The Devious Doctor pt 2.

Please remember that this is just a story and nothing more.

However if the idea of lesbian, underage, scat or beastiality sex offends you in any way, or is illegal to view where you are, then please do not read the following.

The author is over 25 years of age, and would welcome any comments or criticisms.


Rose sat at home later that night and reflected on what had happened those few hours earlier.

Had she really done those degrading, obscene, filthy and down right disgusting acts with young Sally in her surgery? Yes she had, and just the thought of it made her nipples tingle and her pussy spasm.

She had a memory like no one elses and could recollect every single act of pure heart pounding slutty pleasure she'd given herself with that innocent young girl, and she fucking loved it.

She could still taste the 14 year olds cunt and ass as she inhaled in her chair. Mmmm yum yum she said to herself as she tried to savour the earthy tang of her new best friends shit.

Sliding her hand under her dressing gown the nurse started to pick and scrape at her own ass with her finger nails, gently pushing her middle finger inside her still swollen hole trying to ease any remaining remnants of her own shit out.

She succeeded, she knew she had as she could feel her own brown mess coating the tip of her slender finger. Then, raising her hand to her mouth she saw what she'd been searching for, a slimy, sticky, wet trace of her own shit.

Like a child with an ice cream she poked out her tongue and lapped at the delight in front of her. Ooooo yes she seemed to say as she felt the warm creamy shit in her mouth, and not wanting to rush herself she let the brown nectar rest on her tongue as she breathed in.

She wanted more now. She needed more. She craved more. She was engulfed with such a sense of lust she had to have more...

Slipping her gown off so she was now totally naked she made her way into the kitchen. It wasn't long before she'd returned to the comfort of her lounge, and knowing the curtains were closed so she was all alone she knelt on the floor.

Underneath she'd placed a dinner plate she'd just collected and the 40 year old settled her ass above it. Then, using both hands she gently parted the cheeks of her butt and started to push. Slowly but surely she felt her ass crack gape a little, then pushing a bit harder she felt what she had been waiting for. The tip of a cone of shit was easing its way out of her. Oooooo yeah, fuck yeah, she said to herself as she got her first smell of the brown lump. Mmmm god that smells good she whispered as she pushed a little harder.

By now she didn't need to hold her cheeks open as the scat was oozing out of her ass without any obstructions and she loved the feeling. Almost done now she thought as the 40 year old gave one final push and almost immediately she felt the turd break free and drop onto the waiting plate. Time to pee now she said to herself and holding a glass just infront of her cunt she let a stream of golden rain trickle its way out of her still tingling pussy.

She could feel the warmth of her urine as she held the glass as it was being filled. God she thought I'm such a filthy slut as she filled the tumbler to the brim.

Now she was ready. She slid a finger inside her ass as she drank her piss. A shudder ripped through her body as she got her first taste of her own pee. It was warm and sweet as she drank the fluid like it was a fine wine. This woman was in her element now, and without a care in the world lifted the plate to her mouth. The scat was solid and smelled like paradise to her, and not being able to stop herself any longer she ran her tongue over it. Fuck she gasped, mmmm yes, and sank her teeth into it. Ooooooo fuck yeah she shouted as she felt her own waste covering her once pearly white teeth and at that she sucked on her shit. The filthy bitch was now greedily chewing and licking and sucking on her own warm scat and she couldn't stop herself. Mouthfull after mouthfull she swallowed her mess until all that was left were a few brown streaky stains on the plate. She wasn't gonna waste any tho and ran her tongue over what was left until the plate was clean. Then, raising the glass to her mouth she devoured what was left of her piss.

All that was left now was to pull her finger from her shitter and lick it clean. She did just that and then sat up and if you hadn't known what had just happened you'd never be able to guess. Like everything the woman did she did it with style.

Not a trace left, not a clue left. This woman wasn't just good at whatever she did, she was an expert...


When she woke the next morning Rose knew she had the day to herself and she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted filth, and as much as she could get.

Looking through her files she came upon Sally's home address and feeling brave, as well as horny she decided to pay her a visit. So grabbing her car keys she made her way out of the house.

In only a few minutes she pulled into the youngsters driveway and parked the car.

Hopping out she made her way towards the front door when she heard a voice from out back shout her.

"Hiya, can I help?"

Rose turned towards the voice and saw a young slim girl playing on a swing.

"I'm doctor rose, is Sally home?"

"Shes in the bath I think, shall I get her?" came the reply from the youngster.

"No its ok sweetie, is it ok if I go in?  just need to give her a check up".

The girl nodded and Rose made her way inside the house.

Climbing the stairs she saw a door slightly open and she noticed a basin inside the room. Bingo she thought and walked right in.

"Right you ready for another internal?" she shouted only to see a middle aged woman lay in the tub.

"Oh fuck" Rose screamed, "god I'm sorry I thought you were Sally".

"Bloody hell you scared the shit outta me" came the startled womans reply.

Rose introduced herself to the woman and somehow managed to explain she'd seen Sally the day before and just wanted to see if she was any better.

The woman just lay there in the bath as Rose got redder and redder.

"I'm really sorry again, I should go and leave you to it" clammered the doctor.

"No worries hun" said the woman, "I'm sure you've seen a naked woman before".

Rose nodded and looked embarrassed as the woman continued washing herself.

"So, you still wanna gimme an internal then?" asked the woman laughing.

Rose giggled and didn't really know what to say so she just smiled.

"Well just don't use a speculum on me like you did on Sally that's all I ask, my cunts wide enough without having one of them shoved up it".

Rose nearly fainted. She'd been rumbled.

"Oh my god, what did she tell you?" asked the doctor starting to panic.

"Don't worry hun, she told me you did a great job and she said you were the best doc she'd ever had".

Rose breathed a sigh of relief, I'm safe she thought to herself and started to relax a bit.

"So what did you think of her body then doc?" asked the woman, "I know I wish mine was half as sexy as hers. Maybe that way I'd get some action" and the woman laughed again.

"Well she has got a stunning body but yours is too" replied the 40 year old trying to stay calm.

"Yeah yeah yeah" laughed the woman in the bath, "but her ass is just perfect, you could eat your dinner off it don't ya think?"

"Mmmm too right" replied Rose, "I mean I guess so".

"Haha so you've thought it too then? Don't worry hun I've thought it myself but don't think I'm a perv though cus I aint, but still, I'd eat off it any fucking day" and the woman laughed again.

"Well ok I admit it, I would eat it, I mean off it too" said the doc with a smile on her face.

"Well good on ya doc, now your lightening up. Oh and I'm jill. Now would you eat off it or eat it? You didn't seem very sure".

"Hmmm how do I answer that without me seeming like a perv?" said the doctor with a smirk on her face.

"Just be honest doc, I don't mind, were both adults and we all like some fun now n then".

"Well in that case yes I'd eat it and eat off it".

"There ya go, good for you doc. So would I and I'm her mom. Does that make me sound sick? Hope not".

Rose shook her head trying to comprehend what was going on.

"Doesn't make you sound sick at all Jill, like you said we all like some fun. And so what if shes your daughter, she's totally edible".

"You got that right Rose, I'd eat the shit out her ass if I had the chance and go back for seconds" and the woman in the tub laughed even louder.

Rose gulped and thought carefully as to what to say next. It didn't help much tho as her mind wandered back to the events in her surgery with Sally the day before.

"Has that shocked you doc?" asked the woman now wiping a sponge over her legs.

"Errrrr a little but I agree Jill if I'm being totally honest. Her ass is hot and I'd suck the shit out of it too. Hope your not offended but you did ask".

"I'm not offended hun so stop worrying. Mmmm I bet her shit tastes good too. He little sluts always leaving the bathroom door open when she takes a crap. I'm sure she knows I wanna try it and she does it on purpose. What ya think?"

Rose was stunned at what she was hearing but she was loving it, and by the look of Jill so was she. Rose could see the womans nipples hardening and she knew why.

"I guess its upto you Jill what you do about it, if anything. I mean, have you ever tasted shit before?" said the doctor almost regretting what she'd just asked.

"Sorry, that was a bit rude of me to say and ask" offered the doc as an apology.

"Its fine Rose, and yes I have. Only my own tho. Tasted better than I thought it would too".

"Yeah it does. People get worried about it but I love the taste".

Jill sat up hearing that and looked pleased.

"So you've actually tasted shit too? Really? I thought I was the only one and was kinda worried I was a freak".

"Your not a freak Jill so stop worrying, and yes ive tasted more than you'd believe".

"Fuck yeah, good on ya doc. So when was the last time you had some?"

"Last night, had a real dirty session on my own at home".

Jill was intrigued now and Rose could see the naked womans nipples getting even harder, so she acted.

"I was feeling extra naughty so stripped off in the lounge, got a plate and shit on it".

"Holy fuck doc, and was there a lot?"

"Oh yeah, a real mound".

"And did you just lick it or taste it?" asked Jill almost dribbling out the corner of her mouth.

"I sank my teeth into it and then chewed it and ate it. Then washed it down with a glass of piss".

"No fucking way, wow, that's amazing. God I'd love to try that".

"Well come on then Jill, why don't you? I need a shit now anyway".

"Don't know if I could chew it tho Rose, I mean that might be a bit too much for me at first".

"You'll be fine Jill, and anyway Sally chewed mine yesterday and ate it with me" said Rose feeling extra brave.

"I fucking knew it, that bitch, no wonder she was smiling so much when she came home" and the woman in the bath grinned. "You lucky fuck, did you taste hers too?"

"Oh yeah, got her fingering her own ass and then i sucked her fingers clean. And your right, her shit does taste good" said Rose smiling.

"Now I'm gonna take a crap, you want me to do it on the loo or on you?" asked the doc.

"Fuck it, do it on me but no promises I'll be able to eat it".

"No worries Jill" said Rose as she told Jill to get out the bath and lie on the floor.

Rose undressed as Jill lay down and then lowered her ass onto the waiting womans stomach so that Jill could see what was coming out.

Then telling Jill to pull her asshole apart she started to force the turd out. In no time Jill saw a mass of dark brown shit start to appear. More after more came poking out the doctors ass and Jill was amazed. It wasn't long before the odour filled the room and then Jill felt the steaming log snap off and land on her chest. It felt warm as it rested on her breasts and Jill felt more aroused than ever before and started to feel her cunt throb.

Rose lifted herself off and without thinking started to rub Jills cunt. First she slid a finger inside her wet slit, then another, then another until Jill started to cum. Rose then rubbed the womans clit as she finger fucked her and Jill came like never before.

Rose lent over and scooped a piece of her still warm shit on her tongue and started to suck on it as she continued fingering Sallys mother.

This sent Jill over the edge and she started to squirt cunt juice into the air. This was what Rose wanted and the doctor leant forward. Then, with her mouth next to Jills she ran her shit covered tongue over the womans lips. Jill couldn't stop herself, she had to taste it and ran her own tongue over the brown slimy shit. Mmmm she thought as she tasted Roses pungent scat and felt the doctors fingers plunging into her soaking wet slimy slit.

"Now your ready for a real mouthfull Jill" and Rose took a huge lump of shit into her hand and offered it to the woman. "Eat it baby, eat my shit like your filthy daughter did yesterday".

Jill didn't ned asking twice and immediately opened her mouth and took the whole lump inside.

"Mmmm good girl, now chew it and suck it" ordered the doctor as she herself started to feel her own pussy start to ache. "Yeah that's it Jill, eat it and rub my cunt like I'm doing to you. Make me cum you filthy whore. Make me gush as I watch you eating my shit".

Jill did as she was ordered and in no time the two of them were coming relentlessly.

"Now Jill its your turn to shit for me. Not on my chest tho but right into my mouth. Come on baby, cover my tongue in your smelly brown scat. Make me gag on it you dirty cunt".

At that Jill sat up and pushed the doctor onto her back. Then stooping over her she told the doc to open wide.

Within just a few Seconds Jill was shitting. But not a solid turd but a runny one. Splashing all over Roses face as the fluid like scat jetted out her arse. Rose loved it and gobbled as much down her throat as she could while Jill watched.

Rose even managed to finger Jills ass as the woman was shitting and even more came flooding out and the doctor didn't miss a drop. She simply lay there and savoured all that Jill was giving her.

Soon they were both exhausted and both lay on the bathroom floor in a shitty mess.

Rose wiped the last of her own shit off Jills chest and ate it. Jill scooped the last of her own shit off her ass and ate that, and then both lay motionless.

That was until Sally came walking in with her younger sister Ann.

"So I see you've met the doctor then mom?" Asked the 14 year old. "Me and Ann were outside watching and wanted to know if we could join in. We both need to shit and thought you two might still be hungry. Now mom you open wide for me cus ive got a real stiff one ready to explode out my ass, and doc you can have ann's, she's been holding hers back for ages now so its gonna be a right mouthfull.

"Oooooo you filthy cunts" laughed Jill, "come on then I'm sure me and Rose can take whatever you two have to offer. And I wanna drink too so you better need to piss first Sally".

"I'm gonna fucking drown you mom, then smear my smelly shit all over your face and see just how dirty you really are".

"Ooooo come on then you dirty slut, gimme your worse".

And she did just that, and so did Ann as her pert little 8 year old ass blasted her immature shit all over the filthy doctors face.

What next the doctor thought? What could possibly be filthier than this?

She wasn't sure but she knew they had a few pets... 


"So how filthy you feeling now Jill?" asked Rose.

"As fucking filthy as ever, I want more, much fucking more".

And you girls, you want to try something really disgusting?"

"Hell yeah" said Sally. "That's if its ok with you mom?"

"Sure it is baby but this stays between us four remember that. And what about you Ann, you ok for more?"

"I wanna go sleep mom" replied the 8 year old so Jill gave her a kiss and watched the young girl go into her bedroom.

"So what you got in mind then doc asked jill?"

"Oh something totally disgusting but sure to be fun. Ever tasted spunk Sally?"

"No doc, never seen it either".

"Well if your up for it and you mom doesn't mind how about we all have some?"

Jill licked her lips and nodded.

"Go fetch your dogs then Sally and I'll show you summat that'll make your eyes pop out".

Sally did as she was asked and Jill stared at Rose.

"Your not gonna do what I think your gonna do are ya hun?" asked the mother.

"Well if you mean suck a dogs cock while you suck one at the same time then too fucking right I am" replied Rose giggling. "Don't tell me that freaks you out after what weve all just done? A nice hot load of dog spunk jetting down my throat would be heaven right now".

"Fuckin hell you filthy slut" laughed Jill, "what about Sally tho? She's never seen cum before let alone tasted it".

"She'd never eaten shit before yesterday and look at her now, she'll fucking love it so stop worrying".   

At that Sally walked in with the two german sheppards, max and rover.

"Right Sally this is what were gonna do. I'm gonna suck one cock while your mom sucks the other, then you can have a go. We'll show you what to do so just relax".

The girl just nodded as she saw Rose grab the one cock and start to wank it. At that Jill did the same to the other. It wasn't long before both animal cocks were out their sheathes and standing proud. 

Then leaning over as if in unison the two women started to lick and suck on the two throbbing members. They were experts and soon both animals were spitting precum onto the womens faces.

"Ooooo tastes good, now you try Sally" said the doc. That's it just lick the tip first, mmmm good girl, now run your teeth over it nice and gently. Oooo fuck your good. Now suck it. Oh wow baby you're an expert".

"Fuckin hell Sal" shouted Jill, "You're the best cock sucker ive ever seen. Wanna suck em both together?" asked Jill already moving max next to rover. "That's it baby suck em good, oooo yeah baby taste that precum" said the girls mom as she heard her daughter slurping on the two wet cocks.

"Come on then Jill, fancy tasting a dogs ass? and Rose started to tongue fuck rovers shitter.

Not wanting to look a coward Jill did just that and started to rim max's asshole like a pro.

"Mmmmm garbled Rose, lets tatse some shit" and started to finger fuck the dog as she was licking it. "Oooo yeah got a nice lump here and she flicked it into her waiting mouth.

Jill did the same and soon both woman were scooping shit out the two bucking animals as 14 year old Sally was sucking the two fat cocks together.

Looking over Rose knew the dogs were both within seconds of cumming and nodding to Jill. Both women moved to within inches of the two hard cocks.

"Ok Sal" whispered Jill, "time for these two big boys to cum. Me and Rose will help you tho so just relax and enjoy it", and at that the two women started to lick the end of the cocks aswell.

After only a few more seconds max started to cum, and then so did rover. Both cocks were gushing spunk out like there was no tomorrow and to Sallys credit she didn't flinch.

All 3 were greedily gulping down the creamy fluid as the two animals came until the two dogs backed off and lay on the floor together.

Rose, Jill and Sally had cum al over their faces and all three were in heaven.