Word of warning to the reader: this is a sex story. Not the usual mushy romance I write, but instead quite sizzling. If the thought of two female furries having sex and living out certain kinks while they're at it disturbs you, then you might want to consider backing off. Likewise if you willingly admit to being below the age of consent, whatever that means in your part of the world. If you're still here, I assume you want to read this story, so I won't delay any further, just ask that you share your thoughts and comments with me at winterimage@hotmail.com.

Drinks Are Served
by Winter

Getting a job at the Nature's Way Daycare Centre was like a dream come true for me. Not only did I get to care for a lot of wonderful children, from toddlers to pre-schoolers, but I also made a lot of good friends among the staff. We were six women working there, all ages from me being the youngest at twenty-four, up to Granny Stephens who's really only sixty but acts out the 'old grandma bear' routine to its full. The kids love it when she gathers them around for another story. In the half-year I've been working there, I've never heard her tell the same story twice, and I've never seen her read from any kind of book. She's a natural, I guess. The only man working at the centre is Chari, a mid-thirties lion who is as handsome as they come. I actually began to develop a little crush on him the first few days, until I came to realise that he's also as gay as they come. His husband Tony is a tiger, and thus the butt of endless breakfast jokes. He comes in at times, and once my jealousy had subsided I had to admit that the two of them are a beautiful couple. If it ever gets possible for two males to give birth to a child, I hope they will be the first. Chari loves the kids just as much as they love him, and 'uncle Tony' is almost as popular. But enough chit-chat and gossip; the one of my co-workers I really wanted to portray here is the one who gradually took over the crushed crush I'd had on Chari. I've always considered myself bi-sexual, but I had no idea that a female would one day blow me away so completely. Her name is Hani, which of course gave her the nickname Honey. My name, by the way, is Gina, and I'm a white bunny rabbit, just so you'll know who's talking. Nature's Way means that the children are cared for as naturally as possible. We never use disposable diapers, provide no cheap plastic mass-produced toys, serve food from local, ecological farms and, last but not least, use no milk substitute to feed the infants. Hence, there are always at least two wet-nurses working. One of whom is Honey. She's an equine, about ten years my elder but with a youthful, almost ageless charm. A soft, silky blond mane cascades beautifully down her back, contrasting nicely against her light brown fur. She's always smiling, and her large brown eyes seem to sparkle as they focus on you. Watching her handle the young is a delight; in fact, many of the mothers and fathers who drop off or pick up their babies tend to linger, just for a chance to see an expert at work. If a kid cries, she just needs a touch and a kind word, and the wailing stops. Then, of course, there's feeding time. When Tammy, one of our regular wet-nurses, got a job across the country and moved out, I took her place, getting a slight raise but also a nice opportunity to work side-by-side with Honey. She was the one who helped me get productive, so to speak, using a combination of herbs and massage to make my mammary glands start to produce. Her soft hands rubbing my breasts, pulling gently on my nipples or massaging my back only served to deepen my crush on her. Plus, of course, I got to see her work. You see, Honey may be beautiful and have a wonderful personality, but what sets her apart from the rest is what fills up her blouse. Her breasts are large, and I do mean very large. Yet, on her they look completely perfect. If I'd been gifted with a set like that, I'd not only look ridiculous, like someone trying to wrestle two balloons, but I'd most likely fall over. But on Honey's tall, slightly rotund body they fit in beautifully. Large pink nipples make perfect even better, as they protrude from her short, dense fur. More than one father, and mother as well, I might add, have found themselves staring with wide open eyes, jaw drooping and drool running down their chins. I know; I did just that on my first day of work. And once my milk was flowing properly, I got to feast my eyes on her every day. At that time there were eight children young enough to be breast-fed regularly, as well as a couple of toddlers who nursed on-off, just enough for two hard-working wet-nurses. Well, hard-working might be an exaggeration. Leaning back in a comfortable chair with a baby on each arm, letting them suckle away on your nipples isn't exactly gruesome labour, especially when a woman like Honey sits right next to you, doing the same right in front of your eyes. For each day that passed, I just wanted her more. I kept imagining myself taking the place of the babies she was feeding, if only to get to touch and kiss those wonderful breasts. I would close my eyes and fantasise about going even further; pulling her trousers down, then her panties to see what she looked like down there. To touch, lick, kiss... I wanted to do it all, go all the way like I had never imagined with a woman before. But most of all, I seemed to have a breast/milk fetish that needed satisfying, only I lacked the courage to make it happen. There were many times, especially when we were nursing babies together, when I tried to push myself into reaching over to stroke one of those marvellous tits, or just to tell her I was interested. Each and every time, though, I chickened out, too scared of being ridiculed, or just rejected, to say anything. The night my story starts, I was horny and frustrated, and totally unaware of what fate, or maybe it was luck, had in store for me.


I closed the door behind me as I entered my empty apartment, sighing as I hung up my jacket. My left teat was sore from where one of the toddlers had bit me during nursing, and as if that wasn't enough I had missed another golden opportunity at getting closer to Honey. I had just finished nursing two of the babies, burped them and put them down to sleep, when she asked me for a napkin. One of her babies had stopped nursing before taking her share, and Honey's breast was leaking all down her front. My first thought was to clean her up myself, to cup that big tit in my hand and wipe off the excess milk, maybe even 'accidentally' squeeze her a little so there'd be more for me to clean off. But as usual, I yellowed out, and just handed her the napkin while lifting the now-sleeping baby off of her lap. Needless to say, I was raging mad at myself for being such a coward. Honey was such a nice, gentle woman; there was just no way she'd reject me like in my darkest fantasies, even if it turned out she wouldn't fulfil the brightest ones. I just feared even the slightest rejection, up until a point where it seemed I was happy to let fantasy stay fantasy instead of trying to realise it. Only, I wasn't happy. My tit was aching, I was in desperate need of release, and my longing for Honey was beginning to turn into an obsession. Well, at least I could do something about one of three.

After a light snack; wet-nurses require more food and drink than most women, I went into my bedroom and stood in front of my full-length mirror, eyeing myself carefully. A white-furred rabbit, not too tall, not too fat. Just about average, but with a narrow, cute face and a slightly twitchy nose. Half-long white hair between two long ears, sometimes flopping slightly but mostly standing tall on top of my head. I slipped out of the easy-to-open blouse I always wore at work, only to notice that my breasts were leaking slightly. I have fairly big tits if not anywhere near Honey's impressive set, but with nice, large nipples that I'm quite proud of. They're the same pale pink as the rest of my skin, where it shows, and nicely rounded when they're not erect from being used. I cupped one of my breasts, while I pinched the nipple of the other, letting a few drops of milk drip down my belly. Living out my little fetish, I caught some on my fingers and brought it to my lips, delighting in the warm, sweet taste of it. If I closed my eyes, I could just imagine I had got it from Honey, but at the same time it was frustrating because I knew, no matter how hard I pretended, that it was all just a fantasy. I played with my breasts for a little while, enjoying both the touch of my fingertips against my sensitive nipples and the feeling of the milk that seeped through my fingers and ran down my body. It wasn't long before I began feeling really hot, and I knew I would soon have to do something about my attention-craving pussy. But first of all, I needed to milk myself. Using a hand-pumped suction cup placed over the nipple, I set to work on my left breast, just to get it over with before the teat got even more sore. As usual, it was a really nice feeling; not as good as having a baby drinking from me, or as I imagined Honey would if we ever got together, but still enough to set other juices flowing, as well. The right tit felt even better, maybe because I was getting hornier, or maybe because I wasn't sore there. Probably a combination of both. Once I was finished, I had filled the bottle attached to the suction cup to the brim. Half a litre of warm, fresh rabbit milk. The first few days of my work as a wet-nurse, I had simply poured away what I produced at home, but I soon got curious, then made a habit of using it myself. I sipped some of it, feeling deliciously naughty as I did so, and wondered as always if Honey's milk tasted as good as mine. Somehow, I knew it'd be better; if nothing else, then just because it came from her. Another idea made me put the bottle down before I drank too much of it. I quickly took off the rest of my clothes, then paused for a moment to spread my legs and take a look at my pussy. Just above it, I have a patch of pubic fur which is denser than on the rest of my body, and a bit darker, almost grey in colour. Beneath my legs, when I'm standing up, I can just about make out my outer labia, soft pink bare flesh beneath the grey-white fur. To see better, I turned around and bent forward to watch from between my spread knees, getting a nice view of my furry behind as well. I ran a finger from my fluffy white tail, across my butthole and towards my target, spreading my pussy lips to reveal the moist flesh beneath. I stuck two fingers in, while my thumb reached for and found my clitoris. The touch sent a shiver through me, and I couldn't hold back a moan. Too soon, though, the position became uncomfortable, and I grabbed the bottle of milk and headed for the bathroom. Once there, I wasted no time, but sat down in the bath tub without turning the water on. Instead, I spread my legs and began to masturbate slowly, while I took another sip of milk from the bottle. While I rubbed my pussy, I poured some of the milk over my tits, relishing in the feeling the still warm liquid gave as it ran over my sensitive nipples and down my stomach. Then I poured some on my pussy, using it as lubrication as I ran my fingers back and forth over my clitoris. The sheer wickedness of it all made me approach my first orgasm of the night much faster than I had thought. Just before I came, I took the last of the milk into my mouth, but this time I didn't swallow. Instead, I let it run down my chin, down my neck and all over me. Just as the last drops trickled their way down to my pussy, the orgasm hit. Waves of heat and pleasure spread out from my pussy, wrapping me in a blanket of bliss while my mind was filled with images. I imagined that it was Honey's fingers that were caressing my aching clitoris, that it was her milk that matted my fur and made me feel sticky all over. That she stood just in front of me, and if I only opened my eyes, I would have her in all her naked glory, ready for me to lick her all over; to eat out her sweet pussy, to suck on her gorgeous nipples, to kiss her lovely lips. To claim every square centimetre of her body as mine. All these fantasies, combined with the fact that I never stopped rubbing myself, soon brought me over the top again, and this time I couldn't hold back a squeal of pleasure. I'm not very wet down there, but I still managed to soak my fingers before bringing them up to lick clean, and to rub all over my face. Of course, to my horny, slightly obsessed mind, it was Honey's juices that filled my mouth with that sweet, strong flavour. It was her pussy that had rubbed my face and left the smell of sex and arousal behind. Basking in the afterglow, I made up my mind, just as I had so many times before. Tomorrow I would do it. Tomorrow I would tell Honey just how I felt about her, and we would live happily ever after. That's how stories are supposed to end, isn't it? Reluctant to get rid of the wonderful smells I had all over me, I still turned on the shower and cleaned myself up. All through the rest of that night, I couldn't get my beautiful workmate out of my mind, and before I went to sleep, I gave myself one more orgasm while fantasising about what her tongue would feel against my pussy, or mine against hers.


The next day I overslept, and had to skip both shower and breakfast in order to make it to my train on time. But worse, I didn't have time for my morning milking session, so by the time, half an hour later, that my train reached downtown, my tits were leaking and beginning to ache. Still, that was only a minor inconvenience, since the centre provided pumps for us wet-nurses. I figured I would just use one to get rid of the worst of the pressure, then wait until feeding time to empty myself completely. That was when I reached the centre, only to find the place locked up and all the lights out. A bright red note at the door told me what was up. Quarantine! Apparently, two kids had turned ill with the flu yesterday, and now the daycare was closed until the building had been cleaned out and all the kids and staff had been declared healthy. At first, I was surprised that no-one had called me, then I got mad because I had just taken the train journey in vain. Then I almost started to despair. My tits were aching badly by then, and I really needed that pump. The closest hospital was half an hour's walk away, and a pharmacist's every farther, so there was little help. I was just considering dodging into an alley to spray-paint the brick walls when a hand landed gently on my shoulder, making me jump.

"Oh my, are we closed today?" I turned around only to find myself eye-to-cleavage with Honey's marvellous tits. "I wonder why nobody called me."

"Yeah, me too," I managed to grunt through both pain and sudden arousal. "That really would've helped."

"Certainly. I mean, you live outside of town, don't you?" I nodded meekly. "Love, are you all right? You look horrible!"

"I missed my milking this morning." I reached up and touched my breasts, causing two wet spots to appear on the front of my blouse. "They're kind of sore... I can't wait to get home now that there's no work."

"Gina, that's no good." There was a tone of concern in her voice which made my knees weak, and her large brown eyes got something motherly and tender in them that I could have just died for. "You need help, and right away. Come here!"

"Where are we going?" She grabbed my arm and pulled me across the street.

"My place. I live just around the corner, didn't you know?" I shook my head. "Well, I do, and I'll help you out."

She dragged me with her, and I was too stunned to really feel anything. At any other time, I would be whooping with joy at the thought of being alone with Honey, but the suddenness of it all had me kind of shocked. That, plus the fact that my tits were beginning to ache quite badly. She did live just around the corner; we entered a quite nice-looking block of flats and took the lift up to the fourth floor, where Honey led me to the farthest door. After she had let me in, she took my jacket and hung it up, then ushered me inside. It was a corner flat, with nice views over downtown. I made a comment about the nice interior, but Honey didn't appear to be listening. Instead, she bade me to sit down in a comfy chair, while she went to fetch the pump. In the meantime, I unbuttoned my blouse and let my sore breasts free. The contact with the slightly chilly air inside the apartment made my nipples stiffen, and I couldn't help touching them. Being half-naked inside the home of the one person I was the most attracted to was making me feel hot, despite the pain. The touches caused milk to leak out and run down my stomach, flattening my fur. When Honey returned, she seemed to think I was in great pain because I was rubbing my tits, and she once more got that sweet motherly look on her face. She handed me the pump, but didn't seem interested in giving me any privacy. All the better if she wants to look, I thought as I placed the suction cup over my left nipple. It was still sore from the bite yesterday, and combined with the breast itself being milk-swollen, I winced as I began to pump. Honey immediately stopped me, and removed the cup from my tit.

"You shouldn't do it like that if it hurts too much, dear."

"I'm fine," I interjected. "It's just..."

"Listen, Gina, I've been working as a wet-nurse for years, I know everything about my profession. You'll just hurt yourself."

"But I need to get milked!" I whined.

"Gina, do you trust me? I know we haven't known each other for very long, but I want you to think of me as a friend."

"Of course I trust you!" I reached up and stroked her cheek, something that enticed a curious smile. "About what?"

"Well, it may come as a bit of a shock to you..." She tilted her head as our eyes met. "I was thinking about using the most natural method available to... help you out."

"You mean..." My jaw dropped as I understood what she meant. She blushed, but her smile didn't fade. "Oh wow... I mean... of course. That would be... that would really help."

"Don't worry, love, just relax. I've done this before, when there's been a crisis." She got down on her knees between my legs and moved in towards my swollen tits, and by that time I was torn by ambivalence. Part of me was about to panic, but my pussy sent out a signal saying 'don't you dare!'. So I leaned back and smiled at her as she paused, her mouth just inches away. "You have beautiful breasts, Gina. I've thought so ever since we started working together."

While I was still feeling dizzy from the compliment, as well as the implication that she had been checking me out, Honey stuck out her tongue and licked my sore left nipple. I let out a long sigh, which turned into a groan of pleasure as her lips closed around it, and she started suckling lightly. I felt a first spurt of milk leave my breast, followed by a steady trickle as Honey found a steady rhythm of sucking. Through my own moans, I could hear her swallow as he mouth filled up, and she let out a little 'mmm' before attacking my tit again. As soon as the worst swelling was down, Honey moved to the right breast and started nursing me again. By then, I was so wet between the legs I almost thought I'd ruin her chair, but she didn't seem to notice. I closed my eyes; it felt like heaven, with her soft lips gently massaging my nipple while she sucked out my milk. Every now and then, her tongue brushed against me, and I knew I would come if she kept it up for very long. She didn't, though, instead she stopped pretty soon, and when I opened my eyes I found myself staring right into those sparkling brown eyes. Honey was grinning mischievously.

"That takes care of the worst." She licked her lips, and a small trickle of milk escaped from the corner of her mouth. She winked. "What do you say, should I quit and let you use the pump, or do I get to finish my meal?"

"Please don't stop," was all I managed to whisper, and it was interrupted as she licked my nipple. "Oh, please don't stop."

"Does that mean you like it?" she asked, teasing me with her tongue. "Maybe you can help me out later. I need to get nursed, too."

I nodded, not really believing what was happening. Surely I'd wake up at any moment? Honey got to work, now alternating between my breasts, and it was as if she couldn't get enough of my milk. As she sucked on one nipple, she'd play with the other, and her hands seemed to be all over my tits, squeezing and fondling. Milk ran down my belly where she wasn't nursing me, and it was such a sexy feeling I didn't even try to suppress my moans.

"I wasn't lying, you know," she said around a mouthful of nipple just after she had swallowed. "Your tits are lovely. I'm so glad you're allowing me to do this. I wanted to, but I was afraid I'd scare you off."

"Oh Honey," I panted, so close to coming I would explode if either of us touched my pussy. "I've wanted it, too, I just... I was just too scared to ask."

"So you will nurse me after I'm done?"

"Yes! I'd love to. I'll do anything you want."

"Oh, slow down, love!" She laughed. "Make no promises you won't be able to keep."

"I'm not. I'll really do anything..." My voice trailed off as she stopped sucking, and when I opened my eyes I saw her glancing at me. There was no mistaking the horniness in her eyes. "Why did you stop?"

"Gina, do you know that I'm a lesbian?"

"No, I didn't. I don't care."

"Well, I do. Gina, I'm not really into one night stands." She looked away, and I could tell that she was gathering her strength for what she needed to say. "What I really want is a steady girlfriend."

"Me too." I leaned down and grabbed her chin, lifting her head up so I could kiss her. "Honey, I've been dreaming about you for months. Not just for sex, but... well, for love as well."


She returned the kiss, pressing her tongue into mine. I could taste my milk, but also something that was definitely her. A taste of pure Honey. The thought made me giggle, and we broke the kiss. Honey cocked her head as she looked at me with doubt painted all over her face.

"Gina, please don't make fun of me!"

"I'm not, honestly." I kissed her cheek. "Please believe me, I really do love you, and I really do want to be with you, in all ways."

"Even if..." She blushed. "Even if I have some... kinks? One of which is milk."

"Yeah, even if. I like milk, too. I've been dreaming about tasting yours. I won't try to deny it, it was your tits that made me want you at first."

"Only at first?"

"Yeah. Then I found out what a sweet girl you are." I kissed her lips again. "But they do sweeten the deal, so to speak."

"Nasty girl!" She laughed. "Well, if truth be told, I've checked yours out a few times, myself. But they're not what turns me on the most about you."


"No..." She laid her ears back, blushing so bad I could see it through her fur. "Another of my little kinks... Would you believe it if I said those cute, fluffy bunny ears of yours drive me wild?"

"A minute ago, I wouldn't have believed you," I said, shaking my head. "But I take your word for it. "Wanna play with them while I live out my tits dream?"

"Mmm, I'd love to. Should we go to bed, do you think?"

"It'll be a first."

"What?" She laughed. "You haven't been to bed before? Ever?"

"No, that's not it!" I slapped playfully at her hand as she made a move to drag me to my feet. "I mean I've never gone to bed to have breakfast before."

"Oh, wicked mind!"

"I've never been with a woman, either."

"Oh. Well, I have. I'll teach you if you want."

"Thanks." I stood up, and we kissed again. "Let's go."


Since I was already out of my blouse, it was a quick matter for me to rip off my trousers and panties. Honey's eyes followed my every move until I was naked, except for my socks, then they seemed to rivet themselves to my crotch. I turned around and wiggled my bunny tail, and was immediately rewarded as her hands clasped my buttocks. She slowly turned me back towards her, then kissed me deeply, thrusting her tongue almost down my throat. The thought of what that tongue would be able to do with other parts of me made me moan, a moan that turned into a gasp as Honey lightly touched my pussy, just brushing her fingertips against my slit. She pushed me back until I lay down on her bed, and I immediately rolled over to give her room, and to watch her get undressed. Despite the slightly chilly weather, Honey had been wearing a short, red skirt, and the same type of easy-to-remove blouse as I had. Since she knew how her breasts turned me on, of course she teased me by leaving the blouse on until last. My impatience was forgotten, though, as soon as she dropped her black silk panties, and revealed a thick, blond pubic bush, the same golden colour as her mane. Smiling at my saucer-wide eyes, she parted her legs slightly and used her hand to spread her pussy for me to see. Just like me, her lips were the same colour as her nipples; a shade of pink slightly darker than mine. Then she turned around and gave me a good look on her nicely rounded buttocks, before she sat down on the bed and began opening her blouse. By then, I was so hot I thought I'd start steaming any moment. My nipples were fully erect, and my thighs were positively soaked with my own juices. I tried to speak, but my mouth was so dry it turned out as a moan. Honey laughed.

"Are you hungry, baby? You have to wait until mommy's ready."

Her words almost slammed into me, leaving me breathless. The thought of playing the role of her baby thrilled me to no end, and I had to use all my strength of will to lie back down and wait like a nice girl. My reward wasn't very far away. Her huge tits were soon free of their confinement, and I could tell that even if she wasn't in such dire need as I had been of being milked, Honey still had a lot to give. I licked my lips as she lay down on her back and her breasts were pressed against her rib cage, sagging slightly outwards. She cupped one in her hand, while her other hand went to her pussy. She let out a cute little moan as she started caressing herself. That was all the invitation I needed. I stood up on all fours and moved down until I was between her legs, then I lay down on top of her. My own tits pressed against her stomach, and I felt some of my milk being squeezed out onto her. My muzzle was now only inches away from her stiffened nipples, and she rubbed them with both hands, causing droplets of milk to appear.

"Ready for your breakfast, baby?" she asked in her most motherly voice, and all I could do was to nod in return. She let go of her nipples and grabbed the back of my head, pushing me towards her left tit. "Here you go, sweetie. Drinks are served."

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, licking her nipple clean of milk. The taste wasn't as good as I had imagined it. It was way better. I closed my lips around the nipple and suckled lightly, and immediately got a good spray of milk into my mouth. It was so warm and tasted so sweet. I moaned loudly as I swallowed my first mouthful, then started sucking in earnest. At the same time, I felt her touch my ears, running her fingers along their length while her thumbs rubbed the short, silky fur on their insides. The small part of my brain that was still functioning properly wondered what could be so sexy about my ears, but soon decided to join the rest of my conscious mind and just enjoy the feast laid out before me. I switched to Honey's right tit and started suckling it, and I could hear her moan as the pressure was relieved. Meanwhile, she rubbed my ears against her muzzle, occasionally tickling them with her tongue. The sensations this caused turned me on even more, and I redoubled my efforts. I wrapped my arms around her breasts and hugged them, and while I sucked on one tit I rubbed my face against the other, only to stop completely and just bury my muzzle in her cleavage. As I did, I squeezed her tits and felt her milk run down them onto my face, and onto the back of my head, and down my neck. It truly was my dream come true! I moved up her body, then returned to nursing her while I began rubbing my pussy against hers. She let out a low, sexy moan, then wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed us tightly together. I knew my orgasm wasn't far away, and judging by Honey's groans, neither was hers. She nipped my ears, sucked on them and licked them inside out, while I went from nipple to nipple, drinking as much milk as I possibly could and even then letting some of it spill out. All this time, my own tits had been leaking as well, and I could feel my milk as it reached our pussies, adding heat to heat.

"Is my baby getting close?" Honey groaned. "Mommy's almost there..."

That was all it took! It was as if my pussy exploded, and I cried out her name as I came harder than ever before. She pushed me over and rolled on top of me, rubbing herself against me while she kissed me passionately. With her tongue deep inside my mouth, she reached her climax, her entire body tensing up and a neigh of pleasure escaping her lips. I caressed her back, all the way from her mane down to her tail, and even in underneath it, while she fondled my tits, never even breaking the kiss. After a little while, we began to come down from our peaks, and we rolled over to lie on our sides, holding each other tight. In the end, Honey broke the kiss and opened her eyes, staring right into mine with a kind of glazed-over look. She smiled happily.

"Gina, that was marvellous! I didn't know you were so... fiery."

"I've been dreaming about you for so long," I sighed, kissing her cheek. "It was every bit as great as I had hoped, and then some."

"Whew! I really needed that. Thanks a million, my bunny."

"Me too." I reached over and squeezed her tits, causing milk to run down into the sheets, then I pinched my own nipples, spilling even more milk. "So, should we finish breakfast?"

We both laughed, and in silent agreement, turned over in a sort of sixty-nine variety where we could nurse each other. It seemed that Honey had gallons to share, and after a while I was full. So I rolled over on my back with her on top, and while she kept on sucking my tits, I just squeezed hers, milking her as if she were a cow and letting every drop run down on my face. Whatever I got into my mouth, I just let run back out again, until my head was lying in a small puddle of milk. When I finally ran dry, Honey sat up, laughing at the mess I had made of myself. Still grinning, she moved up to sit on my belly, then squeezed her tits, one by one, completely coating my upper body in her warm milk. I was in heaven! My excitement was so strong I felt a second orgasm coming on, so I reached in between Honey's thighs with both my hands, one reaching for my own clitoris, the other fingering her pussy. I slipped two fingers gently into her, while my thumb rubbed her swollen clit. Just as Honey squeezed the last of her milk out over my tits, I reached my climax, coming almost as hard as the last time. While still in mid-orgasm, I grabbed Honey's hips and pulled her up to my face, thrusting my tongue in between her pussy lips. Her taste was stronger than my own, and more salty, like licking tears, or sweaty skin. I loved it. I ate her out, while my nose kept twitching against her clitoris, until she came, moaning and squealing. Finally spent, she fell off of me and lay there, panting, while I was far too contended to even move. I was wet all over, my fur clinging to my body, and my mouth was filled with the taste of Honey's milk and juices. My head was spinning, and if Honey hadn't grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet, I would have fallen asleep.

"Come on, Gina, we need a shower." She giggled. "You should see yourself! What a mess!"

"I can guess." I blushed. "Honey, we've ruined your bed."

"Just the sheets, baby. I've got the mattress wrapped in plastics, since I often leak in my sleep. Not this much, though." She tugged at me when I hesitated. "Leave it for later. Let's shower before it starts to dry."


Honey's bathroom turned out to be a touch of luxury. A large jacuzzi tub caught my eyes, but she led me towards a large, spacey shower cubicle instead. The two of us fit in easily, and once the water was running at a comfortable temperature, we started soaping each other. There was a lot of groping and giggling, but nothing really sexy happened until we had rinsed off. Honey wiped her hair out of her face and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me close until our muzzles almost touched. She looked me deep in the eyes.

"Gina, I had a wonderful time with you, but I need to know. Did you mean what you said, about a relationship?"

"Yeah, every word. I'd love to be with you."

"All right." She smiled warmly. "I like you, bunny, I like you a lot. I definitely wouldn't mind falling in love with you."

"I think I already have," I said, kissing her lips lightly. "So, are we...?"

"An 'item'?" I nodded, blushing slightly. "Yeah, I guess so. I hope it works out."

"Me too." I tried to kiss her, but she evaded my lips, and instead she dropped to her knees and started kissing my pussy. "What are you doing?"

"What does it feel like?" She placed her lips around my slit and sucked, giving me a feeling like never before. "Gina, my sweet bunny, you said you'd do anything for me, right?"


"Well, I know I've had a lot to drink already, but I'm still thirsty..."

"But what are you...? Oh!" I felt myself blush deeply as I understood. "You mean you want my... That you want me to... pee?"

"Will you do it? I know you've had a lot to drink, surely you can...?"

"I guess so. I mean, sure I can, but..." I hesitated. "I'm not sure I can... you know, in return."

"Don't worry, you don't have to." She licked my pussy again, making me shudder. "It takes a good while to learn to appreciate this. But don't hesitate to ask me if you ever want to try."

"Okay. Are you sure you want me to...?"

"Yes, Gina. Go ahead!"

Once more, she opened her mouth and put her lips against my pussy, while her tongue licked at every inch of it. For a few moments, I tried to grant her wish, but couldn't, but then I felt a few drops of pee escape me. Honey moaned appreciatively, and that was all I needed. I let go a steady stream, and she swallowed every drop. It was a very strange feeling; part of me felt that I was doing something vile, while it also made me feel very hot, as if the very nastiness made it all sexy. After a little while, Honey stopped swallowing, and instead she let my pee run out of her mouth and down her chest. She leaned back, and I watched, fascinated, as my stream hit her tits and her belly. The smell was strong inside the cubicle, but not as foul as I would have expected. Honey sat down on the floor and spread her legs, and as my stream hit her pussy, she too began to pee. She reached down with a hand and used her fingers to aim her stream at my feet, and to my surprise the wet heat trickling down between my toes turned me on, big time. I knew right then and there that I would taste her like that one day. It looked too hot to pass up. Eventually, we were both done, and Honey stood up. She kissed me, and I could taste my own pee in her mouth. While it wasn't as foul as I would have thought, it still made me wince.

"Thanks, Gina," she whispered, just loud enough to be heard over the shower. "That was great."

"It was... cool," I replied, kissing her again. "And hot as well, if you know what I mean."

"I sure do." She giggled. "So, what do you think?"

"Still shocked." She laughed. "But I promise you, I will try it some day."

"No hurry. I did warn you I had my kinks."

"Any I haven't seen yet? Or should I be afraid to ask?"

"No need. Next time we fuck, I just might lick your butt hole."

"Well, I can live with that. Even reciprocate."

"Goodie!" We laughed. "But first we need to soap up again."


We stayed in that day, making a more gentle love. After we'd had a light snack for lunch, Honey called our boss, who said the centre would be closed for the rest of the week. In the afternoon, we went shopping for a couple of days' worth of clothes for me, since I didn't feel like going all the way home just for that. We decided that I would move in with her, and unless we really went on each other's nerves, that would be made permanent. That evening, Honey cooked us a nice, romantic dinner, and after leaving the dishes for tomorrow, we needed to milk each other again. This time, though, we mostly used the pump, not wanting to spoil the sheets again. When we were done, we went to bed, and I couldn't help but sigh and moan at how right it felt to cuddle up to my Honey. We took our time kissing, and rubbing each other to quite mild climaxes before falling asleep. That night, I was so exhausted I couldn't remember a single dream. It was already light when Honey woke me up by shaking my shoulder.

"Wake up, Bunny." The nickname seemed to have stuck already. I yawned and closed my eyes again. "Oh no, you don't! Time to rise and shine!"

"A'right." I sat up, yawned and stretched, then smiled sleepily as my eyes focused on Honey's nude curves. "What's for breakfast?"

"You had to ask!" She sighed, then laughed as she sat down on the bed and kissed me. "You had to ask!"