By Holly Sweet

(FF, ws)

I am sure this story happened to someone, but I'm not sure just who. So, I'll just have to stick with the fiction identifier. Also, this story contains several undeleted strong expletives which occur during encounters of an adult nature between females. If this blows your skirt up, well, please stomp merrily away.

All comments are welcome:


I remember my first time tasting another girl's pee just like it was only yesterday. At the ripe old age of twelve, I thought my slender body would have taken a much more pronounced turn towards womanhood. But, I guess I was just a late bloomer. My mom had made me sign up for a week-long youth camp "adventure." Being on the shy side I was more than reluctant, but finally let myself be talked into going.

My apprehensions were realized soon after arriving at the camp when I discovered that most of the other girls seemed to already belong to some little clique or another. Probably they had been going to camp together for several years already, so I felt out in the cold before the week had hardly begun.

The first big surprise came right after five or six of us returned to the bath house after an afternoon dip in the lake, another embarrassing scene. My little chest bumps were so humiliating! Seeing those girls who were only a couple years older than me with breasts nearly falling out of their cups really rubbed it in. The worst part of all was seeing Nicole, a beautiful brunette with a firm, curvy bottom and at least a C-cup.

Naturally, I planned on skipping the post-swim shower, hoping to slide out while the other girls were removing their suits and keeping up their nonstop banter. It was not to be.

"Oh, Suzikens! Better get that skinny little butt in here! Camp rules state that showers after swimming in the lake are NOT optional."

Chagrined, I sat back on the bench and began to slowly remove my swim suit.

"Better get a move on. The hot water won't last forever!"

Reluctantly I eased through the doorway to the shower room, holding my arms protectively in front while my hands ineffectively tried to cover some of my nearly-hairless crotch.

"Well! Isn't that just special! Baby Susan seems a bit on the shy side doesn't she girls?" Nicole said mercilessly. There were several murmurs of agreement from around the room.

The blond girl, Janelle, added a comment that really made me squirm. "Hey, Nicole. What about initiating the new babe?"

"Well," Nicole began thoughtfully, "We could let it slide, after all, she's hardly a woman yet."

That comment made me feel even worse, if possible.

"How about if we leave it up to Susan - see how much she wants to be a part of the group?"

Nicole turned toward me with a raised eyebrow. "So, sweet lips, do you want to be a member of our little group, the Wood Nymphs?"

Gosh! I could hardly believe they were asking me. Did I want to belong to the group, these exceptionally pretty nearly-grown women? Damn straight I did! Nearly speechless, I nodded vigorously, and finally choked out, "Sure, I guess so."

"Okay, then. Let's get started before the hot water's down the drain." Nicole continued sternly, "Susan, the first step to belonging is to show appreciation for the full members by washing their feet. You can start with mine."

Weakly, and with genuine trepidation, as I wasn't exactly sure what to make of the scene, I reluctantly soaped a wash cloth and began to wash Nicole's feet. I had finished with the first foot and was starting on the other one when I felt Nicole redirect the shower to my head. Thankful, as I was getting a bit chilly, I looked up so smile my appreciation, and . . .

Right before my face was a completely smooth pussy! Nicole! And my warm shower was gushing forth from Nicole's hairless valley! My mouth opened in surprise and was quickly filled with her pee. I was very confused, but on some impulse or reflex action, I swallowed. Then, with a will of its own, my tongue reached up to my top lip and collected a stray golden drop. Surprisingly, it really didn't taste bad, and there was something really exciting about knowing that I had tasted some of Nicole's pee. Part of her was now part of me.

"Well, Suzikens, now you can move to the head of the class. And if you quit daydreaming and hurry up you can get yourself another mouthful."

So, mesmerized, I leaned forward and gently rested my hands on Nicole's firm thighs, gazing upward intently. With quivering lips my mouth continued its quest, moving closer and closer to her bald pussy. My eyes closed while my tongue searched and stretched toward her still-flowing pee hole until, finally, it touched her flesh. The pee splashing on my face finally found my tongue and used it as an aqueduct, serving to carry Nicole's tasty pee directly into my open mouth.

But, I had almost waited too long. Only two mouthfuls later her flow trickled to a stop. With my lips sealed around her fountainhead, I stole the final few drops by sucking vigorously, and I had become something I had never imagined was in store for me. With out a doubt I was now a pee drinker, and my first taste of Nicole's pee had only increased my thirst for more!

With knowing smiles, the other four girls decided to forgo the foot washing and, instead, anointed me with their golden liquid as I lay on the floor of the shower room. One by one, each girl stood over me, spraying my face, pussy and chest, then straddling my face so I could have a final, greedy drink. By the last girl, Mary, the one just barely older than myself, I was about to burst from drinking all of their tasty pee.

Fortunately, Mary didn't have to pee very much, but she had something else for me to taste. As Mary positioned her pussy over my mouth, she reached behind her and began rolling my little nipples around, pulling and twisting while grinding her pussy into my mouth and rubbing her clit on my perky little nose.

"Oh, sweet Susan! I'm gonna cuuummmm!!!! Suck it baby! Oh! Yessss! Ohhhhhhhhhh!

Though I couldn't say anything, me with my mouth full of pussy juice, I could definitely moan and squirm all over the floor of the shower room. Another first! The first time I had ever cum with another person!

I lay on the shower floor in a daze, hardly aware of my surroundings. As I came back down to earth, I felt several pairs of hands stroking my body - all five girls had picked a portion of my body to soap, wash and caress. Gosh that felt so good - another first! Finally they wrapped me in a big, snugly towel and we went into the locker room to dress.

Almost ready, I was just pulling on my sneaks when Nicole called from the outer doorway. "That was an exceptional beginning, Susan. Here's some food for thought though," She added with a grin. "The final phase of your initiation will happen tonight - in the cabin after lights-out!"

It looked like, finally, I was going to belong. But, I wondered, what in the world could they have planned for me next that could top what I had just experienced?

I would love to hear from you, especially any ideas about Susan's next adventure.