The Devious Doctor pt 1.

 Please note the following story is exactly that, a story. It is pure fiction and not intended to offend anyone. However if you have clicked on here by mistake (not sure just how you could do that tho), if the idea of lesbian, watersports, scat, underage sex upsets you, or your under the legal age to view such material please do not read the following. The writer is above 25 years old, and would appreciate any comments, criticisms, even advice.

 Rose Adams had been the town Doctor for almost 15 years by now, and was well respected by all that knew her.

 Serving the community was her life, in fact it was her passion, and those that had been in contact with the woman, of which there were hundreds, trusted her implicitly.

 She was a quiet, somewhat reserved person outside her surgery, keeping herself to herself, and very seldom left the confines of her backroad home. In her eyes she didn't need to.

 Very rarely would one see her of an evening, more often than not she'd finish late at work, but Dr. Rose as she was Known to all wasn't one for mixing. She simply preferred her own company.

 Since taking over the town practice all those years ago she'd built quite a glowing reputation as a friendly, compassionate, and caring woman, who all felt at ease with. This was how she wanted it. The Doctor had a secret.

 Standing a mere 5ft 4 inches and being of a slender frame no one who visited her felt intimidated. That was the way the secret worked. `Make them trust you and then they'll open up to you' was what she kept telling herself.

 So, with a whisper of a voice, and the mannerisms of an angel, she could work her magic, and all that needed her help fell under her spell.

 Rose, as she insisted on being called, had never married. She'd been too busy with studying for more years than she could remember, and after finally making a name for herself as a fully qualified Doctor the 40 year old simply didn't want to complicate things. To be honest, she got all the excitement she needed from her work, and in more ways than one.

 It all started a couple of years back when on an otherwise normal Friday afternoon Rose prepared for her final appoinment of the week, An apoinment that would change the womans life for ever.

 The doctor pressed the buzzer on the corner of her desk to let the next person waiting outside know she was ready, and waited for the usual knock on the door.

 On hearing the familiar tap tap tap she simply said to enter, and after the door swung open in walked a red faced 14 year old girl.

 "How can I help you today?" came the soft and almost tranquil tones of the Doctor as she pointed to the chair next to hers and told the girl to take a seat. Rose didn't like the idea of being behind a desk ever since when she was a child visiting her G.P. as she always felt uncomfortable, and opted instead to sit next to her desk when she had an appointment with a chair positioned close by for whoever needed it.

 "Its Sally isn't it?" asked the Doctor flicking through her schedule. "Yes that's it, Sally Adams. Hey you've got the same surname as me. Now is it Sal or Sally?" she added as if to put the youngster at ease. "I'm Doctor Adams but if you don't call me Rose I'll be most upset" said the Doc as she winked at the girl.

 "Well all my friends call me blondie actually Doctor" came the childs first words.

 "Ok then" said Rose looking right into the youngster eyes. "As were now best buddies blondie it is" and once again winked at the girl. Sally smiled and winked back and Rose knew the girl was now relaxed.

 "So what seems to be the problem then blondie?" asked the slender Doctor as she shuffled her chair a little closer to the girls.

 "It's a little embarrassing Doc but its down below, think I might have an infection or summat as it kinda stings when I wee, and mom said I should come and see you".

 "Clever mom then" joked the Doctor as she moved a litle closer. "So hows longs it been like this then hun?"

 "Only a few days I guess" came the girls reply, "yeah it was Tuesday when I got back from school cus I got home, had a shower cus I'd just had gym, and then went for a wee and it was sore as hell. Oops sorry Doctor, didn't mean to say hell" apologised the 14 year old.

 "Well blondie nothing to worry your pretty little head about even if it is an infection. Weve all had them, I know I have, and with a couple of tablets each day it'll soon be gone" said the Doctor reassuringly. "But, better to be safe than sorry, you ok if I take a look? It wont hurt I promise".

 "Yeah I don't mind Doc" came the girls confident reply, "Do I get my peach out here or do I have to lie on the bed?"

 The Doctor couldn't help but let out a laugh. "Sorry hun never heard it called a peach before. Other names yeah but never a peach" and laughed again.

 "Some of the girls at school use other names too Doc" added the girl, "but I aint saying em cus they're filthy" as she too started to laugh.

 In just a few minutes the girl who entered the room looking scared and shy could now be mistaken as the Doctors best friend. That was Roses' gift, and boy did it come in useful.

 "Well sweetie see that horrible contraption over in the corner they call an examination chair? Its easier for me to see if you get on that. Don't be put off by all the gizmos on it tho, as far as I know it shouldn't take off and fly you round the room. Hasn't yet anyway" and smiled.

 Sally smiled too and without hesitating got up and walked over to the stainless steel chair.

 "Ok hun you can keep your jumper on but the bottom half will have to go. Hey if your moms outside you want her in her with you? I don't mind at all and might help you relax a bit with her by your side".

 "She's at work Doc but anyway I wouldn't want her seeing my peach" and giggled.

 "Ok then blondie strip" said Rose laughing, and the girl started to undress, giggling as the Doctor started to sing da der da der, da der da der.

 "Your mad" laughed the 14 year old trying to keep her balance as she slid her jeans off. "My friends mom comes here and cus weve only just moved to the area she said I should come to you cus you're the best. She didn't say you were bonkers though" and stepped out of her levis' still smiling.

 "I'm only bonkers on a Friday" joked the Doctor, "now off with the knickers before I get my scissors and cut em off".

 "Oooo kinky eh Doc?" said Sally pushing her satin knickers down her legs and over her feet.

  "Ooo bugger" said Rose almost in a state of shock, "best lock the door, don't want the cleaner walking in" and almost ran to the entrance to the room and slid the bolt across. "Ok, your safe now" and turned around to see the youngster climbing onto the shiny silver chair without being asked to.

 "Blimey, your keen. Got a hot date tonight have you?" Rose joked as she approached the teenager.

 "Not with a sore peach I aint Doc, whats the point?"

 "Oh I see, so from that I take it your sexually active then?" and at that lifted Sallys feet onto the stirrups one by one.

 "Sure I am Doc" came the teens reply, "but only let em touch me cus I'm not ready for anything more just yet".

 The Doctor was quite took aback with the youngsters openness but had to commend her for her good sense telling her what the girls mother had apparently told her all the time that its better to be safe than sorry.

 "Ok blondie just lift your top for me and I'll see what the problem is" said the Doctor in more of a Doctor kind of tone.

 It was at that very moment Rose knew why the girls at school called Sally blondie, and why she called it her peach.

 It hadn't even dawned on the otherwise scrupulous Doctor that Sally had black hair flowing half way down her back, until she looked between the 14 year old legs. There she saw perfectly blonde pubic hair, perfectly trimmed, and surrounding a perfectly formed vagina. So perfect in fact that peach didn't do it justice. The Doctor felt her mouth go dry, and swallowed hard trying to find some remnants of saliva in her mouth to ease the discomfort. It didn't help, and she coughed.

 "Er well Sally, now I know why they call you blondie" said the 40 year old with a twinkle in her eye and a grin on her face.

 Somehow managing to take her eyes off the girl Rose leant across to the trolley by the side of the chair and grabbed two latex gloves, and after blowing inside them slid them onto her shaking hands one at a time.

 "Ok hun just relax and I'll take a look".

 At that the doctor leant forward and gently eased the tips of the middle finger of each hand between the 14 year olds pussy lips, and trying not to shake slowly pulled them open. Asking the girl if it hurt the 14 year old said it did but only a little. So, without wanting to cause Sally any pain at all pulled her fingers out, and reaching over to the trolley again grabbed a plastic tube of lubricating jelly and squirted some onto both hands. Massaging the clear gel all over her fingers she reinserted them, and again asked the girl how it was. Much better was the 14 year olds reply so Rose pushed her fingers in a little deeper. Still ok the girl said as Rose again asked how it felt. Then telling Sally to try and relax a little more gradually pulled the girls pussy lips open.

 Oh my god thought the Doctor as the 14 year olds pussy opened so wide it looked like a flower blooming ready to reveal its nectar. Oh christ she thought to herself as it opened even more.

 By now Rose was squatting as she pulled Sallys lips as wide as she dare and looked up at the girls face.

 "Hows that feel hun" stammered the Doctor keeping the teens lips nice and wide.

 "Feels a bit sore inside" came the girls reply.

 "Well its not an infection hun" said the 40 year old woman, "just a little red inside your vagina, oops I mean peach" and smiled at Sally.

 That eased the tension a little and Rose asked if any of her boyfriends just touched her or used their fingers inside. The girl said just one had used his finger inside but it hurt and she didn't let him try again. Good girl said the doctor with her fingers still holding the girls lips wide open. Then she asked if Sally ever did the same and of course the answer was yes.

 "Well you need to know just how to do it right before you go jumping in at the deep end" and giggled at the girl who giggled back.

 "Listen blondie why don't you show me how you do it and I'll tell if your doing it right, that's if your not too embarrassed. Don't forget that we are officially best buddies now, and me also being a Doctor means whatever we talk about stays with us" and once again winked at the girl.

 "Ok I guess" was all the 14 year old could say as Rose asked her to lean forward and take over. Then removing her fingers from blondies pussy started squeezing some gel onto the girls hands. Then telling her to make sure all her fingers were covered she whispered to the girl to start.

 At first Sally was nervous and barely touched herself at all, but as Rose assured her everything was perfectly natural the girl relaxed a little more and ran a couple of fingers up the length of her slit. Telling Sally to make sure she was getting wetter the Doctor encouraged her to rub a little harder and faster, and the teen obligued until Rose could see the girls pussy start to open of its own accord.

 "There you go" said the 40 year old moving a little closer, "now your nice and wet and ready for anything" and without noticing at first suddenly started to feel her own pussy start to get wet.

 "Now just do whatever you want hun, don't hold back just because I'm here, whenever we play we do it to enjoy it" added the Doctor who was now only inches from Sallys wet slit and able to smell the teens juices without even having to try to.

 At first half a finger slid inside, then after a few ins and outs the whole of her middle finger was deep inside her own peach. Rose congratulated the 14 year old and continued to stare hoping more was to come. Not long after the child had another finger in, and from the look on the teens face was starting to enjoy herself. Keep going thought Rose as her own pussy was now starting to tingle, and as if the girl could here her Doctors thoughts Sally slid a third inside.  

 "That's it blondie, now rub your clit at the same time, that'll get you even wetter".

 This confused the girl and Rose guessed why. So without any hesitation the Doctor moved her hand up and using her right index finger gently rubbed on the teens bud. Immediately shock waves went through Sallys body and the Doctor knew why. Rose moved her hand away and Sally took over. Three fingers sliding in and out of her immature pussy and a finger flicking her clit. Rose was starting to tremble watching this, and with being squatting her legs were open and she could feel her own pussy start to bubble.

 Feeling hornier than she ever had felt Rose decided to act, and what she said next shocked even herself.

 "You can do better than that blondie. I had your peach lips much wider, are you holding back on me?"

 The girl wasn't holding anything back as up until then Sally had only ever taken just one finger at a time inside her peach, but Doctor Rose wanted much more. So, reaching up to the trolley once more she grabbed something that made the teens eyes bulge. A speculum.

 "This will help you blondie, and will help me see inside incase your doing it wrong. Now don't be afraid as its not as nasty as it looks, in fact I bet you'll love it".

 Then telling the teen to remove her fingers, but to keep rubbing her clit, Rose slid the device inside the teens wet peach. The surgical steel was ice cold at first and made Sally gasp for breath, but after a few seconds with the help of the childs juices soon warmed up. What happened next was something neither the girl or the Doctor were totally prepared for. Of course Rose had used these before in routine exams, but never had she used one for her own pleasure, let alone to bring someone else pleasure too, and with a gentle twist of the screw the tool started to spread. To say Sally jolted would be an understatement as she nearly lifted of the chair.

 "Keep rubbing your clit blondie, that way you'll enjoy it", said the Doctor as she turned the screw a little more.

 By now Sally was starting to shake as she felt the walls of her peach being pushed apart, but not once did she stop rubbing her bud. This impressed Rose so much she turned the screw a full turn in one go. Sally yelped but kept her finger on her immature clit as she felt her lips being ripped open. Roses face was now only inches from the device and once again she turned the screw on the speculum. Christ she said under her breath, this kids incredible, and felt a trickle of pussy juice run down her squatting leg.

 "You still ok hun" she decided to ask incase she was actually hurting the girl.

 "I'm aching Doctor, I'm aching".

 "Your doing so well too blondie" said the Rose feeling a little concerned by now, "you want me to unscrew it hun?"

 "Noooo please don't Doc, I want more".

 Rose physically shook on hearing the 14 year olds reply and felt a pool of juice build inside her knickers. Fuck she said to herself, I'm gonna fuckin cum".

 "Let me turn it please Doc, let me have a go", and at that Rose felt the girls hand on the device. Guiding the teens  fingers to the screw the doctor pulled her hand away and just stared. Ohhhh my god she thought as Sally turned the screw another full turn immediately. By now Roses face was touching Sallys hand she was that close, and she could feel every twist on the spreader.

 "Go on blondie, open it wider, you can do it hun, spread your peach real wide for Doctor, show me what you can really do" said Rose who was now blowing on the teens soaking wet pussy. "Oh good girl, your almost there, just a little more and I'll be able to see all the way inside" added the 40 year old who now had her left hand up her skirt rubbing her pussy through her wet knickers. "Yeah that's its hun, push those wet peach lips as far as you can for me", and at that the teen came. Not just gently, but the most mind blowing climax you could imagine. The 14 year olds body shook ferociously as she rubbed her bud until it spasmed and sent bolt after bolt of pure exstasy down into the girls gaping cunt. Looking down at herself the girl couldn't see too much but she did see Roses face on her hand as creamy liquid oozed out her wide open cunt and down onto the seat of the chair. Then, to the girls amazement she saw her Doctor with her hand up her skirt and she knew her new best buddy was friggin herself.

 "Oh Doctor I think ive finally done it, I think ive cum for the first time in my life" came a whimper from the girls mouth as she held her finger on her clit. "How wide am i?"

 "Oh blondie you really wide, wanna see?"

 The girl nodded and Rose slighly moved her hand from under her skirt and swung the retractable mirror round that was bolted to the chair. After manouvering it into just the right place Sally saw for the first time just what a gaping cunt looked like. Hers was wider than she could ever have imagined and she could see deep inside. This turned the 14 year old even more and she felt her juices start to flow again, and reaching back down she turned the screw another full revolution. Fuck the girl screamed out loud as she squeezed on her bud and came yet again, this time spitting cum on the lense of the mirror.

 "Wipe it clean I wanna see" she ordered Rose and the Doctor did as she was asked.

 "You wanna cum more than ever now blondie?" asked the Doctor getting to her feet.

 "Hell yeah" came the reply, and at that Rose undid the zip on her skirt. Then sliding down to her feet blondie saw the doctors soaking wet knickers.

 "Take em off Doc" begged the girl in the chair, "take em off and rub your peach for me please Doc".

 Rose did just that and without a care in the world tore her soggy knickers clean off, ripping em to bits in the process. Then spreading her legs rammed 2 fingers inside her drenched cunt.

 "Come on Doc you can do better than that, you holding back on me?" quipped the 14 year old thinking back to earlier. "Wider, I wanna see it wider" and Rose rammed another 2 fingers deep inside her drenched chasm of a cunt. "Now turn the screw on here so I fuckin scream you dirty Doctor and wank yourself infront of me". Rose did much more than just that and twisting the screw nearly 2 turns pulled her fingers from her cunt and shoved em deep in the 14 year old mouth.

 "Fuckin suck em you dirty little slut" screamed the Doctor, "lick em clean you cunt" and then rammed her free hand into the girls pussy. "Now who's in charge?" she asked staring at a 14 year old girl gagging on 4 creamy fingers. "Yeah I'm the fuckin boss here you filthy bastard now feel this" and at that squeezed on the girls piss slit at the top of the gaping pussy.

 Sally screamed so loud she nearly choked on the Doctors fingers that were now deep in the girls throat.

 "Yeah you wanted me to make you scream, well there ya fuckin go, now take it like a bitch and get ready for more" yelled the Doctor as she squeezed even harder on Sallys urethra. "You had enough or you want more?"

 "Fuck" garbled the 14 year old, "gimme more" as Rose removed her fingers so the girl could breathe.

 "You better be sure about this blondie cus if you say yes theres no going back, and you'll never be the same 14 year old again".

 The girl nodded and even still had her finger on her clit. So Rose swung the mirror out the way and climbed on top of the chair. Then, straddling the girl lowered her pussy down onto the 14 year olds mouth. After telling Sally to eat her Rose felt the girls tongue start to lick up the length of her juicy snatch.

 "Come on you filthy little bitch, don't fuck about, get your fuckin' tongue in deep" she ordered as she moved her hand back to the girls gaping pussy and again squeezed on her urethra. "That's a good bitch, fuckin' lick it. Good bitch that's better, now squeeze my clit too. Ooooo yeah, now that's what I'm talking about, squeeze and lick you filthy cunt. Make Doctors slimy cunt gush. Come on, quicker you slut, fuckin' quicker or I'll shove all my hand inside your smelly cunt and rip it to fuckin' bits".  

 That was all it took for both of them to cum. Sally was gushing now and frantically rubbing her own bud while at the same time soaking the Doctors hand. While the Doctor was spitting cum all down the girls throat and over her pretty face.

 It took a few minutes to subside before both were calming down when not wanting this to end the Doctor said she had more to teach the young girl. The girl had just had the most amazing hour in her life and was up for anything now, well, almost anything. So, without warning it happened. Holding the 14 year olds head still, and telling her to open her mouth, the Doctor delivered. It started as a slow, steady trickle before Sally realised what was happening. Then, without warning, the trickle turn into a stream. Rose looked down to see young immature 14 year old Sally Adams getting a mouth full of hot piss. The girl gagged for the first couple of gushes and closed her mouth, but holding the girls nose shut the Doctor knew she had to come up for air, and within just a few seconds she did, just intime for a jet of warm piss to blast down the youngsters throat.

 "That's it, swallow it hun, don't fight it, just swallow" urged the Doctor as she slowed down the flow to give the girl a chance of keeping up. "Ooooo yeah, good girl, that's it just keep drinking Doctors medicine. Mmmmm keep going blondie and Doctor will be pleased and will give you a real treat after. Oh yeah blondie your doing great" as she looked down to see the 14 year old actually gulping down stream after stream of Roses sweet warm piss.

 Finally Rose was empty and lifted her now battered cunt off the girls mouth, just in time to see the girl poke out her tongue and give the Doctors soaking pussy a lick clean. Ooooo that felt good thought Rose as she somehow managed to climb off the girls abused body and kneel herself down on the floor. 

 Looking Sally in the eyes Doctor spoke. "You ok hun, not too nasty was it?"

 Sally said she was fine but felt embarrassed as to what had just happened. She'd entered the room as a sweet n innocent 14 year old, and was now well on her way to being a tramp, and a fuckin' sexy tramp at that thought the Doc.

 "So hun you want your treat now?" asked Rose. "wanna see something really dirty?"

 The girl nodded as both seemed to notice together that the speculum was still inside the 14 year olds cunt.

 Reaching down Rose started to loosen the screw and bit by bit Sallys pussy started to close until out popped the shiny silver device. The girls cunt was still nicely open and this turned the Doctor on so much she licked the speculum clean. Mmmm she whispered to the girl, tasty cunt you got there, and at that knelt on the floor again, this time with her face touching the tiles. Then, asking Sally to grab the lube and join her the two of them were side by side.

 "Smear some of that on Roses ass would you hun, I need to be nice and slippy for whats coming" and doing as she was asked the girl squirted a good handful onto herself. Being nervous blondie dabbed the gel onto Roses cheeks at first until the Doctor told her not to worry and to make sure plenty was around her asshole. So, getting braver all the time Sally rubbed her greasy fingers all over where she was told until Rose said she was ready. Then handing the girl the speculum told her to slide it in.

 To start with Rose felt nothing until Sally thought it was time for some payback, and without worrying pushed the device all the way inside. Rose let out a yell as she felt her asshole start to fill. Then, came some real payback as Sally turned the screw time and time again without even thinking of how the Doctor was. In fact the Doctor was loving it as this was all in her plan. Wider and wider Roses shitter expanded until Rose knew it was almost at its limit, then feeling Sally struggle to get it any wider she told the girl to lube her hand and wrist up and get ready.

 Sally knew what was coming next and felt her cunt start to bubble again. She even had a quick rub before grabbing the tube of lube and squirting some on where the Doc had asked her to.

 In no time Sally had slightly undone the tension on the silver spreader and had ripped it out. Then almost immediately had her whole hand inside the Doctors asshole. For an inexperienced girl she sure as hell knew what to do now and started to fist the Doctors shitter for all she was worth. Faster and faster her hand delved inside the asshole as moan after moan of pleasure came from the Doctors mouth. Sally even started fingering herself as she watched in amazement at just how much her new Doctor could take. More came the cries from Rose who was now vigorously fingering her cunt, and Sally didn't let her down. So deep was she inside the woman that she could see her lower arm dissapear inside her G.P.'s dirt box. Fuck they both seemed to squeal at the same time as Sally ploughed the bottom of her 14 year old arm inside the 40 year old rectum. Deeper and deeper were the cries as the girl followed her orders and was litterally ass raping her Doctor. Rose came in no time and was squirting her love juice everywhere, occasionally wiping her soaking cunt with her hand and sucking on it as her cum gushed out almost uncontrollably. This in turn made Sally cum and for the very first time Sally was licking her own fingers, sucking the creamy sweet cream that had only seconds before spat from her swollen snatch. Still ramming her lower arm into the Doctors now battered asshole actually trying to hurt the woman for pissing in her mouth earlier. Deeper she forced her fist inside while turning it from side to side in the hope it would make the Doctor scream but it didn't. Instead all she heard next was Rose shout "you ready bitch?" and before she knew it Rose had ripped the youngsters lower arm from her ass, turned round, and pushed the 14 year old onto her back. Then holding her down the Doctor lowered her still gaping ass onto the girls face and simply said "watch this you cunt". In no time the Doctors ass creaked open even more than it had been, and what Sally saw next nearly scared her to death. Out from Roses shitter started to appear the mother of all turds. So wide that Sally now knew it was all her doing and that she'd been suckered into it. The girl tried to break loose but she had no chance as although being only 5ft4 and of a slim frame, all the Docs weight was on top of the girl.

 "Open wide bitch" came the terrifying voice. "Get ready for a huge one", and unable to stop looking Sally saw the cone of shit start to ease its way out of the Doctors ass. It just kept coming she kept thinking as inch by inch of brown shit made its way closer to her face. "Oooo yeah" came the voice again, "fuck it must be big, its ripping my asshole apart", and almost 9 inches of steaming shit was somehow hanging about an inch from the 14 year olds face.

 "Don't, please no, don't its horrible" was all the girl could say as the Doctor sat on the childs face and felt the giant turd break off and sandwich itself between her ass and Sally. Then, wriggling about a bit and feeling it spread itself she lifted off to examine the damage. It was almost impossible to know there was a face under the brown waste Rose thought and she loved it. So much so Rose reached round and scooped what little was left in her ass and wiped it on the girls mouth.

 "Now eat some bitch or you'll never get out of here" screamed Rose, and within a few seconds she saw the girls mouth open.

 "I cant Rose its just too horrible" said the girl but as soon as she opened her mouth to speak The deviant Doc pushed a shit covered finger deep inside the girls mouth and held it there.

 "Well you might as well lick this clean while its in your mouth hun then I'll show you how to deal with the rest".

 Sally knew she didn't have a choice, and inhaled slowly. Then, to Roses amazement she saw the girls lips move and felt her finger being sucked on. Rose encouraged Sally to lick it good and the girl did just that. Rose slowly pulled her finger out the girls mouth and asked Sally to open wide while wiping some of the excess shit from the youngsters face. When she did Rose felt her clit pulsate as she saw her brown shit on the girls tongue and teeth. Ooo fuck yeah, that's fucking horny Rose thought and let the girl sit up.

 "The worsts over now hun" said the doc wiping the girls eyes clear. "Just open your eyes and try and breathe".

 Sally did and was looking right into the doctors eyes. The Doctor explained that she'd always wanted to take a shit with someone watching and she couldn't hold back any longer. She'd always fingered her own ass and loved the taste of her own earthly mess and wanted to try more and that time was now here. So, without thinking Rose stuck her tongue out and ran it over the 14 year olds face gathering a really good amount of her own brown mess. Then she asked Sally to finger herself while she did the same and before long the Doc was chewing and sucking on her own shit.

 This woman was in her element now and soon went back to the childs face for more. This time using her fingers to stuff more and more into her mouth, gulping down the mess like it was manner from heaven.

 Sally just stared and swallowed for the first time since tasting Roses ass waste. Not as nasty as I first thought she said to herself, and seeing the Doctor in front of her munching on the brown waste she ran her 14 year old tongue over her lips and tasted some more. Mmmm bitter she thought but definitely not horrible and licked some more. Rose saw this and winked at the girl, the same wink as she gave Sally when she first came into the surgery earlier.

 "Rose? Asked the girl, "feed me some of your mess. If I'm gonna do this I want a mouthful this time".

 Roses cunt exploded and she was friggin herself into a frenzy now, ramming fingers up her cunt until her cum was spitting onto the girls legs.

 That's my dirty bitch she said and scooped a load of still warm shit off Blondies face with her free hand and offered it to the girl.

 "Eat it baby" she said softly, "eat it all up and then I'll let you shit in my mouth".

 Blondie did just that and in seconds was sucking and slurping on the Doctors foul waste like she was sucking on an icecream.

 By now neither could remember why the girl had even come to be in the surgery to begin with, and neither really cared, as In only a few minutes Goldie would be the one squatting, waiting to give the Doctor some of her own medicine.