This is a big story in so many ways. It revolves solely around the world of female/girl love and embraces many ideas and concepts within that genre. I'm not the author of this work, I'm just an ex writer who kicked a few ideas around with her and offered my opinion as the story progressed, and in that sense the work is mostly hers. Some of the sex acts contained within its pages are pretty unusual so be warned. If you find acts of body worship, scat and watersports between women and girls offensive don't read any further and move on to another story. On the other hand for those who find the idea of `the unequal relationship' intriguing and perhaps even exciting then you may be tempted to read on. This is a tale of unscrupulous women who have no qualms whatsoever when it comes to seducing and using very young girls for their own selfish pleasures in both the bedroom and the bathroom. In a world where anything goes within closed walls these members of the fairer sex are still living on the fringes of respectability and decency and will stop at nothing to quench the fires of their perverted needs. April (seasiren6877)


Dear Reader,


The story you are going to read requests your indulgence; you're asked to open your mind, and lay waste your conventions about what is real, and what is right.  I ask you to consider the words of Professor Steven Weinberg, a Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (1979); "Think of a Parallel Universe as you would radio waves; there are hundreds flying around you head right now, each with their own frequency and energy.  Your radio can only listen to one these at a time; these other frequencies are not in phase with each other.  Likewise, we are only able to tune in the physical nature of our own universe, and not able to see the multitudes around us.  Some Parallel Universes are shadow of our own; exhibiting laws and boundaries which do not exist in our own frequency."


Chapter 1 

The world of Angela Steele looks quite like our world does now; the same beauty, same sights and the same sounds. Yet there are fundamental differences in image of our world today. Where laws once existed to control people and the world around us, you would now find freedoms and unbridled exploration of science, nature and even love. 

The quiet street where Angela Steele and her husband Robert lived was quaint by anyone's standards; tree lined drives led to sprawling yards, the bustle of suburban life at every turn. The homes were not new, but were large and appeared well heeled, expensive cars sit in long driveways, and large secluded back-yards hid pools and winding gardens. Yet beneath this very familiar setting lay the desires of its inhabitants that were not encumbered by the constraints of society as we understand it now. 

The Laws of Love, as they are called, were few. That is to say that within the realm of the heart, only two restrictions existed: Consent, and Safety. People were free to love and find pleasure in whomever they wished as long as they didn't bring harm by doing so, and as long as the individuals agreed. Marriage in Angela's world was typically viewed as business relationship for the purposes of procreation. That isn't to say that love no longer existed, it did, and in some cases took the form of modern family as you would know it today; where two people of the opposite sex mated for life and joined in the rearing of the offspring. In fact, those marriages tended to be even more successful than by modern standards, as they were done solely out of love and not obligation. Angela's needs, however, were quite different.

Religion and the pursuit of a higher truth still existed, yet it had a different place in people's lives; it was a means to commune with a higher power through studies of ancient writings and modern science; it didn't, however, exist to dispense morality. Many of the things you think of today as vices, were accepted in moderation; the natural expansion of your mind through herbs, pursuit of hedonistic pleasure, as well as all manner of sex, held the tacit acceptance of the church as long as it was not flaunted or used to the detriment of the church. Even clergy were allowed pleasures of the flesh; yet still kept the volume of their pleasures hidden from their flock.

Angela and Robert had lived in their home for nearly two decades; they had chosen the home because of its appeal for raising a family. When they first married, they took time to settle into their careers before trying to conceive; Robert was a successful executive in the Oil and Gas Industry, he traveled frequently and his time was under great demand. Angela was a successful writer of some note, her early books on Parent Confusion, and Lactation Principals for Children with Multiple Mothers, were ground breaking in their modern study of child psychology.

Angela and Robert had decided to wed and have children for two very different reasons; Robert desired all the trapping of success and stability required to gain acceptance and confidence of others in his chosen field, and a wife and kids provided that for him. Where as Angela sought the comforts afforded her by her husband's success, and the freedoms that allowed her to write and to follow her needs of a more prurient bent. You see Angela was a child lover. Over the years Angela had found pleasure in every conceivable sexual combination, each gave her a temporary reprieve from her over-active libido, yet none truly satisfied her.  She had experimented with boys and girls by the age of eight; not uncommon within this society. However, it wasn't until primary school that Angela experienced her first intense sexual relationship. Her teacher in 5th grade had come to visit her parents one night, quite unexpectedly. Angela was not asked to be a part of the discussion, yet from the door frame of her bedroom she could make out small snippets of the conversation. It seemed that her teacher, Mrs. Quinton, was offering to tutor the ten year old after school and occasionally on weekends. Angela had always been proud of her excellent marks, in fact she challenged her instructors for information well beyond her young years. As she strained to listen to more she began to hear words quite unfamiliar; like submission, and servitude. She could make out parts of a rather animated discussion where Mrs. Quinton explained what would be required of her sex slave.  The confused child was called out by her mother and father to join the group after an hour of serious conversation.  She sat between her parents nervously biting her lower lip, her eyes darting between their intense faces, and she could feel the heat of the adult's stares.  She sensed a mood unlike any she had known before; it crackled with an electrical charge she would later recognized as adult sexuality, she could feel a prickle on the back of her neck as she tried to absorb each word the grown ups spoke to her. In a very mater-of-factly way she was informed that she would be receiving private instruction from her teacher after school four days a week, and once a month Angela would spend the weekend at Mrs. Quinton's home for more focused study. When Angela tried to ask why she needed help, since her grades were so good, Mrs. Quinton reached over her mothers lap and placed a hand on the small girl's upper thigh.

"Angela, this isn't about your academic life dear, this is about teaching you to be obedient, we have discussed it, and we feel you are ready now to learn how to please grown ups in a very different way. You see dear, I am going to teach you about sex; specifically how to give pleasure. I will teach you how to make love to a woman properly and how to make her happy with that sexy mouth of yours. You will become my sex slave dear, and you will be with me until your parents and I think you've learned all you need to."

The woman's hands crept higher up Angela's leg and traced small circles over her knickers. Angela felt frightened and embarrassed. After all, this woman was touching her in front of her parents in a very uncomfortable way, as if they couldn't see what she was doing. Angela's first reaction was to brush the older woman's hand away, but her own mother grabbed her wrist and assured her with a glance, that her teacher was allowed to touch her in any way she liked. 

This one night had set in motion a lifetime of events that formed the very foundation of Angela Steele's sexuality; indeed her entire personality. Over the next 3 years, Angela learned the rigors of sexual servitude. Her teacher had proved to be quite insatiable at times, and Angela learned to be more than willing to satisfy her demands. It wasn't until later in her life, that Angela's paradigm had shifted; for many young girls the life of a submissive would have been fulfilling, a complete fit of their own sexual needs. For Angela however, it was just the opposite; she had learnt to become the sexual aggressor in all her relationships. Through high school and on through University, Angela had found immense satisfaction and fulfilment in the virtues of an unequal relationship, a need for one-sided pleasure that continued to grow to this day. In fact, she viewed her formative years with Mrs. Quinton as the perfect building blocks for the sex life she enjoyed now. There were times now, when she could be quite `demanding' with her lovers, and it always felt to her like a sort of cathartic release from her childhood, a way of taking back control of her life. Much like a tooth ache that you can't stop stabbing with your tongue; a way of acknowledging and dealing with parts of that relationship she still struggled with.

At least she wasn't a dowdy old bird; Angela Steele was a sophisticated 51 year old woman who prided herself on her seemingly fade resistant looks and surprisingly nubile figure. Yet she knew time was running out; she had availed herself of nearly every means of sexual release, yet she always came back to the same haunting need... Something that really had to be done before it was too late. Perhaps it was an attempt to reclaim her own childhood, or maybe it simply was that she found young girls just so damn sexy, but it was clear to her that her entire life had led her to this point. There came a clear vision, as if the tumblers of some mental lock had all fallen into place; she indeed was a girl lover... and the younger the better.  She was only able to find true fulfilment in the dreams of experiencing pleasure at the expense of young girls. Even though society did not frown on her particular tastes, she found it difficult to find and nurture the type of relationship with a minor that she craved. 

Her penchant for Woman / girl sex had some very dark needs, the sort of things that one couldn't simply spring on a young child without developing trust and the proper structure within the relationship that would be required. Her plan was always to find a male mate with the right genetics; and to provide to him what ever sexual releases he needed until she was able to birth female offspring with the look she so greatly desired. She had always dreamed of having two or more young blonde daughters who she could begin to train from a very young age to accept the sorts of dark desires that plagued her thoughts. Yet for this well respected writer of children's psychology, it seemed that fate was not without a sense of irony.  Angela understood most everything there was to know about how a child thinks and how best to raise them, yet her body could not conceive. She and Robert had tried for the last 12 years to get pregnant, availing themselves of the most modern technology available, till finally the doctors told her that age had now caught up with her. At fifty one years old, the still highly desirable Angela had to resign herself to the fact that her plans for a household of love and unfettered sexual exploration were gone.

"I just need a girl in my bed... Yeah that's it - I can practically see her, as cute as a button and hair done up in pigtails with little pink ribbons. I could even buy her a friendly little teddy bear to hold as I climb up the bed with my panting cunt all ready to sit on her... Oh damn! Damn! Damn! Is it too much to ask!?" Her mind screamed out as she mentally punched the heavens. 

And yet things were looking up. Angela had recently found a new opportunity to quench her sexual thirst. A like minded friend of hers; a professor at the local college, had given her a catalogue of sorts. A glossy paged brochure for discerning women, like Angela, who seek the company of young girls.  It was a hedonistic sorority, where older women shared their teen daughters or young lovers with women who had the same need for girl sex. Even within the acceptance of society, organizations like this were still very much kept to a whisper. At the end of a particularly long day of writing Angela poured herself a glass of well aged single malt scotch and light a cigarette. She was anxious to leaf through the brochure, and to see what sort of young girls she may have a chance to meet. Perhaps she would find just the look and age she wanted. Who knows, she may be able to strike a relationship with one and bring her on to her way of thinking. Thing could be arranged. At least she was desperate to try. She let the peppery liquor sooth her as the wisps of smoke lay softly over the images. She found girls of every conceivable ethnicity and size, all posed in slutty ways to lure other woman/girl couples to them.  She fantasized about the photos she saw of young girls in various states of undress, and read the explicit captions that detailed their own particular sexual skills. As her mouth worked to take in the alcohol and smoke, her passions rose, and her darker angels set free. Angela spent hours strumming her vagina through her knickers till transparent with her excretions; looking at the photos of the young girls and imagining them perched between her thighs, giving her pleasure as she had Mrs. Quinton. She was aroused by the thought of joining such a group of women, but still she wanted something more. She saw a single advertisement among the rest for a website called "Pretty Lips Five 2 Nine". She made note of its allusion towards girls from the age 5 to 9 years old.  It seemed to have an emphasis on oral love, and even a snippet about "Eating the Body Fruit of Passion".  Angela felt her cunt gush forth with excitement, perhaps she had just stumbled onto the missing piece she had been looking for. She folded the corner of the page and would most certainly be visiting the site soon.

In Angela's vision of her own sexual nirvana she would have a very young blonde girl, much like the daughter she had always hoped for, perhaps five or six years old, with the face of a cherub; a girl willing to service her with her pretty young mouth.  She hoped to build a relationship with the youngster and gain her trust, eventually leading to her ultimate fantasy. What Angela Steele wanted most of all was use a young girl as her toilet; to seduce her to the point where she would be willing to accept all that her body expelled as waste, and consume it as an expression of total love and devotion. She could think of nothing more perverted, more deviant, than to treat beautiful and innocent young child in such a depraved way, and it was just that image that drove her nearly to the point of despair.

This had been the one thing that eluded the woman all her life, and she felt an ever growing sense of pain that she may never feel totally satisfied.  What she needed was her own little sex slave to nurture and train, she would persuade her to accept her filthy needs, and perhaps this website would open the doors to the sort of ultimate satisfaction she had always dreamed of. As she laid panting and rubbing her sodden cunt, the sound of the door bell brought Angela Steele the answer to her prayers. 



Chapter 2

On the doorstep of Angela's large colonial home stood Kylie Ford; a fetching woman in her mid twenties. She had the brightest color blonde hair one could posses without the use of dye; her hair was classic 'California Blonde,` and gave all who first met her the impression she was a bimbo, an impression that was not too far off the mark. She dressed in the newest fashion; clothes that were as expensive as they were form fitting. The long sleeved designer shirt appeared to be hand painted with replica of a famous water color, studded with sequins where swirling stars would be. It clung to her torso and nearly clamored for any passer by to notice her exaggerated breasts. They were too large for her slim frame, and were obviously a monument to medically enhanced beauty. No doubt they were a gift from (for) her husband.  The denim pants she wore would be an insult to call blue-jeans, they were far too expensive for such a pedestrian name as that. It was a wonder anyone could comfortably wear pants so tight, and combined with the shinny three inch heels she wore it was a wonder Kylie Ford could walk at all. If you were to see Kylie in any other location than this quiet and stated neighborhood you would think she looked cheap, even whorish, or at the least, overdressed. However amidst the women of this established neighborhood she just looked like she was trying too hard to impress. Either way, she was not at all what Angela Steele expected to see when she opened the door.

Still breathing ragged and with a flushed face, Angela straighten her skirt as she kicked off her soaked knickers; she checked her hair quickly in the foyer mirror and greeted the stranger outside. Even though Angela preferred young girls, she was a fan of women in general, and often found them just as willing bed partners as the men who pursued her. She couldn't help but smile at the saucy vision that greeted her from her front stoop; she wasn't at all her type, and Angela felt as if she had completely sized her up before she even opened her mouth. No matter what she had so say, Angela was going to charm her, she may be a useful playmate and was certain to be easy to manipulate. Angela oozed sensuality, and restraint; her dark brown eyes light up as her mouth curled into a cross between a smile and a sneer.

"Hello there, my name is Kylie Ford, I just moved in down the street and wanted to come by and introduce myself."

Her accent was pure American; it was always odd to Angela why Americans tried to adopt an English accent when they visited England. Angela could see the woman was trying hard to fit in. She was forcing herself to speak out of the front of her mouth, not the middle as most other English speaking countries tend to do.  Kylie was trying to stretch out her 'o` words and by the time she mentioned her husband Paul, it wounded like she was saying "Pawlll". 

"Please Kylie, won't you come in? There is quite a chill in the air, and you must be cold wearing just that adorable blouse. Please come in dear."

Kylie only then noticed that her nipples were straining against the tight shirt, and suddenly felt embarrassed, not at all a proper thing to have happen. She entered the well appointed home, rife with bronze statues and pastoral paintings of hunting dogs. All very boring to Angela now, she had wanted to redecorate her home for a long while, but her husband had always liked its stuffy English style... it fit him.  Kylie of course was enamored with its old world charm and commented how beautiful the home was.

Angela had offered her some tea, to which the young woman had responded; "A spot of tea would be lovely."

Accentuating the broad-aw sounds, in a desperate attempt to sound proper. It made Angela laugh inside, as she got up to prepare the tea. The two exchanged niceties and Angela learned that they had only just moved in a few weeks ago, and were so happy to have placed their daughter in Healdsly Academy, which Angela recognized as the premiere pre-school in the county. Angela's ears perked up, and she decided it might be best to turn on the charm at this point. She set the tray of tea on the table and sat next to the young woman on the sofa. 

"Healdsly?  Oh yes, that is a wonderful school, most of the families in the neighborhood have sent their children there through the years. You were fortunate to get her in, I hear there is quite a waiting list for acceptance. You must be thrilled for your daughter."

Kylie felt a sudden surge of confidence at the woman's reaction to her statement. It was exactly as she had hoped. She knew she would have to impress the snobby British families if they were going to be accepted. She had read online that the school was supposed to be one of the best in the area, not that she really cared all that much about what the child would be learning. It was true they weren't willing to accept her on such short notice initially, however her husband had offered to pay double the tuition and make a generous donation to the school's Football program; that was enough to land the deal. It wasn't until they arrived in England that her husband had realized that in the United Kingdom, Football meant Soccer.  He hated soccer!  There was no way of taking back the donation, and anyway it was worth it to get his daughter enrolled. His wife had died a year ago of cancer. Her only wish was that her daughter Nikki gets the best of everything. He had agreed that she would attend the best schools, and get all that life had to offer.  Little did he know what she would be learning once they got there.

"Step daughter!" the young woman corrected. "Pawll is a widower, and Nikki my daughter only through our marriage." The woman glanced down at her perfect frame, as if to say; 'Does it look like this body had a baby?' She continued;  "We give her only the best of everything, and of course we had agreed that she would stay with us after her mother's unfortunate passing."

Angela bristled at the woman's remarks but managed to keep her face in a smile. Of course the girl would have stayed with them, where else would she have gone to live? This was a useful nugget of information but one that she decided not to pursue. Kylie continued to speak more animatedly; her hands flittered back and forth in an obvious attempt to let Angela see the obscenely large diamond on her finger.  Angela played the roll of Gracious Hostess to the hilt, she wanted to ingratiate herself to her new neighbor, but not seem too anxious to find out more about the youngster. However, she was tiring of her prattle.

"I'm so glad you stopped by Kylie, was there a reason you came by... not that you need one of course.  It's just that I have to..."

Kylie was quick to respond to the woman's polite end to the conversation. She seemed very nice and aristocratic she thought.  She wondered if they still had aristocrats in England, she would have to look into joining a club or something.

"Yes of course, I didn't mean to keep you. I need to be trotting off myself. I wanted to invite you and your husband over for little party we are throwing this weekend. I am inviting a few of the neighbors and Pawlll will be having some of his work `chaps' over as well.  Nothing fancy you know, just a way to get to know everyone.  It will be Saturday at 8... oh please say you can make it."

Kylie put her diamond crusted hand over the top of Angela's forearm in a final attempt to get her to notice; as she had appeared to give it no attention at all. Angela's mind was still spinning with the pictures she was looking at and all the twisted images floating around in her head, she had already made a mental connection to Kylie's young step daughter, and she felt her heart skip a beat at the thought of meeting her.

"Well Kylie, what a beautiful wedding ring that is, my... my, Paul must certainly have wanted to make sure he landed you, just stunning dear really. I'll have to check the schedule, I am almost certain that Robert is leaving out of town for a few weeks, if it's alright, I'll just stop by on my own for a drink, and say my hellos. I would love to meet your family."

Kylie was pleased with Angela's notice of her ring and her apparent eagerness to be friends. She had been worried about meeting the uppity women in the neighborhood, but it seemed as if she could charm anyone. After all she had landed Paul Ford, one of New York's top entertainment moguls after just 4 months of dating. This was going to be easier than she thought.

"Wonderful Angela, it's a shame that your husband wont be able to join us. I never asked, but of course if you have any children of your own that you'd like to bring, I'm sure Nikki would love to have a playmate. The truth is, I worry about that girl, she is so shy, all she does is sit in the park down all day pick flowers. You can tell she's not my child."

The young blonde chortled at the thought of having a child that was anything less that fabulous; she was  confused by Angela's momentary blank expression, looking as if she was lost in some deep thought.  Angela was of course processing this new information about Nikki, and forming the beginnings of a plan to befriend the little darling. She told Kylie that she would indeed be coming alone, which was just as well for Kylie, she dreaded the mess more than one child was capable of making in her new home. She would just keep Nikki upstairs while all the adults had a nice party. It would be just perfect.



Chapter 3

Angela leaned back against the door as it closed and hiked up her skirt. Her cunt had not stopped running the whole time she spoke to her new neighbor; evidenced by the sheen that now spread across her upper thighs, it was a wonder Kylie Ford hadn't smelled the excitement on her. The mere mention that there was a toddler in the neighborhood nearly set Angela into orgasm. She slumped against the door and frigged her throbbing sex to a quick and much needed climax. With her head tilted back and her fingers sawing in and out of her hole she let her mind meld the images she had seen in the brochure, and the prospect of having her own little sex slave living just down the street all to her self. The thought was nearly too much to bear. She stood in a puddle of her own milky discharge; her breathing still ragged as she attempted to regain her composure. She would need to befriend the kid, and ingratiate herself to the child's parents, that was certain. Things could be arranged, but it all depended on Nikki's acceptance of her. Saturday was shaping up to be a very interesting night indeed.

The Ford's new home as only five houses down the from Angela's. As she walked down the street to the party, she thought how convenient it could be if she ever needed use of Nikki's little mouth for a quick reprieve from her twisted thoughts. Angela could be described best as big boned. She never had given the impression of being over weight, but was no willowy waif either. At 5'8" she found her weight could fluctuate 5 or 6 pounds and it was unnoticeable to anyone but her; certainly not by her husband. David had found the pleasures of teenage boys some years back. Aside from the occasional alcohol induced request for anal sex, he pretty much kept his hands off her. Angela was willing to oblige his sexual needs, as random and rare as they were, because he was a good provider. He brought home a very handsome salary, and allowed her to concentrate on her writing. Her books had turned out to be quite a lucrative endeavor for her as well, and between the two of them; they had a very comfortable life. Their arrangement allowed them both the freedoms they needed to pursue their own sexual proclivities, and at the end of the day, they were actually quite fond of one another. All in all it was an acceptable arrangement that neither had need nor want to change.

Angela always was one to dress appropriately for any occasion. She would rather be slightly over dressed most of the time; it aided in giving her an air of importance. This night she wore a slimming gray pencil-cut skirt, it had a saucy little slit up the back that drew gaze to her thighs as she moved. She complimented her legs by wearing gray nylon stockings with a rather daring weave up the back of the leg; made to look like a serpent climbing up under her skirt. She liked to wear heels when she went out; it pressed her height advantage against other females, and made her quite a formidable looking woman. Her black heels were new as was her blouse. The heels had a blood-red sole, which made for quite a sluttish combination when matched with the stockings. It was just the look she had hoped for. Her blouse was a shinny emerald green silk that matched her eyes and complimented her stylish red hair. Her hair style was contemporary but not trendy; it was cut shorter in the back and a bit longer in the front. The bob swung down and created a perfect frame for her long and intelligent looking face. She kept an extra button undone tonight; she wanted Nikki to get a good look at what she had to offer. 

Angela's large breasts were one of her favorite features. Over the years they had lost some altitude, but they had kept their form; they swept upwards to a point with large brown areolas pushing up her fat nipples. In a push up bra as she wore tonight, they looked almost deadly; any passer by who noticed could only say 'Nice Tits.`  Angela's hips had grown wider of the years, and her ass a bit fuller than in her youth, yet she always thought it made her look more feminine. She never understood why so many models were made to look shapeless, and gaunt. She preferred flat chests and straight hips for young girls.

Kylie greeted Angela at the door as if they were long lost friends. Angela caught a momentary gasp when the woman first saw her; it was exactly as she had hoped. They exchanged hugs and compliments then Kylie held her arm and proceeded to introduce Angela around the room, twice making introductions to couples Angela had known for years. Kylie found Paul in the kitchen making small talk with a few of his new work associates, and Angela was anxious introduced to the two of them. Apparently she wanted to show her husband she was able to make friends with an older crowd despite her youthful age. Paul was a handsome man, slightly older than Angela had envisioned; she pegged him in his early fifties. He had a healthy tan and a full head of wavy blond hair with gray tinged sideburns. His rugged American good looks made Angela immediately comfortable as he proceeded to pour her a glass of McCallan's 15 year old Scotch. She listened intently to him explain to the group how his company was opening a number of nightclubs in the city; it was part of a European expansion project. They had moved to England to oversee the operations, and scout out potential new locations. The two of them were going to be quite busy with travel as they progressed, and made reference to the need to find good childcare.  Angela had kept a watchful eye out for Nikki, but had not yet seen her. Paul's reference to the girl had made her nipples harden, and she took the opportunity to mention how she loved children but had not been able to have any. She gave him a wide smile; artfully concealing the predatory smirk that lay just behind it.

After an appropriate amount of small talk with neighbors and a second full tumbler of Scotch, Angela decided to break away from the group and find a restroom. She walked up the rear staircase to the living quarters and proceeded past the bedrooms towards the bathroom. From the near room she heard the unmistakable sound of a child's voice at play. Angela paused outside her door before looking in and soaked up the sound like music. The toddler was in her own world having a conversation between make believe friends. She sounded happy as she switched between her made up voices, carrying on some dialog about a frog and a 'Big Butterfly.' The sound of a child at play is proven to cause the release of endorphins in adults; it's a hardwired response to the sound of innocence and merriment. Angela it would seem, had different wiring all together. To her, Nikki's precious little play caused her nipples to contract and her sex to swell, she imagined her darling little giggles being muffled by the domes of her buttocks, and the squeals of laughter be squeals of effort as she learned to satisfy the horny adult. 

Angela actually felt nervous before taking her first peak at the youngster. She was a woman who could seduce any man and nearly any woman willingly into her bed; yet to win the affections of the child required a mixture of seduction, maternal instinct, and a steadfast determination to acquire the only thing missing in her life. She took a deep breath and turned to stand in doorway of the little girl's bedroom. She was not prepared for what she saw. Sitting on the floor at the foot of her bed was the child of her dreams,  nearly the spitting image of the daughter she had always dreamed of having.  Nikki sat cross-legged on a round rug surrounded by her stuffed animals. They were sat in a circle as if children in a classroom, and she the teacher reading them a story. She held a book upside down in her hands and was pretending to read them all a fantastical tale. The fairytale she had concocted was an amalgamation of stories she had obviously been read before, and seemed to revolve around the bunny that was sat on her lap in some imaginary land. If there exists such a thing as lust at first sight, Angela had just experienced it. The kid was just perfect; she had a gorgeous head of curly blonde hair; the sort of curls you cannot replicate. They were buoyant and light, her fine hair seemed to bounce when she moved her head, and stray strands of blonde locks bounced like springs in her face as she meandered through her story.

She was dressed in her darling little teddy and was all ready for bed. The cotton night shirt was fashioned like a night time tank top, it fit her loosely, and had butterflies embroidered along the neckline.  She wore brightly colored yellow and blue knickers with silly bunny faces on them, which made Angela's heart skip a beat as she stared at the little darling. Nothing in her exceptionally active imagination could have looked more precious or more a picture of pure childhood innocence. She had a cute little upturned nose and what could very aptly be described as 'Baby Blues` for eyes. She even had her father's handsome dimple in her chin. Nikki felt the heat of Angela's stare and became startled as she quickly stood up; her soft blue eyes as round as saucers and clutching her stuffed bunny by the ears.

"I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to frighten you, I was just listening to your wonderful story, was it about your bunny?"

Angela  immediately crouched down to get closer to the girl's eye level. She realized she must have looked like a giant with her large body standing in the door frame like that. She made a mental note that she may need to soften her look for the little angel... at least at first. She flashed Nikki a full wattage smile that was quite genuine.

Nikki stood staring at the large woman for a few moments before she spoke. She was most certainly an intelligent child, that much was clear from the imagination she showed. You could see her mind working behind her tepid blue eyes. She was sizing up the woman in her head. She looked pretty, but in a different way than her step mom, more like the photograph of her mother she kept on her night stand.  Even though Nikki had been in England for a few weeks now, her step mom hadn't taken her out anywhere yet; she spent most of her time alone with her stuff animals or in the neighborhood park. In fact, this was the first time that she had really spoke directly with anyone outside her family since she arrived.  Nikki couldn't help but leak a small childlike smile as she heard the melody of Angela's English accent.

"Yes ma'am" she spoke softly, her voice just above a whisper; "It was a story `bout Thumper and an island."

"Oh, and island, that is wonderful, how did Thumper get there do you think?  I don't think bunnies can swim, do you?"

The girl's face immediately crinkled up as she digested the question then quickly broke into a smile at the thought of Thumper swimming to an island. She held up the bunny and looked at it as if she were double checking something then thrust her little arm out to show Angela.

"Thumper doesn't have fins!" She declared.

Angela had to laugh at the youngster; she was just adorable in every way. She clearly wasn't nervous with a stranger standing alone with her in her bedroom. Angela thought that a good sign. She decided to press on and stood up to walk closer. The girl's eyes had raised to hold the woman's gaze as she stepped towards her. She felt a little nervous, as she always did around strangers, and immediately stuck her thumb in her mouth. At five years of age, she was a little too old to still be sucking her thumb but it was a habit she fell back into when her mother died. Every night she lay in bed and sucked her thumb till she fell asleep. Her father understood it was her way of coping, and didn't press the issue just yet, much to the chagrin of his new wife who thought the whole thing very babyish.

Angela sat down on the floor across from Nikki in the same way she had been sitting. Her pencil skirt quickly rode up her thighs to accommodate her spreading knees; showing off the gusset of already damp black knickers, a sight not missed by the young girl. Nikki stood studying the older woman; still clutching her bunny ears and sucking her thumb, before Angela continued.

"I can see Thumper doesn't have fins. What a silly thing, a bunny with fins. You are such a pretty girl, you must be Nikki, your Mommy told me all about you."

"Step Mom," the girl retorted, "my real mom died." Her thumb quickly was placed back between her hips after she spoke.

Angela couldn't help but lust after the girl as she watched her lips draw on her thumb, they were so soft and succulent... so childlike. It was such a clear association with the needs she had for this child that it nearly made her cum just watching.

"Yes I heard that your Mum passed away, I'm very sorry about that. My Mum died a long time ago, I know how hard it is. I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Mrs. Steele and I live just up the street from you in the big white house on the hill. Your Step Mum had came bye to invite me to the party tonight, but I don't like crowds too much."

"Me either, I just like my animals and Thumper, and my Daddy too."

"Do you want to know a secret Nikki?"

The girl's eyes light up as she proceeded to plop down on the floor across from the adult. She held her bunny close to her chest, and leaned in to hear the secret. She was feeling comfortable with the woman, and was just happy to be playing with someone else.

"Oh yes Misss... Stweeeeul" The girl lisped.

Angela smiled at her and leaned in close and said in an excited whisper.

"You know what, why don't you just call me Angie, that's what my friends call me. Would you like to be my friend Nikki?"

That was a lie; no one ever called her Angie, but it was going to be easier for the kid to say with her juvenile lisp.

"Oh yes, you seem really nice and I `dinnit meet anybody else yet as nice as you. I want to be your friend Angie."

"Good Honey, I'm glad you do, I want to be your friend too. You're such a pretty little girl, I really don't think I've ever seen a prettier girl in my whole life. You're just a picture, really you are."

Angela put her hand on the girl's knee as she spoke and then let it rest there as she leaned in farther to tell her the secret; her cheek rubbing the darling child's face as she whispered in her ear in a husky voice.

"At my house I have a big garden in the backyard that I plant with flowers and tomatoes and lots of pretty smelling things, and do you know what else I have in my garden?"

Nikki was now whispering too, in a very excited tone; "No What?"

"I have a real live BUNNY in my garden! She's white with long floppy ears just like Thumper, and she comes out almost everyday to eat my radishes and my lettuce. She's a fat little bunny, so I think she just really wants to be friendly. Would you like to come up to my house someday, and to see her? Maybe you could help me take care of her and feed her so she doesn't eat all my lettuce."

Nikki's mouth opened and let out a whispered "OHHHHHHHHH!" She considered having a real live bunny to take care of; a bunny that could play with her and Thumper.

"Ohhh yes Angie I would love that. I would love it so much! Can we go now? Do you think the bunny is out right now? What's the bunny's name, did you name her yet?"

Angela was thrilled with her excitement.

"No Honey, I think she is sleeping right now, but I know she'll be out there tomorrow, she usually comes out after breakfast. Maybe you can come by if your Step Mum says its ok, and you can help me in the garden, and we can see about naming that little rascal bunny."

The girl jumped up onto Angel's lap and threw her arms around the woman's neck; squeezing her tightly. Angela nearly climaxed at the feeling of her little body on hers and how soft her skin felt on against her arms and the smell of her curly blonde hair. It was all the control she had in her not to grab the little darling head and shove her face into her steamy cunt right then and there. She wanted the girl under her with her mouth open and to ride her long and hard, to ejaculate into her mouth and listen to the sounds of her swallowing.  She was feeling all too randy and thought if she didn't do something... just anything with her right now she was just going to die.

"Well Nikki, I'll take that as a yes." She pulled the girl back to sit on her lap, she wanted to look into her eyes. "Don't worry darling, I'll square it with your Dad and Step Mum, and I'm sure it will all work out. We'll have such a good time. I have some wonderful thoughts about games we might be able to play."

Angela cupped the child's face in her hand and cradled it. She ran her thumb over her lips, in an obvious attempt at a sexual gesture. It caused the girl to instinctively pull backward, but the woman had her hand holding her secure. She smiled into Nikki's beautiful eyes, and assured her with her gaze; she felt the girl relax and she let the older woman run her fingers over her mouth.

"You have such a pretty mouth Nikki, I want to teach you to play some games with that pretty little mouth of yours."

"G-games?" The girl queried. "Games with my mouth? You mean like kissing games?"

"Yes darling, like kissing games. There are lots of kissing games we can play, and I will teach them to you if you'd like to. We can work in the garden and play with the bunny outside, and have a nice tea party, and then we can play `Kissing Games.' That sounds fun doesn't it?"

"I guess it does, I like the bunny part and the tea party, but if you say it will be fun I trust you."

"Good honey, I'm glad you trust me. Friends should trust each other. I already told you a secret about the bunny in my back yard and you won't tell anybody about that will you?"

"Oh no Missus Angie, I won't tell, I'm a good secret keeper."

"That's just wonderful Nikki, we will have lots of fun and we'll keep each other's secretes for ever and ever, right?"

"Right Angie."

Well darling I should get back to the party before the grownups start missing me; what do you say we have a super fast kissing game before I go?  Do you want to kiss me Nikki darling?"

"Oh... you mean kiss you now?" The girl sounded hesitant, but didn't want to disappoint the adult; she seemed very nice, and she was willing to be her friend, and of course she had a bunny.

"Yes Honey, why don't you let me taste that adorable little mouth of yours right now with big kiss that would make me happy Nikki. Don't worry about knowing how, just try and do what I do. Later in my Garden and in my home, I'll teach you lots and lots of ways to kiss, all sorts of ways to make me happy.  Would you like to make me happy Honey Bunny?"

Angela didn't wait for the girl to respond and thrust her face toward the girl, pressing her mouth to the child's shocked expression. It startled Nikki and she let out a whimper into to the woman's mouth, which had the same effect as tossing a match onto pile of tried tinder. Angela snaked her tongue into the prepubescent girl's mouth taking her oral cavity by storm. The child's tongue retreated into her own mouth in an attempt to prevent the woman from gagging her with her hungry worm that slithered deeply, painting Nikki's gums and teeth with hot saliva. Two days worth of pent up lustful tension flowed from Angela like an avalanche, when their lips first met it was like a single snowflake that lands on a teetering mountain of snow causing it to release kilotons of energy like nuclear bomb. Angela pawed at the girl with her hands, rubbing roughly over her juvenile sex through those adorable knickers; the woman's fingers forming a crease in the material that melted into the child's tiny crevice. Angela could hear Nikki swallowing her saliva as it dripped into her mouth like a faucet, the sound of glugging sent the older woman into a small orgasm. She held the girl tightly to her as her hips thrusting involuntarily upwards into the sitting girls lap. Angela whimpered through the end of the kiss as her body recovered from the Richter Scale tremors. Her mouth finally disengaged the child's with a loud wet popping sound as Angela began to reassure the stunned child.

"Oh Nikki, that was just wonderful, I can't remember the last time I have had a kiss as beautiful as that. You have made your friend very happy." She placed an emphasis on the word friend. "Did you like it darling? Oh, please say you did."

Angela saw the girl's now watery blue eyes looking back at her, more in an expression of shock than of fright. She was clutching her bunny so tightly that her fingers had turned white. Angela gave Nikki her best motherly smile as she rubbed the cherub's face with the back of her hand.

"errm... it scared me a little bit, I have never kissed with my mouth open before, but I liked it Misss. Stwweeehl. It made me feel funny.'

Angela nearly came again at the girl's adorable lisp, and she stood up and was fixing her skirt and blouse as the stunned child spoke. She was glancing at herself in the rainbow mirror, and quickly reapplied some lipstick and fixed her hair, making certain that she looked the part before returning to the party.

"I'm sure it did Honey Bunny, that means that you did it right and that makes me very happy. I hope you like making me happy Nikki, I really do, I have waited my whole life to kiss a little girl as pretty as you, and I want to do quite a lot more of it. I want to show you lots of ways you can make me happy darling. Remember Nikki, we are friends now, and that means we don't tell secrets. Our kissing games are secret, remember that. Now I think you should check the rest of Thumper's friends for fins, you don't want any of them swim to the island and get lost do you?"

Nikki broke out into a huge smile at her new friend's words. She gave a small giggle as she quickly started to pick up each of the stuffed animals and holding them upside down to check for fins. Angela blew the girl an unseen kiss as she exited the child's bedroom and as she walked down the stairs she heard the music of the Nikki's little voice.

"Sunshine doesn't have flippers... Midnight doesn't have flippers... Mr. Cuddles doesn't have...

Angela had waited an appropriate amount of time before leaving the party. She had accomplished what she had come there for, and it had gone better than she had hoped. Not only was the kid just a picture perfect example of childhood innocence, and beauty, but she also warmed up to her quickly. The kiss they had shared would be a building block for the rest of their relationship. Angela had forced onto the girl a very grown up kiss, molested her with her hands, and managed to eek out an orgasm in the process. Yet throughout the ordeal the child had kept her head about her; she didn't cry or over react, in fact she may have even enjoyed it. Angela's entire plan could have been ruined by her momentary loss of control, she realized that now; but she couldn't help herself. It was clear to her that it would be difficult to take things slow and easy when her libido was in full overdrive in the mere presence of Nikki Ford. The morning couldn't come fast enough.


Chapter 4

Angela was an early riser; it was not uncommon for her to be up before the sun rose. She preferred to write in the mornings, there was something about the stillness of early day and the absence of mental clutter that she liked. Today however, her mind was racing a warp speed. She hadn't stopped thinking about Nikki and their kiss for a single second; in fact she had tossed and turned throughout the entire evening, replaying the taste of her lips, and the smell of her hair. Her mouth was so tiny; that was something Angela had noticed right away. She used that image to picture Nikki's pretty little lips overflowing with her warm piss, or oozing out the copious cum she was capable of delivering to the toddler. She fought off the urge to indulge in imagery of defecating in the little girl's mouth; that would certainly make her cum and she didn't want that right now. She was hoping that her next orgasm would be delivered right into the mouth of the sweet little girl.  Oh God, why was the clock moving so slowly?

Angela had squared away Nikki's morning visit with Kylie before she had left the party last night; her step mom had seemed all too eager to get rid of the girl for the day. Angela had told both Kylie and Paul about the bunny that had been the scourge of her garden, and Paul seemed especially happy with the thought his daughter may actually have some fun. He seemed to genuinely love the little girl; that was something Angela could use. If Paul could trust Angela enough to let Nikki visit, perhaps she could become a babysitter, or even a Nanny of some sort, overnight visits as well might be possible. There were options available, but it all depended on how much Nikki liked her; certainly her successes in the field of Child Psychology would lend some credence to her image of trustworthiness. Angela pondered all the permutations of her developing plan as she sipped her coffee.

By 8:00, Angela had consumed 3 cups of coffee, and as many cigarettes as she anxiously worked out a scheme to seduce the little girl. She had chosen a softer look for the day; something not so daunting for the little angel, that was a look she could save for times when she would need to be more dominate with her.  She had decided to wear a pair of yellow shorts that she usually reserved for her work in the garden; 'nothing threatening about yellow,' she thought. The shorts were snug and showed off her large bottom.  Her buttocks were something she needed the girl to be comfortable around; after all the kid was about eye level with them when they stood side by side. Angela's backside was always prominent; even in her young years she had a plump butt. Mrs. Quinton used to tease her often how she had such an 'edible ass;' words that she hoped would soon be prophetic. Her creamy white flesh had widened a bit since then but its mass had kept up pace with her growth as a woman. The hillocks of her rump were more oval shaped now, then had elongated and lost there former pert appearance. Her cheeks gave way to a dark ominous crevice, and crinkled brown hole; they had weight and heft to them, requiring some effort to hold them apart. 

Angela had decided to wear a white oxford style men's shirt; she had kept it untucked and tied the bottom of the shirt into a knot that rested at her midriff. She had rolled up the sleeves to her elbows and had kept three buttons open to show off her red lacy bra underneath. As she approved her reflection in the mirror she felt she had accomplished softening her look and still remained sexy... Damn Sexy if truth be told.

Just then the door bell rang and Angela's heart nearly leapt out her chest. She hadn't really expected Nikki for a little while yet, but she wasn't about to complain. As she opened the door, the shimmering face of an angel greeted her. She saw Kylie's red Porsche pull down her drive, Kylie was waving out her window.

"Thanks again for having her over Angela. Sorry to run but I'm late for Pilates class. See you around five; you two have fun."

The Porsche's tires squealed as she headed down the hill. "Couldn't get out of her fast enough?" Angela thought. Nikki never bothered to even turn to wave.

There standing on the doorstep of Angela Steele's house was the answer a lifetime of prayers. The physical manifestation of nearly every prurient thought or wicked fantasy she had ever had. Delivered to her by her own step mother; left in her charge with no threat of interruption for an entire day. Good Lord; could it get any better?

In an attempt at, what appeared to be, a never ending effort to impress; Nikki had bed dressed to look like a little wet dream. Standing there with a smile as wide as her little face could manage was the darling little five year old Nikki Ford. She wore matching blue ribbons in her hair which had been pulled up into pigtails. Her hair looked so full and thick with curls that it seemed to gather at the ribbons then immediately flair out again in a bowtie effect. Kylie had dressed her in an expensive children's dress; it was a royal blue color with both large and small white Polka Dots all over it. The dress was pleated and gathered at the waist; it laid half way up the little girl's white thighs and bounced as she rocked back and forth. Ruffled straps showed off the girl's shoulders neck and chest. In Kylies hand was the ever present Thumper which she held dangling by one leg; its ears lay resting on the ground. Angela had to force her mouth to close so she could speak.

"Well, well Nikki don't you look just beautiful today. Such a pretty dress you have honey."

"Thank you Ms. Angie," the child beamed.

Angela squatted down to get eyelevel with her, and lifted Thumpers ears off the ground.

"And you look very pretty today too Ms. Thumper; why don't the two of you come in and I'll show you around."

Nikki was still smiling but her thumb had found its way into her lips the moment she walked into the house. Her big blue eyes took in the surroundings, as she held onto Angela's hand. Nikki had been used to living around nice things; her father and mother's home in Manhattan had been featured in Architectural Digest, but it never had felt like home to her. There was something sterile about her house, Angela's house however seemed warm and comfortable; something you can only get after living somewhere for 20 years.  Angela lead the girl out onto the stone lined patio to a small table and chairs that overlooked the entrance to the gated garden, and immediately caught the little girl's attention.

"Is that where the bunny lives Angie?"

"Yes sweetie, I haven't seen her yet today, but if we sit her and talk for a little bit, I bet she will come out and say hi."

Nikki shook her head yes and her eyes moved between the woman's face and the gate to the garden. She had taken her thumb from her mouth for the time being, Angela took that as a good sign. She had placed a pitcher of fresh orange juice and two glasses on the table in advance and settled in.

"I'm so glad you came over Nikki, it makes me so happy you're my new friend. I will go out this week and pick up a few toys for you to play with when you come by, and I do think there some cartoon DVD's in the console that my nephews have left here. I thought we might just have a little talk then perhaps go visit the garden."

"Oh thank you Angie, you don't have to buy me any toys if you don't want to. If I can just come over here to play and take care of the bunny, that's all I want."

The girls face was just beautiful as Angela saw it up close in the daylight.  Her skin was flawless, and she just loved how her features seemed so slight and unformed yet. The exposed skin of her legs and shoulders were almost too much to the woman to take, but she had to do this right, or risk scaring her off.

"You just leave it to me Honey, I want you to be excited to come visit me. I want us to become very close; like girlfriends. You can be my little girlfriend and we can do all the things that girlfriends do.  Would you like that darling?"

Nikki had pulled Thumper up onto her lap and was again sucking her thumb. The idea of being Angie's girlfriend sounded nice, even if she didn't know what it entirely meant. If it meant more toys, and her own real Bunny, then she was sure she wanted it.

"Yes Angie, I want to be your girlfriend.  I've never had a girlfriend before."

Angela reached out and placed her hand on the young girl's leg as she took a long sip of orange juice.  She studied her face and could see she was warming up. At her age she wouldn't be able to get her to sit still for too long and decided it was time to talk about their kiss.

"Nikki darling, I wanted to ask you; did you like our kiss last night?  It was quite a big girl kiss, you did so well."

Nikki's eyes widened as the sucking of her thumb intensified a bit; a look that Angela was starting to find quite erotic. She considered the woman's question for a moment before pulling her thumb out again.

"It made me feel squiggly inside and my heart `thumpided a lot, but... I liked kissing you. I liked it a bunch."

"Oh that is fantastic Nikki, I was worried you might not like our kisses, and I want to kiss you more and more. Last night in my bed, that is all I could think about"


"Yes really Honey, I hoped you would want to come here today and kiss me more. I want to kiss you so bad."

"You do?  You want to kiss me more?"

"I want to kiss you right now young lady," the older woman said with a sneer. "Now why don't you come sit on my lap and give your girlfriend a kiss."

Angela pulled Nikki onto her lap in a quick motion, and settled her back into her arms.  She took a moment to soak in the perfect vision of holding a little girl in her arms, just the way she had always dreamed she would her own daughters. She Played with her pig tails and fluffing her hair up just to see it fall back down; slipping through her fingers silky ribbons. She caressed her face with her hand, and gently removed her thumb from her mouth.

"Shhh, just relax baby girl, I'm going to kiss you now and I want you to just make your mouth nice and soft for me."

Angela pressed her mouth to hers once again, the feelings were the same as last night, but now she didn't have to worry about anyone walking in on them. She had the child to herself and she could do what ever she wanted to her, she certainly seemed willing to please her. She let her tongue lick around the girl's lips, circling them with intent. She felt Nikki wiggling in her lap, obviously uncomfortable with what was happening; she heard a little whimper from somewhere in her throat. Pressing her tongue into the girl's mouth she sucked up her groan. She felt so small in her arms, so light in her lap; she had owned lap dogs before that were more substantial than her. Minutes passed as the horny adult molested the girl with her hands and mouth; pawing at her dress and legs, her grip more frantic as the minutes ticked by. Afraid she would loose control completely she pulled the girls mouth from hers with a wet smack.

"Oh Christ girl, that was good! Your mouth is going to be the object of my desires till the end of my days, I can see that already."

Nikki was panting as well; she sat in the woman's lap and looked up at Angela, she somehow seemed bigger than she did last night. She could taste the coffee and cigarettes on her lips, and screwed up face as she tried to understand all the feelings that were swelling with in her.

"That was a really big kiss Angie.  Your kisses are wetter than Dad's kisses and your tongue is all slippery."

Angela had to laugh at the girl's unintended honesty.

"That was a big kiss Honey. I'd like to teach you other ways to kiss too, do you think you'd like that?"

"Ohh... ermmm sure if you want to."

"I do little girl... you have no idea."

Angela slowly unbuttoned two more buttons on her shirt exposing fully her bra to the child. Nikki's eyes got even bigger if that was possible, and again the woman blocked her thumb from returning to her mouth.

"I'm going to show you what those lips were mad to suck darling. These are my breasts Honey, but we are going to call them tits. Say tits for me little girl."

"umm... tits"

"That's right, I want you to bring that pretty little mouth over her, and I want you to kiss my tits for me sweetheart... lots and lots of kisses everywhere you can find."

She pulled the unsure girl's face to her cleavage by cupping the back of her head, bringing her precious little face of hers into the canyon of her breasts. The toddler started to kiss the inner curve of Angela's breasts, her little mouth making soft smacking sounds as she maneuvered tentatively along the crest; too tentatively as it turned out for Angela. The woman pressed the child's face firmly between the orbs now and threw her head back in deep content sigh as she felt her entire face slip between them. She listened as the girl gasped and breathed loudly as she performed her task. It was almost too beautiful for words.

"That's in Honey, lots more kiss, more... now go in there with your tongue darling and lick. Lick my tits you sweet child lick them!"

"Like this Angie? Am I doing it right?"

"Yes dear, now press your mouth in there deeper, just like that... Oh yes perfect Honey, just perfect."

Angela had pulled out her left breast from its red lacey cup exposing fully its arousal. Her breasts seemed to swell and harden with her excitement; it's a sensation that young women can't know, but when you get older "these titty-hardons are simply divine," she thought to herself. She held the heavy mammary in her hand and drew the child's mouth back. Her face was now shiny with her own spit and red from the friction. She looked up at the woman with a mixture of excitement and concern. She was right on the edge and Angela knew it. If she pushed to hard, or not enough, she could lose her. She decided to let her do what came naturally to her. She was going to make her suck.

"Oh darling you are kissing me so good, I just love your kisses. You are making your girlfriend so happy, and that is what girlfriends do after all; they make each happy. Now I know you want to go find the bunny, I know that is going to make you happy, and we will do it in just a little while honey, but right now I want you to do something else that will make me happy."

That seemed to make sense to the girl; after all, if she was going to be her girlfriend she wanted the woman to like her. Angela began to rub her bloated nipple around the child's lips as she sweet talked her.  Her soft words seemed to sooth the child; the truth was that Nikki seemed to enjoy the attention and feeling of closeness she had with the woman. That was a good thing, because the over-sexed woman intended to become much more intimate with the youngster, starting now.

"Now be a good girl and open your mouth and I want you to suck on that fat nipple right there; it won't give you any milk, like when you were a baby, but it's going to thrill me right down to my cunt.  Now come on Nikki start sucking."

"Mmph... hmmphh... sluck sluck"

Angela pushed her creamy flesh into the girl's mouth with some level of force that the girl hadn't expected as she let out low grunt of acceptance.  Her mouth was bulging with Angela's creamy flesh as she jostled her breast in her hand, trying to get the best angle. She pushed down on the child's chin as she tried to open her mouth for her. Nikki's eyes watered while the woman adjusted her face the way she wanted.

"There, that's it darling, now suck. Ohh yes, that's it; just like that. Oh you little fucking darling you.  That's it, now suck on my tit like a good girl. Do it just like you do your thumb baby girl, suck on my fat old nipples Honey. Oh God I can't stand how good this feels. You look like an angel attached to my tit like this."

Nikki nodded and did her best to please the woman; she wasn't many years removed from feeding from her mother's breast, and she seemed to relish the opportunity to loose herself in a Mother / Daughter ritual.

"Thant's perfect pet. Suck my tits honey, don't ever stop sucking."

Over the next 10 minutes Angela crooned out her encouragements to the little girl as she fucked her mouth with the pliant flesh. She had pulled out her right breast from its cup and was moving the child's mouth back and forth between nipples which were now fatter and harder than she could remember.  The cones of her tits were slick with the darling little girl's saliva and Angela thrilled at the sensation of fucking her mouth with them. She pushed inward till the kid began to struggle to keep up with the never ending invasion of her mouth by the woman's milky flesh. Angela was lost in a selfishly sexual dream and only pulled her tit from the sucking darling's mouth when a sound of the child's whimpers pierce through her sub consciousness.  She wasn't trying to hurt the five year old; she wasn't really even trying to dominate her. The truth was that Angela Steele was actually quite a kind and caring woman; and all her pedophilic perversions aside, she enjoyed children for the joy that they brought to any room. However, in this single pinpoint of time, she had become something else, something she hardly recognized. She was simply not able to control her lust any longer. Something deep within the lizard-part of Angela's brain created this overwhelming need; she was claiming the young girl as hers.

The room filled with the wet sounds of the young child's sucking as she sat in her lap feeding on the flesh of her tits. Angela watched every minute detail of her ministration; and studied how her little lips worked as she traced her fingers over the contact point between the girl's mouth and her flesh. Nikki's eyes were closed, seemingly lost in her duties, but occasionally would open to seek the woman's approval, and then glance over her shoulder to the garden gate. There was an erotic superhighway that now travelled from Angela's nipples directly down to her cunt. With each suck of the beautiful girl's mouth she felt a corresponding twitch in her clitoris. She rubbed the little girl's body over and under her pretty party dress.  She thought it was giving the kid pleasure, however that wasn't her intent, she wasn't even sure if the child could orgasm at her age.  She was rubbing her immature body because it felt good to her, and if the kid liked it; well that was all the better.



Chapter 5

Angela felt the onslaught of an orgasm; but she was determined to give it the respect it deserved.  After all, she had waited 51 years to orgasm at the expense of a child, and now that the opportunity was here, she wasn't going to rush it, nor would she minimize it in any way. Rather she was going to nurture her orgasm and celebrate its well deserved arrival. Right now she needed to cum; never had a clearer thought registered in her mind. This orgasm was owed to her. She had suffered years of passionless sex with her husband and strangers; years of trying to conceive under the watchful eye of a dispassionate medical examination. She had suffered through countless moments of despair at her own failure to conceive, her own failure as a woman. She endured soul numbing pangs of jealousy at the readings of other women's pedophilic encounters, while she was denied either through ironic fate or simply poor DNA. No, it was time she claimed the right to her own pleasure. Everything had played out just perfectly; Nikki seemed to like her, and she wasn't upset, perhaps nervous, but she wasn't crying or asking to go home. She realized that her ultimate fantasies would take some time for her to realize with the child, but an orgasm was very much on today's schedule of events. She disengaged the little girl's mouth from her breast and gave her the kiss of a frantic lover.

"Nikki Honey, you have made me very happy. I am sure that I have never felt as excited about being with a girl as I am with you right now. Do you believe that darling?"

Nikki's head was swimming, things were moving very fast for her, but she felt loved laying here in Angela's arms. Even if she didn't understand all the implications of what they were doing, she understood that Angela was very happy and she liked making her feel that way. She assumed this is how girlfriends were with each other, and if it required her to suck on her like this... well it really wasn't all that bad.

"I `beweeve you Angie."

"Good Honey, I'm glad you know how happy you are making me. I want to go inside with you now darling, and I want to show you a very special way to use your mouth. It's a very adult way to kiss, but I think it something we can do when we are together."

"Oh, Ok... I thought that the Bunny would come out today."

Angela recognized the look in Nikki's eyes; it was the look someone gives you just before you disappointed them, the split second before a rug is pulled out from under them and they loose all trust.  Angela wasn't going to let that happen for a number of reasons; the least of which was her overwhelming sexual needs. For the first time however, a different emotion fought its way through the thick crust of her selfish cravings; like a single fledgling sprout a flower miraculously winning its battle through rock and clay. For the first time in her life she felt something other than lust for a small girl; she felt a shade of a primal maternal instinct. It was more than the need to take what the girl had to offer, she also felt a need to nurture her, even protect her from hurt. It was an emotion she would need to study later; right now she needed to guide the little girl to the place she needed her to go.

"Well sweetheart you never know when the Bunny will show up, sometimes she sleeps in her hole when it's warm out. I bet she is taking a nap right now. Now come with me Nikki, I need to show you what proper girlfriends due for each other, and when we are done, we can go spy on that Silly Wabbit."

"Ok, but I really hope that she doesn't sleep all day. You don't think she ran away or you scared her with all the noise do you?"

" I don't think she ran away at all Nikki, she'll be here before long, its hard to tell with bunnies honey, they are little rascals. Maybe I was being a bit loud, what do you say we go inside for a little while?"

"And play more kissing games?"

"Yes sweet child, I have lots more to teach you."

The promise seemed to placate the girl for the time being; she was quick to trust and despite the odd goings on with the adult, Angela hadn't been dishonest with her. With the hand that was not holding Thumper, Nikki reached out to take hold of Angela's hand with out any prompting and hopped off the woman's lap. She stood as the large woman rose then bent to give her nose a quick kiss. Angela's maternal smile soothed the girl as she looked a little uneasy; she clutched Thumper tight, and followed the older woman into the house. She was eye level with Angela's posterior, and had no choice but to watch the globes bounce as she walked just inches in front of her; a view the adult was anxious for her to be comfortable with.

Angela let go of Nikki's hand and slowly undid her white Oxford shirt. She stared into the startled eyes of the young girl, but offered her no explanation. She was a bright little girl, let's see if she can follow along with this, she thought. She removed her shirt and then slowly unbuttoned her yellow shorts; she wiggled her plump ass to pull them down, and then kicked them across the room.

"Don't be frightened Nikki, just look. I want you to see me, I have nothing to hide from you and I want you to see all of me."

There she stood; semi-clad in front of the toddler, in just her red lacey bra, and matching sheer red g-string. This was one of the moments she had fantasized about ever since she was a teenager; the unmistakable statement it made when an adult stood naked before a child, she realized she must look quite a sight to the little girl. She watched as Nikki's mouth sucked in earnest on her thumb, her eyes roaming over the older woman's body as if she were memorizing it.

"That's it dear, don't be nervous, everything is going to be just fine, you'll see. Your mouth looks so pretty sucking the way it does. I have so many different things I want you to suck. Do you think you're ready to learn other ways your mouth can make your girlfriend happy?"

"Yes Angie, I'm glad you think I did good."

"You did so good dear, now lets see how you do with this."

She sat down onto the black leather sectional and reclined in languid posture. She traced her finger nails over her side and along her bra-line, then reaching behind her she unsnapped it, pulling it off completely. Her breasts poured out of the D cups and swung low like pear shaped water balloons; they rested on her upper stomach, her nipples looked dark and angry to the girl. She spread her thighs now in a lewd gesture; to any adult who saw it would of looked like a challenge; almost as if to say, "well ain't ya gonna suck it?" The sheer red material of her G-string was now transparent with the woman's secretions.

 "See how wet you have made me pet? When your girlfriend gets wet like this it means she wants more and more of your special kisses. Being with you makes my nipples hard and my cunt wet.  Can you see love?" 

Nikki nodded as she stared at the near naked woman. She could make out the matted red bush of the woman's pubic mound, and stray red hairs that clung to the elastic of the gusset. She could see the detail of the woman's labia and the strange `tent shape' that rose above the slit. She watched as Nikki wrinkled her nose at her first smell of heated cunt. "Get used to it child," was all the woman could think.

"Well Nikki Honey what do you think of your girlfriend? I'm sure you haven't seen a woman naked before, but it's nothing to be frightened of sweetie; honestly everything is going to be just fine. Do you like what you see sweetie? Please tell me you think I'm pretty."

"Ohh... y,y,yes Angie, you're very very pretty. You look as pretty as Mumma looked. I have pictures of `Flowida and she had a red babing-suit like yours. But... erm she wore her top part on the beach."

Angela smiled brightly inside, bit kept her face neutral. She knew she needed to be strong right now; she couldn't risk appearing unsure of what they were about to do, and this needed to move along.

"Nikki, I want you to take off your dress for me. It's what girlfriends do when they want to make each other happy. I've taken off my clothes, now I want you to do the same. Now hand me Thumper and take your dress of girl, hurry up."

Nikki complied, because frankly she didn't know what else to do. She handed Angela her stuffed rabbit and immediately felt a little more nervous. She watched as the adult took the rabbit and held it go her breast. She pressed the rabbits face to her breast and simulated the animal giving her kisses all over her stomach and thighs. She wanted to give the girl an idea what to do with out having to tell her. Nikki pulled down the straps of her dress as she watched the woman molest the stuffed animal. The pretty party dressed fell quickly in a lump at her feet; she was wearing only black paten leather Mary-Jane's, white knee-highs socks, and solid white cotton knickers. The material of the girls underpants where tight and clearly displayed the cleft that rested between her puffy undeveloped labia. "Good God," the woman thought; "this girl is going to kill me."

"Oh Nikki, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I am the luckiest lady in all of England to have a princess for a girlfriend. That's what you are darling, you're my own fairy princess."

Nikki smiled past her thumb and let out a sweet childlike giggle.

"We are going to do something very grown up now Nikki and I need you to act like a big girl.  Remember one thing, everything we do here is 'OUR` secret, no one can know that you're going to suck my cunt dry darling. Do you hear me Honey? You're going to suck your girlfriend's cunt dry; now come here, I want you on your knees. Come along now, I need to have your mouth."

Nikki nodded again and fell to her knees, slowly she knee-walked in between  the woman's spread legs.

"Closer Honey, that's it, get your face right in there close and do just what I tell you to do."

The five year old got in closer and again wrinkled her button nose at the tangy aroma of Angela's over heated cunt. Angela proceeded to bounce the nose of the rabbit off the crotch of her panties as she lifted her feet onto the couch.

"I have taught you to kiss my mouth, and to kiss my tits; now my little lamb I'm going to teach you to kiss my cunt. See where Thumper is kissing Nikki... that is called a cunt. I want you to use that very grown up word, and I only want you to use it with me darling. Now tell me that you're going to kiss and lick my cunt. I need to hear you say it to me lamb, tell me."

"I... Im going to kiss and lick you in your cunt."

"That's almost right honey but you can do better. Now tell me again; say Angie I want to lick your cunt and make you cum."

"Angie, I want to lick your cunt please and to make you c.c..cum."

"Oh God Pet, that excites me so much to hear you say it. Tell me again, tell me you want your mouth on my cunt. Say it dear."

"I want my mouth on your cunt Angie. Will you let me put it there?"

"That right darling you're going to... now press your mouth to my knickers and Kiss it. Kiss it you little darling lamb. I'm going to have you kissing my cunt till your lips are raw."

Nikki looked up at the demanding woman's eyes with little doubt what she wanted. She seemed to like her kisses and it made her feel important that Angela would want her to do this so badly. Her voice sounded different; stricter somehow, but it also sounded like she wanted to cry. Her voice was breathy and husky. Nikki thought she had better get busy kissing before she got in trouble.

Angela's feet were flat on the couch and spread wide so the child could see what she was in store for as she stared down past her heaving breasts at the sight of the little angels face inching closer to her sex.  She strummed her sloping breast with her fingers like a bass player plucking heavy strings. The sound that escaped her mouth when Nikki's lips first touched her sodden knickers was a sound she had never made before; it was a cross between a sigh of relief and the whimpering cry of a wounded cat.

"smack... kiss... smack" 

"Oh God yes angel, kiss my cunt darling, use that precious little mouth of yours to kiss me everywhere you lips will reach. No darling, don't bother wiping your face off; my juices will be flowing all day long, I like to see your face wet with my cream.  Good, oh God, you're doing so good Kitten, now stick that little pink tongue of yours out and lick the milk from my knickers. Yes like that, like a sexy little kitten. I want to see it dripping from your tongue darling. Good lord that's hot."

Angela grabbed Thumper from the couch and held the stuffed animal up near her hip as if it were watching you youngster. She wanted Nikki to feel comfortable and she thought she would try even harder if she had both of them watching her. She was very tentative at first as she tended to kiss the same spots over and over, then the woman took hold of her soft pigtails and began to guide the girl where she wanted her mouth. At one point the woman was encouraging her to "Give Thumper a Kiss so she can taste too".  The sight of the little girl's dripping face giving her favorite toy a kiss sent Angela hurdling towards a climax.

"Wait darling you really have me soaring here; I'm ready to climax and I want you under me for that! Come lay down on the couch dear."

The girl's face was not only wet, but filled with questions as she climbed up onto the soft black couch. The sound of her little body as she lay down on her back causing the leather to sing its crackling song was music to Angela's ears.

"Angie, what's a Clanax?"

Angela was lifting her bottom off the seat to pull down her soaking panties and she tossed them in a heap near the rest of her clothes. She was now completely naked and she could hardly contain the excitement she was feeling. This was really going to happen! No more Mother/daughter web sites, or trips to the seedy bookstores. Angela was going to have her own memories now. She was going to fuck this little girl's mouth, and that would be something no one could ever take away from her. She knee-walked over the toddler's tiny till her hairy red bush was just inches from her tiny mouth.

"It's called a `C.L.I.M.A.X' little lamb, and when you kiss me directly on my cunt it will cause me to Climax. It's the most wonderful thing in the world for Girlfriend's to give one another; and when I Climax in your mouth darling there is going to be a lot of creamy cum that you will have to drink. Your girlfriend is known as a "Squirter"... that means when I cum it comes gushing out of my cunt in sprays of creamy, yummy cum, and you're going to have to swallow it darling. I need you to drink up what ever comes out and don't stop moving that pretty tongue of yours till I tell you... do you understand?" 

"Umm yes, you want to give me a drink then right?  But what will the cum taste like Angie?"

"Well my pet, there is only one way to find out. I'm going to sit down onto your mouth now and you're going to serve me by licking all around. Don't worry about doing it wrong; anyway you lick is going to make me very happy. But do you see this long pink jelly bean here? That's my clitoris, it's much bigger than most women's and that means it makes me feel twice as good when you lick it. When I want to cum I'm going to push it in you mouth and I want you to lick it like a Lollipop. Ok Pet, here goes."

Angela grabbed a throw pillow from the arm rest and lifted the girl's head up, sliding the pillow behind her head so her face would have a better angle for her to reach. Angela's stray red pubic hair were tickling Nikki's nose and the girl lifted her hand to itch it, but it was blocked by Angela's firm grip.  Nothing was going to get between this girl's mouth and her cunt. She lowered her now dripping vagina onto the mouth of the five year old and let out a mournful grunt.


"Hmmphh ggmph.. ghmpph," was all that could be heard from between Angela's thighs as she pressed her cunt down.

"Oh god yes! Lick my cunt you little darling. Press your tongue into the hole. Now sweep it back and forth and lick it... Lick it I say...lick!  Suck my fucking cunt you precious baby. Oh yes... YES... oh fucking hell that's it, just eat!  Eat me Nikki my love, I won't last much longer, suck everything from me."

"Sluck Sluck Sluck"

Angela was now hunched over the girl and her eyes refused to blink at the sight that took place between her legs. She had interlaced her fingers behind the girls head, buried into her soft blonde curls and was pulling it upwards into her cunt; as if she wanted her entire head inside her. The woman's hips thrust back and forth as she smeared her cunt oil over the youngsters face; fucking her little childlike features as if it were a sex toy.

From Nikki's perspective; her entire world had been eclipsed and now consisted of a large, hairy, hot, wet cunt, it's all that she could see, smell, feel or taste. She couldn't make out the perverted sobbing demands of the woman above her as her ears were covered by the lady's sweaty thighs. The tangy fluid filled her mouth and after a few moments she learned how to swallow it as it continued to pour unabated. 

"God Damn it Nikki that feels so good... Don't stop my love! keep at it, I'm so close babygirl, so close to cumming in that precious little mouth of yours."

At first Nikki didn't like the flavor at all; it somehow reminded her of thick warm soy sauce. But soon she developed a taste for it, and greedily took in all that was offered to her.  At times she almost panicked, fearful she wouldn't be able to get air, but the woman seemed to sense her distress and would pull back a few inches. As Nikki gorged on fresh air in a loud but childlike gasp; the woman would scoop up cum from her lips and chin and spoon feed it back into her mouth. Angela would then nod as if to say; "you're fine," before sealing her mouth with her dripping pussy once again. The reckless lovemaking continued for an eternity in the child's world, but was actually some 10 minutes before Angela could stand no more pleasure.

"Oh Christ Nikki it's time... I'm putting my clitty cock in your mouth now and I want you to suck it.  Open... yes, like that, just .. oh fuck yes.. just like that. I'm going to cum you beautiful child, I'm going to cum right in your pretty little mouth, and you're going to drink everything, every fucking drop."

Angela's body was racked with a life threatening orgasm; it seemed to have no beginning, no middle and no end. Some orgasms you chase after, in a sensual game of cat and mouse. Other orgasms overtake you like a wave; rising from the deep dark well of your very soul and swallowing you up whole. In that case this was like a Tsunami. Her body went rigid and her face had a pained, almost torture-like expression; her mouth twisted into grotesque acute angles, seemingly every muscle twitched in spasm at the silent beginning of the orgasm. Her mouth was contorted into a tight "O" shape, begging to let out the scream that had not yet been released. Her body twitched in quick sharp thrusts on the girl's face below.  It was a good thing Nikki couldn't see this, or it would have scared the life out of her.


"Sluck mmmrph mrrphhhhhh  sluck sluck"

"Eat darling! Take that cum into your mouth, God I'm drowning you.  Don't stop. Don't you dare fucking stop."

The woman sobbed as the orgasm took hold of her; tears of joy and pain combined at the life long realization of a dream. It was as if her body had been wired with high voltage that made her twitch and staccato rhythms of pure ecstasy, and little Nikki had just flipped the switch. Her mind went blank; that blissful moment that only orgasm can bring where the entire world ceases to exists, and you're suspended in a cloud of pure bliss. Her body then let loose its torrent of scalding cunt jizz right into the five year old's mouth. The pure depraved reality of the scene only heightened Angela's pleasure. Finally looking down she saw the girl's wide eyes and could hear the unmistakable sound of glugging and gulping from below. Like a babbling brook her cum was being delivered through the girl's mouth into her stomach; it was just the image that Angela needed to trigger second, or was it a third orgasm.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck... oh Christ... I can't... I can't... oh God."

And so it continued for several more minutes; the woman spat out perverted praise to her little sex slave as she sobbed out garbled words of sexual exclamation. There was no way in hell she was ever going to get enough of this.


Chapter 6

It took every ounce of energy left for Angela not to fall and crush the small child as her orgasm drifted away. She fell on her side next to the youth and held her close and kissed her beautiful little face; promising the world to the child. Nikki's face looked as if she had been bobbing for apples in a tub of cream soup; the thick milky cum covered her lower face like a mask. Her breathing was nearly as heavy as the woman's, clearly winded by the whole ordeal. Yet there was a look of pride in her eyes; as if she had just accomplished a new task in Phys ed. Class. Angela was praising her bravery and sexy mouth as she wiped the cum from her face and spread it along the child's lips like an obscene lipstick.

"Darling that was just fantastic, did you like what we just did? All my ranting and yelling didn't scare you, did it pet?"

"No Angie, I `dinnit mind, I'm glad you liked all my different kisses. It all tasted funny at first, but then it wasn't too bad."

"Oh Nikki dear, I'm so happy to hear you say that, I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you enjoyed yourself. But I can see something is bothering you, are you sure you're telling me the truth? I can't bear to think I upset you at all."

This was not entirely true; the degree to which the girl was upset only effected the manner in which she chose to proceed, not the direction of their relationship.

"Um... No, I'm not upset, but its just that..."

"Dear, we are real girlfriends now, and you can tell me anything. I don't ever want to do anything that you don't want to. Now tell me Honey, what is it?"

This was yet another variation of the truth, but one that was essential to build the trust of the girl. Nikki thought hard and long for a moment as she stared at Thumper then back up to the woman's face, she then said with a voice as light and excited as when she first came over.

"Do you think that rascal Bunny is outside yet?"

Angela pulled the child to her breast and burst out laughing; a full throated laugh that was as much relief as it was an acknowledgement of just how precious and special the little girl really was. With an excited whisper she told the child that perhaps it was time to go look. Nikki popped off the couch and was busy trying to figure out how to turn her dress inside out, when Angela stopped her.

"You know what darling? One of the best things of having the biggest house on the street is that we don't have any close neighbors. What do you say we just go outside naked? Don't worry darling no one can see us. I sun myself naked quite often out there."

Nikki started laughing at the naughty thought, but felt more trust for the woman now than she ever did. She anxiously grabbed the woman's hand and pulled her off the couch... at least Angela let her think she was doing all the work.

"Slow down there princess, your girlfriend doesn't move as fast as she used to. In fact I may never walk the same again after today."

The image of the two females holding hands as they walked out to the private garden was the picture of affection; Angela completely naked and Nikki dressed in only her Mary Jane's, white socks and matching white knickers; Nikki's head just barely came up to the woman's waistline, as she dragged her stuffed animal in tow. She lovingly looked up at the older woman as they walked inside the rod-iron gate to the garden; all the while giggling as Nikki told Angela the name of every stuffed animal she owned. The two of them spent part of the afternoon exploring the twists and turns of the maze-like garden. Angela had explained what she was growing and showed the girl evidence of the floppy eared visitor by pointing out half eaten heads of Bib Lettuce. Nikki's giggling would surely keep any animal that happened to be nearby from completely showing itself, but the young girl didn't seem too upset. She had made a new friend and learned some that she was able to make an adult happy in a very interesting new way.

Of course, Angela hadn't missed an opportunity to avail herself of the child's mouth when the mood struck her; which was often. On several occasions they sat down on a bench to "watch for the bunny" and Angela asked her to suck quietly on her nipples while they waited. Another time, the older woman had Nikki sit down on a bench and Angela placed one foot beside her as she sat and then spread her labia open for the girl to lick her clitoris and pumped another load of cunt soup down the dear girl's throat.

And so it continued for the better part of the afternoon; Nikki understood her role in Angela's home, and was beginning to accept it. She would trade kissing games for the woman's attention and replacement for the motherly affection she needed. She thought if all she needed to do was give the pretty lady wet kisses for all these things, that weren't so bad. In fact, some of it was down right fun.

Angela had washed the dried cum from the girls body and face, dressed her and fixed her hair before Kylie had returned. The two women had a perfunctory neighborly conversation in the foyer as little Nikki stood at Angela's side, rather than her step mother's. She had told the younger woman of their failed attempt at Bunny spying, and offered to have precious little Nikki over the next day; reiterating her availability for babysitting should need arise. The offer seemed to please Kylie; she really hadn't expected the stuffy English women to be so accommodating. She and Paul hadn't been out on a date once since they had arrived. She planned to take Angela up on her offer as soon as Paul had a free night off work. Angela and Nikki shared a knowing smile as they said goodbye, the two women hugged, and as Kylie turned to leave; Angela raised an eyebrow at the youngster as if to say, "Remember the rules." Nikki smiled brightly and used Thumpers paw to wave goodbye to her girlfriend.

Angela made her way to the liquor cabinet and pulled out a dusty bottle of aged Islay Malt Scotch Whiskey; it was a bottle she had been saving for a special occasion. She reckoned that fulfilling a lifelong fantasy qualified. As she pulled the cork on the bottle and poured it into the Waterford tumbler, smelling the heady peat in the glass, she savored the slow burn that the amber liquid gave her. Leaning back in the same spot she had fed the girl from her cunt just a few short hours ago; she smelled the remnants of her passion as she replayed the day's events in her head; much like an athlete considers their performance after the match. With her eyes closed she wondered just how far she could take little Nikki, and at what speed. There were things she wanted to do to her; very nasty things, things that would test the limits of her considerably persuasive abilities. The girl had seemed smitten with her; one could even say she seemed to need the attention and affection that Angela had to offer. At no time during the days had the child asked to go home. Nor did she cry; in fact quite the opposite, she appeared to gain confidence and enjoy their grown up play. However she decided to proceed, the girl was going to have to feel she was making the choice; the things she hoped to be up to with the toddler needed a deft touch to be sure. She would come up with a plan; one that would lead the girl down the dark path she hoped she would learn to embrace.

Angela spent the next hour on the phone calling pet stores throughout the Yorkshire area; she called five before she found any that sold rabbits. It was going to cost her a small fortune to get what she wanted, but eventually she was able secure a white floppy eared bunny to be delivered to her home first thing in the morning. Angela smiled in satisfaction as she poured herself another glass of Islay Scotch, "at least I'll be able to keep her attention."


Chapter 7

Angela Steele sipped her second cup of coffee as she watched the Selena's Pet Supplies truck pull out of her driveway. She lit a cigarette on her back patio and considered the animal in the cage in front of her. She was going to tell Nikki that she had put a cage out for the bunny with some apples in it and...; she wasn't quite sure what she was going to tell the kid, but she would make sure it was believable. She had an hour before little Nikki came over, and she had things to do. Taking a long draw on the light tab, she blew a smoke ring before stubbing the cigarette out in the ashtray; yes quite a few things to do indeed. Nikki got to meet the warm and friendly girlfriend yesterday. It was time to step it up a bit and to introduce her to the seductress girlfriend. If all that went well, soon she would meet Angela Steele the Dominatrix. She laughed at her own vanity; the thought of dressing up to impress a five year old seemed ludicrous, the reality was that preparing herself for her little lover was something that turned her on. She was anxious to see the look in the girls face when she presented to her a vision of female sexuality. The obvious contradiction between the two females only added to the perverse excitement of the acts she intended them to enjoy. Well, she had intended to enjoy herself at the very least.

Angela sat herself down in front of her changing mirror and began her transformation. She applied a light coat of foundation on her cheeks, forehead and chin, and rubbed it into a soft sheen. She highlighted her eyes with several passes of eyeliner; and shaded her upper lid with an emerald green hue, and drew the color outward in a thin curl, giving her a decidedly Egyptian flair. Angela had always enjoyed herself dressed in black, but this didn't seem the time; when she introduced the girl to her nighttime mistress, she would pull out all the stops. She selected an umber shade of lipstick and accentuated the shape of her full lips with a lip liner; making a mock kiss to the image that stared back at her in the mirror. She pulled her hair back behind her ears, and put on a pair of emerald earrings before finding the matching emerald pendant to fasten around her neck. She put a few dollops of Channel No. 5 behind her ear, along her neck and between her breasts. The large woman walked over to her Armoire and opened her lingerie drawer. Over the years she had accumulated quite a collection of expensive undergarments; some were considered collectors items and would fetch a queens ransom on the auction market. She decided on a beautiful red camisole and matching knickers made by Aubade in Paris; this would be just the look she hoped for. The silk was imported from southern India, and considered to be the finest material on the market today. Its luxurious texture and perfect shape would make any woman feel sexy, and as Angela slipped it over her head she felt positively radiant. The hand sown black and green roses along the neckline and straps accentuated the colors of her jewellery. Both the red and green colors she wore made the natural color of Angela's red hair the quintessential vision of female seduction. The woman stood to admire her own beauty and thrilled at the results. She couldn't help but squeeze her breasts in homage to her own reflection.

Angela slipped on a non-descript white cotton robe and synched the belt and neck up tight. She hadn't expected Kylie to come to the door, but she couldn't chance being seen in such a provocative way. Women and girl sexual relationships where not illegal, but they were also not universally accepted. She didn't know the Ford's well enough yet to be forthcoming with them about her interest in their daughter, and until then she needed to be cautious. She poured herself another cup of Illy Coffee from her barista-quality maker, and put the finishing touches on the day. A wisp of smoke clung to her head as she put out her last cigarette at the beckon of the door bell; this time there was no Porsche in sight as she welcomed her little lover into her home.

"Come in sweetheart, oh don't you look just scrumptious... did you dress yourself this morning?"

The girl's face just beamed at the melodic sound of the woman's voice. She had got up extra early this morning, and was fully dressed before Kylie or her father ever heard her. The youngster had envisioned a work day in the garden; so she had chosen her very favorite pair of pink over-all shorts, it had seemed a very work-like choice to the girl. Under the straps of the overalls she had chosen a loud printed black and green t shirt; mercifully Kylie had the sense to change her before she ran out the door into a pretty yellow sleeveless t-shirt and matching yellow head band that pulled her golden locks up and out of her face. Nikki had insisted on wearing her quietest pair of sneakers; because today she intended to "sneak up on that rascal bunny." Angela could hardly stand how adorable the little pixie looked standing there clutching Thumper by a single ear; good enough to eat, but it was her that would be doing the eating this afternoon.

"Hi Angie... yes I `dwessed myself... d'yalikeit? I wore my work clothes, you said we would work in the garden, and have tea and..."

The little girl's words trailed off as she covered her mouth with her hand.

"And what little lamb?"

The woman knew exactly what, but wanted to hear her say it.

"And play girlfriend games," she whispered into her palm. "OOOOOH and... and... and you said that today we were going to find that sneaky bunny too. Do you think we can today? Oh `pwease Angie, I'd really love it if we could."

"We will have to see Nikki; I think that today is going to hold lots of surprises and new things. Things that will make us both very happy, but you'll have to be extra good, and do everything I ask of you today, so that we can both have our fun."

The girl's face reddened and a sly smile crept across her lips as she looked down at her pink and purple high top sneakers.

"Yes Angie, I know that you want me to make you happy, and that will make you want me to be happy... right?"

Angela took her by the hand and led her into the living room. It was a place the girl had seemed comfortable. Soon she planned to show her little girlfriend the bedroom.

"That's exactly right sweetheart. Now tell me, did your step mom drop you off this morning? I didn't see her fancy red car out there."

"No she told me she was late for a ladies meeting and I should just run over, so I did. I ran as fast as I could; I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited to come over again."

"Do you mean that darling? I'm so happy to hear you say that. I was very excited to. I was so excited that I wore something special for you Honey; I wanted to look pretty for my little girlfriend. It's important that you think I'm pretty."

As the words spilled from her umber lips, the seductress untied the terry clothe belt from around her waist, and slowly let the heavy covering fall in a pile at her feet. She stood in front of Nikki in her full sexual glory; the fine red silk draped from every curve of her body like honey dripping from a hive. The red Aubade camisole hid her minor flaws, and accentuating her sensual attributes. The sight of the statuesque woman would have made a grown man blush or a young girl squeal. Angela had offered herself to neither; instead she was giving herself to a child, one whose mouth was now completely slack jawed. Nikki Ford had never seen anything like her before; never had her mother or even her gaudy step mother allowed her to see them dressed for sex. She held no reference point for what she was looking at and therefore had a completely guttural reaction to it. She let out an audible whimper from somewhere south of her eve's apple. This woman, who she called `her girlfriend', reminded her more of a lioness on the prowl, like the ones she had watched on the television. The little girl did the only thing she knew to do; she stuck her thumb in her mouth and threatened to suck the nail right off of it and clutched Thumper close to her side.

"Your mouth will be used for sucking later young lady. Take it out of your mouth now dear, and tell me how I look."

With a loud `pop' the little girl removed thumb and struggled to find the right combinations of words. "Miss Angie, you look beautiful. I have never seen anybody look as pretty as you."

The little girl went on to stammer her way through the compliment; eventually comparing Angela to her favorite pop singer. Angela had to smile and took it as a compliment of the highest order.

"Well thank you darling, I'm glad you don't think of me as some silly cow that just can't get enough of your pretty mouth. I dressed up for you today, and I have other things I want to wear for you too; very grown up things, but I'll have to see about you spending the night over here soon before we do that."

"Do you mean like a sleep over? Here with you? I have always wanted to have a sleep over, but I could only stay at my Grandma's house, and she only likes to play Go Fish."

Angela chortled, "Yes sweetheart, I'll work on that later today. And before you ask me darling; I saw the Bunny this very morning out near the garden. I want to take you there to look for her, but I need to use your mouth first love. I'm afraid I won't ever be able to get enough of it, I've been beside myself with need for you and I just don't think I can wait another minute. Do you mind sweetheart, would it be okay if I had you lick my cunt for me before we go to the garden?"

The weight of the words hung in the air like a perverted mist; wetting the lips of the girl and the crotch of the older woman. Angela's request was as obscene as it was matter-of-fact, and the woman thrilled at the befuddled look on the young girl's face. She twisted her brow in a knot as she digested the request. Angela decided to wait her out, and let Nikki come to her own conclusions; she had staked the deck in her own favor, and she knew she had the girl at a disadvantage... however, she needed her to believe all that she was agreeing to; everything they were going to do. But Nikki it turned out, was a little girl full of surprises.

Laughing... "I told you that I would do kissing games if we could find the Bunny. My Daddy told me never make promises you can't keep. Errr... I really liked out kissing games yesterday Angela. Do you want me to do it to you right here?"

Angela nearly climaxed from the words that came from her adorable mouth. She wondered if she could be beginning to enjoy the grown up activities, or if she acted in her own self interests; either way it was good news for the woman and she decided right then that she would press on even further today. Angela reached down and took the little girl's hand in hers and brought it between her legs. As she stood there in silence she rubbed her small hand against the fabric that covered her overheated vagina. The girl's angelic face looked up at her as she sucked her thumb and clutched her stuffed animal. Angela's breathing was getting heavier as she was now soaking her small hand with the secretions dripping the fine silk.

"Come with me, I want us to do this in my bedroom. Come on Nikki, get Thumper and come with me."

Angela's bedroom was plush and filled with bold purple and gold colors. The walls were fitted with rich tapestries, and the center of the room was dominated but a tall king sized bed. Angela had placed a small stack of folded towels on the bed already in anticipation of this moment.

"Let's get you out of your cute little outfit. When we work in the garden later, we'll be naked anyway, just lay them across the stool there sweetheart. Oh God I just adore your little body, you look so precious honey, now lets pull this shirt off you...'

The older woman hardly gave the child time to comply with her requests; Nikki had to drop her toy on the floor as the woman's busy hands stripped her as she spoke. The girl felt manhandled by the woman as she stood there, but enjoyed how excited her new girlfriend was to be with her. This must be how proper girlfriends are with each other, she thought to herself. Nikki now stood in just her powder blue underpants and white socks. The angel's blonde hair mushroomed out over the top of her yellow head band, leaving twisted strands flouncing over her beautiful little face.

"Climb up on the bed dear and crawl to the middle. Here Honey, let me help you... I guess I'm going to have to get the step stool in here for you when you're over to visit. There dear, I'm going to climb up here next to you and I want you to kiss me here love. Lots of kisses just like you did yesterday. That should really get me going."

Angela stood in front of the kneeling child and looked down over the bodice of her camisole at the girl's precious upturned face. To get the proper angle, Angela had to widen her stance and flex her knees to line up her sodden sex with the girls mouth; she caught a glimpse of the scene in the dresser mirror and thrilled at the obscene nature of it. A full grown woman dressed for sex and squatting in front of the face of a little girl... the sight made her feel depraved, but the lewd vision only heightened her sexual need. Nikki had predictably placed her thumb back in her mouth, obviously still nervous to be so close to such an oversexed adult. With one hand tugging on her nipples, Angela began to play with the adorable curls of the kneeling girl. She ran her fingers through it; thinking to herself that this must be what gossamer feels like. With an upturned eyebrow she reached down to remove the girls thumb from her lips and placed her hand on the back of her head. With a loud sigh of contentment, she hauled the little girl's face between her heavy thighs.

"Enough of the thumb sucking little girl, its time to put that pretty mouth of yours to make your girlfriend happy. Now get in there and kiss my cunt you darling little child."

"hmmph hmpppph... ummsmack... smack"

"That's right dear; rub your face all over the wet parts, yes I want to see your face soaking wet with my cum love. Good, you're doing good. Now use a little more tongue baby, lick the material. Oh Fuck, yes... that's it, lick it. Now suck on my knickers! Pay attention dear, I said suck on my kickers... yes just like that, suck the cunt oil into your mouth... right down to your tummy."

The girl tried to follow the rapid fire requests of the demanding woman above her. Her knickers were soaking the girl's face; leaving a clear sheen on her chin and cheeks, mixed with streaks of milky residue along her lips. The kissing and sucking continued unabated for several minutes until she felt her mouth filling with the tangy fluid. The scene of body worship continued, until Angela's hips began to grind and she felt the warmth of orgasm begin to spread through her stomach. She held the girls head lovingly in her hands as she slid the now transparent gusset over the angel's slight features. Angela was now ready for more direct contact; slow pulling the girls mouth from its moorings with a wet sloshing sound; she hooked her thumbs into the waist of the red garment and pulled them down. She held the panties up to the child's face to show her how excited she had made her.

"Look Nikki, when you make me happy like this, I get so wet. See darling... look how soaked they are just from being with you."

Angela knelt down on the bed facing the awe struck child. She looked just perfect as she knelt bare chested; her tiny pink nipples just barely rising off of her flat white chest. Her face was still slick with the oil of her sex, and her eyes twinkling with the wonderment of all she was learning. Angela placed the sodden material to the girl's lips in a gesture of dominance.

"Suck the rest of it up sweetheart... yes just like that. Suck it all clean for me dear. Next you'll be sucking directly from my cunt love, won't you like that?"

Nikki nodded in agreement as her cheeks bulged with the woman's wet knickers. Angela now lay on her back and brought her feet up flat as she spread her thighs open, masturbating at the sight. She stared at the kneeling girl; the red material dangling from her mouth; it was nearly enough to make her cum right then and there. Her sucking reflex seemed automatic; and the woman intended to guide that instinct to its proper place; she offered her hand to the girl and held it under her chin.

"Spit them out love. Good girl, did you get all the juice out of them do you think?"

"I think so Angie, I `dinnit taste anything else, I got it all into my tummy I think. Did I do a good job?"

Angela just burst with pride and affection for the little girl; her feelings for her were changing, that was for sure. Where her maternal coaxing of the girl was once merely a manipulative tool to get her to do what she wanted, the words now came out much easier. There was an honest affection that went with the perverted fantasies; it was a thrilling mix of emotions and only heightened the moment at hand.

"You did a wonderful job sweetie, I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful girlfriend like you. Now Nikki, I want you to lie down on your tummy between my legs."

Nikki's eyes blinked widely and she turned to scamper off the bed, startling Angela as she saw her swing her naked body onto the floor.

"Where do you think you're going young lady, get back her at once."

"It's ok, Angie, I just need Thumper. It helps me with the kissing games if Thumper is with me."

Angela smiled at the thought of the girl holding her stuffed animal as she brought her off orally. She offered her a hand from her reclined position to help her back onto the bed. Nikki put Thumper's ears in her mouth so she could use both hands to hoist herself back up, and then quickly crawled with her bunny in her mouth back to her spot between the adult's spread legs.

"There... are you all better now? Good, I want to teach you how I would like to be pleased. You did a wonderful job yesterday... really just fantastic, I couldn't have hoped for anything more from you. But there are ways to use your mouth which will make it better for me, and I'd like to teach them to you now. Do you mind me being your teacher Nikki dear? I want to teach you how to love a woman properly; I hope you'll let me."

"Oh... well, I want you to be happy. Really I want that almost as much as I want to play with the bunny. I've never had a girlfriend before, and I want to do what proper girlfriends is s'posed to do. I want you to teach me everything that makes you happy."

"I will dear, I promise. I'll teach you to be a good little lezzy, and how to use that darling little mouth of yours to make me happy in lots of ways. Eventually you'll know how to make any woman happy, you'll find that all sorts of ladies will want to be your girlfriends and play kissing games with you."

"Ohhhh... well, I just want you for my girlfriend for now. Is that ok if we are only girlfriends for now?"

"Yes Honey, you have a lot to learn before we ever meet any other ladies, and I want you to begin right now."

Angela pulled the girl's face to within inches of her wet cunt. Nikki began to press inward to try and make her girlfriend happy but Angela halted her approach by placing her hand on her forehead; freezing her face momentarily in an obscene extended tongue position.

"Oh, you are an eager little lamb aren't you? Just wait a moment love; I want to show you my cunt so you know where I need your tongue."

With that, she uncovered her vagina from under her hand and spread her labia apart; pinning the inner lips back over the outer folds. Angel's labia had turned darker with age and had begun to stick outward when she was aroused. Looking closely at them Nikki thought they looked like big butterfly wings as they lay pinned behind the woman's fingers. Angela ran her finger along her engorged clitoris, which was now looking like a tiny finger. Where the nail would be there was the slightest hint of a ridge. She let little Nikki study her in more detail, as she stared between her legs almost the way she would do when she watched the television.

"You did such a good job yesterday kissing and licking me sweetie, I don't want you to think I was at all unhappy with your performance. It is just that there are ways of using your mouth which suit me better, and I'd like you to begin to practice them. I'm going to open myself up so you can see inside better... Good, now see this place up here near the top? That is where my peepee comes out. I would like you to spend a lot of time just sweeping your tongue from side to side over that tiny little hole. Just keep licking and sucking on that special place. It I will make me feel very good. I'll ask you to `go deeper' sometimes; and when I do I want you to push your tongue as far as you can down in this part. Do you see how all this pink stuff is blocking this deep hole? If I scream `deeper' it means you should push that little face of yours as far in as you can and wiggle your tongue as far as it will go inside me."

Nikki was absorbing all the information she was given and seemed to be paying very close attention to everything she said.

"Is that where all the sour stuff comes from?"

"Yes my love that is called cum and it comes from deeper inside of me. All that yummy cum pools up right behind my bone right here, called the pubic bone."

Angel tapped her furry red muff with her other hand and watched as Nikki silently mouthed the words...p u b i c b o n e.

"And when you make me cum darling, all that yummy cum is squirted from deep inside me into your mouth. It's really important when I cum that you swallow all of it... I want you to think of every thing that comes from my body as precious, and you never waist anything that's precious right?"

"No Angie, I won't waste any."

"Good girl I knew you wouldn't... you just keep at it when it comes and do your very best to not waste a single drop of anything that comes out of me, no matter where the hole is. Ok baby girl?"

The little girls face squinted up but she shrugged her head in affirmation. She was going to do whatever it took to make this beautiful woman happy.

"But, what is that big thing for?"

Angela held her clit between both fingers and waggled it in the child's face as if taunting her.

"This is my clitoris. You have one too, but yours is much smaller, I'll show it to you another day. When I need to cum, I want you to lick this in a very special way. I want you to lick along the bottom her, right at the base; it's important to listen to me when you lick me there, when I find a rhythm that I like, I'll ask you to keep doing that. That means that you have found a special spot and you're making me very happy; make sure you keep at it until I tell you to stop. Now see this little hood over the top? You can go in there with your little tongue, right between my clit and that small piece of skin and that will make me yell all kinds of crazy things, don't let that scare you. Your girlfriend likes to make all kinds of racket in the bedroom. When its time to cum I want you put your pretty little mouth around my clit and I want you to suck, just like you did on my nipples and just like you do with your thumb. When you suck me like that I will be so happy that I will fill your little mouth up with all that yummy cum. Don't worry, I'll probably just push your pretty face down there when it is time to drink love... so you just drink up everything that Angie gives you... every fucking drop."

Nikki nodded her head after digesting the confusing commands; Angela knew it was a lot process but was determined to turn this girl into a world class cunt lapper, no matter how long it took.

"Ok dear, its time for the student to make her teacher happy!"



Chapter 8

Yesterday's frantic sex was replaced by a more thoughtful and resolute form of oral training. Angela held her hands on the side of the girl's face and guided her through the ritual. She spoke in hushed tones that would be impossible for anyone other than the two of them to hear; perverted requests that held only enough energy to pass from her lips and across her naked body into the tiny ears of the five year old child. The soft creeks of the bed springs gave rhythm to the melody of her voice. She spoke in terms of a life time of performing such tasks, and how she would learn more and more as time went on. She instructed her in the minute details of giving her oral pleasure and taught her how to position her tongue and lips and the way to vary the pressure at different moments during her service. The slow tempo of the session was a relief to young Nikki; it allowed her time to concentrate on her lovers commands. Yesterday she felt she was a passenger riding down a landslide, completely caught up in the overwhelming needs of the woman. This however, seemed more of a partnership between them. Angela would direct her tongue to a particular part of her cunt and then would praise her for her efforts; clamoring for more attention to a specific spot, or urging her to repeat a rewarding maneuver with her lips and tongue. She was slowly gaining not only confidence, but also enjoyment from her duties. The delicate interplay between lovers continued for nearly half an hour; a sexual play between teacher and student, between adult and child. Slowly Nikki began to feel real pleasure from the worship she offered the woman's cunt, and gradually Angela came to understand and witness the girl's need and desire to please her. Both were getting something from this most twisted of marriages, as was evident by the reaction of both their bodies. The girl was becoming overwhelmed by the influx of emotions swirling around her. Like smoke braiding its way through the lattice of a trestle, the little girl's emotions intertwined with each other forming the beginnings of perspective, a new paradigm from which to view this exciting new relationship; it ran the gamut from excited and naughty, loved and used, to afraid and hopeful. Her young body twitched on the fine linen sheets as she slipped her tongue into the wet grove of her older lover; not fully understanding the pleasure she was now experiencing. Tears began to run down her face as she struggled to understand the swells of those new feelings and emotions. Angela pushed her head back to ask if she was alright and was surprised to feel the girl struggled to press her face back into the hot oven of the woman's sex.

Nikki's lashes flicked open and the beautiful eyes gazed up at her lover, who returned the look with a measure of surprise and overwhelming desire. Angela was relieved to see that her face had been an expression of serenity, that clearly indicated that she wasn't distressed. And the girl had made no attempts to withdraw when the woman had let go of her head. Quite on the contrary, she kept up the kind of subtle pressure with her lips against the wet furrows of her sex. The girl held her lover's gaze for another moment past the wiry hairs of her mound with those beautiful blue eyes. Then she lifted her face just clear of her pulsing pussy, using a hand to wipe some shiny juice away from her cheek.

"It's OK... really... I'm fine, I just..." Her lower lip trembled for a moment and then her eyes suddenly overflowed with tears! Angela froze. She made an attempt to get up to try comforting her young lover, but before she managed to move, the little girls' grip on her thighs tightened and with a groan of determination she buried her face into her new safe place. Angela trembled all over. Surprise gave way to almost insane passion as she realized the true nature of the girl's feelings. And then she felt the tongue! Clumsy and unsure... but extremely eager to please!

"Yes you hungry little minx... get in there, get all you can. Use that pretty pink tongue on my pee hole love, just like I showed you. Taste the drops of pee I left for you. I hope you like them little lamb; you'll be getting more soon enough."

Nikki's little tongue swabbed the interior of Angela's dripping sex, as the woman arched her back and pulled the small face ever tighter between her thighs. Angela's directions were less instructive now and more demanding in tone; a pleading of her desires spilled from her lips as the swell of an oncoming orgasm grew from deep in her stomach.

"Deeper now! God yes, go deeper you sweet child. Push your tongue farther... yes, like that... into the deep part. Yes, good girl, you are such a good little girl for me... Oh fuck yes just like that. I'm going to cum right into your pretty little mouth. Now go at my clit, I need you mouth on my clit... Suck it, Suck it SUCK IT!"

Angela held on desperately to the golden locks in her hands as the little head bobbed up and down. She looked at the girl past the rolling hills of her mature breasts and through the forest of red pubic hair into the limped ponds of the blue eye slits of her little lover. She felt the child's lips wrap around the base of her clitoris, and pinch along its crest as the pull of the girl's well practiced sucking began to take hold. Never in her life had she felt such a need transferred from a lover's lips to her pleasure source, it was as if the girl needed to nurse nourishment for her body from her hardened appendage; perhaps she wanted to suck out the love of a lost mother. Then the child's spongy pink tongue began to bat at the elongated cylinder of her clit like prize fighter on a speed bag.

The woman lost it. She just lost it!

The orgasm came with the same force as if she had been punched in the gut, as her body nearly doubled up, her shoulders raising off the mattress and the cruel grip on the little girl's hair tightened even more. The convulsions took hold of her body as her mouth twisted into its permutations of ecstasy and needed release. No words came from her open lips, only guttural demands as she wanted to watch the girl drink her precious cum from her body. The spasms seemed to be squeezed from the middle of her abdomen and the tips of her toes racing inwards toward the center of her pleasure. The woman's body twitched several times before it reached the core of her cunt. Her head was raised up, and her fine red hair flung across her face. She had crossed her thighs over the girls back and locked her ankles; creating a perfect prisoner as squeezed tightly for fear she may loose her worshiping princess.

"Eat, damn you, Eat... yes... Open you mouth, I'm going to fill it... yes, and swallow, take it all - every fucking drop... oh Fuck!"

Of course Nikki could hear only part of the words that were spat at her from the woman in crisis above her. She opened her mouth just in time for the first salvo of her ejaculate to splatter across her teeth and tongue. It came out with such force that the girl instinctively tried to move backward, until her retreat was halted by the swift grip of her lover's fingers to her hair. Angela's hips were awkwardly jerking upward and bumping violently into the girl's nose and upper lips, and poured her very essence into the hard working little mouth below. Nikki tried desperately to keep her lips plastered to the slipper flesh, but with little success. Spurt after spurt of the murky fluid sputtered into her mouth and across her face, until she was forced to work her throat to keep up with the flow.

"That's it girl, just drink. Drink up all my cum you little darling. Don't stop, please don't stop... oh Christ that is beautiful! YES!"

Rivulets of milky fluid were escaping her lips as she fought to cope with the huge load of cum being poured into her small mouth. The pearly liquid seemed to capture the dappled sunlight of the bedroom and shimmer as it ran down the side of her face. The sweet sounds of her swallowing were like music to the woman as her climax began to wind its way to infamy. Angela's body seemed to go lips all at once, as if it were a rubber band that had been stretched too far and finally snapped. Her hands fell from the little girl's head and she wept silently at the majesty of what just had happened. The pillow under her head seemed to engulf her entirely. The soft down gave comfort to her ragged nerves that was only exceeded by the sweet tingles of relaxation that spread from her cunt outward through her body, like a drop of oil dissipating on still water. Her breathing was shallow but steadier; it took her several minutes to realize that her little lover hadn't stopped her dutiful work. Silently the little angel was studying her wet slit then dabbing dangling drops of cum up with a soft suck-kiss; slowly cleaning the downy hairs surrounding her outer labia of any cum residue she could spot. Angela thought there was no way this could get any better.



Angela Steele had spent the better part of the next hour praising her child lover and cooing over her every sweet attribute as they enjoyed a much deserved respite in her luxurious bed. Nikki felt important and appreciated for the things she could do for the adult. She soaked up all the affection the woman could give her and even giggled at there playful moments when Angela would tickle her and whisper perverted requests for later in the afternoon. All in all it was a wonderful start to the day, and both of them were anxious to see what else was in store for them. Angela stripped the little girl of all her clothes as she did her own and they took a quick shower. Angela washed the little girl's body sweetly and seductively; the kid had offered to wash her as well, but she preferred to keep her desirous of the feel of her body. The anticipation, she thought, would help her eagerness when the time was right. She made quite a show of wiggling her ass at the child as she bent to pick up soap. She wanted desperately to invite her touch, but wanted her bottom games to be something special; it would come soon enough she thought. She caught the youngster staring at the ominous trench between her heavy cheeks more than one time; she merely gave the little girl a wink as if to say; "You'll be getting more of that very soon." Angela spent time enjoying the feeling of her small body. She enjoyed soaping up her little boy chest and giving her tiny nipples a soft pinch, just to here the girl giggle to a whimper. Her tiny buttocks looked just like the one on the suntan oil bottle she grew up using; and enjoyed rubbing it as she washed her. Some would think it strange that a pedophile like Angela wasn't totally obsessed about the little girl's vagina; after all it was stunningly beautiful in its immature simplicity. The soft white skin had never seen a hair or a razor or a harsh touch; it was pure and perfect in its form. Though Angela enjoyed rubbing her soapy fingers through the puffy undeveloped slit, and had to admit that she was aroused but the sexual whimpers the child was admitting; it was not the image of taking claim to her virginity or the angelic taste it would yield that was the fuel for her prurient desires. She could envision a time perhaps when her unbridled lust would overflow and cause her to sample her forbidden fruit; but it was her mouth that she wanted. Quite simply put; Angela wanted unlimited access to a beautiful child sex slave's mouth, to do with as she pleased and now that she had one, she couldn't imagine her life with out her.

Angela told Nikki to put on her socks and shoes, and that was all. She loved the image of a naked little girl running around her home; it was something she had thought about for as long as she could remember. Angela had found small straw hat in the spare room closet; it was of the floppy variety and had a silk sunflower affixed to its brim. She put the small hat on Nikki's head; it would keep off some of the sun from her snow white skin, and also... she just looked adorable in it.

Angela poured herself a large glass of ice tea and sipped it as she looked for her Sophia Loren sunglasses. Angela had put on a pair of grey terry clothe shorts and a form fitting white tank top and flip flops. She had decided to dispense with any sort of underwear as she wanted the girl to have easy access for whatever game occurred to her. Her thick vaginal lips hung low, pouting over the seam; creating a picture perfect `Camel Toe' in the crotch of her shorts. Her large pear-like breasts hung low in the tight ribbed cotton of the tank top; her large dark areolas and fat nipples looked menacing as her tits swung from side to side as she made her way towards the French doors leading to the garden. She held the large drink in her hand and pushed the nose bridge of her gasses up till it felt snug; then she called to her little girlfriend.

"Anyone want to go find a bunny?"


Chapter 9


The rod iron gates to the private garden were crafted in a south Sussex foundry for Angela as a birthday present by her husband Robert nearly twenty years ago. The bars were where twisted in a corkscrew shape and were interwoven with vines and grape clusters in a spiral pattern. The center handles shaped as Angela's initials which had turned a desirable copper green color over time; giving the vine covered entrance the appearance of a magical portal that had somehow always been there. The spires at either ends of the opening were festooned with hanging flowers of vivid colors. The hedge wall that surrounded the sprawling garden had grown over ten feet tall and spread out over nearly an acre of rolling land; it made watching the goings-on inside the twisting pathways of the garden impossible by anyone other than a pilot. To say that Angela was a garden enthusiast would be like saying Julia Childs enjoyed putzing in the kitchen. Over the years as Angela's life began to take its near final form, and her hopes for a houseful of love and exuberant sex began to slip away; Angela put her considerable imagination and efforts into creating her award winning garden; it had become her one solace. Indeed it had won several awards over the year from local garden clubs and landscaping associations; she even had a spread in English Home & Garden. It was Angela's pride and joy; a traditional English style garden with a Tea House located on the intersection of the main and secondary pathways serving as the principal structural feature within the walls. The Tea House was made of imported sandstock laid in Flemish Bond style with Queen Anne arches supporting sandstone keystones above the door lintels. The roof is of a Dutch design significant for its curving hip line and the decorative wreath of copper leaves arranged around the peak. The working garden consists of a number of geometrically laid out garden beds neatly defined by an uninterrupted border of garlic chives. The wide variety of plantings included every conceivable type of vegetables and herbs which supply fresh food to the kitchen throughout the year. The rear of the working garden has been planted out as an herbaceous border. The arrangement of perennial plants is based on a pastel color scheme, ranging from grey plants at the margin merging into blues, pinks and plum colors with white highlights.

As Nikki stopped to take notice of the wondrous place, it appeared to her like fairytale land where anything was possible.

The woman and child that bent over the perfectly situated beds of flowers and herbs picking stray weeds, of which there weren't many; it could have been any Mother and Daughter pair in any garden in this well heeled neighborhood. The picture of domestic chores fit for a Normal Rockwell painting; except for a few details. The small blonde child was completely naked; save brightly colored pink high top sneakers and a straw hat, carrying her ever-present stuffed animal in tow, and the woman's nearly naked form lay barely contained inside her tight fitting clothes. It didn't take much imagination to picture the woman's complete body; nor the perverted purpose of their place in this tranquil setting. Angela was careful to place her body in full few of the child at all times; taking great pains to part her legs as she bent over and exposing the quivering mounds of flesh that poured from the strained seams of the terry clothe shorts. The little girl stood nearly even to her pelvis, and Angela was quick to rub her sex on the child at every opportunity.

Angela took the time to share some of her gardening passion with her little lover; it was a bonding process for the two of them, and the woman was happy to see how receptive Nikki was to learning. She encouraged the girl to smell the flowers and herbs as they meandered through the paths; ostensibly for the lurid sight of a naked child bent over in front of her, she enjoyed the vision of her upturned bum and the sight of her tiny little holes. Nearly everything they did together had dual purposes; it was either for the direct sexual benefit of the adult, or as way to build trust and affection from the little girl. Still Angela couldn't deny her growing feelings for the youngster; feelings that now where becoming other than sexual; it was a potent mix of maternal instinct and pent up raw sexual need.

"Angie, what is this pretty smelling plant? I have smelled that before I think, it's so yummy."

Angela looked at the bushy mint plant which was now in front of Nikki, and reached out to pick a few leaves.

"Very good dear, this is an herb called Mentha Sativa, I'm sure you've had before; have you ever had Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream?"

"Ohhh YES!" The child exclaimed loudly. "My mom always had the green ice cream when she was alive, and it was my favorite. My step mom says I'll get fat if I eat ice cream, so I don't get any more of it. I `dinnit know that it came from a tree like this."

"Well Honey, it's not a tree, it's a more of a bush; it's a Mint bush, and next to it is a spearmint bush and down there is a peppermint plant. It seems we have lots of things in common, I love mint too."

Angela pressed the leaves under the girl's nose and told her to "smell it". The girl's face lit up in a smile as her nose tingled from the aroma. "Now open your mouth for me sweetheart, and hold the leaf against your cheek. I'm sure you could use a little breath freshener after the mouthful of cum you had earlier." The woman placed the small curly leaf on the child's outstretched tongue, and curled her lip in wicked grin. Nikki covered her mouth instinctively; her face flushed bright red at the sexual reference as she sucked on the fresh mint leaf. Angela picked a few more leaves and plopped them into the ice tea glass she had just refilled. "There, now both our breaths will smell minty-fresh when we kiss later. I won't be able to resist your little mouth for too much longer."

Nikki just smiled broadly; she was enjoying her time with her older girlfriend, and liked the naughty feeling she got when the woman praised her mouth. The two females made their way towards the Tea House in the center of the garden; it was time to give the little angel a reward for all her efforts of the last few days. She would require a `quid pro quo' of course; she felt the warming of her lower abdomen as she sipped her second large glass of ice tea, and she knew precisely what she was going to require of the little darling. They turned to one of the two entrances to the open structure of the Tea House, and Angela spied the metal cage on the floor between the array of luxurious chairs that were arranged in the center. She reached out to take Nikki's hand as they began to climb the stairs to enter. Nikki was oblivious to the fact that a real rabbit was just a few feet away; she held Thumper to her hip and felt the loving squeeze of the adults hand on hers as they climbed into the cool breezy room.

Angela squatted down to eye level of her little lover; and smiled when she saw the youngster's eyes sweep towards the deep cleavage of her breasts. She looked into her sparkling blue eyes and tucked behind her ears stray strands of curly blonde hair that had fallen across her face. She leaned in to kiss the sweet girl softly on the lips; Nikki was learning to expect intimate contact from the grown up whenever the urge struck her. She succumbed to the kiss of the older woman; up to now Nikki had been passive with her mouth, only trying to mimic the maneuvers of the woman's tongue and lips. As she kissed the woman she felt more confident; she was learning to relax and enjoy the floods of emotions and sensations of the adult's mouth and wandering hands. Angela's hands slid up and down the child's naked body with no compunction, it felt a celebration of her fantasies realized. Angela had truly never felt better in her life. After several minutes the molestation ended and both females were left panting and wanting more. Angela needed her both aroused and fully eager to please her for the next chapter of their relationship; she pulled the little girl into her arms and picked her up into the air. Nikki's arms wrapped around her neck and she held her breath as she spied the metal cage for the first time.

"Angie? Is that... Angie is that? Is that THE BUNNY?"

The image of the little girl's wide eyes grin would be forever burned into Angela Steele's mind; the epitome of unfettered excitement and wonder. The smile was so completely infectious that Angela felt her cheeks burn from the smile in her own face.

"Yes Nikki, that's the one and only bunny! I had the people from the pet store bring out a cage, and before I knew it... there was the bunny. I think it's about time you go introduce yourself and Thumper don't you? After all she is your very own real live bunny now."

Angela let the naked toddler slip down her hip landing on the floor with a tiny thud and smiled at the swiftness of her little feet as she watched her bare bum paddle off to the cage. Nikki was awash with questions; wondering what she would eat, how old she was, what her name should be, if she liked other bunnies, did she bite, could she hold her... Angela didn't need to answer any of the questions right away, because the little girl was busy talking to her with the perfect sing-song of childlike joy. After a few moments she bent down and slowly opened the cage door, and the girl watched on it rapt attention; memorizing how to do it properly as soon she would be responsible for all bunny activities... or so she thought. Angela reached in and coaxed the scared animal out of its cage and pet its soft ears. Nikki appeared ready to burst at the seems if she wasn't able to soon get her hands on the animal, Angela sat down and patted her generous lap for the girl to come sit on. Nikki quickly moved into place, the feeling of her warm little body in the woman's lap made Angela sigh a sweet moan of contentment.

"Here my pet, now this is your pet, and I want you to treat her as wonderfully as I treat you sweetheart. You need to care for her like I want to do with you, take care of each other's needs and most of all love each other."

With that Angela placed the soft white rabbit in the little girl's naked lap; Nikki let out a sigh that sounded to Angela similar to the one she had just made. And just like her older lover, Nikki Ford had never been so happy in all her life.

Angela busied herself in the garden, giving little Nikki time to play with Lucy; the new name for the floppy eared rabbit. Occasionally the little girl would ask Angela's opinion on Lucy's preference of color, how old she might be, and if Lucy's big ears would let her hear ants talk. Angela kept a watchful eye on the girl and her new pet and went about the actual duties of garden care. She had squatted down and had her hands deep into the rich earth; pulling out weeds and endlessly rearranging the rock-formation in the Asian Garden section of the lower garden. Angela felt her abdomen cramp a bit as she bent over, and realized that the cups of coffee and glasses of tea had finished percolating their way through her bladder and she knew it was time to be bold.

"Nikki, its time to put the Lucy back in her cage; she will be waiting for you here tomorrow. Now, no complaining young lady, besides I'm feeling seriously deprived, I'm beginning to think you like Lucy more than me. Now come over her little lamb, I need your help with something, and it can't wait any longer."

Angela offered the little girl a bottom-lipped pout worthy of Oscar consideration. The youngster begrudgedly put Lucy back in her cage; careful to lock the door, then grabbed Thumper and hustled over to the large woman who had an honest look of distress on her face.

"What's the matter Angie, you look mad, are you mad at me?"

"No dear, I'm not mad at all; I'm very happy that you and Lucy are getting on so well. Then again, who couldn't love a little angel like you? I'm starting to fall in love with you myself little girl. Did you know that?"

Nikki was gobsmacked at revelation of the woman standing before her. She had known the purity of a mothers love before she was taken cruelly from her, just a short year ago. Of course she loved her father, but he had never been an active part of her young life. This was the first time another adult had spoken those words to her. She examined her own feelings and tried to make sense of the contradiction of emotions she felt. She had learned from all her story books that Love was the greatest thing in the world, and had heard the phrase; `too beautiful for words.' She decided that since she couldn't identify exactly what she was feeling for Angela, couldn't put it into words... that it must indeed be love.

"I... I love you too Angie. I've never felt like this before, and you are always so happy when I come over and we play mouth games, and you do all these nice things for me." The girl took a deep breath and said with conviction and resolute certainty; "I love you too!"

"That's wonderful darling, honestly I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear you say that to me. I'm happy to do nice things for you, and I know you'll always do nice things for me too. In fact I need you help right now darling, I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I need you to do something for me"

Angela's face was furrowed in a way the girl hadn't yet seen; it was obvious something was bothering her. She stood there with her hands and knees covered in black dirt; she held her hands up near her shoulders, fearful she would soil anything she touched. She looked to Nikki as if she were surrendering like the bad guys in a movie.

"I'll do anything for you Angie, you just have to ask."

The woman took a deep breath and desperately wanted to rub her swelling cunt right through the crotch of her shorts, but refrained for fear it would ruin the seduction. The success of the next few moments would in large part dictate the course of the rest of her life; she knew it, and no matter what happened she had decided one way or another Nikki Ford was going to drink her piss today.

"Well darling I need you to pull down my shorts for me... can you do that honey bunch? I have to go potty very badly and I cannot make it to the house in time; and my hands are filthy. Come on darling just pull my shorts off for me."

The request brought a puzzled look to the little girls face as she slowly complied with the woman's request. She wasn't asking for her mouth, but it felt like a naughty game just the same.

"Hurry darling, take them off my feet. Yes just like that, now I have drank so much tea today, that it's threatening to come out my ears; but you're going to help me with that aren't you darling?"

"Errrm... yes Angie, what do you want me to do?"

"Get my Ice Tea glass; I need to make potty, and I can't pee in my garden, it would ruin all our hard work. Now get the glass dear, and hurry please."

Nikki held the glass outward as if she expected Angela to take it from her.

"You will have to hold it sweetheart; I want you to hold it right under my pussy, you remember where the pee hole is... yes like that, hold it for me sweetie. Let me lift my leg for you to get it in the right spot."

The little girl's face was full of questions as she held the glass very gingerly just under the forest of red sprawling pubic hairs. Angela thrilled at the obscenity of the sight. Refraining from touching the little darling only heightened her anticipation. Angela smiled down at the focus of the girl's face; she bit the tip of her tongue and her eyes narrowed anticipation of what was to come. Nikki nearly jumped back as the first few dribbles of dark golden liquid fell haphazardly into the glass. From above, she heard Angela let out a soft sigh as she relaxed her bladder; she flexed her knees just slightly and let out a strong loud stream of heated urine into the glass.

"Aaaaah... yes that's better, oh that feels so much better. Good girl, now keep the glass under the stream. There is still more, you wouldn't want me to waste any, would you darling?"

Nikki felt the warmth of the liquid through the glass as the foul smelling concoction bubbled higher up the sides. The piss was flowing fast and foamed like a weak beer head. The glass grew heavy in her hands and she redoubled her efforts to hold it tight. Her nose crinkled at the smell of the briny aroma that invaded her nostrils, it reminded her of the piles of seaweed she had seen on one of her trips to a Florida beach. She looked up into her Girlfriend's eyes with a slight look of panic just as the glass threatened to overflow with the foamy brew. Angela was able to pinch her urethra closed with a sweet sigh of pain as a cramp reminded her she wasn't yet finished. She stared down at the five year old holding a fresh glass of her piss, and felt nearly dizzy with excitement. .

"Don't drop it dear; make sure that you have a good hold. I still need to go darling, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to do a very big-girl thing for me; we don't have any more glasses with us so I am going to have to ask you to be my potty sweetheart. Do you think you can do that for me?"

"P... Potty? What do you want me to do?"

"Well I want you to drink from me silly; every drop of it. I want you to put your pretty little mouth where the pee comes out and drink everything that that I have left in my body. I need you to be very brave for me now and drink my special tea that I brewed just for you. You had better hurry up too; I'm not sure how much longer I can hold this."

Angela raised a single eyebrow and cocked her head as a challenge to the forthcoming complaint from the little girl. She could tell she was not at all pleased with the prospect of drinking the disgusting beverage, but she needed to be firm with her. She had invited this little girl into her life with the knowledge she would someday be her little toilet slave; there was never any doubt in Angela's mind of it.

"Come on now girl, its time for you to learn keep your promises. You said that you would always make me happy, and you said that you would never want to waste anything that came out of my body. So, I'd like you to bring your mouth over here and start drinking."

Nikki was hesitant but determined not to let the wonderful woman down. She had been brave before when her mother wanted her to try Peas for dinner, and now she didn't mind them at all; maybe she could learn to like her girlfriend's pee the same way.

"Ok Angie, I'll let you potty in my mouth, but what do I do with the glass?"

"Just set in down on the ground for now love; we'll deal with it when you're done with your first drink. Keep thumper in your arms while you drink my piss lover; the sight of it is just too randy for words. Hurry up dear I can't wait another moment."

At the age of five, Nikki was unable to process symbolic implications of consuming human waste from another person; she could not yet understand just how far she had come in such a short period of time. The waste that now demanded release from the adult woman standing in front of her was going to be transferred through her mouth into her stomach and eventually expelled by her. She didn't understand that by performing this perverse sex act with the adult she was participating in body worship; and would never again be able to deny the woman access to her mouth in lieu of the loo.

"Ok, I'm ready now Angie." The girl's soft voice had the slightest of tremors in it when she spoke; something about her distress seemed to excite the woman even more.

"Good darling. Now open those pretty lips of yours for me nice and wide, I'm going to piss in it darling; lots of steamy hot piss for you, right into your mouth."

Angela tilted back the pale straw hat on the child's head and noticed the curls of her hair that had escaped and now lay across her forehead. Her stature was small enough that she could remain in a standing position for this particular manoeuvre, something that Angela found added to the perversity of what was about to happen. With her hands still raised in the air she took aim as best she could and released a torrent of dark, golden urine right into the face of the gasping youngster. Nikki was shocked by the blast that hit her nose and quickly tried to adjust her face to absorb the onslaught of salty piss into her mouth. Angela found she had to flex her knees to get the flow just right and began to restrict it as best she could; she didn't want her little toilet to miss a single drop. Nikki's eyes squinted shut as she tried to cope with the acrid liquid; she could feel it foaming in her mouth as it had in the glass and could feel the bubbles bursting and tickling her lips just before a rivulet of urine leaked from the corner of her upturned mouth and began to run down her neck.

"God you look so beautiful doing that for me. You're being a very good girl. Now I want you to hold your breath and try to open your throat; try and keep your mouth open and just let my piss pour into your tummy love Once it starts to flow, then you can breath through your nose... Very good...very very good, just like that."

"Aaaggghh... Grrgggglllick... glick... glick"

"Beautiful, just beautiful, you're a perfect little piss drain sweetie. I can almost see a little tornado of piss draining into your throat. Good girl, now get ready, because I'm not nearly done with you yet."

Angela rose up on her tip toes and walked on them till her cunt was positioned just over the little girl's face. As she lowered her heels again to the dirt, her cunt made a tight seal against the toddlers little mouth. With a great wail that caused birds to fly off a nearby branch, Angela let go of the remaining contents of her bladder. She shook her hands in the air; flinging clumps of dirt everywhere,, then put her earth stained fingers on the sides of the porcelain skin of the five year old's face. She began to masturbate herself on the child's small features as she listened to the agitated sounds of her drinking. She could feel her soft mouth sucking and drawing in the folds of her sex; she felt the sweeping of her little tongue and the nursing of her perfectly formed lips. This she thought, is what little girls mouths are made for. The sensations and emotions were almost too much for the woman as she moaned and sobbed above the child. She wept at the perverse beauty of her little blue eyes watching her from below. This was one of the last tumblers that needed to fall into place, the culmination of a life long fantasy; she had taught a small child to be her toilet!

"Perfect darling, just perfect. You have drained me dry you hungry little child! But not to worry, there is more for you in the glass sweetie; and when you're done with that I'm going to serve you a mouthful of my spunk as well. Then all my liquid-love will sit in that cute little tummy of yours. Now pick up the glass sweetheart, I want you to drink it. Go ahead, its still warm. I'll always make sure the piss you drink is warm, my love. Now bring it to your lips, your girlfriend wants to see you drink more of her stinky piss. Good girl, hurry up, my cum isn't far behind; I'll try and time it so it washes down the bitter tea."

Nikki felt the woman's dirty hands leave her face and were now lifting the bottom rim of the glass, sending the piss hurling towards her mouth too fast for her to cope with. It poured over her lips and down her flat chest; she could feel the warm liquid trickle down her legs as she tried to drink all that was given. The taste was getting less objectionable to her now, Of course it wasn't sweet like the soda she liked to drink, but it wasn't as bad as the green drink her step mom served her from the juicer. She thought to herself that she'd rather drink the nice woman's piss than wheatgrass any day. Nikki was now able to recognize the foreshadowing of the woman's orgasm; it was a combination of grip, sound, movement, and feeling in the air. Nikki saw the woman's dirty fingers thrusting in and out her vagina like a pneumatic hammer, sending a small river of milky mud down her wrist, and she heard the chorus of moans from above. But most of all she felt the tingle of excitement that flowed from the adult's body like lightning bolts. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she felt her heart pounding in her little chest. The lady would need her mouth in a moment, but she wasn't sure there was any room left in her; it was all threatening to come back up any moment.

Angela watched as the last stains of piss let go their grip of the long glass and slip into the tiny dark hole of the child's mouth. Her orgasm was threatening its release, and Angela was trying with all her might to time it perfectly. She took the empty glass from the girl's lips and threw it into a soft bed of juniper, and prepared to replace it with her erect clitoris. The darling little girl let out a vile belch from somewhere deep in the sewer that was now her tummy, and wiped her lips dry with the back of her hand. She didn't even have time to open her mouth when Angela shoved her elongated clitoris between her closed lips. She grabbed the back of her head with both of her dirty hands, sending her hat flying, and hauled her face firmly to her sex. God Damn this girl knew how to suck!

"Ohhhh... FUCK... Fuck... fuck! I'm coming in your mouth, I'm going to fill you till it comes out of your ears. Drink it damn you, drink... YES YES!"

Angela's legs gave way and she stumbled forwards, knocking Nikki backwards to the point of loosing her balance. Instinctively the girl reach up for the woman as she tried to avoid falling on her back. Her hands found the generous hips and she hung suspended under the spread legs of the woman in crisis. Angela cradled the little child's head with both her hands as she barely regained her footing; she was now squatting obscenely with the face of a child pulled up into her crotch. To a bystander it would almost look like she was either giving birth to a grown child or trying to stuff the little girl up her cunt. Nikki's flailing arms and kicking feet, made it look like she was in terrible distress, but in fact she was quite happy to be sucking the cum from the convulsing cunt above her. Her tiny eve's apple bobbed up and down like the piston of a race car as she drank all the cunt soup Angela was able to produce; which was considerable. The orgasm seemed to last for ten minutes as the woman sobbed out obscenities and sweet adorations to the hard working mouth below her. The child lay suspended under the grown up, her full weight supported by her own grip on the woman's hips and the tight support on the back of her head. Nikki's heels rested on the ground and her tiny painted toes pointed towards the sky, and then seemed to curl in on them selves as she felt the faint tremor of her own sexual release.




Chapter 10


From Angela's position on her large double bed she could see the western sky's last grip on the day's light through the oak-framed windows. The window framed the surrender to the dark in a burst of yellow and orange feathers of light, the blue and purple wisps of the contrails and clouds were tinged with amber tips from the receding sun. The sky pressed into the horizon in ever shrinking bands; condensing them into hues of blood red and deep gold. The soft light had shown through the edges of the bevelled glass and refracted along the ceiling and walls, like red flames flickering along the plaster. Angela watched as the light danced on the crystal beads that hung from a bedside lamp and clung to the distant door knob of the closet. The interplay of light and shadow gave Angela a reflective mood and a deep and satisfying contentment that she had dreamt of for as long as she could remember. She laid back and thought of all that had happened recently; especially last evening's most interesting conversations with Paul and Kylie Ford.


* * * *


Angela and Nikki had remained partners in a pure - if not perverted - exchange of needs for the last three weeks. There relationship had grown and matured into a comfortable acceptance of Angela's basic desires. As time passed the woman felt little need to veil the true nature of their relationship, her wants were now devoid of need for camouflage. She had gained the confidence to express to the girl in a clear and understandable manner precisely what she required of her. Nikki had been receptive of her demands to the point of pleasure; and had become a willing participant in her perverse oral games. Moreover, Nikki had found a mixture of satisfaction and pride in her ability to accommodate her lover. The child looked forward to their times together nearly as much as Angela did; she placed her trust in the adult and did her best to quench her seemingly insatiable needs for oral servitude. In the aftermath of the woman's sexual calamity, Nikki found an honest affection and a kind of protective care that she had lost when her mother had died; it was not a revelation that had escaped Angela. Conversely, in the sexually charged moments before sex began, Nikki enjoyed the naughty pleasure of the flirtatious and demanding games the two played. The roles of Demanding Matron and Submissive Slave felt like an adult version of the make-believe game she had played alone in her room, and were perfectly suited for the little girl's disposition.

Angela had firmly ensconced her role as adult care giver with Kylie and Paul Ford. She had walked to the Ford's home on several occasions with an expensive bottle of Scotch in hand and played to Paul's vanity, while appeasing Kylie's need for acceptance by sharing neighborhood gossip. The couple had enjoyed these visits and both had grown fond of the English woman. She had gained both their respect and their trust, yet Angela was still shocked by a stunning revelation the couple had made late this booze-filled evening.

"Angela, Kylie and I would like to talk to you about something. I want you to hear us out before you say anything. This is a matter the two of us have discussed at some length, and we'd like to put our cards on the table so to speak."

Angela's grip on her glass tightened as she took a long draw on the heat of the peppery liquid.

"Of course Paul, speak freely, after all we are all friends here."

Paul's lips smiled, but his eyes remained focused and unflinching in their gaze. He had the look of a business man making a deal, and not of the neighbor or father which should be relaxing in the soft recliner of the grand living space.

"It is clear that you and Nikki have grown very fond of each other; I can hardly remember a time when she has been so excited to get dressed and get out the door to play. It seems you and that rabbit of yours have bewitched my daughter."

"Yes, well we are very..."

Paul held his hand up politely and begged her to let him continue. Angela didn't like the direction of this conversation; but then again she never liked a situation that she wasn't in control of. She thought it better to keep her mouth shut and be seen a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. She sat back into the soft leather of the couch and decided to listen before she spoke.

"Losing her mother, and then moving her to another country has been very difficult for Nikki, I realize that. In New York, Nikki's mother Camille was a very loving and attentive; she took care of our day to day life, which freed me to take care of my business. It also kept me from being the father I could have - or should have - been to her; I recognize that now. Marrying Kylie was a life saver for me, it helped ease my pain. But as she will tell you herself, she wasn't cut out for mothering. She is a wonderful woman in many ways, as I'm sure you've seen; but giving Nikki what she needs from an adult woman is not what she does best."

Angela smiled at Paul as she sipped her Scotch, and she caught a sheepish grin from his young trophy wife. She actually felt relieved that the two had realized Nikki wasn't getting all she needed from her home life. Regardless how the rest of this conversation went; that would be a useful piece of information for the future.

"I think, however, that Nikki finds in you something similar to what she saw in her mother. I'm not sure if you've seen her photo or not, but you actually do look a bit like her. I had hoped that by surrounding Nikki with women in the all girl's school, she might find what she needed to help her cope with her mother's loss. Frankly I didn't know what else to do, that was until she met you."

Angela shifted in her seat and raised an eyebrow as she looked Paul Ford dead in the eyes. It was a challenge and warning to choose his next words very carefully.

"You see Angela, I love my daughter very much, but I cannot give her what she needs beyond comfort and security. I need a woman to do that for her, and I... we... would like it to be you. Before you say anything, let me be completely forthcoming with you; I know you are having sex with Nikki."

Angela's gaze didn't alter as she set her drink down and lit a cigarette; she took a deep drag, letting the warmth of the smoke sooth her twisting emotions and give her mouth something to do beside speak. She let the smoke exit her mouth slowly in a thick fog, then breathed it back in through her nose. She held it there before exhaling slowly and crossing her legs seductively and defiantly. Paul closely watched the bold display... he liked it; Kylie however, did not.

"Angela, I was raised in a family that loved each other. That is to say, that I grew up knowing the pleasures of an older lover. I won't bother you with the details, I will just say that I feel I benefited from such a relationship. Kylie's experience was much different; where I learned about love and sex from a generous Aunt, Kylie was hounded by a drunken Father who didn't share the need to nurture the way I believe you and I understand it should be done. I wish to put the responsibility of Nikki's transformation into a well rounded and sensual woman into your most capable hands. I have done my research on you, Angela, I have read your books and excerpts from your lectures, and I believe you to be the best possible choice for this job. I'm willing to pay you for your efforts if you see fit, but as far as I'm concerned; as long as Nikki is as in love as she appears to be now, I'll be happy with whatever you do with her in your home."

Angela took the last drag on her cigarette as the room fell silent; all that could be heard was the crackling of the tobacco as it turned to ash. As the impressive woman prepared to speak she stubbed out her cigarette and blew the smoke onto the floor. She gazed at her shoes for a long moment before looking back up at the couple.

"Paul... Kylie, I want to thank you for your candor. I am not a woman prone to acts of deception or things clandestine, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak freely. Like you Paul, I feel I have benefited from the love of a strong woman when I was young, and it was an experience that has shaped the woman I have become. I didn't realize until I met Nikki that even my books were based on those early experiences, indeed nearly everything I've strived for in my life has lead me to the place I am in right now. I hope... no I believe, that Nikki can help me be the woman I was meant to be, and I know that I can help her be the woman she is capable of being. You don't need to pay me to be with your daughter, I only ask access to her so that we can share with each other more fully."

Paul's face lit up in the same way it did when he had found success in a business venture. He had hoped Angela would be receptive to having a more active role with Nikki, and was thrilled with her eager response. The three adults spent the next hour in a celebratory conversation of how best to arrange the child's time. Angela agreed that her husband Robert would not be a part of this relationship, nor would any other males. She also agreed that no harm would come to the little girl during their time together. She was allowed to be strict with Nikki if need be, as she at times needed to be reigned in from flights of her own fancy. They hadn't even ruled out mild corporal punishment as a means to instruct the child, but there would be pain visited on the little girl merely for the woman's enjoyment. Angela had explained the nature of the `unequal relationship' that they had enjoyed thus far; she explained to Paul that his daughter was the giver of pleasure when they were together. He considered that revelation for a few moments before he announced his full support of whatever methods she thought best for Nikki's education. It was agreed than Kylie and Paul would leave Nikki in Angela's care while they took a trip to Germany to scout potential properties for Paul's European expansion. The trip coincided with Robert's trip to the middle east and would be just the opportunity Angela was looking for to extend the range of Nikki's role in her bed... or should she say bathroom.


* * * *

Several days had passed since Angela had sat on the Ford's sofa and listened to the amazing proposition from the American couple. Much to her dismay, she had had been away from home the last several days fulfilling a commitment to attend a symposium on "The Swedish Principal - The New Home Dynamic." Three days of listening to lectures on the benefits of `The Sexual Home' had left Angela in a state of near despair; she could hardly wait to get back and to be with little Nikki. The new arrangement with the Fords had done more than stir her volcanic libido; it also gave her pause to reminisce on her own failed attempts conceiving children. The Fords were not merely allowing sexual contact between her and their child, they were also placing in her a trust that she would mold Nikki into a strong and confident young woman. The way Paul had looked at her that night, and his references to her resemblance of his late wife, made Angela wonder whether they expected her to take a true maternal role with the girl. Could it be that they wanted Angela to be Nikki's new Mommy? It was too much to consider at the moment; right now she just needed to get home. Nikki would be coming over tomorrow morning and she needed to prepare. Angela stepped on the accelerator, and the roar in the Jaguar's engine was only matched by the sound of her own pounding heart.

Angela had time to stop in town to pick up items needed for the next two weeks. The Fords would be leaving in two days for their trip and Angela wanted things to be just perfect for her little girlfriend. She stopped by the children's store and bought Nikki a variety of children's DVD's to watch and games for her to play with. She had even spied the stuffed animals and decided to buy her a dozen to keep at her house. Angela found a wonderful shop advertising "Sexy School Wear" which displayed small mannequins wearing short skirts and see through tops in the window. She had found her some adorable little outfits that she could keep at her home as well as a variety of little knickers to wear. She loved the childlike cotton style with dancing bears and rainbows on them, she even found a pair that said 'Momma's Girl` across the bottom. She couldn't resist buying her little lover a few pairs of 'Kiddie Thongs,' as she fancied the idea of Nikki running through the house with her little bottom on full display. By the time she had finished her last stop at the grocer, Angela had barely enough room in her sports car to put all of the bags.


* * * *


Angela eyes opened a full hour before they normally did, and she lay in bed plotting out the events of the day. Today Nikki was going to be introduced to Angela's favorite form of body worship; she was going to learn to become comfortable with the adult's bottom, specifically her dark forbidding bud that lay in wait between her hefty cheeks. As she thought about all that they would needed to get done today, she found herself nervous, the same way she might have expected to feel before a school age date. This was the first time the two of them were going to be together since she had decided with Nikki's parents that she would be trained in the sexual arts in Angela's home. There were almost no restrictions on what Angela could do to the little girl, and in fact, her parents were encouraging a full range of sexual exploration between her and the youngster. She didn't yet know how Nikki was going to feel about all of this, but the die had been cast, and it was now up to Angela to fulfil not only her own perverse needs, but her obligation to the little girl's development as well.

Angela listened to the rain fall along the stone pathway outside and heard the soft and steady splatter of water on the window. Today was going to be an indoor play date for the two of them and that suited the woman just fine. She had laid out the new clothes for Nikki in the spare room, even though she had no intention of having her sleep there during her stay. Angela had placed the stack of games and DVD's on the sideboard, and had arranged the stuffed animals along the side of the bed, but had kept them in their protective packages. If she would need any kind of entice for the little minx to accept some of the more challenging parts of her training, she could use them as rewards. Angela walked to the kitchen and had to laugh at the amount and variety of new foods she now had in the refrigerator; never before had so many brightly colored boxes been part of her pantry. Things were going to be different for the both of them and Angela knew it. She knew she would need to transition Nikki into accepting her not only as a girlfriend and lover, but also as a dominate and maternal figure. When it would be time for Nikki to accept the fruits of Angela's body, she would need a little slave girl for that, and Nikki would need a Mistress.

Angela had planned other changes in her life as well; small but meaningful changes that she hoped would aid in the process. To begin with she was going to drink more tea instead of coffee in the mornings, mint tea... not to put too fine a point on it. Nikki had professed a love for mint and Angela thought she may be able to work that to her advantage. Starting last evening, the woman had begun to make other changes to her eating habits; she would now enjoy a more protein rich diet and more roughage as well. The production volume, frequency and style of her refuse were within her means to control, and Angela had some very specific images of how little Nikki was going to be fed. Where ever possible, Angela would include mint, peppermint or spearmint into salads or marinades. Nikki would soon be enjoying the most intimate act two people can participate in together, and she thought the least she could do was try and make things more palatable for the little girl.

Angela had remained naked after her shower, choosing to wear only black stockings to highlight her long legs and matched them with a pair of stiletto black pumps for full effect. She had chosen to wear long silver pendant of interlocking female symbols that hung between her heavy breasts, one symbol larger than the other and in a superior position. She had bought it online when she had investigated the 'Pretty Lips 9 to 5` website... it represented Woman/girl love, and Angela had decided she couldn't live without it. Her mind had been working overtime since last week, and she was in desperate need of some relief. Clothes, she thought, were only going to slow down the process. Nikki had been indoctrinated into lesbian sex and oral servitude; but now it was time to challenge the girl and see how she coped.

Angela felt positively invigorated as she sat in her length silk robe and lit her first cigarette of the day. She had left the door ajar and sat facing it from the leather caress of the sofa. She enjoyed the heat as it filled her lungs and she held it for long moments before letting the swirls of thick smoke billow out over her upper lip and corner of her mouth, hanging in mid air seemingly too heavy to float away. When she saw Kylies red car pull up the driveway she stubbed the cigarette out, then spread her arms across the back of the sofa and crossed her legs triumphantly in anticipation of her little sex slave. Nicole had been dropped off by her stepmother because of the rain and was the picture of childhood innocence wearing her pretty pink Pokka dotted rain slicker. On her feet were matching pink rain boots and she held over her head a Hello Kitty umbrella. Angela nearly growled when she saw the girl walk onto the landing.

"Oh Hi Angie! I `dinnit see you over there. How come you're over there? I was gonna give you a kiss when I came in."

"Come here little lamb, I'm going to need lots and lots of kisses today... and you can start right away. I've missed you pet, and your girlfriend gets very fussy if she doesn't get to enjoy that pretty little mouth of yours as much as she needs to. Now take off those clothes and leave them right there by the door. I need my little girl naked, so hurry up love."

Nikki set down thumper and began to take off her clothes slowly. This was a departure from her usual routine, as typically they would go into the kitchen for a bite to eat and a bit of snogging. The girl was learning to adapt to the changes in her girlfriend's moods and started to relax as she stripped under the constant stare of the adult. Her parents had sat her down last week and had a long conversation about Mrs. Steele and how things were going to be different from now on. They used words she didn't fully understand but told her that she was lucky to have another woman who cared for her so much, and that she needed to be extra good for her and do everything she was told. She was relieved that her Daddy wasn't upset with her about the naughty games she had been playing at Angie's house, and she felt a little guilty that she wasn't more upset that her step mom wasn't as involved in her life. She liked Angie and she knew Angie liked her; even if she felt funny about some of the things they did together, she was beginning to find them dead sexy... though she wasn't quite sure exactly what `sexy' meant.

"Very good Nikki. Now come over here, we have something we need to discuss. Hop up on my lap love, I need to feel your body. There... now let's have a taste of those little lips first."

Angela began to rub the little girl's body with her long fingers. She spent special attention on her tiny boy-nipples and rubbed them till Nikki began to squirm in her lap. As she pressed her lips to the child's she slid her hand between her tiny thighs. Nikki was only accustomed to being touched by Angela there on rare occasions or during their shower times; the woman pushed her legs apart and started to rub her fingers into the soft gash of pouty flesh. She gathered moisture where it could be found and redistributed it along the full length of her small opening. Angela's expert ministrations had the girl panting and quite agitated in no time. Angela broke her kiss and kept the little girl suspended between planes of pleasure as she began to speak.

"Does that feel nice darling? Do you like when your girlfriend makes you feel this way?"

"Oooooh... yes, I errrm, it makes me feel..."

"That's nice dear, I can see you're enjoying yourself. I'm going to keep rubbing you and I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm saying, I need you to focus love; if I feel you aren't paying attention, I'm going to stop making you feel good... do you understand?"

"Yheeessss... I `ndstand"

"Good girl, your Daddy and step mom told you that you'll be spending more time with me didn't they?"

"Yheess... they said I was `gonna stay here when they went away, and ... I... ermmm that yoooooooooou would be teaching me stuff."

"That's exactly right darling, I'm going to be teaching you many ways little girls can make women happy. Before you're done with your lessons, you'll know how to drive lots of women insane with that little mouth of yours. You are going to be my little slave darling, and you're going to do everything I tell you to do, and you aren't going to have to worry about getting in any trouble. Does that sound good?"

Angela had two fingers rubbing along the little girl's swollen folds; the clear secretions from within the girl were slick but not as copious as they would someday be. She smeared her fingers up and down her slit and was careful not to let her fingers enter her too deeply, much to the dismay of the girl's thrusting hips. Angela was enjoying very much watching her little girl friend twist and squirm on her lap; she enjoyed the heat from her body and the tender feel of her flesh. She was feeling protective of the child, perhaps even greedy for intimate contact; Angela's breath grew ragged along with Nikki's. Her beautiful curly blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail today and seemed to fluff out over the rubber band like a golden Pianese in full bloom. In all of Angela's studies on childhood development there still raged a debate on the age female children could become orgasmic. Some experts claimed it wasn't until the onset of puberty and a fuller development of the labia and clitoris, and still others claimed to of brought about orgasmic symptoms in infants. The common accepted theory is that it really depended on the child herself; as Angela stroked her finger over the peppercorn sized nub that would someday become her glorious clitoris she determined that little Nikki was on her way to being an `Early Bloomer'.

"Oooooooohh.. haaaaaaoooooooooooo."

"Pay attention child, I asked you if you were willing to become my little slave, and allow me to become your Mistress."

"Yes Angie, I'll be a `swave."

"My Slave!"

"Yes.. yes... yes, Your slave."

"Good, from now on, when we are playing sex games I need you to call me Mistress. When we are out on an adventure or having a meal, you can call me Angie or Mum if you like, but when I am in need of your mouth... you must call me Mistress from now on. Do you understand sweetheart?"

"Yes... Ohhhhhh Angieeeerrrmmm... I mean `Mistwess... anything, I'll do anything... please please... I feel funny. My tummy feels very very funny."

Angela tossed the girl onto the couch and grabbed hold of her legs, she placed her hands on the little girls thighs and pried them far apart; bending them in a way only young children's joints can be bent. Nikki looked up at Angie with a mixture of confusion, panic and childhood lust, she was lost in the fear of unknown sensations and overwhelming emotions. Nikki did the only thing she knew to do; she reached for the fallen Thumper and clutched her to her naked body, and began to suck her thumb. Angela lowered her mouth to the little girl's vulva and could feel its entire form against her warm tongue. She began the final ascent of the little girl's first orgasm by showing her how a world class cunt-smith performs her task. She sucked and batted at the folds and ridges with her demanding tongue. Angela parted the groove with her tongue's tip and wrested it around her tiny nub. Nikki began to cry as she lost her ability to control herself, she sobbed into her hand as she sucked her thumb. She was unsure what was happening to her body, but she thought to herself that this must be what happens to Angie when she does mouth games with her... this must be what she feels like; this wonderful and frightening thing.

Nikki's body suddenly when stiff, as if electric current had been passed through it; the panicked groans that came from somewhere in her neck kept rhythm to the convulsions of her little body. She opened her lips for a moment to let out a scream that seemed to have been caged deep inside her somewhere; it flooded the room with the sound of kitten in distress. Angela's expert mouth absorbed the tremors of the little girl and kept her body in control with the firm grip on her thighs. The taste of her tiny ejaculate reminded the woman of an expensive dessert wine she had once enjoyed in Pairs; sweet, unctuous and sticky.

"Well darling, what a wonderful start to your day. This is going to be a day of many firsts for you. You just came darling, you had an orgasm. Your body responded just like mine does and you gave your girlfriend what she wanted from you... your cum."

"I just made a cummer?"

"That's right darling you just had your first cummer, and I hope you liked it. But now its time for mine; so get that cute little ass of yours on the floor, its time to lick mumma."

Nikki smiled at the word `mumma' but didn't say anything. She felt wonderful but a bit wobbley after her cummer, and she was anxious to make Angie feel just as good.

"Ok Mistwess, I'll lick you as much as you want."

Angela had untied her robe and sat with her high heels flat on the floor. She looked like lioness resting after the kill but before the feast. She watched as the little girl positioned herself as she always had and leaned her face into her parted thighs. The corner of Angela's lip curled as she halted her motion by placing her hand on the little forehead.

"I just want you to say hello to my cunt right now love. Give her some nice soft kisses and tell her you love her. Go ahead child; get your face in there and tell my cunt you love her."

Nikki leaned in and smiled at the hairy vagina of the adult woman; it looked saturated and red, and it had a very ripe aroma to it that made Nikki crinkle up her button nose.

"I... I love you."

"No slave, kiss it and say; I love you cunt."

Nikki gave the heavy gray labia a loud smacking kiss, and then another and another. She kissed up and down the wet slit of the woman till her upper lip was coated with oily secretions.

"I love you C..Cunt. I love you Mistwess Cunt."

"Good slave, I wanted you to tell her you love her because you won't be seeing quite as much of her today. Today I'm going to introduce you to her best friend."



Chapter 11


The sounds of silk against nylon filled the room as Angela stood to pull the long silk belt from the loops of her robe. The flower patterned garment fell along her voluptuous body and settled in a clump near her feet. Angela breathed deeply and her heavy breasts rose and fall as she stared down at the kneeling child and the room crackled with the sexual energy the two shared. Nikki instinctively ran her hand along the black nylon that covered her leg; she had grown to like the sound it made when it her skin moved along the sheer material and enjoyed even more the way the adult shivered at her touch. Angela was dragging out this coupling for her own enjoyment; she knew from this point forward her life would be very different. She brushed her thighs up and down the little darlings face as she stood before her swaying to an unheard song; her hips swung from side to side and would punctuate her movements with a hip thrust that bumped the forest of her red pubic hair against Nikki's chin or nose. Nikki would instinctively try and lick or kiss, but the adult was enjoying teasing her with her sex; leaving her tongue out of reach and dangling from her mouth like a panting puppy. The enjoyment in the kids face was clear, she was starting to find her own pleasure in giving of pleasure; and Angela was eager to nurture that need. Angela looped the belt loosely around the back on Nikki's neck and tugged on it as she began to lead her little slave to the large padded chair in the corner of the room. Angela walked backwards on her high heels and kept a taught grip on the belt which had now become a leash.

"You come with me little girl, I'm going to have that magical tongue of yours in my bottom soon. You have done very well making my cunt happy with your mouth and you are a wonderful little piss bucket, but now I need to show how to please my other hole. It's a Dark Hole, little girl, one that is rather stinky and hot, and I want you to lick it dear. Do you understand? I want you to get used to licking me in the place where my shit comes out. You'll do that for your Mistress, wont you slave?"

Nikki was wide-eyed as she listened to the perverted demands of her lover. The words stung her ears and made her stomach knot with nerves. She tried to keep pace with the woman as she was being lead by the belt of the robe; it reminded her of a fancy lady taking a snooty little dog for a walk down the street; except she was the dog.

"Yes Mistwess, I'll try to do it good. Daddy said I have to be a proper girlfriend to you, and not get you mad at me."

Angela tossed the robe belt over her shoulder and turned to walk forward; leaving the girl to crawl behind her with only her large round bottom in her view. Nikki watched as the woman's full cheeks rose and fell above the lacey rim of the stockings; each step she took caused the milky flesh to wobble while the next one clenched. She could see the dark crease that lay between the white heavy domes and she knew that was where poo came from, and it made her very uneasy to think of it. When her Mistress reached the large red overstuffed chair she didn't turn to sit as the girl had expected, instead she put her knees up on the soft arms of the chair and put her hands on the headrest. Nikki observed that it was a rather large chair, perhaps big enough for two people to sit in. The arm rests where farther apart than normal. When Angela arched her back and lifted her bum up, she could see clearly the valley that lay beyond, and the black forbidding rose that lay in it's center.

"Say hello to my bottom now Nikki; were going to be playing quite a lot of bottom games from now on, and I want you to be friends with her. Go ahead child, give her kisses. Kiss along the outside, then from top to bottom. Don't be shy girlfriend, and make the kisses nice and loud and very wet... go on child kiss my ass."

Angela gave the make shift leash a swift tug that startled the girl. Nikki had been on all fours from crawling across the carpet, but the leash was pulling her upward like gravity to the moon above her; she stood naked behind the woman in a perfect position to study the dark trench. There were fine red hairs that had grown along the entrance to the dark rose, and upon standing, Nikki caught the first whiff of her pungent perfume. The woman had faded red and brown freckles along the interior of her cheeks and a dark mole on the sphincter itself; this was a fact that even Angela didn't know, but now the innocent five year old girl that stood behind her did. Nikki placed her hands on the back of the woman's thighs, resting them on the hem of her stockings and began to kiss her rounded flesh in the same way she had been taught to kiss the soft flesh of her breasts; by opening her mouth and extending her tongue slightly, then sucking and kissing all at once. Her mouth filled with the soft pliable flesh of the woman's buttocks and Nikki's kissing was loud and quick. She made her way along the curves of the quivering domes from the back of her thighs to the small of her back. Angela's hand had moved in between her own legs and she sloppily rubbing her gushing gash.

"Yes dear, that's just divine. Now use more tongue, I need to feel your tongue licking me back there. Lick everywhere, there isn't a place I don't want that tongue of yours. Oh God! That is just beautiful, just perfect darling. Now lick along the crack dear, run your tongue along the inside of my big, beautiful ass cheeks. Christ that's it, you are just perfect. Pretend your tongue is my toilet paper dear, and clean my ass with it. Oh God yes... like that! Bathe my asshole with your tongue love... can you taste that bitter taste love? Do you know what that is?"

Nikki's little face was now pressed between the sweaty cheeks of the kneeling woman. She had smelt the strong smell from several feet away, but now that her face was pressed into it, it was nearly overwhelming. She could tell from the way her girlfriend's hips were moving and from the tone of her voice, she was getting ready to make another big mess, she worried that something might squirt out of this hole like it did from the other one. With a sweet muffled voice she responded; "I can taste it... it tastes like smelly cheese."

"Oh, right you are darling; like stinky rotten cheese. In fact I ate some cheese yesterday love, and chances are you'll be eating that same cheese by tomorrow."

Angela gave her leash another tug and this time kept up the pressure; the belt didn't cut off her wind at all, it merely pulled the back of her neck, but by the sounds of her struggle you would never know.

"I'm close darling, and I want you to be a good girl and I need to have you licking inside my dark smelly hole now. Go on love, lick my fucking asshole, get your tongue right into that dark musty place and clean it out... Oh Fuck! Yes just like that... oh shit that's lovely. Yes now press in..In..IN!"

"Grummppphh... Mmmmrupph... Uhhhummpppphhhss"

Nikki closed her eyes tight as she felt the belt keeping her in between the wet and humid oven of the heavy cheeks. She stuck her tongue out like a spear and recited in her head the lessons she had learned when she needed to make Angela squirt in her mouth. She made her tongue hard and pointy and pushed it into the tight orifice in front of her. She couldn't make out all that Angela was saying but it seemed as if she was in some kind of pain. Her voice sounded like she was crying, like something had been taken from her and she was very sad. Nikki hoped she wasn't doing anything wrong, but she couldn't pull her head back to ask anyway... she just wiggled her tongue inside the nasty tasting hole till her lips were flush with the skin.

"Oh God I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum... Suck... oh bloody hell suck my asshole... suck it... suck it!"

Angela's body shot forward till her breasts became flush with the back of the chair. Her orgasm was monumental, all-consuming and completely unlike any she had ever experienced before. She lacked the ability to form her mouth into words or to control her breathing to create speech; she was relegated to grunting in harmony to the rhythms of her contractions. The orgasm was excruciating in its massive attack and the woman sounded as if she was being punched in the gut with each clutch of her cunt. Nikki's neck was pulled forward at the same time Angela lunged ahead, it was a wonder she wasn't hurt in the manoeuvre. Her nose was wedged into the crook of Angela's upper ass cheeks and her tongue forced deep into her pungent hole. She was trying to ask her to let go of the belt but was unable to extricate her tongue from the clutching ring. At some point during the midst of her crisis Angela had let go of the leash and had pushed the kids face towards her flooding cunt. She held the back of her head as she smashed the child's face into her as she slid her gushing sex up and down her pretty face. With her hand jacking off her long clitoris, she cried her way through the end of the orgasm; the sounds of dutiful swallowing behind her were her only reminder there was another living soul on the same planet.

After minutes of sobbing and shuddering, Angela's grip on her hair finally let go, and the little lover asked: "M...Mistwiss, are you ok? Did I do it wrong? I'll do it again if you just show me how."

Angela's breathing took several minutes to return to a level required to make speech. She laid her head in her crossed arms and tried to understand the enormity of what had just happened. It took her two minutes to answer the little girl, but to her credit, Nikki never left her position; she stood behind her Mistress and rubbed the back of her legs with her little hands, as if she were soothing her from an injury. Angela spun in the chair and collapse back in it, then pulled little Nikki into her lap for some much deserved cuddling.

"Darling I couldn't think of anyway in the whole world I could be any better than I am when I'm with you. You are the most perfect little child that God has ever created and I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have you to love."

"Do you mean that Ang...Mistwess? You love me?"

Angela paused for a moment and rubbed the red abrasion marks on the side of Nikki's neck and bent in to kiss her on the nose.

"Yes Nikki, I do love you. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever been in love my whole life now that I have seen what it is like with you."

Angela brushed two strands of curly hair from Nikki's face and tucked them behind her ear. She let the feelings wash over her as she looked at her lover's shinny little face and felt as if she were seeing her for the first time all over again.

"You know your Daddy and I... well and Kylie too; we all want the very best for you. We want you to be happy and healthy and safe, but most of all we want you to grow into a strong and beautiful young woman. Your Daddy has asked me to make sure that happens; he wants me to teach you, teach you about love and about discipline and about caring for others. I will take that responsibility very seriously, and it won't always be fun and games. There may be some parts you don't want to do, but I'm here to see that you do them."

Nikki had laid her head onto Angela's bosom and remained very still as she listened to the adult. She soaked in the affection that she was getting and felt lucky that such a wonderful woman cared so deeply for her. She was getting all flustered with the thoughts bouncing in her head; the nervousness of her father leaving her, missing her mother, the new things she was experiencing with Angela. She lifted her hand to suck her thumb, but Angela had spotted it, and gently pushed her hand back down, replacing it with her soft breast. Holding the fleshy mammary in her fingers she pushed it into the little girl's mouth.

"If you must suck darling, you must suck on me. Suck my tit my little lover... yes get more in your mouth baby. Good girl, that's nice... now suck me like a little baby. Oh that is just heaven."

Nikki nursed on Angela's tit for nearly half an hour; it was a soft, quiet and loving time for the two females; a time to re-charge their batteries. It had always been true; that a stiff wind was enough to arouse Angela Steel's libido, and a half an hour of nipple sucking was sure to do the trick.

"I was so excited to see you, that we didn't have our morning snack; are you hungry my little lamb?"

Nikki removed the wet nipple from her mouth with a wet `plop' and nodded. "I am `sorta hungry, do you have any cereal?"

"Well indeed I do sugar plumb, in fact I did quite a bit of shopping for you. I bought us both some special foods, and I even bought you some presents."

"Ohhhh Presents, can I see them now? Did you buy a bunny for Lucy to play with, or maybe a PONY?"

Angela laughed at the delightful child, she couldn't feel any happier about her decision to pursue the little girl than she did right this moment.

"Oh No.. no no no no. You have quite enough live animals to tend to already. After we get a bite to eat... and you get a special belly full of my love, I'll take you upstairs and show you."

Nikki giggled at the naughty things Angela said. She enjoyed the smile that her older lover gave her when she teased her like that, and how her pretty English accent seemed to make even the most perverted requests seem proper.


* * * *


Angela refilled the tea kettle with bottled water and put it on the stove; she then filled the tea pot with hot tap water to bring its porcelain up to temperature. She measured out a heaping teaspoon of Lapsang Souchong tea and then tore several sprigs of peppermint into the heap and waited for the water to boil. The Lapsang Souchong tea that Angela preferred was smoked over pine and gave the tea a slightly bitter quality that she enjoyed; she had always notice that her urine was very pungent when she drank this particular tea... this was her third cup of the day.

Nikki had found Lucy behind the child's gate Angela had bought. It had been set up in the laundry room, not to keep Nikki cloistered rather to keep a particular bunny from having free reign amongst her potted plants scattered throughout the house. Angela had walked outside at 5:30 this morning, into the cold rain to bring the blasted rabbit into the house in time for her to be dry when her little girlfriend arrived. She didn't tell Nikki any of this, nor did she mention the profanity that accompanied her wet trip through the dark garden. Angela had remained in stockings and heels, but had put her robe back on to fight off a chill, Nikki was told she could put her knickers back on and the teal halter she had worn over. She asked if she could put her very favorite denim skirt back on; the one with the daisies embroidered on them, but was refused.

Angela poured 8 ounces of boiling Italian spring water into the now empty porcelain tea pot and tossed in the mint infused Lapsang Souchong tea. She stood in the doorway of the laundry room and watched her adorable child lover have a conversation with her floppy eared friend for exactly three minutes, then returned to pour the steeped tea through the a heated diffuser into a Belleek tea cup her Irish grandmother had given her. The fifty one year old woman sat on a raised stool in her kitchen sipping her tea. She watched silently through the door of the adjacent laundry room at the five year old child playing with her pet bunny and masturbated quietly. She didn't masturbate because she found the image of a little girl playing with a pet bunny sexually exciting, it wasn't even that the sight of the five year olds panty clad bottom was too arousing to her. Angela Steel masturbated because she knew that the little girl sitting just a few yards away was hers to do with as she pleased. She was a beautiful little child who also happened to be her sexual object to enjoy and mold in any twisted way she saw fit. She had labored over the girl through dozens of orgasms in the last several weeks, and taught her the proper way to please her cunt with her mouth. She had turned the beautiful blonde haired girl into her own personal urinal and today had taught her to rim her asshole like a two-pound whore. Soon she would take this picture of innocence and visit upon her one of the most base acts one human can ask another to do, and it was all at her fingertips. The embodiment of Angela Steel's wildest fantasies sit in the marble tile just an arms reach away. Angela's clit signalled the onslaught of another orgasm, but the woman had other plans for its arrival.

"Nikki dear it's time for breakfast, please come in here now, I'm going to fix a special bowl of cereal for you today."

Nikki gave Luce her 67th kiss right between her ears and set her back near the bowls of rabbit food and water; she exited the plastic swing-gate and double checked the lock behind her. When she entered the kitchen she saw Angela pouring brightly colored "O's" into a bowl and took a teaspoon from the drawer and set the bowl and spoon on the table.

"Come on darling; take a seat its time for your special breakfast."

Nikki hopped up onto the chair and took three attempts to pull her seat into place. She stared at the dry bowl of colorful circles and then back up at her Mistress.

"Can I have some milk please Angie?"

"Nikki, aren't we still sort of Naked?"

"Well... yes kinda"

"If we are not done with our games yet, what does that make you?"

"Errm... a slave?"

"That's right darling. And then who am I?"

"My Mistwess!"

"That's exactly right dear. And your Mistress has a special bowl of cereal for you today, and I want you to be a good girl and eat it all up for me. You'll need lots of energy today, and I want to make sure we keep your tummy full at all times."

Angela opened her robe again and displayed her sumptuous form to the girl. She spread her vagina open and proudly showed off her erect clitoris; she wanted her to know just how excited she was. Stepping forward she took the girls hand and rubbed it along her dewy sex and let out a low moan at the feel of her tiny fingers. Once back on the verge of orgasm she moved the little girl's hand to her buttocks and slide it between the sweaty domes till her fingers brushed along her ripe butthole. Angela bit her lip and brought the bowl between her legs and flexed her knees apart. Nikki stared in disbelief at the sight; looking between the woman's lust filled expression and the obscenity of what she was about to do. With a deep and mournful sigh, Angela slowly released her bladder and the morning's worth of pungent tea sprayed from her urethra into the bowl of children's cereal. The warm piss was a golden orange color and its acrid aroma was scented with the smells of wilted flowers and wet mint and it filled both their nostrils immediately upon being released. The piss splashed off the heap of cereal and into Nikki's face as the bowl was held just under her chin; the girl pulled back instinctively but Angela's swift hand brought her back to position just inches from the warm stream. The woman pinched off the flow well before its completion and wiped the golden drops of urine from her labia onto the rim of the bowl, then set the disgusting breakfast in front of the girl.

"Doesn't that look delicious? Now I want you to take your hand from my bottom and smell it for me... Yes that's it, put it under your nose and breathe deeply. What does that smell like darling?"

"Umm.. it smells like y... your bottom?"

"Well I would hope so darling your hand was practically stuffed up there. I don't want you to be afraid of the smell baby. Its ok if you don't like the way my bottom smells right now, but I want you to get used to, and learn to not be afraid of it."

Nikki nodded her head and smelt it again, and again. She looked at her fingers that were now shinny with the remnants of her lovers sweaty hole and considered the source. "It smells kind of yucky, but it's yours Mistwess and I don't mind if it smells like you."

"Well I certainly hope that I smell a little better than what you whipped from my bum dear... but I understand what you're saying. Why don't you go ahead and be a good girl and clean wash your hands before your meal." Nikki began to rise from the table but was impeded by her lover's firm hand. "No Hunni, don't get up, just go ahead and lick them clean. Stick your tongue out and lick the stink off your fingers. That looks so randy darling, I can't stand it. Don't be afraid to get your tongue between them, make sure there aren't any nasty bits left over from my last poop, you cleaned me well just a while ago but I couldn't see you very well. I think I'll have you clean me with your fingers when I'm in the loo a little later so I can see how well you do."

The sight of Nikki's tongue licking her shinny fingers was nearly too much for the woman; she knew if she rubbed her clit she would cum on the spot, so instead just rubbed her thighs together and whimpered as she watched."You did so good baby. How did it taste?"

"Not very good Angie... erm Mistwess, I `dinnit like it too much."

"I understand Hunni, why don't you try and wash it down with your cereal... Go ahead and eat it up before it gets soggy, I want to see you eat every bite for me."

Nikki's brow was furrowed with concern as she took her first spoonful of the cereal. She held it under her nose and sniffed it then looked at her Mistress as if to ask; `do I really have to?"... Her gaze was met with the raised eyebrow of her lover and she thought better than to complain. Nikki began to eat bitefull after bitefull of the tepid stew that sat before her. The flavors were both vile and somehow familiar. She carried on eating to the chorus of squelching sounds emanating from her Mistress' cunt. Angela had placed one foot on the child's chair and was masturbating furiously to the depraved sight of what the girl was putting in her mouth. Her eyes burned and welled as she refused to blink during the spectacle for fear she would miss a single instant. Angela rested one hand on her rumbling stomach while the other was buried deep inside the folds of her flesh.

"You've done very well Nikki, now go on and drink the rest from the bowl, it's such a nice pretty color now. Lift the bowl to your lips and drink down the rest of my stinking piss you sweet baby girl."

Nikki's mouth filled with the bitter mixture and she swallowed in long deliberate gulps. She felt her throat fill with the warmth of her lover's urine and drip into her stomach; a bitter mix of briney warm liquid and sweet sugar cereal. She held back a belch as she stuck her tongue into the bowl to snag the last purple 'O` and set it back on the table. Without a spoken word Angela opened her labia triumphantly and the crook of an eyebrow was all it took for her little sex slave to bring her mouth to the woman's pee hole. Angela cooed and swooned over her little angel as she released the rest of her bladder into her mouth. She didn't worry as much about the tempo this time and watched as the foaming brew spilt over her lips and onto her lap. Long minutes of pissing continued to the chorus of loud glugging before Angela noticed Nikki clutching her stomach in a sign she was over filled. Thankfully her bladder had sputtered out its final drops into the working mouth below her; Angela used the child's lips and cheeks to wipe herself clean, then patted her head lovingly. Nikki whipped her lips with the back of her hand and looked at the twisted face of her Mistress for instruction.

"Baby you are just amazing, truly a wonder. I need to cum now and I need you to bring me off with your mouth. I'm going to turn around and I want you to put you lips on my asshole like you did before, but this time I want you to make a nice tight seal around the hole and I want you to suck. I need to fart sweetheart and I want to do it in your mouth. I'll do my best to spare you anything solid right now, but I want you to know that it's coming soon baby... very soon. Tomorrow night in fact, after your parent's leave and we have our first sleep over, I'm going to take a shit in your mouth. I'll need you to be brave, because I want you to eat it. Do you understand what I'm saying? I am going to push the stinky crap from my butt into your mouth and I expect you to eat every bit of it. I'll give you time to prepare for it, but I want you to think of it now while you swallow my farts. Picture tomorrow night in your head and what it will be like, imagine how it's going to feel on your lips and in your mouth and begin to get used to the taste. Think of this as sort of a trial run. Will you do that for me sweetheart?"

Nikki had no idea how to respond to what she had just heard. In fact she didn't even understand if she heard the words right. She felt her stomach churn with a mixture of nerves and its unwholesome contents; her nerves caused her bottom lip to begin to quiver.

"Angie.. I mean... oh! Can I get Thumper first?" She said in a frustrated tone.

"Yes slave, go ahead and get Thumper, I actually quite like to see you holding onto her when you're pleasing me... the sight suite me."

Nikki pushed back her chair and padded off quickly into the living room in search of her stuffed animal. She called to the bunny as if she hoped it would return her with a reassuring voice. She spied the tips of its ears under the sofa and let out a little shriek of excitement as she pulled it into her arms. Angela watched for a moment as she kissed its ears and held it close to her chest. Nikki lifted her gaze to the woman in the other room, hoping that perhaps she had forgotten the frightening request; but instead was met with an oven more obscene spectacle. Angela had taken her robe off and laid herself across the oak dinning table in pose intended to invite the girl over. She had placed both her hands behind her and was spreading wide her bulbous flesh; Nikki watched as she traced her painted fingernail along the forbidding hole in a lewd and suggestive manner.

"Come on little lamb; Mumma wants to feed you the rest of your special breakfast... I have a bum full of juicy farts I want to feed you, so get over here I can't wait much longer."

Nikki walked slowly to the pone woman and could think of no way around what was requested of her. She fought the innate rejection of the act and her growing desire to satisfy the wondrous woman no matter how bazaar the request. As she looked into the dark valley before her she thought about what the woman had said; that she needed to begin to visualize what was to come. Her brain wouldn't allow some of the images that would soon be visited on her but she could picture some this part; the part where she had to be brave and to use her mouth to suck. She nearly squeezed the head off of the rabbit as she pressed her face into the dark crease. The sound of the woman's moans filled the kitchen, and she wondered how such a noise could be made when someone was happy. Nikki saw the menacing hole push outward like worm pushing its way through the earth and she bravely pressed her lips around the bulging ring, immediately feeling the sting of its bitter flavor.

"Here it comes lover, I'm going to fart in your mouth now, and I want you to swallow it. No matter what happens just keep your mouth right there and let me blow those precious cheeks of yours out."

After a long sexually charged moment of anticipation, the room filled with the sound of rushing wind as it sputtered past the tight ring of the woman's anus. Nikki's cheeks quickly looked like a chipmunks filled with acorns as she tried to cope with the vile breath of the woman's asshole. "PHHHUUTTT... BBBLUURRPPPPPPPPTTT!" The wind whistled past Nikki's lips and she began to whimper in unison with her Mistress. Angela had taken a tight grip on the girls ponytail and her other hand moved back to her cunt as lurched and bucked into the toddler's face. "SSSppprrrrrrrrrbbtttttts... Phoooottttss... Splurrttttttt"

"Eat my farts you little slut, you'll be getting the real thing tomorrow. I'm saving it all up for you... soon you'll be having loads and loads of my yummy shit in your tummy."

Speaking to the girl in such a perverted way was all it took for her orgasm to overtake her. Angela bucked and grinded her way through two more orgasms as she lay across the dinning room table that was a wedding gift from her mother. She lay on the hard wood table climaxing at the thought of feeding her bowel wind to a girl not old enough for primary school. She was not sure how long her orgasm lasted, or whether she had been successful in sparing the little girl a quick brown snack; she only knew that the feeling of her small face in the deep recess of her ass cheeks was precisely the feeling she had always hoped it would be.



Chapter 12


Paul Ford had picked up his daughter early from Angela's house for a visit to her favorite restaurant before he and Kylie left on their trip. They would be leaving Nikki in the woman's care for a full two weeks; a fact which made the little girl both excited and nervous. Nikki had grown very fond of Angela, to the point of teetering on love. Her feelings were a potent mixture of her burning need for maternal affection and her deep-seeded desire to please those around her. If there existed such a thing as a natural born submissive, Nikki Ford was as close to it as any child could ever be. An important distinction exists however between her desires to please and with a love of sex. Nikki was not a `little slut', despite Angela's occasional reference to that fact; her relegation to the role of sex slave was not born from her own sexual satisfaction, rather in the pure joy she felt in giving pleasure to the woman. She was fearless in her efforts to placate the needs of her adult lover regardless of the manner in which she carried out those requests. She brought no judgment, nor was she yet bound to any moral code. She acquiesced to the perverted demands of her lover, simply because she was asked to; she did as she was told, no matter how unpleasant her actions seemed at that particular moment in time, with no reference point for the dynamic of a neutral sexual relationship, Nikki found her role as the primary giver of pleasure normal. Indeed she was right to assume that her pleasure was to be found in the degree to which she pleased her Mistress; the more Angela sobbed and screamed her way through their perverted games, the more Nikki enjoyed herself.  

Now a new test laid before her; one which scared her as well as thrilled her. Nikki and Angela's journey together had led them inexorably to a summit of sexual expression from which there was no turning back. Carefully Angela had laid the ground work for what was to come next; painstakingly slowly building the confidence of the little girl, and directing her way of thinking to her own advantage. Nikki heard the words Angela had used to describe her next task, and she had even imagined the act while she swallowed her vile bowel wind; yet it still didn't seem real. Some things in life you cannot understand until they happen to you, and Nikki was about to be a willing participant in the ultimate exchange of sexual need and acceptance. As her father tucked her into bed and gave her his final words of love and encouragement, all Nikki was able to think of was getting back to Angela's house in the morning and what was to come then.   

Angela was surprised how well she had slept the night before. She had laid her head to the pillow and bypassed the usual replays of the day's events and nagging self-reminders of what was left to do. In the gray light of early morning Angela felt at peace with the world for perhaps the first time in her life; a deep and satisfying warmth spread outward from her very core. She was thrilled about Nikki's extended stay, and ran her fingers through the long red hairs of her pubic mound as she contemplated the possibilities.  Her husband Robert had left for a three week junket and seemed genuinely happy that Angela's life long dreams where about to be realized. When she considered that both her husband and Nikki's parent's were both supportive of her relationship with the little girl and had placed nary a boundary on their activities, she thought herself the luckiest woman in the world. Since the restrictions of their time together had been removed, Angela had decided it would be nice for the two of them to have a day's adventure before the night time activities. She realized they both where a bit anxious about what they intended to do; albeit for very different reasons, and she decided a day trip to the shore would be a welcome distraction. The idea of being in public with Nikki and the fact that it would be assumed the were just any other mother and daughter enjoying a day at the surf added a perverted pleasure when she considered what they would be up to later that night. 

It had only been an hour since Nikki had been dropped off at Angela's house; the couple was running late to catch their plane and a cursory exchange of travel plans and last minute assurances were exchanged. Angela had caught a momentary glance by Paul that seemed to question the wisdom of their joint decisions, but Angela was quick to reassure him that all would be just fine. With a sincere but chaste kiss on the girl's lips, Paul and Kylie sped away from Angela's house leaving the two lovers alone at last. 

It was a beautiful late June morning and Angela had put the top down on the silver Jaguar convertible, much to the delight of the shrieking child. Angela had bought her little lover a pair of large white sunglasses that were the same shape as her Sophia Loren type. As they drove towards the sea, they pretended they were famous movie stars and stuck their noses up at every car that passed by. Their time at the beach was a perfect choice for the two lovers, it allowed them to relax and find other joys in each others company. Angela had found a more secluded spot near the windswept beach grasses. It allowed them cover from prying eyes, but let them to still enjoy the soft caress of the sand and the warmth of the sun. Angela was beginning to realize what a wry sense of humor the little girl had and laughed loudly when Nikki declared; "This Beach is Devine Daaaahling", in an obvious parody to Cruella de Ville.  There were moments of intimacy as well; Angela requested the little girl to put lotion on her backside and whispered perverted reminders to keep her curvaceous bottom free of sunburn as she intended to have Nikki quite busy back there later. Angela demanded the little girl repeat some of her obscene language to her as she rubbed lotion along the woman's legs and lower back.

"You love my bottom don't you sweetheart? I'm gong to have you show me later just how much you love it; I'll have you worshiping at its little hole before the day is out.  Whisper in my ear what you're going to do later Honey, get your pretty mouth next to my ear and tell me you're going to eat my shit when we get home. I want to hear you say it... tell me you're going to be my toilet tonight and eat everything my body gives you."


Nikki had fallen asleep on the ride home; apparently even little movie stars get tiered if they play in the sun all day. Angela kept the radio off as she drove, occasionally rubbing her hand along the little girl's bare thighs or across her flat chest. She was hers for the night, for the next two weeks... in fact it could be that the beautiful little girl who lay sleeping in the seat next to her could be hers for the rest of her life. Everything was ready for tonight; each detail had been attended to from the outfit she planned to wear, to the knickers she had laid out for Nikki; she had purchased a rectangular rubber mat from a hardware store for the girl to lay on... even the food she had eaten for the last two days had been planned down to the smallest detail. Last evenings meal was loaded with proteins designed to create bulk and mass; Angela had gone online and found that oysters provided the perfect pure protein mix for stool development, so Angela had prepared herself an Oyster and Mint Ceviche for dinner. This morning she had eaten a large bowel of multi-grain cereal for roughage, and mused to herself as she ate it that she now had an even better way to stay regular. Angela's stomach rumbled an early warning as she pulled off the freeway and she ran her hand in large sweeping circles over her abdomen; she pressed down on sides and along the bottom of her stomach trying to feel the presence of ponderous bulk that lay within, and as she pulled onto the tree lined street that lead to her home she ran her finger across the small child's lips and whispered. "Wake up pet, were home."

Once unpacked from their day's excursion, Angela led her little lover to the bathroom to take a shower with her. Nikki enjoyed their showers together, she loved the way the woman's large hands cupped her bottom when she washed her, and was very inquisitive about the large variety of shampoos and cleansers she kept in the metal rack along the wall. Angela had purchased a bottle of no-tear baby shampoo to wash the girl's hair with; she loved how light and soft a baby's hair felt when it was used and something about the smell of baby shampoo added to the overall perversity of the night. The shower was oversized and fitted with a wooden bench along the back wall; the rich green Italian tile made the small enclose feel posh and luxurious. Angela sat down on the wooden bench and lay back against the wet tile bringing one foot to rest flat on the bench while the other leg spread outward on the floor; with her wet red hair clinging to her face and along her neck she looked the picture of sensuality. In contrast the small child that stood before her look slight and coltish, her bountiful curls wetted and clinging to her head and back made the child look even smaller than she actually was. She could tell by the look in Angela's eyes that the games were beginning, and she wondered if she would have to start eating in the shower, the thought of it made her nervous and she began to suck her thumb in a predictable response.

"Nikki I want you to take the hand held showerhead from the wall and I want you to prepare my bottom for tonight. Get on your knees between my legs and wash my bottom and my cunt; just think of it as setting the table before dinner. When you turn that little black knob the warm water is going to come out and I want you to get your hand soapy and rub it all over me, and then rinse it good."

"Ok Angie..."

"Darling remember, for the rest of the night you are my slave. So what does that make me?"

"My MISTWESS!" The girl said with an excited and confident tone.

Angela couldn't help but let a smile escape her determined expression. "That's right slave. Now wash my asshole, this will be the last time I every ask you to do it with anything other than your tongue."

Nikki giggled as she rubbed her soapy hand up and down the dark crease of the woman's ass. She looked into the hooded eyes of the woman in recline and noted how she took sharp and quick breaths every time her fingers brushed over the hole. After several minutes of washing, she turned on the pulsing shower head and pressed it over the woman's vagina. With a long and slow roar Angela lifted her leg and draped it over the child's shoulder and hooked it behind her neck; she pulled her closer and took hold of the girl's wet hair, then arched her back as the pulsing jets of hot water splashed down along her clitoris. Angela tugged at her nipples and twisted them as she humped her sex against the nozzle. The warm liquid pounded mercilessly along her clitoris and labia; batting them from side to side. She reached down with one hand and pulled her vulva open. She groaned loudly as she felt the jets of hot water pumping up and into her tender opening.

"Put your tongue in my ass! But not too far, I'm afraid you'll get a mouthful and I want to wait before I give you that. Just lick quickly up and down and keep rubbing my cunt... Lord I'm going to cum! Lick my ass. Lick it, LICK IT!.........FUUUUCCCKKKK!"

The echoes of Angela orgasm reverberated throughout the enclosed space as she dug her fingernails into the girl's scalp, humping and grinding her way through a decidedly needed release. Nikki struggled to keep up with all the liquid that was flowing into her mouth; the volume of creamy cum and hot water had her coughing and sputtering as the woman's crisis continued. Angela took hold of her hair and pulled her head back a few feet then placed both feet on the ground whilst still balancing her hand on the bench; still panting from the end of her orgasm she let go a high arching stream of piss into the air that splashed down onto the girls face. She made no effort at aiming; rather she enjoyed the sheer depravity of pissing into the face of an innocent little girl. To her credit, Nikki tried to catch what she could into her mouth and valiantly tried to capture the moving stream. Angela enjoyed seeing her efforts and purposefully kept the stream away from the girl's mouth, enjoying the vision of the golden rain falling into her eyes and hair instead.

"That was just beautiful pet; I can see you are acquiring quite a taste for my piss aren't you? I have had some ideas how I may be able to quench your thirst; I've been online a bit lately and think I may have found others who'd love a chance to have you drink from them as well. We'll talk more about that later, but now I need you to lick my cunt clean then wash your hair again when you're done."

Angela hauled the toddlers face back between her thighs and sighed at the feeling of her tongue as her toilet paper. She continued to talk to her as if this were the most natural thing in the world.

"I hope that you're excited about tonight; probably not as excited as I will be, but I know that you'll be able to manage. You've been a good toilet girl so far and I know you will do you best, and that's all I can ask. God that feels good slave, why don't you just suck on my clitoris for a moment, but be gentle and kind to it... it gets rather excited when you're nearby. Aaaaaaaaaah yessss! As I was saying; after I get out of the shower I want to finish washing up and then go into your room. I have laid out a pretty pair of knickers I want you to wear and I have bought you a matching robe, one that looks just like mine... OOoooooooohhh. You'll also find a little present on the bed too... yes baby... just like that... go at it darling. I bought you a gift for being such a good little girlfriend. It's a new teddy bear; I know you like to hold onto Thumper when you service me, and I think tonight Thumper may get a little messy... we wouldn't want that."

"Hmmmph ffwwaaankk..."

"Be still child; just keep sucking my cunt you little darling... that's all I want your mouth for right now, there is no need to talk. The bear will be your special `Poo Bear' and you can keep him with you when we play our bummy games. If he happens to get a mess on him I will just send him through the laundry. Now get busy sucking me babygirl, I'm going to spunk your mouth again... I'm going to fucking drown you with my cum.


Angela felt entirely insatiable, as if there were no way she would ever be able to get enough of this little girl. The sight of her wet little head bobbing up and down between her legs and the lurid sounds of her oral service seemed to push her every higher. The orgasm came at the exact moment that Angela had willed it to, as if she held complete domain over her own pleasure. As she came again in the kid's mouth with violent spurts of creamy liquid she wondered if it were not just another in a seemingly never ending string of orgasms; as if each climax were linked to the one before and only separated by time. The last several weeks had been so sexually charged for her and such a complete revelation in their purity of pleasure that it seemed she could climax at will, at the mere thought of her slaves servitude. Now however she had her twenty four hours a day for the next two weeks and the knowledge that she could feel this way at any moment she desired, seemed to propel her to even greater heights of perverted ecstasy.



Chapter 13

Angela looked at her reflection in the mirror and admired the dominate seductress who's gaze she drew. Her fingers nimbly worked the red satin ribbon through the eyelets on the front of the black bodice she had chosen to wear for tonight's activities. Synching the both sides of the ribbed structure ever higher, Angela could feel her breasts being pressed upwards till the crown of her areolas peeked above the top of the embroidered cups. The red ribbon which connected the two pieces of material in the back criss-crossed its way down her spine till it swept over her protruding buttocks; perfectly contrasting the freshly tanned skin against the black lace covered garment. Angela had chosen a pair of opaque black seemed stockings to highlight her long legs. She loved not only the feel of the silky material as it glided up her thighs, but also the `swish' sound it made. As she sat on the padded bench at the end of her bed, she took a moment to notice the tiger stripped lines the receding sun mad as it shown through the blinds; as if her entire room was covered in a veil of animal print, and she were the Tigress. She finished fastening the suspenders to the stockings then slipped on a pair of stylish black stilettos; the soles of which were made of a deep red leather, shedding flashes of red as she walked past. Her makeup was immaculate; designed to highlight her dark green eyes and accentuate the deep ruby lipstick she wore. She had always fancied the way her hair looked pulled back tight to her head, but occasion rarely presented itself in social situations for her to indulge the look. Tonight however it added to the severity of her appearance, while showing off her elegant bone structure. Angela wore no panties, because there was no point... there was no mistaking what tonight was to be, and she would prefer to see the reaction her slave had to overt sexuality; to that point, she took a fine comb from off her dresser and coiffed her pubic hairs outward to exaggerate the size of her flaming red bush. She opened the top draw to her bureau and removed the final pieces to her ensemble; a matching set of black velvet gloves and velvet choker collar highlighted with cut crystal star. In a momentary indulgence of self admiration she took a moment to enjoy the result of her efforts. She puckered her lips in a mock kiss, and then finished with playful snarl at her reflection. As if on cue, Angela's bowels announced the impending arrival of the youngsters next meal; the low gurgle was loud enough to be heard and she wondered of perhaps she had overdone the last two day's preparations.

"Nikki, get in here, your Mistress needs her little slave. It's time!"

The sound of Nikki's little feet padding their way up the stairs was music to the woman's ears. Nikki entered the room looking like a little wet dream; the white robe barely covered her tiny bum and in her haste the belt of the robe had loosened and her small flat form could be seen underneath. Nikki's reaction to her Mistress was just as Angela had hoped; she stood in the doorway of the bedroom in slack jawed amazement of what stood before her. The blatant sexuality of the adult's dress was a shock to her system, making the woman look almost as if she were dressed in a Halloween costume. Nikki studied the way her legs appeared longer than she had remembered, and her breasts seemed to be exaggerated and much larger than normal; even her hairstyle made her look different and for a moment the child stared as if she were a stranger.      

"Well little slave, tell your Mistress what you think? Do you like what you see?"

"Oh.. ermm, yes Mistwess you look very lovely. I like your costume." Nikki began to squirm as she felt the heavy gaze of the woman. She transferred her weight back and forth on her feet and clutched her new brown bear tightly in her arms. She felt an arousal, as crude and undeveloped as it was at the sight of the woman and the anticipation of what was going to happen. She wanted very much to please the lady, and hoped that it wasn't going to be as bad as she had thought.

"Well thank you pet, I was hoping it wasn't going to be too much for you, but I can see from the expression on your face that you like it when I dress up for you. I am wearing all this because tonight is a very special night for the two of us. I have been thinking about what we are going to do for as many years as I can remember; this is something that I have always wanted, and I am thrilled that you are going to be the one I do it to. Now take off your robe little one and bring me that ribbon that's on the dresser, I want to make you the most beautiful and sexy babygirl in the whole world."

Nikki searched the top of the bureau and found a length of pink ribbon and brought it to the woman. "Is this what you want Ang... I mean Mistwess?"

"Yes pet, I want to tie your hair up in little pig tails for tonight. They match the pretty pink knickers I bought you. Did you see the writing on the bum? Do you know it says?" Nikki had seen the script writing across the back of her little panties, but since she was not yet old enough to read, had not recognized the phrase `Momma's Girl'. "It says that you're mine... says that you're a `Momma's Girl'... would you like to be my little girl slave? To be with me and call me Mummsy even when we are in bed or in the bathroom?"

The little girl nodded her head enthusiastically, her nerves had made her quiet and that suited Angela just fine for the time being. As Nikki stood in front of her, the woman tied her flowing golden locks with pink satin ribbon into puffy pigtails situated towards the top of her small head. The effect served to not only pull her hair from her face so Angela could see clearly the perversity her mouth was soon to enjoy, but it also made her look even younger and more darling than she already was... if that was even possible.

"Oh pet, you look just adorable... really I can't imagine a more beautiful little girl. I must be the luckiest Mistress in the world, I could just eat you up, B,ut tonight you'll be doing all the eating isn't that right slave?"

"Yes Mistwess, tonight you want me to eat your bum."

"Well nearly right pet, more to the point I want you to eat from my bum. I've been saving up quite a lot for you, and tonight you're going to eat it... every last morsel of my shit, and you won't have long to wait either. I need to have you eating very soon, but I promised I would bring you along slowly so I thought we might watch a little movie together first. Climb up on the bed my slave, while I put in this DVD. This particular movie was just recently sent to me from a member of a very special club of ladies who love to use little girl's mouths as toilets. I would like to join the club, actually we would both be joining it, and I thought it would be a good idea to see a bit of what would be expected of you. I've been in contact with a few of them and they are just dying to meet you pet, one of them whose name is Ms. Peters, has sent me a recording of a date she had with a little toilet girl who she said is just adorable. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, I have been waiting to watch it with you..."

Angela climbed onto the bed with the child and slid her arm over her shoulder, pulling her to her warm bosom. As the television crackled to life, an image of a solitary bed came into view, with the distinct impression that it was being filmed in a hotel room. The lights from the sideboards shown yellow across the bed and shadows could be seen on the wall as the camera jostled into position on the tripod. Angela began to run her fingers over Nikki's tiny pink nipples as the youngster stared at the teli as if she were waiting for her favorite cartoon to come on. Angela gripped her tiny pink nipple between her finger and thumb and gently twisted them till the little girl gave a faint grimace then began to sooth it again with soft circular strokes. Angela produced a chocolate bar from the bag and laid it at her side. Out of sight of the youngster, she broke off a small piece of bitter dark chocolate and popped it into her mouth... then snapped another one off and fed it to her child lover. Nikki was watching the television intently and was surprised by the sweetness that Angela pressed to her lips. "Thank you Mistwess, its very nummy."

On the screen a woman appeared and seemed to be in her early thirties, and wore only a robe as she climbed onto the bed; she took a moment to smile directly into the camera, obviously wanting to preserve her excitement on film. She had a pretty face by anyone's standards but in a rather unremarkable way. Her hair was a light brown color and appeared to be recently styled into a cute shag that framed her oval face; giving her the look of an attractive albeit ordinary neighborhood mother. As she untied the robe she revealed a body that was toned and rather lanky. She obviously kept herself in good shape and looked proud to be able to show it off. She lay back onto the pillows and pressed her small breasts together till the nipples nearly touched, staring off camera at what presumably was the other participant in tonight's performance. The room was quiet and the sounds of clothes being removed seemed to indicate that the woman on screen was enjoying a striptease from her lover. She called for her to join her on the bed and then lifted her feet till they lay flat and parted her knees.

"Isn't she pretty slave? Don't you just love that body of hers... such a pretty tummy she has... and you can see she shaves her cunt. Many women do that now a days, I did at one point but now much prefer a more grown up look for my snatch... Only you little girls should have smooth slits, but I must admit it does look delicious on her."

Nikki nodded her head and held on tight to her new bear as she felt the anticipation in her Mistress grow. Angela pulled her even closer and began to rub her soft tummy and across the front of her knickers as they watched the child lover appear on screen. Angela wasn't sure if Ms. Peters had a daughter or not, it was not discussed in their initial conversation, but when she saw a pretty little black girl climb onto the bed she knew that this must be a girl from the 9 to 5 Club. The little child was adorable and appeared to be a year or two older than Nikki, maybe six or seven. The milk chocolate tone of her skin looked absolutely intoxicating to Angela and she let out a soft whimper when she saw her climb onto the bed. The little girl was the opposite of Nikki as she was still sporting her baby fat, and had a round almost chubby appearance as she sat down next to the white woman.

"She must be well fed don't you think pet? I think we are going to see her eat some more... watch closely darling."

Angela reached for Nikki's hand and brought it to her blossoming cunt; rubbing her small fingers up and down the dripping slit as they listened to the woman's instructions to the little black girl. The girl was told she was going to have to suck the woman's cunt till she was near orgasm. Then she would be required to lay on her back and open her mouth because she was going to fill it with her shit... the words stung Nikki's ears as she listened; trying to imagine herself doing the same things. Angela broke another piece of chocolate off and offered it to the child's mouth, but as she opened to accept the sweet treat, Angela made a show of lowering it between her legs and wiping the chocolate across her asshole, smearing it over her wrinkled anus before placing it in Nikki's mouth. Nikki moaned as she tasted the sweet bitter mix, she loved chocolate and the spice of her lover's ass oil made it nasty-licous. On the screen the woman had maneuvered the child between her open legs and held on tight to her course pig tails. She moaned loudly at the feel of her little mouth and used her pig tails to guide her face along the V shape of her open thighs.

Angela looked between the images on the screen and the chocolate covered lips of her little slave, the obvious connection between the two drove the woman nearly to climax. She wiped more chocolate on her heated asshole the smeared it across her slaves lips and chin; Angela bit her own lip in sexual frustration at the look of the small child next to her. On the screen the soft little black girl was now on her back as Ms. Peters lowered her ass onto the little girl's mouth... she told her that her butthole needed some priming and she had better get her tongue all the way up there. Ms. Peters grabbed a remote and zoomed the video camera lens for a close up of the black child's pink tongue slipping between her little black lips up into the pink asshole of the white woman.

Angela moaned at the sight and leaned into whisper into Nikki's ear..."Watch closely pet, I want you to see how that pretty little girl accepts her Mistresses shit. Pay attention how a proper toilet girl behaves. You're going to be getting your own mouthful in just a few minutes, right after we watch her eat."

Nikki opened her own mouth and wiggled her tongue like a little pink snake as she watched the black girl tongue the white woman's asshole, as if she were practicing the moves required of a toilet girl. She studied the little girl's face on the TV and was encouraged that she didn't seemed distressed, in fact she seemed as if she was having a wonderful time. Nikki didn't know that the 7 year old on the screen had been an active toilet girl since she was 3, and had been eating her own mother's shit since she was four. It was clear to Nikki that all adult women enjoy having their bottoms tongued by little girls, because the noises the woman on the screen was making, matched the frantic raucous she had grown accustomed to when she performed the act on her Mistress. 

Angela smeared more chocolate along her anus and could feel the gooey mass seep into the tight opening; she pushed her own finger in to coat the inner lining with the sweet and bitter mixture, but her progress was impeded by the blunt end of a brooding monster inside her. Angela knew she didn't have much more time and was thankful that the act being played out on the television was nearing its own conclusion; it appeared she would be able to time this out just perfect. As Angela pushed her shit and chocolate covered finger into the five year old's mouth, she watched her little blue eyes widen at the introduction of the new flavor. "Suck my fingers clean slave... and watch that pretty girl, I think her big moment has come, and so has yours."

Ms. Peters had stood up on the hotel bed and was now lowering herself into a squatting position over the upturned mouth of the little Nubian Princess, whose mouth seemed to open as if on cue to be used by her. There was a quick adjustment of the camera angle by the woman till the entire screen filled with a side angle shot of the small girl's dark face waiting for the filth that was to come. 

"Watch slave... see how eager she is? You can tell she wants it; she can't wait to be fed... that is how you will be soon Pet. You'll be begging me to shit in your mouth before you know it. Oh God look at that, it's coming out! Fuck!"

Angela had her fingers deep into the sucking mouth of the child next to her. Nikki was thankful to have fingers in her mouth as her thumb had been off limits for some time. She nervously clutched the brown bear in her arms and watched as the woman's asshole flexed and winked a few times before coning outward with a loud grunt from above. The Woman's voice could be heard spitting profanities at the little child as a large lump of brown bowel meat split open the pink hole. Nikki's mouth was stuffed full with the fingers of the frantic woman next to her and was nearly gagged several times as they both became caught up in the wicked scene before them. 

"Oh my God... Look she is licking it!  I want you to do that to me, I want you to lick mine like that too, Christ that's hot. She tastes it now; she knows what she is in for. Oh promise me you'll lick my shit as it hangs from me. Oh my God, there it goes... she is doing it. Fuck yes look at that little angel's mouth."

Angela's words were excited and filled with a bursting anticipation, and it had a similar effect on Nikki. The child watched closely as a thick brown turd slid from the opening and pressed itself past her brown lips. Nikki listened to the sounds the girl made, and noted how she sounded distressed and not at all happy with what was happening, but also seemed to be making a monumental effort to consume what was pushing into her mouth; the more that pushed into her mouth the faster she tried to move her jaws to mash it into manageable bits. She saw the little girl gag and wretch and turn her head to the side for a moment to gain her composure, but was quickly moved back into place by Ms. Peters, who had her hands on both sides of the little girl's face keeping her from missing even a single morsel. Angela pulled her fingers from the toddler's mouth and announced it was time for Nikki to accept her new role.

"It's for you to eat now slave, I do believe I've waited quite long enough. Did you pay close attention to the movie pet, and did you see what is about to happen to you?"

"Uh-huh... I watched real hard Mistwess, and I know what you're going to do now."

"Good pet, I didn't want you to be surprised by anything that we were going to do. Let me ask you one last time... are you willing to be my toilet? Will you willingly open your mouth now and let me feed you my scrumptious shit? I need to hear you say it pet... tell me that you want it."

"Ohhhh Mistwess, I do want it. I know it will make you happy, so I am ready for you to make me your potty."

Angela went to the dresser and grimaced as she bent to pull out a large black rubber mat; the pressure she felt in her lower intestines as well as her burdened sex was nearly unbearable. To hear the sweet voice of Nikki Ford announce that she was ready and willing to allow her mouth to be used for one of the vilest of human acts was nearly enough to send Angela into an orgasmic tailspin. She put the rubber mat down on the floor next to her bed and ordered the toddler to kneel. Nikki immediately complied. Centering herself on the mat she held her brown Poo Bear in one arm, and placed the other hand on her knee staring upward in rapt anticipation. Her Mistress stood between the child and the bed with her back to the little girl; as she looked over her shoulder she beamed with pride at the image of her child lover with her face upturned and her mouth opened obediently submitting to her perverted wishes.

"Place your hand on my bottom pet and spread it open, I have created a nice treat for you. See the chocolate that is smeared along the crack of my ass... I want you to imagine it's my smeared waste, and I'd like you to lick it out for me. Go on slave, get your tongue in there... yes, just like that. Lick all the brown stain off, see how easy it is? You'll have no problem now when you've seen the real thing. Very very good, I'm quite sure I won't be using toilet paper ever again."

Nikki's nerves subsided as she swabbed the chocolate and musky oil mixture from between her lover's cheeks. The taste has become quite agreeable to her, and she even was enjoying the tang of the woman's body. In her mind she imagined that reality wouldn't be much different than this; she would lick whatever came out, and in return she would gain praise and pride for her well done work. As her tongue began to wiggle into the mostly cleaned orifice it was immediately met with a fierce explosion of hot anal wind, the rancid fart sputtering against her face literally causing her cheeks to plume outward; it was not something she was prepared for. Angela's innards had become so impacted with stored waste and gas that any interruption of its seal caused quick relief, making her feel like a balloon ready to pop. Angela was quick to reach out and grab a little slave pigtail and pull her back into place; there was no holding back the burden she held and Nikki was going to get her shit weather she was ready or not.

"Open your mouth slave, its time for you to accept you're role as a toilet... my own personal shit pot. God I can't wait another second, I thought this might be hard, but it's already on the move. UUuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk"

Angela flexed her knees and lowered herself into a crouching position, the obscene nature of the stance and the position of the child would leave no audience ambiguous to its intended outcome. A red hot blast of sputtering bowel wind hit Nikki in on the lips, causing her to whimper at its overwhelming smell, and then another and still another. Nikki's face was splattered with rain drops of liquid shit and tiny particles of feces rolled down her cheeks and onto her lap below; she remained steadfast though, her mouth never wavering an inch. Like a trumpet fanfare announcing the arrival of a queen, the grand entrance of two days worth of waste and a lifetime worth of wait availed themselves of the soft waiting mouth below. The squeaky farts subsided and there was a momentary pause before the monster was birthed; each female had a sexual energy surging through her veins, albeit for much different reasons. Nikki's eyes widened as she heard the wet crackling of the slithering beast, she watched in amazement as the anal ring widened more and ever more, till its outer rim was white having the blood pressed out of it from the pressure. The shit slithered out of the adult's body like a gigantic column of filthy waste, and made its inexorable journey to the little girl's mouth. The greasy sausage was a matted mass of tiny chunks pressed together in an uneven form. Its tip was tapered but quickly expanded to a full two inch diameter, and appeared to be twisted like the ropes she had seen attached to large boats. The steaming shit sausage hit her lips and she was immediately struck by the heat it possessed, retaining the core body temperature of her adult lover; at nearly 100 degrees it felt hot on her lips. She thought back to the image of the little black girl and how she moved her jaw to make it go away, so Nikki did the same; softly mouthing the reeking turd, not making any dent in it what so ever. However she wasn't given much time to think or to even react as its mass seemingly continued to snake its way from the parted globes above her.

"That's it slave, you know have my shit in your mouth. Oh GOD, I have waited a life time to see this, and it's even more than I imagined. Bite down now pet, and chew. Yes that's it. Chew up my stinking crap you little darling."

Nikki nearly tore the head off the bear as she took her first bite of human feces. "ummppphhh...ummmppp...acckk accckk acckk"

"Stay with it girl, let your saliva help break it down now, get to chewing slave or you'll have more than you can handle in short order."

The taste was like nothing she could have imagined, the rich flavors of earth and rotting flesh burst into her mouth as if detonated like a bomb. Had it not been for the vice-like grip on her pigtails, her instincts would have caused her to run away from the place she now found herself, but instead she listened to the soft crooning and desperate sobs of the woman she loved and she forged ahead. Her tiny jaws was now pried as wide as they had ever been, and she feared she may never be able to close them properly again. Almost no room existed between the sides of the dark stinking sausage and her little mouth. Immediately her eyes began to run and tears streamed down her face, yet she didn't sob, rather it was her body's way of dealing with the sensory overload.

Angela was able to pinch off the loaf that begged to be released and turned to face her toilet slave. The sight of her angelic face with 4 inches of shit dangling from her lips was an image she would take to her grave. Angela lifted her hand that held her bear so that the stuffed animal's face lay just under her chin supporting the dangling end of shit.

"Poo Bear is helping you pet, see she is helping you eat. Nom Nom Nom... oh be careful or she may get more than you. You don't want Poo Bear to love your Mistress more than you do... do you slave?"

Angela's clear manipulations were lost on the five year old girl, her understanding was that she needed to finish what was in her mouth and eat what was left laying on the stuffed animal, and today's ordeal would be over. She felt the paste build up along her teeth and gums, it felt hot and sticky but strangely the taste assault had subsided somewhat. She wasn't getting used to it, she didn't think she would ever get used to it, her body was no long able to process the range of flavors that assailed it, and in turn her palate had grown numb, leaving only a bitter and rancid aftertaste to cope with. With a face wrinkled in determination and the occasional wretch and threat of vomit, Nikki used Poo Bear to push the last of the heavy turd into her mouth. Feeling a sense of pride that she was completing her lover's demands she began to chomp happily in loud open mouthed gulps. Angela knelt eye level with the little girl and was slacked jawed in erotic wonder at what she was witnessing, never in her wildest dreams could she conceive of the little girl deriving pleasure from her toilet services, always in her mind the girl would struggle with the charge, yet Nikki seemed to relish her new role as shit-receptacle. The woman wickedly pounding her cunt with three fingers at the sight before her and felt her belly begin to cramp in a mixture of needed release and the onslaught of a monumental orgasm.

"On your back slave, I want to sit on your face for the rest of your feeding. Here let me put this towel under your head so I can make better contact with your mouth."

Angela wasn't giving Nikki any time to respond to her request, let alone comprehend it. She was being shoved onto her back, landing with a thud against the mat, the flurry of activity getting her head ready indicated that her mouth would still be needed. Perhaps she needed to make pee or needed to use her mouth for a cum... either way the girl felt stunned by the quickness of the woman's movements.

"Hurry up child, take hold of your bear. I can't tell you just how perfect you look holding your bear while I shit in you mouth. I'm glad your liked your appetizer, because here comes the main course."

Nikki's eyes were as wide as saucers as her Mistress kneel walked over her face. Angela had reached behind herself and was now pulling her filthy ass cheeks apart in the ultimate obscene gesture, and slowly lowering her gaping black hole over the stunned girl's mouth.

"There is more Mistwess? Oh I don't think I can takkkkkkkkkk Hmmmmpphh."

Before the girl could vocalize her objection Angela let loose a volley of greasy turds into the little girl's mouth. Tears again welled up in her eyes and she was beginning to understand her work at the woman's dark portal wasn't done, not even close. Her Mistress was cursing and praising, cajoling and insisting all at once.

"Oh you beautiful little girl, I have wanted to own a pretty mouth like yours and to do these things to a darling little girl like you for as long as I can remember. Oh... my sweet slave, eat my shit... eat it all... ever fucking morsel. You're going to be my shit eater for a very very long time. That's it, now lick this one before it drops in you mouth, just like the pretty black baby we saw. Lick my shit so you know what's coming! Oh Christ I'm coming!"

Angela had never orgasmed while she defecated before, though she had reached climax during anal sex plenty of times; the difference was that not only did her ejaculate project from her body, so did her shit. The next few minutes were a complete blur to the both of them; it was a frenetic and frantic episode that would become a benchmark for all their toilet escapades to follow. In a soul-purging release that seriously frightened the 51 year old woman, Angela Steele expelled the contents of her bowels and what could be measured to equal three orgasms worth of woman jizz into the unknowing and unsuspecting face of her five year old slave. Angela screamed out of fright and untenable pleasure that shook her to her very core. She had not sensed the orgasm coming, nor was she prepared for its arrival, rather she was forced to endure the pain of her fleeting pleasure in the same way one might witness the unexpected eruption of a volcano. The pure beauty of its natural wonder now wrapped itself around the devastating implications of its occurrence. Angela was not unlike a junkie after her first fix, the instant understanding that there was no way she would ever be able to live without this sensation again, and once experiencing it, was doomed to a life of its pursuit.

Angela's hands left her quivering cheeks and she balanced herself against the edge of the bed, she dropped her head to try and regain some comportment of control and panted her way through the ripples of orgasm. In the enormity of her crisis she had completely forgotten the other participant in this dance of the obscene. She was shocked to see the lower face of the little girl below completely covered in a runny mixture of nearly liquid shit. The contents of her bowels had exploded in a torrent of putrid cack that was now mounded over the mouth chin and cheeks of the child below her, and was topped with the milky syrup of her cum. Though Nikki's eyes were big, she did not look to be in distress, she was diligently making her way through the mound of waste that laid on her face, slowly scooping what ran down her neck with Poo Bears face and bringing it back up to the top of the pile. Through hooded eyes, Angela watched the shit pile slowly make its way into the hard working mouth under it and swooned to sounds of gluttony that came from her little chest.

"That's so good my sweet little slave, eat all Momma's shit darling, I want you to finish it all for me, even the bits that landed on the mat. Good girl, I'm so proud of you and the way you take me all into your belly."

Angela rubbed Nikki's now protruding abdomen and admired the evidence of her devotion and love. The image of a stomach full of shit sent the adult towards yet another crescendo of carnal bliss. As Nikki finished the heated pile of shit that was on her face she licked her lips and scooped the bits off her chin with the bear, then in a final act of servitude began to kiss and lick the small bears face. The filthy image of the little child's smeared face and the shit filled French Kiss she was giving her teddy bear pushed Angela over the edge once more. Nikki's jaws were aching and her stomach felt she could fit no more, but those were not the concerns of her Mistress as she knelt once again over the child's face and lowered her quivering cunt over her mouth. She rubbed her clitoris furiously and let go a long awaited buildup of warm urine into the baby's mouth. Nikki was actually grateful for its arrival and she opened wide to accept every drop she could get, taking careful aim to let the warm piss stream splash along her teeth and gums as she hoped to dislodge some of the solids that she felt stuck within her cheeks.

"Drink my piss slave, I want all of my fluids to fill you mouth tonight. Don't spill any girl, you don't want to waste any of your Mistress' love. There, I'll stop it for now and allow my piss to join my shit in your stomach... `Flush!"

Nikki took that rightfully to mean she needed to swallow; after all when you wanted to empty a toilet you flushed it, and she was a toilet now so flushing must mean swallowing... and little Nikki did just that. The last of Angela's orgasms took longer to muster than Nikki had hoped. Once the woman's dripping snatch was lowered onto her mouth it took a full 30 minutes for Angela to reach the orgasm she desired; taking moments during the servicing to give her slave tips on how to prolong the inevitable explosion. Angela's ass cheeks were clenching and flattening out as she rode violently the child's mouth... taking great pains to elicit grunts of despair as she slammed her pubic bone into her nose and mouth, riding the last mile to bliss. Her feces smeared orbs rode up and down the child's small face completely obscuring the porcelain complexion of her skin, indeed the little girl now resembled the black baby they had witnessed on the television only a short while ago. To Nikki's credit she showed super human will and strength to keep up with the wicked demands of the woman, and began to feel joy in being able to handle what was being required; much in the same way marathon runners hit the preverbal `wall' shortly before the end of a race and their body runs on pure adrenaline and strength of spirit. With both hands holding twisting huge handfuls of curly blonde hair, Angela let go the final deluge of cunt soup into her slave's hard working mouth. Angela groaned to the heavens, sounding like a poor departed soul and flooded one final time the mouth of the five year old slave she had always hoped she'd have.



Chapter 14

The two females showered together taking a long time to apply and then reapply fragrant soaps, conditioners and body oils. The cleansing was thorough and even affectionate in its silence; a ritualistic washing of evidence better not seen in the bright light of her own moral scrutiny. For Angela could not live entirely in a world where little girls submitted to her darker angels, rather she wished to keep that a place removed from the rest of her life; giving it a reverence and near sanctity she felt it deserved. She needed to see clearly the purity of Nikki's innocence, or any small girl's innocence for that matter, as she methodically took its very nature from her; it was the contrast of the two opposing ideas that made the obscene nature of what she wanted to do to her even more arousing. Under the heat of spraying water, they swooned over each other in the wake of the night's monumental events. She held the child's chin in her hand and forced their eyes to meet, and in the energy that passed between them Angela found no anguish or reproach in Nikki's eyes, rather an unspoken acknowledgment of acceptance. Angela's lip rose into a knowing smile and she then kissed the girl on the bridge of her nose and stepped out of the shower. She left the little lover to finish rinsing and then handed her both a toothbrush and toothpaste; Nikki recognized the importance of cleansing her mouth and repeated the process three times, till her mouth once again smelled like minty freshness instead of the sewer it had been. Angela had wrapped herself in a luxurious towel and twisted a smaller one into a beehive atop her head. Without drawing attention to her task, she took the shit covered mat to the laundry room and rinsed it with bleach in the sink. Angela felt she needed the bracing strength of coffee tonight instead of the more subtle pleasures of her normal hot tea and dusted off her French Press from the cupboard to make herself a black cup of Indian Roast. The images and sensations of the previous hours fired through her head as she leaned against the counter waiting for her coffee to steep. It made her nearly dizzy as she tried to find a handle for her emotional tumult. Nikki's acceptance of her role in their coprophilic activities made Angela feel nearly like a nymphomaniac. In Angela's life, the parade of temporary lovers and passionless sex with her husband had served to quench, on occasion, her active libido; however her new relationship with Nikki had changed everything. Instead of temporarily dampening the embers of her sexuality, the small girl's oral submission fanned her smoldering lust to heights she had never known.

Having just experienced a series of orgasms too numerous to count and too powerful to explain, she felt a need for more... and soon; as if she was on a ride she was powerless to control hurling toward an end she could not see. Her mind registered her reluctance to rub herself under her towel, wishing rather to prove she was in control. Needing something so badly made her feel weak, almost powerless to the allure of the child. She let out a low whimper as her hand clutched her throbbing sex, and she burned the images of Nikki's brown face into her mind. She saw clearly in her mind's eye the cloying brown paste that had coated her teeth, and how her tongue wiggled in the pit of filth that filled her oral cavity like an earthworm prying its way through the mud of a summer rain. She could hear clearly the sounds of the five year old's hard working Eve's Apple as it pumped sludge down the tiny passage of her throat. As Angela closed her eyes she could recall the smell her waste and remembered clearly the sobbing sounds Nikki made when she first tasted a mouthful of shit. Slouched against the counter she gave in to her needs and provided a friction to her demanding cunt, and would have found somewhere a less than fulfilling orgasm if it had not been from the tiny voice that travelled to her from down the hall.

"Angie, have you seen Thumper? I can only find Poo Bear, and I don't think we should take him into the bed."

Angela shook her head to clear it and poured herself a steaming cup of coffee, then made her way back to the bedroom.

"Thumper is on top of the dresser pet, just toss Poo Bear into the tub, and I'll wash him in the morning. Make sure you don't get dirty, I'd hate to have you wash again for no good reason."

As Angela walked into the bedroom she heard Nikki talking to her stuffed bear as she placed it into the bathtub. "You did very good, Poo Bear. Your mouth is so pretty and you can call me Mistwess when we are with Angie... now be a good pet bear and stay there till my Mistwess gets you..."

Though the conversation was odd by anyone's standards, the fact that the little girl was behaving much like always did made Angela's heart feel more at ease. The older woman dropped her towel and sat upright against the headboard of the bed naked, sipping her cup of coffee. Angela filled the rest of the next hour with warmth and love; she caressed the naked body of the toddler because it made them both feel nice and not as a preamble to more lovemaking. The two found this time very important as a way to unwind from the peaks that had climbed together and their naked snogging felt all too comfortable to the two of them. As they talked about the events that happened, the woman asked Nikki to call her by name, but the child chose to refer to her as Mum instead. When the conversation would slow, Angela filled their time by pressing her nipple to the child's mouth and asking her politely if she would like to suck them. She praised the girl for her efforts and reminded her of her beauty. Saying thing's like: "You're Mumma's precious angel", and "Beautiful baby, you make Mum so happy the way you do that." Angela held back her growing needs as long as she could, but could sense an agitation in the child as well; at first she thought it was the manipulation of her tiny nipples or the playful way she ran her fingers over her hairless slit and tiny rosebud, but instead she understood the girl's growing need to please her. Angela watched as her pretty blue eyes looked longingly at her adult body, and was happy they that there was no conflict of their needs.

"Nikki darling, would you like to make your Mumsy happy again?"

"Oh yes Mistw... I mean Mum, I want to make you happy all the time... for ever and ever."

"Then show me with your mouth darling. Your Mum is ready to cream you a mouthful even you'll find difficult to deal with. Now get between my legs and make me climb the mountain again..."


The lovemaking that followed nearly went on till dawn. Every time Angela felt herself dangerously close to her climax she would either change their position, or Nikki would mysteriously alter slightly her oral attack. The woman thought it impossible that the five year old was able to tease her purposely at such a young age, but still it gave her pause. Angela moved the child's wondrous mouth anywhere and everywhere she needed it; from deep kissing to long passages licking her anus, then back to pussy worship and to kissing again. Angle spent time on all fours with the cherub's face buried in her ass, then on her back with her feet in the air with the child's face nearly submerged in the folds of her cunt. Angela stood on the floor facing the dresser and mirror and held the little girl's head with both hands to her sodden slit as the little girl lay on her back with her head off the edge of the bed; it was a rough ride for Nikki but Angela learned which cries were caused by discomfort and which were sobs of effort. Angela was once again covered in a sheen of sweat as she clenched her cheeks flat in an effort to fuck the little girl's face. The singing of bead springs and cries of profane demands became the music of their lovemaking till finally Angela could hold back no more a delivered her last and longest orgasm into the mouth of the gulping child. Nikki tried as best she could to swallow the thick tangy mouthfuls of spurting ejaculate but the rivulets of spunk that flowed from the corners of her mouth and down her neck showed her failings. Angela stood twitching as if in a Grand Mal seizure as Nikki's talented mouth slowly brought her down from the peak of her crisis.


Nikki had never been as tired as she was when Angela held in her arms and wiped the drying cum from her face. The woman would lick a small wash cloth and then dab the crusty film from the corner of her mouth and along her jaw bone, then wet the rag again and repeat the process till her small face was cleaned of its most recent soiling. Nikki's eyes fluttered shut and then bounced back open again in a deteriorating effort to stay awake. Angela's needs were now a slow simmer, and she recognized that this was only their first night together, and that she would need to pace the little girl if she wanted to get the most out of her. The truth be told; Angela was exhausted herself, yet she couldn't escape the nagging desire for more pleasure that the knowledge of having a five year old sex slave sleeping in the bed next to her brought. Angela spoke in an almost whispering voice as she slid the small child over to the dry side of the bed and covered her with a blanket. Nikki's beautiful blue eyes sparked a retreating twinkle of thanks as sleep finally won its night long battle. Angela swung a leg over the angel and positioned the sleeping child between her legs, finally bringing her curly blonde head to rest on the downy fur of her pubic bone. Nikki's chapped lips and swollen tongue began to make the smallest of flexing pulses and Angel recognized that her body was used to having her thumb in her mouth as she slept. In the night's final act of selfish need, Angela shifter her hips slightly and lined the child's lips with her sore sex. Once in the proper position she tilted the baby's face slightly and pressed her semi-hard clitoris between her sucking lips. Angela held her face in place and laid her own head onto the pillow with a loud sigh; and as the first chirps of the morning starlings pierced the graying sky, a tremor of orgasm carried the fifty one year old woman to a restful sleep.


Chapter 15


As Angela felt the warming afternoon sun begin to beat against her drawn blinds, she looked at the clock and was surprised to see it was already past noon. The bedding had been turned into a heap of tangled covers; the bottom sheet of which had been pulled away from its corners, and in the spot next to her lay the cool impression of what had been a sleeping child. Angela felt a twinge of panic as she realized Nikki had gotten up at some point during her sleep and left the room; it was a pure maternal reaction and one that had surprised her, it was devoid of any pedophilic thoughts, rather just an instant need to know that sweet Nikki was safe. She felt dizzy as she sat up quickly and swung her legs off the bed, as if she were suffering from a night of over indulgence... and perhaps it was. Her old body ached in its joints from her acrobatic gyrations, her body had twisted and turned as if she were herself as young and nimble as her little lover. She paid no heed to the tremors of creaking bones as she labored through her night dark passions. Angela leaned forward and listened for signs of Nikki and as the low chatter of high voices and buoyant bounce of orchestral music gave leave to her primal fears and she told her all she needed to know. Nikki woke before her, and had moved to the living room in an effort not to disturb the sleeping adult to watch her morning cartoons. Angela stood, placing her hands on her hips and bent her torso in a full 360 degree circle, moaning softly as she stretched her naked body and assessed her dishevelled image in the mirror. The night before had been monumental, a complete realization of her life-long fantasies. She half expected to see new image staring back at her. Instead she saw a mop of messy red hair sitting atop the head of a middle aged woman, complete with crow's feet and smile lines. She hadn't changed, at least on the outside, but in her mind and in her heart, she knew she could never be the same. The smells and sounds and certainly the images of Nikki submitting to her filthy wishes could never be erased, and demanded to be repeated. She would call Miss Peters today and have a conversation about the only fantasy she had yet to realize. There had been mention of a weekend party at the beach home of a member of the 9 to 5 Club. The thought of sharing Nikki with other women who intended to use her in the same manner Angela had just enjoyed seemed almost too obscene a thought to entertain, but its raw appeal gnawed at the woman and she felt compelled to pursue it. Of course there would be other little girl's there for her own perverse needs, ones she didn't yet know, faces she hadn't yet seen... the thought of such random acts of debauchery where now the only thing Angela could think about.

Angela put on her robe and entered the living room. She saw Nikki sitting naked on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her, holding Thumper as she watched her morning show. She grabbed a soft throw from the couch and walked over to the sitting girl and covered her shoulders with cotton blanket.

"Good morning sweetheart, you're up awfully early today, I thought you'd sleep all day." Angela stroked the child's hair as she stood behind her.

"Hi Angie, I `dinnit want to wake you, so I just came out here, I hope its ok."

"Yes of course its fine, and thank you for being so considerate. Last night was quite a night, I suppose I needed the extra sleep." Angela pulled Nikki's head against her thigh as she caressed the soft curls of her hair. "I'm going to make a few phone calls and see if I can't arrange for us to attend a party in a few days, do you think you'd like to get dressed up and go to a party as my date?"

Nikki looked up into the eyes of her adult girlfriend and turned her sleepy eyes into a bright smile. "Can I wear my pretty dress that Daddy gave me for Easter?"

"Well I was thinking I might buy you a different dress, one that is more appropriate for the party we are going to. You'll be the prettiest girl there. I guarantee it." Nikki smile broadened at the thought of feeling pretty, and she nodded to Angela and began to return her gaze to the Television.

"Before I make the calls pet, I need your mouth for my morning potty, I only just got out of bed and my bladder is nearly bursting." Angela stepped in front of Nikki, blocking her view and flexed her knees to squat in front of the child's face. As her robe slide along her parted legs she peeled back her outer labia to avoid any splatter of her urine onto the throw she had placed over her shoulders, she inched her crusted sex within an inch of the little girl's face. "Now open up and make sure not to spill any, remember you don't have your mat underneath you, and I wouldn't want you to get any on the carpet. Ready?..."

A deep amber stream shot quickly out of the woman's vagina into the gaping mouth of the puzzled girl below her. Nikki was beginning to understand that the toilet games they enjoyed were not going to be restricted to their lovemaking only, rather her services would be required anytime her Mistress needed to relieve herself. The temperature of this morning piss was scalding and particularly acrid as it splashed along her tongue and began to spill into her now gulping throat. Angela tried to regulate the flow, but she too was learning that her morning water was not as easily controlled as that of the later day. She looked down and saw the foaming orange pool threaten to spill over the child's cheeks and onto her white carpet.

"Come on pet, drink faster... Hurry, swallow it so it doesn't spill. I mean it; if you spill any on my new carpet you'll get a spanking. I won't tolerate any lack of effort from you young lady. You've been drinking Mumma's pee long enough now to know how to do it right. That's better, be a good toilet for Mumma, it will warm your belly up and tide you over till I can make you a more tasty breakfast."

Nikki rallied at the thought of a spanking; her father and mother had never spanked her as she was growing up, even when she broke an expensive vase on the mantel. As the girl looked up at her hunkered lover above her she could see her age better. With no makeup, or outlandish costume, she looked more like the images she had seen of her grandmother. The soft rolls of the woman's flesh and the weather of time on her face, made her look more real, less larger-than-life perhaps, and in Nikki's mind all the more beautiful. She gratefully accepted the liquid warmth from the goddess above and didn't even mind the burning acidity that washed over her palate. The session ended without the normal demand for orgasm, and Angela merely shook her labia against the child's pouting lips and caressed her cheek when she was finished. "Good girl... you're a very very good toilet. Now flush." Angela placed her finger under Nikki's chin and tilted her head toward the ceiling, sending the warm urine directly into her outstretched throat. Her eyes met the child's just as she took a loud gulp of hot piss. After scrunching her face in reaction to its bitterness, she smiled and wiped her lips with the back of her hand, letting out a small burp which caused them both to chuckle. She went back to watching a large cat chase a little grey mouse, as Angela left her without a word.

The day was quiet for the two lovers, a sort of pensive mood had settled over the house, yet their smoldering desires charged the air around them.  Nikki was feeling anxious that her lover had not made any predictable demands for her mouth, and after several rounds of cartoons she got up in search of her Mistress.  She found her sitting in her robe at the computer desk busily typing away. Nikki paid close attention to the reading glasses that laid perched on her nose; she thought they made her look like a teacher or the ladies at the library, it was a look that Nikki was growing to like. 

"Mumma?  Whatcha doing?"

"I'm just talking to our new friend Ms. Peters online, I was just telling her about our big night last night, and she is very excited to meet you.  Come here and sit on Mumma's lap, and we can talk to her together."

Nikki's shoulders were still draped in the decorative shawl that Angela had pulled from the couch, hiding her little body from sight as she climbed up onto Angela's lap.

"Is that her on the computer?"

"Yes angel we can see her and she can see us. That little ball on the top of the screen is a camera and this way we can talk to each other as if we are in the same room. Say hello to Ms. Peters, she is going to be one of our new friends."

Nikki instinctively shied away from the stare of the grinning woman on the screen; she was never comfortable meeting new people, especially those who leered at her like a cougar to a fawn. "Hello Mthh Peters..."

"Well hello to you young lady. You're even more adorable than on your picture. Mrs. Steele has been telling me about your special relationship, and how much she has enjoyed all the attention you've given her. Do you like to make your girlfriend happy Nikki?"

Nikki stared at her feet and folded her arms around her bunny, clutching it close to her chest. "Yes Mthh Peters I love Ang...erm Mumm... oh I mean `Mistwess very much, I like her to be happy."

"Oh that's wonderful Nikki, and from what she has told me you make her very happy indeed. I have several little girlfriends just like you and they make me the happiest woman in the world. In fact I am a member of a club that is made just for ladies like Mrs. Steele and me and we meet at each other's homes to share our happiness with each other. It's a wonderful group of women and the most adorable little girls too... Do you think you might like to join our club Nikki? Would you like to come to one of our parties with Mrs. Steele and help make other women happy, just like you do for your Mistress?"

"Pet, look at Ms. Peters when you are talking to her. It's not polite to stare at the floor. She asked you a question: would you like to join her club? We can get dressed up, just like those movie-stars we pretended to be yesterday. You'll be the most beautiful girl at that party and it will make me very happy if you say yes." Angela stroked Nikki's hair in a discrete attempt to show off her bouncy curls to the woman on the computer. As Nikki began to speak Angela slowly slid the blanket off of her shoulders to show their new friend her sexy little body. Nikki looked up at Angela quickly as if to protest, but Angela gently pushed her hands away from her chest to give a full view of her naked splendor to the hungry woman on the screen.

"I guess so Mthh Peters, will the girl from the movie be there too? Or am I going to be the only one?"

"Oh no dear, there will be other girls there too. You're not quite ready to handle all of us by yourself yet; your tummy just isn't big enough. We have a relatively small group this week, only 6 ladies are able to attend, your Mistress will make 7. Unfortunately Chantal, the girl you saw in the movie, won't be able to be there. I have made arrangements for her services next week, and if you'd like to meet her perhaps she and I could come visit you and Mrs. Steele... we can talk about that later. However, Mrs. Chan will be attending this week and is bringing her daughter Nie who is about your age Nikki, she has been coming to our parties since she was 3. There will be Dr. Andrews and her lover Melissa in attendance as well. They don't typically offer children to the group, they just come to share in our good fortune. The have been enjoying young girl's together for several years, but have never experienced full toilet service, this will be their first time for that, and I can tell you they are VERY excited indeed. Mrs. Birkswell is a regular with us, and she and her daughter Emily are usually quite a sight to see together. Emily is just turned 10, so she is a bit older than we typically like, but she has learned to cope with her mother's rather demanding ways. It should be quite an eye-opener for you. Finally the founder of our little club is in town this week and we are all very excited she can make it. She is a bit older than the rest of us, but is very experienced in the arts of Woman / girl affections. Her name is Mrs. Quinton, she is a former teacher, and she has told me she has rented a young little tart for the weekend that is sure to please us all. I for one can't wait to see who she has got; she is a woman of quite discerning tastes. And of course I'll be bringing a little mouth of my own for you to enjoy; Lucy is just the most scrumptious little brown girl you'll ever be likely to meet... I'm sure you'll just love her."

Angela stopped cold at the woman's revelation. Not only was the idea of having 5 little mouths to please her beyond her wildest expectations, but if she heard Ms. Peters correctly her old elementary school teacher will be there as well; the woman who indoctrinated her to the world of sexual perversions. She had not seen or heard from Mrs. Quinton since she was a teen, she thought she had moved out of the area shortly after she left primary school. Her cunt gushed at the thought of seeing her again, and she felt suddenly flooded with emotions and memories she wasn't quite sure she wanted to deal with.

"Are you alright Mrs. Steele? You look as if you'd seen a ghost." Angela breathed deeply and grabbed hold of Nikki's nipple, tugging it mindlessly as her thoughts swam in and out of old memories and the new pleasures she enjoyed with Nikki.

"Yes April I'm fine, I was just lost in thoughts there for a moment. You paint such a beautiful image, that I must admit I can hardly wait for the party to begin. It seems we have some details yet to discuss."

"Indeed we do Angela. Why don't we get to the grown up business at hand, but if you don't mind, I'd like to see a bit of your slave's talents while we talk. Do you think you could allow me to enjoy the show while I give you the particulars?"

Angela's face broke into a decidedly wicked smile; she didn't think it possible to become more aroused, she was beginning to understand this new life was going to bring her surprises of many kinds. "Well of course April, why don't I let you see a bit of what you'll be enjoying yourself soon enough. Spread your legs apart girl, and show the nice lady your naughty bits." Angela adjusted the angle of the camera so that small picture box in the upper right corner of the screen showed the nervous smile and naked body of the toddler in her lap. Nikki let the rest of the blanket fall off of her and lifted her feet up to rest on top of Angela's knees.  The tiny fold of her slit was all that could be seen between her legs as the puffy unformed labia seemed to push close the soft pick flesh inside.  Nikki was uncomfortable with the stranger staring at her, and could tell that she was rubbing herself off camera by the soft moans she was making. 

"Oh yes Angela you've got yourself a wonderful one there. You're so lucky.  I simply can't wait to see that mop of blonde curls bobbing between my legs, and that adorable American lisp she has is sure to send the rest of the ladies into a tizzy.  Now remember Angela it's important not to feed Nikki the day of the party, we want her hungry and ready for lots and lots of hot brown food.  Nikki dear, you understand that you'll be a toilet slave for the ladies at the party, don't you?  You'll be expected to give your mouth to whoever needs it and to let them use it however they want.  I do hope you'll be able to handle us sweetheart. The women of the club have a way of not taking "NO" for an answer."

Nikki looked up at Angela with a face full of worry and questions, but seemed to find comfort in the devilish smile in the woman's face; the very face she had come to be so familiar with.  Angela raised an eyebrow and pointed to the floor.  "Get on your knees slave... its time to show the pretty lady how well you lick my cunt.  You'll be licking hers in just a few short days, and I want her to see what she'll be getting."

Angela again adjusted the camera angle and undid the sash of her robe as her child lover scrambled off her lap.

"Oh she holds onto her rabbit while she does it?  That's just priceless.  Oh Angela I hope you don't mind if I pleasure myself while I watch, she is just too much.  I only wish I too had a little mouth to use right now.  My Tuesday girl isn't available till after her piano lessons, and I can tell she is going to be in for quite a ride when she gets here.  Can you zoom in a bit Angela?  I really want to see the way her pretty little mouth stretches to take in all your wet flesh."

Angela tapped the plus sign on her keyboard, completely filling the insert screen with the image of her wiry haired pussy.  With a soft sigh she took a hold of the back of the child's head and drew it into the V of her crotch.  The touch of Nikki's lips to her sex was now like a drug, and her addiction was getting worse every day.  She lifted her feet up and pressed them against the edge of the desk, opening her legs obscenely to the mouth of the kneeling child.  With hooded eyes she watched her slave service her drooling sex.  Each lap of her tiny tongue was greeted with a generous coating of thick milky syrup, the balance of which had remained festering in the folds of her sex since last night.  The thick tangy mucus dripped off the child's face as she tried valiantly to not waste a drop of her Mistresses flowing oils.  Angela got used to the rhythm of the tiny mouth and reached for a pad of paper to take down directions to the party.  The two adults spoke for twenty minutes as Nikki's head bobbed dutifully between her spread thighs, occasionally interrupted by long moments of heavy breathing and demands for different techniques.  Ms. Peters gave requests for the performance, telling the little girl she wanted to see how well she sucked on her "Big Clitty", or to "See you lick her nasty brown hole".  The women conducted their business in the midst of the perverted activity below in as much model of decorum as was possible under the circumstances.  April went on to talk about the lay out of the home and how there were times of group activities as well as times of more focused attention between smaller couplings of women and their sex providers.  The shit eating was usually saved for later in the night, but it wasn't required. Basically, the bathrooms were off limits for anyone but the children who found it necessary to expel their bodies on occasion to make room for more waste.  This was not a group of S&M lovers, although some elements of that lifestyle were present as well.  The children wouldn't be tied up or bound in any way, but there would be little tolerance for crying or acting out.  The girls were expected to stay vigilant to the needs of the women and to service them in every possible way. They wouldn't be allowed to leave until the entire group had their fill of them, which often required that they take "peppy pills" to keep them awake and to keep their mouths eager throughout the long night.  The `parties' usually lasted two days, but they never liked to put a time on such things; when everyone felt satisfied that was when the party would end.  This was all about the needs of the women, and the children were there for their pleasure.  Angela wouldn't have it any other way.



Chapter 16

The days that led to the party were a busy time for the two females, and not unlike a perverted sort of training for Nikki. Angela had taken Nikki shopping for a dress to tonight's party, as well as picking up an outfit for herself at a local sex shop that specialized in fantasy wear. Angela planned a look for the two of them that was sure to dazzle the club members. She found a guilty pleasure in the thought of the other women envying her and her little slave. She sought a dominate-chic look for herself, and for Nikki a look of pure child sluttiness.

Nikki had become weepy on several occasions, her eyes welling with tears and softly sobbing as she shared her nervousness about having to perform "Mouth Love" with more women then just her Mistress. Angela recognized that this was a valid concern, after all Nikki had only become a submissive sex slave a short while ago. She was only 5 years old and the nature of the women attending the party seemed to be rather mercurial at best. Much would be demanded of the toddler, and very little would be returned, so the strength to endure their tireless demands and to succeed at pleasing the horny women had to come from somewhere within the little girl. She had to `want' to please them, and in their satisfaction find her own worth. Surely she had proven to Angela that she was a willing participant in any sort of sorted demand she could conjure up, but then again Nikki now looked at Angela as her mother as well as her lover. It was a deep love and an inbred desire to please her that gave birth to the courage she needed to consume every manner of the woman's bodily offerings. Nikki had never met the women that intended to use her mouth, and that fact both worried and excited the little girl.

"Pet, I've been thinking about the party and I'd like to have a talk with you about it. Please come up on the couch with me and suck my tit while I share my thoughts with you." Angela pulled open the lavender blouse she was wearing and extracted her left breast. She had stopped wearing undergarments as they only served to delay her pleasure, and that was something she had found she could not tolerate any longer. As the girl climbed onto her lap with a wide and content smile, Angela guided her onto her back and lifted her heavy pear-shaped breast, lowering it into the bird-like mouth of the outstretched girl.

"That's it darling, just suck. I know how much you enjoy sucking on Mumma's tit. It makes you feel nice and relaxed... as it should. You see Nikki, your mouth is a gift from heaven, and those sexy little lips of yours are just made for sucking, and your tongue for licking. Are you happy with me darling? Don't bother taking your mouth off my nipple, keep sucking, and just nod your head. I knew you were sweetheart, and I am the happiest I have ever been with you." Angela hissed as Nikki's sucking became more enthusiastic; she had come to find that when her pet was very content, or very worried, that her sucking became stronger. Angela bit her lip as she took a moment to enjoy the sight of her pliant flesh being pulled into the pulsing lips of her little lover. Angela had heard of a drug on the market now that could produce lactation in women beyond child baring years; she fully intended to ask her medical colleges to secure some for her, she needed to have Nikki eating from her in every way possible.

"I know you're anxious about the party tonight, and I do understand. If I were in your shoes, I'm sure I would be nervous too. I want to tell you what my expectations are, so that you can see it in your mind before hand. Just like when we watched the movie of Chantal eating Ms. Peters shit the other day, it helped you prepare yourself for what I did to you afterwards." Nikki nodded her head and the wicked thought caused her to bite onto her lover's nipple with her teeth. The sudden erotic pain that shot through Angela's breast caused her to bring her hand down swiftly onto the girls thigh with a crackling SMACK. Nikki's eyes flared open and immediately filled with water as she received her first spanking. The sensation, while unpleasant, quickly gave way to a pins-and-needles sensation that spread up her thigh all the way to her immature sex, and she felt a tiny drop of fluid seep out of her baby-slit just as the tear dripped down her cheek.

"I'm sorry darling, I hope I didn't hurt you too bad, but I can't have you biting Mumma. You need to remember when you're at the party tonight that you may not always be with me, you will also be with other ladies. If you were to bite them, I'm not quite sure how they'd react, ladies can do some strange things when they are aroused." Angela spied the droplets of moisture that clung to Nikki's puffy labia and soothed her by rubbing it up and down the crease. Nikki whimpered in her lap and sucked harder than ever before. Angela dipped her fingertip into the soft opening of the child's flesh and gathered more lubrication to rub along the length of her slit. She was enjoying the erotic teasing she was giving her slave, and continued to intone in syrupy speech to the sucking child.

"First off Pet, I want you to be prepared for some of the words the ladies may use tonight; because I love you darling, I use words like pet and sweetheart, but these women tonight do not love you. They will not hurt you, but they don't care for you like I do, so they may call you things that might hurt your feelings at first. Just remember, that the nasty names that use just helps them feel more pleasure. Do you understand darling?" Nikki sniffed back the remains of her cry and settled back into her job of sucking her lover's nipple and nodded her head. There was something about the sound of Angela's posh Brittish accent and sexy tone that comforted Nikki beyond anything else. She flicked her nipple with the tip of her tongue and continued to mouth at her sopping wet breast.

"Also darling I want you to remember above all how much I love you. Tonight you are going to see me with other girl's and even perhaps other women, doing things that you and I do. I don't want you to worry about that, it doesn't mean I don't love you... I'll always love you above all others. If I decided to give my smelly shit or stinky pee to another pretty girl, it's only because it is pleasing me at that moment and doesn't affect you and I at all. Nod your head that you understand. Good... is there anything you want to say about that? Alright then, lastly I want to tell you that I know how much you want to please me, and I want you to pretend that you are with me when other ladies take you off to their beds. I have seen how you are looking at ladies on the beach and in the stores, I know you have naughty little thoughts about them, and that's ok. I have naughty thoughts too, but I want you to try and think all the naughty thoughts you can tonight when you are being made to please the other ladies. You just need to do your very best to take into you tummy whatever they give you, no matter if you think that you couldn't take another bite. Just keep trying to do your best and I'm sure you'll be just fine."


Angela had put Nikki down for a nap as she began her preparation for the evening, she was not sure when she would be allowed to sleep again and wanted her as fresh as she could be.  Angela intended to keep a steady flow of product through her intestines so that she could manage more than one feeding though out the orgy.  She had been eating small plates of protein rich foods all day; presently she finished an Oyster Poor-Boy sandwich topped with a corn mint salsa.  The idea of seeing the tiny bits of corn mixed in her shit end up in a child's mouth later tonight made her sex ooze forth drops of anticipation.  Angela had curled her hair for the evening, mimicking slightly the buoyancy of her dates bouncy hair; `stray strands of curls hung across her face giving her a look of sever beauty.  Her eye makeup was a bold mixture of emerald green with yellow and red highlights fairing outward around her eyes; she had chosen to wear fake eyelashes tonight, further accentuating the dramatic look of a gypsy queen.  The shinny red lipstick and liner she applied caused her lips to appear fuller and as she gave the mirror a mock snarl she felt she was ready to put on her outfit.  Angela didn't wear the color red much in her normal life, but then again her life was anything but normal lately.  The color looked garish, even whorish on her in the light of normal society; her height, coloring and body type kept her from indulging in its boldness.  Tonight however she had purchased a red dress made of shiny metallic material that just barely cleared the southern slope of her generous bottom, showing the lacy tops of her fishnets.  Its plunging neckline highlighted the green and black velvet choker collar she wore, and the red leather stilettos finished the gaudy outfit.  It was time now for her slave to get dressed. 

Down a dark street on the other side of the tracks from Angela's well heeled neighborhood was a sex store that specialized in sexual paraphernalia and literature concerning adult and children relationships.  The store had no sign above it, and could only be accessed by appointment; it was a seedy little place from the outside and not much more appealing from within, however it had become one of Europe's most comprehensive collections of pedophilic merchandise and writings.  Ms. Peters had phoned ahead for Angela and arranged a appointment in preparation for their attendance at the party.  When Angela had arrived there with Nikki earlier in the day they were both speechless at the variety and ingenuity of the products available; most were unrecognizable to Nikki, and some even the adult had a hard time comprehending.  Just inside the store were rack upon rack of magazines and books catering to the prurient needs of pedophiles.  The dark rows were organized by categories covering every conceivable combination of adult/child sex; how-to-books, sociological and psychological studies, pornography of every sort, all aimed at the legal, albeit underground, subset of human sexuality. In the back of the store were literally hundreds of sexual aids designed to fit or to be used specifically `on' children. Angela's mind raced as she thumbed through the racks of strap-ons that were organized by age (infant to 3, 4-8, 9-13...etc), she read the labels of the "Kiddie-Glide" lubricants, and smirked at the bondage cuffs barely bigger than her thumb. It was a world unlike any other, but the couple was there to find the perfect outfit for the evening's events. She wanted Nikki's natural young beauty to be highlighted and not masked by making her look older, it was important that she appear seductive and still innocent. A standard school uniform would seem to pander or even insult the women at tonight's party. There was no need to allude to their allure, the girls tonight would be used by the women. Angela was looking for an outfit that showed off her little lover, not disguise her. Angela spotted a mannequin whose outfit was perfect for Nikki's big night out. Not quite a costume, the skirt and matching crop top where fashioned of a sheer and almost entirely see-through green material.  The skirt flared outward and rested high on the thigh, the material so light that it swayed with any passing breeze. The blouse had no buttons, rather was fashioned to wrap around the girl and tie just under the rib cage, leaving her entire abdomen and soft tummy exposed.  The look was rather pixie-ish and suited the fantasy Angela had perfectly.  The woman brought the outfit to the counter and spied an herbal-henna tattoo kit on the counter, which she quietly added to her purchases.  The cashier seemed to smirk as she leered at the little girl and older woman.  She had seen countless couples of disproportionate ages walk through the door over the years and assumed she had seen it all.  The truth was that even her jaded view of things couldn't have foreseen what was about to happen to the sweet little girl in front of her.


Chapter 17

Angela couldn't stop looking at her date as they drove down the country road to the address Ms Peters had given her.  Her hand stroked the child's bare thigh, feeling the smoothness of her fresh skin as if it were the first time. Nikki clutched a brand new teddy bear, or "the other Poo Bear" as she called it, and smiled as she looked into the hungry eyes of her Mistress. Nikki couldn't help but nervously sucking her thumb as the tree-lined road whisked by outside. Her mind was on the tasks at hand, naturally. She thought of the things she had learned; how to unsnap a bra, the best way to pull down the underpants of a grown woman, the proper way to tease but not hurt a nipple, the best way to cope with rushing fluids when your mouth is forced open, the easiest way to chew when its hard to move your jaw. All these things and a hundred others rattled through Nikki's head as they made their way to the party; yet every time she felt anxious about what was to happen, she saw the loving smile and felt the warm hand of her lover/mistress, and all once again seemed right with the world.

"Remember pet, these women are going to be quite worked up by the time we get there; the party started early this morning." Angela laughed to herself as she watched the sucking mouth of the little girl, and gently pulled the wet digit from her lips.  "Stop sucking your thumb silly goose... you don't want your mouth to get tired too soon."

"Ok Mistwess, but I'm just so hungry, why couldn't we stop and get me lunch?  All I've had was that piece of toast since yesterday."

Nikki's best efforts to look unhappy only made her more adorable to the woman next to her, even her darling little sobs of protesting made Angela's cunt swell and throb as she continued the drive to the house.  The girl was willing to attend the party and play mouth games with the new ladies; Angela had certainly given her enough encouragement in that regard. Her mistress reached across her lap and reached into the glove compartment to pull out an energy bar she kept stored for when she was between meals, she unwrapped it and handed it to the pouting girl. 

"Here you go you big faker, you can have some of this. It should tide you over for now. I think you're going to be quite a popular girl at the party, I'm sure everyone there will make sure you have plenty to eat before its time to leave."

The pathway through the tree-lined drive lead to a large country home set along a small stream. The peaceful setting caused the nerves to settle in both of them. Angela, though excited and very aroused at the prospect of what was to come, felt anxious about what they would find once inside. She thought not only of her impending meeting with her old school teacher, but also of what was to come of her darling little slave. It was made clear that no harm would come to Nikki, yet she still worried how the youngster would handle the demands of so many women. Angela opened her `date's' door and helped her out of the car, taking a moment to leer at her bare sex barely hidden under the sheer green outfit. She stood and admired her girlfriend and brushed a stray stand of hair away from her face. She fussed over her hair and straightened her elfin clothes before checking her own make up in the window's reflection. Angela's hand rubbed the child's tummy and a wide grin swept across her face as she read the message she had written on it, and thought of what was to come.

"How do I look pet? Will you be proud to have me on your arm tonight darling? I think we make quite a stunning pair... just like two movie stars."

Nikki flashed her full wattage smile at her and nodded her head swiftly. "You look beautiful Mumma, and thank you for my new dress, it's very pretty. I think we'll be the prettiest ones here."

"I think so too pet. It's time we made our introductions, don't you think?"

Nikki took a deep breath and reached up to take Angela's hand as they stood up and knocked on the large oak door. The door opened and both Nikki and Angela were surprised to see the smiling face of a young Asian girl greeting them. She was dressed in a tiny blue kimono that draped over her slight shoulders. She had the look of child Geisha who's sole purpose was to please. Her hair was jet black and hung straight down over her shoulders. She was about the same size as Nikki, which thrilled the youngster, and her smile and self-assured stance seemed to put Nikki at ease.

"Hello Lady, my name is Nei, and I come to welcome you to the party. I am here with my most lovely mother and her friends. They told me that a new lady was coming and that I should be most kind to her. Is that you?"

The tiny Chinese girl was wearing an eye-make up that accentuated the angle of her eyes, and seemed to make her appear as always smiling. Without asking permission she reached out and placed her small hand on the upper thigh of the towering woman and looked brightly into the face of the `new girl.' Nikki clutched her bear and understood that the girl was to be a guide of sorts. Instinctively she reached for her hand as well. Inside the house the sounds of an exuberant party floated out the door, causing Angela to peak past her little hostess into the well lit parlor.

"It's nice to meet you Nei. My name is Mrs. Stone, and this is my pet Nikki. It's our first time at one of your parties and it's so nice to be welcomed by such a pretty little girl. May we come in?"

"Yes Lady Stone, you and your girl are most welcome to the ladies party. I am here for all of your needs and must show you to the party room. It is nice to meet you Pet Nikki, you are a most pretty slave, is this your first time too?"

Nikki nodded and smiled as she squeezed the child's hand, and clutching her Poo Bear with her other arm. Angela watched the exchange and her mind raced to an image of them both between her legs servicing her demanding holes at the same time and the image forced a quick drop of anticipation to roll down the cleft of her bottom cheeks. Angela held both girls by the hand and began to walk into a sunken great room. As they crossed its crest they were met with the focused stare of the women enjoying various levels of pleasure. Both of them could feel their stares and Angela thrilled at the look of envy each of them had as they absorbed the sight of the little green elf at her side. They seemed to be sitting in chairs surrounding a center space that they could not completely see until they came closer. The hungry eyes of the women and the glazed stares of a few youngsters all seemed to put a weight on the pair as they saw the cat-like swagger of April Peters crossing the room.

"Welcome you two; we have been wondering when you might arrive. You haven't missed that much yet, only a bit of early playtime. How are you Mrs. Stone? My you look stunning in your party dress, good enough to eat... as I'm sure you will be very soon."

She leaned in to give Angela a full kiss on the lips as if they had been best friends for years. The sudden familiarity of the gesture took the woman by surprise; however it lit the fuse for what was going to be a very long night of explosions. Ms. Peters broke off the kiss before Angela had time to respond to it and bent down to cast her gaze at the pixie standing between them.

"And you must be Ms. Steele's Pet. Hello Nikki, I'm so glad you were willing to come today. I must say dear, you look just scrumptious in your little outfit... a perfect picture of deliciousness. What is this on your tummy? Pull your shirt up and let me read it... Oh Heavens! Hahaha, that is priceless, just priceless. `HUNGRY PIXIE', oh I don't think I have every seen anything as adorable. Is that a Henna Tattoo? Hahaa! Well the good news is, it will wash off eventually, you don't need your kindergarten mates asking you about that little tidbit. Your Mistress has quite a wonderful sense of humor. Don't worry one bit dear, you'll be fed all that you can handle and them some, the women are very excited to meet you, as they are with any new girl. But I forwarded on to them a copy of our video chat from the other day, and I must say they are all quite impressed with that little mouth of yours. Your dance card is going to be quite full sweetheart."

Ms. Peters shifted her attention to the little Chinese girl standing at her side and gave her a wicked smile. "Nei, I believe Ms Quinton needed you upstairs, be a darling and take care of her while I introduce these two around... I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to get to know them better very soon. Hurry up, you know how impatient she gets when she doesn't have a little mouth at the ready."

Nei gave Nikki a little wink as if to say... "you'll be up next" and then curtsied to Angela and Ms. Peters before padding off upstairs to see to the grand dame. Ms. Peters smiled at her and gave her black hair a tussle as she scampered past them to see to her oral duties. Ms. Peters was dressed in a short black leather mini skirt and matching leather vest. She wore no shirt under the vest which was undone several inches past the bottom of her small breasts, showing off shamelessly her cleavage. Her long toned legs were highlighted with opaque black stockings and suspenders that were fashioned with a thick seem down the back of the thigh and calf, gracefully slipping into shiny pointed heels. Around her neck she wore a brilliant pendant made in the shape of two interlocked female symbols, one of which was much lager than the other. Her tawny brown hair lay past her shoulders and rested effortlessly along the leather vest she wore. The look was `fetish-clubby' but very chic, and both Angela and Nikki felt the raw dominate power she emanated; to Angela it was alluring, and to Nikki, rather unsettling.

She took Nikki's small hand in hers and bent to whisper in her ear... "I've been waiting all day to have you to myself, and later tonight I will need you in my bed and you're going to get all of me dear girl... the whole works... I hope you're hungry, because I have quite a load to feed you." She stood and led the two females to the edge of the sunken space where the full impact of the party's perversity became clear.

"Attention Ladies! I'd like to introduce you to our newest members of the 9 to 5 Club. This ravishing creature in red next to me is Mrs. Angela Steele, a well known author of children's psychology books, some of which I own myself. She comes to us with a complete understanding of our lifestyle and a wish to more fully explore her own needs as a woman of our particular taste. We have been chatting for sometime now and I know you'll all make her most welcome. Please make sure that your pets and slaves visit Mrs. Steele at some point during the party as she has expressed to me a desire to use all the party girls before she leaves."

The women were seated or lying in soft leather couches or specially made reclining chairs around a central area that looked to them as if it were covered by a large gymnastic mat. The padded black mat was clearly designed to protect the surrounding areas from any unwanted discharges and covered nearly all of the large floor space. The furniture had been removed and it appeared to be a space for competition, with the cheering fans being over-heated women enjoying the services of pretty little girls.

The women each said hello and welcomed the two newcomers, but made no effort to get up from their positions of pleasure. The attendees quickly turned their attention back to the mat in the center where they were enjoying a show of sorts; the intimate coupling of Mrs. Birkswell and her 10 year old daughter Emily.

Sylvia Birkswell was not at all the dowdy old bird one might expect for a woman who had been having sex with her daughter since nearly the day she was born. She was a stunning woman in her late forties with salt and pepper hair and a lean and long body. She could have had sex with any man or woman she pleased, but had chosen her daughter. And since joining the club nearly 9 years ago, she had extended her sexual interests strictly to the children offered to her for service. Her angular bird-like features were as beautiful as they were menacing, and in her current moment of distress, were contorted into twisted lines of pleasure and effort. She was sitting, not kneeling or squatting, but sitting on the upturned face of her 10 year old daughter, who to everyone's amazement was able to still breathe under the pressure of her sodden flesh. Mrs. Birkswell had her hands placed on the mat behind her, and her feet planted flat so that she looked upward towards the ceiling. Her child lay under her with her face welded fully into the gyrating sex of her mother above. Clearly this was a manoeuvre they had practiced in the past, because the woman knew precisely when to lift her arse off the child's face just long enough for the girl to gasp before sitting with full force back down onto her mouth. Emily's arms and legs were flailing as her mother bore down with great enthusiasm, as much to entertain the watching women as to satisfy her own wicked demands. She grinded and moaned loudly as she worked her way towards the third orgasm of the night... her record was 23 orgasms in a single sitting with her daughter, and she seemed on pace to break it. The other girls in the group were glad she had chosen Emily for this particular activity, because not being skilled in such service could prove to be hazardous to their health.

Ms. Peters continued: "I know you all have been waiting to meet our newest service girl, the darling little American Imp... Nikki. Nikki has been Angela's pet for only a short while, and this is her very first outing to serve other women. She has been fully trained in oral worship and has recently graduated from drinking to eating the body fruits of her Mistress. Angela has assured me that you are welcome to use her for all your toilet needs, but notes that Nikki may need to be reminded occasionally of her responsibilities. I know patience is not our biggest virtue, but I trust you'll all do your part to make sure Nikki understand exactly what is expected of her, and that you'll do so in your own special way. Remember ladies, tonight is about pleasure, so go steady with her when it's your time. I'm sure she'll do her best to please you all, and I for one can't wait to get my chance with her little mouth. Angela dear, I'll trust that you'll get the hang of things here rather quickly, the only rule is to maximize your pleasure. Don't be afraid to ask any of us for anything at all you might need, consider this your home while you're here. There are refreshments in the other room; our hostess Mrs. Chan had prepared foods to build up our strength as well as loosen our bowels... so enjoy ladies!"

The room laughed at the comment and the introduction of a new girl seemed to heighten the already charged atmosphere. Angela looked down at her pet and raised her eyebrow as if to say..."you know what to do" and pushed her gently by the back of her head into the midst of the predatory pedophiles. With her bottom lip quivering she stepped down into the den of iniquity that lay before her.

Dr. Camille Andrews and her partner Melissa were the first to make their way to the new pet. They had been patiently waiting her arrival and had chosen to please each other as they watched Mrs. Birkswell's act instead of enjoying one of the girls running around the house. The two had been planning their first Toilet Party for some time, and while they had both shared water sports with each other, neither could muster the courage to extend their play to `the brown side' of love. When Camille had heard that a new girl would be at the next party, she and Melissa decided it would be the right time to take the plunge, so to speak, and explore the most deviant aspect of servitude they could imagine.

The women were an exquisite pair of lesbians... really the highest order of both intelligence and looks one could hope for. Camille was an Oxford educated neurologist that had been brought to France from the United States when she was very young. She came from American Indian ancestry on her mother's side, and pure French aristocracy on her father's. Her long black hair swept down nearly to the middle of her back, and gave her a look of exotic elegance. She and Melissa had chosen to wear matching silk ivory colored robes and white stockings. They wore no panties or garters to support them; neither needed any as the stockings seemed to fit perfectly over their sculpted legs. Where Camille Andrews was a vision of dark-skinned beauty, her long time lover Melissa was a pale Nordic Goddess that turned the heads of any person with a pulse whenever she entered a room. Her skin was porcelain and flawless; it was as if she had never spent a day in direct sunlight, absent were imperfections or blemishes of any kind. Her hair was natural platinum and shimmered past her shoulders as if made of gossamer. She was tall, lean and perfect in every way. Her curves were round and generous and a perfect contrast to the feline-like appearance of her mate. Where Camille was methodic and cerebral, Melissa was artistic and carefree. They were each the perfect Ying to the other's Yang.

With a voice as soft and pleasant as her angelic features, Melissa knelt on eye level with Nikki and spoke quietly, immediately disarming the child and turning her tumultuous nerves into supple putty. Nikki stared into the pale blue eyes of the blonde woman and felt insignificant next to her raw beauty. Melissa used her considerable talents to seduce the child, even though she didn't need to; she recognized that she had a right to her use if she so desired but preferred to offer an alternative to Camille's often `direct' approach at pleasure.

"Nikki, I'm Melissa, and this is Camille. I just wanted to tell you that we think you're the prettiest little girl we have ever seen, and we would like to be your friend. We can tell you're nervous, and the truth is that so are we. We have been to parties before, and we have been with other little girls, but we have never shared a girl as pretty as you are. And... well, we have never done anything quite like what we would like to do with you before either. So you see sweetheart, we are both sort of doing this for the first time. We would like very much if you'd be willing to come upstairs with us to our bed and to be at our service. Camille and I enjoy nothing more than to be worshiped by beautiful little girls; it makes us feel powerful and alive. There is one other thing, precious; we would like very much to use you as our toilet. I can see that you are indeed a `Hungry Pixie', and we want to be the very first to fill you up. That is why you're here isn't it? We aren't mistaken, are we Nikki?"

Nikki was immediately taken by the manner and beauty of the two women. They were younger than her Mistress, and just the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Some of the other women at the party made her nervous, but these two seemed to be nice and since she was here for one reason only, she may as well let it be with them. She clutched her Poo Bear bravely and nodded to the two women.

"Ok... You can use me if you want to. My `Mistwess said I need to do all the things the ladies wanted me to, and you seem nice. Ok `Mewissa, I'll come `wif you and be your potty."

Camille bent down and leaned up to the girl's ear and whispered. "Good Cherie, I'm very glad you are going to come willingly. Shall we go upstairs? I'm not sure my lover and I could have waited much longer." Camille gave Nikki a swat under her skirt on her bare bottom, causing Nikki to yelp as the two women stood and each took a hand of the little girl and smiled wickedly at each other as they led Nikki up the winding stairs to the room in the corner.


Angela watched the two women lead her little lover up to their bedroom from her place on the couch and felt a twinge of jealousy. It was an emotion that she hadn't planned on; for a moment she worried for Nikki's well being, and wondered if she had done the right thing bringing her here, but her doubts were quickly replaced by the burden growing between her legs. Angela began to watch the sexual gymnastics on the mat in front of her; for the first time she could see Emily Birkswell's face, which was slick and shinny from her time between her mother's thighs. She was a colt of a girl, who's legs hardly seemed coordinated enough to support her rapidly growing body. Built like a string bean with only spongy brown nipples for breasts and the slightest hint of peach fuzz on her pubic mound. Emily had dishwater brown hair which currently was soaking wet and clinging to her face, completely mussed up from her mother's demanding hands. Mrs. Birkswell had recently dismounted the child's mouth and was standing before the awkwardly sitting girl. It was clear that Emily was trying to catch her breath; her legs were curled up under her in a way only young girls can do, and had one hand on the mat with her head hanging low as she tried to re-establish balanced breathing. Her naked mother stood over her and pressed her full breasts together; Angela assumed they were surgically enhanced and she was correct. Perfectly shaped globes that looked as if they were ready to burst off her chest and take flight. She stepped over her daughters hanging head and took a handful of dishwater stands, quickly wrenching her face in an approximate angle to her sex. Boldly she spread her labia apart and hissed at the girl.

"Open your mouth daughter-slut, Mummy has a nice hot drink for you. Wider...WIDER! YES... now stick out your tongue. Oh you look so pathetic with your pretty pink tongue hanging out of your mouth like that. My cunt is going to feed you now daughter-slut, and you're going to show all these pretty ladies how well you drink Piss. Finish your wine ladies, and get your bladders nice and full, my daughter-slut needs lots of piss tonight and I expect you all to use her. Here comes...YESSSSS just like that."

Mrs. Birkswell placed one hand on her buttocks and arched her hips forward. With a low growl she let go a high arching rain of deep golden piss. The acrid drink covered the few feet between them and came to land on the upturned face of her ten year old daughter. Emily tried to move her outstretched tongue to find the source of her shower, looking desperately pathetic as she worked to please her mother.      

"They are quite a pair aren't they? My name is Karina Chan, welcome to my home. I was most impressed with the video that Ms. Peters sent me, your pet is a most devoted slave to your body."

Angela's eyes cast a heavy glaze at the beautiful Chinese women draped leisurely over the end of the couch. Dressed in a purple silken top with a high collar and plunging neckline that came to rest on gold embossed ties which rested just above her navel. She wore no undergarments below her waist only brightly patterned hosiery that bore rose emblems along her sleek legs. She appeared the essence of oriental sophistication and was a formidable sight as she lay in repose, softly stroking the brunet hair of a small child between her legs. She was small, maybe just over 5 feet tall, but she gave the impression she was deadly serious and a woman to be treated with much respect. Angela watched the small head bobbing between her legs and began to wonder how much longer she would be able to wait before she found relief to the crisis that built within her loins. The sounds of oral servitude swirled around her; in front of her pretty Emily worked to drink all the urine her mother had in her, to her left sat the beautiful Karina Chan who enjoyed an enthusiastic servicing from a yet unknown girl, and across the room stood Ms. Peters gently stroking her nipples as she watched the goings on nearby.

"Thank you for your hospitality Karina, I must say I'm a bit overwhelmed. I was wondering if you might not introduce me to the lovely little darling you have on the floor in front of you."

"Yes of course... it's okay to take your mouth off now girl. Say hello to Mrs. Steele. This is Lucy, Ms. Peters little slave. I make time for her every time she arrives at a party; she really is quite a wonderful little slut. I'll be sure to give her to you just as soon as I'm done, which won't be long at this rate."

"Hello Mrs. Steele, my Mistress Ms. Peters told me I should give you my mouth when you came. I'm sorry but Ms. Chan took me first, when she is done, you can have me."

Lucy's face dripped tendrils of syrupy slime as she addressed the woman and Angela couldn't take her eyes off one particular strand that swung nearly 3 inches off the bottom of her chin and danced back and forth as she spoke. She couldn't be more than 6, and seemed hardly phased by the perversity of what she was doing. Angela suddenly felt as if she could be very demanding with that little girl. Much, much more than she ever considered before. There was a recklessness growing within her, one she felt she would be able to explore this evening in ways she never had before.

April casually strode up onto the mat, next to Sylvia Birkswell, softly stroking her friend's breast as the woman finished her first piss of the afternoon into the gulping mouth of her daughter.

"Do you mind if I use her mouth now Syliva? I have a few glasses of Champagne in me and I am in dire need." Without a word Sylvia removed Emily's dripping face from her own pussy and shoved it into the crotch of Ms. Peters, just as she let go a salvo of fresh warm urine into the gasping mouth of the child. Angela watched the girl's throat bob up and down as her face squinted into an expression of effort. Even drinking a large amount of the most delicious liquid was a difficult task, and Angela wondered how hard it must be to accept so much stinking piss in one sitting. The sight of Ms. Peters selfish demand and the child's instantaneous acceptance of her role as toilet to the woman was all it took for Karin Chan to loose her battle with pleasure. Shouting instructions in profane Chinese, the woman pulled mercilessly on Lucy's brown hair and released her first orgasm of the day into her mouth. It was a raucous and violent affair that stole the attention of everyone in the room. Karin Chan's legs were thrown high into the air, her stiletto heels thrusting upwards as she bore down on the back of the sobbing girl's head with both hands.

The noises of the horny women had drawn even more attention and from around the corner Angela could see the head of a small girl she hadn't seen before peeking. She stood just north of 4 feet tall, and possessed the features of a Rubenesque cherub. The soft rounded face of the little girl was nothing but pure `baby-fat'. She appeared to be pre-school age and wore on her short red hair a bonnet fastened with berets to keep it in place. As she stepped into full view Angela was immediately transported forty years back in time to once again be the innocent 10 year old girl dressed up in all manner of children's story costumes to please the pedophilic desires of her teacher Ms. Quinton. Ms. Quinton was the Drama Teacher, and kept in her apartment a large collection of children's costumes that coincided with characters from well know children's literature. She would modify the costumes to suit her needs, and dress little Angela up in them. She would sit her up on her lap as she read to her from the original books, all the while molesting her through her costume, fuelling her own particular brand of perversions before forcing her to satisfy her with her mouth. There was no doubt in Angela's mind that this little girl was indeed her former teachers `date' for this perverted party; a sluttish Little Bo Peep.

Caught up in the sexual energy of the moment, April Peters called for the little girl to take care of her new guest.

"Cricket, get over here. Introduce yourself to the pretty lady in red and then do every thing she tells you. Her name is Mrs. Steele and this is her first time at one of our parties, so be very good to her."

The little girl was wearing a powder blue dress that had been cut extra short to show off her pudgy little thighs, and expose her children's pull-ups. The protective undergarment was decorated with leaping lambs, and the plastic lining seemed to dig into the flesh of the little girl as she walked sheepishly over to the prone woman on the couch. Angela had completely forgotten that her former teacher used to make her wear a transitional diaper when she was with her, even though Angela was well past the years she needed to use them. Her teacher would never let Angela urinate in the toilet, rather preferring her to "piss in her panties like a naughty little girl". There were days that at 11 years of age Angela would be forced to walk around her Mistress' apartment with a completely bloated diaper that hung down nearly to her knees. The feeling of cold and smelly urine on her skin at first disgusted her, but later had become a sort of game she played with her sex teacher. Obviously it was a painful memory and one that she had pushed out of her head until this moment as darling little Cricket now stood before her. Angela was in no mood for niceties, and wasn't about to pretend to seduce the little girl. She had her needs, and right now her needs weren't being met. She intended to remedy that immediately.

"I don't really care who you are child. All I care is that your mouth become attached to my cunt at once. So get on your knees and eat me, and you had better do a good job, because I know how well you've been trained."

Angela's words sent a communal shudder down the spines of the other women in the room. Each of them loved to see the manner in which other women dominated the young. They stole ideas and borrowed phrases; carefully honing their craft over time. These predatory pedophiles had found space at these parties to act without compunctions or fear of reprisal; they explored every nuance of their sicknesses and revelled in the freedom they found in its expression. As the little girl assumed the universal position for oral servitude, the rest of the women in the room fought their way towards their own orgasms.

Sylvia Birkswell had pushed her now soaking child down onto her back without ceremony and quickly placed her pissy cunt onto her face. Ms. Peters followed suit and climbed onto of the flat chest of the child so that she faced her friend. The two women embraced and rubbed their breasts together, totally oblivious to the protests of the suffocating child under them. They slathered and slid themselves to orgasm along the smooth and bony frame of the twisting girl below, as they kissed and caressed each other's bodies, and exalting the magnificence of each other's beauty.

Karin Chan was now kneeling on the couch with her hands supporting her along the back cushions. Her beautiful purple dress now rode above the perfectly rounded cheeks of her tight derriere.

"Lucy I need my asshole eaten now, don't forget you owe Mrs. Steele a proper servicing when you're done, but right now I think she's a bit busy. Go on girl lick my ass out; I want to cum again with your tongue deep in my shit tube. And if you're an especially good girl, I'll be feeding you from that very hole a little later tonight."

The mousy little brunette licked her lips to clear away the residue of the woman's last orgasm and stared at the small bottom of her current Mistress. It was much smaller than Ms. Peter's, whose bung hole she normally was required to service, it looked pale and tiny in comparison, and all the more alluring. She bravely placed her face between the muscular cheeks of the Chinese woman just in time to be greeted with a warm fart right in her face. Unable to control her reaction she pulled back only to be reeled back in by the hair as Mrs. Chan pulled her face back in place.

"Eat my asshole Lucy, and eat it long and good. That fart is just an appetizer, and I hope you enjoyed it, for the real thing isn't far behind. Now get in there and do your job."

The sexual energy of the room was palpable and Angela turned her attention to Little Bo Peep who now had placed her tiny hands on the woman's inner thighs and was pushing them apart. Angela let out a mournful cry as the girl made her initial contact with her already soaking wet vaginal folds, making her voice echo throughout the great room. She began to mash her sex into the girl's face and held tight to her short red hair that hung from bellow the bonnet. Angela was filled with memories of her own ministrations to the demanding Ms. Quinton. She clenched her eyes tightly shut as she thought of the countless hours she spent orally pleasing her teacher. She remembered the contentment she would feel at even the smallest amounts of praise that was given, never getting a true sense that Ms. Quinton ever new just how demanding her services where. She felt Cricket's small tongue flick along her swollen labia and gently suck them into her mouth, just as she had been taught to do those many years ago. She could sense that the child had been taught to please a woman just as she had been herself, but now she was the one in charge, and a series of emotions were triggered that swam through her head like schools of fish swimming as one. She wanted to slap the little girl and knock some sense into her, to tell her this was no place for a child. She wanted to warn her what was going to happen to her if she stayed, that she would be made to subjugate herself to the will of women who didn't care about her. Her body would be used for pleasure and fed every conceivable excretion by selfish women only because they could do so. But alas, Angela couldn't bring herself to reject the pleasure she was being given; with all her considerable mental faculties, her superior intellect and enviable intelligence Angela was a part of this world and no matter what her grasp of right and wrong was, she knew she wouldn't be able to stop.

As the combinations of women and girls changed in front of her she stared at the bobbing bonnet between her legs and pulled tighter... tighter, and tighter still on her close cropped red hair. The now crying girl ate through her sobs and whimpered as Angela grind her vagina into her face, her legs lifted over the child's shoulders, filling her ears with the `swooshing' sounds of nylon and locked themselves behind her back; trapping the little girl in a furnace of earthy smelling cunt. Angela watched as Ms. Birkswell strode over to the now panting Lucy, who was still resting her face in the crevice of the beautiful Mrs. Chan, slowly cleaning the muddy remains of her anal service. As the lady passed in front of Angela she bent to give Cricket a swift and loud swat on her upturned bottom.

"Smack!............. Stop all the whining girl and get to eating. I don't believe our guest has even enjoyed her first cummer yet. I'm quite sure your Mistress would be...SWAT! disappointed to know you aren't doing your Now make Mrs. Steele cum with your mouth before I turn your cute little pink bottom purple."

Stifling her annoying sobs, Cricket re-doubled her efforts and licked faster and with more force at the finger of flesh that now throbbed between her lips. She had long since given up attempts at a subtle servicing and simply tried to bring the women off as fast as she could by sucking on her clitoris with all the might she could muster. Angela was now getting used to all the activity in the room and could concentrate on her own orgasm. She gave the silver haired Ms. Birkswell a thank-you-wink and began to pump her puss into the slave's mouth. She watched as Sylvia Birkswell pushed Lucy's face into the sweaty crack of the Chinese woman's ass, effectively coating her face with cum sweat and dark anal oils, and then with a demanding yank of her hair, pulled the face of the gasping child free and planted it in her own ass cheeks.

"Eat my ass now slut! You've been taking care of our dear Ms. Chan long enough. I know how she loves to sit on my Emily's face for orgasm so I'll let her take a turn with her as soon as Ms. Peters is finished with her. Good slut... you know how to eat ass don't you deary? I'll say you do, we all know what a scat freak our own Ms. Peters is, I dare say she has gained many converts over the years in our little group. She has had you eating from her ass since you were just a tyke. Good thing too, I get the feeling tonight would challenge even the most seasoned shit eater. I for one can't wait to get my hands on that little Nikki. Phhhhuuttttt...Phuuuttttt... Eat my farts darling slut... eat them all."

Angela thought about Nikki upstairs with the lesbian couple and what she must be doing and finally gave in to the pleading service of Little Bo Peep.

"Aaaaaaaaggggh GAWD...fuck fuck...Yes I'm cumming! oh God eat it all. Fuck I'm squirting and flooding your mouth. FUCK!"

Angela's orgasm sent April Peters off into the mouth of little Emily, and Sylvia Birkswell succumbed to the world class annalingus of the kneeling Lucy. Ms. Chan languidly fingered her own asshole as she took in the orgasms that surrounded her, and upon pulling out her tan stained finger, dutifully cleaned it with the mousy hair of pretty Lucy Carmichael.



Chapter 18


The swelling sounds of bliss and struggle resounded through the old farmhouse as the women downstairs found prurient pleasures at the expense of their child sex partners. The earthy smell of female arousal and acrid ammonia of urine rolled up higher like a menacing fog; slowly creeping under doorways and through keyholes till all of its occupants were left no doubt as to the activities that surrounded them. In one room the aged ramblings of an old woman could be heard as she instructed her young Chinese slave how to best rim the inner ring of her rectum, and in the other sat little Nikki Ford studying the two women who she was now meant to please.

Standing in front of her were two Goddesses; each of different colorings and temperaments, and each as equally stunning as her mate. Nikki felt them staring intently at her as if she were a present begging to be opened, the women almost too excited to even now where to begin.  Melissa ran her hands through Camille's hair as she stood just behind her, her warm breath falling onto her dark lover's olive skin as together their breathing began to increase.  "Shall we begin Cherie?"   Melissa walked over to the seated girl and stood next to her, gently pulling her bouncy curls till her head rested on her thigh. The blond mindlessly lifted her blond curls and let them slide through her fingers like silken sand. Camille began to take off her short silk robe, finally revealing her magnificence to the child. Her small breasts and angular musculature made her look like an athlete ready for performance. Nikki could see the veins in her temple pulse and the hollow of ribs as she breathed heavily looking down at the seated toddler.

"Child, listen to me carefully, I want you to understand that there are no rules here tonight, save one. We are your Mistresses, and you are our slave; the only rule that exists is that you are to do everything we say, and you must worship our bodies utterly. My love Melissa is now going to take off your clothes, so stand up on the bed. I want to see you in a better light... after all we need to know what we are getting." 

Nikki's nerves were a potent mixture of anxiety, fear, and arousal. Before she had met her Mistress she knew nothing of pleasures of the flesh.  But her time with Angie has taught her to find satisfaction and even pleasure in her ability to make these older women happy.  The world was a completely different place now; to Nikki it seemed that any woman that wished to claim her had rights to her.  She was coming to grips with her oral duties and very much enjoyed the way her own body reacted to the arousal she was able to give.  Angela had told her that it was alright to let her "little kitty" be happy, as long as it didn't distract her from her duties.  The reality was that this little girl was learning to achieve her own orgasm without that benefit of direct stimulation, merely the enjoyment she found in her lover's bliss. Nikki felt a rush of warm fluid drip down her small leg at the thought of servicing the two beauties standing in front of her,.

She remembered to smile as she stood up on the bed, careful to let the ladies look at her skin as she slowly untied her green dress. The rounded blond woman began to unfasten the knotted green top that was tied just beneath her rib cage. She felt the cool air of the room caress her skin as she top was slid off of her shoulders. The darker woman stood leering at her and rubbing her bushy vagina as she watched her partner caress her flat chest and tug on her unformed nipples. Nikki whimpered at the arousing discomfort of her nipples attention, causing both women to moan softly in unison to her protest. Melissa was tugging and twirling the nipples on the little girls chest as if she we presenting to her darker lover the limits of her abilities. Nikki stood on the large bed and shifted her weight from foot to foot as the panting woman behind her ran her hands up and down her sides and chest, finally unsnapping the clasp of her frilly green skirt and lowering it to a heap at her feet. Nikki searched the bed for her Poo Bear, wanting the comfort of its fuzzy fur. But left with nothing to calm her, she instinctively began to suck her thumb. Camille delighted at the sight of the little girl standing in front of her; dressed in only plain white cotton panties and sucking her thumb she looked even younger and more innocent to the two women... if that was even possible. In a final act of offering, Melissa stood behind the child and kissed her neck; she caressed the soft belly of the child with her hands and framed the words that Angela had written on it... HUNGRY PIXIE.  

"You look good enough to eat Cherie, but tonight it will be you that does the eating. Your Mistress was kind to write such an alluring invitation on your tummy, slave. No need to worry though, we are about to feed you more than you bargained for.  Come off the bed to me Cherie... I need to feel your little body and for you to feel mine."

Nikki climbed off the large King Size bed and obeyed Camille's demand. Melissa had moved to turn on the CD player. She had carefully selected the musical accompaniment for tonight, she had chosen to play her favorite Aria by Mozart from Don Giovanni called  Madamina, il catalogo questo, which she recognized at being perhaps the most sexual piece of music ever composed.  The sweeping orchestral arrangement built slowly in an erotic dance, mixing melody with raw sexuality... Camille extended her hand and pulled the topless child to her, then reached for her lover to join them.  The two women began to move to the music as they closed in on the little girl between them.  Their hardened nipples rubbedf against each others as they begin their dance of lust; both of them caressing each others arms and hair as they shared their heated emotions with their eyes.  Nikki was at first uneasy with being trapped between the two lovely ladies this way, but soon began to feel safe and warm pressed between their bodies.  She could feel the roughness of Camille's pubic hair brush against her cheek and neck as she swayed to the music and noticed the contrast of Melissa's shorn pubic mound on the back of her neck.  The three danced as the two women kissed and shared their love with each other, but all of them could feel the growing passion as the older bodies rubbed against the suppleness of youth. 

Nella bionda egli ha l'usanza
Di lodar la gentilezza,
Nella bruna la costanza,
Nella bianca la dolcezza.

Vuol d'inverno la grassotta,
Vuol d'estate la magrotta;
la grande maestosa,
La piccina ognor vezzosa.

Delle vecchie fa conquista
Pel piacer di porle in lista;
Sua passion predominante
la giovin principiante.

"It is time for some serious sex slave," Camille announced as her hand clutched the back of the little girl's head and brought it between the V of her legs, never once breaking the erotic trance the three of them shared. Nikki recognized that her time had come to show the pretty ladies what she had learned and boldly extended her soft pink tongue to press into the folds of the darker woman's pussy as she had been taught by her Mistress. The women kissed and caressed each other as Nikki swept her tongue back and forth over Camille's urethra. Her soft innocent lips sucked in her hanging labia as her tiny upturned nose rubbed against her clitoris, sending shivers up the woman's spine and eliciting soft moans into her lover's receptive mouth. Melissa joined in by squatting slightly so that the back of the child's head was wedged against her pubic bone, ostensibly trapping the girl between them and began to grind herself against her. Nikki felt her face being shoved into Camille's pussy by short and hard thrusts from behind. She kept up her oral service by trying to push her little tongue deeper and deeper into the humping woman. The three of them found a rhythm to their dance, moving as one as Melissa used her thrust to transfer pleasure to her mate through the mouth of the child. The passion grew higher as the music began to soar, like flames lapping at the meat of a roasted kill, the fiery passions of the women urged Nikki to find greater and new ways of sucking and slurping the mashed flesh that now pressed into her face. The women were oblivious of Nikki's struggles as she tried to find breath where she could; her little gasps of air only making the women want to use her even more.

"Eat her Slave... she is the most beautiful woman in the world and you're lucky to be sharing her with me. My Wife needs more... Give it to her... make her cum on your lips and down your throat. Do it now slave. Suck her!"

Camille positioned her clit into the child's mouth and ground hard into her face, flattening her sex onto the pressed lips of the child, trigging Nikki's natural sucking response. The little girl nursed as hard as she could on the finger of flesh that grew in her mouth. Like a small cock of a man, Nikki sucked on her Mistress clitoris, wondering to herself when it would be feeding her. Melissa sensing an impending orgasm, wrapped her long smooth white leg around the back of her lover's waist and ground her own clitoris firmly onto the soft hair and neck of the child between them. The women began to sweat as the sucking and gulping sounds of their slave grew ever louder, their bodies now slathered in the sweaty sex of their fuck. Nikki was lost in the world of cunt that surrounded her, completely overwhelmed by the wetness and smell of sodden pussy that grinded and slid across her skin. She reached behind Camille, barely able to get her small arms around her, and grasped her buttocks and pulled her even harder to her face. It was an act that seemed to send the Dark Goddess over the edge as her black hair covered her face and she tilted her head to the heavens and screamed into the blunt force of her own orgasm.

"Oh Jesus Christ Eat Me You Fucking Slave...EAT EAAAAAAT."

The dam burst and warm fluid gushed from the pulsing cunt onto the lips and small features of the gasping child between them. Nikki whimpered at the first shot of hot jizz that peppered her face and tried to open her mouth to receive it but her Mistress had rose up and had her nose all the way up her slit and she wore the convulsing flesh like a mask. The warm cunt soup spilled up her nose and down the back of her throat casing her to cough and sputter into the ladies sex. The sounds of her distress sent Melissa into a epileptic seizure of sorts, as she came and ground violently onto the soft head of the child. Spurt after spurt of the women's spunk flooded the small head of the little girl and Nikki felt as if she was standing in a warm shower of oil. The fluids were running down her neck and face, down her undeveloped chest and pudgy little tummy, sliding down her back and soaking the hem of her panties till she stood in a puddle of the women's discharge.

The women kissed and made love to each other throughout their orgasms, loosing sight of the girl between them. Nikki's role had been that of a sex toy, used only to bring about sexual satisfaction of the weak-kneed women. She didn't feel connected to them in the way she thought she would. It was not like it was with Angie, when she felt loved and needed, instead she felt mechanical and clinical. It was her mouth they wanted, and Nikki now fully understood that. Somewhere in her still developing brain, a synapse branched out and connected to a different pleasure center, and for the first time in her young life, Nikki felt at peace with her submission. It was ok now to be used by strangers. It didn't seem scary anymore, rather it felt right, and as things should be. Nikki mustered up her new found confidence and looked up at the ladies with their cum dripping from her face and hair.

"Was I good for you `Mistwesses?"

"Oh Yes... huh... huh, Cherie you were very good indeed. Gasp... I can't remember the last time I have given up so much cum at one time. But we are not through with you darling little slave... gulp. There is still more we require of your mouth. Do you understand it's time to be our toilet? Do you know what we are about to do to you?"

Melissa knelt down and caressed the child's tummy, running her French Manicured nails over the soft curve of her belly button, causing Nikki to giggle as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Yes... I know what's gonna happen next. You want to use my mouth as Potty right?"

Mellissa ran her nails over the words HUNGRY PIXIE and said; "That's right darling, Camille and I are going to take a shit in your mouth, so I need you to lay down on the mat pet. It's time for Camille and me to get wicked and nasty with you. We need to hear you ask for it... and we need to believe you want this, so tell us. Tell us what you want us to do to you."

Nikki pulled the black rubber mat to the center of the room, just as she had done for her own Mistress. She liked the smell of the rubber and its cold look and as she knelt down in the center of it she felt a comfort similar to what she felt when she held Thumper. Nikki knelt and looked at the two panting women, and she could see each of their protruding clitorises pulsing as they hung from the matted flesh of their slits. It was the picture of sexual arousal that Nikki would carry along through all the rest of her life. Panting women staring at her in disbelief for what she was about to do; it was the essence of submissive power, the beginning of Nikki Ford's road through sexual perversion. She knelt proudly in the center of the black mat and smiled with the innocence only a five year old could muster.

"My `Mistwess brought me her for you to have fun with. I want to make you both happy, so if you want my to make me your potty I'm want it too."

"Say it! Say it slave, we need to hear you say it. Ask us for what we are about to give you, and you'd better say it like you mean it," Camille growled.

"Please `Mistwesses I want your poop in my mouth now. Can you please give me all of your poop and make me eat everything?"

Both the women whimpered at the obscenity of the child's words as they clutched and clawed at each other's dripping sexes. The sexual tension in the room bore a physical weight on the three females and there was only one possible way to lift its burden.

"On your back Slave, I am going first. Camille wants to watch me do it to you and then she's next. Hurry up precious; I'm afraid my crap is already leaking out of me."

As Melissa slurred her words to the kneeling toddler, Camille busied herself with slipping on long, black rubber gloves that reached up to her elbow. The material was shiny and slick looking, matching the shimmer of her raven hair and reminding Nikki of gloves that doctors wore on television. As Nikki began to sit and lower herself backward, Camille knelt behind and hurried her descent, roughly cradling the girl's head in her hands; allowing Nikki to rest backwards with her head lifted up in full support of the dark Goddess. Melissa stood facing her lover with her pussy directly in front of Camille's face and lewdly thrust her sex into the woman's face as a primer for what was to follow. The Nordic Goddess then placed a hand on Camille's shoulder and squatted over the face of their slave, reaching behind her to pry apart her buttocks so Nikki could fully see the twitching pink hole above her. Nikki looked up with the knowledge of what was gong to happen next. She had become a toilet for her own Mistress and knew the look of a primed shit pump. There was a chocolate colored coating around the tiny eye of the woman's anus, mucus of shit slime that formed little bubbles near its opening as the woman's turds began their final descent. Melissa groaned softly as a whistle of vile bowel wind squeezed out of her hole and into Nikki's face. The little girl smelled the foul odor of excrement, an odor Angela called "Nasty Delicouis", it made her tummy twitch with nerves and her mouth water with an unconscious anticipation. Again the blond woman farted and then again, sending a mist of brown droplets into the face of the child and the gloves of her lover. Nikki hadn't even noticed, but her own small hand had slid down her sleek body and now awkwardly grasped at her puffy little mons. She whimpered softly as her mouth opened almost on cue.

"That's it Melissa, you're right there. You've heard her ask for it, you said that is what you needed to hear to do it. The little tramp is practically begging you for it. Look my love her tiny mouth is just under your asshole and she is ready to eat your hot shit. Give it to her! Do it! You promised if she was cute and you were sure she wanted it, you'd shit in a little girl's mouth, well now is your chance. We may never get this chance again. Empty yourself and feed our slave!" Camille was nearly incoherent with lust as she stared at her lover's anus flowering outward, to her it look like a stop motion camera filming a flower blooming, as the white flesh of her lover slowly lowered and the anal ring opened presenting at last the brown head of a jagged turd.

"Oh god... I can't believe I'm actually doing it. Oh... "grunt"... Ugh...oh my god it's a monster. Get your mouth on it and suck on it girl... hurry before it smothers you."

Camille lifted toddlers head till her face pressed into the sweaty crease of her wife's cheeks, nearly obscuring all her features beneath the stinking darkness. She heard the wet crackling of a sliding log of shit that she knew was now being delivered into the mouth of the little girl, and then the unmistakable grunt of its acceptance.


"That's it slave, you've got the first taste ever of my wife's nasty shit. Do you like? Do you? Yes, you know you do. Its delicious shit isn't it? The best you've ever had! Don't you gag... Don't you dare miss a drop, there is plenty more for you to eat. Oh God love, she looks perfectly disgusting eating from you. I can hardly wait."

Camille was always the more dominate one in their relationship, but never tried to impose her will on her lover. Their love was an equal balance of Camille's more aggressive form of love, and Melissa's acceptance of it. It was an interplay that worked for the both of them equally fulfilling their basic personalities. In the constraints of this particular form of sex, Camille was free to embrace her Darker Angels and explore her true nature in ways she never had. The woman pried her lover's cheeks apart and got her first close up view of the small pink lips of the child as the multicolored sausage of fecal matter slide steadily between them. The slave was not eating shit as much as she was being fed it, and Camille thrilled at the size of the log that protruded from the girl's mouth and the manner in which her jaw seemed to struggle to take it all in.

Melissa frantically fingered her sopping bald pussy as she stared down between her knees into the eyes of the preschooler. She saw the mixture of distress and lust that flooded the senses of the sex toy below her. Nikki's eyes began to water as she tried to move her jaw, but the ponderous bulk of the bowel meat proved too much for her, and she began to gag and hack as it tickled the back of her throat. Melissa stood up allowing the girl to breath through her nose as Camille grabbed a hold of the bloated cigar that stood up from her lips. The dark women removed a piece and held it above her face and watched as the resilient kid began to much on the filth that was in her mouth.

"Look Cherie; see her consume you. Watch as our HUNGRY PIXIE takes your gift into her stomach. Eat child; take your time and let the cack break down in your mouth. Chew it good so that you can swallow it better. Just like that...excellent Slave, just like that. When you're done with your mouth full I want you to eat what this smelly shit in my fingers, then we'll have more for you. Oh god we have so very much more for you to eat."

Melissa masturbated furiously as she watched the brown stained face below her noisily chomp and smack as she chewed open mouth a large chuck of her waist. Melissa was overcome by the sight and began to climax just as Camille pushed the rest of the reeking brown sausage between her lips. Jets of watery ejaculate sprayed from her vagina onto the chomping face of the toddler. Camille could only snarl her enthusiasm at the sight of her wife cumming on their little shit eater and she shoved the remaining two inches of its bulk into her mouth. Melissa capped her mouth by sitting her cunt onto her lips and finishing the monumental orgasm that racked her body. Camille rose and kissed her lover deeply and rubbed her body over hers, gently massaging her abdomen and sensing she hadn't yet finished her ablution. Melissa backed away from the mouth of the eating girl and made room for Camille to have her chance with her. There was still more shit in her pipeline but she knew there would be plenty of time, and for now she could hold it.

Camille took her rightful place atop the laying child and looked down once again at the mind numbing contrast of innocent beauty covered in the filth of her lover. Nikki's cheeks were stained tan and as she chewed open mouthed; Camille could see the cloying paste that stuck to her teeth and gums, and whimpered at the sight of a brown trail of runny cack that dripped off her chin. The child was lost in her duties, completely absorbed in managing the vile substance that overloaded her senses. The putrid flavors and aromas seemed to hover all around her, at times making her want to retch and puke, but somehow she seemed to overcome the need. Instead she ran her tiny brown tongue over her lips and teeth and cleared the way for another round of shit.

"I'm ready now `Mistwess Camille, you can go ahead and poop now if you wanna."

"I'm glad you want it so badly little one, for I'm planning to stay on top of you till I purge my insides completely, and I want you to eat it all, every bit of it. Melissa, put on the other gloves and come around behind me, I want you to spread me wide for our little shit eater. I want her to see my merde before she eats it."

Melissa was still panting from her orgasm and seemed to be in a trance, the reality of what had just happened was slow to settle into her thought process as she grappled with the enormity of the act she had just perpetrated on the little girl. She rolled a pair of white rubber gloves up her arms to her elbows and knelt behind her lover, softly kissing her way down her spine. Camille cooed at her affections and ground her hips back towards her. The pale women grasped both of the taught globes of her lover's ass and lewdly pried them apart for the little girl who was now open mouthed in patient wait.

"There sweetheart, just keep your mouth open, I know you have a tummy full, but you need to be brave now for your Mistress Camille. This is her first time ever doing such a thing to a little girl and you wouldn't want her to think you didn't like her would you?"

"No `Mistwess Mewissa, I try hard."

"I know you will pet, now open your mouth I can see it coming. Camille has a big warm helping of shit for you. Get ready, here it is. Now Camille NOW.. PUSH!"

"Uggggggh. I'm trying...Ugggggh! It's Coming... Oh GOD...there it is. EAT MY SHIT... Get it in your mouth HURRY!"

Melissa's fingers, buried in blond curls, lifted the girl into the forbidding crevice till her mouth affixed to the pulsing volcano that opened to greet her. Nikki seemed to mimic the size of the expanding orifice as her lips pressed against the stretching flesh. With disregard for the reeking mass that lay above her, she began to French Kiss the pliable leviathan that hung from the between the woman's dark cheeks. Nikki hummed as she nursed on its warmth, running her tongue around its expanding girth as she became accustomed to its vile flavor, the enormity of which could only scarcely be imagined. There was tenderness in the child's mouth as she felt the uneven surface of the dark matter push its way into her sweet mouth. She relaxed her jaw and made a soft bed for it to land on and took time to notice the difference in texture and taste. In the toddler's mind, she had decided that Camille's shit actually tasted less disturbing than Melissa's. Indeed she preferred both the flavor and composition of this new shit that now slithered deeper and deeper still into the sewer of her mouth. She pressed her teeth into it and began to chew, but the crackling slime that oozed from the core of the women did not stop and began push along her teeth and gums and piled onto her lips and eventually the face of the little girl. Camille labored over its birth and grunted perversely as she squatted and pushed. Mellissa aided the arrival of the disgusting waste by squeezing the taught flesh of her lover's ass cheeks and spread them wider as she lifted with more force on the back of Nikki's head. Melissa whimpered and contorted her beautiful face in lustful disgust as she watched the scene below her.

"Oh God..Oh God she's eating, she's Eating My Shit. I've never seen anything more disgusting or more beautiful than this. Stay at it... keep going More MORE!"

"Mppphh mpppmhhhhh Chomp Chomp."

"Yes like that, I want to smother you in it, you filthy little girl." Camille roared.

"Acccck Hooaack, gagg."

"I'll never use a toilet again, we'll buy a little toilet girl Melissa and keep in close so that our shit and piss is never wasted, never again discarded... but worshipped and consumed by dirty little sluts like HER!"

Camille lifted Nikki's bottom off the ground by her ankles and gave her soft round cheeks a swift SLAP, and then another as she settled back onto the child's face as she pushed the last of her feces in between the chomping lips of the toilet girl below.

"Fast... SWAT, don't you dare loose any...SWAT. Quick Melissa, get up on her and shit on her. What ever she can't catch we'll feed to her. My Queen's Throne is ready... Hurry love, she's almost done with mine. She needs more shit. Shit on her SHIT ON HER!"

Melissa's hand was a jack-hammering in and out of her stretched cunt as shoved all five fingers of the white rubber glove into the groove of her sex. Camille spun around to face her lover and began to Piss on the flat chest and browned face of the girl as she watched her white-wife push a salvo of soft creamy shit onto the chin and lips of the helpless girl below. The brown shit paste was like hot soft serve ice cream that pilled up like piping from a cake flute on the struggling child's face. The women where overcome by erotic revulsion and spiralled into an orgasmic fit as they stared in disbelief at what they had done.



Chapter 19

The party continued to rage downstairs as girls moved freely from woman to woman.  The pets adjusted to the variations in the demands of their Mistresses and continued their oral responsibilities as their jaws tired and bellies swelled.  The shrieks and shouts from behind the corner doorway made clear what was happening to the newcomer upstairs; the stark reality of which sent a communal shiver up the spines of the party goers. Angela listened intently to the demanding voice of the French woman, and the muffled moans of her little slave, and her nipples knotted in appreciation.  Cricket sat slumped against the couch, completely exhausted from the servicing she had just given Angela; still panting as she stared at the woman's feet, she wiped her mouth with the hem of her blue dress, leaving a sticky yellow stain on the costume. The seemingly inexhaustible Sylvia Birkswell saw that Little Bo Peeps mouth was now available and after an exaggerated swig from her Champagne flute she mounted the child's face and let go a heady stream of alcoholic piss. Angela rose and joined April at the well stocked bar in the corner of the room. She poured herself three fingers of the best Scotch, and lit a much needed cigarette. She clinked the heavy lead crystal against April's Champagne flute and enjoyed a particularly vigorous ride of little Cricket's face by the grey-haired woman.

"Enjoying the party Angela dear?"

"April... it's the most amazing night of my life. That little Cricket just took all I had to give her, and normally I would be ready for a nap, but I must admit, I am feeling all the more randy because of it."

"I understand completely, but please don't tell me you gave her ALL you had to give... please tell me you've saved the best for last."

Angela took her meaning and gave a saucy wink. "Not to worry Dear Ms. Peters. I'm saving up quite a load for the right girl, I just haven't decided which little princess will end up my toilet when it's all said and done."

Ms. Peters laughed aloud and sipped her Champagne as she enjoyed the thought of the beautiful woman in red feeding a strange girl a nasty brown dinner.

"It sounds as if your little Nikki is finishing a snack right now. Tell me, how does it feel to know those two gorgeous women are depositing their shit into your pet's stomach right this minute?"

Angela took a long draw on the cigarette and savored its taste before blowing a smoke ring, then she pulled the dark peppery liquid into her mouth and allowed the burn of it to sooth her jangled nerves. "To be honest, I wasn't sure how I'd react; this is all still new to us. But the feel of this place and the energy I feel from all of you, I must say... I can't think of anything more sexy than those two browning my little slut. Oh GOD April what's happening to me? I have never felt so needy in all my life. If I don't get to use a little girl right this minute I think I'll just die."

Just then a door opened up along the balcony above, and out stepped the glorious Ms. Quinton. Now in her mid seventies, she had not lost her love of whimsical fashion. She wore long flowing black cape with a high red color, and underneath an antique basque of German styling. The years had been kind to the now fully grayed woman, though gravity had taken its inevitable toll on her enormous breasts and full mid section. Her hair was pulled into a bun on top of her head, revealing the stern features Angela remembered from years ago. The full body costume she wore pressed inward on her soft flesh, forcing the semblance of an hour-glass look that seemed unnatural. The whole costume gave her the appearance of the cartoon character Cruella De Vile, right down to the long cigarette holder, a look Angela thought was 'Pure Quinton.' She stood looking down from her perch and watched the scene of debauchery. She looked intently at the exotic Mrs. Chan kneeling in the center of the mat, with the hard working Emily Birkswell under her sucking her cunt, and the darling little Lucy Carmichael kneeling behind her spread ass and licking out her bitter hole. She watched with pride as Sylvia rubbed her pissy folds along the soft features of the slave Cricket, which she brought to the party.

Finally her eyes settled on Angela Steele, and the memories came flooding back. Angela was not the first young girl she had molested, but it was her first long term relationship with a child. Before they met Ms. Quinton had relegated her desires to stolen moments as a nursery school teacher, or the occasional groping of a young trollop in a public toilet. In Angela she found something different, a need perhaps that required exploring. There was a raw sexuality about her even at the tender age of 10, and she never regretted the night she approached her parent's about teaching their daughter the ways of sexual expression. With Angela, she honed her skills as a Dominatrix, putting her through every conceivable test her then limited experiences could conjure. By the end of their time together, she had made her pupil drink from the fountain of her cunt, but it wasn't until years later that she developed a penchant for her scatological desires. She often wondered what may have happened to them both if she had taken her down that road. As an adult, she followed with great interest the success of her most prized student and in reading her books, determined that she had moved from submissive to dominate. She knew there would be no going back to her fondest memories with young Angela Steele, but always hoped their paths might one day cross again.

"Ms. Quinton, how nice to see you; we were beginning to worry about you. You've had little Nei stashed away up there for quite a while, I dare say perhaps it was her we should have worried about and not you. When you join us, I'd like to introduce you to this stunning creature next to me, Mrs. Angela Steele, this is Ms. Quinton."

Angela felt a surge of confidence in seeing her old Mistress above her, and looking older and more frail than she was years ago. Perhaps it was the knowledge that she was now a physical superior to the woman that emboldened her, but in any case she immediately shed the intimidation she felt as a 10 year old, if not the attraction. Angela smiled at April. As she knew she had no idea of the history the two shared together, and looked bravely at the matron, allowing her to ingest her full beauty.

"Would it surprise you April to tell you that Mrs. Steele and I know each other quite well; although I knew her as `Little Angie Cheeks', as she was called back in primary school. Mr. and Mrs. Cheeks and I became quite good friends over the years, and Angie and I have many wonderful memories together... don't we dear?"

April looked perplexed as she tried to decipher the dynamic the two women shared, the crackling tension between them even momentarily distracted the gyrating Ms. Birkswell and the lunging Ms. Chan.

"Yes April, Ms. Quinton and I have a history. You could say in fact that my presence here tonight is in some ways a result of our time together. But "Little Angie Cheeks" is long gone dear. My pet calls me Mistress, and Ms. Quinton... you can call me Angela or Mrs. Steele if you prefer."

Ms. Quinton smiled at the woman's bravery, in the same way any teacher would when the student has learned all she could teach her. The smile was genuine and sincere, and seemed to put at ease any tension that had been created. Sylvia Birkswell went back to humping Crickets face, and Ms. Chan groaned loudly as she farted into Lucy's sucking mouth. Order had been restored and as if on cue, Ms. Quinton snapped her fingers and from the room came a brown faced Chinese girl looked sheepishly from behind her heavy thigh. Nei Chan looked down at the women as a clinging morsel of shit wagged back and forth from her lower lip. Ms. Quinton never allowed her slaves to clean themselves until the party was over, but understood if the other women wanted clean faces to use, never begrudging them a quick wipe before use. To her it seemed the slave should wear her body like prized jewellery, weather it was cum, urine, or feces, a slave should never take off what her superior graces her with, no matter how awful it may feel. Nei Chan rubbed her eyes to clear them of stinging urine and watched her mother being serviced by the two young girls. She saw the two women at the bar and remembered what her mother had said to her.

"Mistress, my Momma-Mistress told me that I should be a slave to the new lady. Would it be alright I obeyed my mother now?"

"In a moment dear, what do you say we see what all this commotion is in the room next door? We have been treated with quite a chorus of sex, and I think its time we had a peek."

Ms. Quinton took a long draw on her Cigarette holder, and enjoyed the crackling sound of the tobacco as it burned. She grasped the toddler next to her by the pig-tail and led her to the doorway where the women were having their way with Nikki; she wanted her to see it, she enjoyed when little girl's felt nervous and anxious at the sight of their little friends distress. From the sounds that she had been hearing in the room, Angela's little pet was getting quite a lot to eat, and she hoped little Nei could witness a `first-timer.'


The activities in the bedroom were better suited for the plains of the African Serengeti then the plush confines of an English cottage. The two women had fallen into what could be viewed as an animal behavior; a deep and very dark lust; shit-lust as it was called in scat circles. It is the point where the simple expelling of shit onto a slave's body or into their mouths isn't enough. An overwhelming need to feel its heat and interact with the waste can compel even the most dominate women to handle and sometimes consume the shit their submissive are burdened with. Since this was their first time shitting into the mouth of a slave, their lust was still constrained by their personal fears and taboos, but from what Ms. Quinton could see from the door way, it was clear that it wouldn't be long before the two women slipped even farther into their coprophilic fantasies... she had seen it happen before.

Nikki Ford lay still on the black rubber mat with one hand on her now bare slit and the other holding tightly to her stuffed bear. The women had dismounted her and were now kneeling on either side of her prone body, hunkered over her as if studying the fine print of a page. They were grunting and panting as their bodies continued to shiver in a seemingly unending orgasm, ripples of pleasure that soared through them without the aid of direct stimulus. Nikki's face was completely brown now, her doll-like complexion masked fully by foul smelling feces, only the slits of her eyes where white where the women had wiped with a finger. The women were lost in their overwhelming need to feed the girl and now rambled words of request and demands as the scooped up piles of fallen shit and pushed them into the little girl's mouth. They didn't even notice the door open and Ms. Quinton and little Nei Chan watching them. They were breathing heavily and whimpering as new rounds of orgasmic tremors tormented their sore vaginas. Camille was lifting small piles of hot shit from the mat and pushing them into the overstuffed mouth of the child, even considering to herself if this was what it was like to force feed a Goose for Foie Gras.

"Get it all you dirty little shit eater, you have dropped these, and that simply won't do. Now open your filthy mouth and eat it all. You're nearly done, and then you the other women can use you. Wont that be fun, having all the ladies feed our HUNGRY PIXIE all their nasty poop?"

Melissa was oblivious to the vile words her lover spoke to the brave girl; she was lost in her own brand of obscenity as she reached behind her self to wipe her fingers though the dark trench of her ass, scooping up the remainder of her dark cack on her white rubber gloves and then wiping it carelessly over the child's face.

"Here sweetie, this is the last of mine. Just be a good girl and lick if from my fingers. Don't worry, I'll wait while you eat what Camille has fed you. Go ahead, chomp it up good. Excellent, now lick the shit from my fingers baby. Good girl, we are so proud of you, that's a good girl; lick my greesy fingers with that black little tongue of yours."

Nei stood slack-jawed as she watched the women abuse the cute girl she had just met a short while ago. The child was practically unrecognizable except for the bouncy blonde curls on top of her head; curls that now looked muddy. Ms. Quinton swooned at the sight of depravity and yanked Nei by the pigtail and pushed her tiny oval face into her smelly crotch; forcing her dangling labia into the quickly responding mouth. She let out a long sorrowful moan that got the quick attention of the three females in the center of the room. The ladies quickly looked over their shoulders at the two guests at the door, and sheepishly smiled at the woman. Nikki didn't know who the old lady was but saw cute little Nei's brown face and mouthed the word "hi".

"Hello ladies, I can see you have been quite busy and quite naughty with that darling little girl you have there. Even though you two seem to have `gone early', there are others downstairs who are practically ready to burst. So, if it's your preference, you can clean up your little slave girl and send her down... however if you like to keep `em dirty like I do, just clean up yourselves and we'll see you downstairs in short order. I hope she has some room left for the rest of us, I know more than a few of the ladies want her mouth. There will be some fresh little tongues for you two as well, just as soon as we get things moving. I think Ms. Chan has some special punch for the little slaves that should kick start their energy a bit. Chop chop, we can't keep the nice ladies waiting too much longer."

The two women looked back down at Nikki and simultaneously bit their lower lips at the sight of Nikki rubbing her aching jaw and clutching her tummy.  Together they slid their hands over her belly and traced their fingers over the tattooed words.  The child's skin felt tight and stretched, they knew why and it thrilled them to their very core.  They'd never be the same again, and neither would Nikki, the events of the last few hours would forever change the three females, and as they stared into each other's eyes they shared silently the unmistakable truth of their roles in the sordid affair.

"Come on sweetie, let's get you washed up.  There is a bowl of new toothbrushes and plenty of mouthwash and toothpaste for you.  I think we'd like you to look as pretty when you go back downstairs as you did when you came up; and right now doll, I'd say you are a bit of a mess."

Nikki giggled at Melissa's words, and took the extended hands of the two women as they pulled her onto her feet.  They walked together into the plush bathroom, and gasped as they saw their reflection in the mirror.  Words can't fully describe the twisted image, but that image would be what the two women thought of when ever they would takl about what had happened.  The women cleaned up the little girl and took time to blow dry her hair, but had decided against putting her pretty dress back on her, instead wanting her to go to the others naked and ready for them.  It was a tender moment that they shared, the women had grown to feel fondness for the girl's perseverance as well as her abundant beauty.  They each took a long moment to kiss the child fully on the mouth, extending their tongues deeply into its recesses, longing for a hint of raw flavor, but none was to to be found.

"Pet... Camille and I would like to tell you how wonderful we think you are. You have fulfilled our wildest fantasies tonight, and we can't think of another living soul we'd rather have shared this with than you. If we scared you at all, we'd like to apologize, it's just that we get a bit excited at times, and you pushed us to the very edge with that little mouth of yours. We'd like to see you again sometime sweetie, we'd like to talk to your Mistress about coming by your house sometime and visiting with you. Maybe you can make all three of us happy like you did today. Do you think you'd like that darling?"

Nikki was beaming from ear to ear at the words of praise and shared her smile with both of the now docile women; even Camille had seemed to momentarily lose her edge. "Yes `Mistwessez, you can come visit me anytime you want. I have a real bunny at Angie's house and if you're very quiet she'll come out to visit you."

"That's just fine pet, now Melissa and I are going to go have some fun with a few of the other girl's before we leave. I have a surgery first thing in the morning so we can't spend the night. Expect to see us soon at your home, and make sure to be good and hungry now pet. Do you understand?"

Camille couldn't help but hold back a small smile as she spoke to the kid, the overwhelming sense of contentment they all shared couldn't be denied. Even Nikki caught the twinkle in the dark Goddess' eye and reached up to the woman's face and gave her a kiss right on the lips.

"Ok `Mistwess Camille, I'll have my tummy all ready for your POOP when you come. Hehe."


As the bedroom door opened, the three females entered the balcony from above, as if presenting to the larger audience triumph of their experience. The naked girl walked in front of her Mistresses as they descended down the stairs to the watchful eyes of the panting group. Angela rested on a reclining chair with her legs over the shoulders of the kneeling Nei Chan; she lit another cigarette as she watched her little lover be escorted by the two gorgeous women, the sight of which caused her to buck her hairy pelvic bone into the mouth of the gulping child below. April sat patiently on a bottomless chair, known comedically as "The Stool" to the ladies of the club, while her pet Lucy laid on a padded bed below it; her face press firmly into her Mistress' buttocks, busily munching away on her softening holes. On the couch, Ms. Quinton reclined against the arm rest with her flabby legs spread wide to the eager oral service of Emily Birkswell, while her mother donned an adult size strap on, and was sizing up her daughters upturned arse. Camille and Melissa entered the sunken great room just as Karin Chan lead out her little slave Lucy Carmichael who carefully carried a tray of `sippy cups' filled with bright red liquid.

"Alright children, time to leave your Mistresses for a moment, and come get a little treat. I've made a special fruit drink for you all tonight, and I want you to drink it all up before we begin our finale. Some of you are better fed than others, but this will at least keep you alert while you take care of all the nice ladies here tonight."

The girls all leapt up from the positions of service and scampered over to the austere looking Ms. Chan. Each grabbed a large Sippy Cup from the tray and began to cackle and whisper to one another as the women convened to talk.

"Tell me Karin, what is it that you're feeding the girls tonight, don't you think they're all getting plenty to drink as it is?"

"Well it should help them to drink even more, after all that is the goal ladies, isn't it?" The women all sipped their drinks and snickered at the sinister comment. "It's a special brew my grandmother taught me to make, a blend of rare juices and herbal teas. It's a very potent concoction that acts to raise the libido of the little girls, helping to make even the reluctant ones a bit more... enthusiastic, shall we say. It's also a stimulant to keep them attentive, I know how late into the night some of you like to go, and though shitting on a sleeping child has its perverse pleasure, I think we'd all agree, its better when they're awake and hungry. For you ladies, you may have noticed a bit of tang in the pitcher of water on the table, I put a few grams of Provesta into it... female Viagra for those of you who don't know. I'm not sure any of you will need it, but it does have the extra benefit of increasing urine output, and at least for me, it gives me the runs. I know that is something our dear Ms. Peters is especially fond of. So choose your poison ladies, I believe the fun is just about to begin.

The girls cackled in the far end of the room and increasingly became animated and more boisterous. The ancient recipe was beginning to work its way through their circulatory system and created a series of chemical reactions within their little bodies; a warm euphoria swept across their eyes, their senses became alert, a new wave of endless energy filled their minds, all of which combined with an increased warmth and dampness between their colt legs. The women could sense that the height of the collective depravity was about to be realized, and each of them began to spy the gaggle of giggle-pots with malevolent eyes. They watched intensely the girl's mouths as the whispered and giggled amongst themselves, staring back at the circle of women and sharing perverted experiences. The club of women loved the point of the evening where the children had slipped beyond the shyness of their youth, and embraced the submissive nature of their roles. All enjoyed their Mistress / slave games, yet each revelled in the unbridled lust that was about to occur. The time for `playing at' and teasing was over.  The pendulum's momentum has swung to a unique brand of perverse energy only shared by very small groups of people in the world.  No one knew exactly the sequence of coming events, only assured of their manner.

Ms Chan stood in the center of the mat in her Eastern splendor and snapped her fingers a single time; sending out a shock through the spines of the girls in the corner. Each of them set down their empty cups and scampered to the center of the mat. The girl's who had been to these parties before knew to kneel in a semi circle facing the seated women. Nikki studied the girl's and followed suit, clumsily kneeling next to Nei Chan. The girls placed their hands on their knees and began to breathe heavily as they felt the heat of the eyes on them.

"I understand that Melissa and Camille have temporarily purged themselves and are pleased to report that our new girl Nikki did a splendid job as their toilet. They will not need a toilet for solid release any longer this evening, but will still need a few mouths as we go... so remember to share nice ladies. The women glanced at one another, each as if to say "Not on your life Sister", winking at one another they listened restlessly to their hostess.

"A reminder that the DVD's of all tonight's proceedings are as always available next week. The price is still $1,000; I know the price is steep, but after all we do need to fund our little project don't we? The new interactive website will be up and running early next month, and once that happens, I'm sure we won't have to worry about collecting any longer. Remember that we are sure to get lots of interested couples looking to join our family, and I'm pleased to announce that Angela Steele, our own famous writer, is willing to act as Editor and Chief. I'm sure we are all anxious to read her beautiful prose, and review of incoming videos and requests. Alright, I think that's it for housekeeping, what do you say ladies for a little fun with these girls? As this week's hostess, I get first choice of mouth. Though little Nikki looks very tempting to start with, I think that Ms. Quinton has outdone herself this time; I thought that the Little Red Riding Hood she brought last time was her best, but Little Bo Peep has my cunt drooling, so she's first. So come with me Cricket, I'd like you to come into the bathroom with me. Ladies you're free to do as you please. I'll see you all after this little darling feasts on my load of crap. Come along darling, I'm not sure it will wait much longer."

Katrina Chan lifted the back of the little girl's blue dress as they walked down the hall, letting bare bottom wiggle at the staring party goers.

"You heard the lady, we can do what ever we want, and right now I want you Lucy, you started something with my ass you're about to finish so lay on the "Stool Bed". I'm going to light a cigarette and take a seat for a nice leisurely dump. Be sure to suck on it good, shit eater, you know how I love to hear you gag."

Sylvia Birkswelll usually took what she wanted at these parities, and the women let her have her way. They watched as she pulled the naked six year old into position on the padded bed and pushed her up till her face laid directly under the opening of the seat above. The girl waited for a moment before seeing a billow of smoke enter the hole followed by the red amber tip of a cigarette glow brighter. She watched Ms. Birkswell hold the next smoke in her lungs before exhaling through her nose, her nostrils flared like a bull's ready to charge. The light of the room was blocked as she saw the surgically enhanced posterior of the older women sink down into the hole. The muffled chorus of sighs from the women was the last thing she heard before her little box went dark. There was little room between the distended globes of the seated woman, and the girl's face. The large cheeks pulled naturally apart and she sensed the dank musk of the woman's anal secretions. She looked past the gaping slit of the woman's vagina and beyond her wirey pubic mound to a pie shaped sliver of light above her. She concentrated on ivory statue of a fish on the mantle, trying to balance her excitement and nerves. Lucy knew what was coming, and although she was nervous about coming to the party, she now was eager for what was to come. She opened her mouth wisely and stared at the sight of the bright wall being eclipsed as the face of her mistress stared down at her. She was barely able to hear her voice, but could make out the mouthed word "open", and she responded nodding that she was already prepared; and with that the wet crackle of food on the move echoed through the enclosure the girl laid in. Her movements were restricted, and the light poor. She moved her mouth blindly to find the source of the smell that now covered her face. The retched stench of human waste stung her eyes and nostrils, and soon her taste buds. She felt a steaming hot log touch her lips and she immediately adjusted the angle of her mouth as its speed began to increase.

"She has her first mouthful ladies; I felt her bite it off. Gawd don't you just love it when they take a big bite out of a solid one?"

Sylvia had attached nipple clamps to her breast, and held the chain that connected them between her teeth. She pulled on it like a pony with a new bridal, as rubbed her sopping sex with her hand. Lucy's stomach gurgled and belched below her at the new presence of rotting waste, the loud sounds drew the other woman's attention, and they could see Lucy clutching her abdomen as her throat bobbed in unison with her grinding jaw.

April Peters rose and extended her hand to the beautiful Emily Birkswell, the stunning girl was a favorite of April's and made some time for her at every party. Her mother's demanding nature made her very adaptive to the changing whims of women like April; Emily was a world class submissive by the age of eight, and now at the tender age of 10 was capable of things few human's could imagine, and she did it with grace and ease. April sat in a special reclining chair that was part Barcalounger, and part gynecologist chair. She reclined into the soft caress of the white leather chair and lifted her heels into the satin wrapped stirrups. As she scooted her full ass towards the edge of the chair, Emily assumed the position she had had hundreds of times before. The soft rubber mat that she knelt on was surrounded by a apron of rubber that was edged to keep in any running liquid. Emily kept her hands on her knees as she looked into the eyes of the reclining woman.

"Eat me slave... I don't want to shit until I'm ready to cum. And do a good job, or I'll tell your mother you were disrespectful. You know how she'll react to news like that... it won't be pretty. Be a good girl and bring me off with your mouth girl."

Emily pressed her face into the dark V before her, letting her tender lips suckle the dangling labia of the older woman. The girl closed her eyes and ran her tongue into the drooling groove and scooped up copious amounts of thick mucus on her tongue. It was a loud servicing, and that was just what Ms. Peters liked, a good old fashioned Cunt-Lapping, and her new slave was doing it beautifully. April refrained from clutching at the girl's head, and instead held onto the specially fastened hand grips on the end of the arm rests. They were constructed to act like stress balls, a rubbery material that felt like sand when you squeezed them. They were particularly helpful when trying to avert the onslaught of an unwanted orgasm. Ms. Peters kept her self very still as the eager girl devoured her cunt and focused her busy mind inward. She concentrated on the physical act of the mouth between her legs, and disassociated them from the child performing them. She enjoyed the smallness of her tongue and the thinness of her lips. The sounds that she made as she gulped at her pussy were squeaky, just like her mouse-like voice. The woman's legs tensed as she felt her stomach begin to tighten, and knots of growing needs swelled inside her. She wanted to pull the girl's hair out and fuck her face hard and forever, but she dug her nails into the grips and flattened her buttcheeks as she finally thrust upward into her mouth. Ms. Peters was unable to formulate a coherent string of words, and instead shouted mono-syllabic commands to the well trained girl.

"Hand!" The women yelled, and Emily instantly made a wedge with her tiny fingers and pressed it into the gash between the woman's legs. April bellowed a low groan as the girl watched all five fingers disappear into the very core of the undulating woman. "Suck!" Emily immediately sucked the adults throbbing clitoris that bounced from the crest of her sex into her mouth. April's nails dug deeper still into the grips as her body hurdled towards ecstasy. Emily was free to move her head from side to side and up and down as she fellatiated the woman's sex organ; her soft lips sliding up and down the engorged appendage, her tongue batting at it from inside her mouth. All the while she was moving her hand like a piston into the woman's spitting cunt. The child struggled to keep her mouth in contact with the undulating target and did her best to provide maximum contact through out the crisis. "EEEEAAAATTTT" That was a command the girl recognized from her earliest memories. When she was an infant her mother would whisper it as she fed her milk from her breasts, and later as she sucked urine from her pussy, and for the last three years it was a word she heard just before her mother lowered her bottom over her mouth. Emily was hardwired to the demand and skilfully pulled her mouth back from the elongated clitoris with a loud wet "pop"... and lowered it to the dilated hole beneath.

"Make her eat all of it Ms. Peters, my daughter-slut is a world class shit eater, I've fed her enough of mine to know. Don't stop April, even if she begs you."

Ms. Peters looked at the squatting woman and could smell her shit as it dropped into the mouth of the girl who inhabited the box beneath her. She loved to watch other women shit into the mouth of young slaves more than anything else. Anything that is, other than doing it to them herself. Her body lurched forward and April's face reddened as she grunted and strained; it appeared Ms. Chan's drink had its desired affect because the torrent of runny shit that exited her body was a surprise to even her.

"Aaaaaaaa god yes... Oh thank you Karina... You gave me the runs... you know how I love the runs. Oh Drink my shit you darling toilet-girl. Your mum has taught you how to cope with her liquid shit, now cope with mine."

Even the most experienced corporalphiliacs in the group wrinkled their noses at the smell of Ms. Peters foul diarrhea that now threatened to flood the poor girl's belly.

"Stay with it girl. Now move your hand, I'm going to cum now shit-girl, and I want to do it while you're still eating. God, it's just so disgusting what you're doing. Omg... OMG...OOOOOOOHH NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Emily tried to place her lips over the gushing hole and loosen her throat to take the waste directly down her throat as her mother sometimes liked. Her eve's apple bobbed up and down as the hot cack flowed into the rapidly swelling belly of the little girl. The combination of the orgasm and the sight of her daughter's distress sent Sylvia Birkswell beyond the point of control and she gave up yet another orgasm as her little toilet sucked hungrily on the turd rope that filled her moth. "Oh dear lord...that's wicked. Watching my slave daughter while using pretty Lucy...oh god nothing ever could be so good. Eat girls, I'm going to have some chili in just a bit, so you'll have more to eat before sunrise.



Chapter 20

From down the hallway could be heard the shrill screech of Katrina Chan as she rode out a long and boisterous orgasm.  Her voice echoed within the tiled walls of the bathroom, amplifying the sounds of sex for all to hear. It was the imagery that the sounds created that sent a rush of desire through the hearts of the women in the main room; for some seeing the little girls in the aftermath of toilet sex was just as appealing as watching it happen. They all knew what Ms. Chan was doing to Little Bo Peep, and it made their own servicing all the better.   Angela listened to the chorus of perverted voices all around her and took the last drag off her cigarette, then stubbed it out in the ashtray.  She turned to look at her former teacher; the woman was no spring chicken, but she had aged well.  Angela studied her outfit and make up and realized that her own bold choices in fashion were probably influenced by the time she spent in her teacher's care.  The foundation and bright colors of her facial paint hid some of time's creases, and now at the twilight of her life the shadows of her former beauty could still be seen.  The teacher returned her former students gaze and took a sip of brown liquor as she took in the spectacle that surrounded them.

"Its good to see you Angela.  I have thought of you often over the years, and have followed your career very closely. You were always my favorite and I must say that I'm not surprised you assumed the role of a dominate, even as my submissive you were a very wilful child."

"Well Gloria..."  Angela said, using the woman's first name for the first time in her life.  "It was through you that I found my limits as a receiver of sex, but as you can see, my limits as a giver know no bounds.  I can see your taste in children's attire has remained constant, still doing the Nursery Rhyme bit eh? Though seeing it from the other side, I can understand its allure. Cricket is a scrumptious little tart I would agree. So what do we do now?"

Ms Quinton studied Angela carefully; her manner and poise were the essence of sophisticated dominance. Her red dress shimmered in the candle light of the room, and even at 51, she could see that Angela was a women of tremendous beauty. The older woman watched as her former pet mindlessly fingered the asshole of the squirming child next to her. Nikki had not yet grown accustomed to penetration of any sort, and as Angela's slender finger slid in and out of her upturned bottom, the little girl face contorted and she danced from foot to foot. Her discomfort pleased Ms. Quinton and Angela could see the growing arousal, just as she had some forty years ago. She always reminded Angela of a coiled snake, as she sat still and studied her prey. Ms. Quinton had always been a top heavy woman, and now as a septuagenarian the support of her breasts had all but given way. She had pulled one of her large breasts out of its snug confines, its pliant flesh leaking through her fingers as she strummed the fatten nipple like the string of a bass guitar. She watched the digital manipulation of the toddler and opened her cape revealing the grey flesh of her labia. For Angela it was like looking at an old black and white photo from her childhood, but to Nikki it seemed like a dark and forbidding canyon. Gloria Quinton's fingers slid between the folds of her sex and pried them apart, showing her still dripping womanhood and throbbing pink appendage to the females across from her. Nikki's nostrils flared as the pungent aroma of the old woman's vagina reached her and gave an audible whimper at the image of the woman's old flabby vulva plastered on her slender cheeks.

"I would like your pet now Angela, do be a dear and lend her to me. I confess that seeing you again has me in a twitter, and I'll need a good servicing before choosing a mouth to feed."

Angela enjoyed the fact that her former teacher so badly wanted what she possessed. She looked into the beautiful bright eyes of her five year old toilet girl and the knowledge of what she had been up to made her swoon with desire. Angela snaked her arm around the girl's shoulders and pulled her up to her, burying her face into the child's curly hair and whispered in her ear.

"I'm proud of you pet. You've done so well here tonight... taking so much shit from the pretty ladies upstairs. You never cease to amaze me. But there is still more for you to eat before we go, and I'd like you to start with the old lady across from us. Just like you're my lover-pet, I used to be hers a very long time ago. I want you to be a good girl and go to her now and show her all that I've taught you. I want her to see how much I've grown as a woman and I want to show her what a beautiful little slave girl I have of my own now. So go to her now and give her your mouth. It's important that you swallow whatever she gives you to eat darling, and be a good little toilet and flush properly when you're done. You understand don't you pet?"

Nikki couldn't take her eyes off of the old woman's sour smelling vagina and she felt her stomach knot up in anticipation of what she was being made to do. She wasn't sure how she was going to manage any more to eat, but the effects of the punch she had drunk were taking their toll on her small body and she was becoming eager to show her Mistress all she could do.

"Yes `Mistwess, I'll let her do whatever she wants to me. But do you think after I sleep tomorrow we can go into the garden and play with the bunny for a little while?"

"Yes pet... after tonight, I'll go to the zoo and get you a thousand bunnies if that's what you want. After all you're my special little bunny. Now get in there sweetie I want to see what my little pet can do."


As daylight crest the tops of the cedar trees, the room filled with the dwindling sounds of dark sex. The great room reeked of expelled lust and earthy evidence of dreams fulfilled. The participants in this twisted orgy moved trancelike as they finished their ultimate perversions. Deep sighs of bliss achieved, and moans of life long dreams fulfilled rise through the English cottage. Everyone, including the lesbian couple Melissa and Camille, as well as Katrina Chan, Sylvia Birkswell and April Peters had all expelled themselves into the mouths of their chosen slaves and made full use of child toilets. Now happily relieved of their burdens they switched partners yet again to sit back and watch the sex play of the remaining women. They began to enjoy long intricate orgasms at the expense of the hard working little mouths and happily dispensed golden showers whenever the mood or need struck them. The slave girls were now driven by a mixture of pure adrenaline brought about by Ms. Chan's special drinks and the submissive drive to please this house of demanding Mistresses. Their small bodies were all naked as they moved quickly between the spread legs of the reclining women like a game of duck-duck-goose. Each giggling as they pressed their stained faces to the swollen womanhood of the woman directly to their left.

Angela looked over the top of Nikki's head at the two women sitting on the couch across from her. She held onto the girl's shoulders and stared into the eyes of Ms. Quinton and April; the women were sexually agitated and positively on edge with excitement as they stared hard at the now naked girl who stood before them holding her stuffed bear. April ran her leather boot up and down the stockings of the older woman seated to her right. They watched Nikki clutch her bear and move towards them, biting her lip harder with each step. Angela shot her hand out to grab a darting Nei Chan and caught the little girl by her pony tail just as she tried to run past her.

"Where do you think you're going young lady? Get on your knees and start to work on me with your mouth. I'm going to watch the pretty ladies use my little pet and I'll be gushing down your throat the whole time, so you'd better hope you left some room for me. Who knows, I've not fed any of the toilet girl's yet tonight. Maybe you'll be the one."

Nei shot a look across the room at her mother who was releasing a low, wet fart into the mouth of the kneeling Lucy Carmichael. Her mother simply smiled and nodded at her daughter to remind her to be a good girl and do what she is told. Nei bowed her head as she knelt and began to work on the upturned asshole of the reclining Angela Steele. Her tongue pressed into the deep anal lips of the 51 year old woman and she began to suck-kiss the dark portal. As she worked diligently on the woman's now pulsing rectum with her lips and tongue, she felt the woman's pussy being ground into her face. She could hear the woman whimper as she curled her tongue upward inside her dank rectum and felt the vice-like grip of her thighs as the woman began to gyrate her soft cheeks onto the girl's face. Nikki looked over her shoulder one last time and saw the now familiar strained face of her Mistress, the same look she'd seen many times over the last month; the look of a woman lost in lust, consumed by a primal drive to have and use little girls. Nikki new what was to come, and turned back to the spread legs of two new strangers.

"On your knees pretty girl, I'm sure you've never eaten a dusty old cunt like mine before, but darling... its just aching for you, so get in there and suck me off, and when you're done I'll have a treat for you. I big brown smelly treat. And we want you to eat it all up. Every tiny bit."

Nikki knelt before the woman and nodded before opening her mouth to accept the rushing pussy that was being thrust into her face. It hit her mouth with force and she felt the bony fingers of the old woman dig into her scalp as she was pulled into it. The flesh was tart and sour, like a fruit that had been left out too long; Nikki knew it was a flavor she now loved, but her face twisted at its first taste. Her reaction didn't go unnoticed by Ms. Quinton. The truth was the old woman enjoyed the fact that her young lovers struggled at first with the smell and flavour of her flesh, and it seemed to make all of what came after somehow easier. Ms. Quinton laid her head over the back of the couch closing her eyes in triumph as she pulled the child into the V of her crotch with both hands and let out a sorrowful moan. The other woman of the group had come to recognize the boisterous sex the old lady enjoyed. Her keen sense of dominance and refined sexuality was a thrill for the younger women to watch; it would have been something, they all thought, to have seen her in her prime. But for Angela it was as if it was just yesterday.

Angela drove her cunt into Nei's mouth repeatedly as she watched her former Mistress use her pet in exactly the same way she had done to herself so many years ago. The sight of the girl Angela loved being required to have sex with this siren from her past drove Angela to the precipice. She matched her old lover's moans as she thrilled to the very skilled tongue work of the little Chinese girl between her legs. Angela held the girl by her ponytail and raised her mouth to give service to her demanding clitoris. She shrieked loudly as she felt the child begin to nurse on it. After rushing to a point of total abandon she shoved Nei's talented tongue back into her asshole and rode her face fiercely. It was true, she thought, that Asian females make wonderful submissives, especially if taught by demanding women of their own race. Angela was now on the receiving end of a world class oral servicing, something she hoped she'd teach Nikki to perfection over the coming years. Yes indeed, she'd teach her slave to bring her to higher and ever higher plateaus of pleasure, just as she'd been taught by Ms. Quinton. But she would always be her little Shit Eater first... Nikki Ford ate shit, her shit, other women's shit, strangers shit... That little blonde angel was a real toilet girl now, and that fact was all it took for Angela to begin to cum.

"Go Nikki Go... make the old bird give you a squirt. Be careful love, at her age she'll likely not be able to control herself, be prepared for whatever comes out now... Go on, she's close I can tell. Whenever she peddles her legs up and down your back you know she's close. Come on now Gloria, leave some of my pet's hair in her head, its far too cute to rip out at her first party. I'm sure the rest of them want their turn pulling on it."

At the sight of Gloria Quinton's impending orgasm, Angela screamed at the onslaught of her own climax. She gripped hard at the ponytail of the Chinese girl and moved her face along her sex like the controller of a video game. She clamped her thighs on the little girl's cheeks, trapping her in the oven of her cunt and let go Gush after Gush of thick vaginal cream into the gulping and sucking mouth of the oriental girl. The thick deluges of tangy cream threaten to overwhelm Nei as her throat gulped and churned to keep up. Thick rivulets of cunt soup poured out the corners of her mouth and dripped down her flat chest as her whimpers of discomfort where drown out completely by the cries;

Ohhhh CHRIISSTTTTTttttt. Holy mother of God that's wicked. Aaaaaaaahhhh aaaahh. Eat me girl.. suck my creaming cunt you little slut."

Ms. Quinton dug her heals into Nikki's back and arched her back. Nikki sucked and pulled on the elongated clitoris between her lips as if it were a life preserver in rough seas. She sucked harder then ever as it seemed the old woman was trying to buck her off, like a demented bronco. Just as Ms. Quinton started to urinate into Nikki's mouth, April Peters, rose up on her knees and pressed her sex awkwardly towards the busy face of the child. She needed her cunt to touch her, somewhere... anywhere. She rubbed blindly in the air trying to find contact with the little girl's face. At the apex of her frustration, the ever kind Ms. Quinton pushed Nikki's gasping mouth right into the whirling orgasm of her friend. April busily rubbed her clitoris and came, spurt after milky spurt of ejaculate into Nikki's beautiful face.

"Oh God Angela I'm coming on her, oh Christ, I'm cumming right in her darling face. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!"

The fever pitch of the main action triggered urine and cum from all the observers... as they came valiantly into the tiring mouths of the toddlers before them... The women screamed in unison as the debauchery of the long day reached its crescendo.

Nikki now had four hands in her piss soaked hair, as the two women pushed her face back and forth, she had absolutely no control of the destination of her head. With tendrils of Ms. Peters' cum still dangling from her lips and chin, Nikki began to feel overwhelmed and dizzy, but she heard the wails of her Mistress and she knew she was enjoying what she saw. With tears in her eyes, she felt her face being pushed by the women into the dark smelly recesses of Gloria Quinton's ass cheeks.

"Look at me Angela... I said LOOK AT ME. I don't care how far you think you've come my dear, I'm still the Grand Dame of this party, and you're still my pet. NOW... Look at me and witness! There but for the grace of god... this could have been you. Had I only thought of it in time, I'd have made you a little shit eater... just like I'm about to make your slave. I'm going to relax now.. no need to push. I'm going to relax my bowels and your girl is going to eat my shit. All of my old smelly shit. Watch Angela... WATCH ME... Oh GOD!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK! It's here, its coming. Suck girl Suck...suck the shit out of me. Watch all you perverts, watch her eat my SHIT."

Nikki heard the commotion above as if underwater, the screams from around the room and the demands of the women who had a hold of her hair mixed together in a haze to the young girl. She heard the muffled urging of her own Mistress' voice as she was told to open her mouth... the words reaching her ears as if in a dream. There was no mistake of what was to come as her wet eyes looked over the narled grey mat of the woman's pubic hair; into the eyes of Ms. Quinton who lay slack jawed as she twisted her proffered nipples and prepared to do this unthinkable act to her. Ms. Peters seemed to move in slow motion as she grabbed hold of the old women's ankles and hoisted her heavy legs up in the air, pushing her dried kneecaps back towards her sagging breasts. Nikki could see the loose hole before her and a brown tip of an escaping log as it eeked out of the woman's rectum. All eyes were on her, she could feel them stinging her back, and she knew there would be no escaping what was to come, strangely however, escape was not what she wanted.

A calming certainty of what was about to happen coursed over the young girl's body. She felt safe in the knowledge she possessed no power in the unfolding scene. She was brought here to do this thing and to do it with eagerness and enthusiasm. She knew if she put on a good show for the women they would be happy with her... Angela would be happy with her, and she wanted that more than anything. Nikki's eyes dried up and she looked steadfast at the two faces of the women above her and pressed her lips to the warm ring of the woman's rectum and began to nurse.

"Good girl Nikki, we all think you look so beautiful down there. You are the prettiest little toilet I've ever had, now suck harder, I believe this goliath is stuck. Push your tongue in and swirl it around the edges of my shit dear. That's it... can you taste in now? You like that don't you love, you've learned to love the flavor of shit, just like all the other girl's who come to us. Just like that darling... just like that. Clear out any obstruction, any of those nasty bits that little Nei may have missed. I'm going to help you now Love, I'm going to...uggggh, push for you. Open your mouth wide little lamb. Granny's got a big fat load of shit for you. AAAAaaaauuugawwwdddddddddddddddd!"

And for the third time that night, Nikki felt the hot wet mass of a woman's shit enter her mouth. She was not used to it, she would never be totally used to it, but still there it was. A vile explosion of earthy flavors, like the strongest Camembert cheese imaginable, filled her mouth. The five year old felt the hard tip of the log disintegrate into a mushy paste of vile cack that caused her to gag for a moment before pressing her twisted face ever tighter to the pulsing hole between her lips. Her stomach rolled, her small body tried to reject it, but still it pushed passed her lips and gathered in brown lumps in the corners of her mouth. Nikki felt four hands on her head holding her in place as she began to chew on the cylinder of horrid shit in her mouth. She looked up through hazy eyes at the woman who grunted and labored obscenely above her. She was straining to push more waste from her body because she didn't want to miss this opportunity. The freshness of new girls was the thing that Ms. Quinton loved more than anything, to soil the young ones, and that is just what she was doing.

"Eat my shit little slave and look at me when you do. That's it. I want to see it in your eyes, I want to seem them turn brown as I fill you with my gushing shit. Agggawwd it's a monster. Take it.. TAKE IT!"

Angela watched in rapt attention at the abuse her beautiful pet was enduring on her behalf. She knew this was not the type of place a little girl should be, and her pet would have no business here if it were not for her. It was that undisputable fact that thrilled her, thrilled her to the point of delirium. Angela had submitted to pleasures beyond her wildest dreams this day, yet it was the sight of the girl she had come to love that gave her the most satisfaction. She looked at Nikki's bloated stomach and the immense effort she put forth is pleasing the women at the party and felt a sense of pride and affection she had never known. As the orgasms continued to rip through her body, she pushed Nei Chan's small face into the crack of her buttocks and pushed out a column of shit that the darling girl gobbled up nearly as fast as it came out. Angela saw Nei close her eyes in a monumental effort and chomp her mouth quickly with loud smacking gusto as she consumed the soft waste that oozed from her dark hole. Angela brushed back a stray strand of jet black hair from the little girl's face and smiled into her watering eyes as if to reassure her of a job well done. It was difficult to tell, but she thought she saw a glint of a smile on the small child's face as she felt her tongue press into the far depths of her rectum in search of more to eat.


The meeting of the Nine to Five Club had come to an end. As was customary, the women joined the children in a communal bath that was as tender and caring as the night had been wicked. The women laughed and joked with the youngsters as they washed each other, reliving the highlights of the previous night's activities. The children brushed their teeth long and hard with the help of the women and all changed into fresh clean clothes upon exiting the shower room.

The party ended as it always did, but still much had changed. The Nine to Five Club was entering a new phase of its existence as it prepared to open the interactive website, expand the membership and certainly increase the pedophilic activities which were sure to ensue. Angela Steele had agreed to run the new venture and forge a new direction for this band of women, but she also found closure in her own life. Angela had finally made peace with her past as she faced her old demons in Gloria Quinton, and better still; she had found love. A true and deep love that encompassed the entirety of her being. Nikki Ford would become Nikki Steele and would be the blonde haired blue eyed angel that Angela had always wanted. It was a love affair that would change both of their lives for ever.


If you have read this far, I'd like to thank you for your time. This was a challenging and ultimately rewarding story to write and I'd like to thank a few of my friends. First and foremost my dear friend April, whose works inspired me in the first place and whose friendship and encouragement kept me writing when it seemed I couldn't continue. Our sense of sexuality and romance perfectly aligned and we hope to continue to collaborate in the future. If you have enjoyed this story at all, but have never read her works, I encourage you to search them out. Secondly my lovely Tumbleweed for all her tireless support and council, without her keen writing sense and love I'm not sure Nikki would have ever been realized. Finally to Tantala Ray, whose editing of this piece, I'm sure, made it's reading a bit more palatable. She is another writer of considerable talents and you owe it to yourself to search her works as well. ~ArteMiss <>