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My Angel, Part 5,
by Nathan Warford


"How do you plan on going about doing this?" Cassidy asked Laura as she drove her and Sanura through the desert.

"I don't really know," Laura replied.

"Some plan," said the Australian.

"Don't worry," the blonde replied. "I have full confidence that we'll succeed."

"I wish I could be as confident as you," Sanura said. "I'm worried for you. You are going up against Apophis, the most dangerous god there is."

"I know that," Laura reassured her young friend. "But somehow, I also know that we'll win."

As they drove further south, the three friends saw some people at the oasis. They were dressed in robes much like the people in Sanura's village wore. "Who are those?" Sanura wondered.

"I don't know," Laura said. As they continued driving, they spotted more people in Egyptian robes, walking in the direction that they were driving. "Is something going on in your village, Sanura?"

"No," replied the Egyptian girl. "It is not a holiday. Nothing special is happening that I know of."

Something caught Laura's eye. One of the Egyptians was holding something in his hands. The blonde could not quite make it out, but she thought that it looked like a stone sculpture of a snake. 'I hope this isn't what I think it is,' she thought.

As they approached the Temple of Apophis, Laura's fears were confirmed. "Oh, shit!" she cried at seeing the Temple. There were many people in Egyptian robes gathered around the opening, approaching the Temple from all directions. "It's happening," said Laura. "Apophis' plan is coming into play. These are worshippers of Apophis."

Cassidy drove by the Temple and stopped the truck several hundred feet away to observe what was happening from a distance. "What exactly is Apophis' plan, Laura?" asked Cassidy.

"When we first excavated the Temple and looked inside, we saw stone sculptures of snakes at the altar. On the way here, I saw several people holding sculptures just like the ones we saw. I have a feeling that a ceremony is going to take place in which these people are going to start a fire and burn cats."

A loud gasp came from Sanura's direction. Laura and Cassidy looked to see Sanura staring in horror at what Laura had said. Almost immediately, tears were started to well in her eyes. "Burn cats?" she said quietly.

Laura held Sanura in her arms to comfort her. "Don't worry," Laura said. "That's why we're here. To make sure that Apophis does not succeed."

"Hey, guys," said Cassidy. "We have company." Laura and Sanura looked to see several Egyptians walking from the Temple towards them.

As the Egyptians approached the truck Sanura started hissing at them. "Cassidy," said Laura, "you might want to keep your distance for a moment." Laura and Cassidy got down on the floor of the truck. Suddenly, Sanura jumped out of the truck toward the Egyptians that were coming to investigate. The girl growled and hissed at the Egyptians, swiping at them with her hands. One of them pulled out a knife and tried to cut Sanura, but the girl was too fast and dodged the weapon. After several more swipes, the Egyptians were felled by Sanura's claws.

"Impressive," Cassidy said when the Egyptians were incapacitated.

Laura and Cassidy got out of the truck and approached the Egyptians. "My god," said Laura. "Two of them are women!"

"Just goes to show you that women can also be bad," Cassidy said.

"We might be able to get into the temple," said Sanura. "You might be able to pass yourselves off as some of them by putting on their robes."

"If we could find some fabric to put over our faces," Laura said, "it would be more difficult to see me and Cassidy as Westerners." Cassidy nodded in agreement.

After Laura and Cassidy had stolen and changed into two of the Egyptians' clothes, Sanura ripped several pieces of fabric from another robe and handed a piece to Laura and another to Cassidy. They managed to wrap the fabric around their faces, hiding their ethnicity. "Damn, these robes are hot!" Laura said.

"But they feel really nice when there's a breeze under the robes," said Cassidy. "Without panties, you get kind of a rush every time there's wind." Laura and Cassidy laughed a little bit. After putting the Egyptians into the trunk, Laura, Sanura, and Cassidy started walking toward the Temple.

They got into the Temple without too much trouble since Sanura knew Arabic. At the altar, a fire had all ready been started. Worshippers were gathered by the fire and chanting to the flames. "This is not looking good," Cassidy said quietly so that none of the worshippers would hear her speaking English.

For several minutes, the three women simply observed the ceremony. Then, Sanura suddenly spun around and looked toward the opening to the Temple. "What is it, Sanura?" Laura asked.

"I thought I heard something," said the girl. Then, Laura saw an Egyptian man in an ancient Egyptian crown walking into the Temple. The crest bared the sculpture of a cobra's head. In the man's hands was a large bag, which obviously was filled with moving creatures. Just barely, Laura could hear frightened mewing from inside the bag! "Cats!" Sanura cried in horror.

Suddenly, the chanting stopped and the worshippers turned to Sanura. "Well that's not good," Cassidy said at seeing the worshippers realizing that they were imposters. In the blink of an eye, a massive brawl unfolded in the Temple with the worshippers fighting the three imposters. Sanura scratched and bit while Laura threw punches. Cassidy whipped out a semiautomatic pistol and started firing rounds into the crowd of attacking Egyptians.

Sanura fought her way to the entrance and attacked the crowned man viciously until he fell to the ground, releasing his grip on the bag. Sanura quickly made her way outside and tried to find the string that kept the bag from falling open. She quickly scratched the string and the cats sprung loose, running away from the scene. Several of the worshippers started running after the cats, trying to get them back into the bag. "No!" Sanura cried, seeing that she could not stop the Egyptians from getting the cats back.

However, out of the blue, falcons swooped down from the sky and started attacking the Egyptians! Several of the worshippers cried in pain as the large birds pecked at their faces. The worshippers retreated and several of the falcons picked up the cats in their talons and flew off with them, most of them flying north toward Cairo. Sanura smiled and said, "Thank you, Horus. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Laura and Cassidy were still felling worshippers inside the Temple. About a third of them were incapacitated or killed. Most of them had fled. About twenty more still were participating in the brawl. As Cassidy reached into her robes to reload, a worshipper jumped up behind her and pried the gun from her hands. Laura jumped toward the Egyptian and punched him in the face with such force that the vertebrae in his spine broke. "Wow. Thanks, Laura," said Cassidy.

Laura groaned and fell to the ground as the pain in her ankle flared up again. Then, Laura saw Sanura growling and hissing at her from the entrance to the Temple. However, Laura was prepared for Sanura this time. As Sanura pounced toward Laura, the blonde hid behind one of the worshippers and used him as a human shield. Sanura brought down the Egyptian and lashed at him with her claws and teeth instead of Laura.

When Sanura had finished killing the Egyptian, the rest of the worshippers that had not been felled had escaped. Sanura stood up and looked at the blonde. "That was quick thinking, Laura," she said.

"I was prepared for it," the American woman said.

"How are the cats?" Cassidy asked.

"They're safe," Sanura replied. "I thought that they couldn't be saved, but falcons came from the sky and drove the worshippers away. They then picked up the cats and flew them back to their homes. I think that Horus sent the falcons to save the cats."

"Horus," Laura said, "the falcon-headed god of the sky." Sanura nodded. Laura then looked around the Temple. She then called out in an ancient Egyptian tongue, "I know you can hear me Apophis. Show yourself! I am carrying your son and I want him out of my body. If you do not reply, I promise that you will suffer for it! I will pray to Ra and Bast and all of the other gods to kill you and not let you be resurrected. I will count down from ten and if you do not answer, I will start my prayer. Ten. Nine. Eight. Are you there, Apophis? Seven. Six. Five. Four seconds left! Three. Two." Suddenly, there was a gust of wind in the Temple. The fire at the altar levitated and flew toward the far wall of the Temple. After several seconds, the fire stopped burning and a hole in the wall had formed. In the hole, Laura, Sanura, and Cassidy saw what looked liked a tunnel of dark energy. Laura then said, "Apophis, for your sake, I hope that was a reply!"

Laura started walking toward the tunnel when Sanura grabbed her arm. "I'm afraid," Sanura said.

"I'll be all right, Sanura," Laura said. "Bast will protect me."

Laura walked toward the tunnel again, but Sanura kept a firm grip on her arm. "Then so will I," she said.

"Sanura, this is a portal to the realm of Apophis. It will be very dangerous."

"I know. That is why I'm going in there to protect you." Laura and Sanura embraced and kissed passionately, making sure that if they died, they would die knowing that they loved each other.

After breaking the embrace, Laura said to Cassidy, "Cass, I think it would be best if you stayed behind."

"You think I didn't know that?" the Australian woman said.

"Thank you for all your help." Laura briefly kissed Cassidy.

"Thank you," said Sanura, kissing Cassidy as well.

Sanura took Laura's hand and the two women walked to the tunnel. As they approached, their bodies were swept up into the portal and they vanished. "Good luck girls," Cassidy said. She went back up to the surface.

Laura and Sanura emerged on the other side of the portal. As they observed their surroundings, they realized that they were in an ancient tunnel, even more ancient than the pyramids. "I can't see a thing," Laura said.

Suddenly, torches lit up along the walls of the tunnel, showing that the walls were made of solid gold. "Come forward," a booming voice said in ancient Egyptian.

Sanura held onto Laura's arm in fear. "Apophis," she realized.

Laura held Sanura's hand and they started walking down the tunnel. It felt like they had been walking for hours until the two women came to a large chamber. Although the chamber was dark at first, the walls lit up with torches, illuminating a throne at the far end of the chamber. Sitting in the throne was an Egyptian man in his late twenties. Laura recognized the man as the person she had seen in her dreams. It was Apophis! "Tell me, Laura," said Apophis in ancient Egyptian. "Why have you come here?"

"I want this child out of my womb," Laura said, speaking in the same ancient tongue that she should not have known. "I want no part in your plan to rule the world."

Booming laughter came from Apophis' mouth. "My dear girl," he said. "What makes you think I would agree to release you from this curse?"

"Remember what I said about my prayer to the gods?"

Again, Apophis laughed a bellowing laugh. "You managing to defeat my followers was what got my attention, not your threat of praying to the gods to get rid of me forever. I have no fear of your prayer. You see, the gods need me. Without me, there would be no night. Ra would light the sky for the rest of eternity. Do you have any idea what that would do to this world? Crops would die, oceans would dry up, you humans would die of thirst. I am what keeps the balance."

"Your tricks do no good, Apophis," Laura said. "I know everything about the Egyptian myths and I know that deities frequently switch tasks with others. Anubis was once the god of the dead and the afterlife, but when Osiris was killed by Seth, he took over that job for Anubis. If you are killed, you will be replaced to bring night to the world."

"Perhaps you do not understand what would happen if you gave birth to my son. As a half-human, he would walk the earth as you do. However, a part of me is inside him. Even if I am killed, he would become my connection to your world. No matter what you do, you cannot win."

Apophis raised his hand and Laura's body was lifted from the ground. Laura was dragged by a divine force to the wall and was held in place by snakes, just like in her dreams. "Laura!" Sanura cried at seeing her lover trapped to the wall.

Sanura started running to Laura to help her. "Die!" Apophis bellowed. He reached his hand toward Sanura and a wave of dark energy flew from his hand toward Sanura.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash and a woman in her late twenties appeared in front of Sanura. In her hand was an ankh, which she held toward Apophis and the ankh absorbed the dark energy that Apophis had thrown, protecting Sanura. "You shall not interfere!" the woman cried to Apophis as Sanura went to help Laura.

"Well," said Apophis. "This is certainly a surprise."

Sanura killed the snakes that chained Laura to the wall and the blonde was freed. It was then that Laura looked at the woman who had saved Sanura to see her holding both the ankh in her right hand and a papyrus wand in her left hand. "That woman," Laura said, "the ankh in her hand, the papyrus wand in the other."

"It's Bast!" Sanura said in awe.

"Soon, it will all be over," said Apophis to Bast. "Soon, my son will be born, and I shall finally defeat you. Then, there will be nothing to stop me from ruling the world for eternity." Then, Apophis transformed into the giant cobra and started hissing at Bast. Bast transformed as well into a giant cat and hissed at Apophis as well. The two enormous animals lunged at one another and started scratching and biting at one another.

"A battle to the death," said Sanura. "Apophis versus Bast. Never has any human seen such a battle."

"I can't believe I would ever see such a thing," said Laura.

The two deities continued their titanic battle while Laura and Sanura looked on. Suddenly, in a quick movement, Apophis managed to wrap his serpentine body around Bast, immobilizing the cat-goddess. "You cannot win, Bast!" Apophis said.

The giant cobra then turned to Laura and opened his mouth, showing his fangs to the blonde. Suddenly, venom shot from Apophis' fangs directly at Laura. Without time to react, Laura was hit with the shot of venom. She cried in agony as the venom came in contact with her eyes. "No! Laura!" Sanura cried, rushing to Laura's side.

"No, Sanura!" cried Bast. "Don't go!" However, it was too late. Sanura had already gotten to Laura. Suddenly, Laura jumped to her feet and punched Sanura in the stomach, throwing the young girl across the room. Bast managed to bite Apophis, causing the snake to growl in pain and release Bast from his grip.

Sanura slowly got to her feet and saw Laura rushing at her. Sanura pounced onto Laura, knocking her to the ground. Laura pushed Sanura off of her body and high into the air. Sanura landed on her feet and rushed at Laura again, swiping at her with her hands. Laura's face and arms were scratched several times, but she continued attacking Sanura relentlessly while Sanura attacked Laura with just as much power.

Bast and Apophis continued fighting as well. "Why do you persist?" Apophis said to the black cat. "Laura has received a deadly dose of venom. She is under my control and nothing will stop her from having my child now."

"Your venom is strong, Apophis, but Laura's will is stronger. She is resisting you." Apophis bared his fangs and spat at Bast with his venom, but the goddess was fast enough to dodge out of the way before the venom hit her. "Laura!" Bast cried. "You must resist!"

"I must resist," Laura said. Sanura struck at Laura again. Laura tried not to protect herself, but Apophis' control over her was growing and she could not help but to block Sanura's attack. She grabbed Sanura's wrists, keeping the girl from scratching her. Laura kicked Sanura in the stomach, again throwing Sanura several meters away. "Damn it," Laura said with tears in her eyes. She was trying as hard as she could to break Apophis' control, but she still could not stop herself from running toward Sanura and lunging at her.

Sanura quickly rolled out of the way before Laura could attack and sprung to her feet. The two women squared off and they jumped at each other again, fighting with nails and teeth and fists and feet. "Laura!" Sanura cried, trying to get through to her lover. "Please come back!"

Although Apophis' will was very strong, Laura was able to say, "Sanura. You must kill me."

"I can't, Laura. I love you."

"You must!" Laura picked up Sanura and pushed her away with the great force that Apophis had given her, slamming her hard against the wall.

"Ha!" Apophis laughed. "It is impossible! No human can defeat the power of my son!"

For a brief moment, Laura was able to resist the urge to attack Sanura and she rushed to the girl's side. "Sanura," she said, "are you okay?" Without warning, Sanura slashed at Laura's legs. Because she had thought that Sanura was do badly hurt to move, Laura was caught off guard and was unable to stop Sanura from attacking. Laura cried in pain and fell to her knees, the pain in her legs keeping her from standing upright. With Laura on her knees, Sanura was easily able to pin Laura to the ground.

Because off all of Sanura's fast movements, her turban had become looser and looser. Her final pounce on top of Laura was enough to cause the hem to become undone, and the turban fell from her head revealing her cat-like ears. Apophis gasped at the sight of Sanura's ears. Before Laura could react, Sanura started lashing at Laura's abdomen with all of her strength. Laura cried out as her body was opened by Sanura's sharp claws. Apophis watched in horror as Sanura dug deeper and deeper into Laura's flesh. After several moments, Laura went limp. Sanura reached into the deep wound that she had given Laura and pulled out a small human, about two inches in height. The fetus had a tail, arms but no legs, a long muzzle, and no ears. Sanura turned to Apophis and said, "I am no human!" Sanura slashed at the umbilical cord with her claws, cutting it cleanly. Blood drained from the fetus' body through the umbilical cord until it was dead.

With Apophis overcome with disbelief, Bast had the opportunity to sneak up behind him and bite him in the back of the neck. Apophis cried in pain as the cat-goddess sank her teeth into him. As Bast continued to grip Apophis with her teeth, Apophis' strength declined. He eventually went limp and Bast let him fall to the ground. With his last ounce of strength, he said. "You have not won yet, Bast. I will be resurrected and I will rule the sky once again."

"And I will defeat you as I always have so that Ra can light up the day." Apophis let out one last breath of air. His body turned back into a human, except for his head, which remained that of a cobra. Now that Apophis was dead, he had reverted to his true form.

Meanwhile, Sanura was still at Laura's side. She leaned over the older woman and said, "Laura? Laura?"

Slowly, Laura opened her eyes and looked at Sanura. She smiled and said, "Hey there."

"Laura, I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what? You released me from Apophis' control. You fulfilled your destiny and saved the world."

"Laura..." Sanura's ears were turned down and tears were in her eyes.

"You set me free, Sanura, in more ways than one. Although I have only known you for a few days, I am more thankful for those few days than I am for the previous twenty-two years that I was alive. I am so thankful for every moment I was with you. And I am so thankful that I'm here with you now."

"Laura. Please. You can't die. I can't live without you."

"Yes, you can. You can live knowing that I love you and that I will always love you. And I can die knowing that you love me and will always love me." Sanura took Laura's hand and they held each other tightly. "Good bye...my angel." Sanura lowered her head to Laura's and they kissed passionately. As they kissed, Laura's grip on Sanura's hand let go and her body went limp. Sanura started sobbing. Then, the sobbing intensified into wailing cries and meows of despair. Sanura held Laura's body tightly and cried painfully, overcome with sorrow for her lover.

After several minutes of strong emotions and gushing tears, Sanura felt a hand on her shoulder. Sanura looked up and saw that Bast had transformed back into her human form and was looking down upon her. "Sanura," the goddess said in ancient Egyptian, "all is not lost." Bast took Laura's body in her arms and said, "Come with me." Bast started walking out of the chamber and Sanura, although crestfallen, managed to get to her feet and follow Bast.

Outside, in her Jeep, Cassidy looked at the sky as the solar eclipse ended. "That is very strange," she said to herself. "I didn't know that a solar eclipse was supposed to happen in Egypt today." She looked toward the Temple of Apophis to see a strange woman walking out with Laura in her arms with Sanura following behind. "Will someone tell me what's going on here?" the brunette said.

Bast looked toward the sun and pointed. Everyone looked in the direction that the woman pointed and saw the sun changing its shape. It took on the form of a giant eagle and flew down to them! Along with the giant eagle was a giant falcon. When both of the gigantic birds landed, their bodies transformed into those of two Egyptian men, appearing to be in their late twenties. "Horus..." Sanura said looking at the man that the falcon had transformed into. She looked at the man that the eagle had transformed into, who seemed to be glowing as brightly as the sun. "...and Ra," she said in awe.

"Cassidy," Bast said to the Australian.

"What?" Cassidy said in awe at seeing three Egyptian deities.

"Take Laura's body. We must go to Heliopolis." Bast put Laura's body on the back seat of the Jeep.

"Heliopolis?" Cassidy asked. "Where is that?"

"Ra will show us the way." Bast then turned to Sanura and said, "Sanura. Climb onto Horus' back." Sanura nodded and climbed onto the back of the man that the falcon had transformed into. Bast climbed onto Ra's back. The two men transformed back into the giant birds and they flew off with Bast and Sanura on their backs. Cassidy turned on the ignition and drove off, following the birds north.

After several hours the group arrived north of Cairo at the ancient city of Heliopolis. There was an ancient temple in the city, which seemed to have been recently rebuilt. As the birds landed, Bast and Sanura got off of their backs and Ra and Horus transformed back into their human forms. "So this is Heliopolis," Cassidy said as she got out of the truck, carrying Laura in her arms.

"Yes," said Ra. "In ancient times, people came here to worship me, as well as Horus, Isis, Anubis, and Osiris."

"Anubis and Osiris!" cried Sanura. "Then that means...!"

"Yes," said Bast. The goddess took Laura from Cassidy and walked into the Temple of Ra with Horus and Ra. Cassidy and Sanura quickly followed.

In the center of a Temple was a hole in the ground, large and deep enough to suggest that it was a grave. Then, out of the hole jumped a man. He seemed to be wrapped up like a mummy and his face was green in color. "Osiris," Sanura realized. Following Osiris was a man with the head of a jackal. "...and Anubis." Anubis had with him a sarcophagus and embalming materials.

"Sanura," Bast said, "help us." The deities and Sanura gathered around as Bast placed Laura's body into the sarcophagus. Anubis handed out the embalming materials to everyone else and the process of embalming Laura's body began.

When Laura's body was wrapped up and embalmed, the sarcophagus was closed. Bast then handed her ankh to Osiris, who held the anke over the sarcophagus and chanted in ancient Egyptian. As Osiris chanted, the ankh in his hand glowed and shone a light upon the sarcophagus. Osiris chanted for several minutes, his chants becoming more and more intense. His last words of the chant were, "Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!" After the third "Rise up," there was movement inside the sarcophagus. It was quickly opened and Laura's body was unwrapped. Laura jumped to a sitting position and breathed heavily, gasping for air.

"Laura!" cried Sanura, jumping into Laura's arms.

"Sanura!" cried Laura, holding the girl tightly in her arms. They kissed passionately, thankful that they were both alive and well. When the kiss broke, Laura looked around and saw all of the deities that were gathered around her. "Oh, wow," she said. "Bast, Ra, Horus, Osiris, and Anubis. Let's see, I was embalmed by Anubis and resurrected by Osiris, right?"

"You are familiar with the ancient ways," Anubis said.

"Yes," Laura replied. "It is my field of study." Laura and Sanura stood up and got out of the sarcophagus. As Laura looked at her body, she said, "Whoa. All of my wounds are completely healed."

Sanura got down on her hands and knees behind Laura. "Including your ankle." The bite marks on her ankle were completely healed. Not even a scar remained.

"It's the ankh," Laura said, seeing Osiris give the looped cross back to Bast, "the Egyptian symbol of life."

"Thank you all," Bast said.

"Anything for my great-aunt," said Osiris. The green-faced god turned to Horus and said, "Good luck accompanying Ra across the sky, Horus."

"And good luck accompanying Anubis through the underworld, Father," Horus replied. He then turned to Anubis and said, "Brother, take care of Father."

"I always do," said the jackal-headed god. He and Osiris jumped back into the hole along with the sarcophagus and embalming materials. When the rest of the group looked into the hole, the two gods of the underworld were gone and the hole was just a hole again.

Bast gathered with Ra and Horus. "Well," she said, "we had best be off. We cannot live in this realm for very long."

"Thank you, Bast," Laura said, "for all your help."

"Good bye, Laura," said Bast.

Sanura went to Bast and hugged her. "Good bye..." Sanura said, "...Mother." With that, Bast jumped onto Ra's back.

"Thank you for the ride, Father," Bast said. Ra transformed into an eagle and Horus transformed into a falcon. They took off and flew into the sky, all of them coalescing into the sun.

After watching the three deities returning to their celestial realm, Cassidy said, "I didn't know that Sanura was the daughter of Bast."

Laura turned to Sanura and said, "You knew? You knew that Bast was your mother?"

Sanura looked at Laura and smiled. "Yes," she replied. "I have always known. My ears, my tail, my powers of medicine and of telling when a woman is pregnant, they all show a relation to Bast."

As the three women made their way back to the truck, they saw it shaking a bit with muffled cries from the trunk. Cassidy opened the trunk to find that the Apophis worshippers were awake. She pulled them out of the trunk and inspected them. "Get the fuck out of here," Cassidy said. With that one command, the Egyptians, afraid of Cassidy, hastily ran away. Laura, Sanura, and Cassidy got into the truck and drove back to Cairo.

The first thing that the women did when they got back to the hotel was take a shower together. After a day in the Egyptian sun, they wanted to wash off all of the sweat that had accumulated on their bodies. In the shower, they washed each other with the herbal body wash that Sanura thought smelled so heavenly. As they washed and lathered each other up, they kissed and fondled each other fervently. Before long, the smell of fruit mixed with the scent of female arousal, creating a very intoxicating aroma that drove the girls to continue. Eventually, Cassidy broke the kiss and said, "Why don't we bring this into the bedroom?" Both Laura and Sanura agreed. They did not bother to dry themselves off as they proceeded into the next room and threw themselves and each other down on the bed, making out aggressively.

"I don't understand," Laura said. "How are we so horny all of a sudden?"

"I think that Bast gave us all another menstrual cycle," said Sanura. "I can smell heightened pheromones from both of you and myself."

"Another menstrual cycle from a deity," Cassidy said. "I guess that the right thing to say right now is, 'Hallelujah!'" All of the girls wrapped their arms around each other and pulled each other in closer, pressing all of their breasts together. Each of them could feel the other women's hard nipples pressing against her flesh while they kissed and licked each other's faces madly.

As they were making out, they rolled around on the bed, having one girl under the other two at all times. At one time that Laura was on the bottom, she broke the kiss and said, "Cass, could you get the strap-on for me? I wanna try it on."

Cassidy gave Laura an evil grin and went to her drawer. She threw the strap-on to Laura and the blonde quickly got into it and tightened the straps to her specifications. "Use this on Sanura," said Cassidy, throwing a gold-colored, egg-shaped object with an electrical cord connecting it to a small panel to Laura.

"Is that a vibrator?" Sanura asked.

"Yes," Laura said. "This particular vibrator is simply called an egg."

"Okay." Sanura straddled Laura's face while Cassidy straddled Laura's hips with her back to Laura's front. Without any hesitation, Cassidy shoved the dildo sticking from Laura's crotch into her sopping cunt and started bouncing up and down on it. Laura turned on the vibrator using the small panel and touched the egg to Sanura's clitty. Sanura jumped at the initial sensation but was soon moaning and meowing in pleasure. Laura licked the length of the Egyptian girl's wet slit as the egg buzzed on Sanura's hard button.

"Ah! Oh, yes!" moaned Cassidy as she rode Laura's cock hard. Because all that Laura had to do to make the brunette happy was to move her hips up and down, she could focus most of her attention on Sanura without making the experience any less enjoyable for Cassidy.

"Mm. Oh, yeah," Sanura moaned as her hips rocked against Laura's face. "I love that vibrator. Oh!"

"I wanna go inside," Laura said. With the vibrator in Laura's right hand, she was holding Sanura's hips in place with the left. Sanura knew that Laura wanted to use her left hand to keep her from moving too far away from her face, so Sanura took the vibrator in her hands, allowing Laura to enter her hole with her right. Sanura moaned louder as she pressed the egg hard into her clitoris, but moaned even louder when Laura pressed against the front wall of her slimy canal. "Oh! Oh, yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"You like it, Sanura?" Cassidy asked.

"Mm-hm," the girl meowed.

"Yeah," moaned the Australian. "That cock feels so good in my cunt. Fuck me, Laura! Fuck me!" Cassidy bounced up and down on the dildo faster and started rubbing her clit frantically. "Oh, fuck yeah!" Laura thrusted her hips upward every time that Cassidy moved her hips down onto the rubber dick.

"You like that, Cassidy?" Laura asked.

"Yes, I love it!" Cassidy yelled.

As Laura fucked Sanura's opening with her right hand, she used her left hand to move Sanura slightly so that the younger woman's anus was in front of her face. Laura put her tongue to the puckered rosebud and Sanura cried out in bliss. Her hips spasmed against Laura's face, making it difficult for the blonde to keep her face planted on her ass hole.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Cassidy screamed. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" She emitted several loud, grunting screams as her body jerked and girl-cum squirted from her spasming pussy, soaking Laura's legs.

"Oh, shit!" Sanura cried as her body tensed up and she pushed the egg into her clit as hard as she could. After a second of holding her breath, Sanura started cumming violently. She screamed and meowed in ecstasy as her body bucked powerfully against Laura's face, covering it in her sweet cum-juices. Laura loved the taste of Sanura's honey and moaned in pleasure at the sweet and tangy flavor.

As Sanura and Cassidy came down from their orgasms, Cassidy turned around on Laura's dick and kissed Sanura aggressively. Sanura kissed Cassidy back just as hard. While the Australian and the Egyptian kissed, Laura put her hands to her breasts and fondled them, spreading Sanura's girl-cum over her body. "Oh, that's so hot when you do that," said Cassidy, noticing Laura's action. "We should reward you for such a sexy act." Cassidy loosened the straps around Laura's hips and pulled the strap-on down her legs and sucked it clean of her juices. Without the dick obstructing their vision, Sanura and Cassidy could see that Laura's pussy lips were open, her clit was very erect, and juices coated her thighs. They could tell that Laura was highly aroused.

Cassidy went back to her drawer and pulled out a red, double-headed dildo. "I wanna fuck both of you with this." Laura got onto her hands and knees and aimed her ass toward Sanura. Sanura also got onto her hands and knees, aiming her butt toward Laura. "Who wants a Pocket Rocket?" Cassidy asked.

"Sanura," said Laura, "you've tried both the Pocket Rocket and the egg. Which do you prefer?"

"I think I like the Pocket Rocket," the girl replied.

"I'll take the egg then." Sanura handed the egg to Laura and Cassidy came to them with the double-dildo in one hand and the Pocket Rocket in the other. She handed the Pocket Rocket to Sanura and got between the two younger women. She stuck one end of the dildo into Laura's cunt and the other end into Sanura's. Cassidy started moving the dildo back and forth between Laura and Sanura, first thrusting into Sanura's pussy and then into Laura's. Sanura's pussy, Laura's pussy. Laura and Sanura started moaning in pleasure as Cassidy helped them fuck each other. Laura turned on the egg and touched the vibrating head to her clit and Sanura did the same to herself with the Pocket Rocket. They both moaned loudly and their hips rocked back and forth to Cassidy's thrusts.

The entire hotel room smelled of girl sex and the intoxicating scent helped bring Laura and Sanura to very fast orgasms. Both of them were cumming powerfully within 60 seconds of starting with the double-dildo, both of them crying and meowing in pleasure with cum-juices saturating the sheets. Laura and Sanura collapsed to the bed, panting heavily, barely managing to turn off their vibrators. Cassidy took the double-dildo out of the other women's pussies and said, "You girls wanna taste your juices?" Laura and Sanura turned around and sucked on either side of the dildo, tasting each other's girl-juice.

"Laura," asked Sanura, "I wanna try fucking you with the strap-on."

"Oh," said Laura. "Okay." Sanura picked up the strap-on and strapped the harness to her hips. The straps went around the waist and bellow the buttocks instead of between the ass cheeks so there was plenty of room for Sanura's cat-like tail to sway. Laura got into the kitty-style position and Sanura got behind her.

However, before Sanura could enter Laura, Cassidy jumped onto the bed in front of Laura, lied down on her back, and spread her legs wide. Laura wasted no time in going for Cassidy's swollen cunt and sucking the hard clitoris into her mouth. Cassidy groaned in pleasure and started fondling her titties. Sanura then inserted the dildo into Laura's cunt and started thrusting it in and out. Laura moaned as she felt the cock slide in and out of her extremely wet pussy.

"Yes. Yes," said Cassidy. "Fuck me, Laura. Fuck me." Laura turned on the egg and shoved it into Cassidy's pussy. "Ah! Yes!" Cassidy screamed, her hips immediately humping Laura's face.

"Oh. Oh!" cried Laura. "Shit! I'm cumming again!" Another fast and violent orgasm shook Laura's body as Sanura's dick kept thrusting in and out of her spasming cunt. Honey squirted from Laura's pee-hole again, coating Sanura's legs in the musky fluid.

"That's it, Baby," said Cassidy as she watched Laura cum. "I love watching you cum. Oh. Oh, fuck!" Cassidy also came quickly, wild, lustful grunts and cries escaping her lips as pussy-juices squirted into Laura's mouth.

Laura and Cassidy were close to passing out, but they still wanted more. Laura climbed on top of Cassidy and the two women kissed passionately, Cassidy tasting her girl-cum on the blonde's lips.

"You wanna try my tail in your pussy?" Sanura asked the blonde.

"It feels so good," Cassidy said.

"Well, if it's as good as Cassidy says, yes I'll try it." Sanura lied down on her back and slipped the cum-soaked strap-on off of her body. Laura lied down in front of Sanura and the cat-girl moved her tail into Laura's reach. Laura grabbed the end of Sanura's tail and put it to her opening. Sanura entered her tail into the American's cunt and started wiggling it around inside her lover's hole. Laura moaned in pleasure as she experienced the feeling of a furry tentacle rubbing the walls of her cunt. She started squeezing and stimulating her breasts as Sanura's tail fucked her.

As Sanura fucked Laura with her tail, Cassidy got on top of Sanura in a sixty-nine position. Almost before Cassidy was ready, Sanura pulled Cassidy's cunt into her face and lapped at it hungrily. "Oh, yeah," moaned Cassidy as she plunged one end of the double-headed dildo into Sanura's tight twat. Sanura moaned in pleasure as well as Cassidy fucked her. Sanura turned the Pocket Rocket back on and brought it to Cassidy's dripping cunt, slipping it into her hole. Cassidy gasped and grunted as the object vibrated inside her. "Oh, fuck yeah!" the Australian moaned as she fucked Sanura's hole with the dildo hard.

"Oh, Sanura," Laura moaned as Sanura's tail wormed around inside her pussy. "That feels so good. Oh."

"You like how it presses against every wall inside you?" Cassidy asked.

"Mm-hm," moaned the blonde. As the long member squirmed around inside her cunt, Laura turned the egg back on and rubbed it against her aroused clit with her right hand, keeping her left hand upstairs to stimulate her nipples. Laura moaned and sighed in bliss as she was fucked by both Sanura and herself. The exoticism of the tail along with its ability to press against every wall in her pussy, including the extremely pleasurable front wall, drove Laura wild with lust and she humped the tail forcefully as she stimulated her own erect clitty.

Meanwhile, Cassidy had started flicking Sanura's turgid clitoris with her tongue as she continued thrusting the dildo into the Egyptian's cunt, sure to apply pressure to the front wall of the girl's pussy. Sanura meowed in pleasure as her hips started rocking to the brunette's ministrations. Sanura, in turn, continued sucking and licking at Cassidy's hard button while pressing the vibrator into the older woman's front pussy wall. Cassidy cried and groaned in sexual rapture, still very vocal in her sex play. Her body, too, was spasming involuntarily, grinding her pussy against Sanura's talented tongue.

"Sanura," Cassidy panted, "I wanna see you cum. I wanna see your cum spraying all over Laura. I wanna see you soak Laura in you honey."

"Yeah, Baby," Laura panted, close to orgasm. "Cum all over me, Sanura."

"Mm. Mm! Mm!" Sanura meowed louder and louder as she was pushed to the edge of orgasm. Sanura inhaled sharply and her body tensed up, her back arching.

"That's it, Baby," said Laura. "Cum for me."

Cassidy reached her free hand around Sanura's tail and to her butt. She put her middle finger to Sanura's asshole and shoved it in. Sanura screamed in ecstasy as the stimulation to her back entrance brought about a powerful orgasm. Cum-juices squirted from her urethra, soaking Laura's body. Again, Laura tasted Sanura's divinely sweet nectar and she was pushed to her peak. Sanura's tail convulsed inside Laura's pussy, pounding against her front wall, sending Laura over the edge. The blonde cried out in bliss as well as her body was overtaken by an orgasm just as powerful as Sanura's. Girl-cum jetted from her pee-hole straight into Cassidy's face. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Cassidy cried over and over again as her body bucked and jerked in orgasm. "Ah! Ah! Fuck, yeah!" she screamed as orgasmic juices gushed from her spasming cunt all over Sanura's face.

The warm, wet, musky juices that flooded Sanura's mouth brought the Egyptian girl to another shuddering orgasm and she meowed in bliss, sending another gush of cum-juices onto Laura's body. The domino effect continued, sending Laura to another powerful orgasm, and another spray of honey shot from her pussy, bringing Cassidy to another screaming orgasm.

The women slowly came down from their pleasure highs. Cassidy pulled her finger out of Sanura's rosebud, causing the 18-year-old to yelp with a pleasurable aftershock, sending one more squirt of juices onto Laura's body. Completely spent, the three women passed out from the sheer force of four massive orgasms each.

Because they had passed out before they could turn off the egg and the Pocket Rocket, both vibrators ran out of batteries as the women slept. They all laughed about the fact when they woke up the next morning. They all needed a very long shower to clean all of the sticky girl-juices and sweat off of each other, which had crusted over as they slept. After their shower, Laura put on her blue bathrobe, Cassidy put on the red bathrobe that used to be Denise's, and Sanura put on her usual robe. The three women walked onto the balcony and watched as the pyramids of Giza lit up as the first rays of sunlight hit them. Sanura said, "Again, Bast defeats Apophis and Ra rules the sky."

"Balance has been restored," Cassidy said.

"Yes, it has," Laura said, holding Sanura as they watched the day begin.

"Hey Sanura," Cassidy said, "what is it about the front wall of the vagina that makes it feel so good?"

"I don't know," said Sanura. "When I started masturbating and having sex, I somehow knew it would feel good. It's another one of my talents."

"...from the goddess of women," Laura added.

Cassidy went back into the room and booted up her computer. "I wonder if I can find anything on the internet," said the brunette.

"Internet?" asked Sanura.

Laura explained, "The object that Cassidy is working with right now is a computer. It's a device used for storing information. The internet is the network that is created when many computers are connected through wires or radio. The internet contains vast amounts of information that anyone with a connection to can look up in a flash."

"Now this is something," said Cassidy. "It seems that there's something called the G-spot on the front wall of the vagina."

Laura and Sanura looked on and read the document that Cassidy had found. "A female prostate gland?" Laura said in wonder.

"The fluid that you shoot from the urethra when you cum is similar in composition to male semen," said Sanura.

"And the G-spot is right below where the prostate gland would be in males," Cassidy said.

"The G-spot," Sanura said. "I finally know what it is on the front wall of the vagina that gives girls orgasms so powerful that they squirt fluid from their pee-holes."

"It's known as female ejaculation," Cassidy said as she read. "Makes sense since the fluid is similar to prostate fluid."

Sanura knew that she had to get back to her village so that her father would not worry about her. Laura, Sanura, and Cassidy had breakfast at the cafe. Laura had a Beef and Onion Scramble and Cassidy ordered Chicken with Hashbrowns. Sanura again ordered the Spinach Chickpea Omelet and a glass of raspberry limeade. After their delightful breakfast, Cassidy drove them south toward Sanura's village.

"These past few days have certainly been interesting," Sanura said on the ride south.

"I know," Laura commented. "Denise, Apophis, Bast..." Laura looked at Sanura and said, "...you."

"Don't forget about me," Cassidy said.

"How could we forget about you?" Laura said.

"It's too bad I can't stay with you," said Sanura, leaning against Laura's shoulder and wrapping her arms around the blonde.

"Why not?" Laura asked. "You're a woman now. I think you can leave your village and see the world if you want to."

"Maybe you girls would like to come back to Australia with me," Cassidy suggested. "We have a great beach in Adelaide where I live."

"Ya know, I have been thinking about studying the Aboriginal culture," Laura said.

"Cassidy, I would love to see Australia with you," Sanura said.

When they got to the village, Laura and Sanura introduced Cassidy to Ubaid and to the black cat, Bast. Sanura informed her father that she had decided to go with Laura and Cassidy to see the world. Ubaid was sad that his daughter was leaving, but knew that Sanura was old enough to start a life for herself. Sanura promised to visit the village of birth every now and then to see her father and her cat. After a night by the fire and hearing the villagers' prayers in ancient Egyptian, Laura, Sanura, and Cassidy took off back to Cairo and caught a plane to Adelaide, Australia.

"So tell me," said Sanura while they were waiting to take off, "what can I expect to see in Australia?"

"You'll love it," Cassidy said. "Sandy beaches, great wines, and kangaroos."

"What are kangaroos?"

"Ladies and gentlemen," said the captain over the P.A. "we will be taking off shortly. Please make sure that your seat belts are securely fastened and your seats are in their full, upright positions. Thank you for choosing Qantas Airways and please enjoy your flight."

"We will," said Cassidy. With an evil grin on her face, she said, "I need to use the bathroom after we take off." Laura and Sanura smiled, understanding Cassidy's statement perfectly.


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