Welcome to a distant future, and the Atoll, home of dolphin sisters Tita and Teeya.

This story contains underaged characters engaging in lesbian incestual sex. Don't read if you know you shouldn't! Otherwise, please enjoy, and feel welcome to leave a comment.



The Dream
by Winter

She always dreamed of the sea when it rained. The deep, dark waters that her primeval ancestors had inhabited for so many thousands of years, before permanently moving to shallow waters. In this dream she was swimming with a pod of wild dolphins, and she looked just like them! Her hands were gone and her arms had reverted to flippers. Her legs had grown back together to form one single, powerful fluke with which she could thrust herself on through the near blackness. Joyfully, she swam faster than ever before, almost screaming with wild abandon. The others followed her.

The dolphins around her, she suddenly knew without knowing how she knew, were all females. How odd! Where were all the boys? She found that she didn't really care. They were all playfully darting in and out of schools of tiny, silvery fish, occasionally snapping one and swallowing it whole, but mostly just chasing each other, nudging each other with their snouts whenever they got close enough. She found that she enjoyed this more than she would have if males had been present. A shudder went through her as one of her new friends suddenly touched her in a very intimate way. She tried to return the favour, suddenly feeling hot despite the coolness of the water, but they were all gone. So was the sea.

* * * * * *

The first thing that greeted Tita when she woke up was teeth. A grinning snout that displayed two rows of sharp, pointy teeth, and above it two large ocean blue eyes dominating a sleek, grey-skinned face. She sighed deeply as she tossed the young calf aside. Judging by the pre-dawn light coming in through the window of her sleep-bubble, it was way too early for any sensible person to be up and about on a Freeday. But not for hyper-active girls, apparently. Tita tried to ignore the endless stream of high-pitched chatter, but there was no way to ignore the sudden pounce that pinned her to the cushions she had slept on. Teeya grabbed her shoulders and shook her as roughly as a lithe seven-year-old could possibly manage.

"C'mon, lazy-head!" the calf yelled. "You promised you'd take me to see the Coral Mine today!"

"It's not day yet," Tita muttered dourly. "I wanna sleep."


"Besides, the mine doesn't open 'til nine on Freedays."

"Can't we go swimming, then? Pleeeease!?"

"Teeya, the sea is everywhere! Swim all you like!"

"But I wanna swim with you," Teeya whined. "Puh-leeeeeze?"

"Oh, all right." Realising tat sleep was now out of the question, Tita sat up, stretched and yawned. She did feel a bit dry, and swimming would be nice. "Go put your swimsuit on."


Teeya ran off and dived nimbly through the opening down to the hall, making a tiny splash before she started swimming back to her own bubble. As Tita watched her sister go she remembered her dream. She hadn't had any legs in the dream, not even arms. Could it have been a lore dream? One of those premonition things that the old ones tell of? Where the wisdom of the ages come to the present through dreaming about the ancestors? If so, then it had been strange wisdom. She had been about to... to have sex with a wild dolphin! And a female one, to boot! She shook her head. It was too ridiculous to pay any notice to. Last night she had been feeling aroused for no particular reason, but because she had to watch her little sister there was no time to indulge. It must have been a horny dream, simple as that. Only she forgot to dream about boys this time.

Standing up, she went through her morning stretch ritual, while staring out at the pitter-patter of raindrops on the round windows of her sleep-bubble. Legs and feet first, flexing the webbed toes one at a time. Then arms and hands and fingers that were no longer webbed. Last, her stubby tail. She thought about the large fin that had adorned her back in the dream, and giggled as she wagged the tiny, pointy thing it had been reduced to over the millennia. Useless, if it didn't feel so good when she touched it. She picked out a swimsuit, a nice dark blue one that matched her eyes perfectly, and that clung nicely to her feminine curves. Donning it, she stood in front of her mirror and made sure that it fit just right around her breasts. She was proud of them. They were larger than any of her friends', even larger than her mom's! And she was, at fifteen, still growing. It took both her hands just to cup one, and still left the nipple bared. Giggling, she pulled the top down and pressed them together, wondering what people would think if she went to the Coral Mine dressed like this. The boys would love it, of course, and the girls would cheer her on, but the elders would naturally be shocked. Adults could be so ridiculous at times. Sighing to herself, she put the suit back in place just in time. Teeya came splashing back up into her bubble, spreading water everywhere.

"Can we go now!" She was wearing a pair of red swim trunks; the girl would not need a top for years yet. "I wanna swim to the Forest!"

"You know we can't go there without mom!" Tita chastised. "The Forest might be dangerous."


"Teeya, no! Let's go to the playground."

"But that's boo-ring!"

"What about the Outer Ring, then? If you promise not to stray."

"I promise!" Teeya bounced, and Tita smiled. She knew the calf didn't get out of their safe atoll very often, and that the Outer Ring would be exciting enough. "Let's go!"

"Breakfast first."

"But I already ate a fishcake!"

"Yeah, but I'm hungry."


The girls left Tita's sleep-bubble and swam through the hall to the kitchen. Like most dolphin houses, all hallways and doors were underwater, while the rooms were dry. It kept some of the old ways alive, while still allowing for their race's more and more out-of-water lifestyle. Tita quickly found herself a couple of fishcakes, on which she spread a rich amount of well-salted butter. Teeya stood beside her as she ate, trying her best not to bounce impatiently. Tita smiled to herself. At times, her little sister could be almost astonishingly mature and intelligent, but then there were times when she was just a baby calf. Like now. Hoping to teach her some patience, Tita took her time eating, and finished off her breakfast with a large glass of orange juice. By the time she had washed her glass and put it back in the cupboard, Teeya was just about ready to burst. Deciding not to prolong the girl's torment, Tita smiled and held out her hand.

"All right, tiny, let's go."

"Yay!" Teeya took her hand and pulled towards the hallway hatch. "But don't call me tiny."

"As long as you are tiny, I'll call you that." She pulled back, and took her sister into a hug. It was returned, as was the kiss to the cheek. "The Outer Ring, then."


* * * * * *

Tita closed the front door behind them, then turned and swam towards the main street, Teeya gliding along in her slipstream. All around them were houses; clusters of light bubbles tethered to the shallow ocean floor with steel chains. Along the chains ran the cable supplying each house with electricity. The main street, which they reached after no more than a minute's swimming was different. Here the houses weren't interconnected bubbles, but rows of block-like, dark buildings standing firmly on the ocean floor. Shops stood next to eateries, official buildings and offices, each sending up tubes to the surface for air. Before swimming down to the street, the two girls surfaced to take a couple of breaths. Tita took delight in feeling and tasting the droplets of sweet rain on her face, but Teeya dived again, as always impatient.

They swam down the street, past their school, which was closed since it was Freeday. The shops were open, though, and every now and then one of them would pause to hover in front of a display window. Tita liked looking at clothes and diving gear, while her little sister mostly stayed at the windows of toy stores. They both stopped at the sweets shop, though, staring at its treats for so long they had to surface again before moving on.

At the end of the main street they had several choices in where to go. To their left lay the vast open field of the Inner Ring. The water was clear today, and they could see all the way to the other city of the Atoll. Neither city had a name, as no dolphin would forget where he or she lived. Straight ahead Tita could see several families move, and even a couple of pet seals that were darting to and fro between their masters or mistresses. That was the way that led to the playground and, further on, the Coral Mine. The huge museum-like cave which showed how their ancestors had lived and worked, and dug for the precious metals and minerals that made their lives easier. There was also the girls', and every kids', favourite part; the displays showing artefacts and images from the lives of the semi-mythical surface dwellers. Beyond the Mine lay the Kelp Forest, that scary yet enticing place that all kids loved to visit, but which was off-limits without an adult herding you.

Tita and Teeya turned right, though, towards the mountain that was the circular edge of the Inner Ring. They took another breath, then swam just beneath the surface, close enough to hear the rain, towards one of the gaps in the Ring. The corals were quite sharp, and without heavy boots and gloves it was all but impossible to climb above the surface. Tita steered them towards the nearest gap, a tunnel that had been drilled through the reef by the people who had built the two cities of the Atoll. What means they had used, she didn't know and had ceased to ponder. The tunnel was perfectly smooth, almost soft to the touch, and the coral in there never seemed to grow. The occasional clam might find its way in there and attach itself to the wall, but they were usually eaten by whoever was lucky enough to find them.

Beyond the tunnel lay a vast plain of seabed, stretching for almost two miles before reaching the border of their world; the Outer Ring Mountain, on the other side of which lay the wild, open sea. Tita had never been outside of the Atoll, had never really cared to go there. It was one thing to fantasise about adventure, or, she mused as she remembered her dream, about the wild animals the sea harboured. A warm feeling spread inside her as she recalled the rough play of the dolphins, but she shook it away before she started to become aroused. That could wait until tonight, until after Teeya had gone to bed and she had time to attend to herself. They surfaced to breath, then dived, swam in between two fields of seaweed crops. Tita let herself drag behind a little, then swam underneath her sister, turned sharply in front of her and bumped her snout with her fingers. A squeal told her that the game was on, and she fled as Teeya gave chase.

* * * * * *

Their game of tag went on for a good while. Being much faster than her little sister, Tita would slow down every now and then and get tagged, then pretend being unable to catch up with Teeya right away. The calf probably knew she was being humoured, Tita thought to herself, but that didn't diminish the fun of the game. As the morning grew into day, though, the girls began to get tired. They surfaced, lying for a few minutes bobbing in the gentle waves, letting the warm, sweet rain patter of their skin. The sun wasn't visible behind the grey skies, but Tita checked her wristwatch. As she did, she let out an eep. It was almost noon. They had been playing tag for hours.

"We'd better hurry if we're gonna get through all of the Coral Mine before they close," she told her sister, but Teeya didn't move. "What are you waiting for? Come on!"

"Can't we stay here and play?"

"You're the one who wanted to see the Mine, tiny."

"We could go there next Freeday. I wanna play more."

"All right, you're the boss." The calf laughed at this. "So, what do you wanna do? More tag?"


"Well, it's soon lunchtime. Let's go get some fish."


They dived again clicking loudly as they scanned the sea for food. Teeya was the first to find something, and she nudged her sister's side. Tita was sharply reminded of the erotic play of the wild dolphins in her dream, but shoved the thought aside as she joined in the hunt. But even as they closed in on a school of small, milky white fish called pearlers, Tita kept returning to her dream. What was the matter with her? One tiny little dream, and suddenly she was a rush of hormones. And the dream hadn't even been about any of the boys she fancied. Because she did fancy boys. Didn't she? She had never been with one for more than smooching and rubbing fins, but then again, she had never even done that much with a girl.

Teeya squealed impatiently at her, and she realised that she had almost stopped swimming, and was floating idly at the outskirts of the school. Shaking her head angrily, she shot past Teeya, who by now already had two pearlers in her mouth. Tita crashed in among the fish, snapped her jaws left and right and felt her teeth pierce scaly skin. Once more, twice, three times did she catch fish, then she turned from the shattered school and returned to her sister. Teeya had already started eating, and Tita joined her, feeling the sharp taste of blood fill her mouth.

*Like cooked better,* Teeya muttered in underwater speech between bites. *No blood.*

*No whine,* Tita replied. *Is good food.*

*Burgers better.*

*You see kitchen?*

They finished their meal, then hurried towards the surface for a much needed breath. Once there, Tita took a moment to wipe her sister's chin from scales, but even this touch made her feel uneasy. Something about the warm, soft skin of her sister's face caused those feelings to return. The wild recklessness she had felt in the dream washed over her, and she wanted for a blink of a moment to grab Teeya and swim for the open sea. For the great depths and the wild, for a place where they could play for real. But instead, she patted the calf's head and let herself fall back, rolling around and around before diving. A few metres down, she made a sharp turn and came back to the surface at nearly full speed. She leaped high into the air, spun around and landed on her back, making a great splash. Even before she was back up to breathe again, she could hear Teeya laughing.

"That was great! Do it again!" Tita complied, to yet another chorus of giggles and applause. "Oh, I wish I could swim like that."

"You'll soon learn. You just need to get a little bigger first."

"Can we go to the springs?"

"That's a long swim. We won't have time to do anything else today."

"I don't care. I wanna bathe in the springs."

"Then let's go." Tita grinned, then bumped her sister's snout with her fingers. "Tag!"

* * * * * *

They were now miles from the place where they had come through the Inner Ring, but Tita knew of another crossing point. Once the tag game had subsided again, she led the way south, towards a place where the coral mountain had collapsed. At some point in the past, a section of the protective Inner Ring had given way, leaving a large gap. The dolphins of that time had built a steel barrier to keep intruders and sea predator out, and it was a good place to cross. From there, the island where the hot springs were located was just a half hour's swim away.

Once past the barrier, Tita took to swimming in loops around her sister, until Teeya got annoyed and lunged at her. Taken by surprise, Tita was too slow to get away, and she found herself caught with a firm grip around her waist. She almost breathed in water as Teeya pushed up against her, the calf's face pressed against her right breast. Tita's nipple reacted at once, standing so erect she could see it through the swimsuit. She felt her cheeks burn, but that was not the worst thing. The arousal that she had fought off was back with a vengeance. Her sex felt as if it were on fire, as if even the slightest touch would send her over the edge at once. It took a major mental effort, but she managed to keep from grinding herself against her little sister. Instead, she gently pried Teeya away, then swatted her butt. The girl grunted something inaudible in underwater speech, but she was smiling. Maybe she hadn't noticed. To keep the light-hearted mood, Tita shot off towards their destination.

This island, unlike everything in the Atoll, was not composed of a build-up of corals, but of rock. In the distant past, a volcano had reached up from the bottom of the sea, to form a small, almost circular island. Standing up in the shallow water, the girls began walking up a wide, sandy beach. The rain had ceased, and they could see most of the island from where they stood. Beyond the beach lay a forest, which Tita knew housed many species of birds. Above the trees the top of a low mountain could be seen, at the foot of which lay the hot springs. Pool after pool of sweet water, warmed by the inner powers of the Earth. Teeya took off at a run towards the edge of the forest, and Tita followed. It was cool among the trees, almost dark now that there was no direct sunlight. They walked in silence along a well-trodden path, and soo reached the first of the springs. It was occupied; a young couple sat leaned against the edge of it, kissing intensely. Teeya stifled a giggle, nudged Tita and held her hand in front of her crotch, making one finger point upwards. Tita frowned for a second, then realised what her sister meant. A closer look told her that the kissing couple were both boys. And they were naked. Blushing furiously, she pulled Teeya with her towards the next spring. This one was unoccupied, and the two of them sank into the hot water with contented sighs. Teeya giggled again.

"Aww, I wanted to watch. They were cute."

"It's rude to stare at people, tiny. especially..."

"When they're about to make love?" Teeya grinned deviously. "Did you see their cocks? All hard!"

"Teeya!" Tita stood up, glaring reproachfully at her sister. "You shouldn't... Don't..."

"What? They wouldn't have noticed. They were waaay too busy."

"That's not the point," Tita said, blushing even deeper. "It's wrong!"

"Which is?" Teeya stood up and faced her sister, her pointed teeth bared in a snarl. "To look or that it was me who was looking?"

"Both. You're too..."

"Oh, don't tell me I'm too young! I'm old enough to learn about sex in school!"

"Well, maybe, but..."

"You would have looked, too, if you hadn't been in such a hurry to herd me away."

"That's not the point, either!"

After that, both girls seemed to run out of words. Instead, they sank deep into the hot, sweet water, and floated away to opposite sides of the small pool. Every time one caught the other glancing over, they would snort and look away again. During the sulky silence, Tita's brain seemed to work feverishly. Yes, she had wanted to look at the two lovers. They had seemed a year or two younger than her, and both had been really cute. Yet, for some reason she had felt more embarrassed tha excited at the sight of their sleek, naked bodies. Even now, as she ran the images over and over in her mind, that tipsy feeling of arousal failed to appear. She had felt more excited, even much more, back when Teeya had grabbed her in the middle of their game of tag. This thought disturbed her a lot, especially as those feelings returned. She glanced over at her little sister, who at once looked away and snorted. She was awfully cute, Tita caught herself thinking. Awfully cute. And it wouldn't be long before she started growing from girl into woman. Tita had started growing up at around eight, which was less than a year away for Teeya. Then that flat chest would... No! She gritted her teeth. This was wrong! Way more wrong than spying on a pair of gay lovers. This was her sister! Her baby sister! And Tita wasn't bisexual! Was she? What if this was what the lore dream had tried to tell her? After all, she had woken up out of it to the sight of Teeya's face. Her cute little face with that dazzling smile...

In a desperate attempt to regain some kind of control, she let herself slide deeper into the water, until her butt rested on the bottom of the spring. It didn't help at all, though, since her sensitive little tail came to rub at the bare rock. Meaning to set herself upright, Tita placed one hand on the rock underneath her, but as she did so the other hand slipped, almost against her will and certainly without conscious effort, into her swimsuit. She had barely touched her eager sex, before her climax struck. The groan she let out drained her lungs of air, and primal reflexes made her shoot out of the water. She took in air, yet at the same time let out a moan of pleasure. Bobbing at the surface, she shuddered once, twice before she got her body back under control. Another moan escaped her lips. Cheeks burning with embarrassment, she looked over at Teeya, who was staring back at her with wide eyes and mouth open in shock.

* * * * * *

They sat still for a while, staring at each other until the silence went beyond awkward. During this time, Tita was horrified to see Teeya's shocked expression turn into a sly grin. This would lead to teasing, she thought. Relentless, endless teasing. And any retaliation would only lead to 'I'll tell mom'. But instead of bursting into giggles or starting to poke fingers at her, Teeya slowly made her way across the spring until they sat side-by-side.

"You came, right?"

"Uhm." There was no use denying it. At times, Teeya could be a really smart kid. Lies wouldn't fool her. "Yes."

"Wow, cool! So you did like seeing those boys?"

"Uhm... I guess."

"Guess?" Teeya grinned. "That wasn't just no guess."

"Well, I..."

"Did you think about that dream?"

"What!?" Tita gasped, and felt herself blush again. Damn! Reacting like that meant that she couldn't just shrug it off. "No. But... how do you know...?"

"You talked in your sleep. Before I woke you up. You were moaning, and..."

"All right!" Tita snapped. "That's enough!"

"I didn't know you liked girls."

"I don't!" Tita snarled, "I... I mean, I do like girls, but... not... not like that."

"Like those boys like each other?"

"Right! Now what made you say that?"

"The dolphins in your dream were girls. And you liked them."

"That was just a dream."

"Granma says no dream is just a dream. They all mean something."

"I don't believe in lore dreams," Tita lied. She was feeling more and more embarrassed by the second. "Just a load of old rubbish."

"No it's not! If you don't like girls you shouldn't dream about them."

"Stop it, Teeya!"

"I like girls."

Silence fell at once, and they both looked away from one another. Tita's mind was racing, and her heart was pounding so hard that she was afraid it would burst through her chest. Did Teeya like girls? Surely she couldn't mean... surely not 'that' way? She was too young for... well, for knowing. And certainly for doing anything. This last thought brought a new image to Tita's mind, one she couldn't exorcise no matter how hard she tried. She saw herself kissing her little sister. Nothing like the pecks on cheeks or lips they normally exchanged, but a lover's kiss. With lots of tongue. And while they kissed, she was slowly lowering the calf's swimsuit, her fingers moving slowly towards that tiny slit... No! With a huge effort, she managed to pull herself back to reality. Teeya was eyeing her curiously, waiting for her to say something.

"When you say..." she started, but her voice broke and she had to start over. "When you say you like girls...?"

"Well, I like boys, too. But I think I like girls more."

"You mean like friends and..."

"Tita, don't be stupid!" The girl stood up, with water up to her waist, hands on her hips and a snarl on her face. "You know what I mean. I like girls just like you did in that dream."

"That was different! That was... adult stuff."

"I already told you I've learned about sex at school. You had a sexy dream."


"And I like girls in the sexy way." For the first time since this conversation started, Teeya actually blushed a little. "I like to think about... stuff. Doing stuff with girls."

"Well, I'm sure you'll find yourself a nice girlfriend when you get older, but right now..."

"With you."

"What!?" Tita froze. Her mind went numb, and she fought to find her voice. She had to say something, had to stop this right now. "But you... I mean we.. You can't..."

"I want to." Tita tried to look away, but the girl held her gaze. There was a longing in Teeya's eyes that she hadn't seen before. "I love you, Tita."

Without warning, the young girl floated right up into Tita's lap, thin arms wrapped themselves around her shoulders, and Teeya kissed her square on the lips. Tita was caught, trapped between the immediate desire to push her sister away and scold her, and the deeper and potentially stronger desire to return the kiss. Unable to do anything, she realised with something akin to horror that the moment to say no had come and gone. When there was no immediate rejection, Teeya pressed her lithe body even tighter against Tita's upper body, and her hands started moving. Tita let out a soft groan as she felt her breasts being fondled, and the slight parting of her lips as she drew breath again seemed to be just what Teeya had been waiting for. Within a second, the girl's long, flexible tongue was deep inside her mouth, darting this way and that as if trying to examine and taste everything. Tita steeled herself and ordered her body to move, her hands to push back and her voice to scream out no! But instead, a rebellious instinct took over, and she moaned again as she responded to the kiss, pressing her own tongue into her sister's mouth as her fingers slid into Teeya's swimsuit, finding her stubby tail. The girl let out a squeal, and moved to straddle her lap so that they sat face-to-face. Tita felt the shoulder straps of her swimsuit come loose, and the next second both her breasts were exposed to the warm water. And to Teeya's eager hands.

"Oh, tides," she whispered as her nipples got gently massaged. "Teeya..."

*You like?* the girl asked in underwater speech, which sounded shrill and odd here above the surface. *Is good?*

*Is good,* Tita panted, her conscious mind now all but gone. *Please more.*

Teeya giggled and broke the kiss, shuffling about in her lap. For a second Tita thought it was over, and that she would get a chance to become herself again. To put an end to things, and to quench this primal thing that had arisen inside her. Then lips closed around her left nipple, and she was lost again. Teeya suckled her noisily, pressing her face hard into her sister's large, soft mounds. Tita sighed and groaned, squealed and panted, her climax approaching rapidly, unstoppably. She kept on rubbing the child's back and tail, and Teeya, too, was now breathing faster, her little heart pounding hard underneath Tita's caressing hands. The girl came first, sitting up and tossing her head back, hissing through clenched teeth as her body became rigid, then spasmed. Tita hugged her tightly, urging her on by squeezing her buttocks and rubbing their snouts together. Before it was over, Tita climaxed as well, shuddering and moaning loudly as waves of fire spread through her body from both breasts, sex and tail. This second orgasm was every bit as intense as the first, underwater one, and before it had even begun to ebb out, she felt sleep overtake her.

* * * * * *

Over the next few minutes, Tita kept drifting in and out of consciousness. Every time she approached being awake, her senses flooded her mind with new and strong sensations, forcing her back into a deeper slumber. Teeya covering her face with kisses. Small fingers touching her slit, brushing against her clitoris. Whispered words of love and adoration. the bare skin of the little girl's crotch rubbing against her thigh. Her own hands roaming that flat, smooth chest or exploring deeper, secret and forbidden places. Her own voice returning every ounce of love in strained whispers. By the time Tita was fully aware of her surroundings again, Teeya had sunk beneath the surface and were holding her knees, forcing her thighs apart. With a gasp, Tita realised that she could feel a warm tongue rub against her sex, at first prodding and exploring, tasting new flavours, but soon moving in with a purpose. When it pressed against her clitoris, by now so swollen with excitement it almost hurt at the touch, Tita knew she wouldn't last long. Not even bothering to try acting responsibly, she leaned back, closed her eyes and moaned, letting the girl do as she pleased. Behind her eyelids, fireworks started going off.

"Oh fuck!" From below came the squeaky sound of an underwater giggle. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

This third orgasm was stronger tan the other two, but didn't leave Tita as drained. Before it had even abated fully, she reached down and picked up her sister. Teeya was grinning broadly, her smooth cheeks burning brightly. Part of Tita's mind still wanted to stop all this, but she paid it no heed. Instead she hugged the child tightly, pressing their lips together. This kiss was not as urgent as their first had been, but more gentle and loving. It felt way better, she decided. There was a funny flavour to Teeya's probing tongue, and it took her a moment or two to realise that she could taste her own juices. She blushed deeply. They kept on kissing and caressing each other for a good while, and when they finally broke apart Teeya let herself fall backwards, out of her sister's lap. She swam around the spring, then re-surfaced right next to Tita, smiling warmly.

"I love you, Tita."

"I love you too, tiny. You know that."

"No! I mean, not like that. I love you. I've been in love with you for over a year."

"You have?"

"Uh-huh." The girl blushed slightly. "You're so sexy, Tita. Especially your boobs."

"These?" Tita laughed, squeezing her breasts together and pointing them at the calf, who squealed happily and applauded. *You like?*

*Like much* She leant down and licked a nipple, sending a shiver up Tita's spine. "They're beautiful, and so big. I used to dream about sleeping on them. You know, like a pillow."

"Maybe I'll let you do that."

"Really!? You mean we can do stuff like this again?"

"If you really want to."

"I do!"

"Hey, I'm not marrying you." They both laughed, then Tita threw her sister to the other side of the spring. With a growling snarl, she advanced on her. "But I am going to eat you."


They chased each other around the spring for a few minutes. This was no game of tag, just a wild hunt that included a lot of grabbing and several kisses. It didn't end until Tita had her sister in a tight grip. The calf squirmed, but made no real attempts at escaping. Feeling more aroused than ever, Tita carried her to the side of the spring and set her down on a rock that was protruding from the water. It seemed as if Teeya knew what was going to happen, because she eagerly spread her legs wide. Tita took her first good look at the girl's slit. It looked soft and pink and smooth, and as she gently pried the lips apart she found it nicely moist. She hesitated for a fraction of a second, then swiped up its length with her tongue. The taste was like nothing she could have imagined. Sweet and salty at the same time, and with a slightly musky flavour that had to be nothing less than Teeya herself. The essence of the girl. As her tongue touched the hooded clitoris, a shudder went through Teeya and she hissed with pleasure. Getting the hint, Tita just took one more taste at the girl's opening, then focused on her button. Teeya squirmed, gasped and moaned, her hands grabbing Tita's head as she humped back against the swirling tongue. In no time at all, her climax crashed upon her, and Tita could feel a squirt of liquid hit her chin. Swiftly, she opened her mouth wider and caught the second one on her tongue. It tasted a little bitter, but the sexiness easily outweighed the flavour. One more squirt, then Teeya let out a loud cry as she slipped back into the water. Tita leaned against the rock and cradled the panting child in her arms, letting her cheek rest on the soft cushion of her breasts. It took a few minutes before Teeya's breathing returned to normal, during which time the girl nuzzled Tita's breasts, pausing now and then to suck or lick at a nipple. After a while, though, she sat up.

"That was great!"

"Yeah, it was fun. You taste good."

"You, too." Teeya blushed, and wringed her hands. "Uhm... did I pee on you?"

"No, sweetie, that wasn't pee. You squirted. It's nothing unusual, many girls squirt when they come."

"Oh. You didn't."

"No, I've never done that."

"Maybe we could try again. Bet I can make you do it."

"No!" Tita said sternly. "I mean it, tiny. Touch me again and I'll scream. I need a long rest first."

"I don't," Teeya giggled. "You're lazy."

"Oh, go play with yourself, then. I wanna sleep."

"Won't let you." The girl kept poking Tita's sides, laughing softly. "Won't, won't, won't!"

* * * * * *

The sun had began to set when they finally left the spring and started walking back towards the sea. They had both brought each other off several more times, and despite Tita's fear that she might die from over-arousal, she felt just fine. Even that small voice of guilt inside her head had silenced. Fucked to death, she thought, biting back a giggle. The sea water felt ice cold and way too salty after such a long time in the hot spring, but they quickly got used to it as they swam back towards the city. They didn't speak during the entire swim. It was as if no words were needed. They had taken a huge step from being sisters into being... what? Lovers? Or something deeper even that that? Tita had always loved her sibling with all her heart, ever since the first time she had held that tiny bundle for the first time. Yet, today that love had reached new heights. A level of caring and fondness that she hadn't thought possible. Was this what the lore dream had wanted? Or had there never been a message from the ancestors, and she had simply found love on her own?

Every now and then, the two girls would swim up to one another and touch. Nothing sexual, just small prods or tweaks or caresses that made Tita's heart flutter. Once, as they surfaced for air, they shared a deep but quick kiss. Tita, feeling peevish, stole a lick at the girl's small nipples, making her shiver and squeal with delight.

by the time they got home it was almost dark. They both greeted their mother with a hug and a kiss, then Teeya broke into rapid chatter as she told of their day. Leaving out, Tita noticed with a wry smile, certain details, and making their stop at the spring seem almost boring. She did tell about the two naked boys they had seen kissing, though, berating her big sister for not letting her stay and watch. Once the chatter had been silenced by a fishcake snack, Tita felt her mother's arms sneak around her waist, squeezing lightly.

"You're a good girl, Tita. A wonderful daughter and sister."

"Oh, mom..." She blushed, half curious and half fearful of what her mother would say if she knew. "You should praise Teeya. Looking after her's no chore, it's a pleasure."

"I will, honey, but now I'm praising you. I'm so glad you two finally got together."

"Wh-what do you mean?" Tita almost squealed out. "I... I don't..."

"Relax, honey." The dumbfounded girl barely even noticed the kiss to the cheek she received. "I know she fancies you, big time. And i know you've been having the lore dream, too."

"But... how... when... why...?"

"I had it, too, when I was your age. And I had sex with my sister, too. Your aunt Hea."


"Well, it's true. I just want you to know that it's no bad thing. It's a part of learning and growing up."

"Even if you fall in love?"

"Yes, even then. Do you love Teeya?"


"I love her, too," interjected the little girl's voice, muffled by a mouthful of fishcake. "Very much."

"Good," their mother said, smiling. "Then I know what you two will be up to after dinner."

"I'm gonna sleep on her boobs," Teeya said, grinning at Tita's furious blush. "She said I could."

"Good for you, sweetie."

* * * * * *

Much later that night, after dinner and after almost two hours of sex, Tita still lay awake. She held her sister in her arms, and watched the peaceful, sleeping face that lay cuddled against her breasts. So mom not only knew, but approved. And had done it herself! It was almost too much to take in. She shook her head and thought back to how Teeya's lust for trying out new things had led them to more and more fun. They had sucked and licked each other's tails, had fingered each other deeply, had even licked each other's buttholes, which had been made more fun for being so naughty. Tita let out a soft giggle, which caused the girl to moan in her sleep, nuzzling her breasts.

"We're gonna have more fun, sweetie." She kissed the girl's forehead. "A lot more fun. Love you."

"Love you too..."

the sleepy mumble made Tita chuckle, and she stole one more quick kiss before she leaned back against her pillows and closed her eyes. It took her no time at all to fall asleep. This time, though, there was no lore dream. No strange dolphins. Just one. The one she knew now, for sure, she would always love more than all others.