Indecent Acts.

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It was mid evening when Ruth finally finished tidying up after dinner.

Exhausted, the 28 year old woman walked into the living room and dropped her slender frame onto the sofa. Ahh heaven she thought as she kicked her slippers off and lay bare footed on the leather couch.

"Mom" came a voice from upstairs "I'm gonna have a bath".

It was Lucy, Ruths' 7 year old daugher who was shouting from the landing.

"Ok baby, just be careful you don't have it too hot" was all that Ruth could manage to say as her eyes went heavy and she felt herself start to nod off.

Ruth woke suddenly and sat bolt upright. Where am I she thought as her eyes started to open a little allowing the woman to get more accustomed to her surroundings. A sigh of relief. Oh god she said under her breath, what a dream.

The woman was trembling, in fact she was physically shaking at this point as her mind flashed back to the events that only minutes earlier had filled her sleepy head.

The sweating woman couldn't move, she simply sat there elbows on knees trying to understand what she'd just so vividly imagined. She stared at the carpet as event after event started to unfold in her head. Oh no, that's sick she thought as beads of sweat dripped off her forehead and splashed onto the floor.

"Mom, you ok?" came a concerned voice from behind the woman.

Ruth turned around immediately and saw the child stood leaning against the frame of the open door.

"You ok mom?" Asked the child again.

Ruth couldn't speak, and just managed to raise a weak smile and nod to the worried girl.

"You look terrible mom" added the 7 year old, "want some water?"

Ruth nodded again, then turned away quickly before hearing the youngster dash off to the kitchen.

The woman was too embarrassed to look at her daughter as it was Lucy who she'd dreamt about.

Within a minute the girl returned with the water. Placing it in her moms' shaking hand she told her to have a drink. Ruth didn't need telling what to do and gulped down half the glass in one go. God she thought, I needed that.

"Careful mom" said the child, "don't drink it so fast, or you'll need the loo".

Those were the last words Ruth needed to hear as Lucy lowered herself down and sat on the soft cream carpet between her moms' legs.

"Sorry baby" explained the woman, "mommy just had a bad dream that's all".

On hearing that Lucy grabbed her mothers' hand and rubbed it.

"Its ok now mommy, I'll look after you" said the young child looking up and smiling at her worried mother.

Its not ok thought the 28 year old, ten minutes ago I was sitting on your face.



An hour passed by without too much conversation when both decided it was time for bed.

The two of them went upstairs and entered the childs' room. Lucy was already in her nightie and jumped into her single bed. Ruth tucked her daughter in and kissed her on the cheek. Then the woman made her way into her own bedroom and closed the door behind her. Thank god she said under her breath, time to think.

Feeling uncomfortable Ruth fidgeted as she sat on the edge of her bed. Knowing something felt strange she looked down and got the shock of her life. The crotch of her jogging bottoms was soaked. The woman froze. Jesus she thought, how longs it been like that?

The woman already knew the answer, ever since her dream.

Sliding her thumbs inside the waist band of her bottoms she gently slid them down her slim slender legs, and being careful not to get any mess on herself managed to ease them over her bare feet. Phew she gasped as she rolled her soiled bottoms up into a ball and placed them on top of the laundry basket that stood in the far corner of her room.

Looking down at herself the woman noticed she was still wet, so grabbing a few tissues from the box on her bedside cabinet she wiped what moisture there was left off.

Feeling comfy now the woman pulled her sweat top over her head and lay back on the bed. Lying there naked all Ruth could think about was her dream. She tried to remember as much as she could, but as with all dreams certain bits were a blank. Never mind, she thought and continued to reminisce.

The first thing that came back into her head was seeing her daughter sat on the loo. Of course this had never actually happened, except maybe the first few times in the childs life when Lucy had finally managed to break out of the habit of using her potty, and had finally moved onto using the `big girls toilet'.

This confused the woman. Why dream of that she asked herself, and without trying to answer the question continued to think back to the dream.

The next part was still hazy but Ruth clearly remembered suddenly being naked and standing in front of her daughter who was still sat on the toilet. Oh fuck the woman thought, I know what happened next. All the grown woman wanted to do was forget it, but no matter what she tried to think of the truth kept coming back. "Christ" she said out loud, "I pissed infront of my little girl. But why?"

Suddenly it hit her. She remembered as a teenager seeing a girl at high school wet herself. The girl was poorly though and couldn't help it, but even so Ruth was fascinated at what she saw. So much so that Ruth had to litterally run to the nearest toilet and pee herself.

That's it, realised the woman, that's my kink...

The truth disgusted the woman, yet aroused her so much she started to feel her pussy start to tingle. Always being an active masturbater Ruth ran a finger over herself. She was moist and she loved the feeling of her juices on her fingers. Opening her legs a little wider Ruth slid her finger up the length of her slit. Ooooo she thought as her finger got even wetter. Over came her other hand, and without having to try it immediately found her pulsating clit. She sqeazed it. Oh yeah came a whimper as the woman started to cum instantly. At that Ruth pushed her already wet finger inside her sex. Oooo fuck she hissed as she scraped the inside of her sticky cunt while sqeazing her clit even harder. Mmmm fuck were the only words the woman managed to whisper as she knew what was coming next. Within seconds Ruth came like a river. Her finger was now darting in and out of her pussy so fast it was just a blur as the woman looked down at herself. Squeazing her throbbing clit as hard as she dare the womans' cunt began to spasm, and to her amazement she saw love juice spitting out and into the air. She was gushing like never before.    Cum landed on her stomach and her legs she was so turned on. Releasing her aching clit the horny bitch wiped her hand over her soaking slit and raised it to her mouth. It only took Ruth a few seconds before she'd licked her hand clean. She'd always loved the taste of herself and tonight she was getting a real treat. So much cunt juice had flowed from the 28 year olds' pussy Ruth spent the next ten minutes mopping up every drop off her naked body before swallowing the sticky delight.

It was only after a short rest that the woman knew why she'd cum so much. Piss turned her on.



It was just after 8am when Ruth woke from the best nights sleep she'd ever had. Feeling so relaxed she smiled as the previous evenings antics played over and over again in her mind.

No longer was she worried about her dream. She put that down to just one of those things, and guessed most people had at some stage dreamt of doing things with their children. Anyway she thought, it wasn't really about Lucy, it was about pissing in front of someone.

Time for a shower she said to herself and eased her way out of the comfy bed.

Grabbing her robe Ruth made her way across the landing. No noise from Lucys' room so she guessed the child was still asleep. She let her daughter lie in of a weekend, after all the kid had to be up at the crack of dawn on school days and she knew at such a young age the child needed some rest.

Opening the bathroom door Ruth walked in only to be stopped in her tracks by her 7 year old daughter sitting on the loo.

Oh god the woman thought, am I dreaming again?

Lucy didn't flinch as she saw her mom standing in front of her rooted to the spot.

"Morning mommy" said the child as Ruth suddenly realised she was awake.

"Hi baby" stammered Ruth. "Sorry hun I didn't know you were in here, I thought you were still peeps".

"No mom I woke up ages ago" came the young girls reply.

"You want me to leave while you do what your doing?" Asked the woman.

"No its ok mom, I'm only doing a wee".

Ruth felt herself biting on her bottom lip hearing what the child had just said. And, knowing it was so wrong asked herself if she really should be there or if she should just turn around and leave. No way she told herself, your not leaving.

Ruth had intended on having a shower, and without taking her eyes of her daughter leant over and turned the shower on. The woman let her robe slip open a little on purpose as she pretended to test the waters temperature with her left hand. "Crikey" she said as she told Lucy the water was too cold and continued to stand there knowing full well her breasts were showing and so was the outline of her pussy.

She knew the water would be too cold as she'd secretly turned the dial down a few seconds earlier. Clever woman she told herself, very clever.

Lucy was still sat on the loo and still hadn't pee'd. Probably because she couldn't take her eyes off her mom. Ruth knew it too, and felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. What now she asked herself? She had an idea, one that even she had to admit was damn good considering this was new territory and that she was thinking on the spot. So, leaning over pretending to test the water again she deliberately let her robe fall completely open.

"Still too cold" she said as she turned to face her daughter.

Lucys' eyes were wide open now and her mom could see her daughter eyeing her up and down.

"Oops, silly me" said the giggling mother as she acted surprised to see her open robe. "Well no good hiding myself now you've seen me" she added and let her robe fall to the floor.

Lucys' mouth was wide open by now seeing her moms' naked body for the very first time. In fact the girl started to wriggle around on the loo seat and Ruth knew why. So, making her next big move the mother walked over to the basin which was right next to the toilet and reaching up to the cabinet she grabbed her tooth brush and toothpaste. Might as well do my teeth while I'm waiting for the water to warm up she told her daughter who was now only about a metre from her naked mother. And, looking as though she was trying to get comfy Ruth spread her legs a little knowing full well her daughter could now see mommys' slit.

Still the child hadn't pee'd, but no wonder thought Ruth considering Lucy hadn't taken her eyes of her nude mother.

With a mouthful of toothpaste Ruth acted.

"You ok baby? Still having trouble weeing?" Asked the woman continuing to brush her teeth.

"Errrr" was all the girl could manage to say, and Ruth knew why. The girl was now staring right at her moms' cunt.

"Well baby" said Ruth, "Mommy will need a wee any second so if you don't hurry up I'll be weeing on the floor" added the woman with a smile on her face.

This made the 7 year old giggle and Ruth knew she was now closer than ever to realising her dream.

"So madam" laughed the mother, "you gonna just sit there and make mommy wee on the floor?"

The child laughed but still couldn't take her eyes off her mommys' slit.

"Sorry mom" chuckled the youngster, "I"ll be as quick as I can, I promise".

This was Ruths' chance and she didn't dare miss it.

"Hey sweetie don't rush, you might hurt yourself" said the seemingly concerned parent rinsing the minty toothpaste from her mouth. "You just take your time, and if mommy can't hold it any longer don't worry". "It won't really matter if I have to wee on the floor as long as I know my beautiful babys' ok".

"Ok mom" came the childs reply trying to empty her bladder. "It wont come out tho".

"Well maybe if you see mommy wee then it might help you go too" the horny woman said.

At that Ruth spread her legs even wider than they already were and with her right index finger pushed down at the top of her slit. Within just a few seconds clear liquid was trickling out and running down the inside of the adults legs. Fuck thought the woman as she tried to slow the stream of piss down as much as she could wanting the moment to last as long as possible. Jesus she said under her breath, I'm doing it, and at that she felt her cunt start to tingle. Ooooo she continued thinking as she looked down and saw Lucy staring at her mothers wet slit.

"You ok baby" Asked Ruth not really caring. "Is this making you want to wee?"

"Its almost coming out mom" replied the girl.

"Come on then baby" said the 28 year old. "Try standing up like mommy is, it should help".

Lucy could see it had worked for her mom and immediately got to her feet. Having been sat for so long the childs legs were numb and Ruth put out her hands and steadied the youngster. This gave the woman a good excuse for what was to come next. Holding her daughter to stop her from falling Ruth told the child to just put her finger where mommys' had just been at the top of her slit and to push a little. This she assured the girl would help mommys' wee come out easier and wouldn't squirt up in the air. So, trusting her mother the child did as she was told.

Ruth nearly came on the spot as she felt Lucys' tiny finger pressing on her slit. Fuck she thought, that's fucking good, and told Lucy to press a little harder. She did and Ruths' legs started to shake.

"Ok baby you too now" said the trembling mother. "Let mommy press on you and in no time you'll be weeing just like mommy is".

Soon Ruth had her middle finger at the top Lucys' tight slit and pressed a little. That was all it took for the childs' bladder to finally give in. Good girl smiled the mother as her daughter started to piss more freely now, in fact the childs' pee was gushing out all over Ruths' feet. Time to experiment thought the woman and ran her finger down the childs wet cunt. Lucy looked shocked but her mom didn't stop and asked the girl to do the same to mommy saying it was the only way to make sure everything would come out. Lucy did as her mommy asked and when the woman felt her daughters' finger move down the length of her wet pussy Ruth came. Without thinking Ruth slid the tip of her own wet finger inside her daughters' pussy and held it there. She could see from the look in her childs' eyes that Lucy liked it. So, she pushed it inside a little further. Lucys' legs parted as if with a mind of their own and Ruth slid her finger all the way inside.

"Oh mommy" whimpered the 7 year old, "I'm tingling".

That was all Ruth needed to hear. In no time she was sliding her finger in and out of her daughters' cunt while the child was still peeing. Oh yeah thought the mother and told Lucy to do the same. Of course the child always did as her mom asked and soon had her finger deep inside Ruths' piss dribbling pussy.

"Oh Lucy" whispered the mother, "mommys' slit's bigger than yours, push some more inside please baby".

Again the child did as she was told and in no time was pounding 3 fingers deep inside her moms' soaking cunt.

So turned on was Ruth that she couldn't help but get even more carried away.

"So baby" she asked, "You like mommys' finger inside your slit?"

"I love it mommy" came the girls muffled reply, "its making me tingle lots".

Ruth knew what to do now and couldn't stop herself. Telling her daughter just what to do Lucy nodded as if to say she understood.

At that the child removed her fingers and her mom knelt on the piss covered tiles on the bathroom floor.

"Now baby" was all Ruth needed to say, and in no time had her mouth wide open and watched as her daughters' fingers moved closer. "Ok sweetie, let mommy taste". Lucy could hardly bare to watch as she pushed her soaking wet fingers into her moms' waiting mouth. "Mmmmm" garbled the mother as she tasted her own piss and cum for the first time. I should've done this years ago she thought as she sucked the childs fingers clean.

"Ok baby" said the mother as she eventually let the girls fingers slide out her mouth. "Time to make you tingle more than ever now". Lucy looked down in amazement as she felt her mom pull her in real close. Then, telling her daughter to close her eyes she ran her adult tongue up the childs pissy slit. Lucy litterally squealed as she felt something other than a finger on her. Opening her eyes she saw what was happening. Her mom was licking her and the child loved it. She had no idea why though but didn't care as she was tingling more than she ever thought she could. Ruth looked up and winked at her daughter while still flicking her tongue over Lucys' cunt. Lucy just stood there biting on her lip as Ruth inhaled and smelt her daughters pee.

In no time the 7 year old felt something more strange than ever, she felt her slit start to throb and odd sensations run through her stomach and legs. The child was cumming, and Ruth knew it. So, managing to find where her daughters' immature clit should be Ruth sucked on it. That was all it took before she felt her daughters' whole body shake, and soon she'd hear the girl screaming.

"Mommy, what's happening?" Asked the trembling child.

"Oh baby its fine, your cumming that's all" said her mothers' muffled voice. "All girls' do it so enjoy it baby".

She was enjoying it too. In fact so much so that the 7 year old even grabbed her moms' head and pulled it in even closer.

Oooo good girl thought Ruth as she continued sucking on the girls bud.

Lucy came a couple more times before both sat down on the wet floor to get their breath.

Ruth was concerned now, and asked if Lucy was ok. The child beamed the widest smile and her mom did the same. They both felt incredible.



After taking a shower together and drying off the two of them went down stairs in their dressing gowns and had a good breakfast.

Sitting at the table they talked openly about what they'd done in the bathroom, and surprisingly both were still smiling.

Ruth explained all about girls cumming, about how to make yourself cum, and more importantly than anything that what the two of them had done was never to be told to anyone.

Lucy may have been young but she knew from her moms' tone that she could never tell anybody or there'd be big big trouble.

Relieved at the fact she knew their secret was safe she asked Lucy if she had any questions. The girl said she had lots and that made her mom laugh. Ruth told her to just ask and that's exactly what the child did.

First it was about what boys look like. Then came did boys cum? Finally was it ok to taste wee?

Christ thought Ruth, trust me to open my big gob. How the hell do I answer those?

She had an idea. She always did though to be fair. Ever since she found out her ex was cheating on her with an 18 year old she'd got clever. She knew he was playing away but didn't know how to let him know. Then, one day, in a light bulb kinda moment it dawned on her. She'd fuck the woman herself.

It worked a treat, and after a few late night cop style tale's in her car Ruth found the womans' appartment.

The easy bit was to come as Ruth knew that she was a sexy woman, and after a few `chance meetings' with the 18 year old they became more than just good friends.

Then when her ex was at work one day Ruth made her move and went to the teenagers home. It wasn't long before the two of them were fucking.

So, one evening when her ex was going out to apparently see his mates, Ruth told him not to bother seeing the youngster as she'd been there all afternoon fucking her. Then, acting brave told him to leave. In fact her words were `fuck off and never come back'.

He did and she never saw him again.

If ever needing a confidence boost that was it. So, taking her daughter by the hand Ruth led her upstairs into mommys' bedroom.

"So" said the woman, "you sure you wanna know about boys?"

"Course I'm sure mom" came the 7 year olds reply.

At that Ruth turned the tv on and pressed play on the dvd remote. The first thing the child saw was a woman sucking on a long hard cock. Ruth knew this was working as Lucy had a death like grip on her mothers hand. In fact Ruth was getting aroused too but did her best to hide it.

After pressing forward a few times Ruth got to her favourite part. The same man was ball deep in a blonde womans' ass. It always made Ruth horny and she could feel her clit starting to throb.

Lucy was mesmerized at what she was watching, and didn't even seem to blink as the man rammed his cock in harder and faster. Then came the climax. Out of shot a second woman appeared and knelt down next to the mans cock. Then, pushing her tongue out as far as she could started to lick along the slimy length as it continued fucking the womans now gaping shitter. What came next made both Lucy and Ruth gasp for air. The man screamed and pulled the tip of his cock out the engorged asshole, just in time to spray thick jets of hot spunk over and into the womans' brown tube.

"That a mans cum" explained Ruth as neither one of them moved their eyes off the screen. "Now watch this" continued the mother.

The man moved away and the second woman placed her hands over the other womans cheeks. Then, spreading them nice and wide started to lick the cum covered shit hole.

She wasn't just licking now though, she was sucking too, and when the camera panned round you could see cum and shit on the womans lips.

Soon the film ended with the woman licking the mess off her own lips and Ruth and Lucy just stared blankly at each other, not really sure what to say.

There they were, a 28 year old woman and her 7 year old daughter watching filth together.

Ruth spoke first. "You ok baby, not too scarey was it?"

Lucy shook her head and replied "I liked seeing the mans cum mom, that was cool how it shot out, but the lady was rude to lick the bum hole cus she got poo on her mouth".

Oh god thought the woman feeling her heart pounding. Can I really do this?

"No baby, its quite nice to do that" said the woman embarrassingly.

"You mean its ok to taste bottoms and wee mom?" Asked the 7 year old who was once again fidgeting.

"Sure it is hun" replied the shaking woman, "Mommys' done it a few times".

Asking her mom who she'd done it to Ruth told her only herself as she didn't have any really good friends that she thought might like it too. The child was confused though, and asked her mom how she managed to taste her own bottom. Ruth told her that she couldn't bend that much and that she had to push her finger inside her bottom, wiggle it about a bit, then pull it out and then lick it.

"Did it taste ok?" Asked the young girl turning and looking her mom right in the eye.

"Oh its tastes lovely Lucy, but hurts mommys' arm trying to reach around".

This was Ruths' opportunity. So, leaning in close to her daughter she whispered in the childs ear that maybe she could help, and to her amazement the child quickly said ok.

Ruth told Lucy to stay where she was while she got a big towel from out the drawer. Then she grabbed a pot of ky and returned to the bed. Spreading the towel on top of the sheets she removed her dressing gown and told her daughter to do the same. They both threw their robes on the floor. Holding her daughters hand she scooped a palm full of the jelly onto Lucys' fingers and massaged it in making sure to cover her completely, then kneeling on top of the towel she spread her legs.

"Ok baby, nice and slowly now" came the mothers orders as she looked at her daughter. "Just use your free hand to pull mommys' cheeks open a bit first baby then you can start and slide a finger inside".

The girl did as she always did and followed her mothers advice. First Ruth felt a tiny hand pulling her one cheek to the side and then before she knew it Lucy had a finger sliding gently in.

"Oh baby that's it, you're an expert" said mom as the childs finger went in deeper. "That's a good girl, push it all the way inside now, go on hunnie, don't be scared".

The 7 year old was now fingering her moms ass and her mom loved it. Wanting more Ruth told her daughter to put more fingers inside, and before she knew what had happened her ass felt full.

"Oh Lucy mommy loves you so much" gasped the woman. "How many fingers you got in me?"

"They're all in mom, even my thumb".

Ruth came on the spot. Her cunt was dribbling cum down her legs as soon as she heard her daughters reply. Fucking hell she thought. Ooooo fucking hell.

"That's amazing baby" said the woman trying to control her orgasm. "Think you can get your whole hand inside?"

"Easy" came the answer from the 7 year old and in no time she had her whole fist deep inside her mothers shitter.

Ruth screamed as the most intense mind blowing orgasm tore through her whole body and she begged her daughter to push her fist in deeper. She did, and was soon fist fucking her mothers ass like a pro.

"Oh yeah baby" squealed Ruth, "fuck mommys' ass like the man did in the film".

Her daughter did more than just that and as Ruth turned to look she saw her daughters tongue stick out and start to lick her gaping hole.

Another mind blowing orgasm ripped through the womans body as she felt her ass being pounded by her daughters fist, and she could also feel her daughters tongue licking the rim of her shitter.

The woman kept on climaxing, and the towel was now covered in her pussy juice that hadn't stopped spraying out since she felt her daughters fingers grinding there way into her for the first time.

Maybe 10 minutes later Ruth was drained and couldn't take any more.

"Ok baby" she somehow managed to say, "time to pull your hand out".

Without any hesitation young Lucy withdrew her fist and was soon free. Looking down she saw brown on her fingers and pushed her hand away from herself as quickly as she could.

"No baby" came a voice next to her face. "Don't be scared, look I'll show you its ok".

Ruth had somehow managed to twist her battered body round and now had her head next to her daughters. Then, looking Lucy straight in the eye she grabbed the childs hand and licked it. As she did this she grabbed Lucys free hand, moved it between the childs legs and told her daughter to finger herself.

Lucy loved the feeling of fingers on her slit and was soon frigging herself like crazy. Ruth started to play with her own cunt at that stage and both sets of eyes met. They were both cumming together. Ooooo came a muffled noise from the 7 year olds mouth followed by a louder squeal from the mothers.

"Come on then baby" said Ruth, "lets finger ourselves while we lick this hand of yours clean".

The mother started, slowly running her tongue over the outside of Lucys shit covered hand. She winked at her daughter and offered the young girl a finger to try.

"Keep fingering yourself baby and take a lick" urged Ruth until she saw her daughters tongue appear.

Lucy closed her eyes and Ruth moved the tip of the finger onto the 7 year olds tongue. Ruth knew there was a lot of mess on the girls hand but she didn't care. She wanted her daughter to experience everything so she pushed the finger into her childs mouth.

"Suck on it baby" pleaded the horny mother, "show mommy you're a big girl and suck it clean".

Without hesitating the girl did it. At first only gently, then when she inhaled for the first time and realised the taste wasn't as nasty as she first expected it to be, she sucked harder.

"Look mommy I did it" the child shouted with joy.

"Oh baby who's a good girl?" Replied the somewhat proud mother. "Now come help mommy clean the rest".

Soon both dirty bitches were lapping at the pungent shit on the childs hand. Licking it, sucking it, even chewing on a few of the big lumps, and in no time the pair of them had completely cleaned the hand.

They fell back on the bed together and just lay there motionless.

Oh god thought Ruth, what a buzz. What a fucking buzz. Nothing could top that she said to herself, nothing.

"So mom" came the soft 7 year olds voice, "when we gonna taste my poo?"

Ruth was wrong, that would beat anything...