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Well this is a short story that is a fantasy of mine on the very attractive and sexy actress Thora Birch. This story includes lesbian pedophilia in it, so I want to emphasize that I do not approve of real child abuse in real life. This is only for fantasy and entertainment purpose only. I hope you enjoy reading it. As always I encourage feedback. Write me at

Also since this includes a celebrity just to confirm that the this is just a fantasy of mine, and this is definitely not the lifestyle of the real Thora Birch.

Thora Birch is one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood today. She stared in such moves as Patriot Games, Ghost World, and the academy award winner American Beauty. Her hair also took quite a change over the years since she was a child. She used to have it a reddish strawberry blonde, then later she dyed to a dark brown and then green. Finally as she approaches her 21st birthday she went back to the cutest strawberry blond. Another feature of Thora is that as she went through puberty she developed the nicest and biggest and most firm tit's a young actress could have.

On the side of acting Thora did babysitting jobs, for she just loved children. There is a single man that she has known for years, who is friends with her parents. This single man name is Frank, and he has a little daughter whose name is Sally, and she is only nine-years old. Sally is short and petite with the cutest long blond hair a little preteen girl could have. Franks wife left him years ago leaving him to raise Sally alone. Frank had to work a lot and he had Thora babysit Sally all the time.

Thora loved babysitting Sally, and the two of them got along all the time. They played lots of games together and Frank really loved having Thora watch over his princess. But Thora likes watching Sally for another reason as well, for she has a dark perverse secret. She has pedophile desires for little preteen girls, especially ones like Sally. As a matter of fact she is even sexually attracted to Sally, but only keeps it to herself. Heaven forbid it should ever get out with her desires. She would lose her acting career, and the father Frank would never let Thora watch over Sally ever again, or even see her.

That is why she kept her secret perverse sexual desires of lesbian pedophilia in the closet, resorting to only masturbating to them. After Sally would go to bed she would go somewhere private in the house and masturbate to several orgasms fantasizing of having lesbian pedophile sex with Sally. Well one night while Thora was babysitting Sally, Sally fell asleep on the couch instead of her bed. Well Thora went upstairs to go to the bathroom, and as she passed Sally's room and could not pass up the temptation to go into her room, search through her hamper to find a dirty pair of her panties. Thora immediately took the opportunity to sniff the inside of her panties, which the sour smell of Sally's young preteen pussy made her get wet and horny. Thora also had a fetish especially for little girls shiny and glossy patent leather mary-jane dress shoes, the kind with buckle and strap. Sally just happen to have a pair, and as a matter of fact ever time Thora saw Sally all dressed up wearing those shiny mary-jane shoes she got wet and horny. Thora wasted no time, thinking she still had an hour before Frank got home, hoping that Sally would remain asleep so she would not catch Thora what she planned to do next.

Thora went into Sally's shoe closet and pulled out Sally's pair of her shiny and glossy patent leather mary-janes. At the time Thora was wearing a cool blue t-shit and blue jeans. Just in case Sally woke up she decided not to take off any of her cloths. She just licked Sally shiny mary-janes and then rubbed the shoes against her crotch trying to get her clit stimulated through her blue jeans. She did this while she had Sally's dirty panties over her face sniffing the crotch area. Frank came home early that night from work, and Thora was so into rubbing Sally's shiny mary-janes against her crotch and the panties over her face sniffing them, that she did not even notice Frank coming in the door or up the stairs.

Frank was looking for Thora since he saw his daughter Sally asleep on the couch, and when he went upstairs he found her right as she approached orgasm. He was shocked to say the least. He noticed Sally's dirty panties over Thora's face, and her shiny patent leather shoes in her hands, and a wet spot down at her crotch with the smell of girl cum, knowing that she just had an orgasm. Thora was shocked to and very embarrassed and afraid her secret was out of the closet. Both were so shocked that they did not say a word to each other. Thora just let her self out of the house waiting for the big news to hit the tabloids that she was a pedophile. But it did not, but on the other hand Thora did not get a call for a while from Frank to babysit Sally. Thora thought that since she did not actually molest the little girl that Frank just decided to keep her secret but never let her babysit Sally ever again.

Well that all changed in a few weeks as Thora approached her 21st birthday. Frank called her up out of the blue, to her surprise, and asked her if she would be interested in letting him take her and Sally out to a formal dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday. Thora was pleased and she accepted immediately, to which Frank told her to dress in formal wear for the event.

On the day of the event Thora wore a formal black satin dress, black silk stockings, and a pair of black patent leather high heels with a 3-inch stiletto heel. When Thora arrived at Frank's house she found him dressed in a formal black tux, and Sally was dressed in a very pretty formal red velvet dress for little girls, and white stockings that could almost pass for dressy tights, along with wearing her shiny black patent leather mary-jane shoes. When Thora saw Sally she could tell her pussy was getting very wet and she was getting horny. She was trying to hid it though.

All three of them went out to the dinner to celebrate Thora Birch's 21st birthday. When they got finished eating at the fancy and formal restaurant then all came back to Frank's house. Frank immediately undid his black bow tie and went upstairs. Thora thought he was getting changed, and then she sat down taking a rest. Sally immediately went over to Thora and jumped on her lap. Thora caught her breath for she was not used to having a big girl like Sally, even though she was still a little girl who loves to sit on peoples lap. Thora then just embraced the little girl and gave Sally some hugs. It was not soon after that Frank came downstairs again, but with a video camcorder. He sat down on a chair opposite to where Thora and Sally were.

Frank then gave Sally a nod as if to assure of something in telling her to start what ever she was about to do. Then Frank started to video tape Sally sitting on Thora's lap, while Thora wandered why. Then immediately Sally took her two hands and placed them on Thora's big perky tits and start to squeeze them. Thora immediate tried to pull Sally's hands away from fondling her tits, as she spoke up.

Thora: What do you guys think you are doing? Why is Sally grabbing my tits and you are filming it? Does this have something to do about what you caught me doing the last time I was babysitting her?

Frank: Is this not what you want? I got the impression last time that you are into lesbian pedophilia, and that you have a secret sexual desire for my little daughter. Along with some other unusual fetish.

Thora: Yes you are right I am into some taboo lesbian pedophilia and other kinky fetish. But I never touched your daughter or planned on molesting her for my sexual satisfaction. You have to believe me!

Frank: I do believe you, but ever since I caught you masturbating to Sally's panties and shiny mary-janes, I wanted to give you the best birthday present a guy could give. As a birthday present Thora I want you to fulfill your perverse lesbian pedo desires and to give you permission fuck my little daughter. Are you interested?

Thora: I sure am. But why do you have to video tape it?

Frank: Well you are not the only one with fetish. You might have a fetish for little preteen girls and their panties and shiny mary-jane shoes, but I have a fetish to watch my young preteen daughter get deflowered by the sexiest actress ever. I want to video tape it for preservation and watch it to masturbate to. Is it a deal?

Thora: Only if Sally says it is. Sally do you want to do this with me?

Sally: I sure do Ms. Birch! I want to know what sex is all about from my favorite babysitter.

Thora: Are you sure? I will be doing some pretty nasty sexual things to you, and asking you to do nasty things to me. Are you sure you are up to that?

Sally: I sure am Ms. Birch. Lets do it!

Thora: Ok then lets do it.

Frank resumed to video tape Sally sitting on Thora's lap, and then they began to make the most perverse from of lesbian pedophilia love a grown woman can do to a little preteen girl. Thora put her head down to Sally's and then began to kiss her passionately on the lips. While Thora and Sally were embraced in a passionate kiss, Sally resumed to place her hands on Thora's big perky tits and squeeze them, which caused extreme sexual pleasure for Thora. Thora then began to run her hands all over Sally red velvet dress, and as Thora was coping a feel at Sally's private areas they both began to french kiss one another while Sally and Thora had their tongues swirling around in each others mouths.

When they got finished their kissing and french kissing Thora had Sally get up off her lap. Then Thora got up of the couch and then had Sally sit back down. Then Thora knelt down on the floor besides Sally. Then Thora pulled Sally's feet up to her face and then she began to lick Sally's shiny patent leather shoes. Thora licked her shiny shoes from head to toe, and even over the shiny strap. Soon Sally's shiny dress mary-janes were completely covered in Thora's saliva. Then when Thora was finished licking her shiny patent leather mary-janes she reached under her black satin dress and pulled her satin panties to the one side. She did this to expose her pussy so that she lifted her dress a little and put Sally feet under her dress. Then Thora began to rub Sally's shiny patent leather mary-janes against her now bare pussy and clit. Thora started to moan with sexual pleasure. Soon Thora took hold of one of the shiny shoes and shoved it far up her cunt hole while the other shoe was rubbing against her clit. It was not long until Thora had her first orgasm and she screamed and shot her girl cum all over Sally's shiny shoes.

Then Thora got up and then had Sally get up of the couch and kneel down as Thora sat back down on the couch. Thora then placed her feet up to Sally's face and told her to lick her shiny high heeled shoes. So Sally began to lick Thora's shiny patent leather high heeled shoes from head to toe. Then when Thora's shiny high heeled shoes were completely covered in Sally's salvia Thora told Sally to suck on the heels of the shiny shoes. So Sally began to suck and give each of Thora's shiny stiletto patent leather heels a blowjob. Then Thora had Sally take off her shoes and smell her stinky feet. Sally was getting it not this for she almost had her first orgasm ever from smelling Thora's stinky feet still covered in the black silk stockings.

Then Thora got up and told Frank and Sally to hold on. Thora went into the kitchen and when she returned she had in he hand a bottle of chocolate syrup and creamy salad dressing. She explained to Frank about her sploshing and messy fetish, and Frank told her to go ahead. Well Thora and Sally spent the next several minutes taking turns messing each others formal wear, spreading the chocolate syrup and salad dressing all over their formal dresses and stockings as well. They both completely covered each others formal dresses in chocolate syrup and salad dressing goo. By this point Frank was getting horny and hard, and he pulled his cock out and masturbated to the scene while he continued to video tape Thora and Sally messing each others formal wear in chocolate syrup and salad dressing goo.

After they both finished covering each other formal wear in chocolate syrup and salad dressing goo, both Thora and Sally striped nude, but only Sally ran up to her room to get a replacement of dressy white socks so she can still wear the white dress socks and her shiny black patent leather mary-jane shoes. So Thora was completely nude and Sally was completely nude except for her feet covered in the patent leather mary-janes.

Thora then sat back down on the couch and had Sally sit on her lap again. It felt great for Thora to be naked and have the body of a naked little preteen girl sitting on her lap. They both began to kiss and French kiss again. While Sally resumed to her grabbing Thora's now exposed big perky tits and squeezing them gain. When they broke their kissed and french kiss, and Sally fondling and squeezing Thora's perky big tits, Thor brought her one tit u to Sally's mouth and had her suck on it and bit a little on her nipple. This caused great sexual pleasure for Thora and she began to moan. And as Sally was skunking on each of her big perky tits Thora found her way with her fingers in-between Sally's legs and she began to use her fingers to rub Sally's little preteen hairless pussy. She rubbed her fingers in-between the little girls smooth slit and in-between her tiny labia. This caused Sally extreme pleasure and she started to moan. Then moaning got loader and loader from them until they both had an orgasm, which was Sally's first one.

When Sally was finished sucking on Thora's perky tits, covering them in her saliva, and Thora was finished rubbing her fingers in-between her little hairless pussy and labia. Thora decide it was time to show Sally the joys of oral sex. Thora had Sally get off her lap, and then she got up. Then Thora had Sally lift her legs up into the air and spread them out eagle wide. Thora wasted no time as she put her face down near the little girls hairless vagina and then she began to eat the little girl out. Thora licked in-between Sally's hairless pussy, as her tongue went up and down in-between her labia and over her clit sucking and nibbling on her clit, which drove Sally on a sexual frenzy. Thora then even began to rim Sally little baby puckered anus, a and took turns licking and eating Sally's hairless pussy and riming her asshole. Soon Sally could not take it anymore and then she had the most explosive orgasm shooting her girl cum in Thora's mouth, to which Thora drank it all down.

Then Thora got up and had Sally get up as well. Thora replaced Sally on the couch and then had Sally kneel down. Then Thora lifted up her legs into the air and spread them out eagle wide. Thora instructed Sally to put her face near her well trimmed pussy, and when she did Sally began to eat out Thora's well trimmed pussy. Sally licked in-between her labia and over her clit, also nibbling Thora's clit which drove Thora into sexual frenzy as well. Sally then even began to rim Thora and lick her well puckered stinky anus. Sally took turns licking Thora's stinky asshole and licking her well trimmed pussy in-between her labia. Soon after a few minutes of Sally given Thora the oral sex treatment to her well trimmed pussy and asshole Thora exploded into orgasm and shot her girl cum into Sally's mouth while she drunk it down. All the while Frank continued to film this filthy taboo porn scene.

Then Thora decided it was time to deflower little Sally and bust her cherry. Thora got up and had Sally get up as well. Then Thora had Sally sit down again on the couch and then Thora had Sally lift up her legs in the air again and spread them out eagle wide. Then Thora grabbed one of her shiny patent leather high heels that was discarded. Then Thora when back to eating Sally's hairless baby pussy again, licking in-between her labia and licking her baby puckered asshole, cause sexual thrills in Sally. Then when Thora got Sally baby hairless pussy and anus all wet form her saliva she stuck the end of the stiletto shiny heel of her patent leather shoe at the edge of Sally's cunt hole, and after warning her that it will hurt, she shoved the shiny stiletto into her cunt hole, breaking her hymen and busting her cherry. Sally screamed in pain t first with a little blood down at her cunt hole. But soon Sally got used to it and loved how Thora was shoving the stiletto heel in and out of her baby cunt hole. Thora started to go faster and faster fucking her with the stiletto heel end of her patent leather shoe. Soon Sally could not take it anymore and she had another powerful orgasm. Shooting her girl cum all over Thora's shiny black patent leather high heeled shoe, to which both Thora and Sally licked off and drank down after Thora pulled it from Sally's tiny cunt hole.

Thora had Sally get up off the couch again and Thora replaced her on the couch. Thora then lifted up her legs and spread them out eagle wide. This time Thora had Sally grab both of Thora's shiny black patent leather high heeled shoes. Thora instructed Sally to eat her pussy out again, and son Sally was licking Thora's well trimmed pussy, in-between her labia and then rimmed and tongued her puckered stinky anus. Then when Thora felt that her pussy and anus were well covered in Sally's salvia she instructed Sally to double penetrate her. So After instructions Sally shoved the one stiletto shiny heel into Thora's cunt hole, and the other stiletto heel was shoved up Thora's anus. Soon Sally shoved the stillest shiny heels of Thora's patent leather shoes faster and faster in and out of Thor's cunt hole and asshole. Thora moaned loader and loader until she reached an orgasm and she shot her girl cum al over her own shoes and Sally's hand. Sally licked Thora's girl cum off her hands, a and when Thora pulled the stiletto heel out of her cunt hole and asshole both Sally and Thora took turns licking her girl cum and anal juices off the shoes.

Soon Sally asked for the same thing, and Thora began to double penetrate Sally up her tiny baby cunt hole and tiny baby asshole with the shiny stiletto heels of her patent leather shoes. Going faster and faster she brought Sally to another orgasm. Then they alternated and Thora had Sally do the same to her until she reached orgasm. They even got kinkier and Thora had Sally take off her shiny patent leather mary-jane shoes off her feet and they used both of those mary-janes as sex tools and double penetrated each others pussies and assholes going faster and faster until they each brought one another into one orgasm after the next.

Soon they were both exhausted, but both of them soon had their bowels filling up with feces and they ended up having to go to the bathroom to take a shit. When they confessed to each other that they needed to take to do a poop Thora thought of experimenting with her nastiest and sickest fantasy which is scat. After talking a reluctant Sally into doing it she gave in. Then Thora had Sally shit into her mouth and on to her face, and when she was done eating Sally's shit, Thora had Sally lie down and she knelt over her. Thora took a shit into Sally's mouth and onto her face, and gagging at first Sally ate Thora's shit. By this time Frank had cum at least several times while watching and video taping this nasty taboo pedophile lesbian porn scene while he masturbated. He was grossed out and turned don at the same time with the smell of shit from both Thora and his daughter Sally.

After Thora and Sally finished their scat games they both collapsed on one another and after kissing each other they fell asleep in each others arms with their faces still covered in each others shit. Frank finished the tape, and on the next day he made a copy of it to give to Thora, which she was more than glad to receive it as her birthday present, along with getting to deflower his daughter which was her long time secret fantasy. Frank watched the tape every night as he continued to masturbate to it, Thora masturbated to her copy of the tape as well. Frank then continued to have Thora as Sally's babysitter, to which everyone reading his story can imagine all the sex games that Thora and Sally play together while Frank is at work.

The end!

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