My Best Friend

Please note this is pure fiction, and if underage, incest, or scat play upsets you then do not read the following. The author is over 21 years of age and does not intentionally intend to offend people with the content of the story. Any comments welcomed.


"You there Jenny?" shouted Stephanie through the open kitchen door.

"Yes sweetie, I'm here" replied Jenny, "I'm in the lounge, come on thru".

"Ah Jen, big trouble I need a massive favour".

"Sure hun what's up?"

"Ohhhh where to start?" Replied the frantic woman.

"Its mom, she needs some help and dads away supposedly fishing, but you know him he's probably with some other woman".

"Oh sugar", replied Jen in a concerned voice.

"Any chance you could have Mary for a day or two while I drive up and check on things?"

"Of course I can babe, when you thinking of leaving?"

"Well its 7pm now, maybe in an hour. Might beat the traffic that way and cut the usual 3 hour drive down a bit".

"No worries hun, just bring Mary over when your leaving".

"You're a saint Jen, an absolute saint".

Steph left and while she was gone Jenny did a bit of last minute tidying, made up the spare bed, and got some soda out the garage for the youngsters arrival.

The two adults had been neighbours and the best of friends for years. Both were divorced, and that kinda made them ever closer. Sort of having a shoulder to cry on when things got a bit too much.

It was a friendship that had got them both through some pretty difficult times and both women cherished each others company and support. Today was just another example of how much they trusted each other.

Jenny obviously knew Stephs' daughter Mary well, and although the child was only 8 years old the two of them were more like buddies, rather than a youngster and an adult.

Its was almost half eight when the door opened. In walked Mary. She'd already got her pj's on as it was close to her bedtime, and after a big hug goodbye from her mom made her way into the living room and sat herself down on the sofa.

Steph thanked Jenny again and off she went.

"So mary, you want some soda? I wont tell your mom", the two of them giggled as Jenny had already poured them both a glass and passed one onto the young girl.

"Mom would go mad if she knew I was drinking so near to my bedtime", laughed the girl as she hurredly drank the whole glass of fizzy cola.

"Wow Mary", said Jen, "You sure were thirsty, want another?"

"Can I aunt Jen?"

"Sure you can angel, but only if you promise not to call me aunt, it makes me feel old", said the 35 year old woman as she walked back to the kitchen with the childs empty glass.

"Ok Jen" came a giggled yell from the living room, and Jenny couldn't help but laugh herself as she poured the youngster another drink.

A couple of hours passed as the child and the woman chatted and watched tv until Jenny knew it was time for bed.

"Right young lady, you've got your pj's on so how about we call it a night?"

"Sure thing Jen", giggled the girl and Jenny darted her hand under the childs ribs and tickled her.

"Stop it Jenny please, that's tickles", screamed the girl as Jenny continued to tickle and tease the young girl.

The two of them were in hysterics...

Not long after, Jenny walked the girl upstairs and into the spare room. Folding the sheets back she tucked the girl into bed, pecked her on the cheek and left the room.

It was pitch black outside when Jenny felt something. Turning to her side she opened her eyes and there was the youngster crying.

Wiping her eyes so to try and wake up quicker Jenny noticed the girl had a towel wrapped around her and nothing else.

"Whats wrong sweetie, you had a nightmare?" asked the concerned woman.

"I'm sorry Jenny but I've had an accident".

"Hey that's fine" reassured the 35 year old.

"I must've drank too much soda and wet myself while I was asleep, I'm really really sorry".

"I didn't  know what to do with my wet pj's so I just put them in the sink in the bathroom and grabbed this towel", said the worried child.

"Clever girl", said the now wide awake woman, "did you wash yourself".

""Yes Jenny, I washed myself good. I did my legs cus' they were soaking and I did my other thing too".

"Other thing?" enquired the woman, "what other thing?"

"You know Jenny, my wee".

"Oh I get ya', you mean you washed your pussy".

At that the child giggled, "my pussy?"

"Sorry angel I forgot, grown up women call it a pussy".

"Wow, that's a funny name" giggled the child again, "but I like it".

"Well Jenny I washed my pussy real good, do you wanna check?"

Jenny just lay they motionless, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

Coughing as if to remove the lump in her throat she said nothing.

"Here, look" said the 8 year old as she unwrapped her towel to reveal her naked body.

Jenny gulped in some air as she saw for the first time the childs hairless pussy.

Oh jesus she thought, oh god. Why I am I staring?

"See, told ya' I'd washed it good didn't i?" Said the youngster acting all proud.

"You sure did baby" whispered Jenny.

"Jenny?" asked the child, "the beds all wet from my wee, is it ok to sleep with you?"

The woman couldn't really say no so simply nodded.

At that Mary pulled the sheets of Jennys bed open and went to jump in.

Jenny always slept naked and until that very moment hadn't thought about it.

"Hey Jenny your pussy is wet too, have you had an accident?" asked the child as she stood there looking at the 35 year olds naked body.

"Ohhhhh, errrr, no baby" replied the embarrassed woman. " Maybe I was just lay funny while I was asleep" added the woman trying to cover the fact that without knowing she was obviously aroused.

"Oh its ok" said the young girl as she jumped into bed next to the woman. "Sometimes I wake up and my pussy is wet too".

Christ thought Jenny as she felt the young girl snuggle up next to her. What's wrong with me?

Without really thinking things through the woman said something she knew she'd regret.

"You know Mary sometimes girls and women get wet because of other reasons".

Knowing she'd said something terribly wrong the woman got really worried.

"Why do they get wet then Jenny?" Asked the young girl.

"Well baby, if I tell you then you have to promise not to let anybody else know. Especially your mommy as she'd be really angry and wouldn't talk to us ever again".

"Is it a secret then?" uttered the 8 year old.

"A very big secret yes" replied the 35 year old.

"Ok then Jenny, I promise, cross my heart" said the girl making an x pattern with her finger on her chest.

"Well Mary its like this. Sometimes when were alone, even in our sleep, we think naughty things and when we wake up we notice that were wet. Do you understand?"

"Kind of yeah" said the young girl.

"But Jenny my pussy gets wet when I'm awake too, is that wrong?"

"Oh no baby, that's ok too" said the woman gulping in another mouthful of air and trying to stay calm.

"But why does it get wet when your awake baby?"

"Well don't laugh but sometimes I touch it".

Jenny felt herself start to tremble. Oh my god she thought again, why am I so turned on?

Trying to stay relaxed and calm she looked the young girl in the eyes and just said "that's good baby, I touch myself too".

"Oh cool" said the young girl, "I thought I was the only one and thought I was being a bad girl".

"Nooooo sweetie" quickly replied the woman "that's not being bad at all, we all do it".

"But Jenny sometimes I get really wet and my finger slips inside".

Jenny was speechless. Her heart was pounding and she could feel her own pussy tingling.

"Is that bad Jenny" asked the 8 year old. "Is it bad because I like it when my finger goes inside, I get really sticky when I do it too".

"Mary that's fine as long as you don't hurt yourself when you slip your finger inside" said Jenny. "Just do it slowly and gently till you get really wet".

"Like I am now Jenny?" asked the young girl.

"Like what now Mary".

"I'm really wet now Jenny".

"Ohhhh Mary" said the woman "but why are you wet now?"

"Well I saw your pussy when I got into bed with you and it looked much nicer than mine and me made me tingle".

"Oh I see" said the 35 year old somehow managing to look calm and collected. "Why do you think that its nicer than yours though baby? Yours looked very very nice".

"Really?' Said the girl feeling much happier now.

"Oh yes baby, yours looked yummy".

"But yours was much bigger than mine, and yours was really really wet" added the girl.

"Well baby mine was only wet because I could see yours. Don't tell anyone but I love to see womens pussy's".

"Really? Wow that's cool Jenny. Do you want to see mine again?"

Jenny didn't have to be asked twice, she was way too excited to think of what she was doing and no way could she pass on an opportunity like this.

The 35 year old had always loved cock, but since buying the odd porno magazine found she got a bigger thrill from looking at women.      

"Is that ok Mary? You sure you don't mind me looking at yours?"

"Sure you can Jenny but don't tell my mommy or she'll go mad".

"Ok baby I promise I wont say a word".

At that Mary threw the sheets back and revealed her naked body to the woman.

"Can you see now Jenny?" Asked the young girl.

"Kinda" said the trembling woman.

"Ok, hang on a sec, let me show you closer" said the girl getting to her knees and moving her pussy to within inches of Jenny's face.

"Oh baby you've got a beautiful pussy" said the woman trying to keep calm.

"Is it wet Jenny?"

"Mine or yours baby?" asked the 35 year old knowing full well her own pussy was soaking.

"Can I see yours Jenny and then I'll tell ya?" asked the giggling 8 year old.

"Sure you can baby, just pull the sheets down a bit further".

The child did just that, and without any warning grabbed Jenny's legs and pushed them apart.

"Wow jenny your pussy's soaking wet".

"I know it is baby, and so is yours".

Jenny could smell the young girls cunt now and that was all she needed. Mmmmmm she thought as she inhaled deeper. What I'd give to taste that hairless cunt...

"Jenny can I touch your pussy?" asked the inquisitive girl.

"Of course you can sweetie, careful your fingers don't slip inside tho" laughed the woman trying to break the tension.

"Oh you meanie" giggled the girl "I was gonna sneak one inside too".

Holy fuck thought the woman as she felt her cunt pulsate.

"If were gonna do this then Mary will you let me touch yours?"   

"Sure Jen" replied the young girl growing in confidence all the time.

Without blinking the 8 year olds tiny index finger was inside Jennys cunt.

Ooooooooo thought the woman, oh yes...

"Wow Jenny my finger went in easy".

"I know baby, I usually push more inside mine. I like to try and fill it".

"Oh wow that's really cool, can I try?" Pleaded the youngster.

"Sure baby, now don't be scared but Jenny's gonna lick your pussy and then slide her tongue inside it. That ok?"

"Yeah that sounds good" said the 8 year old as she rammed 4 fingers inside the womans now drenched cunt.

"Fuck Mary, that feels amazing" garbled the 35 year old.

"Can I try and put more in please?" Begged the youngster.

"Oh yeah baby, try and put em all inside and make Jenny even wetter".

The girl did as she was asked as Jenny slid her tongue over the childs pussy.

"Oooo baby your pussy tastes good".

"Don't forget" said the child "your gonna put your tongue in me".

You aint kidding? Thought the woman as she pulled the girls cunt lips apart with her fingers and rammed her tongue in real deep.

"Jenny that feels brilliant" whispered the girl "I'm tingling now".

"I know baby" said the horny woman coming up for air "now ram all your fingers up my pussy and make me cum".

"Whats cum Jenny?" asked the girl.

"That's when you get so wet you have to squirt some of the juices out" replied the 35 year old.

"Oh I know, mine does that sometimes too when I get really excited" said the girl ramming all her fingers into Jenny's gaping cunt.

"Oooooo baby you wanna cum too?" Asked Jenny feeling her cunt ache and throb.

"Can I?" asked the girl continuing to fuck the woman with her fingers.

"Yes baby, come in Jenny's mouth.

"Ooooooooo" screamed the girl as she felt the womans tongue darting in and out of her tight hairless pussy.

"jenny I'm gonna cum now" shouted the girl.

She was right. Her pussy might only be 8 years old but hell did it come. Jenny couldn't believe how much love juice a girl that age could gush, but she loved it and kept on licking and sucking the girls cunt all the time Mary climaxed.   

"My turn now" came the muffled noise from Mary's cunt.

Within seconds Jennys cunt exploded. Cum didn't just gush out, it sprayed out. Jenny was squirting for the first time in her life, and as she looked down she couldn't believe what she saw. Mary was eating her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh yeah baby, lick me good". The woman squealed.

"Yeah sweetie lick Jenny's pussy and swallow her cum".

"I love your cum" came a noise from between Jennys legs.

"Cum more for me" said the 8 year old.

Jenny was in heaven, and her cunt was squirting her love juice all over the girls face and chest.

Fuck she kept thinking as each and every spasm ripped through her body and more and more sweet sticky creamy cum flooded out.

Eventually her orgasm subsided and Mary got up.

"Jenny I love your cum" said the red faced girl with love juice dripping off her chin and running out the corners of her mouth.

"Kiss me baby" pleaded the woman "let me taste my cum and you can taste yours".

They kissed and both were in paradise...

After lieing there motionless and breathless for a few minutes Jenny spoke.

"Wow Mary, for a young girl you really do know how to excite a woman".

Mary smiled and nodded.

"I was supposed to keep it a secret Jenny".

"Whats that baby? Asked the woman.

"Well me and mommy eat each other cunts all the time".

The woman was speechless. Stunned. Unable to move...

"Yeah she caught me playing with my cunt the one day and as a punishment made me play with hers. Thing is I loved it and so did she, so we do it all the time. And ever since I watched from my bedroom window the one day and saw your cunt I've wanted to do the same to you. I hope you aren't mad Jenny but I've always wanted to taste your pussy ever since then, and mom said tonight would be a good time to try as I was staying here".

"Your mom knows you wanted to taste my pussy?" Asked the startled woman.

"Yeah sure and she said I should. I think mom wants to eat your cunt too cus when I saw you from my bedroom window she was with me and we both said I bet Jenny tastes great".

Silence followed for a few seconds before the plucky young girl spoke.

"So, what ya' think then? Gonna let mom eat ya?"

"Errrrr, ermmmmm, I don't know what to say Mary, I'm kinda speechless" replied the shaking 35 year old.

"Go on Jenny" giggled the 8 year old "it'll be fun".

"Well sure, but how on earth do I go about it? I mean, I cant just say me and your daughter slept together and ate each others cunts and now I wanna try yours can i?"

"Sure you can Jenny, she's been watching us all along".

"You what?" screamed the woman.

"Yeah, she didn't have to go see granny, she thought that would be a good way for me to stay the night and sleep with you".

"Fucking hell Mary you sneaky bitch" exclaimed the 35 year old.

"And I'm confused, how do you mean she's been watching us?"

"Oh yeah, I undid your curtains earlier when I came in and you were asleep. So I guess if you look out and into my house mom'll be there".

"Yeah there she is" said the young girl waving into the dimly lit room in the house opposite.

"Aren't you gonna wave too Jenny?" Asked the youngster.

Jenny was in no fit state to move, let alone look happy and wave.

"So, shall I call mom over?" Asked the youngster.

Jenny was still frozen and unable to speak.

"It'll be brilliant Jenny' added the 8 year old. "Mom can eat you, you can eat me, and I can eat mommy".

Jesus, thought the 35 year old, the kids got it all planned, and without knowing it her pussy was starting to tingle again...

"I'm glad you think it's a good idea jenny" said the young girl.

"How did you work that out then madam?" Asked the woman.

"Easy, your cunts soaking again Jenny".

And it was...

Within a few minutes the bedroom door opened and in walked Steph and her daughter.

It hadn't taken long for Mary to beckon her mom over from the window, and run down and open the back door.

"So this is what you get upto when I'm visiting my mom is it?" giggled Steph walking over to the bed.

"You sneaky bitches" laughed Jenny sitting up in bed. "I had no idea this was what you were upto. And the bed wetting, well, that was something else. You should write a fucking book" she added smiling.

Mary and her mom just laughed, and all three were suddenly totally at ease.

"So jenny, gonna let mom eat your cunt then?" Asked the 8 year old.

Jenny didn't know what to say until she looked up and saw her best friend pulling the sheets off the bed.

"Spread your legs for me jen" said Steph, "let me give that juicy cunt of yours a real good licking".

At that Steph slipped off the robe she had on to reveal her naked body. Her nipples were already hard and her pussy was leaking love juice down her legs.

"Be a doll Mary and lick the cream off mommy's legs would ya?" Asked Steph as she moved between Jenny's legs.

"And when your done give mommy's asshole a good licking too, nice and deep please baby".

Jenny was gobsmacked...

"You mean she licks your ass as well as your cunt Steph?" Said the shocked woman.

"Sure she does Jen, and she's fucking good at it too. Now spread your pussy lips for me cus I wanna do some serious cunt licking".

What happened in the next hour was beyond belief.

First Steph ate her best friends pussy, then Jenny repaid the favour and chewed on Steph's clit until the woman screamed and came so hard that Jenny neaded Mary's help in swallowing all her sweet warm cum.

Then both women enjoyed the 8 year old. Jenny was busy licking and sucking the youngsters cunt while Steph had her tongue deep in the childs ass.

Mary lost all control and as she came harder and stronger than she ever had before her legs went limp and her asshole gaped wide open.

That didn't stop the two women though. Jenny kept licking and sucking Marys swollen cunt while Steph rammed her tongue even deeper into the childs ass until she could taste what was forbidden and classed as disgusting.

"Mommy, mommy" screamed the child in extacy "I'm cumming and I need to shit too".

"That's ok baby" replied Steph "Just let yourself go baby. Mommy will be fine".

Jenny stopped what she was doing on hearing this.

"Steph, didn't you hear, the girl needs to shit?" clammered the 35 year old.

"So?" Replied Steph stopping for a split second, "We always shit if we get too excited. Don't tell me you've never done it?"

"No Steph I haven't" replied the 35 year old trying to speak but with the young girls cum dribbling off her tongue.

"Does it disgust you Jen?" Asked Steph before shoving her tongue up her daughters ass again.

"Its just summat I've never seen or done" replied jen feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Come here then Jen" ordered Steph "just put your tongue next to mine as I lick Mary's sweet asshole".

"Oh yes" giggled Mary "please lick me too Jenny, please".

At that Jenny did something she'd never done before. Moving her face next to her friends she inhaled. Oh fuck she thought as she could smell both cum and ass. It was something that she'd never ever forget. It was intoxicating, thrilling, arousing, and more importantly mesmerizing, and the 35 year old wanted more.  

So sticking out her tongue she ran it across her friends tongue and tasted for the first time the child ass.

"Mmmmmm" came the only word from Jenny's lips.

"Thought you'd like it" uttered Steph with her tongue deep inside the 8 year olds ass.

"God it tastes amazing Steph" Jenny said feeling her heart racing and her own pussy throbbing.

"You know she's gonna shit soon don't ya Jen?" said Steph still licking her daughter deep n hard.

"Yeah I know Steph" muttered Jenny still with her tongue on her friends tongue and occasionaly flicking it inside the girls hole. "Should we move away?" Asked Jenny.

"What, and miss the best bit?" Replied Steph.

"Oh fuck" said Jenny who was now trembling, "you mean, stay here while she shits?"

"Too right" said Steph who was now sucking her daughters ass like a woman possessed. "Don't worry, her shit tastes sweet".

Jenny couldn't believe what she was hearing, and couldn't believe she was still licking the childs ass and getting turned on with all that was happening.

"Mommy I cant hold it back any more" came the young voice.

"Mmmmm good girl, gimme all ya got then baby" said Steph.

"You ready Jen?" Asked Steph as she winked at her friend. "Don't worry, just keep your tongue here and I'll try and catch most of it in my mouth".

At first all they noticed was the 8 year olds asshole stretch open a little. Then slowly and gently a small ball started to squeeze its way out. Both women kept their tongues there and soon the small ball of shit was touching both tongues. Neither women flinched as the young girl sqeazed it out a little further. Steph looked at her friend and was amazed to see her smiling as Jenny ran her tongue over the brown ball that was now almost ready to drop out. She knew by now her friend was loving what was happening and without a worry in the world pulled her own tongue away and told her friend what to do next.

"Open your mouth Jen and let her shit on your tongue" said the childs mother.

Jenny did just that and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

"Ok Mary" said Steph "give Jenny a mouthful".

The child did as she was told and unclenched her ass.

The little ball wasn't so little now and dropped onto Jenny's tongue and seemed to fill the 35 year olds mouth. Oh fuck thought Steph as Jenny held this huge ball of shit in her mouth, she must be horrified, that's so much, and with it being her first time she must be terrified.

Acting quickly she held out her hand and said "Sorry Jen, wanna spit it out?"

Jenny soon spat the ball into her friends hand and drew in some air.

"Sorry Steph but that was a lot".

"Hey I'm as surprised as you are Jen" replied the mother. "I'd no idea how much the little bitch was gonna get rid of and sure as hell didn't wanna freak you out like that".

What came next shocked Steph so much she almost had to ask her friend to repeat herself.

"So Steph, we gonna eat it now? I mean it tasted too good to waste".

"Well you sure Jen?" Asked Steph almost unable to talk.

"Fuck yeah, come on, lets eat" said Jenny with a glint in her eyes.

Opening her own mouth Steph held the ball in her teeth and bit into it. Jenny then kissed her friend and started to chew on the ball. It was disgusting and both women knew it but at the same time both women loved it.

By now Mary was watching. "Ooooo save some for me" pleaded the child, and before long all 3 were busy devouring the childs excrement, while at the same time fingering each others pussy's and asses.

This friendship had now reached new levels.

Only time and their imagination could possibly know what they'd get upto next...