Anything goes....Pt 1.

Please be aware that the following fictional story contains explicit scenes of adults and underage girls involved in acts of a sexual nature. It contains urination, scat, lesbian and domination, and isnt meant to offend in any way. However if such topics are likely to cause offence please exit now. The author is above 25 years of age, and you should abide by any local laws that prohibit the reading of such material. Any comments, good or bad, or ideas to improve the following will always be welcomed. Also if you think there should be a follow up drop me a line.

I hope you enjoy.

3.30 in the afternoon and the chidren were leaving school by the main gates.

A few walked the road way home, but the odd one or two took the scenic route through the woods.

The path was narrow, and surrounded by trees on both sides, and this was where a certain 35 year old woman had her fun.

She knew which kids walked this way home after spending most afternoons hidden beyond view, and soon she caught sight of the one she wanted.

12 year old Emma shuffled her feet in the leaves on the ground, and the woman hidden from view made her move.

Deliberately making a few moans and groans the 35 year old made herself heard, but without showing herself.

Instead she peered from behind a tree and saw young Emma scouring the woods for any movement.

Then to the youngsters amazement she saw the back of the middle aged woman who was now squatting just above the ground.

The young girl felt no fear as she knew the woman she was now looking at was facing the opposite way, and easing her frame closer the child saw more than she bargained for. 35 year old Tracy now had her skirt and panties around her ankles and was peeing on the ground.

Emma gulped, she'd never seen an adult do anything like this before, but the childs eyes were transfixed on the sight before her.

More Tracy moaned as another jet of pee shot from her hidden pussy.

Emma knelt down as if to maintain her hidden position, and then she saw even more. Tracy, knowing the youngster must still be looking stood up, and slowly turning her body towards the hidden youngster exposed her pussy. Then, to the young girls amazement the 35 year old squat again, and in full view of the still hidden girl Tracy started to pee again. Emma was stunned and all the youngster could do was watch as the middle aged woman started to pee harder than ever. But that wasnt all the child would see as without any warning Tracy, the sick twisted freak slid a finger inside her now soggy pussy and lifted her now damp hand to her mouth. Emmas eyes almost closed as the peeing woman opened her mouth, and to the 12 year old astonishment the woman slowly inserted her finger and then began to suck it.

Emma felt her heart racing, and her legs shaking as she watched the older woman smile, and then it happened, the pissing woman went one step further. She knelt down again with her back to the watching child, and spreading her ass cheeks she revealed her puckered tight ass hole.

Emma gulped as the elder womans ass started to open, more and more the tight brown hole seemed to stretch until the child saw something she'd never seen before, she saw someone else shitting.

At first Tracy eased the brown waste from her butt hole as slowly as she could, but as she was getting aroused knowing the young girl was watching she lost all control and in no time her shit was spraying out her engorged asshole.

Emma felt faint, her young heart was now beating so fast she could barely keep still, and hearing the youngster rustling behind a bush Tracy knew the child was still watching.

So, not wanting to miss the opportunity Tracy did the unthinkable. She reached behind and pushed a finger deep inside her slimy butt hole.

Emma gasped as she eased her head to the side to get a better view, and in no time was watching the older woman fingering her shitty hole.

Oh my god thought the girl as she couldnt take her eyes off the sight only 30 or so feet away, and then she saw even more. Tracy stood up, turned to face the child, and with shit covering her finger she rammed it deep into her already pissy mouth.

Emma almost fell over seeing this and Tracy made her move.

"So you enjoying the show then sweetie or should i stop?".

Emma had been rumbled and stayed quiet.

"Its ok you know hun, i wont tell. Anyway youve done nothing wrong except watch me taking a pee and poo in private".

Emma was terrified and stayed motionless until Tracy spoke again.

"Look hunny dont be shy, its ok you saw me but no need to be scared. Anyway i wont tell if you wont" and at that the child stood up.

"Thats better, i thought it might be you. I often walk this way home from work and have seen you here before. Just that today i couldnt wait till i got home and had to go in the bushes. Hope i didnt frighten you".

"Errr no i wasnt frightened, just didnt know what to do thats all" replied the 12 year old.

"Thats ok babe, anyway what could you say? Not like your gonna shout howdy when your watching someone pissing and shitting is it? Anyway like i said dont worry, i had to go and you just happened to see. No big deal really, just hope what you saw didnt upset you but us adults do get a bit carried away now n then".

"Yeah i'm ok honest, just a bit confused tho as not seen anything like that before thats all".

"Oh i guess you saw everything then hun. Well, dont worry about it, not like anyone would believe you anyway is it?" and the adult smiled.

"Look sweetie i need to clean myself so unless you wanna watch you might wanna turn away. I dont mind either way but dont want you feeling uneasy".

"Errrm no i'm ok" came the youngsters reply and the 12 year old looked right at Tracy.

"Oh ok hun, well if you wanna look why not come a bit closer? I dont mind and anyway you might be able to help me. I mean its a bit unstable under foot and maybe you can hold me up while i wipe myself. I mean i nearly fell over a few minutes ago. Upto you tho hun".

"Errr ok but what if we get caught? I mean what if someone see's us?".

"Ohhhh good thinking. Well how about we hide behind these trees, no one will see us then. But hurry up either way as i'm a bit messy" and Tracy walked a few yards and hid herself behind the overgrown bushes.

Soon a young girls face appeared and Tracy just smiled at the girl stood only a few feet feet from her.

"Hi hun nice to meet you. I'm Tracy. So you feeling brave?".

"Yeah guess so" came the youngsters reply and in no time Tracy made her next move.

"Ok baby so how about i bend over and you hold my legs so i dont fall. That way i can wipe my ass properly".

"Ok i guess" and at that Tracy bent over and grabbed the girls hands and placed them on her thighs.

"Oh god dont move hun but ive gotta go again" and almost immediately the 35 year old had shit oozing out her already messy butt. "Oh hun hold my legs tighter please before i fall over" begged the woman as more and more brown waste seeped from her slimy ring. "Oh god hun help me" the woman implored, "Its stuck, quick spread my butt cheeks as far as you can so it'll come out" and almost in fear of the womans safety the child did as she was told. "Oh more, quick hun spread them more its still stuck" and soon Emma was tugging the womans butt cheeks to their limit.

Tracy felt her cunt start to bubble as her gooey shit once again sprayed from her anus right infront of the 12 year old. "Oh fuck dont loose me hun its almost out now" screamed the panting woman and still the young girl kept her grip on Tracys messy butt cheeks.

"Oh jesus thats better. Hun your a star, thanks for helping me i was in a real mess then".

"No probs" said the shaking youngster "but theres poo on your legs and some on my hand".

"Oh god baby i'm so sorry. Tell you what you take some tissue from my bag and clean me and i'll clean your hand" and at that the timid child gently wiped the mess off the adults legs.

"Thanks angel" smiled Tracy. "Now give me your messy hand" and at that the child offered it to the woman. But instead of using tissue Tracy did something the youngster would never forget. She opened her mouth, pushed out her tongue, and lapped the sticky brown scat off the childs fingers.

Emma shrieked but Tracy didnt stop. Instead the horny filthy woman started to make maoning and groaning noises as she looked into the childs eyes and continued feasting on the pungeant putrid waste in front of her.

"Oh yummy. Mmmm thats better" said the 35 year old when she'd finished cleaning the childs hand and all Emma could do was stare.

"Sorry hun, got a bit carried away again i guess. Hope your not mad" and Tracy winked.

"But thats poo you just licked" replied the shaking scared child.

"Oh hun youve got so much to learn. Adults love the taste of poo, in fact if you werent here i'd be tasting much more".

"Really? I mean you'd taste more?".

"Oh yeah sure hun, but your here and i dont wanna scare you or make you feel sick".

"I'm ok honest and not scared or sick".

"Oh right, well then do you wanna see some more? Might get a bit messy tho hun".

"Yeah ok" came the childs reply, and in no time Emma was watching pure filth.

Spreaing her ass cheeks once more Tracy plunged 2 fingers deep inside her shitty ring, and in full view of the child pulled them out scooping as much left over shit as possible. Then, facing the girl Tracy started to suck on her shit coated digits.

Emma almost fell over as Tracy slurped and sucked, then nibbled and chewed on the rancid filth on the womans fingers. Then what Tracy did next went beyond all boundaries of perversion and degradation. She held the girls head still and wiped the remains of her shit across the childs lips.

Emma screamed but Tracy didnt stop.

"Go on baby, taste it. Come on hun just a little lick and it'll soon be over. Yeah you know you can hun, just one lick please. Ohhhh come on hun, its not so bad, and anyway what would your parents think if i follow you home and tell them youve been watching me shitting and then helping me clean myself? So, open wide hun and lick my shit or i'm going to see your mom n dad".

Tears started to fill the girls eyes as she poked the tip of her tongue out her tiny mouth, and then it happened. She felt the older womans mess coat her slender tongue.

The child retched at first but Tracy knew what to do.

"Oh baby thats it. Dont be scared now your almost there. Thats a good girl, almost done now just lick Tracys poo up like a good girl. Oh yeah baby good girl, thats it your doing it. Now dont be afraid baby just swallow and it'll soon be over. And thats exactly what the terrified girl did.

It took a few minutes for the 12 year old to stop crying, but it wouldnt be long before the child was in tears again.

"Right hun this is my address. Tomorrows Saturday. Your to tell your parents that your going to a friends house but instead your gonna come to mine. Now if your not there by 10am i'm gonna come to your school Monday and tell everyone what you just did. And yes i'll make sure your parents find out too. So, 10am sharp".


Yound Emma, shaking and crying left the secluded area in the woods and made her way the mile back to her home. Tracy tidied herself up and strode off towards her car parked just around the corner.

The 35 year old had finally managed to put into play her disgusting plan, and in less than 24 hours time she'd have the ending she'd been waiting for.



9.50am showed the time on the 35 year olds mobile phone when she heard a faint tap at her front door.

Oh yes she thought to herself as she peered round the living room door and saw the short silhouette of her prey.

"Ahhh so you made it then? Good morning hun, why dont you come inside?" and hearing those words young Emma tentertively stepped across the threshold and into the confines of her new mistresses domain.

"Now dont be nervous but why dont you come into the living room and meet a very good friend of mine, hun this is Susan".

Susan immediately got to her feet and simply stood there scanning the youngsters slender, immature body.

"Oh yes" said Susan smiling, "she'll do just fine" and winked at her middle aged friend.

"Come on then Emma" Tracy added. "I know your names Emma as ive heard your friends call it you. Now why dont you tell Susan what we did yesterday? No need to be shy as Susans a bit of an expert and knows everything that adults and children get upto".

Emma cleared her throat, looked at the floor, and slowly told Susan the events of yesterday.

Susan was almost panting as she heard the child talking of watching Tracy pee n poo, then when she heard about Emma seeing Tracy licking her own mess off her fingers she damn near climaxed on the spot. When she heard about Emma being force fead the adults shit Susans cunt started to bubble.

"And so Susan, thats why the young girls here today. I could go tell her parents what a tramp she is, but maybe it'd be nicer if young Emma spends a few hours with us this morning and works for her salvation. What say we all go down to the cellar for a bit of privacy?" and at that 35 year old Tracy and 38 year old Susan got to their feet. "Come on Emma, lets show you the way, and soon the women were leading the frightened child down a flight of wooden steps, and into the dark surroundings that was their little bit of paradise.

Entering the room nothing could be seen, and all Emma heard was the chinking of a key in the door as one of the two women locked it behind them. Then as a light switch clicked on the young girl saw something so terrifying that the child almost screamed. Chains, ropes, shackles, masks, knives, pulleys, and a stainless steel table.

"Ok hun, guess you know what your here for so lets get to it and at that Tracy grabbed the child and shackled her hands. Immediately Susan hooked an offcut of rope around the girls head and tied it tight as a makeshift gag.

The girl was crying but no sound came out, and the two women were almost ready.

"Ok Tracy, help me get her on the table", and soon the girl was being lifted onto the shiny metal surface. "Yeah thats its hun now get her clothes off" and within seconds the weeping child was naked from the waist down. "Ohhhhh nice tight pussy there Emma, care if i loosen it up hun?" and in no time Susan was plunging 2 thick set fingers deep into the depths of the screaming childs cunt.

"Oh yeah Susan, rip it open and make the little bitch howl" and immediately the 38 year old was reaming her digits in and out of the 12 year olds aching pussy. "Yeah thats its hun, now get a couple in her ass, i wanna see the little cunts ass bleed" and yet again Susan did as she was told. Two fingers tearing at the childs cunt and now two ploughing into the childs butt.

Emma almost passed out with the pain, but she soon came to hear senses as she saw Tracy strip, then climb onto the table, then stoop over Emmas face, and then it happened.

"Yeah baby do it, shit on the little fucker. Oh yeah Tracy, let one rip, choke the dirty bitch and Emma saw what she feared. A creak of Tracys ass, and then it opened slightly to reveal a cone shaped chocolate log. At first Tracy held back and only let a few millimetres escape, but she couldnt hold it in much longer and soon Emma saw the most terrifying thing ever. At least 5 inches of slimy, sticky, putrid filth oozing out the grown ups asshole and coming closer and closer to her face. "Yeah babe shit on the little cunt" urged Susan and then it happened.

A thud and poor little crying Emma was covered in the most rancid foul smelling mess imaginable. The child flinched and tried to shake it off her face but Susan was too quick and held the girls head still.

"Inhale Emma, smell Tracys shit. Yeah baby breathe it in. Go on hunnie you know you want to but the child didnt. Oh hunnie if you dont then i'm going to have to do something much more nasty. Emma just couldnt inhale and so in the blink of an eye Susan pulled the childs gag down an inch and holding the childs nose so she couldnt breathe through it the childs mouth opened. That was all it took and Susan used her free hand to wipe a huge mound of filthy scat into the 12 year olds mouth. Emma bucked and tried to spit the filth out but Susan was just too clever, and the 38 year old planted her own mouth over the girls, then she kissed the girl and at the same time spat her friends filth deep into the youngsters mouth. Emma felt the gooey shit coat her tongue, then she felt it at the back of her throat, then it covered her ice white teeth until the were darm brown, and then the child gagged and swallowed. Warm, earthy, musty shit trickled down her throat and Tracy gasped.

"Oh fuck yeah, eat it hunnie, eat my shit. Yeah baby your doing it, swallow my load and the child knew she was beaten.

Emma simply held her breath and took a gulp.

At first she retched, then she sniffled, then she retched some more, then she swallowed again. This time a large chunk must have lodged in the back of the girls throat and seeing this Susan released her mouth and instead inserted 2 fingers inside and pushed the blockage down Emmas throat. It was almost relief to the youngster when the blockage was gone and the girl almost smiled with relief.

Susan had other ideas though and soon the 38 year old was naked and rubbing her own butt cheeks.

"You ready for a go now Susan?" asked Tracy still tingling with excitement, and Susan nodded.

"Come on then Emma, my turn now. Open wide baby and it'll soon be over, and in seconds the 38 year old was stooping over the 12 year olds mouth. Tracy wanted to join in and forced her head between the childs legs and almost in unison Susan started to push her scat out while Tracy started to lap and suck on the youngsters cunt.

Emmas legs bucked as she felt Tracys tongue slide up the length of her slit, and the girl almost screamed in delight as Tracy nibbled on her immature bud. Tracy nibbled, suckled, licked and tongued the 12 year olds cunt for all she was worth and soon the girl was in heaven. Never before had she felt such incredible sensations and soon the child was cumming, right onto Tracys eager willing tongue.

"Oh yeah Tracy, make her cum more while i give her a real treat" implored Susan, and soon young Emma was writhing on the table, panting, sweating, moaning and groaning as Tracy devoured her slender juicy slit. "Ok baby my turn now, open wide" and to their amazement the child did just that. Not only did she spread her own legs as far as possible, she opened her mouth to its limit and Susan and Tracy gasped. "Ooooo good girl, enjoying it now are we?" and incredibly Emma smiled. "Mmmm thats my girl, now get ready cus here it comes" and Susan let go.

A huge spray of light brown shit fizzed from the 38 year olds anus and completely covered the inside of the 12 year olds mouth. Another jet and the girls face was being pebble dashed. Another creak of the womans ass and yet more sticky shit soup sprayed out and Tracy watched in astonishment as she continued to feast on the girls twitching cunt.

"Oh baby now swallow it for me, oh yeah hunnie swallow my mess and Emma did.

The 12 year olds legs shook vigourously as she climaxed yet again and almost without thinking she sucked some of Susans shit down her already brown coloured throat.

More she sucked and swallowed and more Tracy gobbled on the girls cunt. More she pulled Susans scat down her throat with her tongue and more Tracy munched on her now red raw pussy.

Then it happened, something neither Tracy or Susan would ever forget. Emma spoke.

"I wanna poo now. Who wants it?"

Susan gasped, so did Tracy, and in no time both women were on their knees begging for it.

"Oh god its coming out" exclaimed Emma and both women lay on ther ground.

Emma lowered herself over the womens face and Tracy and Susan supported the girl with their hands. Then without warning the girls ass erupted.

Slimy, stringy, shit literally gushed from the youngsters anus and with no time was plastering the two middle aged sluts faces.

Tracy yelped as she stuck out a tongue and tasted 12 year old shit for the first time. Susan just lapped shit off her friends face and almost begged for more.

The final droplets of shit trickled from Emmas ass and Susan and Tracy licked the childs shitty ring clean.



Emma eventually got to her feet almost cat like. 30 minutes ago the young girl was being abused and dominated by two middle aged perverts, and yet now the 12 year old was past caring.

She'd had her first orgasm, in fact she'd probably had 3 or 4, and the 12 year old could still feel her cunt tingling with excitement as the two women finally got up off the floor.