual stimulation and she was brought to a second powerful orgasm. Her tail twitched and jerked inside Cassidy's pussy, pushing the Australian over the edge again. "Oh, fuck!" cried Cassidy as her pee-hole again exploded with another stream of warm cum. The same liquid that brought about Laura's first orgasm of the night brought about her second as well. The three highly aroused women continued cumming hard until their third orgasms ended and their bodies came to rest on the cum-soaked bed. Laura barely had enough strength to turn off the Pocket Rocket before she passed out along with Sanura and Cassidy.

In her dreams, Laura again found herself bound to the wall of an ancient Egyptian chamber by snakes. She saw movement in the darkness before her. "Apophis!" she cried.

"It will not be long now, Laura," said the man coming close enough for Laura to see his face. It was the same man that Laura had seen in her dreams three nights before. Apophis continued in ancient Egyptian tongue, "Soon, you will be mine, and we shall rule the universe together."

"I don't want to rule the universe," Laura protested, "especially not by your side."

"That will change. As soon as I sting you with my fangs, you will see things my way and you will not want to resist."

"Do not worry," a female voice said from behind the wall Laura was bound to. "I will protect you." Suddenly, the snakes that were holding Laura to the wall vanished and the blonde was freed. She lashed at Apophis with the claws of a cat, causing the man to draw back in fear. Laura ran from Apophis as fast as she could until she saw a tunnel exiting the chamber. She ran down the tunnel and saw a light at the end of it.

Laura looked back to see a giant cobra chasing her down the tunnel. "You cannot escape me!" the cobra that was Apophis cried to her. Laura continued running toward the light with the speed and agility of a cat. She launched herself out of the tunnel, into the light, and onto Sanura's naked body.

Sanura and Cassidy had seemingly slept very peacefully all the way through the night. It was not unexpected after they had endured four massive orgasms each. Even though Laura had sustained four massive orgasms as well, she felt a strength inside of her that she did not expect. It was not the physical strength that she had received from the child she was carrying, but a strength of will and courage that made her brave enough to face any obstacle. She stood up and marched proudly into the bathroom.

Laura sat down on the toilet and relieved herself before stepping into the shower. As she was lathering up her body with body wash, she heard the bathroom door open. "What is that heavenly smell?" she heard Sanura's voice say.

"It's body wash," Laura replied. "Come on in. The water's fine."

"Just a moment." Laura saw Sanura's silhouette sit down on the toilet. After Sanura had done her business, she pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in. "You have a waterfall," she said.

"Go ahead. Step into the stream."

Sanura walked forward and felt the spray with her hand. "It's warm." She stepped all the way in and then sighed as the warm water cascaded down her naked body. "That feels good," she sighed. Laura poured body wash onto her hands and started lathering up Sanura's back. The Egyptian purred as she felt the lather sink into her pores.

"Good morning," a voice said front behind Laura and Sanura. They turned to see Cassidy stepping into the shower. "I'm not disturbing anything, am I?"

"No, not at all," Laura replied. "I was just washing Sanura's back here."

"Mind if I help?"

"Not at all." Laura stepped aside and let Cassidy walk up behind Sanura.

Sanura purred and Cassidy massaged her back with the body wash. "I love hearing you purr," said the brunette. She kissed the back on Sanura's neck, eliciting small moans from the cat-girl.

As they finished washing the dried sweat and girl-juices off of their bodies, the three women stepped out of the shower and dried off. Laura was the first to march straight into the bedroom and start picking out clean clothes for her to wear. "You seem to be awake this morning," Cassidy said, walking into the bedroom with and arm wrapped around Sanura's back.

"I've never felt better," the blonde replied. "I don't know what it is. I rested well after all of those orgasms last night, but it's something more. Maybe it has something to do with the dream I had last night."

"What dream?" Sanura asked.

"Well," Laura explained, "Apophis came to me in my dream, just like he did the other night. However, this time, I was given a gift. I was able to escape from Apophis with the claws and speed of a cat. I think that Bast helped me."

"We have a chance to win now," Sanura said, her eyes wide with happiness. "With Bast on our side, there's no way Apophis can win!"

"I hope you're right, Sanura," said Cassidy.

"On, no," said Sanura, holding her crotch.

"What is it, Sanura," asked Laura.

"I'm menstruating."

Cassidy ran to her luggage bag and pulled out a box of tampons. "Here," she said, opening the box and taking out a tampon. "Lie down on the bed." Sanura did as she was told. Cassidy lifted Sanura's robe to see a small bit of menstrual blood leaking from Sanura's opening. She stuck the tampon into Sanura's vagina and made sure that it was secure. "Laura, could you get me a pair of panties?" Laura found Cassidy's panties and threw them to her. "This should keep the tampon from falling out, said the Australian women, pulling the panties up Sanura's legs.

"Thank you, Cassidy," the younger woman said timidly.

"There's no need to be embarrassed," said the brunette. "It happens to every girl every month."

"I know. But this place is just so elaborate. I don't want to make it dirty."

"But everything is all right now. Come on! Let's get to that Temple and kiss some snake butt!" After the women dressed, they went out to Cassidy's truck and started on their way back to the Temple of Apophis.


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