Authors notes: So we have finally made it to the point where our spunky protagonist and her sexy alien lover prepare to head out into space.  All the previous warnings still apply; this story contains ample lesbian sex (incestuous and otherwise), alien sex, sex with toys and possible sex with machines.  There is still a lot of urination involved in addition to fighting and wrestling as well as a society where sexual relationships between children and adults is considered acceptable.  Any of these things are pretty much guaranteed to offend someone, so if they offend you please read no further.

Cindy (

Part 1: Everything gets real eventually.

            I was rousted from my bed, and from the delicious feeling of Forti’s ass against my stomach, by a vicious alarm.  Today we had to leave for Peter-Port to officially register me with the Space Guild; by having a current member nominate me I got to skip some of the preliminaries and, while either of my moms or Fortlyssa was qualified in that respect, everyone wanted to go.  Nadyne and Wendy were both prone to weeping at the thought of their baby leaving our homeworld and heading into space and I’ll be honest; I was kind of scared too but I was also really excited.  Most people going into space spend a long time working very menial jobs but I was going to start as an engineer’s apprentice. 

We also had business in Castro Valley so we would be taking a mixed train north to there and then a faster overnight train to Peter-Port.  My reason for getting up at this unholy hour was to go rent the truck that we would use to haul four pallets of strong ale to the rail yard.

            I know, on many of the more populated worlds people are reading this and going “Trains?  What the hell kind of backwater does our plucky heroine live on?”  Here’s why things are this way; aircraft of any sort require some kind a portable fuel and we, like many of the less populated worlds, just don’t have those resources.  What we do have are the turn-key fusion plants that you find on smaller worlds and that means we have electricity.  Electric trains are much easier to manage than electric aircraft.

            I took the tram to the rental agency and, after signing more screens than I though existed I was humming back toward home driving a small truck with a standard cargo pod on the back.  We were fortunate that there was a cargo unit that needed to head back up the line so we would not have to pay the return fee.  When I arrived back home and backed the truck up the loading area my moms and Forti were already there with the loader.  Four pallets occupied almost the entire pod and I had the fun task of getting it all secured while being groped by an alien.  Forti and my moms were dressed in their coveralls while I was only wearing work boots and gloves since it was a very warm day.  I guess there’s no accounting for what people consider sexy.

            I went in and got dressed, keenly aware that my coveralls were quite drab compared to those worn by the others.  Grabbing my bag we crowded into the cab and drove to the rail yard, our cargo pod was loaded on the train and the truck was dropped off.  We found our seats and settled in for the half-day trip to Castro Valley; mixed trains don’t go very fast.  There were only a few other people in our car, which was the only passenger car: two mothers and baby, two girls who looked a bit younger than I, and two males.  The girls could not stop staring at the males, but I (being a cool, soon-to-be spacer girl) restrained myself.  Wendy knew them and stopped to greet them, they had been doing some work at our power plant and Wendy had delivered beer to the employee pub.  They kept to themselves aware, I was sure, that they were true outsiders.  The women gathered around us, or more correctly the sexy alien.  Not a lot of people travel from Labrys, we are at the end of the rail line, so we talked about where we were going.

            Our journey had two purposes, to get our beer to Castro Valley and to get me registered.  The girls and the two moms were very impressed that I was going to be a spacer and began peppering me with questions about that life, none of which I could answer.

            “Are there lots of aliens?” asked Denry.  She was a pretty brunette who was nursing her baby as we talked.

            “There are 16 sentient races in Known Space that can tolerate each other’s atmospheres if you include humans.  There are two more that really never leave their home planets since they can’t breathe the other’s air, you see a few of them in environment suits but most trade with them is done on their orbiting stations.  Twelve of those races are bipedal look pretty much like mammals, the other four are more reptilian and I at least do not find them sexually attractive, unlike you cute humans.”  Forti had her hand in my coveralls rubbing my nipples as she talked.  Her coveralls were unzipped down to her belly so that everyone could see her colorful tits.  “Spacers tend to be pretty adventuresome where sex is concerned because with some races it can really be hard to tell what gender someone is, let alone know if you would survive sex with them.”

            Little Iris seemed to be full as Forti finished answering.  Wendy offered to walk with the baby up and down the aisle trying to get her to burp while  Jina (one of the younger girls) and I helped to finish off Denry’s milk; there are few things sexier than a woman with swollen milk-filled tits.  Wendy was successful in her task, perhaps too successful as she wound up with milk burped out on her back.  All us non-spacers were impressed that the mess just wiped off her coveralls with no stain and no stink.

            Vero (the other young girl) had gotten up to walk around a little and came back in a hurry with that excited look young people get when they have something they think is important to say.  “Guess what?”  No one really answered so she kept going.  “Those two males, they’re fucking in their seats!”

            Forti stood up and looked forward.  “Actually dear I think they are just sucking each other’s cocks.  I’ve seen it with males of my species as well.”  Denry and Jina both seemed disturbed by this and I wasn’t surprised.  In school we learn about human history and genders but males are rarely shown in a positive light so the idea of two males fucking was a little more than they could handle.

            “I’m not surprised,” Wendy added, still rocking little Iris.  “Just as Labrys was settled lesbians from Old Earth and is a city of all females Castro Valley was settled by gay men and is an all male city.  The two cities have many agreements regarding things like commodities, electric power, resources and even babies and adoptions.  For instance if one or both of Charlotte’s twins was to be a male he would be adopted by a couple in Castro Valley and if a couple there is going to have a girl the baby will come to Labrys when she is born.  Our bioengineers help the men there to conceive children; the big difference there is that they use an artificial womb.  Very rarely a woman will volunteer to carry the boy, but it does happen especially if she like doing pregnancy scenes.”

            As we rolled through the dense evergreen forest, in and out of rain, I could see Fortlyssa looking out the window wistfully and I knew that this reminded her of her home.  I got in her lap facing her, my forehead touching hers, our coveralls open so that our nipples touched.

            “Some day Samantha I want to take you to my homeworld.  I miss the forests and the fog and the rain, I miss running naked through the forest like I did when I was a child.  This part of your world reminds me of that.”  I could see that there were tears in her green eyes and it drove home to me how lonely a spacer’s life could be.  We held each other, both crying.  Nadyne and Wendy left us alone, knowing all too well what Forti was feeling.

            “You know there are some outlying communities here in the forests.  We could visit one some day and we could both run naked.”

            “I would like that Sammi, though I doubt you could keep up with me.”  I was sure she was right; those long legs could cover a lot of ground.

            The forest began to thin and the train slowed, pulling into the station on the edge of Castro Valley.  Much like Labrys, Castro Valley has an outer ring inside of which no member of the other gender is allowed.  We got off the train here since we had business.  The two males got off as well.  A few couples got on and the four women and the baby stayed on.  There is a beach resort with separate male and female facilities a little further north of Castro Valley, it is much closer to the equator than either city and is much warmer.  The four of us were occupied with seeing to the unloading of our cargo pod from the flatcar it was on; workers got it unloaded and a lift carried it to the receiving area.  There was a truck waiting with two men standing beside it, arm in arm; it was clear they owned the truck instead of renting it as it had the name of their pub, “The Emperor Norton” painted on the side along with an illustration of a bearded man in an old uniform.  Forti and I stood off to the side holding hands as Wendy haggled over the price.  It went on for a bit but after a while all was settled and the payment was logged into the station’s business center terminal, transferring the Standards to The Waxie Dargle’s account.  We had a drink (OK, several) in the station bar until our next train arrived.  This was a high-speed passenger train but since Peter-Port is well inland, on Venkmann’s equator up in the mountains, it would take us until the next afternoon to get there.  Thanks to Forti’s wealth as a porn goddess we were able to travel first class in a sleeping car which would make for a much more comfortable journey. 

There were many more people getting on this train but we were near the front and the attendant showed us to our compartments.  As usual Fortlyssa was the center of attention but I could tell we were in an area where aliens were not as rare and since there were males around she was only going to be fucking me this time.  That bit of insight made me quite happy.  We rolled along through the deepening dusk, the forest changing to grassland as the train continued north and east.

It was clear the bed in our compartment was designed for humans and short ones at that.  I am used to beds big enough to use as wrestling mats so one this narrow was a new thing to me.  Fortlyssa lay down on it and her feet hung off the end while her arms could span the mattress and her tail hardly had any room.  Nonetheless she wriggled out of her colorful spacers coveralls and lay on her side watching me.  I slowly took my drab tan coveralls off, teasing her like some ancient dancer.  I didn’t dare touch her pee hole since we had to sleep on these sheets so we laid on our sides, each licking the other, I worked her anus as she slid her long tongue in my pussy.  My climax came first and I bit into her thigh to muffle my screams, making her scissor my head in return.  I rolled her on her belly and ran my tongue around her colorful sex, teasing the base of her tail as I did.  Kneeling between her long legs I began to stroke her cunt with my hard nipples, making her ass clench and all her muscles quiver.  She had to bite the pillow as two waves of orgasm washed over her.  Both of us exhausted we turned out the compartment lights and snuggled with her breasts pressed into my back.  We both giggled as we could hear Wendy and Nadyne trying not to be too loud as they fucked.  It was clearly difficult for them.

I awoke alone with sun streaming though the compartment window onto the narrow bed.  Assuming Fortlyssa would be back soon I took care of my immediate needs and went out, knocking on my mom’s compartment door.  Wendy answered, informing that they were not ready yet and to leave them the hell alone.  I was left to watching videos on the small screen in my compartment until Forti returned.  She came along shortly, quite happy.

“I know its odd but it was so nice to not have to use a human toilet.  There is one a few cars up that while it is not designed for my people is at least easier to use.”  I quizzed her on the difference and learned that her people use what is essentially a hollow tub where you can wrap your arms around is and press your holes in an opening.  It sounds to me like you would appear to be fucking a tree but Forti was happy so I was happy.

The attendant folded up our bed and we sat together in the seat watching the plains roll by.  We stopped in several small towns, sometimes for long enough to get out.  It was good to stretch and we all remarked how much hotter and drier the air was here.  The sun was also brighter without the sea clouds and I found myself with a sunburned face; Forti was much wiser and was wearing a broad had and her dark sunglasses to protect her eyes.  At one stop we saw an older freight engine that dated from before the electrification of the line and that carried its own fusion generator.  It used steam instead of electricity and Fortlyssa talked with some the workers asking lots of questions about it, showing an engineer’s fascination with big things that move.

Peter-Port sits on a high plateau very close to Venkmann’s equator.  I attempted to show off what I had learned in the distance-learning courses I had taken as to why this was significant but my all-spacer family already knew these things in more detail than I did.  Forti gave me a pat on the ass and told me not to try so hard.  We made our way from the train station to an area close to the spaceport.  Nadyne had stayed in a small inn called The States of Guernsey on pervious trips to the spaceport and she knew the owners so we stopped there.  It was too late to go to the Space Guild office so we made our way to the bar.

This was an altogether new experience for me.  I had never been around so many people with their bodies covered and I had certainly never been around this many males.  We had rooms upstairs and I was happy to see there was a bigger bed than on the train, though still not as big as mine at home.  Fortlyssa was happy to see that the inn did have alien visitors and that we were in a room with a bathroom more suited to her.  This meant I had to do some gymnastics to use the facilities but Forti found this only fair considering how long she had put up with the small bathroom at my home.

I was lounging naked in a chair as Forti wiped down her coveralls.  She explained that the fabric was impervious to most liquids but still not too hot to wear.  In her years in space she had embroidered intricate designs on the arms and chest showing scenes from her history; I could see a representation of Nadyne over right breast and she told me that I would go on her left breast.  On the sleeves were images of five ships she had served on and representations of her specialties.

“Your coveralls and your vest tell your story to the crew little one.  It is entirely possible that we will be with people who do not read Sino-Englic and images like these convey a lot of information to those who need to know.  We will get you some proper coveralls and an engineer’s vest soon enough.”

“Will it be as pretty as yours?”

“That takes time.  Yours will be plain red since you are an apprentice.  As you move up you will get to add to it and I will teach you to embroider as much as I can.”  She pulled her boots on over her long, narrow feet and in that ensemble she was lust on two legs.  Her boots were dark green and came up to her knees.  Her coveralls were a light tan and showed off her curves nicely and her bright red vest completed the look.  To complete it she was wearing a lavender paisley scarf decorated with colored stripes and blue stars around her long neck.  “On many worlds,” she explained, “Your scarf tells your personal likes and dislikes.  This design indicates that I am interested in females, among other things.”

“I guess I will need one of those too.”

“Yes you will.  Now put on some clothes little one, we are going out for a bit.”

I put on some jeans and a white top, refusing to wear my old brewery coveralls on the sophisticated streets of Peter-Port.  We went downstairs and met to meet the moms in the bar.  They were also wearing ships coveralls that showed off their curves, I think they were a bit snugger than they had been the last time they were worn.  Neither had the elaborate needlework that Fortlyssa’s did, though Nadyne’s had a little bit that depicted a familiar green-haired figure on her right breast.  Nadyne wore a white vest and Wendy’s was dark blue with what appeared to be stars on it, each representing their shipboard roles.  We went out into the bright sunshine and walked down the street, my face still stinging I remembered to wear a hat this time.  I was struck by the fact that Fortlyssa did not attract much attention here.  While tall, colorful aliens are not common near our world’s spaceport, neither are they a unique event like they are in Labrys.

Nadyne was familiar with this part of the city, having spent more time here than Wendy, and led us to a shop on a side street.  We went in and were greeted by a very solid woman with very short black hair.

“Wendy!  Nadyne!  It is so good to see you; it has been far too long!  Are you two heading out again?”

“It is good to see you again Finla.”  Nadyne embraced the owner but there was no other real contact.  Coming from a community where casual public sex is common the thought of embracing someone without fucking them was new to me.  We had all had “The Talk” about social mores outside of Labrys but now it was becoming real to me.  “No, we are happy to be groundside but our eldest,” here she indicated me, “Is following our path and heading up so we are here to outfit her.”

“This is Samantha?  Oh my goodness, she was a toddler when I last saw her!”  She looked me over with a professional eye.  “182 regular and I would suggest dark red boots to match her hair.  What field is she in?”

“She will be my apprentice so she needs a red vest madam”  Forti was quite formal, as she often is with people she does not know well.  “I am Fortlyssa Dorix, Nadyne and I were on the Queen Mab together.

Finla took her first good look at Fortlyssa and I saw in her eyes that she might have some interest in females after all, or at least tall, sexy aliens.  “Ah yes, Nadyne told me about you years ago.  It seems the time skips have been kind to you.”  One of the effects of translight travel is that sometimes relativity causes your time to slow down quite a bit.  The result for Fortlyssa was that while for Nadyne over 20 years had passes since the two of them parted for Forti it had been only about seven.  She had gone on a long-range science voyage and there hard been some jump drive anomalies along the way.

Finla gave Fortlyssa a look that I could not quite interpret.  “You are of the Glathera, no?”  Forti nodded solemnly and bowed a little, her long fingers twined together.  “Well, Misti do Rishmaná sister.”  She held up her hands, palms out and Forti pressed hers to them and they touched foreheads.

“It is good to meet you on this road Finla.  Few humans know our language, I am honored to be here with you.”

“A good businesswoman knows her customer base my dear Miss Dorix.  Now, let’s get this young lady ready to travel in comfort.  Get those clothes off dear, it’s time to pull up a groove and get fabulous.”

I shed my jeans and top and Finla did some measurements of me.  She did give my breasts a squeeze as well, which I replied to by wiggling my bare ass against her.  At home this would have led to some wonderful sex but she just giggled and kept working. She fed the measurements into the computer and a few minutes later a pair of light gray coveralls emerged from the production machine.  I put them on and realized why my moms and Forti loved them so.  It was almost like being naked the fabric was so light and breathed so well.  They were snug enough to show off that I was still female, which I liked, but roomy enough to wear another layer under them in cold conditions.  Finla got a pair of boots off the shelf but they were too narrow for me.  The second pair was much better and I looked in the mirror to see a new me.  I really was starting to feel like a spacer and less like a lesbian bumpkin from a backwater planet.

“Now if you are on a high gee world you will want something to support those nice breasts dear and while I know you are not used to it you will want to think of wearing something under the coveralls, it really is more comfortable.”  She showed my all the pockets, none of which I had noticed since they blended in so well as well as the pockets and controls on my boots.  The boots have electromagnets in the soles so that you can stick yourself to the deck during zero gee operations and then turn it off when the ship is underway.

I was about to pay for my new gear from my video earnings but Nadyne and Wendy insisted that this was to be their gift to me.  I was putting my datalink away when Forti grabbed my wrist.

“No apprentice of mine will use an old datalink like that one,” she said, smiling broadly, as she handed me a much nicer one.  “This is my gift to you little one.”

I couldn’t help it; I started to cry.  I was hugging everyone, even Finla who seemed taken aback, and proclaiming how much I loved them all.  This went on for a bit, even after some other women came in and looked at the four of us with some confusion.

We invited Finla to come back to the inn with us but she said she had children and a husband at home to tend to.  I had never met anyone who was in a relationship with a male and, unlike what I had learned in school, she did not seem to be very oppressed.  Once again I realized that the universe was much more diverse than my city’s education had led me to believe.  On Finla’s advice I bought a spare set of cheaper coveralls for laundry times and some soft underwear and a support top.  I also purchased myself a lavender silk scarf with a yellow strip near each end, a stripe made up of images of chain, a double bitted axe and a small group of blue stars..  Forti had explained that would communicate to those who could read it that I was interested in females, enjoyed pee and like to fight and hailed from the city of Labrys.  I was happy.

We made another stop to get me a footlocker.  They come in standard sizes and, as an apprentice, my personal space would come out of Forti’s allotment.  This meant I had a very small chest to put things in.  In the years to come I would be allowed more space and would actually be able to use space in my chest to carry on my own business dealings, but for now it would be just big enough for my clothes, my personal items and a few mementoes.

Part 2: It All Comes Down to This

            I think the only one of us who was not on the constant verge of tears was Fortlyssa and even she would get emotional when one of the rest of us would start blubbering.  Up until now this had all seemed some of the episodes of Pretty, Pretty Princess that I had watched when I was a small girl but now it was all too real.  In a short time I would be getting on a ship and leaving my family and the only world I have ever known and blasting into space and that it would be quite a while before I saw my mothers or my sister or any of my friends again.  What kept me going was the shining thought that I WAS GOING INTO FUCKING SPACE!  And, just to make it better, I was traveling with someone I was madly in love with; that kept the tears mostly at bay for me. I knew my moms were excited and proud but for them it meant that their first child was truly an adult now and leaving home.

            We returned to the inn and went into the bar.  There were a few people inside and one of the owners was behind the bar.  She insisted that I show off my new gear and pronounced me “a delight to the eyes.”  She presented all four of us will small fabric patches to put on our coveralls.

            “It’s an old tradition Sammi, when you stay someplace groundside you get a patch to help chart your travels,” Nadyne explained.  This patch had a red cross on a white background with a smaller yellow cross on the red.  Jesae, the owner, explained this was a symbol of the place on Old Earth from which the inn and the city took their names.  She showed me how to activate the adhesive and in short order I no longer had plain coveralls.  We ordered food and beer and sat in the bar, mostly lost in our own thoughts.

            As night came on more people came in and I resolved to not freak out.  I was going to be cool and sophisticated, as would befit a spunky space-girl, and not start crying or shrieking like some fluff headed yokel.  It was not easy.  There were lots of people, many of them male, all of them wearing clothes, quite a few of them drunk and none of them fucking.  It was all so strange compared to all I had known up until this day.  At least the drunks were familiar; that is a benefit of  growing up in a pub.  People began playing music on the RockOla machine and some started to dance, and that was behavior I recognized ae well.

            Labrys music tends toward soft instrumental and close harmony singing about love, nature and female solidarity and this music was not like it at all.  These songs were mostly from Old Earth and several hundred years old but I did know a few of them.  The dancing was much more energetic than I was accustomed to and it was starting to appear  to me as though some of the people in the crowd were looking for sex.  Forti was more familiar with this style of music and danced by herself, attracting quite a few (I assume) lustful glances as she moved her long sexy body.  I got up and tried doing the same and found myself getting tired quickly and not looking as graceful as a cute protagonist should and certainly not looking as good as my sexy alien.  She looked at the machine’s display and selected a song about someone’s bad reputation that was extremely loud with a very fast tempo.  She was a frenzy of motion and while I could not keep up another woman was able to.  She was a cute and very busty blonde with her hair tied back in a braid.  She stood on her toes to whisper something in Forti’s ear and seemed a little sad when Forti pointed at me but then the smile returned so I was hoping that she had been invited to our room.

            I was sipping on my beer when I felt a hand grab my breast from behind.  I turned around, expecting to see Nadyne or Wendy but instead was looking into the quite drunk face of a male.

            “Wanna dance honey?” he slurred, his breath making it clear he was not just drinking beer.

            I stepped back quickly, smacking his hand away.  “No I do not, please leave me alone!”

            “Sure you do, you’re a cute little girl, you need to spend some time with me honey”

            I was backing up until I backed into the wall and he kept coming and now I was scared.  There was enough of a crowd that none of my family could see me and I was sure I was about to be oppressed in the ways my teachers had told me males always wanted to do to all us females.   While furiously trying to come up with some plan that would get me out of this mess with my sexual integrity intact I saw him get yanked back by a large hand on his shoulder.  The hand, I saw, was attached to an alien who stood a good 30cm shorter than I.  I assumed she was female, though I was not certain, and her skin was a pattern of black and yellow stripes.  She did not seem to have fur but she did appear very strong.

            “The young lady said she was not interested so I would suggest you accede to her wishes neh.”  Her voice had a strange tone to it and her R’s rolled in an enchanting way.

            “Leave us alone bitch!  This is a private conversation,” he slurred.

            I shook my head firmly to indicate that newcomer was welcome to join in as much as she wanted to.  I was glad to have some source of rescue but what I was really wanting was for one (or both) of my moms or Fortlyssa to be with me right now.

            “You are in the wrong place friend and unless you want this to descend to a mind numbing orgy of unspeakable violence you need to consider being otherwhere nah.”  I could see her thick fingers tense on his shoulder and I also notice that she had claws like a cat, which were extended about a centimeter beyond her fingertip.  The drunk sagged almost to his knees and made some odd squeaking noises before nodding his agreement and leaving.  He pretty much knocked over Wendy on his way out as she was coming toward me.

            I related the incident to Wendy, who started to cry again and hugged me tight.  She was a few centimeters taller than the alien but almost as solidly built.  “I would like to thank you for assisting my daughter in this time,” she gushed.  I was looking my helper over, seeing that she was a spacer as well, wearing a dark blue vest like Wendy’s, but without the stars.

            “She is your child Navigator pa?”  I could see Wendy was sizing the alien up and, as I would learn later, reading her vest and coveralls.

            “My name is Wendina Brewster, navigator of the first rank, and this is my daughter Samantha; I thank you for your help in this time Purser.”  I found it odd that Wendy used her real first name, she rarely did.

            “I am pleased to meet you Navigator Brewster.  I am Gulira Fa’zheel, chief purser and first officer of the ship Lord Darcy.  We are currently in need of a navigator, are you looking for a berth neh?”

            “Thank you for the offer Gulira but my mate and I are staying dirtside.  Our daughter and her companion are looking to ship out soon though.  Do you need an engineer shipboard?”

            “We do, our last engineer left the ship two stops ago and the captain and I have been trading the duty pagh.  We would welcome having an engineer on board.”

            Wendy smiled.  “Come with me then, we have business to discuss.”  We collected Forti and Nadyne and went to a table for from the dance floor.  Forti and Gulira exchanged formal greetings and Fortlyssa was grilled about technical things that I did not even being to understand.  Gulira seemed happy with her answers however.

            “We leave from orbit station in two standard days.  If Engineer Dorix and her apprentice wish to travel with us meet us at berth 42A prior to then and I will introduce you to the captain.”  All through this I knew my place, I was not an apprentice yet and even if I was apprentices do not speak to crew unless directly addressed and even then they are considered to just be an extension of their mentor.  It took a while to sink in that Forti and I probably had a ship now, and hopefully one going where we wanted to go.

            We invited Gulira up to our rooms but she declined, telling us she was actually staying in another inn and needed to return to her ship early the next morning.  I had the feeling she was interested in Wendy, but she said nothing to that effect.  We went upstairs, stripping the instant we entered our room.

            Since it now seemed that tomorrow might be the last time I would see my moms for quite some time we celebrated in the traditional Labrys way with an all-out orgy.  I pushed Wendy down onto her back and spread her thick legs wide, burying my face in the white-blonde fur of her sex, pushing my tongue into her wet pussy.  I could feel my mother’s strong fingers in my hair, pulling on my red-brown curls as I ate her, her juices beginning to flow.  As I licked her thoroughly, teasing her clit with my tongue I felt my ass cheeks being spread.  Looking back over my shoulder for a moment I saw Nadyne dropping down and soon after felt a tongue sliding over my asshole, pushing inside me slowly.  I was aware that Forti was near also, she was bent over Wendy, pressing her colorful nipples into Wendy’s mouth, her big eyes closed with pleasure.

            Wendy climaxed with a soft moan and I was rolled onto my back, Nadyne now devouring my cunt.  Wendy was sucking hard on my pink nipples and Fortlyssa sat on my face so I would slide my tongue into her dripping sex, her tail smacking into me as I did.  We rolled and moaned on the floor for some time, taking turns being the queen of the fuck pile, all of us coated with nectar.  I turned my attention to Nadyne’s pussy, licking it slowly, lavishing attention on the very vagina I had come out of years before.  I looked up for a moment to see Wendy and Fortlyssa grinding cunts, both of them writhing with pleasure in the few moments before my mother began thrashing in a huge orgasm, squirting what seemed to be several liters of her juices on my face, plastering my curly hair to my head.

            We tool turns showering, not wanting to get the sheets too sticky.  I really wished the bed was big enough for all four of us but it was not so we went back to our room.  I hugged Forti tight, rubbing my bush on her firm ass as I went to sleep.

            I awoke to a quiet knock on the door.  Answering it I saw the blonde woman who Forti had danced with.

            “Can I come in?” she asked quietly and I opened the door.  She came into the room and slid her robe off.  I was happy to see she was already naked and I saw that Forti was sitting up on the bed, smiling.  “My name is Britt Neespeer and your companion told me you are from the city of Labrys, the place that is all women?”  I nodded, looking her over with appreciation.  She was almost as tall as me and had long blonde hair tied back in a braid.  She was a thick girl with really big breasts and huge pink nipples.  Her dark blonde bush showed signs of trimming and I did notice that she had some old bruises.

            “Can I go back there with you?  I’m tired of hiding who I am and I want to be with other women, I’m tired of men.  I know some things about your city and I enjoy fighting.  Well, actually I enjoy being beaten by women but I have seen Labrys videos and I know I could be in them.”

“Well Britt, Fortlyssa and I are leaving Venkmann tomorrow but I could try to persuade my mothers to take you to Labrys if you were willing to work for them.  Have you ever worked in a bar?”

            “I’ve worked as an entertainer and as a waitress so I could help them in their bar.”

            “And you have no problem spending most of your time naked?”  She just smiled at this suggestion.  “Good.  Now, which one of us do you want to fight?”

            “Both of you.  I’ll take you first and then the alien.  I hope you both are willing to use your fists, just none to the face please.”

            I nodded and we looked each other over for a few seconds and then lunged together.  I went right for her braid and she clawed my tits; knowing she liked it rough I drove my left fist hard into her large belly, knocking her back.  From there on it was clear she enjoyed being beaten and I decided to make her happy.  I pounded her belly and fat tits without mercy, my hard fists slamming into her soft, pale body, moans of pleasure emerging with each blow.  I scooped her up, she was pretty heavy, and slammed her ass down hard on the floor, hoping I did not wake the other guests.  Finally I got her on her back and drove my foot down hard on her pussy, stomping her blonde bush and griding my heel against her sex.  By now her juices had drenched her fur and was flowing freely from her sex.  The last blow left her orgasming on the floor and I sat on her face, letting her lick me until I climaxed as well.

            Britt’s time with Forti was even less competitive.  From the outset Forti’s long arms and legs had the chubby blonde tied up and Fortlyssa’s large fist kept up the beating on Britt’s large breasts.  Pinning her to the floor Forti looked up at me and then sank her yellow teeth into a round pink nipple, biting hard on the soft flesh.  Britt was moaning in ecstasy and squirting from her pussy as her big ass thrashed up and down.  After being shown where Forti’s pussy was located the blonde devoured my lover’s cunt with greedy glee, bringing Forti to orgasm as I was letting her bite my tits.

            There wasn’t enough room on the bed for all of us so Britt slept at our feet while we two snuggled.  I drifted off again, knowing that my mom’s would enjoy having such a submissive in the house.  Rebecca would also really love having someone to beat and fuck when she came home from school on holidays; she would owe me big time for this gift.

Part 3: Time and Tide Wait for No Woman

            Morning came and Forti and I packed up our things.  I took Britt in the shower with me to take a turn at titfighting.  She was definitely better equipped for this that I was and her big tits really worked mine smaller breasts over painfully and pleasureably.  Whispering in my ear she begged my to bite her tits and I was happy to oblige, along with giving her some good gut punches as well.  She got on her knees and I raised my leg so that she could lick my pussy as the hot water sprayed over us.  Moaing as I climaxed I pissed in her cute face and she pressed her mouth to my cunt again, drinking in the hot pee until I was done.

When we emerged from the shower Forti grabbed Britt by her hair and roughly pulled her right back inside.   Judging by the alien moans Britt found Fortlyssa’s pee hole quickly and was working it over and I am sure Forti showed the fat blonde the wonders of fists with two thumbs. Clean and sufficiently pleasured the three of us, headed downstairs, footlockers and new submissive in tow to meet the moms.  They were a bit surprised when they were introduced to Britt but when I related the things that new girl liked they agreed she would fit in just fine at The Waxie Dargle and agreed to take her south with them.  All of us left The States of Guernsey and headed for the Space Guild offices at the port.

            It was a buracratic experience not unlike getting my travel papers but there was level of ceremony involved also.  In the office there were many other young people waiting to apply for apprenticeships, but none of them had sponsors, certainly no sponsors as sexy as my three.  I was called in to a large hall and all of us except for Britt went inside.  Sitting at a large table were four human males, three females and a reptilian alien whose gender I could only guess at.  All eight of them were clearly reading my files and I was nervous.  What if they did not accept me?  There was no way I could go back home after telling all my friends I was heading into space.  I held Forti’s hand very tight and I could feel my moms’ hands on my shoulders.  I tried very hard not to shake.

            An older woman with a gold-trimmed dark blue vest stood up and adjusted her reading glasses.  “I am Christina Bernadotte, captain of the Three Crowns and prefect of this examination board.  Are you Samantha Brewster of the city of Labrys here on Venkmann’s World?”

            I felt a slap on my ass as Wendy indicated I needed to speak.  Swallowing and remembering the formalities I tried to keep my voice from being too squeaky.  “I am Captain Bernadotte.  I come to be accepted as an apprentice of the Guild.”

            “Do you have sponsors or do you come of your own accord?”  I knew that she knew full well that I had sponsors but like so many old and ponderous organizations the Guild loves to revel in formalities.  Labrys is not a lot different so this did not put me off.

            “I do Captain Bernadotte and they are here with me today.”

            Nadyne spoke first.  “Captain, I am Nadyne Brewster, caterer of the second rank, last posted to the Buddhas of Bamiyan.  I stand as sponsor to my daughter Samantha.”

“Captain, I am Wendina Dmitrinova Brewster, navigator of the first rank, veteran of the Novaya Rodina defense forces ship Bronyenosyets Potyomkin, last posted to the Valya Kondyat.  I stand as sponsor to my daughter Samantha.”  I actually teared up a little, Wendy rarely talks about her time on her homeworld and hardly ever uses her full name; I could tell from her words how important this ceremony was to her.

            Fortlyssa released my hand and stepped forward.  “I am Fortlyssa Dorix, engineer of the second rank, last posted to the mailship Thurn und Taxis.  I come as mentor to Samantha Brewster and as her sponsor.”

            Captain Bernadotte looked down the table at the others.  “Having read her application and the statements of her sponsors is this board in agreement?”  The other seven at the table, all ship’s captains I now realized, nodded to her solemly.

            “Engineer Dorix, will you guide this young woman in her training, teaching her all that you can of your skills so that she may take her place in the Guild?”

            “I will, to the best of my ability.”

            “Samantha Brewster, will you be a faithful student of Engineer Dorix, learning all that you can from her, using your skills for the benefit of the ship you serve on and also following her instructions and the orders of your captain?”

            “I will.”  My voice came out very squeaky and I flushed bright pink.  I noticed a slight smile flit across Captain Bernadotte’s face.

            “Is this young woman acceptable to this board?”  She looked at each person in turn as they indicated their assent.  “Congratulations Apprentice Engineer Brewster.  Be welcome into the Guild of Spacers and aboard our ships.”  She walked over to me and attached a silver pin with what looked like a small castle on it to my vest, the symbol of a ship’s engineer.  That made it official; I was now a member of the Space Guild!  I was not able to help myself; I started to cry like I had just gotten my first menses.  I hugged my moms and Forti, standing on my tiptoes to kiss her firmly.  All the members of the board came to greet me; several of them talking to my moms and Fortlyssa.  Wendy actually got the most attention since a first rank navigator is just a little bit below the captain and her experiences in the Defense Force (details of which I would learn much later) were somewhat famous.

            One of the male captains waited to speak to me.  “I am told that you and Engineer Dorix have been offered berths on the Lord Darcy.  Captain McAllister is a good man, you can learn a lot from him.  Be sure to tell him that Jonathan Bing sends his greetings.”

            “I will do that Captain Bing, thank you.”  I was still shaking a little and wiping my eyes.  Captain Bing smiled kindly at me and patted me on the shoulder.

            The alien came to me and put what on a human would be a hand on my shoulder.  “Do not be too nervous Apprentice Brewster.”  She (or maybe he, I had no way to tell and I was not about ot ask) has a sibilant voice which was hard for me to understand.  “I started as an apprentice engineer when I was practically wet from the egg.  Learn all you can and you will make your family proud of you.  Your mother Wendy is known to many in the guild, you come from a fine lineage.”  This made me even more curious about my mother’s past and why she was so reluctant to talk about it.

            Then it was time to go.  Collecting Britt from the waiting area we walked from the office suiute and into the shuttle terminal; hearing the announcement for ships arriving and departing.  Forti and I had tickets for the shuttle to Venkmann’s orbiting transfer station and our ship was starting the boarding process.

            “Sammi, Wendy and I have a few more things for you.”  Nadyne’s voice was very husky and she was trying hard not to cry.  “It is tradition that when a ship docks the gangway is decorated with the banners of its crew.  You need to have something to hang and so we are passing on some of our banners.”  She handed me a small cloth flag with a large brown animal on it (I later learned it is a bear) with a star in one corner and multicolored stripes along the bottom.  Above the stripes were the words “California Republic” and I recognized it as a banner from Old Earth where the women of Labrys had come from.  Wendy gave me a flag with white, red and blue stripes with a two headed bird in the center.

            “Sammi, this is the emblem of where I come from and of my family.  Keep both of these so that you will always be proud of where you come from.”  She was crying now, Nadyne had her face buried in Forti’s chest and I was blubbering like a little girl yet again.

            Britt wiped her own tears away and kissed both Forti and I with enthusiasm, making us promise to send messages when we could.  I assured her that I would and that I expected to hear from everyone and for them to remind Rebecca I wanted to hear from her as well.

            We got hold of ourselves and Fortlyssa and I walked down the gangway, waving back at my moms.  They would head back to the station and take the train home along with their new employee.  I was on my way into space and off on my first great adventure.

Well, here ends part 3.  I guess I do  owe a debt to the authors of the Book of Common Prayer  for the ceremonial words.  As always if you liked the story please let me know.  Part 4 will emerge from my brain soon I hope.

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