This story is fiction and none of the characters are real people. If stories about incest sex and scat offend you please do not continue to read this story as it contains both.

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My Constipation
by Sally Kloss

My name is Ann. I am 19 now but at age 10 I had problems with constipation. At age 10, I looked like my mom with blond hair and green eyes. I was still had a flat chest and weight just 92 pounds at 5 feet even. But my mom taught that I was really cute and so did my Aunt Emily.

I was off for summer vacation and my mom sent me to my Aunt Emily for three weeks of vacation. My aunt is a lesbian and lives with her girl friend Lynn. My mom at the time didn't know she was a lesbian but found out just after my 14 birthday of her sisters love for the female gender.

My Aunt Emily is 36, 120 pound with blonde hair, hazel eyes and a beautiful 32B 22 33 figure. She leaves with her girlfriend Lynn. Lynn is 22, 115 pounds, auburn hair and blue eyes with a figure similar to my Aunt Emily. My Aunt Emily is a nurse for elderly people. She works days and her girl friend Lynn works third shift at the same nursing home. This allowed my aunt to be with me at night and Lynn during the day.

My first night there I really got constipated. I was on the toilet for a half-hour when my aunt knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok. I told her I was having trouble going to the bathroom. She asked if she could come in, maybe she could help. I made my way to the bathroom door with my panties down to my ankles and doing baby steps so as not to fall. I unlocked the door and my aunt came in and starting giggling as I made my way back to the toilet using my little baby steps as my panties kept me from larger steps.

My aunt told me to keep standing, removed my panties and had me turn around to brace myself on the toilet seat. She had me bend over so she could see the progress I was making. She asked if it hurt and told her it seams to be really stuck this time. My anus was expanded and my stool was out about an inch but wouldn't move any further no matter how hard I tried to push.

She knelt behind me and said she would try to help me. She said older people in the nursing homes get stuck too and she would help them. She said she would normally have a rubber glove but she didn't have any and would just have to proceed without the glove. I ask her what she was going to do and she said she would take her finger and put it into my stool and remove some so I could maybe get the rest out.

She sat back on her heels and put her hands on each side of my behind. I could feel her pull my checks further apart and then her finger gently started to push its way into my stool. I could feel myself turning beet red and she giggled and said it was ok she didn't mind.

I could feel her finger going deeper into my anus. She asked if it was hurting as she gently kissed my left ass cheek. That made me blush all the more and told her just a little. She told me to try to relax more so she could get her finger in deeper and then she would try and pull a piece of stool out. I relaxed my anus as I felt her finger go deeper. It started to really hurt more and I let out a little whimper and told her to stop. She asked if she was hurting me. I told her it hurt more when she put her finger in deeper.

She gently removed her finger from my anus. I saw it was covered with my excrement. I saw her looking at her coated finger and bring it to her nose to sniff at it. She said she needed to clean it before she tried the next step. She put her finger into her mouth. She sucked and licked her finger completely clean. I couldn't believe what I just saw her do but she just smiled at me and said don't worry you taste wonderful.

She said that maybe she could use sometimes else that would be more gentle than her finger and feel better. I felt her put both hands on my butt again and pull my cheeks apart and then her mouth covered my anus and I felt her push her tongue gently into my anus as she began to suck. I couldn't believe she was going to try and suck out my excrement. She kept sucking and pushing her tongue into my butt. I knew she must have been getting excrement in her mouth. I could feel the hard ball of excrement melt as her tongue continued to probe deeper and her sucking mouth kept glued to my anus. I couldn't believe what she was doing with her mouth and tongue but it felt wonderful and her tongue was melting my hard excrement.

I told her that she better stop as it felt like I could now finish my bowel movement. She said to go ahead and try and she would watch. I started to push again and I could feel my anus open to expel another piece of excrement but as it started to exit it got stuck again. Aunt Emily again glued her mouth to my anus and started to suck and tongue me again. As her tongue wetted my anus I could feel my excrement free itself from my anus. I warned my aunt that it was coming out but she just kept sucking it from my anus until it broke off in her mouth. I taught she would spit it out but she started to chew it and then proceeded to shallow all of it. I couldn't believe what she just did.

She smiled and asked if I could go some more. I knew I had some more but told her I was finished. My aunt leaned forward and proceeded to licked and tongued my anus clean of all remaining excrement. When she was done she said that if I get constipated again just let her know and she will help me again.

I started to worry that maybe the rest of my stool might still be hard to expel. Maybe I better wait until morning when Lynn is home. I don't want my aunt getting sick from digesting more of my excrement. Maybe Lynn will try something different if I need help but Aunt Emily mouth and tongue sure felt good.

To be continued with Lynn